Low Book Auto Sales in Las Vegas, NV

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Low Book Sales is an independently owned dealership that specializes is helping customer:
Buy, Sell, Service, or Finance a used car.  

Low Book Sales offers competitive financing options for the entire credit spectrum even if the customer doesn't purchase a vehicle directly from the Low Book Sales inventory.  

Low Book Sales has a state of the art service department with ASE certified technicians that can service any make or model.


Established in 1996.

Low Book Sales is committed to you!

At the foundation, or should we say chassis, of Low Book Sales is a desire to bring drivers in the greater Salt Lake City, Lindon and Las Vegas areas an assortment of used cars capable of transforming everyday commutes into something a little more extraordinary. This is why we sell only mint-condition used cars.

People across Utah and Nevada are also talking about the quality auto service & repair we provide, commanded by a team of experts hand-picked for their knowledge, passion and promise to treat every car as if it was their own.

And remember when it comes time to finance your used car purchase, we work with of 50 lenders and offer custom-crafted car loan options. We know the numbers don't add up the same unless we add your circumstances and financial goals into the equation.

Are you ready to be treated as you should be? As an individual? Yes. Well, then visit one of Low Book Sales locations today. We loo

Low Book Auto Sales

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 569-2665
Address:3250 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89104
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Low Book Auto Sales

Tanisha B. | 2015-04-21

If you are looking for a certified Use car, Don't go to Low Book Sales.

I just bought a car from  Low Book Sales 48 days ago, my Check engine light came on after a week of buying this car so I took the car back to the dealer ship so they can check the problem and the  dealer ship Promise they would fix any engine problems for free within 45 days, Well they could not found the problem and Keep asking me to bring the car back to spend more time with the car  to figure out the engine problems .Over the past 45 days I have taking the car back to Low Book Sales 7 times and the car maintenance department final figure out the engine problems after the 45 Day Warranty was up and ask me to pay $300.00 to fix the engine problems. I would need send anyone to this dealer ship!Dont trusting these people.

Tina H. | 2015-04-14

If you do go in with trade, they will only give half of blue book value.  They try to low ball you like you don't know what your car is worth.  I left and said "I would never come back". They even asked WHY.  I'm not that stupid.

Glen L. | 2015-03-06

This place is ridiculous. I somehow got on their call list,  and now they call me 3-6 times A DAY! They left a message the first few times. Now, even when I answer, there's nobody there to talk to.  So annoying!

Don K. | 2015-03-02

I Would give them negetive stars if I could. Bought an SUV from them which took 3 weeks to show up, then after I was promised new tires I was screwed because the windshield was cracked so there was "No money left in the deal" so I was stuck having to go without new tires but they said there "certified guys" looked at them and they were good. Cue ten days later and boom I get an estimate for the tires cracking, dry rotted, and cupping. Needless to say That was just the start! Ive had the car 10 months, put 6k mileage on it and....Check engine lights on with a failed catylic converter , fuel sending guage inop and this morning my radiator stranded me in the middle of a busy intersection, oh and best? My so called "Warranty" they sold me covers none of this!!! So Im left scrambling to keep my familys one working vehicle from becoming a junkyard peice all the while everytime you call there service dept you get excuses or no one is even in the office for hours at a time! I assure you this, whatever "different" experience this place offers, its a fucking joke. From there desperate and sad salesmen to there service dept your grade all around is an F. I will never do business of any kind with this company again nor will I refer anyone ever to this pit. All the advertising and marketing in the world cant fix this sinking ship. Buyers beware!!!

Erika J. | 2015-02-26


High pressure sales - they screwed my credit up by running my credit 7 times!!!  They say they finance themselves but they didn't even consider that until after that had done so many hard credit checks that it dropped my score with every check.  They ended up getting me a loan at 30%!!  I refinanced with a bank a few weeks later for 9%!  

They did an oil change on the car before i took it home - just went for my first oil change since I got the car and was told by a different mechanic that LBS over torqued the drain plug when they last put it in a stripped the threads off the plug and the pan.  I had my car towed to LBS for them to fix the problem that they caused and they just put in a new plug even though the pan was still damaged.  and tried to convince me that if i went only to them for all future oil changes that they would guarantee their work.  which made me know that they didn't believe that what they sent me out with was a proper fix - that there was a good chance of future problems.  I took it back to the other mechanic and they looked at the repair job LBS did and were shocked by the shady work and felt bad for me and they tapped the pan for me properly fixing the problem and didn't even charge me because they felt bad about the experience I had with LBS.


Naomi S. | 2015-02-25

We saw a listing for a vehicle we were interested in so we called to make an appointment. Once we came in we got no greeting what so ever and the girl at the front desk was playing on her phone. Once we got her attention we were asked to wait until someone could help us. We were told 10-15 minutes. We waited 45 minutes and had to go remind someone we were there. What was the point of making the appointment? Once we got into the sales room and started giving our information the sales man let us know just how uneducated he was. He couldn't spell "Barnes and noble" nor could be spell "pet" we had to repeat everything multiple times and spell everything letter by letter. After that long ordeal we finally told him what car we were interested in. His response? " I don't see it we probably sold it already." We made an appointment to see a specific vehicle, we told the woman on the phone and the 15 minutes between us calling and getting there it was sold? We found another vehicle and after 20 minutes of waiting while he figured some more things out we were told the car is in Utah and if we are interested then they can have it sent here but it's going to be 800 more then the list price. Needless to say we walked out unsatisfied. Customer service was poor, the experience was horrible and if you are going to make an appointment make sure to clear an extra 1-2 hours for just waiting to be helped.

Mark P. | 2015-02-20

This place blows. I walk in looking  to buy a couple of vehicles for my business in the Midwest. I end up with some idiot that doesn't even greet me or ask my name just "how much are you going to put down?" When I tell him I'm looking  at 2 vehicles  he tells me to make up my mind and pick one! When we go for a test drive the vehicle is below E and I  tell him and he says we're only going around the block.When I  say I want to go out on the freeway he says "no". Well I had enough of this piker and I'm getting in my car to leave he asks me my name! Gives me his card. What a loser. I'm  a walk-in so he's  got nothing  else going on but can't be bothered. I went over to Chapman's and had a great experience and bought 2 Jeeps. I sent Low Book an email detailing my experience and left my phone# and never even got a response.  Avoid this place at all costs! Can you imagine how any follow up service would be if they treat you this was as a potential customer?  -5 stars

Christopher S. | 2014-08-31

Honestly, I do need to thank Low Book Sales.  I just bought a brand new car for about what they wanted for the used version, with a much lower interest rate, and an extended warranty for lower payments than they wanted.  If they hadn't made our experience so miserable we never would have looked into buying a new car.

Jennifer B. | 2014-07-29

So my husband and I just recently lost our vehicle in a auto accident and decided we needed a used car asap. Something temporary and quick, so we we looked online and found a used vehicle here. We go in to look and had a horrible customer service experience. The sales associate who approached us did not introduce himself or ask our names. He was so not into selling us a used vehicle. His attitude killed the whole experience. I know to him our chump change wasn't worth his time, but we had cash and found the car we wanted before we even got there. He had 1 job to do, take our money. He said he didn't know if the car was safe numerous times and even said he wasn't going to lie cause he didn't know if the car was crap.? Wtf? And when the air conditioner vents didn't work he said I could give someone $10 and they could come tell me what was wrong with the air. Ummm, hello this car is still yours wwhat the fk am I going to pay someone for, to tell you what's wrong with the air? We left this place feeling discouraged and like we We're not worth the salesmans time. Not only am I never returning here I'm also making sure everyone knows that if they don't show up to this place with stacks of money then you'll leave here feeling like dirt.

Amanda C. | 2014-06-17

Never go here for anything. Worst customer service ever. My sales guy was nice but that's where it ended. The finance guy called my credit union, did not finance through them, and yelled at them for something Low Book didn't send them then called me to say what kind of Mickey Mouse bank am I using. Really. As for the service department. It took me two months to get my due bill sorted out, and I have to get my husband to go with me since they wouldn't even give me a response. Finally got the car I. To fix the dent/chip and they drove my home since it would take all day but for coming to get me that is another story. They wanted to drive my car to me and then bring the person back to Low Book. What!  No you pick me up so I can look at my car there and if something is wrong I deal with it then.
So in the end I will never go back there and tell everyone I know how horrible this place is.

Dino M. | 2014-06-13

If you post your car on Craigslist, they will call you ENDLESSLY trying to get you to sell your car with them. So annoying! Any company that spam calls so much should not be trusted. STOP CALLING ME.

Frank E. | 2014-06-12

I trusted the word of Jesse about fixing the scratches on my car. Broken promises! They have lost mine and anyone I run into business!

Erik A. | 2014-05-17

I will NEVER come back here again, my rep was Rolando

1st..I had to type all my info the computer into his office because he was too busy eating a sandwich in my face.

EVERYTHING Rolando had to do related to my sale was a chore..a hassle..an inconvenience

I work too hard for my money to spend it somewhere that will treat you any kind of way.

this place lacks professionalism and will not succeed if other people are treated the way I  was today

Kimmie D. | 2014-04-01

So I decided to update my review since they fixed my car again ...  So I got my car back on 3/21/14 , had it back for a week , husband comes home says it overheating , and Im fuming mad , this car has turned into a nightmare. I call and get in touch the Paul , the GM. He apologizes about the car and gives me a number to call and get it towed in. I'm figuring great it's 8:30 on a Thursday night , I probably won't get my car back for a week , blah blah blah. But NOPE , to my surprise everyone was on their A game. I got a call 8:30 in the morning , Brett in service was VERY professional , and they explained the problem - gave me the solution - fixed my car that day! I really do appreciate everyone there , they went out of their way to make me feel like they were listening , and resolved the issues with the car. I'm a very happy customer ! And will be referring people who need a car !

Tramar M. | 2013-11-18

Just awful. Omg....... came for a car. Got the run around with the price and the interest. Found out at the end that u pay for all those sweet things they offer u. All that they offer is paid for in ur contract. And to top it off u find out that they have a gps lowjack to shut u off after missing a payment . Wow after all that I waited 4 hours to have a lowjack put on because they forgot

Vanessa P. | 2013-07-26

This place is no different.

This is your typical car dealer ship folks, they advertise a plethora amount and that is why I was there.

I was under the impression that they might be different with bad credit, bankruptcies, auto loans, and all that bad stuff.

My salesman took a circuitous route to avoid telling me that I didn't qualify because I co-signed for my sisters car a year ago, but according to them I do qualify I would need 40% down or a co-signer.
I told them upfront my situation and they still decided to just ignore, 20% down and $250.00 a month.

They have a lot of different programs.

1.) They will finance you even if you don't want one of their cars (if you qualify)

2.) They have over 50 lenders that can finance you (if you qualify)

3.) If you do get financed you can bring your car back within a year and they will increase your credit limit by almost 50%

There is so much more I just could remember it all.

The thing that gets me the most is the sales folk, they are so unprofessional just like the receptionist. They are horse playing on the job running around taking pictures or non sense.

My sales person was very professional I will say that.

Paul the finance manager was the slowest though, I had to wait on him at least 30 minutes just to get a response.

There is nothing special about this place.