Chapman Las Vegas Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Las Vegas, NV

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Chapman Dodge Chrysler Jeep Las VegasÑyour Nevada Five Star DealerÑinvites you to visit and experience the pride we take in the vehicles we offer and the service we provide to our customers. Come in today and see our everyday low prices and the best selection of Chrysler, Jeep, Ram trucks and Dodge cars in Las Vegas.


Established in 1966.

Did you know that the Chapman Family has been selling cars since 1966? That's over 45 years of selling quality cars, trucks and SUVs. Our Las Vegas Dodge dealership is your choice for Dodge car sales in Nevada. Our success starts with one thing: the best prices. Bargaining is a hassle for both the customer and sales staff. We want you to know that your Las Vegas Dodge dealer gives you the best bottom-line price in town.

Chapman Las Vegas Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 207-1749
Address:3175 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89104
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Chapman Las Vegas Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

Judy B. | 2015-04-24

I've been reseaching new Jeeps for several months and finally decided to buy a new Cherokee.  I knew going in about what the price should be, having gone to Edmonds, and True Car, and a couple of other sites.  Boy, was I surprised when Chapman wanted a starting price of 31,000 for a car that should retail about 23,000.  After two hours of out right lies from the sales people they were still at 27,000 when  the sales manager said he refused to sell me a car.  
The very next day I went to Sahara Jeep, dodge, and something else on West Sahara and Decator.  The very same car, same color, options, etc. was clearly marked on the window, No Haggle Price  20,900.  You could have knotted me over with a feather.  I kept asking the sales person ( who works on salary not commission) when the bomb was going to drop.  It was the best buying experience I've ever had.

Please in all fairness to yourself, go to Sahara and check their prices.  The window tags show right up front what you and everyone else will pay.  If you don't like what you see go and try to haggle for less.  But trust me even if you do decide to negotiate, don't go to Chapman.  Any one who buys a car there is just asking to be cheated.  Buyer Beware.

Billy G. | 2015-04-22

I've bought cars before, but hands down this was the best experience I've had. Got exactly what I wanted at the price we talked about. No games whatsoever. Great sales staff. I highly recommend buying your next car here. Ask for Marine, great guy!

Charles B. | 2015-04-22

These people were a joke to work with. They had over 4,000 in bull Sh** fees. Told us lies and high pressure sales. They told us that their cost was way higher than we wanted to pay and if we wanted the car we would have to do better with our offer. Went to Sahara Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep up the road and they had the same vehicle with a back up camera for $5,000 less than msrp sticker price with a no haggle. Chapman had a area price adjustment fee or something like that of over $4,000 added to the sticker price. Dont even bother with them, you will be sorry.

Tim P. | 2015-04-09

Thank you for your quick response Mike, I do appreciate you offering to fix the issue. I wish I didn't have to leave a bad review to get someone's attention.  The main reason I was upset was not so much I wasn't told about the synthetic deal, it was the fact I went there thinking all was well in the world and getting my free oil change and then being told no we can't honor it because you went synthetic. The blow could have been lessened and I wouldn't have written a review had I received some sort of discount, 5-10 dollars would have made a huge difference because it would have shown that the department was trying to at least work with me.. at the very least they could have offered an apology rather than saying you can pay 120 for 4 oil changes.. Thank you Mike for the offer.

Jeff A. | 2015-03-22

I went there last week. Saw a BMW that really caught my eye. I had called the dealership maybe a week and a half before I had time to come I to the dealership. When I got there I was so excited to test drive the car and possibly take it home. At this point the car was advertised for about 3 weeks now. So when I got there they told me that if I bought the car I wouldn't be able to drive it off the lot because it's "not ready to be delivered". I said ok fine, but why is it advertised. At this point I was already frustrated. they run my credit then they come back and tell me that the BMW is not up for sale because it he a bad transmission. WHY WAS IT EVEN ADVERTISED!!! thanks for wasting my time!

Chantal M. | 2015-03-09

Have not had the best experience with buying my first new car with Dodge. I love the car and like to spend money with the dealership I bought it from. Just disappointing. On a better note, the service department is very nice and personable .

Terry M. | 2015-02-21

have had nothing but nice folks and good service at Chapman

Joey C. | 2015-02-20

Mr. Nicosia,

I am so glad you decided to respond to me, considering it was an email from you confirming my OIL CHANGE appointment (please refer to my review where "Holly" bothered even mentioning that I didn't need an appointment to have just an oil change done). I'm confused why it's even an option on your service website to have it done.

First, I would like to begin by saying I appreciate your input. Although appreciated, not quite useful. This isn't my first rodeo with you people and chapman dealerships and getting an oil change. I have not one had to have anything "written up". I have previously (at the Henderson dealership nonetheless) taken my vehicle in for an oil change and simply explained what I needed and told to head into the customer waiting area and that someone will get them when ready. Smooth sailing from there on out. I was greeted by YOUR service rep, in which I explained I had an 8 am appointment for an oil change and was told he would take care of it. If you had a vehicle sitting around and didn't know what to do with it, would you wait until end of business day to determine what to do with? I would only assume that the intelligent thing to do was to check the customer waiting area for said owner. They definitely wouldn't know who's vehicle it was if they hadn't even bothered to ask, which they didn't. So instead of trying to correct my situation as a customer, as a business, you should be correcting your situation as a service representative. Did it not occur to them to check the schedule? Or maybe if they didn't want to move from their comfy position at their desk, possible intercom for the owner?

I will tell you that I sat in the customer waiting area for that time with not one person trying to serve their purpose in the customer service business by walking back there and asking who owner the vehicle was. I saw a man walk to the back asking who needed enterprise rental vehicle, another person walk back and speak with a customer to tell them their vehicle was ready. But not one person to come ask about the vehicle that was just sitting there. I'm amazed and appalled all at the same time that due diligence could not be performed after I set up this "appointment". Furthermore, I will continue to service my vehicle where I know I will have no issues, which is at the Henderson Chapman Dealership.

Rheanne C. | 2015-02-05

Cassie in Service has helped me on two occasions with my Dodge Dart. Very professional and the work I needed was done in a very timely fashion. Cassie updated me on progress of the work as needed. Thank you, will be going back and asking for Cassie when needed.

Kerstin P. | 2015-01-19

Had a great experience at chapman dodge i called in talked to DANNY (Dodge) PFEIFFER, knows his stuff!

Steve W. | 2015-01-19

Dropped truck off for "express oil change." There were cars in front of me so I asked how long. She said an hour to and hour and a half. Longer than I would like but decided to stick it since my truck needed it. 3 hours later they bring my truck around.

Joel O. | 2015-01-01

Great reliable service.  Purchased tires and had a 30K miles check and an oil n lube.
Took a little long, but they've got a great lounge, free food.  Very satisfied with the service on my truck.  would definitely recommend their service over Towbin, if you've got a Dodge or Chrysler.

Per J. | 2014-12-29

Low on coolant, I arrived at chapman 10 minutes after service was closed. 4 people came over and fixed the problem, for free!!!  5 stars.
Recently I attempted to do the same at my Merz dealership, 30 minutes BEFORE closing and they told me to make an appointment another day.

Tahira H. | 2014-12-18

Awful, awful started overheating, had car towed there 2 days ago at 9am..they said they will try to get it in shop to be looked at, 2 days later still waiting to get looked at..they now tell me it's 3-5 days before they can even check the car, not repairs, just to find out what's wrong.

Tam B. | 2014-11-08

Bought a new car last week from Chapman.  Loved the service we got I think we were only there a total of 2 hours if that!  Cliff our salesman was Awesome!  He didn't bs us with the back and forth haggling. Great customer service!

Jamie M. | 2014-11-07

The whole buying a car here was a nightmare ... My sales person Paul was a nice guy but I hate being lied to ... And the customer service there sucks .... I did have a another sales guy Scott that did a pretty good job but at the same time they will sell you the world and tell you this and that and don't deliver ... At least they got one thing right .... The car is amazing .... I just wished they would wash the car after they are done working on it .... Freaking hand prints all over the place ....

T. M. | 2014-11-03

WORST SERVICE EVER! Been waiting six months for a part for my 2007 dodge! 2007! And they STILL don't know how to get one! Got a ticket for not being registered because of this crap! NEVER GO HERE!

Donna D. | 2014-11-01

Thought we had a major problem with our van, because another facility told us.  Since van still under warranty, called Chapman and they got the van in the next day.  They were great and told us the problem we were told we had, was not the case.  They were very helpful.

Paul R. | 2014-10-26

I was in the market for several months researching options and the type of Wrangler I wanted. It was natural to look in my own backyard here in San Diego. The service and credibility of the people in my own town was horrible. They told me things that were not true, and tried bait and switch. I almost lost hope after those experiences until I found the team at Chapman because I started doing my own vehicle searches.

From the start they treated me as a valuable customer, and were more interested in building that longer term relationship. Complete 180 from what I was dealing with in San Diego.

I was able to find the wrangler I wanted, got tons of solid truthful information that set straight the BS the people in San Diego were telling me.

Great follow-up, efficient systems, I was impressed so much that I flew up to Vegas to make the purchase - and enjoyed my drive back home.

Highly Highly recommended, stay away from San Diego Jeep dealers and come up to Las  Vegas and speak with the Chapman team.

Specifically, want to call out Thomas Moore. He helped lead the entire effort and went the  extra mile to make sure I got everything I wanted.

Great team, well worth the trip if you are out state.


Karol C. | 2014-10-21

The Internet team at ChapmanLas Vegas Dodge Chrysler Jeep were  professional.  I thank Brent Stark and his team for making my 1st car purchase through Lyoness a breeze.  Karol C.

Bryson B. | 2014-10-08

Best customer service I have ever had in a car dealership serve department. I will never take my Jeep anywhere else.

Margie B. | 2014-10-06

Best service in a long time made me feel good and the y honest ly did everything to get me in the car I wanted and Paul and Scott were great. I recommend going back cause they do help. We will be .

Jason T. | 2014-10-03

I was told to bring my dodge truck here for service and was entirely disappointed. Zero customer service and acted like they could care less if they had my business or not.

M O. | 2014-09-18

Writing a review on Yelp to finally gain attention from management makes me sad.

After saving and plotting, I purchased a new Jeep Wrangler Sahara from Chapman in August of 2012.  Yes, you can make the snarky joke that it is a terrible idea, but first hear me out.

I was assigned a female salesperson, which seems to be the technique to make a female buyer more comfortable.  She was pleasant, pointed out the amenities, and got me out the same day.  What was missing from the conversation in 2012 was:
1--you cannot make appointments for an oil change (first 3 are included however you have to gamble on when to show up-- I went on my lunch break, waited 14 min to be spoken to, then was told they were out of oil and it would be 2 hours.  He was surprised when I said 'no thank you' as if I had the day to hang out.)

2- your service adviser is a phantom voice mail that will never call you back.  Anthony Salinas was finally assigned to me by my friend at Land Rover Las Vegas after his car was cleaned out by Chapman's staff and he couldn't get a single response until a Yelp Review (why I am here).

3-your service adviser can be wonderful, yet is dealing with a shop crew that doesn't honor appointments, or flat out does bad work.  Which begs the question--why have a service adviser except to be sweet when saying "nobody looked at your car today, even though you waited 3 weeks to make an appointment and got here on time at 9 am, I hope you can get to work" or "oh, the bar connecting the back gate snapped again breaking your taillight?  that is awful"

4-recalls like: "A loss of transmission fluid may result in a loss of transmission function which may increase the risk of a crash." to which the dealership said "it isn't a big deal, so hold off because we don't have the parts anyway" yikes

5-you will often see other frustrated customers reduced to yelling at a zoned out service manager in the entrance

6-when the dealership realizes your car has so many warrantied items wrong they will harass you with calls inviting you to "get into a new vehicle" -- at 20,000 miles my Jeep is pretty freaking new, thanks.

My family has been in town since 1935.  I have owned Fords, Chevys, Land Rovers, Hondas, and finally a Jeep.  I have stories that only girls can tell of the nonsense that shops try thinking I will just hand over a credit card.  However, this has been my worst experience at a dealership yet.  I took the purchase seriously.  I even purchased a lifetime warranty for an additional $3.995 as I expected to own the vehicle forever.  Now I am counting down the final 9,000 miles before the standard warranty is up and I can get out.  

Water has begun pouring onto the main console (faulty bikini top, luckily we aren't in Seattle).  My back gate has broken twice in 1 month.  If you google "2012 jeep gate bar snap" you can find forums dedicated to this problem.  Jeep designed the gate to operate without a spare tire, so once the standard spare tire is on, the weight causes the bar to snap free.  The "oh shit" strap is too long, so the gate continues in motion until snapping off the plastic hinge covers and cracking open the passenger side taillight.  I was told "I have never heard of this issue".  Well I am glad to (supposedly) be Chapman's first case.  Not convinced.

So now I am 7 days into "waiting for parts", which supposedly happened at 1:41 pm today meaning my Jeep should be ready tomorrow.  This is after I stopped in, had my issues recorded THEN made the appointment to drop it off at 5 pm last Thursday Sept. 11.  Where are these parts shipping from??

Run for your life, friends.  Oh, and Prestige returns your car without the work completed, and Sahara Jeep will try to charge you for warranty work-- Las Vegas needs help.

Scott H. | 2014-09-17

Had an oil change appointment for Saturday at 8:30am.  I arrived on time and then sat in the entrance "line" for another 20 minutes waiting for a technician to check me in. Took them a total of 2 1/2 hours for the oil change.  Really?  I figured with an appointment how long could an oil change take?  

With their high pressure sales department and the poor service department, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Robert G. | 2014-09-05

I bought my 2003 Jeep Liberty Limited 4x4 from the Boulder Hwy location back in January of 2013. I just had the ORC and trailer hitch recall completed and retrieved my Jeep yesterday 9/4/2013. When I dropped my Jeep off all was fine. Now my 'Part Time' light for my 4Hi is on while in 2Hi and when I said something about it my service advisor Dominque talked to a few people then they pulled it back into the shop to supposedly try to 'clean' the switch to see if that would work. It did NOT. Dominque then told me I would have to pay for a new switch and that they would in stall for free. I told him that I don't feel I should have to pay due to it was in their (Chapman's) possession for 2 days and was fine when I dropped it off and that its not my fault it broke while they had my Jeep. Dominque spoke to his 'Service Manager', I didn't catch his name, who informed me that 'all they did was shift the lever to remove the center console and it isn't their fault if the switch failed'. That's unacceptable because if the switch failed due to them shifting the 4x4 lever then it is their fault. Also I noticed after leaving and getting home, due to I had my 18month old with me who was getting cranky, that while trying to shift the lever back and forth and rolling a few feet in 4Hi and 4Lo that now I have a very loud clanking sound coming from underneath. I did not have ANY of these problems when I dropped it off to the service center on 9/2/2013. I don't know what this dealership shop did to my Jeep but its now got problems that it didn't have before that as for the switch I have to pay for and I haven't even yet brought up the noise but I am sure I will be told 'not their problem'. I plan on calling and speaking to the main manager or owner or someone to express my concerns and dissatisfaction. I will never use this dealer again, especially if they wont accept fault and will do business with Towbin or Sahara Jeep for any of my Jeep concerns in the future, including when I get ready to purchase a new vehicle.

John P. | 2014-07-11

Called to schedule service and oil change. Was told I didn't need an appt. Got here and they did an expensive oil change but said I'd need an appt 10 days out to check why the idiot light keeps coming on. I have to drive 600 miles on Tuesday, but they can't check the idiot light until the following Monday!! Wonder why I bought a Dodge (brand new) !!????

Andy S. | 2014-07-06

I've purchased 2 vehicles from Chapman Dodge. The first, from Rocco Acri, was the best car buying experience of my life. When it was time to buy again, again I bought from Chapman Dodge, but discovered that Rocco was now working in the finance department. Again, when the time came, Rocco was a pleasure to deal with. Helpful, patient, understanding, everything that other car dealerships should be, but unfortunately are not.

Food P. | 2014-06-29

Rocco Acri, this finance personnel acts like he is god. I have a friend preparing for a civil lawsuit for this guy. I hope his $45 thousand/year salary saves him. You can act like a a$$ all you want, just make sure you have the funds to retain a good lawyer.

Please future customers avoid this dealership. This reflects poor management. They should fire everyone from the operations manager down to finance! NV secretary of state have been notified of this non-compliant entity.

Denying someone for not having a green card is a violation of Federal Protections Against National Origin Discrimination. Issued October 2000. Good luck with this one.

Pam C. | 2014-06-29

Had to buy our 2nd vehicle in 2 months yesterday.  We were a little stressed out... Thanks to Donny O'Shea and Robert Hernandez and the team at Chapman Dodge for an excellent double car buying experience!  We are now happy and loyal Chapman Dodge customers.  Relief!

Jdogg E. | 2014-06-18

If I could give just a half a star i would what is wrong with the people who work at this place. I Witnessed sales men make sexual comments about women who were passing by and taking pictures of them. Plus the time it takes to wait to even get a price or to even see a manger is just crazy. Obviously the General Manager is unaware of these issues or simply does not care since it appears nothing has been about the above mentioned issues. Don't waste your time at this place.

Alan K. | 2014-04-30

I purchased a brand new car from Chapman. I felt that I got a good deal. I would consider them again when its time to upgrade.

I have serviced the car there as well. Their service staff is friendly and willing to help.

I think it would benefit them to have a nicer waiting area.

Overall, I recommend them.

Becky S. | 2014-04-24

This has been the most horrible car buying experience ever. I got my jeep over a month ago and I still have no green slips. I have been driving around with expired tags for a week, and they have refused to reissue them or put me in a loaner. I was told" if you get pulled over we will reimburse you". What???'!!!! I can get no answers from the finance department and noone will tell me anything more than there was a system glitch which has delayed my paperwork. Really? Ridiculous

Anneli A. | 2014-04-10

Amen! Dare I say honest and fantastic speedy service?! Ask for Scott "Utah" Reber , he is "the man" to get the job done. He has his own team and they rock! My black pearl was broken into, ignition/lock cylinder and control module was busted and  Scott's final price came in LOWER than the quote they first gave me! Now that's seriously awesome! I can highly recommend Scott and his team!

Pepe L. | 2014-04-05

Recently ended up purchasing a new Dodge Dart at this location and a young salesman "Josh D." helped me out picking the right vehicle within my budget and the right extras. I think he did a phenomenal job, and he even gave me a sweet deal on extended bumper to bumper warranty and accessories for my car. Overall great experience and I highly recommend this dealership for all your dodge, Chrysler, jeep needs!

G D. | 2014-03-08

Would totally recommend Chapman Sahara.

Went to Chapman Henderson first, and they offered great service. I emailed them later that evening to ask about the Costco and Truecar auto-buying programs, and never heard back from them again.  This was disappointing, as the salesperson that initially helped me invited me to test both the 2.4L and 3.2L versions of the vehicle.  But I felt that because they later knew I was looking for a price break, they just brushed me off.

With Chapman Sahara (not to be confused with Sahara CDJR), when I signed up for Truecar, I was contacted the next morning by someone on their Internet sales team.  After a few conversations through e-mail (which I prefer), and after building a good comfort level with him, I gave him a call and we chatted more about what I was looking for, my trade-in, etc. etc, and decided that because I was so specific, it would be better for me to come in and order a custom vehicle.  Unfortunately, he had a family emergency the evening I arrived, but I was left in the hands of his co-worker and fleet manager, and they were both equally amazing and friendly, though I had not spoken to them once prior.

When we got to pricing, they had stated that the pricing would be fairly rigid considering how "hot" the vehicle was, and gave me a slightly low-ball offer on my trade-in.  Because it was a special order, we could not finalize numbers until the vehicle finally arrived.  But they did assure me that they were giving me the worst-possible price scenario, because (1) they wanted to be honest, and (2) if they were able to make a better offer 8 weeks later, it would be better than promising something they couldn't deliver.  And this had me concerned for weeks, because I was afraid that we would wait 8 weeks, then we wouldn't be able to agree on a price once the vehicle arrived.

To my extreme surprise, 8 weeks later when the vehicle was available, their initial offer was great, though not amazing.  We were able, without much stress, to meet somewhere half-way.  And their actual trade-in offer was more than 10% higher than their initial estimate from 8 weeks ago, and equal to the highest offer I had received thus far.  Additionally, they got me an incredible APR (the best I've seen in my 3 cars), though it did require a 30% higher down-payment.

The only reason I did not give them 5 stars is because the dealership had almost $1300 in hidden dealership "fees", NOT including tax, title, and document fees.  They hid these in my financing, and I did not realize these costs were there until after I got home and re-reviewed the paperwork.  Because they were so flexible with the sale and trade-in though, I marked this up to how the dealership makes it's money to pay it's employees, and I was okay with it.  

Thank you to the Internet team for making by car shopping experience stress-free, and for in-the-end making me feel like I truly got a fair and reasonable price.  If you are looking for a true recommendation for a great experience, feel free to message me.

S K S. | 2014-01-23

If there was a zero I'd use it. They are liars and when I confronted them with the proof they did a great soft shoe. I keep the proof that they lied with me and show it to as many people as possible.  Do not purchase anything from these folks.  My family has purchased 2 vehicles since then so they are losing business because of their practices. Friends also have avoided them

Kelly C. | 2014-01-16

I had a mechanical problem with my RV while travelling near Las Vegas. I called Chapmans that afternoon and told them I was just passing through and really needed help. They were kind enough to work us in the next morning. Also, when I explained that I was travelling in an RV and asked if there was someplace we could park our RV on their property overnight they offered to let us stay in their employee parking lot. We did so and were at the service center first thing in the morning. Although there was an extensive list of repairs needed they finished them surprisingly quickly and professionally and then test drove the vehicle. Of course it was typical dealer prices, but it was worth it to me since they had the necessary parts in stock and no waiting. They got me back on the road the next day. I have since driven the vehicle several hundred miles and the problems definitely seem fixed.

Thanks Chapman

Lily L. | 2013-12-27

Review is for services - our engine light kept going on. After being unable to diagnose the issue, they kept delaying the pickup day and time. Sent us in at 5pm two days after promised and then kept us waiting for an hour. We would have preferred that they be up front with us and not promising a time so that we could have made backup plans. They delayed it three times, before finally resolving the issue. They were very nonchalant about the whole thing. Sometimes it's better not to make promises, especially as a business.

Chris R. | 2013-12-27

I have visited chapman dodge on Sahara and have dealt majority of my business with regarding service of my automobile. It has taken three times to fix one problem! I've been patient but today after hopefully finding the problem and fixing it I notice after I left that three of my four rims were major ally scratched! By this time I had left the property but came back minutes later. While speaking to tony and his manager him they gave me a card and told me that the shop foreman would be in contact with me. Hours later jim callede back. He told me that he determined none of the scratches were caused by his service team and there was nothing he would further look at. I keep impeccable service on my vehicles, I spend money to ensure it is current with quality parts and in perfect running condition!  But after countless tries I get left with this. I even had a salesman try to talk me into trading my car bc of the problem. I will never step foot on any other chapman dodge or chapman dodge affiliate property. I would highly warn anyone pursuing to do business there ever .

Jenny G. | 2013-12-10

I've taken my Jeep here several times for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.  Hands down the best service center I've been too.  The customer service is great and their workmanship even better!  I went in for an oil change and they added air to my tires without me even asking (dashboard was indicating they were all low).  It's the little things like that which make this place so great.

Syn C. | 2013-12-05

Horrible Service! You practically have to go in and get on the computer for service yourself cause you pull up and it's like you're not even there. Once finally in it'll only be about two hours for a simple oil change. So, if you have plenty of time and patience feel free to stop by.

Kent W. | 2013-11-17

We travel Full time in our RV and tow our older Jeep Liberty.  Our previous neighborhood mechanic recommended we go to a Jeep dealer to get our transmission serviced and we decided, since we were in Death Valley are that Las vegas was close.  We originally called a different dealer to be told it would be a week before they could get us in.  We called Chapman based upon other reviews.  we were not disappointed. They gave us 3 options for times.  We chose one then the day before they called to confirm.  We asked directions which she provided.  
We arrived early and were immediately greeted by Anthony, our service advisor who listened patiently as we outlined our needs and issues.  He gave us a price and estimated time frame.  Offered us a place to sit with Wifi.  It all worked out as we hoped.  Repairs made, vehicle transmission serviced and LOF performed.  We left very happy and would go again.

Kelly B. | 2013-11-06

If I could give ZERO stars I would.  NEVER in my life have I ever been treated so bad.  severly poor customer service.  I know car sales roaches are all about the pressure but taking advantage of the situation is not good service.  I went in to buy a car yes.  Did they finance me yes.  HOWEVER, when it came down to business they didnt give me a chance to talk with my other half they pressured me into this sale.  AND the worst of this is once we looked at our finances and expressed our concerns nothing could be done.  Understandably, we should have said something BUT with the pressure being on with not one but TWO "higher" end people starring pressuring its hard to get 2 words in.  I was severly dissappointed when I called not but an hour later and nothing could be done.  I again spent ALL day there and they proceeded to argue finally I got into the worst car they could give me but they wouldnt let me out of this loan that HASNT EVEN GONE THROUGH YET.  After the initial night I ran out crying and today they made fun of me for feeling the way I did.  I will never come here nor refer anyone else.  If you do go here stay away from Tommy S AND little Chapman.  They will take you for everything you have and not care.......    Initally they put me in a car that was 18,000 but after all the markups and finance crap was 41,000!!!!  WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!  The salesman I spoke to today was a little better at taking the time to explain things and fix what he could.  I will know better next time and go to CARMAX!!!!!

Kyle B. | 2013-10-13

Some of the most personable employees I know.  Amazing service!  Definitely recommend it.

Jay A. | 2013-09-29

I had a great experience with a recent new-car purchase at Chapman.

Here's the deal. I am fortunate to have good credit, and had a chunk of change to put down. I had done my research, and knew exactly what I needed.

They had the right car, and I came to them with a list of comparable prices from various dealers and online sources.

What could have been the challenging part is that most of my negotiation and transaction had to happen via eMail and online before I could actually get myself to Las Vegas for the signing.  Sales folks, Denae Mato and Onika Blair made the process easy and stress-free. They answered all of my questions quickly and thoroughly.

I didn't get a *steal*, but I got a fair deal - and considering all of the the work that they did for me to make the sale, I think that it was a win-win agreement.

I would buy from them again.

Dustin J. | 2013-09-02

Avoid the service department.

I bought my Ram 1500 in January and negotiated for a new set of All-Terrain tires. Instead the service department put on new highway tires. They fixed this problem in a few days and I was happy with the result.

Unfortunately, my next  visit was even more disappointing. I brought my truck in for its first oil change. After the service, my truck smelled of cigarette smoke. To make matters worse, I discovered that the oil filter was not properly installed and leaked over a quart of oil. I have three more free oil changes but will not be using them.

Steve L. | 2013-08-25

The secret to this place is go to the Value Center (which is on Boulder Highway) and talk to Scott Reber.  Imagine my surprise that when I met him, he is wearing shorts and a T-Shirt just like me.  

He is friendly and courteous without acting like a pushy salesman.  I had previously decided on a 2014 Jeep Cherokee but he didn't have one on the lot that satisfied me.  He ordered one for me with all the gadgets I wanted!  Great car buying experience after a day of looking at cars and walking out on several other places.

Sandy C. | 2013-08-23

My husband bought a 2001 Jeep Cherokee at Chapman Dodge 1.5 years ago and has had many problems. Three of the window motors broke, the thermostat went out, and one of the taillights completely shorted out. I realize it's an old-ish car so hiccups like that are common I suppose.

Anyways...My husband dropped his Jeep off on August 7, 2013 at Chapman Dodge because the engine was randomly stopping.  He was told it would probably be ready by Friday.  Thursday...nothing.  Friday...nothing.  Saturday....nothing.  Sunday....still had not heard anything.

We had to rent a car so my hubs could get to work and it was becoming quite costly.

On Monday I e-mail every member of the service department (Anthony Salinas, Jesus Blanco, Tony Santos, & Tyler Webb) and did not get a reply. (I still have not gotten a reply)

On Tuesday I call and the receptionist tells me that they are just now looking at it and there is no status update.  WTH??! Ya'll had my car for 6 days and hadn't even looked at it?? Granted, we dropped it off without an appointment but if we had known it was just going to sit there for 6 days we would have made an appointment and saved a lot of money on a rental car.

Tuesday afternoon my husband calls for an update.  Tyler tells him that it's "probably either the CPS or the ECM."  So we choose the less expensive of the two to be replaced.  Tyler tells him he'll probably have it done by 5 pm but he'll call my husband either way.

5 P.M. rolls around and no phone call.  We go down to the service department and they tell us they didn't get around to it and it'll probably be ready the next day.

No phone call the next day so we go down there again at 5:30 PM (they close at 6) and it's finally ready on Wednesday August 14, 2013.  We spent nearly $300.00 on a rental car and nearly $300.00 on repairs.  I realize that no one held a gun to my head and made me rent a car but there was no way around it because of our work schedules.  

We are busy folks on a budget.  I don't know who has time to leave their car in the shop for a week for no reason but it ain't me.   I did not like the lack of communication between the service department and I.  So two stars for you, Chapman Dodge, you could do a lot better.  People just want to be informed.  Even if you had called and said "Hey....sorry guys we're real backed up but we're gonna try to get to your's soon.." or something of that nature I would have been happier.  But to hear nothing for a week is unsettling.

Sincerely, Mrs. Franklin

Amesh P. | 2013-06-29

I just bought a 2008 Infiniti M45 from the value lot.  The service was amazing! I was working with Jeffrey Zale.  By far one of the best sales person experiences I've ever had at a car lot! You guys did it right when you hired Jeff! I will be returning and telling my friends about my great experience!

Naira B. | 2013-04-19

This dealership may seem friendly but be careful. Don't take their word for anything they say. Be careful and don't shop from here. I got the worst deal ever they will tow your car without  telling you. Even the smallest dealers have better service than they do and better business ethics. So I don't recommend these guys at all. Nothing is more important than to sell a car, even if they have to be unethical and break laws. Won't recommend this place at all.

Phil B. | 2013-04-17

Chapman is a good dealer, but like any dealer it's the people that make a dealership.  So here's a tip,  when you go in there specifically ask for Chuck Monachino.  Then tell him you read the review from Yelp from Phil B,  the guy that wanted the 2014 STR8.    He'll remember me and tell you my story,  it's good for a laugh.

I told Chuck about the power of the Internet and that many people read Yelp reviews, and it's important to make us happy.  He was a bit skeptical, but I insisted that honest reviews on Yelp can help a business.

Chuck was a great sales manager,  his salesman had their faults.. but they are young.  Chuck has 20+ years in the business.  As long as he's the manager for you,  just ignore the salesman if you want.  

Here is what I did to get my new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited for a great price.

Check the Carmax price,  even out of state for the same car.  Tell Chuck you will give him a great Yelp review but you don't want to go back and forth for hours  Check the price he gives you with the Carmax price,  it should be pretty close. Remember the extra costs of buying out of state into your number.   I think the first number you get will probably be something you can work with,  and then from there it will just get better.

I spent 4 days looking at cars in over 10 dealerships.  Chuck was a manager I could work with and respected my opinions and feelings.   Many other dealerships failed,  and the other Jeep dealership in Vegas actually lied to me about critical facts.  

Chuck helped me through the process and was honest.    

Good luck,  and if you don't like your sales guy just tell Chuck you want to deal with another or him directly.

Beth M. | 2013-02-20

We went to them back in June to buy a dodge charger for my husband. After about 7 hours we left with one. A few days later we took it back he wasnt happy with it. So we decided to buy a truck! Boy did they screw us. We paid over the list price for a truck that they said was new and it was all factory done up. When we were going through th financing they said that this is the best we can do. We tried to leave numerous times but it didnt work out. So when we finally got fed up  after like 10 hours we took the truck and they told us that in 6-8 months we could refi it for a lower payment or interest rate. yeah right. We paid 34,000 plus and now the truck is worth 20k we are so upside down its not funny. We want out of the truck its  a gas guzzler and way to expensive. Boy waht liars they are and what con artist! This wasnt our first car buying experience and it will be the last one there! Dont buy there and dont trust a word they say!

Tyler Q. | 2013-02-17

Chapman is class act.

I've gone to them for years and have always come away impressed with their professionalism and friendliness.

Awhile back I had unforeseen car issues that forced me into a new car before I was ready. They were extremely considerate of my financial situation and time constraints. They not only showed me options in my price range, but also showed me other options that they could procure for me if I liked something they did not have.

P.S. When you get a new car, you get to ring this awesome bell in the showroom. Embarrassingly amazing!

Paul Q. | 2013-02-17

My relationship with Chapman began in October 2011 when I stopped in to look at the Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee.  The salesman who greeted me gave me plenty of space while I looked the two cars over.  After test driving a few models and unable to come to a decision the sales manager let me borrow the model I was leaning towards for 24hours.  I guess he knew if I took it home it was as good as sold!      

Once I had decided on a car, finalizing the deal was relatively quick and painless.  I negotiated a fair price and received a generous appraisal for my trade-in.

Since buying my new car back in October 2011, I've had it serviced once under warranty, and several times for oil changes and tire rotations.  And every single time the service department at Chapman took care of business; service was speedy and professional.

BOTTOM LINE: Super-impressed with every aspect of my dealings with Chapman

Jennifer A. | 2013-02-17

Don Hamrick is your man if you're in the market for a new car! It's not everyday you find an establishment that possesses such integrity and honesty, but Chapman encompasses these very qualities.

Russica M. | 2012-12-02

Where to start?  Hmmm...
My 15 year old son and I wanted to test drive a new Journey. I am a single mom who doesn't have the best credit but I had been doing my research and knew a Journey SXT would fit in my budget.
We were greeted by a salesman. I told him I'd like to test drive a Journey. He doesn't ask me any questions. He just takes me to the most expensive model, proceeds to tell me how good I would look sitting behind the wheel and then hands me his card so that if anyone asks, I'm working with him. He comes back tries to start the car and it won't start. Really. He's pushing the button and its not starting.
At this point I take over and tell him what I really want. How I don't need all the bells and whistles. He goes to get his manager.
The manager asks if they could run a credit app and then see what I qualify for before they let me test drive any vehicles.
Fine. We sit down. I hand him my license. (Now here comes sleazy comment 1). Him: "How do you say your name?"  Me: "Russica"
Him: "Ohhhh, that's a sexy name!" son is sitting next to me.  It went downhill from here.
He barely knew how to write. Their customer service is horrible. He ate food in front of us. Well, after he hid a chicken wing in his hand under the desk while holding my paperwork. Ugh.
The manager spoke to me as though I was an idiot. I guess they don't feel a woman can do this on their own. Hmmm...
Too bad. I was hoping there would be a decent Dodge dealership in town.
Oh!  I did get a car though!  Same price as what I wanted. Yes...I qualified :-) and my payments were less than what I expected. No. It wasn't Drivetime as I was told would be the only place who could sell me a car.
Thanks Chapman for making your experience horrible so I could have a wonderful experience elsewhere!
Oh...and you told me about your 5 star status. Well on this experience you should have stars taken away.
A single mom who will spread the word about my experience

Greg R. | 2012-11-29

The Salesman was pushy. I think you really need to listen to what the customer wants, then provide them with options.

Michelle R. | 2012-11-22

Had body work done there and it was fast and easy dropped it off Monday received a call the next day to say it was in paint and all done by Thursday morning!!!! My bumper never looked better!!!! Great service as always!!!!

Terri S. | 2012-10-27

Chapman Las Vegas Dodge provided me with superior customer service and made me feel 100% confident in my car buying experience. I would recommend Chapman Las Vegas Dodge to anyone looking to buy a new or used vehicle.

Ilene Y. | 2012-10-11

Never Again.

I admit, I came in with nothing. My truck had recently died so a junkyard came to get it. I went to Chapman Dodge because it was the closest dealership to my house.

I will first say that the salesman I had (Scott) was awesome.  Not smarmy, not shady.  Really tried to work with me and get me a car that I could afford.

Like I stated, I came in with zero down and I make little money. I waited for 7 hours and finally got a 2010 Hyundai that I really liked and it was in my payment range.  They even called me a few days later to tell me that the bank approved me for a lower APR which I was stoked about.

Now the fun stuff... I get a call a few days after that and come to find out that the car they sold me belonged to someone else. Stolen or not, I don't know the full details but these asshats bacially did not do their homework.  I love how someone off the street can basically trade in a car with little to no information and Chapman turns around and sells it to me.  I had to return the car, which still smelled like cigarettes and was still needing the inspection.

I did get a much nicer car for a lower price but I will never go back.  The incompetence level is epic. The finance manager (Chris) is a prick and the main manager is a shady piece of work.  All they do is apologize and keep you waiting and waiting. They seem to do everything ass backwards at this place and I will NEVER recommend anyone to buy anything there.  

So, here I have a 2010 Kia.  Let's see in a few days if THIS car is legally mine and not stolen.

Then they call me again the following day to tell me that the paperwork for the original car went through and if I want it, I can have that car instead. WTF!!!?

Fuck that place.

Iris J. | 2012-10-01

Where do I BEGIN!  I picked several cars of interest off of the website.  I'm an extremely thorough legal assistant.  Therefore, I provided everything immaculately to the salesperson via e-mail prior to my arrival.  I get there, and not ONE OF THE CARS from the website is available.  I end up giving up on myself and picking a car that caught my daughters eye on the lot.  This was already a 3 hour experience with that lying "pre-approval" talk that you get over the phone. You get there, you are filling out endless paper, getting into some non-sense contest to pick an envelope for a discount that I still never received.  Then you are back and forth with providing more money then agreed upon, more documents, more more more!  Finally drive off the lot and get numerous calls.  Their computer was down, need to come back and fill out another contract.  The lender wants to install a gps com back for that.  Only to arrive and find out the guy that does installations isn't even there on that date.  Everything is you must do this now, today, immediately.  But when you get there, that attitude changes completely.  Here I am a month later still going back in filling out more papers and providing, get this "where I work"!  Really?  Didn't I give all of this to you when I purchased the vehicle.  I have made over 4 trips back and forth to this place because of the overt imcompetence.  Now I'm told, after yet another trip that took up my entire lunch hour today to sign A NEW CONTRACT that there are still two other documents that need to be filled out.  This was the worse car buying experience I have ever had!  The sheer unprofessionalism and bumbling that goes on with this group is incredible.

Tracy R. | 2012-08-14

I'm very dissatisfied that my time was wasted going there. I specifically told the salesman what I wanted and what price I wanted to spend. And what I expected in it. His name was Paul. I made it more than crystal clear what it had to have! When I got to the table I asked him to show me what he had before running my credit. Well that didn't happen. They ran my credit first then drove me up a car that was wrecked and it didn't have the sun roof I wanted nor and ugly cloth seats that were so stinky like BO. Plus the driver door was crunched in from a wreck and the car was absolutely filthy and didn't looked washed and you could barely see out of the rear view mirrors because the dirt on the car was so bad. Then he is going to try and talk me into the car I don't want without the options I first told him It would have to have. I can't see how they run this way. Don't waste people's time! Then to top it off before leaving I was just curious. What would you of offered for my trade in? A lousy grand for a jaguar with low profiles and rims! That was a insult. Made me rush out real fast with my bra still on.  Among having to sit across from this dealer that was chewing tobacco and spitting it into a water bottle neck for an hour. GROSS. This was an experience. My advice is this. Don't let them run your credit till you see and apply for the car you want. ..

Paula G. | 2012-07-27

if i could give less of a score I would. Before you give them your hard earned money, they are Great. After the sale, no return phone calls , numerous games of phone tag try to all back no one NOONE but the receptionist answers the phone!!!! There a a zillion places you can buy a car no matter your credit, Pick any of Those because Chapman is doing you no favors by taking your money and moving on to the next.

Lora V. | 2012-07-10

This review is on a Salesmen Rocco and Woody.  

3/4 of the problem of buying a car in my opinion is the salesmen.  In this particular case there were no problems because of Rocco and Woody.  These guys are amazing, down to earth, calm, nice and easy going.  They are not pushy or in your face, loud or arrogant.  You pretty much have your choice of where to buy cars in this economy and we were given many options of deals and a few just a tiny bit lower then here but because of Rocco and Woody we went with this dealership in the purchase of our new Jeep.

I cannot say anything about anyone else within this dealership because Rocco and Woody are the only ones we talked to. They made our journey fun, pleasant and I will highly recommend coming in a talking to them if you're looking for a new ride.

Tyronda W. | 2012-04-07

Was a little unsure about this location but after spending sometime on two occasions with salesman Joshua Bavaro once by myself then with my husband to seal the deal.  We love our new Dodge Caravan SXT. Perfect amount of bells and whistles for our 2 kids and the dog family and in our budget.  Kristopher who haggled an even lower rate than we got from our credit union from another bank saved us at least 2k. Long day but worth it and Joshua worked hard. Buying a car from a young family man like him was refreshing and not stressful. He wasn't pushy, he had lots of knowledge and when he didn't know he wasn't afraid to go ask.  My husband and I are not the easiest to deal with- we read everything, ask tons of questions and haggle with the best of them.  We got a great deal with our Toyota Sienna trade-in and as first time Dodge owners we will be back and hope Joshua is still there to sell us another car.

Jennifer D. | 2012-03-11

Cisco rocks!

Waiting on fog lights installation(Thanks, Sweetie!). Cisco is the hardest, thorough, and knowledgeable person at the parts center.  Champman Dealership is VERY VERY VEry lucky to have him.  I recommend going to only him only because he has a welcoming smile, humor is keen, & not bad on the eyes.  Finally, diversity!!!!

B F. | 2012-03-05

Have you ever wanted an oil change that takes 3hrs, well if so head on down to chapman dodge service dept where Purgatory is their promise in excellence.

Jen C. | 2012-01-23

Unacceptable! I went with cash in hand ready to purchase a 2012 Dodge Challenger. I've done my homework so I know what the vehicle should cost, invoice price, mark-ups, upgrades etc.

Charlie aka "peewee", was an outstanding salesman who I test-drove the vehicle with & I will recommend him to anyone.

However, when the manager came out to try and negotiate with me, he was unwilling to budge on anything!  Just because I'm a woman, DOES NOT mean I don't know what I'm talking about and it certainly DOES NOT mean I deserve to be ripped off.  I'm fully cognitive that this is a business trying to make money, however, when dealers mark up their price 7-10% above invoice and try to tell me that there are all these unnecessary fees, I have to draw a line.  

Needless to say, it was a joke, I walked out and found an amazing deal through another dealership - $4000 below the price this douche was trying to stuff down my throat. He made me feel stupid and gave me a shit eating departing grin! I will never ever ever suggest Chapman to anyone.

I might drive in to get my car serviced, so I can show off my AMAZING car & rub in the AMAZING deal I got.

Jeni L. | 2011-11-07

The lowest standard of customer service, salesmanship, and business ethics of any business I have ever experienced.  

Price of the vehicle was increased at the last minute and sales team tried to slip it by- salesman literally put his hand over the price on the contract and tried to get a signature without mentioning the changed price.  When the price change was noticed, they claimed it was an oversight.

A few days after purchase, vehicle exhibited engine problems and was later returned via tow truck for inspection.  It has been almost two months, endless runarounds and straight out lies and the vehicle has still not been returned.  Now the dealership will not even return calls and is blaming "corporate" for all delays and lack of repairs.  

It is absolutely unreal, how unprofessional and callous this team is.  I wish I could say they were just shady car salesman, but they are so much worse than that.  The words, lying, cheating, disgusting thieves suits them better.

Ann H. | 2011-08-21

We were visiting las Vegas and had a necessary repair for our drive back to Cali.  They knew our situation and took us in on a Saturday afternoon. We were at their mercy, as I had to get back Monday for a business trip.what a pleasant surprise to get a speedy repair at MORE than fair price.  Honest folks.  Thank you Chapman!

Leigh S. | 2011-07-23

My review is for the service department at Chapman.  We were travelling back to Colorado from Anaheim when the rear seal went out on our Jeep.  In the middle of freaking nowhere (Mojave  Desert).  Made it to Vegas and spent extra days there since we arrive late on a Saturday.  Huge thanks to the guys in the service department there.  We did not feel scammed because we were tourists and stuck.  The fixed our car in one day, reasonable price.  Free shuttle service too.  Would completely trust and recommend this place to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation!

Jacki B. | 2010-09-17

Took my car to get the oil changed at Chapman Dodge and was pleasantly surprised. I am use to service departments being small and somewhat disorganized, but Chapman was on the ball. The route to the service department is clearly marked and an attendant greets you as soon as you roll in. After taking my name and checking my appointment time, I was introduced to my service manager. Apparently, the service manager oversees work done on the car and is the relay between mechanic and customer.

After handing off my keys, I was directed to the customer waiting lounge. I'm accustomed to these waiting areas basically being the size of a broom closet and having mediocre coffee at best. I was pleasantly surprised to see the waiting area at Chapman. It is huge with plenty of seating and even a couple of tables for people to sit and work. They provided amazing coffee, donuts, bagels, and fruits free of charge for all customers.

The service manager I had was honest about my vehicle and didn't try to swindle me because I happen to be female. The oil change took about 30 minutes and then I was out the door. It was a very good experience.