Bay Ridge Nissan in Brooklyn, NY

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If you're looking for reliable, prompt, and professional customer service, then Bay Ridge Nissan is the place you need to be. We have an exceptional customer care team and a great team of sales consultants to make sure you are treated right, the way you want to be treated! Bay Ridge Nissan is a family owned and operated dealership for over a decade now, and we want all our customers to feel like a part of the family!

Bay Ridge Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 406-7507
Address:6501 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11220
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Bay Ridge Nissan

H L. | 2015-04-15

This place is ran by a bunch of dishonest and incompetent people. I've had bad experiences in both the showroom and the service department.

About a year ago, my father purchased a used car (2012 sentra) from them. It turned out it was in an accident before but they never disclosed it to him. I know dealerships run car fax reports on their used cars so they have had to have known. Long story short, about a week after the purchase I went with my father back to the dealership for a refund but they refused to take the car back. Instead they suggested that we could sell the car back to them at half the price of what he purchased it for. This was also when they openly decided to tell us that the car was in an accident so that's why they can't give us any more for the car. This sounds like a scam to me.

Now, two days ago I brought my 2011 juke in for the timing chain service campaign and also for an oil change. When I went to pick up the car, there was a huge dent on the right front fender that they obviously denied but they ultimately agreed to repair it because they knew I wasn't going to leave until they did. Also, I'm not sure if oil is included in the campaign but I saw 5qts of 5w30 oil in the list of things they replace as part of the campaign. So why didn't they tell me this when I had requested for a oil change? When I asked them, they said it was "mistakenly" put on there. It made me felt like they were just trying to make me pay for a oil change. I don't mind paying for services but I don't like dishonesty. Lastly, someone took all the quarters (about $3) in the car  that were in the driver's door.

Avoid this place  at all cost. I only came here because they're close to where I live but after this, I don't mind going the distance to find another dealership that'll treat their customers right.

Jane D. | 2015-04-13

never buy a car from this dealership! leasing a 2015 pathfinder. it was given to me with a faulty navigation system and i have gotten nothing but the run around now that they have my money.

Marta B. | 2015-03-07

A complete lack of interest is the perfect way to describe this place. No one seems to care. Getting your car serviced here is a nightmare and you WILL sit for hours and hours waiting, not for your car, but to simply be acknowledged.  They also like to play the blame game and point fingers. Just awful. Just do not recommend this place at all. If you want to feel like an un appreciated customer who, I am sure, just spend a bunch of money, this place is for you.

Norm A. | 2015-03-04

Rudest people I have ever met. Their $230 diagnostic fee is ridiculous. Rob was very rude and was disingenuous and aggressive. This was for a repair that was covered by Nissan.

Jorge C. | 2015-03-03

This place was great! I dont know why everyone complains so much, with a little patience everything works out smoothly.

David N. took great care of me. Did the care take a while to get there? sure

But as soon as it got there he washed it and got everything ready for me.

Great place would recommend.

Susan C. | 2015-02-07

TOTALLY DISHONEST DEALERSHIP! ! They FULLY EXPLOIT  all recall, warranty, manufacturer defect situations and lie about needing unnecessary repairs. You will regret bringing your car to them. BAY RIDGE NISSAN LOCATED AT 532 65TH STREET, BROOKLYN, NY 11220 ARE THE BIGGEST THIEVES!.

On January 14, 2015, my 2009 Nissan Altima did not start. My car was towed to the Bay Ridge Nissan dealer. I was told that i had a steering column lock problem. They said that i might have a warranty but it was most likely expired. If i was to do other work on the car, they could make a pitch to the manufacturer to cover the steering column lock cost. To make a long story short, they told me that i had other problems, control arm, wheel alignment and service maintenance and i need to get it fix which total over $900. The warranty to fix the steering column lock would only apply if i was to agree to do this other "needed" work. The Bay Ridge Nissan advisor, Joe Cirepelli told me that i would have to pay the full charge of the steering column lock $966.63 if i did not agree to do the other work. At the time this happened, i did not know that i had an extended warranty. i did not find out until after the car was fixed and a second problem developed. The key fob did not work and the service manager, Victor Paredes tried to charge me for fixing a key that was covered under the warranty. Not only did they take full advantage of my situation to sell me services i didn't need, but they had the nerve to try exploiting my situation a second time. I'm very angry about this. The manufacturer should have informed their customers about the extended warranty and dealers should be honoring the extended warranty, not taking advantage of customer's bad situation to make a profit. I contacted the Nissan consumer affairs and several other agencies who are looking into the matter. But no one is taking responsibility for this dishonesty, not the manufacturer, not the dealer. I'm in contact with the Nissan consumer affairs bureau to try to reach a settlement. But in all, they are the worst car company with zero accountability for their defects. I could have been on the highway when the steering column lock failed, but fortunately I was not, but i hope no one will have to die before Nissan decides to recall this defect.  And all the while other people are suffering, Bay Ridge Nissan are fully exploiting innocent customers on this warranty issue for a quick profit.

Mayra D. | 2015-01-06

Horrible, Horrible expierence. My husband and I have a Nissan Pathfinder that we purchased 4 years ago upstate. We've been going to this Nissan dealership for 4 years and we haven't had a problem until today. On Sunday our heater stopped working. Cold air was only coming out plus our "Check engine soon" appeared. There were no other problems while we drove the car all weekend, just the heater. My husband drove the car to Bayridge Nissan Monday morning (7am) and left the car there until 5:30pm. During the day they gave him a call and gave him a list of things that were wrong with the car. My husband decided to get a 2nd opinion and told them not to do anything with the car and he would pick it up. While driving it back home the car started jumping once he passed 40, steam was coming out of the engine and you can smell the engine. Tuesday morning he decides to return it back to them and when he dropped me off with my daughter he turned off the car and decided to let it cool off bc steam was coming out again. 15 minutes later he decides to head out and the car didn't turn on. It seems to be that Nissan messed up our car worse that it was and when we called them to let them know the representative "Donna Argento" was very rude and unprofessional. She told my husband he should have paid for what needed to be done. I'm sorry but that is not the right thing to say when someone is upset about their car being broken down after picking it up from them. I think she should get written up for poor customer service. I work in the medical field and know I would have gotten in trouble for talking to someone like that. We took the car to another mechanic and he said the list of things they were claiming was wrong was false. They just wanted our money. They're a bunch of liars and thiefs. I just wanted to inform everyone to not go to them because I wouldn't want the same thing that happened to us, happen to you. Hope everyone takes this seriously. We don't have a car for a couple days bc of the damage they have done.

Lisa H. | 2015-01-03


But.. if waiting around for hours to be serviced is your favorite pastime, then you should come here.

Or... if watching a bunch of incompetent sales people walk around a dealership like they're the shit, with their bellies hanging out, playing on their smart phones is your favorite pastime, come here.

I have never experienced as shitty of a service experience until I came to Bay Ridge Nissan. I've also never met a bunch of fools who acted like they didn't want to work. I mean, I do not know much about the car dealership business - but don't your asses work on commission?!

I came here with my parents, looking into purchasing a commercial vehicle. We walk in and was appointed to a woman Denise. After I told her I was looking into commercial vehicle, she told me they have a specific rep who takes care of this because he knows all the ins and outs. I sit down, was offered coffee and gratefully accepted. After a long hour later, with my father fallen into a nap by the waiting area.. we were still not attended to. I see the manager Barry moseying around, just watching the football game on the two TVs by the waiting area. So I ask him how much longer it'll be. He tells me that Henry Jones (the rep who knows it all about commercial vehicles) is with a customer and will give me his full undivided attention once he's finished. And so we wait another 20 minutes... WITH NO COFFEE IN SIGHT.

After a gruesome hour and a half, we finally sit down with this guy... who speaks as though we are his first commercial sale. He goes through the different packages of the van which we want.. STRAIGHT OFF THE COMPUTER SCREEN. I ask him questions and he doesn't know a thing other than what is written on the website.

Why did you make us wait so long just to do work and find out information which we could've found out easily ourselves?! SO FUCKING POINTLESS AND A COMPLETE WASTE OF OUR TIME.

THIS PLACE IS A FUCKING JOKE. Oh, and if you ever decide to come here and you don't run into an unsatisfied, angry customer making a scene by the door.. I'll give you $5.

Lisa J. | 2014-11-12

I absolutely HATE coming here!!!! Every time I come in it's to do something that takes about 20 minutes and the quickest you'd get out of there on a slow day is 3 hours. Today I went in to get my tire changed because I caught a flat and it took 4.5 hours. I got there at 10:30am and left at 3pm. All the customers in the waiting room were complaining. The only reason why I even come here was because I have a 3 year warranty with them and the service is free. Another reason I keep coming back is because of one of the employees named Patrick. I do not know his last name nor title but he always treats me with respect and keeps me updated on what's going on with my car. His customer service is impeccable. At the end of the day, the job gets done. I am just very disappointed with the wait times.

George E. | 2014-11-11

I purchased a 2009 Nissan Altima from this dealership.  Angela Eure was the sales person who assisted me in my search. She was lovely.   It was an all day process,  she was very patient, even though I wasn't at times ha.  She was also very helpful and genuine.  Look for Angela if you ever plan on stopping by the dealership.  Dwayne was also a big help as well.

Mike S. | 2014-10-16

I bought a car recently from this dealership. My experience left a lot to be desired. From being shuffled between sales people to a complete lack of interest from the staff in terms of questions repeated multiple times, to being owed deposit money that was supposed to go towards the down payment. Did not have a professional experience in any respect. Lost multiple documents, my salesperson quit the day before I picked up my car and they refused to honor our agreement. Just a real cluster of a dealership. I've never had such poor customer service experiences nor have I ever been lied to so many times nor have I ever seen a company not follow through on very basic requests. I would highly advise you look elsewhere for your vehicle purchase.

Fantastic F. | 2014-10-14

I am a tough cookie to please but I must admit, it the past I haven't had the greatest experiences with Bay Ridge Nissan.
But last month I went for a oil change and I happen to pop in the showroom while my service was being done and I bumped into one of the nicest salesperson DAVID MARTIN. He managed to make buying a new model to my car and spending more money a great experience.  He also ensured that everything was going well with my purchase, days after I left the dealership and made me feel very secure with my purchase.  I have no problem in referring my friends and co-workers to Bay Ridge, so that they can get the same treatment I got.


Jason T. | 2014-10-05

Driver side window motor on eBay = $80
Removing side panels and installing window motor = free with help of youtube vids

Bay Ridge Nissan Service charge of replacing drivers side window motor = 600$

Don't go here.

Cassandra J. | 2014-09-04

I purchased a 2013 Nissan Altima in December 2013 as a Christmas gift to myself. They have an ad that says if you refer someone and they walk out with a car whether being financed or leased Nissan would pay one month of your car note (fine print stated the maximum payout is $300). I referred my cousin who walked out with the same car as I did on May 29, 2014. I received a $100 referral check (my car note is $334 per month). So I contacted the salesperson and was told "They changed the program amount effective April 1st and the maximum payout is $100." I found this odd because the signs inside the establishment as well as the ad on the website still said $300 max. I called numerous times to speak to Vincent Freund (store manager) and conveniently he was unavailable and never returned my calls. So I decided that I needed to contact Nissan Consumer Affairs which I did on June 25, 2014 and the representative from the regional office was able to get in touch with Vincent and he explained that I didn't receive the full $300 (as advertised) because that's only available to customers who have open financing accounts (which would be something that should have been but WAS NOT mentioned on any of the signs). So I then let the representative from the regional office know that had Vincent taken the time to look into the matter he would have seen that not only am I financing the vehicle I'm financing from Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. So I emailed Vincent the documentation proving that I am financing the vehicle which proves my eligibility for the full $300 and I am told by regional that I should be receiving a check because Vincent is processing it. This was settled the week of July 14, 2014. Today is September 4, 2014 and not only have I not received the additional $200, I also have not been contacted by Vincent or anyone from Bay Ridge Nissan in response to my email sent on August 27, 2014 to find out the status of my payment that was supposed to be processed 2 months ago.

My cousin totaled the car she purchased in May from this establishment and is in need of another vehicle. Under no circumstances will she or anyone I have spoken to about this matter be doing any business with these people.

Arelys C. | 2014-08-24

Well, firstly my husband and I had an appointment elsewhere to see the Hyundai Sonata and Chevy Cruze, total waste of time!! In passing, we stopped in at Bay Ridge Nissan, the front desk receptionist asked if we had an appointment and although we said no she promptly got someone to assist us! Craige was phenomenal, he deserves employee of the month and year!!! He proceeded to give us a firm handshake, show us around the showroom and show us the two cars that we were interested in. He gave us breathing room and allowed us to speak amongst ourselves and would come back to check in on us and answer all the questions we had. He was very knowledgeable, professional and did not make us feel pressured. Although we did not purchase the car because we wanted it in another color, we will be coming back and certainly buying a car from here when Craige is available. After taking the car for a test drive, and then informing him that we still wanted time to think abouut it before committing he gave us his schedule and encouraged us to come back when we were ready, as we WILL come back. He was FANTASTIC!!! his customer service made a world of a difference. Thats what you call great customer service satisfaction.

Caleb P. | 2014-07-14

If you enjoy getting ripped off, by all means give this place five stars because their service is impeccable when it comes to swindling money from you.

I seriously hope that this place catches fire from all the money they have scammed from people.

Frank C. | 2014-07-07

All started out okay, but once the car was purchased and I left the lot, all went wrong. The service is horrible. My car registration never came and the temp as expired. I have jumped through hoops doing everyones job, no one has ever called me from sales or operations if the paper work was not sufficient., then someone should call me!  I have been calling in reguards to this problem for over a month. They say that they will call back and no one calls not even a manager.  I went on DMV web site and gave every document that is required on numerous occasions and still no registration. It would have been easier if I went to register the car, but they claim that they have to do it. I paid for the service and nothing is done. As of this review I still have no perm registration and no call from management, sales or operations. I need this car to take care of a sick and handicapped person. My next step is to call the NEWS MEDIA!! THIS IS A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AND I WILL NEVER MY A CAR THERE AGAIN. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sabrina Z. | 2014-06-20

DONT GO THIS SERVICE PLACE THERE ACTION ARE WORSE THAN A THIEF. AND ALSO DONT NOT DO ANY PACKAGE SERVICE. Last month one of my tire need to replace cause I don't know who it is used the key to broke my tire so I went to a tire shop to replace it as a second hand tire and it was place in the back of left side. And few days before my two back tire having the same problem and this time I choose my trust shop bay ridge Nissan. Replace two back tire and put my own two good tires to the back and new tires to the front and also doing a 15000mile service it cost 359.88 and two good tires the totally cost my 870. Kevin Guo tell me it would be done 6pm so I said I would come back tomorrow to pick up my car. The next day, when I pick up my car back left tire was no air in the tire so I wait another 45min for fix it cause the air is leaking. However it was done. I park on the stree for few days until the forth days I driving my friend and family to the outlet that takes one and half hours. The car give me a notice about CHECK THE TIRE PRESSURE so I go back to Nissan service. They point the right side end tire telling my this tire have to be replace as well. So I look very closely to the tire IT WAS THE BAD ONE THAT I REPLACE LAST MONTH. SO I WAS SO MAD. I DONT KNOW HOW TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, I WAS KEEP TELLING KEVIN THE TIRE IT WAS THE BROKE TIRE IT SHOULD NOT BE ON MY CAR. HE WAS KEEP SAYING IT WAS THE TIRE IN THE FRONT.  WHATEVER I HAVE TO GO. SO WHEN I DRIVE BACK FROM OUTLET THE CHECK TIRE PRESSURE SHOW IT AGAIN it was late so I decide it to go to other locate shop to fix the next day there is no air in the tire when I bring the tire to the shop they say they don't replace the tire in a good way so it is leaking on the side do the tire. Everybody know on the side you can't replace to and use again but this is how they  Nissan service do business. I would not go to this shop again in my life time.  And the rate should be -1 star if there is one

Luke M. | 2014-06-20

Sketchy people, I bought a car from them there still fixing it, they passed my car with a new inspection sticker and the day I picked it up and drove off the lot the check engine light went on, they have had my car for 3 weeks now still nothing has been done when I call they ignore me cause they know it's my number, the week before I bought the car a couple of things were supposed to be fixed they did not fix them. Also an employee there had me pull in the service garage so the person can ask the service guy a question and that employee who I bought the car from smokes a ciggarette right next to my car with the door open and gets inside on the day I picked my car up, also the day I picked the car up the employee told me I raced your car around to make sure everything is working properly. These people don't deserve to be in business, I can write a book on how much this place doesn't deserve to be in business.

Christine D. | 2014-06-16

Excellent Experience with Barry Rozell

Barry Rozell was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and personable both times that I met with him. He made the entire process of purchasing a new car as straight forward as possible, and I believe that he truly had my best interest in mind as a customer. Barry was so kind and helpful each step of the way and very efficient. Though it seems that the entire staff at Nissan values customer service and is committed to customer satisfaction, Barry certainly appears to be an asset to the company! I would absolutely recommend Nissan Bay Ridge, specifically Barry.

Vanessa C. | 2014-05-26

Great service and amazing dealers! Prices on their vehicles are superb. Thank you for hooking me up!

Kimberly B. | 2014-05-24

I brought my Altima 2013 car from Nissan bay ridge in the beginning of the year. I must say I am very please with the help I receive. Craig Burke helped me find the perfect car in my price range. He was a great help. Any questions I had he always knew how to assist me. I recommend Bay Ridge nissan to everyone especially to see Craig because his customer service was remarkable.

Andy H. | 2014-05-18

Bay Ridge Nissan is the absolute best in customer service and price. My wife and I went to look for a new car and walked out extremely happy. We ended up with the best price around town and also excellent customer service from Ali and Denisse which did the very best to go above and beyond our expectations. If you looking for a great deal and honest people this is the place to go, make sure you ask for either Ali or Denisse they are great at what they do and will definitely take care of you.

Fyah W. | 2014-05-01

I just got my second vehicle from bay ridge Nissan! This second time was better than the first time! Sales person Craig was honest and got me through the process quickly! Finance manager ray was very cool and had a sense of humor! Overall the staff is great and pleasant! I had no complaint the first time nor this time! I recommend this dealership in Brooklyn whether new or used car! Large selection! Clean cars! Even on site insurance with all state! They did everything and I'm happy with my purchase! I would buy here again!

Regine D. | 2014-04-15

Bay Ridge Nissan Service department has the worst customer service I've ever had to experience. No matter what time you make an appointment you'll be waiting for atleast 2 to 3 hrs ONLY TO SEE the service advisor. What's worst is, all the service advisors go to lunch at the same time so you'll have to wait in the waiting room that has POOR wi-fi. Once you've finally seen the advisor he/she doesn't know what maintenace or coverage your car has because apparently Nissan Sales and Nissan service have nothing to do with each other. I had an appointment at 12pm and I didn't leave until 5:30 pm and still I've been told I have to return 3 days later because they have to order the parts. SMH. I'm livid at this point!

Eric J. | 2014-03-21

My 12' Armada(30k mile) is having problem with middle row center seat belt. The belt doesn't bounce back, just stressed. I took it back to this dealer where I purchased it from. Met the service adviser Kevin Guo, was told "Seat Belt may NOT under Warranty!". They will check the problem, if problem found and I don't want to fix, there is $115 charge for one hour labor. Later they called and told me that the problem found, it was because the seat belt was jammed / twisted and got stuck inside the panel. Kevin confirmed this is NOT under warranty. (Why? it is under normal usage, when you release the belt, it bounces back itself, no one would intend to twist it and insert it back into the panel?!). Well, if I didn't pay for it, they wouldn't release the car. I spoke to the service dept manager Santo Perremuto, he even questioned me back: "If you don't pay, who's going to pay for my service? Someone must pay for it?!"
After getting the car back, I submitted a complaint to Nissan Headquarter. Surprisingly, the agent issued me a refund within 15 min over the phone! A week later, I received a check from Nissan National Headquarter.
According to Nissan Seat Belt Warranty, it covers 10 yrs unlimited mileages! This dealer is just too greedy to trap people. They will lose my business and those who learn my lessons.

Rich G. | 2014-03-19

One star because no stars are available. The worst company lies provide false information and quotes do not provide warranty service just maintenance work. Long wait time refuse service has you wait hours and then the dealers are constantly calling to appraise your car for trade in. Don't ever buy from them you have been warned. Go to the service department spend a half hour look at the frustration and how upset loyal Nissan owners are with the service they receive. I should have done that before I purchased a car from them I regret spending $20k there. I will never recommend or ever step a foot in any Nissan dealer thanks to them. Yelp them Google them the truth is out there consider yourself looking never stepping your foot in their doors.

Mohammed S. | 2014-02-06

Reading the negative reviews here had me worried and even after a search showed them to have the best priced Lexus I was looking for, I was hesitant to go because I didn't want to deal with scammy car dealers who tack on things like "dealer prep fees" etc. Imagine my surprise when I finally go there to find them to be a complete honest, legit dealership.

RJ was the salesguy and was a polite, nice, humble guy who didn't try any pressure tactics, upsells, etc. He quickly pulled out the car I was looking for and offered a test drive and then on to the finance department. At the finance guy's office I informed them I'm already pre-approved for a loan through my local credit union. The finance person (can't remember his name) was a nice enough family guy with pics of his wife and daughters in his office. He made a few phone calls to match the rate offered by my credit union and BAM! Done deal! Went over the final invoice line by line and there were no surprise fees or gimmicks. He even proactively adjusted the sales tax rate because the lower Nassau county sales tax apply to me, instead of NYC's, something I wouldn've missed. I couldn't have been happier with the buying experience or the great deal on the car.

Sonia W. | 2014-01-18


I went to Nissan of Bay Ridge in September of 2013. We ended up with Lawrence. He was nice enough. I wanted to trade in my 2005 Ford Explorer. I was told my truck needed to be accessed and test drove. It was. I was told I would only get $700 back and could probably get a $1000 if I tried to sell it independently. I was taken aback as I've had no accidents and have been the only owner. Now my truck by far didn't look like the prettiest thing. My interior needed a serious detailing. No rips or any stains that detailing couldn't fix. I had some dings in the exterior that come with living and driving in NYC. Nothing major though. So to hear that I could only get $700 was startling to say the least. Especially when I had done a little research and the book value was if I remember correctly $3400. We leave the dealership. I get a call a few days later from a manager asking me what I was looking for and how my experience was. I tell him. He then GRACIOUSLY offers me $1500 for my truck...because he is trying to "help". I tell him my boyfriend and I will stop by the dealership again sometime that week. I was looking for a Murano and I also really liked the Honda Crosstour. We decided to go to the Honda dealer in Bay Ridge. Guess what people?? They offer me $7400 for my truck. I went to Paragon Honda and they offer me close to $8000 for my 2005 Ford Explorer. WOW. I ended up purchasing a 2009 Rogue from Nissan of Manhattan and once they got my car fax back offered me close to $8000. That's a HUGE discrepancy. It's DISGUSTING and it makes me very angry. This is exactly why car salesmen are not trusted. You prey on the consumer and take advantage. SAD.

Lynette V. | 2013-12-16

i wish i could give this dealership a zero. first i went to bay ridge nissan because my sister just brought a car from them. she recommended a sales guy named oscar. he was cool at first. i found the car i wanted 2009 murano. we came to a agreement on  the price and i was happy. maybe because i was new to financing (they must have picked that up) i got a shaddy deal. i was explained that my trade-in was worth 10k and i would only have to finance 9,600. they found a bank that would accept me. the finance guy named hamdy explained to me how finance works and how much i would pay. we also spoke about how this would fix my credit.  i left happy and was paying my car payment on time. when i called the bank 8 months  to arrange a payout. i was told i owe 15,000. what? i looked over my sales receipt and couldn't understand why i owed so much. i have been trying to reach the finance guy named hamdy. he either comes in after 12pm or doesn't come in at all. this dealership is the worse. i'm reporting them to better business bureau and consumer affairs. i have read alot of other complaints similar to mine. never trust nissan of bay ridge. i will even contact their corporate office.

stay away from bay ridge nissan

Jay T. | 2013-12-02

Went in to do an inspection they said they couldnt pass me unless i bought my tires from them and 3 tires would have costed me 700 bucks..they the typical cheating dealership..not a pleasant experience and def not pleased with the nissan brand in general..avoid coming here at all costs and avoid buying nissan cars!

Jess H. | 2013-11-12

I think business practices have changed here. I came in to check out a used vehicle, and my salesperson, Oscar, showed me the car I was looking for as well as several similarly priced vehicles (none of which were priced higher than the vehicle I came for). He was very helpful and friendly.  I actually decided on a cheaper car than the one I came for.  And got a very fair (negotiable) price (about $3k under the window sticker and definitely below book value).

I figured that I'd get the run around in finance, but Ray was awesome as well. Good sense of humor, great APR (I do have good credit), total transparency on all terms. No hidden fees (no dealer fee, no doc fee, just tax, tags, title).  In and out with a new car with no fuss in about 3 hours - test drive included.

Thanks guys!  I definitely recommend.

Also, I teach yoga and bartend - I have no interest in giving a good review other than that I got great service and I think this place deserves a better rating.

Michael L. | 2013-11-05

Wow. Reading the other reviews of this dealership, I wonder if I went to the same place.

I have to admit, I haven't bought a car here (they didn't sell the Leaf, which was what I wanted), but recently I had to take my Leaf in for a minor service event related to its charging.

Having owned many brands of cars (though this is my first Nissan), I've dealt with as many service departments in my years. But never, not once, have I had such a great experience as I had with Sebastiano and Emil in your service center.

Both of these gentlemen were competent, helpful, sympathetic, and professional. The service was taken care of, so far so good on the charging issue, and I would have no hesitation about coming back to them.

Again, I can't deny that all these other people had problems -- I'm sure they had the issues described. But for my part, I wanted to give the place props for a job well handled, and well done.

Fion C. | 2013-10-29

I wanted 2 put no star but tat just not possible.. I put down a $500 deposit down s a intention 2 purchase a Nissan pathfinder but d sales didn't fall thru .. This happened in d last wk of August ..till this moment 10/29/13.. I still trying 2 dispute on my side with my credit card company .. Nissan bay ridge is a scam company .. Not only they did nothing 2 return my deposit they also hike up their car prices with different out of door prices .. I will not go there or wud I recommend anyone 2 go there

Darlene M. | 2013-10-29

I recently purchased a 2012 Nissan Altima from Bay Ridge Nissan. I was assisted by Steve who was friendly and articulate. He explained every step of the financing process and make sure I understood all fees. I was able to upgrade to a premium package which includes navigation, leather seats and various other features. I was very happy with my final purchase price and the service I received.

SeQuoia K. | 2013-10-28

I recently took my car in for st in and out for service, an oil change and tire rotation. I was able to get in and out within a hour and they washed my car for me which was a nice touch.

I expected to stay all day, but it was a pleasant surprise to get in and out. They even had sandwiches in the waiting area, as I was starving when I came in.

Cindy Y. | 2013-10-15

i wish i can give them no STAR. This place is horrible came here beginning of the year wanted to get my brother a car. We had a sales rep name florence shes a manager but gosh she was lost like a child. HORRIBLE she thought that we was young so she came scheme us NOOO!!.

The Russian guy i believe that was the finance department he was a JERK never again.  

They didnt even want to help us out kept trying to jack up the price but whatever. YOU GUYS SUCK dont come here they dont know what they doing. TOO MUCH BULLSHIT TOO MUCH SCHEMING


Steven J. | 2013-09-02

After a fender bender that knocked off my bumper and tweaked my fuel line I was towed to bay ridge nissan. Three weeks later repair is not done, they are trying to get more than insurance was paying for by telling me I put bad gas in the car. A 2013 sentra filling up at BP doesn't get bad gas. After getting the extortion call for more money I told the service manager kevin I'd be in to talk the next day. He said ok, go there today service depot is closed. So I wasted my time on the train to talk to this crook who didn't even bother to tell me he wouldn't be there. The ladies at the front desk who wouldn't give me anyone to talk to either, they told me to call 1800 nissan1 and of course they're closed too today. Only ones there were the sleazy salesman outside who were smoking and sizing us up on the way in to see if we were buyers, once they heard complaint they went back to smoking.
Terrible staff, shady repair practices.
Disappointed in nissan overall for allowing this ragtag operation to soil their name.

David B. | 2013-08-30

Bay Ridge Nissan Service are they don't do their job specially at the service department. Took my car there to replace a mirror and some guy name ANTHONY  there is no 2 or 3 Anthony there only one,  he told me that do not need to replace the mirror just replace the glass so i did than after he bring me the bills said to pay up front than after i check the mirror, it couldn't move i return there asking for him and said yo whats going on he said oh sorry i told you that it might be a possibility for it to not work very well i was like WHAT he swear to GOD that he told me but he's manager was next to him i went outside call the place ask how much they will replace a mirror ect... they told me 224 $ when i go back inside ANTHONY SAID TO ME $ 545  OMG haha  and the worst thing is that i purchase the car over time and i cant get good service

thank you ANTHONY

Alan L. | 2013-08-28

I came here yesterday with a friend to get their car inspected, check tires, and oil change and to get there car washed. Why did it take 2 hours to do all this. It took forever. The car wash was forever too.

Speed it up people. We don't have all day.

Ilana F. | 2013-08-15

Bayridge Nissan is full of scammers.  Had some Russian guy try to scam me with a part in my car that was under warranty.  He tried to put words into my mouth so that Nissan would not be responsible for fixing this part.  Luckily I'm not an idiot and I fought them until the end.  Do not trust these people they are liars.  Will never go back!!!!!

Chris L. | 2013-07-23

I went to Bay Ridge Nissan to have my car serviced due to a service campaign (similar to a recall, but more minor) notification I received from Nissan. The car was ready in about 2 hours. They performed the free 27 point check inspection. The service campaign issue was resolved.

Two issues: the plastic cover below the steering wheel was hanging loose. Before I left I told the manager to fix it. He did so by pushing it back in. This is a sign of poor quality control. By the time I got home I realized there were about 6 fresh scratches on my bumper. The paint was still peeled off and rolled up next to the scratch. The car hasn't been parked on the street in over a week which only leaves Bay Ridge Nissan as the ones who scratched it up.

I didn't pay anything for the service campaign repair, but please hire workers who can  drive a car without scratching it!

Alyssa C. | 2013-07-14

RJ was my salesman and he was awesome! Very patient, thorough and knowledgable. He did what he could to seal the deal. The only thing I disliked was the negotiation process - they weren't very willing to compromise.

Sunni D. | 2013-07-09

There is good reason for all the negative reviews on this dealership and there are plenty of other dealerships around so DO NOT GIVE BR NISSAN YOUR BUSINESS. I'd been to several dealerships during my hunt for a car and this was the ONLY time I walked into a place and was completely ignored.  

My husband and I walked in to an empty showroom - no customers except for a family being helped already. However, we were ignored by the multiple employees that stood around - a receptionist chatting with 2 salemen by the front door and 2 other salesmen standing in the middle of the floor chitchatting.  We looked around for a good 10 minutes getting in and out of cars (and secretly getting more and more annoyed) but not one single person approached us but instead eyeballed us out of the corners of their eyes.  

A different salesman appeared and we went to him but he said he was with a customer and waving towards to the receptionist, asked her to help us. She acted surprised to see us and when we commented on the lack of pro activeness on their part, she became visibly huffy.  One of the salemen standing next to her actually made a noise as if to say how dare we point out their rudeness!  There was no way we were going to be able to work in a friendly way with the bristly and indignant attitude being given off by those guys so we just left.  

To all Nissan shoppers - if you can, take the time and pay the toll and go to Route 4 Nissan in Jersey.  Friendly staff to talk to and very happy to get your potential business.  Do NOT bother with Bay Ridge Nissan!!  And Bay Ridge Nissan manager - if you read this, tell that Receptionist that a friendly "hi, welcome to Nissan" would have made a big difference.  This happened on Friday, June 28 around 5pm so you know exactly who was working (or not working is more like it).

Ingrid M. | 2013-06-13

My father received a call from OMAR to go in and view a car and when we got there, the car was way more expensive than what Omar had said on the phone. He said he made a mistake. My father then said he wasn't interested. I was also in the market for a vehicle and I found one I liked. I negotiated and agreed on a price with another salesperson, ANGEL and we even shook hands. We started filling out forms but after an hour, Angel tells us they had made a mistake on the price. Two sales managers came to talk to us, a black guy, I think his name was PAUL and then a young white guy; both said they wanted more money. I said a flat out NO and was about to leave, they decided to the price we had agreed. But came back and wanted to squeeze a miserable $300 from me, and I still said NO. I asked Angel for the CarFax report and after 3 times of asking for it, and he conveniently forgetting, he told me 3 days later, that the car showed an accident on the CarFax. All their advertised prices are FAKE. They tell you their is an additional$3,000 down payment when you are at the dealer.
This place is bad business. Don't trust anyone there. I would have given them 0 stars. I will file a report with the better business bureau.

Michael M. | 2013-04-27

This place is possibly the worst run car dealership I have ever been in. They make you wait forever, the story keeps changing, the price keeps changing, and you need to negotiate the price over and over with many different people as when one person tells you the price the next one says that the price is different.
As always, buyer beware. Expect unprofessional people who keep wanting to get money out of you. They will also have you see the finance guy even if you don't want financing, and will walk you into an Allstate office to get you to get insurance for them.

Christopher B. | 2013-03-25

We had a very nice and friendly sales associate, but the overall experience was a little more stressful than it had to be. They didn't do some of the things that we were told that they would do. They have no parking area for their customers, so you have to find a spot on the street someplace. Then they tried to tack on a service to the bill that they promised to do for free. I had a much better experience at Advantage Nissan in Westbury, Long Island.

Pat M. | 2013-03-16

Stay away!!! Bay Ridge Nissan will bait you in with a low price offer, then rip you off with extra fees. Try $1000 document fee.

Martin D. | 2013-03-04

I will make this short and sweet. If you check the other reviews on Yelp, I agree completely. The lowest bunch of creatures on the Planet. I went in, negotiated a price,  was asked for my credit card on numerous occasions, kind of a pay as you go. Was sent to purchase insurance from them, all was in order. I thought I was all finished and my new car would be brought out.
How silly of me. After all we all agreed that everything was in order. I had to go to the final lying thief. He said I had to purchase extended warranties,  my choice, for the car, for the tires and rims, and for one other thing. I said no thank you, and he cancelled the deal. Three hours of my life wasted.
In my life, I have purchased at least 20 cars. This place will remain in my mind forever.

Dean G. | 2013-03-03

If you need your car fixed ask for Patrick Martin he is the best service adviser the other seem to know what they are talking about and the only thing to some is just making money I've been goin there for 4 years so I know what iam talking about

Tillie K. | 2013-02-13

This place is horrible don't come here at all! We had a lady by the name Florence she's a manager but she seems lost she don't know what's going on wanted to get some price quotes. She didn't even want to give us a better deal, she asked how much down payment we wanna put. I guess it was too little so she didn't even want to bother helping. What kind of sales management they have here?? Just cause we young they think we don't got any money. If it's not enough then just tell us maybe we can bump it up. The finance department, this Russian guy, he didn't even wanna help either. His eye only opens to money nothing else. Don't come here even if you have a lot of money to spare, it's horrible service!!! End up going to Manhattan Infinity and got a car there instead! Service was great there.

We also wanted to test drive the car, she didn't even let us and changed the subject!!!! Horrible manager & customer service.

Michael D. | 2013-02-08

I bought a car here,  unfortunately.  It only took me a week. When I didn't receive my registration I went back and I was told that the original title was missing a signature and they were trying to remedy the situation as quickly as possible but that it was my fault for not letting them know sooner that I didn't receive it. I wouldn't go back here if they offered me a free car. Now that I know how they operate im sure any type of offering would be a scam.

Eddie G. | 2012-12-06

I leased a 2013 altima with bay ridge Nissan we agreed that Taxes would go into payments. They also told me they need first and last payment plus destination fees etc. I asked for a copy of my lease agreement but was not given one. After months pasted I was able to get a copy from the bank only to discover everything was a fraud and they changed the numbers only to benefit them and in the lease agreement they made it look like I gave no last payment and all payments were for taxes. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM BAY RIDGE NISSAN THEY ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED after they SCHEME on you they ignore your calls and avoid you.

Tim R. | 2012-11-24

I am ashamed at myself for not reading this Yelp page before going to this awful dealership. They don't even deserve half a star! I am not one to complain, I don't like confrontation and I've NEVER written anything like this before. I only just signed up for Yelp simply to write about this "business" because that is how much my blood is boiling from this entire ordeal.
My car was totaled in hurricane Sandy, along with most of my house. These disgusting lowlifes are trying to make money off of this disaster!
After getting some money from my insurance I began looking for a decent used car. I need it to get to work, so I started looking very soon after my car was totaled. I found a pretty good deal on 2009 Nissan Versa at Bay Ridge Nissan. The mileage was good and the price was fair, so I figured I'd go check it out. When I got there, the salesman (who will remain nameless, but lets just say he has the personality of a wet mop) informs me the car is in the shop. Now, this is after I specifically made an appointment to see the car. Fine, I thought. Stuff happens. At least they are checking to make sure the car is in good condition before someone buys it. The salesman warns me that many people are checking out this car because of the price. The price was very fair, so I decided to put a down payment on the car sight unseen. Warning: NEVER do this!!!
He said he would let me know as soon as the car came in. 8-10 phones call and texts a day... the car still isn't in. He keeps on asking me if I want to lease a car or finance a newer car. I tell him time and time again that I simply don't have the money for that right now.  Eight days later, the car is finally in. I go all the way to Bay Ridge to look at it (Bay Ridge isn't super close for me), but the car is filthy. "It still needs to be cleaned" he said. Fine, I thought. I can still take it for a test drive. However, there's ZERO gas. I'm talking red light empty. So, he says I can't take it for a test drive. Also, the car has no auxiliary plug, even though he told me it would. It would cost a few hundred dollars to put one in. Again, it's fine, I kept on telling myself.
Two days later, he tells me the car is ready, so come on in and pick it up. I go all the way back to Bay Ridge, test drive the car and I do like it very much. So, I tell them to get the papers ready so I can take home the car. Several minutes later I'm up in the financial managers office where he informs me "We sold this car to someone else an hour ago. Sorry. We have some more expensive cars if you'd like to see those."
Obviously, me and my family went crazy on them. They were actually mad at us for being mad at them!
Then, one man saw how upset we were and I guess he still wanted the sale. "I guess we can give the man who bought the car an hour ago a different car." An obvious lie.
I didn't want a car from them anymore, but I'm so desperate for a car at this point I figured I'd go back upstairs to a different financial manager to get it all settled out. Now, the price we settled on ten days ago was $6,500. I know there's gonna be fees and taxes, but after the insane amount of fees they decided to charge me, the car came out to nearly $11,000! They wanted $2,000 simply because the car wasn't ready for purchase and they needed to do some repairs. How is it my fault that the car wasn't ready for purchase?? When this angered us, the man ripped up the paper with the price and threw it away. We asked for it back so that we would have evidence when we reported it, but he demanded that we leave his office and show him "respect." Respect??? This place has anything but respect!
I'm glad that I'm not alone in my hatred for this establishment. They are being reported to consumer affairs and Marty Golden.

Jun C. | 2012-10-03

I will never come back to this place again !!!!!!!!!!!!!seriously!!!! I went there for oil change just becoz it's in my neighbor. They damaged my oil pan. In addition, my murano had a tire maintanence due, and they told me that it costs $130 to check and rotate my tire while it is actually only $50!!!!!!!!!!!! And today when I bring my car to another dealer in Jackson heights , they found that there is a lot of water in the antifreeze fluid.!!!!  I guess it's because I cancelled the tire rotation service and they were mad about me!!!!!!!! I will never ever come to this place again. They are fucking horrible. I have never write any review before and today I have to write it. BE CAREFUL EVERYONE!!!!!!

KB P. | 2012-10-02

I'm hesitant to even give 1 star. This place sold me an overpriced car, which I didn't even haggle over as I was 9 months pregnant at the time. That's not my issue but they sold me an overpriced vehicle with inferior tires knowing that I was purchasing a Murano for safety puposes primarily. After a service request, a 3,000mile ctoss country move and an additional service request I discovered I had 0-tread and inner toe wear on my rear tires. I was assured by several tire centers that the short amount of time nor the 3k drive could put such wear on my tires. After contacting the dealer, the GM advised I should expect incidentals on a purchase from them. Basically called me a cheat and said I should I have brought it in sonner. Uh, busy giving birth and under doctor's orders not to drive! I honestly think they falsified my nys inspection report too. These are just scammers and cheats. My next letter is to the BBB and maybe small claims court.

Florence H. | 2012-09-05

This place is full of crooks and liars, from the salesmen to the financial guy, to the so called "product specialist". DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!! I wish there was a way to warn everyone because this place is really a pathetic excuse of a business. They will tack on bs fees and rush you to sign a contract.  My friend got overcharged thousands, since she was a first time car buyer. Luckily she realized it before she actually picked up the car and was able to cancel. Stay away from bay ridge Nissan!!

David S. | 2012-09-04

Beware of any used car ad you see online from these guys.  They are totally dishonest.  They posted an ad for a really nice looking used Honda on Craigslist (at a great price), and I called them up to talk about it.  They spoke with me on the phone when I called about the car, and told me they had the car and would retrieve it for me from their lot, and made an appointment with me to come in and drive the vehicle for later that day.  But after I drove over an hour in the rain to get there (they knew where I was coming from), I showed up, only for them to keep me waiting 20 minutes, before they informed me that they had actually sold the car and no longer had it.  Of course, they had several more expensive cars they wanted to show me instead... It was the classic bait and switch by a used car salesman to get me in his showroom, and it is just despicable.  Stay away from these slime balls!

Melissa R. | 2012-07-23

This has been the most EPIC ordeal. Went with Bay Ridge Nissan because the didn't harass me about buying a car at that moment. Went in to see a 2011 Nissan Sentra and test drove it and was in love to be told that I could not afford the car. BUT that they had a 2009 Nissan versa hatchback that was in my budget. The car was a mess it was dirty and VERY VERY stinky. Was never told what the price of the car was but that it was in our price range. So we told them that we were planing o driving the car to Orlando Fl and needed an in transit registration an was assured that the title and registration and plates would be sent to our Fl address. We specifically told them not to send anything until after the 15th because we would not be in the new apt until then and the mail would not be accepted. SO they sent it anyways and all my paperwork got sent back so I have spent 2 days calling everyone to find my paperwork and no one is very helpful except for the people at DMV (they were super helpful and nice).
Also to point out the day that I picked up the car they did clean it but failed to fix the bumper and and the car still smelled like a casino. (pop an open can of coffee in cup holder  and smell will be eliminated) We also found out that the Versa that we were forced into buying was only $1000 less then the sentra that I was in love with. I would also like to point out that I never drove the car at night until recently and come to find out what I thought was a glare in the day on my windshield is actually that the 2 plates of glass that form the windshield is coming apart and the car is completely useless to drive at night. So they have no compassion for the safety of family they just want to sell cars  


Eugene A. | 2012-07-08

Really wish there should be 0 star for crapholes like this. Place is absolutely full of scumbags! Went there all the way from VA to see the vehicle only to find out it was sold 3 days ago while at the same time Ruben Matatov confirmed that car is available the day prior. And what is it with moving car to bodyshop? I think i heard this BS before! Dont go there! Businesses run by russian jews and southern russians are scams! They have no clue! Take your time and money to a better places!

Joan Z. | 2012-06-25

This is a horrible dealership, Bay Ridge.  Just listen to me, DON'T GET INTO THERE!!!  They have extra hiding fee when you buy a car from them.   They will never disclose any of these fee to you, unless you are very alert and keep ask them question. (Too bad, I wasn't too smart.)  Any way,  they chargeD me $900 banking fee, $610 document fee, $400 get the car ready fee.  What the hell is all the fee come from?  I have never heard of this kind of fee before!!  They also would try their best to sell the car service package.  Don't get them, because you can't get the refund if you change your mind the next day.  They will charge you another $900 for bank fee and $600 document fee just to cancel this service.  They are trying to ripped off people in any way they can!!  
You can check it out how bad they are, but don't bring any credit card, check or money with you.  And don't sign anything from there.  Bay Ridge Nissan is terrible dealership.  It is a scam!

Linh L. | 2012-05-24

avoid these people: PAUL from finance manager. DARREN from sales. JUN from service center.

AWFUL experience leasing a car through them. WILL NEVER EVER go back to them EVER. warned all my friends and family.

after you lease a car from them, PAUL and DARREN is nowhere to be found. everytime you call they are "not there" and you have to leave a msg. when you show up in person/try to make an appt they are BOOKEd or TOO busy.

JUN speaks barely any english and tries to be a translator there for service center. RIDICULOUS.

most recent horrible experience, brought in car for oil change and engine light was on whe ni picked up the car, brought it in again for them to check on the engine light and they decide to blame it on bad gas. i get gas from the SAME mobil gas station everytime since day 1.

flushed out my tank with no permission i didnt tell them to go ahead and do the work. they want to talk me into claiming my insurance for this bad gas situation. and if i didnt they would stop all work and charge me $600 to release my car cos they SPENT 5 hrs to FLUSH my tank when i didnt even ASK them to.

they are ridiculous. dont ever go there to buy/lease their car.

Stephen T. | 2012-05-21


Cannot do a proper oil change... instead messes up the sensors in the car, constant issues with a brand new car due to untrained mechanics.


All of these 1 star ratings are TRUE.

Upon signing they wanted $499 /Month..
Then compared with Staten Island and they dropped it to $236/m
Then ended up with a final of $425 because of "charges"



Cortney W. | 2012-01-15

I came here with a friend to pick up her car.  The wait was about 20 minutes even though she was told her car was ready.  She checked everything and was satisfied with the repairs that were made.  Only complaint was that they moved a little more quickly.

Thomas Z. | 2011-12-23

I went in for an Oil Change on my 07 altima...& when I popped my hood at home I found A WRENCH LAYING ONTOP OF MY ENGINE.
Thank God it caught on a relatively flat rubberized area & I didn't stop short.

Lisette R. | 2011-10-06

If yelp had the option to give zero stars, I would have chosen that. Bay Ridge Nissan is the shadiest place I have ever dealt with. I bought my 2010 Nissan Xterra in Atlanta GA and moved to NY early last year so I chose to use the Bay Ridge Nissan dealership for my regular maintenance. In the few instances where I've come here, they have prove to be nothing but shady liars. My husband is pretty car savvy so he is able to do some of the maintenance on the truck, but out of sheer convenience goes to the dealer for an oil change. Each time they lie about what needs to be done (change filters etc...) when my husband has already done that!! Then for the 30k maintenance that we were told needed to be done today, they said the transmission needed to be flushed. My husband being the car aficionado knows thats utter bull and called them out on even. Even showing the man that it's not in the owners manual. The git's reply was that Nissan recommended it. Well, if Nissan recommends it, it should be in the owners manual. I will never ever patronize this dealership ever again. And I hope the rest of you heed this warning and go elsewhere. The truck is wonderful and I would certainly purchase another Nissan vehicle, but not at this dealership.

Steven K. | 2011-09-07

The worst: stay away!  And they break the law.  There is a limit of $75 documentation fee in NY State.  They charged $495.  Sleaze city, folks.

Jay B. | 2011-08-07

Do not even consider buying a car here.  The price you agree on with the useless moron who "helps" you will not even be close to what you will eventually be asked to pay.  The "finance manager" is just an arrogant piece of garbage.  When you question what is going on, he will bring in 3 or 4 big guys to stand silently behind you to try and intimidate you.  Total stupidity.  When I walked out and asked for my deposit back, they said they would send it back within a week.  No way.  My wife and I stood there loudly telling other customers what crooks these people are and miraculously had our deposit back in 20 minutes.  Too bad it's not possible to give less than one star - negative stars would be appropriate in this case.  Try Staten Island Nissan.  I brought my car there for repairs and they were very professional and charged a fair price.

Carol F. | 2011-05-12

This place is THE WORST. Do not go here to actually buy a car. We went here to just take a look at models we were interested in. When we entered the dealership, absolutely no one even glanced at us. All the salesmen in this place are pin-striped suit types that look super shady. Finally, a salesman came and helped us. It turns out they were waiting for the Chinese salesman to help us because they assumed we didn't speak English or something. Ridiculous.

Anyway. So we look at cars and the salesman, Eric, is really weird. He addresses all the men in our group (my husband, our close friend, and my dad) except me. Because it would just be utterly impossible for a woman to buy a car. He takes us to his office to talk prices. From my research, the price he gave us wasn't good. So I counter-offered. Here's where he went BERSERK. He literally LOST it, screaming about how I went to another dealership and I'm comparing prices, etc. After his freaky tirade, we bade him farewell and he actually had the audacity to tell us to come back to him and that he really wants our business. Really?

Go to Bay Ridge Nissan just to mess with them and waste their time. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING HERE - you will undoubtedly find something better ANYWHERE else.

ROSE A. | 2011-04-06

do not go here unless you WOULD LIKE UNPROFESSIONAL YOUNG GWEEDOS TO HANDLE YOUR CREDIT AND PAPERWORK ... I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE .....i trusted this place enough to run my credit and i called back to get a valid answer to get into the car i wanted .... i quote someone answered the phone to the extension i was transferred to and said  in a woman's voice (it was a guy the whole time playing  a joke) " YOUR CREDIT SUCKS ,AND I HAVE A PICKLE IN MY ASS BYE I GOTTA GO ".... that alone speaks for itself i reported them to the cooperate office ..... that's the kind of customer service you will get from this dealership, i never had someone do this to me at a dealership they have young kids working the Internet sales and obviously they are comfortable enough having fun at there job to even joke around like that to customers ,,,and i had to trust these people with my social security and info BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE

Natalie T. | 2011-04-05

Did I negotiate a fair price? I would say yes.
Did I walk out with that price + tax?- NOT EVEN CLOSE!
They are all crooks, and the finance manager is a horrible. We negotiated a price and then went to see the fiance manager to seal the deal. He was quite upset when i did not want any of the extra packages. The license and registration fee was double of its actual value, he charged us $600 for the loan application and preparation, another $300 and change for preparing the car and other ridiculous fees.  Definitely very shady, he filled out the paper with a price that was higher than what we agreed upon, and he said it was the pre rebate price. I did not want to be paying more than I supposed to, so I asked him to explain and he treats me like I"m a  5 YEAR OLD! "what do you get when you add 500 and 300?) Overall, I would not recommend this place, and would never repurchase from them.

Archi D. | 2011-03-29

My experience here was awful.
1. They didn't have the car they asked me to come in and look at the previous day
2. Too much waiting...the person who was helping me was very slow
3. After negotiating the price with the dealer, I was given a breakdown all of the fees and to my surprise there was a fee called "preparation fee" that amounted to 1400 dollars!!!
4. IN essence  car that I was going to buy for 14,500, was now 17000+++
5. The finance manager was extremely rude, picked up his phone several times while meeting with me and even became upset when I asked him what rate they were financing me for.
6. The ultimate slap in the face was a $500 fee they ask you for to start the financing process which they take in cash or debit. The assumption is that once you are done buying the car the 500 goes towards the down payment. After I decided not to buy the car, the salesman tells me that they 500 will be placed in my account within the next two hours...LIES!!! Its now close to 4 days later and the transaction is pending.

Overall, this is a place for ppl who are unprepared to buy a car or a ppl who have all the money in the world and don't mind paying a prep fee.
++I thought the staff was very curious, but its hard to highlight that when everything else was soo bad.

Stella T. | 2011-03-26

BEWARE! This establishment should be shut down until everyone who works there recieves proper training. My mother leased a 2011 Nissan Sentra end of February from Bay Ridge Nissan. A week later, the vehice had electrical problems. These problems were reported & she was told the parts to fix this problem are on back order.She has been driving with the dashbord lights out for months! This constant run around is unexceptable! Rafael Rafaelov, the sales person in charge has nothing but derogatory comments. He knows nothing & lies directly to your face without as much as a flinch. Is the car fixed today? Absolutley not, but after contacting Nissan headquarters directly my mother was given a rental. How long untill she gets her car back? No one knows. Bottom line, the people at this dealership are useless. They are lazy & very rude. I would suggest going somewhere where the customer gets treated with respect & dignity. Don't waste your time here!

Lisa B. | 2011-02-22

Being in sales, you would think that following up with a potential buyer would be a smart step.  By following up with an inquiry, this can usually mean a future sale... right? Well, this particular place is not interested in making money. From what I gather, they are interested in wasting your time and pumping loud music in your ear while you wait.

After decided upon a car, I thought everything after that would be a piece of cake.  Not only did the sales representative not get back to us for days, but they dragged us back to their office only to keep us waiting up to nearly an hour and a half. After that, you would expect them to be at least pleasant and professional. They were not.  Music was blasting in the office which was a huge distraction. They probably did this in order to confuse you while they changed the "deal."
Save yourself the visit and go somewhere else. They don't deserve the commission!

Isana G. | 2011-01-23

We bought a 2011 Versa from BR Nissan.

Did we get an amazing deal? Hell no. Did the price of the car change suddenly when we were ready to sign the papers? Yup. We're not thrilled with the price, they definitely mark-up sticker prices tremendously, and there is shady salesmanship, but all in all, we are fine with what happened.

So why the 2 stars?
A. EVERYTHING... THEY... DO... IS... IN... SLOW... MOTION... It took over 3 hours to get a GENERAL quote and test drive a car. I waited for over 30 minutes at the storage lot while the salesman was getting a vehicle to test drive. And it's not as if there was a long line.
B. The salesman who was helping us was the least personable human being I've ever met. You have to have *some* personality to be in sales.  This dude was a droid. Blah. Blah. Blah. You want a car? Blah. Blah. Price? Blah. Blah. His mere presence not only killed my excitement about getting a new car, but I actually walked out of the dealership feeling depressed. I imagine another hour around this guy would've left me suicidal.


Amy L. | 2010-07-14

The cars in their ads don't exist. Unless you live in Bay Ridge don't bother travelling here. The sales people are basically goons that are there to rip you off.