The Car Company in Las Vegas, NV

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company The Car Company in Las Vegas, NV.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer The Car Company, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer The Car Company in other cities in the Nevada.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 871-2277
Address:3015 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, 89102
  • Monday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on The Car Company

Muki Z. | 2015-04-20

Do not buy a car from here they will screw you big-time I ended up buying a car everything was fine the next day check engine came on, my catalytic converter was gone I had to pay over thousand dollars to have that fixed I found out that they also tempered with mileage on my car and currently I am suing them trust me you do not want to buy a car from them you will get screwed big time. If they offer you protection plus which cost  roughly 2 to $3000 depends on how many years you want ,don't get it it's a waste of time they won't even fix your car I had my car in the shop for about a year now and my warranty ran out and they are refusing to fix it!!!   At the time I didn't have a choice and it was the only good deal that I could possibly get but the deal went south as I've said I've spent so much money on the car that I don't not have again do not buy a car from them you better get your mechanic or somebody you know to check the car before you take it off the lot because it is with no warranty..

Ryan B. | 2015-03-02

Do not buy from here!!!!!!!  They will sell you a complete pile of crap. They sell cars with non working a.c. systems. And funny after purchase on my.ride home the check engine light came on. I was basically told oh well, sold as is. Now it's 1000 dollar fix out of my pocket

Matthew M. | 2015-02-24

Definitely would recommend to my friends and family. Jacob was great to deal with. I went to a few other dealerships they couldn't do much to help me after they said they could on the phone to get me in. when I arrived at the car company it was very easy going no pressure and I left with a car I desired.

Justin D. | 2014-11-26

I appreciate the fact that they worked with me to make my FIRST time car buying experience easy and comfortable. After looking for a car for about a couple of weeks and was getting the run around. So I was gonna settle for a BS car I really did not wont. I felt like I should try looking one more time so I went onto CraigList and there they were. BAD CREDIT NO CREDIT WE CAN HELP!!!! I called the number and set up an appointment. Met with this straight forward guy name Anthony, Very honest and respectful with my situation. Him and Mr.Jacob made everything work out just fine, next you know it I have a new Dodge Avenger 2009, I actually got a car that me and my GF wanted. They are NOT like any other car dealership that will make you feel unease and just want your money. I will be back again to buy all my cars from them and tell all my friends and family to support our local Car Company

Shout outs to Anthony, Jacob & The Whole Car Company
from Justin & Chardonnay
Thank you

Latosha C. | 2014-11-15

The Car Company was advertising on Craigslist list. I needed a car extremely bad. My credit is not that great.  I am a single woman and live in Vegas alone.  So being a woman & buying a car alone is super scarey. So I called them asking for info and my options.  I was pleased with the info the guy gave me over the phone,  so I made an appointment for the next day @ 6:30 pm.  I was greeted by "Anthony" when I walked in the office. I was not very pleasant with him because I was afraid of being ripped off by them. I was extremely uptight. Anthony was so patient with me even though I was being rude.  Long story short, after about 45 minutes, I got a great deal!  I am now a proud owner of an SUV. My purchase also included a service warranty. I am very pleased. All the guys in the office were awesome! Thanks to The Car Company, I now have transportation. Customer service in a business is hard to find in today's economy. But not at The Car Company. Keep up the great work!



Jerad P. | 2014-10-25

Do NOT buy from this dealership! My business vehicle broke down in town while passing through and I thought I found the perfect van that would suit my needs. Once I arrived at the dealership they brought out the vehicle which was not in the shape or working condition that they stated on their ad. They were willing to make the situation right by taking it to their "trusted" mechanic to make repairs. It took them 3 days to get it to the description they originally stated causing me to lose money in my own personal business because of delay of travel. I eventually traded in my broken down van for theirs (which they did not compensate me for fairly at all). Once off the lot I drove for about 40 miles and the van broke down on the interstate. I had to pay to get it towed to a mechanic. Turns out the Fuel Pump is shot and they also didn't put in the air filter after doing an oil change on the thing. I called them about the issue and they pretty much said too bad, so sad. Overall, the worst car buying experience of my life. These people are just in it to hose you and make a quick buck. Save yourself the trouble and don't bother reading anymore reviews on this place or considering calling even if this is your last resort.

Perry G. | 2014-10-17

I was really impressed with the way the salesman
didn't pressure me at all and took the time to show
us numerous vehicles in our budget. Found a great
car for my son.

Amber H. | 2014-01-05

The business said it was open today on a Sunday. We went around 3pm and business was closed. They had around 40 to 50 cars on the lot ranging from BMWs to Chevy malibus. Most cars in the 5k range were pretty best up with visible body damage. Some of the nicer cars did not have prices listed on them. They had signs everywhere that as long as you have a job they will finance you. I gave 1 stat cause I was irritated I drove there and no one around. Also lots of crack head people walking around.

Teresa M. | 2013-07-01

Well, to start off i had a great buying experience here, the vehicle is not a new mercedes, it is what i can afford. The buying process was simple, i got the vehicle i needed at the payments I needed. They seem to have a nice selection, quite a few vehicles, maybe 70....the vehicles were reasonably priced and affordable. I would recommend getting a vehicle here if this is the type of vehicle to get , a used car.

Rich W. | 2012-10-12

I just dealt with these guys and had a great experience.  I found a car on Craigslist that they were advertising and through the entire process I was waiting for the typical tactics of a small car dealership.  I was waiting for the salesman (Mark, by the way) to get pushy, for them to bait and switch me on a piece of junk, for hard tactics by the finance manager... etc... I kept waiting and waiting, then before I knew it I had keys in my hand.

They all were extremely professional, swift, educated, courteous.  I cannot say enough good about them.  I actually commented to them as I was leaving that I expected a battle and was pleasantly surprised.

Now... I will say that while I was there I did see a few unhappy customers.  The ones I saw were all a part of their "buy here, pay here" program.  Frankly, and I am not pulling the Mitt Romney card, but if no one else will loan you money why make the life hell of someone who will?  There were an endless parade of people coming in and reading them the riot act because their car payment was due!  

The other review I read on this place is trying to nail The Car Company because the car was a POS.  All of these places operate the same way - they go to an auction and buy a product that they can make the most money on.  Most times they only have a car in their possession for less than a week.  It is not a sinister plot that car dealers devise to buy junk cars and dump them off on some poor bastard.

I dunno.... I could go on for days on entitlement and etc... but not the point of the review.  The Car Company treated me well and seem to be a solid company.  If they have another vehicle that I like, at a reasonable price, I would certianly buy from them (cash) again.