Sahara Las Vegas Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Las Vegas, NV

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Sahara Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership of Las Vegas specializes in No-Hassle Up-Front pricing on All new Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram truck products as well as Certified pre owned and quality used vehicles of all makes and models.  We provide our customers with a family friendly environment and extremely competitive No-Hassle upfront prices without any headaches or haggling.  The Price You See Is The Price You Pay. We pride ourselves on providing a great customer experience without the games and gimmicks you expect to endure at an auto dealership.  We have a full service repair facility and MOPAR parts center with factory trained technicians and will perform all Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram warranty work for our consumers whether or not you purchased your vehicle from us.  Come by for a visit and feel like family as we help you with all of your vehicle needs!


Established in 2013.

We are building our reputation and history one day at a time.  We've only been here a short time but are quickly establishing ourselves as the place to go for a new Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge or Ram or pre owned vehicle of ANY type.  With our upfront low pricing, and professional customer service, its a must visit dealership to experience.  Our service department is state of the art, clean and staffed with friendly associates and has factory trained technicians in each bay.  We can perform all your Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Jeep warranty work and honer most aftermarket warranties as well.  We have a full service parts center as well and hope to see you all very soon!

Sahara Las Vegas Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 556-9822
Address:5050 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89146
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Sahara Las Vegas Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Judy B. | 2015-04-24

The first thing I want to do is apologize because I am not good with names, and I would love to give medals and hugs to the people who helped me buy my new Cherokee, white with a cd player.  You know who you are and you are wonderful.  After a really ugly experience at another dealership on East Sahara, I came to you with great trepidation, thinking that maybe I didn't want a new car bad enough to suffer another negotiation.

There on every car was the MSRP, the dealer discounts, the manufacturer incentives and all other information right there for the world to see.  No haggle, no wasted hours and frustation and wondering.  The price was five thousand dollars less here than at the other guy, and I didn't have to work for it, play games, cry, beg, walk out, or anything else.  Everyone gets the same deal, no favorites, no drama.  I kept waiting for the bomb to drop.  It didn't.  Even when a problem arose, and I tensed for the worst,  THEY MADE IT RIGHT.  That's the bottom line here, They take care of their customers and make it right.

If I could I'ed give them twelve stars on a scale of one to ten.  Thankyou to truly nice people who took my special needs and wants to heart and got me a car I will love every single day for many years.  It is so seldom in this day and age to find people who say,  "We'll fix it," and then they do.

If anyone out there is looking for the vehicles they sell, you owe it to yourself to at least compare their prices.  Everything is in the open.  Look, try somewhere else to beat their numbers if you can, then go back, or do the on line search thing, like I did and you'll see they are right where they should be and even lower in many, many cases.  

Thanks again.  I went in expecting the worst, and left with hugs and tears of joy.

Olga R. | 2015-04-21

Service department is the worst!!!! Brought my car in for service and a concern of a noise in the steering wheel. When I picked it up it still made the noise and I was told "well we put oil in it I don't know what to tell you". Isn't it their job to find out what's wrong and to fix it?
We're a one car family so we can't just get the car serviced freely. When I was called to confirm my appointment I mentioned that my husband would need a ride home from work and was told that would not be a problem but when I reminded them of it after dropping off my car I was told "we're a courtesy ride not a taxi service and can't give your husband a ride home."  Even though It was done last time I took my car in.
The customer service is horrible. They don't care about their customers and make you want to turn in the car and go with ANY other dealer.
I guess unless you have a luxury vehicle you aren't treated right.
This review would get ZERO stars but I have to enter something.

Courtney R. | 2015-04-17

We came here looking for a truck and had spoke to someone on the phone but he happened to be helping another customer when we came in so we were introduced to Spencer...that was the first mistake.

We decided to purchase a used truck from him that had a tear in the interior on the front seat. He told us not to even look at the tear that it would all be fixed and ready to go. I wouldnt have bought the truck like that had i known it wasnt going to be fixed.

So we bring the truck home and have an appointment two weeks out to bring the truck back in so the interior can be fixed. This is where all the trouble begins.

We find out when we went to fill the gas tank the first time that there was no gas cap which I find funny because Spencer put gas in there himself and didnt say anything about a missing gas cap. We called him and he said some vehicles dont require a gas cap.. So we had to go buy one.

The next week he TEXTS us saying that they cant repair the seat cover but he would cover the cost to buy seat covers like the ones from walmart. He said that the repair was going to cost too much even though it was written on our paperwork that it would be fixed. They never once said if it was going to cost over a certain amount the rest wouldnt be covered.

It was a smooth move by him getting us to take the truck without repairing it first. This man and this place are the biggest joke ever. Im very dissapointed.

Val C. | 2015-04-14

No idea why this place has bad reviews. My husband and I bought a Jeep from Bobby, and we had a great experience. He spent all day with us making sure we got exactly what we wanted within our price range. He also made an appointment for us to have leather put in, and we were kept up to date on progress, and got a text message as soon as it was ready to be picked up.

And as for the review blaming Larry, he was very clear with us that the warranty covers exactly what is in the brochure, and opened it up and showed us what it covers. He did a great job explaining everything to us!

I have had no problems getting through on the phones, even being given the manager, Harold's cell phone number when I had a question after-hours. I think the whole team was great, Harold and Bobby went above and beyond for us, and they didn't "forget about me" once I signed the contract.

Highly recommended!

Louie M. | 2015-04-13

OMG - Save your self the lots of trouble! Do not buy a car from this dealership! I wish I would have read these yelp reviews before I purchased from this dealer. We purchased a brand new Van in October, 7 months ago. The Van had all the features that we wanted. All of a sudden after 7 months the Navigation stopped working. We called in to make an appointment and have it fixed. Now they tell me I don't have navigation and I need to talk to the salesperson, WTH why would the management tell me to talk to the salesperson? Then they go ahead and say for another $595 they can update the navigation. Be careful they lie and do what ever to get the sale then they don't care about customer service. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM HERE!!

Natalie R. | 2015-04-11

If Their Lips are Moving, They are Lying!!!!    1 Star is Too Much!

Should have checked Yelp first, but I didn't, and I am so sorry I didn't.   The reviews would have deterred me from even giving this dealership a chance.   All I can say is RUN, RUN away as fast as you can.    And be sure to tell everyone you know how awful this car dealership is to do business with, I know I will be!

I am a native Las Vegan, and have purchased numerous cars from several different car dealers in the valley, as have other members of my family.   This dealership has to be the worst I have ever set foot in, my husband, and brother are of the same opinion.   From the first car salesman to the closer, nothing but lies, and false promises.  

We attempted to purchase a PT Cruiser for our Mother, first the car had a dead battery, oh just put a deposit down and then come back and drive it tomorrow, oh sorry, we actually need you to complete all the sales paperwork before you leave or we can't hold it for you and may sale the car to someone else, oh well now we need to take you to finance, another hour on top of two hours we've been in sales, why do we need to go to finance, we are paying cash?   Oh we need to run your credit and make sure you are who you say your are, oh never mind, we don't need to run your credit, but we need to have you sign all the sale papers.   Oh no, we just need to take a $500 deposit and then you can return in the morning and test drive the car.   Next morning, oh sorry, the service dept is really trying hard to work you in and change the battery, but it will be later this afternoon.   Ok it's now early evening, but come in and drive the car it's ready for you.   Arrive at dealership, wait another 45 minutes for them to get car up front, get in with Spencer (he's supposed to be the closer, ha ha), oh so is there another car you might be interested in he asks?   The AC in this one doesn't seem to be working, and we aren't sure we can repair it with out passing the cost on to you, oh nothing else interest you, well ok lets drive it and then tomorrow first thing we will have the service dept take a look at it, I know I said it had already gone through our 125 point inspection, but you know things happen.   Next morning, late morning as Spencer has never contacted us I text Spencer, what is status on PT Cruiser, he responds, oh the AC is working great, and that rear door issue you noticed last night, we fixed that should be ready around 2 pm for you to come and sign the final papers and take home.  But I'll confirm before you drive here again.   3 pm, I text Spencer about status again.   Oh well AC part has been ordered, and you might be able to get the car on Monday, but probably Tuesday.   I ask what happened?  Spencer states the fan blower is now not working....I tell Spencer we will be there to get our deposit refunded.   We arrive at Sahara Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram within 20 minutes, and 2 hours later and after a lot more bullshit and lies we have our $500.    

The deal wasn't that great, and they plug extra fees into their deals, like some NNT Dot fee of $188, some etching to help prevent theft, and they try and charge for an alarm system that has been paid for every time the car has been sold, and their doc fees are higher than those on a NEW car at a legit dealership.....

Save your self much time and aggravation, go to any other dealership in Las Vegas, even the fly by night ones on Nellis or Boulder Highway, before you deal with these liars who have absolutely no integrity, or customer service skills...I know most car salesman will bend the truth a bit, and will try to up sell you into a more expensive car, but this place was unbelievable......I can't wait until the corner of Sahara & Decatur has different  car dealership on it, and it won't be long the way these clowns do business, just read the majority of reviews here!!!   Oh and I also found out that this place has had over 60 General Managers....I know why, the owners must be total sleaze bags, because staff usually has a leader to follow, and decent people don't do business this way!!!!!

Erik R. | 2015-04-01

So, we dropped the vehicle off three days ago. Still no answer on anything wrong. In fact, yesterday when I called to find out the status, since, you know, not everyone has extra vehicles to use, to get to work and back, I was told "it's out on a road test, and we're waiting to hear from Chrysler what to do."

Can you believe that shit?

It gets better...


I called the corporate office and while I waited on hold, they called Sahara to find out what was going on. Guess what, not even corporate could get through. No one even answered the phone. Corporate gave me some advice that I will now pass on to you....

"Take your vehicle somewhere else."

Their own corporate office said that.

Nicole M. | 2015-03-30

I bought my Dodge Charger from them last year and was so happy with their sales team.

I just got a recall for my alternator, so I called to make an appointment silly of me I know. I have called for a week leaving multiple messages on voicemails, with people in the service who said they would call me back with a time, and with the sales team who gets the calls from the switchboard first. I'm just trying to get a hold of someone in service who can accommodate an appointment!!

So I just called the Dodge Chrysler dealership on auto Mall Drive in Henderson and got transferred to service right away, and a person answered on the first ring, what a novel idea!

So from now on I will no longer go to Sahara dodge or recommend you to others. You absolutely lost a lifelong customer.

James T. | 2015-03-11

The worst dealership I have ever dealt with!! No customer service abilities!  Would never recommend this place to anyone

Dev B. | 2015-02-26

Terrible sales team. Worse customer service then a gas station. Sat around for over an hour only to find out that they sold the car out from under me that I was looking at and sat down to purchase. Instead of telling me this so I could leave they ran my credit anyway. Our salesman also basically ignored us for two hours while he helped his wife even though we had a 6:00 appointment with him. Spare yourself the trouble and go to a REAL car dealership where they actually want to sell cars and make money.

Brent A. | 2015-02-05

It's definitely different than what I read here.  It seems that they have a new manager who is making some serious changes to make sure it's a cool place.  My sales experience was pretty straight forward and simple.  It did take a little time to get the paperwork completed but nothing too crazy.  I'd give them a try if you want a new or used ride.

Matthew T. | 2015-02-02

DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE! Lies from beginning to end. I took my little brother here to buy a car picked out the one we wanted he got approved.  They say the price is "no haggle " bullshit! We get in to financing the add another 1000 in options like paint protection and an alarm system when the car already had one! Also tire and wheel protection. I see it on the finance papers say i want them removed and the finance guy says they cant be. We literally walked out till someone chased us down to tell us they fixed it. Then they bring the car out from detailing wth scratches all over it that werent there before we signed papers.  Seems like they were pissed about not getting the 1000 in add ons. Luckily he had to come back and resign cause the apr changed we handed back the keys and took the down payment back. Once again DONT TRUST THESE PEOPLE ...FROM SALES TO MANAGERS ALL SCUMMY USED CARD LOSERS go to carmax we wnet there had a way better experience.

Sara M. | 2015-01-21

When purchasing a vehicle the staff seem helpful, cheerful, "open and honest" was what one even said, and it felt like it.

We purchased the extended warranty because there are multiple computers on board, electrical everything, and my husband (who is a good mechanic) was told by Larry in Financing that "EVERYTHING, BUMPER TO BUMPER, ELECTRICAL, MECHANICAL, YOU NAME IT AND IT IS COVERED ON THE GOLD PACKAGE, THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT!" You're right, that kind of coverage IS what we want, so we paid the $2,495 extra.
A week after purchasing I took it in so they could reset the door keypad code, like they said they would the night we purchased the car.  I was in the shop from 8am until 2pm, constantly asking "What's going on? Is it done? At 11am I was told they had NOT looked at it yet.  At noon they said they can't help me.  I called my salesman, he came from home with info on how to do it myself, and was obviously embarrassed that I was getting the run around while other customers came and went out of the service dept! Let's fast forward to today...

My 7 year old is climbing in the car and the floorboards almost closed on his foot!  Took it in and it needs the Door Ajar Switch replaced, no big deal, should be no big deal since it's been less than 3 months since purchase and Larry sold me that GREAT BUMPER TO BUMPER, PARTS AND ELECTRICAL EVERYTHING INCLUDED GOLD LEVEL WARRANTY...

Come to find out it only covers the few parts that are listed on the little brochure, Larry lied!  Those words should NEVER come out unless they are true! When I call Larry, do you think he's available? NO!   Will he call back?

It's been 1 hour, I'll keep you posted.

Melinda H. | 2015-01-21

If you are planning to use this place to service your vehicle think again unless you have money to throw away. Like most dealerships you will pay a fee for them to look at it, what Sahara fails to tell you is that rate is hourly. And you are wasting your time telling them what's wrong if you already know what it is and you just want them to fix or replace something, you will pay anyways. $145 for them to tell me exactly what I told them when dropped my vehicle off to them.  No wonder this place has a high employee turn around rate because anyone who thinks this is a good way to run a business is completely out if there mind, not to mention the customer service of these people is horrible.  So overall, before they even get to work on your vehicle you are probably already $500 into it and then throw what ever ridiculous over priced under labored fix they come up with. They will probably tell you at first they can be complete in a day but expect to not have your vehicle for days.  How this place is still in bussing as is beyond me. I would say this is one of the worst service departments I have dealt with. You are better off going to pep boys or another service shop for half the price.

Haben H. | 2015-01-17

If you want to spend $30,000 and be treated like shit this this your place to go. Don't get helped by BRANDON DOMPE at the service center. They were super friendly until I bought a car from them then literally the next day changed there tune. I recently went there for a check engine light problem, no one in front of me in line, had to wait 10 mins before being helped, and when it was my turn, he was extremely rude and unprofessional, eating Panda Express while NOT helping me. Couldn't answer simple questions and kept cutting me off and telling what he didn't know. Word of mouth speeds quick and I'll make sure none of my friends ever there!

Joshua D. | 2015-01-10

"Paid them to break my car"

I went here to fix a wiring problem with my battery cables & get a fuel service done. They tell me the belt on my alternator needed to be changed as well. Told them I just wanted what I came in for done. Good enough so they get to work on it. I came in the next day picked it up, paid 300.00. I went on a Christmas vacation for a week.

My first day back from vacation, & the first time I turned on my car since I got it back from them & it doesn't start. I eventually get my car started but when I do theirs a weird noise my car never made before. This is a big problem.

So I call them back (on a sunday) I get a answering machine & tell them the problem. No returned phone call. I call back a few days later, get a appointment & I bring my car in. No call from them the next day, so I call them. I find out they didn't even look at my car & didn't even know it was there even after I brought it in talked with a employee. They apologized, accidents happen ok just get it figured out.

Next day they call back & tell me I need new spark plugs, a new fuel pump, cam sensor & a new crank shaft sensor, & that it'll be 1,716.00 to fix. wow ok. When did that all happen??

They then tell me they told me all this was broken my last visit and I told them I didn't want it fixed. So it was already broken, not their fault.

However my paper report they gave me the last time I came in determined that was not true. In fact it doesn't even say anything about the alternator belt they also said needed to be changed.

Truly I don't believe that all that just broke on my car, all at once right after I got my car back from them.

Would you believe that if that happened to your car?

Needless to say I took my car back without getting it fixed. I now have a broken car I need to get fixed somewhere else & I'm back to where I started. except 300.00 poorer. I like giving good reviews but this experience was just wrong on way to many levels.

Tony F. | 2015-01-06

Probably one of the worst customer service experiences to date.  Have had to call numerous times and can never reach anyone. Was told several times they would get back to me regarding my vehicle repair and never returned my call. No apologies from anyone- they actually insist this is my problem for towing my broken down 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with only 46k miles on it. Dont worry I wont make that mistake again. LOOK ELSEWHERE! They dont care and have piss poor customer service.

Jake B. | 2014-12-16

Terrible terrible service department. Very rude and never. Submitted my claim to warranty even after waiting 3 weeks. Brought car to another mechanic a month after purchasing and found numerous repair issues.

Jamie C. | 2014-11-17

What can I say that's good..hmmmm I love our truck....ummmm they kinda made everything with the paperwork a nightmare we had just bought a house in Oregon we were relocating so our residence was Oregon we showed them the paperwork for the house and they needed an Oregon Id  we didn't have that yet we were just moving so of we went to our first trip of our move pulled in on a Friday at 330 got to dmv and guess what no testing after 3 of course!  So we call the dealership and they had written 2 contacts one from our old sold home in Nevada and one for Oregon (just incase you don't know Oregon has no taxes so if they push the Nevada contact we pay nevada taxes) which is illegal and refused to give us copies for that reason well or flight back to Vegas was Sunday so dmv was not an option we told them use our home contact and escrow papers but no they kept threaghting to push the Nevada contact. ..we made our final trip to Oregon a few days later got our Id sent it to them and done but what a stressful hassle they were very unprofessional oh I almost forgot lol and we dropped the truck off the day after we bought it to fix a broken light we came to check if they were done because they never called and we got on the lot to find the truck we just purchased on the lot with a for sale sign on it this place is very unprofessional and careless we will never do business with them again

Alejandro G. | 2014-11-16

the worst dealer .. bunch of rats !!!
they low ball you for the trades .. they hide every thing .. they play with the interest !!
horrobile customer service .. they advertise no hassle !!
it's a big lie !!! don't buy  cars there !!!
be aware...

Nikole L. | 2014-11-01

My sister Dani was unable to post her full experience.. Here is the rest... (I don't need to add anything else as it pretty much sums up for itself )

....Lady stated that was all they can do, pay for half. Tired of arguing and getting no where I agreed. I just wanted my car. A week later I have my car.  
It's running great and no problems. Thank god. I have my car because of Bill at chevy fairway.

I have to leave one star, but would rather leave zero, but sahara jeep and dodge isn't worthy of it. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE AND DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE!!!

Dani L. | 2014-11-01

I was a first time car buyer, and was extremely happy for this next step in my life. I have a twin sister and we of course wanted matching cars.
Sorry long story, but needs to be told so NO ONE has to go through what I did!!!
My sister and I went one day after work to look at some cars. We filled out paper work to see if we were approved to get vehicles. We got approved and test drove some cars. Our credit limits were diff so our car choices were diff. We went it in knowing we wanted matching cars. We found two of the same cars and wanted to purchase them. Four hours later this dealership agreed to our asking price. I gave the deposit for the car and at this point it was so late, the staff said "lets come back tomorrow and finish the paper work, It's late". We agreed, due to the fact that my sister and I had worked all day and it was extremely late! Went the next day spent another 4+ hours finishing paper work. Did not leave with our cars cause mine was still being cleaned, and we wanted to drive off together. The third day into our buy, our cars were ready for pick up. We went to pick them up and my car had the wrong mileage documented on the final paper work. Irritated thinking I had to redo all my paper work, the finance person said its okay I'll fix it.
Couple days later I get a phone call from the girl who helped us find the vehicles, telling me I am not approved I need a co-signer. I'm sure you can understand my frustration at this point. I got my aunt to co-sign for me and once again it was a three day process. The first time my aunt went to this dealership without me, to fill out the paper work. The next day we both had to go in and were both needed for signing. The lady was EXTREMELY rude, when we reached out our hands to greet her, she ignored the gesture and looked at us like we were beneath her, Didn't understand her job or what she was doing. When I asked a question she looked at the sales girl for help. On the third day I get yet another call stating the rude disrespectful financial lady FORGOT to have us sign one of the most important documents. I had to waste more of my gas, drive down there to get this paper signed. I Was told they would fill my tank with gas, WHICH WAS NOT DONE.
After about a week and a half of having my car, I had my engine light come on and the car symbol of a car with squiggly lines behind come on. I then smoked out all of Las Vegas and couldn't drive past the speed of 15mph. My sister drove behind me, as we drove my car back to where I purchased it from. I Dropped off my car and was told I will have a request for a rental car put in with the manager. Didn't have a rental for a week. Finally got my rental car, and the people at enterprise were rude, but that's another story in itself. Having the rental car for almost a week, finally got a call stating my car was ready for pick up. The problem was a crack in something, which "was fixed."
My car seemed to be okay, until I started to hear a hissing sound and my windshield wipers didn't work. Ohh and it was raining! Took it in and they had it fixed in a couple of days.
Probably a month later my tire pressure light came on, and the hissing noise STILL THERE! Went to drop it off where I had to deal with yet another disrespectful lady who had a terrible attitude. Told me I need to keeps tire pressure at 40. I'm no car genius, but 40 for tire pressure seemed a bit off to me.
Finally about couple months pass, and I'm happy, everything seems fine. Until my engine light and the car symbol with squiggly lines behind came BACK ON. The only diff was, no black smoke. Worse, my car shuts off while in the middle of driving it!!!!  DANGEROUS
I drive it back to sahara jeep and dodge so they can fix it. The guy behind the counter told me I had to drive my car to chevy. Understandable, not a chevy dealership. I explained I was not comfortable with driving it, not feeling safe. The guy told me it would just sit here and they couldn't do anything about it. I then drove it to a chevy dealership and my car was tested with the up most respect.
They had my car for a couple of days when Bill told me I needed a new engine. At this point I'm beside myself. I purchased three additional warranties on this car, it should be covered. No a part is not a warranty part and I would have to pay $880. Called sahara jeep and dodge and explained my situation. Spoke with 4 diff people, who all told me they would call Bill and chevy and speak with him, cause I didn't know the terminology. 2 months went by and I hadn't heard anything. Called Bill and he stated no has called him yet. After I called for two months trying to get this fixed. Finally got a hold of someone who finally got fire under her and took care of it and called. Bill, Called me and said they would pay half. I would be responsible for $440. I didn't agree cause they had supposedly "fixed the problem."

Mark S. | 2014-10-18

We went to this place and got my 2014 Dodge Durango couple weeks ago. They seems like nice at first and once you do the deal with them they don't give a s$&t to you. The sales people will lie to you and give you a deal that you think it was a good deal. I was told by Scot or David sales person that if I sign and get the new Durango he will give me $1500 cash back. Take note he will give $1500. As soon as I made a deal with them and talk to finance guy he told me that the $1500 will go towards my loan and I do have to pay for that. This people will make you look stupid and dumb. If you have trade in like me they will hold your trade in car key so you can't leave. Don't go to this place. They will reap you off.

Alison Z. | 2014-10-14

Bought my Jeep here 6 months ago and have only the best things to say about them. Buying process was easy, started via website and email so the exact car I wanted was waiting when we arrived. They were thorough and patient talking through all the options, and we drove away with our brand new car that day.

Went in for my first oil change and routine maintenance check today and it was a breeze! I was scared by some of the reviews here but I was in and out and everyone was incredibly friendly. So glad we chose Sahara for our Jeep purchase!

Ashley K. | 2014-10-13

WORST SALES TEAM EVER! I dealt with David Edwards and Joon. Joon was nice but didn't know much. David Edwards lied for a week. Went in and sat down, made a deal on car and I said I would put $1,000 down for a car and finish all the paperwork when the car came in. He said he thought the car was on their other lot so he could have it ready ASAP and couldn't hold the car. I wanted to come back the next day because I had my mother with me who just had a stroke, and she was getting tired. He then said paperwork would take 25 a hour and 45 minutes late, I was leaving annoyed but excited about my new car. The next day he says the car won't be until Monday (today). I call today and ask when I can pick up my car, he says that it wont be here until the 20th..I then call the GM and he says no it won't be here until the 27th.. David was lying the entire time. I called the finance guy Joe, who is amazing! I would give him 5 stars if I could, but don't want to boost the rating of this dealership. Joe is refunding my card as I speak and I will be taking my business elsewhere.

This is the 4th time I have leased a car and it was the worst experience EVER! David lives up to the stereotype car salesmen have....

CaptainJames P. | 2014-10-04

absolutley horrible,horrible dealerahip!!!!  if you have a question or problem with your car do not expect a call back. it has been 2 months now and i am still trying to get a strait answer from multiple managers about a simple fix.  they go through managers like crazy. every time i call or go there, theres new managers.  so every time i go i have to explain the enture thing over again to a new manager.  and they said xome back when my fiance is ready to buy her truck!?   i dont think so.  not after this experience.  unless they fix this problem i am letting everybody know how they really are at sahara!!!   everybody in las vegas is gonna know not to buy a car there!!!!!!!!

Chelsea L. | 2014-09-15

Worst experience possible!! Don't bring your vehicle here if you want it to keep running!  Ask them to look at a broken seat lever. They said it would take am hour, after they took my truck back they informed me they would charge me $99 to tell me how much it would cost. Next they tell me they have to fix a recall of software. Ok. 2.5hr later. I demand I need my truck since they keep saying it's done but yet they can't find it. I finally leave. I get 2 miles down the road to find a my locks don't work, my temperature gauge don't work and my horn doesn't work. At which point I turn around. I am now 3hr into a 1hr look and see.

Shannon C. | 2014-09-05

Horrible, horrible went to buy a vehicle.  Told us everything was great. Signed loan paperwork.  They would not deliver the vehicle. Three day later an countless calls No one has called us back.  Promises from different people still No one bothers to call us back. HOW low of a dealership do you have to be.  Treat your customers so low. If I could give a lower rating I would. Pathetic just very pathetic...

Ashley B. | 2014-08-29

This is a review of their sales department. I have never had any interaction with the repair/maintenance side.

My husband, myself, and my mother dealt with Bobby here when we went to purchase a new vehicle. We were interested at first in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but when I saw them I was immediately turned off because we had previously gone to look at a Forrester. The Grand Cherokee body style was very off-putting for me and it was too big. I wanted something more substantial that will handle snow and be 4-wheel drive, but I did not like the Grand.

Bobby showed us what they had on the lot and I took a liking to the Cherokee body style and we test drove a 2014. I know my husband and I were not there to 100% buy a new car, but we decided to find out how much they would give us for a trade in. After finding out they would give us more than Carmax our gears started turning more toward buying.

My husband is very stealthy and has bought new cars plenty, myself - I have never purchased a new car before. We waffled with Bobby and his manager over quite a few things and my husband made a grab for the newer 2015 Cherokee model instead of the 2014 model we test drove. We wanted the same monthly payment, but they would not go down as low as I would have liked, but we ended up purchasing anyway.

When we went into financing I knew we were in for the wringer again when they brought out the warranty plans that would jack up our monthly payment. My husband got pretty upset over it and we almost walked out, but the finance guy generated some new numbers we were pleased with.

Overall the experience was less agonizing than I thought it would be. Only issue I had is with the warranty programs, and the moves they tried to make on us there to jack up our monthly payments to a price I would NOT have paid. But, at least we were able to work that out.

Go see Bobby if you want to look at a car/buy a car - he is nice and knowledgeable and not too pushy.

Nelson D. | 2014-08-18

Worst experience I Ever had buying a challener. AVOID this dealership....they advertise certified pre owned but after pulled car fax vehicles had accidents.... instead go see CROSSROADS  dealership. Gl ! Nelly

DJ R. | 2014-08-14

Buyer beware of the $330 'KARR Alarm' charge that you don't need and is not required by the state of Nevada. There is also a $188 charge, I would dispute that one too. I didn't but it's because I was tired.

I've seen most of the the reviews about this place are about the service departement. Mine will be from a sales perspective.  There were a few things that didn't seem right to me.

First off, they advertise the ALL of their cars come with a 2 year warrenty included in the price. Not true. It has to qualify for it. The only reason they even get a star is because the employees are friendly, helpful, and professional. Our salesman didn't know much about the used car side of the house though; he said he was filling in but usually works on the new car side. He was very helpful and pro-active in trying to find a car that fit my son's budget but once we found it, the lies began. At the very beggining, we told the salesman that we had $8,000 'out the door' an not a penny more. Remember this amount cuz it's going to be important later

The salesman found a pick up truck. My son loved it and was very interested but wanted to keep shopping around (like father like son) when the sales person took us to the Manager, as they are trained to do, the manager started his sales pitch. First off, he had a bible open on his desk. Which is great and fine in and of itself accept, he didn't come accross as someone who would have a bible open on his desk. He didn't curse or anything, but he lied. When we told him that my son was looking for something fuel economical he said that the 2001 Dodge Dakota, a V6 3.9L truck mind you, got about 28 - 32 mpg. Really? A V6 3.9L today doesn't even get 28 - 32 mpg. As if I wasn't going to be able validate that.

The reason I believe the open bible may have been a prop, and I sincerely hope it wasn't was because he told us a very bitter-sweet story about an accident his son got into that based on how he described it the accident, it had to be God who had his hand over him to survive it. Yet, in no part of the story did he mention God, Jesus, or any other biblical figure while describing how his son survived. Then again, I may just be sinical. I get paid very well to be distrusting of others.

Anyway, that wasn't the end. When it came time to close the deal, the salesman came back with the numbers. The truck was $6,380. Final price tag? $7998! Remember the $8000 we told him we had in the biggining. By my calculations, it should only been about $1000 more with tax, title, license and doc fees. So the salesmen starts rambling about the fees going down the list. There were two items I've never heard of. One he could explain eliquently and one he just rambled off and kept going..."KARR Alarm" for $330. The other one was something like DOT. NV. DT something, something all I know is that it was $188 and didn't make sense. He said the the KARR Alarm is usually $599 and its because they have to put some sort of security device on every car before it leaves the lot. Really? I asked him if that was Nevada Regulation, he happily said yes with a big smile. Then I asked to see the regulation in writing and there goes the smile, and he said his Manager had it. I said ok, I'll wait. He went to his Manager and then he came back litterally 45 seconds later with a new list of charges without the $330 KARR Alarm fee on it.

What's more, when we went to close out and pay, the finance clerk asked again, "so you're not interested in the car alarm?" So let me get this straight. You were about to charge me for a car alarm, which you spelled KARR on the charge list, that you hadn't installed yet? Huge MF red flag!!!!!!

It's a shame because everyone is friendly helpful, but there's obviously a reason for it.

Nicole K. | 2014-07-27

Horrible. My husband and I went here to learn more about the Jeep Grand Cherokee and we were looking to purchase a car in the next couple weeks. After we test drove it with one of the most unprofessional sales men ever we waited 45 minutes to talk to someone about pricing and then were presented with the most outrageously high price (we did our research so we knew what the ball park price should have been ) ... We walked out and then of the sales man came running out to out car with an offer much much lower and we continued to drive off. The place is full of unprofessional idiots. Stay away!

Tee J. | 2014-07-18

I got a truck here . People here are friendly but I would be careful with the warranty they provide. The finance guy told me everything was covered and it was not . He originally try to sell me the warranty from $1700 down to $1300 . Their warranty has 3 tiers: silver , gold, and  platinum . He sold me the silver without even mention the tier or let me read the fine prints . The silver tier couldn't even replace a power window switch that costed $100. Good thing there was a 30 days refund so I'm canceling it.

Kambria S. | 2014-07-16

Worst Service department. Ever.

I received a recall notice on my vehicle and called the dealership to schedule the work. The initial phone call was wonderful everyone was friendly and helpful.

I call morning of my appointment to confirm and couldn't reach anyone in the service department, tried for nearly 30 minutes with the receptionist apologizing profusely every time she transferred me. I finally gave up and tried again the next morning. Finally spoke to someone in service who said to just bring it in first thing in the morning and they would have the shuttle service come pick me up when it was ready.

Received a voicemail from Jim )who I believe is a service department manager) Said my vehicle was ready, I called back and again spent nearly an hour being put on hold or transferred to voicemail boxes. When I vented my frustration to the receptionist she had no solution for me other than to just leave a message and wait for a call back.

I finally got a friend to drive me over to pick up my vehicle. Jim couldn't find my paperwork and left me standing there for 5 minutes while he shuffled papers around and ignored the ringing phone. in frustration I suggested he reprint the paperwork so I could sign it and go back to work.  Once I signed, I got no "thank you" and he promptly walked away without a backward glance.

I will avoid this dealership at all costs in the future.

Martselina P. | 2014-07-10

This review is on the sales side; have not dealt with service side, yet.

I am not a first time car buyer, been there, done it many times. I know what goes into car buying and how dealerships work. With that said, we went into the dealership with intention to "just look around" like many but in the back of our head we were ready to buy if by some miracle we got a good offer.

We were greeted by Jesse, he seemed nice and explained how their dealership doesn't work on car price commission etc. Of course I had my "argument guns" loaded and ready, I know how sleazy these things can be. Jesse showed us all the cars we were interested in, seemed very knowledgeable and helpful. My husband test drove a few and of course we got invited in to look at "what they can do for us". I had my defenses up, but after an hour or so of back and forth on what we want we seemed to be actually getting somewhere. Jesse got his manager involved, who was actually super sweet and assured us they will do everything to get us to a comfortable monthly payment on our desired car (forgive me, but I don't remember his name). Here's the thing, to my surprise, they were actually working down all the points as promised and not dancing around the same BS as every dealership I have had the displeasure of dealing with.

Finally we ended up at the loan guy's office, Noah. Young, yet pretty good at his craft. We knew we were going to say no to any and all additional "packages", but to my surprise their extended warranty was actually through Chrysler and not a third party non-existent company as it is with every other dealership. Long story short, after some back and forth discussion, he managed to drop the payments to our comfort AND have the extended warranty package. It was pretty sweet deal all in all.

I was going to be extra critical and do 4 stars, but what the heck, every single person we dealt with there was awesome and we are happy as can be with the car and the deal we got! What more reason than that to give a place 5 stars!? I love that place! :) Based on my personal experience, I definitely recommend buying a car from them!

Sy N. | 2014-07-05

Very dis-organized. Told me that I have a recall, then told me it's a urgent response (a level below a recall). I made an appointment. I called back to confirm, but the Rep have no idea whether parts have been ordered, what kind of service I need, can't even confirm the time of my appoinment time.

Called back again. Oops, no parts have been ordered. And guess what, their system has no record about my service appointment. I'm taking off work to go to this appointment, but good thing i call to confirm before i headed out (they put me on hold multiple times, wasted 30 min on the line waiting.)

I would give it a ZERO star, but the Manager has just placed an order for my parts and promised that I will get my service done next weekend. I'm giving them a star for this effort.

2 weeks later - Update: Manager failed to call me. I have no idea whether they have my parts (luckly, i didn't waste my time to drive there in the morning of my so called appoinment.)  I called back a few times, but their Service department appears to be too busy to answer any calls. I'm switching to other dealership for good.

Rick A. | 2014-06-28

Horrible service. Brought my truck in Wednesday for a simple repair and was promised my truck would be done by Friday. Friday comes and they said they "didn't have time" to fix it and it would be ready Saturday. Here it is Saturday 45 minutes before they close and of corse it's not ready.

The guy in service tells me "well there are other cars out there too" I don't care about other cars I car about the one that I was promised would be done yesterday.

The inconvenience and dishonesty is ridiculous and these people couldn't seem to care less. Never again will I bring a vehicle there and I suggest you don't either.

Brandon S. | 2014-06-08

Very salty and rude customer support. A few good apples but the rest, crap. They tried to pull stereotypical car dealer moves on me. Like, "Let me go see if my boss is okay with that number. Oh no sorry. But have a nice day." "Well maybe I'll go up (NOT)." Don't go to this place. Please.

JK H. | 2014-06-02

WOW! Another HORRIBLE REVIEW!  How can that be? So last week I call in for an appointment to have the RECALL on my GAS TANK FIXED!  All set ?  See you 6/2/2014 7am - I'm thinking this is going to get fixed - I have been waiting for over 1 yr for this recall on the GAS TANK... 2006 SRT8 MAGNUM stalls out if you fill up to a full tank. Bad sensor in the tank. SCARY!  So I arrive at 7am get out of the car and first thing out of the service advisor's mouth - I HOPE WE ORDERED THE GAS TANK!!!  I'm like yes I hope so to or I will have to #$%^&* -  Inside Service Deck - 6 Service Advisor's looking at each other no other customer in site.  Sorry the GAS TANKS are on National Back Order I will put you on the wait list.... OMG!  Your joking?  Nope sorry!  We had the tank when you called but now its gone. Why didn't you call me so I didn't waste my time coming down here?  No answer!  Ongoing Dodge treatment!!!  I wonder how long it will be for the GAS TANK to arrive?  If you can guess the actual date of the GAS TANK arrival. I will give you $ 50 via PAYPAL as long as your not an employee or related to anyone at DODGE, MOPAR or Dealership.  I approve this message J K KUHL!  Good Luck!!!

Maegan A. | 2014-06-01

So I was holding off on reviewing because I didn't purchase a car from here but I was going to so I decided to write about my experience with this dealership. Originally I was in the market for an Audi but when I looked at the payments on what it'd be even with a 20K down payment I decided to pass. So a Jeep was my second option. On Memorial Day weekend I visited the Sahara Las Vegas Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership. I was looking around and one of the sales people came up to help me. I told him what I wanted and what I wanted to put down. Immediately he starts showing me cars. I find one I like and take it for a test drive. Drove beautifully. Then once back at the dealership he starts working on what he can do for me. First offer he gives me is an offer showing what my payments would be if I put 15K, 20K, and 25K down, well here's where the problems started. I told him I wanted to put between 5-10K down. And I told him that. He starts giving me some bs about the more money I put down the cheaper my monthly payments. Yes, I know this I say but he's pushing for more down payment at a 12.9 interest rate with a co-signer. So then I tell him I'm not buying right at that moment I'm just shopping around and he starts to get angry like I'm obligated to buy right then. Another weird thing is he asked me how I'd be making the down payment and when I said cash he started asking about the bills. Like would they be 20's or 50's or 100's that struck me as very odd because why the hell does it matter how I pay? Money is money right? So I told him 100's and why does that matter and he starts saying something about the IRS. Since I'm getting a bad gut feeling I'm ready to leave but he keeps stalling. Tells me to wait a minute and comes back with another offer. This time interest rate is 25%? Are you fucking kidding me? This is seriously the worst dealership ever. While I was in hell at the dealership I heard 2 other customers screaming at salesmen. I've never seen customers screaming at salesmen before like that. Take my advice and stay away.

Angela W. | 2014-03-29

WOW! The user ratings are horrible.
I am seriously considering purchasing the 2015 Chrysler 200.
However, the user ratings are plain scary!

Mr Al .. | 2014-03-26

Certified used car at Sahara Dodge? Q certified? Certified $30,000 piece of crap!
I thought, and you might think that a Dodge Dealership would sale quality used vehicles and stand behind their product. NOT THE CASE AT SAHARA DODGE! The "Q Certified" truck I bought for $30,000 had a broken recirculation door, unsafe stearing linkage, bad tie rod ends, worn-out track bar and cheap no name tires. They didn't even have the front end aligned when that put cheapo no name tires on it . I had to put $900 into the front end even before it could even be aligned!
The hint I did not pick up on.
As my wife and I are sitting with the "Sales manager Ali" because "Sales Manager Vanessa" was off that day Mr.Jim Red walks up and starts yelling at Ali. I wish I would have left at this point. Very unprofessional staff, and management. Everyone that answers the phone is the "used car sales manager" don't trust anyone at Sahara Dodge! If you're smart, don't even go there!
After the sale no one would answer my warrantee questions or even return my calls. After having a mechanic look at the truck I know why.
Also watch for hidden costs, like Dot Data DNA $188.50 I did not ask for Dot Data, if it is on the car it should be included in the price.
4/21/14 -  36 Days after purchasing  this $30,000 Q Certified truck the transmission went out.  I just left it at the Dodge dealership here in San Jose, CA.

Perla G. | 2014-03-18

Sahara Chrysler is the worse dealer ever.  
I was in need of a car and stopped at Sahara Chrysler, I was greeted by Brian SM and Andrew sales associate, super friendly they both help me out a lot so I trusted them and signed the documents for a used 2012 300.  Being that I had just relocated here with my 2 kids and having no family or friends here, I felt I was dealing with great honest people.   3 days later on Sunday as we were driving to church my little girl saw a rip in the passages seat, called Andrew right away and told him, little did I knew this was were my night mare would start.    

After over a week of calling, texting I got no resolution, I told Andrew I was going stop payment to the check I had given them and as soon as the seat was repair I would give them the money, we'll the green tag came in and me being honest didn't want to pick it up because I had stopped payment on the check talked to a lady by the name of Deborah thinking that should would help me and all I got was that she was going to sued me and claimed I committed felony.  

Same afternoon my old financing company called me asking to arrange for payment of my old car which was a trade in, so now they have my old car and with a car with a bad rip on the passages car that will keep on running if anyone seats there, going to be sued because they are refusing to fix the seat ( which per dealer will be around 900 to fix) and on top need to make my other cars payment.  

I feel so disappoint of this state, never thought people would take advantage me, being a single mom and all slope in this state  I'm feeling like the world is falling on me at this moment.    Where is the justice, am a tax payer and it's not like am refusing to pay, I just want to pay for what I was promised I was getting.

Mark A. | 2014-03-02

I felt compelled to write a review, because it seemed the majority of the reviews were negative.  Fortunately, my experience w/ this dealer was very good.  I purchased a vehicle from them about 2 weeks ago.  Ron my sales guy wasn't pushy or "salesy".  I told him  from the get go that my credit wasn't very good and the car I wanted to see. (I had previewed the inventory online).  He got the keys and we were off and running in about 15 mins.  
After the test drive I told em I liked it and if he could run the numbers I was looking for we could do business.  It took about 20 mins (car dealers usually take longer) for him to run the numbers and show them to me.  I said down payment and int rate was too high.  Granted this was Presidents Day wknd, so banks were closed and they were unable to provide the accurate terms of financing, so I said run it again tomorrow, "if you can get the terms I'm looking for approved I'll buy the car".  Without hesitation or resistance he agreed and confirmed he'd call back the next day.  
He called back the next evening with the terms I was looking for and were able to close the deal.  The process from start to finish, including the finance guy was pretty seamless.  I'd buy a car from them again, so hopefully this helps.  Maybe I'm jus a savvy customer, but I thought the overall experience went well.

Jl L. | 2014-02-12

first of allI had in here the worse service of my life from start to finish.First of all it took 15 min before someone asked me how i can be helped even there was  at 8.15 am.After i told  to nathan i needed an oil change he asked me if i have an appoiment ,i said no and next thing he let me know that w/out appoiment he cant give me an estimated waiting time.I was willing to wait but he insisted that it can take up to 4-5 hrs.I was surprised but anyway i decided to wait since in the lounge i've seen only 4 people.# hrs later my car was dropped in fron of service and i was expecting to be called.25 min later still waiting so i went to see what was happening.This nathan guy  was humoring himself with a girl at the counter,then after i asked him if i can be checked out he just said he's going to call me.ok.15 min later went again to be checked and then was a frustrated old guy who was in the same situation as i did and again this nathan fella spent 6 minutes with the guy for the paying method using the guy's card as a credit or debit.after 12 minutes my turn...but wrong ..this guy meet some sales guy and 10 minutes later he was with me.After i let him knows about my complain and he did not bother to even say thank you to me i left so i never going back to them.

Bryson H. | 2013-11-16

I went here because I got a recall notice in the mail and had to go to a dealership to get it taken care of. I also needed an oil change.

I told the guy at the service counter "My tire pressure monitoring system light is on and the dash says service TPMS. My dash also says Service 4WD System. I need an oil change and I have this recall notice."

He said the service 4wd light would be taken care of by the fix for the recall and he'd have them look at the rest.

Fast forward to the end of my service.

The guy at the counter says I have a couple differential mounts broken, a leak in my front differential, and need new rear shocks. The recall fix should be taken care of and my oil change included wiper blades. I asked how much those things would cost to fix. "I don't know." I ask how quickly the differential is leaking. "I don't know." I ask how drive able the Jeep is with broken mounts (which I already knew about and knew the answer to this question). "I don't know."

I leave, and halfway home my Fix TPMS warning in the dash comes back and the light comes on. I check the tire pressure screen and all my tire pressures are out of whack. So the didn't even check them during service either. On top of that when I asked how fast the diff was leaking he said he didn't know because it was dirty and they'd have to clean it off to tell. Okay so clean it off! Seriously‽

I will never come back here for service.

Rudi K. | 2013-10-02

crooks,liars never buy anything without proper inspection take someone with you who knows about cars so they don"t take advantage of you. Bought a car week and a half ago,painted all over previously ,major mechanical problems from brakes to transmission,I trusted them because they were Dodge dealer,have to spend $4035.00 so can be drivable again.

M H. | 2013-09-04

I was referred by USAA and I had my financing already completed and a check.  I even had an email confirming my discount and when I got there I was treated like crap.  They are the typical Las Vegas snake oil salesman that walk all over you even when you have cash in your hand do not go year they are not military friendly and they are very very sneaky

Steve L. | 2013-08-25

Went in to look at some models particularly the Chrysler 300 and the Jeep Grand Cherokee which we decide on the Jeep.  Worked with a salesman and he was acceptable for a contact.  He actually was the best part of the day, with the exception of asking to have my keys to assess the value of my trade in.  This is the oldest trick in the book as they can then hold you hostage because they have your keys!  I remove the single key from my key ring since my wife has another and we proceed with a test drive. Then the sales manager got into the act and things went downhill from there.

He shoves the offer across the table and the first thing hits me, 12.9% interest on financing.  I then explain to him that I have an 820 credit rating and would never pay that rate. Strike 1.

He explains it away that he didn't check my credit yet and that was just a default rate he uses.  Then we talk monthly payment, I tell him that's way too high for me (not really, but I see how this is going) and he snidely says "Did you research the price of these vehicles before you came here?"  Duh, Strike 2.

The car has a $40,000 price tag and so my wife says that she really doesn't need four wheel drive, she doesn't mind a darker color exterior, but wants a lighter interior color. The biggest problem with this manager is he keeps talking over myself and my wife as we are explaining things to him, and it's getting old.  He searches his computer for the changes my wife is looking for and instructs the salesman to bring this other model around that supposedly fits everything she wants.

We go outside and it has black interior.

He tells my wife to jump in and drive it which we had already driven the other model and she says it won't do any good to do that because it's not going to drive any different.  Sales manager starts fast talking saying that he will get us this car with the light interior and lets go work out the details. Strike 3, you're out!  Don't talk to my wife that way.

I tell the manager I have had enough and I want my key back for my trade in and he understands this deal has gone awry and again tries to save it by fast talking and insisting.  I have to say "give me the key to my **** car now" and he tells the salesman to do it and I add this place to another car dealership that I have walked out on.  Would not recommend this dealership to anyone.

Phyllis K. | 2013-08-21

I was so excited after my visit to Sahara Chysler Dodge Jeep.  
When I walked in I was welcomed right away by Michael Bookman I will soon be needing a new car.  I didn't know what I wanted and he has helped me narrow down my search.  
Although I haven't made my purchase yet, I am looking forward to coming back to buy from Michael.  
I was very impressed with his knowledge and he made the car buying process Fun!
I felt as if I was talking honestly to an old friend when talking to Michael.
As soon as I can save up a little more, I will be buying my new car from Michael at Sahara Chrsler Dodge Jeep Ram.  Wow lots to choose from!!