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Giuffre KIA

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(718) 921-5566
Address:428 89th St, Brooklyn, NY, 11209

Reviews on Giuffre KIA

Sam P. | 2014-10-14

This service center contains some of the most incompetent people I have ever met. I've spent hours trying to remedy a MPG issue with my Sorento. They claimed to do a drive cycle, but was not able to "replicate" my 12 MPG. I solely drive in the city so obviously my MPG average is not going to match a drive cycle MPG that includes city and highway. Later, the manager Charlie, tries to explain that even if I reset the MPG, the average is for the life of the vehicle and not from that point on. I was literally told that I was stuck and there's nothing they can do for me. My salesman was great, but the service department is a joke.

Julie L. | 2014-09-29

Took my KIA to the service department. A huge mistake!
The manager there is unprofessional, to say the least. It took them a week to replace a single part (meanwhile he gave my husband a different story). When I came in to pick up the car, the manager didn't even address me. After finding out they have lost my cars paperwork, he said to the girl "whatever, its a lease. She doesn't need the paperwork Just call the car". I was standing in front of him and he didn't even address me, just shouted over me to his employee. After insisting that I need my paperwork, he grudgingly typed up a new report for me and instead of handing it to me (I was standing right in front of him as he was typing), he walks past me and gives it to his employee  and then walks off. The girl handed it to me with an apologetic look, but wow!
Oh, and they stole the quarters in my console. Really???
Next time my car needs repair, I will gladly drive to a different dealership. Don't waste your time there.

Tihia G. | 2014-09-26

Please READ TILL END.....
ON Sept 9th I went in to Giuffre Kia | Kia Dealer | New York City located on 86th street and 16th ave. I told the Manager Julio and the sales man Marvin I was there just to look at the car I had already knew I wanted. When asked what Car I told them I wanted a 4 wheel drive Kia Sorrento 2015 with a third row. All I was unsure of was the color. We talked about how my father would be so happy I was getting Rid of my soul cause he has to drive the beat up jeep that we have up state all winter and he cant fit the dogs in my little Soul. Having four wheel drive was the main point of this convo. I would never put my kids in a truck so big with out four wheel drive in the snow or ice never it is so unsafe we discussed this too. And how my little soul was so good in the snow cause as a front wheel drive it was so tiny and compact.  Well they offer me a deal on the car I wanted but still was unsure of the color.  I picked my color and told them to go ahead and order my car. Well on Sept 11th I go in to sign papers and pick up my car. Now I look at the sticker from the window and didn't notice FWD meant Front wheel drive now to be fair that may be my fault but I am a Jeep girl so I am use to seeing 4X4.. Still that is not the car I ordered at this point I don't notice it. I look over the papers see the numbers make sure they are all right. Now I already look over my car check out doors windows locks seats ect. I sign papers Marvin calls my auto insurance to add my car to the policy and answer all the questions the agent at Gieco had. I know that I must have certain insurance on a new leased car so I tell Marvin make sure I have what the lease required because I was financing my last car. He yells to Stephanie the Finance Manager how much I insurance do I have to have which she reply's 50/100. I hear him say yes I am sure.I go start my car and notice my car is at 50 miles and ask Marvin why which he reply's they had to drive it here. Ok I go home notice I am always getting sick cause I feel like I am driving on ice. TO sum it up I find out my car is a front wheel drive and I am pissed but also realize as I was given the wrong car I did sign the papers so I kept my mouth shut and learned a lesson for next time. WELLLL then my brand new radio system goes out and now I am mad I call Marvin and tell him this all which he did not care and said I would have to call Julio and speak to him cause he makes all decisions about changing my car. I call the next morning when Julio tells me to stick a pin in my radio and reset it and that he don't remember me asking for an all wheel drive and tells me well hunnie you signed the papers you stuck with the car so nasty and disrespectful he was. I asked him to have the owner Iggy the owner call me which still I have not gotten a call. Now mad cause I seen that not only was I given the wrong car but I prob was given it on purpose and they did not care at all. Fine I make a few calls and now I am getting more information Like I should have a paper in my car telling all about my car has had any issues with it before or if owned by someone prior to me  buying it. Yea that was not in my car. So I review my lease and the first thing I notice is that I do not have the proper insurance on my car. I call the insurance company right away to change my insurance and tell them the story. The lady tells me I am so lucky I seen that because if I had an accident or a loss of my car I would be fully responsible for all costs. Well NOW I am on fire why would they lie to my insurance company I am footing my insurance bill every month. SO I call a lawyer who tells me that the OWNER IGGY That owns OTHER Dealerships has had many cases against him. I find out that the owner mainly works out of the Jeep Dealer ship by me on 88th street and 5th ave. I call and speak to a very nice girl name Mary who I explain all of the above to and ask that she has him call me back. That was yesterday at 11am It is now 11 am and it has been a full 24 hours and IGGY the owner has not called me, so I will now go viral on every possible site I can think of LETTING YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I HAVE LEARNED AND EXPERIENCED. Giuffre Kia | Kia Dealer | New York City on 86th street and 16th ave will soon be closing so you do not want to go there they had many Fraud cases against them also were known not only for selling the wrong cars but for changing the vin numbers. The owner IGGY OWNS OTHER Dealerships so I would keep far away from them as well being as tho he does not stop what is happening in his dealerships which means he is allowing it or hey he is the only making this all happen. Remember FOR all that have brought your cars check your insurance make sure u have 100/300 in the state of NY other states may require 300/500. Now I will be reporting them to every car insurance company I can think of as well and  finance companies as well.. Happy Car hunting I hope this could help you.

Sulayman A. | 2014-06-25

I only give one star because I have to. If you're reading this do yourself a favor DONT LET THEM TALK YOU INTO A LEASE! Unless of course that's what you want. Make sure you carefully read your contract cause Guiffe (I've been told) lost Hyundai cause their salesman were tricking people into signing leases. ALLEGEDLY... I wasn't there.

I was there and not only did they try to get me to lease but they wanted me to drive off with a more expensive car. Scumbags is what they are. Buyer beware!!

Francesca G. | 2014-01-25

The whole Giuffre Kia sales department is full of scumbags, but I expected that from a car dealership. Unfortunately, I was there with a significant other who wanted to drive a car off the lot that day and didn't hide it well.

I still refused to pay the bs added fees: "Transportation Fee," "Prep Fee," etc. They soon figured out I was the one doing the financing and was more than ready to walk away. But they made the whole process take so long, that by the end, I gave in and paid the insane fee for them to register the car, which was extortion.

The Giuffre Service Department that handles KIAs has its ups and downs.

I had a bad experience there (having to wait six hours when I was told it would be two or three) and then got whiny excuses from Charles, the manager that day. I was so angry that I got in touch with the guy who's in charge of the department, who was fantastic. He personally oversaw my appointment. However, then they mistakenly added an extra fee, which was annoying, because I had already paid by credit card, and apparently even the manager can't void a credit card charge (?), so when the head guy called me to follow up, I told him about it and he said he'd fix it for me on Monday.

End advice on dealing with Service Department:
- Don't deal with Charles; make an appointment on a day on which Andrew is running the office
- Always check the breakdown of your bill before paying
- You may have to escalate matters to the head boss if something goes wrong

jerry b. | 2013-11-30

At 8pm 2 hours after closing time of 6 pm on Friday evening 11-19-10, after a long and drawn out "signing ceremony" Where all documents were promised to be filled out, we wound up signing all types of blank documents including Sales tax on rebates which we were told we are "supposed to pay because the dealer has to pay sales tax on rebates" That is $3,000 x 8.875% =$266.25, we were also a target of a "bait and switch" extended warranty scam, where we were Shown a "KIA extended warranty offered by KIA not a third party" but there was a $100 deductible, after we pointed out the mistake of a zero deductible promised agreement, a new warranty was printed out, we were asked to sign a "do not contact any government authorities letter" otherwise the deal could not be completed. Since this was a "KIA Extended warranty offered by KIA not a third party" we felt confident that we will never ask for a rebate nor cancel the contract and reluctantly reworded and omitted the "do not contact government authorities" and signed the Letter.

Finally after an exhausting session and numerous "errors" we were finally given the keys to the vehicle, after arriving home, we noticed that the "KIA extended warranty offered by KIA not a third party" was switched to a third Party, among the 9 blank and partially filled out papers (we were diligent enough to ask for copies of all the blank documents) the KIA warranty was switched and we actually signed an agreement with "first extended service corp. P.O. box 804785 Chicago, Illinois. 60680-4109". We Goggled the name and we found "rip off" and "scam" as the primary description of this post office located entity.

Furthermore the tow - hitch and the wheel locks which appeared on the proposal disappeared on the signed contract. When we pointed it out to the sales manager he explained that this Is an aftermarket product that can only be installed after the vehicle is paid in full. Which seemed reasonable at the Time, but Daniel who is "responsible" for these items, did not call back with a date and time to install these 2 promised items.

The next day on 11-20-10 at approximately 12:00 noon we contacted the dealer and asked for "Franco nakhleh or Vincent Arcelay" to speak with us, instead, "Daniel the sales-manager" who was present the night before at the signing ceremony took the call and referred it to the "finance manager" who refused to provide us with a "KIA Extended warranty offered by KIA not a third party". When we promised to contact the Department Of Consumer Affairs he basically said "go ahead" and he hung up the phone.

Giuffre KIA of bay ridge personifies the reason for requiring all the regulatory power of the "Department of Consumer Affairs". Instead of negotiating and arriving at a mutually satisfactory solution to this $1,500.00 "rip off and bait & switch scam" they are "thumbing their noses" at a consumer who paid all cash for the vehicle and fulfilled every financial obligation. GIUFFRE KIA personnel are basically "daring us to file this complaint with the Department Of Consumer Affairs." Eventually we filed a DCA complaint, and court papers were signed by us with the DCA as the Plaintiffs and GIUFFRE KIA as the defendants.

UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE-During the last several visits to Giuffre Kia service department, you are required to sign an "diagnostic fee" of $230.00 to be paid "if not covered under extended warranty". However our warranty is "$0.00" deductible and it is bumper to bumper 100,000 miles or 10 years. Currently, our Inspection is expiring today 11-30-13, and our vehicle is being held "hostage" unless we pay the $470.00 to extinguish the check engine light. If we do not pay the $470.00 then we "will not pass inspection" and we will be driving with an expired Inspection sticker....PLEASE, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH GIUFFRE KIA, THEY ARE A CLASSIC RIP-OFF ORGANIZATION WITH EVERYTHING IN PLACE TO "RIP YOU OFF".

If you would like to join our lawsuit against Giuffre Kia, then please call me at 212-706-9007 after 11AM or at 646-345-1869 after 4PM to 9 PM so that we may add your name to the caption of the lawsuit and have you share in whatever damages (including punitive and compensatory) that are awarded by the court. You will not be required to pay any legal fees; however, our attorney will collect 33% of every dollar awarded to you. Keep in mind that our attorney will also in-plead the "Department of Consumer Affairs" as a necessary party. Together, we can win this struggle against those entities who are trying to RIP-YOU-OFF.

Brad S. | 2013-10-23

the absolute worst dealer ever. i went here trying to trade in my 2012 jeep for a 2013 Kia Soul. i was rudely greeted, laughed at and told no dealer would want to work with me and to go somewhere else. 2 days later, i have that new Kia Soul courtesy of another dealer with a better loan than i had gotten 2 years ago. These people are scam artists, rude, obnoxious and have a dirty, dated dealership. Take my advice go elsewhere.

Greg B. | 2013-04-17

Be warned. They still have not processed the roadside coverage they begged me to buy 3 months ago. I give it one star because we liked the salesman Gerard(he deserved 3 stars and the dealership 1 star). He was professional and helpful and did what he could to sell us a car. Frankly, the rest of the team seemed aloof and they definitely were not offering anything near trade-in value. We heard all the bad stuff and how they were sued by numerous customers and lost this past Fall 2012. We should not have bought there but Gerald was clear about the price and we thought it was the car we were looking for. The car is great. The negative review is because the finance guy we had lied to us so many times about the warrantee. He was later fired. Although the car was used the past 4 years, it did have a 1 year warrantee left but he lied and said we understood that wrong. I guess Kia and carfax are wrong too! We did buy the extended coverage and I rather have it.  Murad was finally flexible there and negotiated a little. There was a hidden fee of $875. we got stuck with. Also, how the interest is compounded was misrepresented by the dealership according to the call I made TD bank lienholder. Here's another catch... they said we would have to pay an extra $2,100 if we did not use their financing... OK but the interest rate is double the normal and we have good credit? We plan on paying it off early anyway.  So you have to use their financing and that's where they set you up. BTW, they really want you to lease, they first kept trying to sell that but that first salesman abandoned us when we said we rather look at pre-owned cars. What a mess to sort through. I can't imagine Kia headquarters could stomach much more of this.

Sarah W. | 2013-03-05

I didn't buy my Kia here, but I have taken it for service there. Today, I took it here for service that was covered by the warranty but they worked really hard to try to get me to do extra services. At one point, they brought out my dipstick to show me that I was low on oil and desperately needed an oil change. They refused to just top it off for me. I left, went to the first gas station and checked the oil myself. Guess what? My oil level was FINE. It was dirty, but nothing drastic. Their tactics, however, were dirty.

Diego M. | 2013-02-25

Horrible experience!!!
i called the dealer because on their website it says that when you buy a new car you get $6000 cash back,so i called the dealer and when i spoke on the phone ,Apple(name of the lady that i spoke over the phone said its correct and i enforced it over the phone that im coming from far away and dont like to be lyed over the phone just to get me in.......hahahahahhahahaha,retarted me for believing in the dealer!!
when i got there,after i was wondering around for 20 minutes without been helped FINALLY  someone aproach me to help me,so i told the gentleman that i wanted to purchased a kia soul and wanted to get the promotion about the $6000 back,he didnt have a clue of what i was talking about,and then he came with answers out of nowhere,first he told me it was for the kia sedona,i told him that im not a beginner on this and i did my research before i came there....then since he noticed that i didnt believe a word of what he said,he pulled another 2 lame the end he told me a really out of line comment "i  sold one car already...i want to sell another one",like i really care,you are not just going to pull $25,000 dollars from me by answering 2 take it easy!!!!!
i told the guy that let me just walk around and i'll call him if anything,i aproach a guy by a white desk on the side that was more worry about his burger than to help a costumer(i thought he was a manager) and told him about what they told me over the phone...he came with  a DIFFERENT answer(this was already the fourth different answer already), he said it  would come off from another price stated on the window,which it took me to ask him 3 times because he wouldnt let go the burger of anything!!
i just walked out of there because it was too many lies in just too little time....people,read the reviews and dont come to dealership for will be robbed your hard earned money!!!!!

P C. | 2012-10-27

They were terrible they gave us such a run around and their sales people leave or get fired right in the middle of a sale.  They have no care for the customer, we were trying to get a Forte we had to wait cause it was late, they said they would give us an answer the next day.  We waited all day and when we called they said the sales women no longer worked there.  We asked for the manager Stephanie and we were told she was off and would call us tomorrow that was a week ago. I thought you got an answer in an hour "Yea Right"!!  We got a great guy in Sansone Toyota and my daughter got a Toyota Corolla.

Ben V. | 2012-09-14

Being that I live in Brooklyn and this dealership is the closest that sells kia, I decided to pay it a visit. I, along with my daughter went and oh my god what a bad experience. they really need to get rid of that old italian man that smokes more cigarettes than I have seen anybody smoke. it's incredible how disrespectful he was. he even tells me while taking down my info "make sure you make a deal uh" Im looking at him like "what in the world" so my daughter and I go outside and we look at a few Sorentos ask him a few questions and he would not answer anything. just that he had to "come back" totally ignored us. me being hispanic latino i can pull the race card but I didn't. I just simply told my daughter "let's go" The worse thing a car dealer can do is be an asshole in front of a potential buyer who has a child. I felt bad for my daughter because she was so exited to be in that new s.u.v and that old hag wanna be mobster screwed it up for me and her. don't even bother going there, trust me your gonna feel like an ass.

James K. | 2012-08-31

This is by far the worst dealer in the Brooklyn area from our 2 week long new car shopping. It started off just outright pushy and the sales environment was so high pressured I almost felt bad for the poor guy. All we wanted to know was a simple ball park price, and the salesman beat around the biggest bush and mandated I sit and give all my fake information. After spending 30 minutes there, he brought out their so called, ill mannered manager, whom decided it was alright to make, not receive, a phone call while talking to us, then remain unresponsive while we wait for 5 minutes. As any big purchase warrants some time to make a decision, we told them we will come back tomorrow, and she yelled out "Don't come back" from frustration the sale didn't go their way. She needs to go and hire herself some non high school drop out that doesn't think its an effective sales tactic to repeat the same information over and over when we never asked him any questions to begin with. Sometimes you just need to keep your mouth shut rather than come off being extremely annoying and pushy. For the sake of your sanity, please avoid at all costs. Drive the extra miles to the other KIA dealers in the area and save yourself the headache.

S B. | 2012-04-22

agree totally with other reviewer.  if negative stars were possible, that's what Giuffre Kia would merit.  
trudi told me they had the car i wanted and could make a deal with a trade-in.  of course, that was all just to get me in the door,  it was never possible for them to accept a high value trade i learned after i got up at 8 AM and made the long drive to BK.  per Frank Rao, the GM, "i don't know why they said they could do it.  it wasn't me, i wasn't there yesterday."  
do yourself a favor, do not call Giuffre Kia or waste your time stopping in.  if you already have fallen victim to their 70's-era car sales tactics, do what i did.  call the BBB and notify Kia corporate directly.
ironically, i passed another kia dealer on my way home whom i had spoken to previously and found friendly, intelligent human beings.  signed a contract with them and once i take delivery of the car, i will update this review and name them, hopefully helping other yelpers.

K B. | 2012-03-17

I would give a negative star if that was possible. They are the WORST!! We went in there ready to buy and all we needed was the car and someone to sell it to us. We had called ahead to make sure they had what we wanted and Trudi told us that there were 2 on the lot. After being there for 45 minutes and speaking to 3 different people (Trudi, Dave and Jimmy) we couldn't even get out of them what they had on the lot much less a price. At one point our 'Manager' Jimmy went to take a crap while we waited for him. Nice one, real professional. In the end we found out that they were planning on up-selling us and indeed had nothing close to what we wanted. DO NOT GO THERE EVER, you will regret it!!