Newport Motors in Las Vegas, NV

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The best selection of quality used cars in the Vegas valley. Whatever your budget, and whatever kind of vehicle you are looking for, we can help you. Need an auto loan? Our credit specialists will get you financed.


Established in 2012.

Newport Motors is a family owned and operated used car dealership catering to Good and Bad credit financing needs. Established in 2012 Newport Motors is changing the way used cars are sold in the Las Vegas valley. We have taken over the old Cashman Cadillac building at 2711 E. Sahara and had it renovated into a comfortable, modern facility perfect for taking care of the our customers during, before, and after their purchase the way it should be. The state of the art facility features over 100 pre-owned vehicles to choose from, 20 service bays, and a body shop unlike any other in the independent market.

Newport Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 997-1110
Address:2711 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89104
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Reviews on Newport Motors

Diana M. | 2015-04-21

Very high pressure sales!
Spoke with Eduardo in sales and a finance rep who were both very helpful, explained I only had a limited down payment and they were willing to see what they could do.
While they were working on the "deal", was approached by another sales rep Clark who asked us the same questions the other two had and continued to the point of being offensive!!!  
If you find a sales rep that you like here, congrats, and don't bother speaking with anyone you don't need to. Ridiculous how desperate they are to make these sales they will do anything, including pissing off a potential customer!!!

Carl V. | 2015-04-20

First off: I hate car buying.  Carmax was alright, but I hate buying a car.  You do your homework on how much KBB and Edmunds say your trade in is worth, you look at all the sites, check Truecar to make sure you know the price, you think you're savvy, and you're still at the dealer's mercy.

Case in point: I went through USAA's car buying service.  I found the car I wanted and could afford, and looked up my trade in online.  I traded in a motorcycle, which all appraisal sites said was worth $14K trade.  Newport called the local motorcycle dealer, and the dealer said they'd only buy it from them for $10K, which was exactly what I had left on the loan. Egyptian Rat Screw #1.

Egyptian Rat Screw #2: I had a pre-approved check from USAA for the car.  The dealer still made me do a credit application just in case the check bounced.  This, of course, caused a hard credit inquiry on my credit score, lowering it another few points.

All in all, it took three and a half hours to drive away with the car.  The salesman didn't even offer me a test drive.  Most dealers take the car off the line and detail it while you're waiting for the financing, but they waited until I had signed the contract.  By that time, the service department was closed, so I had to come back to get the car detailed.  Oh, and the car was on empty.  It has a 16 gallon gas tank and it took 15.5 gallons to fill up.

When I picked up the green slip a week and a half later (even though the information is transmitted electronically now in Nevada, and the dealership doesn't have to physically take the paperwork to the DMV and this dealership is directly across from the E. Sahara Ave DMV) it comes up that the car's smog is out of date and it has to be smogged before I can get the plates.  I thought a car had to have a valid smog to take it off the lot.  I guess I was wrong.  Good thing they own a smog station on premises and didn't charge me for it.

Those are the negatives.  Here are the positives: I called the night before and asked for the car to be placed on hold.  Francisco did that for me.  When I arrived, the car was actually in the showroom with a sold sign on it.  I came back the next Saturday and the did a great detail job on it.  When I picked up the green slip, they smogged the car for free.  All cars come with a two month, 2000 mile power train warranty.

I love my car, high miles and all.  I took it to Friendly Ford to get a new key cut (there was only one, and a new key cost $350.00) and the service writer said the car looked clean and in good shape, despite the high mileage.  The car's price was within range according to .  I am hopeful that I never have to buy another car again, and I'm kind of iffy about going back to these guys.  It will depend on whether or not I can find the car I want at another dealer.

Bruce T. | 2015-04-13

SCAM .... It's all one big scam. Francisco told me they had a car In stock I was interested in just to get you down there. Low and behold they don't have it and instead of saying they don't. They will make up a lie saying it was sent to another lot that morning. They will then walk you around the lot to see if there is any other car you are interested in besides the one you had called about. After constantly saying no someone else will come out and tell u the car has been sold. Don't trust a word they say. Will say anything for a sale. Can't even be honest for a split second. Lie after lie after lie.

Chryl C. | 2015-02-10

Scammers...They had a 07 Acura TL posted on their website for $9488 when I called to check availability it was still available but, the price they had listed online was not the actual price. The vehicle was several thousand more. They put a disclaimer on their site stating that the price could be wrong..., It's the old bait and switch. I guess they truly didn't wish to sell the car.

Sandy H. | 2015-02-03

Everyone there, the staff is awesome. Especially Nathan Gold/GM  he gave me a good price for the corvette and for the trade.  He is a great listener and is patient.  He will take the time to explain the cost and to work with you.  I also want to mention the service manager Harold Moore.  He will go out of his way to help you with servicing your car.  I recommend this establishment.

Ryan B. | 2014-12-17

Went there because they say they can finance anyone. Filled out an application, waited around for 2 hrs, had to leave. They said they would be in touch. I have received no phone call or e mail and its been 2 weeks. I have left a message for the salesman as well as e mailed back twice. Still no callback. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME HERE!!!

Matt C. | 2014-10-24

Recently got into an accident. Ins company took the vehicle to there body shop. They were great, called me every step of the way. They worked with me on the price, even threw in a couple of extra things that had nothing to do with the accident. Highly recommend newport auto. Not just for accidents but also buying vehicles. Was a great experience.

Dono B. | 2014-10-20

Have you ever been to a used car dealership?  This one is a little nicer than the others.  The selection here is pretty cool.  Seriously clean and nice looking facility.  As far as the salesmen go..  They are nice, but it is a used car dealership.  They know they have nice looking cars, still don't let them fool you.  They're still USED cars.  Mostly #blingblinghippetyhoppety#rollin'ondubs#drivethisn­ewcartoshit#hashfries type of used cars.  Just protect your neck and make sure they entail the warrantee information completely and clearly.  That is the only way to feel comfortable with getting a used car.  They actually are very responsible with their warantees.  As far as customer service goes they aren't the least bit sleazy and are very helpful.  After coming from a new Toyota dealership where the salesmen were crawling all around like roaches on a turd, it was nice to be approached like humans at Newport.  Newport Motors, the least "used car saleman" salesman.

beverly r. | 2014-10-16

I bought my car in Dec. of 2013.  I was in the middle of a bankruptcy and had my car turned in as part of that case. I was desperate! This dealership is top notched in customer service. The entire team was kind, non judgmental and helpful.
I came there as a reject from a Nissan dealership, down the street, who sent a letter promising to finance me. So I expected no problems. Wrong they dragged me through their lot for hours driving car after car then telling me the only car they could sell me was a little tiny used and over priced one. When I walked away I felt humiliated.
Last night I took a dear friend to purchase a used car. He was a first time buyer and had 0 as a credit score. His only possible co signer had poor credit.
We went first to Drivetime, who claimed to be able to finance a car. We were told to wait and wait and wait. At 7 pm we inquired and were told to wait but they close at 8 pm. I suggested we go to "my dealership", Newport Motors and long story short, my 20 year old friend bought a beautiful car and drove it home. The customer service was superb too. Special thanks to Brent (finance), D'won, and Eddie.

Mark J. | 2014-08-04

Worst place ever they will not honor there warranty! Don't buy from this ripoffs . Once drew left , the place went to crap. The new GM is brown nosing the owner along with the service manager . Fix my car right I bought car from you guys with check gauges light on. Honor my warranty . Do what's right.You know you sold me a car with cracked cylinder .

Rachell R. | 2014-07-31

When I first came in I had a 1995 jeep (the death trap) that was just bout ready to give out on me.
These guys were awesome and helped me with the whole process being a first time buyer and my credit not good nor bad I was a little skeptical because I had been to several other places where I was denied or they ask for a ridiculous amount for a down payment.
They helped me get a 2012 Nissan Altima
Not only is it in great condition and I save tons of gas but my payment is the best part of the deal only $270 every month!!! Thanks to management and sales department for helping me get this vehicle I LOVE IT!!!

K S. | 2014-07-03

I hated the place wasted my time of 6 hours. Saw online a car for 9998 went in and the car some how came to 12998 on the sticker. A guy named Patrick came out...I told them I talked to a guy named Adam about the car and was told he had left for the day and the reason for the price change was 9998 is the cash price only..Okay whatever ... so I settled for the 12998. I mentioned a deal they had on Facebook but Drew the manager wouldn't honor it bc they'd be out if money if they did... So he says "I can try to take off the detailing fee" comes back Nope can't do that either. So why promise me in the first place? So after negotiating I got my monthly of $150 I wanted after they came back and said this is ur monthly of $178 uh what happened to my $150 we agreed on? "Oh that's weekly payments not monthly.." Wtf? We never mentioned weekly!! I ended up leaving and wasting the whole day with these morons. Don't go here they waste ur time!!

Chris M. | 2014-06-12

Salesmen are decent young guys...but the finance manager is a Bully.  So Ladies bring a male friend that you are treated with the respect and dignity you deserve when trying to make such a important decision as the purchase of an automobile.
Also make sure that all the basics are checked off before you make a deal or take ownership.  All fluids checked and clean as well as the battery can hold a charge.  That was my personal experience with a purchase.  Also... Buyer Beware!!! If you are looking online the price posted is for CASH only and be prepared for the price to be jacked up as much as $5000 when you attempt  financing.  Funny cause this is a dealership whose sign says they help finance those with poor credit.  Go figure.  Also keep in mind that every car was traded in for a reason and from now on I will request a printed diagnostics before even making an offer.  If you are seriously shopping DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING until YOU are ready and then have all the numbers in front of you... or they will run your credit (hit) and do the deal THEN  give you 10-15 minutes before they take it off the table and act like they HAVE to cancel the offer.  They don't... its just a intimidation tactic by the the finance manager.  Apparently he is God and gets to personally decide other peoples fate.  Wow what a position... must pay well?  Bottom line... Do your homework first then keep driving cause their is worthy competion out there FINALLY!!!   And if it doesn't feel good... Don't Do It!

Jen G. | 2014-06-09

I wish I could write two separate reviews for each department. Instead, I gave the place an average rating combining what I thought of the different departments.

SALES: It was Memorial Day weekend. We said that we were casually looking around, that we didn't quite need a car but our aging gas guzzling V8 truck has become a nuisance with current fuel costs.

We browsed around and I took a look at the vehicle I originally found on Craigslist. The vehicle wasn't in the best shape (according to my husband, who is a detailed person when it comes to vehicle maintenance). We browsed again at another make and model that was my 2nd choice. It didn't quite feel like 'the one'. The salesperson  offered us to test drive another version of the same car, this time we headed to their sister lot where more vehicles were available. I found a vehicle that I really liked. We drove back to the dealership and started the paperwork. After the basic paperwork filling out, negotiation and back and forth about our monthly payment and who would finance us after bad credit on both our parts (husband and I) due to a recent foreclosure, they came back with an offer that was easy to swallow and with a reputable bank. After an estimated 6 hours, we said goodbye to my always-reliable V8 pickup and drove off in a sportier, smaller and much better on fuel, 4 cylinder sedan.

Upon leaving the dealership, the salesperson said that we should stop by later in the week to get the car detailed. Alright, added bonus! Or so we thought.

My husband took time out of his work day to get there before the service department closed (at 5pm). I anxiously anticipated a pretty sweet looking clean ride when I got home. What I got was an irate husband.

Which brings me to the next department:

SERVICE: my new sedan was in pristine condition for it being a couple of years old, until the service department got ahold of it.

My  husband called me up and told me that whomever detailed the car messed up my window tint pretty badly. Bubbles had developed on the interior driver door tint, and the front window (which has a light layer of tint) had been cut with a razorblade in several places where they attempted to take off the sales sticker that they have on the front window while at the dealership. Talk about being bummed! I get home to see the damage to the tint on several windows, AND if that wasn't bad enough, the grooves behind the handles on every door had horrible dirty water stains and the rims had not been touched. I took a wet rag to the whole car and the rag turned black. I had to clean my car myself, AND my tint had been damaged.

Almost 3 weeks later, we are still dealing with having them pay to have someone redo two windows. It's hard to arrange something during a weekday when we both have full time jobs and have to leave work to deal with an issue that should not have taken place to begin with. Their 'tint guy' refuses even a phone call on the weekend and did not know what we were talking about or who we were on the first attempt to set something up with him.

Bottom line:

SALES department was friendly, knowledgeable when it came to the vehicle I purchased, not TOO pushy, and was an overall good experience\

SERVICE department: BEWARE. They must use awful cleaning products, use the same rag for your whole car (therefore leaving dirt and residue on the last places they wipe down), AND they take a razorblade to your tint!

Lesley K. | 2014-01-22

The best and most honest auto shop I have ever worked with.  It is refreshing to deal with smart, friendly people who take pride in their work.  I highly highly recomend this buisness. Fair and right price on service.. .Thanks Curtis and Sam, and all of the employees.....

Rachel M. | 2013-11-14

For me when it comes to buying a car it can be really stressful. I was so glad I found Newport Motors. They made the whole car buying process really stress free and fun. I don't have great credit but they were able to work with me and help me get a car loan. I was so impressed with the staff and treatment I received. I would recommend Newport Motors to anyone looking for a friendly trustworthy place to get a car.

Brittany B. | 2013-09-24

This place was great ... My car broke down .. My boyfriend and I  were looking to get a used car ... The customer service was outstanding ... And they worked with us to give us the price we could pay ... Needless to say I got my car which I love that same day . ... Thanks to all the guys being so friendly and helpful ... I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a used car

Alexis C. | 2013-09-15

On first take nice folks then second visit there got a total different vibe decided not to buy from here.

Charlie A. | 2013-05-28

Fair selection on cars and all but had a terrible experience. I had previously called about a car I saw advertised on line on their website and Craigslist. The price, mileage and make/model of the car were all confirmed with sales man Adam twice on two different calls. The next day I came in with family to look at the car and to make a long story short, the price of the car all of a sudden was not what was advertised. As a matter of fact it was $4,000 more than advertised online. The sales man that helped us was not Adam, Adam had miraculously disappeared and we dealt with Pat. Who was nice but unknowledgeable and at times condescending. Pat kept on going back and forth from the managers office to us for information and for mediocre replies as to the discrepancy in pricing. As a first time car buyer with "fair" credit I feel I was treated like an undesirable client. Pat kept on insisting the price was a "cash" price and that taxes and fees had up'd the price.  By $4000 really? I may be a first time buyer but I'm 29 and a sales person myself and I know a straight lie when I hear one. Sadly, Pat even dubbed himself a "lying salesman". They went as far as insulting me by driving up a crashed into pick up truck that when asked Pat did not even know the price to. At no time did the manager come up to address my questions, instead Pat made several runs to his office for simple answers. They had a gentleman come and stand close to the doors as if we were making a scene. We were patient but insistent on getting some clarity. When my dad got up from his chair the man opened the door as if escorting us out of the building, he was bigger and taller than all of us. Ultimately, I feel they lied online to get customers in through the doors. I don't feel this is a proper way of conducting business. This isn't a large fancy dealership so I don't see how they come off treating people like this. I had a second buyer with us who was interested in a vehicle and after witnessing our experience he decided to exit with us. My parents were also considering purchasing a vehicle for themselves so all in all Newport, you lost out in 3 customers that day.

Mike C. | 2013-04-03

Looking for a decent used car, that wasn't ridiculously overpriced....stopped at several of the smaller used car lots up and down Boulder highway, between Henderson and Vegas. Finally wound up here, after several frustrating and wasted hours. The sales guy was honest, as far as used car guys go, they were upfront about their used car "prep" fees, it had new or near new tires, brakes etc...the SUV was 14yrs old..but in stellar shape. I'd buy there again.

Heaven C. | 2013-02-09

On January 8th I came into newport motors to look at a truck that I seen in the book and was interested in . I was very nervous due to the week before I had went to a couple other car lots and they were like vultures I could not even get out my car . So I went to the car lot to look at it and ran across a wonderful sales man named MIKE Y ... A wonderful man he showed me the truck I had came too see still no pressure we sat in the vehicle and talked and went thru it so I told him I like it and he said let's go inside and talk numbers I told him my numbers and he went and talked to another wonderful man ERIC in finance between them both he came back and gave me great news . And most important great numbers . So we signed papers and then the manager DREW  came in and congratulated me on my purchase and I'm now a proud owner of a Tahoe. I'm sooooooo exited the people at this car lot are very different then the other ones at this one you are not a dollar sign walkin thru the Parkin lot you are family ... So much about a week later my sons car blew up and needin another car I called MIKE Y  and once AGIAN  he did it he got my son in a Lexus and once AGIAN another happy customer...... Recommendations are if you need a car go to newport motors and talk to MIKE Y , ERIC IN FINANCE , OR THE MANAGER DREW, they are wonderful  and treat you like family hank you so very much for everything it means a lot....

Christi O. | 2013-02-05

Great customer service! Excellent experience! Highly recommend! Service department was very friendly and efficient as well!