Subaru of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

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Subaru of Las Vegas offers quality new and pre-owned Subarus (and other makes) to our customers.

Included in our range of services are new OEM & SPT parts sales & installation; repair, from simple oil changes, to complete engine building.

Subaru of Las Vegas also features the 'Stress Free Price'. This allows our customers to Choose their car. See their price. Live their life! We don't add 'Market Adjustments' to our cars, we save our customers money!

Stop in today to find out what makes a Subaru, a Subaru!


Established in 1973.

The Findlay Auto Group's first non-Domestic brand franchise deals was Subaru back in the early 1970's. Throughout the years, Findlay Auto Group has had many incarnations of their Subaru dealership. In 2006, it was rebranded to Subaru of Las Vegas. It was not long after that, their new facility on Sahara was created from the ground up to house all of the new Subarus they could want.

Subaru of Las Vegas

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 495-2100
Address:5385 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89146
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Subaru of Las Vegas

Dawn R. | 2015-04-24

Great experience buying our new car thanks to Preston and Mark you guys are the best!

Jordan M. | 2015-04-22

Purchased a new 2015 WRX Limited today from Subaru of LV. Had an overall good experience. My dealer was Jay, who was polite and really down to earth. I felt comfortable "opening" the car up and seeing how it performed on public streets lol. The transaction itself was good, fair and quick (bout 3hrs from start to end). Was offered a fair price, my asking price, for my 12' GTI. Happy with my purchase and just wanted to give a shout out to Jay and David for their professionalism and character. Thanks guys, shes a beast.

Devin-Scott B. | 2015-04-05

Always great service!

Morgan H. | 2015-03-31

I have gone to other Subaru dealerships to find my perfect car, for the best deal, and felt very stressed, and like they weren't willing to work with me and give me a good deal. They just made me feel nervous. At Subaru of Las Vegas they were really trying to get me the best deal they could on a car, I ended up with a 2007 Subaru Outback XT, which was nicer than the used car I had originally gone in to test drive (it had just been sold.)

Preston helped me through the whole process, I loved that everyone was real, able to joke around and didn't pressure me. I was helped and approached by SO many of their other employees to check up on us, did everything they could to make the experience of buying a car relaxing, and also exciting to get into it! Even Ted, the manager, came to help me and ensure that I was getting what I could afford, and the bank was working with me to get the best rate on my small loan.

They had plenty of staff on the lot, ready to help me, and when I went back to pick my car up a few days later there were 5 or 6 different employees that remembered me from when I had bought it, and came up to me and said congrats on my new car! Great place!!

Melinda B. | 2015-03-30

My husband and I came here to look for a new car. Not only did we find one, but we had the best experience thanks to Preston and Mark. They were so friendly and went over and beyond their job. Even had my Nissan Armada washed while we waited for the paperwork.  I will definitely recommend this dealership to friends and family

Elaine V. | 2015-03-28

Great service. Husband was working with Bryan and he was great. We had our own financing through our credit union so he made the remaining process run smoothly. We also had Jeff who gave us the keys to the car... He is very knowledgable and gave a lot of good advice to my husband about everything.

Missy O. | 2015-03-28

Robert did a great job showing us cars and talking specs. Had lots of fun test driving and he knows his stuff, you can tell he loves cars! Didn't have the purchasing experience but testing was extremely low pressure.

Mick C. | 2015-03-23

Just got to work, on time, after another incredibly positive service experience at Subaru of Las Vegas.  I used to bring my 2002 Subaru Legacy here, and now, I always bring by 2011 Subaru Tribeca here for service.  Short and sweet - they never perform any unnecessary work, they're fast, reliable, professional, and friendly.  I especially commend Steve - I've been bringing my cars to Steve for years, and he is extremely helpful, honest, and professional!  

It's a myth that it is more expensive to bring your car to the dealer for service!  My fiancé brought her car to a shop for an oil change, and they wanted to perform $1200 worth of unnecessary repairs to her car!  This has never happened to me at Subaru of Las Vegas.  In fact, they have told me the opposite, especially with my old 2002.

I recommend Subaru service without hesitation!

Kristen B. | 2015-02-17

Oh where do I begin.. First, the only reason I have 1 star showing is so I can post this, this service manager deserves to be fired and hopefully karma will get him sooner rather than later. I bought a 2006 Subaru Impreza from Steven Maffioli at Subaru of Las Vegas 5385 Sahara Avenue (actual first name is Estaben). He is the service manager there, but in everyday life, he's scum. He sold us this used Subaru under many false pretenses, one of which was a guaranteed "almost brand new clutch". We had the vehicle for almost, yes, not even a full, 6 months, when we started hearing tell-tale signs of a throw out bearing faulting. He also gave us his card if we had any issues.. So, we called him. He was unhelpful, continuous in his lies, and incredibly mean. So, after many punches to my pillow wishing badly he could feel my blows, my husband and I began our search for "help". We are from the Reno area, but are currently located in Ely, NV, which means we would have to travel to Reno for our car to be diagnosed and potentially fixed. I looked up Subaru of Reno to start. They quoted us 1400 for parts and labor as long as the clutch was the only thing broken.. That seemed very steep and out of our budget by a lot.. The very next inquire was at Aamco, located of Mill street. They had some good reviews and after making a few phone calls, found out a few friends/family had used them and gave them a good reference. My husband made the phone call and was greeted appropriately and was quoted 800. Woo! Almost half of our original quote. I believe he spoke to Aaron, the gm, but in all honesty, anyone of those guys could have held the same helpful demeanor and attentiveness. This was a Friday afternoon, we had just pulled into town from ely. My husband had work on Tuesday morning at 4:00 am, so we had a small window to get our vehicle fixed with no appointment lined up already. We made Aaron aware of this and he stated to get the car to him ASAP and if it was just the clutch, guaranteed it to be done by 1pm on Monday, which also happened to be a holiday. When we dropped off the car, my husband was attended to promptly, professionally and with amazing customer service skills. They said we'd get a call within the hour with their diagnosis and verify price again. I believe it was about 45 min when they called and confirmed it was the clutch and again, quoted the original price! Woo again! No gimmicks, no add ons that are "necessary" no extra problems.. He also made us aware that this Steven guy had most definitely NOT replaced our clutch anytime recently.. Scum he is.. BEWARE! I cannot express this enough, DO NOT trust this guy for ANY reason! He will lie about work done, he will rip you off when it comes to money, he will do anything and everything in his measly power position to scam you in all the ways he can. In addition to selling us a faulty vehicle with faulty service papers, he promised our headrests that weren't in the vehicle because he forgot to put them back in, would be sent that very next day. It's 6 months later and they're still in his possession. When we called to ask why they weren't sent yet, he stated he'd get to it when he could, he's busy moving and they're now in storage. Please beware of this guy, I'm a very very unhappy result of his "help"

Carl S. | 2015-02-15

Never going there again. Just wait and see how much they dont really care about your car. They dont care if you have a broken car. They only want your money. Scam! No longer doing business with these guys. What a shame. It started off great. And over the course of the next year, their customer service and lack of empathy drove me awayy!

Mikey M. | 2015-01-30

My first review at Subaru of LV was about there awesome sales team when i purchased my car from them last December, and after a year of having work done with there service department I have to say that Steve and Ken in service are absolutely second to none in this city.  They have done an amazing job for covering maintenance and warranty fix's, all in a timely manor, with an extremely positive manor towards me as a customer.   The experience I have had with them has insured that I will be a life time customer at Subaru of Las Vegas.

Jameson D. | 2015-01-02

I purchased a new WRX in 2014 from this store and could not be any happier with my experiences coming here. Buying the car was not free of haggling but there was absolutely no drama. I was hesitant to bring the car in for Warranty Check-ups because I am OCD with the car but it turned out all my fears were unjustified. I told Ryan, the service manager, that my wiper nozzles were not spraying and after checking them, in the most polite way possible, he showed me how I was not pressing the correct button. Haha I would not have blamed him for calling me an idiot but he was very professional about it. If you go in for service, ask for Ryan and he will treat you right. I have been back twice now for oil changes and have not had a single issue. (2014 WRX hatch, no modifications, 24,000 miles)

Diona T. | 2014-12-03

I was in a horrible accident and was faced with having to be a new car and quick. I did research and learned about all of the awesome safety features of a Subaru and made an appointment to test drive. Upon my arrival I met Bryan Meyer and proceeded to have the best dealership experience in my life. Bryan was knowledgeable about all of the cars and was able to really anticipate my needs. He was honest and listened to what I wanted and did everything to get me the car I wanted and needed. I only dealt with him, he handled the paperwork, the financing, and tied it all up in a perfect bow. I couldn't believe how much I loved my Forrester and was shocked when they told me about their assurance package that comes complete with LoJack installation, window tinting, and oil changes. The service and environment was exceptional and I left happier than I thought possible. Everyone was extremely helpful and I received many follow up calls and emails to make sure I was happy with my experience. Definitely recommend a subie and this dealership.

Michael L. | 2014-12-02

I've never came across a dealership that applies them selves to the degree this dealership does, They have a great staff of salesman and are extremely helpful, Jay is a great guy who does everything in his power to make sure the customer is happy, I worked with him and Eugene both of whom are a asset to Subaru Of Las Vegas and are straight shooters.

Jeff B. | 2014-11-28

I had my wrx towed to Subaru of las Vegas, last Saturday, they scheduled an appointment first thing Wednesday, to have my clutch replaced. Tuesday they called to authorized the teardown, and inspection.  I called them today (Friday) because they hadn't called me back yet. The guy that answered said that he knew nothing other than the car hasn't been touched yet.  He said the people that are going to do the job won't be back until Monday.  In the meantime I am stuck walking to work.  At the very least it would have been nice to have someone call and tell me that it's going to take longer. I guess I will be going somewhere else when its time to trade the car in, because they don't appreciate my business.

Emily H. | 2014-11-25

I have a 2014 Impreza and I love it. I had a really good buying experience. They don't hassle you at all, it's such a breath of fresh air after visiting other car dealerships. A little tip - if you want a deal on these cars go to Subie of Santa Monica. They're extremely stiff on pricing here.

Will G. | 2014-11-06

I own an older Subaru that I bought out of state. Brought it in and had it serviced with an oil change, tire rotation, etc. Amazing experience, super accommodating, and great price. If you stop by ask for Ryan Worsdale! He is extremely professional and made me feel great as a customer!

David Y. | 2014-08-02

My first car was a Subaru.  I have had many Subies over the years and am quite happy with this Subaru dealership in town (owned by the Findlay family).  They have treated me like family and I have never had any problems and complaints with their parts and service departments.  The staff here is always accommodating.  I especially like their complimentary beverage counter where you can make your own gourmet coffee, tea or partake in their slushies.  This dealership is well maintained and of course would recommend a Subaru to anyone.  Maybe I'm just a little bias..

On another note, I am sorry to see that Zenkai has finally closed its door in Vegas.

Mike L. | 2014-07-27

Be careful who you give your money to here.
Don't think that just because it is nice, and bright, and clean, that it is anything other than a car dealership, waiting to RIP YOU OFF.

Subaru's are great cars and there is really only one place to get them in Vegas. Be smart! Just because it's an excellent product doesn't mean they won't try to screw around. I bought the car I wanted, because I wanted it, despite the sales people rubbing me wrong from the start.

This review is regarding a recent issue. I am going to leave the Service Manager out of this, because I honestly believe he was just doing what he was told and was trying to help. Also, all things considered, the service team still did a good job on the work, kept to the scheduled deadline, and communicated everything I needed to know. I used to LOVE just bringing my car in for service and sitting in the waiting area.  

I purchased a warranty when I got my car in the summer of 2011. At a routine service in 2013, I was given a list of things that needed to be fixed. When I asked if my warranty covered those items, no one knew what I was talking about. It took three days for me to get a call back indicating that it was covered and we were all good. They would call to schedule the repair when the parts were in.
That call never came.

I scheduled the next maintenance just recently. At that appointment, I was given a new list of things that needed to be fixed or replaced. I again asked if the warranty covered it, and was again met with "what are you talking about?"

So, here is where I not only start getting crapped on, but find out that, had I not raised the issue, the money I spent over two years ago would never have been recorded, however someone would still have gotten credit, and a bonus for selling it to me.

A cluster F of phone calls ensue, were departments are blaming each other, telling me to call someone else. The warranty company, Subaru of America, has no record that I ever purchased the services and instructs me to contact the dealership. The dealership instructs me to contact the servicer. I talk to four people... I am told that I do not have a warranty. If they can find it, someone will get back to me.

But before I ever hear back about that, I get a Customer Service follow up call. After explaining everything listed here and that I am not happy because I keep willingly spending my money there and no one is on the same page. I am told that someone will get back to me. I ask to just spoke to the General Manager, so that I can actually get the help I need. I accept the answer that I will get a call back.

I e-mailed back asking for a full explanation of the issue and that the General Manager is copied on the response. I receive a one line response asking that I call. Because paper trails are dangerous.

Would you believe that 15 minutes later, my warranty magically reappears, my work was covered, AND I has an appointment scheduled for Saturday?? That's pretty impressive.
However, there was no explanation given and the GM was not copied on the message... which is interesting, because, again, I asked for something very specific and did not get it.
I asked again for an explanation and received "Clerical error by someone who does not work here anymore", which is exceeding convenient for a manager trying to avoid responsibility for his team, regardless of when it happened. Just "it's all fixed now, see you Saturday."

You may also notice that there was no good will offer to make up for the error. Just "hey, we screwed up, made you do the leg work to prove it, you caught us, ha ha, now keep paying for services, because we are the only Subaru dealership in town".

I specifically asked on several occasions, several different ways, for something a little more substantial, and was eventually offered 10% off other recommended services, for which I already have a 15% off coupon and all of which I can do myself in the garage.

I wasn't offered a free oil change, or an air filter, or even one of those neat Team Subaru hats.

So, overall, the problem is that no one accepted responsibility. No one did anything to actually fix the anger and frustration

Every person I have talked to has made sure to blame someone else and the problem has yet to be resolved.

In the end, I SOLD MY CAR just so I would not have to deal with the only Subaru Dealership in Las Vegas... You should be embarrassed.

Businesses spend loads of money sourcing customers. It seems silly to my that you'd lose a loyalist over unprofessional behavior.

mvc j. | 2014-07-19

Subaru of Las Vegas was very helpful in my current search for a new car, by making it very easy to eliminate a Subaru, as the only local dealer, who offered no service or assistance in my recent visit to the dealership to look at new cars

I drove cross town to the dealership to look at a 2015 WRX and WRX STI, as my car search has been narrowed down to smaller to the lower size end of mid sized 4 door performance and high performance oriented vehicles.  These two vehicles  were in the range of what I was looking for.

I looked at a few WRX's and STI's on my own that they had in the front outdoor area at the dealership facing Sahara Ave, and an STI they had on the floor (I like checking out vehicles without a swarm of sales people, so they made the cut on that item - but more on this to come).  

After 15-20 minutes of looking around, I approached some staff on the sales floor, asking for help, and they looked at me like I had two heads and spoke Klingon or something - they were disinterested in providing any assistance, and these meatheads displayed nothing but the qualities of disinterested lazy oafs.

Needless to say, I walked out without talking to a single staff member after spending around 30 minutes at the dealership.  

If the dealership and their sales staff are not interested in any manner in helping people look at their product to potentially make a sale, I have no interest in buying a car from them, nor the likely similar or worse attitude and service they will display related to maintenance and warranty items once one owns the car.

Dustin C. | 2014-06-25

Great car buying experience! The professionals at Subaru Las Vegas went above and beyond to earn my business.

I was first contacted by Mary Ellen who explained the process to me and got me in touch with my representative Keenan Myers. Keenan wasn't pushy and actually took the time to figure out what I was looking for.

I had my mind set on what I wanted and Keenan was able to work a deal that I was very comfortable with. We had one hiccup after I signed the papers, but Keenan and his folks stepped in and immediately made it right.

What matters most in business is not always getting it right the first time, but admitting a mistake and correcting it.

I would recommend Subaru of Las Vegas and Keenan Myers to anyone that is looking for their next car.

Steph O. | 2014-06-19

I saw an ad for a used Volkswagen they were selling and inquired about it. I hadn't  made my decision yet and Ashlee followed up a week later and we talked about it over the phone and agreed to an amazing deal. I went to test drive and bought it right away! Easiest car buying experience ever!!! Thanks!!

MJ H. | 2014-06-04

Very hard work to deal with,, the sales team just keep you waiting, and waiting, and then go off and deal with other customers,  I was there for just over 3 hours, and they didn't give me numbers on the cars i was looking at, or even demo the cars. They just wanted all of my details so they can bombard me with emails and phone calls from their internet department. once you walk out.  just bad customer service, they don't make you feel important. in any way.  I wanted to buy a car that day, they just didn't want to sell it? very strange.

Ryan J. | 2014-03-22

I bought a used Dodge Ram from Subaru and had a GREAT experience.  Ive grown to be suspicious of dealers, but this dealership has given me a completely different perception.  From the staff to the cleanliness of the place to the customer service (very cool coffee bar), everything went great!  When I took possession of the truck it had been beautifully detailed and fully gassed up!  I love my truck and am glad I found it at Subaru.

Dev M. | 2014-03-13

Bad customer service! They kept me waiting for a month for green slip and all the while there was an error along the way which yea no one followed up. It's bad. Customer service here is bad. Then again they want me to wait again and it's really Fckd up. I'm sorry but I've done my part here and seems like after signing all there just gonna keep you hanging. No good. No good. No good.

Dave M. | 2014-03-08

Great service, and they also have a Barista in house for your compliment of coffees while you wait! Along with your automotive needs, Mike at Zenkai Motorsports has answers for your cars performance parts and installations!!
I love this Dealership!

CC B. | 2014-03-06

Never again ... I purchased a Subi in 2012 from Cali. And have been coming to this dealership to get my oil change service as required and suggested every 7k miles or so. They are good in the fact that they get the job done and that's that, but they lack serious customer service.

On my last trip in though, after I no longer had my warantee, I had the worst experience ever. I came in like usual sat in the waiting room while I worked on some homework and within 30-40minutes I was called that my car was ready. "Wow",I thought they are on it today. I left feeling okay, but not completely satisfied. I started to drive off the lot and almost getting home my oil light comes on. I call the dealership and he assured me that it sometimes happens and sensors get messed up. I took his word and continued on with my day. After a week of working & school the light continued to come on and off . Then my water pressure light came on so I figured I would buy some windshield wiper liquid. As I go to pump my hood I was mortified. The cap to my oil component was off and set aside. Oil had spewed all over everything you could think of under the hood. I was appalled and angry. I immediately went in and had them fix the issue, which they did. They claimed they did a full service oil change, but here I am again not even 3000 miles in and I need another oil change.  Hmmmm doesn't seem right now does it ? Still can't believe how bad the service was ..

I go to only one place now. The original dealership where I purchased my vehicle from. They are great always!

Go Galpin!!!

Kim K. | 2014-01-02

This is a pretty big purchase for anyone to make, and wherever you end up buying from, I just hope you feel as you are being treated well and fairly! Good luck!

Ranae W. | 2013-12-29

I own a 2010 Forester I purchased on the east coast that I have been extremely pleased with. While I was having a minor recall repair done, I test drove a CrossTrek with Keenan while I was waiting, knowing we were going to be replacing our other car in the next 6-9 months. Fast forward to yesterday: Following a not-so-great experience with a pushy salesman test-driving a similar, small SUV we stopped by the Subaru dealership and requested Keenan again.

We test drove new Forester, Keenan helped us find the trim package we wanted and we agreed on the final price without haggling or any of the other junk that usually makes car-buying such a nightmare. We kept waiting to go to a different office to go over financing options and to be pressured to buy extra warranties and gap coverage etc, but the high-pressure stuff never came. We were offered options, declined, and there was never a time when we felt pressured by a hard-sale environment.

The gentleman in customer service showed us all the features of the vehicle and how to set up the hands free phone book, we received several handshakes from staff and we were on our way to enjoy my husbands shiny new wheels...which won't stay shiny and clean for long, it's a Subaru after all- there are adventures to be had!!

Dirk N. | 2013-12-05

I just had my 2011 Outback Sport in for it's 30,000 mile service. Steve in the service dept. was very helpful in getting me in on time and provided me with a free loaner for the day. I was told the service would take about 4 1/2 hours to complete. I had one small setback with a phone call no one wants to recieve, they found another small problem with my car. Lucky it was only about a bad battery. Subaru completed the service ahead of schedule and I was back picking up my car in about three hours. My car was washed and cleaned when I arrived to pick it up. I had misplaced a coupon for 10% off the price of the service. This was no problem for Steve who said he would still honor the coupon even though I didn't have it. Thanks...

ricky l. | 2013-11-01

Awful experience constantly haunts me. I purchased my 08 Sti there 2 years ago at 22k miles. 3 months later the engine blew because they sold me a car with cracked piston rings and an ecu that had a recall on it that should have been reflashed before they sold it to me. They admitted they made the mistake decided to replace the engine while trying to get me to replace my clutch at another $1500 charge. Brandi the girl working service at the time told me the clutch only had 3 months left on it. 2 1/2 years later still do not need a clutch. Right after they installed the new engine the turbo blew because they did not install it properly so I had to go another week driving there POS loner car. Now my electrical system goes out from time to time. No stereo no clock, nothing! Just comes on whenever it feels like it. Good thing I bought a warranty for a certified used subaru, right? Wrong! Assholes Mark the salesman who has no idea what he is doing an Fat Vinny the finance manager lied right to my face saying it was a certified used car and that i had a new car warranty of 36k miles after the 22k the car already had. Took it in yesterday and Gary the service director tells me to fuck off because my paperwork only shows a classic used car warranty and not the certified warranty mark and Vinny promised! What a surprise! Iv purchased all my cars since I was 16 from Findlay and will no longer being doing so. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THESE PEOPLE. They are liars and thieves! And I didn't even mention the lemon 2010 mini I bought the same week as the subaru that cost us $4k 6 months after we bought it.......

Candice F. | 2013-10-13

My husband bought his 2013 pearl white STI from here on February 15 2013. We had put down a deposit for a special edition STI that was orange, but on Valentine's day we decided that the car was lacking in features (leather, nav, etc) and that we would rather have a fully loaded, pearl white STI, but this dealership didn't have any. We decided that we would drive to California to get the car we really wanted. So the next day we went in to get the deposit back and after my husband got the check, one of the salesmen came in and said to him guess what just came in on the truck? A pearl white, fully loaded STI!! Excited that we didnt have to go to another state to get the car, we bought it on the spot. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I look forward to coming back in a few years to get an Outback.

When my husband had his 2006 STI, he had his brakes done here a couple times and had a sway bar replaced as well. The service department was thorough and quick.

Charles T. | 2013-09-10

After two years of sitting neglected took the Subie in to Zenkai for a tune up. Mike McGuinness was super helpful, hospitable, and of course knowledgeable. I needed a lot of work done and of course it cost a pretty penny, but he saved costs wherever possible. He and his team went above and beyond what was necessary while staying in budget, and as a result the car runs truly better than new.  Looking forward to having them custom fab a new exhaust in the near future.

Charlie H. | 2013-07-31

I got a fair asking price, but my only complaint is that they were not honest about the trade-in "tax saving" bait and switch...buyer beware.   On a positive note, Kristina Oltmanns was an amazing customer care coordinator.  She made me feel like the dealership actually cared about their customers...and their customer's return business.  The car buying process is always stressful, but Kristina was extremely informative and helpful!

Jonathon B. | 2013-07-11

Great experience here. I went in being upside down in my car and thinking I would not be able to get out of my poor situation.  

I walked in and was greeted by Jeff M. Jeff was a great sales professional and knew more than I could have ever expected about the two cars I was comparing. (WRX and BRZ).  They ended up giving me a great deal and giving me way over kbb value on my trade in and got me into a brand new WRX the next day. I would definitely recommend this dealership and Jeff M. to anyone.

Melody P. | 2013-07-10

The car buying experience was great. We purchased a new Subaru Outback from this dealer back in Feb, 2013.

Initially we had some difficulties scheduling oil change and car tinting appointments. The manager, Burton, reached out to us and helped us to resolve the issue quickly. Christina is kind of the after sale girl who takes care of customers (not sure what her official title is), but she is amazing! Definitely kudos to Burton and Christina.

Since they are the ONLY Subaru dealer in the state, I was worried about the service they would provide after we pay for the car and services (a lot of their cars come with some sort of service package), but we have been extremely satisfied so far.

Colin B. | 2013-06-13

I have a Subaru that is a few years old that I recently bought from a non Subaru dealership and when I bought it I found out it was time for the timing belt to be done.

After a good amount of research on the job at hand I decided that it was best to bring it to Subaru to feel the most comfortable with the labor being performed on the engine.

I knew the price was not going to be cheap and was prepared for that, but I was very happily surprised with the options that Mike from Zenkai performance has to offer when it comes to something as simple as the belts.  I had also in mind doing my fluids and even I have to say for a dealership for all the work I had done I am not disappointed.  I now have the peace of mind knowing I have Gates racing belts and Motul fluids in my engine, trans, and diff, and it all came in being just a little bit more than the quote for the timing belt job.  

Thanks again for a warm welcome to Subaru ownership.  I can not wait to be the driver of my car for its next 100k miles.

I will definitely see them in 4k miles to stock up on Motul engine oil if I do not get lazy and go to walmart for Rotella.

I also really like my "touched by Mo" sticker, I feel like my car has a dedicated Dr.

Ma. Regina A. | 2013-03-19

Bought a 2013 Subaru Forester last March 12, 2013 and was informed that I will be getting the car today... BUT I DIDN'T. I called the store today and they said " they will call me as soon as the car arrives". Did not get a call back and I do not have any idea what is happening with my car. No one from Subaru of Las Vegas dealership called to inform or even apologize that the car wouldn't be delivered today as agreed!. Very disappointing! Very very unprofessional.

Jesse N. | 2013-01-23

Subaru of LV got it goin on!  

So my lady was up on her lease.  She has had a 2011 Subaru Legacy for the last 3 years and absolutely loves it.  We were here to check our options which were to A) Lease to Buy, B) Re-Lease C) Buy.

The staff here is always accommodating, especially Mark D.  Dude really takes care of you and goes above and beyond to service you.  We ended up test driving another Legacy, but the newer 2013 model.  My girl fell in love with the car instantly.  Granted most of the features are the same, there are some upgrades to the CVT transmission, front facia, impulse brake lights, USB input.  The test driven model was Venetian Red compared to the pearl white, both sick colors.  

What really made her pull the trigger is the amazing deals Subaru was willing to offer to reward loyal customers.  Let's just say she got a better deal for a newer car of the vehicle she already holds close to her heart.  So sayonara to Lucy Pearl and hello Ruby.  

Usually, I have to bust out my ninja bargaining skills, but anything more to add would be wheeling and dealing and plain greedy.  Subaru was a step ahead of us each time I counter offered to the point, an agreement was made.

The wait wasn't all that long as well.  Not to mention, there are a lot of amenities to keep you occupied such as the smoothie bar, coffee bar, and a pet friendly lounge area with cable to watch your favorite shows.  And if that doesn't keep you occupied, I am sure you can test drive the Impreza STI around the block a few times to get your blood pumping right.

I believe this is the only Subaru in LV and they don't have a snobby attitude where they use the availability of their brand to their favor since there are no other Subaru dealerships in town.  I could be wrong, but believe that one closed down on Decatur and they relocated on Sahara once.  

Subaru is a great brand and offers all time AWD in all vehicles except the new BRZ.  The horizontally opposed 4-banger boxer engine is one of the best power performing and fuel efficient engine's on the market too.  Subaru is known for their safety ratings as well.  Overall a great car whether you want speed (WRX, STI, BRZ), off road (Forrester, Outback), or luxury (Legacy, Tribeca).  I can't say enough with the Subaru styling design of the new Legacy and happy that not many people have them.  Although, their reputation may change that soon enough.

Ariel C. | 2013-01-12

I went in to buy a new car today. I spent the entire night before researching cars on the internet, looking at pricing, models, colors, trims, packages, warranties, packages, etc. I went in there knowing very close to what I wanted, how much I was going to spend on it.

We had a friend refer us to Guillermo Galindo, a Sales Executive at Subaru of Las Vegas. He has been in the business for 10 years and HE KNOWS HIS STUFF.

We were driving to the dealership, called to request him specifically, and he was waiting for us when we got there. We described to him what we wanted (2013 Crosstrek XV, 2013 Impreza, or 2013 Outback). He immediately gave us comparisons of all the cars, their respective chassis, transmissions, motors, interior packages, etc. He compared them to previous years, other car makes and models, and other information off the top of his stuff. This guy knows cars and he is not afraid to tell you if another car (like an Audi, for example) has a better component than the car he's selling. That is the first sign of an honest salesman. He does not waste your time.

He took us out and let us test drive the Crosstrek, Impreza, and Outback. We decided we liked the Outback the best, but needed to get lunch and talk about our finances together before we could make a decision... Guillermo gave us the keys to the Outback and let us drive around to go get lunch in it! He trusted us with the vehicle on our lunch break without asking for any collateral.

We ended up buying the Outback. As part of our deal, he sent our other car, a Honda Civic, to the back of the store to get detailed with the Outback. Our Honda had a big dent in it, and while detailing it, they fixed the dent in the car. Our old car came back looking like new. Totally free!

It was a great experience. I highly recommend Guillermo Galindo and Subaru of Las Vegas for anyone looking to purchase a Subaru.

Nawal D. | 2013-01-04

I hate dealerships and I try to avoid them at any cost... But this place is a different story! After several lousy experiences at numerous other dealerships, I didn't want to come here but when it comes to my hubby's STI, I don't really have a choice lol.

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Unlike other salespeople at other dealerships, when I say "I'm just here to look, and have no intentions of purchasing yet," They actually get it! They didn't keep pushing or try to persuade me in any way whatsoever. They still took their time to answer any questions we had and just said "well, here's my card and whenever you decide you're ready, you got my number." Uhm... you rock!! The only thing that kept going through my mind was: Awesome! Finally! a salesperson that actually has EARS and a BRAIN! Who would've thought that was possible?! ;)

Now, back to the STI... husband loves his car more than anything. I think his priority list looks something like this:
1. STI
2. Wife
3. Dogs

Eh, at least I come before the dogs... good enough for me. Anyway, back on topic... He occasionally comes here to purchase parts from Zenkai motorsport. If you're looking to modify your Subaru and/or have any questions... Mike is your guy!

I think we'll definitely be coming back here to purchase our next vehicle later down the road.

Melanie A. | 2012-09-28

One word, well a few words =) GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE

I bought a used car from Carmax and 1 month later I started experiencing an issue. Since it was still under 35K miles it was covered under the manufacture warranty. I took my car there 3 times and was able to fix it the 3rd time. They are thorough with the inspections and I would recommend them to anyone.

Thank you Subaru service department for all your hard work!

Daniel G. | 2012-04-14

Came for an appointment at 2:30 and left at almost 4:00. When the girl got in the car, she couldn't even get it started because it sticks a little but come on. I drive it everyday and she literally had to call someone to help her. Took him a second. By the time they started my car (and didn't even bother to fix the ignition stickyness) was about 25 minutes. That was ridiculous. I'm sitting there steering at my car like they forgot. Other Subaru's will at least vacuum and wash your car, this place didn't even bother to wash my windshield. Never going to go out to Sahara for this kind of service ever again.

Ryan G. | 2011-11-23

i love this dealership it is unlike any other in town the entire sales department is amazing. they made me feel like i was a friend they have not seen a while. there was absolutely no pressure to purchase at all. plus its the only place in town that really has sti. i will continue to purchase my vehicles here because of their amazing service.

Angela B. | 2011-11-04

This place is awesome if you want a reliable place to do repairs on your Subaru this is the place. They are honest and will not try to take advantage of you. My transmission had went out as a result of a bad oil change. They helped me to get the repairs paid for and were on my side the whole time. I will never forget what they did for me. If you have any problems with your car as a result of another company take your car here, they are the best.

Phyl P. | 2011-10-19

My 11 year old Subaru Outback broke down while I was on vacation in Las Vegas.  I needed a very quick turn-around repair in order to make an event in Phoenix, and I was thrilled that Subaru of Las Vegas got the job done quickly.  Our service advisor, Brandy R., was very sympathetic to my sob story of urgency, got us in on a Saturday for an unscheduled evaluation, and then immediately ordered the necessary part to be fed-exed overnight.  They started to work on the vehicle as soon as the part arrived and finished the work in a few hours, so that I was able to get back on the road on time.  Thanks, Subaru of Las Vegas!

Megan T. | 2011-08-09

I purchased a used Volkswagen from this dealership, first mistake right there. I should have went to a Volkswagen dealer since they are able to certify that their used vehicles don't have any problems.

Now, I bought this car almost a month ago and I have only driven it for 2 days & that's because it has been being serviced ever since. Luckily I had a 30 day warranty which I was told was ''bumper to bumper'' meaning it should cover everything from one end to the other. NOT TRUE.

I bought the car on a Saturday and brought it back on Monday, the sunroof wasn't closing correctly. While they had the car to inspect the sunroof, they found a leak. The leak was the FUEL TANK, meaning I could have blown up. They sent it over to Volkswagen and had it repaired. While it was in their possession the front left window broke and I received a call saying that I would have to pay them $421 in order to fix it. I talked to a manager (the most condescending human being on the planet) and told him my situation. He was no help at all. Unfortunately for him and lucky for me, I knew someone who is friends with the Findlay's and I gave one of them a call and told them the situation. He handled it and had my window fixed. Which was the only positive thing that happened in this entire experience.

Mind you, during all of this. I am using one of their loaner cars.

I get the call saying my car is done (3 wks later) and I bring the loaner back. I get my car and there is a giant crack in the panel under the window they had to fix. My gas tank is completely empty (it was full when I brought it in). The inside of my car is a mess. The mechanics who were inside my car left finger smudges everywhere and scuff marks from their shoes all over my beige interior. After seeing this, I sat down inside the car and laid my head on the steering wheel and started balling.

I took the car to get it registered and after waiting in line for 2 hrs. The lady behind the counter manages to tell me that they didn't smog the car either. Even though they said they did when they handed me the green slip. So I had to go smog it and then come back and wait another hour and a half.

To top it all off, they are claiming that I did body damage to one of their loaner vehicles & that I owe them another $500. . . there are no words.

I hope this gives you an extremely thorough look into this dealership. I work in the service industry, I know what it's like to work off of referrals. I would never refer this place to anyone purchasing a car, not even someone I hated.

Cayenne E. | 2010-10-21

After shopping around for a while I decided that what I wanted was the new model Subaru Forester.  I never thought I'd be buying a new car, dealing with the immediate depreciation and all, but I wanted the 2009 redesign and there were no used 2009's within 200 miles... So, I went to Subaru of Las Vegas to drive a 2006 they had on the lot, and thought I'd drive a 2010 - just to see... Turns out that's the car I wanted.  I was pleased with my initial experience with the sales staff.  The showroom is sharp and open (I swear that didn't influence my choice too much).  My salesman provided plenty of information on vehicle specs without being pushy, and didn't push too much when I firmly said "nope, there's nothing you could do to get me to buy this car today".  Upon returning the salesman that I dealt with on the first day wasn't there, but his replacement was very personable, although didn't have as good a grasp on the mechanics of the car.  The buying process was a bit drawn out... I was at the dealership for four hours from start to finish - each step just seemed to take a while.  But, everyone was friendly and it only got cheesy and fake feeling once the deal is done, when everyone shakes your hand and says "congratulations".  I don't think I need to be congratulated on dropping a boat load of money, that nicety felt a bit much for me.

The true test comes next... My new car has a rattle that drives me crazy.  I am going to take it back and see how the service treatment is after I have made the purchase... I have high expectations.

Luis P. | 2010-06-19

Subaru of Las Vegas should be held as the standard of how auto dealerships should be: good prices, no pressure sales, very nice facilities (and customer amenities), and an overall attitude of providing excellent customer satisfaction. I just recently bought my 2010 WRX there (saying this car brings me joy is an understatement) and their sales rep Ralph de Maria has made the entire experience a pleasant one, he treated me and my wife like VIPs which converted our window shopping into a same day purchase. The VIP treatment doesn't stop there as Ken Mnatsakanyan, their parts manager gave us the best deals on parts and accessories and even offered significant discounts/specials towards future purchases. Speaking of parts, this dealership also has an in-house performance shop: Zenkai Motorsports which offers professional, high-performance tuning and modifications for your Subaru. At this dealership, they really mean it when they say welcome to the Subaru family.