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After over 50 years in the automotive industry, we know that there are many places you can purchase your next vehicle, and I want to personally thank you for considering Findlay Chevrolet. Here are just a few reasons why I believe you will be a completely satisfied, lifelong member of the Findlay Chevy family: Great people, highly trained, professional, courteous, and ethical staff. Many of our employees have years of experience, whether its our sales, service, or parts personnel you will find high quality people eager to satisfy your needs. Convenient Location. We are located just off 215 at South Rainbow; within a 30 minute drive from anywhere is Las Vegas or Henderson! Commitment to Quality. Whether it is delivering quality products or service. We are committed to exceeding your expectations. We make the most of every opportunity to prove that we are the best in the business. Our "State of the Art " facility is the best equipped and staffed to serve your ownership needs.


Established in 2007.

Great people, highly trained, professional, courteous, and ethical staff.  Many of our employees have years of experience, whether its our sales, service, or parts personnel you will find high quality people eager to satisfy your needs.

Convenient Location. We are located just off 215 at South Rainbow; within a 30 minute drive from anywhere is Las Vegas or Henderson!

Commitment to Quality. Whether it is delivering quality products or service. We are committed to exceeding your expectations. We make the most of every opportunity to prove that we are the best in the business.

Findlay Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 982-4000
Address:6800 S. Torrey Pines, Las Vegas, NV, 89130
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Findlay Chevrolet

This One O. | 2015-04-09

Worst customer service I have came across in a long, long time! Sadly I have purchased a car from them and I'am stuck dealing with their sh*t careless attitudes! I feel like buying the car has came with complementary horrible customer service from the employees in the service dept. I dread coming to the dealership with any service I may need in the future.

Alisa F. | 2015-03-29

I greatly appreciate all the assistance that I have received from the people at Findlay Chevrolet!!!!!
The service department is amazing!! They always take care of any issues that I am having with my vehicle
I have a 2006 Chevrolet HHR and they found the recalls on  my car before I was even aware of them. I am now looking to buy a new vehicle and Jeff Lamper is the only person that I would ever trust to buy another vehicle.
I brought my vehicle in for service the last time and  my mother came with me. She was able to buy a brand new Chevrolet Spark and she absolutely loves it. It was the perfect vehicle for  her.
Jeff Lamper does not just try to sell you a car he truly cares about the person and he finds the right vehicle for you!
I love Findlay Chevrolet and I will never go anywhere else

Andi S. | 2015-03-25

Worked with the Kevin from the Fleet department and David and both were fantastic.  They weren't pushy, helped me get a great deal with the 2 vehicles we purchased from them.  The dealership was clean and the process was quick and easy.  I'll definitely be a returning customer down the road when I'm ready to trade in.

Camille V. | 2015-02-27

Given the fact my last experience with a dealership was a total nightmare that the entire time I had my last car I felt like I was stuck in that nightmare. The guys at Findlay Chevy turned my opinion around 180 degrees and made me feel very comfortable about purchasing a new ride.  We had an appointment with Matt Masluk who made the entire process as painless as humanly possible.  Like seriously the easiest experience at a dealership...ever.  My boyfriend and I ended up driving away with two vehicles and saying goodbye to our old was about time too.  Mike helped us with a Chevy 101 course on our cool new high-tech systems.  I think new car is smarter than the laptop I've been keeping around for the past 8 years.  Even though we were at the dealership for over 6 hours to purchase the cars, it didn't seem to bother us one bit...not to mention it was also Valentine's Day and we didn't have any special plans but to buy a new car for me and a new truck for him.  Thankfully with the help of Matt and Mike our experience went smoothly.  If anyone is looking for a new Chevy, these are the guys to see!

Franklin F. | 2015-02-16

Everything started off fine for my 8:30am appointment. Carlos Aquino would check in twice to give me updates. However it is 10:56am and my car is still not done getting ONE tire replaced. This is probably the worst experience I have had with this company so far. I am pretty much aggravated since I have seen 10+ people leave before I have. Fix your company Chevy!

Nicole W. | 2015-02-06

Shane took amazing care of my truck! After having a terrible experience at another dealership in the valley and having to contact GM to rectify the situation, I decided to try Findlay and I am very glad that I did. I was not up sold and advised of everything I needed to do to correct what the other dealership failed to correct. When I went to pick up my vehicle, Terry noticed that I'd been waiting for my truck to get back from the car wash for a while and went to speed up the process and got me on my way!

Maryanne D. | 2015-01-22

I was there Tuesday for help with my car service. Don Pagel continues to have outstanding customer service skills.  He goes out of his way to make the whole experience EXCELLENT!

Darlene B. | 2015-01-17

Carlos once again gave a great service and had my car in record time.

Joshua G. | 2015-01-08

Very shady. I had a problem with my 2008 truck. Looked up online that it might be covered by a recall. I call the dealership up ask if it is covered. They said it was. I take the truck down there and hand the keys over. As I am about to leave I double check to make sure it is covered they said no and that I was going to have to pay for the repair. Thank god I double checked otherwise I would of been hit for a stealership bill. I have heard that they have done this before to other people. Don't trust this dealership for anything!!!

Steve N. | 2014-11-22

I thought it was important to share my experience with Findlay Chevrolet's service department because there are mixed reviews here on Yelp.  

I was on vacation in Las Vegas and my 2008 Yukon Denali started running really rough and then the engine died.  I barely got it started.  It sounded like it was running on 6 cylinders and I'm thinking this is really bad, and I'm going to need a new engine.  Shane, with the service department, took my car in at 6pm, even though they were already closed at 5pm.  They told me it was likely a bad valve, but wouldn't know for sure until they get the heads off .  They asked if they could have permission to take off the heads and they said it would be $125 an hour, and gave me an estimate for $2,000.  

I said sure, let me know what you find.  They called me at 5pm the next day and said my car is ready and they sent a shuttle to pick me up.  When I get there, they said it was only $750 because it only took them 5 hours of labor.  What a pleasant surprise!

Clearly they could have easily taken advantage of me and found a way to charge more money for this repair.  They could have charged me for anything and I wouldn't have any way of knowing.  In my experience, when an auto shop gives an estimate of $2,000, it is very rare that they would charge less than the estimated price.  They usually charge the estimated price or more.

Thank You Shane and Findlay Chevrolet for being honest!  
I trust Findlay Chevrolet and I would definitely bring my car back here.

Nate H. | 2014-11-22

Incompetence, naive , manipulation, deceptive, please read on .
This is a tale of a company trying not to do there job

Day 1=This past week I dropped off my car to have a recall fixed.
Day 2= while they completed my car they stated OnStar was draining my battery would co$t me 700 to fix. I contacted OnStar about product they informed me they have a recall on the part for gm just to fix it n send them the invoice (odd they didn't know this already I'm sure they just wanted my money) I 3 way nick and had them both speak. OnStar n Nick
Day 3= contacted nick inquire about car, they stated they never did this before n they don't know how to invoice OnStar. I contacted OnStar again got there supervisor to explain to them how to invoice.      
Later that day called nick again to see how its going, they stated they needed it approved by OnStar. So I call OnStar again for the 3rd time n had them speak with Scott, OnStar stated it didn't need to be approved to just do the work. ( odd again)
Day 4 = finished at 5pm when I was able to get it back.  

Beware= a couple things I didn't understand.
1. Why you guys didn't know OnStar had a recall. Have you just been making people pay?
2. Why did I have to follow up with OnStar and you, for you to do the work? As if you didn't want to do it.
3.   I have 2 children one that is only 1 month old n you left me with out a car for 4 days because you didn't know what the hell you guys were doing. Uncalled for n that's why you get 1 star.

On the positive note Nick L. Always treated me great n ended up doing a little extra to make sure it worked.

Jade C. | 2014-11-21

Very poor customer service .... Said I've to wait for 30mins ... Result 2h30 of wait seated on unconfortable chairs ! Here for a recall and losing my day

Bob E. | 2014-11-14

If you like to like to be insulted and play "bait and switch", this is the Chevy dealer to go to. I'm a 54 year old businessman who has been looking around Las Vegas and beyond for a new 2015 Corvette Coupe. We first visited the Findlay Chevrolet on November 4, 2014 and met with a very knowledgeable sales associate. He knew the Corvette line very well. He was honest, very friendly, and courteous. On that date, Findlay did not have any cars that met our criteria. I was introduced to "George Harold" (new car sales manager) who looked online for Corvettes that were enroute to the dealership. There were 2 cars that closely matched our criteria. At the time, price and discounts were discussed. George stated that no discounts would be offered off the MSRP window sticker due to the car's popularity and the MSRP window sticker would be a firm price on any new Corvette purchased at Findlay. This was a disappointment to us since some of the competing dealers in town were willing to reduce MSRP by $1,000 -$3,000 either as a courtesy or due to GM USAA or Credit Union incentives. However, we decided to wait until the 2 incoming cars that closely matched our criteria rolled into town and consider paying the full stated MSRP. Today, both cars arrived and we went to the Findlay fully prepared to buy one of the 2 cars. After close consideration, we were asked to sit down with George Harold to further discuss the purchase. After putting forth our offer, George arrogantly stated that the price of either Corvette was suddenly $2,500 "OVER" MSRP Window Sticker!!!!. My wife and I were floored and insulted to say the least. This was a first for us after many years of buying and selling premium cars. We walked out of the dealership and will never go back. We feel bad for the sales associate, he's a great guy but works for an arrogant and dishonest dealership. I am certain that he will find better dealerships to work with, we certainly will.

Based on the foregoing, I'd recommend Fairway Chevrolet, Henderson Chevrolet, or Ed Bozarth Chevrolet in the Las Vegas area. Also, be sure to check out reviews on Yelp regarding this dealership before shopping here. On each poor review, you will note a very short generic and insincere response from their business manager. Don't be fooled....

No crying over spilled beans here, there are plenty of new Corvettes for sale in the good ole USA. Just never had the price increase from full window sticker price to $2,500 extra...

Feel free contact me directly with any questions. Sincerely, Bob Evans

Craig C. | 2014-11-04

Seeing previous reviews it all makes sense now. I couldn't imagine that I was the only customer having a bad experience...

Firstly, their entire service team is apathetic and rude. I brought my car in because of a transmission leak issue, hour later, I get a call and they said my oil change was finished. I asked about my transmission and they rambled on how it would take a day-long process to see if anything was wrong with it and it would be well over $200. That is not how you approach a customer with car problems.

Secondly, when you wait in their waiting room, Sales guys will come up to you trying to drum up business. I already own a Chevy, I don't need a second one, thanks.

Thirdly, I've been to this location before so I know it's not a fluke- they like to speak down to those who might not totally comprehend car verbiage. They make me feel like an incompetent car owner and on top of that they are completely SLOW.

Here's a tip for after sales care, when someone comes in with a transmission leak after 2.5 years, instead of listing off prices and possible issues, maybe one should say "We will look into the problem, and see if it is covered under the warranty. If not we will contact you immediately." It doesn't take much effort to be a kind and decent person.

Looks like I'm going to have to drive all the way to northern Las Vegas to go to Ed Bozarth even though I live a mile away from Findlay. Bummer.

Briana W. | 2014-10-23

THE WORST BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER. Peter Kinum is a name I will never forget and doing business with Findlay Chevrolet is a mistake I will not repeat. I caution you that if you are looking to be "SOLD" this is the place to go. There is no accountability for sales gone wrong.

Mr. Kinum was rude, condescending, and immature. He fooled us with his fake charm when we were purchasing the car but when a problem arose, he certainly reminded me of the questionable used car salesman my parents had always cautioned me about.

The one saving grace in this experience was Tony (Constantine) he was upfront and honest at every turn. He took every opportunity to apologize for a horrific experience.

This may be only a single review but for those reading this let this be a warning. If anything goes wrong with your deal you will quickly realize this is the WRONG dealership to do business with. In addition, I love my car, I love Tony, and the service department is awesome.

But you can be SURE that everywhere I go, I tell the long long version of my ugly experience at Findlay Chevrolet of Las Vegas.

Andy S. | 2014-10-10

I dropped off my car this morning around 7am...I haven't received a call from my service advisor. .  I called and left a message for them to call me back and nothing. ..This is my 3rd time coming to this dealership and I am highly disappointed with  their lack of customer service. ...I won't be bringing my car back here anymore. .....worse customer service in Vegas

Margie B. | 2014-10-06

The worst service ever didn't even fix the right recall on the car, treat ed my fiance and I like idiot s don't even really think a real effort was made on getting us financing ended going to another major dealer ship and had no problem getting financing in fact they put me in a brand new car and not a used one never will go back here do not trust them . They destroy ed that.

Leah H. | 2014-09-20

Whoa!  We made an appt online 2 days ago to bring in our car for a new tire.  Came in at 9:45 and we are still waiting 11:30ish.  The guy rep said an hour after waiting they don't have the tire so they have to get it at discount tire and it's taking too long.  Since when does a customer have to wait over 2 hours to get a new tire?  BAD BAD service!!!!

Dave K. | 2014-08-14

i have had 2 sevice appointments since my ownership and Findlay still is tops in my book! I would recommend them to everyone

Shannon C. | 2014-08-08

Not only do they try an insult my intelligence by calling me like my husband an I do not know how the military pay process works but I get a certified letter today "demanding" a vehicle back I never received , stating, we will receive retribution if it is not received back because their idiot bank does not know that my husband cannot receive a pay stub for retirement when he is currently still active duty military.  They woman at the bank states her husband retired then she'd know how it work.. well I'm sorry obviously not.. thanks for the insult.. you guys are the worst dealership we've ever dealt with..

Andy S. | 2014-08-07

I took my camaro. In for an oil change and they dripped oil on my hood and it took about 15mins. For a car wash.. I won't buy a car from here

Fred G. | 2014-07-12

Broke down just outside of Vegas and limped in, finding Findlay on the internet.  We arrived at 1230 on a Friday afternoon hoping to get help in time to get us back on the road to Wyoming the same day.  I was instantly greeted by an awesome fellow, Billy Chang.  Billy tried to prepare me for the worst, a long delay in our trip to Yellowstone, but he promised he would try to have our truck checked out and found a place for us to disconnect our 5th wheel.

Two hours later we are back on the road with a running truck and a face to face consultation with a mechanic helping us to understand short term work arounds and long term fixes.  Billy and team rock.  I will be driving to Vegas the next time I need to buy a car.   What a great experience.  Kindness to travelers is a biblical principle and it made a huge difference to my family and to me.  Thank you Billy and Findlay.

Rick H. | 2014-07-07

Awesome experience once again!!!  Just completed another Chevy purchase with Findlay and it is always a pleasurable experience.  Enjoying the vehicle and got a great deal on it.

John D. | 2014-07-05

This Chevrolet dealer has the worst service dept. ever called and made an appointment a week in advance got a call in the morning to remind me about my appointment showed up and no appointment in the computer since the lady has no clue in what in the heck she's doing and is more important to get her friends in than customers I had to stand in line for 30 minutes before I was helped and than my car came out two hours later can't wait for my warranty to be up so I can do my own oil changes

Alexandrea A. | 2014-05-06

Let's start off by saying the service department absolutely SUCKS! The only reason they got a 1 star is cause I had to select 1 or else they would of got a 0!
We've had NUMEROUS problems with them from hitting our truck with the air chuck & chipping the paint on it's FIRST service to keeping it for 3 weeks to "try" & fix the over spray they created by neglecting to have a body shop fix it but instead having a mobile repair spray it in the WIND in the back of the parking lot. The last time we went in was yet again CRAP. Hard to believe huh?! We were told they were going to "hand wash" our truck due to all the paint problems we've had. After almost 2 hours just for a simple oil change(it wasn't busy either) they bring up the truck still dirty. It looked like they just washed the windows & smeared the rest of the dirt on the body. Which we don't need because they've already messed enough of the paint up. I wouldn't of been upset but don't tell me you're going to do something if your not! This dealership is FULL of empty promises. I would NEVER recommend this dealership to buy from or for service. Three years ago it was completely different. Service was amazing & so was sales. Seems Jamall is really slacking at his job.

Mike R. | 2014-04-18

I went to the dealership to get an idea about what it would cost to get a new Silverado. Of course I walked out of there with a new truck. Newell was awesome at helping me out. I usually dread going to the dealership. He made it a real easy experience. I thought the dealership was clean and comfortable. I've never had a tour after I bought a car. I thought that was cool to know where stuff was when I need to come in for service. Also, before I left they showed me how to set up on star and how all the features inside work. I though that was a nice touch. Again, Newell was great and I will definitely recommend Findlay Chevrolet to friends and family. Thanks guys.

Bryan W. | 2014-04-17

This was my first experience with Findlay Chevrolet and it was full of great experiences!
As I pulled up for a routine oil change, there was a service associate (Carlos Aquino) there to greet me with a smile and a warm welcome. He was quick and efficient in putting my car and me in their system to get me started. After giving him my keys he gave me a tour of the area showing me the accessories store, show room and waiting room (with a free multi coffee option maker, soda machine and internet computer use!).
Not only was the oil change done in a timely manor but they also washed the outside of my car, gave me a full inspection and helped remove left over adhesive from a sticker on my window.
Working in the service industry I cannot emphasize the great service that Carlos provided.
I want to personally thank Carlos and the Findlay Chevrolet service team. It's 1 thing to have great sales workers selling a car, but it's even greater to have a great service team to provide amazing guest service to create repeat customers!
-Bryan W.

Lee D. | 2014-04-15

Just picked my truck up today from service.. Had extensive work done on the gas tank, fuel pump etc.. Which fell under the extended manufacturer warranty. I was given a rental car to use, free of charge. Billy Chang my service rep was excellent, he kept in contact with me the entire time my vehicle was being worked on (emails and telephone).

I am extremely satisfied with the service at Findlay (Billy Chang), because of this department, I will continue to buy new from Findlay.

Tesh R. | 2014-04-13

My first time taking my MC here and the service was excellent. Everything was done from my car and I was able to go about my business while they serviced my car. I got an auto generated text message when my car was ready. Much better than an annoying phone call. The guy who gave me great service was Billy. He was very nice and helpful. That's always a major plus in customer service. I will definitely return here in the future. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention they provide a complimentary car wash.

Monica A. | 2014-03-17

Dennis @ #FindlayChevrolet helped my hubby and I find the perfect 2014 Traverse!!!  Great customer service!!

Louie B. | 2014-02-20

I was in Las Vegas and close to Findlay Chevrolet so I decided to stop in and check it out. It is one of the biggest Chevy dealers in Nevada so that is reason enough for me to pop in.

I had a great experience at Findlay but the thing that I would like to share with the next yelper is the Wall of Honor.

The Wall of Honor was a new one for me. I have been into a lot of different businesses and a lot of them do cool things for active duty and veterans but I have never seen anything as awesome as the Wall of Honor.

It is sectioned off and you can see it right when you walk in the front door. Clearly the folks at Findlay Chevrolet wanted to do something special and they hit it out of the park. There is a nice display with two boards you can write on. There are military flags at the bottom of each board. There is a folded flag at the top of the two boards that kind of connect the two of them.

I asked for a pen so that I could put my name on there before I did, I read through both of the boards and check out all the names of people that have served our country and to them THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!

It is mind blowing to see how many people have been involved with our military. On these two boards there were people in every conflict from World War 2 through the current conflict in Afghanistan.

Thanks for your support of our Military!

ken T. | 2014-01-29

I wouldn't go here for a new car. They tend to think their Chevys are Ferraris and won't let you test drive them unless you have a briefcase full of cash to show.  Find a different dealer.

Carmella H. | 2014-01-20

I was forced here when the transmission went out on my 2006 Suburban (with only 115K miles on it--major issue for a "workhorse" vehicle, but that's a different story).  I did not want to buy a new (for me) car, let alone a new new car.  Unfortunately, with the negative equity in the Suburban and the fact I'd recently hemorrhaged money on a move, I didn't have many options, and financially, it worked best to trade it in and purchase new.  My service Manager, David, was great and easy to deal with.  He supposedly talked to the vehicle exchange guy ("sanitation engineer" equivalent of "sales guy"), Brian, about my issue.  I was thrilled when Brian called and made me what I thought was a very fair offer for the Sub; sadly, only after 3-4 days and several calls did it come to light that he had actually not discussed the transmission issues, so the trade-in offer went down $3500.  Annoyed.  Brian apologized profusely, but it was still poor form to make an offer, run all the numbers, show me the car (conveniently, the only one that worked for me...seems a common tactic), get me committed, then change the terms.  They ended up bumping up the cash for the trade $500 and got me a great interest rate; they also gave me a great deal on some add-on warranty items; it was obvious they really wanted to sell the car, although he stated there was no wiggle room on the price (there is always wiggle room, dude; it's not my first day).  Ultimately, because I was over a barrel and just wanted to be done with the situation, I purchased a new (2013) Equinox and was moderately pleased with the deal.  To their credit, I am not the easiest customer, and Brian was patient and dropped most of the typical sales schtick within a few hours.  I do like the car and it serves my purpose, but I still wouldn't sit with my back to the door in this place.

KD S. | 2014-01-03

This should really be a zero.  Being that I'm a pro when it comes to buying cars- a friend asked me to assist them with a purchase. Well  for one  they put me with (re-re)sales guy. Really 1 Strike one - in all my years of going to a car dealership I have never had to ask for help- normally someone is running me down until I give them the look.  Now if I give you a budget - why in the Sam hell would you go over it.  Now I did my research while waiting for dum ass to run and pay games. I'm the type of person when my mind is set on a price - I'm going to get that price. Well the rep didn't like that. Besides I feel like I'm doing you a favor- so you need to put in work- I'm not going to make it easy on  you if you are going to play games.  I'm not going to get into all the details as to what happen.  But I will say this - I hate it when a sales person states this is the only one so you need to get it today. ( pressure)Really dude for a 2014 this is the only car at this price. Well I knew he was lying - so I called his ass out. He said I was rude and that I need to leave or he was going to call metro. Like really -  Don't get mad because I blocked your sell. Look I'm a pro at this game- hell I'm a hustler,  my background/experience is in sales- and you are going to get mad because you can't take the heat or because I'm running the show maybe you shouldn't be in sales. After all it all about kissing ass and brown nosing. FYI your threat about calling metro is some bs-because after all -I didn't break any laws- you got mad because you suck at your job.  I broke you down like a 2 dollar bill. Your mother is rolling around in her grave wishing she swallow you.  You pray on weak people who don't know a lot- which is wrong. Im proud of myself for standing up to the bully that you are.i know that this the only type of job you can get due to your skills and education level(7 grade.) which is why you get fired soon :).  don't come here

Trevor M. | 2013-12-31

Findlay Chevrolet Sucks worst dealership in town!!!

Absolutely the worst dealership in town. I have been wanting the c7 corvette for last 2 weeks or so. My wife told me to look at other cars to make sure because $75,000 is a lot to spend on a Chevy! So I drove a Maserati, BMW 650I, and a Porche. I get to Findlay Chevrolet and they are head over heals about this new corvette you can't even test drive it. The sales man continued to tell me that it will be $10,000 over sticker and he might as well make money while he can. I will never buy from them and I will tell all my friends and family how terrible they are to deal with. Very dissatisfied!!! Look else where or go to Arizona they don't jerk you around there!

Angela C. | 2013-12-31

Findlay Chevrolet is a terrible dealership!

We came in the look at the corvette  c7! I want to warn who ever is shopping for the 2014 Corvette Stingray not to buy one at this dealership. They charge $5,000 to $10,000 over sticker price for this car. They feel that they might as well make money while they can. Go to Scottsdale Arizona they are straight foreword and don't over charge at all. It is well worth the drive!

Really please look elsewhere!

Talia J. | 2013-12-24

Brian was AWESOME!! He eased the stress the of buying a new car, and quickly washed away all the "what-ifs". I do not have the greatest credit, and was able to get into a new 2014 model. I am EXTREMELY excited! I will come back for every new purchase, and recommend to everyone I come across. The entire staff was also very nice and comfortable to be around. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Jessica B. | 2013-12-09

Purchasing: Five stars!

My expirence made me wonder why everyone even bothers dealing with dreadful trips to other dealer ships when they're ones like this one. My experience was so easy it seem too good to be true lol I did most of my browsing online which the inventory is up to date clear prices awesome pictures all the information you can want. I pre approved myself online to get all of my ducks in a row and to be sure I wasn't wasting any time. When I got there I was pleased with the internet sales manager Marcos P.
He  was amazing and I would recommend him to family and friends. He was truly genuine and he wasn't like "other typical car salesmen"

Over all, easy process, fair price, & love my new Chevy Malibu!

Service: Five Stars!

Even before I was interested in purchasing I've brought my husband's car (chevy impala) here to get serviced! Great customer service on the service end. Same day appointment,  honest answers,  truly going the extra mile with warranty info.
I worked with LeAnn in service.. Her attitude/customer service is why I immediately thought of Findlay Chevy to purchase my car.

Aly L. | 2013-11-20

Amazing service, every time. Findlay's professionals always go above and beyond, and I will never bring my 5th gen anywhere else!

Tanaura W. | 2013-09-24

I have been brining my vehicles here for service for about 5 years now. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. I've never had an issue here or bad experience here.
You can drop your vehicle off at night and leave your keys in the drop box so they have it 1st thing in the morning.
Now that they're offering a never ending warranty when you buy through them, I'll be getting my next chevy here too!

Dieter D. | 2013-09-19

Billy Chang is outstanding. His customer service skills are the main reason I keep coming back.

Ryan R. | 2013-09-12

Excellent experience here.  I've been to quite a few dealerships around the Valley in my 10 years of living in Las Vegas.  This is one of the best.  I worked with Matt and Mike.  They were both GREAT!  Matt worked with me over a couple days and helped my wife and I get the exact deal we were hoping for.  After the sale I worked with Mike, one of the tech guys.  He showed me EVERY detail of my new 2013 Chevy Sonic RS.  Including pairing my phone, setting up OnStar, and showing me the features of Mylink and more.  Awesome experience and I HIGHLY recommend this dealership.  Thanks guys!  See you soon for my first service.  :)

Svetlana C. | 2013-08-13

I must be in the wrong business. 2 hours of waiting....its a $223 battery. So far I have had break issues, wiper blade issues and now a new battery all things not covered by my warranty and had the vehicle for a year. Wow...what a deal! Still never figured out what causes overheating after 2 trips here.  Other than the H3 Alphas weren't made to idle on a hot day for more than 20 minutes. GMPP and GM Major Guard has saved me what? Guess those free oil changes I paid for have been handy. Glad to a have dealer so close to the house but only good if I can get good service.

Jonathan S. | 2013-05-01

When I brought my car in for service, it was my first visit to Findlay Chevrolet.

All I was there for was an oil change.  I have a black ZL1 Camaro, and it was very windy that day so the car was quite dusty.  For whatever reason, the tech who worked on my car felt it necessary to wipe all of the dust from the front of the car (the area above the bumper in front of the hood, as well as the tops of the fenders), as well as about the front third portion of the hood.  Not only did the car look like crap afterward (which I'm generally okay with since this is usually the case when it comes back from any shop it's been to, and I always request that the car is NOT washed after service), but after I washed the car, I noticed significant amounts of light scratches in the paint where the tech wiped all of the dust from.  I see why he did this on the front of the car and the tops of the fenders (Where I'm sure he had to put something down so he could lean on the car to work on it and, ironically, prevent it from getting scrached), but why the hood?  There was no reason for it, and now I'm going to have to have the car polished to remove the marks he caused.

In addition, there was oil ALL OVER the engine cover and supercharger.  I get my oil changed at the dealership instead of Jiffy Lube to prevent things like this from happening.  Obviously, the techs at Findlay Chevrolet aren't capable of paying attention to the little details that are supposed to separate the service implied at a dealership versus some quick lube.  I won't be returning.

Jonathan A. | 2013-04-10

To start off, just like almost everyone else, I hate going to a car dealership. It can be stressful, time consuming, and and sometimes disappointing. Fortunately, Findlay Chevrolet is not that type of place.
So, I had a dodge challenger (big mistake giving up my Silverado for it) and after a year was wanting to back into a truck. I had the misfortune of going to the competitor next door which was just awful and will be another review altogether for them. After the deal went sour with Ford, I was thinking that I would be stuck with my Dodge forever. Luckily, I received a phone call from Chris at Findlay who was trying to save me money on my Silverado which I didn't have anymore. He was thankfully interested in seeing what I was driving and if I was happy with it. After telling him my story, he was patient and nice enough to see if there was anything he could do. After a few minutes, set up an appointment and had the pleasure of working with Nathan. I can say that this was one of the best visits I've ever had at a car dealership. Nathan wasn't pushy and made it stress free trying to pick out a truck. The finance guy was super friendly and also the guy who got my new Silverado ready for me.
I'm very happy with my experience and not to mention my deal for my brand new truck! As a plus, they have free fountain drinks and coffee which is awesome. I would recommended Findlay Chevrolet to anyone wanting a good deal and an enjoyable visit to a car dealership.

Tristan C. | 2013-04-02

I stop by and spoke with Mike Mcnulty from the internet department of a possibility of buying a chevy volt. He did not have the car I wanted but proceeded to give me excellent service and price breakdown. Although I didnt buy any car from him. I can honestly says that Findlay Chevrolet are the best chevy dealership in Las vegas Area, cos I visited them all.

Ralph P. | 2013-02-28

Last Tuesday I took advantage of the Chevrolet "Sign and Drive" promotion to buy a 2013 Chevy Camaro from Findlay Chevrolet in Las Vegas. Although my primary residence is in Arizona, over the past couple of years I have found myself working in Las Vegas so much that my car rental expenses have come in at well over $600 a month on average,  So I decided to contact somebody I know that works at Findlay Chevrolet and see what kind of deal I could get. After several text messages, I drove out to the dealership and met with my friend, Jamaal McCoy who is the dealership GM. I met Jamaal at an industry event in Miami a couple years ago and we have stayed in contact since. Jamaal asked me to work with a salesman at the dealership by the name of "Larry". Larry was fairly new, but was exceptionally helpful and pulled up 3 2013 Chevy Camaros in different colors that met my equipment requirements... Right away i knew that I wanted the black one... very good looking car! When Jamaal presented the deal to me, including trading in a 2006 Mercury Mariner that I needed to dispose of for a relative that lives in Las Vegas, I was VERY pleasantly surprised. The monthly payments with no money down, and negative equity of about $1,200 in my trade-in came out to less than $375 a month. I smiled, accepted the deal and thanked Jamaal for his courteous treatment and better than expected numbers. After going through the documentation process, getting our complimentary accessories from their accessory department, a Findlay Chevy employee who specializes in doing vehicle deliveries took me through all the new Camaro's systems, Bluetooth set up with my phone and made sure I knew how to operate the vehicle... Away we went, in one of the smoothest and most aggravation free new car buying experiences I have ever had.

9/7/13 UPDATE: I dropped my 2013 Camaro off in the Findlay Chevrolet Service Department on July 18th for a routine 8,000 mile service and then went on a business trip to Washington DC... While in DC I was hospitalized and did not return to Las Vegas until September 4th. My biz associate called "Slim" my Service Advisor at Findlay and explained I was not going to be back for awhile due to a medical emergency. Slim stored my car for over 6 weeks and when I picked it up, they had washed and vacuumed it, as well as not charging me for the service or the storage in their secured lot. The only thing I paid for was an extra key, which was over $200 due to the key Fob security system and the programming required.  All in all, this is one of the best dealerships I have ever bought a car from and had one serviced at. If you are in the market for a new or used car, or need your GM vehicle services, I highly recommend Slim and heather in Service and Jamaal (GM) will set you up with the right deal in the sales department.  They even have a shuttle service to take you to home or business while your vehicle is being serviced, and then will pick you up when it is done.  I wish more businesses of all types had the customer focus that Findlay Chevrolet has.

Michael P. | 2013-01-10

This review is speaking to the service department.  

The Service was horrible.  I was given Don as a service representative.  Don acted like he was interested in my vehicle but I found out he was simply trying to swindle me into more service.  I took my trailblazer in for an oil change when I first moved to vegas because I did not know what auto shops to trust.  Don recommend I flush all my fluids as my vehicle had 70k miles on it.  So had the money so I paid to flush my transmission, brake, drive train, etc etc fluids.  A year later my check engine light was on so I took it back to Findlay to fix the issue so I could pass the smog check to register my car.  Good ol don tells me that my transmission and brake fluids looked dirty and needed a flush.  I had JUST flushed them a year before!! Recently I needed a new battery, and instead of spending a half day figuring it out myself, I decided to take it to Findlay.  The service operator quoted me $50 labor to replace the battery.  Good ol Don again charged me $80/hr AAAND told me my fluids looked dirty and needed flushing AGAIN!!! This guy paid NO attention to my vehicle files, tried to swindle me into flushing my fluids multiple times, charged me more labor than I was quoted, and to top it all off while I was waiting he dumped me off with a sales rep, so I had to hear a whole sales pitch.  I am currently a student with debt and NO income and a paid off vehicle, so I why would I want to buy a car? I wouldn't. Again Don did not listen to a word I said.

Cherry May C. | 2012-11-01

By far one of the best dealership my husband and I have ever been to.

My husband applied online and was followed up by Gil. Gil was very patient with us, he answered all the questions we had, he even advised us to choose a car that would best fit our financial status as opposed to trying to sell us a car we wouldn't be able to afford.

I love their hassle free, haggle free approach, we felt no pressure during our visit there. They offered the highest amount for our Hyundai Tucson-$7500, at Prestige we were offered $4000. We ended up with a Chevy Sonic, very satisfied with the purchase.

Last week we took the car in because the service light was on, we took it into their service department and our car was taken care of immediately.

So glad we came to Findlay. Looking forward to hopefully getting another car through them sometime in the future. Wish we didn't have to live 45 minutes away though!

Kathleen G. | 2012-09-11

Great experience in buying a new Tahoe.  There was no sales pressure but endless freedom to look at all the models and products with lots of support for all the questions we had.  They found us the exact vehicle we wanted and had it ready in one day.  The pick up process was quick, fun, and easy.  We really appreciated the time they took to show us all the features of the Tahoe as well as how to customize the set up.  It was a great experience and we highly recommend Findlay Chevrolet.

Rich N. | 2012-09-01

My experience at Findlay was a classic case of every negative stereotype one imagines about car dealers.  Act like your friend, tell you what you want to hear, lie and make any excuse to get you back in, promise you one thing and then offer another.

After several weeks of communication, I was told the exact car I wanted was now available.  I already had a pending agreement out of state, but thought I would do a good deed if I could instead buy local.  So I agree to buy a Findaly, only to be told that in fact the car was not available but rather arrived 'pre-sold'.  So I instead repair the out of state deal, only to then be told the car was in fact now available and they would sell it to me 'at exactly the price I sought' as stated in an email.  This price was clearly communicated in earlier email again all writing.  So I arrive to purchase the car, 90 minutes of nonsense goes back and forth - only for them to offer me the car at now $400 above what had been promised.  They did not even first acknowledge the higher price, and then made all sorts of pure BS excuses.  I immediately walked away.

Two days later I am contacted and they no supposedly agreed to come down in price.  I agree to purchase, instruct that I will be there shortly for a full cash deal, and they state they will wash the car to get it ready.  Bottom line, before I arrive they sold the car to someone else.

Mike McNulty was the salesperson most responsible for the outright lies and deceit, but to be honest none of the persons I was introduced to along the way impressed me as someone I would trust.

Bottom line is my out of state purchase will arrive next week, at the same price Findaly first promised only to back off on.

This was my 6th car purchase since moving to Las Vegas, and easily the worst.  Findlay Chev has zero credibility, and a lack of any sense of professional ethics.

Andrew W. | 2012-08-17

I got a letter from FIndlay telling me that they could get me into a new car for less money and boy where they right.

I traded in my 2011 Camero for a 2012 Camero. I worked with Scott who took excellent care of me and got me into the car of my dreams.

Matt got the financials that we wanted and got us in and out with no problems. Laid everything out perfectly and explained everything to us when we had any questions.

Mike made sure that the car was up to my standards since they had to bring in up from Bullhead City. We went through all of the features of the car an made sure that I had everything I could ever want.

These 3 guys made this car buying experience a great time. Got everything that they promised and then some more.

My wife and I will be back very soon to get her a new car.

Jonathan S. | 2012-08-08

After not writing a review for several months apparently I'm on Yelp probation. I'm being held at gunpoint until I review every business I've ever been to so we'll start a few months back when I bought my new car from Findlay Chevrolet.

If you've ever read my reviews you'll know I'm a bit of a car snob and a customer service snob. Coming from Mercedes Benz of Henderson my expectations were sky high and unfortunately they were much too lofty for Findlay Chevrolet to match.

Buying the car wasn't the problem as I already knew what I wanted and having insider knowledge makes car buying quick and easy. What followed was a bit of a communications clusterfuck that caused me to waste a few early mornings and some long days sitting in service.

When I first bought the car I noticed 2 dings in the bumper that needed to be fixed by the body shop so I tried for 2 weeks to set up a time to bring it in. That day came and I was there at 9 AM sharp. I was then told I needed to wait until the loan was processed and that I had basically wasted a morning. After that my information was apparently in the wrong place because my name was misspelled and well you get the point.

After a month and several trips my car was finally touched up and I couldn't be happier. Unfortunately the customer service just seemed a bit jumbled because of the sheer size of this place. I was one of the people that slipped through the cracks and it didn't sit right with me. I'll continue to bring my business here but my expectations are now fairly manageable which isn't a positive.

Bill H. | 2012-07-17

Ok, three years ago I had the worst experience of my life dealing with these guys - they have the nerve to reach out to me today and suggest I purchase a car from them - really?  I guess they don't remember the comment about driving my brand new new car 10 miles, telling them I really don't like it and would rather upgrade to something else.  He said sure, bring the car in and we'll see what its trade in value is....(only 10 miles on the car)??  Started a 3 month battle with the dealership.  I suggest purchasing a car from someone else, anyone else.

Rosie M. | 2012-06-29

My husband and I just purchased a new 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe from Findlay. It was such an easy going and fast experience. There was no going back and forth or haggling. They gave us what we wanted and did an awesome job at doing it.

We dealt with the Internet sales manager named Gill. He was efficient and wasn't into playing games like another dealership we went too. We put in an online application on Wednesday and my husband went in on Thursday to pick up our new SUV! Excellent sales! We are very happy with our purchase!

Daniel S. | 2012-06-13

It has been exactly one year from this day that I signed my Chevrolet lease with Findlay Chevrolet. Writing a review on a car dealership is much harder than writing about a hiking trail. In a years time, I have had time to reflect on my experiences with Findlay Chevrolet.


 In the final months of my Saturn lease, Findlay Chevrolet was the authorized dealership performing Saturn service. Findlay Chevrolet shares some of the greatness of the Saturn dealerships. The lobby is a place where you could go on the computer while drinking a fountain beverage or coffee. Car washes are standard with service. There were other advantages of coming to Findlay Chevrolet for service. For oil changes, Findlay Chevrolet provides customers with a beeper that goes off when the vehicle is ready. And for all day repairs, Findlay Chevrolet provides a shuttle service. In general, the employees are professional and friendly.

Leasing or buying a Chevrolet:

    Being a loyal Saturn leasee, leasing a car from the defunct Saturn's sister division Chevrolet from the dealership that serviced my vehicle seemed the way to go. In hindsight, I slightly kick myself for not shopping around. I will get to that soon.

  Until you actually finance the car, the Findlay Chevrolet experience is top notch. There are no swarm of car salesmen circling you like vultures. This allows people to contemplate the decision they are going to make.

 The salesmen I dealt with: Nicholas and John were personable and did not pressure me. A day later,  when I wanted to exchange my vehicle for a model that actually accelerates (when test driving a car I recommend going on Rainbow Boulevard instead of an open stretch of the 215), John put me in the better car. No consequences. Kudos to great salesmen.

  This is the part of the review, that I write why I should of looked around. For all the kudos I give Findlay Chevrolet on customer service and an attractive dealership, I give dimerits on their pricing (financing) To put it bluntly, I feel that I was grossly overcharged. I am leasing a Cruze LT, a vehicle that is approximately $19,500. A 39 month lease including the maintenance package costed me $2,000 in cash at $299 per month (not funny). My last lease was a Saturn Aura, an upgrade car; same exact lease. It costed me $1,000 down and $257 a month. And my first lease was a Saturn Ion, similar to the Cruze. It costed me $1,000 down, and $207 a month. Something is very wrong with the picture. After filling out my survey, the customer service rep read that I rated the pricing poorly. She said that she does not want me to think  they did this to me and that the manager would call me back. Exactly a year later, I never got the call. The silence is deafening.

 If I were to do it all over again, I would of spent the time to look around. Maybe a different car manufacturer. At this moment, I have the maintenance package. Chances are that I will rate service experiences at Findlay Chevrolet with references to this review.

Speed R. | 2012-01-16

Normally I take my car to California for maintenance since I have had terrible luck with the Chevy dealers, mechanics here.

On a whim, I dropped by to get my oil changed. They suggested additional work, as always. They were actually willing to show me why my brake fluid needed to be changed and the system flushed. I had the work done, but took alot longer then expected.

Shari H. | 2011-08-30

Review on service only -

Pros - I don't feel like they tried to cheat me or talk me into service I didn't need.
Cons - Spotty service

They have strange policies regarding their service. I don't know if they have some odd commission rules, but I was often bounced from one person to the next.  Oh, the oil change desk notified you of your need for engine work?  Then you need to go through them. You are calling for an appointment? - Why should I have to schedule it through a specific service rep that helped me last?  I don't care who does the work, just do it!
The last visit was the worst - an oil change took 2 hours!  And no, no other work was needed, it just took them that long to finish.  After my visit I received one of those automated letters asking my if my experience at Findlay wasn't absolutely perfect, to please contact their head customer service rep.  So I did.  That was 9 days ago and no response.
Why waste the money on mailings if you don't really want the feedback?

Tee L. | 2011-04-23

review on their oil change service- one main reason I used them,because I had a $25 savings toward my oil change, it was late in the day and no one else was there, staff friendly  and of course when I arrived, someone else shows up, so they do oil change on both vehicle at same time in 2 different bays.. I guess he was not really focus, because I did not realize after I left they put in the wrong oil type, not the one recommend for Honda, yes granted this location is preferred for Chevy vehicles, but still they should have all oil grade??
And after 2k , I notice and oil leak in the garage, decided not worth driving back-from henderson and waiting to find out what the issue was- went to get the next oil change somewhere else and found out the oil change screw was loose- wtf.. Fyi I don't usually go to any dealership,as they are overpriced and always find extra work to be done on your car??? So therefore I will not go back....

Jacob M. | 2010-12-16

This review is based solely upon the service department. I have not purchased a car here.

I own a car that is of one of the (now) many GM brands no longer produced. Because of this, it can be at times difficult to find a dealer who can service my car. (*note* I don't always go to dealerships for service. I realize that many times they are much more expensive. However, I go to the dealerships for genuine parts, and a recourse if the service stinks).

For this occasion, I was having a couple major problems with my car. I had taken it in to an independent mechanic about 2 weeks prior to taking into Findlay, and the first mechanic said I only needed a tune up and an oil change. They were wrong, but I unfortunately found that out after I had already paid for the oil change and tune up. I had some major problems with my radiator, and my engine intake. Findlay spotted this right away. The service staff was incredible. They laid everything out for me and were honest. Well, after fixing those problems, 2 days later my fuel pump went out. I took the car back to Findlay, and they quoted me on a price. Being so close to the holidays and having already spent over $1000 the same week, I let them know I couldn't afford to fix the problem. I left my car at Findlay over the weekend to pick up on Monday and tow home.

On Monday morning, I got a call from the service rep I was working with, and he let me know that they were going to work with me and give me a deal. Previous to the call, I had gotten a couple quotes from other shops to see if I could get the work done cheaper. The quote that Findlay came back with was over $125 cheaper than any of the other mechanics gave me. I was definitely in luck.

My car is now working better than it has in a long time. I was very happy with both the work of Findlay's mechanics, and the quality of their service.