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Volvo of Las Vegas invites you to experience a new way to buy and service your vehicle. As a Sonic Automotive Premier Dealership, our entire inventory comes with our True Price.  By regularly comparing our prices with the local market, True Price eliminates the time consuming negotiation process and delivers you an exceptional deal.


Established in 1971.

Volvo of Las Vegas is celebrating 38+ years serving the Las Vegas and Henderson community. Volvo of Las Vegas opened its doors in 1971. As the only Volvo dealer in Southern Nevada, we have been providing our customers in Las Vegas, and all over the United  States outstanding service experience ever since. In fact, Volvo of Las Vegas is a  recipient of Volvo's prestigious President's Club award for sales and service
customer satisfaction.

Volvo of Las Vegas

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 317-1000
Address:7705 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, 89117
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Volvo of Las Vegas

Charlotte B. | 2015-04-21

Laroyne and Justin do a great job in service. Highly recommend!

Jeno Y. | 2015-04-16

I dont usually write reviews but wanted to share my experienxe this time.  So I came by for an oil change and after the standard vehicle inspection i was told that I was down to 1% on my front brakes and needed rotors also which would cost almost $900.  I remembered seeing a brake replacement special on the website for $250 so of course i asked for that deal.  On the ad said " Brake replacement front or rear $250", and had a pic of pads and rotors.  When i asked for that deal i was told it was only for pads... " but it doesnt specify that at all and shows rotors and pads on the ad, thats false advertisement!.", but they still refused to honor it.  I immediately sent an email to corporate about the false advertisement because I felt cheated.  So 20 min later the service manager came back out with the GM and both said that the ad wasnt put up in-house, wasnt proof read well enough and was now  changed.  With that being said, they said they understood my frustration and wanted to keep me as a customer so we agreed on a final price that was  pretty close to the advertised price.  Thanks to service mngr Laroyne Brown and his GM Larry im a very happy customer and will definitely be coming back.

Ricardo M. | 2015-03-24

It is hard to change bad impressions, but after an initial negative experience  the full team of Volvo of Las Vegas specially Janet Coursey did everything possible to change my perception about them and they did it. Kudos for been a company committed to excelence and that care for costumers. They have me back as a client!!

Violet K. | 2015-03-11

So excited about my new car!! It was a great experience with the salesman Jonathan who really went above and beyond, without ever rushing us or making us feel stressed about making a decision.

Kelli H. | 2015-02-19

I enjoyed my time at Volvo, and also love my new dodge truck. Amy in finance was amazing! She was very helpful and we even engaged in conversation. All around it was a good experience, Jimmy III was a huge help in getting my payment and numbers to where I needed to be with my new truck. Johnathon our dealer was helpful in getting our truck detailed and having patience in dealing with the back and forth. And Chris Leamy helping with the F and F deal. It was a team effort and they are like family. I'm very impressed and soled on my truck!

Sarah C. | 2015-02-09

I have never had a worse customer service experience than dealing wtih Laron.  His charm is lost on me as he is manipulative and a liar.  He makes me wish I didnt own a Volvo.

Ryan F. | 2015-01-31

Very happy with my recent buying experience. Both the salesman Byrum and general manager Jimmy were extremely friendly and personable, were able to make the details work out fair and square - no gimmicks or traps, which is definitely appreciated. The vehicle itself - a 2012 S60 - is fun to drive and looks smart. I would happily recommend Volvo of Las Vegas to friends and family without hesitation.

Assuming their service department is as good as their sales team, they may have a customer for life.

Stefany V. | 2014-12-26

This review is for the service department, not sales.
For starters, their website is very user-friendly: schedule an appointment and even look over the types of services they offer without leaving home. A simple phone call can get you pricing information.

Staff is courteous, and I really appreciate Mario, the service manager- I received an estimate that was much higher than expected and he was able to provide some wiggle room using coupons from their website (check them out for yourself!) that I didn't even know were there.

Bonus star for assessing my maintenance needs quickly, providing a detailed estimate by email, and going above and beyond to record and send a video of my car's engine to show specifically what was wrong and why it needed immediate attention.

Charm M. | 2014-11-23

This is THE BEST dealership in Las Vegas and Ken Haddad is the best salesman on earth!    Ken is such a low key, no pressure, personable and most professional salesman I have ever met.  He did everything he could to make us happy and the result was we ended up buying a car and couldn't be more pleased.  The management was willing to work with us right down to the end of the sale.  Everyone from the receptionist to the top were wonderful to us.  If you need a car......GO SEE KEN! He is the best.

Joseph T. | 2014-11-07

I'm extremely happy with the service delivered by these guys. Mario and the folks on theservice team. As I drove home - a two hour drive - the car handled so much better than before turning it over to you guys. Frankly, it feels like a brand new car!

Their service guys even cleaned the engine! Seriously, the parts of car that they worked on makes this car feel brand new.

This was my first time at the service department. I can assure you that when it's time for us to buy another car, because of the excellent service we'll be back as first time customers with the new car sales department.

The service team is competent and determined to deliver value to customers.

Ask for Mario or LaRoyne...

Scott O. | 2014-10-26

I just moved to Vegas from Boston, MA. I needed a car once I got here and I didn't have a lot of time to shop. I had reached out to many dealers in Vegas concerning a certain car or two I was interested in. Since I was doing this while I was still in Boston I was hoping someone might respond, understand my situation, and work with me. Kan Haddad from Volvo of Las Vegas did just that. Not only did he respond quickly to my initial inquiries, he also shot me a call to discuss and clarify my situation. I made it clear that I was motivated to buy as soon as I landed in Vegas, and that if he gave me some great options that I would buy a car from him! Well, he came through big time! He did the coolest thing. He took cell phone video of the cars I was interested in and emailed them to me! He talked to me in the videos, explained the cars features, miles, etc. I landed in Vegas on Tuesday, met him on Wednesday at 2pm, and by 4pm I had bought a killer Infinity G37 that I hadn't even gone there for! I also need to send a shout out to their finance guru Jimmy Johnson III. He made the financing so easy and quick, it was awesome. He got us a better rate than our bank would have given us. Also, Ken had the car tinted for me on Volvo! Seriously cool! Ken Haddad and Jimmy Johnson III were a great team. Can't wait to go back and get my wife a car now!

Liz C. | 2014-10-16

My Volvo service experience this time was horrible, I came away feeling totally taken advantage of and lied to and betrayed, by a company I have had service my car for over 12 years.

First of all my husband heard the noise in my engine when I first started it in the morning.
He said its the idler and alternator, possibly.

So I called Debbie my service writer since George Caudill is no longer there.

She said she was really busy but if it got worse to let her know. But I could bring it in on Wednesday.

So I did call her back letting her know it had gotten louder and asked if I could bring it in one day sooner, on Tuesday rather then Wednesday. She said ok.
When I got there I was the only customer there, no cars in the driveway even or people sitting waiting no one, but me.
So why did she say I needed to bring my car in on Wednesday because she was overrun with people?

So I leave it and take a rental car as my warranty pays for it. But supposedly both diagnostic machines (2) all the company owns were broke so my car sat out side for literally 2 and 1/2 days, until I realized it was outside(had to ask to find out)once I did I took the rental back and got my car back, as its a soft top 2004 C70 , which by the way has been kept in a garage not out in Vegas sunshine. One of the reasons it looks brand new.

So I asked her(Debbie)to let me know when the part my warranty company was sending got in and I would bring it back.

Also I had to call the warranty company after talking to three different people, I got Ben who only having fifteen minutes to push send, on my part I needed, got it ordered in order to get it in soon as possible, the warranty company had called Debbie several times but she had customers in front of her or so she said, and didn't take their call.

I did not buy my car from Volvo of Vegas, but from the very beginning they have serviced my car thru George Caudill. He was honest and I never felt as though I was getting lied too and or taken advantage of like I did this entire experience.

So to top everything else off, when I got the message today October 15 that my car was finished, (after being told to come back on Thursday morning)Debbie told me I had to come pay my portion before my warranty would pay. So I immediately drove over to the dealership and when I got the paperwork from the cashier, (I never got her name) she literally says Ok real quick now, sign right here and here. I was shocked! Real quick? why real quick and I stood there dumb founded and did it and now I'm kicking myself for not saying Really you are saying to me real quick sign this?

How would you feel if you were treated like this by the company you had believed in and trusted for years?

Was this in your mind good customer service?

I'm so disappointed right now and upset, not only was I treated like a step child, but told to hurry up and sign the paperwork.

I will call my warranty company and ask them who else they recommend to work on my car in the future, not having one single good feeling about Volvo of Las Vegas on Sahara.

And we were planning(in a few years) on flying to Sweden and buying my next car there but thru Volvo of Las Vegas on Sahara. Not anymore!

I am a grandmother/lady, who just retired from US Airways in customer service and never in all my years did I ever treat any of my passengers with such disrespect as I felt today and in this whole service experience.


Liz C.

After just now getting a phone call (which lasted an hour)from Laronne  the service manager of Las Vegas Volvo on Sahara , not from my message I left this morning asking him to please call me, (before I wrote on yelp) but after his GM emailed him about my Yelp post, is why he called.

5 hours later, (after my message was left on his office phone to call me) and during our conversation in which he eventually raised his voice in a discussion over my going on social media, saying I should have talked to him first.
First of all he was there when I had my discussion over me having to do the leg work with the warranty company to get the part ordered, and the repair done.
Second, as I was leaving yesterday, he was not in his office.
So I decided the first thing I did was call him this morning, to discuss my entire service experience.

Not unreasonable, right?

As a consumer I had a viable and reasonable concern about the way my Volvo was serviced and handled. And how I felt their  conduct was not in the best interest of myself as a long time Volvo owner and consumer.

Feed back is always encouraged, whether good or bad.
And is used as a gauge to determine how a companies performing.

Respect and Value to consumers is what makes a company succeed or fail.

Paul B. | 2014-10-14

- initial sales person service
- dropped as soon as the same day
- bounced between three sales people
- not responsive to email, or notifications
- went somewhere else to buy that wanted to make sale.

Heidi M. | 2014-08-28

Current visit to the service department revealed excellent customer service.  My loaner car was excellent---associates made eye contact while speaking with me, and the service was fast & friendly.  

Thank you Victor, you represented your company well.

Xavier C. | 2014-06-15

Couldn't be happier. Showed up on a Saturday morning on a cross country drive, in June, in 110 heat, without air con.

Slotted me right in. Walked me through the problems, showed me the issue, literally, showed me the issues under the car.

Out of sheer financial analysis I explored trading in the car (6 years old, 109k miles, moving to LA). Looked over the lot, had some discriminating requirements and they pulled a car out of their loaner program to satisfy my wants. Kudos to Billy, Jimmy and LaRoyne.

I hate the car buying process. This shop made it easier.

Mike H. | 2014-06-12

FANTASTIC.  MY SALESMAN KEN GAVE ME SUCH A GREAT DEAL WITH NO MONEY DOWN ON A S80 AND S60. I have owned Mercedes S320, S300, S420 just to name a few since 1987 and  swore by them until now.  These Volvos  not only match but I believe beat Mercedes for safety features, ride, gas economy, looks, interior and exterior(one guy thought I had a  Bentley from the rear).  My brother in Chicago who's a judge put me on to these cars. Ken was complete from beginning to end and contacted me after the sale to see how I liked the cars. GOOD BYE MERCEDES, BMWS, THERE'S A NEW KID  ON THE BLOCK.  IF YOU'RE SMART, YOU WOULD GO  IN AND DRIVE ONE OF  THESE NEW OR USED CARS AND THEN SEE AND FEEL THE REAL THING. THANKS KEN-YOU'RE GREAT.  MH

Suzy S. | 2014-05-21

I have owned a Volvo for 10 years. I have had nothing but great service. Working with Laronne is always a pleasure.

Jimmy J. | 2014-04-20

I recently bought my second car here. This has to be the best darn car dealership ever. The Finance guy was the coolest guy I have ever met. the sales staff was great.

Laura I. | 2014-04-19

The sales staff is extremely knowledgeable. You can tell they really take pride in their work and cars, and are always quick to answer questions -- even if they have to look up the answer. Both sales and service departments are really up front and easy to deal with. I really recommend coming here. The salesman I worked with was genuinely interested in making  sure I got the right car for my lifestyle. I'm looking forward to becoming a repeat customer.

Missy N. | 2014-03-27

I bought a used car from here yesterday.  This was actually the best car buying experience I've ever had.  I bought my last 2 cars from CarMax and it was big hassle.  I found a car I was interested in via their website and submitted a price quote.  I received an email within the hour from the sales rep and scheduled an appt for a test drive that evening.  I had some questions before going in and called the sales rep (Billy) directly.  He answered all of my questions and said he'd have the car ready.  Everything went smoothly after that.  They gave me more than I expected on my trade-in and negotiated with me on my payments.  Billy is great, he went out of his way to watch and play with my 3 year old while I signed the financial papers.  I thought that was so nice of him.  I felt very comfortable during the whole process and everyone I encountered was pleasant.  I left in my new car very happy.

Rotisha H. | 2014-01-18

This place is the Best!!! Go see Jimmy and Marcus and they'll help you out tremendously. There was no pressure and they are very easy to talk to. You will not be disappointed.

Kim K. | 2013-10-17

I've bought two cars from there.  
I can say two things.  
Debby from service is very nice and honest.

And, Fred from sales is awesome.  


Jamie B. | 2013-09-21

DO NOT GO!!! NEVER GO TO VOLVO... Service manager is a crook and GM is an ass.... Air conditioning never worked, tested it but as it was winter.. Couldn't tell...
To sum it up they ended up doing more wrong then good.... Lied to my warranty company and dismissed me off as a naive woman... It wasn't until I had to mention corporate ... That the GM actually puckered and for the first time listened to me... LaRon is a LaUghing joke and has the worst techs!
Oh and the scratches  they "fixed" ya .... it's all "orange peeled" painting.. Going to have to get it redone... Prob at my expense but WILL NOT endanger my car to them again... Run for your lives!

Megan H. | 2013-09-15

I recently leased a Volvo C30. The experience at Volvo is completely different than at other dealerships. I was sure that I'd be leasing an Audi or the new Cadillac ATS so we visited them first. Ugh!  The same old sales techniques that make the car shopping experience dreadful. Fortunately, Volvo had the sporty car that I was looking for, an unbelievable price and an amazing sales experience.  Plus, this is my third Volvo so it fits like a glove!  I highly recommend Volvo cars and Volvo of Las Vegas.

Darrell B. | 2013-08-29

We just recently bought a car from Volvo of Las Vegas. Literally every person that works at this dealership is amazing. The General Manager of the dealership, Larry, and the Service Manager, Laroyne, even helped out with our purchase. Anytime we need a car or service, our first stop is Volvo of Las Vegas. This place was AWESOME!

Ryan R. | 2013-06-27

Love this dealership!  Volvos are the best cars - been driving them for years and NEVER had a problem.  Just bought another from here and had another great experience.  Quick and easy. No false promises or endless hours of haggling, I told them what I wanted, the price I could pay, and they delivered.  
Highly recommend.

Warren P. | 2013-04-17

I bought my car here a few months ago and would just like to say I am more than pleased with the sales service.  My salesperson has already contacted me more than once to make sure everything was still good with my car, and of course, it is.  I just really appreciate when people actually take the time to follow up, it shows they are not just about making the sale but truly care about good customer service.

Ilia I. | 2013-04-13

Don't bring your Volvo to this dealership for repair They mess up your car any time you bring you Volvo even for oil change.I bring my Volvo for oil change my air was working when i drove home no cold air. The service department is crooked  it's a jock  .

Matthew F. | 2013-04-10

While on a rode trip, my front driver side wheel was making some squeaking noise. I took my 1998 Volvo v70 to them for service. I recently found out from my trusted local mechanic that Volvo of Las Vegas used a cheap Made in China wheel bearing and charged me for the higher end stock Volvo part. Very dissatisfied!

Lindsey R. | 2013-03-25

Wonderful customer service and great inventory selection.

Eileen L. | 2013-03-21

As a single woman, shopping for a car is always a very stressful and nerve wracking experience. But this was the first time in my life where I truly felt at ease. I went in upside down on a loan from my 2007 Nissan Altima. I was hoping to trade it in for something similar and in my price range but a little newer and in better condition.  I never in my life expected to be walking out with a Mercedes! Due to some credit problems in the past, I always felt luxury cars were out of reach for me, but a very knowledgeable and friendly salesman helped me understand that I could get a nicer car for not much more than I was already paying. They really went to work for me and were able to give me a good trade-in value, a low interest rate and the most amazing car I could ever dream of owning! Highly recommend anyone looking for a higher-end used car to try Volvo.

If I could give this dealership 10 stars I would! Great customer service, experienced staff, and several nice cars to choose from.

Michelle M. | 2013-02-15

Buying experience was fine, howeer, once you buy a car here, they get your money and service is a joke.  All I want is a stupid copy of my bill of sale because I can't find my paperwork (yes, know that's my fault).  I've call 5-6 times and even talked to the sales manager who told me if I called him back on a Monday after 11:30 that he'd show me how good the service is.  Conveniently, I now can't get a hold of him, just his voice mail.  Folks, this isn't tough and I'm not unresonable, I'm the one that can't find my paperwork, but really?  After spending 40K+ you can't fax me a darn bill of sale?  What happens if there's something wrong with my car?  

Next time, I'll drive to Ontario Volvo in California, they sold me my first 2 Volvo's and I should have never give Volvo of LV a chance.  Won't make that mistake again.  I'll take my money to people that believe in reasonable customer service.

Rob S. | 2013-01-15

I regret 5 stars is the limit, Volvo of Las Vegas deserves 6.   I've been a customer for five years, bought two cars from them, love the Volvo brand, but even if I didn't, I'd want to be a customer of their service department.  All of the service advisers are knowledgeable, helpful, and honest,; all are credible and look out for their customers.  But George Caudill is obviously a guy who loves his job, and takes pride in being of service to customers.  He truly makes a difference and is the dealership's greatest asset.  I've owned Volvos for many years, but until Volvo of Las Vegas, I never truly believed the service department had my best interests in mind when recommending  service.  Yea, it's guys like George (the others are very good too), but I suspect it comes from the dealership itself, in their training, policies and expectations of their employees.  I love my Volvo, but I even love the service department that keeps it running like new, even more.

Melinda N. | 2012-05-20

This dealership has some of the best service that I have ever experienced.  

After making a phone call to set up an appointment, George C (in service). told me to come in the next day (which was a Saturday their busiest day).  I really did not expect to get an appointment right away, but he said he would fit me in at any time.

I was in and out in 35 min! Now, I realize that it was only a bulb that was out, but I cannot tell you how friendly and courteous George C. the service advisor was!  They also wash your car as part of your service :)

I would highly recommend the service at this dealership any time! I will actually consider buying another Volvo at this dealership just because of George.

Suzy L. | 2012-05-04

Volvo of Las Vegas, you are the BEST!!! I've been a customer of Volvo of Las Vegas  since 2005 when I purchased  my brand new S40, and I've had nothing but above and beyond customer service from LaRoyne Brown!! My car 7yrs later is still running like brand new! I've always kept up with all my maintenances, thanks to Volvo for sending me my reminders that it's time for service! My next car will be another Volvo and I will stick to them like glue for the wonderful customer service I've always received from this great company!  Volvo of Las Vegas, you are the BEST!!! Thank you.

Todd C. | 2012-04-27

Took my 2009 Volvo XC90 with only 30k miles for the premature cracking of the leather seats. Come to find out it is a common problem and a manufacturer defect. Even while still under warranty the service department would not repair... Couldn't believe believe it!! So much for customer service...
Liked: Disliked:

Amy G. | 2011-12-30

After noticing a heavy gas smell in our garage we contacted Volvo. It was explained that our fuel pump my be malfunctioning. We discovered that there was a recall on these particular fuel pumps and again contacted the dealership. They said we were not covered within the recall and would have to pay for service. Petitioned Volvo headquarters. They in turn contacted Volvo Las Vegas to fix the cracked fuel pump in our car. We pointed out the recall again but they claim that even though the problem occurred in our particular model and year and in the state claimed, our vin number is not covered under this recall. Our service is limited to an extended warranty that surprisingly ended just months ago. We took vehicle to a reputable mechanic familiar with this particular problem and he verified that it is indeed the fuel pump mentioned in recall that has cracked and is causing an extremely dangerous fire hazard.
Again spoke to Volvo and they refuse to fix this issue. They refuse to even look at the vehicle unless we pay $139. The general manager at Volvo Las Vegas, claims this issue will not cause any sort of fire danger and he's never seen any issue with this leak. He said that the car is built so that the gas will not pool but "drain" out of the car. Apparently gasoline draining from the car is not considered to be dangerous. When our vehicle was inspected the fuel was pooling under the passenger seats and in particular under my three year olds car seat.  We have photos and documents.
At this point we have no other option but to have the repairs made and pay. We've chosen to have the work done at another shop as we do not trust this the Volvo dealership. They have been extremely underhanded and dishonest in all of our dealings.
Volvo is very much aware of the problem. If they weren't, then the 2001-2005's would not have been recalled. I'd have no problem paying for a repair if that repair needed to be done because of wear and tear. However, when it comes to a defect in the design and or manufacturing process it is the responsibility of the company to correct. The age of the vehicle has nothing to do with the fact that the plastic flange cracks in extreme heat. This should have been taken into account before the car was sold. Volvo owners beware.
This company refuses to fix a potentially deadly issue with their product. I hope there can be some solution before someone is hurt or worse.
If you are having the same issue or similar problems with this company please contact and file a complaint with the NHTSA 1-888-327-4236
The Federal Trade Commission 877-382-4357
Better Business Bureau and your states Attorney Generals office.
Good luck and stay the hell away from this place.

Kelly G. | 2011-05-26

If my car wasn't under warranty I wouldn't take it there, but since it is.....I'm kind of stuck.  It seems like it's always something with them.  Just today we took it in for an oil change.  The service guy tells my husband that all four tires need replacing.  My husband knows that can't be right because 2 of them only have a few thousand miles on them.  Then my husband gets the receipt for the oil change and on the detailed inspection report that comes with it, all four tires were checked and marked with "Green - 7/32 or Greater", the best marks you can get.  But yes, let's replace all four nearly perfect tires.  DUMB!!