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Planet Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 876-8000
Address:5850 Centennial Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, 89149
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Planet Nissan

Alvaro S. | 2015-04-01

No complaints here. Bought two cars in a period of a month from Planet Nissan. Hector Uribe (my salesman) took care of me and gave me the best advise and deal possible. I am extremely happy and I recommend this dealer hands down. Even the finance manager Robert McNeal was cool. I am surprised there are bad reviews on this place. Maybe I got lucky, but two cars bought at different times same dealer in a short period is enough for me to write a review. Dealing with other various Dealerships (and sharks) I am glad Planet Nissan (major dealer) took care of me. You should give this place a try. I also recommend making an appointment at any sales place. Coming from California and purchasing multiple vehicles, I have acquired enough experience to know that making appointments is the best way for someone to work with you and meet your expectations. I am recommending this place to all my family and friends.

Tara S. | 2015-03-30

Wow! I am nissan loyal but i guess i will have to try a different dealership. Walking through the showroom with no one greeting us, though several sale people were chatting among themselves. I know its the end of the month & there were several deals being made but no one looked at us twice. we ventured out to the cars. We looked through the muranos & rogues, picking a color. There were several salesmen hanging out in the shade but none came over to us. Even when I obviously tried the doors to look inside. So we headed back to the car to drive down to another dealer. Maybe they will be more attentive.

C S. | 2015-03-28

Worst experience with a car dealership ever. My engine light came on while on travel. It was a fuel injector. They talked me into replacing all of them for over $700, and before I made it 45 miles it turned out that they had not properly fixed the original injector (or as they say the part they installed was faulty). I had to get statements from 2 mechanics (one an excellent dealership and the other independent) and eventually they reimbursed me only for the part. Not the $200 in labor to confirm for them that that was still all that was wrong with my car and fix the original problem. I took the $62 because I was made to feel like it was that or nothing and being out of state did not want to file with small claims court, but was very dissatisfied, and would not use their serves again.

Lauren C. | 2015-03-16

STAY AWAY FROM THEM!  The Internet Department guaranteed me a certain payment amount and by the time I did get to finance, they lied to my face and didn't gave me the correct payment amount. They even have the nerve to tell me they did not run my credit. When I got home, I come to find out that they ran my credit twice and they told me to my  face and confirmed that they did not my credit. These are lying scumbags, money-hungry car dealers. Never purchasing a Nissan particularly from this dealership. This is the second time my husband and I have been swindled by these fools.

Cody P. | 2015-03-14

Biggest joke of a car dealership ever!! The service department refuses to help without having an appointment. But trying to get someone on the phone to make an appointment is impossible. So I drove 30 minutes across town just to be told they can't do anything to help me without an appointment. I guess they really don't care about customers or customer service.

As soon as I can, I will be getting rid of my Nissan and going to a real dealership with a service department that knows how to actually handle and treat customers.


Amber N. | 2015-03-07

Honest, Professional, Convenient Service...

I've always been weary of taking my car to a dealership to have work done because they have a reputation for ripping you off, but when I bought my Altima two years ago from my uncle who's a car dealer in Idaho, I figured it couldn't hurt to check them out since so many places I've been in Vegas are shady anyway.

I know a decent amount about cars and have done a lot of my own work but as a female sometimes I get jerked around.

The pricing for oil changes here is great and although it's a long wait time, it's worth it.
Today I pulled in without an appointment (which isn't recommended because they're always very busy). They told me there was 13 cars ahead of me and it'd be around three hours, but the shuttle took me home and picked me up so I was able to wait from the comfort of my home. The driver Tony was friendly and professional.
I am looking forward to utilizing this option again in the future!

Komuro M. | 2015-02-16

Stay away from at least the parts department!  I called parts and spoke with an "audi, Otto"  whatever his name is tried to convince me that other nissan dealerships aren't selling oem parts even though they're labeled as genuine oem nissan parts manufactured by Nissan  motor ltd" such including a nissan backed warranty. This guy's obviously either clueless or classless trying to make his parts department look better.  For all of you DIY'ers check out for all of your genuine oem nissan parts, much better pricing and you don't have to deal with a yahoo.

Vix K. | 2015-02-14

I would give them 0 stars if I could.  Today we bought a car from another dealership.  One where they told us we're family now and they treat you as such.  Planet Nissan treated us terrible.  We told them we didn't have good credit but they insisted they could help us anyways.  Took our key away saying they needed to look at our trade in, but we had to get pushy and tell them to give us our key back.  We sat for HOURS while they tried to come up with some kind of financing.  The issue was they were trying to get us into a new car, after I told them pre-owned would be better for us.  Finally they sales guy came up and shoved a copy of our "terrible credit" report in our hands saying he wasn't supposed to show us.  Then he suggested we fix our credit and come back, as he quickly walked us out.  This was done at one of the tables in the open.  I was totally humiliated.  We were treated like valueable PAYING customers by the dealership today and had a completely positive experience at a near-by dealership.  Do NOT go to Planet Nissan!!

Jessica H. | 2015-02-05

I have purchased two cars from this dealership, and I honestly have no complaints. It's been a little over two years since my last purchase. The process was painless. If your credit isn't complete trash, you can negotiate a decent deal. Now I go in every few months to get my car serviced. I bought service plan with the car, which I highly recommend so you're not shelling out cash every few months. The service staff is friendly, and they get to know you and they really take care of your car. I don't think I'd personally buy another Nissan, but if you're in the market for one I'd recommend this place.

David C. | 2015-01-03

Well...these guys have certainly mastered the art of poor customer service.
I was messing around with my car in my garage the other day and noticed that the seal on the air filter was broken. These guys were the last people who serviced the car. So I took the car to them this morning and told them they've forced the filter in and have broken the seal. The guy who was "helping" me told me that they never changed the air filter during the oil change and I was OK with that. BUT there is no way they changed the oil and didn't notice the broken seal on the air filter. Regardless, they decided not to inform me.
Honestly, this place sucks so bad that even though it is 5 minutes away from my house, from now on, I will drive to another dealer on the other side of town but will never go back here!
P.S. when I told the guy that the person who was checking me in told me that they always change the air filter during oil changes his response was "the guys outside don't know Sh**." Very professional language!

Janet A. | 2014-12-22

I can not decide how I feel about Planet Nissian.I have went on to the car lit just looking and asking a few questions about a car I might be interested in and  everything was going good til one of the sales managers came up too me and pressuring me to sign and by.This is not a place to go to unless you want to buy that day they sales manger was rude and wanted me to sign papers on deals they had free I told them I am only looking.

Jeff B. | 2014-12-21

Stay away! My fiance and I came in about an internet priced 2013 Toyota Corolla. They tried adding a "reconditioning" fee and VTR fee which is a way for them to make back the money on the internet price they bait you with. Very unreasonable in making a deal to benefit the customer.

We also tried to trade in our 2007 Nissan Altima and gave us a low ball offer that was also unreasonable.

We will be going to CARMAX where we get treated fairly and given respectable offers.

We will never make a return trip to this Planet Nissan or any other for car purchases.

Kristine E. | 2014-12-13

Needs improvement.

I've been going to this dealership for 8 years because I am the original driver of my 2006 Altima. I remember the customer service my parents received when they purchased my car. My sales guy was nice; however the other salesmen were being impatient and pressuring my dad to seal the deal since they were closing. Well.. We didn't buy it. Then we received a phone call from the original sales person who apologized. We came back another day and received an apology from the rude sales associate and later purchased the car. Despite girl pump issues and batteries dying before 2 years, I can still say I love my altima.

For the past 8 years, I can say there is a huge communication barrier between the departments and an inconsistency with their level of customer service.  The best customer service I've received was from 3 people in the service department: Jose, mike c, and Becky.  There might be wait for them, but it's worth it because they set the example of great customer service.

However, the sales department, I can't say the same.  Today, as a first time car buyer, I had a rude encounter with an arrogant Floor Manager named John. The kind sales associate brought him along thinking he would be helpful, but instead it was counter productive. I'm looking to purchase a pre owned car. After explaining to me that they offer 1-3% interest for new cars have you considered the rogue (I've done my research and no I didn't want that) he eventually said "I don't think you know what you want".

What a rude thing to say! What type of customer service is that! I don't care if you aren't a sales associate, you still work in a customer service business.

If you want my business and referrals, then you need to up your service in ALL departments and in ALL positions including your management. It's a team effort. At least it should be. If that's the case, I'll go back to Findlay toyota. My family has never left disappointed there.

Justin E. | 2014-12-10

My experience between the sales side and service are night and day. I have included in my car package to have regular services done. To understand how poorly of a job they, realize that I no longer take my car there for these services. Don't waste your time or money to purchase this. I've had so many issues when I take my car in that aren't fixed, that I realized they don't listen or care about customer service.

Patrick P. | 2014-10-30

I can definitely say that i had the worst customer experience at Planet Nissan. After going through all the motions of signing paper work and financing, they still decided to sell my car. I had asked them for a couple days until i was able to find insurance. The same day that I was going to come in and pick up the car, they sold the car with no notice or call. I am very disappointed with there customer loyalty. I would never recommend anyone to purchase from Planet Nissan. Thanks to Ash and Sid who did nothing to get me in a car. Since this experience i've taken my business elsewhere.

Garett A. | 2014-10-27

You want to talk about an ordeal? This place would be the perfect poster child for poor communication. The breakdown in communication between sales, service and management is massive and created a huge inconvenience for me, the Mrs., and I'm sure many others. I have purchased two vehicles here and can only be sure of one thing .... I will never return.

We recently purchased, what we still believe. Is a great vehicle. Fully loaded, blah, blah, blah. There was a minor issue with the sunroof, and not wanting to lose a sale, a sales manager signed off on fixing it. Simple enough, right? NOT!!! We coordinated the service through our salesman. Let's call that mistake #1. After they had the car all day, we were told by the Service Manager the fix would be $1200 and that parts had to be ordered. The Service Manager told me the Sales Manager should have known better and could not authorize the service in such a  manner. Not my problem. Again, through our salesman, it was addressed and we were told the parts would be ordered and it would be fixed at no charge to us. We were also told we would be notified when the parts arrived so we could schedule the repair. Not perfect, but a little redemption none-the-less. Again, coordinating through the salesman (my mistake), I contacted him after over a week later, after not hearing from anybody.He tells me the parts have been ordered and we should hear from somebody in a few days. Five days later I contact him again only to be told he thought it was taken care of. I guess at this point I should have realized this was going nowhere fast! He tells me to bring the car in Monday and he will take it to the service department personally and get it taken care of.

I arrive on Monday at the agreed upon time, only to be told by the receptionist to meet the salesman in the Service Manager's office. So much for taking care of it, right? The Service Manager had obviously not been communicating with the salesman, when he says to me "when do you want to drop the car off?" I say "you can have it now," only to be told it was done by an outside vendor and could not be started until Wednesday. WHAT!?!?!?! At this point I demanded to talk to someone in charge.

After waiting for nearly 20 minutes, I was introduced to "Steve." He did not offer an apology, and didn't seem to give a snot about how this ordeal has inconvenienced me. Steve's only concern was deflecting the issue and telling me the parts did not come in until Friday and it wasn't something that could be fixed quickly. I have a text from the salesman on Friday morning stating the parts came in on Thursday. I explained to Steve that I understood it could take a couple of days to fix. My issue was the fact I had been getting the runaround from my salesman and was told to bring the car in Monday to get it fixed, when in fact my salesman had obvioulsy not been in communication with anyone. My salesman assumed we could just walk in to the service department and get it done. It is not my fault (although, now my problem) that the salesman was unknowledgable and cannot communicate. Throughout the ordeal I was made to feel like I was inconveniencing them. Planet Nissan is a customer service nightmare!

The sad part is, the salesman, who is generally a nice guy, is going to get ripped for this. He is not the only one culpable, but the manager I spoke to didn't seem to care, only to say the salesman would get disciplined and have to pay for the rental I was getting for my troubles.

Marvie M. | 2014-09-09

I purchased my 2014 Altima last June. Buying a new car can be overwhelming. However, Marvin Felix made my entire experience easy, he was very patient with me and took the time to let me decide what was best for me. I felt no pressure what so ever. Plus the time spent at the dealership was so minimal, I was in and out of there in no time at ll. This was truly the best experience I've had purchasing a car in Vegas.

Richard G. | 2014-09-03

This is a review on the Planet Nissan Service Department. I purchased a late model 2012 Altima in late 2012. At the time the 2013's were on the lot any they were hot to dump the remainder of the 2012's. So, my sales experience was satisfactory (but not great). The service department on the other hand is horrible. I have never met so many people in a customer service driven business that could care less about you, your time or your maintenance issues.

My 2012 Altima has had the same issue the 2013 and 2014 Altima has been recalled on. The passenger airbag light will flash on\off with a full size adult sitting in the front passenger seat. I've had it in to Planet and mentioned this several times and can not get anyone motivated enough to repair my car. Unless they see the behavior and can duplicate it, they will not investigate it. I've taken cell phone video of the issue as it is happening and that is still not good enough. I pray I'm never in a wreck with this car, but especially a wreck with someone in the front passenger seat. Thinking about getting an attorney to draft a letter to Nissan North America explaining that they will be liable if those airbags don't deploy in an accident. I'm done with Planet Nissan and most likely Nissan all together.

Lauren R. | 2014-08-19

This is a great dealership! I used to get terrible anxiety when I had to take my car in but ever since I've taken it to planet Nissan all of my car needs have been taken care of with no problem!

Justin V. | 2014-08-14

I am usually very skeptical of car dealerships they have a reputation for being loud obnoxious and always putting pressure on the customer to buy. I am proud to say this was NOT the case at all here! Came in get my tire pressure checked and was greeting by Tyler Lavine. He asked me a few questions about my car, gave me a bottle of water, ran to "the desk" and came back and told me he could get me in the same car brand new for the same payment a month. After going back on forth on how that could be possible or even legal he showed me the breakdown and made me feel extremely comfortable and informed. I did not even buy the car that day and there was no pressure he even texted me to tell me it was nice to meet me and hoped my upcoming trip back to school I had told him about goes well. The next day I came in and traded in my Sentra for a new 14 and I now have a hookup at a car dealership for whatever I need. THUMBS UP FOR THIS DEALERSHIP

Luis F. | 2014-08-07

I will never buy a car from planet Nissan again. First and last time. Review is a little late but better than never. I was going to give them 1 star but the internet manager gave them a small bump up. The salesman who we got passed onto made me feel very rushed into choosing a car. We asked about the car we saw online and found out it was already sold which didn't surprise me. He started asking us for credit info before we even got to test drive the car we saw on the lot and got interested in. I could tell the salesman just wanted to get the sale over and done with so he could get paid. I understand they are on commission but I really hate being rushed into buying anything. First he pushing us toward a versa that was double the price of the car we asked for when we came in. Then a saw the camry I ended up buying and really liked it. Same price as the versa but a little older and few more miles. Which to me, that's fine. I liked the comfort and style more but yet the guy was still trying to get me to buy the versa that I don't want. So before I even got to drive the camry he takes us inside and tries to start the paperwork for the sale and I haven't even driven the car to know if I really do like it or find something wrong with it.

Mark B. | 2014-07-30

Just bought a new van from Nissan
Car is great good gas millage
Needed to change the front shocks
And been told they will have the parts in few days and will call me to set up time for the repair.. It was over a week and no one called me
When I called they told me the forgot to call.. I schedule appointment to save time and been told it will take 45 minutes
Brought the car on time even 10 minutes earlier and only 55 minutes to started to work on it!!
The work time jumped from 45 minutes to almost 3 hours!
Worst service I ever got from a dealership
Last time I deal with planet nissan!

Rebecca C. | 2014-07-27


Let me begin by saying if I could give them a negative rating, I absolutely would. Last February (2012) I bought a car from them after my bankruptcy had discharged. For anyone who has filed bankruptcy before you know you take your credit rebuild very seriously.

I bought a 2010 Nissan Versa from them and less than four months later I was broken down on a road trip to Colorado with a melted battery and an ABS system that stopped working. Once I was able to make it back home to Las Vegas, I called the service center and was told "I'm sorry your three month warranty expired two weeks ago, there is nothing we can do to help you, this will be a repair upwards of $2500". ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I fought back and forth with this horrible company for two months, and while it currently is affecting me negatively, surrendered my car to the finance company and have retained a lawyer to sue them.

What this company did to me they think they were able to get away with because there is no lemon law in Nevada and they believe they are above consumer law. In addition to what I described above, a month and a half after driving off the lot, my hatchback ceased to work with the remote lock.

I would advise anyone who is shopping for a car to look elsewhere, this company is horrible and does not care about their customers. It is apparent to me they only care about the sale and the commission check. If I had the energy and the time I would seek out other consumers to file a class action lawsuit against them.

The Modified Chef H. | 2014-07-26

Waste my time by not giving me proper paper work to register my car. Morning wasted and gas wasted. Thanks for the re smog tho.

A.J. S. | 2014-07-22

Went by this place just to window shop. There was a salesman, I wish I had gotten his name, he looked middle eastern, but boy was he rude that I was not ready to buy. I would never buy a car from this place!

Holly C. | 2014-06-18

First let me start this review by saying Nissan was the only brand I was shopping for. Iv loved my husbands Nissan for years now.

This location made the purchase of my new Nissan Sentra a breeze. It was very straight forward and non pushy. I feel I got a good deal on the car and the salesman was easy to communicate with. I recently had to take the car in for its first oil change and the service department was equally as accommodating and friendly.

The only thing I wish they would have offered at the time of purchase was auto detailing for the first year of ownership. Meaning I had asked if hey could toss in a free auto detail and they declined.
I really wanted the detail because it's always nice to have it done, especially to a new car.

I highly recommend the purchase of a Nissan and from this location. They really are customer focused.

Kristal L. | 2014-06-16

Recently got a car from this dealership about 2 weeks ago. First off, my BIGGEST disappointment was that the car was brand new. This was my first car, so I was really excited about it. When I was driving it the night after I got it, the exterior rubber strip that's above the door FLEW OFF. It wasn't a big deal to me
the salesman that sold us the car, told us that if we had any problems with the car to give him a call. So of course the next morning, my stepdad called him and no answer. He left a message that was NEVER returned and then he called AGAIN a couple days later, but yet again no answer and the call wasn't returned again. But I'm gonna go down there instead to complain because that's so rude and ridiculous.

Then we had to get insurance through their dealership in order to drive it off the lot. And it was such a joke. We were sitting in George's office for almost an hour. And then a couple days later, we get a notice in the mail saying that our insurance expires on the 1st of next month because they're declining us. What a waste of time. They just want you to buy a car then they really don't give a f u c k about you after.

As much as I love my new car, DON'T GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP because it's so sad that they just look forward to getting their commission and they really don't care about you. Right after we signed the papers, they were no longer the nice car salesmen that they were when we first arrived.

If I could give no stars, I would. PATHETIC.

Sarah N. | 2014-06-03

I purchased my Rogue from Ash last March and after I drove it home, I noticed a dent in the side of the car. Crap!! I had already driven off the lot, so I'm totally screwed, right?? Wrong! I called Ash (he was super helpful when I was deciding on a vehicle, so I hoped he would be able to help me out again) and he didn't let me down. He had me bring the vehicle back and they fixed the dents. AWESOME!!

I received three complimentary oil changes after I purchased the car, and the service department is the only reason Planet Nissan doesn't get five stars from me. While everyone is friendly, it doesn't seem like the department as a whole is very organized. Last time I took my car to get an oil change, it took 90 minutes to change the oil and an additional 20 to pull my car up front.

That being said, I would totally purchase another vehicle from Planet Nissan!

Gem T. | 2014-05-23

After reading all the reviews, I sharpened my claws, perfected my "you don't want to mess with me" look and brushed up on my psyche 101....then proceeded with caution to Planet Nissan. Was expecting to be mobbed at the parking lot but nada, no mob. We were approached by one of the salesmen named Devin Jones who happened to be very nice, had all the answers to our questions and never pushed us into buying a new car. He turned out to be a veteran like my husband and went above and beyond  for us. He gave us a price that is hard to resist so we ended up trading our car for a Rogue.

Awesome service is what we got and won't hesitate to go back in the future.  Maybe we just got lucky? Who knows.

For the veterans and active duty who would prefer to deal with one of their own, Devin's your guy.

Paul G. | 2014-05-09

This is the worst dealership I have ever been to. I simply wanted to see the new Altima's that they had advertised in the local paper on sale as the moment you get out of your car they are constantly on your ass. I dealt with sales person Frank Khalil  who did not give a shit at all as I told him I was not buying at all today and he would not take no as an answer as he even tried to get me financing behind my back in which I had no interest at all in doing. They are really pushy bastards from the start. Perhaps I would have maybe bough a Nissan if they weren't so fucking pushy and let us look around at the Altima's but they don't give a shit at all. I am not sure if all Nissan dealerships are like this but I would never ever buy a Nissan because of this. I went to buy a 2014 Honda Civic which I love not only for the service but the car as we'll as it is a very dependable vehicle.

Iluvmyporkies I. | 2014-04-15

If I could give this place zero stars I would.  Like a typical dealership all the people in this place are sharks and thieves. They do not disclose the fine print on the contract. The only reason why I now know how they screwed me is because my car was totaled and had a rude awakening as to what I signed. Im glad karma exist and if it doesn't happen in this life time it will in the next! F#*k you to all that work here LIARS, thieves & whores

Woody R. | 2014-03-11

I am sure there are good parts to buying a car and bad. We were fortunate to have a good experience on this day. Went to the dealership at 1:35pm on the 8th of March looking for a car for our nanny. We were very opportunistic going in about getting a car being that it had to be in my wife's name who has a low credit score. We walked in and they paired us with VICTOR P-G. A funny looking dude with an accent but I didn't mind that. We told him what we wanted to pay and if he could finance this car (Rouge) through my wife. Unfortunately they were not able too. We explained we do not need to purchase a car at this time and thank you for your help. Before we walked out he stated I  have one other model to show you that might be in your price range, would you like to look at it? Sure we said. Test drove the Nissan Sentra. It was a good car for what we were looking for. VICTOR got the payments in our range and within a hour we met our financial closer GEORGE. GEORGE had all of our papers together and walked us through closing. Usually at this point I cringe at these guys as I am no longer allowed at the Toyota dealership at car mall in Henderson over this gentlemen s position. I would like to say I was pleasantly surprised. GEORGE was not scuzzy at all (ill even forgive that he was an Ohio St football fan) . Down right funny as s**t balls. We enjoyed our time with GEORGE talking about planes and clubs and whatnot. Very easy to work with and very thorough We signed our paperwork and Nissan had already detailed our car and was waiting for us. We got up, went to our car. went over a few things are were out by 5:30pm. This was the most stress free, fastest car purchase I have ever made and it was the help of VICTOR, AND GEORGE  that made us feel good about our purchase. I would tell Nissan to hold on to these two gentlemen as we were very impressed and will continue to come back (this was our 3rd Nissan from this location) to this dealership as long as we are treated like this. Job well done!

Melanie S. | 2014-01-18

First off, we purchased a used Xterra from this dealership 3 years ago & other than taking FOREVER to do the deal, we had a great experience & I'm very happy with my SUV.
As for TODAY'S experience...
The hubby & I stopped in today to look at a Pathfinder. We saw one that was nice, but not quite exactly what we were looking for. Besides that, we JUST started looking today, so we had no intention of taking anything home today anyway. Sid, our salesman, told us they are doing some special sale this weekend & now have interest rates as low as 1.9%. I was dumb enough to let him get us inside the building. I just wanted a ballpark "out the door" number & payment amount guess-timate.
I should've known better. It took a long time for our information to be taken down. Gave Sid our expected amount down & payment range & he came back with a payment amount DOUBLE what I gave him, full price on their vehicle PLUS some 7 yr warranty something or other & offered us $4700 for my Xterra. NADA on our SUV ranged from $5300 (for POOR condition) to $7200 (good condition). They made my vehicle sound like a piece of crap. Funny, THEY sold it to us. Oh & it has been very well taken care of and I sure haven't wrecked it.
Anyway, when I said "no way", another person named George came out & pushed HARD! Incredibly high pressure sales! Geez!  I said we would like to wait about 6 mos, when we were in a better position financially to do this. He had the audacity to strongly suggest we buy something cheaper & tried to sell me on a Rogue instead! I immediately said no & asked where the keys were to OUR SUV & pointed out that they needed to be right here on the table in front of us. He said he wanted to sell us something cheaper, maybe without options we really didn't need anyway, he was going to look it up in his computer & get our keys. He went the wrong direction for getting the dang keys. Then he came back & asked what would be the perfect scenario & how he could earn our business TODAY. At this point, I took a deep breath & repeated what I already told him & AGAIN I pointed out that our keys are not here and that's a problem.
He then went to get our keys, tossed them on the table & said thanks for coming in. We grabbed the keys, got up & headed for the door immediately. Not only did he not get our business today, but he just ensured he won't get it in 6 mos either!

I refuse to say anything bad about Sid because he was an older gentleman that reminds me of my grandfather (who resembled Lawrence Welk). But George was just a dang jerk.


Tabitha S. | 2013-12-16

Service department slow. Make an appointment for an oil change takes over 2 hours every time. Only reason I bring it here is because the oil changes are free.  Sales department is great, service department..... Not so much. On my previous car they wrecked it bring it to the car wash...also on a recall they didn't install the part they replaced properly so I didn't even make it down the street before my car died....

Chris P. | 2013-12-11

Came in to test drive some Altima coupes and sedans. Had to try the maxima as well. Sales staff wasn't too pushy, offered great deals if I only had the money. I just wish that it was about 6 months from now when I should have enough to upgrade. Friendly staff and salesmen, who were honest and forthright, from what I could tell. Much better than the Nissan dealerships in Orange County, where I live now, if I ever am gonna upgrade, I'll head over there. Ask for Johnny, his kindness and knowledge made my experience a great one.

Tiff C. | 2013-11-17

Yuck, I hate this place.

Came here to try and buy an Altima a while back. Had one Salesperson show me the actual vechicle which I was really interested in.

Let me say this first, one, I used to work at a dealership. I know how sales works and I know how cars are marked up. Two, under no circumstance should you make a person feel like they can't afford something. Three, NEVER RIP ANYTHING OUT OF YOUR CUSTOMER'S HANDS.

I went with my mom who currently holds the title to the car I drive and some friends to help negotiate.

When I sat down to talk numbers, I got a different salesperson I believe his name was Joe. As soon as he sat down, he started trying to close. I mean, trying to close HARD. First he implied I couldn't afford it or perhaps my credit wasn't great. I have A1 Credit, I bought a house in 2010, please. Secondly he tried to low ball me on my trade-in.

I've been in the business and I've worked closely with sales. I understand how frustrating it can get. But I ABSOLUTELY detest hard closers.

It came down to maybe coming back a different day, I was sitting there with the payment plan in my hands and he was trying to walk away and take the sheet with him.

AND he started to take the paper out of my hand. I mean, literally, I held it and he pulled SO HARD that it ripped the corner.

Needless to say, I was livid. I walked into the manager's office which was full of sales people and possibly a few managers and the first guy had an attitude, leaned all the way back in his chair and very arrogantly said I'm the manager, what's the problem.

Done with this place. Will never buy a Nissan because of it.

Carla S. | 2013-11-07


If you want these snakes to rob you blind..then go for it!

We are currently having a problem with their financing department because they made a HUGE mistake and it is ending up costing me huge amounts of money.  We tried to contact their dealership on several occasions and got the same "run-around" with things like "Our system is down".  It got to the point that my husband and I ended up contacting Nissan Consumer Affairs and Nissan North America to get some kind of resolution.

I have had nothing but Nissan's since 1989.  We are pretty loyal to Nissan, but this will have to be the last Nissan we will own. I love the product, but the customer service behind it is ridiculous.  We will try to resolve this problem one more time, but if they do not fix their own mistake, I will have no other choice but to seek legal council and file a complaint with the BBB.  We have given them the opportunity to fix a problem at the lowest level possible, but they are doing nothing about it.

Cliff, their finance guy is a joke!  If you still do decide to purchase a vehicle from them, make sure you take your time and go over the contract and make sure your numbers add up.  Don't allow any of the finance staff be your "friend", because you are just a dollar sign to them and it is all about how much money they can get from you.


You are probably better off going to another dealership.  They are all independently owned; therefore, you might find a better deal and better service!

Jennifer H. | 2013-10-30

I abhor the customer service here. Nobody ever wants to help, they just tell you to talk to so and so, who will tell you to talk to someone else, who will tell you to talk to the first person you talked to. It's ridiculous.

Brian D. | 2013-10-22

This is the second time I am reviewing this horrible place. My original review was removed by Yelp because planet got it taken off. 2 years ago I went to buy a new Altima and Planet wanted to earn my business. On the day I went to buy the car I had received a call from the GM of Planet. He told me that I could go do something to my self and then said god bless then hung up the phone. It was the most unprofessional experience I have ever encountered.

Also Yelp, please have some integrity and leave my review alone. My first review had no profanity and did not violate your policies. There is a reason why establishments don't put much stock in your services. When poor practices in professionalism are displayed like at Planet Nissan and someone reviews it with one star they earned that review.

Shannon S. | 2013-10-09

After spending over $140k in vehicles at this dealership, I think that makes me the authority on placing an honest review! This place is great....that is if Henry is your Salesman!!! This guy can get you the best deal hands down! I sent person after person to him. They always "shop around" but come right back to him because he can work magic! His communication is excellent and he is honest and always goes out of his way to get you what you need! Since the sales team is paid a flat rate per vehicle sold, it isn't high pressure sales. We have bought 2 Nissan Titans, one Used Pathfinder, a new Altima ( a friends purchase) and a used Tundra 2012! Each vehicle is amazing and the process is effortless! Hook up with an honest guy like Henry when buying a vehicle! You won't regret it!

Kevin H. | 2013-08-24

This place is exactly what you expect from a "pressure car lot" they will try their best to force you in a car that "fits you". Bunch of sharks in this place. They will try to get you in a golf kart just to ring that dumb ass bell. Run away from this place. Even if you want a Nissan there are better Nissan dealers then this place I'm sure if it.

M. V. | 2013-08-20

BE WARNED: Planet Nissan Centennial ARE LIARS. They are running a t.v ad since Aug 1., 2013 advertising Versas for $9,999 and Sentras for $13,988. I  HAD CALLED ON 8/8 TO ASK ABOUT THESE CARS  and theslalesman STATED THEY DID HAVE BOTH VERSAS AND SENTRAS FOR THAT PRICE. THE NEXT DAY ON 8/9 ,fter being there for  over 4  hours, dealing w/ 2 salesmen( I asked for the guy whom I had spoken to on the phone the previous eve & TRYING TO negotiating my trade in, National Nissan offers and incentives;  but when we sat down to 'run the numbers' the Cheapest Sentra S (the one  I test drove,-- even though salesman lied & told me it was the SL version) turned out to be almost $18,000 MSRP for the basic lowest price Sentra. When I asked for them to show me the ones for $13,998, they laughed at me & stated they did not have Sentras at that price. So when I ask for them to  show me Versas for $9,999, they stated they did not have any for that price either. This weekend of 8/15, they again ran t.v. ads during  the 3 local morning news and the 6 p.m news knowing full well  that they do not have ANY CARS AT THAT PRICE. I plan to report them to DMV but don't know what else I can to prevent them from running fraudulent & misleading commercials like that.So don't even bother to go there!

Nicole C. | 2013-08-01

I tell the salesman that I like the used Cadillac they had sitting out front and he tells me that he wants to put me in a sentra. He would not let up about it until I test drove the sentra and after I told him I couldn't get it, he sent his manager over to me. I work out a deal with the manager and he promises to call me later to let me know the details, because I was in a rush. Long story short, he never called. Horrible service and even horrible salesman, who don't give a damn about what you want.

Tee P. | 2013-05-28

Be very weary of these people. They seem very nice and out to help you but they pull every shady dealer tactic in the book.

They will change all the numbers in finance including up-ing the selling price while in financing. They will tell you they will give you a certain amount on your trade and also lower that on your financing paperwork. In our case they added a tire and wheel package we didnt even get for $1,200, lowered the agreed trade in amount, and added $2500 to sale price. Our fault for not going through it with a fine tooth comb.

Lucky for us, they tried to pull a yo-yo scam which is sending you a letter telling you to bring the car back and telling you the financing deal has changed. They only have 15 days to do this per the NV DMV but mailed the letter our 19 days later. They did not even notify the lender of my trade of this nor told me so my trade was running late on its payment and accruing late fees and interest. I researched Nissan after receiving the letter and found they do this all the time. The NV Attorney General gets 15 -20 complaints a day about these scams and advised its best to walk away so that is what we did. We demanded our trade back and left.

We took our trade to Ed Bozarth Chevy over the Ann Rd overpass and were able to get a brand new turbo charged chevy with all the bells and whistles for only 3k more than the nissan. It was the best thing we could have done although we had to go through the whole car buying experience again after dealing with Nissan. Ed Bozarths staff assured us they never let a car leave the lot without proper financing and are always up front with the price. Allen in financing also shopped through tons of banks to get us a good interest rate.

Our horrible experience at Nissan began with Samir (sales) who will do nothing to work for the customer. Your wants and needs go in one ear and out the other.  I will say that Cliff in finance did seem to feel bad but I think it was more that he was caught trying to rip us off rather than actually cared about us as customers.

Kenneth M. | 2013-05-23

Stay away from this place! Went in to look for a Nissan Titan. They tried used the factory rebate and set us up for a 2% financing rate. Took the trade in and still tried to sell the Titan for over $41k. Then we haggled a bit more and they dropped it down by 4k plus they added an extended warranty "free".

They came back so fast trying to pulling a fast one by showing only the adjusted price of the car. Yet, they fail to show u the new interest rate! Common business practice among dealers. They had a higher interest rate of 6% on the new contract that they tried to hide!


glenn w. | 2013-05-14

just left planet nissan 5850 centennial center blvd. looking at new nissan sentra with my wife and daughter.salesman sent over guy named "felix" from finances.guy came to us with ridiculous figures for financing so I started grilling him without raising my voice.this guy gets up and quote tells me "get the hell out of here!"turns his back on me and walks away.I then yelled what did you just say! 3 of us heard him say that.I will be calling corp. in the morning on him.I will never walk into that business got to be off your rocker to deal with planet nissan!!!! I have purchased over 50 cars so far and was trying to look with my 30 yr. old daughter and never have I ever heard or saw anything like this at any dealership.will talk to manager of tommorow and try to get to owner of.

Lisa J. | 2013-03-29

This review is strictly for 3 people over at Planet Nissan...
Donnie the sales guy
Cliff the finance guy
Mike the service guy.

Everyone else seems to be sub par when I have dealt with them - ranging from the receptionist, cashiers, business dept, etc. Guess that's to be expected... It took these guys chasing the other people around to get my stuff done and on point.  

Donnie didn't try to over sell me... he didn't try to trick me... he really listened to what I was looking for and gave me plenty of options that ranged from the Cube to the Xterra.  I think it's rare to find someone in sales who actually listens first and pitches second.

Cliff is the perfect tag team combo with Donnie.  They worked hard to get me the optimal deal with financing options, lowered my interest rate tremendously, and went through every detail of the sale so that even my detailed oriented, OCD, hard-bargaining sister was pleased.  She's one tough cookie and really knows her sh*t

Also, I just visited the service dept this morning and Mike C in service is one of the best guys I've dealt with.  He was prompt, thorough, and unbelievably detailed in regards to everything that my car needed.  He made sure to keep my appointment time and I was in and out of there in less than 30minutes. That included the guys buffing my bumper to get a scuff mark out.

Shari H. | 2013-03-12

As a regular Yelper, I have no excuse for not heeding the already dismal reviews for this dealership.  My only reason being that I was shopping for cars on Centennial and finally decided to purchase a Nissan, so this location was convenient.
I find the entire car-shopping experience tedious anyway, but after going through a Toyota purchase with my mom, I can say that Nissan could have handled the tedious parts far better by comparison.  
Here are my complaints in a nutshell:
*Salesman was reluctant to leave his prime position by the door to show me anything until he was convinced I was really ready to buy.
*I went in at 1:30 on a Wednesday and didn't leave until 6:15.  This didn't include the test drive I had done the previous day.
*Salesman did not listen well to what I wanted and kept trying to sell features I didn't need.  I understand the commission thing, but at least try to upsell something I might want.
*After a horribly long wait, there was a huge rush to get me out the door.  No review of the new car features, just hand me the keys and say bye.  They forgot to give me the plates on my trade-in and forgot to fill the gas tank, which was on empty.
*I had to go back the following week for the plates, but they only took off one.  Some stranger has my other plate on my trade-in vehicle.
*They didn't have my registration check ready and refuse to mail it to me.  Now I need a third visit to the dealership.
*After all that, the salesman sent me a request for referrals and bragged about how many sales he made last month.  

In a nutshell, if this dealership had a 3-day return policy I was ticked off enough with the service that I probably would have returned the vehicle and gone with a different brand.  I have cooled off since then, but am still very disappointed in the experience.

Milo W. | 2013-01-03

Service Department:
The Service Department are unhelpful and unprofessional. Never have a seen a group of people who don't know what they are doing. I called regarding my warranty and the service guy, Tony/Anthony was rude and unhelpful. Instead of the guy answering my question regarding if I was qualified to receive tire service for a nail that was in my car he gives me the "yay yay" you are qualified with our even looking up my information. I need to know this information so that I didn't need to go to the dealership since it would be over an hour out of my time (mind you, I do not live in Vegas anymore). I get to the dealership at my current state and they tell me, that they don't know what the Vegas dealer ship is talking about they have never heard of a tire warranty for removing a nail. I called up Tony/Anthony again at the Planet Nissan service department tell him that I was at the dealership, he tells me, "what are you calling me for, they can pull it up on their computer with your VIN info." I told him, the info he told me was wrong and I let him talk to the service department in my current state who corrected and told they Planet Nissan service department the page and location where I was not covered. Had I known the information I would not have wasted time going to a dealership but instead when to the Goodyear to replace my tire. My advice to you is to avoid the Planet Nissan Service department at all cost. Until they get service reps who know what they are talking about and who care about the customers, you should go someplace else to service your car.

T B. | 2012-11-05

I bought one new SUVs and leased another here but it changed ownership some time ago.  I was going to use them for a lease purchase but the salesman and manager lied to me and were difficult.  Odd thing is that they did not need to be and it did not really benefit them.  It was as if they were just trying to play games for no reason or just because they could.  They lost a long time customer due to their lies over only about $500 profit for them.  I went to another dealer on East Sahara.

Service department also gave me the run around on the faulty fuel gauge.  Again, it was under recall, so why give me the run around.  

I would stay away.  This place has some management issues.

Alejandro T. | 2012-09-21

The service is poor if you are not buying a car.... If you are about to buy a car they will offer you the sun and the stars but once you buy it. They don't care about you. After almost 2 hours waiting for a finance dept. associate, finally a seller came to help us.
She was very nice and helpful, anyway all others just walked around looking at us but never came to ask if we needed help.

I expected a better service as a customer of this dealer.

Rosa H. | 2012-09-15

Amber Thompson... nuff said.
Bought 2 cars here.... might have been ripped off for sales..... but Amber is the best in service sales ... ASK for AMBER she will hook a brother up!

Teresa M. | 2012-09-13

I have been in Planet Nissan, multiple times, I was treated with RESPECT, so much so, I took my girlfriend there and she bought a Nissan Altima. Her Altima has been problem free (other than a small recall) and service treated her well. I did almost buy a car, however, changed my mind about having a car payment.
I can say the BDC dept. treated me good, as well as the GM Sam.

Stephanie E. | 2012-08-24

Bought 2 cars from here. CLIFFS THE MAN! If you're not doing your financing with him, just walk away! Hysterical guy, makes the long time frame seem shorter with his jokes and singing.

Eric B. | 2012-08-04

Don't go to this dealership. They only want to be the highest selling Nissan dealer in the west. That is their only concern. Go to Carmax if you want to be treated like a human.

I was browsing cars in the Centennial area and found myself at Planet Nissan to look at the Rogues. After seeing 10 or 15 cars in the heat, they hard sold me on a car that I didn't want or need. Less then 12 hours later, I called them and asked if they could undo the deal, to which they told me all sales were final. They did state that. I asked if there was any way to change that policy and the sales manager said he could, but didn't want to. Yes, I was at fault for purchasing a car I didn't need and couldn't afford. I was having a very bad day and they pulled the typical car salesman trick on me.

1: they will low-ball your trade in. Have your smart phone handy so you can see how badly you are getting screwed (mine was at HTC getting repaired or I would have been better informed).
2: They will charge you an inflated price for the vehicle you look at. There is the internet price, the price the salesman tells you and then the sales manager gives a third price. Each one gets higher. Be on your toes.

So when I went back the following day, I pleaded with the sales manager to give me my 2000 Jeep back, keep my $3000 down payment I laid out and just take this crappy Xterra back. He's a snake and a rat. I hate that place like I hate hell. Avoid at all costs.

Roger F. | 2012-07-24

Front wheel damage. Brought in to get it fixed. Got the car back and the front still shook as I drove. I asked Paul at service if they checked the balance on all my tires. He said yes and drive it home. If it has  a problem bring it back. I brought it back the next day. I asked again to check it out, He said ok, he called me later and said mechanic did not find a problem and they rotated the tires. So, I picked it up and it had the same problem. So, after $1200 in repairs I took it to Discount tire, they removed the tires to check the balance of the tires. The rim was so bent they could not even run it on the balance machine. It was noticeable when he removed it. Humm dealer did not balance or check the wheel. How can you trust planet nissan. They did not do what they said I bought new rims at Discount tire and its fixed. I took old rim back to Planet Nissan to show Paul in service. He was so embarrassed  he was speechless. He looked at the rim and said the same thing to me. It was noticeable and he acknowledge  the mechanic did not balance it or look at it. So, how many people have they ripped off there saying they did the work but did not.

Jessica Z. | 2012-04-30

I can't decide how I feel about this place.  I am not very experienced with dealerships but I can say that if I ever go back to this dealership I will not be financing through them.  This experience started out as a test because I wanted to trade my SUV in for a car and didn't think I could get much as far as trade in value.  To my surprise this dealership offered a pretty good price to trade in my SUV for the altima I wanted.  The dealer that we worked with wasn't too pushy when I told him what I was looking for in a car and what I was willing to spend.  That was the good part.  When it came to financing we had a problem.  They tried telling us we had to make a $500 down payment to which we did not agree.  When we actually went into the finance office to fill out the loan paperwork they tried to get us to sign that we would make the down payment.  The manager overrode that after we argued that was not what we agreed to.  The next day I go to pick my car up and they tried saying that we had to pay the down payment because that is how they turned it in to the bank....RIDICULOUS. We had to argue that.  I have finally had my car for a few weeks and now they are calling STILL trying to get the freakin' $500.  UM NO!  They said they had to switch banks or something so we have to go resign paperwork because I shouldnt be driving with the temp plate I have.  Needless to say I will be refinancing as soon as possible.

Sabrina C. | 2012-03-27

I bought my 2012 Nissan Altima in August of 2011! I had a great experience from A-Z. They didnt hassle me with my trade in and actually gave me some of the trade-in money for part of my down payment! They really did all they could to get me into my car. Since I have bought my car, I have had great service with oil changes and tire rotation. We have been all over the US since my husband has gotten home from deployment and whether we are in North Carolina or San Diego, the service is GREAT! I cannot wait to buy my next Nissan!

Mercy H. | 2012-03-06

We were looking for a 2011 Nissan Rogue online and found one that we really liked... My husband and I went to Planet Nissan on a Sunday to check out the Krom Edition that they advertised online for $17,987. We went and saw the exact same car for $18,487, but because we liked the car, we decided to come back and test drive it.  We went back Tuesday and saw that the price went up to $23,487. Convinced the salesman to bring it back to $18,487... The car drove really nice and thought it was a done deal.

After tax and all the other fees, $22,000+ was not that bad of a deal for a 2011 Nissan Rogue Krom --- until we got to the part when we sign the documents with the finance guy. My husband and I noticed that the sticker that they placed on the windshield, the envelope for the car keys, other documents show that it was a 2011 Nissan Rogue but all the other documents where we sign show 2010. When we asked for some clarification, the finance guy just brushed it off like it was not a big deal that it was some typographical error and that it was in fact a 2010... Well, IT IS A BIG DEAL...

The finance guy's excuse was that the advertising part is done by a 3rd party and had nothing to do with what they are selling. His excuse was that it's not their fault and that we should have looked at the documents that states 2010 and ignore the sticker or the ad online about getting the 2011 car... When he noticed that we're not buying his excuses, he then called the salesman and tried to negotiate... He was willing to give us a couple of hundred for a discount or 2 years worth of services for the car... We then demanded a couple of thousand off the price plus the 2 years worth of services...

The salesman then stepped out of the office and another guy who introduced himself as the manager basically told us that it was not Planet Nissan's fault and that it was the 3rd party's fault that the stickers, the envelope where the keys are, the advertisement and all the other documents show 2011. And that if we don't want to take their deal, we could just leave because there's a lot of people they could sell the car for what they ask... we could not believe what we just heard. We thought managers do the damage control. He did not even apologize for any mistake or anything. He didn't want to make any negotiations. When my husband said that we're walking away and that we asked for the documents that we signed because they had all our information, including our social security number, etc. so we could shred it, he told us that he could not give us the paper and this manager walked out of the room... So I had to yell in the middle of the showroom and followed him to his office... He rudely told me to leave the property.

To us, IT IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT... If we can't trust them the first couple of hours to this transaction, there is no way we could count on their promises... This manager clearly needed extra training --- or maybe that's what Planet Nissan's goal is - to be rude to their clients and to clearly tell lies and sugar coat everything!!! Bunch of crooks! We were literally a couple of minutes and a couple of documents before we made the biggest mistake of our life! At the same time, we are thankful for this manager to step in and show the true colors of Planet Nissan... He basically sealed the deal and confirmed that it's best for us to walk away!

Cash S. | 2011-12-08

After lying to me about my sale price (which I didnt realize until after all the paperwork was done), the shady salesman told me the things wrong with my car would be taken care of. 'Oh yea just bring it in to service they'll handle it'. It's now been 2 months waiting for a part that they now tell me is out of production. If I'd known this I'd never even messed with this vehicle. And after all this time I had to call them to find out the status!!!Plus in 1 month all these things starting making noise. I know it was a trade-in for them but I don't think they even checked it out. I think they just cleaned it and stuck it on the lot. I can't stand this place! The person that referred me to them I no longer even talk to. Planet Nissan is a joke from start to finish. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

Christina A. | 2011-10-30

My brother and I test drove the Nissan Juke. He didn't buy this day, but the salesman was very nice. He was so impressed he went back and bought it.

Shokouh H. | 2011-08-21

I don't know what to say... I have mixed feelings about this place. Never liked going to car dealerships. It is like going to the dentist, totally uncomfortable. They push you to buy from them, they are dishonest and mostly very pushy. We bought my used Toyota Camry from them. They did give us a good deal on it, but we went back and forth until we got an O.K rate on our loan that we got through them. First it was 8% and they couldn't do anything for us, then all the sudden as we said we cannot afford that, the finance guy came up with a 5% something rate. What? Didn't you just say you cannot do better? Oh well, we ended up buying from them, the car had some things that needed to be fixed and they did fix it for us for the most part. Their mechanics don't understand time management. First they said it will be done in half an hour, then half an hour turned to 2 hours, then to 3, then after us waiting there forever they said, they need more time and we should come back tomorrow. They did give us a car in exchange to use until mine was fixed, but still the whole thing was just too much of a headache. The whole thing was a great experience though for us. Lessons learned and next time we will do some things different.

Jennifer B. | 2011-04-18

If I could give negative stars, I would.  This place was awful. One of the first things the salesman told us was that Planet Nissan is ranked #2 in the country.  By the looks of the previous reviews and from our experience, 2nd to the bottom of the list would be more accurate.  My husband and I were in the market for a 2010 Nissan Altima. I found a slate grey Altima on Planet Nissan's website for a very good price! ($21,998 with 15k miles) We live in San Diego and have been looking for a car for quite some time so we figured we could make the 5 hour trip to Las Vegas to check the car out! My husband called the dealership and spoke with Simeon. He was helpful and told my husband there was some "wiggle room" with the price. I was also in contact with the internet sales manager, Patricia.  Patricia was very helpful and assured me that the car would still be available when we arrived.  During our trip from San Diego to Las Vegas we encountered some traffic and I realized we would be about an hour late. I emailed Patricia at 10:30 am to let her know we would be about an hour late (our appointment to drive the car was at 1:00 pm).  Since my husband and I were talking to two different people the message never got to Simeon that we were going to be late.  He made us feel that we were such an inconvenience to him because we were late. He took the initiative to "speed up the process" and had the car detailed for us. Once the car was done we got to finally see it and it had a HUGE scratch on the bumper, which I was not too happy about.  The car was beautiful though and drove so smooth! We went inside to talk numbers and Simeon sat us down.  We told him we were interested in the car and would purchase if they could move the price down.  He told us this was absolutely impossible and of course played his sales tactics.  The only reason we traveled so far for this car was because he said they had "wiggle room".  Another salesman, Dean, took Simeon's place because Simeon was working TWO clients at once, us and another couple.  It amazed me HOW OFTEN these salesmen's phones went off! Dean even answered his wife's phone call! To me, this was so tacky and disrespectful. If you want my business, do not take personal phone calls in the middle of a sale.  Dean came back to us reducing the fees by 450 dollars which we were shocked with.  He insulted our intelligence and pretty much talked down to us the entire time. Not to mention his breath was ungodly and his fingernails were disgustingly dirty. From the minute we walked in I felt like we were a burden to this place and we were scolded for being late! After negotiations (well not really negotiations since they didn't come down on the price AT ALL) we walked out.  I sent Simeon a message later that said we were unhappy with Dean's tactics and to thank him for his time.  He, of course, wanted us to come back so he could make the sale but we refused.  We headed back to San Diego and on the way stopped by two Nissan dealerships.  We ended up buying a BRAND NEW Altima for only 1k more than the used car.   Thanks Planet Nissan, you allowed us to buy a brand new car from an amazing dealer that treated us with respect! #2 in the country? FAT CHANCE.

Rosemarie Y. | 2011-03-04

This review is solely for the service. (I bought my Nissan in California).
Unless you enjoy wasting hours and hours of our life, do yourself a favor, and schedule your regular maintenance and oil changes elsewhere.  

I, too, got suckered into purchasing the 3 oil changes for $50 deal.
I had scheduled an appointment for an oil change and was told the wait would be about 1 hour.  I had brought a good book to read, so I didn't mind.  That is until 1 hour turned into 2 hours.  

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Unfortunately, I came back for the second oil change and 7500 miles maintenance.  Again, I was told it would be 1 hour 15 minutes.  Lies, lies, lies.  After a frustrating 2 hour wait, I asked about my car, and they said it would be ready shortly- it was getting a complimentary car wash.  Finally, after 3 hours (don't know why an exterior car wash took an entire hour)- my car was ready.

NEVER AGAIN, am I ever coming back. My time is much more valuable than a few dollars saved.

Lady N. | 2010-11-13

Ok, it's a dealership. These places are out to financially rape you however they can. That's the name of the game. All big name dealerships are fairly similar in this manner, with a varying degree of viciousness. People need to be aware of that fact before deciding to buy from a dealer.

Just bought a (slightly) used Nissan from these guys. I still feel like I got a good deal, even though I realized that they tacked on undisclosed fees after I signed on the dotted line.

Pros:  This place has the best selection of used Nissans that are within a couple of years old, have low mileage, and low internet base prices.  If you walk in and are subject to sticker price, well, good luck on getting a bargain. IF you make an appt in advance, you can save yourself from the vulture-like sales team that lingers at the front doors.

Cons: Very hectic and disorienting place. It's busy here.  Be aware when the sales guy makes you an offer and brings you a printed breakdown, to grab that paper and don't let it go, otherwise it disappears. DO bring a loan calculator (or download an app), otherwise you will notice later on that your monthly payment does not correlate to your loan amount at the set interest rate. There is about 900 bucks in hidden fees tacked on to the loan, and the sales guy keeps asking you to agree to a monthly payment vs a total amount.  The other trick is to quote you one interest rate, and then when they "run the numbers"  they tell you it's just slightly higher due to something in your credit file, but hey, it's only another 10-15 bucks per month! What I think they are doing is tacking points on for themselves, as I was pre-approved elsewhere, and knew my best rate already. I let this one go as I wanted the convenience of driving away the same day.

I didn't do my loan calculation until I got home, but thankfully had a copy of the base price and fees breakdown, and was able to go back and get it sorted out. I do know that if I didn't have that, I would be out of luck.

All in all, I love the car. Yes, I was probably swindled out of 400 bucks extra, but at least they were friendly about it. They've gotta pay their mortgages somehow too.

Amanda B. | 2010-07-02

Well let's Just say I'm writing this in the most professional as possible manner while describing this place.

I orig. called about a car I saw in an add for them and got hung up on the 1st time & 2nd time I got transferred to a guy that calls him self Magic. He told me the car had 65k on it which I found out after arrival and me looking at car it had 85K. After I realized he lied to get me there I was still open minded to look around at other cars. I find another car I kind of liked and they were all over me on how the numbers are low,but no one even knew the numbers until they talked in another office for ten minutes.

I was going to do business on  car I some what liked and the finance director talks me out of buying this car I am considering and has me look at like 10 different cars.
He guarentees to get me in the best car for my car for my family  is his statement . He gets me in a suv and sends me home in a loaner and says to come pick up the car tommorrow.

The next day I call and Magic tells me to come pick up the suv it's all ready.

I get there and my daughters run straight to office after getting very familiar after a 5 hour day there the previous day. They run ahead of me and with in moments ran back to me and say "mom we got a bad car we need to get a good one". Seriously! This "Finance director tells my daughters about the car before I even walk in there. He tells me as I approach the office , not even all the way even in yet oh this suv Is not reliable for you. They have Many problems. Ok.... So what are you saying I can't have the car?(Plus he lies to me abouth this car being reliable) After Magic says to come pick up the car , your trying to talk me out of another car. I take it as a polite gesture thinking positively. Then the finance director trys to sell 5 more different cars to Me after I tell him.  5 x,yes 5x no I don't like the cars you are telling me about. He then continues to repeat are you sure, are you sure.
Do people not know how to give up these days any more?

I ended up buying a beautiful car from Ed Bozarth's. They even picked me up. My sales person was Austin Klein. Tell him Amanda with the half sleeve reffered you.

Bethany L. | 2009-07-31

This dealership does not deserve even 1 star. They really suck!!

The people at this dealership have got some serious issues!  We bought a car on Monday and now it's Friday and the dealership cannot follow a simple request to fill out a form, check a box and fax it to our lender!!  

Every phone call to the dealership is a total run-around. I have submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, to make an official complaint about their lack of customer service skills and incompetent sales service.  I probably should have checked some reviews such as Yelp before we even went to this place.

I had a bad experience at Planet Hyundai several years ago, that should have tipped me off.

Crystal V. | 2008-06-03

As soon as we got out of our car we were approached by a car salesman that represents everything you have ever thought wrong with car salesmen. He was arrogant and rude. And to top it all off didn't seem to know what he was talking about.

We told him what we were looking for, either a used car or a new car within a certain price range. We told him what we had discovered at several other dealerships, did he have anything comparable? He actually laughed at us and told us what we were looking for was impossible and that we obviously didn't know how to recognize a good deal. He said the only way we could get what we were looking for was to purchase a car with 790,000 miles. Yes, 790,000 miles. Saying it once would obviously be a normal mistake, but he said it at least 3 times.

Exasperated, I asked him if he thought we should just leave and I started heading for the car. Oh, no! Don't leave, let me get the used car guy. "The Used Car Guy" was slightly better in his delivery, but did tell us pretty much the same thing. This time, however, he said to get financing for what we wanted, our credit score would have to be WELL OVER 850. Is that even possible? He rambled incessantly, jumping from car prices to the taste of hot wings (literally) within 30 seconds. He cursed frequently enough to make me wince, which is a difficult thing to do. There's a time and a place...

I'm sure we just "lucked out" to get the two worst guys in the place, but I was very unhappy with my experience.