Security Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Amityville, NY

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Your destination for all things Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram SRT. When it comes to Fleet Sales, Commercial Trucks, Pickup Trucks, Minivans, or if you need a Speed Shop for your R/T or SRT, Security is ready to show why we are the Number 1 Volume Dealership in Suffolk County. No one beats our Service or Customer Satisfaction. Family owned and operated for over 50 years, let our family cater to your family. Security Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram SRT...... Making Car Buying Fun Again.

Security Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 861-2038
Address:345 Merrick Rd, Amityville, NY, 11701
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Security Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

Michael N. | 2015-04-24

Aside from the awful review i left 2 weeks ago, after i was screwed over completely by the sales team at Security Dodge, I brought my 2014 Challenger r/t for service for a reoccurring brake squeak issue. I have owned the car for just under 1 year and have only 4500 miles on it so far. The first time I went to the service dept. about the squeak, i was told that "after looking over the brakes, it appears that there is a slight coating that has formed on the discs from the lack of driving that i have done in the car. And furthermore, to fix this problem, the brakes would need to be replaced and parts would need resurfacing, and it is a whole "ordeal", so just don't worry about it because it's not a danger and it's not worth fixing"
So I reluctantly took my less than a year old car, which is fully warrantied and covered for such issues home, problem not resolved. I just figured that I would be handing it back in next month anyway for the Dodge swap a lease promo that turned out to be a complete scam... (read my other review about Security Dodge for more details about that)
So after continuing to drive the car for another 2 months, the squeaking got worse... I returned last week to the dealership, where the service guy told me that I wouldn't be able to get the car back today because they were busy and also "It's just squeaky brakes, who cares?" So this guy is asking me why i'm bothered by severe squeaking very single time I apply the brakes on my $37,000 brand new car? I have 3 other cars at home, all older than the brand new challenger and those brakes don't squeak at all.... not a very professional response by him in my opinion.

So then I returned a few days later to drop off the car to have the brakes once again looked at. It turns out that there was no "glazed" coating on my discs, but my discs were ini fact warped and needed to be turned down and the calipers had to be replaced. So how was this not noticed only 2 months prior? And what happened to the "glaze"?
And now just 2 days after this issue was supposedly resolved, my brakes are still squeaking just as bad as before. So did they even actually replace/fix the parts? Who knows!!! I will reluctantly be returning there again this week to try and have the issue resolved once again, but I really do not look forward to dealing with these people again.
I hate this dealership and every facet of it. Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT go here for a dodge or jeep. There are plenty of other Dodge and Jeep dealerships on the island, all providing much better service. If you don't believe me, just check the other reviews, they speak for themselves....

Davanand R. | 2015-03-27

if I could give a negative star I would. every time go there, they try to rip me off.. this last time was for charging me for work I said I did not want and I did not need AND that they did not even do.   This time it was the chip in the window insurance glass scam
long the story is that usually I avoid them like the plague. the service department along with sales people have both the integrity and the intellect of the characters depicted in the Wolf on Wall Street.  But I had  I had to go them for airbag recall and I figured how could they find a way to charge me when its a no charge repair
SO dropped car off for airbag recall in morning and midday service manager  rob called and stated that my windshield has 3 chips and that they called insurance company and insurance would cover the whole windshield. I did not recall three chips but stated that if its cost anything I don't want it and if there I is charges then sure replace it. with that he said goodbye . the I got another call form someone over there that was working on behalf of automotive retail solutions , (dodge 's glass vendor) who the got me and my insurance company on phone on 3 way conversation. when i told insurance that if I got 3 cracks its less half dollar, they said they would not cover window replacement but just window repair, but Automotive Retail Solutions was not on list. I thanked my insurance company for info and they left call. I then said to ARS that if its going to cost me anything then I don't any service done.   women said they most likely have performed It already so it will be complimentary. I said ok we will see when its ready.  Yeah right nothing is complimentary from the a dealer let alone security dodge. knowing them, I printed my know your rights and nys repair shop guidelines and went to pickup car. when I go to desk they have the recall dodge paperwork and the another paper work with windshield showing 3 x and a claim number and I asked what the paper for. they said they performed the repair free of charge and that was the warranty. But the paper had a claim number and my insurance company . in fine print it essentially stated that if you sign the paper, you are authorizing ARS to bill insurance company for work and if insurance doesn't pay you are liable for $60.00.  SO the girl asked me to sign it and I said i am not signing -firstly I want see the work. I went outside looked at window...
point number 1 there were nr chips in areas described on paperwork.
point number 2 no repair was done at all
point number 3 the window was not even cleaned on outside or inside.

I was about to lose my mind and go back in there and bluntly address the fact that what they did was dishonest at best and insurance fraud at worst. but you know I had the key already, and why even deal with them. so I wrote this in hopes of being more productive and helping others avoid the window scam and  on Monday I will call in my complaint to  NYS.  I already called my insurance company and let them know to decline any claims and also gave them name and number of  ARS.

Bottom line it did not cost me anything and it would have at worst costed me 60 bucks. Still it was not the cost its the principle essentially they are running a glass scam and billing clients insurance companies without fully disclosing what they are doing.

you as the consumer.. you have to wonder who is giving them 4 or 5 stars. I live in Amityville. I have been there 4-5 times.. not once was good experience.   I have to believe their own people are writing reviews. like 2.5 stars is still way overrated.

Juan S. | 2015-03-25

Very horrible experience. They did not honor their initial offer which appeared like a great deal. When I informed the salesman about the offer sent online by another salesman in the same dealer I was speaking on the phone and email, and who happened to not be there, the salesman attitude change to one of disbelief and disgust. Every single staff member I interacted there was rude, careless, and in a hurry. The finance options provided were exorbitant. I got a much better deal somewhere else and after I let them know I was not going to close a deal with them, they entered in a dynamic of trying to convince me that I was going to be robbed in another dealer. They took things to higher levels (manager and owner), and they denied my bargaining. They tried to convince me that I was headed to a cave of crooks, when actually they are the crooks. Avoid going to this dealer at all cost, there are plenty other dealers around the area with better reviews and without the rude and condescending environment I experienced here. I know this because I visited other 6 Dodge dealers and got the best deal out of the 6, but only here I found this incredibly rude and condescending staff.

Lou S. | 2015-03-06

I bought a car and had an auto start put in. They soaringly hire a 3rd party company to install them. Well something happened to the auto start and I needed the company to look into it. The dealership rid me I'd have to wait for the guy to show up. I waited about an hour and the guy gave me a hard time about just showing up and now his boss is questioning why he had to redo his   installation. Stay away from their bad business practices

Ben D. | 2014-09-30

Was looking to buy a truck as my family is expanding.  I've heard great things about the Durango and other trucks Dodge makes, so I decided to give them a shot.

Guy on the phone sounded like a real jerk.  Condescending, etc.  I hung up looking to call back and hopefully get a different person.  Before I did, I decided to look up reviews on the dealership.

Apparently I'm not the only one who's had a bad customer experience.  There's a whole website dedicated to how they ripped someone off.

I'm staying far away from this one...

Joe R. | 2014-09-25

This place is a rip off they try and scam you out of your deposit. I went to buy a jeep and they wouldn't give me a price with out giving them a security deposit, I left them $100 and the sales manager (which is also the owners son) assured me  that I'd get my deposit back  if I didn't agree on a price. after 2 houses of negotiating we didn't agree on a price we were both comfortable with. I tried getting my $100 and after a week and a half and 3 visits of them telling me that the person that gives the refunds was not there I finally got my money back. Ill never go back to them again.

Jim B. | 2014-08-26

We came in this past Saturday to look for a new lease for my wife. Her car got flooded out so it was not by choice exactly. We went to a few other dealerships and walked out due to the typical car salesman BS.
We walked in and were given the freedom to browse at our own pace. Fritz was the salesman that ended up helping us. When it came down to the price we weren't happy with the price and I told Fritz that I didn't want to play games and gave him my budget. He went to the manager. In a few minutes he came back with JR who was his manager. I explained that I have a budget and I'm not interested in wasting time. JR and Fritz couldn't have been nicer and more importantly very genuine. We agreed on a price within minutes. They didn't treat me like I'm an idiot like other dealers. My only complaint was it took a long time to take delivery but that's because we were taking it home the same day. I guess it took long for insurance , credit check and so on. The actual delivery was very simple. I would recommend you see Fritz. He really was a decent person and will hopefully be there when it time for me to change cars. I will be back.

Derek D. | 2014-08-18

These guys even give car salesmen a bad name. Seriously, the lowest of the low. I live over an hour from here, and was about to buy another car from my local dealership, when I came across Security's inventory online and called them. I was extremely upfront and gave them all information regarding my new purchase and they assured me they would beat the deal. I told them again, that I lived over an hour away and coming there would mean arranging a sitter for my kids, and I had no intention of coming in to haggle- if I was coming I was coming to buy. Again, I was assured.

At this point I put my current deal on hold, arranged babysitting,  and the drive to amityville the next day. After arrival I waited for 30 mins for my salesman to appear, but once he did he escorted me directly out to the lot to pick the color I wanted. Narrowed it down to two or three and went inside to "work the numbers". Fast forward two hours later- they're asking me for the sales agreement from the other dealership. Huh?? Why the hell would I have that? I didn't buy that car to come here! Their "best deal" was $20 more per month for a lesser optioned car, despite the constant assurance of a better deal and that they "sell more cars than anyone". They sold one less today- I thanked them for wasting my time and went to buy the car at my local dealership.

WARNING- do not be fooled by these slick haired, smooth talking grease balls. Despite their assurances you will do far better somewhere else without feeling like you need to take a 45 min shower when leaving. Absolutely gross!!

Paul E. | 2014-08-16

Horrible purchase experience !! I felt like I needed to take a shower after leaving this dealership !! The only reason I gave them 2 stars is because my experiences with the service department have been positive. This dealership is not the closest to my home .. but they promised me I would always have a loaner vehicle available to me when I needed to service my car. Well 4 service visits later .. I have never been able to  take advantage of a loaner vehicle. All the employees involved in my purchase are no longer with the dealership. I just felt that they were not honest with me when I purchased my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee !! I love my Jeep .. hate this dealership .. do your homework ... dont believe anything thats not in writing. Take your business to a dealership that values you as a customer. Security Dodge Sucks !!

Nick I. | 2014-08-10

The only reason i went to this dealership was because i wanted to support a local dealership near me. Ive always heard the typical scummy stories about dealerships and always thought it was over-exaggerated but never have i ever been so mad after my experience here. First of all i waited 5 hours to finally walk out with my car. Within those five hours they were "prepping" it to be road off in "new condition" meanwhile its four months later this month and i need new breaks, the taillight is falling off and i had an electrical malfunction already. During the actual sale the salesmen promised me the financing i needed, which as a salesmen i didn't even haggle on the sticker price but told him what i could afford monthly (wrong decision). So he promised me what i asked then 5 hours later i talk to the piece of **** finance manager(sorry for the profanity) Vito and he increases the monthly payments by almost 100 dollars a month from what i was promised. Eventually as the salesmen i am i negotiated them giving me more for my trade in or so i thought. READ YOUR PAPERWORK OR NEVER BUY FROM THIS **** DEALERSHIP EVER ! After buying the car and four months later showing my contract to a friend if mine whose a finance manager who also tried to get scammed by them, what they did is scam the bank and myself by adding my trade in value on top of the sticker price instead of subtracting it. So in other words they took my ******* car for free and made me finance the entire car at sticker price instead of having me finance the amount after the trade in value. They manipulate their contracts in ultimately screw you over without you knowing until months later. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP THERE A BUNCH OF SCAM ARTIST PIECES OF **** !

Jack S. | 2014-06-30

Beware! This dealership has a problem with the truth! I'm not the only one who feel this way, there is a domain set up just to warn people exactly how dishonest they are!

Alice M. | 2014-06-30

Purchased a Jeep Cherokee 4X4 Limited today.  Went in with a True Car price, which they beat by about $150.  Very slick financing guy added close to $3000 worth of "Protection Plans" that I did not request.  Guess he saw a woman, shopping by herself, and thought he could pull the wool over my eyes.  Told me it was all part of the "package" I needed to take if I wanted a good rate on the financing.  When I almost walked out, he took off all the extra crap he had added, but then tried to zing me one more time by having me sign up for "Intellipayment", which would have charged me several hundred dollars to be on automatic payments.  Automatic payments that anyone can set up themselves FOR FREE online.  Would NOT recommend this dealership AT ALL.  Totally ruined the car buying experience for me.   One last insult to injury - told me to come back at 2 p.m. to pick up the car - they did not even START helping me until 3 p.m.  Totally disgusted and will make sure everyone knows about it.

Max M. | 2014-06-27

I have bought 5 cars in my life so far all from dealerships and this is by far the shadiest car dealer on longisland. Stay far far away from them.

Eric C. | 2013-03-08

I went to about 5 other dealerships before I went to Security in Amityville...  I landed there because they swore up and down I would get approved, just come in they kept saying.  

I came... and i ended up with a decent Deal on my 2012 SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  What was not a good deal is the fact that they somehow snuck in an extra 10,000 dollars onto my loan.  What is also not ok is that they promised me multiple things on the truck when i was picking it up, and they said " Don't worry,  you can leave and come back in a couple of days and we will do it"  Well that was in September of 2012, it is now March of 2013, and I am STILL playing phone tag with them for the parts they owe me, and no one wants to hear a thing about the magical 10k that I got billed out of nowhere.

Avoid this dealership if you can,  they will sweet talk you to get your money but once you do you are nothing to them.  

Pretty sad is that even if you buy the most expensive car on their lot,  you still get treated like garbage.

Run away

Update: March 2014..... still never got the stuff I was promised....  they think peoples time is a game.  Its not..... treat customers like they're paying your bills because they are.... Ill be trading in soon and not dealing with them

Trudy D. | 2013-01-23

Horrible experience from beginning to end. Purchased a pre-owned car on Friday. Was promised the door to the pickup would be fixed prior to picking up the car and of course it was not. Then noticed transmission fluid leaking out of the car the next morning. Car was brought back in to be fixed Monday and have yet to receive the car back and was just told it would be another day.  The salesman that sold us the car was not knowledgeable at all regarding the vehicle and obviously the service department is terrible as well.  Wish we read reviews before we came in because apparently people have had similar experiences.  I would NEVER recommend this dealership to anyone.  I agree with a previous post, if the site would allow you to give no stars I would have.

Brian E. | 2013-01-04

Andrew and Eddie made my car purchase easy and stressless