Giuffre Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Brooklyn, NY

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Bay Ridge Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram always maintains competitive new and pre-owned inventories of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles. We are your Brooklyn Chrysler Dealership. Staffed with experience sales representatives and top trained technicians, we're here to provide a fun, easy and valuable automotive shopping and service experience. Stop by our dealership at 8825 5th Ave and make us your Brooklyn Chrysler dealer today!

Giuffre Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(718) 836-2600
Address:8825 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11209
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Giuffre Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Rommel A. | 2015-04-05

I had an electrical problem on my PT Cruiser that they couldn't figure out and fix properly, and overcharged me on several replacement parts. Then they complained about how difficult and frustrating it is working on electrical problems. This was before they gave me back my car with a speedometer that wasn't working. Never again. No confidence and incompetence.

There's a phone number on the invoice that you can call to comment on service. It wasn't working.

Chuwa D. | 2015-03-30

The worst... 2 hrs & 20 minutes for a routine oil change & new brake light... too boot as they are driving the car off the lot the wheel nearly comes off... why they were even messing w/ the wheels is a mystery.  Alas because guffrie (sp?) linked my lease to this car-lease maintained plan I'm stuck using them until my lease exprires... needless to say I wont be returning to guffrie or this joke of a repair shop gain... lost a customer for life, will let my friends n fam know too.  P.s. when I asked why such a long wait the guy says 'the fiat repair guy was busy on a BIG job' seriously? I need the fiat expert to change the oil?

Katie N. | 2015-03-17

My husband insists on getting his 300 repaired at dealers only. This is the closest to our home and I will be driving to Jersey to get any further work done. Heck, I would drive to Pennsylvania than use this place again. I actually wonder why they would call it a service center, because there is no customer service. The service advisors are not remotely friendly. I literally walked around in circles waiting to be greeted. Both stayed typing on their computers and didn't look up or say "we will be with you shortly". I received a text from the manager and voiced my frustrations. She offered no resolution or sympathy. This morning I waited 30 minutes in the street at my appointment time just to get in the garage. Guys just standing there doing nothing. I can't really describe any further how awful this place is. I will not return.

Darren M. | 2014-11-18

The worst service department I have ever been to. Don't trust any of them Edward or William or Steven. They are all habitual liars and are morons. My car has been to them 3 times in 4 weeks and they can't fix the problem. They are huge scammers and will take your money and not do the work. I looked up online how to correct the problem in my car and it takes a 1/2 hour. I has taken them 4 weeks to try to fix it but never do. DO NOT GO HERE AT ALL.  AVOID THEM LIKE A PLAGUE. Please tell everyone not to go here.

Darren Z. | 2014-10-25

I make the appointment a week ago . I drop off my car 8:30am in the morning. The guy there told me it take 3 hour to finished the job. So I come back on 2:30pm to pick up my car cause I have to go to work at 3pm. When I got there my car is park at the side thery didn't even touch the car. For 5 hour you guy didn't have time to looking to my car. I couldn't find the guy who service me this morning. So I talk to other guy. He say : "that guy should told you, you have to drop off the car today and pick it up tomorrow. " THAT IS NOT THE WAY YOU DO BUSINESS LIKE THAT. THEY THINK THEY THE ONLY DEALER SERVICE IN NYC? first time to this dealer service and last time too. For me I will never went to this place for service. If you want to try make sure you have lot of time and pation

Tihia G. | 2014-09-26

ON Sept 9th I went in to Giuffre Kia | Kia Dealer | New York City located on 86th street and 16th ave. I told the Manager Julio and the sales man Marvin I was there just to look at the car I had already knew I wanted. When asked what Car I told them I wanted a 4 wheel drive Kia Sorrento 2015 with a third row. All I was unsure of was the color. We talked about how my father would be so happy I was getting Rid of my soul cause he has to drive the beat up jeep that we have up state all winter and he cant fit the dogs in my little Soul. Having four wheel drive was the main point of this convo. I would never put my kids in a truck so big with out four wheel drive in the snow or ice never it is so unsafe we discussed this too. And how my little soul was so good in the snow cause as a front wheel drive it was so tiny and compact.  Well they offer me a deal on the car I wanted but still was unsure of the color.  I picked my color and told them to go ahead and order my car. Well on Sept 11th I go in to sign papers and pick up my car. Now I look at the sticker from the window and didn't notice FWD meant Front wheel drive now to be fair that may be my fault but I am a Jeep girl so I am use to seeing 4X4.. Still that is not the car I ordered at this point I don't notice it. I look over the papers see the numbers make sure they are all right. Now I already look over my car check out doors windows locks seats ect. I sign papers Marvin calls my auto insurance to add my car to the policy and answer all the questions the agent at Gieco had. I know that I must have certain insurance on a new leased car so I tell Marvin make sure I have what the lease required because I was financing my last car. He yells to Stephanie the Finance Manager how much I insurance do I have to have which she reply's 50/100. I hear him say yes I am sure.I go start my car and notice my car is at 50 miles and ask Marvin why which he reply's they had to drive it here. Ok I go home notice I am always getting sick cause I feel like I am driving on ice. TO sum it up I find out my car is a front wheel drive and I am pissed but also realize as I was given the wrong car I did sign the papers so I kept my mouth shut and learned a lesson for next time. WELLLL then my brand new radio system goes out and now I am mad I call Marvin and tell him this all which he did not care and said I would have to call Julio and speak to him cause he makes all decisions about changing my car. I call the next morning when Julio tells me to stick a pin in my radio and reset it and that he don't remember me asking for an all wheel drive and tells me well hunnie you signed the papers you stuck with the car so nasty and disrespectful he was. I asked him to have the owner Iggy the owner call me which still I have not gotten a call. Now mad cause I seen that not only was I given the wrong car but I prob was given it on purpose and they did not care at all. Fine I make a few calls and now I am getting more information Like I should have a paper in my car telling all about my car has had any issues with it before or if owned by someone prior to me  buying it. Yea that was not in my car. So I review my lease and the first thing I notice is that I do not have the proper insurance on my car. I call the insurance company right away to change my insurance and tell them the story. The lady tells me I am so lucky I seen that because if I had an accident or a loss of my car I would be fully responsible for all costs. Well NOW I am on fire why would they lie to my insurance company I am footing my insurance bill every month. SO I call a lawyer who tells me that the OWNER IGGY That owns OTHER Dealerships has had many cases against him. I find out that the owner mainly works out of the Jeep Dealer ship by me on 88th street and 5th ave. I call and speak to a very nice girl name Mary who I explain all of the above to and ask that she has him call me back. That was yesterday at 11am It is now 11 am and it has been a full 24 hours and IGGY the owner has not called me, so I will now go viral on every possible site I can think of LETTING YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I HAVE LEARNED AND EXPERIENCED. Giuffre Kia | Kia Dealer | New York City on 86th street and 16th ave will soon be closing so you do not want to go there they had many Fraud cases against them also were known not only for selling the wrong cars but for changing the vin numbers. The owner IGGY OWNS OTHER Dealerships so I would keep far away from them as well being as tho he does not stop what is happening in his dealerships which means he is allowing it or hey he is the only making this all happen. Remember FOR all that have brought your cars check your insurance make sure u have 100/300 in the state of NY other states may require 300/500. Now I will be reporting them to every car insurance company I can think of as well and  finance companies as well.. Happy Car hunting I hope this could help you.

Justin A. | 2014-08-28

I Purchase a Jeep wrangler back in April 2014. My problem is not with the Jeep it is with this dealership! When buying my Jeep I had a Honda that came due on a lease. When i agreed on a purchase price they said to leave the Honda there for convenience and they would bring back to honda. 3 months later I get a call from Honda asking me if I had any intentions on returning this car! Because they were going to report it stolen! Trying to call Bay Ridge Jeep chrysler over and over again they kept putting us off until we stood in the show room making a scene just so we could get there attention and find this car that the had all along. The problem gets worse! It takes another month for Honda to get there car back. I get a final bill from Honda that is for $1369.37. I call Bay Ridge Jeep AND HERE WE GO AGAIN! Phone games never end They claim to have called Honda and taken care of it all but after we called Honda to insure they  have called they said nothing has been done from the Bay Ridge Dealership. My Credit has taken a 50 point loss because Bay Ridge Jeep has not done there JOB. I called the Corporate office and they had gotten somebody on the phone and put me through to them and they knew my name and my problem and promised that is was all being taken care of. If this is not resolved by Tuesday the September 2nd My Lawyer Mr. Cohen will be sure to take of this!!! Look to the future for how this horrible story has ended.


Moe M. | 2014-08-15

The customer service here sucks! The staff is very rude & I waited hours before I was able to purchase a vehicle. But it didnt end there - the Finance Manager Joe actually cursed out loud while doing my application, and kept emphasizing how he just wanted to go home.

Dino N. | 2014-07-20

Stay away. This place is all about degrading you. My wife and I waited for over an hour to get a price. All we got was have you ever leased a vehicle before and how much we were looking to spend. They really make you feel worthless. Needless to say I found a dealer that was respectful and made a deal. Stay away from this place terrible customer service.

Danni B. | 2014-06-23

This dealership is HORRIBLE, from the time I purchased my car until 2 years later where I had to come back I'm still under warranty. They are very unprofessional & I can't express how many times I had to call to check on my car to only get told they are closed. Like what? I gave my vehicle at 9am up until 5:30 I continually to check. After arguing with the receptionist I finally just hung up.

NEW UPDATE- they are a complete rip off, I really regret getting anything from this dealership. Someone to my registration never gave it back; very unprofessional

ps. I still have no vehicle

Joyce M. | 2014-06-08

The absolute worst dealership experience ever!  We went in on Memorial Day to purchase a Dodge Durango.  We agreed on a price and left a deposit & were told they had to locate the color we wanted and would call us and have it in a few days.  
We never heard back from them! My husband called four times over a two-week period and was given the run around.  He was told the dealer wasn't showing up for work and the manager wasn't in either and we never received a return call, all while holding our deposit money.  
I finally reached out to Dodge's main customer service and they tried to help by contacting the dealership.  Only then did they call us back and told us the color we wanted wasn't available anywhere in a 200 miles radius of them but if we wanted it in silver they would be able to get it.
My husband didn't believe them so he called around and found the color in numerous other dealerships, one of them being kings county Chrysler jeep dodge.  We went there and they were wonderful.  
Save yourself aggravation and avoid this dealership at all costs.  They are liars and thieves.  We are still fighting to get back our deposit also because they aren't cooperating with that and still continued to try to get us to come back and get a car with them after all of this every time we have spoken to them.  They are horrible people from the management to the sales department!!

Brian B. | 2014-05-27

Don't even bother wasting your time here. I found a vehicle I liked on their web site that said email for price. I then emailed this dealership for for the price filling out the mandatory fields. They responded with a thank you and be back with you soon. Then emailed again stating they don't have enough info from me. They requested my phone number and other personal info.This put my guard up right away. My response was that I am a serious buyer looking at similar vehicles who prefers to be contacted via email I even checked that preference when responding on their site and a phone # wasn't mandatory on their request form. Please provide me with the asking price before I make the trip to view the vehicle. They didn't even have the courtesy to return my email after that. Well I can't afford a priceless vehicle. I thought it might be an oversight so I googled their business and there was the answer. Poor ratings everywhere, law suits ect. I should have done this in the first place.
   The only good news here is that I didn't waste too much of my time and hopefully now you don't waste yours.

Ed G. | 2014-03-06

On the advise of the NY AG's office....I  have spoken to and on Mr Bellina's request, have brought the car in for Giuffre Auto Group to inspect on 2/15/14. Peter and I had a very pleasant conversation that ended in a mutual agreement of a refund. We did have a minor disagreement on the refund amount but that was quickly resolved once we contacted Portfolio inc and they were kind enough to send a work sheet on 2/21/14 on how they derived at the $1,201.10 I quickly realized my mistake and immediately called Mr Bellina to please move forward for my refund check. (Please see attached) I've spoken to Peter several times regarding the refund check which he told me I will have a check within a week of our agreement which was the day I received the worksheet from Portfolio (2/21/14). He keeps telling me the cancellation is being processed and I should have a check in a few days. Well it's been 13 days since our agreement and not only have I NOT received my refund check yet, I checked in with Portfolio extended warranty Co to check on the status of my refund this morning 3/6/14 and was told Mr Bellina nor anyone from Giffre Auto Group(as their now known) EVER filed for a refund on my behalf. I cannot do this on my own B/C it's a third party contract and only the dealer can cancel it. Repeated calls to him are getting me the same response, end result I just my refund check and for this whole horrific experience to go away. PLEASE HELP...

I only wish I can rate this business with NEGATIVE ZERO STARS..lies,lies and more lies.....

Rose R. | 2014-02-15

If you are looking for a new car DO NOT step into this place you will be lied to from beginning to end, as well as wasting 4-6 hours of your day !!

After visiting the dealership website to review inventory I then called to confirm their stock, which I did with a representative.  The following morning the same woman called to see when I would be able to come down to see the vehicle, I confirmed for early afternoon the same day, asked once again if the make and model I wanted was in their hands, once again she confirmed it was. Also, I asked her to call me if anything changes with the car so I didn't waste the long trip since I live far away.

After being stuck on the belt parkway in massive traffic, I arrived at the dealership hours later.
Met with the manager for 10 minutes, and waited around for another hour and a half
To speak with him.
After all this waiting, he let us know that the car In fact was not in their possession to sell!! What a liar!

Why put me through all this? They have no sense of professional edict,  no clue what is going on!
Absolute waste of time!!

Alvaro M. | 2014-02-09

I just traded in my Jeep here for a new one and the experience at the showroom was great! I was able to find the model I was looking for, I was able to get a decent deal and the staff was helpful and friendly. I got my new car as expected and everything went well... Since I was very happy with the deal overall, when I was offered to install some additional accesories, I agreed and I chose to install a hood look, wheel locks, and some door edge guards.

I scheduled the installation for the following week and that's when the so far nice experience was over... I arrived to the service department at the time agreed and they installed the hood lock and the wheel locks but they told me that they didn't have the door edge guards at that time (even though the appointment was schedule a week earlier). They told me that they will order them and will give me a call to step by again as soon as they got them. Since I didn't receive any phone call I decided to follow up and they told me that they had the part already. I schedule an appointment for 9am and I got there at 8:50am.

At 10:30 am, they told me that they didn't have the part, but that they had order it already and they suppose to get it at 11:30am, and they will have the car ready around 12:30 pm. No one ever apologized for the delay or for schedule the appointment with us without even having the part available.

At 12:45 pm no one had worked on my  car yet. We talked to another representative to explain the issue and he promised to work on it. They finally had the car ready (all they had to do was attach two peaces of plastic in every door,and is a two-door car) at 2:00pm and they even didn't had the common sense to let us know when they had finished, or apologize for all the inconvenience of making me waste half of my saturday because of them making appointments without having the parts requested.

I want to emphazised that all the issues were with the service department, located at 8635 18th Ave, not with the showroom/sales people located at 8825 5th Ave.