Peoples Mazda Mitsubishi Kia Isuzu Suzuki in Las Vegas, NV

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Peoples Mazda Mitsubishi Kia Isuzu Suzuki in Las Vegas, NV.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Peoples Mazda Mitsubishi Kia Isuzu Suzuki, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Peoples Mazda Mitsubishi Kia Isuzu Suzuki in other cities in the Nevada.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 784-1111
Address:6501 Centennial Center Bl, Las Vegas, NV, 89149

Reviews on Peoples Mazda Mitsubishi Kia Isuzu Suzuki

Robert F. | 2009-11-02

ownership has changed and now it's called courtesy mazda.  the GM's name is harold and he's the biggest scum-bag you'll ever meet.  if you need to buy a new mazda don't buy in Vegas.  both courtesy imports in henderson and courtesy mazda in centennial hills are under the same ownership.  they will find every hole possible to rip you off.  and promise you things verbally only to forget about later.  (even if you have them write it down they'll lie / try to get out of it)  fuck these scumbags.

Gayle C. | 2008-12-24

Sales and Financing department are full of deceit. They refused to check on the $2000 vendor discount I should have received, the salesman left the company a week after my purchase, the finance guy left the company a month later so I tracked down the GM.  He's no help and has NO CONCERN for his customers once they sign on the dotted line.

I've called, sent emails and physically went back to the dealership.  The GM just happened to be out to lunch but guess who showed up when I started eyeing a couple looking at the same car I purchased.   The email I sent on 11/11 remains unanswered.

I bought the car in August.  2008 is almost over now and I still don't have copies of anyting I signed other than the financing paperwork.  I want a refund of the maintenance plan they sold me under false pretenses... I have little hope that I will ever receive it.

Don't go to this dealership for any of the brands they sell... go to Courtesy in Henderson instead.

Roo M. | 2007-07-04

This is specifically for the service department at People's Mazda.

I would give negative stars to these jokers if I could.

While navigating through one of the countless construction areas here in town, my wife had to go over a trench plate that was laid completely accross the driveway to her office.  It turns out that the construction people had not removed the loop used to lift the plate and so it dinged against the bottom of her car's chassis.

After that, her car started making a horrible screeching sound whenever the AC was turned on, so she took the car into the service department at People's Mazda to see what was going on.

They reported that the entire AC compressor had to be replaced, which would run upwards of $2000!   She told them that she'll have to think about it and went back home.  They told her that they'd hang onto the part that was causing the noise, but that she needs to get it taken care of ASAP.

Oddly enough, the AC was working just fine on her way home, so I decided to go to the service department myself to retrieve the part that they had removed "For her safety".  It turns out that the part they had removed was a metal shroud that covers the AC Compressor and it was just slightly dinged!  I fixed the damned thing myself by straightening out the dent with an 8 dollar mallet and it's working great to this day.

I just could not believe that these shady mechanics would try to take advantage of my wife like that.
1) They decided to take off the piece meant to protect her car "For her safety"
2) They had the nerve to suggest to her to file a bogus insurance claim to have repairs done that did not need to be done and probably would not have been done anyway!

This is the kind of behavior that gives honest mechanics a bad name.  I cannot stress enough that people should avoid this place like the plague.