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We are not only passionate about our new and used Kia model lineup, but we are extremely dedicated to providing top-notch customer service to our Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas area customers as well. Whether you have a specific model in mind or not, we here at Jim Marsh Kia will help you make a highly informed decision through every step of the buying process.

Some drivers step into our showroom ready to take the new Kia they've been eyeing for a test drive. Others, meanwhile, are just beginning their search. Regardless, we encourage you to explore every new car we offer at Jim Marsh Kia.

Once you've had a look at the latest offerings from Kia, you'll definitely want to check out our selection of used cars as well. We work tirelessly to maintain a selection of yesteryear's brightest Kia gems, ensuring you drive off in a used car that saves you money and performs admirably, no matter where in Las Vegas, Paradise, Henderson or North Las Vegas you take it.


Established in 2001.

Jim Marsh Kia has been servicing Las Vegas' automobile needs for over 30 years, currently providing products from Kia, Mitsubishi and Suzuki Motors. Our goal is to have completely satisfied customers receiving service that surpasses any and all expectations. You can't beat a Jim Marsh Deal. " If you don't drive here, you can't save here!"

Jim Marsh Kia

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 336-2774
Address:8555 W Centennial Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV, 89149
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Jim Marsh Kia

Queen V. | 2015-03-28

My mother decided that today was a perfect day to buy a car. We agreed on a Kia (because we really liked that hamster commercial). After getting lost on the freeway, we finally arrived at Jim Marsh Kia (cause if you don't drive there, you can't save there). We were immediately greeted by Warren D and before we knew it we were test driving a Kia Soul (you know the one from the hamster commercial). My Mom liked the car but I could tell it wasn't the one. And so could the bank,  she was denied the loan. We were starting to lose hope but Warren was determined to help. We looked at a few more cars but nothing really caught our eye until the finance manager Khan found a beautiful  Buick Lacrosse for my Mom. She jumped in and we were off on another test drive and I could tell she liked this car. He made sure to keep her payments low and she actually saved money on her car  insurance (by switching to Geico).We had such a great car buying experience with Warren. I would highly recommend Jim Marsh Kia if you're looking for a vehicle without the hassle. Please stop by and be sure to say hello to Warren. He's the Best!

Radoslav B. | 2015-03-26

LOL! this place should have no stars at all!!! They should even take away their license and send them back to the time with no cars, but horses..
An hour and a half to check out a dead battery to find whats going on - its DEAD nothing is going on..
Stay away from those guys, dont buy anything from them nor use their services!!!
If i had the chance i would return my Mitsubishi and switch to something else, may not be better but hopefully with better service..

Doug S. | 2015-03-19

Bought my 2nd vehicle from them last year.   Felt like I was taken advantage of the 2nd time.   Had two kiddos in tow and had to make a quick deal that resulted in losing A LOT of money.   It's my own fault for not being more aware but I hoped they weren't trying to pull one over on me.   I paid my stupid tax and won't be doing that again!    I guess I hoped for more integrity.

Mark C. | 2015-02-19

I just experience the worse customer service I have ever got by a lady name Nicole in this shop, she was not friendly at all no greetings or hello, I came in to remove a touch up paint I put on my car, I ask her if they can buff it out for me. She said it's not gonna come off and that I have to re paint my whole door and it's gonna cost a lot of money, I felt like she just did not want to bother helping me since it's just a small problem, so I went to fabulous freddy and got that paint off no problem. So it's either she did not want to help me or she just don't  know anything about body work which is suppose to be her job!! I will never come here ever again!!

Vix K. | 2015-02-14

We had gone to a few other dealerships here in Las Vegas to try and buy a car.  We knew what our credit issues were and were realistic about what to expect as far as financing.  All we wanted was to be treated like a valued custumer not shooed out the back door with a copy of our credit report (That REALLY happened to us).  At Jim Marsh we were treated like the most important custumers they had.  Cash is amazing!!  When we didn't qualify for our number one pick, he helped us find another car we loved too with no issue.  Every person we met was polite and thanked us for our business.  We WILL go back to Jim Marsh Kia because we left with a hug and they thanked us for joining the "family."  GO see them!!

mia c. | 2015-01-20

The only star given out is because of Melinda she was great and very accommodating. Unfortunately Mark was not,I'm assuming he  was the finance manager or along those lines. Very unprofessional and very cold. He didn't want to work with us at all with payments or interest rates. We were planning on purchasing two cars and because of him we ended up just walking out! We went to Findlay Kia on west sahara and they were so great. They had us in and out in about 2 hours with lower payments and lower interest rates! Something Jim marsh said could not be done! No wonder Jim Marsh Kia was so empty on a Saturday night/ holiday weekend. Stay away from this place they will only waste your time!

Gozde S. | 2014-12-11

I wish I could give them negative stars!!!! Here is my whole ordeal: I called the dealership after finding a jeep I liked to see what type of transmission it has. They told me automatic so I kept looking. Meanwhile they sent me emails asking me if I am still interested. My husband was looking for a jeep as well when he saw the same one at Jim Marsh Kia and he was told that it is a manual transmission. This confusion should have been my indication that this place is ran by incompetent people. We went in and I looked at it. I saw that the front sway bar link pins were busted, oil was leaking from the front of the oil pan (where crank is), window had chips and some other small issues. While waiting on the deal to be offered there was a couple screaming at Jim Marsh about the purchase they made. This should have been my second clue. After much haggle we settled on $12,300 and they would fix the leak. At least that's what one of their sale David A'costa said would happen. So we bought the jeep and left it there to be repaired. The next day Martin (my sales rep) said and I quote "the sump gasket was replaced." I also confirmed with David A'costa the sales manager that the vehicle was repaired. I was super excited and went to pick up the vehicle. The next morning oil was dripping on my driveway so I texted David the sales manager to see when I can bring it in. I heard nothing but crickets, so I called the dealership and found out that he was off that day and so was Martin. At first I was nice and just wanted to see what they were going to do to fix my issue. But after 7 phone calls averaging 8-19 minutes on hold I got aggravated and told one of the many people on the phone that I want to speak to Jim Marsh himself- now knowing that the lady who was screaming at him just two days ago was able to get a face to face with him. Not only I was told that they were going to get him and put me on hold forever but also they kept on disconnecting the phone. I was transferred from one person to the next who didn't know anything about the situation and kept on forwarding me to the next person. That afternoon I finally got a call from the general manager Alan. He told me to bring the car in so that they can inspect it; allthewhile being condescending to me. I brought the car in and spoke to the service manager. We both looked at the seal and saw that it was leaking. This time, he assured me that it will be fixed. And this brings me to my third mistake: giving them another chance.... The next morning Jim Marsh himself calls me and leaves me a message to call him back. I was at work so I couldn't answer at which point he called my husband to tell him that he wants to unravel the deal because of my behavior to his people. This is especially asinine seeing as they were the ones who lied to me and aggravated me in the first place. By his time I was ok with returning the car as I have a severely pent up resentment and negative energy associated with it. I just wanted to get a couple things I had in the car out. Before I could make it to the dealership to pick up my things, David A'costa called me to see what he can do to make the deal happen. I told him I was irritated about the way their team handled themselves (mind you at this point not a single soul has apologized to me or my husband about any of this.) he said "forget about it, let me pay for the gasket and come get your jeep." I told him that his boss (Jim Marsh) told my husband that he doesn't want to deal with us and (vise versa.) I told him I was over the jeep, to which he replied yelling "you're over it??!! I'm over it!!!!" But wait, it gets better.... Shortly after conversation with David, I showed up to get my stuff. The service manager was super nice. He let me in and get my things. I asked him if he knew what's going on- and as per usual- he said no. After I got my things, I went to the office to speak to Jim Marsh. He avoided me like the plague... Krista; whom by the way is the only decent and competent human being working there, tried her best to help me with a smile on her face. She didn't care about the drama that took place, she just wanted to help me; which I deeply appreciate. As Jim was not available, I asked her to give me a receipt that says they got the car without damage and I don't owe anything. At this point a behemoth of a man named Alan (the condescending general manager I had talked to the night before) showed up right in front of me. He asked Krista if I was Miss Shipman- which she confirmed. At this point the ALL OUT ASSAULT OF WORDS STARTED!!!!! He told me they owed me nothing and that there is the door and I can get the hell out of it because my kind is not wanted there. He was maybe 1-2" away from my face yelling at me. I kept my calm and ignored him while talking to Krista; who kept a smile talking to me. We ignored him to which he responded with yelling at her "SHE GETS NOTHING YOU HEAR ME?!!!" STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!

Annaann A. | 2014-10-29

They are always friendly and they take VERY good care of my car!  The waiting room is always comfortable with lots of magazines and a TV.  There are always cool things to check out from Mr. Marsh's antique collection.  Don't forget to see Harley the bird! He's quite the mascot. :)

April P. | 2014-10-28

I liked Mr. Wei Zang.  He was polite, honest, understanding, and respectful.  He didn't push me to buy and was patient. The process of car buying was the easiest I've ever experience...especially for it being my first new car.

The inside threw me off immediately.  Like I stepped into an old western movie. I loved the vintage collections they had to give it that "old Vegas touch".  

The other sales manager, (NOT Mr. Wei) was a bit pushy and salty after I had dealt him a good hand in what felt like a game of poker with this guy.  He kept trying to get me to put a down payment on the car I was already approved for and this was AFTER the deal was done. In the end though, they were able to get me a lower % and I still walked away with a brand new 2015 Kia Optima with no money down.

That guy was still salty and I was as happy as can be.

Brandy B. | 2014-09-20

A few weeks ago, my 2010 Kia's AC went out. I went to a local mechanic to get it checked out and was informed that the blower motor was dead and would need to be replaced. The mechanic recommended I contact a Kia dealership and see if the motor would be covered by warranty since the car was still under 60,000 miles.

I contacted Jim Marsh Kia the next day, and spoke with Todd. Todd was very rude and somewhat impatient with me as I asked my questions. He informed me that the blower motor SHOULD be covered by warranty if the car was under 60,000 miles BUT they wouldn't know UNTIL they looked at it. He advised that if it was not covered, I would be charged $150+ just for them to look at it.

I went a couple weeks with an on-again-off-again AC in the middle of summer while trying to scrape up the money to have on hand just in case it ended up that the motor was not covered by warranty and I had to pay to have the car checked out.

Fast forward a couple weeks, my car now just a couple thousand miles from hitting 60,000, and I contacted Jim Marsh Kia, and once again, surprise, surprise, Todd answered. I asked to schedule an appointment for that Saturday, since I wouldn't be able to go in on a weekday. He stated that Jim Marsh Kia absolutely DOES NOT schedule Saturday appointments, and they are first-come-first-serve. "Okay," I replied, "I'll just show up Saturday morning as soon as you open." Todd told me not to bother, and that they were entirely booked. I was confused- how could they be booked, but yet they don't schedule appointments?

Fast forward the next week, I purposely took off time from work to go to Jim Marsh Kia on a weekday. I called ahead just to find out the wait time, and get a couple more questions answered, when Todd, yet again, answered. When I asked about the wait time, he rudely informed me that not only were they booked for the day, but they were booked Saturday, and into the next week. Mind you, a week prior he had stated that they don't schedule Saturday appointments. So which is it, Todd? I got the feeling Todd was giving me the run-around because I wanted something done to my car that wouldn't bring them profit because it was covered by warranty.

I didn't bother to find out. I took my car to Findlay Kia over on West Sahara after I got off the phone with Todd. The customer service was excellent, they ordered the motor for me and it was installed in less than an hour, got a free car wash, they didn't push me into buying anything, and the warranty covered everything.

From now-on I will just skip Jim Marsh Kia and go with Findlay Kia.

A Z. | 2014-08-04

I would give them 0 stars if possible. Horrible customer service, I left the dealership feeling discouraged and very upset with the interaction because I was looking to buy in the next week, rather than sign at that moment. Be aware, you WILL be asked to initial a deal if they can make it work. Multiple times.

I was told they had plenty of the 2 trims of Sportage I wanted to get numbers on to fit my budget. Drove 45 minutes out of my way to end up haggling over a car I wasn't ready to purchase RIGHT NOW. Mike chased me out of the dealership to 1) try to make me sign a deal when my only wish was to see the trim and color I wanted and if it would fit in my price range for purchase within a week. 2) take the quote that had been given to me by another salesman.

A few days later, the sales kid I liked called and said he has the car and the color I wanted, said they can work with my budget but I would have to drive out there to talk numbers. I explained that I am working 16 hour days for the next 3 days, so any negotiations would need to be via email or phone call until I can come in. If the boss is not willing to work with me I will possibly  have to take my business elsewhere. The response? 'Okay then take your business elsewhere and pay more... Don't mean to be rude... Sorry we couldn't come to an agreement'
Wow. I'm not sure how car sales work, but in my industry (and most others) customer satisfaction is at the top of your priority list.

End all- if you live in the area and know what you want and they have it, and your willing to make them profit... Go for it. I'm sure there are some very good salesmen here, but the 4 I had the pleasure of meeting will unfortunately leave a few scuffs on my opinion of Kia. Thankfully, there are other vehicles that will work for me and my work schedule and budget.

Karissa P. | 2014-07-18

The service was terrible. We have had to come back 9 times and still haven't even completed our deal. They will text saying to come in and when we get there they don't have the paperwork ready and have several people in front of us. The manager Mike was extremely disrespectful to my husband after my husband told him he wouldn't make a final decision without me there. He said things like " what aren't you a man you can't make a decision on your own" and so on. If I could take my trade in back and cancel everything I would this has been the worst experience. If your looking for a car dealership that is reliable and knows what they are doing this is not the place to go.

Raylene A. | 2014-07-17

I don't recommend Jim Marsh Kia because at first they are all nice to you, but the minute you start telling them what you want and you won't budge they get very mean. We told our salesman Todd that we want a used but very clean Kia Soul and he went and got one.
Husband took it for a test drive and said it was ok. We had him do an appraisal on a fully paid for 2006 Toyota Tundra and it only had 17k miles on it and he told us that it was only worth $13000. Well we did our research and knew he was full of bs. I told him I won't take lower than $15000 for it and he threw the biggest old guy fit I have ever seen. He told me that it was an outrageous price and that they only go by MMR and kelly blue book is nothing but bs. We wanted to talk it over as a couple, but this place won't leave you alone to do that. He said if we don't sign right at this very moment he would sell it to someone else.
By the time my husband was so pissed off and told him kudos if you do, I'm done with this deal. He still didn't get the hint. While he was talking to his sales manager I went out to look at thus Kia and parts in the car were broken and there was glue inside the console and in cup holders.  WTF!!!!!!!!!
We finally got out of there.
I was texted by someone in the dealership, not called but texted me to ask when we were coming back. I told this girl our horrible experience and she texted back telling me that Todd is the nicest old guy in there and didn't even give a shit that we were treated like shit.

Patty J. | 2014-07-03

As a first time customer, I was pleasantly surprised to the courteous and quick service by Todd at the service department. For two weeks my Mitsu's engine service and TCL lights kept going on and off, which was driving me crazy.  Being a new resident to Las Vegas, I cringed at the thought of finding a new service center for my car. In my opinion, automative places just plan to ripe off women, but i digress.  I had gone to Courtesy Dealership in Henderson and they were fantastic, but the drive was just too far.  

I found Jim Marsh Kia driving by and then read reviews on Yelp.  I decided to take a leap of faith and went to them last week.  I met Todd at the Service who was direct and courteous.  Todd advised it would about 2 hours and $150 for them to check out the problem.  The $150 would be used towards the total repair bill if I choose to have them repair the problem.

I waited in their lobby. There are sofas, chairs, and a TV.  There were a few folks waiting. Interesting decor with old time items and pictures throughout the lobby.  Since, I had my laptop. I worked on some projects.  However, it would have been nice if there was a table with AC outlets.

About 2 and half hours later, Todd told me  what the mechanic found and an estimated cost.  I agreed to the repairs.  An hour later, my Mitsu was done. Since then my car has been running great with no more service lights coming on on the dash and the idling    had been adjusted. Todd advised me of other possible problems but said the car was in good shape, which was good to know and consider for the next service visit.

Based on my experience, I will return and hope to get this same attentive and friendly service. I felt comfortable as a female customer and not as an exploited victim.  Thank you!!

Jj V. | 2014-05-31

I can't say enough about my experience at Jim Marsh Kia! My sales rep Warren was intelligent and fun to shop around with. He helped me get into a great ride for a good price and i would recommend him and the dealership to my friends

Janet L. | 2014-04-29

I strongly suggest you go to ANY other  Kia dealership; this one is based on deception.  I called Claudia multiple times to confirm the price of a lease before driving all the way out to Centennial.  She assured me that  I was correct .  AFTER half an hours of shmooze by the salesman and manager ,AFTER the test drive, then they brought out the prices. They were totally different than I had been told.  I tried to ask them why they bothered wasting my times and theirs but they were too busy  snickering in the salesroom.  What a waste of time.

Carrera B. | 2014-04-07

I highly DONT recommend Jim Marsh KIA. Please go to another Kia if your interested in purchasing a car. My husband and I did our research prior to going here. New what car we wanted and we knew the payment. We already got approved with our loan through USAA. We only went to Jim Marsh bc it was recommended through USAA.  We showed up, were greeted by the salesman Enrique. He showed us a couple cars, didn't seem like he knew what the heck he was talking about. We sat down to work on a deal.

We told him how much we expected for our trade in and said we had been approved through USAA for our loan. They pressed us from the moment we sat down to the moment we signed our deal on financing through them. (Their % wasn't even close to the deal we got through USAA) Enrique disappeared and then we did battle with the manager Mike. Well he was not a joy. There prices were way more expensive then the original dealership so I knew I was going to try to get them down as low as we could on our price. Finally agreed on our price. The manager Mike kept reminding me it was a "gift they gave us the car that low". Which rubbed me the wrong way bc it was a "gift" that they got OUR business.

Anyways once we left the dealership my husband realized there was a small dent in the hood on the passenger side. I called Enrique and he said when can you bring the car in? I said my husband can bring it in tomorrow. He said sounds great they'll fix it for him. My husband works two jobs, so he drove up there  in between jobs. (mind you the dealership is 45 mins away) Enrique tells him oh sorry the body shop guy isn't here on Thursdays. I'll call you later today to set up an appt to see him. Well needless to say 3 days later never heard from him.
So I called and asked for a manager. Got joyful Mike, he was rude and said I needed to deal with Enrique. I explained I didn't want to deal with him bc he never called us back and I just wanted to get this taken care of. Mike tells me to call him back in the morning. (Which is horrible customer service bc we had already been playing phone tag. He should be calling me back in the am)

Called the next day and could get a hold of ANY managers. So I asked to speak with Jim Marsh (owner) left a voicemail for him. He called my husband back and said when can you come in. My husband said Mondays are my days off. He said bring it in at 10am on Monday.

My husband worked till 4am last night. We got up this morning and took the car in. No one saw anything for an appt for us or any notes. Again couldn't get a hold of Jim Marsh, Mike, Enrique or anyone. So we drove again up there with no one knowing anything about our car. Bobbette the service dept representative was very kind and said my auto body guy isn't in today but I'll call him and see if he could come in or if he'd come out to your house. The guy said he'd come in to fix my husbands car. And the took care of it. Car is fixed and finally we can move on.

So the only part of Jim Marsh that we recommend is there service dept. that's it. Please save yourself the headache and go to another dealership bc this place is a joke

Randy F. | 2014-03-14

I hadn't bought a new car for over twenty years.  I went in and was met by Lester.  He was very professional and I never felt pressured.  I used a car buying service through my bank so the price had already been negotiated.  Lester led me through the process and I left the dealership feeling confident that I got a good deal.  It was a great experience and I highly recommend to ask for Lester if you go to this dealership.

Mike C. | 2014-02-22

Stopped in on Thursday to coordinate Friday morning service on my second vehicle. Chad showed me where the key drop was so I could drop the car later that night or early in the morning - I wound up getting a ride and dropping it off Thursday before they closed and talking to Chad again about what to expect the next day.
I called after noon, by prearrangement, to see if they're done or need approval to fix something; I get a guy's voice mail. Figuring it's lunch time, I hang up and call back at 1 - same voice mail, so this time I leave a message. 2pm, no return call so I call again: transfer to voicemail. I hang up and call back and explain to the lady answering that my car is in for service and I need to talk to someone and voicemail isn't cutting it - she understands and tries a different extension and BINGO it's a human. I tell him my car, and he checks and says the guy just went to lunch, so can he call be back in 30-45 minutes and let me know what's going on? Hell yes, I say, that's perfect. After an hour and no call, I drive over to see WTF is happening, and as I walk in, there's Chad- same dude I talked to 24 hours ago. He says he was just about to call me, and as I'm thinking "perfect, it's done and I'm here" he says "they haven't had a chance to look at it yet". Oh. Okay. Then give me the key and I'll leave.
Poor commo and inability to produce = SERVICE DEPT FAIL.

p.s. I still need a good Kia mechanic.
p.s.s. zero stars gets promoted to one because their parts desk people are pretty cool.

Melanie S. | 2014-02-04

This review is for the auto body shop.....TERRIBLE first impression!

The lady that answered the phone was great & told me she would transfer me to the back for an estimate.  But Maria, the lady I was transferred to, had NO time for me! I was trying to get a ball park figure for paint on 2 vehicles (a Chevy Tahoe & a 37' motorhome). She said briefly that they are mainly a collision place. That was rather irrelevant, especially considering there actually are a couple of dings in the truck that need to be pulled.
Anyway, she told me they start at $4000, they use factory paint & I need to bring the vehicles in if I want an estimate. I don't plan to pull the RV out of storage to drive it across town for a ball park figure. Not happening.
I bet if she realized how many thousands of dollars could possibly be coming their way, she wouldn't blown me off.

Chucky D. | 2013-11-07

My dad got in contact with the internet sales department and they put us in contact with Warren . He was patient and kind and not pushy at all and he gave us a great experience and even helped us set up bluetooth in the new kia forte. Him and sean in the finance department made the whole transaction effortless and we drove off completely satisfied. I would highly recommend Warren and Jim Marsh kia  to anyone.

Nicole C. | 2013-11-04

After frying my ECU, I found one online, had my car towed to the service dept, with the new ECU on the passenger seat & was called the following day to come pick up my car! Ryan in the service department was courteous and actually spoke to me each time I called w/ questions. He had given me a verbal estimate over the phone & when I picked up the car, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it was within about $4 of what I was quoted!! I just wish I could have the dealership closer than 17 miles from my house. If it was within like 7-8 miles, I'd bring my car for all it's service needs.

Allen S. | 2013-07-02

I have always took my car here for service  spent probably over $10k over life of car. They charge a lot more than other places but thought they were worth it at one point.  Management has changed and the service has gone downhill.  Last time I was in they said I needed new tires so I bought their top of the line tires. After only 7,000 miles the sidewall blew out on one of them and they didn't want to honor their work. The service guy never even heard of that kind of tire (and those were the top of the line ones they had when I bought them). Truly got hustled on other work but this was the icing on the cake. How do you treat someone who has been going there for years like this. Truly disappointed. Manager just put his head down and walked away when I was talking with service guy on the poor service. Come on guys...

Dave K. | 2013-04-10

I purchased for the second time in 2 years from Jim Marsh KIA. This is a great dealership and has a friendly staff. After looking on Sahara for a new SUV and dealing with high pressure sales tactics, I contacted Jim Marsh via email and received a quick response from Charlene the Internet customer manager who looked for the exact vehicle we wanted. She informed me that she could not locate the vehicle but would be willing to locate something "close" to what we wanted or even offered the option to order it from the factory.
Charlene sent me a detail sheet and photos of a 2014 Sorento SX that they had on the lot (we wanted an EX) and I declined, do to many more features than we needed. Charlene informed me Mr. Marsh would give us an outstanding deal on this model if that helped. We exchanged several emails and agreed to a total price and said we would be in at 7p. Charlene met us upon arrival and turned us over to salesman Brent Ponder. Brent gave us the insight and showed us the options the vehicle had and we test drove it.
We agreed on our trade in price (purchased 2 years ago from Jim Marsh) and then was introduced to Vinny in the finance department. Again, no pressure and no BS sales technique to sell us more unneeded items. Drove off at 9:20 a satisfied customer!

My wife and I would highly recommend this dealership!

Our Interaction with Jim Marsh staff:

Charlene - Internet Customer Manager
Brent Ponder - Salesman
Vinny - Finance Dept

James H. | 2013-02-11

I just bought a used car from jim marsh. The salesman told me the car has a bluetooth for three times, but it doesn't. When i came back to ask them, the sales manager told me "it was just a writing mistake on the pressbook. If you have any problem, you can sit down, I have no time to serve you. You may leave every minute you want"
Kidding me? That's his attitude toward customer service?

Nicole L. | 2012-12-21

We did not buy from here but we spent a few hours with Perry.

Perry was so nice and helpful and not pushy at all. He was not a 'salesman' at all. If it were up to me we would have bought the car that night but my husband is in charge when it comes to big sales.

If you go to this location I highly recommend you request Perry.

Mike H. | 2012-06-30

I have not purchased a new car in over 10 years because I absolutely dread the entire experience. After much procrastination, I decided it was time to do it, regardless of the pain and frustration I would have to endure to get it done. After visiting a few car lots around town I decided to just start calling and trying to get the hard part out of the way early. I got in contact with Charlene Barber & Kelly Nichols at Jim Marsh Kia (formerly Chrysler Jeep), they were extremely helpful and had everything pre-approved for me so all I had to do was walk in, pick out the color of my Forte and sign some papers. Of course nothing is that easy. Once I got there and tested my work equipment, it did not fit. :(

That's when salesman Brent Ponder came to the rescue. Yeah that is right, I said rescue. Instead of using the situation to strike like a pack of wolves (like most car salesman), he quickly found us a different model in the same price range and made sure we still got the same good deal. It was so painless and easy that I actually left the dealership with a smile on my face. I have actually had a harder time ordering a cup of coffee at Starbucks then I did buying a car at Jim March. Everyone was super friendly and truly made you feel like they wanted to help you. All my cars from now on will be through Jim Marsh's dealership and I will immediately ask for Brent Ponder.

Nicole M. | 2012-02-25

My family and I went to the Jim Marsh dealership to replace my car I had bought new 17 years ago.  I had three must haves, power windows, power locks and cruise control (things I didn't have on my old car.) While testing a used 2012 Kia Rio I asked the salesperson about cruise control and he pointed at some controls on the steering wheel and said it was right there. I took his word on it.  After we bought the car we discovered it was not cruise control on the steering wheel but instead  the controls were  to reset the tripometer and controls to change the radio station.  We tried to take the car back and the sales guy (whom I'm assuming was the head man on the floor and was who we had worked with) took us in a room and said he'd have cruise control installed.  We didn't like that it wouldn't be factory installed and said we'd like to return the car because it didn't have what his saleperson told us it did.  I really like the Kia Rio and my thought process was we would buy a new Rio when they got one in.  The head guy on the floor started to yell at me and my husband, (luckily the kids were in the lobby), told us we should just admit we had buyer's remorse (which didn't have until we had gotten to this point) and continued to scream at us for about a minute or so then asked us to remove ourselves from his lot. I am so embrassed and by the time I got to my car I was in tears and shaking, plus the pain in my damaged neck from all this stress is unbelievable now.  We'd had the car less than half a day, 7 hours at the most, and put less than 30 miles on it to drive to my mom's house and back.  I will never buy a car from this dealer again.

B R. | 2011-09-05

If I could have given this a half star I would have.

One of the worst dealerships I've ever been in. Unfortunately I had to deal with them because they were the only ones who had the model with the features that I wanted. The showroom looks like a western nightmare and the only thing professional about the staff is their nametags. Luckily I didn't finance the vehicle with them because I'm sure I would have been stuck with a crazy high % rate. Beware of this location, if possible, use another. I can't wait for Kia to call me about my experience at this dealership.

I'm happy with the vehicle, very unhappy with the customer service and lack of willingness to negotiate. Three long hours of my life I can't get back.

Angry B. | 2011-08-12

The general manager is a stinkin tard.. Lied to our faces that they did not run my credit. I went home created an account with transUnion and bam there it was jimmarsh.  They did not want too honor what they offered as a sale price so they said I wouldn't qualify for a loan.....really with an 846 credit score???? Jerkface!!! This is not the end of it!!!!

Kelley R. | 2011-02-08

I did not buy my Kia Soul from this location but this is where I go to get it serviced. I usually do not like going to the dealership but have found it about the same price as other places.

The service desk people are always helpful and friendly, even on Saturday's when I normally come in. They chat with you about your car and make you feel welcomed. Every time I have had a problem with my car, the fix it and get it out in a timely manner. Knowing that on Saturday they have less people working, I bring a book to read while in the waiting room. I don't always have to bring one because they have magazines, newspapers and a TV you can watch while waiting.

Another thing is I love the decor inside. They have antique knickknacks all over the place and its fun to see the different things. This just something you don't expect to see in a dealership.