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United Nissan your Nissan source in Las Vegas!


Established in 1999.

United Nissan has been serving Southern Nevada and the Las Vegas Valley in particular for 13 years and running, and we have no intention of slowing down soon.

Customer service is an absolute priority here at United, and we are stepping up our presence in the realm of all things social in order to be more responsive to our customers needs, and provide a forum for open discussion and interaction.

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, complaints, or if you just plain want to talk about something be sure to contact us here, on facebook, on twitter, or drop an email to social@unitednissan.com.

Thanks for stopping by our page. Talk to you soon!

United Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 832-5480
Address:3025 E. Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, 89104
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on United Nissan

Stephany V. | 2015-04-18

Amazing customer service! Hands down easiest transaction and deal I've ever done!
The associates here are friendly and well trained regarding the features of the cars. Surprisingly at other dealerships I've been to in the past,  their car sales associates are sometimes not very familiar with essential technical background. Not here though!
Overall this was a pleasant experience from all aspects of the purchase!
Thanks United Nissan

Joe F. | 2015-03-29

Never consider purchasing a vehicle from this establishment ever!! I had reached out to a salesman from United Nissan and told him what I could afford and if they were able to assist me in purchasing a new car.  The salesman said absolutely he could find a new car in the price range I quoted.  Chris was his name.  I email, text and call Chris to confirm our appointment and that the price I quoted was still a go (I did email and text to have the response in writing). He confirmed that he could find me a new car in the price range I quoted via phone, email and text.  

I arrive at United Nissan at the time arranged and was greeted by Chris.  I told him I would like to see the cars that were in the price range we discussed.  Right off the bat Chris asks me if I can be flexible with the amount...I said no.  He then tells me that the price he quoted me originally was if I qualified for three different discounts: military, college student or Nissan Employee (which I did not) and then I was asked "why can't you afford a higher payment"?  I was completely blown away by this comment.  When he saw that I was not budging, he left me sitting in a lurch and walked away.  The "manager" drags his feet over to me and asks if I was able to afford a higher payment then what I had requested...I said No.  I set the expectations prior to making the appointment and it had suddenly gone south quick.  The "manager", Henry, looks at me and mumbles "I think I have something", and walks away.  45 minutes later he shuffles over to me and says he is just waiting on a response from the "higher ups" and "will return shortly".  Another 45 minutes pass and the "manager",Henry, is nowhere to be seen.  He sends another salesman over to basically tell me that they couldn't help me and to call if I had any questions...questions about what?  I leave, after spending 4 and a half hours at United Nissan and immediately contact Susan, the "customer relations manager" at United Nissan.  I tell her my issue and she reviews the emails I had sent Chris regarding a car purchase.  She then asks, "why are you stuck on that price?  Can you go a bit higher"?  At this point I think I am being Punkd and am waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out of a bush.  This was the third United Nissan Employee who questioned why I "couldn't afford more"?  Well, I budget like most people and there were 5 other dealerships that had cars in the price range I needed.  And how dare they ask me why I can't afford more.  

I work in public relations here in Vegas and the best form of advertising, being positive or in this case, negative...is word of mouth.  Do not shop with them.  I was able to go to another dealership and was in and out in 2 hours with a brand new car.  United Nissan:  A bunch of "car salesman" in every meaning of the phrase.

Donna A. | 2015-03-12

Great experience!  Brought my car for service and it was overall great!  The service area is clean and quiet. They have a coffee bar which is great when waiting for my car!

Nicholas J. | 2015-03-05

this is the worst experience you could have, they will rip you off , anyway they can, they inflate the price of the car by adding worthless add ons, they rip you off in the finance department,by overcharging the interest rate,they jam warranties down your throat whether you want them or not, Maintenance contracts as well, fees fees fees,creative add on fees that are nothing more than a ripoff. This is as low as you can go, Shark tank looks like a safe have. STAY AWAY

Elizabeth N. | 2015-03-04

Advertised a $50 gift card for test driving a new Nissan. After driving the car and talking to the sales manager I was informed that they "ran out" of gift cards. If they can't even honor their word re advertising how could you ever trust them enough to purchase a vehicle? Beware!

Kristopher H. | 2015-03-02

My car is starting to show its age so I decided to pop in and have a look about. I was rather interested in the Nissan Leaf. I drive a wicked gas guzzler and think its high time I trade it in for something a wee bit more eco friendly. I can't exactly afford the tesla I want so checking my options.  I parked my car, and half expected to be stalked immediately. I was wrong, walked in, greeted with a good afternoon and welcome. I asked where the leafs were or if anyone had any information. They called over a customer specialist who answered all of my questions.  I have to say that I'm glad I went in. Thanks guys, I do believe I know which EV car I want now.

Ashley M. | 2015-02-27

Let me tell you, they have the best coffee shop here I could just come here for coffee everyday! When you check-in here on yelp you get a free coffee, I wish I knew that before I went last week! I've been coming here for three years now. Everyone is great. They are always pretty busy and you hear that bell ringing every time someone buys a new car which is fun. Jake told me to give him a shout out. He is my service guy. Hi jake.

Maximus D. | 2015-02-26

Horrible Customer Service

  I went for an oil change, I sat in the lounge to wait for my car after being told by the person who attended me that he was going to get me in less than 30 min after the service was done. One hour and 15 minutes later I walked outside to ask why it was taking so long? Only to find out my car service had been done 43 minutes ago. When asked the guy who was supposed to "get me" didn't even apologized and told me the service was just finished 2 minutes ago, he didn't know the mechanic told me 43 minutes. Just horrible service never going back.

Ali P. | 2015-02-18

I received a contest promo card from here a while back that said you can get a free gift card if you come in to test drive a car...  I had been thinking of trading in my old Honda Civic for years but never thought I would get approved.  I don't have bad credit, just didn't think I was established enough to qualify to purchase a vehicle on my own. I went in with my promo card and thought, why not just browse around, test drive something and get a free gift card.  Anyway this sales guy asked that we run my credit to see where I'm at so we know if I have a chance, he also said I could get a co-signer and I never thought of that as an option. I ended up test driving the Versa. I was able to qualify and I only had to put $1500 down.  I'm so happy I went. Oh, and the kicker, the gift card promo ended so I didn't get a gift card but they gave me a voucher for a free oil change so I can't complain.  Thanks Sam Saunders for helping me take home my new car.

Astrid P. | 2015-02-13

United Nissan is so amazing, they got me into a great vehicle! Everyone that works there is very helpful with any questions you have about anything! I definitely would give their facility and staff 5 stars and recommend anyone to go there!!!

Jodi J. | 2015-01-26

Wow. Worst experience ever. I'm a first time car buyer of a 2011 use nissan juke this car after only three months of owning it left me on the side of the road. When I went up to the dealership and they basically after dragging me around a little bit more told me there was nothing they could do. So now here I am paying for a car that can't even get me out of Las Vegas. I do not recommend them at all they only care about the money they make not the satisfaction of their customers. My machanic found shards of metal in the transmission when he flushed it after it was suggested after being towed back .

Nathan C. | 2015-01-24

I went to United Nissan with my own financing in place from my bank. When I got there they had no interest in using my financing, telling me its impossible to get the used car I was looking at without using THEIR finance company. (NOT TRUE because later I went to another Nissan dealership and bought a brand new 2015 car with my financing and no money down.)  I should have left United then, but stupidly I signed the sales contract and took an on-the-spot delivery of a 2012 Nissan with the plan that one of their banks would finance the contract.

Nevada law states that if financing cannot be finalized with 20 days of signing the contract the deal must be rescinded and the car returned. Instead, even after the 20 days, they continued to send my application around to all these different banks, putting many hard inquires on my credit report. I even got a call from some 2nd chance finance place in Texas that they tried to sell my sales contract to. I drove the car back to them 2 weeks after signing the sales contract asking them to rescind the deal. Their answer was an adamant NO, and they tried to get me to sign a new contract on the spot. When I said no and left one of their managers came out to me and said if I don't come back in and sign the new contract that I will "be in trouble". That is an exact quote. I did not sign and left.

After 30 full days, with the temp tags set to expire and no "green sheet" to give me, they finally decided they wanted the car back. I was out of town on business, and instead of leaving a message for me to return the car, (which my friend would have driven it to them) they came out to my home and towed the car away with no notice given to me. That was fine because again at that point I no longer wanted the car. Days later when I returned to town and inquired about getting my $500 down payment back they tried to keep it and say that they were converting that money to pay for the towing/repo fee. Really?

Luckily I put the down payment on my credit card and I disputed the charge and got my money back. I bought a 2015 Nissan from another Nissan dealership that was more than happy to use my financing.

I am so sorry I ever stepped foot in this place. I'm not telling anyone not to shop there, just my experience was bad. Hopefully others have a more pleasant experience with United Nissan.

Fred C. | 2015-01-24

These people stealing the information,  I never submitted any application with this company and without any permission they report to my credit as Hard inquiry. . When I called to the person in charge called Melvin Mat , he said do anything you want and hang up the phone

Kat D. | 2015-01-16

I am starting to look for cars but still on the fence about what I'm looking for.  I've gone in to multiple dealerships in town, and this is the only one where I felt comfortable enough with the staff to be honest about my situation.  A lot of dealers are SO pushy that I feel like they want to shove the current promotion down my throat without actually listening to my needs.  Other dealers seem to throw you away when you tell them you're just starting to shop and aren't ready to sit down to figure out financing.   John was very attentive and kind without making me feel pressured or rushed (I've walked out of a Toyota dealership because of pushy staff).  I think I'm going to go with Nissan just because its the only dealership I don't dread walking into.

M T. | 2015-01-16

Bought not one but two cars from them. Evidently if you leave your car with them that you just bought a couple days before to get add ons you didn't want anyway, People just use the car for personal use and steal things out of it. They are by no means military friendly and could care less about you. They just want to charge you sticker price and told me if I didn't take the extended warranty them my loan rate would go up by 3 percent!!! I guess this is legal but who knows. I've went two weeks without any resolution or even a sincere apology and offer to replace the stolen item. No they just protect the thief's in their company and make the customer feel like a lier!!!!! I believe God will handle this, I put my trust in him that I'll get some resolution.
Why does this say they only have 35 reviews, 124 reviews that are currently not recommended happen to be all 1 star reviews!! How did that happen?!?

Kyra S. | 2015-01-07

United Nissan is one of the only car places in Las Vegas that I actually trust with my car. I'm an ultimate typical girl when it comes to knowing about cars and their staff has always been so nice, knowledgable and accommodating while helping me resolve any issues that I'm having with my car at the time. I always feel at ease knowing that my precious car is in their hands and I love that I always get her back so shiny and clean :)

av a. | 2014-12-08

I took my car in to have the power steering checked. Even though I didn't have an appointment they were able to work me in. Nothing ended up being wrong so I just had them do an oil change. Thank you Tom and Andrew for your assistance. See you again soon!

Alexa R. | 2014-12-05

Came in for my oil change appointment but was a little bit early. They were able to get me in so quick that I was before my original appointment time. Thats what I call service. I purchased my car here two months ago and had a great sales guy. Good to know the service department is on point as well.

Renee K. | 2014-11-25

After past experiences dealing with big car dealerships I've learned most go something like this:

- The second you enter the lot, like a pack of wolves, salesman quickly approach you.

- Then one of the wolves takes you on a test drive as they eye you like you're their next meal.

-If you happen to make it through lunch, they then sit you down in a chair and attempt to hypnotize you into why you HAVE to have the car they are selling. Then because the deal they are giving you is so great, they will need a sales managers approval.

-Then the price that was originally given is not the price at all. And the interest rate they advertise is no where near the one they are now offering

Doing business at United Nissan was absolutely NOTHING like this!  I first spoke to Dan (my salesman) on the phone after seeing my car advertised on Auto Trader.  When I arrived at United, I was greeted by one person and when I asked for who I spoke to on the phone, Dan immediately was called over to help. During my test drive, instead of watching me as if I was pray.  Dan was friendly and could handle a casual non BS salesman conversation.  

After the test drive, instead of herding my in like I was livestock, Dan was patient as I asked questions.  I asked if I could take some time to think things over, he gave me some information to take home and set me free.

The next day I returned after visiting a few other dealerships.  I decided United Nissan had the car I wanted. Since I was already pre-approved by my bank the process was quick and simple. I highly recommend Dan from United Nissan and love my new Dodge Charger.

Elle Aye D. | 2014-11-20

I have been taking my Pathfinder here for years and their service department is top-notch! Always friendly and helpful to me. They even helped me get a loaner car while I had a service that need 2 days. Thank you Paul and Garrett!

Anna Doreen D. | 2014-11-15

The "Cash for Clunkers" is a scam. My dad and sister went there to look for a car and inquired about the cash for clunkers promo and the salesperson said they could get $4500 by trading our old car (bmw) to a new one or the used bmw they have in stock. My sister ended up buying from the BMW dealer so my dad suggested that I should use the cash for clunkers to buy a new car from them since I could get $4500 off their advertised prices of $9000-15000.. Getting a car for $5000-10000 would be great.
When we came there, the same salesman said he will take $4500 off towards a new car. So we started looking at cars and when we found one we were interested in he said it will be $1000-1500 more but he said he already added more discounts.
He went to financing and our credit got approve but he changed the price of the car we're trading in from $4500 to $2000.  I thought maybe because of the "discounts" he said he'd put it will set it off. I felt really pressured when he tried to make the deal by shaking my hand and asked to me ring the bell. I felt like I can't back out now. They even wrote my name on the "sold" list on their board.
When we went to do the papers, this man who took care of us told us that he'll make us a good deal. He was slow and disorganized and kept offering us his snacks. He kept telling me he gave me a family discount and yet kept adding some add-ons to the price. We were in a rush since we've been there for hours so I felt we can't back out now and maybe with all those discount the price we'll at most 18,000 since were in a rush,  we signed.

The price of the car is $22k+ instead of $15k+ and cash for clunker is $2000 instead of $4500 and no the discounts. The total actually added up to $30k for a new sentra.
It was too late when we realized it was a rip off since all we wanted to do is get rid of the old car and maybe a good deal on a car.
Bottomline. The "cash for clankers" is pretty useless since they use the highest price (not the sales price) when you claim it. They add up the same whether you use it or not. We tried returning the car the next morning and they said we can't,  We are going to leave it there and the finance manger threatened us that it will be a repo and ruin our credits. So just beware!!!!
Should have checked Yelp and Ripoffreport first.

Jose G. | 2014-11-14

1st let me say that I have been paying for a car that is not in my possession but theirs! My car broke down 4 days after I purchased it. Brought it in only to find out the warranty I purchased is not a warranty after all. (Sam sold me the warranty) just mad now, they said they will fix it and we will give you a rental at half price since we have to fix it we cannot give you a rental. If its only going to take a couple of days just drop me off at home I can go without it and save some money. Couple of days goes by I call in and they said, oh your parts are on back order and we won't get them in til next week. Next week? Why didn't anyone call me to tell me, I go into Untied Nissan and another manager steps in and gives me a car til mine is fixed. I'm calmer now. Well needless to say a one week job has turned out to be over three weeks. I called earlier this week on Tuesday and the manager told me it will be done on Friday, which is today. So no one calls me today so I called them and to my surprise they tell me it won't be done til Monday! They really don't care about customer service what so ever. i have seen cars in wrecked that get fixed faster than three weeks! i do not recommend them at all. I have been more than nice and patient with them and they continue to abuse people's trust. I would NEVER recommend them to my worst enemy! HORRIBLE!

P D. | 2014-10-05

Horrible customer service! Rude email responses from  Melvin M. who is supposed to be an internet sales manager. They most certainly didn't treat me like they wanted me as their customer so I took my business to AutoNation Nissan and purchased the car that I wanted yesterday! They seem to know a little more about treating their customers well!

Linda Y. | 2014-10-03

I've been a loyal customer with Nissan. I have owned 5 cars from them and my son also has a nissan. Never in our buying experience have we been treated rudely and unprofessional. I'm letting all who wish to purchase a Nissan car NOT to go to United Nissan. Twice I've been treated poorly. All they want to do is sell you a car and once that happen they don't care about your problems...My first experience was with Chris a sales Manager and now Doug, sales man...both dont seem to know what they're doing all they want is a sale. What ever happen to customer service...not at United Nissan......and the service manager, he's no big help himself....sad....

Kimberly H. | 2014-09-18

Went in for a trade in from a 2012 Nissan Altima and drove off with a 2015 Nissan Altima sport package fully loaded! Couldn't be much happier! Zero down low apr great team that would do anything to meet your financial needs.

Marcus A. | 2014-08-29

Went here to buy a car based on internet price. When I get here, the price on the car's window is $3000 more than the internet price. I have to argue to be able to buy at internet price. They disappear for 10 minutes and come back with an invoice that has now added $700 to the price on top of the other fees. I have financing in my pocket and yet this is how they play. Okay. I suggest Yelpers head elsewhere for a vehicle. Shady United Nissan is out to screw you over.

Kendra M. | 2014-08-27

I bought my new Nissan Rogue here, and I've had it serviced here, so I have a few different experiences.

First--for the sale. My salesperson was Nicholas, and he was great. That being said, I really hate the whole car buying experience--all the added on stuff, etc. it's hard for me to tell if I ultimately got a good deal or not. But it was absolutely the car I wanted, and it's a price I can afford, so I'm not complaining. I will say they were very courteous and thorough.

The great part though has actually been getting it serviced. I waited waaay past it's check up date, had a nail in a tire, AND I came 30 mins before close. Instead of getting frustrated, the service guy hustled to make sure they could get everything done that I needed, got it done in no time at all, and even gave me a lot of assurance that everything was being done well and for a totally reasonable price. So lucky to have someone who really cares take care of my car!! I'm a happy customer (and won't wait so long to take it back for service next time! ;)  Thanks service guys!!

Sarah B. | 2014-07-04

I am so disappointed in the sells guy that help my sister in law with buying her first car I took her here because I am in love with my car but to find out that there promotions are a bunch a bs is disappointed we have been waiting over five months on a referral check that we were supposed to get and every time I call to see what the problem is they just give me the same answer it takes time !! Am just saying is it false advertising or the sells guy (Izaac Rivas ) just played me with the referral. So bottom line if you shop at united Nissan make sure you don't go with this guy.

Esther G. | 2014-06-26

Went in for service, very helpful and courteous. Easy and fast service! I will definitely continue to take my baby Rogue there. ;-)

Terry P. | 2014-06-24

I was paying with a blank check from my own finance company and requested that no credit check be done.  But they did it anyway (about 7 different companies) and that puts a ding on my credit score.  There was no reason for them to do this since I requested that they don't do a credit check, since it was considered a cash sale.
No response from the salesman, his boss or customer service.
NOT recommend this place at all!

Jacob M. | 2014-06-11

This was the worst car buying  experience I've ever had. The salesman are desperate an as soon as u walk on the property they attack. The feeling isn't very welcoming, it's more like overwhelming and once you've bought the car you really see the true colors of the salesman. I won't go into details but let's just say the car salesman are ghetto, rude, unprofessional, and this place needs new management to get these degenerates In line. Beware!!!!!! I wouldn't recommend this dealership to my worst enemy... Good thing for reviews... WORST CAR DEALERSHIP EVER!!!!!

Joelle R. | 2014-06-06

They treat u like a queen. Poor credit they can help you see Christan He is fantastic. They will do anything they can to help there customers!

Rich P. | 2014-05-15

Dropped off our Nissan Rogue FOUR days ago and they just started work on it this morning. They initially told us it would only take one afternoon to complete the transmission work (covered by warranty). No phone calls from the service department at all to indicate a delay.

When we arrived to pickup the car, the service manager Brian then had the gall to say "it's only going to take three more hours, that's not a big deal", completely ignoring the fact that we will be hitting truly horrible Thursday rush-hour when we return to LA.

What horrible service. What miserable lack of respect for the customer.

Oscar F. | 2014-04-25

save your time and do not purchase a vehicle at this location.
buying a car should not be so stressful.
everyone i know has had an issue with rude management.

if you want a nissan go somewhere else.
save time and money, cause they will always ask for more every other week.

Maria H. | 2014-04-04

I went for oil change on March 18 around 5pm !!!! Wait in my car until some guy I think he was a mechanic ask me if someone help me told him no..... got there at 5 until some guy came to me about 30 minutes later ... He told me well we can't do oil change because we stop doing this at 530 it was not even 6 anyways that guy that help me was very rude didn't like him ... I never do reviews but this day was a horrible day I did my survey that they sent by email ... Haven't had a respond from anyone ...

Christopher B. | 2014-04-03

This is a story of how not to get scammed by aftermarket "safety" products that United Nissan is pushing on customers. I located a particular Nissan Pathfinder hybrid model at United Nissan. I spoke to a salesperson (Bosko, who was very nice) and gave him my code for a Nissan VPP (corporate) deal. After emailing me an initial price with no relation to VPP pricing, the second price was correct, but had $642 in aftermarket additions. Two products: VTR (Vehicle Theft Registration) and R.E.D. Alert. According to the email "they come with all of our new vehicles here on the lot." I communicated through Bosko to the F&I guy, his name is Goran, that I did not want these products. Goran refused. I tried repeatedly, for days, to get Goran to call me back. He would not. So I did a little research... R.E.D. Alert activates the third brake light to emit four half-second pulses when the brakes are applied, supposedly to warn other drivers to help prevent rear-end collisions. Do a Google search for R.E.D. Alert rear-end deterrent. You won't find much, but you will find the two aftermarket agent companies that rep it to dealers. While they cite government crash statistics, there is no evidence - none - that the product mitigates crashes. VTR is a VIN etching, which is supposed to help recover stolen parts more easily. Perhaps the email is true, that all the new vehicles on the United Nissan get etched, but no customer is obligated to purchase it. They'll tell you it's etched to force the sale. The price for the etching to the dealer is negligible - it's all about the contract they try to sell you afterwards, which (ostensibly) hooks up to a database that cops use. Ask your insurance company, some etch your car for free. These aftermarket products are called "pre-loads" - easy to install/take out, low-risk to the dealer, and though they may not be pure profit for the dealership, it's about as high a margin you can get in the aftermarket world. Really, it's padding to take profit in places you least expect. If United Nissan is really looking out for your safety and security, they'd simply ask you if you'd like these products when you buy the car - not automatically add them to the invoice and refuse to remove them. If these were really products that United Nissan had nothing to hide, I'm sure I wouldn't be getting the runaround. I hope you fare better.

Joshua C. | 2014-02-08

Would not recommend anyone from going here.  Sales person will feed you lie after lie. Did not even include dmv fees on my New car.  They are great at giving you a raw deal. DO NOT SHOP AT THIS CRUMMY DEALERSHIP.

Mike C. | 2014-01-19

This review is for the service department. I had some sensors acting up after a recent tire purchase. I called United Nissan and explained the issue and they said just stop in to look at the issue. I arrived around 330 on a Friday and Brian looked at the car and said they would need to take it in to further diagnose the issue. He looked up my service plan and saw I had the extended warranty. I was given a rental and left the lot. He later called and said there were broken sensors( which the tire place said there were no broken ones) and Brian was able to replace them an not charge even though my warranty didn't cover them. After all my car is 6 yrs old. Keep on mind I did not buy this car here but they treated me very well and I would definitely come back here if needed!

Debbie R. | 2014-01-17

Just so unluckily end up purchasing a car from this unprofesional car dealership after 7 hours process by keep waiting over and over again for very lousy unknowledgable dealer named Alex and slow paperworks. But rushing us to purchase their insurance while we tried to contact ours. Car was handed still dirty, but since we stucked for 7 hours with a child , so exhausted while another staff named Ortega rushing to show the interior. Worst part she lied when asked about the miles number, she said it was not. I accepted it. But what a dissapointment when the next day finding out  it was the miles and this dealer Alex sold a car with 2280 miles on it without telling us. What a rip off! My husband was put down to sign all paperworks  without any chance to check. We trusted them while they cheated us. We complained but no solution at all from such a dirty game played and lack of customer service. We asked for changing with the other,but told out of stock which we doubt since the last car driven was still plastic attached on it, assumed that car was a lot less mile. And Alex just gave different stories which we don´t believe. At the end we had to stuck with 2280 miles car just like purchase 2 months used car. Just a nightmare and we really learn the hard ugly lesson from such a game they played.

Tarence F. | 2013-12-26

This is by far the worst dealership on the west coast. The dealers are so uneducated they can't ever get the phone number right when they take your information down (Alex) and the dealers with any experience at all are more like street hustler (pat sr.) they lie and sugar cover shit (Ricky). Buyer beware this dealership is not to be trusted!!

Dana V. | 2013-12-15

This place sucks.  I had a great experience when I got my car.  However once i moved to Georgia two months after i bought my car the 500.00 maintenance agreement I bought, in which I specified that I'd need to use in another state, wasn't good in GA.  Simple fix right?!!! No... I have been jerked around from the receptionist, sales manger, finance manger, etc. (Sam and Nick).  The last guy I spoke with who works there agreed that they were jerking me around and that he'd fix it. He hasn't called.  They say they value your business and if your not satisfied to speak to the general manger.  I still haven't been able to speak to the gm after multiple attempts.  I am escalating this to Nissan Corporate and calling back for the 6th time this coming Monday.   I will come back to Yelp and every other review website to let you know the status.

Anonymous V. | 2013-12-05

This place is nothing but garbage. The way they treat people, the way they act, this issues I have had here. Absolutely terrible. I would say go to a different Nissan dealership, but I would not know how they are because after dealing with these people, there is no way I would ever try any other nissan.

Ralph M. | 2013-11-11


My wife and I went there to buy her a Juke because they said they would honor our USAA quote. We thought they did until my wife received her first bill and noticed that they had added more than $1,000 to the price! I don't know how they did it but they switched the contract she had signed.

This dealership is sleazy, underhanded and dishonest to the core. BUYER BEWARE!

Elizabeth B. | 2013-09-24

Worst dealer ever.

We purchased a 12' LEAF and we (other than our neighbor Penn Gillette) were the first people in Vegas to own one.

We are cash buyers so the buying part was easy and pretty much it was done within a few hours.

They rolled out a red carpet (literally), our picture taken with the owner of the dealer, and we even got an article in the newspaper.

From then on...our experience was a nightmare.

The "trained" LEAF techs are a joke. They know nothing about the car and on two occasions they tried to charge us for a update for the car...are you kidding me?

The cars A/C failed six times. Each time it was a complete argument to get a loaner and all but one time they gave us GAS cars.

They brought a loaner LEAF to my husbands work in Henderson and it had 6 yep SIX miles charge on it. Ummmm we live off Rainbow so if they think he was going to make it home on SIX miles of charge they are smoking crack. When the loaner car guy called me (my request) he acted like he did not speak English.

Once the car was there at the dealer for a week, once it was there six days...

I was driving the car and the dash shut off and I was on the hwy and the car basically turned off.

I spent three months on social media and with Nissan consumer affairs explaining our issues and how I do not want my husband driving a car with no A/C when it's 115 outside.

The last straw? The car lost a capacity bar and it only had 14K on it.

Needless to say, on Friday we met a third party at the dealer and surrendered the car. The legal papers said that it fell under the lemon law and our bad experiences were not acceptable.

They wrote us a check for the purchase price and we left.

NEVER AGAIN this dealership and it's employees are idiots and are rude.

I don't care if the car is free we will never own another Nissan and will always stick with Lexus and luxury cars because of quality and perfect customer service experience.

Eric S. | 2013-09-21

In order to properly explain this experience I have to break it down by each interaction.
1) after being thoroughly disgusted by the cross town competitor (see other review), I contacted united Nissan to see if they had better service.  The woman who answered the phone was very pleasant and upbeat.  She cheerfully told me three things a) the cost of the diagnostic b) that it would apply to whatever service they decided to do and c) that they had LOANER vehicles.  I was very happy after setting an appointment and could have gotten in the same day.  4 stars to the service reception staff. (lost a star because they don't actually have loaner vehicles, rather they charge you for them .)

Next I brought my car in, just before my appointment time.  The place was packed.  I waited at least 5 minutes before anyone paid any attention to me standing next to my car.  Still, busy is good right? I didn't expect to be the only one.  Reuben was my service advisor.  I told him the trouble and he got it right when he filled out the forms. He told me the same thing as the receptionist as to cost and application.  He had me sign the form authorizing only the price discussed. 4 stars

I had insurance co fax proof of insurance and got my rental, a nice, very clean Nissan Rogue.  Fun to drive the 5 miles to my office where I waited anxiously for word about my car. 5 star at rental counter. Not their fault the receptionist told me loaner.

I received a call from Reuben telling me what was wrong with the car and I told him what I could afford.  I confirmed the cost on the phone.  He told me he would call back when the car was ready.  2 hours later I called him as the car was not done and the website said they closed in about 1 and a half hours.  Reuben assured me they were open till seven and would call soon.  Less than 15 minutes later he called and said it was ready.  I told him I would be there within the hour. At that point he told me for the first time the diagnostic fee did not cover the oil change even though I was told by reception and Reuben at the start that whatever problem they had to fix, the diagnostic fee would cover.  Reuben assured me he would give me a discount. 3 stars due to the website being incorrect and the time it took to "finish" and the miscomunication over price..  

Now the fun begins.  I arrived at the dealer and turned in my rental.  Reuben told me to go pay and then come get my keys.  Needless to say the $89.99 plus rental fee I expected was double that amount with additional charges for the oil change and shop costs and no discount.  I immediately confronted Reuben as the quote was for $89.99 and no mention of shop charges which should be included in the diagnostics and/or the cost of the oil change was mentioned.  After Reuben rudely told me I had to pay the full charge, I asked to speak to his manager.  I think the manager's name was Mike - separate discussion below. 1 star to the upcharges.

Mike however was very helpful although he clearly was not happy about having to discount the bill further.  He listened to me and reviewed the paperwork confirming I had only authorized 89.99.  He took off the shop charges and other fees but would not take off the oil change even though that was the service resulting from the diagnostic. 4 stars to Mike.

The Coup De Etat was when they finally brought my car, it was still filthy on the outside. Even though it had been complete for over an hour, no one took the time to drive through the car wash.  The guy who drove it up did circle around for me to wash it.  2 Stars.

Bottom line an oil change ended costing me $151.71.  
Maybe working for a Nissan dealer in NJ made me expect better.  Maybe I am just used to California dealerships, or maybe owning an Acura for so long spoiled me but I was very disappointed with the end result.

Long T. | 2013-08-26

Wife and I drove our 2011 rogue to Las Vegas from San Jose, Ca.  The car had a hard time climbing hwy 15.  The BIG trucks were passing us...

Wife called the nearest Nissan dealer in LV; lucky for us Carlos picked up the phone.  It was around closing time but he stayed after work: signed us in, he got us a rental, and he had the car looked at the next day.  Carlos called us and he let us and informed us about Everyrhing.  He even told us which restaurant to go to...
Tran was shot...CVT sucks.

Thanks to Carlos, wife and I had a great time in LV.

Carlos S. | 2013-08-22

Will never buy a car from this dealership. United Nissan is the worst dealership in Las Vegas and has horrible customer service skills. I finally want to buy a car so decide to go with Nissan. The people there were rude the dealers were horrible and try to pressure me to buy a car that I didn't want to buy. These people need to take a customer service class and I'm never go there ever again. Right after I was mistreated at United Nissan went straight to Toyota and Bought a new car there.

Tam T. | 2013-06-29

Great customer service! Homer and Tony are professional and honest!

Jessica P. | 2013-05-19

If I could give this review a -500 stars I would!!! I need a new car and I have been interested in a Juke since I first had it as a rental car in 2011. My fiance works for a company that has a VPP that allows us to get a new car at around whole sale price. Our VPP told us to make sure they understood the program that we had & to make sure they were not showing us "internet" prices or bogus numbers. When we first arrived at the lot we asked for Dan & Dan passed us off to Ilya. Ilya was a very nice Russian man who was very knowledgeable & very very friendly.  We went out and test drove a Nissan Juke that only had 36 miles on it. I fell in love with it & told my fiance that i would like to get the invoice for this car. While we were on the lot, my fiance saw a 2009 550i BMW & wanted to test drive it. We test drove it and decided that we wanted to see the numbers on both cars. When we got back in the dealership Ilya left us sitting in one of the offices to get numbers for about 20 minutes. He came back stating that the internet price for the cars were the "whole sale" price. When we called out the bluff and told him to try again he left us sitting for another 15 minutes only to come back with the same numbers, only a different explanation  of why the numbers are what they are and that it was "taxes". I promptly asked for a manager & Ilya left us sitting there for another 10 minutes & went to grab Dan who is NOT the manager. Dan sat down and tried to explain the numbers again that Ilya went over. I let him know that we have used our VPP program before & knew what we would be looking at. I told them that they both needed to respect my fiance and I and get us the manager that we had been asking for for a while now. I never raised my voice nor did I ever curse at either of them. Dan became rude immediately and said that we were not customers yet bc we have not given them any money and that he wasnt getting anyone for us. I told him that we would be leaving and began to pick up my purse off the ground. Dan said to my fiance "You might want to tell your friend that there is no respect here", as he walked off.

Never again will we be going back to this place again. Dont just walk away.... RUN.

Shawn J. | 2013-05-13

When my Murano started having CVT problems I wasn't about to take it to Carmax, only a certified Nissan shop would do. I ended up at United as it's on my way to work, and they are the larger of the Nissan dealerships in the valley.

My impression of United Nissan is mixed. Service...was fast. They underpromise and overdeliver. And they told me the truth about the prior service work done on my car by another Nissan dealership in the valley. But that's where the good ends, and the meh to ugh experiences begin.

I was not happy about someone trying to sell me on a $250 service to remove carbon from the tops of my pistons and cleaning up the air intake. While I'm not a Nissan technician, I'm a car junkie and internet junkie which means I have a lot of ways to calibrate my BS detector. And I wasn't buying what they wanted to sell me. I was not happy with the old crabby cashier with the nasty I just wanna collect my check and retire already attitude. And oh yeah, the pricing on their accessories in the small store they have on site...I saw a full 300% markup on a flashlight that made me wonder who buys their crap?

On top of that I'm not a small guy and when it came time to put me in one of their rentals the X-Terra they had suddenly needed it's 15,000 mile service so I got stuck with a POS tiny SUV. I wondered where the wind up key was as it had no power, and getting onto Sahara was a matter of flooring it and asking for some divine intervention....

Now 4 days after replacing my transaxle / CVT, I have strange noises coming from my car when I turn a corner and accelerate, and so my car gets to see their service bays again. Based on all the time I've spent on the phone and in this place dealing with them, 2 stars is the best I'm going to give.

(Yelp 100 in 2013 Challenge #21)

Larry G. | 2013-03-15

@UnitedNissan best in @LasVegas_Places Great customer svc n svc advisor (Homer) & professional mechanic (Larry)! They treat me like VIP always! I highly recommend @UnitedNissan from your Nissan dealer/scheduled maintenance services!

Nicole Z. | 2013-02-09

Rip Off Artist.  We bought the car and told we were financed under Nissan Group.  We were given the interest rate, monthly payment and the car.  About 14 days later, they phoned and said we needed to come back and resign to add my husband but said everything was the same and it would take 5 minutes.  We were going out of town that night and asked to do it on Monday.  They said it had to be immediately so we went in.  The short of it was that they said I was disapproved on my own and that they had now added my husband to the loan.  They initially asked for $1500 down and an additional $29 per month.  We have the money and that isn't the problem.  We were there almost 2 hours and I was pissed was an understatement.  The finance manager told me to cheap up and that I should feel grateful.... Right.  Steer clear.  They LIE, LIE, LIE!

Gadhia S. | 2013-01-21


I had finally decided on a car, all the paperwork had been drawn up, and I was in the finance manager's office discussing the warranty. While the finance manager was showing me the paperwork, some numbers were beginning to confuse me. I began having second thoughts, so my salesman Bob, who was really nice, comes back in to find out what's going on. I tell him I'm having second thoughts about the numbers, so he calls his manager, a bald heavyset man whose name I don't recall, to address my concerns. He asks me what's going on, and I tell him  that I wanted to think about everything & come back, which I was really planning on doing. I just needed to calm my nerves before finalizing the purchase because large purchases keep me up at night. But all of a sudden, the salesman's manager starts raising his voice at me & threatens me that if I leave the dealership lot, he will personally make sure that I am never able to purchase a vehicle in the state of Nevada. He then says that he knows the vendor personally & will make sure that my record is flagged. He then storms out of the office. At that point, I was speechless & on the verge of tears. I ask the finance manager to cancel the entire transaction & then I get up to leave. Bob, the salesman I was working with, starts chasing after me through the parking lot, and I tell him I don't like threats. Then I get into my car and leave.

This is the first time I've been THREATENED to purchase a car. I am afraid that they will actually act on their threats and ruin me. They have my sensitive information, my parents' sensitive information, & the addresses & phone numbers of my closest family members, which I was asked to give as references. I don't know what else to do at this point. I'm embarrassed to admit that I cried on my way out of the dealership. All I wanted to do was take a breather & come back. I was planning on buying a car. I had my down payment in hand, but I also have anxiety issues, which is the only reason I had second thoughts.

Bob, my salesman, was sweet as pie. The finance manager was courteous. The owner of the dealership, who I met briefly, was very kind. My only complaint is against Bob's manager, the heavyset bald man. If you do decide to purchase a car here, which I don't recommend, avoid this guy at all costs.

I've decided to purchase the very same car at another dealership for a thousand dollars more, but I'd rather dish out more money than go through this experience ever again.

The experience was so bad that I'm still trembling as I type this. I havent been yelled at in a while, & getting yelled at by a large bald man in a small room with two other unfamiliar men is an experience that I won't soon forget. I feel violated and afraid. I don't know what else to do. Just please don't come here. I don't want anyone else to go through what I just did.

Captain J. | 2012-10-31

Shady, they will do anything to get your money then they won't ever talk to you or care about you again.  Worst Nissan dealer in the valley period.

Jay J. | 2011-11-22

We test drove a car, loved it....I had to talk my husband out of buying a car.   We did get a free tablet though, for test driving a car.  Whoot, whoot!

Omar R. | 2011-08-02

I bought my brand new 2008 Nissan Altima from a dealer in Southern California. On July 22, 2011, while I was on my way to Las Vegas, my transmission unexpectedly died as soon as I got to the Strip by Madalay Bay. I was freaking out since a new transmission would cost me approximately $5,000. I called AMCO and the nearest Nissan Dealer to compared prices. Well, since both places charged about the same, I went ahead and towed my car to United Nissan.

I was already freaked out by the costs alone. However, Ruben Flores, their Service Advisor, mention the possibility of the transmission being covered by Nissan under their warranty. He said he would get on it, but since it was Saturday when I dropped my car off I ended up getting a small Versa as a rental until they repaired my car. I used the same rental to drive back to Los Angeles the very next day.

Ruben was on top of his game and would call me to give me updates on the car, the repair, and the costs. In the end Nissan replaced the transmission with a brand new one, the hardness and the rental for the time being. I was impressed by Ruben's efficiency and excellent customer service. Ruben was an amazing Service Advisor.

I do have to make sure this review applies to Ruben Flores only. His custormer service and dedication were excellent. This review does not apply to Nissan vehicles at all. The new transmission broke down on July 31, 2011 while I was driving back from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Apparentely, my 2008 Altima was one of the first generation Nissan's to use the CVT transmissions. They are full of flaws. My car is at a local dealer again  where they are trying to figure out what is going on with the new transmission. Again, I just want to highlight that although the quality of Nissan's is shaddy at best, Ruben's customer service deserve's to be recognized.

Janine C. | 2011-02-18

This place has the WORST service ever. I would give this place negative stars if it were an option.

I brought my Nissan Sentra here because my transmission broke on the way to Vegas, on a Thursday. They said it would be easy to fix and it would definitely be done by Saturday. Sounded good to me, as long as I got it back on Saturday bc that's when my friends and I were heading home.

On Saturday, I call Brian H. to see when I could pick up my car. He tells me that it won't be done until Sunday now. I argue telling him that I was suppose to leave today and I would have to stay another night in Vegas now because of this?? He apologizes (not sincere at all) and says it will definitely be done on Sunday. By now I'm already irritated bc I had to book an extra night in our hotel.

On Sunday, I call Brian and no answer. I call him again, no answer. 3 hours later, still no answer and no call back. Really?! I call the dealership and the secretary tells me Brian isn't working today. How convenient... so I ask to be transferred to someone else in the service department and everyone she transfers me to goes straight to voicemail!! Ugh, I'm hating this place even more now...

I get a ride there from my friend so I can see what is going on with my car. They tell me that they are waiting for a part called the transmission dipstick, and that it won't arrive until NEXT FRIDAY. The guy tells me the part isn't really important, but he can't give me my car back unless I forfeit my warranty on it. Nope, not gonna do that.

I asked to speak to the manager, but for some reason they would never let me. If I wanted to ask a question, I would have to ask a worker, then the worker would go into the back room to talk to the manager. UGH I was on the verge of screaming at these guys out of pure frustration. After hours (seriously) of arguing and yelling, the guy working there says they magically found a transmission dipstick and I could get my car TODAY instead of next friday, without forfeiting my warranty. Uh huh... by this time, I'm too tired and I'm not going to argue on where this dipstick magically appeared out of thin air, I'm just glad I was getting out of this dealership.

While waiting for them to get my car, I noticed there were not just one, but TWO dead pigeons in the service garage!! Ehhh... I get my car and drive the hell away from that place as fast as I could. I wish I NEVER went to this dealership and I advise you all to take your business elsewhere.

Sean A. | 2011-01-07

First off, please note that this location has 5 consecutive reviews all from one-time reviewers with no profile, all in a row, all of which gave United Nissan 5 stars.  Hmmm.

I was quoted one price on the internet, then found upon arrival that the price was actually $3000 above what was stated online.  They then said they'd honor it, but that the "fine print" of the ad did not include over $1800 in "fees" and "required" accessories, including a brake light flasher that is frankly dangerous (people will think it's a blinker!)  Every car on the showroom floor included thousands of dollars in markup fees and accessories.  

To top it off, each time we came to an agreement, they would change it when it came time to finalize the deal.  I would make a deal on the phone, then they would change it when I came in.  More than once this happened.  The salesmen are unbelievably pushy and never gave me a straight answer about anything.  I would NEVER have put up with this if they didn't have a rare car that I couldn't find anywhere else.  They were dishonest, wildly overpriced, and threw every trick in the book at me.  I would advise going to a different location if you want to purchase a Nissan.

Ben Y. | 2011-01-01

Made an appointment for an oil change and still waited almost 3 hours.

They pencil whipped my checks and didn't air up my tires or fill my washer fluid, so who knows if they really checked anything on the list.

I'll try Henderson next time.

I was told that I should call Amber in the service dept, but she was off that day.  Perhaps she would have ensured better service.

On the plus side, the waiting area is clean and everyone was polite.

Norm K. | 2010-11-26

I took my xTerra here for service today.  The staff - especially Brian - is very helpful.  He's my service representative that I have dealt with since i bought the car.

Since I take my xTerra off road fairly often, he's always on the look out to see that I have the 4 wheel drive in top working order.

I had a warranty fix today and that was accomplished quickly!  They also installed new hatch stays.  I had worn the other ones out and I was tired of hitting my damn head right into the back of the hatch.  As many times as I hit my head, I either should have more sense knocked into me, or I have lost some like a punch drunk boxer.

The waiting area is quite nice.  There are high round tables away from the TV area if you want to read or listen to your iPod.  They have 3 terminals that you can use to check email and surf - even do a late Yelp review if your so inclined.  I read the LA Times and then played games on my iPhone and checked email.  It would be nice if they offered wifi.  That was the plan, but it's never come to pass.

I highly recommend United Nissan!

Rathany E. | 2010-08-18

First of all, I bought my 05' Nissan at Desert Nissan in 2005 on the West Side. I used to feel like I got good service there, but over time they kept getting worse, more aggressive, have attitude problems and not very customer service oriented. I had no idea I could go to another Nissan dealership to get service, and once I did, I have been coming back, unfortunately every year...

I had to replace my side view mirrors (twice on two different occasions), and the service was super fast. It did not take them long to order part and install it. It cost around $400.

I don't feel that the repairmen are aggressive here. They check your warranty, explain why service needs to be done, and don't pressure you to have too many unnecessary work. They do have suggestive guidelines and allow you to make your own mind on whether or not you want to maintain your vehicle.

The bad thing about Nissan Altima 2005 is the motor mounts. They are expensive to fix and they constantly break because of the Las Vegas heat (as I have been told, they are made of plastic so they are sensitive to extreme heat). It costs around $700 each year to repair so if you own one or think of buying one, be cautious of these motor mount issues, take care of them and keep your car parked in cool garages!