Friendly Ford in Las Vegas, NV

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Friendly Ford sells new Ford vehicles and quality pre-owned and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.  Friendly Ford also has a top notch Service and Parts departmend and Body Shop.


Established in 1970.

FACT: Friendly Ford #1 in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
Source: Ford Motor Company
FACT: Friendly Ford is the only 13-time winner of the prestigious President's Award in the state of Nevada.
Each year, Ford Motor Company honors a select group of Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in customer satisfaction. The President's Award, Ford Motor Company's highest honor, inspires dealers to strive for excellence and improve the overall ownership experience for their customers. The recipients are truly the finest in the automotive industry.

Friendly Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 870-7221
Address:660 N Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, 89107
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Friendly Ford

Wendy Z. | 2015-04-22

This one star is for Team Ford Lincoln

Nicole R. | 2015-04-05

Update 18 April 2015:
The sales side of friendly ford is great. This dept really takes care of their customers and one person in particular stood out to me. Mathew b. Found us in the lot looking at cars and approached us. My husband and I normally politely decline their offers to show us around until we find something we like but we had lots of specific questions that the ford website couldn't answer. Mathew was friendly, knowledgable and extremely professional. He brought us around and was not clingy like most salespeople. Sadly we did not end up buying a car from him as we didn't find the specific one we wanted but I really wish we did as he was the best salesperson we have ever dealt with and we have dealt with a bunch already.

The service dept of friendly ford is subpar. I originally bought my 2012 explorer from an out of town dealership but when we moved to vegas this was the closest ford dealership to me. I can honestly say I hate coming here for service. I have been here over 5 different times for 4 different problems and I was told for one of the problems I had (passenger window shakes when being rolled up) that ford had no fix action for this yet but they were working on it and I was out of luck until they came out with a fix action. According to them they replaced my motor but I had a  suspicion i was being lied to because the service guy kept skirting over my questions, plus my window was still shaking and stuttering. I added that my warranty was a few hundred miles from being expired and would I be able to get my windows fixed after the warranty expired since it was brought for service before the expiration date? I was told no, sorry, and that basically I was out of luck. Just like that.

I decided to finally write this review because I was in the market for a new car since my explorers warranty expired, and I hope friendly ford reads this and fixes their service center. Izzy/Jon P. were mostly who I interacted with. Kevin was very nice, customer service on service side was unpleasant.

Scott G. | 2015-03-12

I was recently in the market for a SUV. I went to a variety of dealerships around the Las Vegas valley to identify the car that works best for me. I went to Friendly Ford one evening and we greeted by a nice sales rep.

We went out on a couple test drives and I really liked the look and feel of several of the vehicles. The sales rep was newer, so he called over a more experienced sales rep to help answer some more technical questions about the vehicles--that's where the experience changed from pleasant to really bad.

The more experienced sales rep was insulting and used high-pressure sales tactics to get me to buy a car that night. I am usually a very even-tempered person, but I nearly stormed out of there because he was so offensive. I will never return to this location.

Ford SUVs get a 4-star rating from me, but this Ford location gets a 0-star rating--I've never experienced a worse sales rep. In my opinion, if you are looking to buy a Ford, do yourself a favor and go to another Ford dealership.

Nayeli B. | 2015-02-16

Larry Davis is amazing. He went above and beyond to make my deal possible. I love my 2015 mustang!

Cesar B. | 2015-02-12

Larry was absolutely great. He was able to help us with our situation to ensure it worked out. Larry continued following up and providing updates. He has world class service and everyone should mirror his approach. Larry also goes out of his way to make his customers happy. Friendly Ford is lucky to have him. THANK YOU LARRY!

Rahim H. | 2015-01-11

Larry Davis is amazing ! He has helped buy two cars! My ford fusion last year that I love! And  last week I purchased my first mustang gt! He worked around my schedule and even delivered the car to my house !

T. T. | 2015-01-06

This review is only for the sales side...We'll see how the service side compares later.

Walked in looking to test drive a car I'd seen on the website. I knew what I wanted to buy, just needed to drive it to confirm (or start over). They had me in their system from the website, so I had to wait until they figured out which salesman I'd been assigned to.

The test drive was easy, and they didn't get into a snit when I wanted to go on the freeway, take a different route, etc. I'd already done my homework on the engine, transmission, etc, and this is my 3rd Ford with Sync, so most of my questions were fairly superficial. The salesman (Jack Williams -- highly recommended) seemed disappointed, he really likes explaining all the technical details.

Their internet site and salesperson had never really given me a quote on the car. All I got was an email with a couple of photos and a link to the car listing. So when we sat down to talk numbers, we were pretty far off. And I don't cave very easily. It took awhile, but we eventually came to an agreement...Problem was, I hadn't expected to buy a car. They offered to go with me back to my house, so I didn't need to make a 2nd trip, but I was more comfortable going home, offloading my car, getting my title & checkbook and coming back. Everything was easy. He even removed my old plates for return, because even after mentioning it a dozen times, I forgot to do it myself.

Interesting note: When picking up the car, I mentioned that I had come there because Yelp had such good reviews on the sales experience, but not on the service side....Did they know what the issue was?  He got a look on his face and said "We're well aware of that, and things are changing." So the reviews matter to them, and some people have lost their jobs over bad customer service. I know they run service completely separately from sales, so we'll see whether service is up to snuff when I come in later.

All in all, a good experience. I got a solid used car that I think will serve me well for many years.

Michael F. | 2014-12-29

"Doin' the Deal"

When you buy a vehicle from a stealership you know going in it's likely not going to be the most exciting time of your life. I always try to do some dealing with their internet team beforehand so I can show up with a paper trail that illustrates what I've been told/promised. It also helps to have your own financing all ready to go and only switch to one they offer if it beats yours.

I spent a few hours one Saturday last September e-mailing with Friendly Ford's internet squad and found the vehicle(s) I wanted at the prices I was willing to pay. So I printed up the e-mails, talked to a guy on the phone and said I'd be there in half an hour.

When I arrived I found the salesman I had spoken with and we went out to look at the leftover bare bones 2014 Explorers. I mentioned I wanted either blue or silver with an outside possibility of black. I saw all three and liked the silver one best(doesn't show dirt like black or dark blue does). We went for a test drive and everything seemed fine. We returned and went inside and did the deal. I received the invoice price agreed upon via e-mail without having to produce the paper trail and the 0% financing deal after passing the credit check. The paperwork is always a pain but it all got done in an hour or so. The salesman handed me the keys, informed me about the time delay inre the green slip, and I was out the door and on my way home.

All in all I would say everything went pretty smoothly. I came back a few days later for the green slip and haven't regretted buying the Explorer from them. I would certainly consider Friendly Ford again in the future.

Donjie C. | 2014-12-23


I can't believe this place.  I just bought a new car from a different place. I had to come here to see if my sync work for my turn by turn directions and they stated it doesn't come with one. I understand. But when you want to have a great customer service for servicing your car you don't want to feel like you will get ripped off by getting a car with under 600 miles to get a tired fixed for $25 dollars. I should have gone to a discount tire place. At lease they would had fixed it for FREE. Loyal customer will never come back to this place. I rather go to WALMART before going to FRIENDLY FORD. They are a rip-off.

Kane N. | 2014-12-01

After the last review I received a call from the sales man who asked me to bring the vehicle because they are going to repair the roof dents.  They did repair the dents.
I love our Explorer and would purchase another from Friendly Ford.

Brandon B. | 2014-11-07

Why won't they just give you a price on a car; instead you are invited for a game of four squares.  Really?! Welcome to 1987. Buyers, have time to kill- then this is your place!

Mark P. | 2014-10-19

I don't know what Friendly Ford did to remove my review but they did so shame on you YELP! My son and I went to FF to look for a vehicle and we couldn't have been treated worse. The place is ghetto and so are the employees. The service staff was rude to us and so was one of the sales reps. He swore ar us when we were leaving! We ended up going to a great  Ford dealership in Henderson. They were pleasant and professional.  Bought a car on the spot. I will NEVER recommend Friendly Ford to anybody!

Ray V. | 2014-10-12

My review is for the Service Department.  

I took my Contour here because my transmission suddenly started leaking fluid.  The service writer at Friendly Ford said my transmission was shot and that I needed to fork over $2,000 to replace it.  Fortunately, I decided to call Aamco for a second opinion.  It turned out a vent hose for the transmission had gotten kinked when my battery was replaced.  Aamco didn't even charge me because he found the problem as soon as he opened the hood!  I would never trust Friendly Ford with my car again.

Sam H. | 2014-09-29

A few years ago I would have reccomeneded this place. I do not know what has happened but absolutetly no one in the place cares any more. From the service reps, the service manager, the cashier and the guy that siad "I think I'm in Charge" or the GM that never responded to my inquiries. Stay away!! If you go here you deserve what you get!

Josh M. | 2014-09-01

I took my truck in to fix a rattle in the tailgate and a center console that was pushing apart. After the first time I got it back, the center console was still pushing apart and the rattle was reduced by about 50%. I took it in for the second time, and Mark (the employee who dealt with my truck each time) told me the rattle was coming from my hitch. I took off the hitch and coaxed him to take a ride with me. I showed him exactly what was wrong... Long story short, he called it the window (no, not at all) and it wasn't a "rattle," it was a "squeak." I got it back the second time and they had put a plastic spacer on my sliding review window and the rattle was not reduced at all.

Blaire S. | 2014-08-07

Our Navigator has been towed to Friendly Ford FOUR times in 17 weeks.  Ya think they could fix it the first time?   Cost us over $1,000 between tows, copays for covered items and $$$ for non-warranty items (did you know a Ford ESP doesn't cover cables?  Really???) plus at one point a car rental.  

Service manager still has not returned my call.

Lucia C. | 2014-07-27

If there is anything I can do for the general public that will save them a headache and lots of money is to tell you DO NOT BUY A CAR from here.  I went to friendly ford looking for an Escape and found a wonderful Hyndaui Sante Fe that I fell in love with.  I have always paid cash for cars, so this was a big step to buy something with payments.  I wanted to do everything right so I purchased a warranty for my car, that when I purchased the man that sold me my warranty told me the 30 day warranty that came with the car was no longer good because the new one was better. FALSE, the new one had a $100.00 deductible, while the warranty that came with the car had no deductible.  Upon returning home with my "new" used car I was so happy, until I walked out to go to work and the battery was completely dead and needed to be replaced.  While this was not a major issue to the dealership, it was a hassle.  Three weeks later is where it gets interesting.  I have never been treated so bad in my life.  My car had been hit, not to my knowledge, probably in a parking lot, but with no outside damage except a 2 inch crack in the bumper.  Upon bringing it in because my AC went out they refused to help or do anything to make the situation better.  Neither warranty would cover any problems in my car.  The front license plate was on when I got there and then "fell off" according to them and not even given back to me because it wasn't there as their story changed from it was falling off, to non existent. This story could go on and on about the horrific service, but to cut it short because just writing this is upsetting me even more. They will yes you to death and shuffle you from manager to manager and not do anything to resolve it. They claim they have the best service, yet as I look on here and see how I was treated I can't imagine.  They made me feel like I was incompetent and below their means of service and just common decency to a fellow human being.   I will never go back there, if I could do anything to never have to step foot back at that dealership I would.  I feel bamboozled and taken complete advantage off. If you are into sleazy used car salesman this is the spot for you.

Robin S. | 2014-07-21

The only reason they're getting 4 stars instead of 5 is because of previous bad experiences with their service department, which might be unfair to the sales staff.

Chris Montalvo was the young man who helped me. He was personable and quick to realize what I was looking for. It turned out that the 2011 Escape with low mileage was the perfect car for me. He was very patient and took the time to explain everything. I was especially appreciative of this since my last car buying experience at Gaudin Ford was terrible and I ended up paying top price for a used car and they tacked on a couple of expensive add-ons that I didn't want or need!

At Friendly Ford the finance department tried to sell me the extended warranty and a couple of other things that would make my monthly payment "only $100 more." Yikes! BUT they were not pushy, just pointing out my options.

Back to the sales staff: I recommend Chris. He will not push you or try to rush you into a decision. I was fairly treated and I feel confident saying you will be in good hands with him.

Lita B. | 2014-07-09

Complete waste of MY time and gas.  Found a car I was interested in online, sent an inquiry by email.  Received a response immediately.  Before I was finished reading the email, the phone rang and I spoke to Mr. Watson.  He said the auto I was interested in is still available so I told him I will be there in 30 minutes.  I was actually running late and called to let him know I would be there in 15 more minutes.  I arrive to see the car advertised and Mr. Watson advises me that that car has just been sold.  Does he really believe that I believe that?  Evidently, other dealerships do the same thing.  This is not the first time this has happened to me and I am not going to deal with a dealership again.  I was running late and was courteous enough to call and let him know.  He did not bother to return the courtesy.  The car I now have is unable to go on the freeway, a fact that I told this guy, so this was really rude, trying to get a warm body in just to sell someone anything.  I walked out and won't be back.  FRAUD.

Juliette S. | 2014-07-05

I had a great experience here buying a car. I worked mostly with Sergio (sales) and John (financial). I wasn't sure what to expect as buying a car is almost always stressful. Yet I found myself enjoying working with both Sergio and John. Both were funny and friendly, and treated me like a real person. I absolutely love my new Ford Fiesta, and I would also recommend the dealership to others.

Greg S. | 2014-07-05

I loved my experience at Friendly Ford.   They treated me with respect and gave me a great deal on my new Fusion.   Taylor Warf was an excellent salesman who took the time to determine exactly what I was looking for in a car and took then took the time to find me the perfect car.   I highly recommend Friendly Ford and Taylor Warf for your next car purchase!!

Kris J. | 2014-06-17

Bought a brand new, 2013 F-150 from Sal Ortiz.  This was the third dealership in the Las Vegas area I visited.  Sal was head and shoulders above all other sales reps, on all levels.  His knowledge of the vehicle, respect, and patience was excellent...beyond my expectations.  Thank you Sal Ortiz!

J C. | 2014-06-09

I like my ford taurus.  The only reason they get 2 stars is I like my car.  I have had to pick up several fleet vehicles from this location.  It is a complete joke.  I expect better service and communication. I have never purchased a car from here and trust me I never will.  Go elsewhere to buy a ford.  I cal it NOT so Friendly Ford to everyone I know.

Mauren D. | 2014-05-28

Complete wast of my time.  I called Friendly Ford about their impressive ads on TV on the Escape - a car I was interested in.  I had some credit issues so called first being very upfront about credit score, downpayment etc. not to waste anyones time or mine if I would not qualify for their leased deals.  I was told it would definitely be possible with my downpayment and made an appointment with a salesman the next day.  I met with the salesmen and again told him upfront my concerns which didn't seem like a problem as he showed me cars and test drove them.  I asked several  times for a print out of the payment options.  But he wouldn't quote anything and wanted all my credit info and left me sitting alone for 40 minutes - didn't even offer a water just left me sitting alone.  I had to look for him to ask what's happening.  He told me Ford would not approve a lease after I was led to believe they would.  Then presented me with a
Purchase price way above what I said I could pay for 6 years!   They wasted 3 hours of my time and the salesman's as well. And another inquiry on my credit I didn't need. And the salesman got annoyed with me that I was annoyed!   I gave everyone my concerns upfront not to waste anyone's time.   But they just play the game here.    Not a very  "Friendly" group anyway.

Heidi K. | 2014-04-27

I cannot say enough kind words about our experience purchasing a car here.  Don was our salesman assigned after working with the internet manager, and we couldn't have had a better, more down to earth, honest man helping us.  I went through financing approval with FMC before our visit, so that helped and saved time going back and forth about any other finance options.  After the paperwork was completed, we met with Mario in finance to wrap our transaction up. He too was amazing.  Kind, funny and thorough young man who accepted our resistance to many of the additional purchases.  I can honestly say that this was the smoothest and lowest pressure car buying experience we have ever had the joy of experiencing....this is coming from someone who TRULY HATED buying cars and all that is included.  The team at Friendly has helped to ease some of that resistance -Thank you Friendly Ford Team!

Melanie S. | 2014-04-22

Wow! This place REALLY exceeded any expectations I had! I have to give credit to Randy (sales) & JP (finance)! They went WAY above & beyond!!!
My son came in to buy his very first truck & found a Ranger he liked. He is a young Marine & already had his own financing already set up. Everything was great (fair price, good vehicle, etc) UNTIL his bank started acting fairly brain dead. They didn't want to fund the loan until the vehicle was registered. (WTH? LOL). Anyway, Randy & JP spent a TON of time on this deal & were successful in getting my son on the road! THANK YOU! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!

What kept me from giving a full 5 stars is my previous experience at this dealership. They offered me HALF of what my truck was worth when I was shopping for a new one a few years ago. And on this purchase, Tony, our initial sales guy, was solely concerned with making a sale (his words), not about my son getting his very first vehicle.

Considering everything these guys did for my son, I wouldn't hesitate to come back to this dealership.

Ryan F. | 2014-04-16

Just recently bought my very first brand new car from Friendly Ford, they made the process simple and did not use overbearing pressure tactics to sell me a car. Knowledgeable staff has been helpful so far. No complaints here and loving my new vehicle.

Only thing holding back a 5 star rating would be the badgering about filling out a survey of the salesman. He must have asked about 7-8 times about his survey and to give him the highest rating in order to win a vacation somewhere.

Would have been more effective to call me a few days after my purchase to follow up on the recent purchase and then ask if i had filled out the survey instead of badgering me during the purchase of my very first brand new vehicle.

Still very happy with the experience and the car!

Robb L. | 2014-02-09

If you want to be ripped-off, you will be guaranteed to be ripped-off if you go to the Friendly Ford Service Department and trust their Keystone Cop technicians to repair your car.  The Service Director, Greg Haase, and his fraud squad charged me $1,126.51 to repair my car, which they had for 23 days.  Did these clowns repair it?  Absolutely not!  Regardless of their Ford trained technicians and sophisticated diagnostic equipment, they failed to repair the problem but they charged me, regardless.  They were instructed and authorized, specifically, as to what I wanted repaired and not to do anything else but due to their being inept, they could not find the problem.  Subsequently, they turned my car over to some trainees to earn some hours who then made unauthorized repairs solely to justify hours wasted in their not finding the problem I took my car to Friendly Ford to repair.  Without doubt, Friendly Ford is not very friendly nor is it client oriented.  I would not recommend nor refer Friendly Ford to anyone.  

They cheated me out of $1,126.51 and they will cheat you.  These fraud masters and experts in deceit do not even have to wear a mask and carry a gun to take your money.

Michael S. | 2013-12-18

Please do not waste your time at this dealer.  It is sad to see that the sales team (Martin and Don) can be so gracious and accommodating, while the management can be so entirely out of touch with reality.

After spending an hour in there showroom looking for a suitable automobile and waiting for them to come back with a counter offer, I was embarrassed to even be in the same room with this "lady".

I offered $4000.00 cash for a '03 ford explorer with 125,000 miles on it.  I then told them if they wanted my truck ('05 Expedition Eddie Bauer, with 157,000, and in excellent shape),  I would gladly let them have it for $6000.00.  ($5900.00 is low KBB)

This "lady" came back with, get this:  I give her my newer, bigger, nicer truck and an additional  $5400.00, and she will sell me the older, smaller, less options other truck.  I could only laugh at this.

This is insanity!  I just wanted to get into a smaller, more fuel efficient truck and when I left I felt as though I had been molested.

I have been buying and selling automobiles for all of my life.  I have NEVER been this far off in a "negotiation" in my life.

Obviously I will never do business with these thieves ever again, and I suggest the same to everyone else.

Mrs W. | 2013-10-22

First, I would like to mention our amazing car salesmen, David Boehle.  He was straight forward, honest, informative, and so friendly.  We truly felt like we were buying our car from a friend. If you're going to buy a car from this dealership, I'm sure there are many great people to go through, but if you have the opportunity to request a salesperson, ask for David Boehle.  
Now, the dealership was clean, open, had many options, and all of the staff we encountered were friendly.  Everyone said hello with a smile on their faces.  We had some last minute issues with our financial institution sending the wrong paperwork, and the dealership worked with us and were patient until we were able to give them the proper paperwork a few days later.  

We had a very negative experience with a dealership in Henderson a few years ago, so we were skeptical when we first arrived to buy another car in Southern Nevada.

I would absolutely recommend this dealership if you are in the market for a car in Southern Nevada.  
The car we bought was priced moderately and not too far above KBB value.  The informed us of all of our options, such as extended warranties, alarm systems, low jack, and financing options through them (before we told them we had other financing in place) - all of this with absolutely no pressure from the sales staff.  
The finance department was fast and friendly, too.  

Thank you, David Boehle and the rest of the Friendly Ford Staff.  You truly are a friendly and honest company.

Jaime P. | 2013-08-25

...just a quick email to thank you for the terrific customer service I've received from Friendly Ford Body Shop since the purchase of my Explorer Sport in June 2013.  I greatly appreciate all the personal care and time they've been able to give and the ability to get me through what I assumed was going to be a horrific warranty issue. Excellent and friendly service from day 1 (Steve and Douglas in particular). The manager Mike was also very nice and personable.  They finished the repairs in a timely manner.  This shop definitely goes the extra mile for their customers. If I need any future repairs, I will definitely be taking the vehicle to this shop.

Andrea E. | 2013-08-20

So Ive been looking for a car. Okay not just A car but THE car. I already know what my family can afford, had the Ex do all kinds of smart guy research (yay mech engineers whoot) picked what I wanted from the list he gave me, and Im not budging. We did all this like a half year ago. Ive been trying to find THE car since then and none of the Ford Dealerships have even gotten them in yet but this thing is like haunting my dreams So I MUST FIND THIS CAR. Dont understand my obsession? Have you ever tried to pack three kids under the age of three and all their "tactical" gear in a beat up compact Saturn? Not pretty to say the least I cant believe there's even room for me.
I am SOOO freakin sick of goldfish crackers being firmly implanted (with baby slobber!) within my cute curls, bottles thrown with military like accuracy straight at my head whenever my adorable little munchkins feel they're through with being ignored.
I need enough space to at least duck, but ideally enough space to just laugh at the reach their tiny little arms afford them would make me joyously happy.

Alright so theres the backstory. On to the good stuff. I was approached by a nice dude that should have been wearing a Tommy Bahamas short sleeve that read "Old Guys Rule" he was so laid back and chill. Nice guy but quick to get me help without all the salesmanship once I got my mouth rolling. I made sure he knew I wasnt about being his sell for the night, I wasnt buying just then and wanted to see something close to what I wanted. They had it (AND THE ANGELS SANG!) and I got to crawl all over the thing without so much as a single sideways glance by the guy. Didnt mean he dismissed me though, and the house clothes I was rockin definitely didnt tell him I had a whole lotta moola to drop.
I know what I want and what I dont, and even though I allowed him to kinda show me something else (more to just confirm to him I was firm on my opinions) he didnt push with what he had on the lot.
He rocked and I want to take my business to him and only him when that time comes. Why the three stars? One word, Vultures. My buddy the car salesman and I went our separate ways and I was leaving and thats when he struck.
A younger guy who was not giving off the sleezebag vibe but should have after the conversation I had with him. I ran through what I was looking for and really whats worth noting here was his last words before I sunk his battleship right out of the water "You should tell your husband about the extended vanity mirrors!"
1-single mom, 2-he was pushing about the alternative car mister chill showed me and I bombed on first sight, 3-vanity mirrors really? 4-NOT my salesman I was already being helped thanks duchebag and no getting me a water not enuff of an excuse to try and swoop in (nice older mexican guy already did that with no intent on that kind of action just was trying to make me comfortable so ya already holding one thanks) 5- Tell my husband? is this the 50's or what Ahole. and 6- VANITY MIRRORS REALLY??
6 reasons why I wont send people to this dealership, or more specifically women bankrolling their own home like I am. Yes my budget is tiny yes Im poor but seriously I deserve respectful service as much as the next MAN. When a woman, hell a HUMAN says "Im not looking to settle since then I'll be unhappy for the next 10 years so thanks I dont want to see anything else"  that usually means its a lost cause- give up and leave the chick ALONE.
Im going back to deal with the first salesman and no one else (well maybe that older mex guy he really was a nice guy) but ladies be aware, somewhere on that lot theres a young dude who didnt get enuff hugs from ma and thinks chicks should pay for that for the rest of his miserably lonely life. And yup all the other salesmen ignored me as I meandered through the showroom waiting to be stopped by someone. Made it to the desk and just flat out asked someone if they were a salesman and if they could help me. Super Chill Old Guy was the only one that responded friendly like. I think his name was Frank...

Robert N. | 2013-08-20

Though, I am a Ford Guy, we were searching for a car for the wife.  We weren't looking at brands, we were looking for what she wanted in a car.  We scoured the Las Vegas valley going from Dealership to Dealership.  We were looking to test drive an Explorer, she loved it but they did not have any used.  There was a GMC Acadia there and she loved that one too.  Well, it was early in our search and we shook hand with Al and left.  Al was great by the way.  Honest and presented any offer we took to the table.  Anyway, once she decided on the best 3 vehicles she wanted in our price range we were ready to bargain.  We remembered the Acadia at Friendly Ford and went back.  It only took about 6 total man hours to make the deal between the 2 days of test driving the 2 different cars, me forgetting my wallet at work and having to go back for it, making the deal with the manager, and rolling off the lot under Blue Book with the payments we wanted.  Al did understand that we had our 2 young kids with us.  He didn't hurry us, but helped move the dealership along so we could get the kids home.  The Friendly did not hold us hostage and did not use high pressure tactics to keep us there.  Very easy people to work with.

We went to many dealerships and some were working the hard sell.  I just walk out of those places.  Thank you Friendly Ford for the low pressure and ease of sale.

Jeff H. | 2013-08-17

12 sales people looked at is, no one could find the time to help us. We walked inside and literally saw a dozen guys yacking, telling jokes etc. no one offer to help us. Last visit here.

John C. | 2013-08-12

Would not buy a can of soda from these people. Quickly bought a new Escape in 2006, the geniuses in the service department did not do the desert prepping. 3 days later my radiator explodes. I demanded a replacement car as the damage from the overheating ruins the cyliders and rods - you could never get 100,000 miles. They argued and turned blue in the face and treated me like a leper. Probably cause Ford's lose almost all thier value in 5 minutes.

Here we are 2013 and the car has 78,000 miles and guess what - the rod bearings are knocking. I wish everyone there especially the manager of the place explosive diarreah. (as nothing but bullcrap already comes out of their mouths).

Do NOT do business with this outfit. Can't say you've not been warned.

Henderson Ford in the Valley Auto Mall is a million times better. The salesman who sold me the Ford (not a bad guy) relocated there cause Friendly was a POS place. That should tell you something.

I took the car there for service ever since - they kept it running at top condition.

Mike K. | 2013-07-18

Ok here we go....I gave 2 stars for the sales man Don...great person and great advocate.    I left off 3 stars for the salesman Frank and the service department...while Mike the service manager was very pleasant , helpful and professional, the rest of the team could care less and they make it obvious...after having issues with a certified pre owned 35,000 dollar's apparent my repeat business is of no value to them. I will no longer buy from them or use their service dept...I'm shure this isn't going to put hem out of business or even hurt them but its the only weapon I have against this type of company...poor employees who could care less if we make it to work a month after the sale...

Sean L. | 2013-07-15

Bought a "certified" preowned car that has been to the shop twice in 8 months. When I picked up my car the second time, there was an item stolen from my car.

London S. | 2013-02-17

Fuck you service manager, Fuck you service Director! I have called multiple times, left plenty messages and no response. You guys are all wankers, you got shit mechanics who don't know shit, keep the money I gave you, maybe spend it on customer service or customer retention courses. The owner of this Friendly Ford is either a money grabbing A-hole or has no idea how to run a business. I work in the fitness industry, if any of you guys walk into my gym ill be happy to tell you to go fuck yourself.

Ted S. | 2013-01-13

Overpriced service for an underwhelming experience.

I took my car to "Friendly" Ford for a serious fault in my Hybrid system as an out-of-town visitor so I really didn't have a chance to do any homework on the options. My mistake.

While the dealership had nothing to do with causing the issue their handling of it was simply ridiculous. It's nothing new for a dealership to charge more than independent shops but it is new [to me] to try and charge twice the price. It's as if they're oblivious to the invention of Google and the 30 seconds it took to find other bids and experiences with the repair.

And then there's the customer service... I probably came across as an overbearing customer but not a single promise of a returned call happened, not a single deadline set by them [I was in no rush] was met, my service adviser never once answered his phone, and my repair started a day after it was suppose to be done... They just don't get it.

Finally and perhaps most important to me is the role a dealership should play. While they wear the big logo yet claim to be local, superior to other options and part of that should be advocating for their customers. My issue was far too common to not be covered under warranty yet I was the one to think to reach out to Ford Corporate, a single call which saved me 80%. It was an obvious move but not even remotely on their radar.

I left two stars because I'm writing this from home with a car that, thus far, drives. And that counts for something.

DENNIS C. | 2013-01-12

being a ford customer's .if your car in under warranty and have your battery replace,then your warranty expire.but your battery has a three year warranty, ford on decatur will tell you that the warranty is not good and you have to buy a new one out of your pocket then they will warranty it.i took my battery to another ford company,and they replace it with no problem and no question ask.just a reminder,ford on decatur has very poor service and i will not tell my friends or my family  to go there.for me i will never take my car there for service a n y m o r e and that is a fact.they try to make money out of you...........

Kelly G. | 2012-10-30

We all know shopping for a car at dealerships can be intimidating. I think we all fear the salesman in the suit and tie who is ready to pounce the second we step out of our car. Well, this was definitely not my experience at Friendly Ford. I was doing my homework and researching the best trade-in value I could negotiate with my car at dealerships. Gil,a salesman at Friendly Ford asked what I was looking to receive for my current car and he met my offer no problem, no strings attached, and I didn't even have a car picked out yet. I also met Eli, the general manager and he assured me that he would agree to the amount on my trade-in vehicle. I went back and double checked with other dealers and they couldn't match Friendly Ford.  So I went back to them to buy my car. The car buying process was very smooth and easy, especially doing this on my own as a female. Gil was very experienced, knowledgeable, and easy going with a no-pressure approach that made me feel very relaxed. He spent time with me test driving several vehicles, demonstrating the features, and answering all of my questions.  I returned to purchase the car and the entire process took just under two hours. One hour of that time was the personal walk-through of every feature on the car and how to use it as well as syncing my phone to the car and all of the features sync offers.  I returned to the dealer a week later with a few questions on my sync features and the gentlemen in the service area were also very helpful and friendly. Gil also took time to come out and chat with me about my car like we were old friends.  I would definitely request him at the dealership.

Now, in the world of marketing today, consumer reviews weigh heavily on a business. I myself read reviews and conduct research quite often prior to visiting a business, but I definitely take things with a grain of salt. No one is perfect all the time. However, this is by far the best car buying experience I have personally ever had and thought a review giving them accolades for it was in order. I would refer anyone here based off of my own experience, especially if you are looking for the best value on your trade-in.

Also, in regards to the satisfaction survey, most all dealerships (not just Ford) are paid based on an "excellent" response to every question. This was the case when I leased from BMW. When answering the BMW survey, I answered "good" instead of "excellent" on one question. I could have easily said excellent but I didn't know. There is no forgiveness for anything less than "excellent". So the salesman was not paid his bonus and I felt bad. Of course if I felt anything measured to be less than satisfactory, I would have rated it so. But if it was satisfactory or above, help your hard working sales people out and give them an excellent review for their bonus pay. Wouldn't we all like some extra cash for a job well done? In the case of my experience, this dealership deserves it.

Lux T. | 2012-08-29

Just visited the service department. I have to say that Friendly Ford is a pretty friendly place.  Have been there twice and both times the service was fast, efficient and cheerful.

Dave S. | 2012-08-15

Friendly Ford lives up to it's name.  I purchased my first Ford there not long ago and had a good customer experience.  I didn't feel pressured into making the purchase at all.  The staff stayed well after hours to finalize all the necessary paperwork.  To me this is what rating this specific dealership should be about...if you have a problem with the vehicle then choose another manufacturer, it's not like FF is making the vehicles every car has issues, some people get lucky, others don't.  I've had my car for a month and there are things I wish were improved, but it's not FF's fault.  I'm curious though to see how my first experience with maintenance is when I have to take the car in for the first time...update on this aspect to be continued.

The only reason I wouldn't give FF a 5/5 is the CONSTANT reminder about their "survey."  Ford sends out a survey about a month after asking about your experience.  I was told if you don't select the highest marks in terms of your salesperson, they can get fired.  This may or may not be true but that's a lot of pressure.  I don't want someone to get fired because I put above average instead of excellent or perfect.  Besides that, the salesman must have reminded me 10 times, "don't forget my survey."  I didn't like the constant reminder, it came off as annoying after the first 3 times hearing it from the sales, finance, customer service calling on the phone, etc.

Leah N. | 2012-08-12

I will NEVER buy another Ford ever, everything you hear about Fords are true. I have had my Ford Mustang V6 since 2006 (2006 model). Every month it was something new that was wrong with it.. mechanical and electronically. So this Monday my car was back at the service department for a fuel pump sensor. They called and quoted me over $500 for a $30 part. No thanks, so i paid the $120 for them to go throughout my car to see if anything else was wrong with it. Final report: new brake pads =$400, fine. NOTHING else was said on the paper work, NOTHING.

Flash forward two days, 10 pm at night driving 70 mph in the fast lane on the 95. My right front tire sounds like is about to fall off.. so i pull off the freeway (going 10 mph) to see if i had a flat. My boyfriends father comes to my rescue since he used to work at the speedway. My tire had RIPPED IN HALF!!! The metal braiding inside of it was wrapped around my rim. Come to find out ALL 4 of my tires were COMPLETELY bald! $600 later for new tires...

My question is: HOW COULD THEY NOT HAVE TOLD ME???? I paid them $120 for what! And on top of that i could have been killed if i did not stop right away when i heard the noise (quoting the tow driver). I would never ever let this company touch a car again! The next day i finally got rid of my mustang, such a beautiful car but not worth the money or my life. I got a 2012 new honda because at lease i know that i have a dependable, safe car now. Oh and wait for my call on Monday morning because you can bet i will chew someones head off (*cough* service department!!).

leza h. | 2012-01-06

I hate this place. Buying a car is always bad. But here the worst. My husband had to have a truck from here. First they had not one but 4 things in the invoice the truck did not have. Then the salesman told us we would get penalized for having to wait to take money out of bank to pay. They charged over full retail. That part the husbands fault. They lowered the price to make the deal, but didn't tell us until signing that they were removing the alarm system. We asked the salesman if there were any other new trucks like the one we wanted. After signing for this they brought one out from the back. Salesman followed us home to get a check. He was so happy to find a sucker there was no way he was letting the big one get away. All of this my husbands fault for wanting something and putting up and agreeing to this garbage. Except the false sticker and alarm removal. I made a mistake on the check. Salesman called and said manager OK'd me to change and initial. I was only about 20 min from home to get a new check, which he said was unnecessary. After driving 45 min it was not OK and I had to get another. If up to me I would have just said to keep it.

Paul M. | 2012-01-03

Best sales experience I've ever had buying a truck!  Darren Pryor is a true professional and I'll buy my next Ford from him.  Service contract is A Plus and happy I bought it with my truck.

Joseph F. | 2011-12-05

My review is based just on my experience with the parts department. I have had good experiences with them ordering my parts and getting them in within a day or two, but I recently was looking for a new motorcraft water pump for my truck. They told me it would be $250 and they could have it to me the next day. I knew this was a bit high for the pump that is needed for my truck, so I called another dealership and was able to get the same pump for $193 and it was available within an hour of me calling.

Fuhq B. | 2010-11-14

I've purchased two vehicles from this dealership and both times the experience was great. Unlike other dealerships, they were courteous and worked with me instead of being abrasive and hateful.

I would like to say on the other hand that the service department is HORRIBLE. They tried charging me $1,200 for brakes. I did the job myself for $323.

If you're going to buy a car, this is a great place to do it. But if something breaks, take it elsewhere to have work done on it.

Christopher G. | 2009-06-05

Very comfortable service experience for me every time.

I've taken my Ford automobile to be serviced by them on several occasions in the past, and Friendly Ford service department is top-notch. They aren't real sharp about written estimates, though. I get a hand-written scribble faxed to me when I want one, and I'm sure a small-claims court judge wouldn't throw it out of court, but in the end, if you are a reputable business like Friendly Ford Service Department, you'll never end up in small claims court, now will you? :)

They have shuttle service FROM Friendly Ford to wherever you want to go within a limited range, and coffee pots that are full in the waiting area too. Service Representatives are very polite and professional and pretty good about their documentation.