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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Try Exotic Cars in Las Vegas, NV.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Try Exotic Cars, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Try Exotic Cars in other cities in the Nevada.

Try Exotic Cars

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 623-3853
Address:3325 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV, 89109

Reviews on Try Exotic Cars

Holly N. | 2014-03-24

My husband did enjoy driving the Ferrari, the overall experience however was horrid!

We only had an address to go on to try to find this place.  Other customers told us they got an email of the location with directions, but we did not.  We started looking for it 90 minutes before our appointment.  We drove up and down the strip.  We called the Las Vegas phone number we had and it went to voicemail.  Then we tried the New York number which was forwarded to someplace.  Each message said they would call you back and they never did.  We finally got lucky and pulled into the Palazzo parking.  They told us we had to park ($5 gratuity) and then go downstairs to the basement.  When we got there, we were 25 minutes late.  I told the receptionist the situation, she was nice but told us, "Well it is a good thing you got here because in 5 minutes, I have to mark you a no show." She then told me that they were a 3rd party to this company and that there was no way to contact that location directly.

We had a Groupon which was advertised as 1 hour experience but my husband was gone with the staff driver Scott for about 25 minutes and my husband did not get to drive for the entire 25 minutes. Scott was very nice, but we still only got 25 minutes.  No one told us ahead of time that he would be with a driver or that I did not get to go along.  We were not allowed to video him driving the car.

We both felt that this group is extremely disorganized and unprofessional.  We were so stressed out trying to find the place that it really deterred from the fun for my husband.  The inability to contact them directly and lack of directions to the location was ridiculous.  If you take this experience, please know what you are getting.  Do not pay full price and give yourself plenty of time to find it.

M S. | 2013-06-03

I was worried about my drive after reading some of these reviews, but honestly, this was an awesome experience.  I'm a huge Ferrari fan and driving one of these cars is something I've wanted to do since I was 16.  My reservation for the F430 was one of the last appointments on a weekday, so I didn't have any trouble with wait time like some of the other posts have mentioned.  I walked in and we pretty much headed right down to the garage.  I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars though because I will agree that the actual drive time is pretty short.....15-20 min in the car sounds about right.  40-45 minutes to walk around the relatively small showrooms (upper and lower) is way more than you need.  I think they should be a little more clear about that in the Groupon since it does lead you to believe that you'll be driving the car for an hour.  You won't.  That said, it seems from other reviews that the amount of fun you can have in your time driving the car is largely dependent on traffic and your instructor (guide?).  I lucked out on both.  There was almost 0 traffic on the roads we took and my instructor was cool and knew I was there to DRIVE a Ferrari.  The instructor started by showing me how everything worked (it helped that I already knew what every switch and button in the car was for) and what the car was capable of.  Then I got my turn behind the wheel. Once I demonstrated that I could drive, follow directions, and not act like a complete idiot with an used car that still resells for over $100K, I was free to use all 4.3L and the open road as I saw fit.  It was amazing.  The noise that thing made was unreal, and the steering and brakes made it feel like a big go kart on the road.  For me, the experience I had in a car of that price and performance level was absolutely worth $100.  If you're not fanatical about these cars, or you get bogged down with traffic or a boring instructor, I can completely understand why you wouldn't think it's worth the money.  My advice is either 1) pray for a good instructor and shoot for a slow day/time to avoid wait times and traffic, or 2) pony up another couple hundred bucks to do one of the exotic car school out at the speedway.  When I was in Vegas I think the speedway was about $300 for 5 laps - you'll ultimately get less time in the car ( having never been there I'm ballparking it at about 5 laps @ 1:30/lap = 7-10m) but you are guaranteed to be able to push the car since it's track time.  In true Vegas style I guess it's a bit of a gamble :-)

P.S.  I heard they were having problems with the Gallardo's engine and that it was probably going to be a bit before they got it fixed.  Not sure how long ago that happened, but it may be why some people were told their car wasn't available...also a good thing to know if you are planning on making a reservation for the Lambo in the future.  IMO, the Ferrari is the better "driver's car" anyway ;-)  If you got bumped from your drive with the Ferrari, well then I have no idea what happened there.  I'd also like to clarify that in some of the other reviews on here, the Ferrari is referred to as "automatic."  The car actually has a semi-automatic, F1-style transmission (shift paddles behind the steering wheel).  The car does have a fully automatic mode that some instructors may choose to keep drivers in, but my instructor let me use the paddles to change gears manually.

Olufemi O. | 2013-01-13

Bought the driving experience online on groupon. Booking my drive time was easy. Selected 3 possible dates and times and got my first choice (a Friday afternoon). Went down, had lunch prior to my drive experience. My drive lasted about 30 mins after my instructor gave me an overview of the car. It was a nice ride, just wished it were longer. My max speed allowable was 75. I should have figured that out earlier.  So next time i will be driving on a race track. Not enough adrenaline for me. Also it was a very cold day so the top stayed on :(   But overall, it was a good experience.

Sabrina K. | 2012-10-16

It's all a scam.

Ingrid B. | 2012-07-31

We just returned from our driving experience with Exotic Cars of Las Vegas. This was a  birthday present for my husband but was very poorly done and not anything like what was presented in the advertisement. First of all we were told to wait down stairs, which we did, while people walked by and ignored us, finally 20 minutes past our appointment time I went up stairs and asked. I was told she, the driver to go with my husband, was probably running late. The advertisement said it would be an hour experience with instructions first and then a half hour drive. Finally someone came down stairs, she and my husband got in the car, drove off and were back in 20 minutes. The instructions consisted of "this is just like any other car", nothing of an "experience" just get in the car and do a quick drive. It also advertised a souvenir photo, and when I asked about that I was told the camera was broken. When I said it had been promised as part of the "experience", she found some camera, took a terrible picture and said they would have it printed for us. After waiting and waiting again down stairs, I went up and finally asked about the picture. I asked to speak with the manager and was told "so sad, too bad' but it was the fault of the company offering the promotion, not the fault of Exotic Cars of Las Vegas that the experience wasn't anything like what was advertised. I noticed on their web site there are many testimonials, but not any place for customers to write a review. Now I know why. We would give this business zero stars if we could.

Steven H. | 2012-07-16

My first time I booked it, it was cancelled a week later due to maintenance.  Understandable, however the next three times I tried to schedule an appointment their website was either down, or I couldn't get ahold of anyone at the NY number or the LV number.  Tried three weeks out to schedule something for my birthday, and I am still not able to confirm anything after multiple calls and my birthday has passed.  They say they will call back (they don't) and their Voicemail mailbox is full and unable to accept messages?  Amateurs, I will be returning my advance purchase.

Dan G. | 2012-06-08

For my birthday, my wife purchased a special present so I could do something I have never done, drive a Ferrari F430.  It was an awesome present and I enjoyed the drive, the little I was able to do.  My wife writes this for me:

"I purchased this '1-hour time interval, giving you a chance to cruise around the city' Ferrari experience for my husband.  When we arrived at our prescheduled time of 4:00 we were told there were 4 people ahead of us and wewould have to wait or we could come back at 7:00 pm.   Then we were told our 1 hr experience was actually a 20 minute driving experience and we could use the other 40 minutes to look at the 4 cars and 1  motorcycle in their car gallery.   The 3 drivers ahead of us cancelled due to long wait times and we still waited for 1 hr before my husband could drive.  Once in the car he was told it was actually a 12 minute drive but the representative would actually have to drive the first few minutes and then turn the wheel over to my husband.   Don't do this on a Friday or weekend afternoon or you are in start/stop traffic.   In the end my husband did enjoy driving the Ferrari F430 (automatic).   However, the customer service, advertising and delivery of the experience, and waiting times are greatly lacking.    If this company could get their act together this could be a great opportunity for them.  Time will tell."

So while I enjoyed myself for the stop and start drive through busy Vegas, I cannot speak to the value of this offering, but I did get to drive a real, though automatic F430.  That was very cool.  But I can't say I would recommend the experience.  It would be better to try the Exotic Cars  Driving Experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway;  I say "try" because I have not done this one so I cannot say it is better.