Lia Honda Of Albany in Albany, NY

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Competitive pricing for new and used vehicles. Here at Lia Honda Of Albany our goal is to exceed your expectations at all times.  We intend to help you find a new vehicle and have a truly exceptional experience while doing so.  Our relationship will not end there though.  Our service advisers and factory trained technicians are always here to keep your new vehicle running at its peak performance.  Give us a call today or just stop in and see for yourself.  We look forward to seeing you.


Established in 1977.

Lia Honda Of Albany

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(518) 641-1891
Address:1258 Central Ave., Albany, NY, 12205
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Lia Honda Of Albany

Shaneé H. | 2015-04-24

I've been shopping with Lia for some years now. The service department is excellent! All of the guys are really knowledgeable, informative and generally able to answer any questions you have.

Just bought my 3rd car from Lia and have to say hat as usual I was pleased. I got the car I wanted for a reasonable price and was mostly in and out about it in a timely fashion thanks to Rob Dawes. Thanks again as always!

Chris L. | 2015-03-23

This place is no good. I've been shopping around for cars, and the two Lia Dealerships I've visited are horrendous. The used cars aren't clean, the sales people have attitudes, and they do not negotiate the price at all. Everyone expects some play on a car purchase. They tell me they price to sell. News flash, so does every other dealer. Other dealers were willing to knock off substantial amounts, not here. A lot of the used cars did not have mats in them. The website isn't updated. Just avoid this place and their pushy salesmen. Don't let this place take your money, they already make enough by completely failing in all categories.

Young D. | 2015-02-09

You hear jokes about used car salesmen that use every shady trick in the book, but when you actually see it, you can't laugh because you realize how much they're insulting your intelligence.  So I'm sitting there, haggling over price, and another salesman comes over and says he needs the keys because someone else wants to look at the car. Dude doesn't even actually take the keys.  I kinda laugh and ask politely that we could dispense with all of that and just be straight forward.  No deal I guess, because the prick manager comes over and does the same thing like half an hour later. Really? Can't keep track of your own BS tactics?  Mind you, there were hardly any other customers in the place, because of a snow storm.  Manager was rude as heck, and wasted our time.  In a small town like this, it's all about referrals.  I'll never refer anyone to this pos lot. Go to Mohawk or anywhere else but here. They'll insult you to your face here.

Karthik C. | 2015-02-07

I bought a cr-v at the dealership two weeks ago. the ppl who were dealing with the finances are extremely dishonest and will try to deceive you. He gave me a poor rate and the moment I told him I was calling my bank for a loan, he reduced it by half.

He hard sold an extended warranaty, for me to only find later that it was a third party insurance and it also had a deductible which was left out when it was sold to me.

I would recommend you find other Honda dealerships in the area.

Kevin D. | 2014-12-16

I have dealt with multiple honda dealers in the past but only at Lia did i experience the swindling nature Id expect from a sketchy used car lot. I did not buy my car from this dealer but I did use their service center. I bought my car in because it was pulling and needed an oil change. Although I have lived i the area for almost 5 years, I brought my car to the same mechanic my family has been going to for years but has recently passed away. I thought id give a dealer a shot knowing theyre more expensive but I was pressed for time and was willing to bite the bullet. I brought it in and they gave me the usual run down and said it would be ready in an hour or so. I waited in their waiting area, which was acutally the only semi positive aspect to this transaction. During my time in the waiting area, the man in charge of my car came out and informed me of over $1000 worth of repair/maintenance for my car. I declined and said to just continue with what i requested. My car was brought out 15 minutes later. I paid and drove off. The car still pulled heavily to the right! I thought, okay, maybe i should have some a bushing replaced (15 dollar part but cost 400 with labor). I later had that done and they charged me for another alignment even though they did NOT do one the first time because they couldnt produce an alignment report when i asked for it. About a month later i did my own oil change at my girlfriend's house and found the same filter that had been put on by my mechanic A YEAR earlier! (i had brought it to jiffy lube 2 times in between but dont get me started on them). I was outraged. They hustled me and I have never been more disgusted with the lying sacks of **** at that dealership. They are scum and I will do anything I can to send people over to mohawk honda if you're in desperate need of a dealers help. Be forewarned that they are AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL.

Yibin Z. | 2014-11-28

I purchaced a new car from Lia with horrible and horrible experience. especially, the sale manager, Rich Docarell, He is horrible and rude on me when He talked to me. I've never experice with any sale person like him in USA. If I have choice, I will put negative 5 stars on him.

Lia sale person, Chelsea(3 stars) and me reach a deal on Satureday for a new 2014 honda civic and 1 year free oil change  service. and I was promised to get my car on Tuesday. then I went to Lia to get paper work done(Angel helped me, He is 4.5 stars service), and I added one remote start by paying extra(339$+tax) and also was told it came with 3 year warranty as the new car.

I called Angel on Tuesday if I can get a car. He told me I can not get it until wednesday. I told him I don't have transportation on Wednesday, Angel said somebody can pick me up at my home.

on Wednesday, I got a call from Angel and was told remote starter can not be installed until Friday, and he give me two options: A-pick up the car on Wednesday and come back on Friday to install the starter. B-pick up the car on Friday after starter is installed. I took option A.

on Friday, I came to Lia, service person told me told me totally different story of the remote starter. He told me Lia honda will not resonsible for 3 years warranty, and the remote starter is not from Honda, they will dive my car to somewhere else to install a cheaper starter.  I feel I was cheated about the starter, then I told Angel, there are two options, A-install honda starter on my car at Lia, B- refound my money of starter. and I asked I want to see the manager.

a few mins later, the sale manager came to me, his name is Rich Dockrell. He did not even want to listen and talk to me. He was emotional and very rude on me, kept saying that the price of car Lia sale to me is very low, everyone at Lia is not happy, He tried to make me feel he did a big favor on me, I should feel guilty if I asked them to install a honda starter. He said he will take back the car to terminate the deal( I have already paid the car).

Come on, We reached the deal, Lia made the promise. nothing to do with the price. If Lia think the price is too low, why they just tell me they can not sell the car at that price at the begining.  Lia is just one of dealers who give me that price. I am very frustrated, very very upset how the manager(Rich Dockrell) treated the customers.

Robyn L. | 2014-09-20

Bought my first car here last month. Their customer service stops the minute the keys are in your hands. When I got the car home I realized there were no floor mats in the car. I called the salesman who had sold me the car and he had already left for the day...10:30am right after he sold me the car. No one would help me! I called for 3 days until someone apparently noticed car mats around the office that were probably mine.

They also promised to touch up some scratches before I purchased it...they had to special order the paint color and I was moving that next week so I said I'd just take the paint once it came in. I called everyday looking for that paint and had to move out of state without it. My salesman never returned my phone calls, said he tried calling but couldn't get through. Are you kidding me?! I can't say I'm surprised I got this kind of service from a dealership but they just really didn't care about my service after selling me the car. Poor tactic. I'm telling everyone never to go here. Or any of the Lia's. Thanks for nothing. Negative stars.

Dawn F. | 2014-09-05

My sister bought a car with a 60 day warranty.  She was told the problem would get fixed and it has been in the shop many times, now they are refusing to even look at the car for this issue.  She has asked to speak to the owner and can not get a call back.  They promised they would fix the issue, she brought it to another dealer who recognizes there is a problem.  Why can't you get resolution from the owner?

Matthew D. | 2014-07-29

I accompanied a close friend when taking her car in for electrical issues. She was told rodents had chewed through some wires. $300 to fix.

2 days later more problems. Was told rodents eating wires again. $175.

Checking with Honda corporate and online reviews, this is a common problem with newer Hondas. She leases a 2012 civic. Honda now offers, for about $35 a special tape to deter rodents from the wires, so she also purchased that.

Again, a month later, she is now back at Lia Honda for $800 of wire repairs and a new wire harness. All of which they will not cover under warranty or a lease. They also claim to have never heard of such a problem before, yet sold her the tape last visit, and Honda corporate acknowledges that this problem exists.

Lia will not allow her to break her lease so this problem may continue on for the duration of her lease. She has now tried everything from sprays and poisons to just shy of killing her neighbors cats.

Shame on Lia for pretending that this is an isolated case. The web is loaded with identical stories. Even Honda admits the "soy based wire covers" attract rodents.

Fix the problem Lia and admit this needs to be addressed at the corporate level. But don't play stupid to generate more money from people who have already invested both money and time in you, not to mention trust!

Today I learned that another friend is having similar issues with Lia Nissan and a catalytic converter being covered under warranty.

Brian T. | 2014-06-26

Purchased an Accord in 2004. They sold me a rust insurance policy.
In 2013, I brought it in for an evaluation of rusting. They sat on the estimate and didn't get back to me for several months. The insurance company denied the claim because it was not filed within 60 days of noticing the rust.

Also, they tried to sell me a new brake job when I didn't need them.

Candace L. | 2013-07-15

Since this is the closest Honda dealership to me, I for some reason, took my car there again.  This time for a safety recall notice on my CR-V and the service department tried telling me that I was going to be charged for the recall if parts that need fixing are not covered under warranty.. SERIOUSLY?  Service is awful, employees are not friendly, and people working here needs to be trained better.  On their receipt it states that if your service was not great, then call this given number - and the number brings you right back to the service department.  No wonder why they stink - their reviews goes right back to them.. how about some oversight?

Tony A. | 2013-05-29

They don't really want to sell you a car. Met with mirror glasses Salesman. Never even introduced himself.  Reluctant to discuss cars, had to pry info out of him. Talked to another guy, didn't want to tell me about the car. My daughter (who lives there in Menands) and I walked in there ready to buy. Mirror glasses told us they sold so many cars they didn't really need our business. So, they didn't get it.

Aimee S. | 2013-05-24

Never bought a car here, never will. I signed up for price alerts on their website months ago, and they refuse to unsubscribe me from their newsletters. Every email has an unsubscribe link that I've clicked every single time to no avail. It always says I'm unsubscribed from all alerts - so why am I still getting newsletters, etc. every other day? Incredibly shady.

N M. | 2013-04-02

Completely untrustworthy!

I've been to this shop here and there over the years, (mainly for their competitively-priced oil change which they use to get you in the door and then try and sucker you into UN-NEEDED service and repairs!). The last go-around I had with them was to have my state inspection done and they really went lower than I thought was possible - they failed my car saying I needed a repair totaling over $600 and seemed to assume that I wouldn't go elsewhere since I was so close to the current inspection lapsing. Well, they were wrong - I was stuck paying them the fee to do the inspection and then went to a credible service center that was DISGUSTED that Lia Honda of Albany failed my car and tried to make me pay for repairs that were COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.
Thinking back - I believe that every single time I have gone to this garage (for the cheap oli change) they have made false claims for service and repairs, one time even causing me to cancel a road-trip because I was unsure my car was roadworthy because of their claims. I will certainly never go to Lia Honda again and wouldn't advise anyone to go here either.

Matt W. | 2012-02-21

I did a comprehensive search for a dealer when recently buying a new car, including talking to 11 dealerships about three different cars, and this included all five area Honda dealerships. I asked for some specific price quotes on a very specific configuration by email from all five dealerships, and what I got back from this dealership was pushy sales calls on the phone, not the pricing I asked for. I understand the sales process in cars is not pretty under the best of circumstances, but if you can't even just give me a price on a base model when I ask for it, why in god's name would I then want to talk to you on the phone, over and over and over? Car dealerships have got to get a grip. I understand that Lia is a huge dealership with multiple brands but bigger is not necessarily better.

Willie W. | 2012-02-06

On the way home from Clifton Park yesterday the engine light came on in the car letting this dummy know something was wrong. Everything seemed to be fine, nothing shaking, no noises, no puffs of oddly colored smoke. I decided to get home and make an appointment to bring the car in to be looked over. Then I went to get gas, and for the first time ever my Honda did not start immediately with the first turn of the key. After a few minutes the car did finally start, but not before setting me straight that this is serious.

I took it to a Pep Boys that has done a lot of work on other cars we had owned that I knew was open. After a couple of hours they let me know they were unable to help me. Worse, the problem might be pretty serious and costly. I cancelled all of our Superbowl plans and went right home. Got online and went to make an appointment.

The Honda website is a great feature for all the little things. The first appointment they let me schedule was for Tuesday. This left me wondering how much risk I was willing to take trying to take the car to work. Before I left the house, I called over to the service department and asked if the website was accurate and see if they could help. They told me to bring it right in, they might not be able to get someone working on fixing it right away, but they could get a diagnosis immediately.

I brought it in and explained the problem and what information I had already gathered. I also mentioned a recall notice I received a few days ago but had not gotten around to getting fixed. The recall notice said it would take half a day to resolve the issue (air bag related) and I was once again informed of the 11:00 start they expected. I also decided to get an oil change too, I couldn't remember when the last one was done and I figured I am going to spend hundreds of dollars so I might as well not have to plan to make another car service stop this month.

They were happy to help get me a ride to work through their shuttle, but I had already contacted a coworker who was on their way to pick me up.

About 10:30 I had received a voicemail at work from the gentleman whom I spoke with when I dropped the car off. The car was done, ready to be picked up whenever I was ready to get her.

Better yet, the hundreds of dollars I was expecting ended up being $21 - the price of the oil change. Seems the cause of the light was corrosion on a sensor, they cleaned it up and did not charge me a dime for their time.

This was not my first positive experience with Lia Honda's service team. And yes, this is a dealership so some of the service and repairs might cost more than discount places, but I have no hesitation on bringing my car whenever I need something fixed.

The car is 10 years old now, but it's possible I could keep it running another 10 years. It is good to know Lia Honda's service team is as reliable as they are. I really appreciated how much they went out of their way for me today.

Robert Z. | 2011-10-02

I went to Lia Honda for a minor problem with my steering.  They gave me an estimate of over $1,000 for the repair.  They wanted to replace the brake pads, the axle, the fuel injection fluid and the serpentine belt.  I went to Little Motors on Central Avenue in Albany, and they said a lot of the things Lia Honda wanted to do were unnecessary, like changing the fuel injector fluid.  Little Motors quoted me $480 for the same repairs.  Needless to say, I had my car fixed at Little Motors.  Little Motors was professional and courteous and saved me $520.

Carrie A. | 2010-01-19

I bought a 2005 Civic from Lia in August.  I just got repairs done from a fender bender and found out there that the dented fender, is not original to the car.
I was told there were no accidents with this car and the car has always been serviced by Lia.  There were no accidents reported on the Carfax.  However, I didn't get the actual Carfax after it was offered.  I was foolish enough to take the dealer's word for it.

On the other hand, when I took the car in for to fix a burnt out bulb and an oil change, the Service Rep, Steve, very kindly took the coupon amount off my total when I told him I forgot it.  That's the only reason they are getting two stars.

Crystal C. | 2009-07-04

Back in november my car died and I was looking to replace it with a Honda Fit. My parents and I went over to Lia Honda ready to sign the papers and buy one on the spot. We got a super young salesman who put us in the car with no gas. Literally. The gas light was on. He told us we'd "only be able to go around the block." Great! Thanks! So we came back and he stood there looking at us...WE had to ask HIM if we could discuss numbers. He continued to be incompetant, rude, and unhelpful. He refused to give us an estimated monthy payment ammount unless we signed a paper saying we were purchasing the, I'm not gonna sign anything until you TELL me how much I'm going to pay for it, thanks...
So we got up and left for Mohawk Honda...on the way we stopped at Fuccillo Huyndai. I bought a 2008 Hyundai Eleantra.
So, Lia Honda, your lost sale of a Fit is now lining Billy Fuccillo's pocket.