Planet Hyundai Sahara in Las Vegas, NV

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Selling both new and pre-owned vehicles, we welcome you to Planet Hyundai Sahara, where new thinking and new possibilities take shape to bring you a superior car shopping experience. Conveniently located on Sahara, our Las Vegas dealership offers a great selection with great prices. Today is a great day to test drive a new Hyundai.

At Planet Hyundai Sahara, we are committed to delivering service above your expectations and giving you the best possible value for your purchase. Our experienced team is here to ensure that your car purchasing experience is pleasurable and free of stress.

Our selection of new Hyundai vehicles offers all of the options that you desire. We can offer you a great price on a new Hyundai Accent, Elantra or the popular Hyundai Sonata. Our certified pre-owned car selection offers cars, trucks, crossovers and more to meet your vehicles needs at a great price. If we don't have exactly what you're looking for, tell us what you it is, and we will help you find the perfect new or used car in Las Vegas.

No other Hyundai dealer in the area can match our selection of new and used vehicles. We have something for every lifestyle, in every price range. Come see the friendly and courteous folks at Planet Hyundai Sahara to test drive a new Hyundai today!


Established in 2010.

Planet Hyundai Sahara has been serving Las Vegas since 2010. Our mission is to provide unbeatable prices on new and used Hyundai vehicles in a car purchasing environment free of stress. With over four years of success, we look forward to adding you to our long history of happy customers.

Planet Hyundai Sahara

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 605-6864
Address:7150 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89117
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Planet Hyundai Sahara

Alberto M. | 2015-04-16

I bought an Elantra from Planet Hyundai back in December 4, 2014. The sales representative, Sam V, was GREAT.  He was friendly and very helpful.  On the other hand, the management team in that place needs some serious training.  They don't acknowledge client's concerns or issues.  I had and issue with a refund they assured me I would get and until this day I have not received even a call from Paul Palletier, a sales manager.  I have called him multiple times and only once he picked up.  He told me he would call me back and nothing until this day.  They are only professional before the sale but after you sign that contract you are no longer of value to them.  I honestly will not be back to buy another vehicle there or would recommend anyone to that dealership.

Calvin B. | 2015-04-03

I LOVE my Hyundai Genesis! I purchased it new from Planet Hyundai, but I will never buy another car from Planet Hyundai! The sales team uses deceptive practices and tricks and I won't deal with people who are not trustworthy. Fool me once - shame on you. Fool me twice - shame on me.

Here is the short story:
I bought two cars the same day. They said they had one of the ones I wanted in the right color at the other dealership at Centennial. They said they didn't know if it was an HTRAC or not, but if it was "they would just through that in". Of course, it turned out to be an HTRAC which was fine. However, when we got to financing, I could see that they had included the HTRAC price in the price of the car and had simply applied more of my trade-in value to the HTRAC car. I am fine with the deal we made, and I would have been okay with it if they had been honest about it. The problem is the deception.

I am not a fool. I know they knew the entire time that the car was an HTRAC. It is 2015 - you know what is in your inventory. I also know that the "we'll just throw it in" trick is the oldest trick in the business and it is just that - a trick.

Again, I LOVE my Genesis (both of them). I am happy with the deal we struck. With that said, I will not deal with dishonest people. In 3 years my lease will be up and I will be looking elsewhere. I will NEVER buy a car from Planet Hyundai again and I suggest you look elsewhere as well.

Courtney R. | 2015-03-03

I will never ever buy a car from here again. I bought my car and a week later was having issues with it...i bought th extended warranty by the way. So come to find out all of my tires are bad and they wont be covering any of it. Complete bs. And have fun trying to.get them to fix anything wrong with your car without trying to tack on extra charges even though you spent the extra money on a warranty. They are a complete waste of time. I bought my next car from a different dealership and.dont have to deal with any of this. Cant wait to trade my car in so I can be done with these people!!!!

Berry P. | 2015-02-11

Absolutely horrible service. They were all nice and welcoming to you when you arrive to buy the car.
But once you leave the salespersons hand. Everything is going on an exponential downhill.

The financial person sucks at being patient when I need him to explain some details of the things I'm paying before I put my signatures down.

The service teams sucks even more. I understand that they are giving free car wash so I didn't have any high expectations on their attitude already. But geeeeez can they at least be a little bit courteous?

I took my car for an oil change and they have me waited for an hour sitting at the waiting area. No one came to tell me whether the car was done or not. So I went out and ask them to check and they say "oh sorry" we thought he car was only schedule for a car wash. Well do the oil change now. Sorry about that.
I wasted an hour of my life for just a sorry. No discounts were taken for the oil change. And I have to wait an extra 20+ min.

Overall I've never had one pleasant experience ever since the first day I bought it. Def will change dealerships when my car lease contract is up.

Jonathan L. | 2015-01-22

I guess they really don't care about their reputation.

well I got my car fixed, the problem was a broken speaker wire. So I gave the receipts to the general manager 2 weeks ago. He never called to let me know the check for the repairs, I paid out of pocket to get fixed is ready to be picked up. I called the first time....he answered.... all of the sudden the call dropped. Called 2 more times after making sure my phone works (no issues). Nothing... either way he knows I called and either way he still never called me. I  have given them every opportunity to make this right.

I guess they really don't care about their reputation.

Jamie P. | 2015-01-21

I bought a 2011 Chevy Impala from the used car lot here when they had the cash for clunkers program in 2012. I was able to get $3500 for my old clunker and use that towards my new car. When I bought my car, it had about 32,000 miles already on it. Since then, I have had no problems. Until now. A few weeks ago my car started making this really obnoxious almost jack hammer like sound when I would turn the Ac on. Now it's to the point the car doesn't even have to be on for the noise to come on. I called PH and was directed to the service dept. I told them what was going on and they scheduled me an appt for Sat 8 am. My day off, Perfect.

Fast forward to Saturday, I get to the lot bright and early and there is no one around. I ask a lady where I go for the service appointments and she tells me to go over to the new car building right next door and they will direct me where to go. Fine. I drive over there and someone working in the service dept. sees me and asks me who I have an appt with. I tell her I don't know I just have an appt with the service dept. She tells me I need to go back to the other building and see Nancy because that is where they service the non-Hyundai cars. Fine. I drive back over to the other building only to be told Nancy is not in yet. So I wait about 20 minutes and she arrives.

She asks me what I am here for, and then proceeds to tell me that she doesn't do any service on non Hyundai cars on the weekends. She then suggests I could go to Buick GMC because they would have the parts in stock whereas Hyundai would have to order the parts and I might not have a car for a few days. WTF. Now I am angry. I don't know who the person is that is scheduling these appointments, but they need to be retrained and get their shit together. When looking up my phone number, I am sure they could tell I do NOT have a Hyundai car and therefore should have been able to verify that someone would be available to work on my car BEFORE scheduling my appt. Also, I bought my car at this stupid place and have a warranty SPECIFIC to Planet Hyundai so why would you want to send me somewhere else? Is it because it would be potentially covered under warranty and not worth your time?? Seems like bad business practices to me.

What is also annoying is they charge $125 just to do a diagnostic on the car to see what is wrong with it! So I end up bringing my car back there Tuesday morning and they found out what the problem is. I guess it is the actuator. Of course it is not covered under warranty and will cost around $600 to fix. I am going to shop around for another price because Planet Hyundai will not get any more of my money.

Yelp 2015 Review #19

Tonya H. | 2015-01-07

I would not even give Sahara hyandai a one ..  I took my car in the guy totally acted like he did not give a crap about me or my car .. They fixed one thing but not the other  they broke another thing in the process then 2 months later it needed to go back in to the shop I will never take my car back to them .. Took it to centennial location and so far have had such great service. :)

V W. | 2015-01-03

Guess what I'm doing right now? Getting my 2013 Hyundai veloster towed at night in the middle of nowhere on the freeway.

Why you ask? Because this car sucks A**! Big time! Guess what we just found out that this particular car does NOT have a spare tire just an "emergency repair " kit that isn't worth crap.

What car made in this century doesn't come with a spare tire? What the hell is a repair kit going to do when my whole tire blew up into shreds???

Wow! This is sad how cheap these car companies have gotten.

All I can say is that my husband and I thoroughly regret buying this car and we absolutely recommend anyone to stay away from this particular model.

The Hyundai veloster is all looks and no performance. It's not just that it doesn't have a spare tire, but the radio malfunctions and the placement of some buttons on the wheels make it hard for you to drive hassle-free.

I'm always finding myself pressing something by accident, because the stupid buttons are too darn close to the steering wheel.  

I also want to mention that I own another car made by Toyota. It's a 2007 Yaris and in all the 7 1/2 years I've had it I have never had a tire blown out. So this goes to show anyone that a 1 year old car should not be having this problem.

I'm extremely disappointed to say the least and will never buy a car from here again.

Manny R. | 2014-12-29

Bait and switch here! I have bought several cars here and always was happy... Well this time was the worst experience I have ever had told me one price then the price changed! After complaining to them what not they dropped the interest rate and said Merry Christmas! I have complained to Hyundai USA and they are aware ... Save your money!! Should have went to ABC Hyundai... Don't shop here as service is not there number one!! I will never buy a car here again nor send anyone! As far as the sales person and guy writing this deal you know who you are!! Stay Away from this place!!

Choung H. | 2014-12-03

I recently had an absolutely horrible experience, however the GM Paul and the salesman Ron totally made everything right.

They went above and beyond to work with my budget and get me out of my old Sonata and into a brand new one with plenty of accommodations! They covered the payoff amount that I was upside down on due to my issue with Tevin, and gave me some great rebates.

Paul and Ron are first class. I greatly appreciate their customer service, and when the time comes, I will definitely consider Planet Hyundai.

Once again, thank you Paul. Thank you Ron.

Megan K. | 2014-11-28

I am still very unhappy with the way I was treated when I went to buy a car from this location (See previous review). After driving to Arizona to purchase my new car, I needed a dealer to service my vehicle. I decided to give the service department a shot and I have not been disappointed. It takes about an hour for them to do each service so I bring some "busy work" with me to keep me busy while I wait in their lounge area. They usually have the news on and fresh coffee brewed you can help yourself to.

The employees in the service department are very helpful and they seem to know a lot about issues that may arise. I do not feel like they pressure me to buy items I do not need and I feel they provide great service. They even wash your car when they are finished! :)

Bryan M. | 2014-11-22

***bait and switch*** sales tactic.  Low internet prices drive people to the door.  Impossible to buy one at the advertised price or anywhere near it

Christy was my first point of contact via telephone. In regards to a sonata at the 12992 price.  She was excellent.  The salesman Zach was new but nice.  

The manager was confrontational, and not a very good salesperson

The offer I received was 20700~ roughly.  7800$ over the advertised price.  They were appraising my 2014 BMW x3 that I was going to trade in with 6400 miles on it for 34,500$ trade in value.   The car was 44k in march when I got it, Kelly blue book had it at 37k-38500 for a "very good condition". This is not even the "excellent condition" which would have made the trade in higher. even though the car is in excellent condition, I chose the 2nd highest rating to get a more realistic value. The car needed a wash and a detail and was show room ready.  

Oh they had my car key for over 40 minutes.  Beware of that trick.  

When the "manager" came out, he told me to read the fine print off of my iPhone.  The website does not allow zoom in and the quality of the text is very poor.   They have pre printed sheets with the fine print to get a car at that price ready in the office to hand to anyone that gets suckered into going there for the "internet deal". Basically it's impossible to get that advertised price.  

Before I allowed them to take my key, I asked if they had cars available in the trim advertised at 12992, they assured me YES.

Most frustrating car buying attempt I have ever had.  He was willing to go rework the numbers but with the low ball appraisal on my car and the 7800$ over advertised price I told him we are way to far off to make a deal and got my car key back and left.  

Read the poor reviews on the spot before I went here, figured id give it a try.   The deal seemed to good to be true and it is.  It's there to just drive traffic through the door.

Christy was great though

Tammy M. | 2014-11-20

3 words...BAIT AND SWITCH!!  Run, don't walk, away from this dealership!!  Ridiculous waste of time.

Loren M. | 2014-11-10

Been reading through some of these bad comments and they are as made up as they come! Wow, liars. I've purchased 6 cars from this dealership in the last 3 years! 6 cars!! Why?? Because this dealership is outstanding! Everything about them has been professional and above reproach. If we had any kind of a bad experience, we wouldn't have purchased even one vehicle from them.
Their sales team is super! We've always been treated with respect! We go there for repairs and oil changes. They've kindly given us the use of loaner vehicles for however long it takes to make a repair. Brand new loaner cars! Who does that for a 4 hour job? Planet Hyundai Sahara, that's who!
They have never charge us more than the sticker, usually lower. They've taken trade-ins and swapped out lease/purchase vehicles with absolutely no problems! I can also say that whatever price or agreement we came to, they took exceptional care of me, even on our first purchase.
The warranty is amazing! We paid for one repair that wasn't covered under the warranty. One repair for six cars. I'd say that's amazing! (it was a belt)
If you want fantastic customer service, the best product for the best price and a dealership that has your best interest at hand, you NEED TO GO TO PLANET HYUNDAI SAHARA. Just a great place to buy a car. I think I'll call them right now... looking to buy my seventh. :)

Brian L. | 2014-11-03

I recently was in the market for a new car for the first time in my life. I fancied the Veloster and did plenty of internet research on not only that car, but many other cars as well. I also did a comprehensive, months long analysis on my own credit situation and where I would potentially fall in line as far as financing would go. I went to this dealership, Planet Hyundai, to test drive the car. After I drove the car and explained to the salesman that I was just beginning the process and I wouldn't be purchasing the car that evening, the salesman asked if I could wait around till he explained to his manager why I was leaving. At that point I felt the boiler room attitude. But since I know the best deal when buying a car will always go through a sales manager, I waited. Their internet inventory listed the car that I drove at approximately 19000 after rebates. The manager came out and asked if 15000 would get me into that car. I thought that was a great deal, but I still needed to get some ducks in a row. A couple days later I came back. The car I drove was still in their inventory as per their internet page, but I was hoping to get into a slightly upgraded model. This was a 2014 manual car with some bells and whistles. The only thing departing this car from the one I test drove was push button start and navigation. On the site, this car was listed as 2000 more than the one I drove, which makes sense with those upgrades. But when we started talking price for the car, they came at me with a 23000ish number, 8k more than the offer for the slightly downgraded model, which was frankly absurd. Now I understand that this was a different car, but not 8 thousand dollars worth of difference. And, when we discussed what I'd be paying monthly, the numbers they were throwing out far exceeded the amortized loan amount for the percentage rate they offered me. It's as if they thought this wasn't the 21st century and that I wouldn't have an amortization calculator with me. The sales manager, Carlos, who initially threw out that 15k number was now working a different, obviously more nefarious angle. And with numbers like they were putting together on my monthly not equating to the overall number, by a huge amount in their favor, it was tantamount to He has to know that these tactics are antiquated in the internet age and some show more respect to those looking to deal in earnest for a new car. Needless to say, this first time car buying experience was nothing like I had hoped it would be: fun and exciting. I walked out and promptly began dealing for a much better car. I bought a Mazda 3 touring hatch with all the bells and whistles, including navigation and the push button start the very next day for less money, less interest on the loan, and immeasurably less hassle. In fact, the experiences were such polar opposites that I normally wouldn't have Yelped this if not for the stark contrast between both customer service experiences. If I hadn't been treated so well the following day at the Mazda dealership, I likely would never have known how poorly they treated me here at Planet Hyundai. I guess I can say that Carlos did me one favor and tried beating me up so badly that I had to leave, making it possible for me to get a much better value on a much better car. Hyundai as a company should heed this post and realize that dealerships like this are giving them a bad name.

Alisha A. | 2014-11-02

Update: in response to the dealership manager, we were never given an estimate.. This was one of our main complaints.  

Regarding the Jack'n the Box receipt found in my car.. The date and time printed on the receipt is from the exact same date and time my car was left in your care. Beyond that.. My boyfriend and I are gluten free and do not eat from that place.. Ever.  

It would be wonderful for you to take some responsibility for the lack of respect your team showed us.  I can appreciate the fact that you stick behind your employees no matter what they have been accused of, but at some point, perhaps this is just bad business management. When there is proof to show you that your employee has done something wrong, you should take a look a at it and at least consider the possibility that the event occurred...Otherwise, I have to wonder what else your employees are allowed to do while your customers cars are in their hands.

Ryan .. | 2014-10-17

My wife and I bought our car here a 2011 Accent. I forgot the sales person name because it was well over 2 years ago.  I got to say this place is pretty good. They gave us a great deal $$$$ on the car and the sales person was very professional.  The deal from beginning to end took less than 2 hours the reason why is we were approved for a bank loan so that saved us 4 or 5 hours on paperwork. I gave it 4 stars because I went back here a year later to buy a second car, but they didn't have any car in my price and milage range.

Chris D. | 2014-10-02

Back to Hyundai for another no hassle, fairly quick, and inexpensive service.  Abram from service is GREAT at what he does.  All of their employees have always treated me with respect.  Their must be great managers there as well.  It's a pain in the ass to have to drive so far to get my car serviced, but at least I know it's done right, and at a fair price.  It's nice to know there IS a dealership who REALLY cares about service after the sale.

Mike S. | 2014-09-22

Sitting here at Planet Hyundai, came in for front brakes, was immediately greeted by a service writer, and he took my information.  I asked about how long, he said about about 2-2.5 hours.  After about an hour I decided to go and stroll through the lot. I found my car, sitting behind the the service entrance, and I was under the impression it was being worked on!  Saw the service writer who greeted me, and without saying a word to him, he says to me, "they're working on it". To which I replied, no they're not, it's sitting behind your building!  Now he begins to cover his ass......"I marked your ticket "waiting", the technician took your paper work"  nice cover, not working.

It's now 1:35pm, been here about 2 hours, should be GETTING my car back, instead, by some miracle, as I just walked outside again, my car has been brought into the shop, HOPEFULLY.  They may have just moved it out of my sight.......we'll see....

Tina K. | 2014-09-11

Just recently had to buy a car after a total loss on a car accident. Went to look at the certified used cars and everything was too expensive. The salesman, Jason, was not pushy. He understood my situation. He called me two days later with a car somehow in my price range. They took off several thousands of dollars on it. It was what I wanted, except for the color, lol. They got me in for no money down, and in my monthly payments. Jason and Bobby went out of their way for me. Every demand I asked for, I got. I will definitely buy from them again if they are like this again. Thank you Jason and Bobby. Compared to other dealerships you went above and beyond, which is rare.

Darren Z. | 2014-08-20

I really wish to give them 0 stars if there is such option. I came here for a battery change today. When the guy brought my car up, I found a giant spot of red paint. The lower body of car was recently rinsed. I had evidence of my car before it was here and the red paint was absolutely not there. I'll make sure that no friends of mine will come to this place or buying a Hyundai.

Lisa S. | 2014-07-29

While I did not buy my Hyundai here, I plan to buy future Hyundais here. The Internet Sales Specialist Tony Fisher took time out to talk through my contract with me because I did not get that service from where I purchased it. I know this is a busy location for maintenance and service, but I'd much rather honor a store that is respectful and thorough. As for the car, I love it. People I work with who have owned a Hyundai for some years are still happy.

Erica T. | 2014-07-20

5 stars for salesman Michael Christensen. 1 star for sales manager Carlos Hidalgo.

I just bought a 2014 Hyundai Elantra SE Package 2 car July 9th after almost a month and a half of car shopping. My car salesman was Michael Christensen and he was fantastic and not pushy. He was very helpful and easy to work with. It was so refreshing, especially after dealing with the liars at Centennial Hyundai. I had previously purchased a 2015 Hyundai Elantra SE Base Model car at Centennial Hyundai two weeks prior but I was lied to about the features of the car and I wanted out of it. Michael was very understanding and made me a deal that helped minimize the loss I would take on the trade-in and still receive a comparable monthly payment.

I would have given this dealership 5 stars because Michael treated me so well. However, I only gave this dealership 3 out of 5 stars because of the new sales manager, Carlos Hidalgo.

After shopping with Michael the night of July 8th, Carlos called me the next afternoon about the silver '14 Elantra SE Package 2 car that was supposedly on hold for me. He called and just straight up asked if I was going to purchase the car that day. I was taken back by how pushy he was, especially after how pleasant and nice it was to work with Michael the night before. I told him that I thought I was going to but I would call Mike later to confirm.

Once I got home from work, I called Mike and told him that I was ready to buy the car. Right as I was leaving my door to go to the dealership, Mike called me and said there was a glitch - the offer he made the night before was still good but the silver '14 Elantra SE Package 2 car that I wanted was gone, and there were no more silver cars left. It was disappointing because I really wanted silver and the car I had bought at Centennial was silver. But, he made a great deal and I was willing to look at the other colors they had. He told me they only had red, black, and bronze left, so I said I would have to call him back.

I then called Carlos and asked what happened to the car that was on hold. He instead lectured me about their policy to not put cars on hold and that I should've put money down if I wanted that car... My bad, I was told that this car would be on hold for me, but I guess it was just too much to expect that the car would actually be there. Anyway, I said fine and then confirmed that the only other colors they had in the '14 Elantra SE package 2 were red, black, and bronze.

I really wanted silver so I asked if it was possible to look at 14' Elantra Sport and Limited silver cars and try to make a comparable deal. He started listing numbers and I asked about possible rebates I had read about on Hyundai's website that would help make a deal comparable to the car I had on hold. He then told me that reading numbers on the phone was not how he does business and that I was "attacking" him by asking about rebates. He said I should just go back to Centennial Hyundai and deal with them, or call him when I was ready to talk... Um, REALLY??? He said that I wasn't working with him when I had been listing EVERYTHING I could think of that could possibly uphold the deal. I literally asked about every single color they still had in the SE and asked about rebates to possibly move up an Elantra class but still get the car in silver. I don't think most people would have been as understanding as I was when I learned the car that was supposedly on hold for me had been sold, but there I was, still trying to make things work. Yet I was the one who wasn't working with him.... I hung up on the guy. I don't need to be treated that way when I am about to drop some $20,000+ on a car. He probably used to work at Centennial Hyundai too with his horrible customer service skills.

I thought about it and called Mike back though because he was at the dealership on his day off for me and he had been great so far. Mike was the ONLY reason I came back to this dealership. I ended up purchasing a red '14 Elantra SE Package 2 car and I am happy.

It was funny though - the entire time I was there, Carlos wouldn't even come out of this office and talk to me like he did to the other customers. He must have been embarrassed to face me or at least apologize after speaking to me so rudely on the phone. Many thanks to Mike though, as well as Joshua and everyone else who I dealt with when signing papers and getting into the car. You guys were wonderful.

Michelle S. | 2014-06-25

Felt like a boiler room when we visited here. Tried to "stick us" with a car when were just looking around. It was only our first place we visited. Unpleasant experience, needed to sleep on our decision. Came home read all the bad stories.

INSTEAD we went to Henderson Hyundai. They bent over backwards to get us financed. Loved our experience. Our salesman Jose was not pushy. Tell him Michelle & Jeff sent you.

Gina K. | 2014-06-13

The used vehicles are simply overpriced. I got assistance from two different sales reps, but it was useless. The first person claimed to not care about commission and was only looking out for my best interest but failed to make a good deal. The other time I came here, the sales person told me to look up Kelley blue book to reference the car price. When I input the car information in front of him, he claimed kbb to be false....when I offered the actual car value, they merely laughed and asked me how were they going to keep the lights on in the business. They make too much money since they rip off customers. Quality and service was absolutely terrible. Would never recommend this dealership to anybody.

Jeni A. | 2014-06-06

Worst customer service. I was driving from L.A. to Zion National Park and my check engine light came on.  Not only did they fail to update me that the process would take multiple hours to complete (I had to walk into the back area and ask for a time estimate while the rep and the mechanics were sitting chit chatting). When they made a diagnostic they said it was just an issue that Hyundai had been seeing and there was no solution and I should get a letter in the mail. They told me to continue to drive and my check engine light would remain on. They also told me that if a real problem did come up I wouldn't know since the check engine light was already on.

The other thing is miscommunication. The cashier told me that it was dangerous to drive my car when the service team said I was good to go.

My overall impression was unprofessional and lazy. I am so sorry to the customers of Las Vegas who have to frequent this dealership.

Chrissa C. | 2014-06-05

This is a terrible establishment! The people outside who greeted outside were on their phones and smoking as we pulled up in the lot. We wanted to talk to a manager about a warranty delay . The manager was chewing gum the entire time we were present. He was very unprofessional. as we left the establishment the workers were outside on their phones sitting down. STAY AWAY! It's not worth your time or money!

Zelda H. | 2014-05-13

please dont go this place planet hyundai auto repair to your car. they like clever rip off your money, dont care about your car.  i went there for check the tires. they said the tires is fine. next day the tires is flat what is happened they didnt check the tires. they said sorry in my mind said no excuse! also i dont like they like wash my car cause break cover the light. why they touch mean they want looking money for new cover the light? this no respect. i notice hyundai' maintenance the worker seem not right look like medication! i cant wait back to new york city brooklyn is best service and respect.

Matt S. | 2014-05-03

1 star for the madhouse at PH.  5 stars for the boutique.

Why anyone would ever do business in this madhouse is beyond me.  I almost walked out.   It was loud, it didn't smell good, it was like a boiler room. I mean - I almost ran over some 3-yr old kid.  Saw some hot chick coming out of the bathroom and then she took hold of the kid and sat back next to her scrawny tatted-up boyfriend.  Hmm.. Less tats, nicer car?  I'm so glad to see part of your kid's college tuition is on your arm.  Hope those tat works out for your family's future!! You know how your ink is so important in your kids' development!  Lol

Sorry people, this one does German cars for a reason and part of it is to NOT deal with that shit.  That was like a bad version of Disneyland!!  Holy clusterfuck Batman!  One star!

I couldn't deal.  Luckily, when I asked for my guy - and I was about to say NFW and walk, he was at the dealership owned by PH next door (the building to the south of the other PH) that is essentially a boutique.  5 stars for that.

Calmer, but to be honest, the salesmen waiting outside need to chill.  They were nice and all, but in my dream one day I am a car sales guy and I would NOT be spending my time in the dealership waiting out front.... I'd be making bank online.  Just sayin'. At least this boutique had some nice rides around.  I mean... NICE!!!  

That said, the oldest-school car sales guy ever works here.  I heard stories about a LOT of celebs.  My fav was about Floyd Mayweather.  No deets for an online review, just funny.  And yeah - I know we could've haggled for a couple hours over a couple of grand.  But I left happy, with a sweet ride, and easy peezy.  As I expect when dealing with an upscale vehicle.  5 stars for Mr. Chernine.

The Planet Hyundai part is still giving me goosebumps.  That shit was bananas.   Holy. Sweatshop. Batman.  I couldn't deal.  My theory is simple: if you are in a dealership where you are negotiating at a desk next to others negotiating at a desk and not in a room, you are not in the right spot.  Change your life.  Sorry.

Soua L. | 2014-04-22

My experience with Planet Hyundai was extremely wonderful, there were a few hiccups but overall I enjoyed working with everyone that day. My close friend had referred me to shop for my car here at this location because he had a great relationship with the Daniel Farnes and as well as the General Manager, Paul. When I walked into the dealership I was greeted and asked about my day and what I was looking for in a car. Daniel was great at pinpointing what I wanted in a car after I named off some items I would like to see in a car (HEATED CAR SEATS WAS THE PLUS). This made the process of selecting a car a lot more easier for me, because both Daniel and I were on the same page about what I wanted to see in a car and what was most important to me. After testing a few cars, it came down to narrowing my decision and that was a little overwhelming, but eventually I figured out which car was right for me. The finance process was a little stressful, in the aspect that this was my first time buying a car. So, I was really new to this process and just making sure that I was able to financially afford this new vehicle was on my mind and making sure that I understood the terms and agreement. Although Arin did a good job at explaining the terms, there were a few sections that could of been explained better or shown in a different way(which she did afterwards). After the financing of the car was done, I was able to go home with my new car, but not without the help of Bob. He did an amazing job telling me about all the features on my car and how I could control and add things just with a touch of the touch screen. This experience of buying a new car is definitely a check mark in my book. I had a great experience because of the people that were able to help me through the process. I came into the dealership feeling like a customer, but left like I was a part of the family. I truly appreciated everyone who was able to help me that day. I've also been able to come back after purchasing my car and have felt like I can ask any questions and someone is able to help or answer my question. Thank you for all your services and for making me feel like part of the family. I LOVE MY ELANTRA :)

Lesley K. | 2014-03-16

I have to say this was a good experience...after being disappointed at service  from Centennial, I went to my own mechanic and had work done that was great...but....sometimes you have to go to the dealer for work.   This was one of those times.   Joe and the service team treated me with respect and went about the work with professionalism and smarts....very happy to say I will be back if I need to see the dealer...and I got a free loaner car, so I went to work and returned at the end of the day...I still think dealer prices are too high, but I get it.  Joe worked with me on the price and was happy to use the  e- coupon I was sent online...I would recommend Planet Hyundai, and will certainly be back if I need dealer mechanics.

G K. | 2014-02-11

I recently moved here from LA and was looking for a place to service my car and picked planet Hyundai.  Jordan was my service representative and he was great.  There was no up selling for things I did not need they had my car done when promised.  I will recommend this place.  I am very picky and I liked my experience there.  Great job guys!

Pete W. | 2014-02-01

This review is a little late but my experience has been weighing on my mind since then.

Last year I started my search for my new car. This car had to be exactly what I wanted because if I wasn't happy with my car and I got rid of it, my wife would divorce me. lol

I had an idea of exactly what I wanted. Black, manual transmission, around the 300hp mark and around $30k. I was willing to take a look at everything in that market and try not to be bias with my love of Mopar.

I did some research and decided to take a look at a Genesis Coupe 3.8L. I cant remember the name of my salesman, he was very nice and helpful. I was able to take the car for a drive, play with all the bells and whistles and even run a few numbers. I did let them know that I was in the beginning processes of my search and that I wasn't going to be buying that day (especially since all they had was a lipstick red version).

When I asked if there was a black version available for transfer, they "checked" and told me nothing was available anywhere in the US and that they sell extremely quick and I should take advantage of the purdy red one. I let them know again that I was in absolutely no rush and thanked them for their time and if I decided that this car was still on the list after my searching, I would let them know.

About 2 weeks later I had brought my wife in to take a look at the car and behold the red one was still on the lot. We did the same song and dance and before we could leave, we had to talk with the new car sales manager. He asked what he could do get me into that car (red), and I responded with paint it black. I told them that I was adamant about the black.

The sales manager got up from the table and walked back into the office. What my wife, the salesperson, and I all assumed was he was checking the stock again since some time had passed since our last visit. We sat there for about 15 minutes when the salesperson went to go check on the status. He can back with a disgusted look on his face and said "You said no to the red, so he was done with us". Nice.

The salesperson apologized and we were on our way. I contacted a friend in another state who worked for a Hyundai dealer. He checked stock for me and told me that there were 2 cars available in the US that was exactly what I wanted and he would be happy to transfer one in for me if I decided to go that direction. That took him 20 minutes to get that info and to get back to me. What is wrong with these people at Planet Hyundai???? It makes me believe that if they could care less about the customers at the beginning, how will that act for the next 10yrs/100,000 miles???

Scott D. | 2014-01-30

My visit here was exactly what I was not looking for, the fear of a horrible sales experience.  I came through the USAA buying program, so I was directed to the internet department. We had decided to go with the Sonata Hybrid 2013 model, so I just wanted to see the deal and inventory.  I went around 5 pm on a Wednesday evening, and after arriving, they had trouble locating the internet manager.  I waited and one of the salesman up front pointed me to where the Sonatas were parked.

About 10 minutes later the internet person drives up in an older Hyundai, she asked from the car if she could assist me.  I let her know I was looking at the base model only..... This is when the old sales tricks came out.  She proceeded to tell me that there were no base models left on the west coast(even though I had seen and test driven at the other two Hyundai dealers and they had a black one parked 30 feet away, she did this all from inside her car.

I started to walk away and let her know I would go to the other dealer where they had one.  She then got out of her car and gave me a lecture on how this dealer would sneak $4000.00 in extra charges in at financing.

Exactly what we picture a low end car salesperson to be.  I would not shop here.  I did let this dealer and the one she slandered know about my experience, and ended up buying the car at another dealer.

Addy L. | 2014-01-06

I bought my car in Cali from a dealership that I actually loved.  Since it's out of state I come here for my oil changes and maintenances.

It's always a long wait here, even if you make an appointment.  My last two visits have not been very pleasant.

Two visits ago I went where I usually go for my oil change only to be told it's now to the right.  I went down there and sat awkwardly in my car for 5 minutes.  Nobody approached me so I got out and went up to someone.  I did the 7.5k mile service.  It took almost an hour and a half.  Double the wait time they give you, at least.

Last time I went here I called beforehand to get pricing on the 15k service plan.  I was told $149 + tax.  I got down there and then was told $189.  I told them that I was told $40 less on the phone, so she agreed to charge me what I was told.  I go inside to wait and 10 minutes later a man comes and tells me that I was misinformed but wait...he has a $10 off coupon!! Great..... Still $30 more than what I was told.  Long story short, I cashed out and still paid $202.  With taxes, I should have paid $204 and my generous $10 off would have made that $194.  So what I'm saying is that not only did I pay $50 more than I was expecting, but they also added an extra $10 in my bill to make it look like they were doing me a favor by taking $10 off. Real sneaky!

At this point I had enough and just wanted out.  Keep your extra $10, $40, whatever.  There are other dealerships around, skip this one. Dishonorable.

George M. | 2013-12-15

OK experience but it didn't have to be a back an forth ordeal, just offer a fair price for a trade instead of trying to scam for less that trade value. I understand a lot of the car buying public buy a car based on monthly payment, but when an informed consumer walks in and has financing in place and knows what his/her car is worth and what your car is worth all the monkey business with "let me take this to the sales manager" back and forth is ridiculous. I know what my trade is worth, I know what your car is worth, let's make a deal! Oh and by the way the the low ball $15k figure my trade was originally offered and now the vehicle is on their used lot with a $21k price on it, but it isn't worth much...B.S.!

Mark B. | 2013-12-03

Wow!  Plan on buying a car in the next 2 weeks. Reviews are so awful on here - think I'll look elsewhere. Plus managrnent does not respond to recent reviews.

Steve C. | 2013-11-27

As you can read above, I bought the "suckers insurance" aka the warranty. I pay a decent premium but for me the protection is worth it.

And low and behold a week later during the rain storm I hit a big pot hole at 10-15 MPH. Both tires blew and the wheel/rim bent...  This all happened at 130am.

I used the roadside assistance coverage from my vehicle. Tow from the road - to the yard as Hyundai was closed on sundays.  I was charged 0 for the 2 towages.

I got to speak with Anthony G (service advisor). He was very helpful when the warranty insurer was not. At first they told the dealership my warranty would not be covered. I called up the insurance company and after about 45 minutes i was told it would be covered.

Anthony G. called the insurance company several times and finalyl I went there to speak to him in person. At this point Anthony's hands were tied. I had the pleasure of speaking with John L (Service Director). I explained my point and showed him I had purchased the wheel/tire protection. And bam he called in his warranty expert and he said the insurance company may or may not cover this damage.

At this point John L looked at me and just said we arent going to charge you. If the insurance company gives us any problems Ill have the owner call him. NOW THATS CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I read all this reviews previously and i dont understand them. I have nothing but positive things to say. if you plan on buying a car or any big purchase. DO YOUR RESEARCH. SET A BUDGET. AND STICK TO YOUR BUDGET!

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner and he told me I am part of the hyundai planet family and boy do they make it feel that way!.Thank you planet hyundai!

Mollie E. | 2013-11-26

Per the request of Paul W Pelletier Sr, General Manager of Planet Hyundai, I am going to give an update on my service.  Before I said I would like Zero stars, now I would like NEGATIVE stars.

Paul came out after  a few minutes of my waiting and introduced himself, apologized and handed me my check.  As I was to say thank you and leave, he asked me to post an update saying how great the service at Planet Hyundai was that they had taken care of me.  When I told him I was not comfortable with that because I felt all they had done was given me my rebate check within 6 weeks of me ORIGINALLY turning in the paperwork, and that was expected.  He said " Well, I don't have to give this to you.  I'm doing it to make it right."  Excuse me but I don't feel that doing what was originally promised to me is going above or beyond.  It's fixing YOUR mistake that had I NOT caught would have cost me over $1000.  When I explained my position he threatened me with "Where are you going to get your service done?"  That is no way shape or form how to win back a customer.  And genius, I'm getting a refund on my warranty because I traded in my Hyundai for a NISSAN.  Not to mention that there are plenty of qualified mechanics in Las Vegas who can fix a Hyundai.

I think it's embarrassing that things have to be taken to yelp to have someone high up "resolve the issue" for you.  Please take note every one at Planet Hyundai, I will never ever recommend your dealership, and if I ever hear anyone thinking about buying a car there, I will immediately talk them out of it.

Was this the update you were wanting?

Alex N. | 2013-11-20


I am writing to explain and document our repeated, unethical and entirely disappointing business interactions with Planet Hyundai (7150 W Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117) and Centennial Hyundai (6200 Centennial Center Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89149) spanning 2012 to 2013. From date of purchase to months after sale, we have been consistently misinformed, misdirected and lied to at every occasion.

We purchased a used 2010 Hyundai Elantra. After enduring the lengthy used car sales games, and our sales person "fighting hard to get us the best deal", we purchased the vehicle with extended warranties and coverage. From this point the following flagrant offenses occurred.

1) Despite verbal and written statements upon purchase that the small dashboard crack would be replaced asap and at no charge, months of exchanges required us to take time off work for appointments. These appointments sent us scurrying back and forth from the new car lot to used car lots with each representative, if even onsite or available, conveniently not in charge of nor accountable for the problem.  Conveniently our salesman Anthony Bonnet was never available to help with this, nor did he return any phone calls.
2) After several months without resolution or repair, we asked to speak to the sales and floor managers, who could not be found. With this clearly unsatisfactory response, we were told that we were "unreasonable" and "rude." We demanded immediate resolution and rectification. The manager "just happened to become available" for this, forced an apology, and gave us $5 in gas (for which we had to remind them twice and wait for both the appropriate card and representative).
3) At subsequent appointments and maintenance, our Anthony was rarely (if ever) present. Promised car washes or loaner vehicles and requested estimates on hubcaps or rims never materialized. Other staff interactions were incredulous about our long wait times "you guys are still here?!" and repeat trips "back so soon, eh?".
4) When selling the vehicle and purchasing a new one (in part due to the constant headache of the Hyundai dealership), we thought we could put it all behind us and move on. Our new car dealership (a complete night and day different experience) purchased our previous loan and advised us to file the paperwork to be paid out the remainder of our extended warranty on the Elantra. I took the paperwork to Planet Hyundai and approached a group of salesmen having lunch outside. After I informed them I was not there to buy a car but could they help me, they pointed to the door without getting up from their very important lunch and said in there. Our documented, confirmed paperwork was "lost" and after days of follow up calls and request for updates (which where not returned) we called on November 16, and the receptionist told me I had never filed it. I spoke to manager Jason and he promised as soon as I got the paperwork to Dawn at Centennial they would rush the it and I'd receive my refund in 1-2 weeks. Jason also gave me his cell number "which he never does in case I had any problems/questions" we had to drive to another dealership, Centennial, and file the paperwork yet again. After being promised quick handling and prompt payment, we watched as the manager wrote expressly written follow up and expeditious handling notes which specifically asked Dawn in finance to call me when she processes it, I still had to track her down and was told it would be six weeks. before we would receive payment.  When I called Jason on his cell phone to discuss this matter he did not answer, and over 24 hours later, he has not returned my message. As per standard of this dealership.

The majority of these issues are beyond recourse and we have come to expect what we have gotten already from Hyundai, absolutely nothing. However, this latest concern of being paid out our rightfully owed balance is egregious and has been delayed due to compounded lie and dealer error. This is unacceptable. We propose the dealership, which has already cost us greatly; front the full balance of our payment to us. We can finally conclude our business, being reimbursed in our entirety, and Hyundai will be made whole if and when they file the appropriate paperwork (which we needed and they failed to handle properly).  


Gavin E. | 2013-10-25

I looked ALL over Las Vegas searching for a new car. Dealing with what felt like a bunch of incompetent sales associates throughout numerous dealerships, I thought I was going to continue my search in CA.

Finding Planet Hyundai off Sahara kept my business in LV. I met a fantastic sales associate Daniel Farnes. He never presented me with the urgency to buy, was straight forward and had great character. I did not end up buying the first night, and his follow up was flawless. We were able to find the right car at the price that I was looking for. I could not be happier with Daniel's services.

What is a dealership without the finance department. I was politely introduced to Ryan Tamburro. He got me a great rate, never pressured me to buy into all the extras, and is genuinely a nice guy.

Daniel and Ryan made my car buying experience incredible. My overall review for Planet Hyundai is exceptional. I would suggest that if you are searching for a new vehicle, make your way to this dealership.

Thanks again Guys!

Shrukom A. | 2013-09-19

Went in to get some servicing done and Jordan was wonderful. He is kind and extremely helpful. He took care of all my problems, concerns in an efficient manner.

Greg K. | 2013-09-01

I give this dealer about a 3.5 star, so I will round it off to 4.  There is some great things and some concerns too. Overall, this is a good place to buy a car.

a.  Location -  3 star - Very far west on Sahara near Rainbow. Easy to get to and drive in and out.  

b. Sales Greeting - 4 star - As most other dealers, you are greeted by a sales person and they will ask you if you are seeking a sales person specifically and if not, they will help you.  In most places you feel mobbed but here it is very direct and discreet at the same time.

c.  Show Room - 3 star - Inside is a bit smallish for a car show room. I would expect in this hot desert, that they would have a larger show room with all models. Most of the showroom tables where you can sit have ipads on them which are great to either entertain your kids or for you to even check out on line pricing, interest rates, rebates and any other thing you need to help you negotiate. Overall, all the sales staff in the show room are a bit loud, excitable and the noise level and joking level is a bit distracting and can be irritating.

d.  Sales - 4 star - We were attached at the hip immediately to Brian Williamson.  If you have the opportunity to ask for  him, I would do so.  He is patient, direct, and addresses exactly what you want. Most sales people can be a bit vague when it comes to specifics as they only have one or two tools in their sales tool box.  Brian's is directness and patience which works well with us.  He will give you pricing and willing of course to let you leave when you are direct and advise him that you are not going to buy that day. He does not leave you, he still helps you.  That is great sales customer service.  I recommend all of you to ask for Brian.  He is about 6'3", shaved head, and a cool cat.

e.  Sales Process - 3 star - Overall, what you can expect. You know, the back and forth between Brian the sales person and his manager behind the Oz curtain.... The good thing is that the wait time is minimal, they don't play that game so much. They have an effective cat and mouse game they play.  I suggest that you own it and embrace it .  To fight it is to make it stressful. If you own it, you can have fun with it.

f.  Go Back Pressure - 3 star- Of course we did not buy the car the first day. We went back two days later.    Brian greeted us warmly and agreed to help us anyway possible as we returned. We test drove again and asked more questions.  We finally got to great negotiations and whatever they told us that was locked in, they finally relented to agree to many things that were NOT "normal" or not regulation.  I liked that they kept all the tactics and pressure to an efficient but necessary minimum.  We agreed to a price!  Of course we get to meet manager Ernest who comes in to finalize the deal as we were about 700.00 off in agreement.  He is a typical sales manager from school of hard knocks. He has one tool and that is a bit of arrogance in a nice demeanor.  I can take or leave it. He caused the rating to go to drop a star.

g.  Finance - 1 star - Here, the lady was chatty and warm and humorous in the beginning, and is responsible to close all financing.  Here is where the issues abound. As we all know, finance is where they make a ton of money.  While they may sell you a car "at invoice", we all know that it is not the "cost" the dealer pays and they portray that invoice is that. In the sales process where you agree to the numbers, they make a a profit and have a holdback that they do not disclose.   At finance, they sell you the maintenance and the extended warranty.  they have like huge margins on this and can be making 1500 - 2500 in additional profits. She was great and supportive until we said NO.  In fact just before no, I asked her to see the numbers before her sales pitch on all the extras and she reluctantly agreed. She attempted to sell us the packages as lumped into the total new monthly payment only 80.00 per month more to take care of everything. Never gave us the total price, never explained in full detail what the warranty did NOT include and when we said no to this the sudden frostiness of an F.U. attitude became clear and she was strictly focused at that point to have us sign the remaining details and escort us out of the room without a thank you, shake of a hand, or any professional courtesy. It is so sad that a great experience can be completely be destroyed by the passive aggressive attitude of the finance sales person. I learned that to save myself aggravation in future, Just say no to this in advance.

Otherwise, great place and just ask for the right finance person and tell them in advance to not waste their time so the fakeness level can be eliminated and also you can avoid the treat you like a piece of "s--t" reaction.

GK says, check this place out.  Ask for Brian!

Rachel B. | 2013-07-08

This is for the dealership itself and for Larry Weiss, the salesman we dealt with.

I have bought 2 cars from Planet Hyundai in the past 3 years and have to say that the experience has been great both times.  I have dealt with Larry Weiss twice and when it is time for car #3, I will be calling Larry again.  He doesn't play the games that most car salesmen play.  He lays everything out for you and isn't pushy in the least.  There was ZERO pressure during the negotiations.

We had a 2010 Tucson and weren't really thinking about getting a new car.  Planet Hyundai has started a new program where you can go in and look at upgrading to a newer model of your car for the same payment or lower.  Larry called to tell me about it and it made us start thinking about a new car.  We have a bigger family now, so we were interested in moving up in size to the Santa Fe SUV.  I told Larry this and he did all of the leg work prior to our arrival.  He found the models with the options we wanted and in the colors we wanted.  We had an appointment with Larry, so when we walked in, he took us right to the cars we were interested in.  It was nice not to have to look at dozens of cars and test drive them all.  We went right to the ones we wanted and went for a test drive.  What an easy experience!

Once we decided on the exact model, we were back in and had a number on the table within minutes.  Larry gave us a good deal without all of the arguing that you usually have to deal with in a dealership.  It was a take it or leave it deal.  

Once we had that locked down, we waited for the finance department.  When we got back there, we got our paperwork started and breezed through it pretty quickly.  Nothing shady went down in this department either.  What a relief!

So if you are interested in a Hyundai or even a used car from them, call Larry Weiss.  I don't know about the other salesmen, but I can say Larry is awesome!  

P.S. The fully loaded Santa Fe is AWESOME!

Ilene Y. | 2013-06-20

I traded in a 2010 Hyundai Elantra.  Planet Hyundai purchased my car for a decent price and I got a 2013 Elantra that I am very happy with.  Ask for Terry Mills or his assistant Christian.  Both very nice and they will work with you.  I was slightly upset with how long everything seems to take at a delaership, like paperwork and all the hub-bub they throw at you.  Most car salesman are the same but Terry seemed to really care.  I got the car I wanted at a low rate with no money down.  I'm pretty stoked.

Laura C. | 2013-05-27

I had an amazing experience purchasing a used 2002 Hyundai Elantra at Planet Hyundai. First of all, I got an excellent deal. Second, when test driving it, I noticed the brakes squeaked. So they fixed them before I took the car home. Because the car was used, they gave me a 30 day warranty. Later, after taking the car home, I noticed the alignment was off. I took it back, and they fixed and gave me back the car on the same day. Then, I noticed my front locks weren't working very well. So I took the car back. They ordered new locks for me, installed them and I only waited around for about two hours. Note that I didn't pay for any of this work because it happened during my 30 day warranty. Now, my car works perfectly! I am so happy with my experience overall that when I'm ready to get a new Elantra, I am SO going back to Planet Hyundai.

Lisa H. | 2013-05-12

First of all, I just want to say that I never am the type of person to write reviews.  But after having such a horrible experience with them, I feel compelled to write this.  My husband and I bought a used Acura from the salesman Robert about 2 weeks ago.  We did a lot of homework before we had gotten there so that we would be prepared if they tried to hassle us once we got there.  As soon as we drove in, Robert was the first one to approach us.  As we were talking to him, it was clear that he had no clue on any specifics about the car and was basically winging it.  Like I said, we did our research already so we knew when he was fluffing stuff up.  Once we started talking numbers, we agreed on a final price but a minute later, the sales manager came out of his office offering us $200 gift cards and insisting that we let them change the final sales price that was agreed on to a higher number.  We obviously said no and were ready to walk out but they ended up backing down.  So as we made the final sale, Robert agreed to let us bring the car back to fix the minor scratches and dents.  The manager of repairs came out to greet us and let us pick a date to go out there.  Well, on that day that my husband drove out there. he didn't even have us in the books and on top of that, the freakin' paint/dent people weren't even there because of the weather.  No phone calls to tell us not to come in, nothing.  The manager gave us the number to the paint repair guy and we ended up calling him and he agreed to meet us at our house on a Saturday.  He asked us why we were bringing it in on that specific day because he told us that he doesn't even go to that location on that day.  So I called Robert to explain to him what was going on and he blew me off on the phone and basically tried to get me off as quickly as possible without listening.  As I mentioned to him that the dent still needed to be fixed and that we still needed floor mats, he went onto say that he did not remember there being any dents when we pointed it out to him multiple times and the repair guy!  UGH!!! Can you say infuriating?  Then he went onto say that they would not be able to get us acura floor mats since they are a hyundai dealership and could only get us after stock ones which we said was fine.  So we had to go back there one last time to pick up our extra keys, green slip and floor mats.  The floor mats they gave us were clearly used and had cigarette burn holes.  Yes, cigarette burn holes.  We still have not brought our car back for the dents to be fixed.  Horrible customer service and stay away from Robert!

Ellen G. | 2013-04-15

I have never left somewhere so angry that I was actually shaking, but here OMG!!  I purchased my vehicle here in November, the experience...ehhh...not the greatest, but not bad enough I would fathom writing a review.  Today I had my first oil change...WOW.  So when I bought my vehicle at the end I spoke to Bob, who was a nice man who goes over user manual, car features etc...and he had mentioned that my first oil change was free, OK with me.  So today I call ahead and make an appointment (after letting them know I have a free oil change because of purchase) they said no problem.  So I arrive, toddler in tow, for my free oil change..after waiting over an hour (alrighty, because they told me that ahead of time) finally Nigel shows up with my bill for the full amount, I mention my free oil change and he laughs and says "oh you're right, I'll be right back let me get this fixed" after 20 additional minutes of waiting he comes back and says that actually they were offering free oil changes until the end of October and that Bob must have not been informed when he told me about the free oil change and that I was 6 days late on that deal, if I would like that deal I was free to talk to management "on that side" as he waved his arm toward "that side" of the if I want to wander around looking for anyone to defend me?  I said  If I had known that, I would have driven through a 10 minute oil change for $19.99, he stated (with quite an attitude) that he was going to give me this oil change for that same price...Yes, but in "those" places it takes 10 minutes...hello?  He again stated (with an irritated attitude) that I had to speak to a manager if I wanted that deal and he had to go!  Again, WOW!  Finally he said he will find a manager to talk to me (in an extremely pissy matter)  after waiting 5 more minutes I decidedt to go across to where he was and wait where he could see me.  Finally he says....errr, yells "c'mon" while motioning me over and yelling with an attitude tone, while I was walking over he said with an extremely pissed off and loud voice "I'm doing you a favor by the way!!" but this wasn't an average attitude, this was an aggressive tone.  I said umm you're not doing me a favor I simply came in for the free oil change I was told to when I purchased my vehicle.  He walked fast and extremely angry in front of me.  After paying for the key I had made and not my oil change (because I had a HUGE favor done for me) they said my car would be waiting out front for me.  After waiting for over 5 minute, in the front, I realize my car had been sitting there the entire time on the side of the building, just sitting there...running...on the side of the building...running...far out of view...just sitting there...waiting for me to notice him....  I am absolutely shocked by the way this guy treated me!  I have never been talked to or treated this way in my entire life.  You would think after spending over $20,000.00 a business would honor something as simple as a free oil change no problem.  But wow Nigel, you have gone above and beyond at being the absolute worst experience in my entire 32 years of life, Bravo!!  **Side Note: The guy who cleaned my windshield and made my spare key were super nice and helpful.

John S. | 2013-03-02

In and out with an oil change (No Wash) in 20 mins. FAST!

Sandra G. | 2013-02-28

I own a Hyundai Tucson 2007 I've only had it for 6 to 7 yrs and it already needs a new motor.  Their warranty covers engine issues in cars that are less then 10 yrs or 100,000 miles but now they want to see 12 receipt of recent oil changes that I had done on my car.  I don't have 12 receipts of the last few years that's insane I never new this would happen I thought Hyundai cars were good well made cars I can see is not it's going to cost me thousands of dollars to get a new motor and Planet Hyundai won't even helped me out.  I just finished paying off this car and now this happens I will never go back to Planet Hyundai their service department suck they are so unprofessional.

Michele G. | 2013-02-25

Bought my 2013 elantra last week and the entire staff treated me great.  Great place .

Christine D. | 2013-01-28

I wanted to express my excitement I feel for Planet Hyundai! We moved from Austin Texas with a group of finely trained Managers brought in to help improve the overall Hyundai customer experience and maybe add a little good ole southern hospitality :) .  I know the team are all working very hard to deliver a pleasant buying/service experience to their customers.  With constant training and attention to detail they are sure to give you the service you need and deserve.  So check out Planet Hyundai and know they are all working very hard to deliver a top notch sales & service experience to you.

Andrew K. | 2012-12-22

In 31 years of my life, I have NEVER BEEN TREATED LIKE THIS AS A CUSTOMER!
I had my Genesis for over 2 years now, and this is the FIRST time I REGRET BUYING HYUNDAI.

This one star review is due to the SERVICE MANAGER.

My car had a minor issue that was covered under warranty.
After dropping the car off at service department, I asked for a loaner vehicle which at the time was unavailable.  A shuttle dropped me off at work then I received a call saying they have a loaner vehicle available.  I picked up the loaner and came back to work.  Then I received a call from service department (service manager) asking if I saw a garage door opener inside the vehicle.  I told him yes and he asked if I can bring it to the dealership.  He didn't bother to ask if I was far from the dealership or nicely asking if it would be possible to drop it off.  I told him I don't and this guy made it sound as if I was obligated to do this)
This so called service manager sent someone to pick up the garage door opener have the time to drop it off (It would take me about 50 minutes to make a round trip at my work.

Next day my car was finished.  I drove the loaner vehicle back to the service department and was waiting for my car to pull up.  Then a short guy with technician uniform called me over with his fingers as if calling one of his employees who has done something terribly wrong.
Then he went off on me by saying "I gave you a loaner and did you a favor and you can't even bring me the garage opener?"  I was stunned and almost lost my temper and I told him I didn't have the time to bring it for him but he cut me off and went off by saying "I did you a favor. I didn't have to give you the loaner and you don't return a favor?".  
I seriously couldn't believe what was going on.  I did want to choke him to death but wanted to deal with someone above him.  I asked this assho** if there is anyone above him I can speak to and with all confidence he walked next to his desk and gave me his director's business card and told me "call him. call him."

I called and left voicemail twice to this "Chance Slingerland (service director)" and didn't receive a single call back.  I can assume that this kind of ridiculous attitude is allowed at service department.  The so called "SERVICE DIRECTOR" probably don't give a damn.

I contacted Hyundai corporate office and was told that they will contact the general manager and resolve the issue.

Now, when I used to have Lexus before switching over to Genesis service was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.  I now understand why people would pay more and go with more luxurious brands.  People are trained professionally and Lexus dealership carried way more loaner vehicles than Hyundai.  Professionally trained staff will treat you with manners, not like Planet Hyundai employees who probably never heard the word "professionalism".


Vanessa S. | 2012-11-17

I brought my car in for a windshield wiper issue. My car was taken in immediately, and the work completed pretty quickly. I was impressed. I bought my car here and was not impressed with the finance guy. Then again, they are all liars and out to rip you off. But the service department experience was great and I recommend.

Jason F. | 2012-10-10

Update: After receiving a response here from the GM, I called Planet Hyundai for a resolution.  I did not speak to the GM, but rather to a woman named, Eva, I believe, who probably deals with all customer service issues.  She was very friendly, but unfortunately, all that was offered to me were a couple free oil changes(!)  I reiterated the situation, and advised her that I had to shell out more than five hundred dollars to fix the issues, after their service people stated everything was okay.  I also mentioned that I live about 15 miles away, so why would I want to drive all the way there to get a free oil change, which are a dime a dozen?  I feel like Planet Hyundai should have at least offered to take care of either the parts or labor portion of what I had to spend elsewhere, as all of these issues happened within two weeks of buying the car AND after their mechanics assured me that all was okay.  Thanks for the gesture of a couple of free oil changes, but that was a little insulting.  And, I know how the chain of command works, but if I get a "response" from the GM, I would expect to speak to the GM.

Ryan H. | 2012-07-29

Ok, I did NOT want to go this route but here goes, Apparently the General Manager saw my original post (which I appreciated) and asked me to contact him.  I have since emailed him TWICE (weeks apart) and NO REPLY.  Just fyi, I'm a restaurant manager for a very well known company and our director of operations expects all his managers (not just a G.M) to make every effort to contact a guest within 1-2 days at most, to correct any situation and do whatever it takes to make them happy.  I hope you read this and take this seriously Mr. Jason Tamburro  since I have emailed you twice.

Shae H. | 2012-07-25

I didn't buy my car here, but took it here for repairs that needed to be done would have been more suited for the dealership to take care of and have a guarantee behind. Spent over 2k, and there were still problems to be fixed (unfortunately one of them wasn't covered under warranty, so I had to dish up even *more* money than before).

It's frustrating to keep returning after problems were supposed to be fixed, but what was frustrating even more was customer service. The only guy to show a real concern was Andrew G. He was even nice enough to hitch me a ride back to my house after I had no car! Andrew went beyond expectations in the service department with also fixing another issue in my car for I've been a loyal Hyundai driver ever since I bought my car and I highly appreciated his help and service.

Andrew had been helping me until one day my car came in again (the 4th time) and he wasn't in. This is the part where I give the dealership two stars for this. I was surprised by the change in attitude dealing with the other service staff. We were frustrated coming back a 4th time after issues should have been cleared and made this known. A service tech told us to replace a part in the car it would be $90 (said this twice), instead we ended up having to pay $115?! (And taking a peek on the invoice receipt, the part was $109, not $90 like the guy insisted). I wish they would have been honest with the real price upfront instead of assuming.

I was surprised the head manager of the service department didn't step it up to apologize and to ease the frustration on our part (just stood there the whole time, not one apology even after it was resolved).

This only leaves me questioning why there is one guy out of the entire service department that's willing to go the mile on listening to your concerns, and all the rest are lacking in customer service overall? (even the head manager?)

Tyler H. | 2012-06-23

I went in for my 15,000 mile service. I hate that it is so far from my house, but I choose to go there because I will never go to that "rip off" Henderson dealership. That's a another story that I won't go into. :-) I called on the day that I wanted service for an appointment and had no problems. I went in and they arranged a shuttle for me. I ended up not using it and waiting for my car. Andrew, my service rep, was very nice and professional. They were done with my car in just over an hour. I always enjoy going to this location for service. I thing they are very customer oriented. The only complaint that I have is that I was never told (before or after) what the 15,000 mile service consisted of. There was a checklist that was included with my bill, but I would have preferred if someone had told me personally. I'm still not sure if my tires were rotated. Overall, it was a good experience.

GINGER S. | 2012-04-09

I am not usually a big fan of people who use reviews, many times there are things going on behind the scenes that consumers are not aware of, that being said, i went to Planet Hyundai with my boss because her light console on the roof of her car came crashing down on her while driving, when we got there  after looking at it they said it was not covered under any warranty because someone pulled on it,  after assuring them  that after 3 years she did not nor was her car broken into they basically told her too bad.  their attitude was basically " your S**t out of luck $200 please."

Sheila G. | 2011-09-28

I have got to give props to the service department.  I got a flat tire while driving back from Arizona, on a nearly deserted two-lane highway from Oatman to Bullhead City.  It was just us two girls and the little guy in the car, and we don't know how to change a flat!  Luckily, a young guy did a 180 and stopped to help us.  He claimed to be a mechanic, and when he removed the tire, he pointed out that the cotter pin near the tire was put in backwards, had been rubbing against that tire probably since the car was assembled, and that was the reason for the flat.  He put the donut on the car, but because we were still 190 miles from Vegas, he suggested that I get a new tire at the Walmart in Bullhead.  We did that, and 175 bucks later, we were on our way.

But I was pissed about having to spend all that money for what seemed to be Hyundai's fault, so I went to the Service Dept. and spoke with Chance, the manager.  He had the car brought into the service area and put up on the lift.  Along with the technician, they showed me how that cotter pin was nowhere near the tire, and suggested that the flat occurred due to improper tire pressure.  Whether or not that was true (wouldn't the dashboard light have come on?) he agreed to replace BOTH tires - since he agreed with my claim that you should never replace just one tire, as I'd done.  The tires had to be ordered, and a few days later they were changed and rotated.  I am one thankful customer.

The reason for four stars instead of five?  I previously had to have the driver's inside door handle replaced, since it was peeling, sharp, and cutting my hand.  That was done promptly, about a year ago.  And now it's peeling again.  Truthfully, I'm not sure if this is a service issue, or the fault is Hyundai's, but I have to go back again to have the same problem dealt with...

Jami N. | 2011-09-14

I'm giving this place a big fat ZERO!!!

Worst service department EVER!  
Chance Slingerland - Service Director.. He leads this circus of incompetent technicians!!!!

I'm gonna make this short and sweet.. They have some of the most unprofessional service people I've ever met.  
They charged us 28% more then what we quoted and didn't fix the car properly.  When we brought it back today to get it looked at and discuss the overcharge we got bombarded and bullied by 3 of their supposedly  top guys in their service department.  I can go on for hours about how they treated my husband and I but I'm so disgusted and aggravated that I can barely type.

Word to the wise..
If your Hyundai causes you problems and you need to bring it in.. DON'T
Take some time and research a real mechanic because the ones that call themselves mechanics at this dealership are bald faced liars and again extremely incompetent!!!

Better Business Bureau is getting a call next!

Mrs.Haile S. | 2011-08-20

Would rate it a zero!!!was just looking for a car and told the guy will be back still gonna go look around he got mad and said why would you want to look around im giving you a better deal. Yea 9.9 interest rate lol and I told him I still need to think bout it but we will be back guy says we'll does anyone have a checkbook wtf ugh money hungry sob.  Well I never went back there and the guy blew up my phone calling me non stop leaving me messages saying he didn't deserve thathe said he waited for me.  Well I've never ever experience anything like this. Rude customer service ever.  Don't ever believe what they say liars and you might want to get it in writing cuz they give u empty promises

erika s. | 2011-06-09

I have bought several cars in the past 25 years, my experience at Planet Hyundai was horrible. It was more like a bad dream, it's hard to believe. We went in to purchase a car, the sales guy name Chris aka Curly, and Samatha from finance lied to us several times.  We made it very clear on how much money we wanted to spend on a car and deposits. They said that they could get the deal done with our offer. After sitting for hours the dealer came back asking for $1500 more in deposits, we stated we could afford more money down,  Curly rudely pushed us out the door. The very next afternoon the car sales man, Curly calls us up on phone to tell us they could get the deal done with our original offer with Hyundai carrying the loan. We left the car lot the next night with our new new purchase. After one week with car we get a call stating the only way we could keep the car is to bring in $1500 more towards the deposit. It did not matter that we had an original contract for the amount we knew we could afford. Now we were force or pimped in to paying the $1500 extra we stated from day one we could not afford $1500 more and stated that on day one. This experience includes many more misleading details (lies) that Planet Hyundai told us but I don't have space for a short story. Just know that the employees at Planet Hyundai conducts their business like PIMPS.

Colette S. | 2011-03-03

Very happy with my new car, You really have to haggle about the price they are tuff because they are selling fast and I didn't really get the car color I wanted.

Lenore S. | 2011-02-16

The WORST mechanics I have ever had the displeasure to deal wih.  Either they were totally ignorant of how cars work, or they were expert (and blatant) con artists.  I had to wait 3 hours, while other customers came and went, then finally had to ask about my car.  The guy went to the back to find it, came back 30 minutes later (I got the feeling they forgot about it and it had to be quickly diagnosed), and told me it needed almost $4000 worth of work!!!  THEN, when I said I'd just take my car and go, they moved me on to a different guy to check me out, and he told me that since my car needed SO MUCH work, I'd just be better off replacing the engine (and of course he'd be happy to do that for me on the sly).  Luckily, I know a few things about cars.  I ended up going to someone else and spending $50 for an oil change and $50 for an alignment.  And maybe I'll need some motor mounts later on down the road.  WOW-UNBELIEVABLE is about all I can say.  DO NOT GO HERE to get your car fixed!!  Total Crooks and Con Artists.

Steven Y. | 2010-12-14

Took in Santa Fe for service.  Corey was our service writer and ensured all was done timely and correctly.  He had to order a part and called us as soon as it arrived.  He wanted to keep the truck overnight to install it, but when I mentioned it was my wife's birthday and it'd be nice to have truck sooner, he got it done first thing!  Always pleasant to deal with.

Michael P. | 2010-08-16

Review #300!!! I thought I would write a special review for numero three hundred and sure enough I found a winner.  On my birthday July 23rd I went to Planet Hyundai after a few other dealers and purchased a new car.

My experience was easy going in comparison to the normal car dealer buying experience.  I think after buying and recommending the dealership so much they kinda take it a little easy on you.  I thought they were attentive and mostly friendly and I would definitely go back to the dealership and buy again.

Danny E. | 2010-07-26

The salesmen here are the worst!  Completely rude and unhelpful.  We said we were not buying today, but were planning on the following week and the guy said right in front of us, "who wants these guys".  Just handing us over cuz we were wasting his time, when we were the only customers on the whole lot.

M T. | 2010-06-25

I have bad experience/s with Planet Hyundai.  Unprofessional.  Does not treat us a valued customer.  Not friendly staff (some are ok), manager, even the cashiers.  I don't recommend it.

(This review is for the Service/Repair/Maintenance.)  
(This is for my visit last December 2009)

DETAILS:   Bought the car here at this dealer, using my sister's name, since the car that we're trying to trade in was under her name, so the easiest would be on her name (which salespeople suggested to US at the time of purchase).  Paid the car in full, in a little over a year, I think.

After it was fully paid, transferred it to my name.  I brought the car for repair, and said that it was no longer under warranty bec. the car's title  was transferred it to another person.  I checked and it looks like it was in fact the rule, which is very unfair. Some websites/forum have complaints regarding this rule, which many people are not aware of.

We paid for the warranty, which is 10 years/ 100K miles, and this is the FIRST TIME we're going to use it, and I have to pay for the repair. The car was just 6 years old, and under 33K miles.  

My sister contacted the manager through email since it was late and asking for an appointment to talk about the situation.  No response from the manager. But did respond earlier regarding the appointment for the repair.  Basically we were just ignored.   I believe the manager's name is Chance.  They did however, gave us JUST a discount.

They are not very helpful at all.  They should have looked at the situation and can see that it was not sold to a stranger. And the car was actually in the same address!  They should bend the rules a bit. They should also have AT LEAST gave us a FREE service even for once, which we asked, just this time, since this was the first time we brought it for repair.

I USUALLY TAKE MY CAR to car shops like Midas or Jiffy L. for oil change.    Had tune up, and axle replaced, brakes and etc.,  at Jiffy Lube and Midas.

THE REASON why I brought the car here is bec. I heard some clinging noise coming from the rear wheel/s, especially when backing up. Also it shakes/vibrates bad when idle.  So I thought I bring it to PH.

Rep. said I need another tune up, and the noise is coming from after market axle. I kinda doubted that if it's true. Maybe their (mechanic) just busy/lazy, or just don't know, or didn't take the time to check it.  Nevertheless, I have no choice.

I spent a lot of money to fix it, and said to my self maybe I should always take it to PH for any service from now on, even oil change so I will get genuine parts.

(This is for 2010, around March.)

FIRST TIME I went for an oil change, I've waited for 4 hours. Yes, 4 hour oil change!

I can see from the reps face that he was shocked when he saw that I was still there 2 hours after, and said they're just busy and my car is next.     Nice excuse.    People come and go, and I'm still there, so I know that something is wrong, or they just forgot about it.  

After 3 hours the guy said they could not find my keys!  And I had a sarcastic laughed.   I could not believe it, and wanted to ask if I was being Punk'd or something.  

Then they found the keys after a while when I tried to show some disappointment and basically standing and staring at him by the hallway, or outside.  
But they were going to have it washed, he said, and it was already lined up and next in line. I heard that before.  So I said ok, what am I gonna do?     Waited again, and 4 hours gone by and I said that I want to leave NOW. And don't care if my car has soap or whatever.

(June 2010)

Next oil change due, I went back despite of my previous bad exp., thinking maybe it was just a bad day when I was there 3 months ago.   Asked for an oil change, also I complained that it shakes/vibrates when accelerating. The rep said I needed a wheel balance, paid $50 for it, the problem still there.  But I want to go home.
Brought it to Discount Tire 5 days later, where I purchased the rims/tires less than a year ago and balanced it again for FREE. The shaking/vibrating was lessen but still there. The mechanic at DT told me that the hub ring was missing and asking me where I brought the car last. Somebody at PH forgot it. Unacceptable.

As I am writing this review (6-25-10), the prob hasn't fix yet, and it looks like it's somewhere in the engine since it shakes/vibrates only when accelerating.  I will not take it to PH.  

I wrote this review as honest/truthful as I can.   Anyone wants to question/challenge the integrity/truthfulness of this review, I am very much willing to prove it to anyone, even to Planet Hyundai.  I have Records (emails) / Receipts, with date/s - time stamps, from Planet Hyundai / Discount Tires.  

Thank you.

Elysia E. | 2010-05-03

*This is a review for the repair center located at this dealership. *

I have been to this repair shop a few times to have body work done as well as maintenance and other car problems. The first time I was here my car was towed in because it was over heating and the check engine light was on. Not a good day. They were really great getting me in and taking care of everything. The Representative who helped me (can't remember her name, but I bet the only female in that joint). She was AWESOME. She always called me to give me updates on my car, and returned my phone calls promptly. I ended up getting a lot of work done so they threw in new wind shield wipers! Great experience.

The next time I had to come in, completely different story. My headlights were out and after changing them myself they still didn't work. It only took them about an hour to get it working again but when I got my car back my plate was all bent up and the undercarriage was completely torn up. I had to stop on my way home because it was dragging underneath my front tire. When I called the guy I was working with to complain he told me there was nothing he could do about it. I ended up cutting if off myself.

The most recent time I was there I was again having problems with my car overheating. I went back to PH because I knew all those new parts they put in a few months before were still under warranty. Well lets just say they had my car for 4 days, never called me I had to track them down every time I wanted to know what was going on, and when I got my car back they said it just needed more coolant. UHMM no, I tried that several times before I brought it in and kept having problems. They didn't charge me for anything but I know they must have messed something up previously and were trying to cover it up.

I keep going back here because I don't know any other place to go. The service is spotty, I guess only depending on who you are working with.

Update: I will never go back here after how they treated my dad's brand new Genesis Coupe. Worst customer service ever. Basically they told him to just enjoy the car and not worry about it while there is a gap in the hood.