Park Place Infiniti in Las Vegas, NV

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Park Place Infiniti of Las Vegas offers new and used autos sales, service, parts, and financing. Lease or Buy a New Infiniti.


Established in 2012.

When Park Place Dealerships purchased this Infiniti dealership in 2012, it not only brought in a new team under new management, it set a whole new level of dealership excellence. And that's just what you'll experience here at Park Place Infiniti of Las Vegas.
It's a heritage built on a quarter-century of award-winning performance.

Since the debut of the first Park Place dealership in 1987, we have grown into a world-class purveyor of luxury automobiles. And while all Park Place dealerships are unique in their offerings, they share a common bond: excellence.

Park Place is dedicated to providing an extraordinary automotive purchase and ownership experience for every client, whether you're shopping for an exceptional new or pre-owned vehicle, or stopping in for factory-certified service.

This dedication is what makes Park Place the "Experts in Excellence." It's why we always treat our clients with the attention and consideration they deserve.

Park Place Infiniti

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 252-8100
Address:5555 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89146
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Park Place Infiniti

Candice S. | 2015-04-20

If there were a star rating less than 1 I would give it that.  Worst customer service EVER.  Called this dealership to inquire about a listing. I was switching from an Audi to an Infiniti and I had questions.  The salesman I spoke to must have sold above and beyond his quota and was no longer interested in making money since he told he to come by another day...I was insulted and offended. I was planning on paying cash for an M class...actually..I STILL AM..just not at Park Place.  They don't deserve my business. I'd rather keep looking and even drive out of state than talk to these people again.  Park Place staff needs a training on customer service and work ethics.

Michael O. | 2015-04-13

Love the car; hate the dealership.  The lease on my Infiniti G37 convertible is coming to an end in July.  While this is my third G Series Infiniti, it is also my last.  My experience with the service department  at Park Place Infiniti has soured me on getting another Infiniti because unfortunately Park Place Infiniti in Las Vegas is the only game in town.
     I purchased a maintenance contract from Park Place Infiniti in July, 2012.  At the time, I was told that I was covered for oil changes and other services until my 39-month lease was up.  I recently found out that was not true, and I am not certain the service department has been honest with me about my car.
    Last summer when I brought my car in for a routine service, I was told by my service manager, that I needed new brakes.  Because the dealership charges an outrageous amount for  brakes, I went to Goodyear.  At Goodyear, I was told I was too early, that I still had enough left on my brakes to last a few more months.   When I called the Infiniti dealer to ask why I was told I needed brakes when I didn't, I was told I "misunderstood" Kevon and he said I would "soon need new brakes."  OK.  I don't usually misunderstand, but no big deal.
    When I went back to get the brakes done a couple of months later at Goodyear, I was told that my brake fluid needed to be changed that it was loaded with metal particles.  I then paid to have the fluid changes along with the new brakes at Goodyear.
    About a month or so later, I went in for my regularly scheduled service, which was the 30,000 mile service.  When Kevon went through what was to be done, he remarked that they didn't have to change the brake fluid because it had been done with my last service, which was about 2 months or so before I got the new brakes and brake fluid at Goodyear.   Now we could say that perhaps Goodyear was being dishonest when they told me I needed to change the brake fluid, but why would a major company that could have told me I needed new brakes when I first brought my car in but said I I could wait, tell me I needed new brake fluid when I didn't.  It was a lousy $80.  My mind flashed to the "misunderstanding" when I was told by Kevon that I needed new brakes when I could have waited longer to get them done.
    Then came time for another service.  I was told by Kevon that this service was to be my last one under the terms of the maintenance agreement.  But I was led to believe I had all services until my 39 months were up. (When I look back at the "misunderstanding" about my needing new brakes, I guess this dealership is big on "misunderstandings." )  It actually even says so on the Agreement Page of the application that I was covered for 39 months or 45,000 miles. .   Now I was told, I had only 6 oil changes because it is figured on the basis of 7,000 miles between oil changes, not the 3300 the dealer sets it for.  While I had leased the car in California, I was moving to Las Vegas when I purchased the contract and informed them of my change of address.  Yet no one said anything about recommended oil changes would require greater frequency in the desert climate.  I was clearly misled.  
    Interestingly,  I called the Finance Manager at Park Place to ask for a copy of the service agreement I signed to verify the frequency.  They can't seem to find it.  It was supposed to be faxed to me, yet it wasn't.  So I called again today and got a different finance person who told me initially that she believed my maintenance agreement covered me for the 39 months.  I asked if she were sure and she said she would double check.  Nope. It only covers me for 6 oil changes, so she got it wrong too - just as I apparently did.  When I asked why the oil changes weren't scheduled out to accommodate a 30 month lease, her response was that if you do a lot of driving, you may need a change more often.  The problem is I have only 33000 miles in 37 months  on the car.  Hardly  "a lot of driving."  So in the end, I paid $969.00 for 6 oil changes, one "major service and 2 minor services.  But, as I was told by the latest service manager I spoke to at Park Place Infiniti, I get to wait in a nicely appointed waiting room when I am getting a service.  
    The problem is apparently there are 2 levels of the Maintenance Agreement, Elite Schedule 1  and Elite Schedule  2.  No one told me or explained this to me.  They clearly led me to believe that, as it said on the cover page, I am covered for "39 months or 45,000 miles."    I should have been told from the start that I had only 6 oil changes and there was another level higher than the Maintenance Contract I was offered that would have covered me (although I hate to think of how much that one additional service would have cost me in the contract).

Robyn R. | 2015-03-31

Took my car in for routine service and had a great experience. Had my car back sooner than expected, and the girl at the desk Jena was a sweetheart. Totally went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect for me. I tend to avoid dealerships for basic services, but Park Place is one I will definitely go back to for the amazing customer service alone!

Misha L. | 2015-03-23

I had been trying to get a service appointment for a little over a week. I've been calling almost everyday and they say that the service scheduler has stepped out.  Do they only have one person to set up service to vehicles?  I left my name and number and they receptionist said the scheduler would call back.


After contacting Infiniti again the staff and Service Manager Marc were beyond helpful and super friendly.  They really do care about their customers and I don't mind taking my car there for service.  Mahalo Marc, Ray and the rest of the staff for taking care of me and my car.

Linda D. | 2015-03-19

I bought my Q50 from Park Place in December 2013.  It was the best experience I ever had. Then recently I took my vehicle in for service.  Jeremy in service was terrific.  He couldn't have been nicer.  Took care of everything.  it was a complete pleasure.  I recommend Park Place to anyone buying a car.

Jec K. | 2015-03-05

My lease was up on my Lexus GS350.  Loved the GS when I purchased from Cowboy several years back.   Found out he is at Park Place Infiniti and went to see him.   He showed me all the vehicles that I was interested in, and his knowledge and professionalism lured me to patronize Infiniti!   It takes a charismatic person to follow and trust their advice when purchasing a new vehicle.   If you want personal service and a great experience when purchasing a new or used car,  look no further than Cowboy.  I have followed  him to another brand and could not be happier with my Q50!  His follow-up is second to none, and to get a birthday and holiday card personally written by him shows he appreciates my business.  Ask for 'Cowboy' and you'll be glad you did!

Neil L. | 2015-03-03

Ray!!!in the parts  department is the best!!!! Very knowledgeable about all the parts that I may need for my car.... Always goes above and beyond to help me ... He has been helping me for the years that I have been the owner of infiniti automobile.... He asks how everything is and  if I need anything... I will continue you get my parts from  the parts department at park place infiniti... and can always count on Ray!!!!  Once again thank you very much Ray!!! Keep up the great work

Ron F. | 2015-03-01

This is my first visit since Park Place Inifiniti took over. I have to say I was very impressed by the level of service I received. The rebuilt facility was top of the line.

I decided to wait for my car in their brand new waiting room. The room was like a 5 star hotel. They had a Keurig  machine, fruit and a variety of beverages for the me to enjoy during my short wait. WOW!

My service advisor did a fantastic job of keeping me updated and getting my car done as soon as possible.

Thank you Park Place!

Lauren M. | 2015-02-11

Well this was a waste of time. First I call and had to give My number three times before the girl could look up my name. This was after being transferred three times. I get here and was quoted 45 min max. It was to patch a tire. So now over an hour I'm still here waiting. Hot sodas to drink, a banana, and that's about it. I get waaaaaay better service at Nissan. ( this is my husbands Infiniti). He can come alone next time haha.

Donna A. | 2015-02-04

I had my G37 serviced here. I would recommend this place to all I know. Go in and see Mr. Kevin. He was very knowledgeable about my car and explained to me in detail what was going to be done. The staff members there made me feel like I was a celebrity. Thank you Mr. Charles for the great service your staff provides. I will always go back that way!!

Mike M. | 2015-02-03

Service department made for easy an drop off and kept in good communication though out the diagnosis all the way through the repair using the order of phone numbers and emails we provided. Kevin La Rue handled my file all the way to the end. I missed Kevin at pickup and was easily taken over by Jeremy Christensen with no errors. I recommended asking for one of these gentlemen to handle your needs in service.

DeAnn B. | 2015-02-02

I bought a car from park place infiniti and I love my car! Everyone in sales and especially service department is so nice. Everytime I bring my car in for service its always done right. The techs there are also on top of everything they do. I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else.

Krista L. | 2015-01-31

Holy moly. Worst Infiniti dealership ever. Their best "extra" amenities they offered aside from the tv/lounge is some computers that doesn't turn on, one apple, and one and a half bagels with gross looking cream cheese that people had dug into. You can't afford to stock the food bar? I usually wouldn't have an issue with this but when you have a 11am appointment and I'm still here in the waiting room at 1pm... For an oil change and tire rotations... There's an issue. Did I mention that they made my oil change "express"?  Never coming back!

Ria E. | 2015-01-24

This is the best Infiniti that I've ever been to. My husband and I own infinit's and been coming to this location when it wasn't remodeled. Since Park Place took over they revamped everything and expanded their lot. Their service is always great. Everyone here is very professional and know how to treat their customers. We are loyal customers because of their customer service and for their reliable vehicle's. I LOVE my Infiniti.

Dawn G. | 2015-01-21

I must say I was a little hesitant going to park place because everybody that answered the phone was always rude but today was different.  I called and the female that answered was nice and she answered all my questions. When I finally arrived Marc was great from start to finish. I will be back for my oil changes.  Plus you can't beat free wifi, drinks, snacks, computers to use, and phone charging station.

Nathan L. | 2015-01-14

Sales Department: This is the 6th car our family has purchased from Infiniti over a period of 8 years. Our original salesman is now the general manager of this dealership and has always been honest, clear and upfront during our car buying process.

Service Department: Consistent personalized service, by people whom worked on my original Infiniti purchase makes me trust and enjoy their service process. They must be doing something right to have employee retention like this!

Facility: Is recently remodeled and brand new, state of the art with a wonderful lounge for customers. Love it

Overall: I will continue to recommend this dealership and brand to others

Pat M. | 2015-01-04

My complaint is with the paint and body shop. I have taken our 2005 Nissan Frontier to Infiniti occasionally for service. When the paint needed to be redone because of chipping, I took it to Park Place thinking that they would do a  superior job to one of the budget paint shops here in town. When I asked for a estimate to redo the paint on the entire front of the truck not to include the back or bed I was given a price of $1,800. I said I didn't want just a touch up job for that amount of money and was assured that it would be a complete paint job. The truck had been to Park Place for service several weeks before this and had been deeply scratched on the driver's door. I was told that they would take care of it so I waited until I brought it in for the paint job. I was given a loaner car and they kept the truck approx. 10 days. When I went to pick it up, only part of the truck had been painted, none of the doors. And the scratch that they were responsible for had been filled in with touch up paint, I could still see and feel the ridges.  I went to pick the truck up after approx. another 10 days and found that only one of the doors had been painted. .the rain gutter area that they had painted was already flaking off, and they did not paint the bumper so what they did paint is a different shade. I also intended that the suicide doors would be done since they are clearly part of the front end of the truck, however I was told that there had been a misunderstanding and they were not included in the estimate. The manager decided that it would cost a further 1,400 to do the job we wanted and Park Place would take care of half of that price. While that sounds fair at first thought, think about this- I had already paid 1,800 to get spot painting done, would have to pay an additional 700 and that still wouldn't include painting the entire truck. I was being asked to pay 2,500 for painting half of the truck while the part that was already done by them already needed to be redone!!! I took my husband with me when I went to pick up the truck the second time. The manager, the paint shop guys and service tech all came out to look and discuss it with him. The manager agreed that the gutters weren't done correctly.They were clearly baffled why we were displeased. When I walked away to get some water, my husband said that every one of the Park Place employees blamed me for being unclear about what I asked for. Funny, I would have thought everything except the bed and back was pretty clear, also no answer about why is was such a crummy job . I should feel free to bring it back to have the paint fixed. I should have just gone to a budget place, payed half the price and still gotten the same or better quality.

d p. | 2014-12-29

I recently bought my 2nd car from Joanna Trzcinka at Park Place Infiniti.

Admittedly I am not the easiest customer, I have a decent car buying awareness and have low tolerance for the "process", fortunately, Joanna is truly exceptional.  

I have leased about 10 vehicles in the last 20 yrs and worked with far more sales personnel.  Joanna is the only person I have bought more than one vehicle from and will absolutely consider buying from her again.  She makes the process so easy - I literally closed the deal on a flight home, (thanks to wifi on the plane).  I landed, was dropped off at the dealership, signed a couple documents, pick up the car and drove home.  I greatly appreciated her consideration of my time, attention to detail and her follow up.

Joanna Trzcinka took care of everything!  Ensured the paperwork was in order,  worked hard to offer me a great deal AND worked with the finance company of my previous lease to follow up and ensure the fees were waived.  

I am very happy with her concern, thoughtfulness and caring detail oriented approach.  

The deal got me there - Joanna brought me back.

Kyria V. | 2014-12-15

I purchased a car and in less than a month I had to take it in to get it checked the guy said the car was ok. A month later the car started shaking and turned off. Then I call the salesman and they said they can't help us take in the car because they close at 6:30. So tell me how can I get help in bringing it in to get it serviced not happy with the customer service

Shana A. | 2014-11-12

i purchased a beautiful g37 convertible last month completely online.  i am very pleased with the service and the car!

Joseph H. | 2014-11-05

So where do I start?  Terrible customer service, lowest quality of work , and poor communication skills are a few of the things that I had the displeasure of dealing with.  I rear ended a car and needed to get my car fixed ASAP.  I chose infinite to fix it and my insurance company cut them a check.  I was told my car would be fixed in 2-3 weeks but as it turns out it wound up being much longer.  Almost at the 2 month point is finally get my car back and to my surprise it was subpar work.   I pointed out the many flaws that I noticed before even leaving the lot and was told that was normal and to give it some time to work itself out.  A week later it still looked awful and I brought it back where they said yeah they would have to do more work to fix their mistakes.  They had my car for another week and when I got It back it, it was still not fixed.  As of today my car is still messed up and wound up just going else where to get it fixed.

Magy R. | 2014-10-19

The BEST dealership. Amazing service! Great experience!
I would recommend anyone to go to Park Place Infiniti.  We just bought our 2nd car and many more to come at Park Place Infiniti and we are extremely satisfied with the customer service and our new 2010 QX 56. Our salesmen Simeon Angelov/team was GREAT and worked so hard to get us the best deal on our QX56. They provide excellent service, they always have my car ready on time and always find a way to squeeze me in last minute. If you are ever in need of a car ask for Simeon Angelov! I'll guarantee you wont regret it. Thanks Park Place Infiniti.

Melissa B. | 2014-10-16

I have never been more excited to spend a large amount of money like I did at Infiniti. It must be the Asian in me.  I was treated with nothing but kindness and respect and never felt pressure. Simeon is the man to go to if your wanting an Infiniti. He is very educated, funny, and a pleasure to work with! Thank you Park Place and everyone I dealt with including Bee and Mr. Landon. I am for ever an Infiniti girl!!

Val W. | 2014-10-07

So disappointed with the Park Place take over of this Inifiniti dealership.  I love my Infiniti M35, but now I do not know where to get it serviced.

First incident:  Scheduled an oil change.  Took 1 hour and 45 minutes.   Ridiculous.

Second incident:  My car overheated.  Was told I needed a new radiator.  Charged me $1500.  Outrageous, but I was stuck and paid.  The mark up on the cost of parts is crazy.  I could buy the radiator for $499 direct from Inifiniti - the dealership  wanted to charge me $750.  They lowered the price to $500 when I confronted them.  

Will never return to Park Place and will probably not buy another Infiniti, which is a shame because I really love this car.

Wil R. | 2014-09-26

The service here was absolutely outstanding our salesman Sean Shin was very very knowledgable, friendly and professional not once did I feel rushed or obligated. From the front desk  associate Anika, to the sales manager Arthur whom helped us greatly, We are very thankful and happy with our purchase. Also John in finance was patient and great. We will be returning.

D E. | 2014-09-18

I would give it zero stars if I could. Here is a letter to the Executives at Nissan/ Infiniti to express my disbelief at how I was treated at Park Place Infiniti:

Hello Ma'ams and Sirs,

My name is D Edwards and I have been a Proud Nissan/ Infiniti Owner for two decades and four cars (Altima, 350z, Murano, FX35). My driver side window recently got stuck during one of our worst rainy days and I called your Las Vegas location for assistance. I took my car in and received a loaner. I was later told that the window's rails needed to be straightened and lubricated; 300 dollars. I came the next day to pick up my car (last Wednesday, I dropped the car off Tuesday) and was told that the car was ready. I drove it home and then left town on business. When I returned Thursday and drove the car the window was still stuck and would not roll up. I took the car back and was told that the motor for the window was out. I received another quote and took another loaner. Friday I was told that I could pick up the car. I drove back across town and dropped off the loaner. We tested the window there and it failed miserably. I was then given another loaner, told new rails needed to be ordered, and then was given yet another loaner car. 6 days later (today) I received my vehicle. I paid for a third time and drove away. I then received a call this evening from Jeff and Mark in Service stating that I now owe a 90 dollar interior detailing fee on the loaner because cigarette ashes (not burns as no damage to the car is present) were found in the car. First off, no one ever said smoking was not allowed in the loaner vehicles and I've used loaner cars from your organization for years and never had this problem. Secondly, given the circumstances, lost time and wages (I had to take off work several times for this losing over fours hours pay at 51 dollars per) I feel that this is nefarious to say the least.

Up until today if you asked me at any time who made the best cars and provided the best service I would have screamed Nissan/Infiniti. We were planning to trade in my wife's Altima for an Infinti at this location and was in the process of doing so bringing our Nissan/Infiniti purchase total to five vehicles but not after this. I absolutely will never do business with your organization again and I will be sure to voice my sentiments to anyone who's willing to listen as I am completely unsatisfied with this debacle of a service visit and will take my hard earned cash down to the Range Rover or BMW Dealerships.

For me this is extremely disappointing as your company has been a part of my Family for so many years. I will pay the 90 dollar interior detail fee, but it will be the last dime Nissan/ Infiniti ever receives from me.


Rich S. | 2014-09-05

I had to call yet again to confirm the paperwork was ready. Even though I was told I would be notified as soon as it was. I know the girl at the front is trying to be accommodative but I think it's quite clear that there is an issue so I would think that someone in the know would handle it from here on. I actually felt bad for the girl because it seems the rest of the office didn't even want to deal with me anymore. I asked the girl is she could make sure i had everything. One gentleman did appear with help but there wasn't much more to do. I'm glad to finally be done with dealing with this dealership. As I'm sure they are glad to be done with me. But, I find it strange that two bike cops were sitting in the exit upon leaving and waved me to go ahead only to follow me out. It seems as though they were preparing for another problem but don't know why they can't just apologize. I'm upset for OBVIOUS reasons. If their answer is to just push me away, I'm glad to oblige. Be very careful to read all of the fine print when dealing with this dealership. I would think that the optional $500 paperwork charges would've been sufficient to having this go smoothly but obviously it isn't. Extremely dissatisfied at my experience with this place from the day I bought it. Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the rudeness from the man who sold the car when while I was test driving it, he refused to let my friend come with is. His answer was that there was no room in the back seat. Also that he promised to pick me up to test drive it and last minute told me no although he did cover the taxi fare but then was adamant on bargaining even after finding problems while test driving and as I mentioned, added an optional paperwork fee. Ummm. Just wow. Just horrible. I hate dealerships when buying and this is exactly why. Always about squeezing as much as they can put off a sale instead of building a good relationship.

Nirah D. | 2014-09-03

Park Place is top notch if I must say so myself.

My husband and I spent countless hours at different dealerships throughout the month of August. The customer service out here in a Vegas in general is crappy.

When we stubbled onto Park Place by accident, we met Rafael a sales rep about 10 minutes before their closing and we looked at a couple of vehicles. Rafael was patient and not overbearing with a sales pitch. We took that next day to visit some other dealerships. After the abuse, We ended up crawling back to Park Place and their great service to purchase a 2008 Infiniti EX35. The detail shop is great and we love the car. We will be returning in 6 months to trade in our other car. Thanks again.

Jim K. | 2014-07-17

BEWARE!!! I brought my Q45 in for a transmission flush and oil change. The transmission never had any leakage before but less than 2000 miles after these guys flushed it out, there was no transmission fluid on the dip stick. I brought it back to them today to get answers as to why my transmission was without fluid and slipping. It didnt leak at all when they flushed it, and I brought this fact up to the service manager Charles. I suggested maybe one of the guys loosened the pan bolts, he assured me that their guys didn't do that kind of stuff, but they could change the gasket as long as I was willing to pay for it. They had topped off the transmission fluid and brought the car back around, I insisted they put it back on the rack and show me where it was leaking from. Once it went back up, we cleaned the pan and started looking for where it was leaking. As that was happening, Charles came into the service bay to see what was going on. The pan was leaking, it turns out EVERY pan bolt was loose. Yes, EVERY ONE. BEWARE!!! They were ready to send me away with a loose transmission pan. I asked Charles how, when the transmission never leaked before, all of the pan bolts ended up loose less than 2000 miles after they serviced it. Of course, they had no answer. It's obvious to me they loosened the pan bolts when they serviced the transmission. I could have ruined the transmission had I not taken it back to have them address the fact it had no transmission fluid in it.
 What blows me away is they were ready to send me down the road with a loose leaking transmission pan, and the only way it was fixed was by me insisting they put it back on the rack, and show me where the leak was. Like I said, it never leaked before and now every bolt was loose.
 These people obviously put making money before being honest. I told Charles I was going to write this review, total scum wanted to charge me for a transmission pan gasket when in fact, his guys loosened the bolts in the first place.
  I will NEVER go back to Park Place Infiniti, I suggest anyone seeking  a quality service experience stay away from these guys. I got the impression they are dishonest, as Charles insisted they would never loosen a pan bolt, when in fact, they loosened every one of them. Charles was standing right there in the service bay when it was discovered all the pan bolts were loose, and he tried to explain away the fact they every pan bolt was loose.
  My take on it is this. If the transmission never leaked until after I had these guys service it, then after less than 2000 miles every pan bolt is loose, they must have loosened the pan bolts.
 Also, like I said, they were going to send me down the road with a loose pan and never even checked the pan bolts until I insisted it go back on the rack so I could see where it was leaking from.
  I went ahead and tipped one service guy $10 and the other service guy $20, just because I am fair and was glad to see a resolution to the leaking transmission pan, but I seriously recommend staying away from these guys.
  I could have burned up my transmission because of these people playing games. Just because they are the dealer service shop doesnt mean they are honest. in fact, my experience with them makes me feel like they are crooks. Like I said, BEWARE!!
 Just so you know who I am, you can google IplayMusic2 and see my youtube stuff. I am a honest business guy, and like I said, I get the feeling these guys are crooks.

Alexander T. | 2014-07-06

I purchased Infinity QX 60 2014 from Park Place. My sales person Michael was just great. Communication was great. Prior to purchase we exchanged three or four calls and he knew what I needed. Still they didn't have model I wanted but I have settled for much similar.
Negotiation was a brisk. I named the price from the internet site and they meet it. I would like to mention General Manager Joe. Great guy with a lot of experience.
This is a third Infinity I'm buying. Hopefully my experience with this car will be as great as experience that I have had with the last two.

Yoshio K. | 2014-06-07

I am from LA area and my car broke down 98 miles from vegas and thanx to the elite warranty, my car got towed to Park place Infiniti.  Here is where they failed.  My car is heavily modded (customize work) and my after market part broke on me.  The oil cooler lines is where it was leaking oil and also they told me the rear timing seal is leaking.  Because my car is the way it is, the manager ordered the tech not to touch my car.  How can you do that to a costumer leaving them high and dry?  They voided my warranty and just gave me the boot.  i argued with them on how to fix it but they would not listen.  I called my dealership and another company that sold the part to me and they will still honor my warranty.  All they want is my car to get there.  I am shock that Infiniti would turn there back on a costumer leaving them a broken car.  I don't care about the warranty or what it would cost to get my car running again.  Just fix the problem.  I am a very loyal costumer to Infiniti and also own a M37.  For park place Infiniti to do this is very unprofessional.

Greg K. | 2014-06-03

Thanks Park Place for helping me make up my mind.  I have been researching Infiniti cars for a bit because I am going to lease a company car and I liked the idea of the Infiniti brand.  Not like Lexus or the German brand, but understated quality for sure!

I have called to this place and finally decided to come by tonight at 7:30 pm just to ask a few questions and see the cars in person.

I was there with the family for about 10-15 minutes in the show room and outside and no one spoke to me or greeted me. I passed 6 sales guys and none of them even acknowledged me.

I think it was my fault for coming 30 minutes before they close, wearing shorts and tee shirt and without an appointment.

However in the end, I am deciding to not buy my car here because frankly, I want to work with a store that will support me .

Thanks Park Place for ignoring me. Yep, my fault, but hey, it is what it is....

Maylang T. | 2014-05-27

The car service people are terrible. I have been here twice with terrible service. They told me i needed to get new tires after i had just purchased tires from them 2 months prior! The salesman had no idea he just wanted to rip me off probably because i was a girl they thought i didn't know.  I told him to check his records and get his facts straight before trying to make money off me.  The service ppl are really pushy and will say anything to make money off of you! I will never be back.

Meyling M. | 2014-04-27

Took weeks to get my car after I purchased it when they told me it would only be one week.

Halston G. | 2014-04-12

Came in to inquire about a car and I started getting help from cowboy (nickname, forgot his name).  Overall,  cowboy was not very helpful.  

He tried to lie to me about the difference of the g25 and g37 saying they were pretty much the same like I didn't read up on it! ( welcome to the age of google cowboy ).  

I didn't let it bother me that much, but then he transferred me over to another guy after the negotiations because apparently he had another client scheduled and was there!

Wtf!   So I'm like okay w/e ill just finish this.... But the new guy Don ( which was helpful, I felt bad though cuz I would of went with him from the start) pretty much had to re do all the paperwork !  Worst experience ever!   Cowboy should have either finished the whole transaction or transfer it over to Don from the start!  

Oh,  I also got a free tint for the inconvenience but had to re do the tint cuz there were to many air bubbles.

Yes.  This is a luxury dealership (Wtf?!?)

Sucks this is the only Infiniti in town

Should of went back to Acura since they had amazing service.  

Heck I had a better experience at planet nissan!

Jonathan L. | 2014-04-07

The clutch on my 2012 G37S stopped working on my way to Vegas from LA! Apparently the slave cylinder went bad and needed to be replaced. Infiniti roadside assistance towed my vehicle to Park Place and I dropped off my vehicle for the early bird service since the dealership was already closed.

The receptionist Crystal, and Service writer Jeff, provided above and beyond service in making sure I was taken care of. They even sent out a porter to pick me up from my hotel when my car was all fixed up. Nothing came out of my pocket because everything was still covered under warranty. Very happy!

rickie s. | 2014-04-02

Buyer be aware.

Test drove several vehicles.  Found one that would fit my needs.  The auto had a clean car fax report, was certified by the dealership, and had one not so obvious defect.  The Sales person and GM said the defect was easily fixed. It was not fixable.  This ended the deal.  Recommend that any pre-owned vehicle considered for purchase be seen by your own mechanic.

The finance person was all smiles until we declined an extended warranty on the auto with the "fixable" defect.  The loan through this dealer was 1% higher than the other dealership where we finally purchased a vehicle.  So, check with your bank or credit union before negotiating a loan.

Their web site is easy to navigate but not always accurate.  One car which has been sold has been on the site for over three weeks.  Earlier in my search, I contacted the sales staff to set up an appointment to test drive this car.  When I arrived I was shown a different car.  The car fax report would not open on the site for this auto; perhaps that was a clue as to the true status of the vehicle. Latter I was told that the car I requested had sold and that their internet staff was over extended and unable to update the site at times.  Oddly enough, other vehicles are posted and removed in a timely manner.

Ultimately we went to another Infiniti dealership for far better treatment.  At this dealership, the final price was agreed and no additional fees were added.  The financial officer was kind and did not try to bully us or imply that we were stupid for not buying an extended warranty.  The finance department was able to offer the same loan rate as our credit union.  Overall the experience was less stressful and more straight forward than that experienced at Park Place Infiniti.

Michelle F. | 2014-02-17

This is about the service shop.  First off we made a appointment to have a recalled item fixed.  We were told we would have a loaner.  When we got there our service tech was very nice and we really liked him.  We were told all the loaners were gone and the girl who made our reservation listed us as a wait.  We got a little upset when 2 people came in after us and we watched them drive away in a loaner.  We did end up getting one after about 30 min.  When we returned to pick up the car we were bombarded with about 3000+ in necessary repairs, everything from leaks to bad belts to cracks in the engine cover.  We were very shocked as the car drives perfectly, never leaves drips in the garage and doesn't make any noises.  After he went over all the issues he proceeded to tell us M35's (2006 with 85000 miles) are so high in demand we could trade it in and they wouldn't penalize us for the thousands of dollars of 'necessary' repairs.  We went to get a second opinion at a auto repair shop that specializes in Infiniti's, AAA Rated, warranties their work, been around since 1976 and had amazing reviews on yelp and .  We paid them the $100 fee to check out the car.  We didn't tell them anything the Infiniti dealer said because we wanted a unbiased job.  After a full inspection we were told all belts were good, there were no leaks, no cracks, and the car was in excellent condition.  We then told them about what Park Place told us and after laughing they said most of their employees came from dealerships and my story was not unique.  Shame on this dealership for trying to take advantage of us.  Not only will we NEVER return for service, we will never consider even purchasing a new Infiniti from there (which we plan on doing in 2014).

Cindy K. | 2013-12-08

We drove to Vegas for vacation and we needed an oil change so we stopped by for a quickie. It was super easy to book an appointment over the phone. They were able to pull up our info on their system. It took about 1 hour to get the oil change done. We were given a complimentary loaner car while work was being done on ours. When our car was ready we got a call. This didn't put a damper on our vacation at all. Quite an easy process.

They have delicious coffee drinks and freshly backed cookies in the lounge area. Yum!!

Kevin H. | 2013-07-24

I purchased my G37s coupe a little over a year ago during a lease special they were running, I wanted a MT and they didnt have any but had no problem locating and getting the color combo I wanted. I must say I have bought A LOT of cars over the years and most being luxury brands but this dealership stands out in my mind. From the test drive to the continuing service experience everything has been fantastic. To me buying a car is a small part of the experience and service is the continuing and lasting image you hold of a dealership and I must say it has been an 11 out of 10! Jeremy is my go to guy when it comes to service and he always makes it a exceptional experience, and I feel lucky to find a sales team and service department that cares this much about me, my car, and my future purchases. Dont hesitate to purchase, lease, or get your car serviced here!

Kristine F. | 2013-07-13

Mark could have been nicer in response to our question in regards to possibly getting a loaner while we waited for an oil change, like how dare us ask a question.  It could have been avoided by him apologizing in the end and finally explaining their policies in regards to getting a loaner car anyways. What a waste of breath.

Aside that, I appreciate the other employees who gave my car an oil change and other services they did.

Dragisa Z. | 2013-07-12

Park place Infiniti is the best dealership to go to!!! As a first time buyer it was impossible to purchase a car here in Vegas... I was denied from over 10 dealerships... Going to Infiniti was the best  choice I have made! They were able to get me Into a Infiniti g37x (great ride, clean, new, great performance, luxurious) $37k after (6down, taxes, ext...)... I love my new car!!! the sales men Ralph and Micheal are amazing along with the Manager that got me approved for a loan and got me into an amazing car... Thank you to amazing, professional, friendly team at Park Place Infiniti... Highly recommend everyone to go...

Ginny P. | 2013-06-06

Wow! What a turnaround from Towbin Infiniti....a turnaround I welcome with open arms. Honestly, after buying my Infiniti from Towbin in January of 2010 and having such a piss poor experience, I was reluctant to even give Park Place a shot. That's until I met the owner Steve, surprisingly outside of Park Place and told him about my horrible experience. His southern drawl drew me in and I was instantly consumed by his Southern charm. He assured me he did a swift turnabout and invited me in to see the changes. Accordingly to him, a lot of the previous employees left or got fired. That was music to my ears.

A few weeks later I need a part for my car and an oil change. The parts department was fantastic. I wasn't sure exactly what I needed (I had a cigarette lighter out) and the tech went out to my car, I showed him what was wrong and he got me everything I needed to get it working again. Likewise, the service team was amazing. I was able to use a coupon that was emailed to me (if you have an Infiniti get on their newsletters!) and they completed it while I waited. Park Place has a comfy waiting area with fluffy couches, a TV, a computer with internet access, complimentary bottled water, coffee and pastries. Once my car was done I hopped in it and realized the service crew had washed my car for me. Nice touch!

Whether you're buying a car, you need parts or you are having your car serviced you will receive superb customer service the entire way. When I am thinking of getting one of the newer M35's I will definitely be heading down to Park Place Infiniti.

Raina M. | 2013-06-01

*This review is for the Infiniti Collision Repair Center*
(Located right in back of the dealership)

Long story short, an old lady rear ended my car a few weeks back. Her insurance had to take care of the repairs because it was her fault. I own a Toyota, so I had asked Allstate if Desert Toyota could do the work. They told me it was possible, but because they weren't affiliated with them, approvals and repairs would end up taking a little longer. At the end, I just decided to go with their recommended body shop, which was here at Park Place Infiniti.

I gotta admit, I was skeptical at first. I mean, I have a Toyota, so why would it get repaired by Infiniti? Chris helped me when I got there and was very nice. I felt kind of bad for him because he is the only one running the front office area and he was busy. I gave him the paperwork that Allstate gave me, he inspected my car, then told me that they would order a new rear bumper right away. I dropped my car off 3 days later, when the bumper came in. He quoted me that the repair would be finished in 3 business days. It actually took only 2 days, which was awesome. This was probably a simple fix for them, but I thought they did a good job anyway. The bumper was installed correctly and the paint job looked good. Also, they washed and cleaned the inside of my car! Thanks guys, for the super clean carpets!

Right before I left, Chris told me that Allstate may call me and ask about the service I received from them. He said that if there was any reason that I wasn't satisfied, to decline the survey and let him know because he and his team want to know how they can improve. But, I told him that he didn't have to worry about that! Great customer service and fast repair time. Definitely recommended!

Jen B. | 2013-03-28

Recently leased a 2013 G37 from Park Place Infiniti . . I must say that this was the best experience I have had when it comes to getting a new vehicle.  Ralph was amazing and not pushy at all . . even called me a few days later after his day off to check on me and to see how things were going with the car.  I highly recommend this dealership for your next purchase or lease!!!!!!!

Mark G. | 2013-02-21

Love these guys, they're always friendly, helpful and prompt.

Jessica P. | 2013-01-28

Fantastic dealership!! Two words that are rarely used together. Helped us instantly, not pushy. Very informative. Simeon knew everything about the car we were looking at. Made us comfortable and stayed late knowing we weren't buying a car that night. Hopefully we will be back soon to take an Infiniti home.

Al G. | 2013-01-10

This dealership is excellent.  Everything went really well, and I got the car I wanted.  I have been there once for service, also top notch.

The only down side was I was offered a "Dent and Ding" insurance policy.  This policy will cover fixing all dents and dings in the car.  I should have read the fine print!  After driving cross country and back, I had a couple of dings from car doors and rocks.  When I called, the insurance only covers popping the dent out with a machine, not the paint damage.  Fixing the paint was my problem.  Quotes ranged from $525 to $600 to fix the paint where the one dings is on the left side of the car.  The dent and ding insurance is worthless.

Matt W. | 2012-12-09

Although I did not end up purchasing my car from Infiniti, I found it to be a top-quality dealership with top-quality staff. I worked with John Landin on a pre-owned vehicle and although I expected lesser treatment as a pre-owned buyer at a primarily luxury vehicle dealership, John pleasantly surprised me with his patience, respect, and communication. Generally a great guy to work with. The only reason I didn't purchase  was because I couldn't get a CPO warranty on the car I was interested in (It was a Nissan), but it was certainly not the fault of the dealership or John. It was in top condition and it was tough not to do business with Park Place.

If I was ever interested in getting an as-is pre-owned vehicle or any new/used luxury vehicle I would most definitely go through Park Place.

R M. | 2012-11-12

Towbin Infiniti became Park Place Infiniti and the service quality and communications have declined.

Amber J. | 2012-11-07

Excellent sales and service experience!