Fairway Chevrolet in Las Vegas, NV

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New and used chevrolet, buick and GMC dealership. Including full body shop and ability to service any make and model vehicle on site.


Established in 1969.

Founded in 1969 in Las Vegas, NV by Bill Heinrich the Heinrich Auto Group has grown over the years to 4 dealerships in southern nevada. Including Fairway Chevrolet (it's flagship dealership) along with Fairway Buick GMC, Henderson Chevrolet and Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza.

Heinrich Auto Group is also very involved in the local communities which include the founding of the Bill and Lillie Heinrich YMCA.

Fairway Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Address:3100 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89104
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Fairway Chevrolet

Kimmy J. | 2015-04-22

A few weeks ago I had the worst experience here at Fairway Chevrolet. I brought my car in to be serviced and it was returned to me with a large scratch on the passenger's side door. I notified them of this and they stated that they didn't do it and refused to fix it. I will never be returning to this dealership again! After reading some of the other reviews it appears that this isn't the first time they have done something like this!

VANESSA J. | 2015-04-08

Spoke to James regarding a corvette.. Very unprofessional and rude. Avoid this dealership at all cost and go to Findlay these guys are all sneaky and slimy.. AVOID!!!!

Paul W. | 2015-03-31

Parts department is so slow they make you wait so long while they sit there and bullshit about cars instead of doing their fucking job and serving the customers is a fucking joke if you're in a rush don't come to this fucking place fucking parts people here need to get a life and dotheir job and not sit around and bullshit about cars do your job help your customers don't let them sit there and wait and wait and wait while you bullshit about vehicles

Martin M. | 2015-03-24

Been taking our GMC Acadia since we purchased it to their service department for oil changes etc because we want it done right. Well this past oil change (Saturday) it was NOT done right. I was told 3 recalls needs to be addressed so I left my truck there. When I picked it up, white smoke  was coming out and it was shaking. I tried to bring it back only to be told to bring it back the upcoming week. We had to have roadside assistance pick it up and tow it to the dealership. We were left without a vehicle for more than 24 hrs. Come to find out the tech "put to much oil". I thought this is why we bring it to the dealership so that things like this DONT happen. Upon retrieving our truck, it wasn't washed and the truck only had about 1/4 tank of gas when we had a lil over half. No paperwork was given to see the actual issues the truck had. They did however managed to throw in a few dents and dings. They also made sure to let us know that we qualified for a trade. SHAME ON YOU FAIRWAY!!! don't think I'll be taking any of our vehicles there EVER AGAIN.

Unknown S. | 2015-03-24

I called Fairway Chevy looking for a GMC Terrain wondering what they had in stock and if they did not have what I wanted in stock if I could order it.  Instead of answering my questions the lady who answered the phone proceeded to ask if I had a trade in, what kind and how many miles.  I avoided there questions as my question still was not answered.  Finally I get my answer and she asks if I would like to come in today to look at their stock or order a vehicle.  I told them NO I was just calling around.  30 minutes later I get a call from a gentlemen at Fairway asking what exactly I was looking for and he said he could get me whatever I wanted.  I NEVER GAVE THEM MY CONTACT INFORMATION TO CALL ME I TOLD THEM IF I WAS INTERESTED I WOULD CALL THEM!!!!!!!  Since I made contact with Fairway Chevy they have called me 4 times!!!!! Again I never gave them my contact information they took my number of caller id and have stalked me.  This is RIDICOULOUS that they feel the need to take my number and call me repeatedly especially since I have not answered any of their calls and they keep calling me.

Samantha S. | 2015-02-23

This place is the absolute worst! I couldn't  tell you how many problems we have had since the moment we purchased our cars. The cars themselves were running well but, don't bother having a warranty because they will try to do the minimum possible that they are required to do and whatever else is needed they do a terrible job at explaining. They treat you without any respect and like you are a burden. I can't remember the mans name that worked in the service area, but he was very rude and condensing. I had to return to him for a couple of times due to some squeezing brakes. They do not give you options and are overall lazy in customer service. When talking to management they are immediately defensive and he was very short tempered with me, I could not believe it! I truly regret purchasing our Cruze and Corvette from here, they made an experience that was supposed to be joyous into a nightmare. Zero stars.

Two Guns R. | 2015-02-04

I have bought two new cars from them, one in 2000 and one in 2012.
Both times all was fine.
So I start looking two weeks ago for a new Chevy, I see on the website they have what I want.
I call yesterday about noon and they double check and yes it is in stock.
I call this morning at 10 and they check again, it is still there and I have an appointment to look, and in all probability buy it.

I arrive at 4 and am told by Jeffrey Marcus that they don't have it, and he was apparently too busy to call me.
Wife turned down overtime, we live 50 miles, now two of us are in this three hours and are just plain pissed off.
Thanks Jeffrey!


I bought a new car yesterday from Ed Bozarth.

Thanks, Jeffie!

Mary M. | 2015-01-13

Liars they gave us a bad jeep compass which had a lot of problems.  everyday they give you different price for same car.

Nicole H. | 2014-12-29

Ohhhhh you failed to tell me I can go to the Henderson one because your affiliated for services. After I spoke on the phone multiple times. I live by the M. No big deal. You got my money. This is why car salesman have such a bad rep. BARF!!!!!!! Just looking at them disgust me of there lies!

Forrest G. | 2014-11-25

I've been to many dealerships, and I have honestly walked out of 50% of them because the sales agent. I had Tony help me on my purchase of a new corvette. He was the best sales guy I've ever had to be honest!  I can't just say he was only nice because we bought a corvette, because I originally went to Ed Bozart Chevrolet because it's close to my house. To say the least they treated me like sh$t and I walked out. Tony more than met my expectations and was always extremely helpful.  He even answered any questions via text when he wasn't even at work.
Thanks again Tony!

Maren H. | 2014-10-31

Tony Toscano, my sales agent, made my car buying experience so easy. He was patient and willing to work with my situation until he found the best solution for me. Which, was not easy. He was also honest and helped walk me through the details. He did all the work and worrying for me. He made my first time, the best time.

Thanks, Tony.

Denise B. | 2014-09-02

Service is always terrible! Everytime i use them they never call me to let me know the status of my car! I have to call and then it seems like nothing was done until I call and check. I should know better than to bring it back but I figure well it's closer than any other dealership and it's a different rep....but no its always the same bad customer service! My car has been in the service dept since Friday morning! It is now Tuesday evening. They told it would be done by now because of the holiday, blah blah! My car just needed to have a mirror fixed! I just got off the phone with the service manager didn't make the experience better! He said I can pick up my car today without having my mirror painted! "It's drivable"!!! Really?! I will NEVER use them again and also will never buy another car there because you get stuck needing to use the service dept! GM has great cars and that is why I have gotten all our past 6 cars there! I thought they were working on improving customer service! Never again!!!! Done!

TT F. | 2014-08-31

Bought a car at a reasonable price I was in and out 80 minutes total!! They dropped the car off at my house with a full tank! Thx Xavier.
Any parts issues? Brandon will get it done!

Richard G. | 2014-07-16

Just purchased a used Trailblazer the other day at Fairway and we were pleased overall with the good service and help provided by the dealership and our salesman, Roy D.  

Have purchased and leased many cars over the years and Fairway did as good and even better job than many dealerships we have dealt with.  

I am not sure why the negative reviews.  The service experience was as good as the Benz dealership we just dealt with in the leasing of my wife's new GLK 350.

Agustin P. | 2014-06-21

Worst place ever to buy a car. The service department is a joke. Have had about 4 problems that they've caused. Save yourself a few migraines and don't go here.

Lora Y. | 2014-06-21

My husband and I purchased a vehicle over Presidents day weekend- We received great service from both Thurston Simpson and Dimitry. They were both knowledgeable and personable and made us feel very at home.  This was a different experience altogether from other dealerships where the vultures are just waiting to pounce the second you turn your engine off- we didn't feel pressured or strongarmed into anything and overall were impressed with the incentives and service we recieved!

J C. | 2014-06-09

Excellent buying experience. Ordered and bought a brand new suv from these guys.  The wait sucked cause I special ordered it but the wait was worth it when I got my shiny new ride.  Would definitely buy here again.

Jacque G. | 2014-04-24

Let me start off by saying that i have never owned another vehicle that has not been a Chevy since my grandfather is retired from General Motors. I have not had very good experiences with any of my car buying from Fairway Chevrolet, but i would like to take a moment to share the most recent experience that my mom has had with her Impala when taking it into the service department.

Her car had been starting to overheat, literally for maybe 2 days.(She stopped driving it at this point and made an appointment with the service department) She took it into them for a diagnostic check and was completely shocked when they told her she needed a whole new engine since she had blown the current engine by driving it while it was overheating. (The cost of this new engine...$6000+) We are talking about a 2003 Impala with over 100,000 miles. The service consultant stated that her car had failed a block test and it "appeared" that the "heads" were warped. After further conversation with the service consultant, it was apparent that the technician/s who evaluated her car had not actually dismantled any part of the engine or attempted to evaluate the car in any other way, other than preforming this "block test". My mom the explained to the consultant that the value of the car was not worth investing $6000 and she was just going to go ahead and come pick it up. He then expressed how regretful he was that he wasn't able to do anything for her and offered a minimal discount and stated "there was nothing else wrong with her engine, other than these 2 blown heads...". She then inquired how much it would be to replace just the 2 heads he was referring to. He stated he could not give her that estimate since that was NOT what they were recommending. They were ONLY recommending a new engine. His very next line.."Are we able to get you into a new car..." Really, are you kidding me.. what scammers!

My mom did end up picking up her car and getting a second opinion, and surprise surprise.. no new engine. Instead, she ended up having her thermostat (which was sticking), the water pump (which was having trouble circulating) and a radiator fan replaced. Hmmm... all problems that could explain an engine trying to overheat!

I'm pretty disappointed at the lack of customer service and honesty shown by Fairway Chevrolet. You think with all the bad publicity lately, they would be trying a little harder to keep the customers they have, especially those who are part of the General Motors family!  

The second opinion that we got by the way was from Hefty Auto Service.. Great service, honest employees and decently priced! The owner definitely understand the frustration caused by dealerships.. he didn't even ask or care what was recommended on the car before hand, just gave his honest opinion. Work was completed with in hours!

Jay J. | 2014-01-12

Oil change!  I love that they have a lube station.

They guys were professional and they did our oil change so fast!  There was even a guy asking us if we needed anything!  Very cool.  We will return.

Jeannette B. | 2013-12-16

We purchased a brand new vehicle on Oct. 2012 the finance person Dennis Walker straight lied in our faces when asked if we purchased an extended warranty he stated no. His response was it was to cover for there loses in the deal. When I went home and reviewed the contract called him back and question him on the extended warranty he lied again and stated thatI he did advised me that we did purchased it. I called the sale manager who back his story and did nothing. I made sure I told my story when I received the survey including his name. I will never go there or recommend anyone to do business with them, they are not to be trusted. Beware!

Patricia L. | 2013-10-22

So I saw these terrible reviews on Yelp and thought, "It can't be that bad..."

And it really wasn't! I saw a used car with the specifications that I wanted. I live out in LA so I couldn't see it until the following weekend. So we called, asked about it, and even put a holding deposit on the car.

We got to the dealer the following Saturday. The salesman treated us great. They had the car set out for us in the garage so that we could look at it, get a feel for it. We test drove the car. Everything was great. We wanted the car, so we worked up numbers. They matched the loan I was preapproved for with my bank.

We went to see the finance manager. Worked everything up. Signed disclosures. Etc. Boring stuff.

Everything went well while we were there.

And then...
We left.

Everything they were supposed to get done for us took FOREVER. I finally went to the California DMV and was able to register the car... after THREE AND A HALF WEEKS. They gave me a permit for four weeks, but still, it's cutting it close!

Every time I call I get directed to someone else, and ultimately end up leaving 100s of voicemails.

At one point, someone at the dealership told me the finance manager I worked with was no longer working with them. Then a week and a half later, someone was like, "What are you talking about, Sal's here!" -___-

The concierge has no voicemail box so it rings and rings and rings and rings... and hope that someone picks up the phone...

Everyone once in a while someone appears to redeem themselves... And then it all falls apart again.

I feel like they don't understand that customer service should continue after we leave the dealership. We're still customers until the deal is finalized and the title is transferred over. In fact, we're customers even after that! But they don't seem to think that we're worthy of their time once we're out that door.

All in all, it just made my car-buying experience a complete nightmare and hassle. It was ALMOST not worth buying my car... But then again I love the car, so I guess I'd go through it again. I swear this place gave me white hairs, that's how much they stressed me out.

Derek L. | 2013-10-09

They do all my oil changes. Great service for oil changes and rotating tired plus free car washes.

Dewi H. | 2013-08-17

This place doesnt even deserve a star at all!! My husband came on tuesday to get a check on our car before we go on long trip.it took them for a day to get our car back.pick up the car notice all the problems start show up.when we file complain.seems like everyone just try ignore our phone call.long story short that was our first and Last to buy car at chevy.it was the worst customer service ever!!

Ryan P. | 2013-08-15

Terrible service department , they wrecked my antenna when doing an oil change and then didn't tell me and just tried to say they couldn't take it through wash.  Was told I couldn't speak to General Manager.  I guess I will have to forward my complaints to General Motors and every site on the Internet then....

michelle r. | 2013-06-22


I got a 2013 Camaro Ls coupe........I am very happy about all my requests.  I really don't know why there is only 1 1/2 stars for these guys.........

The whole experience was wonderful for me.  

Ask for Thurston!

Chris R. | 2013-05-11

Just bought a 2013 GMC Sierra. Love it! Tim Slack was awesome- tracked down exactly what I wanted. Great experience.

Tristan C. | 2013-04-02

This dealership can get under your skin in a jiffy. Cant do any number without a credit app. Wont even bother running any number that some other dealership gave me and see if they can match it.

You can go and see them, they says. This dealership really like to keep their new car for people that never buy a car before. But for those of you internet savy shopper. Go somewhere else. I bought mine delivered from california chevy of montebello. Talk To Tom Denney.

P M. | 2013-03-24

The dealership and lot are brand new and nice!  The lot is huge and the showroom is comfortable,  they even have big screen TVs and free bottled water.   My salesman, Dave Edwards, was nice and very knowledgeable about the Chevy product.  I'm so happy I switched to the new Malibu from my outdated Camry!  Also, the manager, Brian Francis, was so helpful and friendly.   I will surely refer all my friends and family to Fairway to see Dave and Brian!

Nicole D. | 2013-02-06

I saw a vehicle online that I wanted to take a better look at so I called the dealership and was told that it was on the lot. I drove down met with Thurston and looked at the vehicle was an easy sell for him as it was what I had been looking for over the course of several months. After dome negotiating and all was said and done I was happy with the salesman and finance team. I would recommend them to friends and family in the market for a new or used vehicle.

Melissa Q. | 2013-01-08

I went to visit this dealer after I scheduled an appointment online to shop around for a new car. However as soon as I got there I was greeted by Tim, really kind and honest compared to other sales people I've experienced at other dealers. And explained my situation and what I was looking for which was this Chevy Cruze!! The overall experience I must say was more than I ever expected.. starting with Tim who was 100% committed to help me leave with a car and not just "a car"  but a '13 Cruze that I really wanted, after everything he told me he could get me into a 2013 Chevy Cruze in my favorite color blue and 0 DOWN plus a free tint since I scheduled my appointment online!!!! He did not have me waiting for too long and just loved the fact everything went so smooth and they really wanted business. I look forward to doing business with them again and would recommend you give them a shot and I am sure you will be satisfied and happy with your car purchase and not have buyers remorse!!!!  -Melissa Q..

Mari R. | 2012-09-27

Rating the Sales Dept:

I called to inquire if a car on their website was still available because I had a bit of a drive to get to their location. They looked it up and told me they had the car!!

They then told me I had to make an appointment to see a sales person. Really? So if I walk in, you won't sell me a car? I made the appt and was then told to bring 2 pay stubs, proof of residency and some other BS. Really again? I just bought a luxury car a few months ago and they didn't even ask for this. Keep in mind, I'm trying to buy a used car for less than $13k

I went on Yelp and saw all the horrible reviews and thought, well, they have the car I want, so let's just go. I told my husband "I'll be so mad if I show up and they say the car I want has been sold"

Sure as S***, that's what they told me!!!! "oh, sorry, that just sold" BULLS*** it just sold. Oh, but four more are coming in tonight. What? They just magically appear because I want one? Chevy doesn't make this car anymore buddy. They also had their paper ready in hand ready to take our personal information...... Watch Out!!!! They want to see who you are before they'll even show you a car. It's a Chevy dealership people.

An appointment is a joke because there are so many sales people just standing around. Total used car salesman tactics make me so mad and shame on you for making people drive to your location knowing well enough you don't have what they want.

The used cars on their website are only to entice you to go in. They don't actually have them and if they do, they won't sell it to you unless you sign over your life first.

My first 1-star review and I'm more than happy to write this.

Rosie M. | 2012-06-29

My first time coming here was back in 2009 when I first moved to Las Vegas and was trying to get a car. I went in test drove a car, they ran my credit and told me they would get back to me because the finance manager wasn't in. A few days later, still no call, dealer isn't answering my calls. I'm thinking their playing games. All they had to tell me was no. Why mess around and leave me hanging. I can handle the truth! So I just went somewhere else and got myself a car.

Second time here was last week. My husband and I were looking to get a brand new 2012 Chevy Tahoe. This was the first place we went because our friend said he could get us a deal. We came here, filled out an application and they told us once again that the finance manager wasn't in, so they would get back to us. A few days later, no call and the salesman isn't answering my husband's calls. Once again, I get the same feeling as I did the first time I went there. It feels like their playing games. Finally, we hear something and they tell us they can't get us a Tahoe but they can get us into something cheaper like an Equinox or Traverse. We tell them that's not we want and go somewhere else. If that was the case why leave us hanging? It doesn't take that long to get a yes or a no.

We went to Findlay and surprise, surprise we got our Tahoe. We didn't have to wait days and days for an answer either. It took Findlay a few hours to get us what we wanted. Don't waste your time and go somewhere else.

Lindsey W. | 2011-10-03

Fairway sells Used vehicles advertised as New and it is up to you, the consumer, to go BEYOND even what they, the dealership personnel tell you when attempting to do business with them.

I flew in from Los Angeles to do business at Fairway and drive home. When I got to Fairway, the "NEW" car I had negotiated a deal on was worn, had 807 more miles on it than was disclosed to me IN WRITING, and had a warranty that was over a year expired. That is a used car.

Doing business at Fairway is like a time warp to the ugly, nerve-wracking 1980's car-business. Have you ever seen "Fargo"? The Fairway sales staff must teach JERRY LUNDEGARD BUSINESS ETHICS. You betcha.

Doc D. | 2011-02-28

Do not use the Service Dept. at Fairway Chevrolet for repairs or maintenance on your vehicle. They will perform unauthorized repairs and then hold your vehicle hostage until you pay for those repairs.

Tom R. | 2010-12-19

I told Daniel my problem and he sold me a switch. 10 mins later after I tried it and found out it didn't work they wouldn't return it and he said "I didn't think that was your problem. It's usually the motor because you use that window the most." So I was out $160. Not good customer service in my opinion.

DeeDee N. | 2010-04-14

We had to take our 2007 Chevrolet truck in for service due to the fact that it stalled on the freeway twice while I was driving 65 miles an hour.  The power steering also doesn't work when the vehicle has no power.  I had to put it in neutral and then thank goodness I got it started.  After getting off of the freeway it stalled at stop signs and lights.  Same thing...put it in neutral and it started.  Not very dependable for a truck with 54,000 miles on it.  It was very scarry!  Took it to Fairway Chevrolet where they charged us for a new coil and a fuel injector flush.  It cost us $429.91 to fix our truck which should have never happened in the first place.  This is an outrageous amount of money for a truck that is basically new and suppose to be "dependable"!  I feel this was a real rip-off!  The parts were overpriced and the labor was $282.00 for a job that I know didn't take 5 hours!  Gee, I wonder if Chevy has a problem like Toyota??? Anyone out there have the same problem?