Bay Ridge Subaru in Brooklyn, NY

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Bay Ridge Subaru

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(718) 234-7960
Address:1819 Cropsey Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11214

Reviews on Bay Ridge Subaru

Alex S. | 2015-04-07

Terrible experience with the service department.  I had a 1'oclock appointment and showed up a prompt fifteen minutes early.  The man at the service desk was snarky and rude, berating a female employee while entering my information.  I merely had a warning light on the dash stating that it was time for scheduled maintenance.  The clerk began ringing me up for many services which may or may not have been necessary.  After all of this, he told me to have a seat - that the tech "took an early lunch" and that my car would be inspected in the next two to three hours.  No thanks.

Sofiya G. | 2015-02-14

Service consultant David Wong is always a pleasure to work with. His customer service is impeccable!! He puts the customers needs first and will do anything to make you feel at home. Promise time is always on point and my cars needs are always met. The technicians know what they're doing - they treat your car as if it was their own. Definitely recommend this location for all your Subaru needs!

Dia S. | 2015-01-15

Joe Teti is the prototypical sleazy car salesman. We came in to look at a car after speaking to him multiple times. I called THREE times the day of to make sure the car was still there and we drove 40 minutes and then when we got there, Joe just "couldn't believe it" but lo and behold, the car was already sold. In retrospect, I guess it was funny to see these guys who almost seemed like bad actors pretending to be evil car salesman pulling a bait and switch. They kept us waiting while we tried to leave and did some weak playacting for our benefit, but basically it was pretty creepy to be lied to. So we turned right around and bought a car from Hudson Subaru. The salesman there -- George Too -- seemed much more honest.

Jiimy S. | 2015-01-04

Subaru of America (corporate) needs to pull this dealership, it's an embarrassment.  I'm a long time subaru owner, and am a mechanic by trade (independent - not affiliated with subaru). My aging parents wanted a subaru, and started the shopping process.  They're a bit older, with immaculate credit, but little in the way of "savvy" when buying a vehicle. They walked in knowing the car and trim they wanted and were paying cash (foolishly, IMO, since they could have had 0% financing while it was being offered - hey, let the bank's money work for you, right? But they come from a different time) Literally could have been a slam dunk sale!   I knew they were shopping around, but didn't realize how close to buying they were until i get a concerned call from Mom expressing some confusion over the paperwork, and the way the numbers were being presented.  I'll gladly re-hash the nitty gritty but the long story short is - these wanna be Sopranos clowns were willfully taking advantage of an aged couple like they were a couple of marks. When questioned, they started getting intimidating with my old man...   I left work immediately and booked it over there...  A no-options forester was magically running them more than a new lexus...  and the fees being tacked on, including front loaded interest at 19% (THERES NO LOAN, IDIOTS!) was so outlandish, I made my folks leave this stealership immediately. Then - the best part, the finance manager comes out with his "ay-yo" attitude and tries to bully me around... listen flapjack - i'll bounce you upside down on your head all the way down cropsey avenue.   Needless to say, we didn't buy here, and i'd recommend anyone else to stay away.  It takes a special kind of scum (even among car salesmen) to take advantage of an old couple like that.  The sad thing is - it ruined the whole experience for them, and they wound up not buying a subaru at all..  They went the very next day to a toyota dealership, bought a rav 4 (not my personal choice - i still feel the forester was the better vehicle) BUT - they were treated with dignity and respect, and their sale was valued. They were offered a fair price for the vehicle, under msrp without even fighting for it, and the salesman helped them with an additional discount offered to former military servicemen ( Dad, retired USN and a morse code radioman)  - bringing their total under invoice...  and for that i'm grateful...  They'll be getting a positive review from me.   Bay ridge subaru?  I wouldn't be at all saddened if i heard subaru yanked their franchise, and burned it to the ground.

Audrey K. | 2014-12-21

I had never bought a car from a dealer before, so I didn't know what to expect.  David listened to our needs and helped us buy our third Subaru.  I will definitely go back to Bay Ridge Subaru when I need another car.

Brian L. | 2014-12-08

Sales Staff was very knowledgable. Took the time to help me pick out perfect suv, all the while testing the others I had in mind. Clean space, friendly people, great cars. Highly recommended!

Josh S. | 2014-11-02

Ok, here is what you need to know. My wife and I were looking for a Subaru since we have a little one on the way. We are both extremely research oriented and I spent almost a month finding the perfect used Forester; low mileage, clean, and most importantly, safe. I booked an appointment to go in on a Saturday(as we all know is the busiest day of the week). I did wait 10 minutes tops but then again, I had an appointment with the owner, Tommy.He gave me over an hour of his time and answered every single question I had. If he didn't know the answer, he called someone or looked it up himself. We went over the car fax history report together and again, he was patient every step of the way. He offered a test drive and while waiting, we went over even more questions that I had. I admit that I had to wait longer than expected for the test drive but the plates were being used by another customer who was out for a test drive.

Tommy then introduced me to Joseph Teti; Subaru's diamond in the rough. Joe and I clicked immediately, I felt like I was hanging out with a buddy that I've known for years. We took the test drive, looked over the car for at least 45 minutes, and he too was always patient, never hassling, and more importantly, never disinterested in the customer that he was taking care of, me. So, I put down a few hundred bucks just to hold the car seeing that I didn't want to lose this deal. Joe went over how everything worked, what the next step would be, setting up financing with Craig, which was a breeze, and A through z with regards to buying car insurance (which I had never done). I came in on Saturday and drove out on Tuesday with license plates and temporary registration all done by Joe and included in the monthly payments on the car. I notice that most complaints on Yelp are with regards to the service department which I didn't have to deal with but just by observation alone, they are extremely busy and seem to put a lot of time and care into each car which is what I would want if my car was serviced by them. The only thing my car was missing was a jack which Joe had taken care of before I drove off, happy with my new purchase.

Do yourself a favor, book an appointment with Joe Teti, you will not regret it. I went into this car buying situation with a lot of anxiety but after a little time spent with Joe, I knew every singe detail would be covered and I knew that I would write my first post because of it. :)

Chris E. | 2014-10-11

Had brought my 2007 Outback to the service dept. for a recall on the brake lines and decided while it was there to have the oil changed and tires rotated.  I always maintain this car myself and keep up with all the maintenance items in the manual.  
The car was ready as promised and seems to have been fine.  After driving the car about 10 miles the driver's side front end was making a rotation sound as if something was out of true.  
The next morning I jacked the car up to see if I could find out was making the noise.  The lug nuts on the driver's side were loose.  I tightened 4 out of the 5 lug nuts that hold the tire on.  It was obvious that the nuts were not torque properly when the tires were rotated, they were so loose that they needed to be turned 3 to 5 times to be tightened.  This is mechanics 101, basic stuff; the tire could have come off while on the highway and could have been catastrophic.  
The dealership was called and they apologized, I brought it back to them to make sure the bearings or the spindle was not damaged.  In about 10 minutes they said everything is fine, I don't even think they checked.  I took my car and will not return to this dealerships service.  They created an unsafe situation which is totally unavoidable.

Andrew P. | 2014-09-29

Well, I made an appointment to come in and look at a few Subaru models.  I spent an hour getting to Bay Ridge for my appointment on a Saturday afternoon.  I showed up on-time... and, hmm, the person I made the appointment with wasn't there.  I mentioned this to a salesperson, who brushed me off and told me rudely that I'd have to wait in line of about 20 people to speak to a salesperson.  

So I left and probably won't be buying a Subaru.  My understanding of an "appointment" was that both parties were mutually expected to meet and be present, but I guess this isn't how it operates in the Subaru universe.  So I just won't be buying one...

Ron C. | 2014-09-23

Dropped my car for some minor repairs.  Asked them to give me a call with the price estimate.  A few hours later, I had not heard anything so I called them.  They were already doing the work.  I asked why they had not given me an estimate.  They literally told me that they could not give me an estimate for repairs until the work is done.  They do not seem to understand the concept of a price estimate.

Rachel Z. | 2014-08-13

We went on a Sunday hoping to do a test drive with the Forester. Cory (Cornelius) was the sale person that was assisting us. I do understand they might be short on staff or busy that we can't do a test drive right away. The way Cory replied to our request was simply horrible. His exact word was "So what happens after the test drive? Will you guys be purchasing the car?" That alone was a major turn off. He just went on and on and on about how great the car was, and we'll not be able to find anything else to top that off, just super hard sell and extremely pushy. I was a sales, I understand that he wants to sell the car. But honestly, he was such a fail. I couldn't wait to get out of that place. And when Raquel from the same office called me to follow up since we missed out appointment for the test drive. I said we'll not be coming in for the test drive. There was no bye, ok, thank you, whatsoever. She just hung up. Cory was the same. He hung up immediately after i said we'll not be coming in for the test drive. I don't care if you have the quote ready for me. Their service is absolutely horrible!!!! if you don't plan on buying, they'll keep pushing you until you said so, if you don't give it, i guess you'll get some nasty attitude from them.

Never stepping in again.

Angelo M. | 2014-05-13

in January I leased my first Subaru no problems until Thursday may 8 2014 when the check engine and brake light came on. I was concerned and parked the car in the drive. I used my other car to pick my daughter up from school. I called the dealer from the car and spoke to the service department, to enquire what to do next. The un knowledgable person who answered the phone told me "bring the car in" I asked if it was safe to drive, she said she did not know. I then asked her to ask one of the mechanics if it was safe. She again replied " I don't know" .On my way to pick up my daughter I decided to pass by the dealership and speak with the service manager. This person the most arrogant person I have ever met. not helpful and probably wants to kill the dealership with the lack of customer frustration. the car still sits on the driveway as I am afraid to take it to this dealer.

Genna A. | 2014-05-07

The customer service here is dismal. The man at the front desk ( Mr. Wong) just stared at a computer for 5 minutes before acknowledging my presence. It was so rude, I was beside myself. Then still not speaking to me he leaves the front desk, goes to my car comes back, sits at the computer for 5 more minutes and then ask my name and what I there for. I told him an oil change and the auto shut off on my gas tank. He looks at me like I'm completely inconveniencing him. Types some more, quotes me a oil change price $25 more then I was quoted on the phone. This man really needs to be in a back office, not dealing with the public. The only saving grace was the owner who said good morning to me. Not coming back here!!!

Ivan L. | 2014-04-15

Please don't let the lower ratings of the service dep. discourage you! Everyone working at the sales department (where you buy your car) is absolutely phenomenal.

If you need any help when shopping for your Subaru here, I highly recommend Cory. He is knowledgeable, patient and upfront. A fair price and a good time are guaranteed!

Wanderer X. | 2014-04-10

The WORST customer service I have ever received in a car dealership, plus they have no cars in stock. I tried leasing a car here, but they were all rude, scheming, unprofessional, lying representatives. I understand how a car dealership operates, but this place is just the worst of the worst. I took my business to a NJ Subaru dealership instead.

Eva C. | 2014-01-27

Oh my goodness...the service department is the WORST.  They're unresponsive, unkind and really unpleasant to deal with.    

Had my car towed here after it started leaking oil.  Wasn't sure what was going on with it.  They said they would charge me a $98 diagnostic fee.  Two days later (I had to call them to get a follow up) they told me I needed $4800 worth of repairs.  What?!  My car has less than 70K miles on it and was bought new in 2009.  I had a mechanic I trust up in New England call the service department to ask some questions about the repairs they were telling me were necessary.  Apparently the Bay Ridge guys couldn't answer any of the technical quetions and/or justify the huge repair bill.  

Okay, fine, so I went to pick up my car to take it to another mechanic.  I had signed a statement saying I would pay the diagnostic fee.  When I'm picking up my car, the guy says, "I'm gonna charge you for putting the engine back together."  We went back and forth a couple times -- I pointed out that this seemed like it would be covered under the diagnostic fee and there's no way I'm giving them anything else.  Finally he huffed, "Well, I'm going to stand here and argue with you."  I paid the $98 and left.  

Awful experience.  Felt slimy and like they were trying to fleece me.

Jasmine K. | 2014-01-20

Not a fan. I went back 3x to look at a car and the salesman couldn't tell me anything I didn't already know. (I didn't know alot). They didn't allow us to test drive it on the highway.  The salesman wasn't very willing to show us the cars we wanted to test out.  The people working there also are not the nicest or most helpful people. I ended up driving all the way to Star Subaru on Cross Island Pkwy buying my subaru.  I would not buy a car at Bayridge Subaru

Kerri G. | 2013-10-25

I bought my car from Patricia and although she was obnoxious, we liked the car so that is what we bought. After a few months there was a problem with the alarm system and someone broke into my car. I called Patricia to see how this could have happened and another dealership told me the alarm was disabled. Patricia was extremely rude and cursed at me on the phone. She was very disrespectful and I will never do business with her or Bay Ridge Subaru again after the way she treated me. No one deserves to be treated like that especially after paying a lot of money for a car.

Trixie M. | 2013-06-24

We leased a Subaru with Patricia @ Bay Ridge Subaru back in March-- this letter is certainly long overdue but we just wanted everyone to know how impressed we were with the customer relations aspect of our relationship.

Patricia could not do enough for us. Specifically, she was diligent in keeping us informed of the progress, and ALWAYS returned our telephone calls. Patricia was funny, courteous, respectful, and VERY - VERY understanding (we were worried that we might not get the new Subaru in time as Patricia promised-- at the time our current leased Honda had to be returned around the same time the new Subaru would be delivered). However, Patricia made it happen, and as promised, it was on time and she even took our old Honda and had it returned to the dealer.  

The day we went to pick it up, she spent over an hour going over every feature in our new car including setting up both our Bluetooth. If we didn't have to return to work she would have spent more time with us, she would not let us leave until she was certain we were satisfied and even followed up with phone calls weeks and months later, to make sure we were still satisfied.  

Patricia is rare as they come and a true professional. I will always refer others to her and will definitely be back ourselves-- can't imagine doing business with anyone else.

Mallory P. | 2013-05-26

Service department severely lacking in the customer service department. Totally not on par with what's to be expected from a Subaru dealership. They'd alienate a customer over a $9 part, just to be "right." I'd rather drive to jersey to have my car serviced.

Maya R. | 2013-02-22

If I could write a review without giving the one star I would; the one star is too much for their horrible service department. First was quoted weeks to complete a 3 day job, then a part wasn't ordered or didn't arrive, something else is needed, on and on. Then I finally get a call that the car is done but the dealership did not receive a partial payment from the insurance company. The insurance company emailed a copy of the check, faxed a payment of guarantee and still the dealership would not release the car.  They lost me as a customer for sure and I would not recommend them to anyone.

Glo M. | 2013-01-06

Pat in sales is great! But for service, stay away. Complete rip off.

Najati I. | 2012-11-07

I feel weird giving a car dealer a 5-star rating. It makes me feel like I must be missing something. Surely they're trying to screw me and I just haven't noticed yet - right? Maybe, or maybe I'm just lucky. Or maybe they're actually decent folk. Whatever the case may be, my experience with Bay Ridge Subaru has been pretty much delightful so far, so they've earned it from this customer.

I ordered my STi from Patricia last February. The pricing was uneventful and lined up almost too easily with what my research suggested a good price would be. The STis have a habit of being on back order and Patricia was more than willing to humour me calling all to often to see if she'd heard anything. I financed it through them because they gave me a good enough rate. Working with her was always pleasant and she seemed to genuinely share my excitement about my car. If I were to choose to get another Subaru, I'd definitely seek to work with Patricia again.

I've been back their for my oil changes, when I managed to almost knock the rear bumper off, 7500 mile service, and getting winter wheels/tires put on the car. Every time my experience with the service center has been straightforward. They've answered my questions, been clear about the costs of things, let me know pretty plainly what's been up with the car. I'll admit, nothing has gone really wrong with the car (thankfully) so it's not like there's been much of a chance for service shenanigans, but my experiences this far leave me more than comfortable enough to go back there in the event of more serious work.

So that's that! I'll keep this review updated as I continue to work with them.

David S. | 2012-08-24

Such a split on the review....

Leased my Subaru on 5/27/11...

The sales experience was excellent and would definitely go back just so I could work with the low pressure sales of Peter Marconi. If this review was just based on the sales experience, I would give a 4 star review as they refused to haggle on the price of the lease.

Now for the service...all I can say is Uffa!!

I initially went for a first oil change and was in and out in about two hours which is perfectly acceptable to me considering they do not take appointments for maintenance. I received two letters in the mail from Subaru about recalls a couple months later; one was for the moonroof and the second was for the windshield wiper motor. Made the appointment for a few few weeks later as that was when I had off on a Saturday and I know the dealer isn't in the best location.

We had the freak snow storm in October 2011 and my wipers quit working. I called the dealer and they said sorry we close at so and so time; make it if you can. I somehow drove home from Staten Island to Brooklyn (where I lived at the time) and a usual 20 minute drive took me two hours.

I go to the dealer on Monday morning bright and early and I tell the initial person who is doing the inspection of my car what was wrong and he laughed at me. They have me wait 45 minutes before calling me from the waiting room. I speak to the advisor (short guy with glasses; don't remember his name) and next thing I know they accuse me of breaking the wipers. I explained their was a recall and showed them the letter; they didn't seem to care. I asked to speak to the supervisor (Steve) and show him the letter and he goes we'll fix it for you this one time since you got the car from this dealer. I agreed but demanded a loaner vehicle as my car would have to sit there over night until the part arrived on the next day.

Livid, aggravated, and frustrated for the way I was spoken to, I called Subaru Corporate when I got home and lodged a complaint against the dealership. Corporate told me there was an open recall and it should have been fixed regardless where I got the car.

I go back Monday evening to pick up my car and barely say two words to the dealership and my car wasn't even washed. A week later I get my "courtesy call" from some girl and I explain what happened. She is in disbelief and says a manager will contact me by the end of the day. Steve, the service supervisor, calls me saying I should have explained how I was spoken and how upset I was. I told him it was inexcusable and I filed a complaint with Corporate. I could tell he was upset from the tone in his voice and kept reiterating that I shouldn't have called Corporate. I told him too little too late. We hung up and I have never returned to the dealership.

If you want to get a Subaru serviced, take it to Staten Island Subaru. They were excellent, didn't give the hard sell for the "dealer maintenance plan" and my car was washed free of charge when it was returned to me after 2.5 hours.

This is my third Subaru and I was very disappointed in this specific dealer and unfortunately, it has left a sour taste in my mouth in regards to the company.

B A. | 2012-04-20

What has ensued over the last few months has been nothing short of absurd.

Failure to diagnose the problem here was crucial.

I took the car in and let them know that I thought it was head gasket failure. All signs pointed to that and my local (non-Subaru) mechanic told me he thought it was as much. After three days of having the car Bay Ridge told me the car was "fine" after a radiator burp.

So onward! I drove to Jersey only to have the car overheat and coolant reserve explode in 20 degree New York weather as I crossed one of the busiest, scariest toll bridges in the country. The good news? The first exit rolls me right into Bay Ridge.

They had the car for about a week.

The dealership refused to diagnose the problem even though the answer was clear. Expressing my frustration with the work they had done (in a polite and direct manner) to a man on the phone, he responded empathetically and said something about the importance of needing a reliable car because I WAS A WOMAN. This pushed me over the edge. I don't need a reliable car because I am a woman. I need a reliable car because I need to know I can drive an hour outside the city for work and not have the engine explode.

Not a lot of alternatives in this town. Just don't drive a Subaru in New York.

Wolfgang W. | 2012-03-07

I agree with the negative review about the service department. It seems difficult to find an honest Subaru in the vicinity. (I also had problems with Koeppel Subaru in Queens. Left a 1-star there as well.) Very slimy service department, will separate you from your money if you think you deserve the best OEM parts and labor available. Spend time to find an honest mechanic and in the long run you will be better off.

Dolores S. | 2012-01-09

Inflexible and condescending service department.  I had an appointment for regular service set up for Saturday, and meanwhile my seat belt broke.  Bay Ridge is not terribly convenient and I work full time, so I called to ask them to have the part ordered for when I came in.  They refused to do it, saying that they had to look at it first to know what part.  I said I could take a look at the seat belt and get the part number, and they were very condescending, it sounded sexist to me, and said it had to be brought in and there was no other way to do it, that if it were a person going to a doctor they couldn't tell the doctor what prescription they needed.  This is not a person, it is a seat belt.  The first person I talked to also said that they would not do this on Saturday, that it had to be during the week.  I bought the car here, but I am going to find another place to get my car serviced.  P.S. I contacted a dealership in Queens and they were perfectly lovely and ordered the part for me.

Iris B. | 2011-02-04

one word.. bait & switch..saw one car on autotrader.. so i called the day before going in.. it was there.  went in the very next day and supposedly it's sold already but wouldn't you know it they have a newer model of the same Kia I was looking at online in the same exact color but just more expensive.. they also have some disclaimer on autotrader that says they aren't responsible for any misprints (how convenient) and the car i was originally looking at supposedly wasn't even the same price as it was listed as.  They say it was actually $2k more so why not list the correct price in the first place?  don't waste your time here...shady dealings.

Marcus V. | 2010-04-08

My fiancee and I recently bought a car here. But not just any car. It was our first car together. We chose the Forester after checking out Volkswagen's Tiguan and inquiring about similarly sized crossover vehicles such as the Kia Sportage and Hyundai's Tuscon. We like the Forester primarily for its excellent safety rating.

Our sales consultant, Rick, a 30-year veteran in the car business, provided us with excellent, professional service. There was absolutely no bullshit. No crafty sales pitches. No pressure. And certainly nothing that one might expect from a pushy, stereotypical car's sales person, especially one who has been in the business so long. Rick has old-school experience with a modern touch (minus his disdain for computers and phone texting, of course).

Rick gave us the rundown on the vehicle's features, took us on a nice test drive, and even managed to demonstrate a good sense of humor throughout the 2-plus hours we spent with him, which included showing us a variety of cars. Rick's demeanor and great personality actually made the car-buying experience quite delightful and fun.

Overall, we simply had a good experience, and we are thankful to have had Rick as our sales consultant. And, oh yeah, we totally enjoy our new ride too.