Ed Bozarth #1 Chevrolet Dealer in Las Vegas, NV

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Ed Bozarth #1 Chevrolet Dealer

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 948-8484
Address:5501 Drexel Rd, Las Vegas, NV, 89130

Reviews on Ed Bozarth #1 Chevrolet Dealer

Raquel C. | 2015-04-15

I usually dread going to buy a car and having to deal with the pushy salesman and all the BS that goes with the whole experience which ends up being a whole day dragged out instead of being a fun, joyful one.

But thanks to Nick Carducci at Ed Bozarth Chevy my experience was the total opposite of this. He was attentive without being pushy and was very knowledgeable about the vehicle and detailed. He put all of my worries at ease while shopping for my daughters 1st vehicle. We ended up buying a car that Saturday thanks to Nick it was a great experience.

So good that we went back that next Friday and went straight to ask for Nick Carducci and I ended up buying a Chevy Impala love this car, this is the 3rd vehicle I have purchased in the past 3 years from Ed Bozarth Chevy,  and highly recommend Nick Carducci if your looking for a great sales experience without the pushy sales pitch.

Thank you Nick and Ed Bozarth Chevy.

Kevin L. | 2015-04-07

Went here searching for a Stingray Corvette.  Worked with Natalie, one of the nicest people in the car sales industry, and Chris their Corvette guru.  Though I ended up purchasing from another dealer. The time they spend educating me and helping figure out and pick out exactly what I want was beyond any other dealership. But when it comes to corvette pricing here their offers are not the best by any means.

Steven B. | 2015-03-28

I  visited Ed Bozarth chevrolet about two years ago to have some repairs done to my car. It had an oil leak off of the back of the motor. I dealt Jeremy  Hutchins who at the time was the Corvette Service Writter. It is my understanding that most Dealerships have  specific Mechanics and Service persons who only work on Corvettes. Jeremy assured me that they would be able to fix it with no problems due to my car being a earlier model and easier to work on and this was common for this c5 generation. He quoted me a (GOOD GUY) price of $1700. To fix the oil pressure gauge and both oil pan gaskets. All 3 were leaking and they would have to remove the front suspension to get to the oil pan gaskets. I told him to do it and please just fix the leaks. After getting my car back.. about a month later I decided to change the oil and filter in this car. After crawling under the car I was able to see that not a single bolt was removed from anywhere under the car..the suspension components were never even touched. The removal of the front suspension that I was charged for NEVER HAPPENED. The oil did stop leaking..I figured lesson learned. I  got ripped off but the oil was not leaking so just cut my losses and move on. Recently the car started leaking AGAIN. You guessed it. .. same place it was leaking the first time!  I called  Ed Bozarth and spoke to the Service department about this.. they had zero concern about what happened with my prior experience or that the fact it very evident they screwed me over the first time. All they wanted to do was get me to make an appointment to get it in so they could give me a quote on the repairs. I thought to myself why would I take it back to you to charge me more of what you did not do the first time?! Instead I took it to another dealership. who looked over the car and then informed me the gaskets Ed Bozarth installed were installed improperly and was definitely leaking from the upper and lower oil pans once again. They ripped me off for close to $2000. if you care about your vehicles or hard earned money? do your homework, check every other place possible that might be able to do the work? it would be my advice to everyone out there, stay away from Bozarth they will take you for every last dime they can while holding their hand out expecting you to pay more for work they will never do or complete properly.

Christie L. | 2015-02-24

I dislike coming here very much. The last time I had work done on my car here, they broke stuff along the way and had the nerve to give me my car back like it was all good. Yes, they fixed what they broke after I took it back, but having to go through all of that just because they aren't able to do it right the first time sucks. I was nervous about bringing my car back and shortly after I arrived to drop my car off I remembered very quickly why I was nervous. Pamela came over to check the car in and was so unprofessional. I asked her some questions about services they offer and she told me the price and then said to just go to Auto Zone since it will be cheaper. Huh? I tried to explain that Auto Zone wasn't an auto body shop. I know they have machines that can pull certain codes, but they certainly aren't going to have a bay for you to pull into to get your car serviced by them. I then wondered why I was the one explaining this to her since she was the employee. She gave me totally wrong info about other stuff and was so rude while doing it as well and I didn't like how abusive she was towards the car when getting in and out. I asked her for her name and she said that my complaining would do no good because she had been there several years and wasn't going anywhere. I have reached out to Chevy via e-mail and even handwritten a complaint to this location and never heard anything back. I see they respond to some yelp reviews, so they probably try and cover themselves when it's out for the public, but verbal and written snail mail complaints go ignored.

Fred C. | 2015-02-20

Awesome people,  specially sale guy Izak Jacelle . He did great job, very quickly gave us tour and  test drive and we got our Chevy less than 2 hours approved .
I highly recommend this dealer..

Greg L. | 2015-02-02

Alright, so I bought a new car this year...I've had my 2015 Malibu for exactly one month to the day, and my radio freezes up on me. It won't respond to any commands and won't turn off, even when I turn the car off and take the keys out of the ignition. I took the car the Ed's (where I bought it) thinking it should be a quick fix and then they call me around 5:00 pm stating they won't have it ready until at least 12:00 pm the next day "or at least no earlier". Now I know this a small thing and all, and I'm sure they will get it fixed...but really, MY CAR IS IN THE SHOP AFTER ONE MONTH ON THE ROAD!!! The worst part is, I gotta bum a ride to pick it up whenever it's done which means, you guessed it: No Loner. Well on the bright side, at least I was offered a car wash right!? Thanks Ed, great salesmen, but terrible customer service...I'm just praying I don't have any additional trouble anytime soon!!

Jill S. | 2015-01-27

I am very glad that our concerns were not only heard, but resolved and we felt very valued.

Stacey V. | 2015-01-08

We scheduled a time to get an oil change done. They said they would be able to do it at that time. When we got there they said that they could not see the car for two more hours. This is the third time this has happened. I think I will take my car to the Chevrolet dealership on 215 and rainbow.

Tayler V. | 2014-12-08

I have never ever in my life had a better sales experience then the one I had today with Eric and with Jahliid. They listened to all of my concerns and answered every question and helped me in ways I could never explain! I would buy a new car everyday if that was practical just because of the awesome service I got today!

Nate H. | 2014-11-19

follow up from my last review 9 months ago. my OnStar problem came back  causing my battery to die almost everyday. contacted OnStar they ended up speaking with the supervisor at gm about how to send a invoice so the recall can be fixed. you put OnStar in everything but never knew about the recall through OnStar I find that very odd n wonder if its criminal?  I had to deal with and solve the problem myself for you. Being Nieve  is not an excuses to tell me lies cause you don't know your own product and inconvenience me for over 9 months.

Steve S. | 2014-11-05

I will make this short. I went to Bozarth looking for a bad ass silverado, they didnt have what I was looking for but they found one in Arizona & shipped it in . They werent pushy & I feel I got a fair deal !

Hugo D. | 2014-10-31

Lately the service has been very substandard.  I waited 8 hrs for an oil change 3 weeks ago (even with a scheduled appointment). They originally had said it would only take a couple of hours. I arrived at 9:30 am and left the dealership at 6pm. Also, 2 days ago I came back (again on a scheduled appointment) for the warranty part to be installed in my car. I was able to be shuttle home by the dealership (this was a very nice gesture by Ed Bozarth) but their shuttle wasn't available for runs so I couldn't catch a ride back to the dealership. I arranged for an after hours vehicle pick up with the dealership but  when I arrived at 6:30 pm to pick up my keys they weren't available for pickup so I had to wait an additional 30 to 45 minutes to get my keys back to drive home. Overall, I feel like the level of priority for the customer is not there. I have bought 3 cars from this dealership within the past 3 years. I am not seeking VIP treatment but I definitely want to be taken seriously.  I didn't leave the dealership until 8pm. I live 80 miles from las vegas so by the time I arrived home it was 9:30 pm. It took all day long to change a shifter knob.  I bit of consideration would be appreciated. I will continue to come back to this once great dealership as long as they get their service up to standard!

Sylph E. | 2014-10-30

I am floored by how far the putrid stench of Ed Bozarth's continuous service failures have spread to even infect the lives of those who have yet to suffered the horror of their service. It is the stuff of customer service nightmares when a company's every department fails so utterly at understanding that the fundamental goal of a company is to keep its customers happy and satisfied.

The opposite of satisfaction and joy is what you will get at this business. Expect to return here on multiple visits (even with appointments) only to find further issues that arises and wasted time. If you dare call them out on their mistakes do not expect it rectified. It is the greatest insult when a company throw a free oil change in your face after you've spending $2000+ to receive unsatisfactory services. Even the follow up call you receives after escalating it to Corporate office drips with contempt as the voice on the phone patronizes you with fake apologies and half-hearted platitudes.

It is clear that this company puts up a facade of care with zero intention of follow through. Repeated attempts have been made to provide feedback and one knows a sinking ship when it runs out fuel.

dustin s. | 2014-10-30

This dealership is horrible they only do the work on your car that does not cost them out of pocket.  Took my car in for a recall and was not told till i had to pay my bill with 4 other things I was charged for that the Recall was not completed.  Had to escalate to corporate GM due bad service.  It took 3 weeks and having to reopen my service order since it was closed by the dealership saying they had contacted me.  After 3 weeks i get  call that says sorry I was out of town for the last 2 days and he thought my car was in only a week ago and only once.  The communication between staff is horrible.  I wrote a letter to the GM and after a week I got a call from their automatic customer service follow up to check if i was satisfied.  No one even knew what happened and this carried through everything.  When i filed the report the operator told me she had another service problem call that day about the same dealership!  They dont care about service I might have well taken my car to any local crap service shop and been charged a heck of a lot less.  They let me drive away the first time in a unsafe vehicle and they only wanted to blame Chevy.  Taking no responsibility the fact they represent the parent company.

Sheena M. | 2014-10-30

If I could give them zero stars, I would! They are the ABSOLUTE WORST people/company to deal with. I have been dealing with them for weeks and everything they've put me through is absolutely horrific. They have zero customer service and do not care for the well being of their customers. They rather have you drive around in a dangerous car and care less about your safety. When confronted with the issue they take no ownership and continually pass the buck and try to avoid the situation. For the sake of your time, money and your safety, DO NOT GO HERE!!!!

Josh B. | 2014-10-22

not helpful at all, don't return phone calls. doesn't actually try to fix problems with cars just says they did. and when you question them on it they claim its all normal even with direct evidence to the contrary. I will never go to your guys dealership again.

Nicole B. | 2014-10-17

Every time I go into this dealership the Service is AMAZING! All of the employees are very professional and courteous, including management. Is the advisors cant fix it, then the managers surely will! WONDERFUL!

Robert P. | 2014-10-16

Went in today for a refresher on my navigation and they gave me a courtesy wash! Better and better every time!

Amv S. | 2014-10-12

If you want a detailed analysis of this place please read on.

I live in Henderson so coming all the way across town was a track but well worth it. We first had a bad experience with one of their internet advisors we contacted when we found a SUV online and how he was not giving us information we needed to make the decision to make the trip across town and kept insisting to just come down.

I decided to contact the sales Manger to let them know my frustrations and how I was not happy with their sales guy not giving me the info I needed and was completely blown away on how attentive Eddie the sales manager was, and how he was not just blowing smoke and giving dry apologies but he asked what is was that we were unhappy about and he answered all our questions which gave us which gave me the green light to head down there

Eddie asked us to ask for him as soon as we arrived there. I already took care of the financing part and had a check ready to buy the car along with our trade in so there was to be no back and forth to go on as I had a budget max and I had an eye on a certain car as well as had a set amount I needed for my trade in to get the deal done under my max

Eddie introduced us to a salesman by the name of Jahliid and he gave us his 100% attention as was not trying to sell us anything and was only there to give us suggestions, give us detailed info on the car we were looking at, as well as made a friendly stress free atmosphere.

Once we test drove the SUV and liked it we said its a go and when we got back Eddie had already drew up the paperwork that was exactly where we needed it to be to get the deal done.

There was no back and forth and they listening to what I wanted and they delivered. I have bought a lot of cars in my day and I can say the experience I had at Ed Bozarth lived up to my expectations and exceed my thoughts

These guys really do care and they do not try to meet your expectations, they try to exceed and did. I am a customer for life and I am glad we made the trip. :)


Rebecca H. | 2014-10-08

What an amazing no hassle car buying experience. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else now. Thank you to the Bozarth team for the best service in Las Vegas.

Teresa N. | 2014-09-17

This dealership should be closed by General Motors.  Management does nothing to assist their customers when there is a issue. The Service department has the worst customer service   Why tell someone to bring in their car for service if you are to busy   Up charge you on everything.   Being a corvette owner meant specialized techs and top notch service .so we were told.  That's hilarious because you DO NOT GET THAT    Can't wait until they are shut down or go out of business.

E B. | 2014-09-16

Natalie and Nate were amazing honestly if it was not for them I would have went else where.  I called for three days on several occasions to speak to someone in sales I had already been to 9 dealerships and had many to choose from, the two young ladies that sit at the front desk have been nothing but rude to me on the phone and refused to transfer me to sales I am not sure what that was about but they would transfer my husbands calls but not mine, I found it odd and uncalled for. I did finally get a hold of Nate the sales manager whom was very respectful and kind and on top of that helpful I told him to send me his best sales person and explained to him the issue I was having with the front desk... When I came to the dealership I was set up to meet up with Natalie she was also very kind and treated my family very well I actually never had a better buying experience anywhere else (besides having to deal with the rude young ladies).  Natalie and Nate are both great assests to your team please let them know that!!!  Because of these two great people I will be sending more business your way :)

Ashley P. | 2014-09-08

I've been here one time, and one time my friends...is enough.

We are looking to buy a new Corvette. We were told by someone my boyfriend had been speaking to that we could come in and test drive a 2014. So, we went in and that guy of course wasn't there. We asked someone walking up for the manager since the other guy wasn't there and he said, "I'm the manager. That's me." Like he had just pulled his pants up. I wanted to laugh and say, "Well, HELLS BELLS! Let me shake your hand!!!" We asked about the test drive and he, with an arrogant attitude, started laughing at us saying "You don't test drive corvette's!". Nice way to belittle someone, dude. Like a corvette is some kind of holy grail...it's a fucking car, for Pete's sake.
I told him I had never driven one, so I wanted to know what it was like if we're going to drop close to $80K on one. He didn't offer solutions, didn't tell us why we couldn't, he just kept saying "No", shaking his head and smirking at us. After one of the other employees was very kind to us and gave us every detail we were looking for, we were then given a better explanation of why you can't test drive them. Reason being: People are very picky about how many miles are on the corvette and won't buy it with miles on it. 100% understood. We're not ignorant people and that's all this rude manager had to say upfront. Instead he chose to laugh at us.
It took everything in me to bite my poisonous little tongue. But, this car isn't for me. So, I behaved.

Another thing - they charge $5000 ABOVE MSRP. The manager said that was standard everywhere in town. That's a lie, we already found 2 dealerships that won't charge above the $70,000 + that you're already paying.

I know my boyfriend has had numerous issues with the auto shop there as well.Them not fixing the problem when it was under warranty to the point that the warranty ended and he had to pay for repairs out of pocket.

Over all, I cannot stand dealerships with a passion. This one takes the cake.
I could say SO many more things about this dude...but, I'm not going to personally attack behaviors that don't pertain to the situation.The manager is very rude, arrogant and for some reason thinks he's entitled to treat people as if they were beneath him. Bad way to do business. Yet, this is how most slimy dealers are. I've been a manager in banking for 11 years. I would have been fired years ago if that's how I treated my clients, much less my potential clients.

Just to update: we spent $85,000 at Fairway instead. We were treated with respect, test drove a stingray and ended up buying a 2015 they had on the lot.

I'm glad you didn't get our money, Ed Bozwart. You don't deserve anyone's money.

Phil C. | 2014-09-06

So I have purchased a couple of vehicles here over the past few years. Unfortunately they just don't understand the one thing that should be in every dealerships mind: they aren't the only chevy dealer in town (never mind there is a ford dealer right next door.)

So this week I get an email notification from my onstar letting me know it's time for a tire rotation. One day later I get another email from bozarth chevy telling me I can simply click a link and schedule an appointment for service. So I chose to utilize this feature to schedule.

I arrive to my appointment about 10 minutes early. When I am finally greeted by service advisor I am told it will be a minimum of 2 hours until they can get to my vehicle to do tire rotation. I remind them that I made an appointment. They tell me that the appointment was merely to see a service advisor.

This is actually not correct on bozarth's part. While scheduling the appointment, it asks you to tell them the reason you are coming in. And from the email they sent me, they already know from onstar.

So here is how I see it:

1. I bought the vehicle from you
2. I pay for onstar
3. You email me to schedule service appointment
4. I use your online feature to schedule appointment
5. I show up 10 minutes early for my appointment
6. You tell me it's going to be about 2 hours because you are so busy
7. I am not a satisfied customer and no one at this service dept seems to care. It's all about just getting your vehicle in to the service department and they will work on it when they get around to it.
8. I guess you are forgetting the first word on the outside of your department. Hint: it says SERVICE

When will come the day when companies realize that real people spend real money with them? When will come the day when people who work in a service oriented business will learn how to give decent service (never mind high quality service to people who spend a lot of money with them?)

Oh well, I could write for days about my personal experiences with this dealer. Basically all I can say is that there are plenty of other dealers that can sell and service Chevrolet in Las Vegas. So the choice is yours.

Hope this helps save a few people a lot of future frustration.

Forrest G. | 2014-09-02

Lets start this rating from about 2 years ago.  I would bring my truck in to get serviced and 2 times in a row, they did not even check the problem that I asked them to check.  Even after they had my truck for more than 24 hours, they tell me its ready to pick up and I get there and they tell me they didn't even look at it???  TWICE???

Flash forward to current date, I want to buy a new Corvette.  So Im thinking, well it was the service guys that boned me last time, so maybe the sales guys are better.  "I live around the corner, so that's why I gave them a second chance."
I emailed the internet sales guy and tell him my interest in a 2015 Stingray.  He is all over it and calls me to set up a meeting with the sales manager and I tell him I would like to test drive a 2014 as the 2015 aren't shipping for 2 weeks.  He tells me he has the test drive all setup and the appointment is set.
   My girlfriend and I walk in for our appointment and tell them we are here for our appointment and to test drive the 2014.  The first word out of the managers mouth is, "NO".  He said that they don't allow anyone to test drive corvettes.  This was extremely sad to hear, as my girlfriend and I put aside the time in our busy day just to come test drive the 2014, so that we could make sure we liked it and then order the 2015.  
So, then I ask them about pricing compared to MSRP.  He informs me that they charge $5,000 over MSRP and that there are no exceptions.  Wow.  $5,000 OVER MSRP FOR A CAR!!!!!!!!  He told me that every other Chevy dealer is doing the same thing and that other dealers are charging up to $8,000 over MSRP for the stingray.  

-Side note:  I have been calling dealers within 200 miles, ED BOZARTH Chevrolet is the ONLY one I found charging $5,000 over MSRP.  I found a couple that charge $1,000 over MSRP, but also multiple dealers that just charge MSRP.  So, don't give in to this BS.    

   He later gives us to his sales consultant Marco Farrarons so that he could show us the features of the car at least.  I will say that Marco was awesome and very helpful.  Great guy.

TT F. | 2014-08-28

E mailed exactly what I wanted. I'm a retired factory worker, so there is NO deals just "a" plan. Told them no trade in no need for a test drive or financing. Just tell me after tax and fees how much the cashiers check should be? And after promises and bullshit. Still could not produce the easiest sale on earth!! Dummies! Please don't "bother" them when they are TRYING TO WORK. BLAHHAHAHA what a joke!

Max F. | 2014-07-25

This dealership treated me fairly about 8 months ago when I needed a couple of key fobs done and something minor looked at.  They were busy but i remember them going out if their way to squeeze me in and didn't overcharge.  I would go back, which is saying a lot for a dealership!! Lol

Chrystal H. | 2014-06-25

I have a 2011 GMC Acadia that I brought in for service.  The service appointment did not go as expected so I'm sure you are wondering why I rated it a 5 star establishment.  I contacted the Service Director Tom and he listened to my issues and responded accordingly.  I have dealt with other dealerships and their response was questionable at best.  Tom took the time to understand what my issue was and offer a couple of viable solutions.  I will continue to take my car to this dealership.  Everybody makes mistake, that's a part of life.  It the integrity that you show in recovering from that mistake, that I truly appreciate!

Ralph S. | 2014-04-03

This place is the definition of a stealership- starting with the bogus menu services such as the m2 maintenance, a cost of 230$, and half of which you don't really need. The service advisors can't communicate with the customers. When you have an issue you can never get it resolved due to very poor management, Al Belford, the so called senior Vice President (fancy for service manager) STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP AND THE THIEVES IN IT!

Shay W. | 2014-03-18

I recenlty had my Silverado in the dealership for service. Not usually how I like to spend my time, but it's certainly worth the effort to have a reliable vehicle to get me where I need to go. My service writer (Jeremy) was so friendly and helpful it made for a much better experience.  During my wait, Jeremy kept me updated on the progress of my truck and he even took some extra time to respond to general questions I was "just curious" about.   I really appreciate the customer service I received.  Thanks Jeremy and thanks to EBC for hiring such great people - I will be back!

Bill S. | 2014-03-14

The car buying experience was pretty good here, but once you purchase the car the service is awful. Wait times are horrendous (even when you have an appointment), they have given me incorrect information on more than one occasion, and when I just called to get clarification on the recent ignition recall that has caused numerous fatalities (they told me it was already fixed, turns out it wasn't), I was told that they are still confused and that I would have to call in a month for more information. Could I reserve an appointment time sometime next month at least? Nope. Just call us back in a month. Seriously?! Did I mention people have been suing because it causes FATALITIES?
This location is convenient, but it's time to start going to one of the other dealerships in town.

Stacy K. | 2014-02-13

The friendlist staff i know.  From our sales person to service.  they are the nicest around.  i usually feel anxious at a car dealership, but they establish a nice, calm atmosphere.  

We bought a Volt there and they spent over an hour explaining all the tech stuff this car has.  The service guy asked us 2 or 3 times how we were doing when we took the car in for services we had postponed doing.  thanks!!!

Perry A. | 2014-02-10

Purchased 2006 Infiniti G35 on Oct '13. 61k Miles. The car had some problems about 3 months later.  Brought it back to them, and I can't stress enough how GREAT the handle business at Ed Bozarth  I was initially upset with all of this, and didn't even want take my car to be fixed there but I gave them a shot.  Overall I am very satisfied they way the service manager Sean Bahr handled everything.  Very professional, genuine and friendly.  The dealership ended up paying for the rental car and ALL the repairs and labor.  It doesn't get anymore better than that.  They truly gained my loyalty here as I was extremely hesitant if they were even going to do anything for me at all.  I told them of some noise I was hearing and they said it was some watch I had sliding on the side door.  I can assure you I know the difference between a watch sliding around, and my car making a DISTINCT noise when I start the car.  Sean said to let them know if I still hear them problem.  Started the car up the next day (without the watch) and still heard the sound.. Truly hoping the can take a look at it and get that fixed. Ill be contacting them shortly to let them know. To all reading you can be sure Ed Bozarth stands behind the quality and service they highly promote, as they did with me.  You can be sure should you buy a used car there, it is of great quality and if you run into problems, like myself, this shows there here to help within reason.  Thanks Sean and thanks Al.


Santoz R. | 2014-02-03

I was searching for a car I really wanted. An employee name mike, his from New York was so friendly, polite, and funny. He never gave my dad and I pressure to buy a car he was just being himself and having a connection with us. Thanks to mike I found the car I really wanted and got the 2007 Cadillac cts. I'm very satisfied with everything couldn't be more happier. Thank you mike keep doing what you are best at!

Dennis F. | 2014-01-30

I bought a new (2014) Silverado on 12/1.  On 1/28 I got a recall letter from GM.  I was disappointed, and my fantastic new truck only had 900 miles on the odometer.  I called to make an appointment to get her fixed, and to my surprise, got one for 8 am on 1/29.  My truck was returned to me, in less than 30 minutes!!!  How great is that?

Larry S. | 2013-10-13

Friendly staff eager to help me with my needs. Still looking but will be back!

Steve G. | 2013-10-12

We went to Ed Bozarth Chevrolet to look at the new Corvette Stingrays.  We had decided to buy one if they had inventory or order one if not. We were assisted  by their salesperson, Daniel Farrell. Daniel was very helpful as he showed us a Corvette in the showroom, and he knows the car's features well. We instantly decided that this car was exactly what we wanted and I told Daniel that I want to buy it.  But Daniel said that there was a "markup" over the MSRP on this car and he had to speak to the General Manager about it. Then the "General Manager" came over to explain why the price is $25,000 over the sticker price. I have never been so insulted in my life, especially when I was ready to write a check for over $80,000! That jerk told me that, and I quote, "We don't really want to sell this car, but if somebody really wants it badly enough we'll sell it for $25,000 over the MSRP sticker price... $20,000 for our good customers!"  I was speechless, having just been told in so many words that they want the car for display purposes, but if I'm crazy enough to pay $20,000 more then they will sell it to me (but since I'm not a "good" customer it will cost me an additional 5 grand). We drove over to Findlay Chevy and just bought the exact same car from Findlay about two hours ago. I wouldn't buy a wheelbarrow from Ed Bozarth if they gave it away!  What a jerk. It's a darn shame that good salespeople like Daniel Farrell have to work for jerks like that. Instead of saying, "Sorry sir, this car is for display and we don't want to sell it yet" he had to add that if I wanted it badly enough I'd pay a lot more! That is price gouging, and when gas stations do that during gas shortages they get charged with a crime, and I'll bet that jerk would be the first one griping about it! They have every right to decide to keep any car for display purposes, but the car is either for display or it's available for sale.  We left the dealership with my checkbook in my hand and we were not even asked if we wanted to order a car, and incredibly, we weren't even asked our names.  It's no wonder that Ed Bozarth Chevy was like a ghost town and Findlay Chevy was swarming with customers looking at cars.  Stay away from Ed Bozarth... they are slime balls.

Ron B. | 2013-08-13

I submitted an offer via their website....then was called by Lovlie soon after.  I negotiated the final sales price with Lovlie and Matt B. over the phone.  They were pleasant i appreciated their follow up. I was then contacted by Zito, who handled the final test drive and sale when I came in the next day.  Zito is awesome. Great to work with.  Doing the lease was quick and easy, no hassles or hard upsales. Everything has exceeded my expectations. Will come back for sure in the future, and strongly recommend to all.

Hector S. | 2013-08-02

I called Friday, and John got me in right away. They were able to identify that the waterpump on my trailblazer was bad the same day. Quick turn around, car was ready Saturday @ 11am.

Preston T. | 2013-05-24

Highly recommend Salesman Nathan Syme...he will find what you want & will do everything possible to make sure you are walking away a "winner"! Tell him Preston sent you~~

Dennis F. | 2013-05-18

My vehicle was clean when I brought it in for an oil change and when I left there was grease all over the hood, both fenders and the drivers door. Plus there was a new scratch on the left fender from the mechanic. I will never bring my vehicle to this location for servicing again!

Besjana S. | 2013-02-27

I went there on Presidents' Day to buy a car. Service manager was rude and non negotiable. So I went next door to ford and bought a new 2013 vehicle. To bad there manager was ignorant. Ron was nice and could of had a sale. Sorry Ron!

Michael F. | 2013-01-26

Cars are so great when they work but when they don't it's a giant mess. As usual I tried to have my regular mechanic fix the issue but this time it was a no go and he said best bet is go to a Chevrolet dealership. So we go to Ed Bozarth. That particular day they are busy so will tells us to come early the next day since I told him I wanted the car back in one day. I take it in early the next day. They take a quick look and find some things then say it will take some time for the diagnostics part(hooking computer to the car computer in simple terms). They offer to have us shuttle home but I decided might as well just stay since I want to be right there in case I need to authorize any more stuff. When you go to pros and its taking awhile to diagnose you know it's bad. Took them almost all day but they finally narrowed down the issues.

They tell us the bad news and show me the issues and I say "OK well can we fix it all today?" He(will) lets us know some of it can be done today but the rest can't. I can understand it was a lot of work and they would need to take the old parts off put the new ones on and test to make sure engine is running right. I told him I need the car to get to work so can I just have whatever can be done done today and I will drive the car back tomorrow. He advises that is not the best thing and offers a rental car for the day. I agree and the rental company comes to pick us up and get us a car. The very next day late in the afternoon the work was done so we return the car and they take us to the dealership. The car got a full wash and it seems to be running like new!

It's a dealership and the mechanics are certified so the price is a lot higher. Most people do not take their cars to dealerships for easy stuff so it makes sense that it takes awhile when you bring your car to them. I know my car probably caused some oil changes to take a lot longer. They were professional and explained the issues to me. It was expensive but it was something I had to get fixed. Cars are not cheap to own.

I give 3 stars to ed Bozarth Chevy service department as they are professional and do good work. I will use them again in the future when I have complicated issues with the car.

Heather P. | 2013-01-19

This review is specifically dealing with the service department.  They suck, and that is an understatement.  It took them 10 days to fix the air bag in my brand-new, less than four month old car, and they couldn't be bothered to call me to inform me of the progress, apologize for the fact that my new car was in the shop or that they were taking forever.  They (Sean, my "service" advisor) just kept telling me that "the rental car is taken car of"... like that is some sort of prize in lieu of my new car being in the shop.  They (again, Sean specifically, with the award winning customer service skills) don't answer the phone, return messages, and transfer you to their sister store in Topeka, KS.  They are jerks with no customer service skills.

Teresa M. | 2012-09-09

Todd Topham is the most appreciative Manager you could ever want to have to put your deal together...he is so down to earth, polite, well dressed, and genuinely a nice guy!! He is very much a military man who helps military personnel get into the USA MADE car of their dreams. Total great experience here! Eric Lamont, the Finance director ROCKS...he can get you approved at a great rate...quickly...no playing around!!! I enjoyed it here....the interior is beautiful, Lovely is the most sweetest (if that wording is right) internet person you will speak with and so so nice!!

Sam T. | 2012-06-17

I was the 1st one here when they opened the doors this morning. I needed a simple oil change. 1 1/2 hours later!!!!! I got my car back?! Such B.S.!! The add on fees to the final bill are ridiculous! Be careful and tell them UPFRONT you will not pay for the B.S. fees. If they balk tell them your going elsewhere. They may let you walk, but you may be farther ahead to go!

Speed R. | 2012-05-30

Went for an oil change. Turned out to be a very expensive oil change as they washed my car (even though I asked them not to and it was on the service order). The car was covered in those little scratches  caused by nylon car washes (My car has never...NEVER been washed with water. I use waterless car wash and detailer. The paint was near perfect). They agreed to buff it out, even though I wanted to take it to my own detailer. When I went to pick up the car, it was parked in a funny location, along a wall so I could not see the passenger side. this struck me as odd. I peaked down the side and sure enough...THEY WRECKED THE FRONT LEFT SIDE OF MY CAR!!! I remained calm, which was not easy.

At first they tried to deny it. But the white stucco was still stuck in the panel. i walked the service bays and sure enough, thee was Le Mans blue paint on one of the walls.

Well, they made an attempt to fix the car (which now lost ALOT of value since it was no longer in near perfect condition.)

The repair work was pretty bad. You could see where they tried to "fix" the panel. This is a corvette...Bondo will not due.

Long story short, I wound up taking it to Coachworks to have a professional job done.

What upset me the most is that they tried to hide it and would not fess up to the fact that they crashed it. Sh*t happens and had they been upfront about it, I would not have been so upset.

Needless to say, I have not been back. In fact, I now take my car to California for service since every Chevy dealer here has performed less than acceptable.

My first corvette was returned to Fairway Chevy under the lemon law. Fairway added KREX to the synthetic motor oil ,It says in big letters, NOT FOR SYNTHETIC MOTOR OILS. The motor was toast after that.

Ryan F. | 2012-02-12

I was extremely displeased with our treatment at Ed Bozarth Chevrolet. We contacted the dealership at 10 am asking them if they had a specific model and make vehicle that we could test drive. The salesman Mark assured us that they did. I informed him that we were driving 2 hours from ARIZONA specifically to test drive this vehicle make and model, which was not available in our rural town. We set up an appointment for noon. We arrived at 11:45am and guess what?!? NO CAR!!! The slimy salesman tried to feed us some cock and bull story about how, in the hour and 45 minutes, someone miraculously showed up at the lot and paid cash for that specific car! Then they quickly tried to pawn us off on some other more expensive model.

Regardless of the fact that everyone knows it takes longer than an hour an 45 minutes to buy a car, and regardless of the fact that he could have picked up the phone to tell us about this 'unfortunate turn of events', these people didn't show us the basic common courtesy or customer service that should be expected from a reputable dealer. Save yourself the headache and do not give these losers a chance at your business. There are other honest, forthright people in Las Vegas who will work harder to earn your patronage.

Rachel C. | 2011-12-23

JUST TERRIBLE!!!!!  This past April, I heard a clicking noise in the front end of  my 2007 Chev Cobalt purchased when the company was Vista Chevrolet 5 years ago. (this is my 2nd car with Vista who had the same servicemen with Bozarth) Being reassured this was something that was covered by my waste of time extended warranty, once I picked up the car, I was told 3 rims ( NOT 4 mind you) had cracks due to wear and tear. Now I do not go 4 wheeling in this car, go over bumps fast, etc and have ALWAYS take great care of my cars along with driving in Las Vegas for 20 years, I was appalled. I needed to get to Henderson the next day and allowed these rip off artists to install new rims at a cost of $471.00, being ignorant (and they know it) to car repairs.

Will Lucid  instructed me to contact GM which I did and was told by a rep she will investigate. She called back the next day to say she spoke with a tech at Bozarth  who advised her THIS WAS A DEFECT. But she didn't seem happy as when I first called, I had alot of info from the Internet on rips offs from dealers and GM over rims that were defects and she knew what I was talking about but over talked me. She called a few days later to say the other techs and manager advised her this WAS wear and tear. I blew up and asked  to have that first tech's name and she would not let me know what is was. I told her as GM got bailed out, is this her practice and can she sleep at night? I also asked for the statements and she refused as they were under lock and seal.  I called Will Lucid and Tom Cuthbertson (who I knew from Buick and never steered me wrong) and they said it was wear and tear.  Needless to say I blew up at them.

Will tried to soft talk me and to keep coming back and he will take care of me, of course, a single woman being blanked up the ass. I assured him he has restored my faith in Toyota. When I mentioned I will contact Channel 13, he freaked and said not to. I now go to Findlay Chevrolet even though they are farther away from my house and even a manger there said that Bozarth could have worked with me as he felt the rims where a defect as well, but off the record.

Bozarth even tried to gyp a co worker out of money on a 2012 Malibu repair covered by the warranty and my co worker let them have it and the work got repaired for free.  

There is one young man with really bad breath, I think his name is Jon B, he tries to sell me things like tires, etc that I do not need. I have had better service with Goodyear on non covered warranty parts and service.  Jon tells me Goodyear is no good, just to get me to part with my hard earned money.   When I have had to wait for my car in the past, other car owners talk about what a crook this little creep is.

As I had a few major setbacks this year, calling Channel 13 is still on my list.

Daniel S. | 2011-10-29

Service department:

   Driving in the nortwest area,  the tire pressure on my Chevy Cruze was deflating. So, I pulled over and turned to my informative Yelp application (Onstar was useless). When I pulled into the service bay, Pamela was very friendly and informative. In less than five minutes she had the cruze's tire pressure inflated to the correct p.s.i, and I was happily on my way.

Brian H. | 2011-08-25

Tom Culthbertson has a fabulous team.  They are always there especially in time of need the staff is very friendly, detailed, and patient.  Tom and his staff will go above and beyond to make sure the customers are happy.

Debby W. | 2011-08-20

Service Service Service.  Tom Culthbertson the Service Director is always available and he is committed to happy customers!

And it is probably because... the owner Ed is one of the highest integrity guys in the car business... Amazing quality guy,  he goes above and beyond!

August A. | 2010-11-16

To start things off, the service for purchasing a vehicle was very friendly. But what I'm impressed by is the service department.

Bozarth's is where we bought our first car in Las Vegas in 2008, a Chevy Trailblazer. Chevys are very rugged, can survive some torture, but in our case, we had some missteps in our brand new vehicle (such as a slipping seat belt, master cylinder leakage, and brake slippage) caused by the manufacturer. Upon our filing a complaint, it took LESS THAN 8 HRS for Bozarth's to take our vehicle, lend us a loaner, call us back to retrieve it, and drive away happy.

The single greatest car service experience I've ever had.

Amanda B. | 2010-07-02

I had the by far easiest and fastest experience with the dealership I have ever had. They even picked me up. I have no complaints. If you want a hassle free buying experience go and see Austin Klein. He's a good guy, tell him Amanda the lady you picked up from another dealer, with the half sleeve sent you. You are sure not to be disappointed.