J D Byrider in Las Vegas, NV

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company J D Byrider in Las Vegas, NV.

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J D Byrider

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 221-4222
Address:5600 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89146
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on J D Byrider

Not S. | 2015-04-16

Very Happy I did business here.
This review is long overdue, but what this company/location does is very rare in the buy-here/pay-here business.  
I purchased an '04 Jeep Liberty in Nov. of 2011.  Before I signed on the line, Lou invited me back to his office and told me about how the whole thing works and why he does what he does.  And even then I thought "Well, he could just be a very good actor.. so we'll see".  And I did see.  The guy is for real and he does what he says he will do.
Back then they were offering oil changes almost at cost for as long as you were making payments (not sure what they do now), and I also had a couple of minor repairs done at way below the average dealer pricing.  The record keeping was impeccable, which is also rare in the 'buy-here/pay-here' market.  But because my work schedule is so hectic, and because I like to pay cars off as quickly as possible, I sometimes just have to call from the road to see where I stand.  I could call at any time and in a matter of seconds had my last payment, what was owed, total interest paid, etc.  And when it was all done (about 18 mos. later) They sent my title (Which is another thing you have to watch out for in this business, because sometimes it's not so easy with other dealerships) and I just kept on driving.
I've had the car now for nearly 4 years, and put about 100k miles on it (I do a lot of business on the road) and it's still humming along, getting about 20 mpg on average, and better on long trips.
So now it's about time to start shopping for another car again and can tell you... if I were back in Vegas I'd happily do business here again.

Linda V. | 2015-04-06

So sorry I did business with this dealership.  But I am stuck with them until I pay off my car which is really ridiculous that I still owe 9000 on a car that is only worth 2000 blue book.  I am paying through the nose on this 2005 chevy uplander.  all in all car is fine with minor dings and could use a major tune up.

Sherry B. | 2015-03-18

I am a customer of this company for the last 3 years. I  bought a car from them which for whatever reason keep having an engine light problem. They investigated it and kept the car for about 2 days, change a plug or two and returned it. Two days later, the check engine light was back on again. As of the current day (3yrs. later) that light pops on and off on temperament. I have actually gotten used to it...hell the car is just about paid for now.
Anyways, over the years I have had a couple repairs, used my 10.00 oil change coupon and been satisfied for the most part. I've seen a few reps come and a few go to say the least. Some of those folks I miss their friendly voice and great service. Lou the lot owner has always been a treasure to deal with and has a genuine appeal and concern for those he encounters. I like Lou...good businessman.
My latest encounter with JD Byrider customer service however WAS NOT as friendly or by far a good experience. I called to make arrangements for my payment and spoke with  a female there who I assumed was African American by her attitude... now, I myself am African American too, was quite upset by her lack of customer service skills and poor verbal demeanor. I know some people's ethnicity's can be heard over the phone but it was like I could see her shaking her head and popping gum.  I have never been spoken too nor treated so ghetto by a person who represents a company that I do business with. I asked her about the arrangement, she said my last payment was late, which was incorrect and she argued with me over the phone. I deal with people who have mental disorders etc and even they don't talk to me like that. When I asked her name, she told me Lorraine...which later I found out was not true....her name is Ms. White. Well Ms. White, I am putting YOU ON BLAST as they say for giving a JD Byrider customer EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. And this is not for being unable to assist me with my arrangements but, for just bad service period.
If you have to lie about who you are over the phone, then you obviously are doing something you know is wrong. Which by the way does reflect on the company you work for. I gave a thought to purchasing another vehicle from JD Byrider not because of credit issues but because I like their service...Now, my attitude towards that idea has changed thanks to YOU. I refuse to pay my hard earned money to a company AND be treated that way too. You should be fired but I am firing you and Jd Byrider as folks to deal with in the future. I actually recommended Quiana F. who also put a post up about the service she has been getting there.
JD Byrider..... you may not be losing a lot of customers because of Ms. White. or not returning calls but even a little bit of bad service hurts a company along the way.

Sorry, Lou for the bad report, however I know you will make great strides to improve the customer's experience throughout your company and from your staff.
I didn't get that this last time. But, Deedee did do an excellent job of recovery on the problem. I felt her smile and her cheeriness right through the phone...and that is what makes customers like myself want to do future business. She made the arrangements and even if she couldn't of done that for me... She still would have made it a good experience for me just by her personality and service....it came right through the phone. Love it!!!  And Darryl is a great guy too.. like his style and his work with you attitude.

Nicholas S. | 2015-02-02

I bought a car from them six months later the AC compressor goes out and the warranty that comes with the car does not cover that but there mechanics fixed it for around $650 which isn't bad and they put it on a payment plan my car runs good haven't had any problems for having a high milage ten year old car when I went to JD Byrider my credit was really bad and my car was on its last leg and I was stressed about getting to work so when I bought a car from here I was happy I had reliable transportation and my credit score has gone up like two hundred points everybody that works there is really helpful except DeeDee who's a collection manger she is really unprofessional she lies and is not good at her job at all other then that and paying three times the value of my car  I feel good about giving them my business and suggest it to others because they helped me when I needed it and in the end my credit is going to be a lot better so when I do go buy a new car I should have no problem getting what I really want

France A. | 2015-01-29

The lady at the service desk has zero customer service skills. All I wanted was a key made and she couldn't tell me when someone would be available to do it... Fuck her. Oh yeah she was chewing seeds the whole time

Pedro C. | 2015-01-27

Let's face it, the real reason someone would purchase a vehicle from this dealership is because they are facing some credit issues and quite possibly no one in their right mind would be willing to finance them for an auto loan.  

I am not a customer of this dealership; however, I did go with someone that was facing the horrific choice of public transportation or swallowing her pride and finally acknowledging she did not make the best finical decisions which led her to considering a vehicle from here.  I basically was moral support in this "event."

This person is a relative and needed a vehicle so we spent a few days driving all over to some of "buy here, pay here" lots.  Every single lot that we stopped at had exactly what you would expect them to have, low end, high milage, jalopy which all seem to feature beautiful yet strategically placed cigarette burns, sticky interiors, dents, dings, faded paint, basically anything that you would imagine that was salvaged from the desert after someone just could not handle driving the P.O.S. and of course all cost almost $10,000 and all had warranties lasting 30 seconds or 30 feet, which ever came first!  The all wanted about 90% down and would allow you to pay the remaining 10% in cash only within 90 days. I advised this person against places like that and suggested a place that I have remembered hearing commercials about, ever since I was a child and that place was JD Byrider.  Now I am lucky to not have issue with my credit and actually was able to walk into BMW of Henderson and purchase a 2015 BMW, which reminds me I should review them as well, excellent experience there as well, but I digress.

Now the person I was with contacted a gentleman by the name of Jerry and asked him if coming in at 7:30pm was ok since they are only opened until 9pm, he informed her that would be fine. The only bad thing is she did not get out of work until like 8ish and my navigation informed us we would arrive around 8:54, again Jerry informed her that this would be fine.  We arrived around 8:56pm, only 2 minutes late but Jerry was more than happy to go over the entire program, I really was not paying attention because I am right now addicted to that Candy Crush Soda game and have been trying so desperately to beat level 30 and really was only focused on that.  But in a nutshell how I understood the program to work is you are not purchasing a vehicle to have for the rest of your life, you are actually purchasing a vehicle to help rebuild your credit so that you can in fact later purchase that "dream car" you have always wanted but cannot because you screwed up your credit and now people may not want to help you again because you probably screwed up theirs when they cosigned for you.

Lou the owner actually came out and was an active role in the entire process.  Since this person is a family member of mine and I do not feel actually listened to what I had said in the past about making sure she has good credit, Lou did have a great talk with her and I truly felt he cared.  She actually seemed to get what he was saying about trying to get her credit in order.  While waiting for the paperwork to be process Lou was actually able to explain the history of his actual dealership to us, I am a huge history buff so anything involving what brings someone to where they are today is in fact history and i am interested.  He went over the process of how a vehicle gets to his lot and one of the things I like about this for people that have little, no, or damaged credit is they have have maintenance right on site that only fix their vehicles!  Lou did explain he wants to make sure that the vehicles he sold continue to run so his customers actually can get to and from work to not only pay for the vehicle, but to rebuild their credit.  He even gave this pretty amazing analogy about his customers being like family.

The entire process like any car buying experience is tedious because there are many legalities that go along with it, but the fact that they were willing to work way past closing time to ensure this person had a vehicle by far exceeded my expectations and once I was assured she would have a vehicle, i was able to leave knowing that although this was going to be a very EXPENSIVE lesson for her to learn, she was given a 2nd chance, wait I take that back this would "technically" be like a 4th or 5th chance after as many times as people have helped, but she did this on her own with the help of Lou, Jerry, and JD Byrider.

It is funny to me the people that post such negative reviews, I honestly feel their reviews are reflected by the fact that they are the reason they were here to begin with, that their bad choices in life led them to a place where they had to make higher payments on vehicles that were not "brand new."

But of all the places that we went to JD Byrider had not only the best and nicest looking vehicles, they also sounded the best while test driving.

Michael F. | 2014-12-29

I've had issues with them since the first day I drove the car. Their "ASE CERTIFIED MECHANICS" don't know what their doing. I had to tell them what was wrong with the car. Save your money go to different dealership. I promise you that if you buy a car with them u will have issues with it down the line and their going to give you the run around every time you call.

Quiana F. | 2014-12-17

I would probably give this place no stars if I could... My sales experience with JD Byrider so far has been mediocre. My car sales lady Kat told me that my payments on my car would be reported twice as much bc I make two payments in one month. THAT WAS A LIE! Not to mention I referred one of my co-workers to this place and her car sales person forgot to send in the referral paperwork so I could get my check. I had a bunch of people constantly tell me they would call me back and they never did. So I speak to BOB the sales manager and he tells me that he's going to find out and call me back..   an hour later JUST GUESS ... No call back so I call again and he is the first person to answer the phone call, then he has the nerve to say he's on a phone conference call and that he will call me back. I don't understand if you're on a phone conference call that's so important why are you answering the main phone? That just doesn't make any sense. I could be wrong. I will say this place is a great place to go if you have bad credit and no car! That's about it.

Angelina R. | 2014-10-17

I'm giving 5 stars because as of rightnow everything is fine. Everyone was upfront with me about what I was getting myself into. I desperately needed a car and they helped me out and got me a car. I see people saying things about getting repoed and them lieing about the carfax. Well I have to check my carfax report I havent looked myself yet, but as long as you make your payments on time , everything should be fine. I've been making my payments on time and everything is fine. My car runs good it has not broken down on me,ive noticed some minor issiues but will be dropping the car off to get it fixed but as they stated , it is a used car, its not gonn be perfect.  As long as I can drive my car around without it breaking down and my credit score goes up, im a happy camper. If you do buy a car from them , you will have to pay for full coverage insurance.  They basically loan u the money for your down payment. You cant be late , or u will get repoed they told me that. So dont be late on payments if u are , u better communicate with them. Very nice people but as I said , I havent had any problems yet. And I hope I wont have any.

Keena S. | 2014-08-05

love the overall company but the lady at the cnac desk is snobby and rude. I had to catch myself a few times wanting to exchange words with her but other than that.. every one else is great

Randy R. | 2014-03-04

What a load of crap... first off, the salespeople completely ignored us in light of the tony stewart promo people giving away free shi* out front. They were all in line to stuff their fat faces at the hotdog grill spewing gaging black smoke all over the front of the dealershit(and choking us at the same time) When I finally just shoved my way through the line of "starving" salespeople to get inside, to my amazement(insert sarcasm here) THERE WAS NO ONE INSIDE TO HELP US!!!(SHOCKER) So after finally getting flipped through 3 different people and an hour worth of paperwork, we were told that I don't make enough to qualify for ANY OF THE PIECE OF SHIT USED JUNK THEY HAD ON THEIR SHADY A$$ LOT... and I make 10 bucks an hour and work a 50 hour work week, and I have basically shi* for bills and mediocre credit... what a joke. If I can't get financed through this shi*hole, but Findlay and Chapman are drooling to get my business A.S.A.P(they just didn't have type of car I need at the moment) SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THIS BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!