Bay Ridge Honda Service in Brooklyn, NY

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Honda Service & Parts


Established in 1960.

It began as a Rambler agency in 1960.

Over the next 55 years the family owned  business grew to include Honda, Volvo, and Volkswagen Automobiles.  
The business is still owned by the same families today.

Bay Ridge Honda Service

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(718) 680-0202
Address:8801 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11209
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Bay Ridge Honda Service

Jimmy S. | 2015-04-23

The service here was always good to me. They're punctual, clear with their instructions, and scheduling is easy and convenient.

I recommend speaking with Wilson Velazquez. He's one of the service consultants at Honda. This guy always makes time to hear me out and answer any questions I have. In addition he's always suggesting the best options for my car, whether it be price, inspection, repair, you name it. This guy looks out for you.


Matthew S. | 2015-04-20

Terrible customer service. Called prior to make sure they had the back bumper guard from bumper guard. Org. Called the receptionist and she patched me in to the service department. The person in the service department said they had it and quoted a price.  I drive there. Make it to the office. 5 guys in a row on phones and they don't even look at you. All of them looked miserable. One of them was doing paperwork and directed to engage the other associates. One associate got off the phone and I asked to purchase the bumper guard only to hear that this particular item hadn't been stocked for years. When I asked about who I talked to that claimed to have the item and price...  He said "we have 300 employees" and shook his head like that was an excuse.  Completely  terrible experience on a rainy rainy day.  He gave me the card of another place that supposedly has it. Here's a tip. Anybody who has a Honda. Don't even go here. I don't even have a Honda.  I came here specifically for a bumper guard. Never again.

Lottie S. | 2015-04-07

I am torn, because these guys will talk to you, look you in the eye and sympathize with you to the point that you say 'hey he is really being honest with me' but then you step outside and back into reality and realize that you have been swindled.

I am sure that when these people actually service your vehicle, they do a fine job, but all the before and after is just a mess. They are extremely unorganized and yes they will lie to you straight to your face.

Most recent example: Left the car here at 6pm for a state inspection and was told that it would be about two hours..ok that's fine. 8pm rolls around and I get a call that the state inspection website is down. Not their fault right? But why did it take two hours to relay this info to me? Further, they are closed Sundays and laughed when we even asked for a Sunday appointment because 'you can't get a state inspection done on a Sunday'. Well guess what a-wipe, I did just that! And it shouldn't take 20 minutes just to bring me my car. That is just horrid management.

Why two stars? There are some really friendly and attentive workers here, mainly the guys you drop your car off with

Joshua Z. | 2015-01-16

Classic last minute charges/price bump up on new car purchase. I was quoted an out the door price several times. It was the same price until the last minute when the salesman said he used the wrong sale tax number 8.3 not 8.8. They wanted me to pay the difference. I said no. I was quoted an out the door price not a sales tax rate. I don't care what tax rate you use do your job and give me an accurate out the door price! The sales man then sent me a shaming/threatening personal email after the sale. VERY unprofessional.

Lucia P. | 2015-01-13

I've been here a few times and I have to these guys are just fine. They're a car dealership doing car service. They do a really good job, they fix my car every time and they have always been honest and forthcoming with me.

Kim M. | 2014-12-23

If I could rate Bay Ridge Honda with no stars I would.  These people are crooks, you are quoted one price and it only goes up from there.  I ended up putting down almost double what I had initially wanted to because of all their add on charges.  Save yourself the time and aggravation and take your business elsewhere.

Andzelika D. | 2014-12-18

The service here is AWFUL! We bought a new 2014 Honda CRV. The car is only a few months old, but it is leaking somewhere. When it rains, water piles up inside making the carpet in the car wet. I went to the service in Bay Ridge since that is where we purchased the car, so I though they would be more inclined to car about the quality of service we were receiving. I couldn't be more wrong. I had an appointment scheduled, but I still ended up waiting nearly 2 hours before I was seen by anybody. Then for a WEEK, they attempted to find the issue with the car. With no luck. After an entire week they were still unable to tell me why the car was leaking. I had to take the car home because a car is necessary to my everyday life. So after a week I decided I am picking up the car, fixed or not. When i got there, not only was the car not ready, they didn't even dry it. For a week the car stood there and they were "working on it" but they did not air it out or clean up the water. So I am airing it out and drying it myself now. Basically in a week they did absolutely nothing. Awful experience.

Madelon J. | 2014-11-17

My father bought his first Honda in 1979 - a Civic hatchback that when it was finally laid to rest had over 300,000 miles on it.  He attributed the cars longevity to regular dealership maintenance and the importance of building a relationship with the dealer service staff.  Tires and batteries could be serviced elsewhere but everything else was done by a certified Honda technician.  The cost of going to the dealer was higher but we knew the work was done right.

When the time came, I purchased my first Honda and made the trek to the Queens dealer my father used from Brooklyn.  I can't remember the first time I decided to go to Bay Ridge Honda for service but at this point it has been well over a decade.  My car goes in for regular maintenance (just as I was taught) as well as for issues that come up -- for instance when a pothole ate my front tire and I had my roadside service flatbed the car and bring me over.  I drive the Fit Sport and the tires are not as easily found as other make and models . . . . I wanted it done right.

I can't speak to the experiences others have had but I can tell you why I choose to go back to Bay Ridge Honda.  There are other dealers in Brooklyn I could go to or I could find a local shop . . .  I could say it is  because of the waiting room -- it has a TV, computer stations and free Wi-Fi as well as a small playroom for kids.  Those things are nice but it has no bearing on how they take care of me or my cars.  The line to get in is long and the street cars queue up in gets packed which is a pain but this is Brooklyn.  Once I get in and make my way to the service desks someone asks if I am being helped.  Even though most of the staff knows me they go over the paperwork so I am aware of the process.  For routine work they let me know about the charges up front and if they need to diagnose something they let me know what kind of range I might expect but make it clear that they won't know until they know what is going on.  Sometimes I wait to hear what is going on . . . Other times I go shopping at Century.  There is a great bakery on 5th at 90th behind the dealer for fresh coffee and treats if I am in the mood.  Once they know what is going on I get a call -- either the car is ready because my service is done or they inform me of what needs to be taken care of.  I have never felt pressured in any way to have work done.

In my personal experience the staff is personable and helpful.  They want me to understand what is going on with my car and they take the time to explain things.   Once I went in for work and the warning light came on again after I left so I had to go back which was a pain but stuff happens.  They apologized profusely for the error . . . It is a car and mechanical and it could have happened anywhere.

Knowing my car is safe when I get behind the wheel is critical.  I am confident when I leave that my car has been taken care of and I appreciate both the physical and personal service I receive at Bay Ridge Honda.  If I ever had a problem I would be sure to speak with the service manager (Andrew) because I feel that he wants to know that his customers are satisfied.

lee f. | 2014-11-14

Much improved over my last visit. My appt was for replacing a faulty part, as per a recall, so the task was presumably routine and required no diagnostic work. Still, the shop is cleaner, better organized and the whole tone is more professional and courteous. Quite an impressive turnaround.

Dennis W. | 2014-10-28

Update: Service manager Andrew showed he actually cared about customer satisfaction. Experience  would have been much better if I didn't  get an obvious scratch on my car and wasted a whole hour.  I hope they will continue to do what is right and fair to customers.  I will give them another try just to be fair to them.  Will update on the next visit.

Rjm N. | 2014-08-01

Holy cow!!  I just saw several pages of 1 star reviews plus 27 more reviews that Yelp states "are not currently recommended", you need to scroll to the bottom and click on these NOT RECOMMENDED reviews and read them.

Honestly, you're better off with your local mechanic than getting robbed by these crooks.

I first called and explained that I believed I might have a defect in my air conditioning system that was a "known issue" and covered by their extended warranty.  I explained that I had a mechanic, but I was contacting them specifically for this "covered" repair. After they asked me to bring my car in I explained the same thing, in person, to their service rep. They then contact me 5 hours later to tell me that my car was not covered because my vehicle was over a certain number of miles and did not qualify for the extended warranty. When I told them I would pick the car up and take it to my own mechanic, Elaine told me I owed $249 for their so called "diagnostic service". I did recall seeing this fee and signing an agreement but in light of the mileage limitation it made absolutely no sense. I asked her why they would charge me $249 to tell me that my car is out of warranty? She could not produce an answer that made any kind of sense, except to say that they found the issue but I was not covered and owed $249 or I could pay the $800 for the repair. They never mentioned the mileage limitation when I spoke to their customer rep, both over the phone and in person, even though I specifically mentioned the extended warranty for the air conditioner. It would have taken a minute or two for them to punch in my vehicle info and tell me I did not qualify for the extended warranty, but instead they decided to mislead me into believing I might receive a warrantied repair and later coerced me into paying $800.

I am sure they pull this kind of scam as well as many others day after day, basically misleading customers and then slamming them with an expensive repair bill that the customer ends up paying rather than lose $249 for their so called "diagnostic" service.

You expect a higher level of service and professionalism from the company that sold you your car.  You think that maybe you can trust a company like Honda, only to find out they are worse than the local mom and pop repair shops.  Yeah, they're better, but only at stealing your money.

Dora H. | 2014-07-23

We have been bringing our 2009 Civic for service and inspections ever since we bought it. Everything always went smoothly until late last year. First our brake pads wore out and caused enough damage to the point of needing new rotors, despite having brought the car in for service just a couple months before. I was rather alarmed that our brake pads were at such a state that a couple months later, they'd be nonexistent and we'd have to shell out nearly $1000 in repairs. Last week, our locks started malfunctioning, so I called and made an appointment. The receptionist gave me an 11:00 a.m. slot for yesterday. When we got the confirmation e-mail the day before, it said we had a 12:00 p.m. appointment. Okay, not a huge difference. My husband brought the car in at 11:45 a.m. and was told that they would charge $114 just to look at the car, and they might have to keep the car overnight and we'd have to pay $35/day for a rental. They told him that without even looking at the car, which makes me even more suspicious that they're just milking us for as much money as possible. At 2:30, my husband was still sitting in the waiting room with no updates. He had to get going by 3:00, so he asked for an update. He was told that they hadn't even looked at the car yet. When he asked why, they said that there were two other cars ahead of him and no one would be able to look at our car until after 6:00, so he'd have to leave the car and pay for the rental. My husband said no thanks, and give me back my car. At least they didn't charge us anything other than the waste of 3 hours. In short, appointments mean nothing, and beware of what they actually do when they're servicing your car. We will never bring our car back to this place.

Gigi A. | 2014-07-09

BEWARE -   You will get a higher price when arrive than what they quote you on the phone. They will claim they never quoted you the lower price.

In June, I spoke to Joanne who quoted me a $28,000 for a Honda Accord.  I told her I'd be back in two days and called her that morning to confirm our appointment later that day. She said we were "all set." I drove from Queens and was "greeted" by a disinterested, texting receptionist who asked, "Who?!" after stating my name and appointment time.  No matter, because I still wanted to buy the car. We walked around and were approached by Tim (I think). I explained I had spoken to Joanne about the Accord and was ready to finalize this purchase. We showed us to his desk and asked me for my driver's license. I asked why he wanted it and he got very nasty and said, "SIGH! You don't understand how this works." I reluctantly gave him my license and he left with it for 20 minutes, returned and said he had an Accord for $33,000 - $5k MORE than Joanne quoted me. I asked why and he said they had no black Accords in stock "only red, white and blue." I said that I would consider blue and he left for another 20 minutes.

He came back and sighed and said, "I need a deposit to show that you're serious." I called ahead, set up an appointment and was there - I am serious. He accused me of not giving him "good faith" and again, accused me of not "knowing how this worked." I felt bullied but I gave him my credit card.
Another 20 minutes later, he comes back (holding a photocopy of my driver's license and credit card) and says, "We have no car for you." He didn't offer to show me another car or even negotiate. I left, incredulous.

I only went to Bay Ridge Honda because Joanne said she had an Accord for me for $28,000 and which they had no intention of honoring. I was ready to write a check for the down payment and they totally blew it.the salesman was so rude and condescending, it was almost abusive. I left feeling angry and sad.

Dan S. | 2014-05-27

This review is for my experience with the Bay Ridge certified preowned Honda dealership.
BEWARE of the hidden fees. They advertised one price online and when i got there to negotiate they hit me with over $1k in additional costs, non of which were mentioned on their website. I was able to negotiate and get those hidden fees waived but then I was back at the listed price.. Basically got nowhere.
Don't bother believing the person on the phone as they'll do and say whatever it takes to get you to come in, they earn $10 for doing so. Once I got there the sales rep told me they do that all the time and there's nothing they could do to honor what the person on the phone said, are you kidding me??
I was very disappointed by the whole experience and wouldn't buy a car there if they were giving it away for free. I bet the post-sale experience is just as sour.
I ended up getting my car at Paragon Honda, paid a bit more but got piece of mind and didn't deal with liars.

LeNita H. | 2014-05-19

RUN! They are liars and thieves!
Sold me a 2011 Pilot with a defective tire. I HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS FOR THE LAST 4YEARS!  Hid the car fax which indicated the tire fix to make the sale

They promise loaners on at the bottom of every receipt if they can't fix your vehicle, BUT NEVER honor that!
$600.00 for new brake pads! $400.00 for labor!

Simon C. | 2014-03-27

I experienced a very long wait. In at noon, out at 10.30 pm, with an appointment. They needed to diagnose a check engine light, which ended up being high labor cost. Ended up with 60k service, they sold me on emmissions and throttle cleaner to qualify for a 15% discount on the long diagnosis which turned out to be a simple gas cap fix.  I went here since it was closer to home than my usual dealer service in NJ.  After this bad experience, I went back to NJ for next oil change (3k miles later) Surprised that NJ recommended throttle cleaning. They concluded that throttle was not previously cleaned. I believe them because they rarely sell me on evtea service.  So, Bay Ridge Honda service may have performed insufficient cleaning or no cleaning at all. After a long day and night, the service rep also felt it was inconvenient to fill out my service history booklet. Just scribbled, no itemization, and an illegible signature. No embossed stamp like my other dealer service. Despite being closer, I will not be returning to Bay Ridge Honda for service.

Me C. | 2014-03-05

I had a positive experience with the sales rep when I purchased my new Honda Civic and a then typical lousy dealer experience with the finance person. I withheld my review until my 1st service experience. Sadly, Bay Ridge Honda service is equally poor. Prior to going in for my first service I called for an appointment. The woman who answered the phone was polite but rushed and short when she informed me I did not need an appointment. After arriving without an appointment I was informed I had a one hour 45 minute wait! Seriously, for an oil change?! You should've let me make an appointment! How you've managed any customer service awards is just baffling. I've yet to experience any real customer service here. Calling people ma'am and sir is NOT customer service.

Stanley C. | 2013-10-23

Bay Ridge Honda has by far, given me the worst service I ever had. They charged way too much for my brake change and even charged me extraneous amounts to boost their profits. ALL THEY WANT IS TO SCAM YOU AND TAKE YOUR MONEY!

Secondly, they also did not want to deal with their customers on Sunday when I tried to return the warranty service I purchased from them. All they needed to do was sign a paper and look over the contract for a few minutes. THIS PLACE IS BY FAR THE WORST SERVICE EVER! STAY CLEAR!

Wilson D. | 2013-09-23

I came here a year ago to buy my very first new car and did not have the greatest experience. I voiced my opinion about it. To my surprise, management took it into their hands and addressed my issue.

After my purchased I have returned a few times to service my vehicle and their customer service is nothing short of great. Their hours are great. I didn't know that dealerships opened that late to accommodate anybody's busy schedule.

Their prices for an oil change is comparable to a local mechanic. So I never hesitate to go to them for my oil changes. They do their free routine inspections and recommend the work without being pushy. They recommended that I change my engine and cabin filter and gave me a quote. I told them that I'd do it on my own and that was the end of the discussion.

Great customer service.
Average turnaround time.
Average price for oil change.
Not sure about other routine services.
Services are recommended, they do not make you feel uncomfortable when decline.

Matthew P. | 2013-09-13

Reviewing for HONDA SERVICE only.

I don't have any experience with the dealership, so I can't rate it.

The service division is just plain dishonest. No other word can describe it.

They told me they installed a speed sensor. From the start after picking up the car, it hesitated and made a grinding noise occasionally when breaking. I brought it back and they could not reproduce the problems, but said they checked everything and everything was fine. They made a wonderful show about how I could bring it back if the problems got worse and could be reproduced.

The problems persisted and so I brought it to my usual dealership in CT assuming it would just need some adjustments. Turns out Bay Ridge Honda DID NOT change the speed sensor, but simply charged me for it nonetheless.

Incompetence I can understand. Dishonesty I can not.

Stay away from these guys.

Joseph G. | 2013-07-26

My experience with the evening management (if you want to call it that) has caused me to decide never to attempt to do business with this dealership again. I should have learned the first time when I went to them four years ago. Nothings changed. You should suspect something when a dealership has to shell out all the marketing money they do. Take your business to Hamilton Honda in New Jersey. Trust me it's worth the trip and you will get First Class Service all around.

Mr. J. | 2013-07-11

A friend and I walked into Bay Ridge Honda one day with the idea that we were just going to look at a car I was interested in.  I had recently lost my vehicle during Hurricane Sandy and was in need of a new car.  Within a couple of minutes of perusing a few cars in the dealership, we were warmly greeted by one of the sales representatives, Andy Feldman.
    From the beginning of our conversation, I felt that I was dealing with someone who was honest and knowledgeable about the product.  I spoke with Mr. Feldman via email and by phone on several occasions afterwards about my needs and interest in purchasing a car.  I cannot begin to express how committed Mr. Feldman is in meeting his customer's needs.  He goes out of his way to make the purchase hassle-free through his willingness to listen and assist in the process, not to mention he made the paperwork process incredibly easy for me.
    As a result of Mr. Feldman's quality customer service, I purchased a new Honda CRV EX-L in which I am happy to report that I am very pleased with.  I give my highest recommendation to Andy Feldman as an excellent and outstanding sales representative and if anyone is in the market for buying a car and interested in excellent customer service, they should visit to Bay Ridge Honda.

A S. | 2013-07-07

This place has the worst customer service ever. They will rip you off, won't let you test drive the vehicle and mess with your head so they can get your money. Their service center is just as bad as the sales floor. They don't care if you can afford a car or not as long as they can get you to sign the papers they will do whatever it takes to get you to leave with a car. Horrible place do not go there. This place is not even worth a star it should be zero!!!!!!

Jonathan S. | 2013-07-06

This review is for the Bay Ridge Honda SERVICE, not the dealership.

I've never had a bad experience getting my car serviced here. The workers get you in and out and they're not pushy when something needs to be changed. They will lay out all the prices and they're honest with their recommendations when you ask what absolutely NEEDS to be replaced. Of course their prices are more expensive than if you were to go to your own personal mechanic, but when it comes to important items like brake pads and tires, I will only have them replaced here.

And their hours of operation really cater to the working individual. They're open until MIDNIGHT on weekdays. I don't think any other Honda service location in the city or Long Island can beat that.

Jack L. | 2013-07-03


Made me drive 40 miles stating they could beat a price.

Then tell me they can only match it, waste my time playing the games, and only offer a little lower.

They LIED about having my color in stock, and then had the audacity to demand a $500 deposit so I can get the car next week, while trying to sell me other colors.

Unprofessional underhand tactics.


maria f. | 2013-07-02

These people lie and will try to do anything to up sell any service. I had a slow leaking tire, waited for over 1 1/2 hours and was told it was from 'dry rot' these hairline cracks in the tire. I was told I had to purchase 2 new tires right away, it was dangerous to drive. It was going to cost me about $500, $249/tire.The next day I took the car to a tire repair place on New Utrecht Av, and in 10 minutes, they pulled out a tiny nail and plugged the hole. It cost $10.

I would never go back to Bay Ridge Honda. I cannot deal with a company that is dishonest.

David N. | 2013-05-20

I have a great mechanic in Park Slope where I live. They're fast, they're affordable, they're honest, they communicate well, there's little bureaucracy, and they do a great job (if you're curious, just yelp mechanics in park slope - they should be at or near the top).

Unfortunately, I needed something that I assumed (wrongly) they didn't carry. So I called this dealership. Absolutely every part of the experience was frustrating. The rest is a bit long, and frankly more negative than I like being in a review. So to put it in a nutshell, this place is a disorganized mess, and gives terrible service. Go elsewhere.

I called to inquire about the part. I was told they had it & to come on in for it. I did, and they mentioned that I needed to have my annual NY State inspection done. I thought "why not" so I signed up. They estimated two hours. Later I discover this part takes about 5-10 minutes to install. But I get it, I didn't have an appointment and sometimes there's a line, right?

Two hours later I came back. They hadn't done the work and estimated another hour. They literally tell me "the guys went on lunch when you came in". For those who don't know, this is a massive service space with loads of employees. In the service OFFICE alone, there were 10 people working at once. And all the mechanics go to lunch at the same time? And you only communicate that AFTER two hours?!

But wait, there's more. They don't have the part!! They can order it and have it in the next day. By now they've just begun the annual inspection, so I go with it. And guess what, the car fails after an hour. It needs a new battery, but there's more! I need to go and perform a bizarre 50 mile drive full of 2 pages of instructions with a passenger reading them to me - all before I bring it back for the follow-up inspection attempt. All apparently aimed at turning on some computer system that has shut off. Seriously, the most absurd sounding thing I've ever heard, but hey - I'm not a mechanic.

3 1/2 hours later. No part, no inspection, and $400 paid for the part & the eventual labor to install it.

My next move? Not being a fan of throwing good money after bad, I go to my real mechanic. An awesome shop in Park Slope (just yelp 'em, they'll be like first). Massive relief. Replaces my battery at 60% the price, and my car passes the inspection immediately. No need for the totally weird 50 mile obstacle course drive. AND he explains that he could have gotten me the part much cheaper.

Finally I have to return to Bay Ridge Honda for my part. Again... every conversation I have with them is frustrating and full of rudeness. Just weird experience where I have the distinct sense that I'm getting in the way of whatever it is they really want to be doing that day. This time I make it clear I don't want to wait. So they give me an appointment. I get there, and sign in. They estimate another hour and a half. Seriously. They ask me if I've paid (and this is strange right? Here's a place that could not possibly have more employees at computers and every time I need something, they seem to have trouble finding my records - and once they find the records, they only seem to have part of the information in those records and they need to call other people at other computers). So I tell them "yes, it's all paid for.... The guy looks at me and by all measures would seem to have heard me... then he TRIES TO CHARGE ME AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!! Even after asking me if I've been charged. Not in a rude way. Just in an utterly clueless way.

I could go on. But why. This entire review feels like more time wasted on this place. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. YELP a mechanic near you.

Dina D. | 2013-05-19

The guy below must be a friend of Igor's, because he's definitely the most rude and obnoxious salesman! Bay ridge Honda overall are a bunch of crooks. I'm really not sure how they are still in business.
I first came in to see Raymond, the only nice sales person there. Raymond tried to work with his manager on the best price, until the manager started cursing him out and calling him stupid right in front of us. (Which was probably all just an act, but not the way you do business, or the service you should be providing in 2013). I decided to leave and get a quote for the 2013 exl accord. Several dealerships emailed me back, offering $1,000 less than what bay ridge did!! The next day several people called me back from bay ridge, and told me they would match the price. I didn't really believe them, but have them the benefit of a doubt, as the other dealerships were further away. When I came in, they made me wait for 30min "to see if they can match the price", and came back with $100 more than what we agreed to!
My father was then speaking to Igor, whom he purchased a car from over 10 years ago, who then proceeded to mock us for bargaining!!! Was he not aware that we were potential customers?
The overall experience was terrible! The managers are rude and obnoxious, majority of the sales people are rude and obnoxious, and it's just not worth the headache and stress. So I suggest you DO NOT GO THERE to purchase your vehicle. There are a ton of dealerships in jersey that provide much better service. Of course it's an extra 20-40 min of travel time, but it's absolutely worth it. I particularly went to DCH Honda, who's won awards for best service year after year. There's a reason bay ridge honda has never been awarded. THEY ARE THE WORST DEALERSHIP in the tri-state!!!

Deborah P. | 2013-02-23

My car had been purchased new in NC  at a Honda dealership and serviced there until my move back to NY in September.  They NEVER informed me of any potential problems.  They  were a pleasure to deal with.  Bay Ridge Honda was another story.  Brought my car in for an oil change and walked out $900.00 poorer (this was with a 10% discount).  Was told I needed front brakes, a battery, transmission fluid, a 15,000 mile check-up. Labor costs ate up approximately $600.00 of the bill.  Not having done my research  and/or having a reputable mechanic to bring my car to I acquiesced and paid up.  By the way, my car was a 2008 Honda with 19,000 miles on it, still a baby.  Just a warning to others who are planning on bringing their cars there.  Come with a lot of money!  PS: My new mission in life is to find an honest, proficient mechanic with tons of eperience with Hondas.

Saul E. | 2013-01-09

I called the dealer and was told that they had CRV s in stock.  i told the person i spoke with that i was traveling a distance - from long island and did not want to make a wasted trip to them.  when i got there, i was told that i would have to order a car that it would be in in 3 weeks. just another car dealer maintaining the reputation of the industry as a whole.

Yelp Me Rhonda L. | 2013-01-01

Yesterday my handsome lover and I walked into the certified pre-owned section of the Honda dealership in bay ridge, Brooklyn. Upon entering, you could smell the unhelpfulness. We immediately felt like the unwanted guest at Christmas dinner. The tween in matching top and bottom velour sweat suit at the front counter, shouted out and asked who wanted to help us. We were met with  several shrugs by pear shaped men, and finally the guy who lost the "not it" contest came to greet us.

Once seated at Loti's desk, it was unclear as to whether or not he actually worked There, because it seemed e was trying to sell us on not buying a car. We asked to see some, and he reluctantly asked "isn't it still raining?"

Upon entering the lot he read off the stickers, which we pretty much could have done independently. Clearly uncomfortable with the drizzle beating upon his bald scalp,  we began taking joy in loti's misery. We continued to ask questions because we were 1) TRYING TO BUY A CAR and also 2) to see if loti would melt like the wicked witch if the west. Unfortunately neither scenario played out, and we left, frustrated by this unhelpful dealership.

Michael C. | 2012-12-27


I had a very bad experience thanks to the service manager.  My 2011 Honda, which was purchased at the dealership, was in an accident.  After repair AT A HONDA REPAIR SHOP, it exhibited problems and so I went to my trusted Bay Ridge service center.  The manager refused to even look at my car, saying it was a liability.  I explained that my car was either covered by insurance or warranty, so he had no liability whatsoever.  He refused to even book me an appointment.  The problem was later found to be a warranty issue at Plaza Honda, and completely covered.  How can a dealership refuse to look at vehicles purchased there and still under warranty?

Pat A. | 2012-08-07

Stupid stupid stupid. Me, not them. I took my beautifully running, low-mileage Honda in for an oil change and a brake and transmission fluid flush--shouldn't cost more than $100 or so. The bill came to almost $1,100 for all kinds of things I hadn't imagined could be wrong.

Yes, I authorized it--the service advisor made it all seem very dire.

When I examined the details of the bill later, I realized how costly each item was (filter changes, rear brake pads) and how these things might have been done way sooner than necessary.

Many regrets, nothing I can do about it now except warn other poor schmos.

Serge G. | 2012-08-01

I had the unfortunate experience of buying not one, but two cars here over the span of 45 days from this dealership.  We bought our first Honda CR-V late May. The process was typical and lengthy. The dealership has an excellent inventory to choose from, and for the most part, the people seem professional. However, when moving beyond the salesperson, that's when things go downhill. The finance manager, Craig was very inappropriate during the closing of the deal. Lots of terrible jokes, unfocused, and all around disorganized. He also ended up selling us $4500 in "warranties" that were not fully explained at the time of signing, and then basically said "oh well" when I called him about it a few days later.

However, when parking this car a few weeks later, someone hit me, and the car subsequently caught on fire. Long story short - total loss. Time to get another car from Bay Ridge Honda since that's the easiest way to replace the vehicle at this point.

Luckily, we get almost fully reimbursed, including the erroneous add-ons that it turns out were totally unnecessary. Regular insurance covers everything, so getting window etching, or a Lo-Jack is a total waste of money.  After finally settling with the insurance we go back to Bay Ridge Honda to get another Honda CR-V. Now remember, they got paid for the first car even though it got totaled.

We settle on the one we want and start this process over again. Same salesperson, finance manager, Craig, and dealership floor manager Hank B. One would think they would cut us a break. No such luck. After hammering them, I finally get what I think is a good deal. No nonsense warranties, or add-ons. Closing the deal is pretty straight forward, except that they forget to factor in the deposit into the total sale price.

They issue a refund the day we pick up the car. We wait 3 days. Still no money. Wait another 3 days still no money. I call them, and they say the money will come into the account, that it just takes time. When I press Hank B, he finally admits that they didn't "batch out" until a week later. So it's going to take another 3-5 business days. No apology, or acknowledgement of error on the part of the dealership. He just passes the buck and says it's the "back office".

My biggest complaint about this place is the lack of ownership when a mistake is made. They refused to acknowledge that they oversold us the first car, even when we provided documentation that showed otherwise. There is no accountability at this dealership. Each person passes the buck to the next. No one admits fault or wrong doing.

We love the car, but they didn't make it, they just sell it. I won't go back. And I won't give them the business of servicing the vehicle there. A monkey is capable of changing the oil and rotating the tires.


EL Z. | 2012-07-30

Like one of the reviewers said - RUN AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!

I bought and serviced my car for 1.5 yrs in Boston's Herb Chambers Honda and never had a problem.
The first time I bring it to Bay Ridge Honda, I paid a huge fee for "cleaning and adjusting the brakes."
I was a little suspicious at first; but, since I am not a mechanic, I trusted their word.
After I received my car, there was a HUGE section of DEEP SCRATCHES on the trunk of my car.
My car was assessed when it first came in as having absolutely NO DAMAGES.

Vinnie was called to assist me with my scratches.
Vinnie vehemently denied the scratches were made by them, and said maybe something like my "purse" caused the scratches -  a VERY SEXIST COMMENT.
There a list of other things he used as excuses that really made my stomach turn.

Herb Chambers in Boston was such a blessing, I found out today.
Sadly, Vinnie would do absolutely nothing, not even a simple wipe down with a compound - something that would literally take under a minute for his customer.
He then ended the dialogue by saying condescendingly, "Have a nice day!"

This has been a very sad experience - and due to this experience I will NEVER HAVE MY CAR SERVICED at Bay Ridge Honda.

Please BEWARE if you use the service facility at Bay Ridge Honda.

Steve Y. | 2012-07-18

RUN LIKE THE WIND AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. To be fair, I'm talking about the SERVICE department, not the dealership. I've never bought a car here but have used them for service, once for recalls and twice for other repairs. Both times I've used them for repairs the problems were not fixed, but I was definitely charged. These were not major issues. One was a reverse light being out, one was a "check fuel cap" indicator light coming on. Really? Couldn't handle those highly advanced items? And when you confront them they get aggressively defensive, insisting they fixed it and that "it most have broken again" or "you must not have screwed the cap back on all the way". Idiots! I'm now in the market for a new car and this will be the LAST PLACE I GO. AVOID!

Dmitry A. | 2012-05-24

This was the best and painless experience yet.  I called in told him what i wanted, while i was finishing work and making my way over there, he already prepared everything for me and I came signed, picked up the car and off I went.

Great Dealership.

Great Dealer: Igor Shiff Rocked!

Jonathan G. | 2012-03-13

I walked in off the street and bought a used Honda from Bay Ridge that I found online. Lender in hand, ready to go, easiest sale in the history of car sales. They still blew it. Didn't register it at the DMV. Wouldn't return calls. Told me managers don't work Thursday's if I called on Thursday. Hung up on me. Left me on hold until I went away.

Was the ok price I paid worth the stress? I'm not sure.

Did I learn my lesson?


For some reason I just took the car to their service dept for a check up... complete Three Stooges - but not funny - and very expensive. First off, it takes an hour to get down to Bay Ridge or back out. Second, they totally ignored what I asked them to do and then lied about it when I came to get my car. Of course they never called to tell me what they found or that my car was ready... I had to do all the leg work, get hung up on, get put on hold, etc. Then they tried to charge me for things I didn't ask for, told them not to do, and that in fact they did not even perform! The mechanics themselves seem like decent guys, but something's WAY broken in their system. The whole operation is designed to rip you off at every turn.

The final insult was having to wait for Moe and Curly to simply find my car and bring it to me on the street, which ended up taking 15mins.

Absolute sh*t show over there. Unless you're on some heavy stress-reducing drugs or a Zen master, avoid at all costs... the stress and dealing with their incompetence can bankrupt you, if not kill you.

Edith H. | 2012-01-19

Great customer service.  Excellent product.  Tough negotiators.  Always professional.

Louis P. | 2012-01-14

4 stars for the service department!

My dad bought a 1997 Honda Accord here eons ago and despite 160,000 miles and my best attempts as a youth to destroy it, the car is still alive!

The guys in the service department remember your name after all the years of service which is nice to have and they won't lie to you if it's going to take all day to get to you.

Christian M. | 2011-12-30

Received an internet quote from Rocco and Joann. They were helpful and usually responded to my questions pretty quickly. Karim was the salesman we ended up directly working with when my wife and I arrived at the dealership. Nice guy and he was pretty upfront and didn't waste our time, which we appreciated. We had a better price from a Honda dealership in Queens and he worked with us to match that price. Came back the next day to pick up the car and meet with the Finance Manager, CJ. CJ was a really nice guy and wasn't pushy when we declined the extended warranty from Honda. He also saved us a couple hundred dollars when he found out that my father has been driving and buying Honda's since '91. That was a pleasant surprise. After that, Karim brought our car around and gave us a very thorough overview on the car and all it's features and functions. My wife and I drove off extremely pleased with the whole experience and to have our new car. We would definitely recommend Bay Ridge Honda to friends and family, and would definitely come back to work with them in the future when we are looking to purchase another car.

Vincent N. | 2011-12-25

I was looking for the updated 2012 CRV or 2012 Pilot and purchased my previous 2009 CRV from this place. The sales I got (Raymond Yu) was really bad.  They even found me in their system so they should know I was serious about getting a car but the guy looked uninterested and even snobbish.  I decided to take my business else where if this is what I can expect as a return customer (even though the initial purchase wasn't good) and I'm going in for a lease where I would have to deal with them even more.  A good waste of my hour.  They couldn't even give me good numbers.

Joyce S. | 2011-10-29

I had a dishonorable and dishonest salesman. He promised me a specific car. I waited and waited (for about 3 weeks) and was forced to take something I didn't want  I will never go back there again. Stay away.

Dave N. | 2011-08-15

I bought a car from these guys in 2007.  When I went to pick it up they gave me a hard time because my wife had written the check and she wasn't there.  Her name was to be on the title, but that, for some reason, wasn't important.

Instead, they treated me like I was a criminal; brought in some huge guy to stand over me.  In the 3 hours I was there there were two other skirmishes in the dealership.  The cops were finally called just as I was finally leaving.  

Also, didn't you tell me the car was going to have a sunroof?  Nice bait and switch.

Honda themselves call to survey me about my experience.  I tell them the truth.  That same day I get a call from some d-bag who has the exact text of what I'd said in the survey.  He then went on to threaten me and tell me "I know where you live.  And you have such a nice little girl."

Sadly, it doesn't end there.  I've been forced to get service from them 4 times in 4 years.  It's a 3-4hr wait no matter what.  Nothing better than watching somebody eat their dinner off the hood of your car while you wait.  

Last week I had to get a side mirror replaced.  $400.  TWICE what an independent garage quoted me.  But I needed it badly, so I paid up.  Again, Honda calls me and I tell them the truth.

AND AGAIN, someone calls me with the exact text of what I'd said.  This poor bastard was new.  I told him to look at the Yelp reviews, and check the police records for the day I picked up the car.  I wanted him to know that he'd joined on with a bunch of wackos.

And to whomever from the dealership reads this review, should they ever care:

YES, I know that you know where I live.

Ralph L. | 2011-06-17

Got out of a lease vehicle from the same dealer and they were 100% helpful and got me into the vehicle i wanted. Did it cost a little extra? Sure but what do you honestly expect, this is a car dealership, and i totally understood all of the costs and where the money was going. My experience was fast, and very courteous by the sales person Eddie.

Eric W. | 2010-10-20

Well, I have never looked the devil in the eye until I dealt with Craig Bono at Bay Ridge Honda. He confused us, manipulated us, threatened and dismissed us, he looked right in my eyes and lied ... ultimately he ripped us off every way he could. This was after we signed papers for a car and then was told that Oops! they sold it to someone else. If you smell the scent of sulfur when visiting Bay Ridge Honda you know from which office it is coming from. I would say that I hope they rot in hell but that is obviously already happening.

Jess T. | 2010-09-13

I wish I could give this zero stars. This place was NOT professional in any way. We received an internet quote, which was artificially low. They tried tacking on $850 for bogus fees (i.e. clean the car, turn on our radio), and then balked when we said we wouldn't pay them. They told us that their garage was closing in 10 minutes (it was 11 AM on Labor Day weekend) so we couldn't see the car we wanted to purchase. Shady all around. Depressing inside. No skill at selling. I would not waste your time going here.

eliza b. | 2009-11-17

i had a vastly different experience than these 1-star reviews. vastly.

we walked in last saturday to look around, and we were lucky enough to fall into Andy Feldman's hands right away. he's not your average "car salesman" - he's different, in a very very good way. andy is there to facilitate the buying of a car in whatever manner is best for his customer. there's no pushing, no games, no fast talking, no nonsense. he listens to you, and he never gets impatient or hurried.

so i test drove 2 cars on my first visit, and promised that my husband and i would return on monday after we had some time to think over a few issues and do our own research. he didn't pressure us into buying a car on saturday - we had informed him earlier that we absolutely were not walking away with a car that day. but the amazing thing is that he didn't hurry us out or give us any less attention. the reality was that we were very serious buyers who needed a day or two.

he followed up with us, and we returned on monday. i took another car out, and he helped us decide which car was right for us.

we just drove ourselves home in our brand new car. i am so happy with it. it's my very first "new" new car and i'm psyched.

andy was great, as was everyone we spoke with at bay ridge honda. everyone is personable & knows what they're doing.

tom johnson, the insurance & finance specialist, was really professional and made things easy to understand. he didn't push us into all kinds of nonsense, but instead guided us towards the right decision for us.

we will definitely be repeat customers, and we'll be using their service department for the foreseeable future. i have no complaints about any facet of our car-buying experience.

Isana G. | 2009-08-07

This place is full of twatwaffles, tools, and general asshatery of immense proportions. Save yourself the trouble.

Barre F. | 2008-09-29

When you buy a car at this dealership, buyer beware.  They offer really low pricing on used cars.  Then when you go and check out the finance guy calmly starts the rip off.   First he will tell you that you have good credit and that on used cars the rates are somewhere around 9%.  Lie.  Most people with good credit can get credit for around 6%.  Then he tells you that if you buy a complete extras package it will only cost you around $50 dollars extra a month and they will lower your rate to around 6%.  Even if your car has these extras already he never mentions that.  The $50 bucks eventually costs you around $5000.   Think about that.  If you bought these items separately they would cost less than $1500 dollars.  It is an amazing rip off.   I was able to get the contract changed but still lost $3000 and most of the products on that list.   Personally I have never been so offended in my entire life.   And the Finance manager smiles while doing it.   Warning if you buy anything from any dealership always note how much the loan is actually for.