Nekta Auto Leasing in Brooklyn, NY

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We have specialized in Auto Leasing Since 1999. At Nekta Auto Leasing we always get our customers the absolute best deals around with our Match & Beat Guarantee. Nekta Auto Leasing is authorized by every auto maker to lease their vehicles at wholesale rates to the public, which even some auto dealerships aren't authorized to do!

Since we sell more vehicles than the dealerships can do by themselves, they give us discounted rates, which we then pass along to the consumer in order to get the absolute best lease deals out there! Our website lists some of the current promotions that are available if you lease a vehicle through our company.

Our deals are unmatched and even if our customers get a verifiably better deal somewhere else, we GUARANTEE to match and beat that deal! Visit us online or call us anytime to check out the great lease offers we're currently offering!


Established in 1999.

We got our start in 1999 with only 2 salesmen and have grown to 16 offices nationwide with connections to over 285 dealerships and absolutely every automaker in North America! We have been providing our customers with quality discounts since the beginning, and continue to do so, while making sure to keep our customers loyal and happy. We continuously strive to become the absolute best auto leasing company in the country!

Nekta Auto Leasing

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 390-6060
Address:2769 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11235
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Nekta Auto Leasing

Milana L. | 2013-12-10

Great Customer Service!!!! Helped me through everything and thoroughly explained everything I needed to know. The only ones to get me approved and give a great deal. Highly recommend Nekta Auto Leasing because they truly try and help the customer out with anything needed. Found the exact car I wanted and had it delivered without a problem.

James W. | 2013-11-18

I actually got their name google'ing another dealership in which people had horrible experiences. Since there are so many HORRIBLE dealerships around, I decide to take time to write a [positive] review. The other reviewer recommended Nekta, and I would too, because they're great! I spent some time browsing through their website for a used car and went through some models/makes before finally settling on one. The car-buying-system is a bit different. I'm used to driving (or rather taking a cab since I didn't have a car) to different dealerships and test driving whatever is on the lot. With Nekta, you pick out the car you want online through the nationwide database of dealership auctions. You get a set amount of time to buy the car before it goes onto auction. If the price is accepted before auction, they work with you to get that car and bring it to you. This is more like an eBay of cars, but with a dealership and the assurances that someone is checking up on details. (FYI - Dealerships have laws they must follow and reputations to uphold, regular folks selling cars online do not).

Mine was an Acrua RDX, 2007, with 89k miles from PA. Stanley was good on communication and emailed me status updates, from leaving the lot in PA to getting the car inspection, to getting it on the truck to NYC, and then to getting it registered.

The dealership in PA was slow to get the title to Nekta, which they shipped separately for safety. This caused a delay or two, but it wasn't their fault. Stanley drove the car to my home (on a Friday night no less) and it was all good.

I'm already two weeks/weekends into it and my RDX already drank a tank of gas (mine only drinks premium!). That's my fault for some fun drives to test the handle & response of the car. Testing it late at night on some highway driving to make sure there's no rattling or any craziness. ALL GOOD!!!

TIP 1: VIN Numbers. You can google them. Copy & past them onto google. Sometimes, you can get a FREE carfax report :)

TIP 2: They have a Chase account. You can either get a bank check and then bring the check over and wait for it to clear. Or you can just wire the money to them (much faster, no fees).

TIP 3: Cars from east coast cost less than bring to NYC than cars from California. That's a "DUH" moment, but just in case you didn't know, location does matter.

TIP 4: Since the car will be coming from another dealership, they'll have those stupid annoying stickers on them. Have windex and a towel handy :)

TIP 5: If you're buying a used car that's over 5+ years old like me, scratches on the bumper is inevitable. Inspect the pictures and assume some small scratches. My friends 3 year old BMW already has a scratch bigger than my 2007! :)

TIP 6: Tax, title, & registration is extra. Make sure you factor that in.

Hope the review helps!!! Yes, I'd recommend them to friends and family. I'm actually looking at second used car through them! And no, I am not being paid for this, nor did I get any "special" discounts either. Just thought I'd help out for any first time car buyers out there.

PS. If you need fuses, PM me. I have a few to spare. The cig lighter on mine was blown when I got my car. Less than 5 minutes to replace (Youtube is amazing), and a box of 120 fuses on Amazon is only ten bucks.

Henry L. | 2013-08-19

Just got my car from here.  Needed to lease  a new car since my other lease was ending soon.  I called many Nissan dealerships between NY and NJ however could not get a good enough deal.  Happened to speak to friend who recommended this place. They were able to beat all the other prices I received.  Best part, when it was time to get the car and sign the papers we were in and out in about an hour.  Beats being at a dealership for hours especially when you have your children with you.  Highly recommend this place.

Ma R. | 2013-06-25

Got my brand new whip last week from these guys, usually its a pain to deal with dealerships, but had no issues with these guys, got a great price, and car was delivered super fast... 5 stars !!!!!!