Lexus of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

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Lexus of Las Vegas sells new and Certified pre-owned Lexus cars and SUVs, as well as other pre-owned makes and models in Las Vegas, Nevada and Henderson, Nevada.  We offer service and parts for Lexus vehicles.

We are passionately committed to developing lifelong relationships and delivering the ultimate ownership experience through integrity and innovation.

Lexus of Las Vegas

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 942-6600
Address:6600 W. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV, 89146
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Lexus of Las Vegas

Marissa C. | 2015-04-20

Wow... My husband went to trade in the car we bought a year ago and they tried to screw us over SO bad!!!!!! We need an SUV now after having a child and they tried to offer us 4k less on our trade in than any other dealership we've looked at. But then they tried to sell us on the fact that Lexus is a good product. Obviously not if it depreciated 10k in 1 year. Once we get away from this car.... We will never own a Lexus again

Ray G. | 2015-03-31

first, let me say thati'm really not a fan of dealerships.  OK i was wrong about this place.  i was visiting LV and parked at the flamingo valet and someone did a hit and run.  the flamingo was no help BUT Lexus of LV WAS.  i tried driving back to LA and the car started making noises where it was hit.  brought it in and met mark bivens, told him the problem. without missing a beat he said grab a cup of coffee and we'll see what we can do.  twenty minutes later i was on the road.  considerable kudos deserved... THANKS

Joshua C. | 2015-03-31

Very good service. Had recall and got loaner for the day. And service writer helped a lot

Timothy S. | 2015-03-20

A very professional staff. Work was always quick and thorough and the employees were very polite. A very good representation of the Lexus brand.

Jeremy j. | 2015-03-11

We worked w Brandon Mondido. We negotiated deal on the phone and we're in and out of the dealership in an hour. This was the best car experience from a price, professionalism, and fun perspective!  I will definitely be back and highly recommend Brandon and Lexus of Las Vegas!

Don B. | 2015-03-11

I bought a 2011 CPO ct200h sight unseen from Lexus of Las Vegas. The entire process was seamless. I dealt with Brandon Mondido who did everything to get the sale taken care of. He answered all of my questions through email and was available over the phone any time I needed him. Honestly I felt like I was his only customer through out the entire process. What a feeling. When we arrived in Las Vegas Brandon sent a porter over to pick us up and take us to the dealership. Once we arrived did I understand what kind of service I received. This place is large and deals in high traffic. Brandon went over all of the features of the car. I had an idea what to expect but my expectations were far exceeded. The car was basically brand new which is great because we put 4200 miles on it during our trip home and it was flawless. I was more of a BMW guy in the past but to be honest I'm converted. This car is fantastic as was my experience with Lexus of Las Vegas. I recommend anyone looking for a car in the Las Vegas area and beyond to seek out Brandon Mondido. You will not be disappointed.

William L. | 2015-03-09

We worked with Brandon Mondido to select our vehicle.   He did a great job showing us the available inventory.   It was important for me to understand the pros and cons of each of the vehicles we were considering and Brandon was very knowledgeable.    We are enjoying our vehicle and are quite pleased with how Brandon helped us.   I would not consider any other dealership than Lexus of Las Vegas.

Dragisa Z. | 2015-03-05

First off, I have to say this is the best dealership I have walked into. Def, all the people working there are amazing. But, Rosemary who worked with me is exceptionally the BEST. I would like to recommend her to everyone that's looking to buy a car. They gave me the best possible deal, I love my car! I would recommend Lexus of Las Vegas to everyone looking for luxury and best ride. I drove an Infiniti for 2 years and I taught I would never get any other car until I drove a Lexus. It's amazing what the car offers and how amazing it rides.

Denise C. | 2015-02-25

Susan leong has been working with me and my mother on several lexus leases. We keep going back to her and will continue to go back to her in the future.

She stays in close contact at every stage and is always very helpful in answering or finding the answers to all of our questions.

We want to thank her very much for her fine service to our family on behalf of lexus.

Denise ctibor
Satisfied customer

Lina D. | 2015-02-25

Royalty Treatment!  Lexus on W.Sahara are bar-non the very best in CUSTOMER SERVICE! From Val,Antonio,Brice ,Vahagn  and Mark,who runs an amazing TEAM!  Indeed just make you feel like a "million Dollars!"  I already had came in on the 17th for my tire due to a nail on the outside wall, which I raved about the treatment I received then but on the 20th for the same tire which was damaged again.....via other source, which I thought was covered under my warranty but because it was driver's action and not road hazard-- it was not--- I was in stress mode for I did not do this and  in which the car was "valeted"!  Must say! The I was still taken cared of as if I had "the piece of the Rock" with Them!  Thank you so much SERVICE DEPARTMENT TEAM!  I felt very special  as I drooped of my car and Brice dropped me off to meet my family for lunch and my Lexus Rx 330! Was ready!  The service team,here at Lexus really are the very BEST! Can't rave enough how well I was treated! Again a Great product backed by FANTASTIC SERVICE!


Jillian P. | 2015-02-16

Beep beep!!! If you're in the market for a Lexus, you MUST stop by and visit Rachel Roemer, she's the best sales person at Lexus of Las Vegas, in my opinion!!! She cuts to the chase, talks to you like she's your friend, makes you feel confident in your decisions, is extremely knowledgable, and truly does want what's best for you!
The dealership is conveniently centrally located in town, which is nice because they also do maintenance work on their vehicles, so I'll be back. The waiting room has tons of good beverage choices, comfortable seating, and even an enclosed kids play room!!!

Juddi L. | 2015-01-23

I give them 5 stars!! I've always hated dealerships. The reason why I don't hate this one is because they fixed my recall very quickly, the service manager offered me a rental and free car wash. An hour later my car was done. In their waiting area they had fresh coffee, muffins, bagels, tea, water and soda. The service manager didn't try to sell me a million things and no sales people were in the waiting room trying to make people trade in their cars. I was surprised because every dealership I have ever been to, they always try to sell u a new car when your waiting for service.

I am a general manager of a automotive repair shop and I am impressed with the level of service this dealership provides. The only reason why I came here was for a recall on my vehicle. AND WHEN I JUMPED IN MY CAR TO LEAVE, I NOTICED THEY FILLED MY GAS TANK UP TOO! WOW!!!

Jayson B. | 2015-01-22

Rosemary in sales and her sales manager, Leigh were awesome! they ensured i got the best deal and was very transparent during the whole sales process. they were pleasant and not pushy. loved the experience i received there. thank you again, ladies! i will be referring business shortly. I love my GS!!!

Logan S. | 2015-01-02

Dropped off my car 2014 Lexus IS for service at 9 and did the full service , everything that can be done , Vahagn nazaran did all my paper work very pleasant man, had my vehicle done in less then 2 hours ! Very professional and polite , had my car washed and detailed inside and out and looked brand new again! Car seems to be running a lot nicer after it was serviced !!! Excellent job a very happy customer :) would recommend him to anyone who needed the help !

Adam S. | 2015-01-01

Lexus of LV has Broken the Mold!!  Susan Leong, my saleswoman, is officially WONDERFUL!  

Susan is Thorough.  Professional.  Caring.  Engaging.  Patient.  Determined.  Attentive..  Miss Leong is a true customer advocate.   An experience doesn't get much better than this!  I've only purchased from private sellers for the last 25 years and have not been a fan of dealerships, avoiding them throughout my years.  However...this experience for me has BROKEN the Stereotype.  If anyone is looking to spend their hard-earned money for a vehicle, I unconditionally recommend Miss Leong; period.  Many thanks to the Lexus of LV Team for making my used (LS460-l, Executive Package) car purchase such a wonderful experience.  Sincerely,  

Ps. Leo Tinoco in finance was a pleasure too-answering all of my detailed questions, helping me see the value in a 5 year extended service plan :)

Eleanor B. | 2015-01-01

My experience with the people at Lexus of Las Vegas was wonderful.  Brandon Mondido did a excellent job of making my transaction happen quickly, efficiently and professionally.  Jason Gill was exceptional as well.  He went the extra mile to find me the right vehicle for the right price.  Thank you both for an excellent car purchase.  I just love my new car!!

Eleanor B

Brenda G. | 2014-12-09

Don't purchase a car from this dealership you are treated like you are stupid, the salesman are very unprofessional and rude and arrogant, instead go to Lexus of Henderson who treat you like royalty , ask for Sean Williams

Brenda G

William D. | 2014-11-24

I realize that you pay alot for a Lexus, but you also get great service if you go to Lexus of Las Vegas.  Don Turner was the sales person who worked with me, and he did a great job getting me into a Pre-Owned that looks and drives great!  Mike Stevens is my Service Consultant, and in addition to being a great guy, he is very competent and goes the extra mile for his customers.  Bottom Line:  Would I buy again from Lexus of Las Vegas and/or recommend them to a friend or family member?  Yes.  Without reservation.

Carisa A. | 2014-11-18

I recently bought my FIRST car from Lexus of Las Vegas and I must say, the customer service is awesome, such a friendly team. First and foremost, the thing I love about doing business with them is they answer any and all questions you have, anytime. Whether you're looking for a car, or already own one. I love that the associates approach and greet you, make small conversation, and are NEVER PUSHY. That's definitely a plus in my book. As far as the service crew, they are awesome as well. They go over the top to make sure your needs and expectations are met.

Patrick K. | 2014-11-17

We recently found ourselves in the market for a new car and my wife wanted to stop in and check out the Lexus CT hybrid, so we stopped in this past Tuesday to check out the car.  We were quickly approached by a sales woman who offered up a test drive, so we said ok. The brought around one that was reasonably loaded (which was what we were most likely to buy), but during the drive I inquired about a special lease deal Lexus was offering which had really low upfront costs ($999) and a low monthly payment (less than $300) - specifically wanting to know what was on that car (I assumed it was nothing) and what a lease would run on the better equipped model we were driving.  She didn't know the answer, although she did spend a lot of time hemming and hawing about fees, but said she could find out.  

So after the test drive (the car was fine, not very exciting, but ok... basically your standard Toyota based hybrid) we head off to get the numbers, making a really bizarre detour across the service floor while she goes on about how nice the service shop is (its no different than any other high end car dealer's service department) and the highly skilled service techs.  So then she wanders off to get the numbers while we wait, and wait, and wait.  She wanders out after maybe 20 minutes and says there is a big line at the managers desk waiting for info, but we'll be up soon. So we hang around a little bit longer, because my wife likes the car (it was to be her vehicle) but after another 20 minutes I walk over to the manager's office (where's she is standing around the manager's desk with about 3-4 other sales folks) and flag her down to say we are leaving.  She apologizes, but takes down my wife's number and pledges to call us tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest with the details.  As we part, I reconfirm that what I want is the lease price for the well equipped car we drive and she says ok, and offers to also get another quote (on what they have in stock that is comparable to the lease offer mentioned above) and I say ok, send us both numbers.

So we get home and the night passes.  No word from our sales friend.  The day goes by and we hear nothing. At some point, a survey person from the Lexus dealer calls to gauge our happiness with the sales person and my wife notes (in a message in response) that we're pretty unsatisfied since she's yet to follow up as promised. Finally, around 4:00 the sales woman follows up because she has the numbers and starts rambling on about stuff that is NOT what we wanted (the actual numbers - the sales woman is going on about factors that affected the figures for the lease offer but not providing any actual figures - and keep in mind none of these factors were related to us, as we didn't give them any info or details or have our credit run, this was taxes and fees and crap).  After a few minutes, my wife gets fed up and insists she just e-mail her the info, which she does.

So what did we receive? Not what we asked for.  She e-mailed us figures for a car that is basically the same as the lease offer model with only two options - a cargo net and wheel locks.  They valued this "package" at $890 (a little research reveals that folks usually only pay between $160 and $240 for this) and that changed the lease to require $2000 upfront and a $426 payment that does not include any of the factors (taxes, fees, etc.) that the sales woman was going on about.  The vehicle is also overvalued by about $2000 bucks over the average priced paid.  No where to be found is a lease option for the well equipped car that we had asked about (multiple times).

It is now Sunday night - four days after she e-mailed us this nonsense.  We've not heard word one from the sales woman or anyone at Lexus of Las Vegas.  But that's ok, because we've already bought a car.  The terrible deal being offered (on a car we didn't even ask about) and the abject failure of the sales woman to provide anything approaching decent service left a mark though.  I'll be due for a car in a year or so, and while its far too early to say what I'll be interested in at that point, I can pretty much guarantee we won't be buying it from Lexus of Las Vegas.

UPDATE: I have to add a quick update to my already long review.  So despite having never followed up on our visit to Lexus of Las Vegas, the sales associate apparently signed us up for their special offers mailings, which come from her e-mail address (it's clearly an automated e-mail despite where it came from).  We never consented to this and were not informed that we would be signed up for their SPAM e-mails.  Even worse, the first SPAM e-mail we got has their "December to Remember" event, which includes the lease specials we went into look at and for which they had no matching vehicles!  Ugh.

Cory D. | 2014-11-04

Brandon Mondido is the BEST! Flew out from San Diego to buy an RX350 and he had a car pick my up at the airport. The whole process took less than I expected and I was driving my new (used) RX back to SD by lunch time.

Brandon followed up with me after the sale, TWICE! I would definitely recommend Lexus of Las Vegas.

Thanks Brandon!

Roy N. | 2014-10-31

I took my car in to have my wheels aligned and balanced.  Kamal Maasry was my service rep and he was great.  He showed me diagnostics that revealed all four wheels were actually pointing in four different directions.  No wonder my car didn't seem to want to stay on the road.  After the wheel alignment I noticed an immediate improvement in my gas mileage, which was an added bonus.  Mark Bevins the Service Manager explained that tire care and wheel alignment play a much  greater role in gas mileage than one might expect.  Nice work guys!

Amy L. | 2014-09-15

I've just recently purchased a brand new IS 250 from Lexus of Henderson. Service was impeccable, made me love Lexus even more.  My tire pressure was low and I was near Lexus of Las Vegas so I decided to stop by and get it fixed along with a car wash. I was DENIED a wash. I was told this location does NOT offer complimentary washes!  The service rep told me he needed to ask for approval from the car wash manager and even so, he may or may not say ok. For a car wash???? What kind of service is this??? Lexus is considered a luxury brand, I expected levels of service to exceed my standards.  Needless to say, I was deeply disappointed in my visit to this dealership and I will never return for any type of service here anymore.  I will go out of my way to visit the location in Henderson as I would never get this lack of service there. I will refer everyone to go to Lexus of Henderson from now on.

Tatum T. | 2014-09-09

I bought my very first car here a month ago, and i couldn't be happier with the service i got. Warren Kirwin is the nicest person you'll ever meet. A little bit about me...i am so dumb when it comes to cars, and i have horrible credit. I went to this dealership just to check things out, inquire and maybe plan on how i can get a car one day. Warren was very accommodating. He never made me feel intimidated. He was very patient in answering all of my silly questions. I really felt respected.

Leo from finance was just fantastic! My dad and i were very impressed with the way he presented things to us. On our way home, my dad kept on saying how amazing leo was. He really was amazing. Hello??? He gave me the best deal ever.

I can't thank them enough. I told Warren it was basically wishful thinking when i stepped into their office. He and Leo turned my wishful thought into reality. I would never think of buying a car other than a lexus. I've always been a lexus fan. Now i'm never buying a lexus from any other dealership. I'm not just loyal to lexus now. I'm loyal to lexus of las vegas.

Chris R. | 2014-09-03

Why is the part department not as good as the sale department? I am very very very disappointed... I drive a 2004 Lexus is300. Yes I know it's a bit older than what's out here today and yes I know that they don't make parts for it anymore.

But hear me out... I literally needed a bolt and a nut. 2 simple things. I could go anywhere but I CHOOSED to go to LEXUS. So in advance I called the part department and told them what part I needed. Long story short they ordered it and told me it was going to take about a week. I'm like okay since it has to be shipped from San Fransisco. He told me it'll take about a week. I went on a vacation and just to save headaches I wanted to pick it up when I got back. Here we are 3 weeks later, the nut came in but not the bolt. Not even a call to update me on what happened. Why even ask for my phone number?? I wasted my time coming in today. The guy told me somehow the part was cancelled because of their computers. He said sorry but in a way to just get rid of me. He didn't accommodate me or anything! How are you going to work at a dealership and not make the best out of every single customer? Make them happy instead of saying sorry. WHEN YOU DONT REALLY MEAN IT, you just say it to make the customer shut up. Very disappointed in Lexus. You know the saying when a customer receives bad customer service he tells 10 people. When the customer relieves good customer service he tells 4 people. My family has bought nothing but Lexus in California. Slowly you guys will change that to another car manufacturer. Not because of the bolt and nut. Because of the principle of taking care of your customers.

Jamie C. | 2014-08-09

Had my car in for a recall while it was there they said my cabin air filters needed to be changed so 100 bucks I did it week later my sunroof was malfunctioning amongst other things brought it back in and again got the call that the cabin air filters needed to be changed!!!! SO I asked if they screwed me last week or if they were screwing me now all they said was o that's right I see now we did do that last week I don't know why that's there...hmm I do because they are liars!!!! .....I tried to trade my car in for my dream car and I was only going to have to finance about 22000 with my trade I told them I wanted like a 400ish payment with that small amount to finance it is possible seeing how I paid off one  car with them....NOPE they told me 750 for 6 yrs ARE YOU HIGH??? they said at lexus they don't have 400 dollar payments.  So I went to bmw financed the same amount and left with my low car payment and new dream car ..I will never do business with lexus again I guess they are just to good for me...

Rachel P. | 2014-08-04

Lexus of Las Vegas was very dismissive when I went in to buy a used Ford.  They lost the properly executed contract and then threated to send me to collections for money I did not owe.  On top of that I had to replace the entire transmission less than 7 months after I purchased the car.  The finance department including the finance manager behaved in an ignorant manor and instead of admitting their mistake added fuel to fire.  I would not recommend purchasing a car from this dealership.

See S. | 2014-06-20

Everytime I take my car in for routine maintenance, I always have a pleasant experience. Everyone I speak to or come in contact with, from the receptionist answering the phone, to the tech replacing my key battery, to my service consultant Mr. Nazaryan; they are always very thorough, accommodating, and patient.
The lounge is very comfortable and it makes waiting for your car a lot easier and time seems to fly just a little bit faster.

V K. | 2014-06-20

This was the easiest buying experience I have ever enjoyed. Jason and Donald were exceptional. I got exactly the deal I wanted. Very classy. Leo in finance was so much fun. This is the second  car I have purchased from them and it has been a pleasure. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because we were there far longer than we should have been.

Bryan M. | 2014-06-19

Would not recommend this company. Once they sell you the car, you can't get any help after that at all. They sold me a car that had been wrecked and repaired half-ass. Chris and Jennifer are the ones who sold the car and refused to help me. Sold me the car with no working cigarette outlet and 1 working running headlight. After telling Chris that I would be reviewing their business, he begins to say I am threatening his business. Let's be clear, everything I say in this review is truthful. They sold me a wrecked car that has been proven by a reputable body shop in town. The front end had been damaged and glued back together. Buyer beware! I can provide any pictures and more info if you just ask. 702-600-1918

Cheryl D. | 2014-06-19

I would highly recommend Lexus of Las Vegas!  I have purchased 2 vehicles from them and the experience was outstanding!  The sales people are great, not pushy, the service people really care and make sure everything is done correctly.  Courtesy vehicles are always available and super nice!

They painted the door on my vehicle that someone nicked up and it looked factory new!  ANYONE that has a negative thing to say about this place, ignore them!


Liz W. | 2014-06-02

This review is with regards to my sales man at the Lexus dealer. On the 24 of April I had the most wonderful experience with Billy Johnson.  He was professional, considerate, with me,  personable, experienced, extremely helpful, informative.. shall I go on?

My entire experience with this dealership and Billy was the best I have ever experienced.  

I highly recommend Billy. If you want an exceptional sales person, ask for Billy Johnson. (702)

Cu L. | 2014-05-28

April 2014, I started car shopping for myself. It was the first time I'd ever stepped foot onto a Lexus car lot. I have been a loyal Cadillac owner for years yet the newer models just aren't as roomy or well built as the older models and it's time to buy or lease a newer car.

I was greeted by sales woman named Amanda. The purpose of my visit on this day was to get educated about the Lexus vehicle and the different models. Amanda was very patient, courteous, extremely knowledgeable, and a pleasure to be around!! I was impressed with her demeanor, confidence and sales approach. Amanda wasn't pushy as most sales people are, Amanda listened to and answered all my questions (and I had a ton of questions!!) and spent a considerable amount of time with me. I did not leave a call back number, but ultimately did return.

Two weeks later, my daughter was in a terrible car accident and her car was totaled!! Now I "HAD" to purchase a safe, reliable vehicle and Amanda was the only sales person I wanted to help us. We returned to Lexus, found and purchased an IS 250 and couldn't be happier! Thank you Amanda Panuccio for all your hard work, dedication, and professionalism! We will certainly return and let others know to request you!!

Luis D. | 2014-05-11

Came in to kill sometime and look at some cars, found a beautiful car and a even better salesman. Thank you Donald Kaye, will definitely recommend and will come back in the future, A+++

Bo K. | 2014-05-08

This place has been excellent with its overall service and communication process. My dealer, Michael Fletcher, has been an amazing person with his customer service and patience. As this has been my first time leasing a car, it became confusing at times. However, Michael has been informative and helpful at all times. Besides, loving the car so everything's great!

Leslie M. | 2014-04-06

Once in a while I have to go in for service but unless it absolutely has to be a dealer service, I avoid it like the plague.  Not only is dealer service, in general, more expensive but with this particular dealer I went in with a complaint and they told me it was "U joint" and the price was so high my first question was "is it a safety issue?" and when I was told "no" I deferred the service.

I later went to my regular mechanic and asked him about the same complaint (wobble on the front end)  I wasn't in the waiting area more than 5 minutes and they came and and got me to show me the car while it was up on the lift... the wobble was created by a bubble in my tire!   Now THAT is a safety issue.

In essence, Lexus of Las Vegas could been responsible for the injury or death of me or others if I bought the whole "U joint" line and that tire blew on the freeway or something.  Fortunately, I generally know a line of BS when I hear it and know more about cars than they know so I knew that was most likely either a lie or incompetence.

I haven't experienced this at other dealers.. just the price premium.

I love my Lexus and want to keep it forever.  I would probably by another if I was in need of a new car but not at Lexus of LasVegas!

Katey H. | 2014-04-01

Nice dealership and easy on the eyes. Very clean and great service always try their best with my Lexus and are always patient and explain what is needed.

Chris T. | 2014-03-08

I currently reside out of state, looking to get into a Lexus upon my arrival in Las Vegas.

I was promptly assisted by Michael Fletcher who is very professional and considerate.  He treated me with the same respect and kindness I would have received from my friends at my local dealership here in Hawaii.  

It is very refreshing to meet a salesperson who has integrity and excellent follow through.  It was truly a pleasure to work with him.  

When shopping for your next car, be sure to ask for Michael Fletcher.


Errol G. | 2014-02-24

Most unpleasant experience from very unprofessinal people.

Henry R. | 2014-02-03

After being disappointed with a previous experience, Ted the service manager at Lexus quickly contacted me to address my issues and concerns. He turned a negative experience into a positive one and because of him I will return.

Tim R. | 2014-01-14

Such a tremendous turn around for the Customer service experience.  Ever since I got my second Lexus I've had a tremendously horrible experience.  I was lied to making the deal initially and I got buyers remorse from the deal.  Ever since then the employees and management that I've encountered have had the word stuffs towards me as a customer.  The saying goes the "Customer is always right". They act like the Cusotmer is always wrong.  I will never buy from them again no matter what the deal is.  Tremendous fail on their part.  Corporate should step in and revamp the Cusotmer service aspect of this dealership.

Mike B. | 2013-12-27

after receiving a follow up from management I have raised my stars to 4 for the following reasons. They addressed my complaints and basically tried to meet me halfway so I cant fault them for that.I understand that doing business is a balancing act,we are all trying to stay balanced. I think I made some suggestions that might make the way they handle my complaints in the future more digestable for their clients. I still think they are lacking competition and that if they had it locally they would sing a different tune in regards to cost of parts and labor,but until someone wants to pony up 50 million to build a new facility they are it in las vegas. It would have been nice to not even have to complain and have them address the issues before it becomes a yelping drama but without yelp how would consumers really know? I am fair and impartial when I review,if i werent what would be the point in using the service. I will not raise my review to 5 stars..that is reserved for only the very best ,they raised their game in my eyes but they still need to work out some details. Thank you for addressing my issues. As  a side note I would recommend rachel roemer as a salesperson she is clearly interested in making sure all of your needs are met.

PS watch out for the dragon lady shes a pistol.... haha

Elizabeth B. | 2013-12-17

We are repeat customers here and I can not say enough about the quality of service you receive at this dealer.

It's been almost a year since hubby first dealt with this dealership and bought me my car.

I was surprised by hubby when he left them my '13 Denali Tahoe and got me my '13 450h! Believe me I was surprised because he actually bought it without me knowing as a gift! The SUV is great, all the bells and whistles like I'm used to. (cooled and heated seats, cams, premium audio, clear layer added protection hood film, ceramic tinted windows......blah blah.......)

Not sure about the whole transaction, all I know is for that particular transaction he was super impressed. He said it took less than two hours (we are cash buyers) and even the warranty guy was super fast and because we know the whole speech he did not even give it to hubby.

We are pros at buying new cars (8 in the last two years, don't ask, we are just obsessed) and for hubby to be soooooo impressed...I returned the favor and we went there recently for another new car :)

After a few weeks of having my 36MPG! SUV the Sales Manager actually called me to make sure that I loved the car and he made an appointment for me to come get a free car wash just so he could treat me and show me around the dealership!

There sister dealership in Henderson is where we got our CT200h at 48MPG! (they did not have the color/model at this dealer that day) it's a great dealership also.

Super nice customer service, super nice waiting area with all the treats (I think they have bagels and snacks and stuff for you, not sure I don't eat that) and this week when I had my car washed and tire pressure checked the valet actually carried my cup of Joe to my car for me.

Now that is service!!!!!!

Tek C. | 2013-11-25

The worst Lexus dealer in the country. They don't deserves to carry the Lexus brand. They fixed my engine and then forgot to fill up the oil. Then they did not check for loose bolts and nuts. I got on the freeway then things fall off my car. I called and left a message for the "manager" no one ever call me back.

Brenton N. | 2013-10-21

I've always been satisfied with the service that I received at this Lexus dealership. I bought my first Lexus approximately a year and a half ago and the customer service provided at that time that I purchased the car was exceptional. Nothing, however, matches up to the great customer service that I received on my most recent visit. I had to take my car in for a problem that I had with the shocks. I didn't know what to expect or if I was going to need to pay anything. I understood that I did have a warranty but I never really went over the details of what was covered and what wasn't covered. I happily learned that everything was covered and I was very pleased.

The story doesn't end just yet. They gave me a loaner vehicle for the time that it was going to take for them to fix my car which turned out to be about a week and a half. They loaded me up into a car that was far superior to my own and gave me a full tank of gas sent me on my way. Then they told me I didn't have to pay anything nor did I have to refill the gas. Customer service like this these days is hard to come by (almost makes me suspicious.. Jk).

In the end, I was extremely happy with the service that was provided to me. My service person was Vahagn Nazaryan according to my paperwork (I remember that I could never remember his name. Haha). Vahagn was extremely easy-going and a real professional. I will most certainly be going back to trade in and purchase a new car in the future. Most likely, i'll end up buying the car that they decided to loan to me in the time my car was being fixed. I suspect this was their strategy in the first place. Regardless, they've won me over. I wouldn't be surprised if I remained a loyal customer until the end of time contingent upon continued customer service at this level.

Thanks again Lexus.

Roy N. | 2013-09-12

This year my wife Toshi wanted to trade in her Toyota Avalon for a Lexus, but she wasn't sure what model.

We went to the Lexus of Las Vegas dealership on West Sahara and met with Leigh Morehouse, who was wonderful and put my wife at ease.
At first Toshi thought that she wanted a Lexus hybrid, so we checked out and test drove hybrids, which were great.

However while we were there other models caught our eye and so we drove some ES models.
Our sales person Leigh was pleasant, professional and helpful while we tested her impatience with our indecisiveness.
We ended up buying a Lexus ES 350.

Soon afterwards, I drove the new Lexus to California.  When I arrived at my destination, after about ten hours on the road, I found that I was so comfortable with the ride that I stayed in the car another 20 minutes just relaxing and soaking in the music from the wonderful sound system.  I later found that people had been waiting for me and were wondering what the holdup was.  (They were hungry and wanted to go out to dinner.)

Shawn H. | 2013-08-30

I come here for parts sometimes...

They give me fair prices on OEM parts here....filters, paint, misc.  You can get a little better deal on some parts buying from Sewell, but then you have to wait for them to come in.

Glad I do almost all the work myself...over $100 for an oil change?  Ain't nobody got time for dat!

I purchased from Lexus of Henderson, so I can't comment on the sales portion here.  Glad I don't get hounded when I pull in though.

Nice facility here...I'd probably be comfortable spending large chunks of money if need be.

Hopefully your next visit doesn't hurt!

Cristina K. | 2013-07-16

Lexus always treats me like a valued customer. Don turner is the man!!!! He's so nice and I can call him anytime for anything about my car!! Their service department is a little off but overall So happy I purchased from there

Louis K. | 2013-07-11

Service advisor that greeted me was showing little interest of my LS issue.  They were running around in crisis trying to locate loaner car for someone else.  Not what I am use to by a Lexus dealership.  I drove away.

Andrea E. | 2013-07-03

What a disgrace!  I made an appointment for my 75,000 mile check up and service.  I was told that it was a "quick and easy" and that it should take about 2-3 hours. I was offered a loaner car and made the appointment over the phone.

Upon bringing my car in I had to wait over 8 minutes while staff chatted. Finally, a man in a dress shirt and tie came out and had a service man come and take my car. The same gentleman found me minutes later and said he didn't realize that I was his 10:30 appointment. He introduced himself as "Cory" (Cory Pepper #959) and was very nice as he processed my car. Upon giving me the information on my loaner he advised that the car probably would not be back until Friday. Huh?!?  When I told him the time I had been quoted he said that was wrong, that taking a loaner pushed me to the back of the line and that he would bring my loaner around to my car so that I could transfer car seats, etc.

When he pulled up I was aghast!  The car he brought had candy wrappers in the front seat, empty and half eaten bags of food in the back seat with cookies still in it. As I opened the side door I noticed that the interior was all scuffed up with shoe prints and black marks, as if the previous passengers had kicked the door. I pointed this out to him, along with the fact that there was barely a half a tank of gas, and he said "this is how we give them". When I pointed out the food and debris he got frustrated and said, " we'll, you can clean that out."  

Are you kidding me?!?  Is this luxury service?!?!?  

I told him that this was not acceptable, and that I would not take a car in this condition. He told me that it was the only car they had and this was my only option. I said that I would rather wait for my car, which he said would take about 2-3 hours. I said fine, that I would rather wait so than take this vehicle. He stood there, seemingly confused as to why a dirty car was not okay, slammed the door and walked away from me. I took a seat off to the side, figuring he would come back with new paperwork, etc.  The next time I saw him, 15 minutes later, he was with another client. I pointed out that I would be leaving to have a quick lunch with a friend and then be back. He said, "TODAY?!?"  And I reminded him that, yes, I expect the car back today. He shook his head and walked away.

I buy and drive the cars that I do because they are safe, beautiful and because you get what you pay for in terms of quality and service. My husband and brother drive Mercedes, and their customer service is always flawless. This is beyond awful and utterly unacceptable from a high end, luxury dealership.

While I sit here writing this (it's now been over an hour) a service man came over and asked if I was ok or if I needed anything. First person to do the right thing since 10:20 this morning.

It's now 11:40, and when I asked for the card of they GM I was given it politely, but not asked if anything was wrong. I told my story to the salesman while I waited for my rise and he said, "yeah, that's bad."

He's right. It is.

Upon picking up my car (which was ready and cleaned beautifully by 1:30 PM) agent Cody asked if I would like to speak to the GM, whom I took the time to send this link to.  I advised that no, I didn't have time, and he said that another agent would be checking me out.  it was easy and pleasant, and I thanked him for his help.

Later today I received an email from the General Manager which, in part read as follows " (agent)  acknowledged that there was debris in the car, which he promptly removed. Please understand that our fleet of loaner vehicles are used by a high volume of people on a regular basis, which we do our best to maintain; however, inevitably they occasionally have a few scuffs and marks and a partial tank of gas is protocol and a common industry standard."

While I certainly appreciate the GM taking the time to respond to my email, I have to say even the excuse was poorly presented.  After all, when I bring my loaner car back  the dealership takes the time to check it for scratches, dents and damages.  You mean to tell me that they don't have time to clean it?  

In the end, mistakes happen and I get that.  And I'm more than happy to overlook them, forgive them, and move on when there is a sincere acknowledgement and apology.  

In this case, I love and will keep my Lexus for as long as it runs.  I'll have to find an alternate service dealership.

Mark G. | 2013-05-22

I decided to go to Lexus dealership mechanic just to see what's wrong with my car, I tried to schedule a diagnostic at the service department - Juanita - the one answered the phone either has a hearing problem or drunk. She asked me to spell my name 4x, transposing my phone numbers, I asked her simple question, she gave me totally different answers. Then, she gave me a quote of $170 something plus tax.  Then, she asked me what was wrong with my car. I said, I was trying to schedule to find out what's wrong with my car, then she said, oh I see. Then, she looked at a chart again and she gave me a quote of $127. Totally scam and waste of my time.  I wish they do drug test on their employees.
Also, those of you who are fascinated by their donuts and espresso, for $61 oil change, they should include a massage.  I can totally get a Starbucks espresso and pastries and go to Midas or Ted Wiens without spending more than $35. They do excellent jobs too and they're certified.

Lisa G. | 2013-05-14

Bringing in my RX for regular scheduled maintenance and service.  I so love the customer experience at Lexus.  In the past, I had other cars from different makers and the service departments were exceedingly deplorable.  Lexus understands how to treat a valued customer.  I know I will be spending a lot of money and they do everything they can to assist me by providing me a loaner car, helping me find discounts, being courteous and respectful of my time and my concerns.  That all means a lot to me and for the maintenance that has to be performed by the dealership, the service department makes it as pleasant of an experience as possible.  With my loaner car I am not inconvenienced in my job and I can go about my regular day.  That is such a nice service.  This is how you develop customer loyalty!

Bunny G. | 2013-03-12

So after my long stay in Italy I get home and my car doesn't start-none of them do!  To make matters worse my Lexus was leaking coolant all over the garage.  One of the many surprises I had waiting for me when I got back.

The good thing was that I just needed a quick jump to get the battery going the bad news is yes I had a leak.  The worse news...I have an expensive car that costs a lot to fix!  However, in all my complaining I can say it pays to have a dealership that offers great service at a time like this!

Don my service advisor (who is also Sicilian) was very detailed and answered all my why does it cost soooo much?!!  Labor people, labor!  My next car will be a bicycle!

I also visited the Parts Department where I was able to replace my battery on my key with a new one.  Service very friendly.  \

Valet attendant so sweet to help me transfer belonging from my rental to my Lexus which now runs great.  

I also visited Leo in the sales department and he is very friendly and helpful.  I am considering a future sale and when I'm ready I will go see him first!

Love the lounge, the snacks and my kids love the kids playroom. Everything is always neat and clean.

The GM also greeted me here once and was very friendly and professional.

Sael D. | 2013-01-16

This dealership is a stealership when it comes to having your car service. I went to the dealership to have an oil change and then when my car was done they told me i have to replace my brake pads which cost $680 to replace front and rear, wow!! i made a quick research when i was there on my iphone to search for the parts which only cost $154 that's a no brainer.

Julie K. | 2013-01-02

I bought my first car here, by myself, 2 years ago when I was 20 and I had a great experience.. My sales guy was Don & finance guy was Charlie and both were a pleasure to work with. No one was pushy or aggressive and they treated me with respect even though I was a first time buyer~!!!

I come here often for oil changes.. And their waiting area is awesome! Free donuts, pastries, bagels, etc.. I love their cappuccino machine & mini fridge stocked with "Lexus water" lol & soda... They have a nice big flat screen and many magazines to look through as well has a separate children's room ;]]] Their restrooms are nice and they even have some computers available to use~!!!

Their oil changes used to be only $50 but the last time i went it was like $69.95... so boooooo~!!!

Hot Tip: carwashes are included with oil changes YAY

Paula P. | 2012-11-15

Whenever I bring my car here for service, I am greeted with courtesy and professionalism. There is a lounge area to wait, with plenty of drinks, coffee and snacks kept stocked. There is also a large television, and free WiFi. The area is kept very clean, and there are plenty of comfortable places to sit if you decide to wait for your car.

Whoever takes care of my car will sit with me and go over everything to be done before service begins. Lexus of Las Vegas also gives you options such as loaner cars and a ride to wherever you need to go if need be.

Another nice touch, you get a decent free car wash once service is complete. It is an option; if you really need to jet, you can ask them to forgo the carwash. But, I like the carwash. :)

Lexus obviously cares about repeat business. They took as good care of my 13-year old car as they do my new car. I have never, ever had an issue where I had to return. You can tell morale is high, and everyone I have encountered seems to be very happy to work at Lexus of Las Vegas.

Michael G. | 2012-09-30

Excellent in every respect.  Service, timeliness and follow up continue to exceed our expectations.

Erika V. | 2012-09-28

I came here because I was in a minor car accident and needed my car serviced. I dont live in the area. However, I went to the Lexus of Las Vegas and the service was impeccable. They took care of me, were very thorough and patient and super accommodating. This is an excellent Lexus service location. They also have a great lounge with lots of nice refreshments. Five stars all the way!

Stephen D. | 2012-09-20

In October 2009 we leased an RX350 on a four year lease. That lease would be finished this October, but yesterday, my wife and I went to Lexus of Las Vegas and purchased the vehicle from them at the price stated on our lease agreement. They Certified it by doing an overall inspection and checked everything on the car, which allowed us to have an extended warranty for up to 100,000 miles!

I cannot say just how much we have enjoyed not only the car, but the service there, and everyone at the dealership as well. Everyone is polite, courteous, and helpful. When you purchase or lease at Lexus of Las Vegas, you are assigned to a specific Service Representative, and you deal with that same person for as long as you own the car. In our case, we have had the pleasure of dealing with Don Bushmire, and it has been just that, a pleasure. I even called him from Montana once while we were there visiting Cindy's family because there was no fluid in the radiator reservoir. Thankfully, there is a Toyota dealership where we were, and I was able to take the car there, and they refilled the reservoir and checked the radiator for leaks and sent my on my way at no charge! While I was on the phone with Don, he said that as soon as I got back to Las Vegas he wanted me to bring in the car so that they could do a thorough check and make sure there were no problems at all, which I promptly did after getting home from our trip.

That is the kind of service that you can expect at Lexus of Las Vegas! And your service rep. becomes a friend rather than just some unknown person you deal with every now and then.

As for our purchasing the vehicle from them, we had the great pleasure of dealing with Matt Pszenmayer (a German name and pronounced "Fitz..."). What a great guy! He was courteous and polite, very helpful, and really just a pleasure to deal with. He also introduced me to Bill, his boss, who seemed just like everyone else there at Lexus of Las Vegas, just a very down to Earth nice guy!

I seems like everyone there is always smiling and happy to be there, and happy to help you in any way they can.

In my lifetime, I have purchased over a dozen new vehicles, including a few motorcycles, and this is the ONLY dealership that I have dealt with where every time I am there, whether for a vehicle service, or whatever, I have come out of the place with a smile on my face! From our very first dealings with them when we originally leased the RX350, up to, and including yesterday, when we purchased it from them, I have been completely satisfied with my experience there, and have ALWAYS left with that same smile on my face. It's always like spending time with one of your good friends!

If you have bothered to read this review to the end, I'm guessing that you realize I am now, and will forever be, SOLD on Lexus, and especially Lexus of Las Vegas! I am now a life long customer of theirs, and I encourage anyone looking for a great vehicle and a wonderful dealership to go and spend some time at Lexus of Las Vegas, and maybe some money even, because I can tell you that we have never been more satisfied with a vehicle and dealership like Lexus of Las Vegas!

G P. | 2012-07-20

I went into the Lexus of Las Vegas to view a Certified Pre-Owned car that is listed on their web site and when I went in to look at the car the informed it was not certified even though on the car and website it even says so! They kept me waiting about 40 minutes and kept giving me the ridiculous answers to why the  mistake was on the Car and Website!. Ya know if ya made a mistake just own up to it!  Very frustrating we will look at other Lexus dealerships.

Marge L. | 2012-07-11

Just bought my first Lexus.  Many thanks to Don Turner for making this transaction stress free!

andy t. | 2012-03-28


I bring the ride here for service. You can request for a loaner if your are doing a major service. If you are just getting an oil change, they offer a shuttle to take you wherever you want. Just call the driver to pick you up when you are done. If you don't have anywhere to go, the lounge is awesome. Travel Channel is always playing on the big flat screen. I always bring my laptop and take advantage of their free wi-fi. They have a coffee/espresso/hot chocolate machine. The mini fridge is always full of bottled water and soda. Hot tea is also available. There are cupcakes and bagels. There is also a toaster if you want your bagel toasted. They used to have fresh baked cookies, but it looks like they have been replaced by cupcakes.

Kelly (Service Manager) is always my service advisor when I bring the ride here. She is very nice and professional. She always calls me with updates if I leave the premises.

This is my favorite Lexus dealership when it comes to the Service Department.

Monika R. | 2012-02-29

This is a review of the service department only.

I love it here. Everyone is so polite and friendly. I'm acknowledged and greeted before I even get out of my car. The customer lounge is comfortable and relaxing. Leather chairs, tables, a large flat screen TV, magazines, newspapers, bagels and cream cheese, Danishes, fresh fruit, bottled water, canned soda, a coffee machine that makes everything from a cup of black coffee to a chocolate espresso.

There is also a "Kids Place", which is a room in the waiting area with glass doors (so the main lounge stays quiet! Yay!) It has miniature tables, chairs, a TV, children's books, etc.

The service is relatively quick and I never feel like they're trying to sell me extra. I would definitely recommend the Lexus of Las Vegas service department!

Amit V. | 2012-01-25

Bought a car from them in October 2011. Was told that the title will be issued in 2-3 weeks but it has not been. They said, they don't have title for my car. Car was paid cash. I needed my title. Left message to sales person, sales manager, ang GM multiple times but no one calls back. When ask to speak to a live person, only one I get is a sales person who is not willing to help as it's out of his experties. Also, they had promised an extra set of key for my car. It took them 2 months, to get the key for me. Pretty much, they all are good to you up until you buy the car and drive off. Once off the lot, you are nothing but an ex-client that they dont care for much. But they don't realize that it's the ex-client that gives referrals and comes back. I would not purhcase here again. Horrible after sale experience.

Peter H. | 2011-12-12

This is a review for the parts department.  

I needed a VSC valve and a dealer in LA was quoting a price 30% more than Lexus of LV.  Well, it was a no brainer to drive to LV and get one (nice excuse).  

The parts guy knew what the heck I was looking for and was able to pull up the part ID from the system and I was holding the part quickly since it was IN STOCK.  They also gave me a dealer license plate frame.

Nancy C. | 2011-11-07

Best car experience ever! Purchased a Lexus RX 350 we found over the internet, and had it shipped to CA.  Price was better than we found in-state, and car was delivered to our driveway is precisely the condition that sales staff said it would be. Every detail that was remotely questionable, was disclosed to us prior to the sale. Car is certified preowned, and we felt comfortable choosing this car because we knew Lexus of Las Vegas had gone over it with a fine tooth comb. Many thanks to staff members Leigh Moorehouse(internet sales) and a very nice salesman, Bobby D'Amora, for making this transaction seemless!
We've had the car for one year now, and even a year later,  received an email from Leigh to check in to see if we are happy with our car and to say hello. Very nice touch! Thank you guys, you're the best!

Chand A. | 2011-09-27

I don't Care Anyone say about any negative things about this place, i will keep writing grate things happened to me after i bought my Lexus RX330. I was completely satisfied with my CPO car and drive like a brand new one. I had a problem with the DVD player back seat and i told the service manager Larry Tinnin about that, First he told me they didnt installed the DVD player and they couldn't do any thing with that. After i received my i found they installed that 2006 in the Lexus of Las Vegas, So i copy the info send the email to Larry he personally called me and told me to bring my car to fix the problem,..
Then i too the car to the Lexus Of las Vegas, They kept it for 10 days to fix it. I was bit worried but i was enjoying the new ride they gave me as a loaner car. After they called me i went to get my car, i couldn't believe they installed brand new two DVD players for the two seats. I was soooo happy and thrilled to see the state of the art DVD players in my car and Drive like a king!!!!!! Thank you Lexus of Las Vegas!!!!!

Bruce L. | 2011-05-12

Went in to buy a car and ended up with a salesman who had a hard time being up front with me.  I did not buy a car there and will try other dealers. Perhaps it was just my salesman. Suggest you know up front what the car cost, what options are included, how to figure a lease etc. Be smart about your car buying unless you get someone to work with better than i did. It is a shame since I expected better from Lexus.

Yelper A. | 2010-09-18

The General Manager, Lee, is a good guy. He tried to make up for the mistakes and also said he was sure when I was "new in my business I made mistakes too." We made an agreement and instead of getting my third Lexus I just bought my lease out - not what I wanted but I can live with the decision. Overall, Lee seemed to want to make things right and when I came in to finalize the purchase most things went smoothly. It seemed like the guys in every position were new (the Sales Manger and the Finance guy) so that added to the complications. Overall, however, Lee seemed experienced and apologetic for the miscommunications which was cool.

Lymophine C. | 2010-07-05

(Part One)Not taking responsibility on damaging my wheel

At first I really have high respect for them, but every thing started to changed after 4 visit for them to find out the cause of my leaky tire and after they fixed that particular tire near the bead area, i found so many dents and scratch mark that covers about half of my beads area(if you are interested in seeing the damage they done let me know I'll show you the pictures), and NO, those aren't Curb rash, because the dent mark appears smooth dent as if it's damaged by their tool. I talked to both service manager, which he disagree with me right away that they didn't do it, so I talked to sales manager and they decided to give me $200 service credits(yeah right, $200 service charge really worth $50 for them since they don't pay that much on parts and labor) what I really want is for them to replace the wheel for me, then they told me they "looked around for the wheel" but couldn't find it, to my impression that means they are willing to find a wheel for me and replace it but no, they will only reimburse UP TO $200 if I find one. I went back to them and the service manager just told me word for word "in their good will" they think $200 is above and beyond. They even tried to convince me that the damaged wheel won't affect the value of the car(yeah they expect me to believe it because I'm a woman) I called General manager once and he just said he can't do anything about it, he will leave it to Service manager, that is just poor customer service. I would strongly suggest PLEASE TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR CAR before you send in for repairing, you never know, they will most likely damaging it and get away with it because there's no way to prove.

So here's my second part of my wonderful service experience at Lexus of Las Vegas, after the wheel problem was resolved and I received the customer satisfactory check, everything went well, 2 months later, I received this regular maintenance letter from Lexus of Las Vegas Service Department and I scheduled an appointment to do my first CPO complimentary maintenance with them, after I arrived, they told me they refused to do service for me because I left a negative comment for them on this website(please see above comment about the wheel). First of all, they told me the reason why they refused the service was because I wasn't happy about the service last time about the wheel according to my comment, this is a poor excuse because I was coming in for my 5000 miles maintenance that comes with my 3 year warranty (Again, I received the maintenance service letter from them in which I still have it with me), and this has nothing to do with the wheel problem from last time. Another ABSURD thing is, they SHOULD have send me a letter or put down on that satisfactory check they sent me telling me they will refuse to do service from now on, then I would have understand and wouldn't even bother come in for the service, but they didn't inform me ANYTHING about this, not only they sent me letter to tell me to come in to do the service, upon my arrival, they pull this trick on me by telling me they WILL NOT do the service on this vehicle, and I know they did this on purpose, I have never encounter such horrible and immature way of handling customer service over a problem they should have fixed to begin with, (they let me drove away my car with a leaky tire) and we are talking about LEXUS here. The service manager T. Roach even told me on the phone to "look past the problem and move on and they will be willing to perform the service on my vehicle again" but this clearly showed THEY were the one who couldn't look past the problem by refusing to do service on my vehicle(and I obviously looked past the problem already which is why I schedule maintenance with them) Service Manager T. Roach just slapped his own face right there.  By the way all of the comment we wrote here they will be notified by e-mail, so no privacy, and if you leave a negative comment, you better check with them next time to make sure they didn't put you on their black list so you don't waste your valuable time and money on them, or for the best, just don't bother calling at all. And I want to give a big thanks to one of the sales manager, he's being very helpful handling the problem with the service manager for me  but it's too late and couldn't make up for what I had to deal with to begin with. I agree with everyone else below, great car, but POOR SERVICE.

by the way they report to Yelp and asked to take down my updated comment, that tells you right there how SHALLOW they are.  I left comment fair and square

Sara S. | 2010-06-01

I bought my car here late last year and have had good experiences with both their sales and service staff.  They are knowledgeable about all the models (including mine, which was new for 2010) and they do not leave harassing messages or turn into stalkers if you need some time to think before making your lease/ purchase.  They always loan me a Lexus rental during servicing, even if I did not reserve one in advance.  The waiting room here is about as nice as one could be- flat screen, comfy couches, drinks, bagels/cookies (my husband creeps on their cookies like they're going out of style).  Thorough car wash (inside and out) with every service.  When an update was needed for my car's computer system, they came to my house and installed it.  Unfortunately they are the only Lexus dealer in the entire Valley, so they aren't exactly wheelin & dealin here.  I hear they are opening another location in the Henderson area, which i'm sure will be a huge plus for people on the other side of town.

Tien N. | 2008-06-18

Went here looking for my first car, Knew they had a Toyota Avalon pre owned in the lot. Browsed around and a James Knab showed me the cars i requested and did what ever he could to answer our questions and assist us. Didn't feel hustled. Very helpful. Then again didn't buy from them so who knows how the whole haggling process could have been.

Ryan B. | 2008-04-23

I took my Lexus here for the complimentary 5,000 service. I was actually in town for SEMA and needed to have my Lexus serviced. Being i'm from California, I was able to quickly setup an appointment to have my vehicle serviced. I was going to make a trip to the Bay area just after we left town so I decided to have the 5k service done here. The staff here is first class and very attentive. I highly recommend this place as they do wash your car with their high pressure automated touchless carwash. They do a very thorough job and you don't have to worry about your wheels getting scraped or your paint getting swirled up. It's a completely touchless operation and the ionized water helps from spotting up the finish. This is the only Lexus dealer that I will allow to wash my Lexus. All the others use a brush type automated wash. I highly recommend this place especially if you're nearing your service interval time and you'reabout to be making the trek back home.