Albany Dodge in Albany, NY

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Established in 1975.

The Outstanding staff at Albany Dodge is dedicated to satisfying the demands of each and every customer.  We offer new and pre-owned inventories, financial assistance, expert auto technicians and OEM parts to Albany, NY and it's surrounding ares.

Please browse our inventories of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles to find your perfect match.  If you can't find that diamond in the rough, you can always fill out our carfinder form and we'll start looking for you.  When matching inventory arrives, we'll alert you and offer a test drive right away!

Albany Dodge

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(518) 438-8461
Address:770 Central Ave, Albany, NY, 12206

Reviews on Albany Dodge

Travis P. | 2012-12-14

I bought my truck from this place, and because I love the truck, would never let it be serviced by this crew. The lack of professionalism from the front desk to the people working on your vehicle is very troubling. A simple inspection turned into a five hour ordeal, as they did not order the correct parts I needed, and then did not prioritize my vehicle despite knowing how long their mistake cost me. In the end, the work they did was so poor, I went to another shop to get the work done right (they passed my inspection even though BOTH tail lights were blown!) The manager, upon my leaving, offered me a card with a free oil change for my troubles. I threw it away and will never return.

Cosmo T. | 2011-12-08

"Throw them out!" When's the last time you got thrown out of dealership?  Here's my story...

I contacted a salesperson named Jessica regarding a truck I saw posted on the Albany Dodge web site.  I asked about the usual stuff, specifically asking about any fees or other charges.  I was told that Chrysler was offering a rebate if I financed the truck through a local credit union and I asked about the terms and whether there were any fees associated with the loan.  Jessica said no fees other than DMV fees which sounded good.  After a few rounds of phone calls, things started to take a bad turn. I stopped hearing from Jessica, and I ended up talking to Vinny.  Uh oh.

Vinny was a fast talking guy who kept telling me yeah, it's all good and he kept jumping to an out-the-door price and what my monthly payments were.  I couldn't get the numbers to add up and Vinny kept insisting that "it's really pretty simple."  Guess my having an MBA in finance doesn't count.  After insisting on a breakdown of the out-the-door price, I got a deal print-out which showed a dealer doc fee. I argued but figured OK, give in and let 'em have something to do the paper work.  The deal sheet still couldn't account for $95 which I finally found was a loan application fee.  This being the second fee that Jessica forgot to tell me about, I told Vinny I'm not paying.  OK, Vinny said, he's not going to let $95 get in the way of a $35K truck transaction, so come on down.

When I got to the dealer, Vinny started putting the paperwork in front of me to sign and I asked him to show how he took care of the $95 fee.  Vinny said I'd better see the finance manager.  The finance manager insisted that this is a fee charged by the bank and and there's nothing she could do.  I told her to discount the price of the truck by $95 since, after all, Vinny said he'd take care of it.  The finance manager went next door to Rocco, the sales manager.

Rocco exploded and screamed, "No! No! Throw them out!" which was apparently a scare tactic.  So I left on principle and went home, figuring I'm not up for the intimidation game.  Later that day, Vinny called and said he'd take the $95 out of his pocket to make the deal happen and in the end, I had them deliver the truck to me after they discounted the truck price by $95.

Does $95 really matter? No.  But the way these guys treat their customers is really the worst I've ever encountered.  Rocco's got no business being the sales manager and if you buy a vehicle from these guys, make sure the numbers add up!