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Gaudin Jaguar

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 571-4979
Address:7200 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89117
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Gaudin Jaguar

Phill B. | 2015-04-11

I was interested in the XF Supercharged. I submitted a request through the dealer's website and Mike from Gaudin Jaguar called within a few minutes. We scheduled a visit on that same day and I went to see the car. Later on I took the car for a test drive and I was impressed of its mint condition, it looked and performed like new. Carl was prompt in answering my questions and guiding me through the sales process. Art was also very helpful and patient for the entire time I was there. Handling the paperwork with Jeff Davis was straight forward and fast, no delays and everything was smooth. In a few hours I was driving my beautiful Jaguar home. Great experience and great staff!

Julio G. | 2015-04-01

quick, easy, attentive, done in the time they said it would be done. Great service department!

Victor V. | 2015-03-21

I am writing this for my spousal equivalent as she just got the car she's been looking for:

    I just bought an XFR Jaguar from them and it has to be the best experience purchasing a car I've had from anyone! I was surprised that they did a better job than my KIA dealership I've done business with for six years back home. I had some very specific requirements in mind about the car I was looking for and I shared them with Gaudin.
    I had passed up two previous opportunities to purchase one of these very special models even though I had test driven a handful in Southern California.
    Dan Micale has been keeping me updated on the availability of this model since last October. I live in Southern California, so this place is 335 miles away! I get in town about every three weeks on business as I travel for work.  Once I was able to check out the car, I ended up dealing with Jake Curguz for the purchase and the manager -Paul Jarrett, took care of the paperwork. There was no pressure from the staff even though I had checked this Jag out on several different occasions before signing on the dotted line. Jake introduced me to the staff and it took about 30 minutes to seal the deal even at 7:30 at night.

Here are some of the things that stood out to me:

* Kept me updated on the status of inventory
* Full detail of the car
* Filled up the tank with gas
* Took my picture with the car
* Gave me a gift basket
* Made me feel like a part of the process
* Congratulations from the whole staff
* No pressure to run credit or run the numbers
* My car was staged right up front when I came in to pick it up and everyone came out to send me off with congratulations - Very Downton Abbey!

They have free car washes on Saturdays for their Jaguar customers. It's like a weekend family reunion.

Jay E. | 2015-02-06

Paul Molina is a real pro.   Always gets you in and out in record time.   I enjoy working with him.
Also, if you want a top sales guy ask for Dano.   He is first rate, and very honest.

Jesse S. | 2015-01-26

Paul in the service department is a good man. Can't say the same for the rest of the staff. The troglodytes that work in the sales department are laughable. It amazes me how curt and arrogant they are. Maybe it's because they're not accustomed to seeing young affluent Porsche owners. I've been there several times to service my 991S and always the same bitter sour demeanor.
By the way, Greek is not Mexican or Latino buddies... Haha

Tino O. | 2014-09-20

I love Gaudin Porsche and the events they hold. My sales experience with a Cayenne was great! Perfect communication from Dan for every step of the way (special order/shipped). My first service, I had after market parts which led to some noises and they found the problem overnight and loaned me another Cayenne to drive.

The reason behind the 3-star instead of what would have been 5 is that for every negative comment or things of that sort, Sarah does not think in the clients point of view or really provide a solution or a apology. She always gives excuses or speaking in a different view. She has to understand that the customers are important and they wont be right 100% of the time but their issues should be addressed in a more proper manner.

Jason N. | 2014-08-20

I have now bought 2 cars from this dealership in 3 years.  

First was in 2011 I purchased a 2012 Jaguar XF Portfolio Sport from Mark Thomas and it could have not gone faster or smoother.  Mark treated me as if I could have bought any car on the lot even though I was in my rough jeans and a tee.  Then since he was so easy to work with compared to other dealers I have dealt with when my wife wanted a new car we went back to Mark and settled on a 2014 Porsche Cayenne lease and again was very smooth.

Gino D. | 2014-01-22

Great service .. Brought my car here to get a few things fixed. Very professional and good customer service. I have no doubt they will handle business

Kristin P. | 2014-01-04

Went to purchase a CTS V from this dealership and they were very rude and unhelpful. Ran our credit and told us we had to wait until Monday when the banks were open. Waited to hear from them and never heard from them so we had to call them. Once we got a return call they told us that we needed to put money down or they couldn't do the deal. Went to Findlay Cadillac two months later to purchase a newer CTS V and was in and out in 1 hour with no problems and no money down. Maybe if they would have spent more time working with us instead of pushing us to the back burner they could have made a sale!! Will never go back or refer anyone to this dealership and will continue to all my cars at Findlay!! Gaudin is a joke!

Wendy Z. | 2013-12-18

Service department, what a scam going on.Having bought several new XK 8 in the past and dealing with Keith the service manager I thought this would be a good place to take my older jaguar for repairs since it is hard to find good jaguar  service
Big mistake  We specifically told Keith we wanted a complete estimate on everything that was wrong with the car so we could decide whether to keep it or sell it. Their "world class checkup" determined that if we put in 4500 worth of repairs the car would run great, the brakes , engine and everything else was fine ( it needed an ABSmodule and fuel regulator ) So we did the repairs . Few weeks later had a problem with the part they put in, they did another "world class inspection" . This time all of a sudden my brakes which were fine before, now the pads are gone and rotors are shot,to make a long story short now it needed 6500 worth of repairs ! Even though a few weeks back everything checked out fine. We were told the mechanic Hagman must have been lazy the first time when he checked everything off as fine and that another mechanic that had performed their "world  class inspection " had found we would be better off selling it !! Which is precisely why we had the original inspection performed and were told that was all that was needed. So now we are  out thousands of  dollars because it was easier to say we just needed 4500 worth of repairs rather then over ten thousand because they knew ten thousand dollars would have been not acceptable.
So now we have a car that sits in our garage because I'm too scared to drive it even though Gaudin told us that after we spent the 4500 it would be running fine
I guess they really took us for fools and thought we would spend 6500 more. We have talked to Jim mooridian sales manager, said he would get us another car or widgets as he calls them and make up the difference in the amount of money we put out for needless repairs in our car. He called us "once."Had a long talk with Toby the service manager  , he asked us what we wanted to do. We wanted our money back! He couldnt do that but assured us the problem with his mechanic had been resolved internally. Well good for them,
How did that help us. They got their money and tried to get more. Very sad that a supposedly reputable company has to stoop this low to make money off of customers. This was solved internally so their problem is solved . What about us or other customers they have done this too.

Stefan H. | 2013-08-16

They are polite and it is very clean for a service department. However, the pricing is astronomical. I have had 4 service experiences with Gaudin Motor for my Cayenne S, each time the service quotation verse the final repair cost are double or more. The last case they quoted $500 and the out the door cost was 2K. I found the LA downtown Porsche service department can do the repairs at 1/2 the cost as the Gaudin Las Vegas department. The service guy actually said "if we told people the real service cost for the repair, no-one would use us" ..... I responded "exactly!!!!"

Ribbit R. | 2013-07-23

Besides the fact that my car is literally a mobile computer, and I get constant updates. The staff of Gaudin Jaguar keeps my inbox informed for services, thanks for preventing any and all hick ups.

Bunny G. | 2013-06-30

I've died and landed in car heaven!

I think I found a handful of cars to take home on this shopping trip!  It's definitely one of those..."if I won the lottery I would buy..." kind of stores.

We stopped by last Sunday...and since it was our second car stop I was surprised that it was closed?  Are all the dealerships in Vegas shut down on Sunday?  This was puzzling.  But we weren't the only ones walking around this ghost town.  Several other shoppers like us were browsing and peeking in the car windows and checking out the price tags without a lurking salesman over their shoulder. It was actually kind of nice.

My favorites?  Hmmm, where do I start?  All my dream cars were here!

They had a gorgeous blonde Cayenne with a tan interior, a sporty black Range Rover, a sleek Maserati, a Porsche Panamera that was an eggplant color, a black C-Class Mercedes...and um my favorite...a deep blue Porsche Cayman!

A candy store for car enthusiast like yours truly.

Surprisingly some with low miles and affordable.

My favorite but impractical zipping around car that I would have bought on the spot?  I would have to say the Porsche Cayman! Yes, yes yes!  Thank goodness no salesmen were around!

Fun to look but funner to drive and buy, maybe next time...still have a few dealerships to check out.

Terrence C. | 2013-04-29

Echo the comments from others that their sales department is low pressure and helpful. I won't say "no pressure" because that would be a lie. But I didn't feel like they were aggressive in the sales, and that meant a lot.

Quality car buying experience, got me in and out reasonably quickly once the numbers were agreed upon. Would recommend.

Robert S. | 2013-04-02

Several visits with a Jaguar XK8 2001. They charge a huge amount for a pretty muti-page "diagnostic report" which identifies a problem (example non-functioning windshield wiper solution spray) on one report and then the next visit identifies it as functioning normally despite the fact that we had not yet got around to repairing it. Really drives a stake into their credibility when they don't even identify a problem they were able to previously identify. By the way, when the problem was identified the recommended fix was a complete replacement of the windshield wiper assembly at almost a thousand dollars rather than what it really needed, a $100 hose.

The car made some high pitched noises during every visit we made for it. Gaudin had about 5 chances to figure out the problem. Each time, this was identified as "road noise" as opposed to the real problem which was completely disintegrating bearings in the wheel which near completely severed the connection from the wheel to the car. If we hadn't taken the car to another repair place, we would have lost the wheel, crashed the car, and, if at highway speeds, likely our lives.

Very poor communication, excessive "diagnostic fees" and misses critical problems which can result in catastrophic loss and risk to life. Being the dealer might make them have the appearance of skill and attention to detail but this is most certainly not the case. Do not have your vehicle serviced or repairs here if you value your safety or the safety of your family and friends.

Wayne G. | 2013-03-14

I must say after my prior review the managers and owners of Gaudin contacted me and worked very hard to resolve all problems.  They would pick up the car for repairs and return it to me which saved me a lot of time and hassle.  They have finally resolved the issues and the car is the most awesome in style, performance, comfort, sound system, etc for this price range, far superior to Mercedes, BMW, Maserati, etc.

Bill G. | 2013-02-26

This the only place I'll ever buy a car!!  What a difference from my past experiences at other dealerships. NO PRESSURE SALES.  How refreshing. My salesman Mike Anderson was awesome. There wasn't a question that he couldn't answer. You really get the feeling that he is there to "help you" find the car that is right for you, not push you into a car.  The General Manager, Jim Mooradian, assisted with finding us a vehicle when the color that we wanted was not on the lot. He went above and beyond to make sure that we got EXACTLY what we wanted.  This is my first Jaguar and I can't see myself going anywhere else to buy a car in the future.  They have converted me from BMW.  The BMW dealership that I dealt with in town with my last purchase was also a great experience. They are not one of the bad ones that I referenced earlier. I like BMW's and I'm keeping that car as well.  But, the Jaguar XF Supercharged I purchased is far superior to the BMW 325i in quality, performance and luxury finishes.  The staff of Gaudin Jaguar has them beat as well.  My wife remarked that it felt as if we were buying a car from family.  They're that good!


Bill Gibbs

Dave J. | 2013-02-20

I had a bad day today, engine caught fire. AAA towed my XJS to dealer. It was probably a write off. All we needed was a quote and that would have been it. The dealer refused to take my vehicle off the tow truck !!! Jag dealer does not accept Jags...really.

The manager had the audacity to state that if I had not previously had my car serviced by them in the past they were not interested. I have not been here in Vegas that long.  I had to have AAA take my Jag somewhere else. Conclusion:


Do we really want to take a vehicle to a dealer that does not accept its own cars and turn away people that need help !!! Ironically, it is a design flaw. Lots of Jags with engine fires..old ones..

While waiting I also heard the service guy quoting some poor guy a price of over 500 dollars to replace the engine thermostat... really

Do not  go here . They are not customer orientated and they charge a fortune for repairs.

Robert R. | 2013-01-31

Since yelp will not allow me to send a direct response due to an error message about a blank field, I will respond here instead to Sarah M.

Your statement of finding no merit with my comment does in itself lack any merit. It also is wrong and misleading. I did not state that employees were smoking "in the front of the building." I stated that they were by the doors, which were next to the parts department on the eastern side of the building. If need be I will clarify this with an updated post.

Likewise with that clarification I will discuss the mentioning of one of your competitors. I will concur to the omitting of any specific names, but will not retract the comments made about how I was lied to about the availability of aftermarket parts. Something that even you yourself did not protest, and as such I will accept that as validation.

I have no complaint with Gaudin Ford on Sahara, who are in fact the source of your claim of Gaudin's age. I've dealt with salespeople and service advisors there previously as a second generation customer there, and have had nothing but good things to say. In dealing with an issue regarding parts availability options in a somewhat similar circumstance where my requests could not be met. In that case the service counter person was still very professional and and honest in saying, "I don't know." and empathized with me. Something that NONE of your Jaguar dealership employees care to do. Furthermore if you reread my post, you will see that I praised Gaundin Ford, and didn't simply go after the Gaudin group.

Dealerships come and go, even owners of the companies that build the cars. And as a car, Jaguar is about as British as sushi. The only thing that never changes are the devotion of the owners to the marque. Those are the people that keep the brand alive and the cash flowing to the suppliers. Go out and look on your lot. See those shiny new cars are realize that one day, years from now, those very cars will wind up derelict or near to it, rotting in someone's garage or driveway until someone like me comes along with a passion for the vehicle and puts it back on the road by restoring it. That process costs a fair amount of money, I can tell you. Passion is something that you obviously don't understand. Getting someone like me to buy a car isn't about convincing me to part with my current vehicle: It's about trying to ignite a new passion for another vehicle that you can sell me. But you don't see it that way. Even in your post you confirm this.

No one cares if you've been around for 88 years to offer customer service. I can get good customer service almost anywhere. Tell people that you'll be around for another 88 years to support your customers by keeping vehicles on the road instead of looking down on anyone who just stops by for parts rather than big new car purchases. That's what people need to hear. By not mentioning anything at all about how you DON'T offer support for older cars and customer needs, you admitted that the rest of my statement about your dealership is true. Granted I know that your dealership caters to a very snotty clientele, and they're really the ones that you want to relate to instead when it comes to sales. But you never know who walks in the door today that might be making a purchase tomorrow.

I still love Jags, both old and new. But I believe that Gaudin is shaming the marque with the people whom they have chosen to staff this location. Why would I not have cared to bring this to anyone's attention? Not just the attitude of several employees whom I encountered, but others who were witness to this and did nothing to help at all with the conversation spoke volumes about how my presence was not appreciated. In short, I simply do not feel comfortable shopping for ANYTHING at your location.

CC C. | 2012-12-24

I worked with Glenn Anderson, Bruce Badia, and Rico Scotti in buying a Cayenne and Panamera from Gaudin Porsche.  Great experience and will definitely buy another car from these guys.

Wes S. | 2012-10-22

I had an excellent experience at Gaudin Jaguar. I dealt with Mike Shiffman. I purchased a 2012 Jaguar XJL, took about 45 minutes for the paperwork, walk through on operations, and drive away. Granted I negotiated the price over the Internet, but all in all in was an excellent experience. As for the Jaguar I will cross my fingers that it has excellent reliability. I purchased this car based on my recent experience in the last 6 years with Land Rover, which has been outstanding.

koji k. | 2012-09-17

lawsuit!  these guys won't even back up what they put in writing.  these guys are the worst.   i'm now forced to take time from my schedule and take these guys to small claims court.  don't do business with this company.  to me a promise is a promise.  you guys forced my hand, you will be serviced within 10day of my cerfied damand letter which was mailed today.

Sifu C. | 2012-09-14

Excellent.... Professional and particular Valerie in sales is outstanding...

Gennady K. | 2012-09-11

Was at the dealership to pick up my 09 Jaguar XF from service, which resulted in a very good spontaneous purchase. While the car was getting a complimentary wash (I arrived early for the pickup), I decided to browse the showroom. Saw a few vehicles and than asked my service adviser, Keith, to introduce me to a no bs type of sales guy. He did just that. Two hours later I was able to work out a fabulous deal, with them offering me buy out money towards a down payment from my current lease towards the new vehicle. The process was quick and painless thanks in large part to the sales associate Danilo Micale. He was quick and straight to the point, he new that I was ready to buy if the deal was right and didnt give the typical run around game. Thanks Danilo for all your work and for helping me put a smile on my wife's face when she received her brand new white xf with ivorty/blue interior

Scott O. | 2012-08-30

I stand by my original review of this dealership. There really isn't two sides two this story as Porsche of San Diego can verify my claims as to the condition of the car. I did receive a phone call from one of the managers at Gaudin after rating this dealership poorly on a Porsche survey. However, they didn't seem interested in addressing my concerns and basically seemed to be "going through the motions". The manager simply suggested when they send me the survey again, this time review them favorably, or else they'll get notified, and he'll have to call me again. So I did..

Scott B. | 2012-08-06

Still the best - since my original review - I have taken delivery of my third new car purchased from Gaudin in 16 months. I have a fourth car now on order. The service department, parts dept, sales manager and finance people have bent over backwards to help me. They are more like friends than vendors and frankly, this has got to be as good as it gets when it comes to buying a car. For the people who have left negative reviews here - all I can say is some people are simply impossible to please. I am at the dealership every month and don't see any of this negative stuff happening. If you have reasonable expectations and treat the staff at Gaudin the way you want to be treated you'll have an excellent experience in my opinion.

Kent B. | 2012-05-21

I went in  to get some prices on parts and getting them installed for my 1988 Porsche 911. (This meant driving 24 miles to this place way across town). Not obscure stuff but I needed new horns, (high and low), the power door lock actuators and a windshield wiper switch. Pretty vanilla stuff.

I got a quote on the parts prices but it did take some time. The parts guy was kewl but you could sense I was asking him to do something he doesn't do very often. He even asked me at one point if my windshield wiper switch was on the column or the dash. Hmmmm... The Porsche parts computer doesn't know that? Apparently I should just throw this car away because the parts records have been purged or something.

I was then directed to go see a service tech to get an estimate on installing the parts. So now i am off to another department to get some basic info. Same deal. Not sure what to do he leaves to seek out someone else. He comes back with the explanation that they don't work on anything older then a 1995 Porsche. I said this is the first dealer that has told me they can't work on my car because they don't know how. He said something like , "Well Rand can do work on those". Ohhh... But you won't bother to quote working on mine ??

He did recommend an independant repair shop to talk to as a parting gesture.

I will say the car salesman hanging outside was pitching me a brand new 2012 Porsche that was sitting there before I even got to the front door. Hey... It was only $117,000 PLUS PLUS PLUS to drive it away. They probably would have given me at least $500 for my car right ??? But I digress...

This was just a weird, strange experience for a Porsche dealer. Bad news is they are the only one in Vegas.

If you aren't there to spend some big money on some car they want to sell you I would go elsewhere.

Lea G. | 2011-07-12

Took my Porsche here to get serviced.  They were extremely professional and kept me updated the entire time.  It was easy to get an appointment (same day) and they worked quickly to get my car back to me.  Happy to have a great Porsche service center now.

DC D. | 2011-06-24

They used to sell aston martins here but they sold the franchise because were doing really really badly.

So I called them and asked if they still had any left over, and they didn't. I was really disappointed, but the salesman insisted that he take down my information and pass it to the old aston sales manager and he will get back to me. I begrudgingly accepted and gave my info. Well, it has been 2-3 weeks and I still have not heard from him. Horrible customer service. He could at least just send me an email saying that he couldn't help me. geez.

Steffan H. | 2011-05-09

Just an update to address the "response" on my original review for Gaudin Jaguar-Porsche-Aston Martin of Las Vegas:

My comments in no way reflect "only one side of the story".  My review was based on what transpired and is not open to interpretation.

The management team never once attempted to contact me regarding my experiences with the sales person.  I even called and sent an email to the management staff but received no reply.

Needless to say I have seen nothing that would make me change my mind regarding Gaudin Jaguar-Porsche-Aston Martin of Las Vegas.