Fletcher Jones Imports in Las Vegas, NV

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Fletcher Jones Imports is Las Vegas' premier Mercedes-Benz dealership for nearly 40 years. Our commitment is to your complete and total satisfaction. Whether you're looking for a new Mercedes-Benz or are having one serviced, we provide superior value and an unsurpassed level of service. Visit us today and experience the Fletcher Jones Difference.


Established in 1982.

Fletcher Jones is the largest family owned and operated Mercedes-Benz franchise in the U.S.  We pride ourselves on creating a superior customer experience from purchase to service and beyond. Our commitment is to our customers complete and total satisfaction.

Fletcher Jones Imports

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 364-2700
Address:7300 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89117
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Fletcher Jones Imports

Maggie K. | 2015-04-23

It is hard to find a great tech and good service at the same time. I was able to find such a thing. I would never use another technician besides Doug. Doug is what I call a master. He is the only one I trust. To go along with Doug's knowledge I was also granted the exceptional service from John. He went out of his way to make sure that I knew every cost, every step of the way. Thanks Doug and John (Fletcher Jones) for making my car troubles not so bad.

Baga I. | 2015-04-04

do not bring your car there for service!

liar and tried to collect money for service never done!

John C. | 2015-03-31

I took a recently purchased Mercedes there for a marker lamp bulb and a level D service.  I was told I needed a level B service even though my car equipment was not recommending it. (600 + dollars).   Then I was told the rear brakes were at 10% and needed a $750.00 brake job.   After taking the car to another shop for the brake repair (quote was  $225.00 including Mercedes pads), I was informed the car needed no brakes for at least 10000 miles.  They did not charge me to even inspect them.  So I did need to spend $750.00 as I was told and in fact did not even need new brakes!  You can see what's going on  here for yourself.  I will NEVER return to Fletcher Jones.  Never!

Brian S. | 2015-03-27

I took my CLA 45 AMG in for a tire issue. I didn't purchase it here and instead bought it at Henderson which I have decided is too far away to go to normally.  So I went to FJ and they were fantastic to work with. Create customer waiting area and my service advisor Ryan is terrific. Kept me informed on the tire they had to order for me and got it all handled in two trips there. I will get the next AMG from FJ.

Jackie V. | 2015-03-20

Okay. This place is ridiculously expensive. Needed one of the minor service as required every certain miles. This place was asking for over $600!!! I got the same service over the weekend in Los Angeles for half the price and used the other half to enjoy a weekend get away. Fletcher, I know there are only two Benz dealerships in Vegas but stop screwing locals by overcharging them. Guess what I do from now on? I take a nice trip to la and get my car services there with the money Fletcher tries to screw me over with. See you later vegas, I'm currently in LA and going to the beach and a few other places to enjoy with my boyfriend.

Chris P. | 2015-03-02

I have had cars serviced at Fletcher Jones for over 10 years.  I have also had cars serviced at other dealerships and service stores in Las Vegas.  Service Advisor, Spencer Kaplan at Fletcher Jones is hands down the most professional and fair with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work.  

While there are certainly other options in town which may be less expensive, but the amenities and service Spencer has provided to me and my family over the years always leave me feeling as though I receive tremendous value from Spencer and Fletcher Jones.

Thanks, Spencer.

Ed A. | 2015-02-26

Dennis Eich is the shining star of service advisors here.  He treats us like family and remembers the particulars of our vehicle every time.  There are other options for routine maintenance and service in town but we choose Fletcher Jones because we know Dennis will be looking out for us.

Natalia S. | 2015-02-13

The worst service.  They broke my hood kept the car for over 8 hours for B service. Didn't check anything I asked to check and charged my CC for ridiculous amount!!!  I would give it no stars if I could

Julia V. | 2015-01-31

Fletcher Jones - specifically Chris Cryer/Monzo  - made up for the disappointing flaw in my brand new car that was UN driveable after only 3 days !!!

They were on top of all and it was deemed a steering wheel column issue with the computer system ... in addition to profuse apologies, A beautiful letter was sent along with an appropriate and lovely gift.   We are ordering our next car with Fletcher Jones  Mercedes in Las Vegas !

Loren L. | 2015-01-31

I stopped by this dealership and the initial experience was disappointing to say the least. I was contacted by the dealership and never heard from them again.

Yolanda S. | 2015-01-16

My service advisor John was very curteous and helpful. I had to have a B service done and I was able to use a coupon that took off a hundred dollars off my service bill. I got my car back and it was very clean.

Ron E. | 2014-12-30

They kept me in the loop with repairs on my vehicle...The whole experience was very professional....I was very impressed. .my car runs better than it ever has....

Nikki M. | 2014-12-18

When you spend this kind of $$$ on a car you should get top notch service. Fletcher Jones in itself has a reputation to uphold. However I was not so impressed with the Vegas location.When I first called to talk to sales. I was transferred 4 times back to sales with no answer so transferred back to an operator 4 times. The next day I went in I was bounced back between a sales guy and what I think is the sales assistant? I was never given a business card from either.I asked about the maintenance plan and was told to ask another guy as he didn't know! I was firm on what specifics I wanted on car. I am not a tough customer I am pretty laid back. Don't think he really listened. Trying to convince me to pick other color options.It seemed a chore for them to find it.I placed a call to the sales" guy later that day after I test drove car. He said for me to call the other "sales" guy I dealt with.Not the answer you would expect from Mercedes!!!!!! I went ahead and purchased my Mercedes through them due to them being the only dealership within 200 miles that could get me the car in a timely matter. And the fact they own the only other Mercedes dealers in Vegas The car I got Vegas does not have many of. So car had to be shipped from another state.The actual process of purchasing was just as odd as the initial meeting.I was really looking for the "Experience" with them ... Bummer

Scott E. | 2014-12-13

When reading Amelinda's review, I thought perhaps I already wrote my review and forgot I published it!

We recently leased a Smart Fortwo Electric Drive at the Fletcher Jones, and we had a really great experience with the staff there. We also had a rough start in that our lease was non-negotiable, but apparently most national ad offers that are awesome leases are never really negotiable.

Mike was our salesman...what a great guy! I would highly recommend him. Our favorite part about him was that at NO point did we feel like we were being pushed into a sale. He seemed as genuinely interested and curious about our Electric Drive as we did! Once we decided to do it, he made the process unbelievably smooth.

The perks of working with Fletcher are awesome. They went and registered our car for us, and got our plates. They offer free car washes, will give you a car if your car is being worked on, and have a really great area for hanging out while things are being done.

It's a gorgeous building, and you can tell they have plenty of money. It is a very nice place to be though, and blows most other dealers out of the water.

When we were leaving, Mike and Cristina (the woman who showed us the car before we drove it off the lot) were so unbelievably nice. It literally felt like a car commercial or cheesy movie where we drive off completely psyched about our new purchase, and they wave smiling until we can no longer see them in the rearview mirror.

All around, it has just been the smoothest process, and I am grateful that things have been so easy with Fletcher Jones. If you have any questions about the Electric Drive, also please don't hesitate to message me! We LOVE the car and would do it again in a heart beat.

Thy N. | 2014-12-12

Exceptional service from the time I arrived to when I picked up my vehicle. Thank you to everyone that made this happened.  A special thank to Dennis Eich, my super service advisor in every way.

Amelinda L. | 2014-12-04

Our experience started out a little rocky. I went on their website and sent an inquiry about a vehicle. I was contacted by one of their salespeople and we set up an appointment for when we would visit the dealership. When we arrived, the receptionist alerted our designated salesperson of our arrival. After a few minutes, he came to introduce himself, asked for a couple minutes, and said he would be right back. Well, many minutes later and he was no where to be found. There was also not many customers there, so several salespeople were just wandering while we waited. I approached the reception desk and asked if we could be assisted by someone else instead of waiting.

That is when we met Chris Cryer. He made our car buying/leasing experience absolutely phenomenal! He was very personable and has been easily accessible for everything we need. We've kept in touch with him as well. I highly recommend his services and I would absolutely go to him for a future vehicle purchase.

It's been over seven months since we leased our 2014 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive. Everything is running smoothly and we love the car! It was a big leap for us to sell Ruben's Nissan Titan and go fully electric, but we couldn't pass up the savings in both the monthly lease and NO gas! Since it's just the two of us and we have another vehicle, it wasn't a big deal to get a two-seater or the fact that it's so small (By the way, the cabin is very spacious and fits tall people!). We really enjoy driving it around the valley - no fuel expenses and parking is a breeze! Obviously it's a city commuter vehicle since the battery range is small, but it's easy to charge with the standard 120V plug. Also, we've spent approximately $30/month in electricity costs toward charging the vehicle. A measly cost compared to $250 in fuel for the truck! The car also handles surprisingly well and has much more power than I thought it would. I highly recommend this car for couples that need a second vehicle and want to save money on fuel costs.

We've also had a couple experiences with their service department and everything has been great. They also offer all the fabulous Mercedes perks to Smart owners like their complimentary car washes. It's very cool, however, it gets extremely busy and it's more of a hassle to get a free car wash there than just going somewhere and paying $5.

Isidro D. | 2014-11-16

Good, courteous and quick oil and filter change service yesterday on my S550.  Beautiful and comfortable newly redesigned customer waiting lounge.

Sam D. | 2014-10-19

Came for scheduled maintenance and have no complaints about the experience. Dennis Eich helped me out and he was very accommodating and polite. The whole experience was smooth and simple.

Allison S. | 2014-10-02

The five stars are for their service department.
I have bought one car here, and sales department was good, I bought my second Mercedes at another car lot, but the service department at Fletcher Jones is awesome!
Truly exceptional customer service every time! I have been coming here for years and no matter where I buy my next Mercedes from I will get it serviced here!
John has been my service manager for years and I trust him and his recommendations completely.
From the smallest details to major service.... I have had to deal with it all. They make it very easy and stress free!

Carl S. | 2014-09-22

The service managers are honest with you. They will tell you what needs to be done. They let me know of a service on special that I would have needed in 3,0000 miles and I choose to do it now.

The place is comfortable and has newspapers and TV to watch while waiting for your car.

David B. | 2014-09-20

Best car buying experience I have ever had

Ditas P. | 2014-09-10

The service department staff has been very efficient and professional in dealing with their customers. They deliver the job on time and as promised. Direct to the point, explains the upright costs directly without frills- gives you priority and personalized service.

They know you by name, treats us well. Communicates the scope of work to be done prior, and during the process gives you an update until done.
All of our vehicles are being serviced here- and they live up to their motto- the best or nothing!

We also love the way, our cars are cleaned with or without oil changes and repairs, free car wash- for the Benz owners.
Special mention to our Service Advisor- Spencer Kaplan, always attentive to every client's request and consistently-a real professional in his department.

He makes us feel special and welcome- awesome experience even in the most stressful repair situations, he alleviates the situation by giving the best customer service ever!
He is a shining example of customer service par excellence!
We definitely recommend your dealership for car sales and service maintenance.

Keep up the good work!

Juliana D. | 2014-08-26

I made an appointment online and wrote in the comments section that I needed a price quote. NEVER got a response. Okay, fine. I brought my smart car in for its 40k service and then my service writer tells me I need to have my brakes done because I have 10% pad life left and then he told me I'd have to pay an additional $700. Huh? The car only has 36,000 miles on it and I'm not hard on my brakes. I declined the brakes and waited 3 hours for my car to be finished. As I'm paying for my service, the service writer says "so I'll see you when you're brake light comes on" and walks away. No, you will not. Some people might be naive enough to pay that money for a brake job that really costs a fraction of the price anywhere else. Even another dealership. When two thirds of the invoice is labor cost alone, you're ripping off your clients and causing some serious distrust. I will never deal with Fletcher Jones ever again. I don't even really blame my service manager because he just works there. I blame the shady higher ups that enforce this price gouging and invoice padding. Never again.

Keith L. | 2014-08-15

I have purchased/leased a number of cars over the years. This transaction - by far - was the easiest of them all. The entire staff - from top to bottom - total professionals!

Jorina G. | 2014-08-07

Not only did Fletcher Jones Imports fix my problem they washed my car ... great service.

Judie W. | 2014-07-28

Service department is always excellent!

Christopher E. | 2014-07-19

Fletcher Jones Jr. really needs to go on Undercover Boss at his dealerships. I bought my car at Ontario and had service at Las Vegas. I won't bash the service dept like Solomon but I will agree that their departments from sales to finance to parts are very disconnected. If the goal is to provide exceptional service, then the top managers at this dealer chain needs to establish some processes for making customers feel like they should be treated. Granted, there are some gems of employees who deserved to be recognized for their great attitude and customer service, but the dealer's reputation depends on the consistency of quality service that is expected with this brand. I will reserve the details for management who is able to implement process change.

Eddie M. | 2014-07-09

My first mb, and that's the only place I'll take it for anything. Even the complimentary wash they give every other Saturday.
Happy with the service, ok with prices,
But you get what you pay for.
So that's good.

June E. | 2014-07-06

Rex Babin has always provided me his expertise and patience. He really knows me and when I need to shop for a car he takes his time in finding out what it is I'm looking for and most importantly need - then goes out and finds it!

Between Rex and Dave Fast I have been treated like a Rock Star and I appreciate that.

I have referred many friends because of these two outstanding men and hope this love affair continues for many more years.

A Loyal Happy Consumer

PS I have been a loyal customer of this dealership for over 15 yrs

Kevin S. | 2014-07-03

Why can't this place get it right. In the period of 22 months I've brought my car in for the same issue. After spending hundreds of dollars to get the a/c fixed and after the third time of bringing the car in, I was informed by them that they wanted $490 more to "fix" the a/c. In my opinion this is the last place you should bring your car.
They could not fix the a/c after 2 visits and hundreds of dollars spent why would anyone expect another $490 given to these people would fix it. This place is the most incompetent MBZ dealer I've ever been involved with in 27years
of having a MBZ.

Gina P. | 2014-07-03

Fletcher Jones Roadside Assistance program has to be the best in the industry. We had a dead battery...called about 7a.m. and they were over, replaced the battery, and left within an hour!

martin h. | 2014-07-03

Complete stranger with a flat tire. No questions asked, sent right in for work, on my way within 2 hours.....in a clean car that was a mess from dirt roads and high speed desert driving. A BIG thanks.....Martin

Maddison F. | 2014-06-26

This is currently my third Mercedes Benz that I have leased from this location and there are no complaints.

From purchase, the staff is more than helpful and willing to work with you. I was going back and forth between the C300 and the CLK and they let me test drive both as many times as I needed to decide. Sandy Wolf and Steve Kaplan were awesome, helpful and their friendliness was a definite reason why I chose Mercedes over any other vehicle. I worked with Maxine in finance and she was awesome as well.

In service, my advisor for the past few years has always been Spencer Kaplan. He's able to schedule me in last minute if I need something done, the wait time is always what he says it is and he answers any questions I may have. If you decide to wait, the waiting lounge is great. Comfy chairs, clean, complimentary coffee, water, bagels, iced tea, donuts, etc. They offer newspapers, tv and plenty of working space if you have some work to catch up on.

All in all, this is a great location with a great staff and I have a feeling they've made me a lifelong customer.

Alex B. | 2014-05-27

I bought my first Mercedes last spring at the Henderson dealership and I had a truly terrible experience -- from sales to service/maintenance to admin and management. It left me with a pretty sour view of MB in general, even though my car has been fine (an E550 cabriolet).

Because of the Henderson experience, I have come in to Fletcher Jones on Sahara to have any services needed over the past year.

Josh Singer in their maintenance department was so competent and helpful that it restored my faith in MB.

So, when I decided to switch out my E550 for an SUV, I decided to give MB another chance.

I went into FJ over the weekend looking for them to either buy the car and let me go to Lexus (I've had one before and loved it), or see what they could do to get me in an ML350.

Mel in their sales department was extremely friendly and helpful, and of course they wanted to keep me in the MB family.  

I left on Saturday with a brand new ML 350 and having had a very different and pleasant experience than my first MB purchase.

The folks at Fletcher Jones were all courteous, efficient, and respectful.

I will continue to use them in the future.  The only reason this post doesn't have 5 stars is that I would have liked to pay less for my trade - who wouldn't??

Otherwise, everything was 5-star all the way around. :-)

D R. | 2014-05-16

I purchased an E250 today, I can't believe what a great deal I got from Sevastian, the saleserson, and the general manager, Steve Kaplan.  They gave me $400 more than I asked them to do.  That was just the start.  They then treated me so well, getting the registration from a different state, filling the gas to the top, the only regret I have is that I didn't need to buy a second car.  Unbelieveable deal, even better treatment.

Tony B. | 2014-04-18

I just purchased a GLK350 from Fletcher Jones. I must say that I have never had a better or easier car buying experience in my life. The vehicle was very well priced, the salesman was polite, knowledgable and completely no-hassle. I had done my homework before going in, so I knew what I wanted to pay and what my trade was worth. I got everything I was looking for, with great service and friendly people to deal with as well. What a pleasure it was to buy a car from Fletcher Jones. I would highly recommend this dealership.

Robert S. | 2014-04-17

Not a great example of or confidence building experience at Fletcher Jones Imports / Mercedes service department today!  Really, my car should function better AFTER a service and paying $$$$ for a repair. My brakes feel like crap now but were perfect when I brought it in four days ago and it wasn't even in for brake issues! Nearly ran out into the street out of their driveway the brakes are so low. No check engine light when I dropped it off, check engine light on when I came to pick it up.  This is my third less than stellar experience there with my GL350 and my wife's SL55 AMG.  We quit going there for 18 months and now I remember why.  Two trips to get my car today.  If you don't have time to do it right, how do you have time to do it over?  Who is the shop foreman and who is in charge of training and QC?  Maybe the $50 cash tips to our service adviser are not adequate to get one of their better mechanics?  Very disappointed that their exterior appearance of excellence is not getting through to the service end for us!

Solomon M. | 2014-02-15

The sales department is excelent and Sandy Wolf is the greatest  and best salesperson EVER  . The service department has improved imensley since Mr. Curtis Cherry is now the service manger and he and I go way back to my days at BMW here in Las Vegas . I actually have the best sevice advisor in Ryan Cross because he is always there with a smile on his face and ready to take on any task you throw his way. I am glad we are on the same page and onto a more prosperous relationship with this dealership . My lease is almost up and I am looking forward to another new car .I won't tell which one it will be but I will come this May 2015 . Also the porters are probably the hardest working guys ever  and they are always courteous  and I think they deserve a raise very soon...

Paul B. | 2014-01-02


They do not stand behind their product.  I took off the front license plate holder, not required in my state, ON MY BRAND NEW E350 And there are four ugly holes created by screws where some idiot screwed the license plate holder into the plastic bumper.  Fletcher Jones refuses to make it right and instead offered me an appt to get an estimate to get it fixed.  TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND BEHAVIOR MORE LIKE CHEVROLET, NOT MERCEDES BENZ.   DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THESE PEOPLE.   YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.

Gary M. | 2013-11-30

I had a friend purchase a vehicle and Sonny Lee took great care of them and called personally to thank me. To top it off I received a referral fee of a hundred dollars.
I did not shop sales people, I just made sure my friend stayed with Mercedes Benz and Fletcher Jones Imports / Sonny Lee made everyone extremely happy!

Jan O. | 2013-10-19

It's good to know that excellence still happens! I recently purchased a Mercedes from this agency and when a problem arose after purchase, the salesman (Shai Winograd), the sales manager (Tom Zumbo) and service (Josh Singer) were all very quick to remedy it in a most satisfactory way. Instead of being dismissed, I received superb, prompt, kind and courteous customer service and am very pleased not only with my purchase but with the Fletcher Jones Imports.  AAA+++   Will recommend to friends.

Michael H. | 2013-09-28

I just purchased a CLS 550 from this dealership:) they treated me great from the start (exactly the opposite of how I was treated at Desert BMW). My sales person Mike and the rest of the crew are awesome!
They were really easy to work with and assisted me in every way they could. My car purchase at Fletcher Jones Mercedes was the most relaxed and effortless car transaction I've ever made.
The most important thing is, they are very honest. We agreed upon a monthly payment that I was very happy with, then the next day they called me and said they made a mistake and lowered my payment another $30 and gave me the DuPont paint protection treatment on the house.

Denisse H. | 2013-09-08

I have to say I have received very professional and incredible service at Fletcher Jones every time!  I have owned a GLK 350 and just purchased a C250 from Shai and he was very professional and patient!!!  Thank you!!

Mariana H. | 2013-08-20

This is a review of my experience with the Sahara store only. I rate the Henderson store a 5 star+, and from what they told me, I'm not the only one who feels this way. They seem to be getting a lot of the West side customers. But anyways, I purchased an E350 2010 in Texas still under warranty. I live in West Vegas and called the Fletcher Jones Sahara dealership for assistance with an inspection, etc. The employees there have a very different approach to customer service. I don't think they believe in courtesy. The lady I spoke to the first time was rude and offer me no advice as a new owner. She quoted me an astronomical amount for a simple inspection and didn't seem to care at all about any of the things that concerned me. So, I called the Henderson store and had the pleasure of speaking to Jason. If you want professionalism, better rates, courtesy, courtesy, (and did I mention courtesy?), PLEASE, do yourself a favor and go to the Fletcher Jones in Henderson, and don't worry about the distance, as they have a shuttle and will bring you home and pick you up when your car is ready. Not only they gave me a lower inspection quote, when they found out the car indeed had problems, they waved that initial inspection and took care of it in a timely manner. Again, my vehicle was still under manufacturer warranty. Today I tried calling the Sahara store once again, because I was just pricing rotors... how bad could they be right? Well, again, I had to call the Henderson store because I was told by the Sahara service guys that they would not sell me the parts unless I had them perform the labor, so I got the parts and labor estimate of $700+ for the replacement of 2 front rotors. Even if that's the case, I should have been given the price of the parts alone plus the labor. Any descent retailer understands that a customer should have a break down of charges. When I called the Henderson store, as always, they once again went above and beyond, with incredible courtesy. I live in Summerlin and it is a shame that I have to go to Henderson for courtesy and better rates. I tried calling the Sahara dealer 3 times in the past, before giving my business to the Henderson store, and each time, they were a disappointment. IF YOU ARE A MERCEDES OWNER IN LAS VEGAS TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO FLETCHER JONES HENDERSON!!!! You will notice the difference even over the phone!

Bunny G. | 2013-07-20

Woo-Hoo I just took delivery of my brand-new loaded up luxurious Mercedes-Benz!  

So the song and they prayer I've been singing all these years worked..."Oh Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz my friends all drives Porsches I must make a mends..."

Ironic how one of my first jobs I had was working at a Benz dealership back home greeting all the super-star clientele that use to come in and on this day, I was the one treated like a super-star! I guess life does come full circle.

We used our discount thru USAA, and BTW thank you Fletcher Jones for that Military Discount. If you use this service you will go thru the Internet sales rep.  We used Chris and he was very patient in our car quest search. (This is NOT a lease purchase)

We called up the dealership and made an appointment to schedule a test drive a particular vehicle.  When we arrived they had the car sitting in a nice covered parking garage and ready to go.  We were greeted right away and treated very well.

Since I was indecisive about the type of vehicle that I wanted I came back a second time to test out more cars until I finally made a decision.

A few weeks later we decided on the car and came in to purchase it.  

Everything was as expected and more.  

While you are signing your life away, the vehicle is parked in a private viewing garage right next to the glass walled office you're in.  

I spent at least six hours at the dealership with most of the time spent reading over documents and fine print.  

I do not ever rush signing any legal documents and Ivan was extremely professional and patient with us until everything was perfect...for us.  

We did not have to haggle since we used our discount thru USAA, so none of our time was spent negotiating on price. I do recommend you do your homework for the car you are purchasing to make sure you get the warranty's that you need.

So after signing the documents you just walk out the door where you are introduced to the delivery coordinator.  

Christine walked us thru the entire vehicle, and honestly you practically need a pilot's license to operate the car...but wow luxury from top to bottom with all the bells and whistles including:

An iphone app that allows you to remotely lock your car and find if it's lost or stolen.

Keyless Go is the way to go!  No more digging in my handbag for hours trying to find my keys!  Thank you Christine for my nice MB keyrings and pens gift!

Cool auto lighting package that allows the lights to high beam when needed automatically.  

SiriusXM Satellite radio, MP3 interface, Harmon Kardon surround system, 6-disc DVD/CD player and it records your CD's, in-dash memory card slot!

Attention Assist-this is cool, so if you're sleepy driving and you start to veer off the road the car makes you pull over.  Power lumbar support that you control and some warm heated seats for those chilly nights!

Navigation system and a real-time satellite weather map and internet to Yelp! Phone system works by telling the car who to call!  "Call Diane"  and it does!

Concierge service at my disposal, "I need a reservation for two at the Four Seasons",

SOS service, "Help, I ran out of gas!",

Cool 18" AMG Twin 5-spoke alloy wheels, yeah, I pimped my ride.

DVD player so when the car is parked you could watch a movie while you're parked.

Did I mention the panoramic roof?  Honestly, this was the feature that kept me from not wanting to buy the car, but the hubby talked me into it and I love it.

I've owned luxury vehicles before but wow the new car buying experience here at Fletcher Jones was truly made for royalty.  

Free car washes on the weekend too.

Well, your'e going to think I'm crazy but I have to admit I love my car so much that I have not even taken it out for a spin since I got it.  But it rides like a dream (from what I remember when I drove it off the lot to my house).

While it sits in my garage, I enjoy sitting in it and I polish it and admire it. I love my car!

But I'm afraid to drive it.  Can you blame me...it's beautiful!

I guess I'll get over the new car scare soon and then I'll be singing another song.."CAR WASH...talking about the Car Wash..."

Per J. | 2013-05-01

No stars to the Fletcher Jones sales people. Had a deal to sell my used mercedes with their used car guy. We shook hands on a deal and he went and got the deal approved by the GM. We shock hands again after he spoke to the GM and he stated 'we have a deal'.
The deal was done, I handed over the pink slip and the key.  As i was waiting for the paperwork (3 hours went by, they came back and asked for the second key) they sent a 3rd guy out to tell me they did not want to buy the car. I was shocked.
I wrote a detailed letter to the owner.  Got a call back where he explained that they had made a mistake and was sorry. When i asked Fletcher Jones  what a handshake on a deal means he stated that it means nothing to him. Buyers be aware of this gentleman and his dishonest sales tactics.
Other car dealers will respect a handshake and honer a deal, but not any of the Fletcher Jones dealerships!  Watch out!

Kristen G. | 2013-04-15

Our entire experience with Fletcher Jones Imports was by far the best we have ever experienced in previous automobile purchases. From the time we first called the dealership, we were treated with exceptional courtesy and professionalism. We were trading in our used 2007 C230, which had a small repair to be done. We first got to the dealership and dealt with Ryan Cross who instantly knew us by name and welcomed us to the dealership. After we spoke with him, we were asked to wait in the customer lobby, where Allen Morris kindly greeted us, to let us know that Chris Cryer would be with us shortly. A few minutes later, we were greeted by name and taken to Chris's office to discuss our visit. Chris took us to the lot for the car we had looked at online and took us for a test drive. He also offered a few other vehicles to test that were within our price range. He was very knowledgeable about the Mercedes-Benz line and products, as well as several other services and options that Mercedes-Benz offers. We were given a fair price for our trade in as well as the sales staff working with us to bring the vehicle we purchased to something we could all agree on and be satisfied with. We felt as though the entire process was done honestly and without the usual "sales pitch" and back & forth negotiations that you usually encounter with dealerships. We were treated as though we purchased the most expensive car on the lot; with everyone in every department making sure we were taken care of, satisfied and happy with our purchase. Our financing procedures were painless and quick, with other services offered that we purchased as well (which surprisingly weren't outrageous). Our Finance Manager and Maxine were both there to make sure we understood everything and let us know that they would take care of scheduling our additional options that we purchased. We were then taken to the vehicle and completely explained on how the whole car works, as well as helped us set up our phones to Bluetooth for the vehicle before we left.

We honestly could write more about our experience and how happy we are, however their reputation in the industry speaks for itself, I'm sure. We have been contacted by Chris to follow up and make sure we were happy or had any questions, and to thank us again. Chris is definitely a huge asset to the Fletcher Jones family. I have asked for several of his business cards that I will sharing with family & friends alike. I definitely know that our next vehicle purchase and services will ONLY be with Fletcher Jones. We are now a customer for life! For my husband and myself, when we receive customer service that goes above and beyond, it makes a loyal customer! Thank you Chris and Fletcher Jones Imports!

Cristina S. | 2013-04-14

Once you go Mercedes, you need to go visit them!
I've been going here for over 3 years, ever since I bought I Mertz, for all the oil changes, about $120 for 10.000 miles, for all my car needs.
Dennis, one of their service managers, is absolutely great, always helpful and getting my car back in time. I'm really picky, so I take advantage of their complimentary car wash.
I have to recognize that it can get a little expensive when it comes to car maintenance, but I don't know too much about cars, so I prefer to let the professionals to deal with it.
You get what you pay for its a great quote when it comes to almost anything...so I don't really retreat spending $3500 to take care of my little car, I've never had a problem with it and I like to keep it that way!
Ask for Dennis, next time you go there!

Jason R. | 2013-04-14

The dealer (DJ) that I dealt with knew what customer service was all about. He let me drove a fully-loaded C250 sport to the freeway, slow speed roads, and corners. He showed me the vault of their inventories. 4 stars only because he did not respect my time when I made an appointment with him. But overall I'm happy with the purchase of my car.

Gena W. | 2013-04-11

Fletcher Jones is the best! I love the service! Ana is my service rep and she is always so helpful! I never have to worry about anything..she has loaner ready for me if need be and its always done and CLEAN and ready to go when I pick it up!
I dont know other service people by name but they are also always accomodating!

Liz S. | 2013-02-22

I recently visited this dealership to test drive a 2013 C250 coupe after viewing it online. I had been car shopping for a couple of months, and I was not going to buy until I found the "one".

I was fortunate to meet Mike Mondesi as soon as I entered the door. Mike was very friendly, and he treated me like a serious buyer. I had the opportunity to drive the car, and I shared with Mike the features I was interested in. I told him about my comfort zone for my car payments. I found a white coupe on the lot with the features I wanted, and Mike did the numbers. He was able to make the car of my dreams a reality. I purchased my car the same day as I knew my search was over. Mike is a person who is professional, and he listens well to what your needs are. I never felt pressured by Mike to buy which is a plus after my experiences at other dealerships.

Laura L. | 2013-02-19

Excellent experience from the moment we arrived on the lot until the time we drove off in our gorgeous new car!  Ron Ingerson greeted us and worked with us during the week we were deciding and researching our best options. He was very easy to deal with, no pressure, patient, and accommodating. We were very impressed with how nice everyone was at the dealership at every step of the process. In the end we got a great deal and are thrilled with our new car. We highly recommend Ron Ingerson and everyone at Fletcher Jones.

Mel M. | 2013-01-29

I've been taking my car to Fletcher Jones for a couple years now. My Service Advisor, Ana, is very attentive and friendly. She makes its a pleasant visit to the dealership and I always feel welcomed.

Doug, my Technician, is extremely knowledgeable and always makes sure that my concerns are addressed and corrected the first time. He is 100% trustworthy and has my best interest at hand.

doreen p. | 2012-10-31

I have an E350 2012.  Had my car serviced 10K and minor dent repairs.  The staff always give exceptional customer service. Even my sales rep Alan called me to follow up and Tom made sure I was well taken care of and had a loaner car set up.  Thanks everyone and also to my friend Bill H. for referring me.

Carlos C. | 2012-09-06

I just got my 70k miles service done and all i can say is that my car drives amazing.
And service rep.  Ana was super attentive and patient, i got a chance to talk to the mechanic Doug and explain the issues and problems that i was noticing with my car he was also very attentive and helpful. Thank you guys ,you are the best !

Arnold S. | 2012-08-26

Recently purchased a CPO C300 from them.  Overall good, almost great experience.  Not too pushy, drove a hard bargain but I can't blame them for that.  They were very responsive to emails which to me is HUGE and which amazingly many other service providers are not.  They were nice enough to pick me up from the airport and take me to  the dealership the day I was picking the car up.  They expedited me in and out of there that day b/c I was in a rush that I told them about.  Why didn't I give them 5 stars then?  A couple reasons, seemingly nit-picky but imho not so b/c one needs to be able to discern truly great from just very good on yelp:

1. I specifically asked them in an email late in the negotiations to only email me about something we were dealing with at the time, and I would call them.  Despite that someone called me.  It was disruptive to what I was doing, but more importantly, they did not pay attention to my very specific request/instructions.
2. I did tell them that I was not coming in on a flight, yet multiple times after that they asked for my flight info.

Again, these are not egregious offenses by any means, but they do demonstrate a slight deficiency in attention to detail, and to me that kind of thing is what separates 4's from 5's here on Yelp.

Overall I would recommend Fletcher Jones MB.

Rowena P. | 2012-05-06

Service department is very nice..I had Anna as my service representative..she was very helpful..they also have free shuttle to take you out like the strip if you want...free car wash after the service..free beverage and snacks, shoe shine, boutique next door..overall it's a positive experience for me!

Mia H. | 2012-03-22

I was hesitant to purchase my car here as friends who had lived here awhile said Fletcher Jones is horrible.  I went anyway and man was I glad I did.  The sales staff were very nice and professional.  Howard the internet finance manager was extremely helpful as was Ivan The Great!  There was no pressure whatsoever.  After the purchase of my vehicle the young lady sat down with me and gave me a tutorial on how to use all the gadgets in my car.  This is an awesome dealership, complimentary coffee and water with free car washes, who can ask for anything more.  I'm going in for my complimentary 5,000 mile oil change and tire rotation.  Fletcher Jones is a boss dealership!

Paige B. | 2011-12-17

I accompanied my mom on her new car purchase. This is her 3rd Mercedes and first from Fletcher Jones as she just moved here from out of state. These guys were definitely the best of the three Mercedes dealerships we've dealt with.

Our salesman was Wyndell and he was fantastic. Personable, funny, and at no point in time was he pushy.  He went above and beyond to get us the best deal possible and ensure that my mom was happy.  He even bought us each a Mercedes cup, even though I'm a loyal Lexus driver. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get a car from this dealership.  Between my own and my mother's many car purchases he was top 2 from any dealership, brand of car, or location that I've dealt with.

My only complaint isn't really even a complaint, more of a suggestion for the dealership as a whole.  Vegas is a melting pot for people from all over the country and the world.  I've lived in five states now and Nevada is the first that doesn't include license and registration in the cost of the car. This was definitely strange to both my mom and I, so finding out there was an extra almost $1000 out of pocket to register the car was a bit shocking. Granted, when purchasing a Mercedes $1000 shouldn't be a big deal, but right before the holidays and a large expense for my knee surgery in the first week of January, it was a little hard to swallow. They kind of made my mom feel "small" for being upset by this "minimal" extra fee.  Not every one is from Nevada, and most haven't heard of the registration being extra, so next time be a little more understanding if people are shocked by what you guys deem to be pocket change.

Overall, great experience. Wyndell gets 5 stars. The missing star is only because I think the dealership as a whole (in no way does this reflect Wyndell's attitude) is a little spoiled by their celebrity clientele, and doesn't realize that there's people out there that purchasing a nice car is a HUGE deal and a big expense.

Michele K. | 2011-04-07

This location has definitely gone downhill.  When I bought my car, my salesman Keith Sottile was impeccable at customer service, as well as my service guy Brian Sullivan.  I now live in S California and would drive to Vegas just to see Brian.  Since he has left, needless to say, I refuse to take my car here.  The last service person I had (I forgot his name, thank goodness) was TERRIBLE!  When I asked him to fix things he forgot, I even called while it was getting serviced to make sure it got done.  When I am in Vegas and need my car to be serviced, I take it to Frank's Mercedes Service.  So far so good there.

Jonathan S. | 2010-12-16

I'm glad mainly everyone has given poor reviews to Fletcher Jones MB because I've never had a positive experience here. Every time I bring my car in for service they always look at me like I'm either worthless, or like I stole the car. Yes I'm young, but I didn't steal my Mercedes damnit!

Add to that the fact that your quoted time for service is generally half of what it ends up being regardless of what you bring it in for. Oil change 45 minutes? Try 90 minutes! 15 minutes for a free car wash? Try 30+ minutes!

The salesman here are snooty and stuck up, and on top of that they act like they know more than you regardless of your car IQ. I corrected one of the salesman on the HP of my car compared to a brand new SLK and he acted like I was a moron until he looked at the sticker on the window. Woops! Always nice to see someone realize they were wrong while being an arrogant prick.

All in all I send a big fuck you to Fletcher Jones Mercedes for furthering the snooty status quo of Mercedes dealerships. Good luck in ever getting another cent out of me out of warranty!

Sangeetha I. | 2010-12-09

So I was too chicken to take my car any where else to service....well, I tried. I called a couple of auto shops. I asked them for a quote for a synthetic oil change and brake pad replacement. I got ridiculous quotes (much higher than what MB was charging). I know I could have bargained and gotten a better deal but I was too tired to do that. So my inertia led me to come back to Fletcher Jones. Oh, I also tried MB of Henderson but they quoted me slightly higher than Fletcher Jones plus they are much farther for me.

I made an appointment for Saturday morning with Ryan Cross. Turns out, Ryan is the most personable service adviser I've worked with. He was friendly, listened to what I had to say about my car, didn't try to sell me unnecessary crap and made sure my car was done in the allotted time. He called me in the afternoon to let me know to pick up my car. I get there to pick up my car and realize that the service people were nice enough to fix a light that had gone out as well as my center console that was acting up. At no extra charge...mind you my car is no longer under warranty! I was seriously impressed. Also, the car wash rendered my car looking gleaming.

I might just be back for my next oil change but only if it's with Ryan Cross.

gracyn z. | 2010-07-03

I went to the dealership to look at new e550 convertible.Told salesman Ron, never able to buy a mercedes from Fletcher because of bad attitude.Don*t worry , we have a new sales manager, we will make you happy.Getting late ,I left, Ron drove off in his Toyota???????????.Went back said I could get car at Tucson dealer for $2000 less, but rather buy locally.I even said give me $500 off and I will buy the car.Ron went ot talk to sales manager, who never bothered to come out.Sorry I can*t give you a dime off.We will give you a oil change for free every other time which normally costs$169, independent service $99.Go out of town for a Mercedes. Super Hero

Bobby Y. | 2010-06-05

Misti Y. forgot to mention that we actually had a specific car transferred from Fletcher Jones MB to the lot at MB of Henderson and we bought the car at MB of Henderson! Talk about sweet justice, Pretty Woman style. The rude/ignorant salesman at Fletcher Jones MB had no clue what happened, as he didn't even bother to ask what vehicle we were interested in. He just pushed used cars on us (because I was wearing an old Minnesota North Stars t-shirt?) and showed his arse with regards to lack of product knowledge - which models share the same chassis, etc. (I'm a car-nut and have owned 17 cars since college.) He chose to argue with me and had a smile on his face the whole time! Things got ugly, and I said "We can take our business elsewhere," and we did just that.

One of my wife's pet peeves is hearing people who don't know what they're talking about, speak like they know what they're talking about. My wife strives to be well-informed before she opens her mouth. It's a great policy and a quality that I truly admire.

Bottom line: Fletcher Jones lost a new car off their lot and it's subsequent sale because their old-fashioned salesperson made all the wrong moves. Buy from MB of Henderson instead!

Misti Y. | 2010-06-01

A disclaimer: My husband is obsessed with cars and is a rare breed that loves to shop for cars. He relishes dealing with car salespeople, negotiating a deal and trying to get those extra perks. In fact, if he didn't love to shop for cars, he wouldn't be my husband because we met at Hank Aaron MINI in Atlanta when I was a a MINI Motoring Advisor (car salesperson), and he was a potential car buyer. Technically, he could write a Yelp review of me because he was the very first person I ever took on a test drive, my first potential sale. I had been on the job for 3 days.

He didn't get a MINI. He got a '71 Chevelle and a wife instead. I would say that is a 5-star experience (and he better not disagree!) :)

With all this being said, it goes without saying that we are virtually professional car shoppers. There are plenty of days when we just go out to test drive something, walk the lots and hang out with some car folk. We know car lots.

From time to time, we actually buy a car. This past month happened to be one of those times, and we spent more than our average amount of time on the lots. Our experience at Fletcher Jones was bad. We had been there once before during one of our "Let's see what's out there" journeys. We had told them explicitly only to call us if a particular model hit the lot, but they don't take instructions well. We received follow-up calls regarding nothing in particular for at least 6-months after visiting, and not one call had anything to do with our particular request.

This time around, we were actually ready to buy something. We arrived on the lot and started to stroll. We were approached by a salesperson, and this is when meltdown began.

He almost immediately began talking to us about used cars, which is a personal pet peeve of mine. We hadn't asked about used cars, so when he started pointing out some "nice used models" it made me feel as if he thought we were in over our heads. Complete meltdown concluded when he proceeded to get into an argument with my hub about the chassis of a model.

Ugly. 2 stars. We drove to Henderson to make our purchase, so for now, I'll just delight in driving my car to Fletcher Jones to have them clean it up on Saturdays.

Today was my day to be snarky. Please accept my apologies.

Felix C. | 2010-03-24

This review is for the service department at Las Vegas Fletcher Jones Mercedes-Benz.

My padre and stepmadre are two of the most clueless people when it comes to automobiles, and I feel really bad for their 2007 ML350. As a ex-Lexus owner, I've seen a plethora of world class (how often do you find a spa or a restaurant in a car dealership?) Lexus dealerships throughout California, and it's safe to say Fletcher Jones Mercedes matches the Lexus standard, though you won't find a spa or restaurant here.

When you pull in between the velvet-lined lanes underneath the patio, there is almost always a little person wielding a clipboard and a pen ready to assist you. It gets pretty crowded on the weekends, so if your "Beautiful Benz" (coined by my Aunt Elaine who purchased a new ML320 back in 2002) needs to be serviced, try to arrange for a weekday appointment. They provide good MB loaner cars. If you choose to wait, the waiting area is lined with cozy leather-padded chairs with a giant TV tuned to a news channel. Coffee and water are provided.

My dad's service advisor, Chris, has always been of great assistance and knowledgeable, and is very VERY patient: conversing in English with my dad, who has a very thick Asian accent, speaks sternly/rudely, and has trouble understanding even the most basic terms, can be worse than getting a double root canal administered by a Hamadryas babboon. Chris is patient and doesn't mind explaining the repairs in very basic detail, and is always honest and prompt.

I'll update this review when the pars' ML falls out of warranty in another year or two. ;)

Aunti G. | 2009-09-30

I have had the SAME experience in Chicago with Fletcher Jones.  They charge exorbitantly and they tell you you need things fixed that they have allegedly already fixed.  They can't confirm if they even really CHECKED it much less FIXED it while they are telling you they need to fix it again.  The service manager is no better than the employees.  Fraudulent attitudes run rampant.

Allison J. | 2009-04-22

Service is sub par for a luxury brand name. The salesman are totally separate from the maintenance/ service side so even though you're greeted at the door, once you get to the service desk.... good luck.

Expect to wait and stare at the same Mercedes logo shirt for a long long time.

Since I know I'm paying a premium to have the dealership maintain my car, I'm going to be looking elsewhere for a mechanic who's certified who can provide me the same services without the premium. What the heck? I'm not getting star treatment at this place anyway.

Raul C. | 2007-07-22

The building is beautiful. I bought my C-230 Kompressor in this dealership. Sales personnel are always attentive and accommodating. The service side of the business is a little hectic and disorganized however ultimately they get the work done. I prefer to take my cars to the Henderson service center where the employees are a little more laid back and they deal with less cars. The washing machine at the Sahara location breaks very often and is not unusual that they deliver your car unwashed after a service. Maybe is time for a second Mercedes dealership in Las Vegas.