Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn in Brooklyn, NY

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The only Authorized Mercedes-Benz and Sprinter dealer in Brooklyn New York.  Also the Mercedes-Benz dealer servicing Staten Island And we have been under new ownership since December 28th 2012 stop on by and see the diffrence


Established in 1974.

Sovereign Motor Cars was established in 1974 as an authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer located on Flatbush Avenue in world-renowned Brooklyn, NY - home to everyone from everywhere!!

During our thirty five years as an exclusive Mercedes-Benz Dealer we have been fortunate to serve the thousands of loyal customers who have become part of the Sovereign family. Our philosophy has always been the same: Take great care of your customers and employees, treat then with honesty and respect, and the rest will take care of itself. We now employ over 115 factory-trained professionals, solely dedicated to providing you with courteous and reliable service. All of us here at Sovereign are committed to providing you with fair pricing on all of our products and services together with an efficient and hassle- free experience. Should you have any compliments or complaints, feel free to email us at We thank you for the opportunity to earn you business.

Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(718) 258-5100
Address:1800 Shore Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY, 11214
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn

Paul K. | 2015-04-16

Mercedes Benz of Brooklyn sucks.
32 minutes on hold and counting. I call from my other line--Victoria hangs up on me No call for 2 days after vehicle towed in . Everyone's in a meeting, no doubt regarding customer service. 39 minutes on hold. I call the sales office. Transferred twice. Stilll waiting. Like I have nothing better to do then listen to your stupid on hold hockey trivia loop. Now someone in sales is gonna walk over to service anc call back in 10 minutes. Fifteen minutes later I'm still waiting. Did I mention my vehicle's been there 3 days now without them getting back with a diagnosis.
20 minutes since "we'll call you back in 10 minutes".

Antoinette A. | 2015-02-17

So a business associate reached out to me on yelp telling me to give MB in Brooklyn a 2nd chance because change of management etc...I work in Bklyn so it's convenient for me to do it this way-but from prior bad experiences at MB when it was Soverign I avoided it when possible and went to Ray Catena.  Service is usually less expensive, and much much nicer.  So I enter the newly designed Mercedes only to see a lot of the same faces from before-and with that the same attitude.  Lack of friendliness, lack of professionalism that should come natural with a Mercedes dealer/service center.  It's gotta be a Brooklyn thing-and it's really unfortunate.  I'm a working class citizen-I work hard for my money and I don't throw it away.  So when I sit down with Stephanie who does not greet me or even offer a look into my eyes-I already know what this experience will be like. She never said two words to me didn't give me a card her name didn't even appear on her desk-I felt uneasy asking her but I told her my car needs an oil change-and she said it's $150. I told her it's usually $100-her reply that was a few months ago...I said ok id like to decline then.  Then I asked if someone could look at my key to see what is wrong with it she then told me it's $139 for them to look at it and $250 to replace it.  Just by her attitude alone I said no thank you. I don't know what was worse her witch like hair or the fact that she was chewing gum like a cow or her thick black eyeliner. I was brought to the waiting room and told to wait...and I waited and waited for a loaner. Sigh.  Maybe I'll find a rich husband while waiting so long. It's intimidating as a woman to even get service on a car-and then to be treated so poorly-no thanks-I'll take my business elsewhere. Ray Catena here I come.

Alex M. | 2015-02-09

I personally own a Jeep Cherokee but Bay Ridge service screwed up the repair of my car so bad that I had to turn to Enterprise for a car rental and Enterprise brought me to Mercedez to dish out my rental.

The 15 minutes I spent waiting for them to pull out my Dodge Voyage I did a bit of snooping and the operation they run over there is top notch. Very professional and dope cars.

The sl63 in midnight blue looked HOT! Maybe one day!

Steve M. | 2014-11-28

there sale dept was great to buy my car from them.the owner dougis a great man and run a good operation.there service has the best manager steve ,what a pleasure always get the job done right .********* great dealership.steve maguire  718-427-0627 thanks

Jonathan Z. | 2014-09-18

They treat you no better than the DMV here ! The receptionist is rude and dismissive ...I had to use this dealer once (I normally buy from Contemporary Motors in NJ which has A plus service)....these folks are a combo of Soviet style "klass" and Euro trash...avoid!

Andrew D. | 2014-05-15

Nice clean showroom and  Complimentary snacks ! Fast and corteous service. They take care of your vehicle in here and always follow up a few days later to make sure you're happy with the service.

Erica C. | 2014-05-01

Avoid at all cost. I put down a deposit for a car here and 3 hours after I left they called me saying they need to see my bank account statements and keep a copy of it. I am paying for this car in cash so they legally have no right to look at my bank account statements nor do I have to provide it. When I told Michael Chase that it is personal information he said that bank account records are public information. No. The police need a warrant to look at your bank records.
The day I went back to pick up the car they had me standing around waiting for 40 minutes before someone even came up to me to ask what I was waiting for even though I told the receptionist 3 times I was looking for Michael Chase. They were telling me how people were trying to export their cars so they need to see bank account statements to verify that I actually make money and have money. I am leasing a BMW right now and they never gave me problems about having to see bank account statements. I find this treatment from Michael Chase extremely degrading and insulting. I don't know if it's because I'm young or because I'm Asian since this exporting problem predominantly surrounds Asians from what Michael Chase was saying to me but if you're Asian, don't go there. They'll harass you about being an exporter or some bullshit, threaten you with fbi investigations and fees and black list you on this 3rd party company called Auto Export Shield (that is ran by a con artist) that isn't legally backed by the government and give away all your information. It is ridiculous that this kind of discrimination still exists in this day and age. Stay away at all cost. I just wanted to buy a car. Thank you for fcking that up. I would give zero stars if it's possible.

Nadia A. | 2014-04-28

Yes - moi,  Nadou Too Blessed purchased her 2014 Mercedes Benz at Mercedes Benz of Brooklyn.

I had a great experience with the entire staff from my negotiations with Josh, my involvement with Dianna, my financial services with Mitchell - to Danny who helped me to understand how to operate my car.......

Let's talk about the facility - the Mercedes Benz of Brooklyn facility is one of those facilities that provides you with everything that you need while you wait:
1. Snacks (chips, bagels, peanuts, water, juice, cereal)
2. Ipads - just in case you want to go online and browse the web
3. Comfortable Chairs to sit down comfortably
4. Last but not least - there is a comfortable lounge on the 2nd floor

What else do you need when visiting your dealership for service and car wash.

Oh snaps: free lifetime car wash - that is the best - any time you want - LOL!


Thanks you Josh, Diana, Mitchell & Danny - YOU ROCK MUAAAAAAAAH!

Douglas W. | 2014-03-08

Carol is great and knows how to take care of a customer and her service Manager is all about delivering the best or nothing

Victor G. | 2014-02-26

Went there looking for a part for my Benz, service was quick. The attendant was very good and answered all my questions. Went to service looking for a diagram. The service guy walked with me under the snow to my vehicle and explained the whole process. Great service. I am from Jersey City and rather drive to Brooklyn for my service needs instead of using my local dealers. Quoted $87.00 plus tax. In Brooklyn $65 total.

Rae Lynne K. | 2013-07-29

I came to this MB dealer because I had both of my mirrors stolen from my car on Manhattan Beach.  I was in quite a pickle because I needed to drive back to CT, and found this nearly impossible without at least one mirror. I had called prior to arrival for at least the passenger side mirror because of price.  Besides, the driver side mirror was almost a grand more, and needed to be ordered.  UGH.

I spoke with Jose on the phone, who was just as helpful on the phone as in person.  He got me what I needed, showed me the product while I was still in the parts department, and got me on my way quickly without any delays.

Downfalls: the parts department is behind the building.  Finding which driveway to enter was a pain.  Not getting hit by vehicles backing out of the washing area was a good challenge.  Finding which door to enter in for the actual parts department was tough. Another downfall, I went into the main entrance, and was told I had to walk around outside to the parts department, I hadn't been in a MB dealership that wasn't connected.  

Overall, I'd still come back, at least now I know exactly where to go!

Jules J. | 2013-05-24

I live in N.J & wouldn't buy a car from anyone else but these guy's.  I went to several dealership's in N.J  when I decided to buy a Benz. And nobody I went to could come close to the deal they gave me & my husband. We just purchased our second Mercedes & again it was hassle free. Our salesman was Lou & anytime I needed anything he was there. And Chris the manger is a up front guy & a man true to his word. And that's not easy to find when looking for a car. Thanks everyone at M.B! Giorgio's

Ray V. | 2013-04-22

If I could give no stars, that's what I would have went with. Just as a side note, Cathy Simari is the only positive of this business. My real bone is with the manager, Christian Charvet. If you do decide to give our business to this place, whatever you do, avoid him at all costs! He is rude, obnoxious, sleazy, and knows nothing about customer service. He has no clue how to handle himself around customers or how to speak to them. After a run in with him I would sooner drive cross country to pick up a car then provide them with any business. And if you're willing to shop around, chances are, you can find yourself a much better deal.

David M. | 2013-03-19

I think on average most people hate the "negotiating" aspect of buying/leasing a car.  I would be probably on top of that list.

Heck, we are New Yorkers, we are smart and savvy.  Most of all, we understand what is value and the idea that people are in business to make a profit.  Yes the urban legend (rather a fantasy) that a friend of a friends cousin's uncle got an SL550 convertible at some dealership for $250.00 per month with nothing out of pocket, but I believe I am of a sound mind to say "if it's too good to be true, well.... it was really too good to be true."

On the quest to make my wife happy (a happy wife is a happy home ;-)   ) we targeted the car of her choice GLK-350.  Her current lease was up this month, and she had previously leased another Mercedes from this same dealership, back when it was "Sovereign."  As my memory serves me right, her previous sales man - nothing to write home about, and quite frankly was a guy who really did his job, but  "Winterathone" deals were happening, and if they had monkeys working for them, they could have done the same job.

We are people who do our homework first, and then go to a dealership.  We like to know the facts, and we are realistic that these dealerships are here to make a profit, and not to let a car walk out for free (or else why would they be in business.)  And the chances you are reading this article, means that you have internet, and with the vast amount of information online, you'll know the whole scoop of how most dealerships work.  

Being from Roslyn, and without bad mouthing anyone, we shopped for the GLK on the Island.  Not having much luck either due  to personality issues or price issues, we said "why not go back to the same dealership we got the last Mercedes from," which was now called Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn.

Without making this article cumbersome and tedious, the general sales manager "Christian" was a rock star.  He was awesome in "negotiating" a deal with us.  My wife originally wanted a bare bone GLK, nothing too fancy in order to keep the monthly premiums down.  We ended with a better car which has more options, bells and whistles than what she originally wanted very close to our budget.

As for the people who went there while construction was being done, patience is a key factor when you see people trying to upgrade their establishment.  Hundred of thousands of dollars are being spent, mind you by force of the manufacturer cause they don't want to have an appearance of a sleepy outdated dealership.  It's growing pains for anyone going thew such ordeal, and being in construction my self, most clients want their work to be done instantaneously.  But anyone who has renovated anything in the past, working or living in construction is very difficult.   Just keep in mind that any upgrade they are doing, it's really for you to enjoy as well.

On the merit of writing this article, I hope Christian will read it, and bestow on me the good grace of Leasing the 2013 SL63 AMG for $250 per month - please for 24 months only, as it will get dated in the 25th month and cramp my style.

Go there, if you don't get a car, you'll get a great experience regardless.

Andre S. | 2012-01-03

WOW, Where do I begin. Horrible!!! Disgusting, Low class! I live in Brooklyn and bought my previous five cars either out of state or  through a Leasing Company. This dealership just gave me a fresh reminder as to why. I was given a very good deal on a Brand New Mercedes GL450 by a leasing company. I figured the Leasing company is a broker and has to make their markup, so why not go directly to a Dealer and negotiate a better deal. I scheduled an appointment to Sovereign Mercedes and came in. I was greeted by a receptionist at the front desk and checked in. I was told to wait a couple of minutes for a salesman. After 15 minutes of browsing the showroom I asked the receptionist if the Salesman is coming. She seemed dumbfounded. Then she remembered  and apologized saying "this is why I do not do front desk".  Then went along how she is not a regular receptionist. She totally forgot to let the salesman know I was there. Finally a salesman came out, shook hands with me then introduced me to his young female associate, who would be helping me. We took a test drive and I told her about previous quotes that I have received. Right of the bat I was told their deal will not be as good as a leasing company. I asked why, and it's because of the "after sales service" that they apparently provide. I told them I was only interested in the car and not after sales service. Finally they said that they will meet or beat any quote I received if I showed them on paper and if I refuse after sales service. Such as carwashes etc. The next four days I received numerous calls from Sovereign Sales associates, people I haven't dealt with at the dealership, asking me how I was treated and if I was ready to buy or why I haven't yet. I said I was, if the numbers are right, every time. Finally, on the last day of the Holiday Mercedes Sales Event, I got a call from my sales girl saying she found me a car. Well, the deal was for a lease that  was over $250 a month more, with higher out of pocket than the quote I just received from an out of state dealer in Ohio for a similar MSRP car, as well as over $240/month higher than a local leasing company. She said she will try to do better and call me back. In about 5 minutes I get another call from Sovereign, this time from a Salesman I never dealt with before. The first thing he asked is "when is the bus to Ohio" I figured I'll let that slide if the numbers are close. He started working on the price and in the meantime asking me If I was in sales, as if that mattered. Very cocky guy. Finally he started asking me about the deal I was quoted by another dealer. I gave him the numbers; MSRP, cap cost, residual, money factor. He then said  "Oh you are one of those guys with computer programs that calculates everything"  I said yes I'm one of those but I can do the deal on paper. Then he said for me to be careful if I didn't get a Vin # from another dealer. When he finally realized that I'm not willing to pay substantially more, he stated "we don't need customers like you" and hung up the phone. This is exactly the reason why I never bought a car from a Brooklyn dealership. Since the days of Crazy Eddy, not much has changed. You'd be very mistaken if you think that in this day and age of the internet, reviews and so many tools available to the public, there would be a level playing field, there would be no place for crooks and shady dealers. You'd be very wrong. I don't normally write reviews, but my experience at Sovereign Mercedes compelled me to write this. Do yourself a huge favor if you are thinking of buying a Mercedes, stay away from this dealership. Don't even do a test drive here. I don't even service my car in Brooklyn. There are plenty of great dealers and leasing companies out there. Find them on the Mercedes Boards or call around NJ/CT. One last time, Stay Away from Sovereign!

Vivian L. | 2011-11-21

Purchased a vehicle here awhile ago. Salesperson was informative and helpful. Not overly annoying or aggressive.

I particularly like the following:

1) Big, clean facility and showroom.
2) Many different selection of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
3) Cafe - complimentary breakfast and drinks (coffee, tea, juice and water). Flat screen TVs and comfortable seating area.
4) Located near the highway, good for test drive.  :)
5) Free car washes from M-F before 5 PM. Tips not included.
6) The auto repair is in the same location so easier to pick up cars after repair works are completed.

Expensive for labor and oil change. But with the free perks, it's bearable.

Ramon W. | 2011-06-20

Good sales reps..Ok service agents. Service is ok....they try their best to accomodate you. The location sucks....A pretty good drive to go for a car wash...there're free .. so I'll just stop in whenever I'm in the area and get my car cleaned.