Bay Ridge Toyota in Brooklyn, NY

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Bay Ridge Toyota has factory-trained technicians that will service your Toyota vehicles for repairs, scheduled maintenance, oil changes, tire rotations, brake service and much more. This state-of-the-art facility is located in New York, NY, and their highly experienced staff is ready to take care of your Toyota service needs. The Bay Ridge Toyota parts department also located in New York, NY, has a large inventory with thousands of Toyota parts, including oil and air filters, to meet your vehicle needs.


Established in 1970.

We are one of the premier dealerships in the country. Our commitment to customer service is second to none. We offer one of the most comprehensive parts and service department in the automotive industry.

Our primary concern is the satisfaction of our customers.  Our online dealership was created to enhance the buying experience for each and every one of our internet customers.  Please feel free to call us at the number listed below or send us an email using the contact us page.

Bay Ridge Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 995-2299
Address:6401 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11220
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Bay Ridge Toyota

Chen T. | 2015-04-23

overall this is a worst garage especially
The Chinese name of loan manager(Steve) I bought a new car here.
Then do loan when the loan department of Chinese cheated I bought by cheating and outside car insurance 5455 pieces but these extra insurance when we buy a car insurance is actually included in the inside, when I know that is looking for the Chinese people back the loans that did not use the insurance, loans department that not everything behind and ignore me, I want to do is to refinance He told me to wait outside for six hours.
And he is in play in mobile phone also ignore I know all of the things inside the garage Since then I have no confidence in the garage is feeling want to fraud, afterwards listen to friends said that the dealership in Chinese is notorious, called on everyone to come here to buy a car need to be careful in Chinese people cheat, cheat us Chinese.

Julianna M. | 2015-04-01

I brought in my 2013 Camry to get serviced.  My car was making a weird noise and I needed an oil change.  To be honest, I'm not sure why they get such a bad reputation on here.  I pulled into the garage and was greeted by a very nice and friendly guy.  I think his name was Ben.  A service adviser, Adrian, then took a look at my car and I explained what was wrong and what I needed done.  The place seemed really busy and I was then told to wait in the waiting room.  After about 30 minutes (which wasn't long considering how many people were there) I was told what was wrong with my car.  He didn't try to sell me anything unnecessary and didn't try to take advantage of a younger lady who doesn't know much about cars.  Price seemed fair and they fixed it and I was up and out of there in a reasonable amount of time.  My lease is up really soon and I would definitely come back to buy a new car there considering how great their service department was.

Guillermo H. | 2015-02-26

These guys are sharks & thiefs, you are better off going to the Toyota in Manhattan.  
They'll tell you everything you want to hear & when you get the car it's a completely different story. Car buyers! Stay away from this dealership!

Antonio Y. | 2015-02-05

Why in the world did I not read yelp before going here. This seems to be a trend.

Brought my 2008 Rav4 in for a  airbag coil change and transmission fluid change.

First thing that happened was the mechanic left something on in my car on so my battery completely drained, damaging my battery. They tried to blame it on the battery itself saying sometimes things - cells just die. No way in hell does my battery just lose all its charge due to a "cell that just died."

They "re-calibrated my airbags" but my airbag warning indicator was brightly lit up on my drive home. Also I noticed that my windshield now is incredibly loose and my windshield wipers don't go all the way down half the time.

Avoid if you can... I brought in my car for a recall and ended up with a loose windshield, damaged battery and windshield wipers that does not go all the way down.

Tammy W. | 2015-02-02

i purchased my RAV4 may 2014 so it was time for my free 6 month/5k miles maintenance.  I booked an appointment online with Jennifer as a wait for 9am today.  She was super nice and explained to me everything that was going to be done and I didn't have to pay anything at all.  Since I was going to wait, I knew it was going to take a bit of time so I prepared myself with things to do in case I got bored.  She gave me an approximate time that it would be done for ~10:30am which sounds like a really long time but it really wasn't that long, I think because the waiting area has coffee, bagels, TV, newspapers, and places to sit.  My car was done before 10:30 so that was good, her estimate was pretty accurate.  I think everyone from the moment I dropped off the car to the moment I picked up the car was very nice and courteous.  I like this toyota dealership so much better than the one on nostrand (the people at nostrand couldn't care less about your car).

Munk C. | 2015-01-28

If I could give ZERO stars, I would but I wouldn't bother dealing with this place if I were you.

I would be very careful when dealing with this dealership because they are NEVER very forthright with their information. When I purchased my Toyota Sienna 2014, I was never told about a cash back of $1,500 that I was entitled to. Instead, I was told that the dealership will give me a 2 year warranty on the vehicles due to my excellent credit but it turn out that they used the $1,500 that I am entitled to (without telling me) to purchase this 2 year warranty that they said is FREE. This is what I discover later upon further research. So be careful when buying from this dealership.

Diana F. | 2015-01-25

If I could give ZERO stars, I would.

I've had nothing but trouble coming to this place. Even BEFORE I hopped into my RAV4, I knew this place was trouble. What dealership makes you wait nearly an hour before you talk to the insurance guy, who then tries to up-sell you on the most expensive plan possible?

My RAV4 was purchased with rain guards that were not installed the day I picked up my car because they didn't have them in stock. Told me to come back in a week or so because they'll have them restocked. I came back in 4 months to get my rain guards installed because well, life happens and this place isn't exactly high on my to-go list. When I did go back to get my rain guards and maintenance service appointment, I was told to wait to get confirmation on my rain guards. Then, someone pretty much insinuated that I stole my rain guards only to come back to have them install another set. I mean, seriously? You think I'd steal rain guards? Geez, you must think I have low standards.

Another huge problem I had with them is that my RAV4 came with a complementary maintenance package and they charged me the first TWO times I went to the service department for a maintenance service checkup. It also took me TWO months for them to refund me my money that I paid them for a routine service checkup. What doesn't make any sense to me is that no where on their computer systems do they tell their employees which cars shouldn't be charged or which should be. Hello, it's the 21st century!

Steer super clear of this place. The only friendly people I've ever encountered are Wendy from the service department and the other Asian guy who greets you when you pull up to the service department. Everyone else is pretty much an incompetent moron. Also, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! Learn some customer service. Seriously. How the hell are you guys still in business?!

Vick S. | 2014-11-20

I just happened to pick this dealership because they were the closest Toyota dealer to me. I was very happy I did - ended up having an amazing experience! Everyone from the lady at the front desk down to the finance and service guys were all very helpful and polite. I would definitely recommend this place to family and friends (we are probably coming back here to get a car for my wife too).

Jenny M. | 2014-09-02

I am rating the car buying experience only, have not serviced the car yet, so perhaps an updated review on that later.

The SO and I recently decided to purchase a Prius or Corolla. That meant researching the MSRP and invoice prices, test driving the vehicle, and deciding which area Toyota dealership to go to.  Now, we knew going in that buying the car would involve some form of the unnecessarily annoying dance of negotiations, hiding the ball, and weirdly indoctrinated game play between the buyer and dealership.  Our goal was to minimize this interplay.  We also wanted (obviously) to get a fair price on the car we wanted, but were not willing to go so far as driving hours to get to a dealership who promised good deals.

We proceeded to check out three dealerships in the city and found Bay Ridge Toyota to be the least offensive of the bunch.  What do I mean by this?  It means that the dealership actually treats you like an intelligent human being who knows that the internet exists (and thus, you are an informed consumer) and is also cognizant that you are making a big purchase which might require you to have a night or two to sleep on it.  

To illustrate, my initial experience at Bay Ridge went something like this:  We walk in and meet Wilson, a very sweet car salesman who lives in the neighborhood.  (Go ahead and ask for him if you want to avoid the typical "salesman"y experience).  We tell him we are looking at the Prius or Corolla.  We test drive the cars within a few minutes.  Wilson tells us about some features afterwards.  We get down to business with Peter (a manager or senior salesman) and we give him the numbers we want for each car.  He agrees to the Corolla number, but not to the Prius number.  We say we would like to think about it, and they say ok and that they hope we come back.

In contrast, at other unnamed dealerships, its like being at a perfectly orchestrated show.  Salesman acting his most salesmany self throughout the test drive, When you sit down with your numbers, he proceeds to say oh we can't do that, but let me ask my manager.  Comes back with a number about a few hundred bucks under what dealership was initially asking.  After a round or two of this, they present a print out of what they "paid" for the car (or invoice).  Another tactic to make you think you are horrible for trying to get a fair price.  You try to leave, some new guy runs after you, says if you take a car today, they are sure they can still work some numbers.  When you insist on leaving anyway, they try to throw some figure at you... a figure that still higher than what you left with at Bay Ridge.

Anyway, a few days later, (and a few phone call rounds of negotiations) we went back to Bay Ridge.  Test drove the Prius again, and decided to get it.  Now, was it the best deal in the entire world.  Probably not, I could have gone to a dealership in Jersey or probably pressed harder with Bay Ridge to save another few hundred off or waited another month for the dealerships to get desperate in clearing out their stock.  But they offered a totally fair price that I was happy to pay recognizing that a dealership is still a business, and that they created the least annoying and stressless car-buying experience without hassles, bait and switches, or the like.  In particular, not only was Wilson a great salesman to deal with, but kudos to the character that is George (the finance guy), who I got along with very well, who will provide a no nonsense approach to financing the car and not force you into purchasing any back-end bs to up the final price of your vehicle.

All in all, I have no idea how other employees at this dealership conduct themselves (I'm sure the salesmen have their specific tactics that they think work for them), but its my hope that car buyers will at least visit Bay Ridge in the hopes of having a similar experience as we did.  We just got lucky with the right mix of people for us and how we broached this experience.  Finally, don't let the negative reviews throw you off too much, unlike restaurants, people don't necessarily jump at the chance to give dealerships positive reviews and usually come on yelp to bitch.  In addition, I would check out the 80+ reviews that are "not recommended" and to get a more overall picture of this or any dealership.  That's basically it, except that we LURVE our Prius-yay!

T.N. H. | 2014-09-01

I've came to this dealer a couple of times while shopping for a RAV4.  The multiple visits were to give their sales department the benefit of the doubt since I live nearby.  Unfortunately, the experience each & every time was a failure.  The staff here just seemed disinterested & disillusioned.  I will briefly describe my experience on two occasions. First was when I set up a test drive in 2014, the salesperson had this expression the whole time that we were inconveniencing him & he wanted to be somewhere else.  I don't think my breath stank that bad on that particular day, so what's this dudes excuse?  On the second occasion, I walked in to inquire about their 0% financing after seeing a poster on their window.  There was anywhere from 6-7 staff standing around & I ask directly the first person i make eye contact with about this promo to which he answered "You buy a car first" then the whole group essentially blew me off & not in a good way. ;) Raunchy jokes aside, this is a poor excuse for a retail establishment & the definition for customer service is definitely not in their dictionary.  Get your act together Bay Ridge Toyota.

Sandy L. | 2014-08-04

I recent had my car seat checked out here. The service staff provided exceptional service, especially Jennifer. She was super patient with my questions, and went through every step with me thoroughly.

She followed up consistently throughout the 2 days that my car was with them. I was skeptical of the service that I would be receiving after reading the yelp reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Greg S. | 2014-06-25

Bay Ridge Toyota sold me a "Certified Used" Prius that had an Open Recall for a Safety Issue, please read on:  
I bought the car in April 2014 (a 2010 Prius) and noticed on the Carfax report that there was an open Recall notice on the car.  Both Raymond Li and Raza Bokhari assured me that the recall had been serviced and that it was Illegal for them to sell a car that had an open recall on it.  The recall is a safety issue that can lead to a system failure on the car.
Well, I've had the car for almost 3 months now and am still getting notices on the Toyota Owners website and also by mail that my Prius has an Open Recall that needs to be addressed.
So I called Toyota Corporate today and they looked up my VIN and said the car had NOT been serviced to fix the recall issue, then Toyota Corporate called Bay Ridge Toyota and spoke to someone named Jessica Anwar (a manager at Bay Ridge Toyota) and she looked up the VIN and confirmed my Prius had never been serviced for the recall.
So then Toyota Corporate tells me they have nothing to do with the salesmen who Lied to me about a safety recall and I just need to get it serviced.
I made an appointment with a different Toyota Dealership to get the issue serviced, and am going to see a lawyer about this issue.
I would not have bought the Prius if I knew the recall had not been serviced.
These guys Lied to get me to buy a car.

George L. | 2014-06-16

Worst dealership I have ever dealt with. Finance and Insurance department completely lied in an attempt to steal from me. If you are looking to buy a toyota or scion, go to another dealership. Avoid this place at all costs!

Benny H. | 2014-06-06

Nah, can't be tolerant with this dealership. Main goal of all employees is to get that survey via email. "Make sure you will submit it and answer that questions and put high mark or grade", service sucks they all worry about that survey, worrying about quantity not the quality. Too high prices along with no need services which they will offer you at the end of your service as a extra to take all your money. i have experienced better service with great advise in east Brooklyn where they will advise you what actually need. Now lets talk about dealers on show room Jackass's with arrogant attitude. There was no proper answer given on my questions main point was to rip off. I guess thats what you call Brooklyn culture.

Abelle N. | 2014-02-03

Came here many times... Just because...i enjoy browsing at cars and houses during the summer's like a fun activity that I enjoy to do...there's only two types of cars I like sadly they don't offer the kind I like...there is limited of options to look at...the people that work there areant as helpfully as you would aspect...if you ask them a question and they don't really understand It they walk away and ask the head person that works there...simple questions as do you have this model...or is this the final cost...should be easily answer...who the hell wants to do business with someone that doesn't even know for sure what they are really doing there... There is parking there but few... About five six people working there...the area is kinda small...located on the corner of the street... Pricey are not reasonable!

cpumpkins S. | 2014-01-11

Do not go to this place for any type of service!! You will get your car back in worse condition than you brought it in. Terrible service, terrible all around. Beware!!  They don't even test drive vehicles before giving the cars back to customers. They treat customers horribly. Awful.

Peter M. | 2014-01-05

I was in the market for a brand new car. I test drove a vehicle here and it was alright. Vehicle however wasn't in the trim that i was looking for, but close enough. When it came time to negotiate, there wasn't much negotiation.  I had talked to a sales consultant and then an actual sales person. The sales person gave me a bottom line price and refused to budge from it. He wanted to hold onto the car apparently. No deal here. All in all, this dealership had the highest asking price of all the Toyota dealerships that I visited. I didn't feel comfortable dealing with any of the people here, so I wouldn't recommend this dealership. Go find a place where you are comfortable with the sales folks and know what you want to pay,

Kizzy S. | 2013-12-01

Jerry Rosario was my salesperson... He was sweet. There was no back and forth for fours hours negating, like Honda Hillside! I was in and out with my car in 3 hours.  I'm glad we came here! The financing was also a breeze. Thanks to Michael Schwartz! He work hard... and we talked about family it was good. Thanks Toyota happy customer

Dirty S. | 2013-10-29


6 hour wait to have my car fixed

gross waiting area, stained seats and have seen cleaner bathrooms in bars

employees use finger scans to punch in and out...WTF?

Casey E. | 2013-10-26

Worst experience ever buying a car. I would not recommend this place if it were the last car dealership on earth. Constant lies. Terrible service. Our new car came without hubcaps, a radio or floor mats then it was weeks and many headaches before we were able to get the missing parts. The car looked like it was stolen for weeks. Absolutely horrible, horrible experience. I cannot express enough how much I would never recommend anyone go to this place.

Chlorophylled K. | 2013-09-09

My wife and I put a deposit down on a car that the dealership damaged during transit. We decided to go to a different company to purchase our car. The deposit was fully refundable according to our sales person. That was 9 months ago. We are still waiting for our deposit back. We have talked to managers and the original sales person many times, but they are still holding our $500. Each time we called they said: "You should have it already! Here let me just contact our accounts department and you should have that money back in 24-48 hours." For a company that does business in the thousands or millions daily I would think they would not want to ruin their reputation by stealing $500 dollars. They stole $500 dollars, let me just make that explicitly clear. They received a deposit on a car we did not purchase and have yet to refund the money 9 months later. Avoid This Company. If the company feels this review is unfair I welcome their reply. I have all the paperwork to show this claim is accurate.

Ling C. | 2013-07-05

honestly I purchased my Camry at this dealership and had no negative feelings at all until my recent service appt. my vehicle was kept overnight due to high volume of cars that day which threw my plans off for the entire day. I hate auto jargon especially over the phone and the rep called me about sth that needed to be changed in my car as if it's a serious issue... which of course freaked me out and I said yes because I'm an auto noob. After I said yes, I called my boyfriend and uncle to ask and found out they were just vent filters.... Honestly I didnt even call back  to cancel because I knew it was too late... Two filter change cause me 200 bucks... I dont think I'm ever going back because I honestly thought they could be trusted

Jeremy D. | 2013-06-18

A year ago I was shopping for a brand new car. At the time I had my eyes on the 2012 Nissan Altima and 2012 Toyota Camry. I went to Bay Ridge Nissan dealer first to check out the car. The sales person provided great service and gave me a decent price. Before I pulled the trigger, I decided to shop around more.  I proceeded to Bay Ridge Toyota which was around the corner to take a look. When I stepped into the dealership, no one was there to greet me and my family. We were there by ourselves looking at the Camry they had on the show room floor. Talk about customer service. At least 15 minute passed by before a sales person showed up. I told him I wanted a 2012 Camry Se w/ 4 Cylinder in Silver or gray. The sales person checked the computer and said they had one in stock. He made us walk the whole block looking for it but he could not find it. That was fine. We went to the desk to discuss about pricing. I did a lot of research prior to coming here so I was aware of the price range. Sales person gave me a price and I told him that was way more than what true car or other dealerships was asking for. He told me "the Camry is selling really fast and as you can see we don't have any more left in our inventory" I told him to break down the cost for me and I noticed the floor mats were a $200 add on. I asked him "why are you adding on the floormats? Floor mats came standard in every vehicle I bought. I don't want it" He said "it is mandatory to sell floor mats with every new car". After that he was telling me how I should buy a car and a lot of bullshit which was ridiculous. He spoke very loud and did not have the slightest respect what so ever. Every question I asked, he had an attitude about it. This turned me off so much I walked out with my family. The customer service was horrible. In the end, I went to the Ford dealership and bought a brand new 2012 Ford Focus hatchback. The customer service over there was outstanding. I want to thank you Bay Ridge Toyota for your horrible service. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have end up with the number one selling car in the world. Usually I don't write reviews but I had to for this one. Stay away from Bay Ridge Toyota. They don't deserve your hard earned money.

Tom J. | 2013-02-15

Review Negative 5 Stars! Highway robbery. Pressured to make unnecessary repairs to your vehicle too aggressive. My mechanic confirmed my suspicions that I did not need new brakes, battery and tires. Women beware always get a second opinion on any repairs.
You wont find the Opulence you might find at most Toyota Auto Malls at Bay Ridge Toyota. The structure is run down antiquated and down right dirty. Steer clear of this place if you know whats good for you. The only thing that you might receive for free is the flu or a communicable disease!!! No kidding!

Shalini K. | 2013-01-19

I ignored all reviews and went there thinking 'What's the worst thing that can happen, after all I am just going for a test drive' ! So wrong.
If you have made the effort to check yelp before going there, PLZ just stop, and don't go. Thieves, Scam artists, Cheats.... all words used below.
I wanted to test drive a toyota 4runner, and I had scheduled a appointment a day before. I was told to come at a particular time for test drive. On my arrival I was introduced to a car salesman who started negotiating price right away. My only purpose was to get a test drive, remember I had not yet decided to buy the car!
There was a lot of to and fro between salesman, manager and other costumers.
I was finally told that the model I wanted to test drive is not available !!! And the one that they do have, can not be taken out of the showroom!! Great .
Unfortunately I ended up making a 'refundable' deposit of 250 $ to get the model I wanted to test drive. (This is truly my fault, being a first time car buyer, and car salesman, even though scum of earth, were good at persuading a novice buyer)
I called them very next day to refund my money and not to undergo so much trouble for my test drive!!
After more than a month and more that 10 calls to this dealership, Including one call where I was told by the manager "you have no choice but to call again later"  .... I have finally received my refund, and a lesson... NEVER to go back there.

S O. | 2013-01-06

My first pre-owned car purchase.  I wish I had read these reviews before going there.  DO NOT GO TO BAY RIDGE TOYOTA. Specifically the con-artists I dealt with were Val and Anthony.  They shoved the extended warranty into my financing package.  Absolutely terrible experience, and in the end I was hooked on the car, so I ended up not being able to walk away.  You would have thought they were doing ME a favor - these people had me waiting around for them for so long.  Made an appointment for the purchase - 2 hours later the guy isn't available because some VP quit and they had an emergency meeting.  What does that have to do with me? absolutely nothing - I had to go to work!  I negotiated getting reimbursed for cabs back and forth to their location (after they confirmed appointments), on June 29th, and still no reimbursement 6.5 months later.  This is after several calls, emails, and a verbal confirmation that it would be coming.  I definitely overpaid by 3k on my car.  NOT worth your time, or your money.

Devon M. | 2012-12-22

Bunch of scam artists! Tried to trade in a Toyota here, didn't even feel comfortable looking at the new cars as they kept lowering the price on the trade in by running the 2 man routine of talking to the "manager" other guy in the back. I can't see how anyone has a good experience at this place, but if you like wasting your time by all means, come here.
Like a black hole, the place should just collapse on itself and disappear..

Isabella W. | 2012-10-24

Long story short, we did not go back and the whole experience got me irritated and we decided to go with Hillside Honda*

Below is the long story:

We called 2 hours before going in asking to test drive the Rav4 4 cyl. and the v6 but when it was time to try the v6 model, we had to wait a good while since the salesman had to move other cars out of the garage in order to get access to the v6. So it kind of made no difference that we called ahead.

When it came down to talk about the price, it seemed to me that we came across to the guy as uninformed consumers and not internet savvy. (Perhaps M. and I have been living under a rock, and my last two cars materialized in front of me out of thin air! Oh miracles.). He wanted us to take the MSRP price and would not back down (I believe he thinks that he is nailing us with the v6 engine since it is not available on the CR-V), I told him that I'm well aware that people (including friends in LI who purchased Rav4 this year) can pay less than that. He acted suprised by it.


After we left, he followed up with a generic email which I replied by thanking him for letting us test drive and re-stating how the price is too high for us and mentioning and Kelly Blue Book as reference.

The salesman responded the next day writing that he doubts the car I quoted on those websites is the same model/trim that we were talking about.


He asked us to return and with print out of the quotes we found on these websites. Later on he wrote that he couldn't get the prices I mentioned on Edmunds nor KKB.


I didn't know if I should laugh at him or be mad at him. M. felt insulted. (And he is a  more laid back person than I am)  

*It saddens me because I had a Toyota Camry before, which did me well. I have fond memories with the brand. But, they lost me with the attitude.

G-man G. | 2012-09-07

This is the worse place that you can go to buy a car. Total rip-offs!!! The same guy that does the sale does the finance! WORSE EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

David S. | 2012-02-17

This place is absolutely TERRIBLE! I am not a reviewer but I felt compelled to do this for others to know how bad this place is...

I came here for a simple fix and they said "no problem" we can take care of that for you and then they gave me their "25 point FREE inspection" and I said "GREAT". That is where things went south.

I came in to take care of a simple steering fix and left with over a thousand dollars worth of work. When I came to pick up my car, I drove off and my brakes FAILED!!!!!! I rolled through an intersection. Coincidence or fate? Not sure. But it didn't make me feel good. Went back to get the brakes fixed and they told me that the brake lines failed and it wasn't their fault. So I complied and bought new brake lines and a master cylinder (not sure why).

Picked up my car again, noise coming form the steering and e=brake handle not pulling correctly.

Overall experience a MESS! Will never ever go back or recommend anyone to go there. The staff seemed really nice and knowledgable but it seems that was all a front to get people in the door. The coffee was nasty and the pizza they offer for lunch is gross. Maybe it tasted worse because I was back there for a third time.

C D. | 2011-08-19

Liars. Thiefs. Cheats. They told me I needed a transmission flush, and that my car had carbon in the engine. At 40k miles? Are you crazy??!! That happens at 100k miles, maybe. They overcharged me for the wiperblade I needed to pass the emissions test too. The only thing they got right is that I needed new tires, BUT not because they had dry rot. They were simply worn. I took the car to precision transmissions (check em on yelp) and saved $900. This place sucks, and I'm a nice trusting person. I pick my nose in your general direction.

Anand P. | 2011-06-30

Honestly, this place has gone down the drain.  I've been going here since I moved to Brooklyn a year ago.  Everytime I go back, there are new people working in the service bay.  It says something if they can't even keep their employees happy.  When I showed up this time, it took almost 20 minutes of waiting until some dirty guy came and asked me what I wanted.  There used to be a clean uniformed greeter that would take your car and figure out why you came in.  This dirty guy could not speak english and honestly did not know what he was doing.  He couldn't understand that I wanted to get an oil change and was just dropping of the vehicle.  While getting my car fixed, I had to work with a new guy who found out I was working in a hospital and I guess he just saw dollar signs.  So he calls me up the next day and leaves a message that I should have 2000 dollars worth of stuff fixed on my car which honestly seemed like complete BS.  When I tried to call him back, honestly it took all day playing phone tag with him because he was probably just ripping someone else off as well.  When I picked up the car, I go over to the cashier where I see a girl sitting in the corner talking on her phone and eating a sub and there is a guy in a bermuda shirt with chest hair coming out the shirt.  No uniform, very unprofessional looking.   It took more than a half hour AFTER I paid for my car to even find someone to just give me my car.  The dirty guy that is supposed to be a greeter finally gave me back my car.  Before I got in to leave, the service tech stopped me and told me I would be getting a couple questionnaires about him and that I had to give me all high scores or else he gets in trouble.  Why don't you try putting more effort into you're job...Honestly, a terrible encounter.  This place has not only convinced me never to come back to Bay Ridge Toyota, but I'll be trading in my camry for something much better, a VW or Audi perhaps.  Thanks for the terrible experience.

N G. | 2011-06-21

Scam - Stay Away from Service! Service is a RIPOFF!!!! Stay away.  Service basically refused all the things I wanted done and did their own thing and then the Service Rep comes to the cashier with you to make sure and bully you to you fill out the survey to make sure you mark him as the greatest employee ever as he is bumping his chest on your back and the cashier is laughing! I'm so glad I turned all their "recommendations" down and took my car out of there fast!

King T. | 2011-02-23

This place deserves NEGATIVE 5 stars. I think they depend on sales from people that haven't done research. I don't even know why people come to this dealership. It has to be the worst dealership I've been to. I was looking to buy a car on the spot, but they didn't even try to sell it to me. Kind of mind blowing now that I think about it. The sales manager gave me some BS invoice price, making it sound like it was a deal, but in fact it was the cars MSRP. The whole time I was there felt really awkward. They could have had an easy sale if they weren't so arrogant. They didn't even try. Save yourself some time and avoid this place!

Betty B. | 2011-01-09

This is the worse car dealership I have ever been to. Went here to check out a used Toyota minivan, first of all their sales people are as sleezy as can be. What's the saying, don't trust a used car salesman? That's not always the case, but at this location it is definitely the case. Been here on 2 occasions and left swearing I'd never come back here again. They make judgments about people and assume that the customer knows nothing about car prices. I did my research and had a good idea of what the car I was interested in was worth. I was just window shopping and they did their best to try and get me to buy something. That  in itself is not so bad, after all that's their job as sales people, but just the way they do it and they try to get you into a car you really don't want. I wanted an XLE or limited model, which they didn't currently have in stock, so they tried to get me into an LE model, which I just was not interested in. Did not have any of the options I wanted. Their sticker prices are highway robbery because after going back and forth, saying I didn't want that model, they kept reducing the price and reducing, and when they finally stopped, the price they gave was about $9,000 less than the sticker price! I was just turned off to this place and the sales people, if there is that much of a discrepancy in their sticker price, how can I trust them? Better off going to an auction, or a dealership in NJ. I got a good deal on my last car from a dealership in NJ, never again Bayridge Toyota! The NJ dealership also had really great customer service and they even offered to drive my new car to Brooklyn since I had to drive my old car which I drove in. And they did it for free!

Carlos C. | 2011-01-04

OK why am forced to wait so dam much to pick up a ride. WTF Toyota. Here's my signature now give me the keys so that i can go. They also are very pushy, and try to sale you everything but the kitchen sink.

w y. | 2010-12-13

I would give it a negative (-) star if possible.
What is the point of making an appointment with a specific request to test drive a specific car, confirmed wiht the sales person that they had such a car, when to show up:
1) sales person not in that day
2) car not available
3) would have to special request car, wait time 6-8 weeks (i could order and have a bmw delivered in that time frame)
4) don't know what they have in inventory

Followed up with a call (20 minutes later) to find out that sales person is in, but not available to speak, can't locate him, not answering page, no voicemail, blah blah, blah...

Well, I don't recommend this place at all. Bait and switch tactics, waste of time

Louis P. | 2010-10-29

I can't say too much i was just window shopping, but they were pretty pushey they came outside to bother me

I like the FJ Cruiser but i wouldnt go to this location to get it

MICHAEL T. | 2010-02-26

Spoke with an agent called Lisa on the phone about my recall letter from Toyota. ( We leased a 2010 Camry and two weeks later, there was a recall).  She said she was going to get someone, put me on hold for about a minute and then hung up on me.  Called back again and another agent picks up and says Lisa is away from the office...Luckily this agent (her name is Karen) was very informative about the procedures for the recall and also sympathetic about how we feel as car owners with regards to safety.  Even though her service dept was booked on appts, she was willing to squeeze me in for the following business week.  We feel okay-ish with the service call and if anything, only because Karen was this helpful on the phone just by listening.

Jav V. | 2007-04-06

I dread going here.  It takes FOREVER (like 3 hours) and it's ridiculously expensive.  I've been trying to be a responsible car owner, but I'm ready to quit my maintenance schedule.  As if it's not bad enough, they'll try to talk you into extra maintence between maintenances.  Ugh.  I wish I knew more about cars so I could tell them to shove it.