Gaudin Ford in Las Vegas, NV

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Gaudin Ford in Las Vegas, NV.

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Gaudin Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 810-6270
Address:6625 Roy Horn Way, Las Vegas, NV, 89118
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Gaudin Ford

Jerry M. | 2015-04-25

I ordered a Mustang in January from a not so Friendly dealership in town that ended up being sold to another customer in March. They ordered another car for me and refused to honor any of the original deal I made because the salesperson was not there anymore. I contacted Gaudin Ford and started working with Tanner Marroquin. Tanner was able to get me a car from another dealership in a week. He also gave me a better deal than the original dealer. We just picked the car up this morning and it was the smoothest car purchase we've ever made! Thanks Tanner and Gaudin for a great experience! The  car is awesome!

Tiffany B. | 2015-04-23

I've been to Gaudin Ford several times. My family has purchased four vehicles from this location and the service is amazing. Julio Lazo was our sales agent each time and he was very helpful. Nowadays learning about the vehicles can easily be done online, so I was looking for someone that can give me a good deal. He found out a bunch rebates that I qualified for and the finance department gave me a deal on the warranty. We've bought three Mustangs and one F-150 from Gaudin and each time they gave us a good deal on rebates. Definitely go see Julio if you need help on a good deal for a vehicle. :)

J R H. | 2015-04-21

The car I actually wanted wasn't on the lot when I went there, but Dominic LaSala not only found the car I wanted, but got it there in time for me to take advantage of a special financing program I went there for in the first place!  Great service.

Theresa L. | 2015-04-13

I had a great experience at Gaudin Ford. I must say that I had no intentions of walking out with a new car. Fortunately for me, I was helped by a great sales associate(Julio). Someone who helped me despite my credit situation, or lack there of a down payment. He was pleased to help me, answered all my questions and had an awesome attitude. I would definitely recommend buying a car from them again. Thanks a lot Julio for helping me get a car!!

Richard P. | 2015-04-12

I suppose Gaudin Ford doesn't want to sell me a car.  That's the only conclusion I can reach after my visit today.  I'm currently looking at new cars, doing some preliminary test drives.  At the top of my list is the new Mustang.  I stopped by Gaudin Ford today, parked, and wandered around their lot, very conspicuously looking at Mustangs for probably about 15 minutes.  There were several salesmen walking around, none of whom looked busy.  Not a single one approached me and asked if I needed help.  I was about to walk up to one guy and specifically ask for some help (which I shouldn't have to do), but then he started walking the other way!  Crazy.  I'm really not sure why they wouldn't think I'm serious, unless it's because I don't look like a geezer.  And I'm exactly the kind of person who they should have at least said hello to.  I have excellent credit, a clean driving record, and most importantly I'm actually interested in buying a car, not joyriding.  Well, first impressions matter and I won't be back!

John H. | 2015-04-08

Had a great experience at Gaudin Ford when purchasing my vehicle! Domenic LaSala took great care of me and assisted me with everything I needed to know! The only person I would buy a car from and you should too! Thank you Domenic!!!

Gail T. | 2015-03-25

Very friendly and accommodating service staff!!! They could use more than one shuttle, though; as well as customer service skills for their cashiers

Timmie N. | 2015-02-28


Dear Ford Company and all consumers out there.

My name is Timmie Nguyen I has recently purchased a 2015 Mustang GT premium (vin number 1FA6P8CFXF5358924) and today I just want to share with you about the experience I had with Gaudin Ford in Las Vegas (6625 Roy Horn Way, Las Vegas, NV 89118) and I hope all the Ford dealership in the whole country are not like this. I went to Gaudin Ford of Las Vegas to purchase a 2015 Mustang GT Premium. I had been shopping around for quite some time before I narrowed it down to 2 cars which were 2015 Acura TLX and Mustang GT premium. On 02/16/2015, I received a phone call from AJ who is the salesman at Gaudin Ford and also a person that I have been keeping in contact with about which car I wanted to buy. Long story short, I went to the dealer, sat down and negotiated on the price of the car. AJ is a very nice person and very helpful, he tried to answer all my questions politely which I really appreciated about. While in the middle of the negotiation, AJ walked away and let an old man named Greg Anderson jump in to take over the negotiation. Greg suddenly increased the price of the car up way too high to the point that everything included like fees and taxes and interest, from the MSRP $39,905 car to paying $51,976, even though I came up with ten thousand dollars as a down payment, and had my wife whose credit score is 706 to cosign for me. I got a little upset and wanted to leave because he was being ridiculous and rude to me by saying like " oh this is a forty something thousand car, have you ever purchased a forty something car before" etc., and he acted like the negotiation between me and AJ never happened. By the time he sat down with me, he totally erased all the previous deal and started everything fresh with all new crazy high numbers. Then Frank (I believe is one of the sale's manager at Gaudin Ford) jumped in and tried to calm me down and gave me a better deal, paying $497 a month, 10000 down for 72 months, which brings the total of the car to $45,784 with the interest rate of 4.9%. I still think the price is still a little bit too high, but I wanted the car and the car had all the options, all the toys that I was looking for. Afterwards, I shook AJ's hand, and told him that we got a deal.

AJ then took me to the guy named Ed who worked in the financing department to have my wife and I sign the paper work. When we walk in to his office, he didn't even look at us, didn't even stand up to introduce himself, no greeting whatsoever, not to mention a congratulation on your new car, nothing, nada, absolutely nothing. It was nothing like I had experienced with other dealership that I had purchased my previous cars from. I had purchased cars like Acura, Lexus and BMW from difference dealerships like Acura of Las Vegas, Lexus of Las Vegas, Gaudin Porsche and Jaguar of Las Vegas, but nothing compared to what I had experienced with Ed at Gaudin Ford. At the other dealerships when I walked into the financing office they all stood up shook my hand, introduced themselves, and congratulated me on my new car, they all made me feel welcome and excited to experience their car and services. I'm sorry, again long story short, when we walked into Ed's office, I had to pull chairs out for my wife and me to sit. Then he went on to ask us our personal information like our work phone number, name, our social number, not to mention that he messed up my personal information with my wife information once, luckily I caught that and had him redo it. During the paper of agreement signing, he used the pink and blue highlighter to highlight the place that we needed to sign, he said pink is for girl and blue is for boy and then threw the papers one after another across the table for us to sign. I asked him "you are really busy today huh?" he responded back with "extremely" and I still have a lot of customers waiting." I looked at my wife and we both smile a little. He then went on to ask us if we wanted to buy an extended warranty for our car or not, I told him no, not because I don't want to buy it, but I really didn't want to buy it from a person who didn't treat us right. After all the signing and unhappy, unsatisfied experience in Ed's office, we went outside to pay for the ten thousand dollars down payment and to schedule for next week appointment, so I can bring my car back for them to install the red stripes on my car. I later on went home to find out that even with the GT premium I don't even have a navigation for my car, because when got a phone call from AJ to come to the dealer to see the car, AJ had told us that this car is a brand new car that just unloaded from the truck and they haven't had time to prepare the car for customer to see yet. And I didn't have a chance to see the window sticker either, all I had was a little tour around the car to see how it looks like what its color was, and a little bit inside the car. I saw a big giant screen in the middle of the console

Richard B. | 2015-02-18

I can honestly say that I won't ever do business with Gaudin Ford again. We bought a car there a few years ago and the experience wasn't that great to begin with. The sales agent we were dealing with left and the account went into limbo when it was time to pick up the vehicle, we were given another agent. Tack on a mandatory $800 security system they add to each used vehicle and add it to the price that is not negotiable (it's a $100 unit).

Tried to trade in my 370Z shortly after that and they were only going to give me like 25k in trade in when the LOW trade in value per NADA was 27.5k with the mileage I had on it (under 10k). Then they found out I was doing employee pricing thanks to my dad working for a Ford dealership and they basically wanted nothing to do with me. I asked them what the lease interest rate was and they tried to play me and say "what lease rate are you talking about?" They even said "well we really won't make anything on this vehicle, that's why the lease rate is so high" Final rate: 3.75%. My credit qualified for 0.5% lease rate.

We purchased an oil change package from them at a decent discount for several changes. Tried to get an appointment to get an oil change done and the agent was not only unhelpful, but kind of rude in the process. Oh yeah, they dont' take appointments for pre-purchased maintanence packages! WTF? Great way to keep your customers happy.

Final total just for an oil change:  5 hours.

Danielle G. | 2015-02-16

Terrible experience all around. Made an appt for a recall a month in advance. Get a call the night before  (10 mins before they called) saying that they can not service my recall on Saturdays. Didn't you know that a month ago? Reschedule a week later for 9AM. Arrive and Josh states "oh well it's not really a recall, let me explain" like I'm an idiot. Ok, first of all the letter I received said recall. Second, I'm experiencing the issue. Lastly, drop the attitude I haven't had enough coffee to deal with you.

So I am told it will take 5-6 hours for a DIAGNOSTIC. Not even a real service. So I take their shuttle home cuz screw waiting around until 3 or 4. Shuttle driver had an attitude. Come back at 430, rude cashier directs me to Josh for an update. Very long story short, still another hour.

So to sum it up, they take their sweet time while being overly rude. This ford sucks.

Kobi G. | 2015-02-09

Monday morning and I need my 15,000 miles oil change + tire rotation so I check in at 10:04 am and now is almost 12:00.
It all ok as far they have so many cars before me and I can't complain about the service take little bit more time than the morning early if I could come, but I didn't so was my bad this time.
They willing to help in every way they can
And the stuff here are really nice too...
All of them are, really!!!
I'm happy with the service I got here from the first day I bought the van till now so I really recommended this dealership to anyone that need to buy a car or to get a full service to his car or van from ford.

K L. | 2015-02-07

Just a bunch of assholes at this ford dealership. I'll drive across town to go to a different one.

Mike L. | 2015-01-24

I must say I would not recommend this dealership for anything but a place to have a horrible experience, I met with the Internet director "Justin" who is the brother of the GM, Complete fake Military type guy who comes across like a complete A Hole. I was In the market for 20 new cars for my fleet but after my run in with him I will never step foot in that store again. I would rather Drive to Team ford or even Los Angeles before buyin Gaudin Ford.  Not friendly store what so ever!

Jeffrey O. | 2015-01-11

Gaudin's Pricing Strategy

I inquired about the upcoming Mustang GT-350 and was told I could get on a list for just a $500 deposit.  This is exciting as Ford is expected to release the vehicle at 53k and the magazines are talking about the potential in the car paired with a competitive price.  I figured the dealership was going to charge a few thousand over sticker to those of wanting one as soon as possible.  Even though Ford has said they will produce enough to meet demand...  its nice to be at the front of the line.  When I asked about the expected selling price Gaudin told me to expect to pay 30k over sticker.  Let me say that again... 30k OVER STICKER.   making this car a potential 80k plus purchase.  

First off all I love capitalism... but there are limits.  Do customers know the policy of gaudy to raping their customers whenever possible?  I will not support a dealership that works this way.  To be honest... after 40 years of loyalty to Ford.. I have been bullied and neglected enough by their sales and service people.  I will be purchasing a German brand...   I just want everyone to be aware of their policies and attitude towards their customers and would;d caution everyone to look VERY carefully at any price they give you and shop around.  This is not capitalism and good business.  This is ripping people off and working over customers for every last penny.

Alex A. | 2015-01-10

This place honestly doesn't even deserve 1 single star from my experience. I have a 2005 "FORD" mustang GT so I was under the assumption that since ford manufactured my vehicle this place would be helpful, I was completely wrong. The issue I had was a simple light squealing noise my car was making at low speeds that didn't affect the driving at all but was just plain annoying. When I dropped my car off the tech was a 19 year old child, no joke, that drove my car off and back for the head tech, a 40 year old mechanic. I thought to myself I would prefer if an experienced tech rather than a child drove my car but I decided to let it go. After about literally 5 hours, they called me back to pretty much say it could be the entire brake system or something faulty with my rotors at which they could fix it for 1500. I rejected their "generous offer" #sarcasm. So they decided to charge me $96 for their half assed diagnostic. I honestly don't even think they took a look at my car at all and just decided to charge me a hundred bucks to sit around and play poker. In the end when I decided to investigate my car myself at home, it turned out the squeal was because of a loose bolt on my exhaust pipe that I tightened by hand and fixed myself with a little lock tight in about 10 minutes. I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THIS INCOMPETENT PLACE EVER AGAIN! I wouldn't even call these fools mechanics, they're just a bunch of children running around drooling themselves, and this is coming from a ford car enthusiast, these guys are just plain horrible. Next time, I'm going back to Shelby, they always give me an amazing experience as a customer and even go up and beyond to hook me up with extra performance parts for free or cheap and negotiate deals, it's a little extra for their service sometimes but way worth it for the quality and amazing job you get there vs Gaudin which just plain sucks, sorry.

Melissa F. | 2015-01-06

Well it's apparent that I just need to go through the Service department from now on. I could live without the quick

5-star service from Joe Sparks! Not only a Seahawks fan (gotta love it) but defiantly is understanding, listens, is pleasant to speak with and really appears to love his job and has exemplary customer service!!

Thank you Joe for make my opinion of Gaudin's service change from a nothing to something!!!

Tom L. | 2015-01-05

I am giving one star because I cannot give zero.  Our company tried Gaudin Ford for Service on one of our many trucks.  After several calls, and emails back and forth for a simple appointment we finally just dropped our diesel truck off for an oil service. When we picked it up, the bill was well over the estimate. In reviewing the bill it was discovered they also rotated the tires for $65, a service we never requested !  They also noted an oil drip. But when I asked them where it was dripping from they advised it would be an additional $140 to tell me that, even though their tech was just under our truck changing the oil. Amazing.
When I brought the additional charges to the attention of the Quick Lane Manager Eric Curtis, he  immediately became defensive and belligerent and told me to "go sit down" and he would fix it.  Now, keep in mind, he didn't ask me to "have a seat", he didn't ask me to "kindly wait, he told me in a loud voice to "go sit down !".   If he was my employee talking to a customer that way I would have fired him on the spot.  We had to come back several hours later to pickup the truck after they un-rotated the tires and put them back as they were when we came in.  Now today, 5 days later I just received a call from Gaudin. I had thought maybe they were calling to address our issues.  No, they were calling about the appointment request from the prior week to tell me that I could bring our truck in !!!   Obviously Gaudin Ford is a very confused business.
We have been in the automotive / truck business for 30 years now and we will never go back to Gaudin Ford. They dropped the ball every step of the way.
There are too many other good and reputable choices out there.

Scott D. | 2014-12-11

Called on an advertised vehicle on craigslist.  Spoke with a salesman who said the van was there but was going through there service checks.   I went over to see the vehicle and after waiting around for 15 minutes he let me know that it went to auction earlier in the day.
The same van is still up on craigslist and their website as of now.  Why advertise a car you do not have for sale?  Why waste my time coming to your dealership to see a car you dont have?
I am not impressed.

Jeff H. | 2014-11-24

Service makes the difference and Mike Wolf knows what customer focus should be.  We were in the market for a new truck and Mike helped us find the right one.  He presented us with options with a no pressure approach and in the end put together a deal that was great for us and he executed it quickly.

The other folks that worked with Mike, Frank and the finance team were also great.  You can tell that the entire team works together to make a great customer experience.

Ka L. | 2014-11-21

I don't know why they call it fast lane when an oil change on a weekday can take over 3 hrs.

Mark A. | 2014-11-14

Greg Anderson and Frank M are great guys to work with if you're buying a car.  They're both genuine and made the process fast and simple, b/c of them honesty and willingness to work with your needs.  They didn't try to upsell or pull the bait and switch that most dealerships practice.  Highly recommend them and will be back soon.

Sarah C. | 2014-11-13

Shopped around a ton for my new Ford Focus and Gaudin had the best deal around and threw in a bunch of extras. I've since had my car repaired after I was rear ended- looks perfect and they stand behind their repairs. I've also had a great experience with regular maintenance here. Keep an eye out for their flyer deals. Very highly recommend. Especially Sherman in sales, Eric Curtis in the service dept and Salvador, also in service. I'll be back next time I need a new car or to have this one serviced.

Cerise B. | 2014-11-07

Moses is the man! We purchased  $90,000 worth of vehicles for just over $60,000. Good trade ins, excellent rebates & incentives for two brand new vehicles.  A California Special GT Mustang & Ecoboost F-150 with all kinds of bells & whistles!  There are some great new & used cars & trucks on the lot, but if you don't see anything you like, they will find it for you!

Vicky B. | 2014-10-31

I don't know why they won't schedule service appointments. So inconvenient as a customer to just sit and wait. Other stealerships have appointments.  I came in on a coupon offer that turned out to be not that great of an offer. If the truth were clear on their ads I would have just gone elsewhere.  They have a nice waiting area, free refreshments, free WiFi.  I like that they give you a detailed print out of what your vehicle needs as far as maintenance but then wouldn't go so far as to have anything besides an oil change here. You can find much better prices elsewhere.

David M. | 2014-10-27

No stars. I went in for parts to sell a older vehicle. The parts department at Gaudin Ford, told me they were no longer for sale. Interesting. Two sales people then approached me, asking me to trade two vehicles in for a newer vehicle.

Several hours later the deal was still being negotiated. I insisted on a check for the older vehicle. One of the traded vehicles titles had to be ordered from the DMV so they kept my check 13 days for the older traded vehicle, until the copy of the title came to them from the DMV for the newer traded vehicle.

Meanwhile they took the older vehicle to the car auction to sell it. The newer vehicle that we traded two vehicles for had recalls on it, we found out after we got it, that will require a day of service at another dealership. The back car door of the newer vehicle we traded for only works when it wants to.

I would never go to Gaudin Ford again. It is a shady place. The experience was a living nightmare. Also we had to buy gas for the vehicle we traded for on the way home, as the car was sold to us on empty. I sold cars before, and I have never heard of this being done before in the industry.

"One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising." -- Jim Rohn

Summer D. | 2014-10-23

All of these one stars are crazy to me. I have been dealing with Gaudin for the past 15+ yrs and I've never had a bad experience. Sales is always a smooth transaction.

My most recent vehicle was purchased at the end of Sept and I dealt with Sergio Correa. He was nothing but nice. Not pushy in any way, when I was on the fence about two different vehicles he helped my decision by suggesting I see how my car seats fit in each one. That was very thoughtful and something that I should have thought of but of course didn't. It took about a week for a decision to be made and he was very patient. He knowledge of my vehicle was very thorough. I know that if I had any questions, he would definitely be able to answer them timely.

To call Gaudin a scam is insane, it's a car dealership that has been in town forever. I made the mistake of purchasing my last vehicle from Findlay Kia and every single experience that I had there was bad. I was SO happy for my lease to end so that I could go back to owning a Ford. Everything with Gaudin is straight forward and simple. I would recommend any of my friends to go there and I have.

Service is great as well, they are very friendly and helpful. I know that my vehicle is in good hands. You never know what you miss from a good dealership until you deal with a bad one. Findlay Service was a joke, no rental and no car for 8wks. I know that if my vehicle had been at Gaudin I would have NEVER gone through that. I know that they would be on my side, the customer service is outstanding and truly sets them a part in my book.

Seriously, the other reviews makes me sad. This is really a dealership that will do whatever it can to make the customer happy. If your not happy then say something to the right people, don't just blast it online. Gaudin is the type of dealership that when giving the opportunity to make something right they will do their best to make it happen.

Krista L. | 2014-10-18

Took the car to Findlay service yesterday. Wonderful experience. KILLS Gaudin in every the bonus of not damaging my car and denying it.

Jim F. | 2014-10-10

there are  5 factory recalls on my 2013 Escape and I was told it could take all day Gaudin Ford wont give me a rental while they do a factory recall. Gaudin Ford has gone down hill and this  year customer will go elsewhere. They do not deserve  1 star

Mark A. | 2014-09-06

Busy saturday dozens of customers waiting and only 2 service writers on staff.  Terrible customer service.  This is a direct result of management making poor choices in staffing to meet demand, especially for a 50k suv!  If you can, go somewhere else that honors their appointments.

Dave L. | 2014-09-04

This the worst dealership EVER!

Stay away...stay away...stay away.

Too many things to list, follow advise above.

Barbara W. | 2014-09-01

My husband and I recently purchased a 2014 Ford Edge. We were a little disappointed the sales man didn't know much about the vehicle. When we purchased it the Edge was dirty. The salesman had it cleaned by their detail department. They did a poor job. They also goofed up on the paperwork and if my husband wouldn't of caught it before we signed everything we would have had higher payments than what we agreed on. If you use this dealership DOUBLE check your paperwork before signing to make sure they have everything correct. We had it changed and drove away in a new vehicle.

Tiffany L. | 2014-08-22

If u could give 0 stars I would!!!! This place is a SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!! My husband and I have went to purchase our 2nd car from here. we have great credit and been with Ford Credit for years with multiple cars. The finance guy, decided to chose the highest rate with a no name finance company for Gaudin to make $$$. They admitted what they did and said so sorry, deal is done. Now my information has been sold and we are receiving tons of calls and mail from everyone. Go TO ANY OTHER FORD DEALER!!!! this is how they treat active duty military. All of Nellis and all military in Southern Nevada will know to avoid Gaudin. Go here if you want to be screwed and pay high finance rates for no reason at all! BBB and Ford now have formal complaints because they are so dishonest.

James W. | 2014-08-12

I bought my car, ford focus, 8 months ago, since then, I had a total of three oil changes from quick lane. One time I had picked up my car left and noticed gas fumes coming from the engine compartment. I took it back and that problem was resolved. I notice the transmission was shifting slow or not shifting in all gears.  I bought my car in for service and told them about the shifting problem, and also a hard start. They told me it would take approximately three days. Fourteen days later the car was fixed. They told me they would provide a rental car during the repair. What they didn't tell me is I would have to pay taxes on that rental, total of $145.00. Now I'm having problems with the engine almost stalling and the brakes, and the transmission problem is returning. Any other problems other than listed above, I will claim this vehicle has a lemon.

Maxx B. | 2014-08-10

So I bought a brand  new "06" lifted truck from Gaudin and paid cash for it. I bought the extended warranty and maintenance contract (75,000 miles ) So I've never had a vehicle break so many times, they replaced 1 gear box under warranty and I've replaced 2 more and 2 steering boxes. I've had to replace the oil pump, EGR valve and cooler. Gaudin did the work at 85,000 miles and it cost me $5500. So now the lift they put on it they don't carry replacement parts or even know the lift kit company... So I had to go to a custom shop and they carry 4 different ones so I get to order each one paying for the shipping each time until I find the correct one with a week wait for delivery of the part, so up to 4 weeks to get the parts for my truck and I get to pay for a rental while I wait. Never again will I purchase from gaudin. And probably never gonna buy a ford either because of how bad it was from the beginning!

Kelly Jean S. | 2014-08-06

I have bought several cars at Gaudin and have never been anything but happy with my sales guys and my service. If you didn't get to buy a car from Eddie Smith you missed out!  But tons of great guys there to help you!

Shuwen Y. | 2014-07-31

Just bought a 2014 fiesta! Spent 4 hrs in the dealership but the time was well spent on looking at cars, taking test drives, going over paperwork, discussing price (not too much back-and-forth bargaining, which Im really glad), making sure things are ok with insurance, signing contract, etc. The sales (Sherman) took really good care of customer's purchasing needs and I can see that he really wants to make me feel comfortable with my decision.  I recommend Sherman to anyone who's in the market shopping for a new car, he is a good guy.

Richard M. | 2014-07-24

See my check in, service is terrible, they don't care once you've leased or purchased. Joshua Cleveland, service rep, at least listened, salesman Sherman Reif obviously couldn't care less.

Megan C. | 2014-07-23

If I could leave 0 stars I would. Way to go Gaudin Ford for turning lifelong Ford family into GMC owners due to the lack of respect from your service department and sales representative. After purchasing THIER suggested Certified Pre-Owner vehicle (scam) and extended warranty THEY suggested (scam) I took in my vehicle to use the extended warranty for the first time in the less then two years I've owned the vehicle only to have the repairs denied (supposedly not covered by the bumper to bumper extended warranty). Then received a quote to for the repairs ($840) but not before paying $230 to get my vehicle back when our warranty deductible is only $100??? Long story short, took it to a different shop and was quoted $180... Go figure. Keep up the good work Gaudin Ford a$#!?@L3! Just lost  two diehards Ford fans!!

CRISTINA A. | 2014-07-16

I wish there was a zero star rating for this completely unprofessional service department. I have a Ford Explorer that has two doors that open only from the outside. I made an appointment on Monday for Wednesday at 8:00 am. I was first in line in the morning, and immediately after me a huge line formed. My service advisor,  Bill Derry, appeared hungover and tired, hands shaking, as he was entering the information in the computer. He told me they might need to order parts, and I said, OK, let me know if that's the case, I'll pick up my car and bring it back when the parts are in. I called him mid day, but he had no update. At 4:30, I called again, I reminded him of who I was, he said they hadn't even looked at my car because I didn't have an appointment and they had to handle those customers first. I got really aggravated and I reminded him that I was the first in line at 8:00 am, and he mumbled something about "oh, well, they'll look at it sometimes tomorrow". I called back and asked for the service manager, Lisa, who looked into the situation, then she called me back and confirmed that, indeed, they hadn't looked at it and the techs leave at 4:00 pm. For the "inconvenience", I would get 10% off (WOW). I will see what they say tomorrow and decide if I trust them to actually fix the problem. I have TWO Fords and I will absolutely NEVER GO THERE AGAIN FOR ANY SERVICE ISSUE!!!!!!!! If it has to be done at the dealer, I'll go to a different one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don K. | 2014-07-12

Stuck at Gaudin Ford for what they say is two hours for a friggin oil change.  This is ridiculous.  Next time I won't pay for the service plan since it is too expensive for my time.

Ok. So done quicker than estimated.  Eric was great getting me out the door and keeping me informed.  Started out as a 1 star because of the long time estimate.  Ended as a five star because of Eric and the staff's service.

Shannon M. | 2014-05-17

I love going to Gaudin Ford.   They always do terrific work on my car and always go above and beyond.   The waiting area is great and allows me to work while I wait for my car to get done.   Everyone is extremely helpful and friendly.  Highly recommend to others.

Andrew J. | 2014-04-30

If I could leave a negative 5 star rating I would. I can't believe the fraud and attempted fraud I experienced here.

I took my truck in for service. I needed two brand new keys programmed. I had the keys and they were already cut but not programmed for the truck. The service writer told me that the cost for the two keys would be an hour of labor, $140.00. I accepted that because I know dealerships are amazingly expensive.

He said they would do a safety check and a general inspection of the truck too. I told him I did not want any of that because I do my own work on it. They did all that anyway and tied me up for an additional hour.

The first attempted fraud occurred before I left the service area where the service writer was. I was handed a printout showing I needed a front end alignment. OH REALLY??? The brand new General tires and the new tie rod ends along with the obvious new alignment didn't tip you off that the front end is OK?

Next, I waited and waited and waited for my keys to be programmed. Finally after 2 hours, I was told that my keys could not be programmed. The keys they would provide would cost an extra $50.00. I approved it. The cost was actually about $60.00. Minutes later, the service writer and cashier told me the truck was ready.

I asked how could it be ready so soon when each new dealer key had to be cut then programmed for 10 minutes? They both looked down at the ground like two children caught in a lie. That told me all I needed to know. They scammed me out of an additional $60.00 to pad the bill.

I just paid it so I could get out of there. I was too incensed to argue or blow up at them.

They then pointed out that I needed an oil change. WHAT???? I am 2,000 miles into a full synthetic oil change that is good for 5,000 miles. I just looked at them in disbelief. Attempted fraud #2.

Now, I need a new battery. No I do not. My two year old battery that has a 5 year full warranty is doing just fine. Attempted fraud #3.

I assume they do this to everyone because they are real smooth at it. They pretend to be looking out for you but they are just looking for an opening to exploit an uninformed customer.

I will never go back to Gaudin Ford for service and I will never buy a new vehicle from them. After my experience with them, Ford Motor Company is lucky I would be willing to even consider another Ford ever again.

Lisa K. | 2014-04-02

I bought my company fleet vehicle, a Ford Escape. I purchased an extended warranty through Gaudin and recently had to take it in for some maintenance. Beto was our service manager and we were not happy. My husband had to constantly call and ask for service updates. Beto was not prompt in returning calls or overall communication. He told us he'd take $200 off a certain repair and would cover the tax for the second week we had the rental car. When we went to finally pick up the vehicle, Beto was on vacation. There were no notes in our file of the promises he made regarding the discount or rental car tax. We had to pay full price and wait for the manager to talk to Beto to verify things. Currently, we're still trying to get reimbursed for the rental car tax. I'm not impressed with Gaudin Ford, their communication or their customer service at all. My husband recently bought a Ford Explorer but thankfully we purchased it through CarMax instead of dealing with this dealership. I would not recommend Gaudin - at least not their service department. There doesn't seem to be much focus on ensuring positive customer satisfaction.

Marissa H. | 2014-03-26

Ask for Manny!! He's the BEST! He helped me get my fender bender fixed in no time at all. I know his focus on more of the luxury car side but my dad might of called in a favor. I was treated like gold from start to finish and would go in where else if god forbid I need his services again

Paul M. | 2014-03-12

Quick Lane service for my Fusion. Not bad but they don't take appointments. They do wash your car when its finished which is the only plus over Friendly Ford so I only use Gaudin for convenience since i live closer.  Friendly Ford is far better overall and I will continure buying my Fords there for the great sales staff.

tc c. | 2014-02-19

We bought a new Ford which was a great experience. The sales force was great.
After tow months someone runs into the back of our car and destroys the back end.

Take it back to Gaudin and again great service and quality work. Chris was the contact for us in the body shop. I have to give him 5 Stars for effort and patience with us.

Thank you for doing a great job. I would recommend Gaudin everytime if you are looking for a new car or repairs.

Thanks again Chris!!!!!

Lisa B. | 2014-01-23

I only wish I could give zero stars. Or negative stars. Upon acceleration, the car jerks. Like it's having a hard time finding the gear. I take it in a few days after Christmas. Lest we not forget, I also have the extended warranty which I pay $90 a month for. My expedition is 6 years old and I thought getting this coverage would be beneficial as I'm sure the repairs are quite expensive. So, they tell me the car needs a tune up. Which of course is not covered. They tell me this tune up package is going to be about $980. Wow. I tell the guy, Christmas was like 4 days ago. How about we just fix the jerking problem and forego this whole package. Oh but fixing the jerking problem will be even more--hundreds more. You've got to be kidding me. But I'm like a freaking hostage here so what can I do? I agree. They call me on 12/31 and tell us we can pick it up after 12. Fine. We get there at 2:30 just to find out they closed at 2 for the holiday. That's funny, that wasn't mentioned on the voice mail message that said the car would be ready after 12. They didn't say after 12 but before 2. So that pissed me off. And then when we finally do pick it up, the jerk face "service advisor" says "oh the repairs came in lower than I quoted...I said $980, but I got it down to $960". Oh wow! I'm so grateful that all I wanna do is punch you in the face! Seriously, he acted like he turned holy water into wine. What a douche. I won't go back to this place. Ever. I know these dealers are all the same but it's like they go out of their way to make it an awful experience. I usually bring it to Ford Country...those guys aren't as douchey.

PP Z. | 2014-01-01

Made an appointment for a transmission fluid exchange using their website for New year's day. Was impressed at the time that they were open. My appointment was confirmed and reminded the day before. So I drive my car there and the whole dealership was closed. No signs posted or anything. I'd be less upset if I was the only one there but there were a couple people trying to drop off their cars as well. Such poor customer service, it's okay to be closed but they really should have warned customers or posted something on their website about it. It's this lack of quality service that ensures me or anyone I know will not be using their services.

What a disappointment of a location for one of my favorite car companies.

Danielle S. | 2013-12-06

javier avila was so helpful in explaining the different models of the f-150 and asking me what i was looking for. javier made my car buying experience so easy. i have since referred several people to him. he is very knowledgeable about all of the models and the accessories. thanks again javier!!!

Ian B. | 2013-11-16

Date of visit: 16 Nov 2013 @ 1:00 pm.  
First thing...the only Ford Dealership I know in America that doesn't offer Military Discount.  GAUDIN IS ONE CHEAP S.O.B!!!  
Second thing....outrageous auto service center prices.  Being in the military, I travel a lot and have been to a handful of Ford Dealership up and down the West Coast, and never paid more than $75 for a Works Package, but this dealership charged me $90.  
Third thing....customer service in the Auto Service Center was average, the advisor seemed more worried about answering his text messages.  Also, wasn't that knowledgable when asked simple questions about service involved with requested work.  The customer service at the cashier desk is horrible.  The lady working there makes it quite obvious she hates her job and that every customer that approaches her is the biggest inconvenience of her day!  
Forth and last thing...service completed took over and hour!  At most I've seen it take is 35 minutes at dealerships 3x busier then this place.  They washed my truck...which I normally like, except the fact that it looks like they washed it with a floor broom and now i have hairline scratches everywhere in my clearcoat.  Looks like I'll be spending a weekend with a buffer and wax trying to remove them....cause based off this visit, I firmly believe that this place wouldn't even acknowledge my presence If I went back and complained about it now.
So....spend the extra time and gas and visit the Ford Dealership in North Las Vegas, even though they are much busier, their customer service is top notch and their prices are much more, they support the troops and offer military discount!  WHAT EVERY YOU DO....STAY AWAY FROM THIS AUTO SERVICE CENTER!!!!

Barry G. | 2013-09-30

After moving to Las Vegas I was in search of a Ford Dealer to service my truck as well as it was in Los Angeles. Worked with Adam and Steve in the Service dept. They worked hard on getting all my work under my warranty that was to expired in 10 days or 200 more miles. They did a great job and stayed in communication with me daily. Much better then Planet Hyundai where we will never go back.
The staff I came in contact with and service were great. I am a fan and they earned our business. Thanks Steve and Adam. Truck runs awesome.

Lindi M. | 2013-08-21


Terry D. | 2013-08-07

VIP Service is exceptional.   Quick and professional service from the time I walked in the door till I drove away.  Estimated one hour for service and they finished a little early.

Mike L. | 2013-08-02

I have just bought my third car from Gaudin.
These guys are awesome...I don't understand why they have such bad reviews.

I always deal with Julio Lazzo.
Straight crap....looks out for my interests.

Gemstone W. | 2013-07-29

This review is for the BODY SHOP.  I dropped off my car there at 9am to have the bumper replaced.  I called in the morning to make sure the part was in, and I was told it was.  I saw someone take the car to the back before I left.  I called at 3:15pm to check on the status of my car.  The receptionist (Stephanie) said the person who took the order to get my car fixed isn't coming in so she doesn't know the status of my car.  She doesn't know if my car has been fixed or not.  She doesn't know if it will get fixed because the estimator wasn't there to tell anyone what should be done to my car. She doesn't even know where my car was but she thinks it's in the shop. I asked to speak to the manager and she giggled and said he was in a meeting (didn't really find anything funny about that!).  What an awful place!  Don't take your car here.  Service is poor!  Stephanie, the receptionist, is a joke!!

Brandon B. | 2013-07-18

Been helpful the few times i have been while car shopping. I am getting some body damage repaired here and everyone has been quick to communicate the progress of my car. Only issue i had was when i was looking at a car to buy they were taking a long to process things when i specifically told them i was in a rush

C A. | 2013-06-17

Top notch service and parts department. However, I will not give this place five starts because walking from service to the sales lot... There is no one around to help you. I don't know if it's the way I am dressed or it's because they think I have no money, but I am always shopping for my next car/truck. I never keep a vehicle for more then two years.

The service department has their own drinks for customers and the waiting area is very comfy. Anything I need they are able to deliver. I cannot say the same for sales.

Donald F. | 2013-06-12

If I could give them zero stars I would. I was put in touch with them via CostCo auto purchase program. I filled out the form and gave CostCo my personal address based upon the statement that my email would be given to on-one except the dealer they picked which to my detriment was Gaudin. I was requesting information on a certain truck and had never even consider that truck or mentioned it to anyone. The next day I started receiving emails from other second tier dealers or brokers in the Las Vegas area. I contact CostCo and they are looking into the issue. The issue is somewhere between CostCo and Gaudin. Both deny they released my private email address.

I spoke with the Internet Sales Manager. He is the epitome of a smart ass sales manager, everything is not his problem. I never stated it was ''his' problem exclusively. Just that somewhere along the chain of CostCo and Gaudin there is a problem. Rightfully so he stated that why would he give my information to a competitor. However when I suggested he does not know what his sales people do with the information, he said he absolutely knows what they do. He must be watching them 24 hours a day to be able to state that.

He has a horrid, 'Holier than thou' attitude.  With a attitude like that, he is a detriment to the company and hopefully others will not support this company.

Looking at the number of negative reviews for Gauadin it is surprising that they stay in business.  I guess what has been attributed to Barnum was right,  there is ' A sucker born every minute' and they keep places like this in business. With the number of negative reviews plus my experience with them, I assume the few positive reviews are fake, posted by them.

Erik L. | 2013-04-11


Insurance adjuster from Farmers (our insurance company) came to look at our car and said about $3500 in repairs. He gave us a sheet of paper with their C.O.D. (circle of something) and it had Gaudin Ford Body Shop on it. It happened to be the closest to us, so we decided that we would take the car there for repairs.

They said they had someone who SPECIALIZED in Volkswagen so it made both my GF and I feel comfortable dropping it off there and letting them do the repairs.  Their "BODY SHOP VW EXPERT" came to look at the damage and said it was about $6000.

The guy said he would update us on the progress, which he did. he would leave messages if i didnt answer my phone and give an update on the car.

About 3 weeks in, I get a Voicemail saying that he was about to call and let us know our vehicle was done with all the repairs, after the paint finished drying... BUT THE SIDE CURTAIN AIRBAG WENT OFF!!!  

Apparently, these guys did not check to see if any of the sensors, from the CAR ACCIDENT, were jacked up, causing the airbag to deploy.  Also, rewind about 2 weeks... I stopped in, un announced - and saw my car in the body shop not attended to, so I walked over, saw the side doors had been taken off (to be replaced) with a STICKY NOTE on it which reads, " WILL NEED MUD PICS - MAKE IT LOOK BAD" with the guys enitials below.  WTF DOES THAT MEAN?! I had no idea, so I called Farmers and they said MUD PICS are the "area of damage" so i understood that the body shop needs to send pictures of the jacked up part of the car to Farmers so Farmers will see what damage is on the car, to get more then the 3500 that the Farmers Adjuster quoted me.  But, I did not understand why the body shop "VW EXPERT" needs these pictures to "LOOK BAD"!!  (are they trying to screw over the insurance company and make them pay more then necessary?)

So the Farmers person told me to send him the pictures that i took with my phone of the STICKY NOTE, and he would run it up the lader to his superior to investigate the wierd notion of the body shop trying to get more money for repairs then they should be.

Fast forward back to the airbag going off... the message says, "crazy little occurance happened yesterday, it was kinda strange so ill just tell you the story, I had the vehicle all put back together, and went to start the vehicle and the side curtain airbags on the side that we fixed all blew.  it sound like a gun shot inside the shop yesterday, um... had my guy plug into the system to find out what was wrong and the airbag sensor inside the front door had a HAIRLINE crack in it, um... sooo... thankfully it happened here, not once you guys got the car back so i got the additional airbag stuff ordered not sure if its gunna be here tomorrow or thursday, they said 2-3 working days,im gunna try to get all the other stuff done in the mean time. deffintly wont be done for tomorrow now with the additional stuff that we encountered, so im trying for the end of the week, ill give you another update thursday morning, if you have any questions call me back."

They refuse GIVING us a rental car, though it was THEIR FAULT we had to wait longer because of the AIRBAG going off which they should have checked in the first place!!!


So they found out airbags are on BACKORDER from VW, and nobody in the NATION has this side curtain airbag for another week or MORE! that message I just typed out was left for me on 3/26/2013.

He called again on 4/4/2013 and said VW is supposed to give them an update when the airbag will be coming in.

I never got a phone call letting me know the airbag came in, no big deal, i just figured it hadn't came in.  So yesterday 04/10/2013 I get a phone call saying the car is all finished and ready to be picked up.  Today 04/11/2013 My gf and I go in to pick up our much missed car, its been 1 month sence having it, and ITS NOT EVEN FINISHED!

My REAR WINDOW doesnt work. Also, there is a ton of some kind of glue that they used, who knows what for, all over the place on both door fingers could not get it off,so i told the guy, showed him, he went inside to get somethign to get it off, and it didnt work... so he went back inside... and never came back... wtf?! We also noticed PAINT WAS MISSING!!! the door was put on WRONG - the angle the door was mounted on caused the door to rub the paint off when being opened  and closed.. we told the guy this, and he said, "oh yeah.. he had to re-mount the door after it got painted." didn't the "VW EXPERT" know how to mount a fkn door correctly?! couldnt he feel the door not closing properly?! why would he get it painted with it not closing correctly?!  On top of all this, after the airbag went off, our "VW EXPERT BODY MAN" has completly turned into a fkn asshole.


Bruce R. | 2013-04-05

I tried Gaudin Ford Service and I compared them to Ford Country Service in Las Vegas .   I will choose Ford Country Service for my future repairs and pass on using Gaudin Ford.

Gaudin Ford $ervice has higher pricing than Ford Country Service.. For example, to  inspect my seat belt for repair , Gaudin charged me $60 inspection fee.    Ford Country charged me   $ZERO  for the same inspection.

I spent $2000 for my repair work at Gaudin, yet they wanted to charge me $60 to inspect my seat belt?

No thank you, Gaudin Ford Service.... I will not be coming back in the future  when my cars need repair.

Bruce Redden

Erin B. | 2013-03-27


I was here on March 25, 2013. My battery light has been coming on while driving. I assumed it was an alternator on it's way out. I went to the service parts place and was "helped" by a man named Chris. He was extremely rude and ignorant. He discriminated against me because I was a young woman. He tested my alternator ( the same thing Auto Zone does for free) and said it tests fine and because of that, he has no other reason to do any other tests. I kid you not he said "I don't want to waste anymore of my time." I asked to speak to a manager on 3 different attempts and he kept saying a manager would call me but they will tell me the same thing. I never did a call from a manager. Our last phone call he said that he spoke to his manager Kathy and she said it was a fair trade that I should still be charged the $130 for the diagnostics test even though all he did was do the same thing Auto Zone does for free. I went to Team Ford today (March 27,2013) and they charged me the diagnostics fee but did say I have a bad alternator!! I will not be returning to Gaudin Ford. Horrible place and horrible customer service. Also not very educated. I would like my $130 I paid for nothing.

Shawn J. | 2013-03-24

Absolutely Not. There is absolutely no possible way that I will recommend Gaudin Ford to anyone living in Las Vegas. While other Yelp reviewers write about the body shop or the service department, my problem is with the new car sales team.

My fiancee and I had done our research and ended up visiting Gaudin Ford to look at the 2013 Ford Escape and the 2013 Focus Titanium. Our sales guy was nice and helpful, the test drive went without a hitch, but the problems began once we walked in the front door and started the process of applying for credit and trying to purchase the vehicles.

The main problems we had with Gaudin Ford started with a serious listening problem. I had lenders I did not want to use, Gaudin Ford ran our credit by them anyway. The process of finding out if my fiancee qualified for financing took almost 3 business days. In this day and age that's an eternity. Calls were not returned until I badgered the poor receptionist into having the sales guy overhead paged...but then when the financing department finally called us they said sorry, we can't do financing, she will have to do a 2 year lease. I had a long established history with Ford Credit, they even commented on it but when I asked them about buying the car under my name using my history with Ford Credit they didn't even respond to me! By that time we had had enough and we left the dealership with my fiancee in tears as she had never experienced anything like that.

Fast forward 30 days later. There are 2 new vehicles in my driveway, both of which have Carmax stickers on them. There was no lease required for my fiancee, and both of us have very competitive interest rates that left us smiling. I did get an email from Justin Priddy at Gaudin Ford asking for feedback...but if they couldn't listen to me face to face on several occasions, how can I trust that my email feedback will ever be read, much less considered?

One of my new vehicles is a 2013 Ford...but when it comes to service I can safely say it will not grace the doors of Gaudin's service department.

1 Star, with a recommendation to stay on 215 and keep driving by. The best view of Gaudin Ford is seen at 65 mph as you're going ANYWHERE ELSE.

And oh yeah, I have a couple of special lists to place Gaudin Ford on. My friends already knew it was coming. Trust me when I say this placement was earned and then some.

(Yelp 100 in 2013 Challenge #9)

Motty O. | 2013-01-14

Hi Guys, all my friends warn me about going to a dealer with an old car, they told me man, they gonna rip you off! i said i'm willing to give them a chance, after all they are certified...
well, first came in with a 2003 explorer, without even blink for a checkup they asked for 60$ just so they will see if anything is wrong, after that, they found some small issue stuff that eventually they got into about a 1000$!! Wanna know on what? well, 2 wipers - 100$, brake light bulb - 60$ and some other crapy stuff i can buy at Autozone for 20% in total. i was shocked! my luck didn't gave me a chance and 2 days later, after the check my driver window slip out of it's place right near their location, with this kind of weather and with my baby girl i didn't thought too much and went in... guess what? they wanted another 60$ to examine what is wrong with that and then they wanted 450$ to replace the window engine! a quick yelping shows me a place near by that replaced my window for 90$! with original parts!!! well Gaudin, i am willing to pay money for service, but i'm not willing to get ripped off. good luck!  u won't see to much of me in the near future...

Matt W. | 2012-12-08

I just purchased a car from Gaudin and could not be happier. I know a lot of these dealerships have shady reviews, but I've been around the block with these dealerships in Vegas and I made an account to rate this place just because of how much it stood out from my other dealership experiences. I was planning on buying a certain car from another dealership but checked in with Greg Anderson - he was able to get me in the same car but with less mileage, better trim, leather seating and a better car history for the same amount of money. Financing was a breeze - it was incredibly flexible and stress-free. Junior Daher helped me out so much with the paperwork and even drove my car out for me when I returned my rental car and could not have been friendlier or more helpful.

I know this whole thing sounds over enthusiastic but as a young guy looking for his first car it's tough to find a place that treats you with respect and dignity and doesn't try to pull the wool over your eyes. Very refreshing and the dealership itself is great - no gimmicks, just a nice big screen and a few comfortable chairs and some interesting displays. They got my business for a reason, and it makes a lot more sense to me that they've been in business this long.

Ask for Greg or Junior - They'll treat you like a person!

Mark B. | 2012-11-11

I've never talked to anyone who "enjoyed" the process of buying a car from a dealership, and I never imagined I'd have an experience that would make the process worthy of taking the time to write a review, let alone a 5-star review.  That was until I shopped with these guys.  I live in Sacramento CA, and was looking for a specific car (a one year old V6 Mustang with manual transmission and performance package, preferably with low miles).  I found one at Gaudin Ford... I had plans to go to Las Vegas for a convention (the SEMA convention) at the end of October, which was a few weeks away.. I didn't want to go all the way to Vegas to get the car, just a few weeks prior to going there for the convention.  These guys were AMAZING.. they worked with me so that I could pick up the car while I was in Vegas for the convention.  The salesman (Sergio Correa) was great - not your typical car salesman - he was friendly, genuine, not pushy and a really nice guy to work with.  The guys in the Finance dept (Jacob and Sam) were also really helpful and friendly.  I got the exact car I wanted (and it even has some more features than I was looking for, which was icing on the cake), it only had 9k miles on it, and I felt great about the entire transaction.  My wife and I left the dealership in amazement - we both commented that it would be worth going there from Sacramento again for our next car purchase, just to deal with these folks.  Great job Gaudin Ford!!!

Dave T. | 2012-10-31

I would give this place a lower rating if i was only writing a review on the Service Department but have been through the Body Shop as well and they are great.

Believe me, I had a bad experience with the Service Department. They quoted me a $2000/8-10 day repair and they had no idea how to do the repairs.. The pushed the work towards the body shop and they fixed everything within 3 days and it only cost around $400... Enough said.

If you can, use the body shop and ask for Matt. He is extremely thorough and provides excellent customer service!

Dennis W. | 2012-08-30

This is by far the worst Ford dealership I've ever dealt with.  After the sale they want nothing to do with you.  Management sucks, and they cover each others bad decisions and bad judgement.  Avoid these guys at all costs!  I'm having to goto Ford Corporate to get resolution.

Christopher G. | 2012-08-19

This is the last place you want to bring your car to be serviced. Disorganized, disinterested, and disrespectful was my direct consumer experience with "Great Big Gaudin Ford". Simple battery change with diagnosis cost $250 and took two full days. Do not be deceived by their concept of "appointment". There is no such thing. I was told Arrogantly "don't call us we'll call you". This is like a joke that nobody laughed at when it was originally told...and keeps getting told over and over again...and still nobody is laughing still isn't funny. You've been warned. Gaudin Ford doesn't care that you are a third generation Ford owner, that you've dutifully supported the dealership community or anything. Gaudin Ford doesn't know anything about you and couldn't care less.

Gaudin Ford gives Ford dealerships a bad name.

Reg E. | 2012-08-09

This place is the biggest piece of crap establishment ever.  I come here to get my car serviced, and pay the $50 that it cost to make sure everything is in tip top shape.  I do travel great distances with my vehicle so I feel it's in it's best interest that its getting the maintenance it deserves.

I was excited to find that they moved closer to my area, and from a distance it looks like a pretty nice facility.  That is the extent of anything good I have to say about Gaudin.  I've brought in my car twice now for this ticking/vibrating sound and they were not able to find anything wrong with it.  My car is still under warranty, so I'm going to take full advantage and fix what ever needs to be fixed before it runs out.  Somehow, this vibrating/ticking sound is unfathomable to them.  They said they found some change and a pen that could've been the reason behind it, but it's still there.  To top it off, when I asked for the change that they found, the man said that they threw it away.  Who throws away money?  Put it in my change compartment dummy.

I brought my car back in because for some reason, my trunk won't close properly.  It keeps saying trunk open on my dash board, and I would have to slam it really freaking hard for it to "close".  This doesn't seem right.  Moreover, theres a rubber piece on my back door that's starting to peel off; no big deal.  I decided to make an appointment to get these checked out, along with that ticking/vibrating sound again.

Made an appointment with the service representative, who was kind of loud and rude, for 9am the following day.  BF brought the car 9am sharp!  It's now been three hours since he's been there and they are no just taking a look at the car.  WHAT A FUCKING JOKE.  Apparently they were really busy and they couldn't find the appointment I had made.  Why didn't they says something when he first brought it in???  The car sat untouched in the same spot for a long time, and it wasn't until he said something that they decided to take a look at it.

3.5 hours later, they don't know what the ticking/vibrating sound is, and they cant do anything about the rubber piece because they have to order the part.  Thank you Gaudin, you are a piece of shit!!!.  

Don't waste your time, money, energy, and whatever else you deem valuable at this place because they are pieces of dog poop with no consideration for YOU or YOUR CAR!...  

Needless to say, I won't be coming back... they have lost my business, and i'm not the least bit surprised that all these one star reviews popped up.  Gaudin, why bother, go F&%^& yourselves!!!

Dereck T. | 2012-07-16

I am so irretated! I called Ford to make an appointment to have my AC checked out. At first they were pleasant and reassured me that they would take care of the issue and that I was smart for purchasing their Gold Factory Warranty.

I made the appointment for 7am (right when they opened) on my only day off. I get a call at 5pm telling me that they will NOT get to my vehicle due to the fact of other cars before me. After talking to the gal that was pulling every trick to not making me get irretated, I finally asked her if she had enough mechanics on. She exclaimed, "well sir we are kind of short handed today". ...So she lied to me.
All you have to do in this world is be honest!! I went ahead and picked up my car in 113 degree heat and to it to the Muffler Shop where they said that they will honor my "Gold Factory Warranty"!

Thx for nothing Gaudin Ford!

Eric S. | 2012-07-16

Incredibly long story short, my car broke down on a road trip to Vegas. Gaudin Ford was the nearest place that could provide the service, since it was under warranty. The service rep was rude, had no sympathy for my situation (my wife and I had to book last-minute flights home and leave the car there in order to be at work 2 days later), I had to constantly call them for updates, and I had to reschedule my flight to pick up the car twice since Gaudin kept delaying things.

When I finally picked up the car 9 days later, the service rep was again rude and instead of apologizing for the delay, joked that she was glad I was finally 'out of her hair'. After driving it home, noticed a weird burning smell but it was more like wood burning and not rubber or electrical. I assumed I had driven through a recent brush fire area and the scent lingered. After a few days of smelling it, I opened the hood and found my engine COVERED IN TREE BRANCHES! It was not a few leaves that somehow blew in, it was 6-8 12-18inch branches with leaves all over. Most were burnt up, and some has started to cause wires to melt.

After cleaning them out, we noticed a dent on the hood with the paint starting to split. However, the dent was protruding outwards, meaning that the dent had to have been made from the engine area. Gaudin had clearly shut my hood on an object they had left inside my engine compartment!

My car had just been serviced 2 days prior to the breakdown in Las Vegas, and no dent was noted and certainly no tree branches left inside! This was the first time I had EVER personally opened my hood for anything. The last place it was open (and undamaged) was Gaudin.

I contacted Gaudin about all this, and included detailed photos.

After a month of trying to get some help, I got an email reply, with another person's contact info I needed to deal with. I tried that person, and they said I needed to drive my car back (900 mile round-trip) for him to evaluate it. That's completely unacceptable!

All I wanted was the damage to be fixed, that CLEARLY they caused!

Melissa L. | 2012-05-20

I rarely write reviews, but I felt compelled to do so for Gaudin Ford.  I bought a new Ford Fiesta yesterday and I couldn't be happier with how smooth and easy the whole thing was. Sergio, my sales guy, couldn't have been nicer. I showed up to my appointment over an hour late (I had to bus it there), and not only was I really late but I also had to ask for a ride to the dealership b/c the bus dropped me off a few blocks away & I couldn't get to their location w/o crossing a freeway. He did so w/ no problem & picked me up in the car I was interested in, let me drive it back to the dealership. He was nice, listened to all of my questions, and was very knowledgeable about the car I was purchasing. He wasn't pushy like some sales people are; I let him know what I wanted and he did his best to accommodate. Jacob, the finance guy, was also very nice & tried to find ways to reduce the total cost of my car. After a few hours, I left with the car I wanted and overall very satisfied with the entire ordeal. I remember disliking the car buying process last time I bought a car, so this was a pleasant surprise! Everyone there was nice & helpful.

I would highly recommend this dealership. Ask for Sergio, he'll hook you up! :)