Plaza Auto Mall in Brooklyn, NY

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Automotive Dealership specializing in client care and helping buyers make informed decisions about their car buying experience.


Established in 1974.

Plaza Auto Mall has been family owned for over 35 years and we have strived to ensure complete customer satisfaction as well as providing a vast array of services to Greater New York.

Plaza Auto Mall

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 349-7908
Address:2740 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11210
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Plaza Auto Mall

Nina L. | 2015-03-02

Do yourself a favor and do not waste time at these dealerships! At least at Honda and Acura (which is where I went) ....first went into Acura spent about two hours there reached a deal, decided to check out Honda across the street quickly , told the dealer I'll be back. Came back an hour later , I got a completely different quote and an angry manager that was practically screaming at me trying to prove that he is giving me a good deal. Disgusting service, stay away!!! Now Honda is a tiny bit better, but still, a bunch of rude sales men !! Being a Honda customer for over ten years and a previous plaza auto mall customer I would at least deserve a normal human being like service. Will never give these people business. Just leased my car from nj, day and night experience! I also heard bay ridge Honda is good!

Valerie R. | 2014-10-19

I found Plaza Auto from BJs auto buying club. I want a Highlander Hybrid and they told me they had 2 in stock. I drove all the way from NJ and then they tell me I can't buy it unless we have TLC or livery business. Then they try to convince me to buy a regular Highlander if I wanted a regular Highlander I would've purchased one in New Jersey and I wouldn't of driven all the way to Brooklyn it was a complete waste of my time.

Tania B. | 2014-07-26

So after making an appointment to bring my car in for a routine check up, I headed over there this morning when I got there the line of cars waiting was sooooo long. However I waited, I then turned my car over to them and waited to be called, about an hour later I was called into an office and I explained why I brought my car in, then I asked how long would is have to wait he said a hour an a half so I waited, a hour and a half turned into four long ass hours. When I finally received my car from one of their rude ass attendants and my USB cord was missing I asked the guy for it he said with an attitude hold on let me look for it, but he never came back. So I went into the office and told the girl that was checking off the appointments, she sent out who I assumed was the manager who searched my car and of course couldn't find it, so he went to "look" for it, a few mins later both him and another guy comes out and said we can't find it, and we don't have an iPhone so we didn't take it ( of course I know someone stole it) so pissed and hungry and speed off when i finally got as far away from that place I looked into where I leave my loose change and a few singles just to make sure they didn't put it there and what did I notice? Well that my money was missing as well. So not only did the ruin my entire morning but they stole from my car, I hate that place!!!!!!! By the way this all happened on the Toyotas side

Salim H. | 2014-05-21

Went in there a while ago to lease a Hyundai Sonata. Nothing thats advertised online or even told and written on paper by the salesperson holds water. We agreed on $299 a month and I made sure the salesman repeat it back to me multiple times; I even had my salesperson write down the price and features so theres no funny business at the end. Lo and behold 2 days later and 3 hours of waiting for my car, they drag me into the 'G room'. If your unfamiliar what a g room is, its a room where you sign your lease and they attempt to hike you rate up by at least $100 a month and try EVERY old school high pressure sales tactic and if you still hold your ground they resort to outright lies and intimidation. I was in there for 2 hours, and the price all of sudden $380 a month and they are giving me every excuse in the book as to why it went up. I was so burnt and tired by the whole ordeal that I just wanted to get out of there. We settled on $330. DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I MADE.

Joy Y. | 2014-01-22

After a very nice sounding manager called me several times to apologize for my last experience I was still very weary. In the meantime I went on another website looking for prices on a Sonata and it sent my details to Plaza Hyundai and a few other local Hyundai dealers.

I received a phone call from Rocco and he was more than just pleasant he was very nice, he was patient and made me feel like he wouldn't treat me as I was treated before. I was totally upfront about everything, how much I wanted to car for, my credit and the fact that I was just shopping and would not made a decision immediately but needed to sleep on it at least one night after meeting with him. He made it seem this was all ok and that he understood. But when I showed up for my appointment it was another story.

He was very nice but did all he could to evade my questions and probing. I admit I am a very difficult customer, I am weary to say the least when it comes to this type of transaction not to mention my last experience with Plaza Honda was so bad. But simple questions like how much are you charging me for the car should be easy to answer.. and while I did get an answer eventually I had to ask several times and over and over and he kept getting up and going back to the sales manager and still not coming back with an answer...  he kept trying to redirect my attention to the monthly payment.

There are so many other things that were beyond annoying about this place, he brought over his partner who thought he was going to strong arm me into buying the car (mind you I made it clear on the phone before coming in I was not going to sign that night I intended to sleep on it because its a big decision and I was not in a rush at all.) This resulted in me getting up to leave which made the guy get all frustrated and then send over yet another manager... who dropped the price by $100 a month just like that to try and get me to sign. We still asked for a lower price because all the advertised prices said much less than they were offering. But they maintained that this was the best they could do and they were taking a loss because they had made money that day... all a bunch on high pressure tactics to get me to sign.

I was even considering it but when i asked them to show me a copy of the lease agreement (they have a sign on the wall that says its your right under NY State Law to see a copy of the lease agreement before you sign)  he said he could not show it to me. After arguing about this for another hour they finally acquiesced but I was really just beat down by this point. I still told him I was going home to sleep on it and made an appointment to see two days later. I even gave them my credit card number to take a $100 deposit *since they said the deal would expire if they didn't... *

In the meantime that same website I had gone to sent me to two other Hyundai dealers, both offered me prices for the car that were $40 less per month upfront and were beyond amazing, honest and upfront. They both answered my questions with out hesitation and with total transparency. I chose one that was close to my job and I couldn't be happier.

While Rocco is a nice guy, Plaza is not the place to do business, they are really as bad as everyone on here says they are.

Michael L. | 2013-10-02

Absolutely the worst car dealer bar none. Spent over an hour with a salesgirl who finally quoted me a price well over what I told her I could afford. Her and her manager totally ignored what I said. Went online for a quote and 6 days later I still haven't received a reply. They are incompetent .

Natalie B. | 2013-08-11

I too wish I could give this place 0 stars.  I had the worst experience ever.  I can't even begin to write about everything.  I called about a few cars on the internet that they had for sale, but they seemed shady.  I finally insisted that if I come out there, they need to guarantee that the car in question be there, on the lot.  After a long time on hold, she affirmed that it would be there.  I asked her to call her manager and make sure the car was there.  Of course it is, am I crazy (her attitude towards me).  I get there at 2:40 for my 2:45 appt to look at the car.  Everyone is just standing around, talking on cells, eating soup, chillin.  10 min later, someone helps me.  Then, it took an hour for a floor salesman to help me.  After some time of looking at the lot for the car, he disappears and comes back to tell me that the car was 'just sold right now'.  I knew it was bullshit, so I asked to see the car and he told me to wait, he would pull it around to show me, that it was in the car wash right now.  I asked to speak to the manager who said the car was never there, that he sold it at an auction.  They blatantly lied to my face.  The whole place was a mess and everyone was shady, lying and so unprofessional.  I am a patient and reasonable person, and was fine with all of their nonsense (even though my boyfriend was fed up) until they lied to my face in so many ways.  STAY AWAY!

Gabby D. | 2013-03-21

Worst freaking service ever. Stay clear of this dreadful place!!!!

Tami L. | 2013-03-19

It is unbelievable how horrible the service center is at this place.  Every time I come here there are different service people. I think a new letter to the BBB is warranted.

Roxie D. | 2013-02-07

I took my honda in for a check engine light today and was charged $115 for a diagnostic and told that they wanted $431 for a $65 part. They also told me that if I didn't replace my oil pressure switch, that it would destroy my transmission in a few miles.
I have checked around and the standard is NOT to charge for diagnostics, and to replace the part they were talking about, 2 mechanics quoted me around $65 including parts and labor. $65 compared to $546 (diagnostic fee+parts+labor).
Most importantly- I took my car to my regular repair place up in Boston and they informed me that there was literally NOTHING WRONG with my car- that there was no error code when they ran the diagnostic, and that my engine light was a Honda fit malfunction that comes from overfilling your gas tank.
So to review- the d-bags at Plaza Auto Mall falsified my report, and were going to charge me nearly 10X the standard repair fees to fix an imaginary problem.

Svetlana M. | 2012-11-08

best services ever!!! lost my car to Hurricane Sandy and they immediately put me in a newer model for the same monthly payments that I paid before. So compassionate and understanding.  My salesman, Paul Raj Murjani, in Hyundai showroom was great!! He put me in a new car immediately and even gave me a ride home. I highly recommend him!

Art K. | 2012-09-29

Wouldn't buy a car here.
First, this dealership -located on a busy street- offers little selection: 4 tired Japanese nameplates. Nothing exciting here.
Old school-high pressure schtick...
oh and yes... this eyesore ties up Nostrand Avenue daily with traffic jams.

Ria F. | 2011-10-21

These people are idiots, pretty much across the board, and refuse to accept culpability for their mistakes. I went there twice -- the first time, I found a car I was interested in on their website. They could not show it to me -- told me to come back two days later. Charlene called me *twice* that day to say the car would be there at 4pm, so I took more time off work to go see it. Not only was the car *not* there, but nobody in the entire dealership could locate it using all of their computers, multiple sales people, and two managers. They even drove me to a lot so I could try to find their car. They couldn't find their ass with a map. Avoid at all costs. Either they're posting fraudulent listings or they're completely incompetent -- either way, you should not bother wasting your time.

J W. | 2011-06-22

Stay away, stay away, stay away.  

Not only is the service terrible, these people are in my opinion, dishonest.  1.  They quoted a price including made-up service fees,
2.  The rate on my loan was higher than from the Toyota site
3.  They deliverd my car on empty
4.  No one returns phone calls, not the finance manager (Ibrahim), sales manager (Beswick), or even the general manager (Urritia)

They are all a bunch of bums, and you'd be better off buying anywhere but here.

Stay away,

Melissa H. | 2010-04-02

I brought my Nissan Altima here at the end of its lease, and leased a new Honda Accord.  They told me that they would take care of all the end-of-lease stuff, but now, 2 months later, Nissan is calling me asking where the car is.  I've been calling and calling Plaza to find out what happened, but no one there has the decency to call me back.  

Also, Wilky, my salesman, said that he would send all necessary documents to my insurance company.  He did not.  My insurance company called a few weeks later threatening to cancel coverage and was asking me where the documents were.  Once I got that straightened out, Honda contacted me b/c the dealership had given them incorrect information regarding my coverage.  

I will never, ever, ever go here again.

Max S. | 2010-01-27

Phil K. gave me an amazing deal on a car.  He is a great salesman.  Unfortunately, like any organization that needs all the teams - sales, finance, logistics, etc. - to work together, it falls short.  If it wasn't for him being a nice guy and giving me a good deal, I would have walked out and this would have been a 1/2 star review.

My car was supposed to have been on a truck the day I came in to sign the paperwork.  
Didn't happen.  
I had to drive with the sales guy to pick it up from the storage faclity by the Brooklyn Yards.

While in transit, their DMV processing unit was supposed to have had the paperwork done by the time we got back.  
Didn't happen.
Had to wait for them to do it there and then.  Another 30 mins.

I was doing a title together with my wife's name on it.  She gave them a photocopy of her DL the night before.  Somehow they misplaced it and it had to be sent again.  

What should have been a quick pickup and signing of the documents took 4 hours.  Unacceptable.

The GM blamed it on the construction that's taking place and swore that it will improve, but I'll have to see it to believe it.

Michelle B. | 2009-10-26

This place is stinky and nasty and very unprofessional, the so called "finance girl" that handles the paper work was smelling so bad walkin back in forth in and out of the managers office. Standing up sitting down unprepared and un phased by a potential sale. They totally acted as if they did not need my business. The manager was attempting to flirt and his "finance girl", stinky girl closed his door in his face.  Weird people funny business.

Jon T. | 2009-09-26

This is the most disgusting and shady car dealership on the planet. The experience that I had here was reprehensible and disgusting. Whatever you do, do NOT buy your car here. They will try and rip you off, and in the end won't care if they do because they'll find some other poor sap who will accept being ripped off.

I was originally quoted a price on a car from them at the dealership, and I was ready to buy the car. They then went back to their manager...raised the price $1,200 from what they said they would sell it for! Oh, and Internet quotes? What a friggin joke. Those quotes include every retarded discount on record, and are added back in to the price once you go to the dealership. Expect to pay over $4000 dollars more than the Internet price.

This dealership is disgusting and vile and greedy and every other bad word I can think of. Look at my other reviews in my profile. I'm really nice and I generally like businesses and services. So this bad review really means something. Don't say you weren't warned about this place in advance.

Jacqueline T. | 2009-09-25

Long story short. Indian salesguy bs-ed me and told me that If I used a clunker they will sell me the accord at msrp price. nOT TRUE. He wanted 29500 for the exl v6 accord with my cluncker. I ended up buying my black on black exl 09 accord including the clunker for 23500. They tried to pull a 6k profit over me maybe cuz I'm a girl. Yeah but I'm a girl who did my research!!  Go planet Honda in nj.

Yvette W. | 2009-08-27

I can't believe I never reviewed this shady establishment. It seems like nightmare stories run wild about this place. I wish I only knew before I bought my first new car from them.

A few years back I purchased a brand new Honda Accord from them. In less than 3 months, the paint started chipping and peeling off the front bumper. I took it back in to complain and at first they gave me a hard time about redoing the paint job. I don't think paint peeling is a normal wear and tear for a car that is less than 3 months old!

After bickering back and forth, they finally agreed to cover a majority of the cost to repaint the bumper. We still had to fork over some portion of it but by that time I'd been soo burnt out by the whole process. I just wanted to put it behind me.

The quality of the vehicles is one story and maybe that can't always control that, but the customer service is something that is within their control and trust me they don't have that figured out.

Car Salesmen are not the most trustworthy people to begin with, but this place takes it to a whole other level! Stay clear and take your business elsewhere!

Janet D. | 2008-11-29

Be very very careful.  I recieved a call from this business on Saturday morning with some guy who insisted that he spoke to me last week and that I wanted to upgrade my car.  I insisted not--I don't have a car.  I told to please not call me again and hung up.  

I got a call back right away, and it was him again.  He said something mummbled, then asked for Dolores.  I said that I told him not call me again, and he said that he spoke to a Dolores at this number last week, and repeated my number back to me.  I told him that there is no Dolores here, and that I don't have a car.  He insisted that I was in fact lying, that he "100% spoke to someone here last week".  I told him no, and that again, I don't even have a car.  He refused to hang up, so I hung up on him again.

To me that borders on harrassment and I'll be contacting management next week.  Be very careflu of these guys--seem to have wrong information--then insist they are right!

Mike R. | 2008-06-25

I recently leased a new Highlander from Plaza (This was to be my 5th leased Toyota, so you can see i am not a novice at this) After being quoted a monthly rate by their 'internet specialist' and guaranteeing they would pay off last month on old Highlander, I made appointmnet. When I got there I was handed off to a 'salesperson' - one of the most unproffessional, ill-prepared people I have dealt with. She proceeds to take my info (which I had already given to internet contact) and comes back and quotes me an outrageous "deal." After back and forth, the manager says they will 'honor' what was originaly quoted. I was to pay $384 a month, for 36 months, no money down, only first month and DMV. I paid cash, was given a signed receipt and then waited close to 3 hours. Not once was I offered even a cup of coffee of water OR a place to sit. I was called into the finance person's office to 'sign papers'. With the signed receipt, showing origanl deal rate right on her desk, she starts typing and tells me my monthly rate is $398+ per month. WHOA...well, she says, THAT offer was based on what your credit score is. I know my credit score is and was over 700+.. Now she asks if I ever had a Toyota before...I tell her I have had 4. OH, now she says I may qualify for a loyalty credit. So my momnthly payment ends up being $385.50 (slightly higher han what was offered, but by this time I wanted to get the hell out of there. I kept asking about my old one seemed to have any interest in even taking the keys. Sure enough, you guessed it..a month later I get a bill from Toyota for my old car. I call them and they have no record of the car even being turned in. Back and forth with the dealer, Toyota Financial tells me that Plaza "Found the car in their lot." And to this day they have not made final payment. Reoeated calls and emails went unanswered. Was recently told 'internet specialist' no longer works there (How convenient)  I have never dealt with a more unprofessional, impersonal car dealer.  Stay clear of this is a factory and all they want is to get you in the door and signed. After that they have no use for you.