Centennial Mazda in Las Vegas, NV

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Centennial Mazda, located in Las Vegas, is a new Mazda dealer in Nevada. We offer a full line of new Mazda cars, as well as a wide selection of used cars and trucks. In addition, we perform routine service on all Mazda cars, including the Mazda3, Mazda6, and Mazda MX-5 Miata, and sell Mazda parts and accessories in our well-stocked parts department. Located in Las Vegas, we are easily accessible from Boulder City, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Paradise, and Pahrump.

Centennial Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 945-0523
Address:6525 Centennial Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, 89149
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Centennial Mazda

Justin G. | 2015-03-11

Reviews for this place speak volumes.

Stopped by a few months ago to look at buying a new Mazda3. We verified that the car  was in stock before making the trek out to Northtown. When we got there our salesman claimed that the car was sold in the 45 minutes it took to get out there. Yeah right... Thanks for wasting our time.

The crook then proceeded to show us another trim model which was not what we wanted to at all. He then spent another half hour trying to track down the same model else where in the valley. The SOB in the meantime was trying to get us to agree to have our credit run so he can set up financing for the car that he didn't even have. I could see how many unsuspecting car buyers are ensnared at this poor excuse for a car dealership. Mazda needs to revoke their franchise. Go to Planet Mazda, go to Courtesy, just don't go here.

Cathey K. | 2014-11-29

So after visiting the other two Mazda dealers (West Sahara/Planet Mazda & Henderson/Courtesy) in Las Vegas, I came to realize this dealer is, despite its shortcomings (ie: inaccurate info on the website), ultimately the lesser of the 3 evils if you are set on buying a new Mazda in Las Vegas due to its one saving grace: Vanessa Lee. If I had dealt only with her from beginning to end, this probably would be a 5 star review as she definitely deserves more than 5 stars!

If you're going to purchase a Mazda in Las Vegas:
1) Make an appointment with Vanessa Lee and/or come here and ask specifically  for her--if she is busy, wait till she is not or come back another time. Yes, it is worth it. I was helped by an awful sales guy the first time I came here--young, incompetent/inexperienced, and not personable at all. Then, I went to 4 other dealers (3 in LV, 1 in LA) before coming back and finding her and getting my car here. Vanessa is by far the most honest salesperson I ever encountered at any dealer. She will really go to bat for you and work with you to get you where you need to be in regards to pricing if you stick firm to a price and show that you are educated. They have a chart behind the front desk that shows how many cars each associate sold that day and on the day I finalized my deal, she sold 4 other cars so 5 total compared to two others on the chart that only sold 1 each so that should say something!

(The next 2 are just good to keep in mind if you're purchasing a car anywhere but figure I would note them regardless)
2) Do you research ahead of time (Truecar, KBB, etc.) to make sure you know what is a reasonable price to pay and make sure you know which fees are mandatory and which are unavoidable at any dealer. (a quick Google search will get you a few lists to review)

3) Make sure to go to your bank(s) or other financial institutions and get an auto loan quote (it will force the dealer to not just match but beat the rate if they want you to finance through them). They had a manufacturer's rebate offer ($2000 off MSRP) when I purchased that could not be stacked on the 0.9% financing offer through Mazda. Because of this, they said if I wanted to take advantage of the $2,000 rebate, I would have to take a 3.9% rate to finance through them and if I wanted a lower interest rate, they could only give me $1,500 or $500 off instead of $2,000. However, I got a quote for 2.39% from Bank of America so I opted to get my own financing and get the $2,000 off instead of "special financing" at 0.9% or 1.9%. At the end, when I got to financing to finalize my paperwork, they ended up offering me a special low interest rate of 1.99% in order to incentivize me to go with them instead of my bank. Also, before your sign the final contract, please make sure to read ALL the fine print and do your own calculations to confirm the payment amount, interest rate, and amortization schedule are correct--a car loan calculator app (free in the Google Play store) will help you accomplish this easily.

Side notes / FYI so you don't need to waste your time checking out all the dealers like I did:
The West Sahara Mazda is completely unethical and just awful. They price their new vehicles $2000 - $3000 more than any other dealer and barely budge on pricing. Then, even if you came in saying you are looking for a new car, they try to push you to their certified pre-owned aka used cars with 30K+ miles that are priced at $16-$17K+ (what I ultimately got my BRAND NEW Mazda 3 for) to "work with your budget." Think stereotypical sleazy used car salesman. Didn't even get so far as to find out their fees but I bet there are a lot of "mandatory" (easily avoidable at other dealer) obviously to just pad their pocket type of fees.

Henderson - agreed on a price with me verbally, refused to provide in writing (should have been a red flag but this was one of the first dealers I visited) but said they can "definitely" give it to us at negotiated price WITH the special 0% financing and that everything will be in writing when they print the contract. Ran my credit then came back with a contract at about $1500 more and some ridiculous financing rate--at least 4% if not more (more than my mortgage rate!!). DON'T LET THEM RUN YOUR CREDIT until you get a written contract with a full price breakdown inclusive of ALL fees.

Yinyee L. | 2014-11-25

These people are sharks. First of all,  they took advantage of me when I was in a vulnerable mood (just had a car accident) by taking my rental car away so I had no choice but to buy a car.  I was alone (hate to be sexist but you really need a bloke for backup) and was eventually given the monthly payment that was incorrect because of my 'credit'.  Had to hear all their hard sales pitch was bad enough.  
The car itself is alright but it's not worth feeling railroaded into something.

Nataliya S. | 2014-11-06

Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with a dealership. One kid was helping me I won't mention names but he insulted me more then once and then he told me I wasn't a customer and he could talk to me anyway he wanted to. Haven't called management yet but based on reviews it won't do anything. Do not go there if you have any respect for yourself!!!

Sebastien D. | 2014-10-24

I went yesterday to look at a vehicle. Afterwards I decided to check what yelp thought of this fine place. I wasn't surprised to find the two star rating. I'm a first time buyer and they certainly didn't make the already stressful process any easier. The used car sales manager was very unprofessional and even a little rude. I won't be returning and surely won't be buying a car from there. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

John S. | 2014-09-27

I experienced extremely poor customer service here today. While the staff were courteous, the company's policies are shady.  I will not be doing business with this company in the future.

I purchased a new Mazda CX-5 from this dealer in March. As part of the purchase, the salesman added an extra year to the standard two years of free oil changes they were offering in a promotion. I ensured this was added to the Due Bill, knowing a verbal commitment wouldn't likely be honored.

When I brought my car in for its first scheduled oil change, I was informed that the dealership was under new ownership, and that they wouldn't honor the free oil change commitment. You bought the business, and you bought all of its legal commitments.

They could have had a loyal customer who would return and buy a new car every few years. They could easily have said, "We're under new ownership, but we value our customers and will take care of this." Instead, they saved maybe $10 in costs, and cost themselves all of my future business. And I will advise anyone I know considering buying a Mazda to look at other local dealerships and avoid this one.

I took my Mazda to a different local dealership, which did honor the Due Bill free oil change commitment. I had other services I needed, so they made their money on the "fries and a milkshake with my burger" upsell. And the other dealership earned my future business today.

Rosemary B. | 2014-09-13

If you want to get ripped off go here...  They will take advantage of you in a heartbeat.

Robert P. | 2014-08-05

Stay away!
Owner Greg and his little minny me Ammar are total crooks! Nothing good to say about this place. Can't keep staff he'll can't even keep their management.  All I can say is get it in writing! These thieves will use every reason not to honor the works they promised. Check your bank/credit union for rates before u shop..I am a 800 score and they wanted 6 percent....c'mon. Six weeks later and I still don't have my green slip..time to call the DMV.


Michael H. | 2014-07-17

Owner's a dick, Mr. Burk.. they can't keep owners or other key people. . Got a screaming deal on a new used 2013 jeep. . The due bill states I'm owed an alignment, paint chip represent and detail.. when I called to schedule I was told there was nothing on their due bill.. went down and got a copy of my file and there it was on paper everything they owed me.. talked to GM and he said there was nothing,8 then I showed him.. ok we have to do it I guess.. The old owner had told me they would track down other set of keys and owners manual, not too much to ask for a $38000 car.. was to by GM I could give them their keys back and I could have my trade back.. If I hadn't already been offered a profit on my jeep I would have been tempted to. . Was referred to owner and he basically said same thing but with attitude because I got the better of them in the deal.. Told owner we all make mistakes as on due bill.. could we meet in the middle and get me a key at cost, retail $360.. He tells me he's here the door is over there and I could stand in the middle. . After telling him I couldn't believe he owns a dealership and he was a dick head I left with smiles on the faces of all that heard.. they must know him well.. they don't strive for repeat business or referrals and do a great job of it.. too bad because the sales people and managers are great.. owner's a dick.

Liz C. | 2014-06-21

Bought my 2012 Mazda (in 2012)  and the experience was what is expected with dealers. Long waits and dealers pulling fast ones on you. Anywho they covered tint for me but when they supposedly put it on they did not do my front windows.  they left it the manufactured tint that comes with the car. Now the corolla I had before had darker tint in the front so I literally came from  another vehicle with tint that I was expecting to get on the same driver/passenger window. I got my car and I told them they didn't do the front. They kept saying yes they did. I kept telling them no when I drove home I could really feel the heat of the sun on me and I told them I just traded my corolla in which had the tint I wanted and I could tell a huge difference with the sun (this is Las Vegas we need tint). Bottom line I had the manager brought in and they finally corrected the tint.

On another occasion I had my oil changed at the dealership and then when my husband wanted to do it himself the next time my car needed it, he looked under the car and my cover that goes over the oil filter was missing!!! The guys at the dealership didn't put the cover back on. (Oh and they also charged us for a bolt that was supposedly missing from my car (a 2012 Mazda and the oil was done in 2013 so I guess my brand new car was missing this) anywho I called and told them they were the last ones to service my car and failed to put the cover back on. The guy basically said it's not their problem and why are we noticing it now 5 months later (I told them bc it was time for the next service and my husband noticed this) needless to say they provided the cover but they kept saying it was not them and we kept telling them then who else was it bc it wasn't us, they were the last ones to service my car and prior to them my husband saw I had a cover underneath so it went in the shop with the cover and came out without it. If they forget a simple cover then that makes me concerned about dealing with other parts of my car and if they happen to forget to put something important in my car. Yeah no way  Just avoid this place the service is horrible.

Katrina R. | 2014-03-01

I read all the awful reviews on here, Google, and the phone pages websites and thought I would go anyways with the hope that the place was not as bad as they sounded online.  They lived up to their expectations entirely.  We wanted a specific car and only that car and called an hour prior to set up something with a salesperson and we said we'd be on our way.  Drove 40 minutes with loan in hand ready to buy that car and they said it had been sold that morning.  And this is not the first post on here that will read the same thing. And the salesperson never even showed his face at the time of our appointment but rather some manager dealt with me.  I understand a car can be sold when you're in a different show room but then I'd appreciate a phone call so I don't waste my time.  O well I took my business to a used dealership that treated us like family and got the car we wanted there.

Erik I. | 2014-01-18

BUYERS BEWARE!!!! I was illegaly sold a 2008 VW back in June. Smog was expired, Brakes were worn beyond 50%, A side mirror was glued in! I had been pre-approved by my bank at 3.99% and now stuck with another banks 7.99% and 5 inquiries on my credit. I was charged a reconditioning fee of $2850 but acquired shop records showing $1150 is service/ repair and that included a brake inspection and "cleaning." I have called 30+ times...the salesman, sales manager and finance manager are all no longer with the company. The GM will not call me back and they will not allow me to contact the owner! they state on the web page "We strive for 100% customer satisfaction with every visit" BS!!!! It has been 7 months and now I will have to litigate to get my roblem resolved. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chappy R. | 2013-10-04

Terrible Service. Tried fixing an Engine that was faulty rather than replacing it had the car in the shop for 8 months. Would not pass emissions after I got it fixed and now after a couple of months after driving the cars engine is shot and turbo is shot. Warranty will not pay out any more money as they have given them 17k and I am left with a pile of MAZDA Junk never buying Mazda again. Its like buying a Cheap Printer with Expensive Ink Cartridges STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP take your Vehicle to Courtesy Henderson if you have to have any work done.

Leslie G. | 2013-08-04

When I got there I wasn't immediately harassed by salesmen, so I was able to look around for what I wanted. When I found the car I wanted, Austin was the salesman helping me. He was nice and upfront with me. I told him my price range and the payment I was looking for, and he made it possible for me. I liked that he wasn't pushy, he was very helpful and straight forward with me. I drove away in my new mazda3 hatchback and I absolutely love it.

Bunny G. | 2013-06-30

Military Discount for USAA members!

So I started car shopping and thought I needed a second car to go zipping around in without having to drive my 8 cylinder tank around town.  I had seen this cute Mazda and told my husband I wanted to go in and look at it.

It's a little crossover and it was offered in several colors. The salesman was very very friendly and offered all the information we needed.  After driving the car, I determined that I probably want to buy a MAIN car and trade in my huge SUV for a smaller car but equally luxurious...so for now, I'll have to pass on the Mazda.

Brett M. | 2012-10-15

I had oil changed on 8/28/12 at this dealership.  on 10/14/12, I was driving back from CA with my daughter in the vehicle when my oil pressure light came on.  I immediately pulled over, called roadside service (worked great) and they towed the vehicle to Victorville Mazda (closed on Sundays).  

I got a call from the dealership this morning to give me the good news.  The news was that the oil plug simply "fell out" while I was driving and no engine damage.  They said whoever replaced the oil last time was the responsible party as they didn't put the plug in correctly.  The cost=$200.  No biggie, right?  All I had to do now was have Centennial provide me a rental car to get down to Victorville and pick up the car.  This is when the problems start.

I called this dealership today, left a vmail in the morning for the service manager, Gary.  I also called Mazda Corporate to inform them of the situation as well.  I waited a good 4 hours and decided to call the dealership back to attempt to get Gary on the phone.  They attempted to page him and no response.  I was told they would try to have him call me back shortly.  30 minutes later, Gary called me.

I explained to him the situation and of course I got a defensive response.  He told me until he had approval from the GM, they weren't going to make any decisions.  He said to "sit tight" until tomorrow as he was doubtful he would be able to get the GM on the line who was not at the dealership.  Ok, how bout a cell phone?  It's early enough in the day to where you'd think if they needed something urgent, they'd be able to communicate with him.  I responded that not easy when you have a 7 yr old and have things to get accomplished with a vehicle.  

I questioned his authority at this point asking him, "you don't have the authority to honor a $40 rental vehicle?  Then his response shocked me.  He insinuated that perhaps someone that doesnt like me loosened up my oil plug purposely and that since this was 1300 miles ago, how could they be sure that it was their mistake?  I lost it at this point and told him that I will simply bring a lawsuit against them now claiming everything from my clothes getting dirty from the oil all over the car to the gas my father had to incur coming out from CA and driving us to Las Vegas.  He didn't seem to care much at which point I ended the call telling him I will never deal with him again.

I'm still awaiting corporate for an answer and I think in the end they will do right for me but what a nightmare.  This dealership could have easily handled this situation more professionally and the fact they insinuated someone may have been involved with foul play when it is quite obvious that their technician screwed up is ridiculous.  

This is not the first time I've had issues dealing with this dealership, although it wasn't as bad as this.  I would strongly discourage anyone from using this dealership in anyway.  Steer clear.  Go elsewhere!!

charles h. | 2012-07-20

This review is for both for the sales and service department.   I made 2 BIG MISTAKES, buying a 2011 Mazda 6 and buying it from this dealership.  After dealing with both the sales and service departments at this dealership, I have come to the conclusion they are SHADY and I would stay as far away from them as possible. Matter of fact, the same company owns the also owns Planet Nissan near by, so beware of them also.  With this dealership it is all about making the sale, there is no customer service or service to back it up after the sale is complete.  Both the sales and service department tells you give them all 10's on the survey and bribe you with a free tank of gas, or tell you if you don't give them all 10's the will not get paid.  That really should have been a RED FLAG for me but at that point it was too late, I had already made the fatal mistake and had signed on the dotted line.