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Honda West invites you to experience a new way to buy and service your vehicle. As a Sonic Automotive Premier Dealership, our entire inventory comes with our True Price.  By regularly comparing our prices with the local market, True Price eliminates the time consuming negotiation process and delivers you an exceptional deal.

Honda West

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 249-9504
Address:7615 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, 89117
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Honda West

Ken M. | 2015-04-25

This review is the result of the sum of all other customers' experience with this dealership.. IF this business think they can get away with shady sale tactics with no consequence then let this review be their warning.

 Disclaimer: I have NOT purchased/leased/nor used this dealership service.  

 This review is based on the past cunsumers' bad experience with this dealership.

 I AM looking for a new car. I was thinking of going here for a CRV or Accord. However, after reading about all these stupid sale tactics and lies from this dealership I have decided NEVER go here.
  You might think this is unfair since I have not had any mistreat from them.  BUT that is why I give 3 stars, not 1 star.  I am speaking out on behave of ALL the past customers who have been victimized by this place.  May this serve as a WARNING to ALL.  READ ALL REVIEWS to avoid being the next victim.

  I will periodically check back and see if there will be any new BAD OR GOOD reviews. THEN I will edit MY review and rating. UNTIL THEN, 3 stars for BS stuffs happened to the general public.

C C. | 2015-04-17

Will never use them again. Whatever you do avoid Cyrus the salesman! He's a bumbling idiot. Had us drive a half hour to the dealership to look at a Honda we wanted that he said he was holding for us then we get there and he's left the dealership after he said he'd be there we waited a half hour for him to show up then he proceeds to tell us the car is sold and tries to give us a different vehicle! To top it off he didn't even apologize!!! What a jerk!

Dave K. | 2015-04-09

I do not understand why this Honda West dealership would not honor Extended Warranty if the parts are expensive.  I had to have the repair done at other Honda dealership.  

Maybe they do not understand the concept of the warranty nor the customer service?

Mia K. | 2015-04-07


I towed in my Oddysey with A/C acting weird with lots of noises and smoke.  I did not know it was AC problem.  I took the video of noise and showed them.  Kathy Parman the customer advisor had me do transmission flush, power steering flush.  But when the service was completed and the problem continued on the way out of the Honda parking lot, their mechanic Frank saw my video and immediately concluded it is AC issue.  Then this Kathy informed me that I have to wait "a few days" for authorization for repair.  I had bumper to bumper extended warantee and they knew I was from out of town.  When I challenged her which part of the service warranty contract says that waiting time or pre-authorization, she turned hostile and told me that it is my contract and I should know better and eventually avoided answering my question.  In fact, I had the entire contract with me at the time and knew it was not true.  The pre-authorization is only required, according to the contract page 1, when you need to repair other repair shop than Honda dealer.  Next morning I called and spoke with the service manager Brian Haffey.  He again stated that any over $500.00 warranty covered repair must be pre-authorized, therefore, practically refusing any large and important emergency repair under warranty.  If that is true, this Brian guy, in saving a few dollars on repair cost, opened up a lot of controvercy over the extended warranty.  Who would buy the Honda Extended warranty if this attitude is justified?

Since they practically refused the service, I went back to my hometown and took a big risk on the 6 hours trip   with entire my family.  Luckly servived the return trip.  My San Diego Honda dealer mechanic saw the same video and smelled the freon gas and immediately and very confidently took my car under warranty.  That was easy and that was THE service.  According to the mechanic, the problem was something to do with A/C relay, blocking pathway.  Getting hot and expanding, the safety system kicks in and relaese the preasure, thus the noise and smoke.

The best thing would be simply avoid this deslership.  But, if you cannot do that, there are several things you can do.  The Honda service contract allows the Arbitration.  This is a third party arbitration and the final conclusion is just the same as the court judgement.  You can document your claim and send it to the address to Honda Care.  Address is inside the contract.

Also, you can claim your cost during time of delay, if the repair is a covered repair.  In my case, Now I proved it as a covred repair, I can claim 1 or 2 day travel cost such as car rental, hotel, meals.  

Follow up with Honda Care.  Honda West refusing or delay in service is a breach of contract.  In worst case, Honda Care needs to refund you the $2,000.00 warranty original charge.  This case will be against the Honda Care.  

Technically you can skip the arbitration and go to small claim directly if you have time.  Honda Care and Honda West are 2 different companies.  If you want to file lawsuit directly against the Honda West, which is easier in process and collecting judgement, it has to be about their neglegence and breach of contract.  Later I cam tslk about the small claim process in detail.

In conclusion, the Honda West service team twist their policy to their liking and you must avoid them if possible but if you cannot, you must fight for your right.

Robert G. | 2015-04-06

Yes, I contacted brian through email and left a message by phone on April. 1 and have not heard anything back by phone or email. Any other suggestions?

Gina C. | 2015-04-05

My daughter bought her Honda Civic SI here with Jilmar. He was very pleasant and took care of my daughters request. He's not pushy and won't waste your time. Jimmy in financing is also great. Honda West treated my daughter well and didn't try to take advantage of her.

David E. | 2015-03-10

Single rudest sales person I've ever dealt with. I went in to check out a Fit, and was all but shooed off the lot because I wasn't committed to signing loan paperwork before even seeing or driving the car. I visited a couple other brands that day and had zero issues being shown cars without any commitment, including Findlay Honda. Will never set foot on the lot again, and would recommend against anyone I know coming here.

Keith W. | 2015-03-04

Honda West Service Department - where: Profit is king & the customer be damned. Where the customer is always wrong because they are idiots. Where "customer service" means the customer services Honda West & we do what we want, not what the customer wants. Where we make great pretenses & TALK about customer service in order to set you up for the screwing you're about to get. Where the laws of logic & physics no longer apply.

Avoid the service department !  In fact, avoid Honda West !

I had not been back to Honda West Service department for 5 years because they cheated me the last time. This time I brought my Honda Odyssey in for 2 factory recalls on the airbags, so I thought I'd give them another chance & let them try a simple repair on the front power outlet. Huge mistake. I'll have my other mechanic do it who is excellent & services my other vehicles.

Here's the problem, I'll let all the readers decide. My plug for my GPS works in every power outlet it's plugged into, except the front power outlet in my Odyssey.  What does that tell you ?  Answer: That the plug for my GPS works, AND there is something wrong with the front power outlet in the Odyssey. Right ? (The plug even works in the rear power outlet of my Odyssey.) Well not at Honda West service department. The service tech, (& I use that term very loosely) had a plug that worked in the front power outlet so they wouldn't change out the front power outlet (even though I was willing to pay them to do it).  But what good does that do me ? My plug works in all other power outlets except the front 1 in my Odyssey.  It makes me wonder how they diagnose problems ? Get out the Ouji  board & pray to the gods of profit ? The Dis-service manager is so lacking in customer service skills that she won't even ask, "Mr. Willis, you're the customer, what do you want us to do ?" My answer would have been - change out the power outlet.  Dis-service manager - you'll pay us parts & labor to change it out ?  Me - yes.  I have to make a trip this week where I need the GPS & now I don't have the power outlet working. Their problems at Honda West is extreme arrogance and a total sincere lack of concern for what the customer wants and a total lack of customer service skills.

They will have a girl call up & ask "how was your service". I told her the last time they cheated me & absolutely nothing was done about it.  This time I'll tell her never to call here again because I'm never going back to Honda West.  Honda West needs a complete change in attitude towards it's customers. I have another mechanic who I have been going to for 16 years and he is excellent, never a problem he didn't fix. He understands the customer should get what he wants, and of course, the customer pays for it. Honda West doesn't get it.


Angel L. | 2015-03-02

My fault for taking my Acura in to Honda for an oil change.  I figured I was overpaying for an oil change at Acura, so I decided to be economical and try Honda West.  I initially called the dealership for a quote before i brought my vehicle in.  Let's say that the price quoted over the phone was different from the quote i was given at the dealership.  The call was fantastic and the gentleman was very helpful, probably the reason why i was old on going to Honda West.

The service is not that great. I pulled into the bay and was semi-greeted by the tech.  He asked if i had an appointment (which i thought was a ridiculous question.. since i pulled into the NO APPT lane), I told the gentleman "no".  He sends me inside to get a service adviser, so i did that.  The service adviser proceeds to tell me that the tech could have helped me.  Moving on.... the service adviser tells me that an oil change for my vehicle would have been $80 (i was quoted $40 on the phone) because it was an Acura and Acura used synthetic oil. She double checks with another service adviser and he said that the synthetic blend would have been ok.   50 questions later, they take my car to get the oil changed.

The WORST experience about this trip: The sales adviser actually followed me into the ladie's room, shouted my name to say "Please don't forget to give me your car key".  How embarrassing.

I understand that i am just getting an oil change, but with this horrible experience... i don't think i would trust Honda West with my car.

Laurie D. | 2015-02-26

I've been to this location quite a few times in the recent months and service has been phenomenal. Johnny is very thorough and explains the process in depth. He is super professional and friendly and I trust he has my best interest in mind.

Sunshiine D. | 2015-02-18

First time here at Honda West. Needed to schedule an appointment to service my vehicle for the usual maintenance. Customer service was excellent. The service advisor that took care of us was "Carol". Very nice lady, she was really quick to get us in and out. The appointment took about an hour, including having to check-in with our service advisor, so it wasn't very long.

Another thing, scheduling for an appointment is very easy. I went on online the night before, it shows what times are available for service/repairs appointments, after choosing a date/time, it will ask for information about your vehicle (Make, Model, Year, Mileage (optional), etc.) and what type of service/repair you need (if you're not sure that's ok).

Overall, everything was a breeze from scheduling to dropping off my vehicle. Would definitely love to have Carol as our service advisor again^_^

Kim P. | 2015-02-18

Horrible service!  Avoid Honda west!
Our sales person Carlos A, I am not pleased with at all. He sold us a brand new pilot with a cracked windshield. It's been a whole damn month and it's still not fixed. He told me today that someone will be coming to my house to fix it for me from 8am-12pm... Well guess what! No one shows up. No call. I wasted my damn morning on these people (honda west).

AVOID HONDA WEST. My only regret is not going with what my gut told me after reading the negative reviews. We are definitely not purchasing our second car from these people!

Update: everything is fixed. But that took forever. If you purchase from them, know what you're getting yourself into. And good luck.

Michelle P. | 2015-02-05

I called Honda West parts to get pricing on a throttle body hose and PCV valve for my Element. They were a full 1.3-1.5 times higher than Findley (10 miles to the north), which is selling things at full list price, wtf?!

Lauren M. | 2015-01-19

The GM called to help resolve the issue of the late registration. She offered to pay for the extension of our registration (which I already paid for,) and to have a 3rd party go to the DMV and obtain our registration (we provide the registration fees of course.) For this, I will add one star for the effort. But the entire finance department is incompetent and the receptionist (she was from Brooklyn,)who handled the calls were terrible.

Michael K. | 2015-01-17


Sales Manager Gabriel.

5 stars for Gabriel's efforts and patience in helping us find an excellent "Right Car". We bought the  Honda's CRV EX-L model.  Totally satisfied.

Thanks Tim (Sales Associate).

My second satisfied Honda purchase at Honda West.

Jordan R. | 2015-01-16

I brought my 2006 Accord in for a airbag recall and the service was stellar! Colby was polite and did a great job of checking my fluids and tire tread depth on the service drive. He called me right away when it was finished and they even washed my car!!! Great experience guys keep it up!

Mielle T. | 2015-01-12

The whole staff was extremely friendly and attentive. Evan had a sense of urgency to help me and made sure I was taken care of. Special thanks  to Patty (who helped me out when I arrived) and Evan for a great experience.

Kelly G. | 2015-01-09

COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED! NEGATIVE STARS??? YET ANOTHER UPDATE: One week after having my vehicle back, I was driving on a road trip, my car broke down on a very busy 101 freeway in LA and almost caused a serious car accident. Wires from under my car got wrapped up on my driveshaft and halted me immediately. The last people to be under my car was Honda when they fixed my emergency brake. Been stranded for 2 days!!! Honda had zero sympathy even though I could have been killed. The GM, Bryan in service and Shawn in service seemed very cold and uncaring during a conference call. Repairs, hotel and car rental costed me over $1500. They said it was undetermined that it was their fault so they would not pay for the repairs, but I still strongly believe in my heart it was. I'm sure they didn't want to pay for repairs anymore since they have probably already spent over $5000 fixing it already (airbags/ebrake) and another $1300 in rental car fees. By this time the repairs have almost costed me the cost of the truck when I bought it. Mind you, I spent $15k on this truck. I can't believe all of this has happened to me after only owning the car for 3 months, driving it for 2. How do they even sleep at night?????? BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryan B. | 2015-01-05

Scam alert. BUYER BEWARE.

This dealership attempted to pull a yo-yo financing scam on us on 1/3/15. It's very simple, let me explain how it works:

1. They give you an amazing low interest rate (2.99%). You agree and sign the papers. What they don't tell you is ... the deal's not done yet. The loan hasn't been finalized.

2. Honda West calls you after you drive off with your car (days, if not weeks later) that the financing 'fell through' and the new interest rate is higher.

3. You get screwed. Either you agree to pay more or you return the car.

That's the scam, and Honda West does this with approval from the management. The people I worked with: Jimmy in Finance and Shubao in Sales.

Other dirty tricks Honda West tried to pull on us:

Lie #1: Told us the lease buyout price wasn't negotiable. That's a lie. Source:…

Lie #2: Told us the buyout price was $13500 and then offered us a payment plan of $310 for 60 months. Dude, $310 times 60 equals $18600. That's a $5100 increase and another lie. He told us the $5100 were 'taxes and fees'. Tax is 9%. Where the hell did the other $4000 come from?

Lie #3: When I caught that the loan wasn't approved yet and that he was going to pull the yo-yo scam on my little brother the Finance guy told us: "Oh. All loans aren't approved prior to purchase." What the hell are you talking about? All loans are finalized prior to purchase of ANYTHING whether it's a car, a house, a condo, a boat, a student loan for tuition. All loan terms are finalized before a transaction or else why the hell are we signing papers?

Spreading the word on every social media outlet from Yelp to Dealer Rater about Honda West's dishonest practices. The few hundred dollars they tried to squeeze from my family is going to cost them far more than that. If you're smart, you'll stay away from Honda West. If you're dumb, you'll buy a car from Honda West and end up paying as much for a Honda as a BMW.

All we wanted was a quick, simple, and honest transaction but the people at Honda West have no integrity and no honor. You should have played fair, Honda West.

Brenda Q. | 2014-12-16

had them do an oil change, wait wasn't horrible even though they were very busy. however after they were done I found they left a heck of a mess, and their "insert a number of points here" inspection failed to discover a large part of the underbody hanging loose, nor the tires that are past their tread wear marks. odd since I was expecting them to try and sell me a set, I know they're due.

is it leaking? I have no idea since they didn't wipe anything down after spilling quite a bit of oil. hurried and sloppy work for sure, at a premium price.

I'll give them credit for the pleasant staff, but I don't trust what goes on when nobody's watching
seeing all the complaints about wait times, and the results of a really rushed job, maybe it would make sense to hire a few more people for the service side. You can only push people to "get it done" so far before they simply have to start cutting corners, and since I didn't get even a hint of a poor attitude from the staff, I'm looking at you management.

Update: vehicle developed odd electrical problems during the first trip after service, stopped at another honda dealer on the way. that dealer found the battery cable was so loose it came off the terminal when their mechanic touched it. I watched them do it. in my hand here now that I'm home, I have the inspection form from honda west that states they inspected and tested the battery.
Thanks honda west, for the extra hassle on a cross country trip.
If you have your vehicle serviced here, carry tools with you wherever you go

Sabrina W. | 2014-12-04

I did a ton of research on both the car I wanted and car dealerships in the area. I decided to visit Honda West last month despite the mixed reviews. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I ended up getting the best sales consultants, Antonio Jackson and Nicole Grant.

I went to the dealership, on a Monday, looking to purchase a 2014 Honda Civic. As I parked my car, I was immediately greeted by Antonio. He had a great attitude and showed me all of the new inventory as I requested. I initially wanted the LX model to save some cash, but ended up purchasing the EX model for a GREAT price. Nicole appraised my trade-in, helped me with paperwork and showed me the features of the new car.

I brought a male friend with me that day and he was also pleased with the experience. The general manager even introduced himself to us. Gary was my finance manager. Overall, my personal experience with Honda West was a good one.

Nikolay B. | 2014-11-13

Got my first brand new car 3 weeks ago. I love it and it's awesome. Sales man were professional through the whole process of the purchase . Unfortunately I have I slight problem with it and I had to take it to the repair shop in order to get it checked. There's a very very slight noise coming from one of the wheels when hitting the brakes. I set an appointment and was there one time .  The lady greeted me and I told her about the problem. She agreed it was something wrong. I let her know that I have limited time and no extra car, so I couldn't just leave it there. She had accurate information about the situation I found myself in. I was told that they didn't want to let me drive the car in this condition and was told to wait until they check were checking on the car. Two hours later when I was suppose to leave in order to not be late for work they came to me with the words :" There's nothing we can do about it right now. Get back some other time!" A minute before that I saw them ( the same lady and a mechanic ) getting into my car and driving in for 30 seconds . And then it hit me. Nobody checked it for the past two hours. So it took them two hours to double check that the car needs work. They could have told me this in the first few minutes.Unfortunately I had no time to react because I was running late. Be full of patience when you go there you might need to get a day off . Unpleasant experience ! I'm not saying they are bad in general ! Of course this is only my experience. I was just expecting more adequate help having in my mind that I just got a brand new car from this place 3 weeks ago!

Chris P. | 2014-11-05

Great Client Service everytime!

Patti is so sweet and accomodating.

On my previous visit Steve was very knowledgeable and helpful,
he is really good at his job!

Anthony R. | 2014-10-29

Service Review - Dealerships tradionally have the stigma of being "so much more expensive" for maintenance on your vehicles. After shopping around, and even trying out other places for basic services, Honda West has consistently been a good value for the quality of service you get.

I have had the pleasure of working with the same representative, Evan, every time I have gotten service at this location... and he has always been extremely knowledgeable, accommodating, and understanding. He is a great salesperson for maintenance services, but i have nevet felt under intense pressure to buy and all of his pitches were backed by the inspection (extremely important to my purchasing decisions).

I have never had to wait past my appointment time and all of the team members I have engaged with excel at customer service. If you are searching for basic maintenance services,  I can speak from experience that you should strongly consider going to Honda West and rethink the stigma that it will be "overpriced because it's at a dealership".

Feven K. | 2014-10-16

I was very impressed by the customer service I received at Honda West. Everyone was really pleasant and answered all of my questions. The actual service to my vehicle was excellent as well. Overall, I am one happy customer. Thanks Honda West!!-That's from my mom!

Mike R. | 2014-10-14

Bought a car a little over a year ago,  now i can leave a review because i never knew about yelp. . I had a pre qual letter  from bank of america. .find the car i wanted and salesman and manager said they would match my  prequal letter using  bank of america .. i agreed and  got my car. . 3 days later the check engine goes on and its an  egr sensor. . I call the dealership and explain that when codes are erased it usually takes about  80 to  200 miles to turn back on if it's an  emissions problem. . They told me i should have bought a warranty. . As a mechanic this frustrated me because  i know they erased the code to sell it. . Long story short  i talk to the general manager  very politely  i explain the situation and he did not help. .he tells me I'm testing his patience  and rudely yells at me. . After he tells me "just to get you off my back take it to the mitsubishi dealer and we will pay the bill. . I take it and they fix it  they send the general manager the invoice and they pay for it. .he then tells me he doesn't want me to call or go to the dealership ever again. . Weeks later i get  declined letters from multiple banks stating i didn't qualify for a loan with  honda west, when they specfically told me they would match my  prequal with  bank of america using bank of america.. so they lied my credit took a major hit because Honda West lied and sent my information to multiple banks. .these guys are very unprofessional and  liars..your better off going to another dealer

Barbie B. | 2014-10-08

I was very pleased with the service that I received yesterday at Honda West.    

I arrived at around 2:15pm in the afternoon, to have my battery checked out, as I had been having difficulty starting the car the past couple of days.   I was almost positive that my battery needed to be replaced, but was on a time crunch, with 2 doctor's appointment by Southern Hills hospital, the first of which was at 3:30pm.      I was stressed out, to say the least.  
Patty Thacker approached me when I first arrived and when I shared my dilemma with the appointments, she got someone to test my battery right away.    She was so kind and helpful!!!!!!    Another gentleman came over and confirmed that it did need to be replaced and that they would do so and have me on my way by around 3pm.    
They kept their word and I was indeed, heading down the road by 3:05. and made it to my first medical appointment on time.

I have nothing but praise for the team that made this happen.    


Barbara Byars

B P. | 2014-10-06

My review is for a Certified 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite I bought here at the end of August as an out of state buyer.

Cosmetically, I think the sale person should be been more honest with me as an out of state buyer and can only see the car through online pictures.  I noticed the rear bumper were full of scratches on the ad pictures so I asked saleperson to take a picture for me.  Turned out the dealer repainted the bumper but never disclose to me that it been repainted.  When I arrived to purchase the van, I noticed half of the front bumper has also been repainted some time in the past too.  I supposed I accepted this cosmetic defect for agreed to buy the car without seeing it in person.

My negative ratings is mainly for the missing original parts that should have been there with the car since the car is CERTIFIED and not a normal used car.  I am not talking about accessories.  I am talking about missing parts that I need in order to operate the car safely and enjoy full functions of the Elite trim.

Prior to coming to get the car, I told a couple of sale persons to please check the van to see it was fully safe for me to take a 8 hours drive home.  I was assured that it was.  I arrived and did briefly look at the van and signed all the necessary paperworks, then drove home.

The following day I had a chance to look at the car at home in details and noticed a lot of OEM original parts were missing and just flat out not there.

1.  All owner manuals
2.  Remote control for the rear entertainment system
3.  the two wireless headphones
4.  the plastic under engine cover
5.  the wheel lock key
6.  Radio PIN code
7.  Certified Warranty paperworks

All of these parts SHOULD NOT have been missing for a CERTIFIED vehicle.  These are parts that without them I can not operate the car safely (wheel lock key) or to operate and enjoy the van's functions.

The missing part that bothered me the most was the wheel lock key.  What happened if I got a flat tire during my long drive home in the middle of the night, in the middle of the dessert between NV and CA?  I would not have able to change the tire and drove to some place safe.  When I asked the saleperson to make sure the van was safe for me to drive home, did he thought about this?  Was my safety meant anything to the dealer?  

After discovered those parts were missing on that following day, I immediately email two person that I talked price with and sent my personal info to.  I have got no response from either.  I have filled out the Honda Certified Car Buyer Survey and hope the dealer saw this and contact me, but it has been 6 weeks now and I got not a single response from anyone.

I would have accepted the missing parts if the van was not certified and was sold as just a regular used car.  BUT THIS WAS CERTIFIED, meaning the car went through Honda Certification process to make sure even though the car is not new, but it should function fully as new.  Without those parts, how can I operate and use all the functions the car I purchased?  The certification process did cost the dealer, and I paid for it too, more than I would have paid for a regular used car.

Needless to say I am disappointed and feel cheated on.  I didn't inspect the car fully because I TRUSTED Honda and the dealership that this was a Certified car, and it should have been sold as such.  Not as a car with missing parts.  I have always been a Honda fan, and referred my family and friends to buy Honda cars and truck.  I still love my Honda van, but I would think twice before buying or recommend other people to buy a Certified car.

George H. | 2014-10-01

went there for oil change, always with appointment, always takes more than a good one hour.
today was no exception,
when I went in it was all empty, I waited 10 minutes for someone to come ask me "what can I do for you", (they all saw me, but they all didn't bother to ask me why I was standing in front of the service desk for 10 mins), and then 3 hours for oil change plus coolant service...

I know, fool me once shame on you, fool me more than twice, shame on me, and that's why I will never go back again

I don't want to blame anyone as it's a team "effort", but really 3 hours I could almost drive back to LA to get my oil change there
3 hours you can get lots of things know?

Anik G. | 2014-09-17

I went to Honda West on august 25Th to shop for an accord. My sales person Nicol Grant was very friendly and not pushy. I Have gone to Honda East 1st but since they gave me a lower price on my Trade in i decided to go to this location to try to get a better price and i thought i did. My accord would cost a little bit cheaper n they offered me $800 more for my trade in so i bought the car from them that day but i had to come back the following day to sign all the paper work due to a printer malfunction.

Gary Dvorsky was my finance guy, very talkative person. He finished all the paperwork with me and told me that Honda would pay off my trade in around 10 days. 5 days later i read all the paper work again and noticed that they payed $18500 for my trade in and not the $20000 that Nicol has offered me. I was pissed but my bad! I should've checked every single page.These people are very deceiving! You really have to read every letter or they will screw you over.

10 days later after i bought the car i got a letter from Ally finacial which is the Lienholder of my trade in saying that im past due. 5 days later another letter so i called them to explain that i traded that car in so Honda is the one that needs to pay them off but not me. They said they havent heard from Honda so that car is still under my name and i need to pay it before sept 22 otherwise they would report to credit bureau. I called Gary and left a msg but he never got back to me. Called Nicol and she said i had to talk to Gary. Sept 16 I decided to go to Honda west to talk to him but he was busy with another customer so i talked to Andrew that apologized and said that he was going to find out why they havent payed my car off yet and would call me on the following day. I'm still waiting for a call!!! He said: Dont worry, if they report you to the credit bureau it will come right off after we pay them. After all these yrs building a very good credit and comes an Idiot and tells you that!!

Bottom line is: Once they get you to do business with them They care less about you as a customer. What a headache!!! So far i have nothing good to say about this place!

Stay away from them. I Bought my first honda from Honda east n for 5 yrs i had no problem whatsoever. For a couple $100s that i thought i've saved I should've kept businness with Honda East. What a regret!!!

Veronica G. | 2014-09-14

i wish i didn't need to add any stars because then don't deserve any stars then suck so bad i took my car 2012 honda accord to get services because it was about that time i have then honda care so i figured i will get it all checked out went in then told me everything was good any so i took it home i  decide to check my car any found that then didn't top off any of my fluids everything was low and i called complained and spoke with then new customer service manager i took it back a second time thought i will give then another chance and then did a bad job again no transmission fluid or coolant i will never never never take my car back again oh and by then way then have dishonest thief's working there

Amy L. | 2014-08-31

Came here to purchase a Honda Fit. My sales man Joshua was great and friendly. They didn't have the color I wanted and was going to do a deposit for one of the white ones that was suppose to come in but decided to test drive the one they currently have that was in black. I ended up getting that with the navi that day.

The finance guy, I think his name was Andrew was really nice at first and was explaining about the warranty but I opted not to buy warranty as I never do. Once I said no his attitude completely changed and he was an a$$hole. I get that you want the commission but if you need to make money that badly, perhaps you should work at some other place that doesn't rely on commission to make your paycheck bigger.

I had to go back a few days later to rewrite my check since I wasn't going to have a trade in anymore. Once I finished writing the check, I was just double checking that everything was right. While I was doing that, he just snatched the check out of my way without even asking if I was done. Rude.

Why would I recommend people to come here if there are employees like that?

Adrienne N. | 2014-08-21

The laziest service employees you will ever encounter.. They will thwart you right from the start, give you all the kinds of excuses not related to your car's complaint and problem just to reject the job..

Brittani H. | 2014-08-19

I went to Honda West before purchasing my vehicle at Findlay Honda Henderson. Honda West's service was terrible. We scheduled an appointment to come in and discuss a possible purchase of a vehicle we saw on the internet. When we arrived, we had to meet with another salesman and he was completely unprepared and unfriendly. He did not offer to show us the vehicle. I am happy I did not purchase my vehicle here. If you are looking to make a purchase, go to Findlay Honda Henderson, They are absolutely fantastic.

Will H. | 2014-08-13

Let me start by saying after buying my wife's car from Desert VW a little over a year ago I told myself, "Never again!!! That was horrible we are driving these cars into the ground!" It was a horrible and time consuming experience... Honda West was just GREAT however.

My wife has her nice new Passat Wagon and my Volvo was getting on in years. My credit wasn't the greatest so I NEVER really thought about getting a brand new car. My wife told me to give Honda a shot since I make good money. I was thinking of just getting an Accord. Just something simple and reliable since keeping up a 9 year old Volvo with 102k miles was no cheap endeavor.

From the my first foot steps on their property they treated me GREAT! Richie was super helpful as a salesman. He knew all the ins and outs of the vehicles and was great at explaining them to us. I wasn't planning on buying a vehicle at all... just testing the waters but Richie still treated us like family patiently taking us on test drives and showing us all the options...and somehow I fell in love with a Ridgline. I didn't think I would be able to afford a base accord let alone a Ridgeline. I talked to Richie and let him knew what I wanted to pay a month and that I wanted a super amazing warranty and to my surprise he came back from his sales manager and just said, "Yes, that should work."

Richie then took us on a very long test drive to make sure we were sure about the Ridgeline and even went to my house with us so we could let out our dogs! We came back and that is when we met his Sales Manager, Gabe... and he was great too! He came back with no four box paper or any BS. Just said he crunched the numbers and for the truck that I was now in love with he could do the deal for $20 more per month than I asked for (which was still well within my range since I aimed for the low end of my budget). He also included the the extended 80,000 mile warranty and everything I wanted. Gabe also had no reservations about letting my wife and I take the paperwork home and review it. After taking the paperwork home I found that they sold us the truck for $2k less than average for the exact model in our area (thanks internet) and we were just getting a great deal. I went the next day and signed the paperwork which took all of about 15 minutes and dropped off my old car and took my brand new truck! Jarek who did our financing was great about explaining everything and made us feel right at home as we cracked jokes the entire time.

The last bit was when I asked about the AUX input jack on my truck. It turns out that it didn't have one even though Richie our salesman, and myself for that matter, were sure it had one. When I brought this up with Richie it took about five minutes to get the response of, "No problem. We will call you in the next day or two so we can set up an appointment to get one installed." Also while I brought the truck in to get this installed, Billy, my service adviser was GREAT TOO!!! He was extremely nice and even found a crack in my windshield I didn't see since it was on the very bottom by the VIN number. Once again Honda West was great. Billy ran off and 2 minutes later he came back and set up an appointment to get the windshield replaced at MY HOUSE!!! It doesn't get much easier than that.

I can say this about Honda West. They are great and professional. Everything that came up they handled just as one would hope. They quickly made everything right and made this the best and easiest car buying experience I've ever had. I can tell you that I will DEFINITELY be back once it's time to trade in the Passat...

Debbie H. | 2014-08-05

I went with a friend to help get her car back from the service department.  She was given 3 different stories and 3 different estimates on her car.  Carla, especially,  was the worst and really rude!
Findlay Honda Northwest does a much better job with customer service and honesty!

Kin y. | 2014-07-16

I took my Honda CRV in on a Monday about 10 days ago to check out the cooling system since the the gauge showed temperature above the middle mark.

Since my car still has the California license plate and it is In the middle of summer, I would expect that a dishonest dealer shop would tell me to change the water pump or other expensive services.  

To my pleasant surprise, my service rep, Carol, after having the cooling system's pressure checked, told me it was just low in coolant.

After I asked Carol to have the coolant changed anyways, she even arranged a honda van to pick me up from my home in summerlin.

I drove the Crv with Ac on in 105 degree heat to California the next day with no problems.  The temperature mark stay  in the middle of the gauge all the way and hardly fluctuated.

Noriel A. | 2014-07-11

Great service! From when I pull into the service drive to when I drive off the staff is very friendly and always smiling. The service staff is very knowledgable. The technicians finish the work in a timely matter and do the work correctly the first time. Why not pay a little more for quality parts and factory trained technicians that know your car then Joe Blow who's not trained by Honda and uses cheap aftermarket parts. GREAT SERVICE HONDAWEST!

Jade L. | 2014-07-03

Not sure why Honda West doesn't have a better rating! After a shitty experience with AutoNation Honda East, Honda West was Heaven!!!

I have been visiting Honda West periodically over the course of a year, because I haven't been ready to buy a vehicle yet, but I knew I wanted the new Honda Accord Sedan. Whenever I visited, I told them that because I didn't want to hold someone from making a sale by other customers who was actually ready to buy. Just wanted them to let me explore my potential future vehicle and answer a few questions. But EVERY TIME I went and advised of my situation, their staff would still go BEYOND my expectations to assist me, suggest additional options for me to think about, show me all the new features of the car, etc. And best of all, they were never pushy AT ALL!!!

This time when I was ready to buy, my salesman, Jonathan Warner, kept helping me negotiate with the financial department and got me a deal I was comfortable with, and couldn't refuse. They also did not have the color I wanted but searched with other Honda dealerships for one and kept checking in with them to make sure they arrived with my car in a timely manner.

I highly recommend Honda West & their staff to assist you in purchasing your next vehicle!!!

Charlie D. | 2014-07-03

Honda west was a great treat! Alex Robinson was very helpful, professional and I must say, pleasantly comedic as well. I have dealt with many dealerships in the past and I must say that this has been the best experience ever. Alex was quick to assist us with our needs and was able to quickly process all the paperwork and get our demands on the lease with no problems. He worked with us professionaly as best as he could. Would definitely recommend both the dealership and Alex if you need a new car. OUTSTANDING!!!

Meredith H. | 2014-06-18

I bought a 2014 CRV here and have been incredibly happy with their customer service. They're always very accommodating and helpful, and above that, friendly. Even when I called the other day to make an appointment for my oil change, the lady I spoke with was surprisingly nice and made conversation about our cars, as she had a 2014 CRV also. It was nice for her to talk rather than out me on hold or sit in silence. All of the people in the service area have been great as well. I have a pretty busy schedule and they always help me out!

mvc j. | 2014-06-08

I ordered wheel locks to put on my Honda from Honda West, from a Honda West parts department representative.  After completing the order and providing credit card information for payment over the phone, the parts department representative stated the wheel locks would be available for pickup the next day as he indicated they were in stock.

Upon going to Honda West the next day (a cross town trip for me), the parts department representative at the front count told me they did not have the wheel locks available for me - after asking why, the parts department representative refused to provide a reason and became hostile and combative towards me.

Upon speaking to a supervisor, he admitted they did not have the wheel locks in stock, they had to be ordered, and it would take 3-5 days to get the wheel locks - completely contrary to what the parts department representative had indicated to me one day prior.  

Although this was not a large purchase, it displayed incompetence and resistance to stating the honest reason for the issue - all poor customer service items.

For my trouble of making two trips to pick up the wheel locks, Honda West offered me a 10% 'VIP' discount, when I already had a 10% discount for parts purchases from their website, so, I was not offered any consideration for Honda West's incompetence and failure to disclosure they had made a mistake.

Being open, upfront and forthright would have gone a long way to explain the situation from my perspective - everyone makes mistakes, it is how you deal with them in an open and forthright manner and make a reasonable attempt to equitably resolve the issue - none of this was done by Honda West.

Based on this experience for a minor purchase, I intended to never patronize Honda West again for any purchases, as they did not exhibit a service mentality and culture of quality, openness, being forthright or attempting to resolve situations in a reasonable and equitable manner.  

I would be very concerned in making a large purchase from an organization like this (and I have purchased three Honda automobiles in the past 8 years, so I am a regular and loyal Honda customer for both new/used cars, parts and service).

Sonia D. | 2014-06-07

Had a wonderful buying experience at Honda West. Our salesman John was the friendliest.  The process to buy was fast and easy. Not my first go around in the car buying process,so I have had quite a few horrible experiences, but not here! Got a great deal and will definitely buy here again! Thank you John and Ron

Jon H. | 2014-05-31

The good:
1. The convenience of making an appointment on line.
2. In by 8:30, out by 4:00 pm with oil change, new brakes, brake flush, new A/C relay, and a check for recalls.
3. The service writer asked if I wanted my rear windshield wiper insert replaced (I said "Yes, please replace the front ones also.")
4. The new service department manager did return my phone call after I became concerned that they would go overboard on the A/C (after all, they did try to sell me transmission service that I didn't need. See below).
5. The service writer offered to check for any recalls on my 2009 Odyssey.
6. The free car wash that comes with the not so free ($42.95) oil change.
7. Prior to owning my current Honda, I had purchased two new vehicles at this dealership, and was always pleased with both the sales and service departments.

The not so good:
1. The service writer had a record of my appointment, but not the three services I had requested via the online form.
2. As I begin to list them for her she begins to write up a transmission oil change, which I did not request or need since it had already been done by Honda West, and was not due again.
3. After three attempts to have her write down that I wanted the A/C relay replaced, she managed "CUST STATES THAT FREON BLEW OUT SYSTEM STILL SEEMS TO BE BLOWING COLD? ADVISE CUST FEELS RELAY VALVE IS OUT?" I had to laugh when the service department called me later and advised me that the A/C relay had to be replaced.
4. My request for another service writer was ignored.
5. I got home before I realized that my service writer had failed to write down the windshield wiper replacements.

The horrible:
1. The $49.95 "SHOP SUPPLY COSTS" on top of the $748.08. Be sure to read the fine print before signing the work order.
2. When I purchased my new 2009 Odyssey six years ago the sales department was so disgustingly old school that I went across town and got a great deal. This is the vehicle I am currently driving. Repeat: this was 6 years ago, so I trust that things are different today.

The funny:
1. When I came to pick up my van, the service writer gave the cashier the wrong invoice, and retrieved the wrong vehicle.
2. Don't expect clean wheels with your free car wash.
3. According to the invoice my silver Honda is now "blue," and my license plate number was transcribed incorrectly.

BOTTOM LINE: I LIKE HONDAS AND I LIKE THIS DEALERSHIP A LOT. During the past 14 years I've dealt with great sales people there and horrible sales people, and I've dealt with great service people and not so great service people, including one who converted my wife into a Toyota customer seven years and two cars ago.

Anyways, they have new ownership and a brand new service manager ('bye, Wayne, you were great. Enjoy retirement). Let's hope that they treat their employees and customers well.

Jeff W. | 2014-05-18

If you are thinking about buying a car but don't like the usual high pressure and shady sales tactics used by a lot of dealerships, go to Honda West.  After a pretty bad experience with another local dealership, I contacted Marisa, the E-sales agent for Honda West and made an offer to purchase a 2014 Honda Civic EX.  Within minutes, she emailed me a very competitive counter offer and I drove to the dealership and met with Greg Larson, the salesman who showed me the car which I test drove.  I liked the car and agreed to buy it at the price they gave me.  No long wait, no pushy or intimidating manager trying to close the deal with a lot of add extras.  I actually enjoyed coming into this dealership where they have an indoor basketball hoop where the salesmen can practice shots helping to take the stress off their jobs.  Kudos to the owner of this dealership for doing this.  Happy contented employees make happy, contented customers!  Thanks Marisa and Greg.  I'm looking forward to buying another car from you which maybe awhile as my current 2001 Honda Civic has 180,000 miles on it and is still going strong!

Jennifer B. | 2014-05-15

My old truck recently broke down and I was in a hurry to buy a new car. Honda west was the only place to give me the best offer. Richie Vasquez had helped my mother and I out after another dealer did not offer us the best price. Richie was excellent he even took me home because my car was broken. His knowledge and kindness was so helpful to my mother and I. I would recommend him to anyone. I am now very happy with my new honda crv !

Zara-Maria S. | 2014-04-16

After looking for a car over a couple of months, driving from dealer to dealer to private car owners and having anything work out. I was really over buying a car. I didn't want to deal with shady car dealers, loan officers, rude managers who don't listen and crappy cars. Honda was my last hope. I saw a car online that i liked an called to make sure it was still available. Merrisa helped me out and told me to ask for a certain person when I came in. I couldn't make it that day, but she called back to check in with me on how the car looked and if I came in. That was nice. I explained we didn't make it but we'd by that day and she again gave me another name to ask for. Well my parents who were meeting me there arrived first and Tim was already helping them with the car I wanted. He was friendly and not pushy AT ALL. I decided to move forward with the car and he was able to get us financing we were pleased with, with our own credit union. The paperwork was a bit lengthy but the loan consultant was very friendly and comical. I've been to a dozen dealerships and dealth with many loan processors and none had a personality. It was all about selling the warranty and doing paperwork.

Thank you Tim for taking care of us and for my car.

Trace R. | 2014-04-03

Worst experience ever! Will never go back to that dealership again this is the second bad experience I've had there. They sold me a car and I traded my car in and they had no proof or record of my income and then harassed me for a weeks for all kinds of information. Said they couldn't get me approved for financing and offered me a totally different car-Two weeks later I finally found out who financed me. Very unprofessional. Thankfully I argued with them for a week and got my payment down $100 per month! And they took off all that stuff I did not need.
They also sold me a car alarm system to be added onto my payment (which didn't exist at the time) and also didn't fit the car they sold me.
Their response to everyone with one star is exactly the same, Copied. So yes I will understand they appreciate my concern LOL
They had no idea how to work the car they gave me, could not hook up the phone or get certain things to work on the car and then refused to rectify it. The guy in financing had only been there a few months but said he's been doing it for years but was in training the whole time I needed to get in touch with him about the financials. Used car salesmen, that's all they are.
On a brighter note, Dan the Internet salesman was at least helpful in the beginning. I hope he moves to a more reputable dealership! They are just as bad as Findlay Honda.
And unfortunately Honda it is an awesome car-They need to get better representation!

Carlos C. | 2014-03-22

Been here three times in the past year. Karla is the reason I keep coming back. She makes every experience awesome!

Melelina I. | 2014-03-18

I always come here for my oil change. Anyway, I had major service done here about a month ago and had oil change, clutch flush, brake fluids, spark plugs and one other thing done (I can't remember). Anyway, I went to Honda Culver City (los angeles) a week ago and they found that all 4 of my brake pads were "dangerously low" and that my car wasn't even safe to drive with brake pads that low. I think the service agent told me that the brake pads were 0.5mm. You can call Honda Culver City to verify. How can Honda West check my clutch, brake fluids and other stuff and not see that my brake pads are that low? I even told the service guy that I'm going to be doing a long drive and asked to check the car. Thanks for letting me drive my car when it's unsafe to do so. Apparently your customer's safety isn't your priority. I could sue you guys for this

Sam O. | 2014-03-18

This is my very first review in yelp and unfortunately I just simply had to do it due to Honda West's unprofessionalism and the worst customer service so that the future customers are aware of this.

I had to drop off my car in Honda West's service department for recalls on my vehicle. The car was dropped off on Friday morning 7:30am. Unfortunately, this service technician stated that they do not offer a loaner car while the car will be in the shop for a week. I said I understood and left the car at the dealership. Service technician called me on that same morning around 9:00am stating that the recall has been verified and they will take care of the rest and car should be ready by next Friday if not earlier. So far so good....

It was actually perfect because my family was coming from out of town to visit me on that weekend . I've gave a call and left a message to check the status of my car on Thursday morning and did not get a call back. On Friday, the day they promised me that the car will be ready, I've waited for their call until 3PM. Since I did not get any call, I decided to call to check up on the status of my car. The operator transferred me over to service department 7 times and nobody answered.... Very frustrating....

So I had to get my roommate to drop by at the dealership personally to talk to the service technician. When I went there, it seemed very slow and saw the service technician who was helping me out last Friday and he was simply having casual conversation with one of the colleagues.... I guess they have time to have casual conversation but not pick up the phone 7 times.....

I politely asked the service technician how my car is doing and he said the car won't be ready until next Tuesday because the bodyshop is backed up. It was very very frustrating because I've already made a promise with my family member and I was in desperate need of a car. I asked if there is anything they could do because I've made all these plans with my family based on what they've promised me. And they said only thing they could do is call Avis and get the dealership's rate.... Now, I understand that they may be very busy. However, they never answered my voicemail that I left a day before and they never called me about the situation and I had to personally go to the dealership to find this out... I simply asked for the manager and he walked over and told me that the recall is through Honda America and they are simply doing a service for them.... And if I need any sort of reimbursement for rental, I will have to contact Honda America.

So, I came back home and called the Honda America and told them what had happened at the dealership and they told me that I probably did not even talk to the manager because they need to follow the protocol to have claim sent over to DSM (district service manager) from the dealership's service manager and then they would decide what to do with that claim.....

Now, they had me run through all of these hassles and now the person whomever claimed to be a manager flat out LIED to me.....

Now, It's Tuesday and they are telling me that my car won't be ready until tomorrow 3-4PM..... Additionally, I had to personally call today to find this out..... How ridiculous is this?

HONDA WEST definitely needs to work on their customer service and I hate to put it this way but Honda has lost my trust in their company and Honda will probably in the bottom of my list when I consider buying another car. More importantly, I will not deal with HONDA WEST EVER AGAIN!!! And I will file a complaint to the Honda America as well.

David P. | 2014-03-14

Just yesterday my son went in and paid cash for brand new CRV EX. They treated him rotten and dragged him over  the coals.  Make promises they did not keep and treated him like a dog. I urge everybody that's thinking of buying a Honda . To never set foot in this very poor excuse for a dealership. We on the other hand just purchased today a new civic at Findley and we're treated like kings.

Vanessa B. | 2014-02-28

Left here as one happy customer! I was helped by Jorge who made everything so easy.  Great service and  someone who I would definitely recommend to my family and friends! :)

Vanessa K. | 2014-02-27

I consider myself a loyal Honda customer since 2 of my cars have been Honda Accord's. I made the mistake of buying a car from CarMax and I quickly learned the hard way that I had made a mistake. I quickly reconciled my poor choice by running to the nearest Honda dealership and this location did not let me down.

I spoke with Nicole and she was beyond amazing. Not only did she come across as incredibly friendly and nice, but she was also clearly knowledgeable about Honda cars in general. I wasn't the easiest customer to deal with because I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted this time. She spent a lot of time walking me around the lot and explaining the difference between all of my top choices - Accord, Pilot, CR-V, all of them! At no point did she make me feel rushed or pressured. I learned so much about each of these cars thanks to her and I feel like I can make a comfortable decision about which car is right for me.

I highly recommend Honda West and, in my opinion, the sales rep to see is Nicole!

Michael B. | 2014-02-27

Nicole was extremely helpful from the moment that we walked into the dealership. She worked with my numbers to make sure that I was satisfied. Very good experience with her

Nancy G. | 2014-02-27

Nicole was so awesome. This was by far the easiest car buying experience I ever had. I didn't plan on buying a car today but it was so easy, and made so much sense I went home in a new accord! She's great highly recommend asking for Nicole.

Brenda M. | 2014-01-16

The car dealers are ok. They try hard to get you a fair price with less of the hassle you get with other dealers. They just didn't have the right vehicle for me. They tried to get the one I wanted from another dealer but that other dealer played games & held on to it which forced me to go to Henderson to get my SUV. You get some of the round around like all the other places but I found that these guys offer fair deals according to  what is with all the waiting to talk to a manager. Why do they have to make it more painful than necessary??

Dawn S. | 2014-01-14

We have bought at least 8 cars from them and never had a problem except once several years ago.

We bought a 2014 Accord EXL with Navi and it's my favorite car. I test drove a Lexus prior to test driving it and I preferred the Accord!  It's loaded to the max!  Super cool and it has great pickup when you need it. The staff was very nice.  We had Andy and Antonio. Ask for one of them!

My husband got an Acura a couple months ago but believe it or not, I think my car is cooler!

Lori D. | 2014-01-04

Since my husband and I have bought 4 cars from this dealership I guess you could call us loyal Honda customers. Never had any major problems with our cars other than maintaing them. My Element is 7 years old and still running like a champ.

We get all of our oil changes and work done here and the service department team are always friendly and professional. We took the Element in a few weeks back for the 30,000 mile service and my husband asked if we needed to replace the tires. Carol looked them over and said no, they were still decent. They have never pressured  us into spending more than what is necessary to keep our cars running properly and that is why we will continue to come back here.

Forest G. | 2013-12-22

They broke almost as much as they fixed.

Had my Honda in to fix a power steering pump.  They fixed it,and a motor mount they claimed was broken,  but when I got the car back it made a scraping sound whenever it hit a mild bump.  That noise was not there before.  Now they say it might be the front struts.  They gave an estimate of $900 to fix something they broke.  Called national Honda, but no help there.  I am not going to pay them to fix something they broke, as that only rewards incompetence.

Tiffany M. | 2013-11-20

I purchased a 2005 Sequoia from Honda West on 11/11/13 and was assured it had been thoroughly checked out because they "fly the Honda banner."  Three days later, the car wouldn't start because the starter had gone out.  When I called the salesman, he very hurriedly told me that he was returning my call and that his manager was referring me to PepBoys.  Needless to say, I did not take it there.  I had previously taken my Accord there for routine and other work.  I will not do so in the future and I do not recommend Honda West to anyone.

Lauren P. | 2013-11-07

Edit- My original experience with this dealership was VERY poor, but the general manager, Kevin went out of his way to make things right. I really respect that they were willing to rework the deal to amend for the sale's guys misdeeds.

Joe S. | 2013-10-17

Stay away from the service department! 3 hour wait for an oil change. $100 to replace $25 worth of airfilters. No loaner vehicles. The sales staff may be different, but I will never by a car there if I have to deal with that service again.

Stacey V. | 2013-10-06

The service department = what a joke.... Liars and lazy. You're better off going to the other locations

When my boyfriend bought his car a few months back at Findlay Honda in Henderson, he also purchased a prepaid package that covers a certain number of car washes, oil changes, etc etc. at ANY of the Honda locations. We were told that it was even good for locations that were out of state.

We went to Honda West. It was very convenient being that it was the closest location. The guy that was helping us told us that he was not able to do the oil change without charging us and that otherwise we would have to go back to Findlay Honda Henderson to get it done. As we left, we called Findlay Honda and told them what had happened at Honda West. The lady on the phone straight up told us, (exact words) "Um, they can do it. All they had to do was call a 1-800- number. They were probably just too lazy to go through the process. I've even just had somebody get their oil changed in Florida."

We were pretty frustrated at that point so we ended up driving all the way to Findlay Honda centennial. They're AWESOME over there by the way... Very professional staff and made us feel welcomed. Worth the drive. The one in Henderson is great also

Jerry I. | 2013-10-01

I wish I could of gave this place 0 or negative stars as I have never, ever witness customer service as worst as this place! Brought my car in for the first ever oil change for my 2013 Si and bought the pre-maintenance plan from Findlay Honda, the same place where I bought my car as well (way better than Honda west in every way possible). Asian dood, I think his name was Joseph or Khoi, he didn't introduce himself I had to go look at one of the counters for his name tag told me I had to pay for an oil change because they were supposedly independently owned but the service plan I got is good for anywhere in the USA you jerkoff. I called the 1800 number on my plan and they were suppose to verify my plan and get a check cut to them for my service but the operator said they were lazy to do paperwork even when it was accepted at any US Honda. The maintenance guy didn't apologize or say shit but to take my car to findlay which was way farther from where I was at. He pretty much didn't want do nothing to help the cause but turn me away and not answer any of my other questions. Totally agreed with all the negative reviews, these guys are lazy, they suck, scam artists etc. Will not be referring any business to this shit hole whatsoever!

K C. | 2013-09-21

First off, I LOVE Honda West.  I have purchased many cars throughout the years. Of course maintenance on vehicles ALWAYS has to be done. I find whenever I go in to get service done on my vehicle whether its an oil change, service or repair I am taken care of. I am greeted at my vehicle with a smile, a plus. The service department as a whole is awesome, but I do have a regular service rep/person that I go to. I tend to make my appointments with Evan. Now, I must say he is very personable which is a good thing. Who wants to get help by someone that's cranky and seems like they hate their job? Exactly.

Gypsy R. | 2013-09-18

Honda west solicited me to trade in my crv, they said they would get me a good APR. they sold me the car a few years ago, with an APR so high I had to refinance through my bank( wife and I had a newborn and would signed anything to get out of there). So I figure ill give them another chance. We communicate by phone and email, I make it clear that I DO NOT want to waste time, the fianance person gives me some numbers over the phone that seen ok. Someone contacts my wife today and tells her that they have a car on the lot that has what we are looking for at 9am, my wife makes it clear to them that she is at work with her Honda, they say no big deal and make an appointment for me to go there with our toddler to look at the car at 4pm and if I like it she can stop int to sign some papers will take 10 mins. So I get there and the car has not been detailed its a 2012 that is a bigger mess than my 08 and we have a toddler and a dog that we take everywhere, I try to overlook the mess and say let's figure some numbers, they can't because they need to see my Honda, which they already know my wife has at work. Oh yeah wait a minute how was I able to get some numbers over the phone 3 days ago an a different car. Honda west are nothing but TIME BUGLERS!!!!!!!!!! If your time is valuable don't waste it there......  I don't feel the need to say anything about the service department because its already been summed up here.... I will say that I get my Honda serviced at Findlay north and it has always been a great expirance. I haven't bought anything from Findlay north yet, but after havering solo much of my time stolen from Honda west I can promise that I will be able to report on a sales expirance with Findlay north in the near future.

David M. | 2013-07-17

Ask for Guiseppe! The only reason for a 3 star is because I haven't heard the best things bout the service department.

Jason H. | 2013-07-15

I have mixed feelings about this dealership. I did get a great price on my used car, but I don't think they actually inspected my model year 2012 vehicle. This created a possible safety issue for my family. The hood shook violently as I was driving a week or so after buying the vehicle. This event happened during high-wind conditions as I was driving down the freeway. It turns out the previous owner had apparently replaced the hood and grill, but did a very poor job of replacing the parts. Only one bolt kept the hood latch secure, and only one screw kept the front grill in place. Whatever may have transpired to require a replacement of the hood and grill was not reporting in the CarFax.  I think you could argue for or against the idea that the dealership should have caught the problem, but I can say the mechanic I visited to fix it at a competing dealership noticed the problem immediately upon opening the hood. The Honda West dealership is a high-volume, low-margin operation and you can get great pricing on new and used cars compared to Findlay. I would caution every prospective buyer to pay attention to the standard dealership tactics. They will try to squeeze as much profit out of the transaction as possible. They are not your friends. The advertised price is really only an incentive to get the buyer into the showroom. The moment you decide on a car and a price they begin to wear you down with various options and fees. Don't let them do it. Stick to your plan, and be prepared to walk out. The most irritating thing about Honda West, however, is the Arbitration Agreement they try to make you sign. This is a recent trend in the industry where a dealership will try to get you to sign an agreement stating that any legal problem between you and the dealer will be heard by an arbitrator outside of the traditional legal system. Usually, in hearings like this the deck is stacked against the consumer in favor of the dealership. I absolutely refused to sign this piece of paper, and I walked out of the showroom. They flagged me down and allowed me to purchase the car without signing the agreement. If you see car at Honda West and like it, go ahead and buy it, but don't let them take advantage of you, and stick to your guns.

Ryan D. | 2013-06-25

Buying a new car is rarely a pleasant experience but Honda West made the process fairly simple.  My wife already know what type of vehicle she wanted - Pilot Touring - and Honda West had the right color in stock.  The price on the vehicle was already pretty darn good, but they gave us another $1k off that price (which was about $1800 lower than any other Honda dealer in Vegas would offer).  I was a little dissapointed with the trade-in value, but given the very good price on the Pilot, we got a very good deal.  Very low pressure sales process, fast F&I - all and all a pretty smooth process.

Alan A. | 2013-06-21

I live in an adjacent state and was researching the exact 2013 Honda Accord Touring with V-6. I went on line and found it at Honda West. I filled out an E sales request and someone called me. I told them I would like a 3 year lease proposal and that I would fly over to pick up the car. I also said I could handle all of the registration and all they would need to do is send the manufacturers certificate to my DMV.

After no response for 48 hours I emailed three times and called twice (left message with someone other than the person to whom I was speaking)

Never got a response. I wasn't haggling price or difficult at all. Just me Mr. nice guy. Guess that doesn't work at Honda West.

If there was a zero star rating it would be more appropriate.

Jason R. | 2013-06-12

**This is specifically for the service department**

I purchased a 2013 Odyssey Touring from this dealer and the next day we unfortunately ran into a chunk of old tire on the I-215 freeway. The damage to the vehicle seemed to only be a non-functioning fog lamp and parking sensor. We took the van back to the dealer and they had it for a whole day to investigate what it needed to get fully repaired.
Here's where it gets deceitful, I received a call from the service department saying there was extensive damage and the warranty along with the bumper to bumper warranty we purchased did not cover the damages. The amount to fix was going to be $436 and that was giving us a "deal". I said no thank you and decided to take a look myself.
I brought the van home, elevated the front end, removed two screws and found that all I needed to do was plug the fog light back in and purchase a new clip to hold the parking sensor in ($25). This tells me that the service department didn't even look at the van! They just threw a number out there and hoped that I would take the bait and pay $436 for a $25 part.

Make sure you know who you are trying to scam, not everyone is naive.

Ryan Y. | 2013-06-10

LIARS! CONS! Specifically David Tucker and Kevin Bushy.  These two are a piece of work.  They are the biggest liars I have ever met, taking back their offer after my mother initialed the asking price they wrote on paper.  Here's the story....
On June 10, 2013, my mother and I went to test drive a used 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid with the online price of ~$18K and with a true price down to ~$17.5K. We were met with David Tucker the sales associate and took a test drive.  After driving it, we went inside to talk about pricing.  They offered OTD (out the door) of ~$19.5K, we counter offered $17.5K with willingness to go up to $18.5K MAX.  David grabbed his manager Kevin Bushy, talked a little and then offered us $18K and asked my mom to intial if it was ok.  My mom initialed with a commitment price and was enthused by the deal. Not even 5 minutes later, he comes back and scratched the signature and price and said no deal. Came back with a $19.5K counter offer.  Talk about getting F*CKED! Never have I dealt with shady people like that.  Again, DAVID TUCKER and KEVIN BUSHY ARE LIARS AND CONS! Never coming back to this place EVER! and I hope this review helps guide people to other places to buy!

Chelsea F. | 2013-05-26

Bought the new accord recently here. They made it very easy. Gave me a fair offer for my trade and didn't throw any BS my way. See Jilmar one of the top sales associates there. He will make the process as painless as possible. Thank you.

T K. | 2013-05-26

We went in to sit in cars.  I wasn't ready to test drive cars yet.  I am 6'7" and I just don't fit in most cars these days.  A salesman named Jay helped us, and I told him that I was not there to buy, I was only there to see what cars I fit in.  He informed me that they have the new Hondas, the used car section, and they also could allow me to sit or test drive the Volvos.  Even though I was adamant that I was not going to buy that day, Jay spent 4 hours with us going through different car models.  I ended up test driving two cars, one used car and one new Honda.  I told him that I wanted to go home and do some research on the cars, and look for other brands.  He said he understood, and he said he just wanted to grab the numbers for me from the office.  I again reminded him that I didn't want to buy today, and he said he just wanted to get me the numbers so I knew where I would be if interested in the car.  He came back with a print out of $4,000 off the MSRP and what my payments would be with no trade-in.  We ended up going back to the dealership to buy the car, as it cost us less that what we could find anywhere else.  In fact, they sold me a brand new 2013 Honda Ridgeline cheaper than I could find a used 2011 Honda Ridgeline.  There was never any pressure, and they got me a 1.9% interest rate on the loan.  This place is the best place to buy a new Honda, or a used car.

Will R. | 2013-05-22

Went in at the end of April to shop for a new vehicle. I told my salesman, Brian Welz, that I was shopping around for the best deal and was looking at 4 models; a new Civic, Jetta, Chevy Cruise, or replace my Kia Forte. I told him bottom line would come down to who would offer me the best price on my trade in, since I owned it. Honda West was my first stop, needless to say I never made it to the other three dealerships. I walked out that evening with a new Civic SI, completely happy. One, they run their business like CarMax; the MSRP is on the window, and the absolute lowest price they will go is also listed, so very little haggling over the price. Second, Brian told his managers that my overall concern was with my trade in. They offered me over $1,000 more than what Kelly Blue Book had it valued as a trade in. The only reason for the 4 stars is because of the signing the contract part. This part is always annoying; they are still going to try to sell you the extended warranty and all of the other stuff that they are required to push. I get it, but still annoying. Brian was great to work with and I highly recommend them if you are searching for a Honda.

Michelle P. | 2013-05-03

Awful service... I had a service tech lie and say he changed a warped panel on my Honda ... Made him go get the part that he replaced and he couldn't because they forgot to order it! How can I ever trust them again??

Chris K. | 2013-04-30

As I was driving down the interstate passing through Vegas, it felt like my transmission "slipped", so I pulled over and had it towed into Honda West. When I brought it into the shop, I told them my concerns - a small leak and the slipping of what I believed to be the transmission.

The advisor (Carol - who was very nice) told me that I needed to replace my transmission and it would cost $5,000. This was very hard to believe because I never had a problem in the past with it, and it ran perfectly fine. I pulled over shortly after the slipping to prevent any further damage.

I decided to do some research and reached out to another mechanic (Hondoctors). I took my vehicle there, and they were able to find the issue quickly. There was a small leak, which he tightened up. Next, he gave me a transmission flush. I walked out paying roughly $200, and my car runs great now. The mechanic there said my transmission was perfectly fine.

I did reach out to Honda West to get a refund (which they eventually agreed to do) for the mis-diagnosis. Luckily I did some research and took it elsewhere, saving about $4,800.

Deep V. | 2013-04-13

On 04/13/2013, I visited the Honda west for oil change. As part of the services, car wash was also included. I had also given my car for the car wash. There wasn't any issue with oil change and any other services. However, after car wash, my car is having hundreds of scratches in the back and sides. After that I contacted the receptionist at services and told him about the experience. His answer was rude and he refused that and said it's totally your responsibility far the car wash. We do not take any responsibility.

I understand that some minor scratches can happen due to car wash though machine. But this time there are hundreds of scratches and honestly I do not like my car any more. Not sure what to do now. The reason to write review is to make you aware of such incidents. I can do oil change in $ 20 outside, thought I paid double amount at Honda west for the sake of quality.

I am not hoping that they will fix this issue but at least some positive reply and make sure other customers do not get this kind of experience. And I am really really not feeling good. That's all I can say.

Bryan D. | 2013-03-09

My wife and I are researching our next vehicle that we plan to purchase by the end of the summer this year.  What I learned during my visit surprised me.  Honda West is now owned by Sonic Automotive group.  They also have some steep discounts off MSRP listed on the vehicles which make their that make them more competitive in pricing as well.

She's been hot to trot on the Honda Crosstour and I've been eyeballing the Honda Odyssey EX-L.

We popped in here on a whim and was promptly met by a salesman.  He proceeded to show us our pickings of Crosstours and we quickly went on a test drive.  

After a test drive, we decided to wonder over to the Odyssey line up and sat in a few of them.

The whole time, our sales man was accommodating, friendly and not too pushy.  We understood he was doing his job and tried to get us to go in and run numbers, but we kindly told him a few times that we were only looking and he backed off.  We got his card and will definitely be looking for to dealing with him when the time comes.

Michael C. | 2013-03-07

Bought three cars from here over the years. Nothing to complain about but you might have to have your car shipped if you want a model they don't have. Because their car stock isn't the best. Otherwise no problems. But someone please let them get some free wifi for those of us getting service done. Come on guys it's 2013 here.

Raymond B. | 2013-02-14

You know when you start thinking about buying a car whether it be new or used and that nagging voice in the back of your head starts telling you that it may not be the right time... Well that is absolutely what happened to me. I thought about buying a new or used accord and decided to find the best deal or create the best deal by going back and forth with the dealerships here in town. After spending about 2 weeks online searching for the right used accord I was out of luck. I did not want a bare bones car and I could not find a used 2012 or 2011 for that matter anywhere in the valley so on a Saturday morning my wife grabbed my ipad out of my hands and said, " Stop looking online, lets just go look they probably don't have everything online."

30 minutes later in the car on the way to Honda West I told my wife in that manly, I know best voice, " I am not buying anything unless it is a great deal." Timing could not have been better, I got out of the car and out of the dealership walked a sales person named Brian Jimenez,  I had met with him about a year prior when I was contemplating buying a pilot and he remembered us. He asked if I was back for the Pilot and I told him no I am here to see some accords. He walked us to the used accords and the first car I set my eyes on was a 2012 Accord with only 6000 miles... First of all, I couldn't find a used 2011 or 2012 online at all and not only that but with only 6000 miles wow. As Brian went to get the keys 2 other families walked up to the car and it started to look a tribal circle of aborigine hunters looking at the last meal on the island. Brian came out with the keys and we got in it to test drive it and I told him then and there, Ill take it.

Needless to say we drove around the block and when we returned both of the other families were sitting in the lobby and just watched us as we headed to his desk. They all quickly groaned and walked back out to the lot after we locked it up.
Brian was very good and walked through the paperwork with us and explained all of our options and made the buying process very easy. We actually ended up deciding we wanted to trade in our other car and buy the pilot as well and I wanted to do it with Brian but they did not have the pilot we wanted so we ended up going to Findley Honda for that one.

I would recommend Honda West to anyone looking for a Honda and I would definitely recommend you see Brian Jimenez since he is a great sales person and makes the experience very easy to buy.

Gadhia S. | 2013-02-05

Look for Jimmy. He was extremely helpful even though I didn't buy a car from him. I was looking for a car that they didn't have in stock, & he was straight up. He was honest & told me they didn't have the car I wanted, but I gave him my information. Within a week, he called me back, as promised, to let me know that they now had what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I had already purchased the car I wanted elsewhere, but he was gracious about it.

Jimmy is very professional. I don't recall his last name, but I do remember him saying his wife is a nursing student, which might help if you really look for him. But hopefully there is only one Jimmy who works there. Either way, see him if you're looking for an honest salesman, which is someone that is nearly impossible to find nowadays.

P.S. He didnt blow up my phone like other car salesmen have done. He only called once, which was almost a week after meeting him, & left a message saying he had my car. Cool guy, I tell you.

Michael K. | 2012-12-30

This is just for the service department. Got an oil change here and they did a good job, I was in and out in less than 15 minutes for their express lube. The waiting room was clean. They charge as much as a jiffy lube, but they will wash your car (and they won't hassle you to buy a service you may or may not need, you know what i'm talking about ;-).Totally satisfied and will return! (Came back here a few times and wait times can be tricky, depending on how busy it is, just gotta be lucky!!)

Note: I did buy my car here but I don't want to post a review on it, buying any car is too much drama at any car dealership.. I'll put that in my autobiography.

Julie K. | 2012-12-12

Went here to sell a car and perhaps we picked a bad day because they were having their company Christmas party so everyone was distracted.. Anywho the man who helped us was a sweet old man, God bless his heart, BUT he was so slow!!! Haha he was seriously moving at the speed of sloth which is not surprising since he's 82!!! And he kept forgetting things like where he put a piece of paper..  Omg hahaha I LOVE my senior citizens but we didn't want to be stuck there all day.. At one point when we were waiting for the manager's approval he dosed off.. He straight fell asleep and started snoring HAHAHA it was so cute but definitely would irritate an impatient seller/buyer....

Jane V. | 2012-12-07

Honda West keeps calling me at my work to ask if I'm interested in selling my Honda CRV I purchased from them in 2007. They said some college student was in their showroom and couldn't afford a new Honda CRV, and they knew mine was extremely low miles and pristine condition.  I told them to NEVER bother me at work with such a rediculous request again.
I will NEVER, EVER, purchase from Honda West again. They're a dishonest company and I wittnessed one of the service staff rummaging through my center console looking for money to steal. I complained about it and the A** hole still works for them. Several of my friends said they've had money stolen from their cars during oil changes there.
Since my previous Honda West review, I have not been back to them. However, they keep bothering me to purchase another car from them. Shows their desperation.
I removed their license plate holders from my car a long time ago. No way am I advertising for such a dishonest company.

Ardie Y. | 2012-11-29

This will be a step-by-step guide on how to lose a customer in a day, and profit $58!

My car had a check engine light on. Hopefully you all know this but you can go to Autozone and get the engine trouble codes read for free. Takes a minute, they give you a printout and send you on your way. I did this and saw that my oxygen sensor was broken, with suspicion of a problem with the catalytic converter up and coming. I think, "hey, I might have this under warranty. I'll take it to Honda."

I take my car to service advisor Carol Guyovich. I tell her the engine code I got from the car and explain my thoughts from above. I ask if it's under warranty. She explains the oxygen sensor is not, but the catalytic converter is, and that she will get back to me with the results. Simple enough. Carol, being the service advisor with an award on her desk, is clearly simple, straightforward, and looking out for my best interests. Wrong.

I get a call back. She says it's the oxygen sensor and that is a $500 repair. $300 for the part, $200 for the labor. I say no, thanks, I'll do it myself. (Disclaimer: I work on cars). The part is actually around $70, and the labor took 10 minutes of my time. Even counting a minimum half an hour of shop time, that would be what... $35 in labor? I was in a hurry, so I was left with a bill of $58 for that conclusion.

I do my repair but am left with a bad taste in my mouth. I check over my bill closely and notice that the only actual thing they did was do what Autozone did (for free), and charge me for it. This is perhaps fine for a customer who did not walk in with the trouble code readout already - but I did. I walked in with that knowledge prior and she did not tell me this wasn't necessary. She did not tell me they only base their repairs on trouble codes. Had I known that, what would have been the point of leaving my car there for hours?

I go back to talk to Carol. I asked her if they simply just read the engine code, firstly, to which she said yes. I explain why I'm upset.  The response from her was a lecture along the lines of "You came here to have your car worked on by the pros, right? You're simplifying the job of a mechanic. He pays for his tools, his education..." you get the idea. I say "none of that was in play when he plugged in the reader for a minute and printed out the result on my bill. I already told you what was wrong with the car according to the same code and you did it anyway. And no, I wasn't here for the pros. I was here for warranty." I say that was not looking out for my best interest as a customer. She says, "well you're certainly entitled to your opinion. A charge is a charge."

And that is how you lose a customer in a day - over $58. It also calls into question how she can be given that award for customer service on her desk. I guess Honda West hands them out to pretty much anyone.

Danielle N. | 2012-11-14

Just bought a 2013 from this dealership.  I had looked at Carmax and Findlay, but Honda West by far had the best deal.  You have to go in knowing that they dont haggle, similiar to carmax.  I loved, loved Jorge! He was amazing! Took great care of me and was super nice! I would 100% refer anybody to him!

S H Y. | 2012-10-17

One of the underwriters went the extra mile to help me out, saved me over $100 after the parts dept. did me NO favors or decent service.

F L. | 2012-08-09

I called to schedule a recall service for my car. The person who answered the phone has some attitude issues. She then transferred me to the service department. I asked if an appointment is necessary for the minor recall problem. She's like the letter said you should always make an appointment. What time do you want to come in? I told her if its possible to do it over the weekend she's like just come during weekdays. And I told her I wanna come 11am she said make it 10:30am. Really???? I think her name is carol or something. I asked her how long will the service be. She said maybe couple hours or half day. There's barely anybody there at that time.

I dropped off my car today and I was waiting at their lounge. After an hour, she came back and said oh the technicians said he heard a noise coming from your engine. I have never heard anything from my car and my car is still new w/ low mileage.  They said they will charge $100 for inspection even if there's nth wrong. Are you being serious? I brought my car for a free recall service and they are just trying to rip you off by telling you like your car is shit you need this and that, something that's not necessary. I told her no, I don't need the service. She is like ok,  and you can tell from her face that she is not happy about it. If there's sth wrong with my car, it's probably their technicians that screw it up! I take my car for oil change and inspection regularly, never had a problem!

I seriously regretted bringing my car over to this crappy place! Unethical and not so friendly service. Wish there's another Honda dealership close to where I live.


C P. | 2012-07-28

I just bought a second car from Chris Arrocena and I am still a fan of him and this dealership :-) Thank you Mr. Arrocena for being a rock star yet again!

KD S. | 2012-07-28

Several months ago, I got a new car from here. The deals are great, if you know how to purchase a car. I came to purchase a preowned car, but end up walking away with a new car for the same price. As for the customer service -sucks like hell. The only person that was nice and friendly was Antonio Jackson -the sales rep. As for the other assholes at the place they can jump off the hoover dam.  I will only come here to hustle them and get a  car for below the book and retail value, and then go to another Honda dealership in town for service and etc...  
One thing I can say about the sales rep was he wasn't pressuring me, and was very straight forward. I told him what I was willing to pay after researching and comparing to other dealers in the area. The sales manager didn't like my price so I walked away. Several hours later they were calling me and i showed up two days later, and I got the car I wanted for the price I was willing to pay. This was actually my first time purchasing a car without my mom there, but she taught me well and it showed. The only thing they wouldn't agree to- was several free oil changes. But its ok I came out pretty good.

5 for deals
5 for sale rep Antonio Jackson
-1 for sales manager
-1 for manager
no points- for the unfriendly Jewish dickhead/dicksucking dude from new york( get my name  right  lil man)
-1 for other weird staff

Yeah I had to act a ass but it worked :)

Paula K. | 2012-07-23

I bought my Honda Fit here last year.

Today, July 23,2012  needed to send a document to the finance manager so I emailed it to the email on her business card.

the email bounced back as undeliverable.
i got online, the email matched what the biz card said. mmmm,

looked up my salesman Jilmar, the emails online and on biz card matched, tried emailing him, The email bounced back.

So I tried emailing the General mgr and that email also bounced back.

I called and ask the receptionist what the fax nbr is for the finance mgr, When I tried to fax to the nbr the operator came on stating the nbr had been disconnected.

I called & ask to talk to General Mgr Chip. when i told him what was going on he didnt say, "I'm sorry for all the problems your having let me give you a correct email or fax nbr. "
Instead, he said, "uh, I don't know".

I paused in disbelief at his unprofessionalism & lack of customer service and told him that as the General Manager he really should know and should also have responded differently to a customer.

I will NEVER buy a car there again and I me and my husband are seriously considering driving the car back down there and handing them the keys.

This has been even worse due to also having the same kind of problems with Honda Financial of whom I need to change the name on my title to my married name. They are arguing with me and cannot get any answers from them either.

Larry E. | 2012-07-18

Help with lawsuit against Honda West, call Attorney Generals office for Nevada  to join as this topography dealer charged me for a non existent alarm device that does not even work with manual locks if it was installed. They are the worst of the worst and need to be closed down as when confronted just laughed and said you signed the paperwork. Help protect other consumers and let's get them in front if a judge.

Kristin C. | 2012-07-07

Came here yesterday 7/6/12 to shop for a new car. We pulled into the parking lot around 6:30 and got out of the car,  not one salesperson approached us. It was nice at first, gave us time to walk around and check out the cars...  but by the time we had circled the lot twice and walked through the showroom not ONE salesperson even acknowledged us. Not even a simple hello, or may i help you.  Most likely they judged us for being younger and the car we pulled up in was nothing fancy, so they probably figured we were just looking and didn't have money.  Well Honda West, maybe you should really re-think how your business operates and don't judge a book by it's cover. We had CASH in hand to purchase a vehicle and because of the awful, rude experience we had here on our first trip, we will NEVER purchase a vehicle from this place!

Cyndi T. | 2012-06-21

Brought my Honda in to get the brakes fixed. The older guy in service was really nice until a few weeks later. I filled out an online survey and apparently did not given the results they wanted. He called me up and verbally abused me about my answers. I told him I was being honest and he said "didn't we give you excellent service?" he was really mad. I told him I would never return if this is how I would be treated after being honest. I hung up on him. It was an opinion survey!

Secret Shopper S. | 2012-06-03

I bought a used car from Honda West in July of 2011. I got a good deal, a good car, fast service,  and I have no complaints! 5 Stars!

Wontonies Y. | 2012-03-03

Marc in service is great, but the lady up front at the reception desk (blond older woman) brings this entire dealerships reputaion down. Shes rude, and doesnt understand the title of her job...instead she makes people not want to ever return or purchase a car here.

Albin R. | 2012-02-16

I would NOT recommend Honda West to any prospective car buyers.  There are other Honda dealerships to buy from.  Since I purchased my 2010 Civic not a SINGLE person contacted me regarding after the sale service.  I left the dealership with my car and NOT ONE business card from ANYONE.  I went in to share my issues with management and STILL got no response.  Sent a letter to the General Manager, still no respons.  Finally I sent an E-Mail to Sonic Automovie (Honda West's BOSS) and then I did get a call from the General Manager of Honda West.  ANYONE can sell you a car; after the sale follow-up, I feel, is very important.  It is like the ONLY thing Honda West is concerned about is selling you a car, taking your money, and then you are only a memory.  Definitely DO NOT recommend Honda West.

Paul H. | 2012-02-05

DO NOT GO TO HONDA WEST is the best advice I have seen in a while.

There is no reason why you would want to do business with unethical people. I had an approved loan through my bank, and spent several days (on different occasions) with a sales rep looking for the used car that I wanted.

When it came in, they called me. After we went through all of the paperwork, and I was waiting for it to be ready, they started adding various "fees" into the contract. When I questioned these "fees" they stated that they were mandatory. I laughed, knowing that they were simply upcharging, and hoping I was an idiot. They then tried to pressure me into taking the car "or I would lose the chance, and they would sell it to someone else." Needless to say. I did not buy.

I know that car dealerships are largely made of all types of sales reps, some ethical, some not. I would say stay away from HONDA WEST, because if they permit these types of practices, and the management even restates the sales reps lies, as fact, then its a company problem as well as bad reps.

Sales organizations that do not do GREAT business deals that allow them to count on repeat business or referrals are not good organizations.

Luke W. | 2012-01-20

Great place.  This is where I always take my Honda Fit.

Dougie D. | 2011-12-20

These guys are scam artist.  After shopping around online, I saw this Accord that I liked.  When I called to see if it was available they told me come on in.  Owning several Hondas already, I knew what the drive would be like so I asked if they could just run some numbers so no one is wasting their time.  After going back and forth a few times (not giving us any numbers), they finally had us come in.  I saw the car, took it for a test drive and sat down to make the deal.  We told them again, so we aren't wasting anyone one's time, here's the deal we are looking for.  The salesman went to "check" with his manager and came right back to tell us that they will accept the offer.  To our surprise we couldn't believe that in one time they accepted our offer.  So we did the process of finance, etc and got the car.  I got a call a week and a half later from the dealership that Honda Financial did not agree with the deal the dealership had given us for the lease.  We asked what was the difference and again they wouldn't tell us until we came back to the dealership.  Thinking that we where talking $10 per month change in price we came back.  The dealership told us that they where increasing the payments by $140!!!  I was blown away, I couldn't believe that they would "miscalculate" that much!  I asked why they didn't check everything before we sat down to sign the agreement (they did a credit check, etc).  Our sales guy basically told me that they get an approval from the manager and then submit it to Honda Financial in hopes that they approve what they quote the customer.  I was in disbelief and couldn't believe what I was hearing.  Then they tried to sell us on another Honda with less features, etc.  I told them where to stick it.  I returned the car and got my deposit back.  After talking to a couple of other Honda dealerships around town I was told that this wasn't the first that they heard about this from Honda West.  Whether or not thats true, I have no idea but two separate dealerships told me the same thing.  This was my experience with them and I'm sure everyone has had good and bad ones.  Our family has own at least 10 Honda from the 80s-now and this just left a bad taste in our mouth.  We have purchased our current Hondas (at least the last 5) from Desert Honda on the other side of Sahara.  Don't waste your time here, if you do decide to go, make sure they have you approved through Honda Financial first!!

Carla I. | 2011-11-05

Should have checked yelp ratings before buying a car here. 3 days after buying a car, my check engine light turned on and almost had an accident in the middle of the road when my 2 day old car suddenly lost power; I was pressing on the gas but it only go 20mph and my rpm is up to 4 already; good thing there were no cars coming behind me. And now on the 3rd day we brought the car back at the dealership, been waiting for more than 3hours, nobody even have the courtesy to tell us how long we will wait. They don't have a loaner car to provide us, not even a rental car. And we are stuck here with nobody updating us. I am pregnant and I am tired of waiting. At least have the courtesy to inform us how long we have to wait for their shuttle service that will drop us home. It is so ironic how we just bought a car but have to wait for shuttle service or even probably have to take the bus for a week because they sold us a crappy car and don't even provide a loaner/rental car. Ugh! I hate this dealership! Beware of this company, they will do anything to sell you a car ... Even if these cars are used and not inspected very well.

Tina P. | 2011-09-27

Awful!!!! All the parts in the parts department is over priced!! I called for a seal on my 1996 Honda accord and their price was $14 when the other 2 Honda dealers was drastically less!!! ($2 and $3). Shoot if their parts are priced this way , i wonder how their service is!!! Never coming here again

James S. | 2011-08-17

Hmm. The complimentary bottled water was as cold as my chances of getting a car here.

Though the test drive went well, not much else did. The salesman seemed only moderately interested, or maybe his hands were tied by Corporate. But in trying to find a suitable price, I felt like he didn't try hard to work with me. Throwing numbers around is never fun, but if that's part of the game, so be it. I know the car I want.  I've got a great track record and was obviously ready to do something, but got no real indication that this dealership had much interest.

Bhumi J. | 2011-08-16

When I saw the IMA and engine lights turn on in my Hybrid Honda Civic, I was dreading going into the shop because I know how rude car servicewomen and men are, especially when it comes to issues covered by warranty. So you can imagine my surprise when I was greeted by Carol G who nicely went over all the paperwork and asked me if I wanted a free car wash. Uh, YES!

I was told it'd be a few hours and that I would receive a  a call when my car was ready. Let me first tell you how many times I've been told that I'd receive a call and have not, and had to call myself--A LOT. Instead, Carol gave me a call an hour later and told me my car was ready, early.

They were so great and friendly. Wonderful customer service.

leon g. | 2011-08-14

I have to add my own one star review for Honda West.  If I could give negative stars I would.  I'll just describe their dishonesty and won't mention their aggressive and surly behavior they demonstrated when I was ripped off by them.  

Skip this place and take your car somewhere else.  They sneakily charge for estimates.  Shouldn't it be free for someone to tell you how much they will charge to fix a simple problem?  Yes is the answer.  I brought my car in for a simple fix not motor related.  They told me to sign the paper and they would get back to me.  They told the repair would be in excess of $400.00.  My car is barely worth that much.  Before I can get my car back, they tell me it will be $100.00 to get my keys.  That is their estimate fee that  I signed for.  

I would have never thought of them charging me for that.  Shame on me for signing their dishonest papers without looking, but who would have thought I would be charged for an estimate.  And shame on them for not telling me they charge for an estimate.  


Yuhi K. | 2011-05-17


I bought my 2006 Scion xB used from this location in May or June of 2010. When I purchased the car, I was led to believe that the car went through a Honda certified multi-point inspection that assured me a maintained, working car with well-functioning parts. This was not the case! Barely 1 month after purchase, I had lights coming on: Trac Off, Check Engine. Turns out the spark plugs in the car were in the car twice as long as recommended. "Conveniently," HondaWest could not be held responsible in any way. They charged me to diagnose the car. Then told me they can't do any work on my car because its a TOYOTA. They sent me to Toyota down the street to wait HOURS for repairs all over again.

Now I go to Hondoctors in North Las Vegas. They're Honda / Acura specialists but they do awesome work on other cars as well. I had them do the 60k on my car.... MORE BAD NEWS. The tranny fluid hasn't been changed for the life of the car (should've been changed at 30k) and somehow I was missing a cabin filter. Just reason after reason why my biggest piece of advice is to stay FAR FAR AWAY FROM HONDAWEST. Hondoctors are honest people who do quality work in good time. If anything goes wrong with my Scion I take it to Hondoctors. Hands down, I recommend them! I live in the SW side of Las Vegas but I'll make the drive all the way to North Las Vegas. I can trust them.

I can't trust Hondawest. They've done me wrong on so many different occasions. My best piece of advice: Do not do business with them. Never got around to posting a review until now.... Hope this prevents someone the headache of dealing with this awful place.

Kyung P. | 2011-01-11

I went in to have my engine immobilizer removed.... the thing wasn't working....  of course i 've read from online that there are ways to bypass the engine immobilizer and people recommended me to take it to the alarm store....

i should've listened..... i took it to the dealership thinking it will be fixed better over there and asked if there's a way for them to bypass it....

response: no such thing....

anyhow, so i got it removed for 211 dollars... then they tell me the starter isn't working too.... and it will be 748 + tax to get it fixed....

i told him to go ahead and do it... but found myself little shocked....

so i looked up the price online.... starts at 89, with ehow saying it's moderately easy to replace it, since they are located right behind the battery compartment....

so ... they charge about 650 for labor i suppose..... for moderately easy right behind the battery compartment starter....

omg.... i don't like going to the dealership for obvious reasons....

and for some reasons, every time i go in, i feel like someone just robbed me.... you know how you pay for all kinds of gov't taxes without seeing anything for it???

same feeling here

Jeff F. | 2010-07-29

Horrible - absolute crooks in the service dept.

Asked my wife to take our hybrid in for an oil change.  She had a coupon, but they said the 0W20 that the car takes is a "bit" more expensive.  To the tune of the oil change costing 65 dollars after they had already done the service.  The car doesn't even take a full 4 quarts and they are using that basic honda filter.  

How do these clowns sleep at night?

Aaron M. | 2010-03-25

Horrible service. Ive been using this place for two years hoping it would get better. Every time I go in no matter what I need the response is always "oh that will take about 2 hours."

The last straw was after taking my car in twice for brake problems they finally actually looked somewhere besides the wheels on the third time and much to their surprise my master cyclider was cracked and leaking badly. I could have crashed as these lazy bums were to clueless to even check the entire braking system.

Don't even get me started on how they botched a recall on my car. AVOID!!!!

Lady N. | 2009-05-20

Normally, I would never go to a dealership for anything, but I needed a duplicate key for my Honda as it has a chip in it and required special programming. While there, I noticed that they do auto detailing. I had just bought a used Honda from a private sale, and it was filthy. I'm talking tan interior that was stained gray from years of smoking, sticky residues in all the compartments, stale smell from years of smoking weed in the car (there were weed bits all through the carpet). The engine bay had so much dirt on it that the car smelled like it was burning after even short drive. The car had not been loved. I felt like I needed biohazard wear just to sit in the seat.

For 125 bucks Honda West did a complete interior, exterior and engine bay cleaning. It came back sparkling, and smelled good without a residual chemical smell.  It looked like a whole new car. They even managed to get out some of the exterior scratches.  Definitely the best 125 bucks I've spent in awhile. My only complaint is that it was still soaking when I picked it up and I ended up with a wet bum on the drive home.