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MINI Las Vegas, a Las Vegas MINI dealer, has a vast inventory of new & used MINI cars. We offer vehicle financing, MINI OEM factory service & auto parts.

MINI of Las Vegas

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 947-4401
Address:5750 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, 89146
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on MINI of Las Vegas

Angela D. | 2015-04-09

Even, I am pretty sure I shouted out to you already, how great you made my last service experience, however I am sitting here in my John Cooper CountryMan S absolutely happy and grateful for this car!

Dom in the service department rocks!
Dawn in service rocks!

Brandon the GM will totally take car of you Mini Cooper dreams coming to life.

Jason in sales is super profound as well.

Thank God for YELP!

Thanks Mini Cooper family!

David M. | 2015-04-09

No Stars. We liked our salesman, but it went quickly downhill after that. We had a challenging time trying to register the vehicle we bought there, as the DMV requires the DPS to be given or mailed to the buyer after the sale, and the smog to be done by the dealership prior to the sale of a vehicle. Both the smog was never done on our vehicle prior to the sale, and the DPS was never given to us or mailed to us after the sale. Some employees, who I was connected with, when I called to request a FAX of the DPS be FAXED to the DMV, didn't know what I was referring to.

After several calls to the dealership, we had the dealership FAX the DPS to the DMV, and then we had to return to the dealership 45 days after the sale, for them to have the smog done on the vehicle, so it could be properly registered. And because of this hassle it took two trips to the DMV to register the vehicle. To add to this the wait was six hours at the DMV that day.

Also phone calls I made to the dealership requesting help, were sent to voicemails and never responded to, and one time I was hung up on by the GM. The salesman also kept sending me emails, after the sale, wanting me to post good reviews online about the experience, I told him the issues we had had with the dealership were the reason we could not give a good review on them, to which there was never any response. IF you want good service during and after the sale, you might be wise to shop elsewhere.

"One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising." -- Jim Rohn

Marie T. | 2015-04-08

I've owned two different Mini Coopers, both of which I have purchased from this dealership. I chose to write a review now because of the service I received today that was above and beyond expectations. I was getting my car serviced through Dominic and was describing a really bad experience I had while getting an oil changed through them about a year ago. ( I was informed that the person who gave me bad service no longer works there). Long story short, Dominic tells me that I can pick something out from the gift shop to help right this wrong. He and Josh, the sales man, were so nice and helpful and really ensured that I knew that this one bad experience was not the rule but the exception when it comes to the Mini Cooper service department. Thanks guys!

Leo V. | 2015-04-04

I was truly blown away with the high level of service at Mini of Las Vegas. Honestly, I was really nervous to have them check my car because of the several negative past reviews, on top of that I am not getting any luck with my own dealership here in Southbay. Since I was a traveler from LA, Dawn squeezed me in her very busy schedule and placed my car on top priorities. Her service was phenomenal, the whole team made us feel comfortable. I dropped off my car in the morning and got it back on the same day. Austin was really kind to drop us off and pick us up from the hotel on the strip. In addition, he did not make the whole ride feel uncomfortable, he was nice enough to give us recommendation on what to do in vegas.

Thank you so much MINI of Las Vegas. I can only wish I can get the same excellent service here back home in LA.

Michael B. | 2015-04-03

Great experience and great service! My Salesman Tony showed me around and made me feel welcomed. He got me the car I wanted and I could never be more happier to go with MINI. Thanks to Scott (Sales MGR) for taking care of me. Great service from Dominic. The whole team from finance to service to sales...everyone was awesome! Go there and check them out!

Kathryn H. | 2015-03-27

Dawn in service is the best! She will take care of everything and even some things you didn't even realize you needed.

fadia e. | 2015-03-17

While shopping for a mini cooper -- now named Cooperina! -- Jason Weinstock made all the stresses of car-shopping go away. His efforts in helping me find the perfect vehicle were impeccable. Jason took the time to understand what exactly it was that I wanted -- so much that he took extra time to look for the color I preferred. He also personally took my car in to get the windows tinted for an unbeatable price! Additionally, there were upgrades to my vehicle that I was unaware of. It was a sweet surprise. He continuously kept me updated on the status of my car, too. Jason is a top-notch car salesman, and I can't express my appreciation enough. I received my new car in the best condition possible -- clean, pearly and tinted. It was love at first sight! I wanted to pass on the great efforts made by Jason to his manager. It should be known how stress-free and perfect Jason made the experience for me.

Fadia Eramya

Gab C. | 2015-03-16

So if you're looking for a Mini, you clearly don't have many options in town. BUT that is a good thing because this place is the best. Customer service was beyond amazing. Jason W. helped me get my brand new 2015 mini. Everything about the experience was great! They made buying a car so easy. They really do everything possible to make you feel all around good about your car. My MINI had a scratch on the bumper and they promised to replace that piece. Completely satisfied! I could not be happier with my car and experience at MINI of Las Vegas.

Rye A. | 2015-03-15

Wife and I loved our 2010 MINI, but we needed an upgrade. So we came back and got a new one. Look for Test Drive Tony and Jordan, they will help you out and get you the car you want. You will not regret getting a MINI as is it fast and powerful but has lots of space.

Amber F. | 2015-03-10

Had the pleasure of working with Jason W. when buying my 2012 Cooper S Convertible a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier with the level of service I received. They gave me a very fair trade in amount for my car and got me the best financing I was hoping for - 0.9% APR for 36 months. Can't beat that interest rate! The whole process was smooth sailing and Jason is about the exact opposite of a "salesperson" which only added to what usually is the somewhat dreaded car-buying experience. Hey, he drinks Jameson and fishes so he's alright with me either way. When I went to pick up my car the next day, we noticed the windshield was cracked while we were doing the walk-around. They took care of it within days, even sending someone out to my house to do it so I didn't need to take it back in. Aww. Love.

Today I went in to the parts and service department to inquire about spiffing up my new Mini. I sadly didn't catch the name of the insanely nice guy who helped me out or the Parts Manager, but both went above and beyond for me during the couple hours I was there figuring out everything I wanted. After getting everything tallied up, the service department gave me my labor estimates and got me all set up for my installation date next week and hooked me up with a loaner car as well.

From sales to financing to parts to service, I have had such a wonderful experience with some genuinely nice, easy going folks. I will also mention however, that I like to think I too am a nice, easy going consumer so I'm not sure if the whole "you catch more bees with honey" thing is what made my experience more than ordinary, but I don't have a bad word to say about this dealership. If you wanna buy a Mini in Vegas, I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else.

Jennifer C. | 2015-03-05

I wish I would of read all the reviews before i bought a car from this dealer. this review is for the car service department. I want to point out that Kevin Mckenzie the car salesman is one of the best salesperson I worked with. he was very patient with me and my car needs.I bought a used car .drove of the lot and 1 week later the engine light came on so I took it to get serviced to the original dealer Acura.the dealer told me I needed a O2 sensor and a catalyst converter and many other things and the car had 4 recalls something they didn't even bother fixing .so I took the car back to autonation and they refused to pay for the 02 sensor or the catalyst.they told me since you bought it used they are not liable for it but they will give me a thanks.

Rafael F. | 2015-02-25

Today we got a mini Convertible. This dealership in the past was horrible the last time I came in the sales man was so pushy and arrogant that I walked away and did not buy a car.

I came back into the dealership and was really reluctant to speak to any one as I did not want to be abused for just looking, then Chris Uhles approached me and I have to say he was not only professional but not pushy at all!  He knew so much about the car he re-sparked an interest in me to own one. This mini dealership could learn a lot from this gentlemen.

If you come to get a mini ask for him as the other 2 sales people I saw, seem to be pushy to the point that it was disgusting.

Also stay away from the east side of the building the cigarette smell is sickening. I had to go close the door to keep the smell out. Someone please move smoke station over 20 feet from doors.

Ok time to enjoy the new mini.

Thank you Chris for being you.

Christina W. | 2015-02-22

If I could delete my prior review I would. They only treat you well when you're purchasing, if you finance through them then refinance with your own bank bc you get a better APR- watch out for the slowest, most unorganized cancellation transaction to take place. What I was told was that it would be "so easy, no problem" has resulted in my having to go down there three times just to get them to do what they said they would. And a month later it's still not done...I feel like I was lied to, all they care about is getting your signatures then throwing you out the door. Also come to find out one of the employees I worked with was "let go" shortly after I purchased. With how the financing went with my purchase,  I can't say I'm surprised in the least!

Nancy D. | 2015-02-20

Just flew in and picked up (and drove home) my new 2015 Cooper from Jason.  He and Scott (Their internet Sales manager)  made the experience easy, comfortable and easily the best car experience I have had purchasing a car.  Jason was a joy, pleasant, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  Picked us up at the hotel too for an added bonus.  If someone ever talks ill to you about the courtesy and efficiency of an internet purchase, they have obviously not worked with MINI Las Vegas! The VERY best way to buy a MINI!. Kudos.

Long P. | 2015-01-28

I've been shopping for a larger car for a year now. I've shopped at Desert VW of las vegas, Towbin FIAT of Las Vegas and Carmax. I finally got the 2015 Countryman at MINI of Las Vegas. I think what made me buy at Mini was that Mary who help me with my purchase was easy going. I did not feel any Car Salesman pressure from her. She made the car buying experience enjoyable. And Chris at Financing was superb too.

I don't think I got the best price in town. But I don't mind paying a little extra for the great service I received.
I'm very HAPPY with my car. Thanks You MINI of Las Vegas.

Maurice D. | 2015-01-28

I walked into Mini of Las Vegas one yr ago with a problem and had an amazing service had been cared for at that time this time I walked in to mini of Las Vegas had not so wonderful time.

Met with dawn the service writer I told dawn that my horn was not working, and she immediately told me that would not be coverd under warranty. She immediately assumed I wanted it to be under warranty.

I asked he to give me a complete diagnostic
On the car she said that going to run you 89.00
And if you decide to get the work done I will wave the fee

As if she will decide weather to charge me.

Two days later dawn calls me to tell me we can not fix your horn
Because you have a mess of wires in the horn area and you have an after market
Device. There. She proceeds. To say that I need to bring it back to where ever I got it from so they can fix it. Cause it's a mess.
And my bill would be 89.00 dollars.

After she raised my blood pressure for her rude way of speaking
I told her that's funny cause I bought it from your sister location Henderson BMW .
She paused and said well you need to talk to them .

So I called BMW of Henderson the general manager told them to take care of it
Cause I bought the car from them BMW .

Thank god for Eric General manager.

It's funny how dawn said they don't work on that horn, and told me I had to pay 89.00 for inspection , and I need to bring it back to were I got it.

And the end result was.
They fix the horn. I did not need to pay for the inspection
And they gave me a loner for two weeks and  they
They fix the horn . That she said they don't do.
Question does dawn know how to be a service writer?
Does she know how to treat a customer?
Does she know minis ruls regulations and polices?
My opinion NOT!
See another writer. You will get better luck.
In Las Vegas

Larry S. | 2015-01-26

I bought a used Mini 2009 and my salesperson was Alexa. Initially she was superb.....and then it went all down hill from there.

They claim the cars go through a complete service and then when you have the brakes checked ....they read low. Air filter, cabin filter were never looked at and were filthy.  It took weeks to get a service report on the past basics such as oil change, brakes and what ever was done to this so I can properly service my "new to me" Mini.

Alexa promised us touch up paint and it is months since I have the car and no paint so far. Don't promise if you can't deliver.

Dawn at service was very condescending when I had my Mini served there for promised free repairs. I was promised a loaner and had to fight to get it, and was told by her that the filters were not a safety issue and they did not have to address them. Even the low brakes that were showing 1100 miles to change were well in the legal parameters to sell. Parts that were ordered I was emailed that they were in, and when I went to service, they were not readily found.

Upper management was suppose to call me in regard to the issues and never didn't seem that they care.

I finally called again to speak with the sales manager ...... He found my paint on her desk and said he is mailing it Fedx .....hope he does that.

I wish there was another Mini dealer in southern Nevada!

DM M. | 2015-01-20

Patrick was excellent to deal with. He provided excellent customer service and made buying a car an enjoyable experience. There was none of the typical car dealership haggling over price, no hard sale, no going to get the manager, none of that rigamarole.  One thing I do not like is when a dealership tries to get you to use their financing and extended warranty, Patrick did neither of these, I appreciate the professionalism. I would highly recommend Patrick and Las Vegas Mini.

Jordyn B. | 2015-01-19

Excellent service. Faulty battery replacement. Brand new one installed. No hassel. Great warranty coverage took care of. No out of pocket $$ on my end. Shadow was my Service Advisor...treated me like a queen and answered all my crazy questions even if I kept asking the same question over and over just to be sure. Love the service I got at MINI of LV. Love my car too. Happy motoring to all. Due for oil change in a few weeks and expect to get the same quality service no doubt. Thanks Shadow....and Dawn.

Dylan D. | 2015-01-17

I had many email exchanges with several salesmen and managers regarding purchasing a used vehicle. The price was listed at $9,995, yet they somehow tried to tack on another $500 to the base price in offering financing options. When I called them out on this, they assured me that the price on the website was accurate. Their mistake. Strike one. After several of emails, I agreed to a test drive, and informed them that I would be there Saturday morning to do so. I received a response the same morning to the effect of, "Great! See you then." Strike two: I arrive to find they sold the vehicle the previous evening... And strike three, no one I communicated with before was available to help me. Thanks for the waste of time. Just how I wanted to spend a Saturday. And no, I don't want to call and speak to your general manager. No response necessary, just get your shit together.

Jordan G. | 2015-01-11

My review is based on the customer service we recieved from Dominic during our many trips to the service department.

Dominic went above and beyond in every way possible to ensure that our extensive service experience was a positive one. He was the perfect medium between the dealership and the customer because he was genuine, understanding and compassionate. It was like we had a friend at MINI keeping our best interest in mind.    

When things went wrong, we knew Dom would do whatever it took to make it right for us with a sense of urgency and professionalism. We believe this kind of customer service should be recognized.

While we worked with Dominic the majority of the time, Evan the service manager was good to us as well. Last but not least Daniel from the service department and the lead mechanic whose name eludes me all deserve special recognition for their great service they too went above and beyond.

For as many times as we were in the service department we felt like family, but most importantly we knew that MINI would do what it took to make things right. And thats why we will remain loyal customers.

Jordan & Nicole

Peter G. | 2014-12-29

I had a great experience buying a car here.  My salesman, Tony Bowler, was very nice and took care of me.  He didn't forget about me after I bought the car as well.  I had a problem with the car, and he drove all the way to my house to help me with it.  I appreciate the good service.

Hans A. | 2014-12-23

I just purchased a 2015 MINI countryman from Alexa and had a great experience.   From appraisal to finding the perfect car at another dealership and getting it shipped, it was a great experience.  This is my second new MINI,  and birth experiences have been great.   No stress, no issues,  and threw in free tint.   Gotta love the crew at Las Vegas MINI.

Vladimir A. | 2014-12-03

I was visiting Las Vegas and needed to replace my wiper blades since I was driving back to California and it was raining. I checked their website and it stated that they close at 7p during the week. However, I got there at 6:30p and was told that they were already closed and could not help me. The technicians had gone for the day. I explained that I only needed a pair of wiper blades, but I got a "no" again. Terrible customer service, rude representatives. They should change their business hours on their website if they deny service after 6:30p. First Mini dealer I am treated like this, all the others have been great.

Ines N. | 2014-11-28

To purchase from them cost us already $10k in repairs. We are still driving the Mini but you know they sold you a lemon when even the service advisor tells you this is a crappy car. We bought it 3.5 years ago used, and I  am still upset about it. Never ever again and I would really discourage anyone to purchase a car from them.

Katie H. | 2014-11-18

They have some awesome sales people. Unfortunately because of my very negative experience with another autonation dealership I had to walk away.

Felipe G. | 2014-11-16

Bought my third Mini with Jordan, Zack, and Scott. Great experience and I love my new Countryman. Definitely made me feel at home and a part of something special. Dawn in service is always great, I remember her from 2004 at Mini on Decatur. Look forward to a long service relationship with Kevin. He was great and always kept me in the loop on my previous minis recent repairs. Mini Cooper 4 Life!

Jason B. | 2014-11-12

Zack was awesome and everyone at Mini made my purchase expertise smooth and easy! Get excited every time I get to drive!!

Vanessa R. | 2014-11-04

This was my 3rd purchase of a Coop. I believe they truly sell themselves.  I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a misogynistic salesman, that quite frankly ruined the entire experience from beginning to end. Every question, concern, level of indecisiveness was treated as an inconvenience to him. He never once reassured me on my choices or even opened up the door to my questions and concerns. Furthermore during the end of the purchasing process I was awarded only one set of car keys and was treated like an overbearing demanding customer when I requested floor mats in my vehicle. Unfortunate all around because, I really adore my new car.

Andre L. | 2014-10-29

Came to mini to look at a mini and the sales man was so rude I about punched him in the face. So then I go talk to the manager and explain to him what happen and then the salesman goes inside and tells everyone what happened and they turn around and look at me through the window and start laughing I would never come to many of Las Vegas to purchase a vehicle

Bobby B. | 2014-10-23

Bought a vehicle there and the original deal was awesome. Good selection and fairly easy to deal with. However I have since traded the vehicle in and am trying to my partial refund back for a extended warranty I bought with them. It has been extremely frustrating. At first everything was going smoothly then I called to check the status and nothing was started. I have emailed multiple times and a few phone calls but no response. Good service before you buy. But they could care less about you after you sign the paperwork.

T L. | 2014-10-22

The basic service items, oil change, fluids etc seem to be fine. I had a problem with my am radio reception on channels 670 720 790 840 breaking up badly. This happens in 3/4 of the LV valley. Because it does it seems to work ok at the dealership. I was told after two visit to the shop that there is nothing they could do. Except turn it over to the corporate engineer. The would see what he says. That was approx 3 months ago. No contact since. This was the service manager that told me this. The loaner (radio)I used during the servicing did not have the breakup problem.
I will have consider other car makes in the future. This is not good service !!!

Donald A. | 2014-10-20

I bought a Used car from the Dealership this past week from Alexa Dolpies. She is a very kind and respectful sales person. The experience was really good. The 2005 Expedition that i bought did have some issues. I told my sales person about them and she was able to get the Sales Manager Bob Phillips to take care of them with the service department. The entire team at Mini did a great Job including My sales Person Alexa. Thank you so much for a great car buying experience and i look forward to referring others to you in the near future.Thanks Donald B. Amico

Channing P. | 2014-10-16

Jason Castano-Osorio is the man!  Being a young female buying a car is always an intimidating task b/c you never know what car salesman is trying to take advantage of you.  I felt completely safe and sound with Jason!  He listened to what i needed and helped me find exactly what fit my situation.  He didnt try to sell me something that I didnt need.  I will refer anyone in the LV area to him!

Jennifer D. | 2014-09-24

I started dealing with Xavier a couple of months ago from Japan. Told him what I was looking for and when I would be in Vegas to pick it up.

Not only did the dealership and Xavier come through for me and get me exactly what I wanted (Volcanic Orange Hardtop, white top and mirror caps, cloth interior) But went above and beyond my expectations, making sure it had the white stripes I wanted and the windows got tinted before I picked it up.

I did my own financing with a credit union so signing paperwork was really easy as well.

I had to wait 5 days to get my car because it was being shipped over from CA and still need the stripes and tinting put on. I was going to be car less, but Mini of Las Vegas got me a loaner Mini and took care of everything!  

Everyone I talked to was great, very friendly and helpful. When it's time I will defiantly be getting another Mini from Mini of Las Vegas and I hope Xavier is still there to help me out. He is great. The most low pressure sales guy I have ever dealt with.

I look forward to dealing with them again. Thank y'all so so much! I love my car!!

Jade G. | 2014-08-26

These guys are amazing.  I went in their with a engine manufacture light on.  I expected to pay in arm and a leg. They were friendly, warm, welcoming and took care of me, took care of repairs. They were great with communicating to the status of my vehicle as well.

Lisa S. | 2014-08-23

MINI of Las Vegas, thank you for showing up to the SCMC 51's Night and cooking us some delicious franks and cooling us down with some ice cold beverages! These guys are beyond a dealership it's a culture they have created filled with random acts of kindness and general concern for you and your Mini.  All of us at Sin City Mini Club appreciate everything you do.

R T. | 2014-08-20

I bought a used car from the mini dealership. I bought a Chevy Tahoe. The salesman Nate took good care of me. There was some issues with the car that they said they were going to fix and they actually fixed it. It's hard to find a dealership that honors their word these days. I also want to think the used car Sales Manager Jerome for helping me out. I highly recommend the salesman Nate and the service writer Carlos very knowledgeable and very helpful

Sammy S. | 2014-08-18

My experience with Mini of Las Vegas was very positive thanks to Dawn, one of their service managers, and Michael, the service technician who worked on my 2006 Mini Cooper S coupe . I cannot speak to any of the other employees at Mini of Las Vegas as I dealt exclusively with Dawn and Michael, who were very attentive and always prompt and courteous when returning my calls. Also, Dawn and Michael did their best to work with me on both service and parts costs, and Mini of Las Vegas  definitely supports the troops with a military discount, which I very much appreciate. My MCS is now back on the road with a new water pump, strut mounts and clutch, with no issues thus far. So, overall experience very positive...thanks to Dawn and Michael.

Amber B. | 2014-08-16

I called to see if a car was available that was listed on their website. Sal answered and said, "Yes, it is on the lot." I drove from Henderson to West Sahara only to find out the car was getting repairs done. I asked for Sal and he didn't come out to speak to me. The man who did give me information didn't even give me his name. I had planned to pay for the car in cash today, but they wasted my time and lost my business. I guess I'll find a better dealership.

Richard A. | 2014-08-13

I would like give a positive review. So, initially I will. There are a couple of service writers I enjoy very much. They are Kangaroo Bob and the gentleman sitting next him. His name escapes me at the moment, but he's the good looking mate, who is also very charismatic. The opposite of Bob. I would also like to recommend Ryan Bostein, in sales. Ryan is competent and knows Mini's well. If you have to buy a Mini in Las Vegas, I recommend Ryan. He can be reached at 702-985-8650.

Now, the negative portion of this review. The service manager is an idiot. He lies, he is incompetent, and he insulted my girlfriend and me. And he isn't very keen with arithmetic. He thinks he knows everything. I don't believe that to be the case. In fact, I know at least a dozen people who share my opinion.

Brandon Busse, the general manager of Mini Las Vegas, hasn't been much help either. I have called him four (4) times in the last month. He has called me once. And I stopped in to see him. Nothing.

My Mini will never be serviced at Las Vegas Mini again. You are such a bitter disappointment.

Samantha F. | 2014-08-06

this place is a joke! first of all, NEVER EVER speak to the manager Bob. he's rude, unprofessional, and just a miserable person. we got a car that required a down payment of $1000, which was fine. they said that they would process the payment 28 days after the sale which was even better. before the 28 day mark hit, they processes the check not once... not twice... BUT THREE TIMES! my bank issued three counts of fraud against me because of them. after numerous unreturned phone calls made to them, they decided they wanted to repo the car. the agent we dealt with was awesome and we explained what the dealership has caused. he talked to Brandon, but he was unavailable when we got to the dealership. so we got stuck with Bob, who argued and threatened us when they found out they were in the wrong. they claimed to have called us frequently and that we never called... I offered to show them our phone records and he says "it doesn't matter"! who the hell says that to a customer?! lying to cover your ass and make a sale is ridiculous and desperate. they then decided to tell us, 30 days after they gave us the car, that they wanted another $1300 to keep the car because something went wrong with the financing AND for us to pay the fees for the agent! are you kidding me?! at that point we gave them the car back due to their negligence. nice try trying to lie your way out of it Mini! having Bob dodge my questions, raise his voice at me, and threaten us with false information is all we needed to see. the financial advisor couldn't even look us in the eye, who was Chris. the only credit we can give is to Tony and Jordan. they attempted to help with the situation and the frustration the dealership has caused. I will never refer anyone to this place unless they want lies and threats!

Christopher T. | 2014-07-30

MINI of Las Vegas is the best! They do price matching on service and have the best people working for them. They do everything in their power to help out their customers with their MINIs.

    In service Dawn and Dominic are the best always friendly interested in your car and you and how they can help.

    In parts Josh and Chris are awesome they have helped me out with a lot of parts and accessories for me and my MINI.

    In Sales talk to Jason and Alexa they are again awesome they know the cars they love the cars and are so helpful in finding the MINI with all the options you want.

    Management is always there to help as well.

   The entire dealership helped me get my MINI ready for MTTS 2014 (MINI Takes The States). We are going all the way and they checked the car top to bottom and back again to make sure everything was taken care of for my 8,300 mile journey.

Sweetface M. | 2014-07-29

I previously read the reviews on this dealership before deciding to move forward and purchase a used vehicle here and unfortunately I made a poor decision in doing so.  After the sale was completed, the salesman took me and a friend to the car to show me how to operate the different functions in the car.  Specifically, when he was discussing the radio I noticed there was no clock or radio display shown and when I inquired about setting the time for the clock display his answer was for me to refer to the owner's manual and he also said the display wouldn't show what radio station I was listening to.  Well, during the couple days I had for the money back guarantee I took the car to another place for an inspection and there were a number of things that needed work on the car including a weak battery, both lower control arm bushings, a leaking oil pan, and shaft seals needed repair.  Not to mention, the radio/clock display was in fact broken and the salesman couldn't just say that but rather dodged my question about setting the clock time by telling me to refer to my owner's manual, really?! Of course I went back here and showed them the list of things that already need to be done on the car and in between chuckling/laughing at how other places just want money he said since these things weren't safety hazards the car was good as is.  Sure, the car looks nice on the outside but it's already costed me $700 and I've only had the car a little over a month.  I went back not to have any work done but to pick up some paperwork and inquire about the situation and one of the service guys said he would have a talk with the particular salesman who sold me the car because that isn't the way you sell a vehicle according to him.  Disappointed in the experience and would not recommend anyone I personally know to purchase a vehicle here.

Andrew R. | 2014-07-08

I bought a MINI back in 2002 from what was then Desert MINI. It was OK, just like buying any car.

In October I ordered a new 2014 Clubman S from MINI of LV and the experience was so much better! They gave me a good price and a more than fair trade in value. They kept me in the loop on what was happening with my MINI while I was waiting and made the delivery fun.

The new management are great and it carries through to the employees who are going out of their way to make customers happy.

If you go in, tell them Agro sent you.

Charles F. | 2014-06-26

Purchased a used Ford Expedition from Alexa, the internet sales manager. I found the whole experience to be professional from sales to my conversations with Chris the finance manager. I was not in a rush to receive the vehicle so I was willing to wait till it was right. When I picked it up it was wasn't new but it sure looked new...detailed and my concerns...handled. Thank you Alexa and Mini of Las Vegas...

Angie M. | 2014-06-11

I have a Mini and I bring it in for service .  Their service department is great !! They are on time and get your car back to you all clean and ready to go ! My service guy is Carlos I believe and he is very efficient and helpful . He makes sure I have a courtesy car when I drop my car off .

Steve A. | 2014-06-05

All  i can say is  you don't speak to customers that way..

Kimberly S. | 2014-05-27

The finance guy (Jason) at Mini calls me this morning and tells me BMW needs me to put another $1200 down for the 2014 Cooper S that I purchased last week. I tell him absolutely not, he then asks me to come to the dealership. We go in, and from the time I get there, he's still asking me how I would like to pay for the $1200 more that they want. I tell him once again, I'm not paying anymore money and if they can't work with what I signed for and we agreed for, that I would just take my $2000 and my 2013 Passat back. He then sends over the "Finance Manager" and he tries to talk me into keeping the Mini. I told him the same thing I told the last guy, just give me my money and my car back and I'll leave. We go back and forth some more and he finally says okay. They go get my car, and then tell me I have to wait 5 days to get my down payment. So I said okay, when I get my money, you will get the second key to the Mini. Jason then refuses to give me my second set of keys to my Passat, I tell him "that's not how it works." He says "yes it is" and walks away. Horrible Customer Service from someone who spent the last 7 years working as a Salesman and then recently got promoted into Finance. I didn't even bother chasing after him to tell him what I thought of his rude behavior. I get in my car and drive home. I get a call from our original sales guy (Mick), who had no idea what was going on until after I had left. He was upset that he was blindsided by Jason, and was not aware of any additional money that needed to be put down. He stated that had he known, he would have called BMW himself and got this taken care of. I allowed Mick to go ahead and call BMW to get this taken care of and if the numbers worked without me needing to put down any additional money that we would be able to work a deal. Mick and Scott both went out of their way to take care of this situation and get it resolved and made it to where I was able to get my payments lowered by $110 a month and no more money needed down. I however did have to leave work to go and resign the paperwork and get the Mini back. If I could give separate ratings for each department, Mick and Scott would get 5 stars, however that is not possible, and since I had such a horrible experience with Jason, I am forced to give this rating 1 star. Be warned if you finance a vehicle with Mini you will most likely have to deal with this clown, who obviously belongs no where near a Finance Department, much less work in vehicle Sales. So funny how two faced people can be, he was nice when we first came in last week to purchase the Mini, and today once I told him there would be no more money coming from me, he showed his true colors. I felt completely disrespected by Jason, and will never, ever work with him again. Nor will I recommend anyone to finance a vehicle with him. If I have friends looking to purchase a Mini I will advise them to get their own financing through their own bank, to avoid having to deal with him and his bait and switch tactics. Completely and utterly unprofessional. Please don't tell me to contact your GM either. He is fully aware of this situation, and the lies that Jason told him about why the deal went south. I will be contacting MiniUSA about my experience as well. I am sure that they would love to hear about what transpired today.

Kelly-Marie N. | 2014-05-19

I am loathe to have to give them a single star.  Bought my 2004 mini from them in 2006.  Went in to have the oil changed, ended up with a bill for $1600 for everything they discovered wrong with my vehicle while they were changing the oil.  Never went there for servicing again.

Cut to earlier this year, my power steering started going out when I was driving the car.  *SCARY*.  

Turns out there is a warranty extension on the pump (mini cooper knew it was faulty...… ), and when I took the car to get the part replaced, we were told there were going to be other parts to be changed and that would NOT be free.  They were explicitly told NOT to do anything but fix the faulty pump.

They called an hour later to pick up my car.  I get there and was told there was no indication that the part was faulty and they would not replace the pump.

I asked the salesman point blank, "So you're going to let me drive a dangerous car?  You're not going to fix it?"  He simply replied that there was nothing in their tests indicating the pump was faulty.

I ended up selling the car to a company that would fix the pump themselves.

Bottom line:  they let me drive a broken car in dangerous circumstances and did not care that my safety was in jeopardy.  

Just think about that before asking yourself if you should buy a car from them.

LJ R. | 2014-05-17

Just bought my 3rd MINI... My second from Desert Mini dealership. These folks are AWESOME! Even if I moved out of state I think I'd come back here to by my next one. They are truly interested in helping get the right car for your wants and needs. It was again a very pleasant, relaxed, and fun experience. They even brought the car I was interested in right into the showroom so my disabled husband could have a look with ease. These are NOT your stereotyped car salesmen. They worked to get me a great deal and the best financing possible. Brandon, the general manager walked me thru the process personally. Mike, the salesman, made sure that I was completely happy with the car before anything was signed on the dotted line. And he spent plenty of time showing me all the cool stuff on the car.

I've bought cars elsewhere and know how stressful it can be. Not here. I highly recommend this dealership. I'm a loyal customer for life, thanks to the guys (and gals) at Desert MINI.

And I'm so loving my new Roadster. Gotta love a turbo!!!

Gabriel T. | 2014-05-01

I recently came to this car dealership with the recommendation of a friend to purchase a car. My friend got his mini from Mr Jason Weinstock, he received great service from him and had no complaints since he got his mini cooper 3 yrs ago. I met Jason and he immediately knew what i was looking for. He was very pleasant, calm and helpful. I did not feel any kind of pressure from him. He was straightforward and nice. He helped me through the whole process up to the last minute in sending me off in a new car. He is very knowledgable about his job and mini cooper.

The mini cooper dealership is neat, clean and welcoming. The staff is attentive and friendly.

Veronica Y. | 2014-04-23

Had and still in the middle of having the worst experience ever with this place I should have came on here to read these reviews first and I would have never came here I bought a car and was told absolutely nothing was wrong I have not even had the car a full 3 months and have been in the service dep about 5-6 times we are waiting for a call back and almost a week later with two left voicemails and still no response just unprofessional they just want your money

Dee S. | 2014-04-22

This dealership truly represents the spirit of MINI! It's so nice to go there and be greeted by such great people!
I'd like to recognize Brandon, the GM; Jason, Alexa and Mike F in sales; Dawn and Dominic in service. I would mention more people by name but I don't know their names so I'll just say "guy in first office" and "tall fella."
Thanks for all you do to make my experiences great! Your commitment to go the extra mile with all the custom needs I had for my Bayswater was above and beyond! I LOVE my MINI and I have all of you to thank. :)

Gert K. | 2014-04-14

I bought my first MINI a week ago at MINI of Las Vegas, car seems fine so far, but it will be the last car I will buy from this dealership.
Cameron, sales person was very nice, telling me exactly what I wanted to hear, 0% financing, great value for my trade in, upgraded rims included! sounded great.
But none of that was true, but I liked the car I was buying, so I stayed with it, I got a deal I could live with after dealing with Scott, sales manager, so I went through with the purchase"
The dealership was running a promotion of pay $1000 and we will match $1000 that I had to ask for, this took the price of the vehicle and payments to where I would like to be.
When I took delivery of the car, 7 hours after I came in, I wanted a walk through of the features of the vehicle, I was then told to read the manual, as it was getting late and everyone wanted to go home for the day.
Cameron scheduled me for a follow up appointment 6 days later, where I was supposed to get the rims I was promised, a missing key, and the missing manual, when I showed up as scheduled, Cameron didn't even remember me, why I was there, or even that we had a appointment??
I found Scott the sales manager and he assisted with getting the missing key, the manual will be shipped in the mail, and the rims was ready 2 days later.
I still have not had my walk through of the car, but I'll rather do that myself at home once I receive the manual.
There has not been a follow up by the dealership after purchase, no check for customer satisfaction, so I'll do that here on Yelp so they can read it here.
I can honestly say, you got my business this time, but not the next time, nor will I recommend your dealership to anyone, the car is fine, fun to drive, but the way you treat your customers is enough for me to not go back.
And no, if your reply to this review, is to call your GM, I will not do that, just ask your sales person Cameron, if he remembers!!

Trenton E. | 2014-04-11

I should've written a review within the first month of purchasing my pre-owned BMW from Desert Mini of Las Vegas...2012.

The car I purchased has been the WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD. Purchasing a new / used car is meant to be exciting.
They managed to ruin it and still to this day i have no help being thrown one representative to another.

Today i went in again for service and the 'Warranty' i was also sold doesn't even show in BMW that i am covered (it's Auto Nation accepted).
Appears the assessor will pick and choose what can and cannot be repaired even though my policy states 'Mechanical' IS COVERED. I signed for it and pay my premium.

I was also promised many things upon purchase, the sales guy 'Mick' came back with a blank sheet stating 'don't worry we will have all those things taken care of after the purchase and didn't need a documented copy'. I took a photo because i sensed this was a sham.
Since owning the vehicle in 2012 i have not had the items fixed, and sure enough even more problems arose, 2k in repair estimates already. Even after owning it for 3 weeks i had the first installment of problems occur.
They practically sell cars that are about to breakdown without qualified inspections.

Reading Gina's review made me laugh as i also was promised my car had bluetooth and possible cd rack. Sales guy was hard pressed to move it off the lot he made up things as he went and took me for a ride.

So disappointed, will never purchase from Auto Nation again. Especially not Desert Mini.

Bottom line, do not take their word and have the car inspected at a local mechanic you can rely upon.

Stacey S. | 2014-04-11

I spoke to the GM Brandon this morning in response to the post by Christina M. After going over what happened with him, he literally said he didn't know what he could do for me but that he understood that what happened may have been frustrating. I asked for full reimbursement of the money I paid for the diagnostic, and he offered to reimburse me the $20 that I was overcharged. I said thanks, but no thanks. That $20 will count towards my lesson learned. After speaking with him, I can now fully comprehend why I had a completely frustrating and horrible experience with these guys.

Gina A. | 2014-03-13

Although you should expect to be screwed a little at any dealership this one goes above and beyond! They set you up with a nice salesman which was fine until you actually sign the papers... Then the Bluetooth you were told your car has doesn't exist, the extra $500 they were to give back because they valued my trade in wrong never happened and the registeration that was suppose to take 3 business days is now at over 3 weeks and I still haven't gotten it. Also when you go in the finance guys a complete douche and dawn at the desk.. "She's really nice" said no one ever!

Sure my mini is great but definitely not worth the hassle.  If I could do it over again I would have kept my old car.

William P. | 2014-02-21

I had a great experience here purchasing my Mini Cooper. I was not planning on buying a car at that moment. There was no pressure. I was nice to go in and not be forced into buying anything. The customer service was wonderful. They made my wife and I feel like we were part in the family. i plan on buying another car from them. They were awesome.

Susan L. | 2014-02-19

Got my first almost new car in along time from this dealership.., my experience was a great one. My salesman Xavier Taylor was very helpful and went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of from start to finish. Would definitely buy another car from here !

Nelia B. | 2014-01-28

I just trade in my MINI COUNTRYMAN last week and tried to go to the dealership today to get a refund for my extended maintenance but sadly they said that IT WAS NOT CANCEL ABLE/REFUNDABLE and I was like what?I paid $2175 without even using it not eve once and I can't get my money back?so please people if EVER you plan on purchasing a MINI or a CAR on this dealership MAKE SURE PLEASE ask them if what they were offering to you are CANCEL ABLE/REFUNDABLE if ever you trade in your car in a year or two cause if not like what happened to me they just took my money without even using their services.



Jared Z. | 2014-01-16

This is the only place I have ever had my Mini serviced at. They are always more than accommodating. Dominic is the best service adviser! Super friendly and helpful, always explains everything clearly. Mini takes care of their customers!

Zach S. | 2014-01-02

Dealership is nice inside and everyone seemed very nice. That's to be expected at any MINI dealership. I do all my own work on my R53 Mini S and have called several times for parts quotes and they are always about 75% higher than the norm. I'm not just talking 75% higher than online sites but other Mini Dealerships. For example a coolant expansion tank will run online and at other dealers $75-85, but they wanted  $125 even after I told them nicely I thought the price was off. I was just told "Well that's the price." I then bought the part at another Mini Dealership in CA for $79.

It has been like this for several parts. If they are high on parts then you know service work will be higher than normal because the parts used are priced high.

Saleshe J. | 2013-11-03

we went to the dealership expecting to hear that the countryman would again be out of our budget just like the rest of the cars that we were looking into but alexa, scott, and chris were incredibly professional, hardworking, and dedicated and after spending hours trying to work through all the kinks, they were able to give the us just the deal we were looking for! :)

my husband and i are very grateful for their efforts and we are extremely satisfied with the countryman and with the service we received from the excellent staff at mini of las vegas!:)

Jules G. | 2013-09-27

Just bought a new Countryman S from Salesperson Xavier. He was great with everything except he was helping not just us, but seemed to be two other couples! In fact he took so long the lady he was helping next to us ended up leaving. The price we got for the Counryman seemed way more than i wanted to pay! And they weren't about to budge on the price! For this being a $46K SUV you think they could of threw in some free racing stripes or something! this car is not even loaded yet it cost almost $50K!! Not once did a manger come over thanking us for the good purchase nor come introduce himself like other dealerships! Almost like he was to proud to show his face out of the office! The actual Countryman i originally wanted to purchased  was being driven by the General Manager. And later to find they are suppose to keep the cars clean and ready for sale anytime!! But when my husband went to check it out he smelled smoke and saw a bunch of kids clothes and food all over the car! Shows you what kind of person the GM really is! So overall my experience there wasn't the best and I regret getting the Countryman I got!!

M S. | 2013-08-30

Email to Alexa:

Hi Alexa:

Thank you for your help with the sales process on the 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid.  I appreciate what Kevin, Chris and yourself did during the sales process.

You do have a slight problem though in your service department and its process!

I called around 9:15 am on Wednesday, August 14th to request the possibility of picking up the new auto, having the 2012 Honda prepped, make the complete payment on the car and have the radar detector and license plate transferred from my VW Passat to the 2012 Honda.  It was confirmed over the phone that I could pick the car up that day instead of Friday.

I showed up just before 12:00 pm noon and gave the following in a bag to Chris and yourself.

1.  Signed Title
2.  Three keys for the VW Passat
3.  Owners Manual
4.  License plate covers for the VW Passat
5.  A set of Wheel Lug Nut Key Lock ABC #9

Then I went to lunch at the Blue Ox Tavern and return to the sales area around 1:25 pm.

I received the auto through Kevin about 13 minutes before 4:00 pm, just short of four hours after I brought my VW Passat to your office.

When I went out to the parking lot to review the 2012 Honda I saw the following with Kevin.

1.  The 2012 Honda was not washed or detailed.  There was enough dust on the dashboard to draw letters and numbers.  The trunk was filthy.

2.  The license plate was not on the 2012 Honda, instead Kevin screwed a paper license plate showing a expiration of 9-11-2013.

3.  I only received one key for the 2012 Honda................  not three keys like had on the VW Passat.  See Attached............

4.  The radar detector was installed and working.

I performed the following tasks on Thursday at my own expense.

1.  Had the 2012 Honda washed and detailed for $40.00.

2.  Put my license plate on the 2012 Honda and put the paper license plate on the dashboard for outside review.

3.  Pending a response to my email about the additional keys needed.  What can you do about this?

I know you have to rely on other people within your company to make the purchasing of an auto from your parking lot a wonderful experience.  That makes your job easier or harder.  At this point in time the service department is getting an "F" for a grade.

In the next 5 years, I will be in for my oil and maintenance work.  I hope it does not take over 60 minutes to get my oil changed?

Thank you for your time and help!

Mark E.


David L. | 2013-08-21

Treated me fair. I usually factory order cars, this time I saw what I liked a Blue Coop had the toys in it. Will be back in 3 yrs to buy another. Don't know about service dept shall see and review if I ever need them.

Mariny P. | 2013-08-17

The worst service I'd ever experienced in my life. I dont know why Mini Cooper company hired this kind of people to work. This guy named Jerome who I sold the car to. After took my money and my car left me in a dark sh** hole. When I need to talk to him to clear out the problems, he will throw names randomly for me to go chase after endlessly and lied that he has nothing to do with the deal. I called to the office at the Mini Main Office as he told me that this lady(Becky) is the only one that can solve my problem. He didn't even leave me her number, so I asked him how can I reach her? He looked at me and didn't say anything. I asked him the second time and he still purposely ignored my question. I asked the third time and he finally looked up with the attitude and said in a harsh voice. I'm busy!!! Really?!!! Hard to believe of what I heard. Because when I walked in he was actually chitchatting with his coworkers and giggling. Yes I was very upset but tried to be nice and walked outside to look up the main office number myself. I called and finally reached Becky. She said that she has nothing to do with this and she told me to talk to a person that I sold my car to, which is Jerome!!!! I told her to hold on the line and passed this conversation in front of Jerome!! He's speechless and looked at me with guilt but he still denied to take care of my issue. Tomorrow I am going to talk to the store manager with a hope that one of them is actually give a real service and no bullshit! not just take the money and kick us out. If this doesn't work I am going to record everything these people are saying to me tomorrow and post on youtube and to show the world how these people are so *** up!!!
I hope this experience of mine will help others and try to be aware of this Mini Cooper store especially Jerome!

S S. | 2013-07-19

Stay away at all costs!  Paul, one of the service advisors there, is a habitual liar. Making up story after story about things he doesn't even need to lie about.  It can take up to 2 hrs just to get a simple oil change here. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME with these idiots. This is probably the most dishonest service facility on the west coast. I would give them ZERO stars but it won't let me.  I've caught them in numerous lies most of which come from Paul. He has no right to be working in this industry.

Rebekah G. | 2013-07-09

Aside from offering us a lower quote than Carmax to buy one of our Mini Coopers off us, this place is awesome.

I love the staff. When we had both Minis we both serviced them here. I bought my Mini Cooper Countryman here. Now that we're down to the Countryman, my husband has his eyes on a Paceman. We'll be back most def!

Angelique D. | 2013-06-20

Recently purchased a Mini from Alexa Dolphies at Mini of Las Vegas.  I am extremely satisfied with the service and support she provided me from start to finish (she successfully and efficiently located my dream car and took great care of me!).  Alexa provided me with answers to all of my questions and concerns and easily handlled and addressed all of my needs relating to financing and servicing of the vehicle itself.  She is very professional, likeable, and easy to talk to and will get the job done.  She also helped me to get a great trade-in for my previous vehicle, which made all the difference with regards to financing, etc. I was also very happy with  Lewis in the financing department at the Las Vegas Mini dealership who provided me with no-nonsense finance options.  Carlos in the Service Dept. has also been wonderful to work with and returned all of my phone calls in a professional and fast manner.  Brandon, one of the managers who helped me at Mini, was terrific and helped me as well in a timely manner.  Overall, I highly recommend Mini of Las Vegas if you're interested in amazing cars and service. Ask for Alexa if you're interested in buying a Mini -- she is stellar!

Steve S. | 2013-06-13

I purchased a 2013 Clubman that had to be ordered from the factory due to the all the extras I wanted on the car. I had built the Clubman on-line so when I arrived at the Dealership, Jason was assigned to help me since he was the Internet Sales Rep.

Jason did a fantastic job in getting the vehicle ordered from the factory. The car arrived in a acceptable time frame and was even early from what the estimates were. Jason kept me updated on its progress and let me know as soon as it was en route  to the Dealership.

I'm happy with the service Jason provided but it's still to early to rate the Service Department. I'm somewhat concerned due to all the negative comments listed by other reviewers.

One thing that could be improved on is more involvement by the senior staff of this dealership. Not once was I contacted by a Manager to see if things were progressing well or even to thank me for spending over 46K at their store. "Scott" whom I presume is the manager was present during most of my visits, but he remained barricaded in his officer and never looked up from his desk even with me standing just outside his office door in plain view.

We shall see how this company handles the Service of my new JCW Clubman.

Tisha S. | 2013-04-25

So frustrated, I always said I would own a mini forever. After today, I don't know if I can say the same statement. Desert Mini of Las Vegas blew up my engine during a routine maintenance appointment over  5 weeks ago. I went to pick up my car today, (after I was assured it was in good condition) I didn't get 5 minutes down the road before the check engine light came on, oh and the air conditioning didn't work.  They were so quick to tell me they have been test driving it for the past 4 days to make sure it was running properly...we live in Vegas, how do you not notice the air conditioning isn't working after test driving it for 4 days?!?!
I've never been so mad at a company's customer service. Extremely disappointed, Mini if you don't fix this, you loose a loyal customer.

Before you decide to purchase from desert mini....check out the's a simple observation. 5 stars= new mini owners 1 star=loyal mini owners getting screwed over by routine maintenance.  Do the math.

Joni T. | 2013-04-25

I ordered & purchased my 2011 Mini Cooper S from Jason at this location & had a suprisingly easy buying experience.  Since my purchase, I've had a couple of warranty/maintenece visits with the service dept & have nothing but great experiences with Bob & Fred.  I know everyone's situation is different, but I have nothing but good things to say about Desert Mini :)

Phil B. | 2013-04-17

I purchased a 2013 Mini Cooper S yesterday and Kevin was my salesman.  Over the course of 2 visits we felt absolutely no stress and were treated by everyone on the team there wonderfully.   I'd actually been shopping for 2 new cars,  and Desert Mini was the best out of all the places I went.  

I read some of the other reviews about service,  dents, etc.  Can't say anything about service department yet,  but as far as purchasing a new car, they were great.  

As far as the haggling went,  that was smooth as well.  I had a price in my head what I wanted to pay, and they came back at that and a little lower.

Larry S. | 2013-04-17

Since staff changes, Desert MINI's Customer service has gone from awful to AMAZING!   The new GM Brandon is very Customer Service oriented and the service staff is beyond the best there is.. Dawn in service is very helpful and goes above and beyond for her customers!

Jane R. | 2013-03-24

Do yourself (and your Mini Cooper) a favor and take your car to an autoshop - I recommend Bob's Autodynamic.

I bought my 2006 Mini Cooper S brand new in Minnesota, and when I moved to Vegas in 2008, I thought that since my car was still in warranty, I would come to the dealership.  

The Mini Dealership actually tried to convince me my car was out of warranty.  They told me my car needed over $3,000 in replacement parts... After doing some research, I went to the general manager and showed him proper documentation of my warranty and that I shouldn't be having to pay for those parts.  He went to talk to the mechanic (and after some back and forth bickering that I overheard), he came back saying that only $2,200 worth of parts needed replacement... huh?! So now that you guys have to pay, you're saying that I actually didn't even need to replace some of those parts you said were "threatening to the safety of my driving if not replaced" before?  

Long story short, I did some research and - MANY MANY people in the Vegas valley have had identical problems.  

The workers here all have good attitudes, but it's a scam... MAJOR SCAM.  

I even took action after they wouldn't let me see the old parts to my vehicle (which I am fully entitled to see).  I reported them to the BBB and never looked back.  

I recently bought a new car, but during the time I had my Mini Cooper S (six and a half years), I loved that vehicle.  Highly recommend it to anyone who isn't doing a heavy deal of driving (small towns, short work commutes, etc)...

But PLEASE, if considering buying a Mini Cooper, take the short plane ride to California and buy one there. And when you drive your new car back to Vegas, take it somewhere else for servicing (even if it's under warranty); they will find parts not included in the warranty and break them.

Andrea L. | 2013-03-07

I just purchased a brand new mini cooper and had a fantastic experience. I walked in said what I wanted, took a test drive and about an hour later I was driving off. My salesman, Jeff was fantastic.

Richard S. | 2013-01-22

My post did not get posted, but I am with the One Stars.  The five stars were buying.  We one stars got screwed at the service end.  Check out Yelp for Kensington Motors.  I just got "my baby" back after a major catastrophe avoidance.  Bill and Marc saved my car and wallet $3500 plus.

Dan G. | 2013-01-18

The salesman, David, was great.  But, that was about it.  Our used vehicle had scratches and dents, but we drove over 175 miles for the vehicle on New Years eve, and didn't have any other options.  The car runs great and looks great, but we were never told about the scratches.  They offered to take $250 off and fill the tank, however we noticed after leaving that those were promises were not kept.  I wouold not use them again.

Eman S. | 2013-01-12

Before taking my Mini here for service, I was warned that they will find something wrong with the car no matter what. Knowing there was one issue and I had a recall, I took it in to get repaired. All of a sudden I had a car's life-threatening leak that had to be fixed immediately and I could not drive off the lot without getting it fixed.

I contacted a mechanic I know and he said that if the leak they are saying actually existed, I would have definitely noticed. After going back and forth with them on the work, I told them I would be interested in purchasing the extended warranty and unbelievably, the car was okay to take home and drive for a few a while until the warranty can be used. Interesting.

The next day, I take it to a Mini specialist here in Vegas and told him about the "leak" and he looked and started laughing. He wiped off some fluid that was in that area and said there was absolutely nothing wrong.

Save yourself a ton of time and use the reviews here on Yelp to check out the other Mini service people here in Vegas if you are out of warranty.

Choung H. | 2013-01-06

Bought a used Pontiac here, and will never consider buying from this dealership again.

After a week of driving the car, everything you could imagine started breaking. First, the electric power steering almost caused me to have a deadly accident. Why was I not informed of this issue before buying? They wanted to charge me $1K to fix it, I just took it to Desert GMC and got it fixed for free since it was a recall. Tell me, why the fuck would you sell a car knowing that it was on a recall list?

The manager is extremely rude and unprofessional, you could just tell the company is all about the money. I still had to pay $1000 for the down payment we agreed on, I said I would swing by after work. He calls my phone during work and leaves a very disrespectful voicemail which I will not go into detail with it here.

Not to mention they failed to tell me the CD player was broken, brake pads were at 10%, the fuel pump has failed, the coolant has leaked, all within 6 months of owning the car. I've had it for about a year and have fixed everything and thanks to a RELIABLE MECHANIC THAT GIVES GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, this car is running beautifully.

Never again, not even for a Mini/new car. Shame on me for not doing research, but shame on them for their extremely shady business practices.

Mat J. | 2012-12-04

I have a hard time understanding why this Mini Dealership is sooo bad. My wife and I have purchased 2 Mini Coopers in the last 18 months and neither were from this dealership because the service was so bad. I don't get it, just because you are the only dealership in town do you think that gives you the right to be overly snotty with your customers? Last time they would not let us test drive a car because it was dark (we drove to Irvine to buy) this time they are huffing and puffing because we walked into service to ask about new windshield wipers. The CS rep spent the whole time huffing and puffing. I'm sorry, but if the car wasn't under warranty or if there were other choices in Vegas I would never go here. If you want a Mini I suggest Justin at Irvine Mini... You will get way better service... And without the attitude!

cameron c. | 2012-09-30

I met with a few dealers in LA, but ended up buying my Mini from Desert MINI of Las Vegas.  It gave me an excuse for a road trip, but it was well worth the drive.  Their outstanding customer care I received through the process of buying and then continuing afterward was like nothing I've experienced.  If you consider buying from them, ask for Byron Thompson.  He's the kind of salesman I like working with: you don't feel pressure, you feel like he has your interest in mind first, his follow-up is exceptional.

Brian A. | 2012-09-12

I have to be brutally honest my experience with Desert Mini was and has been absolutely delightful. I went in with no preconceived notions that I would drive off the lot with a new car. I just went to do some research. After I visited them I was convinced I wanted a Mini; not a Prius, not a Fiat, a Mini. Not just because it is an amazing little ride but because Jason W. (my sales person) put no pressure, knew his product well, answered all my questions thoroughly and was completely passionate about the car. Passion is big Plus. My finance guy Nick was great too! Even dealing with the young woman at the front counter, who helped me with my registration, was delightful.

Two weeks after I got my new Mini, I brought it back to get the windows tinted and its "bonnet stripes." The gentleman at the service counter was great, despite it being 7AM!

Look we have all heard the nightmare stories of going into a dealership to buy a car and all the pressure. Ill admit I was even nervous when I pulled up to go test drive the Mini. But I was put at ease immediately. The Mini is a great car! Did I need it? No of course not. My Nissan was literally 6 months from being paid off and it ran well. But it wasn't fun to drive. It was time I had some fun in my life and Desert Mini made that happen.

Thank you Desert Mini for making me a Mini enthusiast! Now lets go motor!

Jazlyn B. | 2012-08-31

I purchased my new MINI from here last night and I LOVE it!  Brandon, Kevin and the fellas in finance were fantastic!  
They had plently of available options (lease v purchase) and they were more than willing to work with me to make sure I got exactly what I wanted...and I did.  They went above and beyond in every way and I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a MINI.  Thanks guys!

Denise M. | 2012-08-25

I had a wonderful experience! Robert Gordy helped me get the Mini that I have always dreamed of having and all the employees there were so nice and helpful! Thank you!!!

tony d. | 2012-06-07

Took my Mini in for a stalling issue that would not throw a code.  Took 2+ days but they did fix the problem (at great expense).  When I picked up my car, however, they had put 125 miles on it over the course of 2-3 days and damaged the arm rest and hood.  (To be fair, the writer had called on day 2 to ask if they could drive it a little to make sure the fix was good; but 125 miles ?!?!).  They did fix the hood and armrest when I took it back in.  Had to be ignored for 25 minutes first, tho.  Got the usual laundry list of disastrous items that needed immediate attention.  Ordered the parts on line and had my usual mechanic install them for 1/3 the price that the dealership wanted.  Now I wonder if I even needed those repairs.

Maggie M. | 2012-04-03

Worst experience was made clear to me that that the only way for them to make money was taking a percentage of the costs of repair...therefore being over charged and told serrvices were needed that really werent needed at all!  They are a bunch of crooks.  WISH I could give negatie stars.  Never again....

Paul O. | 2012-02-02

I love my Mini Cooper!  But I HATE the fact that this is the only Mini dealership in Vegas.  While I did not buy my Mini from here, I did bring it in when I did have a weird transmission problem start happening.  And that's where the nightmare began...

About 6 months ago my car decided to say "fuck you" to my fourth gear and would just rev up to 5K+ in third before shifting to fifth.  Knowing that shit is not normal and not good for the longevity for my ride I brought it in here.  They diagnosed the problem after a few hours, it was a computer malfunction so they reprogrammed it to fix that.  Not bad, that saved some money and headache I thought I was about to experience.  But when they called me, I was presented with a laundry list of alleged problems that my car had.

Everything from and oil leak to a blown thermostat to power steering malfunction.  And I was even told my relatively new tires and brakes were shot.  Total cost: $4,800.  Now I'm no genius, but something tells me if I have a leak, I'm going to see some fluids and drip spots in my garage.  I had none.  Also If my thermostat is blown I'll notice it with a loss of coolant and/or my gauge would read differently.  Neither were happening.  And my tires and brakes had maybe 2000 miles on them, so I know they're ok.  But I was led to believe my car was going to brake down and blow up on the way home...typical crock of shit mechanic jargon.

I had a third party warranty plan I had just purchased a few months prior so the dealership called in an inspector.  At this point we're at day 3 mind you.  The inspector comes in the next day and surprise surprise, he doesn't see any of these new problems.  So he denies the work order, and then my second headache happens where the warranty company accuses me of being in cahoots with the dealership and they cancel my warranty plan in fear of fraud.  So that became a whole back and forth thing for days and I was out hundreds of dollars there, but that's a story for another day.

Back to the dealership...I go and pay for the computer recoding and the few other fees charged for the inspection that the warranty company will not cover now.  I still get harassed by the dealership over how my car is going to blow up on the way home unless I have them fix it right then.  But I pay my bill, give them a nice fuck you, and go about my way.  I go home and thankfully learn about Kensington Motor Cars so I brought my car there to get checked out.  None of the problems mentioned by the dealership were wrong, thou it did have a small problem with something the dealer didn't even mention.  

So the moral of the story is, if you have a Mini Cooper and it has a problem, DO NOT come here to see about it unless you like being lied to and spending unneeded money.  There are much better and more reliable places out there to help you out.

melissa f. | 2011-05-29

Eek! Methinks not for sure!

Come here tot he service department and they will try to charge you for services that you DO NOT need.  I go back home to Madison MINI service department and get the REAL deal on what needs to be changed/replaced with my car.  I have been working here in Vegas and will likely need to go back here soon for an oil change and I dread the day.  :-/  Also it's difficult to get their attention here in the first place to get service with you car.  On a side note, un-related to Desert service department,  I LOVE MY MINI!

Bob F. | 2011-04-26

I took my Mini to the service department with a check engine light and non-functional A/C. They kept car my for two days, charged me $1K and replaced the battery. They declared the car fixed and returned it. Problems began surfacing almost immediately, including several I didn't have when I brought the car in (incredible coincidence, no?). Within three days the A/C was out again, the check engine light was back and now the car was repeatedly stalling and my fuel gauge quit working. When I brought the car back, the dealer tried to blame the same A/C compressor they told me was OK on the previous visit for the check engine light and the stalling, replacement cost $1,500 (which is insane). They also told me that they were going to charge me more diagnostic fees for anything they didn't look ar before (never mind that their previous attempts at repair caused more problems). When I told them the car still stalled with the A/C turned off (ruling out the compressor as a cause) they stuck to their story. I knew then that these people were clueless. They told me I had the "wrong" spark plugs (which is complete crap), but they would be happy to sell me the "right" ones for $34 each (the exact same plugs are about $7 each at O'Reilly). I don't know how these people sleep at night with the way they overcharge customers. Their approach to repair seems to be to throw grossly overpriced parts at the problem, then repeat if that doesn't work. When they screw up or cause more problems they explain it away as coincidence, and expect you to pay them to diagnose the new problems they caused.

I complained to the Better Business Bureau - and found out how useless they really are. They offer excuses for their paid members rather than helping consumers. They told me that the dealership "made a good faith attempt" to address my problems, when in fact they made no attempt at all. A complaint to Mini of North America yielded nothing either. This will be my last Mini.

After paying this place $1K to fix a problem they didn't fix (and they apparently broke other things in the process), I don't trust them to do anything but drain my wallet. At the recommendation of the Sin City Mini Club I took my car to Kensington Motor Cars. They diagnosed in a few minutes what Desert Mini failed to diagnose in almost three days - and I actually got my money's worth there. Kensington has a master Mini mechanic on staff. He certainly knows a hell of a lot more than the hackers at Desert Mini who are supposed to know my car inside and out

When you read the reviews of this dealership, you can pretty much tell whose cars are under warranty. Most of the people getting warranty work done are happy. Once you start paying for repairs, satisfaction goes off the cliff because parts are outrageously expensive, diagnostics are expensive and often wrong, and when they fail to fix your car their solution is for you to pay them even more. Do yourself a favor and find a good independent Mini mechanic like I did.

April D. | 2011-04-08

I had purchased a MINI here a few years ago, the sales team is great, while your car is under warranty the did a good job, or so I thought. My last tune up they said everything was perfect 4 months later and only about 1000 miles extra driven and I suddenly needed over a thousand dolaars in work and new tires. I think they need a new car repair team. I won't be taking my car there anymore.

jj h. | 2011-03-14

i went there and i got a feed back from them as i was not another human being or you could say that they looked at me like this guy? (naah he doesn't have money) mind as well just walk away and not welcome me. i see a lot of sign from their faces could get the hell outta here you're not welcome here. but i didn't care walk around a bit looking and waiting for someone to come and said hi, no one come untill i was like okay i'll go somewhere else that's they willing to sell me a car i hope this place go bankrupt soon

Foung V. | 2011-03-14

bad service period. unfriendly,no greeting, does not want to sell a car, employee just walking around do nothing. i will tell everybody i know not to go there even there are no mini dealer in that state.

Jim S. | 2010-08-31

The location has changed as of yesterday. Location is now 5750 Decatur.  Nice BIG new building.

tomoko m. | 2010-05-14

My experience at Desert Mini has been incredible!!  

Robert Gordy, Bob, Bill and all the others that make this dealership complete... Thank you!

The customer service that I've experienced here has been top-notch.  
Robert Gordy knows the ins and outs of a mini cooper.  If you ever want to buy a mini, do it here!