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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 227-7135
Address:6755 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89146
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on CarMax

Scott G. | 2015-03-12

I recently purchased a car from CarMax. I first went to the Henderson location where I had set up a test drive of a vehicle. The process to set up a test drive on their website is very simple.

I didn't like the car as much as another car I had test driven, so I was about to leave when the sales rep wrote down my laundry list of requirements. The next thing I knew, he had requested a car to be transferred from another CarMax in California--I was impressed by his proactive efforts.

So, I head over there to test drive the new vehicle and, assuming that it was what I wanted,  I was going to buy it right then and there. Sure enough, it was the perfect vehicle. So, I told him to draw up the paperwork. I was going to buy the car through my business, but that's where things started to sour--they wanted notarized original documents from one of my partners and they kept giving me a hard time about the business. What a nightmare!

The Henderson location is far from my house, so I had them transfer the car to the Sahara location so I could finish the paperwork. I ended up just buying it personally because they just made it too complex when my business was in the mix. The paperwork part took the least amount of time, so that was good.

Overall, I rate my CarMax buying experience a 4-star: my car and what I paid is a 5-star, customer service is a 4.25-star, paperwork speed is a 5-star, and ease of business purchases a 0-star.

Despite the issues I had, I liked my buying experience and recommend that people go to CarMax to buy a vehicle.

Nicholas Q. | 2015-03-10

Horrible.  Horrible.  Horrible.  Customer service and common sense does not exist.  Got a lemon from them and they did nothing to recover our experience.  They never called back after multiple messages.  Even when we went in they gave us sassy service and information that was pulled out of a hat!  

Eventually,  we made the best decision and got rid of the lemon and CarMax altogether.  We found professional service and superior product at Findlay Acura.

CarMax should just call it quits.

Jillian P. | 2015-02-05

Quick and painless. Less than 20 minutes. April was great and accommodating! Very clean building. We will definitely be selling or buying a car from here!

Dennis P. | 2015-01-16

Don't buy cars there. They way over priced at CarMax. It is better to go to a regular dealership and spend a couple of hours, but in the long run you will save thousands of dollars.

Kaiti M. | 2015-01-07

A guy named Bryan helped us look at cars within our price range and wasn't pushy at all. He was very helpful and we have come here several times now. They are always amazing.

Carl V. | 2014-12-01

I made the big mistake of buying a car from one of those fly-by-night streetside lots (R/T Motorsports), and after several thousand dollars worth of repairs, I finally decided to get something reliable.  I had purchased from CarMax several years ago, so I was familiar with their process.  I made an appointment (not necessary, but suggested), and I had my POS apprasied, a great car picked out, and financing approved in less than an hour.  When I brought my spouse in that night to sign the paperwork, we were in and out in another hour.  My only gripe is that the appraisal was for the car at its wholesale price, not it's KBB or NADA value, so I had to roll more than I really wanted into the new loan.

But they don't give you the hard sell, and they're very knowledgeable about their product and services.  I'd buy from them again.

Sylvia Q. | 2014-11-20

Carmax has always been my first pick when window shopping for a car for the variety and hassle free experience. I had become a serious window shopper for what seemed like forever, but tonight I left with a purchase! Yay me! It was well overdue!

Of course my taste is much more expensive than I care for it to be, but who doesn't like to dream...that's interest free after all isn't it?

I am happy to report I did not end up going for the 90,000 Porsche but a more practical car at the right price and with the right salesman named Vic.  He was incredibly patient and just what I needed for my car buying experience.  As late and cold as it was this evening, he did not rush me and instead always encouraged me to have a seat in the car to get a better feel.  I test drove and finally decided on the car for me.  

I traded in my car and was happy with the amount they offered.  Vic even ordered me a second key at no extra charge. The buying process  was also easy, quick and painless.  I spent more time looking for my car than signing all the paperwork.  I also learned they have a 5 day return policy no questions asked and a 30 day guarantee policy on all of their vehicles.    

Overall the best car buying experience!

Fawn S. | 2014-11-14

So I bought my first car from Carmax in October.  Traded in my car and they actually gave me a pretty good price.....however there were a few red flags that i should've known not to buy from them.

When we walked in nobody acknowledged us.  We walked around the lot for awhile by ourselves and then found a few cars we wanted to inquire about.  When we went back inside to ask, they asked us how come we didn't sign-in at the front desk, then a lady proceeded to tell one of the salesmen that she found us "wondering around" so could he help though it was inconvenience.

Long story short....we did eventually find a car and the salesmen was actually really helpful.  However it's the followup that would cause me to never ever do business with them again.

You are given 30-day grace period to get anything fixed on your car that you find is wrong after that  30-days.  My salesman told me to keep a list of everything that I thought wasn't right and at my 30-day service appt they would check all of it out. He also told me that they give you a car to drive when your car is being serviced so I didn't have to worry about getting to work etc.  His exact words!! They also only had one key for the car and said they would need to make me a second key, which has been nothing short of a hassle.

The first time I called to get my key made I had to leave a message and the phonecall was never returned.  When I called them back a few days later the girl on the phone was apologetic and gave me some lame excuse for never returning my phonecall although she remembered the message.  Uhhhhh....  their key making schedule is only certain days certain times and with work I cant always make it when it works for them.

I had to call back the next week and make an appt for the key again....and knowing I'd have to take work off, so I asked that I schedule the 30-day service appt at the same time since that was up and then I didn't have to take work off again.  She was rude to me on the phone....but appt was made a friday morning at 9am because she said they only service cars in the morning and at the same time they would make my key.  Mind you keys are only made from 1 -3 on fridays, but she said and I quote they would do everything that morning at the same time so I didn't have to bring car back.  Then to my disappointment she also told me they only give a car to drive when car is in service if one is availlable.  I told her that is what I was not told  and she brushed it off.  Hmmmmm....not cool.

Frustration builds with this people....then I take my car in on the friday morning as scheduled and had to talk to a Cindy service who was so rude right off the bat she wasn't going to deal with me when she saw me.  Told me right away she wasnt going to have the key made as promised until between 1-3 when I wasn't going to be able to stay that long due to work.  I could tell immediately it wasn't going to be a pleasant situation, so I told her that's not what I was told..she said who did I talk to.  I said you know you guys have been difficult to work with, I shouldn't of bought my car here and walked out.

At that point she should've followed me out and did damage control.  So I can see now that it was all about getting the sale not customer service.  I will never buy a car from Carmax again....and i will write a bad review on every website i can find.

Dan H. | 2014-10-29

Im not going to into a large review...all im going to say is was fully explained upon signing my lease agreement that the maturity date and amount is double the worth and time...2020 really...of course its in the paperwork...but it was full explained in our table agreement...then of all lease creditors the one that gave me the lease isnt able to pay thru the dealership...which truly sucks...which i called then and there is a 10.75 conveince other words a BullShit way around it...PLEASE GET ALL FACTS BEFORE SIGNING ANYTHING....THEY WILL GET U CAUGHT UP!!!

Terri R. | 2014-10-26

One of the least pleasant experiences in life can be buying a car.  Haggling with pushy car salesmen who want to "make the numbers work" and spending hours at a dealership is an exasperating ordeal, but, thanks to CarMax, those days are long gone, at least for me.
     I first dealt with CarMax in 2005 when I sold them my Honda Accord.  It was a hassle-free transaction where I brought in the car, it was inspected, and they gave me a fair Kelley Blue Book price (which I had researched ahead of time.)  Fast forward to September 2014 when it was time to sell my 2005 Acura, which had over 171,000 miles on it; it was time for a newer (used) car.  I made an appointment to have the Acura appraised to see what CarMax would offer.  Again I did my Kelley Blue Book research on what I should expect given the years and miles on the car.  Much to my surprise, CarMax offered much more than I was expecting, especially with the high mileage; I was expecting to be offered an amount on the low end of the scale.  I already knew that I wanted to buy a used Honda to replace the Acura (in Honda I trust) and found what I was looking for on the lot.  Again, the price matched what my KBB research said was fair for the Honda. One of the best things about CarMax is that the sticker price on the car is the price:  there is no haggling, so what you see is what you pay.
   All told, the b/f and I were at CarMax for about two hours getting the Acura appraised (30 minutes) and then buying the Honda (looking at cars on the lot and then completing the paperwork).  No hassle, no pressure, just the way it should be if you're looking to sell a car or are in the market to purchase a used one.
    * You can visit their website at to browse used cars and get more  information about selling and buying cars from them.  I dealt with Mike Ott at the Sahara location and he was excellent.

Edwin N. | 2014-10-01

I read many review at this location and most of them was really bad so I was kind of hesitate before I walk in and set up an appointment to buy a car here. But my experience was totally awesome.

I've been looking for the 350z nismo for months and couldn't find any at any car dealership in Vegas so my last option was Carmax. Found 3 of them and decided to transfer one ( all the way in Kansas ) back to this location. Janelle, who helped me with the transfer, was really helpful and friendly, she followed up with all the information and answered all the questions I need an answer to. And the car would take up to 25 days to arrive but only take 1 week to arrive, before schedule more than 2 weeks!!! Can't get happier than that even tho the fee to transfer  was $649.

The buying process was easy and fun. No financial problem or hassle.

And most of the bad reviews on here are about service department so I didn't buy warranty plan which I don't need since I'm studying to be mechanic and specialize in Nissan vehicles.

Till now, the car is still awesome and I love it. Would recommend this location to anyone that need a new/used vehicle(s).

Sarah R. | 2014-09-28

Great experience Casey Halloran  was my sales consultant. He was professional friendly and down to earth. No pressure and I left with a new Jeep :)

Lexi C. | 2014-09-09

I never would have thought I'd ever enjoy buying a car!

After a long day dealing with push sales men across the street, my boyfriend and I came here with no expectations at all, and I actually left with a car!

Right as we walked in we were approached by a sales guy named Chris. He showed us around and we gave him a run down on what we were looking for and my budget. Chris was really helpful, he showed me all the cars within my price range and was happy to run some numbers for me.

Thankfully I have good credit and all went smoothly.... He carefully walked us through the whole process and I never once felt overwhelmed.

Once all the paperwork was finished he was so genuinely happy for me, he even offered to snap some pics of me and my new ride.

I couldn't be happier!

Laurie B. | 2014-08-23

Bought a car for our Daughter and it was the best car buying experience I have ever had! I was not looking forward to the whole process. I hate car salesmen I don't like being pushed or feeling like I got ripped off! Carmax does none of those things! Our salesman was John Davis. He is the nicest man and totally has your best interest in mind. He listens to what you want and doesn't push at all! Brooke did all our paper work, which took about 10 mins! She is so sweet and answered all our questions. We were In and out with a cute new car!  I will always go back to carmax.
The only thing that I can say needs a little work is their detailing team. Both cars we have bought here have been messy and needed cleaning when we got home. Not a huge deal, but I they got that in check this place would be golden!

Nancy W. | 2014-08-10

They do a fantastic job helping you shop and select a car. I love the no-haggle pricing, loved being able to do my research online ahead of time, loved that they helped me find just the right vehicle if it wasn't on the lot. Their communication outside of that needs some work, however. I chose a car that had to be shipped in from California, and paid $200 for the luxury. That's fine, I didn't have to have the car immediately. I did have to keep following up to find out the ETA of the car, however.

They ran financing for me, which was a decent rate, but I found a better rate myself through my credit union. The people at Carmax pushed their "three for free" deal, which basically sells you the car with THEIR financing, then gives you three days to bring in a check from another source and they tear up their agreement. "You can take the car today!" is the selling point. My credit union was prepared to get the financing done that same day, but they needed paperwork faxed over from Carmax, which was met with nothing but resistance. They claimed to never have to do that--which seems suspect to me. I took their "three for free" deal because they made it sound pretty simple. But here's the catch: if you do that, you have bought the car from them, and they don't really CARE about your other financing. 24 hours and several calls later, my credit union still hadn't received the paperwork they needed (in spite of being told THREE TIMES that it had been sent), so I ended up sending over the paperwork Carmax had given me. The person at the credit union told me this lack of communication is the norm, in their experience. Once you've bought the car, you cease to be a priority. They were in no rush because I had already signed off on their financing. Car sold, who's next?! My advice would be to refuse their financing if you have a better deal and don't let them sweet-talk you into taking the car right away. I have no doubt that if THEY were waiting on ME--for my financing to come through--they'd have been all over it and it wouldn't have taken multiple calls from both me and my credit union. The fact that they lied to me more than once didn't help.

Also, I was surprised at the lack of detailing on the car. The windows were very smeared and the inside not clean (something literally had been spilled on the dash and not cleaned up properly). In addition, within days the brake light started coming on--indicating low brake fluid at the least. Really? They don't check fluid levels, etc?   I sent an e-mail regarding these concerns to my sales person, who didn't respond. This was following other conversations during the sale of the vehicle, but apparently now that the car is sold, customer service is no longer of importance.   That is disappointing. I worry now about the service department--I paid for their extended warranty and fear that I will always be dealing with indifferent service. Having checked the brake fluid and seeing that it is NOT low, I guess I'll be finding out soon just how good/bad their service department is...

Shay E. | 2014-08-08

This company deserves NO STARS. Paid cash for a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country on 7/25. Ever since I drove the car off the lot I've had problems. When turning off the car, the key gets stuck in ACC and won't turn off or allow me to remove the key. You have to turn the car on and off 4-5x before it will trigger a key release. I called the Service department who swore I was turning the car off wrong (as if I've never drove a car in my 32 years of life and there's more than one way to turn off a car). Dropped by the service department 2-3x and have been told the guy who makes keys only works 2 days a week for like 3-4 hours and to come back another day. They didn't think to make sure my key was programmed correctly before they sold it to me?! Now I've been waiting here 1 hour and 41 mins (after making an appointment to have my key programmed) only to be told to either wait another 45 mins or come back AGAIN on Monday and drop my car off for a few hours. The kicker is, I bought a MINIVAN due to having 3 VISABLE car seats and they want to offer me a SMALL SEDAN as a rental. I'm confused!!! Does Carmax not realize I can't downgrade a 7 seater to a cramped 4.5 seater?! They need to get it together and quick or there will be a BBB complaint filed! Carmax service is crappy. I would have been better off with an over priced Chrysler dealer!

Cookie L. | 2014-08-06

We bought a used SUV from this Carmax in June to 2014. We were not sure what we wanted and were allowed to wander the lot for awhile with out a sales person...
Overall nice experience during the sales process.  

Strike One- Noticed a few things wrong with car after we got it home. one of the doors was not closing correctly and had terrible wind noise at Freeway speed. HINT- insist that the test drive include freeway driving. Also noticed the outside mirrors  did not move. Carmax offered to repair both at no charge (nice recovery)! It took 6 days to get the car back.

Strike two- We  are going on a road trip this weekend so I decided to give the SUV a check-up myself. I was shocked to find the air filter and the Cabin air filter beyond dirty. I have never seen an air filter this dirty and the cabin filter was even worse full of leaves and dirt. We have only put 400 miles on the car and it parks in a garage.  

Yes I know, buyer beware. However, I asked if Carmax serviced the car and what was done when we bought it.  The answer: All fluids, filters and the rest of findings from their multi-point inspection have been replaced.  

Bottom line: I don't trust Carmax. If you buy from them, have the car checked out by a professional shop.

I won't buy from them again.

Tom W. | 2014-08-05

This is our third vehicle. The sales process is awesome. Our salesperson Susanne, and our financing person Suzanne made this a painless enjoyable process.
We even traded in our last Carmax purchase and they have us better than fair value to our pleasant surprise.
Will have returned and will return again.

Taylor O. | 2014-08-05

Bought my new car from carmax and it was THE best car buying experience I've had. Franz was extremely helpful and I got to drive away in my new car! Thanks carmax!!

Jay B. | 2014-06-30

I bought my Toyota Corolla from them 3 months age and I just have to say that it was the best car buying experience I have ever had. There was no haggling, I picked out the car I wanted. I saw the internet salesman Lawrence he took great care of me. From start to finish, he made sure everything was taken care of. Even when I brought car in service it was a pleasure dealing with the service department. They took great care of me and I'm highly satisfied wit my car and Car Max. I will be returning for my next car. I highly recommend them if you need a reliable used car.

King T. | 2014-06-21

We went in for an appraisal after hearing good things about the Carmax, well it may not be that great after all.

We had our car appraised and guess what, it's 2k below KBB and Autonation next door was one whole grand above Carmax's.

So this whole thing about Carmax being the highest no BS appraisal is just a whole bunch of bull.

If you are thinking of going to Carmax, my advice is to just head over to Autonation.

Kamila P. | 2014-06-11

This is the first negative review I've left because I usually hate to complain buuuut I've tried to set an appointment with the service department for about a week now. I've left multiple messages about getting my oil changed and no one has called me back. I've called a total of 6 times and it sends me to their VM. It's frustrating because it makes me want to get my car serviced somewhere else and I have TWICE now because of the same issue. It would be helpful if the employees actually called people back or maybe a schedule calendar could be set up on their website..?

Julie W. | 2014-06-06

I have bought 2 cars here from Arnie and Joey and they are great.  I've also sent a few friend to them and they say the same thing. The sales department is a definite 5 star.

The service department on the other hand, not so much. With-in the year, I had to return to them 4 times. First time my  '08 Jeep Wrangler wouldn't start and there was a wrong connection to the new battery I bought which was my fault, they fixed it, warrantied the work for 6 months. Great, thank you. But a few months later same thing with not starting, but they didn't know what was draining the  battery. They charged the battery, no charge. A couple months after that it happens again, but this time it was the alternator, they fixed it- no charge. The last time, my car wouldn't turn on again. Now its a faulty battery wire, they fixed it no charge. I get it, they are super busy and cars break but I would think that they would do a full diagnostic before sending a customer on their way. So now, its been about 6 months since the last service and my car is making weird noises and the battery light came on.  So I call during business hours, and I call, and I call- no answer. I take it to Jeep, it's the alternator again. Needless to say, I should have taken it to Jeep in the first place for a few reasons. First being that they answer the phone, second- they weren't over booked and got  my car fixed right away. I was warned that Carmax is the equivalent to Walmart in the sense of cars but I tried to save money and ended up wasting a lot of time and money on rentals.  Although this might be an isolated incident,  I would suggest spending the extra money and  taking it to the manufacturer dealership.

Brian P. | 2014-04-22

I was nervous before showing up here because of all the horror stories I had read online about being ripped off or lowballed when selling a car to them but Amelinda L assured me that I would have a positive experience and provided me with her contact, Joe Memolo.

Note: This review only reflects my experience in selling a vehicle to them as I have not purchased or serviced any vehicles here.

Joe was really nice and walked me through the process even when knowing that I was not going to buy a vehicle from him on the same day. Even though he was busy completing a sale, he met up with me to discuss my car and put it in to start the appraisal process before returning to the customer he had been meeting with. I waited for about 15-20 min before he returned and told me that my appraisal had been completed. Wow that was fast! We then went over the appraisal on his computer, which included the CarFax report, and despite a couple of issues found that I was unaware of, I couldn't believe the offer because it was higher than I had expected! He then printed the written offer from CarMax and informed me that I had 7 days to decide. I told him that I would accept it on the spot and had my title with me.

Joe then walked me over to the business office where I met with a buyer to complete the contract, titling and other paperwork. I also had a chance to clean out my car and they removed the license plates for me. This phase took about 30-40 min. I was pleased and pleasantly surprised at how smooth the process was. Never was there any lag time, stress, confusion or changes to the written offer they had given me.

Once everything was completed I was given copies of all paperwork signed and my check for the sale and I was out the door! Joe stopped back by halfway through the paperwork process to check on me which was great to see. Nothing could have made the process any smoother and I was in and out the door in less than 90 min. I would recommend Joe Memolo to anyone looking to do business with CarMax and I will be back to see him next time I need to buy/sell a car at Carmax

Marina B. | 2014-04-18

I am rating the Service Center, and in general the process and quality of repairs done by this location over 5 years under the "MaxCare" extended warranty.

The 1 star is for Kim at  the Sahara CarMax who was kind enough to refer me to Goodfellas Auto Repair (highly recommend!) just north on Rainbow from this CarMax when they were 2 weeks out on repairs and my alternator had gone out. I wish I could do it all over again I would only have EVER taken my car to the authorized repair shops, paid the $25 more deductible and had all repairs done quickly and easily for the actual deductible amount. Every repair done at CarMax was terrible and slow. I tried going to my preferred mechanic but he didn't understand or complete the authorization process and I would get charged more than my deductible. And I think Goodfellas Auto Repair only opened in 2012, I've had the car since 2008, but man - I would warn everyone to just avoid the Vegas repair centers CarMax provides all together and pay a little more to get the repairs done right by literally anyone else.

Even the simplest of repairs done here (and the other Vegas/Henderson location) take 2-3 times as long as they should and are often not actually repairs at all (utilizing electrical tape instead of replacing broken cables) (oil leak was 'repaired' with a gasket and yet still leaked for a year until the next repairs attempt (at an outside shop) showed it required more parts than just the gasket).

From diagnosis of the repair to carrying out the actual fix, it's all shoddily done and takes FOREVER. You think you'll save money even if you don't save time by leaving your car with CarMax (deductible is usually $50 at CarMax or $75 at a CarMax authorized repair center,  or $100 for your own non-authorized mechanic) but this was NEVER the case, not once in the 4-5 repairs they sort of or didn't actually do that the car needed over the 5 years. And more than once I came to pick up the car and the charge was more than the $50 deductible, from adding on diagnostics and labor fees on repairs covered under warranty (not maintenance)

Krysta O. | 2014-03-13

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!  I wasn't going in expecting the cream of the crop. In all honesty i'm an Airman and I just needed a CAR. Found a 2009 Cheverlot that I liked and tried to jump on getting it. Our course the customer service was decent enough...all to find out later that the 2009 Malibu they sold me had 2007 tires on it...JACKED UP brakes...and was internally falling to pieces only 2 months later!  (all of which were mentioned PRIOR to purchase but they "SAID" were within regular standards) REALLY? So...needless to say either buy a new car or go somewhere else where the customer/product/and safety are a priority.

Lynne W. | 2014-02-18

The worst experience of my life! I got sold a crap car, I started calling within 3 days of having the car and no one ever answered the phone or returned a phone call. I text my salesman and he had the service call me. It took 8 days for them to get me in, then they went from it's the transmission to it's nothing to normal. I insisted and had my salesman go drive it and he saw the problem and made them look at it again. It took them a total of 5 weeks to fix my car. And in that whole time they never once answered it returned a phone call. Horrible service department.

James N. | 2014-01-23

What is up with there car service department? I've called I don't know how many times, and they either don't answer, or they will put me on hold until the phone disconnects.

Grace D. | 2014-01-08

Great experience from CarMax Las Vegas. Customer service fantastic!

Amelinda L. | 2014-01-04

My experience with CarMax has been a mix of really awesome and absolute crap. The best way to approach this review is separating departments and my experience with each of them.

SALES (5/5): I absolutely recommend Joe Memolo with complete certainty. Solid five stars for my experience with Joe. If you need to purchase a car (new or old), he's the best person to see! He is as real as it gets and will not yank you around. He's a thinker and great with finding solutions for you. Joe makes it happen. I have purchased three cars with Joe in the last three years for myself, my parents, and my fiance. He made each experience fun and most importantly, painless. The only reason I didn't purchase my most recent vehicle with him was because I received a better financing offer from another dealership. Ask him what you're looking for, what you want to pay, and he makes it that easy.

SELLING YOUR VEHICLE (4/5): I have sold three cars to CarMax because they have consistently given me the best offer for my vehicles. Plus, it's easy. They inspect your car, they give you a quote, and you either take it or leave it (the amount is usually good for a couple days or so). If you accept it, then it just takes a bit of time for the sales office to process all the paperwork. They aren't particularly quick, so don't engage in the process if you're in a hurry. Otherwise, great experiences and if you don't have a loan/lien on the vehicle, you receive a check immediately. The last car I sold still had a loan, so I just waited for them to send the funds to my bank and I received a check for the remaining funds within a couple weeks.

SERVICE (1/5): Ughh, the maintenance department. I don't want to write a novel of details regarding my multiple interactions with them, so I'll keep this short. I'm not sure what makes them so horrible. Overwhelmed? Who's not like they're doing anything to rectify the bad service. Good luck being able to make an appointment when your car gives up on you. If something popped up on you at the last minute, and I'm sure it did, you won't get in for another 2-3 weeks. Who has time to wait like that? And you know what's the worst part? They recommend going to a dealership! Although infuriating, the extended warranty you buy with CarMax seems to be accepted by everyone else, BUT your deductible is higher! Of course it is. I've had my car "repaired" a couple times, just to bring it back in! Incompetence?! I'm just glad I don't have to deal with them anymore. I don't care that it costs more to visit a dealership, none of us are EVER going back to CarMax Service.

CAR QUALITY (3/5): I have heard people talk about the quality of the cars that are sold through CarMax. I didn't really believe it nor did I think it was their fault if a car turned out to be a dud. After my experience with a 2007 Volkswagen EOS, I think this theory may be right. I had a horrible (almost) two years with this car. Since it was used, I wasn't surprised when some issues came up and I had to take it in for service, but it became excessive (both window motors died, convertible top sticking, warped door panels, faulty ignition wiring, windshield wipers stopped working, etc, etc). After driving it for approximately 20,000 miles, I was worried about what would happen next and how much money it would cost the next time. I couldn't live like that anymore and that's when I finally sold it back to them. The car I purchased for my parents aren't having severe problems like the EOS, however, its quality is pretty poor. I blame that equally on the maker, but CarMax also chose to have it in their lot and sell it. Who test drives these things? On the plus side, we've had my fiance's truck for 2+ years and we LOVE it! We've had zero problems and it has required only one big maintenance within the last year. So we lucked out on one of three vehicles, yay.

Basically, tread carefully. I can't say if I really recommend CarMax for your next vehicle purchase, but I wouldn't say to "stay away" either. Definitely consider one of their locations when you're looking to sell a vehicle since it's most likely the best dealership offer you'll receive. Other than that, you're on your own.

Lisa W. | 2013-12-29

I do not recommend RHAND as your salesperson.  Totally incompetent....showed us a car & let us test drive - knowing it was already SOLD!  No follow up with us, didn't answer his phone after calling multiple times.  Thank goodness there ARE competent people there picking up his SLACK after we had to reach out to them.  Hoping our next experience is much better.  #donotuseRHAND

Orlando M. | 2013-11-27

Just got off phone with service manager, they returned my vehicle to me with a coolant hose disconnected. Service manager said " sorry but my tech did nothing wrong, must of been miscommunication between my wife & service advisor"... Really, this is how your manager handles my survey complaint?

Tony H. | 2013-10-28

Point blank, probably the best experience I've ever had buying a car. Never been to a CarMax before, but I will say this, the next time I'm in the market for a car, I will start with these guys.

As always, having knowledge of what you're in the market for helps with any big purchase. So we went in knowing what we wanted, and an hour later walked out with the vehicle.

No high pressure, easy and quick financing options, affordable extended warranties. Not much else to say, the CarMax experience works for me!

Thomas M. | 2013-10-23

Had my car appraised.  What a joke.  Had exact vehicle for sale for nearly 12k.  Offered me $3.5.  Wholesale value is 5.  Overcharging by a mile on the retail side and hosing the poor sap who is trying to get a fair deal. Beware of this bulls..t.   Looking to steal your ride and then mark it up hugely for the next sucker.

Candice F. | 2013-10-13

My husband bought a pearl white 2006 Subaru STI from here back in 2008. The brakes were completely gone within a couple days of him buying it and he had to shell out extra money to get them replaced as they are brembo brakes (not cheap!).  While the brakes were being replaced (at Subaru), it was brought to our attention that the sway bar had broken because it was upside down! Carmax refused to cover the broken sway bar under the warranty because they said the sway bar would flip if taken over a jump and that was not warrantied. What a joke. Don't get me wrong, I love to do jumps in a car with no brakes, makes me feel alive - but this car was not jumped nor driven in such a way that the sway bar could've flipped. It was probably upside down because the previous owner that killed the brakes had some aftermarket junk on the car that he took off before trading the car in and since Carmax apparently doesn't look at sway bars and brakes while inspecting their vehicles, it just flew under the radar. This dealership was the last straw as far as used cars for us. Now we save and buy new.

Neil C. | 2013-10-12

Sucks!!!! No sense of costumer service a lot of worker but there just chatting the day away .... I went and they took my name and number and they said someone will be right with us so we waited for good 20 min and we waited and decided grab something to eat across from Carmax still no call and we went back and were still waiting .... WHAT A SERVICE!!!! Never gonna come back here again

Chrystal H. | 2013-10-07

I purchased my last car from Carmax West Sahara and it was a great experience, so naturally when I was ready for a newer car I went back...BOY was that a mistake.  I purchased my 2011 Acadia on 9/2, after getting home later that night I realized my headlight was out, and a variety of other issues had started up.  I called the following day, was told that I would not be able to get an appointment until 9/6, took the car in at 8:30, my appointment was at 10:30 so by 3:30 I still had not heard anything I decided to drive down ( no one was answering the phone) Got there only to be told that my vehicle was still under factory warranty (duh!) and it needed to go the dealership...I was told I have TWO options either I could take the car to the dealership or have them send it down.  I opted for the later had them send it.  It was there for almost a week.  Alicia at CarMax service is very confused about Customer service I had to continue to call her and each time I called I was place on hold and told, she's on the phone with the dealership right now (really?) Got the car back and it drove okay for a week.  Then it started having the same problem took it directly to the dealership, they kept it for a week again...contacted headquarters and finally started making some traction in getting the issues resolved (buy the car back and I'll get something else) Got a call from the Sales manager who said she would have the Service manager call me, that was last Friday, here we are Monday and guess what...(wait for it) NO CALL BACK!!! I would not recommend this store to anyone.  The best thing about my visit was Steve my sales person, who has tried to assist me in getting this issue resolved.  I'll update my post and let you know what happens next...

Leanna M. | 2013-09-21

Been everywhere.. literally, nothing but run around . & I did not think it was so easy and I'd get a car! I was so impressed on the service, no pressure to buy and the true no haggle. i test drove two- Decided on the second which was below priced and made the decision quick since others were looking at the same car. Have eh credit and all I had to do was show proof of insurance and sign the papers. Lawrence was awesome, truthful and patient. Totally recommend him. Took all but 3 hours for everything . Only regret was not coming here first! So happy

Norm K. | 2013-08-14

I'm getting ready to get a new car and I wanted to keep the trade in out of the discussion with the dealership.  My hiking friends recommended I go to Carmax.  That was a good recommendation.

It takes about 45 minutes and they drive and evaluate your car on the lift, too.  In a short time, I was called into the office to see Sylvester again and he gave me the value they'd give me for my car.  It was in the blue book range, and I will accept it when I close the deal on my new car.

This makes getting rid of your old car so much easier and you can do a straight forward deal with the new car dealer.  It makes it a much easier way of doing business.  I always hated the "Well, we can only give you $xxxx for your car because..."  This takes all that off the table.

Carmax is A-OK!

Holly H. | 2013-07-20

The EXPERIENCE here, as far as service goes is absolutely top notch! Susanne helped my sister and I both find cars that were perfect for us without any of the haggle and hustle at the other dealerships. If you are going to purchase, I highly recommend seeing her. She's knowledgeable and clearly experienced in what she does with a no-nonsense approach, while still being very personable and easy to get along with. She's a breath of fresh air after all of the other dealers I had been working with! Dare I say she made my vehicle purchase fun? I do, I dare to say so. She. Is. Fantastic!

They have a decent selection here at Carmax, and you can download their app which is really easy to use to help you find cars that are out of state that can be transferred in, either for free, or for a fee, but it's all stated upfront on the website/app. They also offer extended warranties here for a very fair price, and if you take them into the Carmax service station, you get a discount on your co-pay.

The service station, however, seems to always be very busy, and it can be difficult to schedule an appointment. Even when you get through to schedule (or they call you back) the wait times to bring your car in can be long- so plan ahead if you can. I usually have to schedule about two weeks out when I call.

The time is took to actually purchase my car once I found it was ridiculously low. I mean, I was in and out of there in less than two hours I think, once we sat down to do the paperwork. It was very fast, very straight forward, absolutely painless.

The only downside (which is also a plus) is that at Carmax, you don't haggle. The sticker price is the actual price. So while their prices are *fair* you're never going to get a good deal here. You'll pay a fair price, but you also won't be ripped off ever.

Rebekah G. | 2013-07-09

My husband and I needed to sell one of our Mini Coopers, so we came to Carmax to get a straight quote. Then we headed over to the Mini dealership... Yeah. Carmax offered a way better price than our own dealership! Crazy good!

It took all of maybe 45 minutes to an hour and we had our money. Great staff!

Drew B. | 2013-06-01

Not being car-people, we were concerned about how our car-buying experience was going to go.  Carmax listen!  We were new in town and needed to get a car that day.  We had a vague idea of what we wanted and Julien, our salesman really listened without putting in the hard sell.  In two hours we had bought our car and can completely vouch for how simple and pleasurable the process was - will definitely recommend to anybody in a similar position to us.

Anuj N. | 2013-04-25

After my horrendous experience at the Henderson Carmax, it turned out to be another poorly operated superstore. After scheduling a test drive for an Impreza and a Mazda, and a wait for an hour; both cars had dead batteries and did not start. The next possible appointment they offered was in 3 days.

Chad C. | 2013-04-09

NO HAGGLE means NO HAGGLE. You don't spend the whole day there as you would other dealerships.

I've only had less than a day to spare as I had to make a quick trip into town and right back into California. My salesman, David was more than willing to stay an hour later than he normally would to accommodate me. As I made my way into the store David was already taking on 2 other customers, yet it seemed I had his undivided attention. After a test drive and look over of the vehicle, we filed paperwork, traded money for keys and I was off. All in less than an hour.

I felt David was genuine with no added "fakery" that usually comes from salesman at other dealerships. If you ever visit Carmax ask for David L. I'm sure you'll be in good hands.

Row Bear F. | 2013-04-06

We sold a vehicle here and found the experience to be highly professional, efficient, and gratifying.

Alicia T. | 2013-03-29

Best car buying experience I have ever had in my 20 years of purchasing cars here and in Colorado.  No haggle pricing is a big plus for Car Max.  I secured my own financing prior to stepping on the lot.  I had also done my research (KBB)  and had driven the make/model that our family needed as a rental in the past year.

I had talked to Mike (Internet sales) on Tuesday and felt a bit of pressure to finance through Car Max but assured him I would only step on the lot with cash/check in hand.  Called him about 30 minutes before I wanted to test drive last night and he was in the middle of a sale.  By the time I drove down to Car Max, I realized that MIke was not going to be able to help me; he was still in the middle of a transaction.  I walked to reception and was not approached once by a sales person...Amazing!  I am so used to feeling like I'm in a shark tank when I step onto a dealership lot!  

Mike was accommodating and quickly found another associate, Lawrence, to assist me with my purchase.  I am curious to know how these guys/gals get paid b/c if I were shopping at any other dealership, Mike would not have handed this sale to another associate.  Test drive went well - car was great - sales person was personable and did not "sell" the extended warranty (no pressure).  

I walked into the dealership at 5:45 p.m. on a Thursday evening and had all the paperwork in hand and I was out the door at 7:00 p.m. - Could not believe it!  I was prepared to be there for 3 hours...

Thank Car Max for an amazingly simple and quick car buying experience!

Carlo F. | 2013-03-03

Poor customer service on the service department end.. "we can take off the tint but not put tint on that window" ( knowing that all the windows are tinted.. u expect me to agree to you taking off one window tint and leaving all the rest?) Great customer service Tex!

Leatheriah R. | 2013-02-26

Beware of the Carmax extended warranty. My vehicle has been sitting at my local Chevy dealer for three days awaiting a Carmax inspector to come by to inspect/approve the needed repairs.

Eke M. | 2013-01-28

Made an appt to drive a car. Dan called & sd "c'mon down, we'll hold the car for you!"  Got there, wz greeted by Les. Searched for car for 45 mins, cldnt find it. Dan calls Les on his cell. Les informs me that the car was taken by another cust as a loaner. Great job wasting my time Dan! Going to Auto Mall 2mro, more choices in one place.  Lastly...  Les unfairly took the brunt of another terrible salesman and made the best of it. Kudos to you!

Christopher M. | 2012-11-05

These guys would have gotten the 5th star with just a couple little tweaks on the business side of things.  But overall, 5 star service from my Sales Associate and the Finance Associate.  This was one of the easiest, no-nonsense car buying experiences I've had yet to date.  And having been in the business, I'm highly critical.  It will take an awful lot to get me to consider hitting another independent dealer.  Carmax sets a pretty high least the West Sahara location.

Steve S. | 2012-09-16

At the outset, this stipulation: I'm a native New Yorker and abhor cars, yet I've come to recognize their necessity. The only one I've owned that I truly liked and missed, was a 74 TR-6, which had a will to live and literally blew up at about 250,000 miles. That out of the way, I tried a rather unique experiment recently: For three months I walked places or took taxis in an effort to "live" like a New Yorker in Vegas. I suppose I could have continued, but made the decision that I was either borderline certifiable, or simply "cheap," and decided to buy a car.

This is the second car in a decade I purchased from CarMax, and I used its website first, where I saw the "perfect" car for me at the right price. This past Monday, I called the store and said I would buy it (I don't "test drive"). The sales associate asked me to come in, I demurred, saying "Tell me what I have to do, send me whatever papers I need to fill out, I'll sign 'em and send them back." He seemed to think this was bit unusual, to say the least, perhaps figuring I was going to use it as a "getaway car" for robbing pies from bakeries.

In any event, he email the papers, as did my insurance guy; I filled them out; returned them and requested that the sales associate pick me up Wednesday in the car so I could "test drive" it back to the store to conclude the transaction. He did and a half hour later I drove home.

There was no pressure for addons, though I did buy an extended warranty, which I did and which was useful on the first car I bought there. There was nothing that wasn't explained, no question that was unanswered.  There is absolutely nothing I can criticize in either experience I had with CarMax. Well, perhaps the coffee could be better.

The price I paid was a few bucks more than I would have paid to a private seller, had I found this car with one in the first, and equal or less than a dealership. It's as much the service as the product for me and CarMax has both and both exceed my expectations.

All of that said, if you're looking for a used car (I don't believe in that euphemism, "pre-owned"), I unequivocally recommend CarMax as your first stop.

Bryan S. | 2012-08-25

Had my car appraised.  In and out in about 30 min.  They are pretty friendly, but they give you more for your car, but charge you more for a new car.

James R. | 2012-06-19

Low pressure appraisal. No hassle pricing. Damn is this car buying? Decent amount of cars, although I don't know if they wash them regularly or they just sell that fast. Definitely a decent experience while car shopping.

If your not like me and don't want to mess with the cars dealers and point out how they are trying to rip you off, go here. I hate car dealers, but love to haggle. Get some!!

Sael D. | 2012-02-22

Carmax service is so bad! Bought a lexus is250 2009. When we test drive it low tire pressure is showing up on the gage they fix it before we drove it out of the lot, then later that night it cameback waited for a day cuz it was sunday they are close, so went there on monday to fix it, i ask the service technician maybe there's a hole in the tire he said no. Then later that night it came back again i went to sleep check in the morning and it was already flat, called the salesman and told him the problem he said go to discount tire they fix it, drove to discount tire and they check the tire they said they cant fix it cuz the damge is on the side and the tire has already previous repair on it, then back to carmax again told them the problem they said leave the tire here cuz discount tire is already close will get a new tire for u. Waited a day.. Called carmax and tire is still no there. WOW! Worst service ever!!

Emily R. | 2012-02-05

I haven't actually purchased a car at this particular Carmax, but I have come here on several occasions with others who have been in the market for cars. I actually really like the Carmax experience. The worst part about car shopping to me is negotiating on price. That's what I like about Carmax. You walk in and you're free to browse the inventory at your leisure and there are salespeople ready to help whenever you need them. Each time I've come here shopping with friends the sales associates have been friendly, helpful and most importantly... patient.

They have a big inventory and what's even better if there is a vehicle at another Carmax across the nation they can get that to your local dealership if you request it. Within 250 miles there is no cost and they charge a service fee for any that are at dealerships that are a little further from your current location.

The web site is pretty easy to navigate as well. You can keep an eye out for the car you've got your eye out for or even set up alerts for a particular year, make and or model that you are looking for and they will let you know when it's available. Definitely the way I like to car shop.

Sarah S. | 2011-03-20

Great car buying experience!  From the time we walked in the door our sales guy was nice, straight-forward and he actually listened.  We told him what we were looking for and how we already saw it on their website...he then took us out to see it, and we took it for a test drive.  After this we went inside to complete the paperwork and about an hour later we were out of there with the vehicle.  Much different than our experience at a local major dealership.
The great part of their financing was you have three business days to find better financing without any penalties.  This is exactly what we did.  Our credit union gave a better deal, so we informed Car Max it was taken care of without any crazy paperwork.

If you're looking to have no hassle car buying experience...this is the place for you!

Nawal D. | 2011-02-09

It was okay... nothing that great. Although they do have alot of selections online, it was hard finding a truck in our price range at the carmax location in vegas. Theyre very helpful though and call us once a vehicle that we looked into came in stock. cant complain.

Raymond B. | 2011-01-27

I have nothing bad to say about this place or the sales person that I worked with. We have only had the new car for a little less than a week but we are very very pleased with it.

I worked at an automotive dealership for a while in California and even as an employee when I bought a car from them I felt as though I was being pressured for a warranty and pressured to buy buy buy. This was not the case at this Carmax. I actually went in late one night just to see what they would give me for my car because I was going to buy a car a small lot for people with Troubled credit... Now, I put myself in that category because of past credit issues and I think I was to nervous attempt getting a car at a normal lot.

Once we started walking around looking at vehicles to pass some time the sales associate Curt Bryan came out and greeted us and just struck up some small talk and eventually I just told him what was up and how I felt about my credit. Once he asked me a few questions about my credit situation he asked me, " Why do you think you will not get approved? Your credit seems fine." At that point my eyes opened that maybe it would work out and I found a car that we really liked and Curt told us to take a few days to think about it or look on their website at all of there stock and all of a sudden the tables turned... It was like we were pressuring him to go ahead and run my info to buy the car.

As much as I would like to play off that I was not stressing that it would be approved, I WAS... he was calm and collected and letting me know that we should be fine and while he was doing that everything was running and BAM Approval and not only approval but a much better rate then the your job is your credit places offer.

A few days later the car was detailed, smogged and was ready to go, Curt called and let us know and off we went... It was soo easy and painless and the entire experience was a shock to me. I do not think I will buy another car anywhere else.  

Thanks Carmax and thank you very very much Curt!!

Nerry L. | 2011-01-12

Carmax is great. I bought an Acura from the Henderson location at a great deal. The employees are very helpful, they don't hound you like most car dealerships do. The prices of the cars are very reasonable, and there's no haggle price. They also have a great customer service department to help you out with any problems or payments you may have. They also have they're own shop for all you car maintenance needs.

Fuhq B. | 2010-11-14

I bought a car from these guys a year ago and had THE BEST experience I've ever had with a car dealer.

I ordered the car from another state, paid the delivery fee (all over the phone), and was approved for a loan (over the phone in about 10 minutes).

When the car arrived, I went to the dealership, test drove it, signed the paperwork, and walked out the door. From the time I left my home to pick the car up till the time I got back home with the car it was a TOTAL of 90 minutes.

NO HASSLE whatsoever.

Julian G. | 2010-10-25

I purchased a 2004 Nissan Sentra from Carmax in 2007 and six months after the purchase the front wheels started making a noise as though the wheel bearings in the front wheels needed to be replaced.  Here we are, almost three years and four separate visits to the Carmax service center later, and the problem is still not fixed.  On one of these visits Carmax had the car for three weeks, only to find nothing wrong.  I'm not sure if the problem is beyond the scope of expertise of the technicians at Carmax, or if the diagnostic and quailty check procedures are not comprehenisive enough to correctly identify the problem.  I have been given reasons including the hubcaps are vibrating on the rims and causing a squeaking noise and the brake rotors are warped and causing the brake pads to squeak on the rotors.  I would have taken care of the problem myself, but my research I have done on the procedure for changing the front wheel bearings revealed that a specialized tool must be used to remove the bearings.

Also, approximately two years after I purchased the car the paint on the roof started to oxidize in a couple of places, followed by the paint on the trunk lid.  I have not pressure washed the car or inflicted any sort of harsh treatment on the paint, and yet it is oxidizing.

I am hesistant to take the vehicle into the service center again, as I am concerned they will misdiagnose the problem again and in the process leave me without a vehicle for another three week span.

If you are considering purchasing an extended service plan with Carmax, but warned that it has some serious pitfalls.

Kb k. | 2010-06-28

first of all, in ANY car dealing, do your homework (get carfax, read reviews, check for pricing, etc)

when you shop for a car here, DON'T go in the daytime heat - you will get stupid, maybe having nothing to do with buying a car.

all that said, this particular carmax is awesome.  they have a good selection and "no haggle" pricing.  it is usually good pricing, though might occasionally be more - again, do your homework!

the best thing about this place, though, are the people.  salesman brian beesely and manager donna are superb to work with.  super friendly, knowledgeable, etc.

here's the kicker - i ended up not being able to buy a car because of an id issue (just married, changed name, moved cross country meant that the lender was dubious.  totally understand, but was SUPER frustrated, as you can imagine.) after a couple of hours of EVERYONE in the place doing what they could to help out (calling bank on saturday, trying another lender, trying to use passport, etc) because the bank had in fact approved me on their online system, they couldn't sell me the car.  and even though i was seriously disappointed, and i'm sure they were as well, they were NICE about it!  

these guys are all around respectful, class acts.

they only lose a star because they do not take debit cards (which do not charge businesses a percentage - that's only if you use them as credit cards and then i understand) so we had to run around getting an ok on the phone from our bank to let us have more than the normal atm withdrawal amount for the car deposit (as it was saturday afternoon after banks closed).  this took us an hour in the hot vegas sun and we ended up not getting the car anyway.  arg.

Wil Y. | 2010-06-16

Went car shopping here to help my cousin test drive a few cars he liked. Met up with a salesman that we had previously met a few nights before while browsing the lot. Service was cool and very relaxed no BS or high pressure to buy a warranty. After a few test drives he was unsure and wanted to see more cars. On a hot Sunday we went to the Henderson location to find them open and tried a few more cars, nothing really caught our attention. After a few more days of thinking we were back at the Sahara location to retry a car he liked. After a credit check the car was his, no haggling and it was a few thousand below Blue Book, low miles and the CarFax was good. Financing was quick as well since he was already pre-approved through his own bank. Like all major purchases, Do Your Research,Research, Research, you cant say it enough. Get your finances/loan in order before you go, shop around and get any promises in writing especially for repairs.

Don M. | 2009-04-12

I just recently bought my 2nd car from Carmax.  I couldn't be happier.  My first car was a 2004 GMC pickup and it worked perfectly.  I needed a smaller vehicle, so I traded my Carmax truck back to Carmax and got a 2005 Murano.  They gave me $1000 over Kelly Blue Book on my trade-in and the new car works just as good as the previous one.  I drove to So Cal and had no problems at highway speeds over a long distance.  The previous reviewer obviously had problems, but her first mistake was BUYING A GERMAN CAR!!!!  German cars are famous for breaking down and costing an arm and a leg to repair.  Don't judge Carmax on that one instance.  I highly recommend Carmax to my friends and viewers here on Yelp.


CarMax in other cities (Nevada)

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