Centennial Hyundai in Las Vegas, NV

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Centennial Hyundai is a family owned and operated Las Vegas Hyundai dealership providing courteous and attentive service for all nearby Las Vegas and Henderson Hyundai buyers.

Whether you're shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle, at Centennial Hyundai, you can expect a great selection and great prices. Our experienced team will ensure that your car purchasing experience is pleasurable and stress-free.

Our dealership offers a full range of new Hyundai vehicles, with something for every lifestyle in every price range. Now is a great time to test drive a new Hyundai like the Accent, Elantra, or the popular Sonata.

Looking for a used car? Centennial Hyundai offers a large selection of used cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs to choose from. We're confident we have the perfect used vehicle for all your automotive needs.

Henderson and Nevada Hyundai shoppers know to come to Centennial Hyundai for a great selection and great prices. Come take a test drive today!


Established in 2010.

Centennial Hyundai has been serving Las Vegas since 2010. Our mission is to provide a car purchasing experience that's pleasurable and stress-free in a customer-oriented environment. With over five years of success, we look forward to adding you to our long history of happy customers.

Centennial Hyundai

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 843-0950
Address:6200 Centennial Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, 89149
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Centennial Hyundai

Molli M. | 2015-01-10

The service department is always friendly and helpful. My car is ready when they say it will be and I have never had problems with any work they've performed on it.

Hannah G. | 2015-01-09

Went car shopping on New Year's Eve and found my beloved 2013 Hyundai Veloster turbo. Had been to 4-5 other dealerships that day but so glad I ended up at Centennial. Was greeted by my salesman Charles, he was so helpful and knowledgeable. Had been looking for something full size but when I saw and drove the Veloster I fell in love! Heated leather seats! I previously owned a Chrysler 300 but my Veloster is real luxury. Hyundai has succeeded my expectations and the warranty is amazing! During the purchasing process I felt like Charles was looking out for my best interest and helped keep me within my budget with the car I wanted and no pressure. The financing guy also did what he had to so it would work for me. Overall very pleased with my experience at Centennial Hyundai. Would highly recommend asking for Charles. It has been over a year since I purchased my car and me and my boyfriend still get separate cards from Charles for birthdays AND Christmas. He's awesome!

Jose V. | 2015-01-04

had a check engine light on and they were extremely busy!   jeff said don't worry, it's not as bad as you would think and pushed me right through!  thanks,  jeff!  big fat thumbs up to this place

Sue L. | 2014-12-30

Sales team is great but the service is lousy.  I would never buy a vehicle from them again because of their poor service.  I show up for an appointment and I was told the part was delivered. An hour later I was told the part was not delivered.    WTF.   I rather drive to Henderson for service.

Lorrishamae S. | 2014-12-14

I purchased my car back in June 2014. The overall experience with the salesman, Paige (Elvis) would have warranted this review a 4 star. During the process of buying the car, the pitch was made if you send your friends here, you can receive $100 check per referral. Lucky for me, one of my friends was actually at the dealership looking to buy a car for his daughter. He didn't make his purchase at that time, but when he came back, my friend made sure to contact my salesman, Paige.
I came back in September for my first service. Paige wasn't there at the time, but his manager was; unfortunately, his name escapes me. I talked to him about the $100, gave him the needed information and he confirmed a check should have been sent. Time passed, I came back once again in December for my next service. Paige happened to be there, so I brought the $100 to his & his manager's attention again. They did whatever they needed to do and came back to to me within 10 minutes and stated the check would be in my hands by next week.
This wasn't about the money as much as the principle of standing by your word. At this time, they would receive no stars for their review. I was nice enough to give them an average between the two experiences. The money was no big deal; I planned on splitting it with my friend. I can tell you, my friend has no intention of referring anyone to this dealership. I realize that car salesman are not honest with all of their pitches, but the $100 had nothing to do with whether or not I bought the car. Unfortunately, this was an expectation set by the dealership salesmen that now has prevented me from sending any future customers.

Sarah P. | 2014-12-09

Went into Centennial Hyundai with my friend because she was looking to purchase a new car.  We were fortunate enough to be greeted by Charles.  Charles showed us many cars and was careful to stay within our budget.  He also was very honest with us about the cars.  My friend found a great car within her price range and it was a bargain.  And even though I wasn't shopping for a car at the time, I actually ended up buying a new car from Charles and Curtis (also very helpful) a few day later because I was able to get such a good price.  

If you are looking for an honest sales person that you can trust who will get you a great price, Centennial Planet Hyundai is the place to go.  Ask for Charles or Curtis and you will have a great car buying experience.

Anthony A. | 2014-12-06

Chris the Internet Sales Mgr was great. We met over the phone when I called in to get information about a car. He was very professional and extremely helpful. Ask for him if you come to this dealership.

Raymond D. | 2014-11-18

I have heard advertisements all week stating 2015 Sonatas were 1/2 of of MSRP. I called asking to get details and was sent to a salesperson that had no idea what I was talking about. I tried calling back 4 times and let phone ring for 6 minutes before being transferred to a recording device each and every time. I asked to speak w/a sales manager on 5th attempt and no one answered phone after 10 literal minutes of ringing. This place is a ripoff. DON"T FALL FOR THE SCANDALOUS ADVERTISING THEY USE!!! ANOTHER TYPICAL DEALERSHIP

Jolie D. | 2014-10-18

I purchased my car from this location a couple years ago and was not particularly happy with the experience, so I have since gone to other dealerships for oil changes and tune ups. However, I decided to give this location an other try. I brought my car in with several minor concerns. I was able to get it serviced the same afternoon, which was the first plus. Second, Augustine was so patient and polite in listening to all my neurotic ideas of how my car is going to fall apart on me any moment. He recommended a couple of things and just his attentiveness put my mind at ease. All-in-all, his service won my patronage back to Centennial Hyundai. I would recommend asking for him next time you go in!  The reason it gets a 4 star is because it is very far off the beaten path and because while I was there, it seemed that the mechanics were not paying attention to who was waiting for their car and who was just hanging out.

Dennis J. | 2014-09-19

I leased my car through this dealer and my salesman Nigel was great and the process was smooth and easy. The problem was service. There was a few minor bubbles in the tint and they gladly repaired it for free. But after picking it up from service I noticed everything in my center console was stolen! I informed them and there resolution was to give me a free tank of gas (which was approximately the value of the merchandise). I will never use there service again! This is a horrible practice!

Dan O. | 2014-08-31

I felt more disrespected at Centennial Hyundai than I ever have at any business in my life. I am very thorough when buying a new car. Without exaggerating, I test drove 24 cars from 12 separate dealerships before purchasing a car. Prior to arriving to Centennial Hyundai I had done internet research and knew that I only wanted to test drive the Sonata 2.0T and the Genesis 3.8.

I arrived to Centennial Hyundai and received a very cold reception from a much older, very short, gray-haired salesman. I told him exactly what 2 cars I wanted to test drive that day. At every other dealership, salesmen seemed relieved that I already knew which cars I wanted to test drive. However, the jerk of a salesman at Centennial Hyundai must have sized me up as a 29 year-old customer and thought he knew better than I did. He told me I should test drive the Elantra. I told him that the Elantra was too small and did not have the performance characteristics I desired. I told him again I only wanted to test drive the Sonata 2.0T and the Genesis 3.8. The salesman then indirectly insinuated that the Genesis was not for me and pretty much stated that he wouldn't let me test drive the Genesis. Reading between the lines, I felt that he was telling me that I could not afford the Genesis. No matter what his reasoning, a Hyundai salesman should never deny a customer from test driving a car for no good reason. My experience at Centennial Hyundai was over at that exact moment and I left 5 minutes after arriving.

I neither have the time nor inclination to convince a Hyundai salesman that I can afford a certain car. On this day I arrived clean shaven wearing a collared polo shirt and khakis. Therefore, my attire did not communicate that I am a bum. I guarantee you that I can 100% afford a $38,000+ car. The salesman jumped to a conclusion and lost my business by disrespecting me. Due to this experience, I will never again step foot in Centennial Hyundai and I recommend you do the same.

Melanie S. | 2014-05-14

We stopped in while shopping for my son's first vehicle. He had a specific kind he was looking for; small truck, ext cab, V4 or V6, auto trans, nice radio, etc. Even though they didn't happen to have anything on the lot that fit the bill, our salesperson, Charles Slaughter, was SUCH a nice guy! No pressure at all!
Will definitely check back with him next time we are in the market for a used vehicle!

Sean J. | 2014-03-20

I have a 1 year old Hyundai Elantra.  Leased, still under warranty.  The car started smoking out of the tail pipe, excessively.  I took it to Centennial Hyundai and they claimed it was from a faulty oil change, resulting in oil getting into the intake manifold.  Since I did the oil change elsewhere, it voided the warranty.  They charged me $600 to fix the problem.  Here's my issue: the oil change was 2000 miles ago.  I believe if the oil change had caused the problem, it would have been evident months ago.  So, I won't be going back to this dealer and will be switching away from Hyundai.

Vincent K. | 2014-03-12

I like the service I got when I had a an issue with my car, very nice and they helped me out tremendously.

Scott D. | 2014-01-30

Was shopping for a Sonata Hybrid, went here first, nice salesperson, very little pressure.  Had the car up front, let him know I was just starting to look, ended up buying the same car I saw first a week later.
Gave them the opportunity to match my best deal, and was able to get what I wanted with a great compromise.
Great finance department, easy and quick signing, no heavy buy more tactics.
Would return here to buy again.

Lesley K. | 2014-01-22

Maybe this place was having a bad day...but....got an estimate for work my car "needed", $1800 was quoted.....I did not expect that for a fuel pump and brake job.....took my car for a second opinion, $168.00 later I have a new fuel pump and was told my brakes have plenty of life still in them....my honest opinion is to tell anyone to go some place else, I believe these guys have quotas....this is expected from a dealer, but really, that was just way too much money...

Nelson C. | 2013-08-12

Worst car buying experience ever.  We arrived at 7 pm, 8 salespeople waiting outside like vultures.  Salesman was rude, the salesmanager (tall blond skinny redreck) had the IQ of a rock, and was ruder than the sales man.  I wouldn't buy a new car from this operation if it was $10.  Not to be trusted.  Do yourself a favor and take your business elsewhere.

Michael M. | 2013-08-04

Initially nice sales rep @ beginning) she was new...Go Figure...Loan closer screwed up deal by not offering what I wanted that was within reason, gave me an attitude, handed back my keys and said "see ya"...The next couple of weeks, they called me back wanting to give me the deal I offered...They f'd up! The man whom has been selling cars for over for "30 years" (the guy in his 50's w/mustache) is a real hustler...beware...I ended up w/Sequoia ($670 @ month), when I considered there sonata hybrid ($400 @ month)...I am happy with my TOYOTA...

Joni W. | 2013-07-05

Researched some of the smaller SUVs and hatchbacks and decided to do a 4th of July test drive of the Elantra GT.  Well, it turned out to be smaller than it looked online (silly me) and I ended up test driving the Tucson instead.  I've driven SUVs (Pathfinder, CR-V and Rogue) for the last decade and the Tucson was impressive, all the bells and whistles.  Long story short, the Chai Bronze modeI wasn't available, so in spite of the smokin' deal they gave me, I passed.  My sales consultant, TJ Saunders, was awesome--he had integrity, was friendly, knowledgeable and professional.  What a great guy!  Overall, the experience was comfortable (they even fed customers grilled burgers and dogs because of the holiday).  Word to the wise--bring reading material or charge up your smartphone in advance and expect to spend a few hours, because no matter how nice the dealership is, that's just the typical routine.  Plus, to me, it's worth investing several hours to get the car I'll have for years.  I couldn't do the sale this time, but I still would recommend TJ and this dealership.

Kay M. | 2013-06-12

For the most part I had a positive experience with sales from what I can remember. I purchased my baby 2 years ago from this dealership. This review is for the service department! They are shady as hell. About 6 months after purchasing my car I went back for the 6 months/mileage inspection and at the same time I asked them to tint my windows. My car is the limited edition so tint was included in the package. Well when I asked them to tint my windows they tried to tell me that I needed to pay. After making enough noise they finally did what they were supposed to do without charge.

Fast forward to last week, I took my car in for another mileage inspection, evaluation of the check engine light which had come on, and a fix in my tint. There was a slit in the tint and mind you tint repairs are included in my warranty. When I first dropped my car off, the service clerk (I don't want to name names) took a look at the tint and said that they would take care of it because it was included in my warranty, along with the engine light evaluation. The only thing they would be charging me for was the mileage inspection. I signed off on that and they told me to come back in 3 hours to pick up my car. 3 hours passed and I hadn't received a call yet to come pick it up so I called them. I spoke to the same guy I left my car with and he said that it was ready but they didn't do the tint because it looked like I keyed my tint and therefore I would have to pay $45 to have the slit repaired. I declined and told them I would be there to pick up my car shortly.

When I got to the dealership to pick up my car I inquired again about the tint and he said that the only thing the warranty covered as far as the tint was bubbles. He looked at it himself and said it was covered in the warranty and now that it was time to pay for my service, there was "serious damage." When I asked him why he told me it would be covered in the warranty earlier, he then got an attitude and said that he never told me that it would be covered in the warranty, but that the tint staff was going to evaluate it and he would let me know. I was so mad that I started leaving the room, and that's when he agreed to do it for free because he "wanted me to be happy" as if he was doing me a favor. Now a week later my engine light is back on after they said it was only because they needed to reset something on the car. I scheduled an appointment for next week to have them look at it and the guy I spoke to was rushy on the phone. I'm so dreading having to go back to this dealership.

I heard the Henderson location was nice. Maybe I should give them some business. They also say they are going to wash your car but every time they give me my car back the windows are freaking filthy with fingerprints near the door handles. Very sloppy.

Sharon K. | 2013-02-18

As a first time Hyundai customer, my sales man Chris Rooney was a pleasant surprise.  Both he and the Finance Manager, Jesse were friendly and helpful.

However, the General Manager Ernie was ABRASIVE, RUDE, THREATENING and CONFRONTATIONAL!!  As a result, I lodged a formal complaint with Hyundai's corporate office.

My intent was to provide Chris with multiple referrals, but I REFUGE to subject my colleagues, and friends to the EXTREME LACK of professionalism displayed by Planet Hyundai's General  Manager Ernie!!!

Robert W. | 2012-07-20

I've had no experience with the sales department...this is strictly based on the service department.

The last few times I've been to the service department I had Brian waiting on me.  They guy is great...personable, professional...makes having to get a battery replaced, or whatever, a whole lot easier.  Whoever reads these at Planet Hyundai...give Brian a raise!

Mike D. | 2012-07-09

Beware of shady salesmen (Anthony) and managers (Jesse) promising things yet failing to deliver.  Definitely tried to take advantage of a young female friend by lowballing her trade in.  We agreed on an out-the-door price for a used vehicle but then they started to jack up the price when I addressed major concerns that needed to be fixed before the car was driven off of the lot.. like tires at the minimum tread depth of about 2/32nd, brake rotors and pads that were at minimum thickness, fluids that were 7 years old and needed to be flushed, alignment pulling strong to the right.  When I pointed all of that out, they assured me that they do a 170-something point inspection and all of that would be taken care of during their inspection (that's dealer talk for we hope you buy our line of crap we're feeding you).  I said great, but I would still like it in writing on the contract for my own piece of mind.  Once I said that, then suddenly the price jacked up $900.  Funny how that works.  I have a feeling they were counting on some poor schmuck not noticing what needed to be replaced just to get the car back up to being safe to drive off of the lot... and wouldn't you know it, magically we got her trade-in value up to what it should have been instead of the lowball amount they offered her when she came by herself.  I hate stealerships like this that prey on uninformed buyers.  Please stay away and tell your friends.

Jade C. | 2012-06-14

I just purchased a 2013 Hyundai Elantra from here! Went in just looking, drove home in a brand spanking new car! I'm SO happy with my purchase!

I researched the Elantra very heavily and I was totally prepared to pay MSRP, but I didn't have to!

My husband and I arrive in my old 2005 Jeep Liberty, 115k in miles and about 2200 in negative equity. B.B Bussey didn't skip a beat with finding me an Elantra that I loved, he never tried to upsale me to the next level of car (Sonata) and was never pushy.

They paid off my trade in full, I was so happy to not have to roll over that equity! There wasn't any strong sales, these cars sell themselves!

If you're in the market for a fuel efficient,reliable car, go see BB at Hyundai Centennial!

Updated: July 9,2012
So my rating had to drop from 5 stars to 3 stars. Between the lack of "correct" paper work (I had to go back several times to give them a bill with my husband's name on it, the same husband that just spent a year over seas serving our country that doesn't have any bills in his name) and the rude recptionist when it came to picking up my green slip, stop fixing your make up honey, and do your job.

Granted they did pay for my registration with out changing my note, but they told me I could buy in NV and register in TX without issue, as I'm sitting here in the NV DMV getting my plates its clear that I couldn't do this. If I would have known, I wouldn't have bought the car.

Also, the finance guy, Joe, VERY PUSHY with his extended warranties. Most insurance companies cover most of the things he was trying to sell us these warranties and added insurance. After we politely declined several times, his total attitude changed, he was short with us, rude with us and almost blew the whole sale.

When we had to return to re-do paperwork due to the title/registration issue, he kept complaining " I knew this wouldn't work out!!! I can't believe I have to do this paper work, AGAIN. I could have told you all this!!!!!"  Whatever dude, do your job and get a game face on.

Updated: July 20,2012
Got a call from the General Manager asking about my views on a few sites and apologized about things. I have to give credit where credit is do! Thanks Carlos for following up! I'm still in love with my Elantra!

Updated: August 20,2012- Service Department

Came in to re-schedule my first free oil change, I was able to get it done today :) David helped me out, he was very polite, funny and my car was ready on time and they even ran it through the car wash! I had a few questions so he came outside with me to check it out himself, he was great!  Everyone at the counter was really wonderful, I may continue to bring my Elantra to the dealership for maintenance.

Christiana H. | 2012-05-26

I've used the service department and bought a new car from Mike. Both experiences were awesome and professional. I look forward to dealing with Planet Hyundai more

Sarah J. | 2012-03-04

My husband and I went to Planet Hyundai Centennial while shopping around for a new car. The service provided to us was more than we could ever ask for from any other dealership. The salespeople are not paid on commission but rather based on the customer satisfaction survey given after your experience with them. I believe that this truly helps ensure that you're taken care of, and they listen to any and all of your concerns.

Everyone was courteous, polite, and very friendly. They make you feel at ease as much as possible and always ask if you're comfortable with moving ahead with each step. For us, they made us feel as if they were on our side for buying a car, making sure we knew all of our options to get a great car without breaking the bank.

Our salesperson, Spence, was nothing short of amazing. For being first-time car buyers, we were nervous about going through with the process. But he gave us the time we deserved and needless to say, we drove off the lot with the new 2012 Hyundai Elantra GLS, and we LOVE it.

With their knowledgable and friendly staff, this is the place to go. Not to mention the selection they have! :)

Sarah C. | 2012-01-25

I came in to test drive a car I researched and to go home. In my head, I was going to be defensive and wary of everything- especially the dreaded "car salesman" I went home that night with my very first brand new car in my 32 years of life and a smile on my face that I still haven't been able to wipe off my face for two days now.

I highly recommend Centennial Hyundai and especially Anthony Franich's service. He was honest and personable and treated me like a human being, not a dollar sign walking through the door. He listened to what I wanted and looked for the car I told him I wanted, not the car he wanted to sell me. He was funny and I have never had a better experience buying a car. I even HUGGED the guy I was so grateful and happy with my purchase.

The Finance Manager was even very sweet and explained all the terms to be carefully and took his time to make sure I understood not only my contract but how great my warranty was and how I should utilize it.

I went to a lot of other dealerships in Las Vegas, even other Hyundai dealerships and sadly none of their service compared to this dealer and my salesman, Anthony Franich.

Oh did I mention my 2012 Hyundai is incredible? And I got it on my terms? They even gave me a great trade-in value for my old four-wheeled monster.  Don't let other places discourage you, try this place!

chris n. | 2011-10-08

I just moved to henderson, i  went to planet hyundai centennial, Cary Brandolismo, he works there, cary sold me a used hyundai sonnata, the car is in great condition, the service i received from cary was outstanding, and pain free, it felt like cary treated me as family.

G S. | 2011-07-29

Great help from the car salesman Mike. Knows everything about the car and has a great personality