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Thank you for stopping by Centennial Toyota. We are your Las Vegas Toyota Dealership specializing in new and pre-owned Toyota vehicles, Toyota service & Toyota parts.

Our knowledgeable sales staff have been trained and certified to provide amazing customer service. Our Las Vegas Toyota Dealership has been selling and servicing the Las Vegas area for a long time - our experience is second to none.

Receive a vehicle quote and schedule a service appointment all online. Your Las Vegas Toyota Dealership sells reliable and fuel efficient cars. Come visit our show room today.


Established in 2002.

Welcome To Centennial Toyota. We are your fastest growing Las Vegas Area Toyota Dealership specializing in new and pre-owned Toyota vehicles, Toyota service & Toyota parts.Our knowledgeable sales staff have been trained and certified to provide amazing customer service. Our Las Vegas Toyota Dealership has been selling and servicing the Las Vegas area for a long time - our experience is great!  Receive a vehicle quote and schedule a service appointment all online! Your Las Vegas Toyota Dealership sells reliable and fuel efficient cars! Come visit our show room today!

Centennial Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 659-8833
Address:6551 Centennial Center Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, 89149
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Centennial Toyota

CL E. | 2015-04-12

I purchased a new Toyota Corolla in 2012 from them. They seemed nice (not too pushy) gave me a good deal and a great interest rate. I always buy Toyotas and always get them serviced here. I recently traded my Corolla for a 2012 Camry SE that I purchased at Findlay Chevrolet, but I will definitely be bringing my Camry to Centennial Toyota for servicing. They have always treated me well in their Svc Dept, the car is always serviced quickly and the service writers are always completely professional, and communicate very well regarding my cars status. They are definitely better than Auto Nation (Desert Toyota) in professionalism and efficiency.
A great place to go to get your Toyota Serviced

Jessica R. | 2015-04-07

I bought a new Corolla here on 04/04/2015. I was helped by Fransisco Aguilera. By far the best car buying experience I've ever had. I would highly recommend this dealership and Fransisco to everyone I know.

Katherine B. | 2015-04-04

From now on the ONLY place I'll shop for my cars is Centennial Toyota! Best car buying experience ever! I am the proud new owner of a Prius!! :)Peter, Stacey and Edwin were fantastic to work with.... So fantastic that I bought a 2nd car that same day!! I'm absolutely LOVING my new cars and couldn't be happier with the whole experience!!

Jess K. | 2015-03-30

DO NOT USE THIS SERVICING SHOP EVER!  I was sold a battery I didn't need and service I didn't need by Emilio.  I was told by Emilio that my battery I purchased 3 weeks prior was "defective and only testing at 9 volts (its a 12 volt battery)"  I said ok I will call you back and let you know what I want to do.  I called Autozone where I bought the battery and they said of course if it's defective we will return it for you.  OK GREAT.  I call Emilio back and said go ahead with the service.  I take the battery back and it registers at 12.9 volts its a perfect fully charged battery.  "sometimes these things just happen" said Emilio when I was paying over $500.  I called to speak with Oscar the service manager left him a message ....NO RETURN CALL...IMAGINE THAT.  Thank you for ripping me off.  I can see by all the other horrible reviews you have that you serve the Las Vegas community so lovely with almost 2.5 stars.

Ms. P. | 2015-03-28

Called my service rep (Tom B.) at Toyota 3 times this week to have my car serviced for this morning 3/28/2015.  No return call.  Called a 4th time and left a message on Tom's answering machine telling him that I would come in at 0730 on 3/28/2015 unless he called to tell me otherwise.  Still no call back.  When I pulled up to Toyota at 0730 this morning I saw Tom.  Tom passed by me without a greeting and he called out to another service agent (Douglas F.) who was passing by and stated, "You take care of her.  She doesn't have an appointment with me.  You take care of her."  Tom was motioning as if he were chewing a fly as he spoke.  Douglas was confused and I was humiliated.  I told Douglas that Tom was being nasty due to events from my last visit and that I needed to speak with a manager.  ALL I DID WAS STEP OUT OF MY CAR (I HAD NOT SAID A WORD) AND TOM HUMILIATED ME.  

I spoke with Oscar M. who seemed very upset by Tom's actions.  I told Oscar that if Tom was to no longer be my service agent I should have been assigned a new service agent at my last visit rather than go through the humiliation that I went through this morning.  The good news is that this morning Douglas was assigned as my new service agent.

To be REFUSED SERVICE (initially) by an organization as big as TOYOTA is shocking.  Is Tom that valuable an employee that he felt EMPOWERED to provide follow-up service that was worse than the last?  Because CENTENNIAL TOYOTA is the only Toyota dealership near my home I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANOTHER TOYOTA in order to eventually end having to go to that dealership.  I hope Tom is worth losing fan.

Thank you Douglas and Oscar for your kindness.

Toyota, I post my experiences on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, BLOG, YOUTUBE, ETC. ETC. ETC......

Wayne T. | 2015-03-12

This review is for both Centennial Toyota and salesperson, Elton Rosas. First let me establish my credentials. I am a retired detective lieutenant from a major eastern city. I am skeptical, unbelieving  anytime the human element and money are involved. We (my wife and myself ) came to know of Centennial Toyota through TrueCar.com . Not all Toyota dealers participate. The basis of TrueCar  is transparency and the elimination of the game playing auto dealers are known to do with pricing.Utilizing Kelly Blue Book for invoice price and the MSRP on all available accessories for the RAV4 and in conjunction with TrueCar.com we had in print the total price of the car with the specific accessories we wanted and the standard delivery charges in writing and agreed upon before we ever left our house to drive from St. George, Utah to Las Vegas. I am not prone to give compliments but the following is well deserved.
Our salesman, Elton Rosas was fantastic! Right from the start he dealt with my flurry of questions and obvious disbelief in a professional but friendly manner. I was looking for the hidden costs, the up-charging on accessories, the last minute add ons and those things that dealers state they have no control over, it never happened. Everything he stated, everything we wanted, everything agreed to, everything in writing  occurred exactly in that manner. We drove to Centennial to complete the paper work , down payment, the ordering of the car in person. In addition to assuring us we would receive the rebate from Toyota, other dealers would not, everything went exactly as Elton Rosas stated. The different extended warranty plans were presented to us but we were never high pressured. Elton kept us informed as the car we wanted was located and the options were being installed in "port" and when the dealer would take delivery and install the other options we selected. In addition to keeping us informed I had numerous questions on the process which Elton explained in detail. When coming to pick up our new RAV4  Elton was there to greet us and stood by patiently while I examined every inch of the exterior and put the car up on the lift ( my request )
for me to examine the under carriage without hesitation. Then we finalized the paperwork and payment. He went on to explain to my wife all the features and nuances of her Ruby Red RAV4. The amount of time from the first phone call to when we drove away from the  dealership Elton gave us is beyond calculation. The service, the patience and professionalism he exemplified I have never seen in a salesperson anywhere! Least you think we overpaid for the car, we did not. TrueCar shows you the low, high and middle amount being paid for the car within the last 30 days. We paid between the low and middle price, $2300.00 less than
the dealer in St. George Utah AND received window tinting and vin related window etching... Right from the start I was waiting for the deception, game playing, fight to start and the "other shoe to drop", it never happened. Did I mention the car was spotless AND a full tank of gas. Elton as a representative of Centennial Toyota was perfect and professional, words I do not use often!  Was Centennial and Elton Rosas this way because of how I am or is this their way of doing business. My educated observation and experienced evaluation indicates to me  our problem free new car purchase is the standard operating policy of Centennial Toyota and their staff. Great dealership with fantastic personnel !

Monika L. | 2015-03-05

"DON'T GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP". So after speaking with Peter Cornish, I was referred to a "manager" named Anthony. He made promises that he would attempt to contact the credit bureaus to get the hard inquiry removed and that he would email me the correspondence.  That was almost two weeks ago. Still I haven't received an email or phone call from Anthony.

I suggest my fellow yelpers to beware and stay clear from this dealership, that is unless you want your credit checked without your permission.

Berta V. | 2015-02-25

I've purchased three vehicles from this dealership now and I've been extremely satisfied with their service.  Sales has never been pushy and have always been open to negotiating prices down to fit my needs.  I live across town but even after my warranty has ran out, I will still drive up here to get my car serviced because of the trust and professionalism I can expect to receive -good job Centennial Toyota, keep treating your customers well and we will continue coming back to you!

Robert S. | 2015-02-01

We had a wonderful opportunity to purchase a new car yesterday from Centennial Toyota. Peter Cornish, and Morgan assisted us in purchasing a car. They were very supportive and made experience effortless and stressless. I recommend them to all of you!

Renee B. | 2015-01-29

Run away!!!!

  Thank you, Centennial Toyota!  You finally screwed up enough that my husband will never come back to you!  We have had multiple experiences - I will give you two outstanding ones.

  We took our 2003 Sequoia in for a recall.  After they fixed the recall item they notified us that our brakes were almost "metal-to-metal".  We needed to get them done, SOON!  They said it was 'dangerous'.  That fix was going to cost us $1500.  They had the parts and could do it right away.  UM... NO THANKS!  My husband thought that seemed a bit much and took it to someone else who said... there was nothing wrong with our brakes.  BAM!  $1500 saved.  
(We did eventually get the brakes worked on, about a year later, not at Centennial, for less than $500)
  Most recently... his airbag light came on and his horn and cruise control stopped working after some rough riding.  He took it to Centennial and they said he needed a new airbag ($800+).  They said it looked like the vehicle might have been in an accident and someone had folded the airbag back up and stuffed it in there.  What????  
"Really? You can do that?", my husband asked.  
He heard that airbags could be tricky so.... he let them replace it and walked around the area for hours waiting for them to finish the repair.  They finally called and said "oh sorry, we need another part (clock spring- $300) but we don't have it and we can't get it for a couple days".  (They should consider stocking parts to repair cars).  They did give him a loaner to get back home since we don't live in the Las Vegas area - a tiny little thing.
  My husband was suspicious because we know the vehicle was never in an accident.  So, my husband asked to take the old parts home.  We have looked at the 'spent' airbag unit and it is in pristine condition.  Not the slightest mark on it.  The guy even wrote a warning on the box "don't apply voltage, it could go off".  (excuse me... I thought you said it had already gone off and someone folded... oh never mind!)

We believe they replaced the airbag but that didn't resolve the issue, so then they found the real culprit to be that the clock spring had broken in the steering column.  

  We are Toyota people.  I don't know why my husband started going to Centennial, we were not unhappy with the other Toyota dealerships.  The building and waiting area are very nice but the wait time is always much, much longer than they say and always very pricey.  It seems, regardless of what you go in for, they always find something very expensive that needs fixing.  We are definitely done with Centennial Toyota now.

Rob V. | 2014-12-28

I actually had a great experience with the service department here a week back. Took my daughters Avalon in for service and a recall on the airbag. They were super nice called to confirm the appointment, offered a ride, finished the repairs quickly and accurately. Easy to deal with and seemed genuine in their customer care.

Freddy V. | 2014-12-19

One month ago I bought a 2014 Toyota Sienna here in this branch. They did not put gas in the car. This disappointed me being that the car cost $30,000, and for just $60  left off on a bad note with their client. How embarrassing from such a large company. Later I complained and they said for me to bring it by and they would out the gas.

The problem is there are two dealers near my house and my wife and I decided to go to the one a ways away.
That's same day the air light from my 2014 Toyota Sienna turned on and fixed it saying it needed air, and the following week the light turned on again and again they fixed it telling me that if it were to happen again that I should just go to to a tire shop. That's what happened because the light came on again. It turns out that the two rear tires are bad. One of them has a nail where it could not be repaired,  and so it requires a new tire. I am unsatisfied with the service and negligence of this dealership.  Now I have to pay for two tires of this CERTIFIED CAR we never complain but this disappointed us so much.

Denise B. | 2014-12-14

after a bad experience with the Toyota dealership on West Sahara I went to Centennial Toyota to purchase a new car during one of their incentives. My salesman was Jay G. He was excellent. Never tried to be pushy--but the fact that he sent me an e-mail that my car was due for its first service really impressed me!! The follow up service reminder let me know he really did care about my business. The fact that it was not automated & he took the time to type me the e-mail was a plus for  me. The dealership has won me over so far.

Ivan T. | 2014-12-12

These guys at Centennial Toyota are "old-school" sleazy bags you see in movies...  Seeing them actually in action in real life was such a surreal experience.  My wife and I decided to test-drive a Toyota.  A sales guy (Joseph) was polite and nice initially.  Test-driving went great, and I told him, "Thanks for letting us test-drive the car... I'll call you after I do some shopping around."  Joseph insisted that we see the "numbers" inside their office, and it would take only a few minutes.  Okay.  Nothing to lose, and I wanted to see what prices they would give us (more specifically, how much off the sticker price).  Little did I know there would be these sleazy "psychological" high-pressure sales tactics.  First, this initially nice salesman Joseph guy would take good 30 minutes talking to this manager and that manager to give me the "best" deal.  Second, this guy Joseph, who's in his late 20s/early 30s would use "old-school" high pressure sales tactics as if he was hell-bent on closing the deal right there and then.  Look, we gotta go home; we came here just to test drive!!  "Why would you not close the deal today?  I just wanna know." "Because I want to shop around!  If I get a better deal at another dealership, I want to know whether you'll match that!"  "So you are going to pit one dealership against another."  HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT.  THAT I WAS GOING TO PIT ONE DEALERSHIP AGAINST ANOTHER, by shopping around!  Really?  These guys actually exist?  This is just my imagination but not really off base; these guys at this dealership, upon reading this review of mine, would probably go pat pat Joseph on the back and say, "Hey, this sucker wrote about you, and, you know what, you did exactly as we taught you."  Unbelievable...

Steven L. | 2014-12-07

What a horrible experience at Centennial Toyota.  I brought my mom in to help her purchase a new Rav4. Jozef the sales rep said we will take care of you, best price no worries. He found us a Rav4 LE just off the shipping truck with the color we wanted. They took our car to see our trade in value. I went to carmax and got our own valuation. After waiting for more than an hour Jozef presented us with a price $2000 less than what carmax offered. Wow that's how they do business here. No worries we will trade car to carmax. Let's find out your price on the Rav4 LE. After another 40 minutes Jozef comes with his manager and quotes me a price of $26,000. True car priced this car around $23,000. The manager asks me what I would pay for this car. I say $22,000. He says I will see what I can do. After 15 minutes they come back and tell us the car has been already sold. Josef said the car was just off the truck and ready to sell. Someone was lying. They said we can sell you a different car with different color. No we want that car. You just wasted 2hours of our time. The manager also said they he couldn't work with my price. I would of paid $23,00. The manager said and I quote they best price you will get in town is $25500. Well we walked out of the dealership went on truecars and was quoted a price by Findlay for $22,500. Guess where we are buying our car. Findlay Toyota. Stay away from this place. One last thing. I purchased a truck back in 2009. This is how they treat a returning customer.

Connie A. | 2014-12-01

I come here to get my oil changed usually. The service worker guys in black shirts are usually not very good with communicating with you. I have had more than a couple of occasions  where I'm just standing there and not knowing exactly what I'm supposed to do. I didn't know where my car keys were after I was told my oil changed was finished at one time. Although the Filipino black shirt service dude is awesome. I usually ask for him when I go there 'cause he doesn't pressure me into buying things in an annoying way, he gives me great info, and gives me exactly what I need without the BS. Other guys here are kind of terrible at communication.

This old Middle Eastern employee inside kept trying to hit on me and tried to sell me a car while I was inside looking at the new cars. I was not in the mood to be fake nice in this situation, and plus I was with my senior mother. I was just walking around 'cause I got bored while my oil was being changed, but he kept following me!

Anyways, the cashier women and front desk woman are very nice and usually know what to do, so if those guys out there are being idiots, just go to one of them and they will get things going for you.

Todd E. | 2014-11-13

I bought a Tundra from this dealership and traded in a Ford F150 in the process (mistake).  The tundra needed tires and I brought that up and was given the same solution as other buyers that once another truck came in with identical tires they would be able to swap them out. I guess I was dumb enough to go for that. So I take the truck home. The breaks are so bad the truck feels like it's gonna fall apart when I use them. I also have a small exhaust leak forming after the first day of driving. So I take it back for service the very next day. I mention those issues on top of a AC vent that just will not adjust, it's broken. So they address the issues and I get a call that I would need to pay for a replacement AC vent and that they found an issue with the drive shaft that it was grinding on something. So I go in to pay for these repairs even though I just bought this truck the day before. But the service department was actually good and I really didn't pay for anything even though I was stuck with the broken vent the essentials were taken care of. So I keep calling on these tires because they are bad enough to were I don't feel safe driving on them. Same story over and over even though I hear all these tire deals going on at the dealership, still nothing. So I buy this "certified used" truck with all these problems but then it's my fault they are broken and I end up paying for new tires out of my own pocket. I have been working overtime at work just so I can trade this truck in and get another Ford. I will never own another Toyota ever again. I will boycott the name and pass the word to friends and family of this horrible experience.

Shrew S. | 2014-11-12

Love Toyota's! Strongly dislike this place! Go anywhere else but here to buy a toyota. All they want is a stat, Full of inexperienced kids.

Betty C. | 2014-11-09

After bad service at Desert and Sahara Toyota I got Richard Ommens named from friends. Two years later I've had only positive experiences. Sure it sometimes take longer than they think because they find and fix things that prevent breakdowns and unsafe conditions. I have never felt cheated like I did at other 2 Toyota dealers in town.

Jeffrey P. | 2014-11-08

Went here to trade in my car. I'm very low income and they got me an awesome deal for financing. I'll be recommending this place to friends in the future. From the time I arrived, and test drove the vehicle to signing the papers was also very short. Make sure you ask for Jay Gentry. He helped me tremendously.

Andy K. | 2014-11-05

Regarding the reply from Centennial pretty much what I expected.  In fact, it's nearly the identical reply to all of the negative reviews that are on Yelp about them already asking you to contact them and speak to Peter Cornish with whom I've already spoken.  Centennial, instead of wasting time copying/pasting the same reply to everyone's negative reviews, perhaps you should spend that time working to improve your customer service and ethics.  You will NEVER get my business and as a native Las Vegan, I will be sure to tell everyone I know not to buy from you and they will listen because they know I am honest, fair, and have integrity unlike YOU.

Mark P. | 2014-10-29

Amazing Service. GreaT People. Will be right back for sure!!! Yay for the future of Hybrid Electric!!!! Among other great Things!!!

Yien L. | 2014-10-25

Liars,never come back again
Give them 0 star,all they can do is just wasting your time.never trust what any agent told u,if u can,please keep the evidence what they offer,even means u have to record it.

Joanna B. | 2014-10-13

I left a previous review for Centennial Toyota expressing my satisfaction with my car buying experience. Unfortunately, I have to retract my rave review. The first problem I encountered was with Sal in the financial department. I was told, on a Monday, that the check I wrote for the car would not be cashed until that Friday at the earliest so I can be sure I had the money in my account. On Wednesday, I received a text from JJ that the check went to the bank. I called Manny to see if he would help, since he was so eager to help before I signed on the line, and he didn't return my message. Luckily Wells Fargo was able to reverse any penalty charges. I actually had to bring centennial Toyota a cashiers check to remedy their mistake. When I confronted JJ with the situation he became defensive and apathetic. Before driving off the lot JJ promised me car mats (since there weren't any in the vehicle and that seems pretty standard). In the midst of the check fiasco JJ reassured me that I would get my car mats shortly. Since then JJ reports that he no longer works at centennial Toyota and I still have no car mats. Take your business elsewhere.

Michelle D. | 2014-10-11

My husband and I needed a new car and he made an appointment with a dealer at the dealership. However, that particular dealer had to leave, but set us up with his sales manager. When we got there, the sales manager left us in the capable hands of Jayson. Jayson is very funny and outgoing and made the search for the car an enjoyable experience. For the negotiations, Jayson was aided by Donte and after a lengthy back and forth, we finally agreed on a deal that was beneficial for both sides. This was the first experience my husband and I had in getting a car on our own, and thankfully, it wasn't an exact replica of the nightmare that I've always had about buying a car. My husband and I are thinking that if (knock on wood) our other car breaks down, then we will come back here for a second car.

Amanda W. | 2014-10-10

Our salesman was new and great.  We were originally happy with this dealership.

Our new car's payment was slightly higher based on the negative equity in our old vehicle.  A few days after buying the new vehicle, we received the statement on the old loan.  It turns out, $600 less was owed on it than we had estimated.  We were informed that any extra money ($600) would come back to us after the loan was paid off.

Today we get a statement from the finance company stating the loan was paid off.  There was no mention of the extra $600.  After phone calls and looking at the paperwork, we realized the paperwork that was printed out was NOT the same as what was signed in the office.  I was a bit suspicious that you had to sign the electronic papers rather than a hard copy.  It turns out, they DO change the information before printing.  Our paperwork had no mention of the car payoff.  No mention of a trade in, whatsoever.  I'm not sure where that extra $600 went that they figured into our payments, but it didn't go to the old finance company and it isn't coming back to us.

Sam S. | 2014-10-10

DO NOT BUY a vehicle from Centennial Toyota. I purchased a 2011 Mercedes E350 in August 2014. The sales staff, management, and finance managers are incompetent, rude, and "slick." This dealership practices deceptive sales techniques. Sales people swarm and make every attempt possible to steal deals from other sales people. When I inquired via phone about an issue with the sales transaction, I was made to feel as though I'd done something wrong, and was never given a straight answer. This was my first auto buying experience in Las Vegas having moved here just a month prior to my purchase. Never again will I consider buying a vehicle from this dealership.

Dick N. | 2014-10-10

My car buying experience at Centennial Toyota was surprisingly painless, maybe even pleasant (that's saying a lot for a car dealership!). I found the vehicle I wanted online and emailed them about it, asking for an 'out the door' price (total with taxes/fees). They responded quickly and were very straightforward, giving me the exact cost the car would cost me to the cent. They sent me a couple emails after that over the next week, but nothing too aggressive and no ridiculous daily sales calls like many dealerships do (looking at you, Auto Nation Nissan). When I finally went in to buy it, my salesman Ramone was very friendly and again, straightforward. I knew what I wanted and he knew I wanted it so he didn't try to upsell me on something stupid or pressure me into anything different. The finance guy tried to sell me on extended warranties and other extras I didn't want or need, as I expected. However, he was polite when I turned them down and didn't go all aggro-salesman on me like so many do. After coming back 2 days later with a check for the quoted amount (the exact amount they quoted me in our initial email exchange), I got my truck. The truck was clean, had a full tank of gas, in great shape and with no more miles on it than when I had finished test driving it. Ramone sat with me for a while, explaining the interior, bluetooth system, some details about Toyotacare, and other pertinent things. I then drove off with my lovely new truck. I've had a few questions since then about registration and titles and Ramone was quick to respond over email even after having sold me the truck (this, quite frankly, was amazing... too many places you fall through the cracks after you actually purchase the vehicle and it seems like they stop caring about you after that point). The green slip for registering my vehicle was available in half the time they estimated it would be and I had the truck registered/plated within 4 days of buying it. All in all, these guys were polite, straightforward, and helpful.

Bing C. | 2014-10-04

If I could give no star that would be more of an accurate review. Don't go here for any type of service unless your willing to spend a lot a money! They do bare minimum and charge an arm and a leg for their services. I highly recommend staying away from this place!

Richard C S. | 2014-10-03

Worst experience my sienna van had a wrap around warranty I bought thru them and they said they would repair my van and got me a rental car then the next day they said they would not honor their word. After back and forth they fixed it and when I drove a block the problem was worsen. I called no call back.

Troy C. | 2014-09-25

These guys literally did not want to sell me a car.  The online department refused to answer questions.  I'd send them the specs of the car I was looking for and he'd cut and paste the specs from a different car and refuse to explain the differences.  So I called the sales agent I was working with and he refused to discuss the differences.  He only said he'd show me the spec sheets and give me a deal.  He didn't want to discuss the difference of the car he was offering and the car I wanted to buy.  

I went to Findely Toyota and bought a car the same day.  I have my car services at Centennial only because it's close to my house - and they still mess up on it.  But that's another long story.

Najale D. | 2014-09-13

I just got an oil change 2 weeks ago I had to take it back because one of my lug nuts were missing and sounds like something on my brakes were loose. This is my 2nd time getting an oil change and I'm disappointed. My first oil change was done at the Sahara location with no problems. I will not be attending this service center anymore.

Joey B. | 2014-09-13

You're looking at about a three hour wait (based on the average of three appointments we've made here).

Brad F. | 2014-09-04

It is 2:35AM and I cannot sleep due to my frustration in dealing with Toyota.

I was told my truck would be ready at 5pm yesterday and did not receive my truck until 7:05pm (not to mention, it was done an entire week later than I was originally told).
I called on my way to the dealership around 4:30pm to double check that it was ready, after sitting on hold and being disconnected once for an unknown reason, roughly 30 minutes later I was able to get the answer that my truck would not be ready until 6pm.
I then showed up at 6pm and somehow, no one seemed to have any idea where my truck was...I was finally told that Manny would meet me out front with it.
Manny never met me so I went looking for him. I found him at a desk sitting down with other employees. I then spotted my truck outside his desk area through the window - at this time it's about 6:20pm.
Manny then says he has to wash it real quick. The gentleman takes the truck to the back. Roughly 30 mins later, growing extremely frustrated I find Manny and ask the status of my truck. He goes to the back and a few minutes later pulls up with the truck soaking wet as if it was just ran through the wash.
I open the driver door and see the floor mats spread across the back seat, there is a rubber seal piece in the cup holder about 8 inches in length(?), the gas tank is 3/4 full, a plastic insert appears to be missing from the gear shift display, loose change under the vehicle seat, 79 miles on the truck (purchased with only 9 miles on it), and the worst-there is a chip in the paint on the right rear panel!!
I paid $37,494.96 for this truck; does that not deserve better service??

This is absolute madness.

This is my second Toyota I've purchased and most definitely my last. I cannot believe the lack of communication, genuine care for the customer, or thoroughness of work by Toyota at Centennial.

I want the paint chip on the right, rear fender fixed by Friday. I would also prefer to have it fixed by the dealership on Sahara, as I've lost all confidence in the Centennial location.


Robert D. | 2014-09-03

I decided to give these guys another shot at my business since my usual dealership changed ownership (Fletcher Jones). My experience this time was good. Was greeted within a few minutes of arriving for my appt. My service advisor(Emilio) was friendly and respectful. Service only took 45mins for a full synthetic oil change and tire rotation on my Tundra on a busy morning. I am glad they have improved their customer service. Their coffee machine is a big thumbs up!!

Yazmin A. | 2014-09-01

I had the best car shopping experience here at the centennial toyota. Everyone must go to Elton Rosas, he is the best sales and leasing consultant. What ever questions or concerns you have, he will answer them. As I said before, go to (ELTON ROSAS). He is the best!!

Yuki F. | 2014-08-30

Horrible, horrible service. They do the bare minimum and no more. I don't know anything about cars so I don't think it's asking much to have them check if my car needs maintenance or replacements.

My center console (touch screen for A/C, GPS, etc.) isn't working and they told me they would need to replace the whole thing, averaging $5,000, because they don't know how to fix it. My boyfriend luckily came with me and asked if it was covered under my warranty. The service guy finally mentioned my warranty was about to expire in 50 more miles. If my boyfriend hadn't come along, the service guy wouldn't have checked whether I had warranty to get it replaced and I would've been out $5,000. I wouldn't have known what questions to ask without my boyfriend.

Ladies, NEVER come here without someone who knows about cars because these people WILL take advantage of you. The guy didn't even seem apologetic. It's basic courtesy to mention, "Hey, you're warranty is about to expire. Let's get everything fixed while you're still covered." Come on Toyota, I thought you were better than this.

Ryan D. | 2014-08-29

I brought my 14 Tundra here for its first oil change a few days ago.  Overall a pleasant experience, especially considering I did not make an appointment.  I was greeted by a service writer within a few seconds. He explained what service was included with my Toyota Care program (synthetic oil change and tire rotation).  The waiting area at this dealership is very nice and includes a vending area with FREE cookies, computers with internet access and a smaller room with ESPN on a TV.   There is ample seating, wifi and plenty of magazines to read.   The parts department has a nice selection of accessories and I passed some of the time browsing in there.

The service to my truck took about 90 minutes, which was fine considering I did not make an appointment.

I did not buy the truck at Centennial so I cannot speak to their sales practices but I will be returning for service again.

Update:  Had another oil change on 11/22/2014 and the experience was better than the first time.  They had the truck done within about 30 minutes.  My service advisor - Doug Falla - was great to work with.  Updated to 5 stars for the service department only.

Erin G. | 2014-08-29

I am appalled at this Toyota dealership. Do not buy from them!! I have never felt so lied too and taken advantage of in my life. They will do anything and everything to get you to buy from them. I walked in with my Uncle so I would have someone there with me. We were told the car I test drove was a 2011 and that it had a warranty on it. Only had about 50000 miles. We negotiated the price then he handed me keys for a 2010? I went to the desk and asked if this was the same car we test drove? He said yes and was sure he told us...we negotiated again after the lie. It was James Mennear.  Then they brought another guy over who was talking to us while the other guy was only running my credit for the ONE company I requested. They came back with an interest rate and final price and an hour later we went into financing with Scott.  They tried to sell me the 2000 warranty above the cost of the car (of which beforehand I was told was only 1400 included in the vehicle price)! And not to mention he explained nothing--just sign sign sign. It was 1100 at that point and they had already taken my 1000 dollars and run my credit. I was so frustrated at this point, but I was told that I had to come back tomorrow for a refund of my money. I told my boyfriend the whole situation and had to go In the next day so he called in to try and contact someone in charge. I spoke to a guy named Burnham the next day. I called as soon as I got there and after twenty minutes he came downstairs. He showed me that I was rejected from several companies and not one of them was the one that I asked for them to run. They ran credit so much I was at a 590 when it was all said and done. So I go in for the refund, we sit down at a table and I told him if you are not willing to give the fair purchase price on a vehicle then he would be wasting my time. I asked about the Camry last night that I looked at and he (Burnham) said it's gone to auction and even if I still wanted it I couldn't have it. So he brings over one of the guys from last night (Bald with tattoos,  kind of heavy), along with a new sales guy named DJ.  DJ brings me outside to show me a used Camry. 09 Moonroof nice. I liked it..However I couldn't get my blue book to pop up on my phone so I negotiated down to what I thought was fair. We go sit down talk a little bit..DJ was very nice probably because he wasn't pressured to get the sale since it was going to the very first person I spoke to James Mennear.  I get on my phone with my boyfriend and DJ overhears us talking and brings down a paper with capital one listed on it with an outrageous price listed on the 09. It's dated and times stamped for ten minutes before I got there!!!! Mind you I went in for a refund!! Burnham comes down and tries to relieve the situation and tells me that the time stamp is wrong. So then I call him out and he retracts his statement runs upstairs and disappears. We agreed later on brand new floor mats which three weeks later I am still waiting on. THE PROBLEM IS NO SALES PROCESS. REGULATION!!! THEY ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE. You would think buying from a company such as Toyota they would be a little service oriented. I, as a new buyer, needed to be lead in the right direction. These people have no integrity. And their management is no better. The guy who finally financed me was James Neppa.  Not actually sure how it was spelled. He told me in the finance room that I  was being financed thru Wells Fargo. Low and behold totally different company. Please do not buy from them. You can get a far better deal and better adequate service elsewhere. I'm thinking of going further with this. Lies lies lies I wish I had the time to comment every dirty thing they did to me.  Best of luck and good negotiating with liars if you happen to go there!

Ether W. | 2014-08-29

If you are into being scammed and treated like dirt, buy your car here!!  
My wife and I ordered a 2014 Highlander LE Plus to be built exactly to our liking at another downtown dealership.  We live in the Centennial Hills area so we thought we would just take a look to compare.  Of course, dealerships are good at getting you to go in and sit down to have a "chat".  We told them our situation and they couldn't compete with our pre-ordered vehicle because they don't have any LE Plus models on their lot.  The manager then said that they want us to walk out with a Limited edition.  We told them that it is outside of our budge as their available inventory was well above $40k.  They told us to name them a price and after some hesitation, we did.  It was a low one, and we told them that we know its a low one simply because we didnt want to exceed our budget.  We were ok not getting the Limited as we were excited about our LE Plus that was soon arriving.  They went back to the GM who approved the deal.  We have told them our plans to trade in my wife's old car, including our owing balance.  They also came back and said, no problem... they will do it.  So we were excited.  We wanted to go back the next day with money and all but our sales guy said he was off so we went back Friday (2 days after the deal was made).  We go Friday with a cashiers check and cash to pay for the vehicle planning maybe an hour tops for paperwork.  We sit there for over two hours, waiting for the documents to come so we can sign and drive off.  Then sales guy comes back saying that the same GM, who approved and lured us into spending over our budget, is now over the phone saying that he can't sell it to us at that price.  Got Joe, the floor manager involved.  He tried to do the typical car salesman buttering up but that doesnt fly with me.  So all he said to me was "we dont even have to sell you this car at all!".  They said they won't take our trade-in either and that we have to pay more for the vehicle.  Long story short, because we needed a bigger car, we paid their proposed higher price anyway.  But during the entire process, even the finance manager, who chimed in annoyingly, was very condescending.  They treated us like we just robbed them and took advantage of them... like we were scums... when really they were pulling something shady last minute.  Since then, the only person kind enough and cared enough was Debbie, the customer relations manager, who has been wonderful... however, there are limitations to what she could assist with.  None of the higher management is concerned enough or have the courtesy to call me back to discuss the situation.  
Lastly, our title has been sent to the wrong place TWICE... and still at this point (over two momths after the purchase) we dont know if that issue has been corrected by the dealership yet.  It was a piece of paper our bank provided to give to the dealership, with all very clearly stated instructions and address to send the title.  Somehow it is done incorrectly twice, and counting.

So yes, if you want this kind of first-class service and this kind of hassle-free experience, buy your cars to your hearts content here!

Esquire D. | 2014-08-27

This dealership will do whatever it takes to sell a vehicle. Not only will they promise you things and not come through on their promise, but they will sell you are car in which the service light comes on as soon as you pull off the lot. Not only that, but then my purchase agreement paperwork was down incorrectly and I was forced to return and kept waiting for more than 30 minutes before anyone could help me. I'm still dealing with this place as i write this. I would definitely not recommend this place to anyone no matter how good of a "deal" they advertise.

Maci J. | 2014-08-18

FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!! Toyota advertises a free gift to bring you into their dealership. I drove all the way across town only to be told that they aren't offering the free gift. It was a sales ploy. DO NOT go to Centennial Toyota! On top of that he employee I spoke with was very rude and wasn't knowledgeable at all. If I could rate this dealership a 0 out of 5 stars I definitely would!!

Louis P. | 2014-08-12

Elton Rosas was such a big help. Me being a first time buyer gave me the best and most  reasonable payments he was able to.
Best customer service I have ever had in a very long time.
Highly recommended to come down and speak with him

Chris W. | 2014-07-17

I decided to buy a battery from Toyota rather than another parts store.  It wasn't worth it.  The battery is good the price is a bit high, but the service was poor. I went to the parts department after calling to see if they had the battery I needed and waited for some time.   One fella asked if I needed help but once he found out that another employee has spoke with me on the phone he left me to stand in line. When the clerk assisted me he simply went back and sat the battery on the counter gave me a slip and said "go over to the cashier.   He didn't say hello he gave me the part got his commission and sat down. The cashier is the only reason I didn't give this place one star. She was very present and nice to talk to. She offered me some advice on the warranty and sent me on my way. At this point I have a new battery, a car with a dead battery and no way to install it.  Long story short,  they would not install the battery or give me the tools to do it.  They would set up a ticket and charge me to have their shop install it, because "we don't do work for free". I did get the job done on own. Please , go to any other retailer to get a battery.   They are 10-30% cheaper and most of them will install it even Walmart.

Maria V. | 2014-07-16

My first time buying a car in a car dealer, my friend took me to Toyota and the experience was SO bad. The sale person Raul was good. It wasn't until I got to meet with the financial manager Silvino Reyes, the nastiest person to deal with ever. He was so pushy in trying to make me buy add on's and when I kept telling him no, he will just keep going and going to the point where he scared me and I didn't want to buy their car anymore. I ended up buying, but left his office shaking. What a horrible person to deal with. In my own words: he was Stupid. I waited for Toyota to contact me and rate my buying a car experience but they didn't. Now the Sales man Raul promised he was going to get mats for my car, it came with no mats by the way. Three months passed by and I still don't get any mats, and when I ask him, he only says be patient we haven't received a car like yours to take out the mats. Really? He's going to take the mats out of another car? He is telling me Toyota hasn't received another Toyota 4 runner? Who does he think I am..? One more thing, they said Wells Fargo was doing my loan, later I found out, it was another bank in Cali doing my loan.
It was a traumatic experience. I wouldn't recommend this place or this people.

Daniel T. | 2014-07-14

Not trustworthy at all.  I was supposed to meet one of their sales people at a scheduled time, and I ended up waiting for them for almost half an hour at the front door, I should have just left, but I was trying to be nice.

First off, they wanted to know how much I was willing to pay per month, which wasn't a big deal, but every-time I gave him a number,  he disappeared for 20 minutes and came back with a ridiculous quote.  Then, he told me that if I wasn't going to put down $7,000 then I wouldn't be able to buy a new car.  Which was fine, because I currently own a car from 2012, and I was just browsing, and really didn't need a new car.

But before I left, they tried to get me to buy an older corolla, which don't get me wrong, Corolla's are the best cars on the road, but I'm not going to trade in my 2012 VW for an older model car.  While I wasn't impressed with this idea, I did let him try to sell me on it, and when he showed me the car, I looked up the stock number on my phone, and discovered it was $1,000 more than what was on the website.  Of course he lied and said it was a better deal because he wasn't charging me the $1,295 "reconditioning fee".

When I left, I was so glad I hadn't made the mistake of falling for their lies and schemes.  

Overall, save your time and money and go to Autonation Toyota on Sahara, they have been the most helpful by far, and offered me a fantastic deal on a 2014 corolla for way less than Centennial with a much better down payment, and better terms.

Lexy H. | 2014-07-12

I inquired from Truecar for a quote.  Received 3 from local dlrs, and they contacted me.  I received a call from Rick from Internet sales.  Made an appointment for 7/9/14.  I met with Rick and his assistant.  They were too busy to help so they directed me to salesperson who showed no interest in helping, so then I was dumped on nice young man.  He walked me to the back lot (quite a long walk) and we found a RAV4 that I would consider.  We took the RAV on a test drive even though the car had not been inspected or serviced (new car).  The radio/nav system and power seat did not work.  I could not adjust the seat for the test drive.  After test drive I was directed to park in back lot and walk back to the Showroom .  We sat down to talk about a price.  He went to the back office and came back with numbers that shocked me, and interest rate of 4%.   I have a fico score over 820 and I feel very insulted by the offer.  I told the salesperson that the dealership had just pissed me off, I ask him to go back and tell (Wizard of OZ???) that I wanted  an "out the door quote"  My trade is valued by KBB at over 18,000.00 and their offer was 14,000.  I expected that a senior sales supervisor would come back with him.  He came back alone with another rediculous offer.  I was angry  and demanded that the keys to my car be returned so I could leave.  I feel sorry for the salesman who did not seem to have support or direction from management. Don't blame the salesman who was trying to do a good job, I would buy a car from him and wish him well.  I have not purchased a new SUV but the other two dlrs were professonal and made reasonable offers.

Shauntae B. | 2014-07-03

We'll it's been a couple month with the new car they gave us and I can't really complain about the car....
My problem WAS/IS the finance company from the previous jeep calling me and demanded a payment stating that we had delinquent payment as if we still had the jeep... I explained to  the finance company our payment was current with them when surrender the jeep back to Centennial Toyota .. I explained to the finance company We was instructed by Centennial Toyota to surrender the jeep back to them months ago in exchange for another car due to problems I stated in the first place... The finance company tried to force us make a payment on a vehicle that we hadn't had in months....After talking to the finance company. I called Centennial Toyota one of the "MANGERS" told me the finance company was behind and haven't picked up the jeep yet ... The "Manger"advice to me was to NOT answer the phone!!!!!!smh.... What kind of company is this????They fraudulently lied about the surrender & by telling us we would receive our GAP insurance in the mail...needless to say that money never came... I called and asked for the young man Dontè which was the one who started this scam in the FIRST place. He is and was not a salesman. HE was the ONE of the people who held my husband and I in the room and finalized the deal with the bank against our wishes the first time... Guess what they did ????? Told me NO longer worked there!!!  This is why car salesmen have BAD names and CANT be trusted!!!! ***Sad ***

Martselina P. | 2014-07-01

Dirty car dealership, although they all are, I expected better from a big company like "Toyota". Bought my scion 5 years ago and drove off in tears after dealing with the nastiest car loan guy ever. Well, this year I thought, I should give them another chance, MAYBE, just maybe, it was just one bad experience. Well, they sold us a car with lots of hidden damage which was already found by their own inspection a week before we bought it. Here we are waiting for them to "clean" the car because it is pretty much "ready" for us when the service side informs us that the car has about $4,000.00 worth of repairs needed on it and shouldn't have been sold to us in the first place.
I'm being incredibly sweet with this review and not even mentioning the fact that once you buy the car it is nearly impossible to get a hold of any of those "nice" dealers and your voice messages get sucked into a giant black hole that resides in their voice message system. On my mind I have a volcano of bad words about ready to erupt at all the BS we have had to deal with buying from them.

Tip: DO NOT buy a car from them, but if you have to, make sure EVERYTHING is pristine and ready to hit the road BEFORE you sign ANYTHING, because once you sign those papers, you will be Alice in Wonderland lost in the abyss of lies and miscommunication.

Alright, now I'm off to fight the dragon to get my money back.

David T. | 2014-05-31

About three years ago I leased out my 2011 Venza from Toyota in Wa. My wife had it serviced at this place the past three years while I was stationed in Japan. I recently bought out my lease a few days ago. I must say the experience from the maintenance and sales dept has been truly great one. I would encourage all service members to visit this dealership if they are planning on buying a vehicle or having it serviced. Ask for a gentlemen named Rocky or Randy an they will assist you...cheers!!

Destenee H. | 2014-05-19

My car buying experience with ELDON BROWN was amazing  I went into centennial Toyota on two occasions the first time I knew I needed a new car but wasn't sure what I wanted ELDON walked me to the 2014 Toyota corolla and I fell in love it was perfect for me and my 2 year old son. The second time I visited the lot ELDON helped me again but this day I drove off the lot with my brand new corolla. ELDON was amazing this was a no pressure buy and he got me an out of this world deal on my car. I will always buy and recommend Toyota and Eldon to any one who is looking for a car

N P. | 2014-04-11

The worst people working here. I got ripped off by a guy name Dante!! My family doesn't understand English very well and they took advantage of my family!! They sold everything they could possibly sold us all the things we don't need for the car. My monthly payment was so high it was like i was buying a European sports car. And the payment is fixed for 5 years!! Rediculous!!

Kevin S. | 2014-04-09

peter cornish and erick thompson--- my opinion? avoid like the plague, promised me numerous things, never came through nor did they even care when i contacted them.     pretty much the entire dealership as well.   peter's little copy and paste b.s. response to my review was nothing but crap.   i sent him 3 emails to resolve issue. i  also actually talked to erick but he said he was at the gym and would help me later.  never heard a thing back from either one.  meanwhile, the service department proceeded to lie about a warranty issue on a 2013 sienna after they said flat out "of course this is covered by the warrenty"   right to my face!!!   3 days later, they say it will be 400 or 500 $.    whatever,  took it home and fixed it myself.   useless scumbags, i will try honda for my next car,  better brand by far anyway than toyota.  you lost another customer douchebags!!  i see lots of other posts similiar to mine with the same copy and paste response from peter.   and we all know it is some minimum wage assistant that is doing the posting.  peter and erick are busy out there sweet talking more suckers into believing their B.S.,,,what a life. CAR SALESMEN,,,,,,, MUST BE SAD TO GO HOME TO YOUR KIDS AND LOOK THEM IN THE EYES AND PRETEND YOU MAKE AN HONEST LIVING

RastahMahn G. | 2014-04-03

Awesome customer service! Was a little hesitant at first based on all these previous reviews but Slade Talbot hooked it up!

Melissa T. | 2014-03-13

My husband made an appointment for me with Jason in service to have one wheel bearing changed. When he made the appointment in person, Jason told him the diagnostics would be $120 and that would be applied to repairs. When I took my car in a few days later, Jason told me it would be $180 for diagnostics. I was unaware of what Jason had told my husband, so I said ok.

When they called me to confirm that the only thing that I needed done was 1 new wheel bearing, I was told it would be $810. Now, I might not know much about cars, but it sounded high to me! I put my husband on the phone and suddenly my bill was $540?!

You cannot trust these guys at all! Just because I am a woman they just thought they could lie to me and I bet they were laughing behind my back and thought they would jack me over! Even the $540 was very questionable and Jason initially tried to tell my husband that labor would be 4.5 hours!

Jerald V. | 2014-02-19

I have had only negitive experiences with this dealership and service department. The sales  and service department are very greedy and will attempt to rip you off if you allow them. My last visit was for an oil change on my 2011 Camry.  The service representative quoted me $83.00. I drove across the parking lot to Mazda who completed the service for $23.00. I would highly recommend Desert Toyota on W. Sahara for your toyota vehicle purchase or service.

Yu M. | 2014-02-18

Centennial Toyota has been our go to spot for car shopping for years. My family got a total of four cars from them (one lease) and while the salespeople are usually polite and not very pushy, the price you get might not be great and the service for the few visits i personally had were pretty horrendous.

My recent experience at Toyota was less than pleasant though. It was a big waste of time. I convinced my girlfriend and her sister to check out centennial toyota simply because my history with them and naturally i expected a rather fantastic quote from them. I did my research and called several dealership as well as printed the true price paper from U.S news cars website, I even had a friend who sent me their receipt from Henderson toyota for the exactly the same car.

I started off by letting my gf test drive the car and then the scary negotiation begins. The salesperson was very polite but let me say my previous purchase and my loyalty played absolutely no part in the negotiation process. I was quoted $3000 more than the true car pricing gotten off of the cars website and about $3500 more than what our friend got at Henderson. What bothers me the most is that the salesperson kept asking for my bottom line. It's safe to say that he missed the point, he was playing the bargaining game with me and I just wanted a hassle-free experience. After we told him we will visit another dealership and my gf's mom has to co-sign with her on the car even if we buy it right now, he looked dismayed and became obviously less excited about us. He somewhat hastily ended the conversation and gave us a not so great price written on the back of his business card and we left very unsatisfied. He never mentioned anything about the $25 test drive gift card btw even though I showed him the coupon that they sent us. The whole thing took almost two hours.

We went straight to fletcher jones afterward, and guess what, we bought our car there the same day. Their initial offer and the only offer for the same car beats the Centennial quote by around $4000 and the recent graduate discount was $750 vs. $500 from centennial. Yes, the cars were exactly the same with door protector being the only difference. We had NO negotiation because we felt the price was great and all of us were surprised how easy it was. With signing and everything it took about 3 hours total.

Centennial later sent me an email after I told them my disappointment. The manager simply told me that I should've just called them and that they will not be beaten by any body on price. That's completely missing the point. If they offered me a good price and played no bargaining game with me in the first place, I would probably spent a little more to save the trouble. It's safe to say my loyalty with this place is completely gone.

Will I go back to Centennial Toyota? Probably, since buying a car is all about playing these games. I am not sure if buying at Fletcher Jones can as easy as this one. But will I ever convince somebody to go to Centennial simply because my so called "Loyalty", absolutely not. There is no loyalty, at least not with what happened to me.

DeAnn B. | 2014-02-13

I only gave these guys one star cause I had to rate it otherwise this dealership deserves NO STARS! BS is what I get every single time I go there and even after they promised to make it better it still was a bunch of crap. Talked to Ellis who lied and sd he was in the Internet dept cause he wanted a sale and knew I only wanted to deal with Internet dept then prior to that I had bought a car from them and silvino reyes (finance) took forever to close the deal. I went back to sell my car to them because Peter Cornish promised to make things better and still it was nothing but BS!  Don't go to this dealership. I sold my car to fletcher Jones toyota who made it a wonderful experience for me. Thank God I never have to deal with centennial toyota ever again!

Will L. | 2014-01-25

Had a rather disappointing first visit but the Service Mgr personally intervened and was able to offer his assistance. Return visit was significantly improved and I was able to receive the appropriate level of service.

Barry T. | 2014-01-19

I was called three times to come in for a "free tablet" after test driving a car.  Upon leaving was given a certificate which required a $60 Postage & Handling Fee to obtain the unknown quality tablet which would be send to me.

What a scam...do they think all their customers don't have brains???

Will continue to deal with Fletcher Jones Toyota

Brenda M. | 2014-01-18

I made an internet inquiry to this dealer 2 months before I was going to be in the area buying a vehicle. Rich got in contact w me right away and got all the details of what kind of car I wanted. He then kept in contact  just checking in. Once I got to Vegas he called me immediately every time a car came in w what I wanted. After 1 of the test drives, I met w slade to test drive. Both Rich & Slade are in the internet sales dept but they are both car salesman. Never was I pressured. We talked prelim negotiations and it went well. I decided to go w another type of car but if I ever want to get a Toyota in Vegas this is where I will come for sure. These guys are professional, nice and respectful. Trying to buy a car as single woman walking in to a dealer has been a nightmare but not here! These guys will treat you right and give fair prices. I didn't my homework and you start negotiating at a fair price.

Rhonda R. | 2014-01-16

I lease my cars because I like to get a new one every 2-3 years and not worry about it breaking down or maintenance fees. I used to lease with Nissan but they wanted to charge me $500 for a scratch that was less than an inch long and could be buffered out; since they wanted to nickel and dime me on my return instead of trying to get more business from me, I went down the street to Toyota. I started leasing with Centennial 3 years ago and decided to go back this month. I emailed them to let them know what I was interested in and got a call back immediately to book an appointment. I traveled all the way from South Point to show my loyalty and in return, Jay Gentry was able to waive the minor damage I had on my return and find me a good deal on an SUV that fit my family's needs and budget. I wasnt bullied or rushed and I feel good about my purchase that includes roadside assistance and free maintenance for the next 2 years. I love Toyota! *note...some wait time is involved, but it was worth it for me.

Chris M. | 2013-11-26

I bought a toyota Sienna SE at Longo Toyota in Los Angeles and for the first 20k miles they have been handling the service maintenance of my minivan. They have excellent customer service at Longo. When you come in you are greeted right away by people who value their customers. They ask you what you needed done and if you have any concerns. They ask you if you need a ride somewhere incase you don't want to wait and if you are waiting they will direct you to their lounge and inform you of all the amenities that they have. If they told you it will be done in 45mins it usually gets done. But if not you usually get a call informing you of the situation and apologizing for making you wait more than you should. After your car service the service manager will approach (if waiting) and let you know your car service is done. He will CLEARLY explain everything that was done to your car  and inform you if there is something else that needed to be done right away or in the near future.

All of these things i mentioned are lacking at Centennial Toyota. Basically they just ask you what you need done and they take your info and your keys. After service is done they call you and get the payment and have you on your way. All of this is mediocre service.

At 34k miles i had my van serviced at centennial toyota which includes tire rotation. And at 39k i was having the tires replaced at discount tires and was shocked at what i saw. All 4 tires were worn out and cracked on the inside wall (not visible unless you remove tire). The steel belts were visible and protruding out. I knew they were worn out but i didnt know they were that bad. The guy at Discount Tires told me that i was lucky it didnt rupture. He also told me that this kind of damage didnt happen overnight. That if i had the car serviced 34k miles they should have noticed the problem and should have informed me.

Immediately after having the tires replaced I went to Centennial Toyota to get an explanation from them. Why is it that they never informed me how seriuosly worn out my tires were. And all i got from them was this answer "I'm sorry but we cannot bring back the past and see exactly what the person handling your service told you or didnt tell you. There are no video cameras here to substantiate your claim that you were not informed about your tires".

So to everyone reading this, if you value your safety and the safety of your family/passengers DO NOT BRING you car for service here!!!!

Karen N. | 2013-11-26

We always bring my car here for regular service , so when its time to change the tires, my husband brought it to discount tires. We were horrified to find out how bad the tire is and how extremely dangerous for us to drive the car. If thats the case, howcome this toyota service center failed to inform us of this situation infact they even offered to just rotate the tires!!! Why would you rotate the tires if their already that bad??
So after my wfound out abt this,we went to talk to the manager of this place who obviously dont want to listen to us and did even seem to care about what happen. He even told us that there is no camera to prove our claim, and even give us a lecture abt bringing the car for service. Dont go here for maintenance and service of your car,its a tital waste of money!!!and  If you value your life dont go to this place..as long as you pay them..who cares whatever happen to you , your family and your car.

Erica L. | 2013-11-20

This is actually my first time going to Centennial Toyota's service center and it was quite disappointing experience. Since I was only coming in for an oil change and I had a coupon I did not make an appointment! (This is usually not a problem at the other locations I've been to.) However, at this location lack of appointment caused a sort of confusion. This confusion cost me to wait an extremely long time to see the service representative and was passed on to the next representative because that reps to be swamped.

On the bright side, the time frame and price quote given by the representative was on point. They also provided me with a complimentary car wash. With some better upfront organization this could be a really great location to get your car serviced but as it stand now its only okay!

Fergie L. | 2013-11-15

If I could rate this 0 stars I would. I had an oil change appointment at 2:30p.

Ricardo Ascencio was the one who helped me with the process. While I was asking him about the cost etc. of the oil change Tom Blemings kept interrupting with his cocky attitude with his own questions. What happened to customer service? So instead of being helped, I had to listen to their conversation for 5minutes. Lack of customer service & lack of courtesy.

On top of that they lied to me numerous times! I asked if my car was almost ready at 3:30p. He said it would ready soon. 2 minutes before that I saw my car being pulled into the service station. I don't like to make assumptions and have them the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe it was just the same model as my car. Well it was my car because I confirmed the license plate. LIARS! I asked him why my car was just now going into the service garage. He looked flustered and said it would be ready soon. Very incompetent people here. They don't know how to manage their people, they don't have people skills, and they don't have manners. If you have a Lexus, don't go here. That was my mistake. I see a huge difference in how luxury car employees are way more professional.

Look I can understand that people get busy. I wouldn't have minded if they told be it would take longer than an hour because I could've went home and had my husband drop me off. But instead, they kept lying to me about when my car would be ready.

I am not going here again. The customer service is horrible. The people I dealt with have absolutely no people skills, they are rude, and sleezy.

To reiterate, my appointment for an oil change was at 2:30p, I was out of there at 4:20p. Ridiculous.

Alexis B. | 2013-11-12

Bought my very first car here, a 2013 Scion XD. Absolutely love my car, but I felt the buying process could have been a tad faster. But ultimately, I'm happy with my service. They gave me the ultimate package with purchasing my brand new car! Free oil changes, paid registration, complimentary services! The absolute works and even follow ups via email or phone call. To top it off, they treat you like regulars. Not just a car holder. I rate this place 4 stars bc their location is pretty far. Have to go out of my way, but so far, the trips out here have been worth it on my end.

Brian L. | 2013-10-30

I am not very happy with their service department here. They are the type of mechanics that worry about squeezing all of the money they can out of you rather than helping you out. Be cautious if you have to come here for anything! After watching people come in and out of the waiting area with me being SCHEDULED for an simple oil change, I waited a good 30 minutes watching my car sit before I actually ended up STEALING my car to get it back, and they didn't even know that until I called up the manager.

K G. | 2013-10-09

Love this dealership!

I've taken a previous car here for service and the experience was always pleasant. When I decided to buy a new car I went here and the experience was awesome. Very fast, I got exactly what I wanted and at the price I wanted. I was in and out in 1.5 hours. Sometimes service does take a little longer than other dealerships, but I would rather have something done right than having someone race through everything and possibly miss something.

Tom L. | 2013-09-19

Please tell me what I need to do to have you guys STOP calling me. I didn't buy my Camry from you guys. I had an oil change one time and had to wait almost 3 hours and that's with an appointment! Anyway I don't care for your service. I've been getting numerous telemarketing calls and each time I requested that I be place on the DO NO CALL list. The calls are originating from out of the States....they don't have a clue of what to do....they don't even speak proper English!

Rachel A. | 2013-09-18

I bought a car here so I have a 1 year free service deal. My appointment was the first one that morning (7am) and they took two hours to change the oil. TWO HOURS. I've never had to wait this long for a simple oil change, especially when I've had the very first appointment. I don't recommend this dealership for servicing your car at all.

Robert K. | 2013-09-07

I just bought a car here on June 6, 2013. The first time I came here was to check out a 2013 Corolla in June 2012. The salesman told me he had to run my credit before I could even see their stock. I said hell no and walked right back to my car. As I walked to my car, a salesman by the name of Erick came up and spoke to me. I proceeded to test drive the Corolla that day without any pressure to buy. I came back a year later to look for a 2010 Camry with lower miles to replace my 2009 Camry. As I was pulling in, I noticed they had a beautiful black 2008 Accord V6 Coupe on the used lot, which is my dream car. I came by, test drove it, and bought it two days later. Erick and his sales partner, Eldon told me that the car was going to the auction to clear out their inventory for more used cars after I test drove it. I told them I wouldn't be able to pick it up until 2 days later, and they worked something out with their used car manager, and 2 days later I traded in my beloved Camry with 83k miles for my Accord. They gave me a great price on the Accord at a great rate, and gave me a lot more for my Camry than I was expecting. Scott in finance was great to work with as well, didn't try to force me into buying unnecessary add-ons or upgrades. I was in and out of there within an hour. If you need a new or used car, see Erick or Eldon.

Two Guns R. | 2013-08-31

Bought  a new Camry from them.  Took it to XYZ tint after a few days.
Then my radio reception is terrible, so I take it back to XYZ and they tell me NO WAY could their tint mess up my radio reception, you should take to dealer.

So I take to Centennial and they tell me 95 per cent of tint in Vegas is metallic, and this DOES mess up reception.
So they remove it, put on non-metallic, and of course my radio works fine now.
So these guys really helped me out.
Happy with the car and service.

EDIT-A year later.  Just had the car in for 10,000 mile service and they treated me very well.  I can tell you that a 2013 Camry with 4 cylinder will get 32 on the highway at 75 mph, which is pretty good.  And it is fairly comfortable, very little sound from the road, it is a good car.

Zach T. | 2013-08-23

This review is regarding Service Manager Oscar. I have a 2010 Toyota Prius. Shortly after purchasing the car we noticed that the leather on the front seats did not cover the foam completely. It appears as though the leather was not cut long enough. This is on both the driver and front passenger seats. Obviously a manufacturers defect.

Time got away from us and when we brought the car in for routine maintenance we failed to have the seats addressed.
Recently I brought the car in to have the seats looked at. Oscar said the car was out of warranty but I could contact Toyota directly. This is what we did but Toyota required an estimate from Oscar regarding the cost to repair the seats.

Once we got the estimate my husband submitted it but Oscar had the audacity to tell Toyota that the problem with the seats was from "wear and tear" thus negating our claim. He wasted everyone's time and made a false statement to Toyota!  I've never seen "wear and tear" where the leather doesn't even cover the seat cushion properly on both seats.

Waiting to hear from Toyota but I'm sure our claim will be denied. Thanks Oscar.

Pee'd O. | 2013-08-07

Car sales staff are great. The service department on the otherhand, not so much.
It took them 3.5 hours to change the oil and rotate the tires. Most of the time my truck was sitting on the rack with no one around. I watched. They had it parked right in front of the window. I dont care how short handed you are, if I have an appointment that was to take 1.5 hours, why am I leaving 3.5 hours later?

Lynette C. | 2013-07-22

This review is for the sales department:
We purchased our FJ here and could not be happier with the vehicle or the service. Sales associate Lee and sales manager Glenn Williams worked with us on our trade in and made sure we had everything we wanted in our new purchase. These guys were honest and not the least bit pushy. It was a smooth transaction and we will be buying our next vehicle here as well.

JC C. | 2013-06-16

I had a great experience I've NEVER had at a dealership. I had a service light for maintenance come on. I drove my 2010 Camry to the dealership nearby; thinking I could get a quick service. The Service agent Greg diagnosed my problem, wrote up the estimate, & arraigned a ride home for me.  It was great to have an estimate on how long it was going to take. The Service agent Greg called & said that my car was ready & he spoke to the guy who came to pick me up. It was fabulous service from start to finish & my Camry is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! Thank You!

Gene Y. | 2013-06-13

Randy Brooks and Bernie Youngman are the best. They gave me awesome service.

Lakesha S. | 2013-06-03

Everyone was very helpful her. I went for a maintenance check and a car wash and I was out in an hour. I had my son with me and that was cool cause they had a play area for kids. Which kept him occupied for a while on top of having free snacks.

Josh D. | 2013-04-26

Made an appointment 3 days in advance for a $40 oil change and have waited over an hour and a  half later I'm still waiting for my car, Ive been to many garages and dealerships over the years but have never had this slow of service, especially when it's just for an oil change.

Cesar C. | 2013-04-20

Save your self money ,and don't go there.
My wife bought an SUV there (used)2 years ago ,and they basically ,almost forced us to get a extended warranty ,for an extra 72 months .well turns out that the SUV came with dealer warranty already ,and for one year I had double warranty .
Now the 72 months for the extra warranty ,turned out to be for 24 months !!
They are a bunch of thieves !!GO SOMEWHERE ELSE

Suzie I. | 2013-03-04

I cant thank Doug Chen and Robert Lane enough for the hard work they put into my deal! We recently had a very bad experience with Towbin Dodge, we returned the car and that dealership destroyed my husbands credit!
Doug was very professional,informative and most importantly not pushy! He worked hard to find the car I wanted. After our horrific experience with Dodge, Robert went above and beyond to get us financed as our credit dropped because of Dodge!
In the end it all worked out and they got us the deal we needed to make the purchase!
If you are in the market for a car I highly recomend Doug! Tell him SuzieQ sent you! I'm sure they will make you feel appreciated for bringing them your business!!!
TY Doug and Robert!!!!!!

J R. | 2013-02-22

We just purchased a vehicle from Centennial last night. It was hands down the best car buying experience we have ever had. Amazing car, even better price. We will definitely be back as well as recommending our friends. John and Randy were the best! Update...had a couple of issues to iron out with the vehicle we bought, and again, nothing but complete professionalism out of these guys. Very honest and trustworthy dealership, and we have dealt with more than a few. Wish I could give them more stars!!!

Trey T. | 2013-02-18

Do not let Centennial Toyota  salesman push you into a bad deal. Research what vehicle you want and find out the MSRP and what the dealer invoice is. You can find the dealers invoice thru Costco or several websites online. You should only pay $100 dollars over dealers invoice,if they try to say they can not do this leave and go to another dealer. My wife and I went to centennial toyota to buy a 4 Runner and we new what exactly we should pay and the salesman tried to give us a run around and tried to tell us the price we wanted was not possible. We new the price we were wanting was the fair price and was what we could get going thru Costco. So we told the salesman thanks but no thanks and after a sarcastic statement from him I knew we were doing the right thing to leave this poorly run car dealer and go elsewhere. We went to the next closest dealer where we were treated very well and given the exact deal we new we should get. Bottom line do not use Centennial Toyota without checking with one of the other dealers to make sure these rude, sarcastic, unappreciative idiots are not trying to rip you off.

Aimee P. | 2013-02-12

oh CENTENNIAL CENTENNIAL CENTENNIAL.. how have 'ye disappointment me.

They were my first choice, go figure.

I knew what I wanted, done my full research on the vehicle of my choice, only to be lured by the 2013 Rav4 Limited Edition situated perfectly between myself and the papers for the Toyota Corolla I intended to purchase.

After a couple of days of conversation with Peter Cornish's assistant John. I was to come down with my trade in to get a new vehicle. John was very nice and oblige to my request of more quotes on different vehicles/models etc. I was sold.. until it was love @ first sight with the Barcelona Red herself. Unfortunately, John couldn't be there when I was to arrived, but I appreciated the phone call and still went ahead. I was told to ask for Glen, the internet manager. Upon arrival, I was greeted at the front and when I asked for Glen.. I was shuffled to a salesman.. I don't remember his name, but it started with a V. When asked to sign something that which would state that if we come up with the figures.. don't know who 'we' was.. that I was going to take the car. I politely declined and asked him to get me pricing on both the Corolla & the Rav, to which he was actually having me pick one or the other instead of doing the workup on both.

SOLD - The figures came back at a not much more of a difference a month... I was sold on the Rav.. Shook the salesman's hand.. then "GLEN" finally came over and shook my hand in gratitude for doing the deal at CENTENNIAL. The finance team was working up the paper and I asked the salesman to show me some of the 'bells and whistle' in the Rav only to hear Glenn's voice claim that he cannot get me financed at the monthly figure we shook hands on. That he had made a mistake. I understand that mistakes happen, but not at the caliber of me thinking I'm in a new car only to get the rug pulled from under me and while still pinning me down.  They tacked on an extra $200 a month.. and asked for more $ down. I was in disbelief. LOTS of back and forth happened. I even agreed to a different deal which would have been more $ down, and more on my monthly payment, with an extra year - only to come to where the salesman asked for my trade in title, from which in earlier negotiation he mentioned that the were only to give me $1k for my 2000 BMW trade, in which I mentioned that I'd rather keep the vehicle for that amount. Apparently, he didn't get that.

We endured a ridiculous 3 hours at the dealership only to walk out in disbelief. Another "manager" came up and referred back to my initial interest on the Corolla, which had the payments I wanted in the first place, but I politely told them that if I was to buy a Toyota.. It wouldn't be at CENTENNIAL and walked away to another dealership the next day and happily purchased.

Donna S. | 2013-01-24

I'll just give you the sequence of events...you be the judge:  1. Online search, their website showed over a dozen used Corollas available with half being the S model we were looking for.  2. Emailed about availability of 2 vehicles  3. Spoke with salesman, John, on the phone who CONFIRMED availability of several S models in stock including the red one I was focused on.  4. Told him we were on the way & he said he'd pull the sheets of a few for us to look at.  5.  Drove 35 min to dealer located way up NW Summerlin:  He had us walk the entire lot, and guess what....NO COROLLAS IN INVENTORY.  2 had SOLD signs in them & he said "oh sometimes they just put those in there"  Really.   So then he wastes more of our time - we go inside and sit....and sit....while he double checks.  We finally get up & start walking out.  Sure enough there he is.  He's sorry, but they're all sold.  Had the same experience at Desert Toyota.  Hate to say it, but I think they lure you in with false advertising, then try to sell you the crap on the lot.

Mercy W. | 2013-01-05

Recently purchased a 2013 Sienna SE.  I would like to thank  everyone for the excellent service that my husband and I received.  The entire staff was very helpful from the sales department to finance and the delivery.  The entire transaction went incredibly smooth.  I  recommend Centennial Toyota to everyone.

Jimmeka T. | 2013-01-04

I was absolutely dreading the process of buying a new car though I really wanted one so I did my research and showed up at Centennial Toyota to bite the bullet and get the process started. I asked my boyfriend to come with me for support and I knew he really loved me when he agreed to spend his whole day with me car shopping. Anyway when we got out of the car we were greeted warmly by Jeffrey Green. He was sincere from the very beginning which made me feel at ease. He was very patient and understanding as I made up my mind about the cars I was interested in. I test drove the 2013 Corolla and the 2013 Matrix and decided on the Corolla. He did his best to find the perfect car for me in the right color and the right features. When it was time to talk money we spoke to David who I believe is the sales manager. He worked with me and got me a great deal. He was also very patient as I worked to breakdown the price into pieces that I could grasp. We then moved on to chat with Robert who got us a great deal on an extended warranty. I ended up walking out of there the proud owner of a shiny blue 2013 Corolla! Thank you Centennial Toyota for making this car buying experience an enjoyable. As a matter of fact my boyfriend wants to go back to buy a car for himself from Jeff, David and Robert.

David C. | 2012-12-28

This was one of the best buying experiences I've ever had. The staff was friendly and knowledgable and they were very patient with me throughout my whole experience. I can not say enough good things about the staff at Centennial Toyota. Thank you for the great deal Centennial Toyota.

Randy M. | 2012-12-21

EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I was in and out in 2 hours with my awesome new Camry. I worked with Glen and Nick and they know how to get the deal done. I really felt great about the car buying experience and will definitely buy my next car from this dealer.

Ed M. | 2012-12-09

Sales guy wouldn't even talk to me if I was not buying today. (Saturday 12/8/12)  Will not be returning here, won't be buying a Toyota since Centennial is my only option for service in the Vegas area for me.

Karen M. | 2012-11-16

This place tries hard to win your loyalty.  Free coffee and donuts, a decent waiting area, and on-the-outside friendliness.  However, each time I bring my car here to be serviced, I end up waiting for at least 3 hours, despite having an appointment.  Definitely bring reading material, paperwork, SOMETHING to use your time productively.  I don't know if I'd recommend this place if you don't have a Toyota, but since I want to take care of my vehicle and have all my mechanical records in one place should I want to sell my vehicle, I'll keep coming here each time my "go to car doctor" light comes on in my Toyota.  :)

Martin T. | 2012-11-05

Bought my Toyota camry 2007 from this dealer, had some issues on my radio and went to them to complain the car was brand new and was bought from this dealer. The service manager wanted to charge me $400 dollars just for them to replace with a new radio. Will never go back to this dealer for any service on my car. The Car is working out great it is TOYOTA but the dealer i Would not deal with.

Anyah B. | 2012-10-14

Love the Toyota Care Program. For the next 5 years I will not pay for regular maintenance on my car. The customer service in the service department here is super friendly & my car always comes out on time & sparkling clean - big time brownie points for that!

Ronni L. | 2012-08-13

Bait and switch - all the way. I spoke with the manager on the phone who told me he had the SPECIFIC car I wanted on the lot. When I got there 2 hrs later, he tried the usual bait and switch. When I refused, he offered to get the car I wanted from a neighboring state and wanted to charge ME $600 to ship it there. Really?? First you lie to me, then you want to charge me for the privilege? It's not the money, it's the lies I object to!! I can go there myself, spend a week-end at the spa and drive the car back for less than $600! The manager, Glenn Williams, is the he one who lied to me.Will NOT be returning to this dealership again.

Aaron M. | 2012-06-15

Terrible! Made an appointment to bring my 2011 Prius for mandatory 15000 mile service. It took over 2 hours for them to check the fluids and rotate the tires. This place has consistently slow service. Would not return if I didn't have to get mandatory service.

They get one star for having free cappuccinos and one star for the not discourteous staff.

Jessica E. | 2012-06-12

Will never be returning to this dealership for parts, service, or for anything else they offer.  Needed to get a driver's side view mirror.  After asking me repeatedly if it was right or left, and my continual insistence on only using the phrase "driver's side" to avoid confusion they proceded to order the passenger's side mirror.  They were apologetic, but did nothing to rectify the situation other than to order the other part.  It has now been over a week since I ordered the initial part and they are telling me that it will not arrive for another two or three days.  I then asked to talk to the manager who attempted to be apologetic, but offered me no incentive to return and didn't really seem to care.  

I chose to go to the dealership over finding the part from another vehicle because I thought there would be more efficiency, but this is disgusting.  

Poor customer service, no accuracy, and no incentive to ever return.

Larry E. | 2012-04-23

After me being impatient and childish, Centennial Toyota withstood the abuse on get me the best deal possible on this planet, i will always be indebted to their professionalism.

Glenn G. | 2012-04-14

Walked in with my family and surprisingly the vultures completely ignored us. Even the receptionist just glanced in my direction without so much as a hello. Ever been to a dealership and all the cars in the showroom are locked???? That's right. We couldn't sit in a single vehicle to check it out. Again receptionist and a 'finance mgr, saw us trying to look at a new vehicle but no one came to offer help. Pretty pathetic visit to a new car dealership. Only as we were outside going back to my car did a salesperson ask us if we needed help. I just snickered and walked away.

lenpup y. | 2012-03-20

Worst experience of my life.
Happened in 2007, but I feel obligated to warn others because of recent similar snake oil car salesmen. Don't let this happen to you.

Ok so I went in to buy my first car, and I got hit with every dirty, sleazy, trick in the book. I saw a car I liked and went in to see the finance guy, told them I was in the military hoping to get a discount, didn't happen. I was sitting with the finance guy when a guy (probably the janitor) kept interrupting us with important matters that they couldn't be mentioned in front of me ("that thing" if I remember right). I guess it was to get me to sign quickly. So, I signed about a half dozen papers with the contract first. Last but not least, when I was walking out the door was asked to sign a final paper which was a blank contract (I vaguely remember it being a blank contract, and yes I know I shouldn't have sat down and grabbed my magnifying glass which I regret not doing).  So I had all my paperwork I thought, and walked out of the office to wait for my car. Before I got my car the finance guy stuffed the blank contract, now filled out, into my envelope full of paper. So I drove home where I noticed the contract was different from what I remember it being. I talked to fellow servicemen when they told me I was ripped off. I cancelled my postdated check immediately, because I was angry. I talked with my command and they educated me about all the junk, $4-5 k (ex. $1000 prepaid maintenance, when all I wanted was gap insurance, $500) which wasn't part of the price of the car. They also told me to go back to the dealership and try to negotiate a lower price and to tell them that I couldn't afford the monthly payments. They also sent me to base legal, where I was informed that there was nothing they could do. I was then pointed to the better business bureau and other consumer organizations.

I was notified a few days later by Centennial Toyota, and out of the good in their hearts wanted to lower my payments. Awesome, I was thinking, maybe my nightmare will go away. So I went, to Vegas and was offered a new contract (predated). It was approximately $70 less per month out of 60 months, but still had $2-3k worth of junk that wasn't part of the price of the car. I mentioned I knew I was ripped off and would like to return the car, that didn't work. I also mentioned I talked to base legal.  I was then told that he (the finance guy) knew what he was doing, that and that he was in the business for many many years. "Tell your lawyers to call our corporate lawyers" was the response I got, so  I eventually  decided not to sign the contract hoping they would eventually budge on the $2-3 k of miscellaneous junk fees. I was called by Centennial again a few days later to go back to Vegas. Ok, maybe things will work in my favor this time. So I went back a second time the next weekend to renegotiate. This time the contract was only $30 less per month. Why should I sign I was thinking to myself, it was more than twice as much less a month the week earlier. I insisted they lower the price significantly. They did not budge. I was told "you are getting free maintenance". A total of $1000, which was clearly written on the contract, is free according Centennial Toyotas' agent.  What a bunch of greedy d^&*ch bags. I continued to decline signing, when shortly thereafter they sicked about half a dozen of their smooth talking pit bulls on me. One after another came into the office; I stayed because I thought it was amusing.  "As a friend I recommend you sign" said one; some friends at Centennial Toyota. I went home without signing and a few weeks later. Centennial Toyota, called my command told them I was to return the car because I didn't sign the paper. They also told on me that I cancelled a postdated check hoping I would get into trouble from my command. All I received was a small scolding to let me know I can't cancel a check. When I brang back the car, the last act of kindness they did for this young marine, was that they let me know they told the district attorney that I cancelled a check. Wow, I was so scared I almost signed the paper this time, tee hee

To this day I wonder was it that they couldn't find a finance company to finance me at my credit score (as I didn't' have credit)?  or perhaps it was because I cancelled the check which was half of the down payment.

All this headache a few extra few thousand dollars.

I think back upon this experience and I can only think man, I was warned the very first day I hit the fleet specifically about dealerships like this that screw over service members. "Know what you're doing when you buy a car". "I'll go along with you" said the good old sergeant. Oh it I'll never happen to me. Wrong.

I was warned, now so you have been. Don't be suckered like I was.

Teresa A. | 2012-03-09

Took my car to get and oil change three times.  Twice they broke a rim and once lost one of my center caps.  Jesse Blanco (service manger), his manager Randal Stone, and the GM Anthony Woods are saying they are on a waiting list to get the cap.  The problem is that these places they say they're on a waiting list with, one of them say they dont make the center cap anymore and my never come in, the second place dont even carry the rim, and the third place isn't even a website.  They are trying to pawn me off, wont return my calls and wont answer my phone calls unless I call blocked.  Dont take your car to get service here!!!

Flora V. | 2012-02-01

Wow!  Had an appointment w/the finance person here for 11am, uh so why aren't you here before your appt?  If someone is possibly going to purchase a vehicle from you, which means commission for you & sales for your dealership, you'd think you would show a bit of interest in being there for appt!  Not only that, but when i asked for D**** R****, one of the guys that was there kinda snickered and said, he's not even here yet.  No integrity!

Ash T. | 2011-12-22

I went in to speak with this dealership about trading my car in, it was 845pm and they didn't close until 10pm.  I was met by a salesman, test drove the Lexus I saw on line and had them appraise my Lexus.  I had a guy come over to me on 3 different occasions that was very very rude to my husband and I, and never introduced himself to me.  I was there looking to spend nearly $40k on a car, so I do expect decent service.  The sales man asked if I met the finance manager, I said I'm not sure some very rude and demanding guy kept coming over and never introduced himself to me.  He apologized for the guys behavior and said he would introduce us once he came back.  The "gentleman" and I use the term loosely because I guess it just sounds better than asshole, came back again and said he needed me to tell him what I want to spend on the car....?!?!!? WHAT?!?!?! Um I asked him to tell me what the numbers were looking like, he again said "you need to answer my question" So I proceeded to tell him he has been rude since I got there and treated us awfully.  If you don't want to be at work at 9pm...go home but don't treat people like crap and expect people who don't know who the hell you are to discuss their finances with you.  And then he told us we needed to leave.  I called the dealership to file a formal complaint the next day and they refused to transfer me to someone that could assist, I sent an email on their website, and contacted the head of sales via email and have not heard back from anyone.  Per the website...this fellow who is oh so sweet and friendly is the Finance Director.  I would figure the dealership would try to do some form of damage control or at least try to say sorry for their employee treating us like shit.  Needless to say, I'd rather buy a brand new car from Lexus for $40k and be treated like a human and not like someone that is a waste of time.  Needless to say, this was by far the worst experience Ive ever had with a dealership and Id advise you go anywhere other than there if you want to buy a car

Alicia T. | 2011-12-02

I purchased a Toyota Camry Hybrid at Centennial Toyota in August 2011.  First of all I was happy with the purchase experience and felt as though the online pricing/sales was above board and honest.  I was more concerned when I was "handed over" to financing and told to watch for hidden fees.  Seriously?  I was actually called back and offered a better deal within 48 hours if I could put down an additional amount on the car, also.  So much for having a good sales experience.  
On to the service department (which is why I'm actually writing this review tonight).  I was told when I purchased the car that I didn't need an oil change for another 10k miles (due to it being a hybrid) but the mechanics set the sensors to go off at 4,000 like a regular gas model.  I went into the shop and instead of the 39.00 oil change that I was quoted over the phone I was charged 69.00.  Afterward I was called to pick up the vehicle and told that a nail was in my tire and it would have to be replaced for another 189.00.  Who has heard of a Camry tire running 189.00?  I told them I couldn't do it right then and promised to come back next week.  Wow.  I won't be going back to that dealership EVER again.

Charles L. | 2011-11-12

Service department took me on a Saturday morning, even though I didn't have an appointment.  Took care of my care problems and got me out by lunchtime.  While waiting, got free coffee, donuts, and internet use.  Much nicer than any other Toyota dealership I've ever been to either in Las Vegas or Los Angeles.  had the parts I needed for the repairs.  Price was also very reasonable.

Jeff C. | 2011-09-02

I've had a problem with the service dept here, but I think it was just your average goof up. Hey, it happens.
I've had my vehicles serviced here since and havnt had any problems. They do take their time, so be ready to wait.  Warning: watch out for that coffee in the service waiting area; it bites back!

Elizabeth Y. | 2011-05-14

My mom and I bought a car here from Mike G! He's a great salesperson!!!

Mat J. | 2011-04-25

This dealership gets 1 star only because Smash Burger is down the street and well, you can't give 0 stars. My girlfriend and I had heard an advertisement on the radio about these "great deals" that Centennial Toyota was having so we decided to go check it out. I should have known we were in trouble when we drove onto the lot  and before we even parked the car and a vulture... er, I mean "Salesmen" was circling us. Still, we ventured out to see what these "great" deals were.

To start, what salesmen doesn't know what their current advertised specials are or even the company incentive programs? And who asks to run a credit check before you have even told him what you are looking for? So, after I educate the guy on the deals on the radio I am told "oh, we can't do that its just to get you here, but it works doesn't it?". Well, I should have seen that coming... but there is a sign out front of the dealership saying take a test drive and get a $25 gas card so lets go drive a Toyota.

So I drive a Corolla, look at a Camery and a Tacoma as I am honestly looking for a new car. (My current Lease ends soon) Since nothing is really impressing me I decide that Toyota isn't the car for me. The guy walks us into the showroom to get one of his cards (who doesn't have cards on them?) and when we ask about the gas card we are told they are out but they will fill up my tank if I buy a new car. Yeah, I don't think so...

End of Story, save yourself some time and bypass this dealership at all costs! Their advertising is shady, their sales practices are shady and their salesmen and sales managers are complete tools. There was a bad vibe going on at the dealership from the moment we got there and I would think that you can do much better somewhere else. I've played the car game many times and this was about as bad as it gets!!

J D. | 2011-02-08

Stopped by after seeing a commercial for 0% financing on Camry models.  I wanted to check out the Camry Hybrid and met salesman Raul in the parking lot.  Normally, I avoid sales guys like the plague when I'm "window shopping" cars, but I couldn't find the damn Camry Hybrids, so I caved and asked for help.  

Raul was very nice and I told him up front I'm not buying today.....he was cool with that and walked me around the main lot and rear lot to show me the various models of Camry.  Many of the cars were in the back lot, with only a few in the front.  Why do they do this?  It's very inconvenient to walk to the back.....I guess it forces you to talk to a salesperson......damn slimy car dealers.  Why do I always feel like I'm about to get screwed when I visit a car dealer?  I consider myself pretty good at negotiating a deal and always carry my HP 12c financial calculator when dealing with them.....but I still feel like I get screwed over.

Anyway, I test drove a few of the models and was very impressed with the Camry Hybrid....it has a lot more power/speed than I was expecting.  I guess I was expecting golf cart performance.....but it was much more powerful than that.  I left without making a purchase, but the experience was pretty good.  I was never pressured to buy.  Thanks Raul for great service.....if I decide to buy a car here, I will give the sale to him.

Return Factor - 60%

Aljamin S. | 2010-10-19

I thought about this one because I'm very skeptical about salespeople in general-- especially car and service salesman, but this experience was surprising to me.  I'd like to give kudos especially to Quincy Mosley who works as a sales advisor for Centennial Toyota.  Not only did he direct us to do what we needed, he didn't push hard.  Now, mind you he did push but that's his job and I understood that.  I brought my girlfriend's truck in for service and Quincy was the only sales advisor who walked up to me and asked me what I needed.  He answered all my questions even when I kept coming back.  One of the service porters also did try to help me also.  The receptionist just sat at her computer and didn't once ask me if I needed help.

As much money as all dealership service departments charge, I'd expect everyone to show a little more initiative when someone peering into their window walks up looking confused (me!).  I walked into the car show room and looked around a bit and I expected to be approached by a car salesman but no, not one! No one asked if I needed any help or anything.  Maybe it was the case of the Mondays, but am I wrong?  For a place that relies on great customer service to get paid, their customer service as a whole wasn't very servicing at all! :( If it wasn't for Quincy Mosley, I'd give this dealership 1-2 stars.

Paolo D. | 2010-10-16

As I sit here waiting for my car service to be completed, I figured I might as well write a review of this place.

I bought my Camry Hybrid here in March 2007 and I've been taking it here for service ever since. It's a long, long drive, especially since I no longer live in Summerlin, but I like taking it here for some strange reason. I think it's a combination of the friendly staff, the free donuts and coffee/hot chocolate machine, and just the overall invitingness (is that a word?) of the location.

Even better, they now have e-mail notifications. I usually know that my car is done way before Jason (my service guy) comes to find me. Oh and they have these three computers for you to use the Interwebs.

Overall, I had a good car buying experience here 3.5 years ago (I used their Internet/Fleet department), and I continue to enjoy their service. I probably spend more on service than I could at places like Jiffy Lube, but I'd just rather take my car to a Toyota dealer because it's a hybrid.

Susan L. | 2010-09-27

When I woke up on Saturday the last thing I thought of was buying a car until my husband got excited about an ad he heard over the radio. It was supposedly a big garage sale of cars where cars would be sold as low as $77.00. I'm not gullible I knew that it would probably be only one car or some sort of catch but we go anyways.

We get there and ask about the "$77.00" dollar car and they said it's a car they are raffling off. We were about to leave when they asked if I would be interested in trading in my car. I told them I would consider it if they can lower my interest rate from the current 6.25%.

They upgraded me to a Toyota for 2% interest rate for the life of the loan. I had time to back out of the deal because their power went out for like an hour. I was hoping that was not some sort of sign. We decided to go for it but it was a long process...I think we were there for like eight grueling hours.

One word of advice is to look over the paperwork carefully and double check what they tell you. The car we bought came with a 100,000 mile warranty so why was there a 50.00 hidden service fee in the paperwork? They did correct the paperwork when we pointed it out.

If they tell you that buying a certain car will lower your insurance rate by so much ...check on it. We did the salesperson said our discount with our insurance would go down $13.00 a month but when we called it was something like $2.00 a month. They are car salesmen first so I understood why their facts may be skewed so I know it's always best to check all the facts first. It's hard sometimes to watch out for everything especially when going there on a whim with no prior research.

Overall I thought their service was good just as long as they do all that was promised.

Jennifer R. | 2010-08-07

I have been using Centennial Toyota's service department since they opened. I love Greg Allen. He is my first pick for service people and always does great. He never suggests anything that isn't needed and is always fun to deal with. The only thing that I have had go wrong there was they once accidentally changed the transmission fluid in my Highlander, but they didn't charge me for it so it was actually a great favor to me. Service is always great and they don't have your car for too long. I don't know what the previous reviewer had happen there, but I can't say I have ever had an experience like that. I have referred all of my friends and family to them and no one has ever had an issue. I won't take my car anywhere else.

Keith A. | 2008-09-26

gotta knock these guys down a few notches - they promised to send me the green slip in order to complete my registration.  after getting a call from the receptionist that the slip was in, i called the sales guy that helped me.  after leaving 2 messages with no return call, nor green slip sent to me, i had to make the drive out to the dealer and traffic SUCKED that day.  

they blew it - i just got my toyota survey ( if you buy new, the sales guy begs you to give them an excellent rating - must mean some bonus $$$ ) - the survey will not be favorable !

Crystal V. | 2008-06-03

Car shopping is never fun, but I am giving Centennial Toyota 5 stars because they made the process as easy as possible. We visited several dealerships over Memorial Day weekend, but this is the one where we bought our Yaris AND had the best service.

We did a lot of research online and we emailed Centennial Toyota about what we were interested in. Surprisingly, this gave us special pricing on the car and saved us quite a bit of money. Also, it kept people from swarming us because we already had the name of a sales person that we wanted to talk to.

Our sales person and finance guy were both very nice. They were animated but not too pushy. They were straight forward with us and because we told them exactly what we wanted they didn't try to add a million different options to what we had planned. They gave us water when we first got in and while they were doing the initial finance stages we were able to get a free lunch.

The salesperson didn't talk down to me (as they often seem to with women) and encouraged me to take the first test drive. He let us drive the car on surface streets and the freeway and then let us switch drivers so my boyfriend could take a spin as well.

The atmosphere was very pleasant, despite it being a busy day. From walking on the lot to driving away in a new car it only took us about 2 hours.

I definitely recommend this place and I also recommend emailing them in order to get a better deal!