Cartwright Motors in Las Vegas, NV

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Established in 2007.

Third generation car enthusiast. Grandfather and uncle worked in American Automotive factory. Fathers crazy about cars and son passion to see people happy putting the Dream in the driveway!  We love providing beautiful well cared for Pre-owned affordable luxury vehicle to our clients.
We have been sell pre-owned cars from Coast to Coast and around the world. With the best location to get your car across the street from Las Vegas Airport.

Andrew Cartwright your personal car dealer.

Cartwright Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 476-6867
Address:4956 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV, 89119
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Reviews on Cartwright Motors

Chelsie M. | 2015-03-05

I'm only writing this review since I just had a representative call me a year later asking if I'd like to buy another vehicle. They must have had a change in staff since when I bought my vehicle I couldn't get any one to actually help me with the problems that I was having. I'm also writing this review because when I bought my vehicle there were tons of bad reviews and now they are gone and I feel like customers should be warned about this place from what happened to me.
Like I said I bought my car about a year ago and since they bragged about having a great rating with the bbb I trusted them. Before buying my vehicle I went over and made a list of all the things that needed to be fixed before I could purchase this car. (This never got completed) I thought it was odd how they bounced around the salesmen. Now I just call it unprofessional.
This place was and is a nightmare. It took six hours to get my car because a window regulator needed to be replaced. Besides locking me into a high interest loan let me list off why this place should be avoided at all costs: the repairs on the car weren't done properly or at all, the regulator was never replaced as promised, all the tools that come with the car were taken out before picking it up, my oil filter had been sealed on, and for the grand finale this car needs a complete motor swap. I never thought to get a compression test since the car was always running when I checked it out and wasn't smoking. Upon winter this car ran like garbage. When I brought my car to my mechanic they said that my o rings were ruined. This car most likely was ran out of oil and over heated.
My point is to take these reviews seriously. This lot buys garbage vehicles and sells them saying they are in good condition. I should've trusted the reviews and my gut feeling about this place because obviously now I'm stuck paying the price.
Most people ask,"why didn't you call and complain?" Anyone who has purchased a car from these people understands that you get no where. Some of my paperwork was filled out incorrectly when I bought my car and it took four days to get any type of response and the response I got from Vinny was a rude and nasty one. These people are either intentionally blowing customers off or just have no concept of customer service. I was told that I needed to talk to three different people about my file and since I never could get a hold of anyone by the fourth day I was furious. I requested to speak to Vinny who seemed to run the place and before even listening to me he snapped at me and asked why I didn't talk to my sales person. When I told him my sales person told me to speak to someone else he actually called that person into his office because he didn't believe me.......
All I wanted was a form to be corrected so I could register my vehicle and here is this clown arguing with me when if his clown associates actually knew anything about cars like that a 525i isn't and never will be an 8 cylinder, this would've never happened.
Long story short. Stay away. Stay as far away as possible

M K. | 2015-02-20

Never called back as they said they would, after purchase was done. Did not match Terms which were agreed on contract to fix broken parts on the car. Unreliable communication. Dealt with more than one of their staff and not one has matched any standards whatsoever. Do not fall for them as other reviews have shown, I would've been happy if someone warned me before.

Sean C. | 2014-11-28

I bought a vehicle in late August at this dealership from salesman George. A few weeks later the paperwork for the registry was ready. When I picked up the paperwork at asked my salesman George point blank "Is the Smog test all set?" to which George assured me that it was. Well, the next day after sitting at the registry for two hours I get to the window and the person tells me the smog test IS NO GOOD, IT EXPIRED IN MARCH (6months ago, I can see if it expired recently but 6 months ago) so I just wasted 2 hrs of my time at that moment, so I call George up and said I was just at the registry and they told me the smog had expired in March. At that point I tell George what he had said the day before that he assured me the smog was all set, at that point       George puts me on hold and some guy named Donald is on the phone...wait a minute, George is the one that sold me the truck and GEORGE IS THE ONE THAT TOLD ME THE SMOG IS ALL SET NOT DONALD (let me just say this being in the customer service industry, if you are not 100% of an answer George you should not give a "yes" answer, you should have done YOUR due diligence in this matter since you were my salesman) so Donald gets on the phone and says the smog had "just" expired, at this point I get very pissed and tell Donald that this didn't "just" expire but it expired 6 months ago and that I had asked George specifically about the smog and was assured it was all set. Donald tells me I can go get my own smog and they will reimburse me, well after wasting MY TIME I get the smog, go back to the registry to have to wait another 3hr and between the registry TWICE, getting the smog test,  and calling CARTWRIGHT MOTORS I have wasted over 6hrs of my time. So on Sept. 25 I emailed the smog test and some words stating what ordeal I had been put through, I didn't get my $15 check till over 3 WEEK LATER (I have the post date on the mailing envelope, Oct. 14th it was mailed out), nothing of an apology in there either and no follow-up from the Salesman regarding the smog, I CALLED YOU GEORGE, YOU WERE SUPPOSEDLY MY SALESMAN, you put me on hold for Donald, never heard from George again UNTIL last night, Thanksgiving, with a email stating "We live and breathe by our reputation" and that you will send me $100 for "sending in  friend". ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME, ........First if your "reputation" is so "important" this smog thing should have NEVER happened, You George should have taking 2min to look at that vehicles smog test to see if it expired BEFORE TELLING ME IT WAS ALL SET, if you were not 100% sure then you should not tell someone something that isn't right, that might help your "reputation"..and if you think I would EVER send any of my friends in there, WRONG, you and your company should have sent me that $100 for compensation for the time I had to waste because you and your co-workers "dropped the ball" even after I specifically was told it was all your email states that if I was not 110% satisfy with your effort every step, I wouldn't even say I was 20% satisfied, but you should have already known that when I talked with you last...but I was put on hold, transferred to Donald (who by the way WAS NOT THE ONE WHO TOLD ME SMOG WAS ALL SET, IT WAS GEORGE) btw, Donald wasn't to understanding, he tried to play it off as the smog had "just expired", ummm 6 months ago is not JUST EXPIRED, so my guess is Donald was in charge of the smog...So George wanted me a write a review, here it is. I have all the documents and times to back up my claim if anyone wants to dispute this!!!

Allwritey T. | 2014-11-11

Although Yelp says that a business can't remove negative reviews I see that Cartwright Motors has not only removed them, they've started all over.

When I purchased my car a year ago they had hundreds of reviews. I know, because they asked me to sit at their sales desk and submit one.

These people are the biggest bunch of crooks and liars of any used car lot in the valley. Don't believe a word they say. Don't buy into any of their promises. And NEVER buy one of their cars.

If they tell you that their "mechanic" has touched the car (the guy up on Flamingo near the 215), RUN from it, as quickly as possible. He is incompetent and just as crooked as they are. Thus, a car is smogged with a melted catalytic converter.

I have spent close to $2,000 since I bought this car just trying to get everything fixed. Be warned. There are better used car dealers in Vegas. I only wish I would've gone to one of them.

Dexter A. | 2014-10-19

there are nice, Inara was helpful, the only little problem takes long for them to orders parts but i have patience

Roger S. | 2014-10-13

A wasted time of over three hours.  DO NOT DEAL with Inara.  First of all, she presented me with a loan that had me at over 30% and when I questioned her via e-mail I got don't freak out.  Really you want me to pay 32K for a $15K car. After several e-mails asking her to explain how she got to the payments, she refused, got short and curt in the e-mail and I asked her to stop e-mailing me which she replied "Don't worry I will never contact you again" and I replied asking for her manager to contact me and she said I was harassing her. Fabian called me back and left a message explaining she was wrong and he wanted to tell the me the correct offer.  I asked for this from Irnara in writing previously but of course, they would not send.  I toldFabian I took an offer from another dealership that made since.  Also, check our carguros to see how long their cars have been on the lot.  The Corvette over 260 days, but Inara said, dont even think about that car.  They offered me, 2500 down, 620 a month for 48 months on a 2006 Land Rover with 79,000 miles (and an error message on the suspension) for a selling price of 15,988.  Go elsewhere.  If Inara, as she said wasn't fully trained on how to make an offer and they have "skeleton" crew on Sundays, then don't attempt to make an offer.  Also, she became rude, wanting the last word in the e-mails, trying to make me feel as if I was worthless and should appreciate her offer.  I shopped several other dealerships and have had offers at reasonable rates of 4.25% and more for my Jaguar than she wanted to give me on trade in.  She acted as if she was my last hope.  In this town, there are many options, and based on Inara, I say, stay away from the crazy girl with the Glenn Close Fatal Attraction hair.  Run, don't walk.  Also as a side note, she had a customer on the phone trying to negotiate a lower price and she said, how about I tell you the car is 30K and I give it to you for 17K.  She hung up the phone and said "what an asshole".  Professional - NO.  Shop else where.  Thank you.

Richard L. | 2014-09-06

I will be contacting Yelp in order to correct my negative posts.. I had a personal resentment and looked for the worse.  The truth being Steve O. Assisted us in a purchase of a Mercedes and the whole crew was very helpful...easy to do business with and willing to work with the client in all aspects of the purchase...Thank you Cartwright Motors..

Scotty G L. | 2014-09-05

I called Cartwright on a Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  Was told that the sales people were all busy someone would call me back.  Sure enough George called me and we spoke for a while about the vehicle.  George was more than willing to answer all my questions.   I was coming from Phoenix AZ and wanted as much info as possible before deciding to fly to Vegas for a look at the vehicle.   I asked if I did fly up if I could take the vehicle to an independent auto shop to take a look at it and George had no problem with that at all.   The vehicle checked out very well and I went back to Cartwright and spoke more in depth with George.  After a little friendly negotiation we arrived on a price I asked them to gas up the car and they put new windshield wipers on it.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND CARTWRIGHT MOTORS TO ANYONE.

Mike H. | 2014-08-21

There's a reason they are only getting one star and that's because I can't give them NONE. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST, MOST UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. I simply called to ask questions about a vehicle because I'm out of state and I was met with rude snide people who didn't even seem to want to answer any of my very simple questions. The final straw was when I asked if it had a clean car fax and was put on hold for over 8 minutes. Simple questions folks ! Selling a car isn't brain surgery. ALLOW ME TO WARN THE PUBLIC, IF YOU BUY A VEHICLE FROM THIS DEALERSHIP YOUR BUYING AT YOUR (OWN) risk. There are to many hungry dealers out there for you to have to deal with these horrible people.