Findlay North Volkswagen in Las Vegas, NV

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Go North. Welcome to Findlay North VW, your Las Vegas Volkswagen dealer. Located just miles from Henderson, NV and the world-famous Las Vegas strip, we invite you to visit our state of the art dealership in Nevada.

Let Findlay North VW be your Las Vegas to Henderson new Volkswagen and used car dealer. Our sales, service and parts departments are among the highest ranked in the country for customer satisfaction.  No matter if you're looking for a new VW or used car in Las Vegas, Henderson or the Nevada desert, visit us first.

See why so many Las Vegas VW and Henderson VW drivers meet me at Findlay for new and WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen cars, wagons, vans and SUVs as well as leasing, financing, body shop repairs and more. Come test drive a new or used Volkswagen today.


Established in 2011.

Findlay North Volkswagen

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 982-4800
Address:7500 W Azure Dr, Las Vegas, NV, 89130
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Findlay North Volkswagen

Valarie H. | 2015-04-15

Went in there on a Thursday night, April 9. That night I talked to the to the salesman and the finance manager on duty signed paperwork for a used 2012 VW CC, all we were waiting for was my discharge from my bankruptcy which I was going to get on Monday. They both informed me they would put the car on the back lot along with a sold sign and it would be available for me on Monday. I call them and inform them that I am picking up my discharge paperwork on Monday, and they ask what time I'll be in. I reply 5:30 PM, they said okay. I show up to this Volkswagen dealership, finance manager sees me asks me for my paperwork, and then informs me there was a few issues with the car that I was dealing on and that he needs to work them out get me financed and you'll call me later. Gentleman sitting in the finance desk right next to him states he could get me into a new Volkswagen CC at a cheaper payment that I was going to be on the used 2012 due to rebates & helping out "the mother ship" I asked him if it was going to be a lease and he said no. I find when I like, not to mention during the test drive salesman tells me they sold my car that I was dealing on, get inside and they bring me a paper for a $700 lease payment!!  So let's sum this up they are crooks and liars and deceivers. Facts are they sold my car on Saturday come Monday they still don't tell me they sold it & try to con me into a new one, not to mention they ran my credit on the car (I refused to let them run it unless we had a deal for the fact I'm straight out of a bankruptcy). Oh yea, next day they text me with other of $400 payment!   It will be a cold day in HELL before my family or I ever buy here! Another thing.... Finance manager said absolute best financing rate he could get me was 19.9%. I just bout new somewhere else at 9.11%.  Shame on Findlay N Volkswagen, smh.

Paxton H. | 2015-04-07

I came in again and was very pleased with my service. Thank you Emanuel! I recommend this dealership to anyone looking to get their car serviced at a place that is professional and knowlegable.

Loraine C. | 2015-04-06

The best place to go if you want to buy a vw car great experience and truly exceptional from
beginning to end. I would recommend Stacy triana   she's very nice and very helpful she will give u the best deal compared to other dealership. GO TO FINDLAY NORTH VW.

Laurie N. | 2015-04-03

This dealership is overall nice, wonderful service department! However when buying or looking to buy a car NOT the best.
Sales manger took down my info, only to use if you personal use as a "date" It was very offensive as a young woman looking to purchase a vehicle.

Art W. | 2015-04-01

Findlay North VW has gone over and above in my case.  Larry Tinnin, the Service Manager, is one of the most honest and forthright people in the auto industry I have had the pleasure of meeting.  He worked my issue completely and kept me informed throughout, and I am extremely grateful.  And Ty Shigemoto, Internet Director, is the best.  If you want to buy a VW, Ty is the person you want to work with.  No BS, he just excels at enhancing the car buying experience so that you want to come back and buy from him again.   As far as some of the low ratings here, I can only say that I experienced none of the issues discussed.   I would recommend Findlay North to anyone looking for a new VW.

Shannon Y. | 2015-02-26

This place really sucks.  I hate the car buying experience because lets be real these people work for commission and are only out for them selves. So I was not impressed by the vehicles.  To pay +$30 for a VW is just silly.  I know, I know these cars have quite the following but I have only experienced problems.  If one little vacuum tube come undone the car will not work. To finicky for me.

Now lets get to the shady deals going on at this place.  One example we will take your car on trade give $xxx for it and then the next we will not take it, Here are your keys you can have it we will follow you home.  Then the slimeballs in finance.  Do not trust them.   Just like the song "I know you lie, your lips are moving"... yeah its like that.  Don't Trust em. In fact go next store to the Honda at least those cars are built to last.

Also stay away from the Manager of the Slime balls Gabriel.  He is the king of the shady deals.  When they leave the room you know these bastards are up to no good.  they are just scheming on how to screw you.  Anyone who cannot negotiate a deal in front of you has no business doing a deal.  Its all about transparency at least it should.  Thanks Findlay.  I will now buy all my cars off craigslist.

Ryan C. | 2015-02-09

I'm a car enthusiast and this is not my first rodeo. At first the dealership at Findlay North VW seemed fairly attentive and nice. After I left with a new lease, of course they were even happier.  Well, seems as if this dealership dropped the ball and then some. My old lease was never recorded as being returned by this particular dealership even though I have a clean inspection and proof of drop off. I've been charged and invoiced for a vehicle that is not in my possession and have been still to this day.  No return calls or emails until I get really upset from this dealership. I'm disappointed and disgusted about how things were not handled properly by this dealership. They simply screwed up. Because of the lack of response from Findlay North I will no longer be a VW owner ever again. Once my lease is up on the vehicle I just got in November, I'm gladly going to drop it off and leave. I don't have time for stupid. Maybe the higher end vehicle dealerships will treat their customers with respect and concern.  Off to the next!  
Will I give Findlay North Volkswagen a chance again?  Hell no!  I'll tell all my professional contacts what happened and why they shouldn't go to a half ass dealer.  Unimpressive staff!

Edward F. | 2015-01-02

I've had volkswagon ever since I could drive a car. Let me tell you that this is the worst VW dealership I've ever dealt with. They really don't care what your concerns are, the service department has the worst customer service. I leased a car brand new on Dec 1 and have had to return to the dealership a total of 6 times because of stuff going wrong with my BRAND NEW vehicle/finance team messing up my contract. They even damaged my vehicle while trying to replace a faulty intrument cluster.They really don't seem to care what you have to say and just keep repeating, "I'm sorry". How about helping your customers with their issues and become a little more organized before calling yourself the best vw dealer in Las vegas. Rest assured I will never be a VW customer after this and trust me, I tell everyone I can to stay away from this dealership.

Manuel L. | 2014-12-13

Great customer experience here. I have been to desert Volkswagen on Sahara and had the worst experience time after time. Bringing my car to Findlay I would have to say saved my continued business with Volkswagen. If you want great service then this would be the place to get it.

Jordan S. | 2014-11-03

The service department at Findlay North VW is great! Everyone is very friendly and informative. I would recommend this dealership to all my friends and family!

Richard T. | 2014-11-02

We bought my wife's certified pre owned 2012 Jetta in March of 2014. The car had less than 20k miles and we really liked it. The buying experience was pretty good and our salesman did an excellent job of making us feel at ease about our purchase.

Unfortunately, the great experience ended there. Yesterday the car failed to start. It's never fun when something like this happens, but we certainly didn't expect this to happen with less than one year of ownership.

We jump started the car and took it in to the service department. It was there that I was told that the certified pre owned warranty (which they touted when they sold us the car) wouldn't cover the replacement of the battery. I spoke to a couple of the managers there and they tried to play the "batteries only last two years out here" card. It was pretty funny considering I've lived here my whole life and have had several cars with batteries that have lasted 6 plus years.

They were pretty disinterested in standing behind the VW brand, so I agreed to replace the battery and pay the $160 they quoted me. About an hour later, the service guy told me that the battery was okay and just needed a charge at no cost. Relief right? Wrong. I drove the car home and a couple hours later it wouldn't start up again. So not only do they not stand behind their brand, they're also incompetent. I'm just glad I went home and avoided being stranded somewhere else.

Bottom line, the staff at Findlay North VW are extremely unimpressive and in this case negligent. A car being certified pre owned means nothing and when given an opportunity to show how proud they are of their vehicles, they'd rather hassle the customer and do a piss poor job of solving the problem.

This experience has really left a bad taste in my mouth. I will no longer take my cars to Findlay North. I'd rather drive across town than deal with these guys. We will also probably never buy a VW again. We've been loyal VW owners for over ten years, but this situation and the way they handled it has pushed us to consider another brand. I have minimal confidence in the quality of the cars and zero confidence in the abilities of VW employees. I would not recommend a VW to anyone and I certainly wouldn't recommend going to Findlay North.

Barrack P. | 2014-11-01

The lack of respect for customers is astounding. While waiting for my service to be completed on my car, I witness a gentleman who was upset about his car. A certified pre-owned Jetta he bought about six months already had the battery die. Instead of offering to give some kind of discount or  anything, three employees decided to berate him. Then a couple minutes later multiple employees were loudly making fun of him. Once my free service is done with VW, I will not take my car there again. And I would never buy a car from these people!

Wil C. | 2014-10-04

This is a review for the service department. They were all fantastic. After a bad experience at a different Volkswagen place, I drove up here with no appointment. Was greeted by a very nice gentleman at my car, took my information, and told me how long it would be.

They were right on time. After a break in their customer waiting area, which was pretty nice, I was back on the road. Just a nice, stressless experience.

To boot, I received a follow-up call asking me about my service, then a letter survey, then a notification of a free two-month trial of Sirius radio in my car.

I'm certainly a customer for as long as I have my Volkswagen, and the warrant is in effect. Not sure what their prices are otherwise compared to any private repair shops, so I guess we'll wait a few years to update this review. :)

Nic B. | 2014-09-26

Don't buy a vehicle here they will lie and say anything to get you to buy a car. Then when you call them out on it they won't do anything about it. I bought an r32 here and they lied to me about the "performance parts" that were on it all in the interest of trying to make me more interested on buying it. when I called them out on it I basically got told that it's ok for dealerships to lie to customers to get them to buy a car. I'm currently talking to a lawyer about this and he said it's completely illegal they call it a bait and switch.

Sean P. | 2014-09-23

Unethical business practices at Findlay Volkswagen North in Las Vegas! In short we made a deal on a new 2014 Volkswagen Passat and trade-in on our 2012 GMC Acadia. We both agreed on this deal by email, text and over the phone. We arrived at the dealership to sign paperwork and they decided they couldn't honor their side of the deal. REALLY!!! Very unethical dealings with this dealership on not standing by their word. The internet sales lady Stacy was very shady as well and didn't stand by her word when question by her boss she said she had erased our text on the agreed sale. Good thing we still had them. This isn't the first negative experience I have had at a Findlay dealership in the Las Vegas area. It's this kind of business ethics is why I usually buy out of state. We will be taking our business out of state again for our Volkswagen Passat! JUST A HEADS UP ON THIS SHADY DEALERSHIP!

Shean L. | 2014-09-22

On Friday September 12th I initially came in for a price estimate on 100,000 mile service. Larry Tinnin the service manager greeted me and I requested a cost estimate. He went in the service bays and came back. When he returned he quoted me $800 for 100k mile service on my 09 Touareg and stated the transmission needed to be serviced. I questioned the transmission service, then went to my vehicle to retrieve the owners manual. In the owners manual it doesn't list any transmission service at 100,000 miles. Only DSG transmission at 80,000 miles.  I showed this to Larry and he dismissed his lack of knowledge to "well that's why it is good to have your book".

Larry in turn had me speak to Alex Harris, a service advisor. Alex walked with me out to my vehicle to retrieve the VIN.(I have had every service on my car performed by Findlay North since this dealership opened.) Alex pulled up the service by the VIN which confirmed I did not need a transmission service. Alex printed out the service and cost. Larry told me Alex would be in on Monday when I wanted to drop off my vehicle.

Monday September 15th I came in the morning to drop off my vehicle. Alex wasn't there, instead I was greeted by Daniel Grossardt. Daniel told me that Alex would not be in today. I provided Daniel with the print out of the service estimate Alex had provided. I told him this is what I wanted performed on my vehicle.

A few hours later Daniel called me and stated I needed the transmission to be serviced on my vehicle. I provided him with the background conversations I had with Larry and Alex. I stated the transmission service was done during the 80k mile scheduled maintenance. Daniel told me how the transmission was never serviced at 80k miles and I needed to have it serviced now.

I was very upset. I asked Daniel to pull up the records on the 80k mile service since it was performed at their dealership. I told him I wanted to know exactly what was done and what I paid for. He stated he looked it up and I had oil change, cabin filter, inspection, and tire rotation for $700. There was never a transmission service. I told him I wanted to speak to the service manager. He stated the manager was unavailable and he would have him call me back.

Larry Tinnin called me a little while later. Larry told me the transmission needs to be serviced and it was never serviced at 80k miles. I asked him why not? I brought the vehicle in to his dealership for it's 80k mile service. I paid for an 80k mile service and expected that to be done. Larry argued with me that the 80k mile service was done, but not the transmission and it needed to be done now. When I asked Larry why it wasn't done at 80k he told me that he had no knowledge of the discussions I had with Bruce the service advisor at the time. He stated bruce no longer works there and I may have declined the transmission service he doensn't know. I proceeded to tell Larry I didn't come to the dealership to see Bruce, I came to Findlay VW where he is a manager of the service department and it isn't my problem that Bruce doesn't work there. There is no record of me declining service, becuase I never did. I bring my vehicle to a dealership because I am supposed to trust the dealer to know what I need. I should be able to come in and say "I want an 80k mile service" and they perform the service and charge me accordingly.

Larry continued to argue with me and stated the only option was for them to do the service now and how I should trust him that they will do what is needed. I felt I had been ripped off. I tolf Larry not to touch my vehicle, I didn't trust them and I would pick it up after work. Around 6pm I arrived at Findlay North Volkswagen and was greeted by Daniel. Daniel proceeded to tell me, he has good news. The transmission service they had been trying to get me to purchase was for a DSG transmission which my vehicle doesn't have. The reason it never showed up in any records as being performed is because it isn't needed.

So if I wouldn't have questioned the service department on the service history of my vehicle and why they were trying to charge me for this I would have paid over $500 for work that wasn't needed. That would be like going to a Dr and having surgery you didn't need. Findlay Volkswagen has lost all of my trust they built over the years. The lack of knowledge on the product almost led to a significant amount of overcharge for maintenance that was never needed. I can only imagine how many others come in to the service department and end up paying money for service that isn't needed. This is completely inexcusable. I have never received any acknowledgment from the service manager on their mistake. Not only is the service department suffering from a lack of product knowledge, the service manager doesn't have any customer service skills.

Jeanette L. | 2014-09-20

So my husband calls to tell all the problems that have gone on with the car. They said that we've had the car for 3 months and they can't help us because they don't know what we did to the car. First off the window just rolled down and wouldn't come up just weeks after we bought it. Who drives a car in monsoon season with your window broke. Then the door just all of a sudden stopped locking, the battery died, brakes don't work well, and the pedals aren't working either. Oh yeah the radio doesn't work and part of the interior lights don't work either. We would've been better off going to a hole in the wall dealership. I hate this car and the fact that you've guys already been paid by the finance company upsets me because I'm stuck with it....

David S. | 2014-09-18

Volkswagon corporate called Larry and he refused any help told them his guys would never make errors I asked to speak to you and was told you were too busy

Eric C. | 2014-08-01

I was working with Amber Ashford via email to find a Certified VW Jetta with particular features and price range. After a week she sent me a vehicle on their website that appeared be exactly what I was looking for listed at $16,000. I made an appointment to come in, explained I didn't have much time and was assured as a cash deal I could come in, sign and drive. When I got there she had left and I ended up dealing with Brian Dechirico who claimed to be familiar with the quote I was given. The vehicle description on their website stated it had alloy rims which it did not but I was still willing to make the purchase. When we went inside to draw up the paperwork they wanted my trade ($5,500 KBB wholesale) + $21,000. I ended up having to go through the whole back and forth routine for hours to reach a deal that was $1,000 more than I was quoted  and the price listed on the car due to an undisclosed 'Reconditioning Fee'. By this time it was after 11pm and I didn't feel like going through this somewhere else so I purchased the vehicle anyway. I accidently left my $75 parking pass in my trade and let Amber know first thing the next morning; she confirmed it was in the car, promised to secure it for me to pick up when I came back for the green slip. They ended up throwing it away and I have yet to be reimbursed even though I was told they would. On the drive home I noticed features that were described on their website, confirmed by email, phone and Window Sticker were not actually in the car. This included a Fender touch screen stereo with CD Changer, SiriusXM and steering wheel controls. I let them know and was told no problem, just bring the car in which I did. They inspected the car and window sticker to confirm the error and told me their manager would let me know when I could drop the car off to replace the sound system. Over the next week I was instructed to email and text them photos of various parts of the car, window sticker, et cetera multiple times, all the while being assured they would take care of me every day this past week. Well today they refused to honor their commitments and suggested I buy an aftermarket stereo and possibly they will do something about throwing my parking pass away. Its highly disappointing to be lied to, mislead and ripped off over something as small as a stereo after handing them the clean title to my 2005 Cadillac STS and $15,700 dollars in cash. I hope possibly after this review they will do something to make this right but at this point I am not counting on it and based on my experience I highly suggest avoiding Findlay Volkswagen, these sales people and two managers named Jason and Gabe.

Marlene H. | 2014-07-30

This is a review for the service department. My parents bought a new Volkswagen Tiguan a couple of months ago and we decided to take it on its first road trip to Vegas from Los Angeles on a saturday. When we got to Baker, the AC suddenly stopped working and we drove the rest of the way to Vegas in 110 degree heat. When we arrived to the dealership, we were greeted by the most understanding person ever. Ryan was a lifesaver! They were about to close in an hour but he said he'll try his best to fix it. Turns out he has to order a new hose/tube (??) in order for our AC to work again. He won't be able to order the parts until monday which means we'll have to wait until tuesday when the parts arrive to fix it. We were pretty bummed that we might have to spend our whole vegas trip in a car with no A/C. Without having to ask, he told us that they're very limited on loaner cars, but he will go around and search for one.

To keep the review short, He got us a loaner car (the same exact one as our car, a Tiguan) AND he was able to get the hose/tube installed right when they got the part in. Originally he told us the car won't be done until 3pm, but he push it and got it done at 11:30am. We were extremely happy and on our way home by 12pm. I wish the dealerships out here in Los Angeles can have such great service as the ones at Findlay North Volkswagen. THANK YOU RYAN!!! He made what could have been a disastrous vegas trip to a memorable one.

Joshua L. | 2014-07-13

I had to bring my VW in for some warranty work (faulty intake manifold) and was helped by Alex. He was extremely nice and helpful. I usually HATE going to dealerships to get any work done, but this experience may make me less reluctant to get my 50k tune done through these guys.

Dzajic M. | 2014-07-03

exceptional assistance!  bought a VW and had a trip to San Diego planned.  An unexpected issue brought me to a stalled vehicle on the side of I-15 just outside of Primm.  The dealer sent someone over to me with a loaner vehicle to drive to San Diego for the weekend and remained there in order to ensure I got on the road while they waited for the tow truck.  Immediately upon my return after a weekend down South, they had a brand new VW waiting for me.  These folks are true professionals.

Christa E. | 2014-06-28

The service department is useless. I had to wait over 3 weeks for a part to come in. I made an appointment to get it fixed and was told it would be an hour so I was going to wait.  When I arrived I was told oh no it will be half a days work.  They have no loaner cars so I left, having made a useless trip across town. Finally I have a day that I can give up my car ( a Saturday) so I make another appointment.  This time I called first to make sue they could do it.  Good thing I did!  I was now told that they couldn't possibly finish it in a half a day!  On a Saturday!   Still no loaners cars.  And now the story is it may not be done in a half a day any day!  So again my car still makes an annoying rattling sound every time I get in it ( oh did I mention the car is not even a year old!) yeah!  So, basically they are liars and incompetent service people who care nothing about customer service.

Leslie C. | 2014-06-09

If I could give this shit hole of a place no stars I would but, since I cant, they get one.
Let me begin: My battery in my CC died Saturday had to call a tow company to have it towed over to this VW dealership. Only because it is very close to my house. Any who, I call them (it was 3pm) they say "oh we're sorry we close at 3:30 today" "it will have to wait till Monday" Okay. Monday morning comes, tow truck takes it down there the service guy calls Tuesday and says "Yes, your battery is dead and it's not covered under warranty" So I have my dad go buy my a battery but when he gets there they tell him that he can't put it in. So I call down to Desert Volkswagen, where I should have gone in the first place, and ask them about the battery warranty and low and behold they say it's covered for 2 years. I've had my car for about 2 years. So I call Findlay and tell them, they begin to argue with me telling me that it's 2 years or 24k miles.  I call desert vw again nope 2 years doesn't matter about the miles. I call Findlay back, the girl I talked to named Casey begins to argue with me and gets an attitude with me. So I said "ya know what, I don't care if you are closed, you leave my keys with someone I am coming to get it and take it to Desert Volkswagen" I get to Desert in there for 10 min and it's changed. Then the service manager from Findlay has the nerve to call me and ask how my experience was with them.......hahaha yeah I will NEVER take my car to them.

Dain E. E. | 2014-01-24

Service is horrible!  We keep getting a different story each time we call to check up on the status of an A/C repair.  They have had our car for 7 days and have not even started the work.  HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicky B. | 2013-12-14

This is one of those cases where I would give -10 stars if I could.  I would consider the service department to be thieves especially Alex.  Had my car towed their after it was completely dead after replacing a battery for a second time within a few months.  Alex informs me that in order to even perform a diagnostic I need a new battery for $200 because a charge alone won't give it enough to do this.  I'm no mechanic but how can a dealership not jump it or doesn't have a battery lying around to test it.  Since the batter was brand new and still under warranty this didn't seem right to me so I had it towed elsewhere.  

When I arrived to pick it up lo and behold he drove what I thought was a car that couldn't hold a charge around to the front of the service department.  WTF!  He also tried to charge me for a diagnostic which I never agreed to since they said they couldn't do it without my purchasing a new battery.  

After the car was towed to what will be my forever mechanic now for my Beetle he said I don't understand why the dealership couldn't see that simple fix and the battery is fine and doesn't need replacing.   All that was wrong was loose battery cables.  And on top of that he charged me nothing.  

Findlay NV has lost a customer for life and I will warn everyone I know to stay away from this Stealership!

ETA:  While I appreciate James C responding I don't see how it is relevant because my battery was never dead or bad in the first place.  Since having it towed to a reputable mechanic I have been driving the car ever since without incident.  I am just glad they didn't get my $200 and whatever else they might have tried to charge in addition to that had I let them keep my car.

Kim B. | 2013-09-06

I had taken my 2004 Jetta in for service and found myself scoping out the inventory while I waited. I wasn't planning to buy, but the salesperson, Ron, said he would give me a good deal. What I wanted was a new Jetta with the same equipment as my old one, to trade in my 2004 (which had long been paid off), to put no money down, and to walk away with a car payment under $249. It took some haggling, but I drove away in a new car and got everything I'd asked for. Ron Waite is wonderful to deal with and when I'm ready to go back I will only buy a car from him.

Taking my car in for its regular "check ups" has been easy and pleasant too. Service staff is friendly and courteous. In all, I'm glad Findlay North is on my side of town.

Bess W. | 2013-08-28

My used car was ready to take home 3 days later than Findlay North PROMISED it would be ready when we were in discussion. By the time it was delivered, I had left for a trip out of the country. Their lie was extremely unprofessional and caused much inconvenience to continuously have to call the dealership to hear that to they had lied to me and my car would not be ready before I left the country for my trip. The manager fed me a bunch of crap about the price that was different from what I had agreed to with the salesman.

In addition, there are multiple scratches on the hood of the car. Every other dealership that I have ever bought a used car from has had the decency to fix up scratches before giving it to the customer- further showing me why I should not do business with Findlay North.

It is completely unacceptable for a reputable dealership to lie to customers and offer such poor quality, which is probably why their customer parking lot was completely empty. I am a fan of Volkswagen cars, but I will be servicing my vehicle and purchasing future vehicles from any VW dealership OTHER than Findlay North. I will be letting my family and friends know about the service I received.

Stacey P. | 2013-08-08

My new VW Dealer!!!

I have to say these guys were great. I brought my car in from Desert VW on Sahara because I was on the 5th time for the same problem. They made sure I was taken care of as soon as I could. They diagnosed my car within an hour and half. They checked on me and were great. Bruce the gentleman who was in charge my car was wonderful and so nice, even though I must have seemed like a basketcase because I was upset from my previous dealings at Desert VW.
I will happily drive further to go to this VW.  I am so happy they have opened, and they now have a new and very happy customer!!

David H. | 2013-07-18

Went in for our 30 day checkup and was relieved that the shop seems to be run very well. Buying the car was not the most pleasant experience but now that part is over Im looking forward to dealing with the service department, even got a courtesy wash. The shop staff were friendly and professional

Cartier B. | 2013-07-14

Ok this review might be a bit lengthy but I feel the need to warn others, especially young people that are buying their first car & aren't too sure what to expect.

So my family is military and we do everything pretty much through USAA. They have this pretty cool car buying service where they can give you a quote on a car and you can print out the certificate to take to the dealership and they'll even contact the dealership, to let them know. So I went online found a good deal on a Jetta and got my certificate. I received a call from the dealership. I let them know that I didn't have the best credit and didn't plan on putting done much of a down payment, so before I went in I wanted to know if they think they could possibly approve me. The guy who called said he was pretty sure that he could and asked for some of my info so he could she if I could get pre qualifies before coming in. I agreed. He then called me back and stated that he could get my qualified. I went to the dealership and found out the model I told him I wanted they didn't even have, well they claimed they didn't have, and wanted to sell me a more expensive one. They said it wouldn't be too much out of my budget for what I wanted my payments to be. Before that though, they tried to get me to look at several other used cars that I didn't like. I agreed to maybe looking at a used Jetta but I knew already that I wanted a Jetta for sure. So finally they bring out the upgraded model. I did like it and agrees to see what the pricing would be. So 1st they came back and asked for a big down payment, after I already told them I didn't have it, and the payment was almost about a 100 over what I said I wanted. I want back and forth with them for a while. Then once I was stressed out and ready to go all of a sudden they said they had the original Jetta I asked for and could give me a better payment. We went back and forth for a while and I decided I needed to go home and think about it. My parents were suppose to be helping me out w/ the car as far as paying for it so
I wanted to talk to my mom 1st. Unfortunately they are currently stationed in Korea so they couldn't be here to actually go w/ me. in the morning I received an email from the dealer saying if I can back they'd also take care of my 1st yrs registration and tint my windows. So I told my mom the whole deal, so she agreed that I should go back. Went back and the problems began. 1st they tried to say that, they couldn't throw in the registration or tint because they were giving me such a discount. BULLSHIT! We went back and forth, then I called me my mom and she was pissed and felt they tricked me into goin there just to play around w/ me. She knew a guy at the automation Volkswagen & she called him up told him about what was happening and he said that dealership always does things like that to people, so she told me to leave and go to the other one. Once I was going to leave then they started agreeing to give me everything I wanted. But my mom was like no they're shady just go to
The other place. I asked them who it was they were financing me through anyways and they claimed it was straight through Volkswagen. So mom was like yea definitely just go over to the other one. They kept trying to pressure me to just sign the
Deal, they were very aggressive and underline rude. And said if I left they were not going to honor anything if I came back but the other VW already said they would match all the perks. So I decided to take my moms advice and leave.

When I got over to automation, I explained the situation. The manager there called Volkswagens financing and come to find out Findlay hadn't even really gotten an approval through them!!!!! I was so upset!!! So basically they were trying to get me to sign and take the car and then call me back in so many days and try to tell me something went wrong w/ the loan and my interest was going to be more or that I would have to put more money down or something!!!! How shady is that?!!! They just seen I was a young female that never bought a car and tries to take advantage of me. The salesmen at Findlay was actually very nice but the managers and the financing people are terrible!! I highly recommend to stir clear of this place!!! There was even more terrible things that they said and did but this pretty much sums it all up. This place deserve stars in the negative!

Kevin C. | 2013-06-13

Went in there to buy a cc and they did not come close to the price at desert VW.. When we walk in the sales manager said he could be any deal...I guess not..

Chris W. | 2013-03-20

Findlay definitely changed it up...  I went in and handled everything for my mom to buy a car.  I recommend seeing Conrad for new car sales.  No pressure and totally easy to deal with.  It's people like him that take the stress out of buying a car.

Larry R. | 2012-12-20

Having recently relocated to Las Vegas we were at a bit of a disadvantage as we know no one and couldn't rely on a first hand referral for a car dealership or salesperson. Findlay North is near by so we took a chance and walked in.

Very pleased with our experience, Ron W. was our salesperson and he did a great job in working with us and doing his job as a salesperson. Not too much pressure, understood where we were in the buying process and respected that (you don't get that from a lot of salespeople). Ron's been doing this for awhile and is truly a Sales Professional who's in it for the long haul. Also worked with Cory G. the Sales Manager, similar experience with Cory.

The car we wanted wasn't in stock, they found it for us in less than 24 hours and we got the car for pretty much what we asked for. No difficult negotiation and at the end of the day I feel it was an equitable deal for both parties.

So, if you're in the market for a car based on my first experience with Findlay I can recommend them. Hopefully we won't have to deal with service other than regular maintenance, but when we do I'll be sure to update. If you go in be sure to ask for Ron W. he'll take good care of you. Tell him "Pearl" sent you, he'll know who we are.

Rama G. | 2012-06-23

Thankfully a VW dealership is in the north west! We traded in our SUV for a brand new passat and couldn't be happier. We worked directly with Ron Waite, who knew the ins and outs of VW. We felt very comfortable, never pressured, and walked away happy for once in our 5 years in Las Vegas dealing with a car dealership. This dealer is great if you are looking for an awesome, extremely reliable car, go for German made, and ask for Ron!!

Ashley S. | 2011-10-07

I am so pleased with both the sales and service departments.

Service Dept- I purchased a used VW Jetta from another dealership and brought it to this VW for service. They were so friendly and helpful. Bruce answered all of my questions, put me in a loaner, and called me daily with updates until my car was fixed. My car was dropped off on a Saturday to get a bew transmission and we picked her up Wednesday night, even though the tranni had to come from out of state.

Sales Dept-  My fiance traded in his truck the night we went to pick up my VW from being serviced. He walked out with a VW GTI. We bought from Angela Greeley and she was great. We had a lot of questions and anything we needed, she addressed. From test drive, to trade in, financing, thru walk around of the new car, everything seemed to be easy breezy and we never felt pressured.

In the future, we will be going here for all of our VW servicing. I highly recommend them above Findlay Henderson or Desert for any of your VW needs.