Bennett Cassi in Brooklyn, NY

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Bennett Cassi in Brooklyn, NY.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Bennett Cassi, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Bennett Cassi in other cities in the New York.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(347) 240-3525
Address:812 Remsen Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11236

Reviews on Bennett Cassi

Ivon G. | 2012-04-24

I found Bennett Cassi on Craigslist.  I liked some of their vehicles, and fell in love with a particular car. We went to take a look, and found out that the door was broken. The guy wouldn't come down in price at all for any reason, and I thought that it was odd as the car had over 140,000 miles, but nope he didn't drop in price even when we wanted to pay with cash. Before my visit, I had called and got a quote from one of them which was $300 less than what was posted, but when I got there, this quote wasn't honored by the 'other brother'.  Then remember the door? Well they were going to 'unstick it' with a screwdriver, and send us on our way.  I said... that this wasn't going to work.  I wanted a working vehicle, especially if we are paying cash for it.  We asked for a drop in price as we know that the power door will take about $600 to fix.  He said that he would fix the door and that it would be in full working order, but he would need half the money down, and no that he would not come down in price.   So we talked about it, and half of the money was put down.  We tell him that we are going to be dropping by days later to check out progress on the car, test drive the vehicle (as we didn't get a chance to do it as it was late and they were in a rush to close.) and then to give the last and final payment for the car.  

They facilitated the test drive of course with them in the car, and they require a deposit to test drive any vehicle - since we had deposited half of the money down this wasn't an issue and we were able to test drive it.  Well, guess what?  The car door wasn't fixed? They couldn't get the door fixed, and didn't call us to tell us that they couldn't do it.  (A call would have been nice, so that we wouldn't have wasted our time, gas money, and tolls to get there and find this out.)  Then the guy, slyly tells us, that he will give us $300 off the car if we take it as is?  We were shocked, first they wouldn't honor the discount, and now they want to give us a broken door car which is going to cost much more than $300 to fix?  That was a deal breaker, and we decided to take our money back.  

Here is the best part... They said that they didn't have our money and that we would have to come back in ONE WEEK to get it back.  They were willing to take our money but couldn't give it back??? We tried calling them several times, but they never responded to our calls, or answered their phones.  I had to use a number from my job (which was not my mobile in order to get one of them to respond.)  I didn't trust this at all, and appealed to the first person (who had originally given me the quote less of $300) and he was able to give it to me in a couple of days.  All in all this ordeal took two weeks and a half from beginning to end, and we still had no vehicle.  I would never shop from this small place again.    This left a very bad taste in my mouth, and it made me distrust small dealerships.  

On a positive note, Nathaniel was much better to deal with than the other two brothers.  But because they are related, I don't trust any of them for any future purchases, nor would I recommend this place again. To anyone!