BMW of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

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BMW of Las Vegas, a Las Vegas BMW dealer, has a vast inventory of new & used BMW cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). We offer vehicle financing, BMW OEM factory service & auto parts.

BMW of Las Vegas

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 871-1010
Address:6900 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, 89117
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on BMW of Las Vegas

Misty B. | 2015-04-24

I love BMW's and have owned a few over the years. This dealership provides great service. The service manager, Josh Martinez, always helps to make my service experience smooth and fair. He goes above and beyond to make sure things are taken care of. I live closer to the Henderson dealership but drive the extra distance because they take good care of my car.

Lawrence F. | 2015-04-22

Another great experience thanks to Danielle Kerly my BMW service rep!!!!! My car was down for 3 weeks she gave me a BMW loan car the entire time. She kept me in the loop the entire time they had my BMW 750LI!!! Out of all the 13k$ work they did it was all covered I only paid my 500$ deductible plus my shop supplies which was 650$ total. I've really been pleased my car has had a lot of work by BMW of LV since I've had it but if I had to get another with the treatment & professionalism they have I'd get another no questions asked. I'm thinking of upgrading anyway, but of all my cars I've had and I've deff had my share this has been the best!!! Thanks for the great job BMW of Las Vegas!!!!

Sonnie P. | 2015-04-22

I have had the pleasure of dealing with this sales department and it was fantastic. My new purchase (BMW X6) was perfect!!!! My salesman Erik Simonis was knowledgeable and did not pressure me at all. He gave me the space to look at all the models and choose what I was happy with. Joe Spilotros was my finance manager, gave me upfront honest answers and helped me with complete coverage. All in all BMW Las Vegas was a true luxury buying experience!!!!

Bobby G. | 2015-04-19

Great experience from start to finish.  Dan Eastman took great care of me.  NOT the typical car salesman tactics.  He showed me all the numbers without that "car sales 4 square" B.S. paper.  Then went to Joe in finance...he was awesome!  Straight shooter as well.  Whole process was quick and simple.  Only thing is...why do car places STILL use that 1980's printer in the finance department??  Its 2014...go green!

Diana D. | 2015-04-13

This review is only for ADAM in service. He always services my car and I'm very pleased with the way he handles everything, he is very professional,  well mannered and keeps me up to date so I know the status of the service.He is a great asset to the company.

Dan N. | 2015-04-08

I leased my BMW X5 from Auto Nation Las Vegas, Nv on december 12/6/2015 at the time of signing the lease documents
we were told by leasing agent Joe Kang we could purchase Perma Plate washing and cleaning service that perma plate would come
out to our house and wash our BMW for 3 years . When i called perma Plate i was informed that that is not what they do
( spot removal seats and exterior paint) . We were my wife and me  misled. (Lied to) when i called to cancel i was told
no i cant cancel  $450.00 lost We don't need Perma Plate.. The agent lied to us to make more commision I called Marchel leasing mgr. No help,
Branden MGR. prema plate No help, Pete Ferris financial Director BMW No help. I am going to the local television Media with my
story and I am following up with Arbitration . This is my 4th lease with BMW and i love the car to bad it has to end this way.
Thank you
Daniek Nociaro
Not were the story  IS WORSE :
Then i get a call from Eric ZIEGENBEIN general manger BMW  Henderson promises me he will send a check for $450. WANTS ME TO DELETE MY STORY.I DID. that was
2 moths ago .. now if the GM doesn't do what he said he do . Why take any chances go to CREVIER BMW Santa Ana( 714-835-3171
and check the price of a new Bmw they are always lower priced then Las Vegas. . I leased two BMW X5 from them and they will
bring you the car no charge. . I will be going back to CREVIER FOR MY NEXT BMWX5..
Thank you

Erik L. | 2015-04-01

I got a new BMW and was worried about the cost of service. That's not the problem - I've gotten my car serviced twice here. Getting an appointment took at least 10 phone calls and two site visits as they didn't return my calls. Called twice day before yesterday, then left a note on my service advisor's desk without a return call. They must not need the customers.

See Below- thanks for the reply Molly. Tried calling twice today. Left a message once, no call back. I told the receptionist I wasn't getting return calls. I feel like a stalker. The Engine Malfunction lights been on since Sunday. Went to a non dealer shop, my first time ever doing so as there is comfort going to the dealer.

Kristine M. | 2015-03-31

Came to this dealership for my very first BMW. We were helped by Takeshi who had an answer for each and every question I could think of. Never pressured us into buying something that we did not like. Ended up going home with an X1 which in 4 days that I've had, very happy with it's performance. Very knowlegeable salesman!!! We will definitely come back after our three years lease is up. Thanks!

Angela S. | 2015-03-31

Great Car dealership, excellent staff.  I was referred to Albert Weisser by a friend as a great salesman and person.  He was right about Salesman, short about great person...he is an excellent and honest person.  Mr. Weisser is a professional and exceptional person, best experience was dealing with him, second my wonderful car 535I, love it..Thank you Albert. Thank BMW Las Vegas!!!
By the way, this is my second BMW, and coming back to this same dealership, has not changed at all how I feel about BMWs and BMW Las Vegas..they just get better in service and quality.  Keep it up. :-)

Steve G. | 2015-03-21

Leased a BMW at this dealership last week. I went a day prior to look at the 5 series on the lot. Glen T. helped me and answered my questions. He didn't push me to buy the car which was nice. I came back the next day to lease the vehicle, and Glen ensured that the negotiation process and paperwork with the finance department went smoothly. The whole transaction was stress free and painless. The BMW Encore service that is complimentary is top notch. Krystal answered all of my questions and explained some of the cool features of my new car and then helped to set up my BMW Assist account. The $100 credit (redeemable in the parts department for BMW genuine accessories and merchandise) and free gas I received with the Encore service was sweet.

I'll be back in 3 years when my lease is up to get either an M5 or a 6 series Gran Coupe! Glen, Vlad, Krystal and team -- thank you for your exceptional and personable service!

Barbara W. | 2015-03-18

Great car buying experience.  Got a really good deal on my new BMW and was treated like royalty by all the professionals at Las Vegas BMW.  I highly recommend them.

Christopher W. | 2015-03-16

20 cars backed up outside the service bays at my appointment time of 10:30 am.  Attendant indicated a 40 min wait.   California Bmw & Lexus give u white glove treatment.  Las Vegas BMW is like going to the dmv.

Mike S. | 2015-03-13

I only bother with a review when something is very good or very bad.  I am from So. California and stopped into the dealership just to look.  The true reason for my writing is in praise of Stefan!  He is a true professional salesman and supplies the best in what you would expect from that image.  I had no intention in particularly buying a car that day as we were there for the UFC MMA fights.  We bought a car from him "on the spot".  We found his follow up to be in detail and it turned out to be a very good purchase.  Ask for Stefan!

Tiffany E. | 2015-03-10

Very frustrated. I have been a very loyal customer to BMW. For the fourth time in the last four years the regulator in my rear window has broken and my window is stuck down which led to someone breaking into my car. I reached out to the local BMW dealership and I was told sorry we can't help. I then reached out to customer relations which again I was told sorry we can't help. I contacted BMW customer resolutions and I was told that they do not have a resolution for this common problem, and advised me to pay again for the fourth time to get the window fixed.  I'm very disappointed that BMW refuses to help a loyal customer find a solution for this common problem.

Ellen R. | 2015-02-24

This is my 3rd BMW, I had to trade in my beloved 2005 545i because it had 143,000 miles that I put on the car and needed some very expensive repairs done. Opted to trade it in for a newer car which is what I did.  We had 2 sales people handle our whole process (it took me 2 days to decide on which car I wanted)  and it was a wonderful experience from the search for my car to the test drive on day one to the purchase the next day. Thank you TK & Ross!! I love BMWs and have used this dealership for my other cars for service and repairs in the past with no issues! TK was exceptionally knowledgable about the cars I looked at and wanted to be sure I was getting a car that had as many bells and whistles in it as the car I was trading in, he wanted to be sure I was happy with what I was getting in a newer BMW.  TK's follow up call the day after purchasing the car was sweet! I have never had a sales person follow up after a sale to be sure everything was good with the car I just bought. I have referred a couple of friends already and have passed his business card along with Ross's Info, they are interested in the 3 series...I don't understand the negative reviews here, like I said this isn't my 1st BMW and it won't be my last. I have used this dealership and love that when I walk in my service advisor Ceasar knows who I am, and that says a lot especially since I'm not in very often unless my car needs service. Over all it was a GREAT experience buying my new car here!!! Thanks again TK & Ross!! I LOVE my new 528i !!

Jillian T. | 2015-02-23

I bought my BMW thinking that I was buying a quality automobile. After putting down 7000 cash and buying an extended warranty, BMW did not stand behind their products in my opinion. Although I had an extended warranty, things kept going wrong on the vehicle. It seems like no matter where I turned around I would have a window it would not roll back up, a cup holder would break, and my transmission needed adjusting. When I purchased the  vehicle, despite that it was their product , they did not spend much time showing me the vehicles features or explaining service and maintenance. I barely got my oil changed in the time recommended. Further, I believe that my vehicle had been in a prior accident which was not disclosed. BMW seemed evasive when I questioned them and said that it was not illegal not to disclose an accident. After driving my car less than 20,000 miles and making years of payments, they offered to buy the car back from me at a loss of 1200 dollars. It was not a good experience and what good is having a vehicle with an extended warranty that requires a hefty deductible and which continues to go wrong after the extended warranty period expires? In short I would not buy another BMW and I certainly would not purchase one here. Virtually every time I called BMW and ask to be put through to the service department I would get voicemail ultimately. I would have to call back numerous times. The manager that I liked, Marv, is not there anymore and that may explain why their level of service is so darn poor. In my opinion, I do not like the BMW product and I certainly hate the service at BMW of Las Vegas! If you want to buy a vehicle that will be highly expensive and consistently unreliable and face tons of headaches and huge cash outlay with a service department that doesn't appear to care, then purchase a vehicle here. If you like being miserable you going to love it. BMW, you were supposed to be the ultimate driving machine but ultimately, you drove me to the poor house!

Catherine F. | 2015-02-13

The sales part is straightforward. But for some reason, (after successful and smooth leases of multiple cars under a business), the financial paperwork through this particular dealership was quite a headache. Nice people, but inattentive to paperwork. Being polite helps, but competence and experience with financial papers far outweighs smile and say "sorry" customer service tactics.

GIST: Sloppy paperwork and lack of attention to detail caused us to come back multiple times to correct the paperwork. Once they get you to sign the lease i.e. get your money, it's up to you to make sure things are done right. Litany of problems: 1) double charged by financial manager that leaves company 2) had to call and fax multiple times to get money back 3) had to re-sign lease papers 3 times because they couldn't figure out how to sign a lease for a company car 4) 1 month later, my car is still not registered because of the papers not matching up for the DMV due to all the dealers paperwork changes. 5) wrong address/typos on lease papers

Bottom Line: Leasing a car at this dealership is a ton of work and eats up your valuable time. Their knowledge of the correct paperwork for business car leases is surprisingly very lacking.

Lazy on the important paperwork, but quick and easy to get you to pay. They have a monopoly on the central Las Vegas BMW market. Search elsewhere. Not worth it.

Ronnie L. | 2015-02-10

I am addicted to new cars!  I don't keep cars more than 3 years at a time and I like nice cars.  That means I have to know what I want and what I will pay.  I am the power drill when it comes to breaking into a good deal.  

I worked with Steve, he has assisted me through 4 new cars from this location.  Things are easy and fair.  My time is appreciated and they are willing to work on something within my budget.  Everyone is super friendly and they don't forget about you after you sign the dotted line.  The service department keeps the good will coming.

I strongly recommend this location for anyone that wants a great experience and fair deal when it comes to a vehicle.

Sydnee H. | 2015-02-09

I used to think this dealership was the absolute best. After getting hit and having my 328i totaled (it was bought and paid off somewhere else) I was sold a Mercedes. When I got it, it drove really well. I had the car for about 8 months before I started having electrical issues, and the warranty didn't cover anything. Not wanting to get myself into a financial mess, I traded it in and was able to get a 528i. That car I had for a little over a year. I loved that car... In December my transmission light came on and my car kept stalling. I had to turn it off and then on again (the dealership said it was to restart it) until I could get it into get serviced. No joke, the day before I take it in my engine light comes on too. I take it into the dealership and they tell me I have a sensor out that's going to be about $1000 to fix and they need to fix the sensor before they can even look at the transmission. AND there is oil leaking in 3 different places. I never noticed any oil stains, but these guys are the experts. So they quoted me about $3000 to fix everything. And that's before they are even able to look at the transmission. So, if I needed a new transmission, the car is basically totaled. The kicker, my warranty had JUST expired. The car was also certified pre-owned, so I trusted that it had been taken care of just as well as I had been taking care of it.
So my service rep tells me the car isn't necessarily reliable to drive, so I am stuck leaving my car there while I decide what to do. My boyfriend convinces me this situation is an absolute disaster and I need to trade it in. UGH this situation again...
The dealership happily took the car and and cancelled out the remainder of my $12,000 loan. :-(
Ok, car shopping.. the fun part. I ended up getting a 2011 328i with an extended warranty and although I am happy with it, I can't help but feeling that I got completely taken advantage of, which is my own fault. I needed a car and got something in a hurry without really thinking the situation through.
All in all, I don't expect these people to look out for my best interest, but it would really set them apart if they did. After everything I've been through with them and how I'm feeling, I don't think I will ever go through this dealership again.

Rick M. | 2015-02-09

Thank you very much to Danielle Kerley and the other friendly staff at BMW of Las Vegas for quickly replacing my tire and getting me back on the road to Los Angeles. Even though they were very busy they made sure that I was taken care of. Great customer service!

Cesar B. | 2015-02-05

Had an appointment for recall and regular service. The phone attendants are very delightful during my appointment set up. I got there and was greeted by a younger gentleman who could be more professional as the welcoming service guy. Their waiting lobby is nicer than Henderson. They have fruit, snack bars, coffee and tea. Adam called me over and he was very professional and direct. I find that most BMW agents are passive rude but Adam was not. He handled all my questions and was very organized and multitasked very well. He made everything very easy. I find that their prices are a little bit on the higher end side, but this is BMW. I was happy with my loaner car and when I returned to pick up my car, they have me 50 dollars worth of gifts as my thank you for coming in and getting recall done. Yay!

Susan T G. | 2015-01-28

Long overdue review! Husband and I came into dealership from Oceanside, CA area with our 2013 Mercedes C63 AMG for trade in. We had spoken on the phone and through email twice with Glen Testamark for info and availability. The time and day we got there we were greeted by TK Nakajima. Very thorough test drive with all questions answered. TK made sure I was comfortable with the test drive, which I love because I don't want a five minute test drive and 3.5 hours of paperwork like other dealerships. I want to make sure I like the car and all the options before purchasing and TK did a great job assuring just that for my husband and I. Got lots of follow up emails and calls to see how we like our car. We would never hesitate to purchase a vehicle from this dealership and TK! Both TK and Glen were helpful, attentive and good people to buy from at this dealership. Thank you again TK for all your help. You are great! We love our 2013 M5!

P.S. Ugly trade in for the Mercedes (in shock, but we checked KBB while at dealership). Bow and TK was able to help with the trade in value blow. Mercedes not our cup of tea and Bmw yes! See you guys in all our future purchases!

Darkhan B. | 2015-01-22

I can't believe they lied to me by quoting $1000+ to fix engine light. SW bimmers fixed it for $50. Should I say more?

John G. | 2015-01-15

Just amazing Customer service. My service advisor Tyler G is nothing but always hospitable and accommodating. They take their time listening to the cars symptoms and are very Thorough. Goes over what was wrong with the car and why. Id never take my BMW anywhere else or buy one anywhere else. Love this place

Imafood E. | 2015-01-13

I work in the service industry here in Las Vegas and when I'm ready to spend my hard earned tips great customer service is huge with me. It's so important that if I am trying to make a decision, the company that provides the best service usually wins my loyalty. I was struggling between 2 different cars, one at BMW, and another brand at a different dealership up the street. Dan Perlstein was my Sales Advisor at BMW. I told him my wants and concerns and told him I wasn't going to buy that day, but I had come in for information. What I really liked about the experience is that I didn't feel pressured at all from him. He explained and wrote everything out for me so I could go home, think about it and make an informed decision. A week later I had decided and went back to Dan to get my new car! It might have been a bit more expensive than the other car, but going with a company that I feel comfortable with makes up for it. If I continue to get this kind of service from BMW I will be their customer for life!

Doc D. | 2014-12-26

Last year this BMW dealership sent out a holiday card to BMW customers with a gift of $50 to use for anything in the store. What a nice gesture for a dealer of high end cars with a high end clientele. I personally purchased a BMW logo golf shirt to show my loyalty as an owner of two BMWs.

This year they sent out a similar $50 card. How nice. It came with a requirement to purchase at least $250 of stuff or services from the dealer.

This from a premium car dealership.

Timothy D. | 2014-12-25

I don't even know where to start with this dealership, it is hands down the worst experience I have ever had. Now usually when I look at something on Google or Amazon with a 1 star review I say "hey they must have had a bad experience but that's not going to happen to me" well unfortunately I was wrong this time. The process leading up to buying the car was great. However after buying the car was a complete nightmare. I never received a green slip for the car that I bought. I would've just drove down there and picked one up if I could've but I bought this car in a semi-far city that I didn't live in. So naturally I called them. They took down my address and said they would send me one. I waited 2 weeks and never got it. So I called back every other day after that. They said they sent it out. But I still never got it, so All I could do was wait until the last day possible that was on my plate to take my vehicle to the dmv and tell the dmv what happened. The dmv contacted the dealership and got it the green slip faxed over. As I went into the dmv I was informed that they messed up and put down the wrong date on the plate so I had to pay a late fee. I've contacted the dealership numerous times about a refund and I have left numerous voicemails and still have not received any call back.

Rick S. | 2014-12-23

My best car buying experience ever.  Great staff, the best product and unbelievable service.  My salesman Steve Broka was way more than a salesman.  He made me feel comfortable with all the bells and whistles of my new X5.  Mo the sales manager helped out at every turn and made the experience a memorable one.  Five Star service.  Five star Staff.  Five Star SUV!!!

Dan W. | 2014-12-18

I love BMWs. I currenlty own a 5 series. But going into BMW of Las Vegas is like getting trapped in a time share presentation in Mexico. There is no way out. Everything about this business is slow slow slow. From purchase experience, to finance department to service center. Imagine Disney lines in July and then take away the fun atmosphere and you will come close to the waiting prison that is this store. So sorry to have to find a different automobile for this reason.

Cathy C. | 2014-12-17

I'm a fan of BMW.  My X3 lasted me 10 years and although there were a few hiccups, I can still say that car was pretty darn reliable and I got my money's worth. But sometimes, you just have to let go and find a replacement.

I did my research and considered getting a Mini, Fiat or a Lexus. My loyalty is with BMW. I locked in on a particular car and off to the dealer I went. We were walking around the lot looking at other models and colors when a car salesman saw us and helped me get my car. My sister kept throwing her ideas and opinions as to what car I should get. I told David (sales advisor) what features I need and we ended up with the first car I was looking at.

Then, the dreaded test driving the car. I'm not a big fan of driving a car that isn't mine...or driving, period! I think convincing me to test drive took the most time and David told me to just drive around the lot but that was a trick! There was a part of the lot that's blocked off by a semi and the only way around it is to get on the road. My sister was a backseat driver as if I needed to be more anxious but David kept me calm. He's so funny. We made it back to the dealership in one piece.

I signed my papers and wrote my check but it was gym time so, we told David we'd come back for the car after the gym since they still had to detail it anyway. It was the most entertaining car-buying experience ever. We were all laughing and chatting about cars, the gym, nutrition, Hello Kitty, Yoda, etc. David explained and showed me what my car can do and at the end he said, "I wish all my clients are as fun as you."

I get follow-up phone calls and e-mails and if I have any questions about my car, David responds quickly.  If you ever need/want a car, contact David Politzer - he is fantastic and he has a nice profile picture on his business card too.

Lisa D. | 2014-12-02

Taylor Soder provided EXCELLENT customer service throughout every step of our car buying experience. He was quick to respond to questions and follow-up and was just a pleasure to do business with...

Joshua M. | 2014-11-29

My car buying experience began on Black Friday when I was in the market for a new car. While on site we were warmly greeted by Jeff Resnick. He was very open to answering our questions and very knowledgeable about the car and different financing programs. He came across very personable and approachable. Jeff is honestly unlike any other sales person I've worked with before. He is not pushy and does not make you feel pressured into buying a car. Things just "seem right" when working with him.

After talking about  the car and answering our initial questions we went on a test drive. Jeff took the time to review the features with us and allow us to get a feel for different models. After the test drive came the time to talk about financing and price. We were able to negotiate down to great terms. The managers were willing to work on a deal and come to a good middle ground on terms. Throughout the whole process Jeff was very on top of things and kept me in the loop throughout. We found a car at the Henderson location. Jeff went out of his way to have the car driven over to the Vegas location for us to test drive before we signed.

I've been very impressed with BMW of Las Vegas and more importantly with Jeff. Everything has been seamless and well managed. BMW is moving towards enhancing their car buying experience and I think my time with them has been spot on with a great car buying experience. For anyone looking to buy a BMW please come here and ask for Jeff Resnick. You really won't go wrong with him and the staff.

Steph B. | 2014-11-05

Omar is great!! Very honest salesman. He helps and guides you in the right direction and most important does not quit on you.  He makes sure you leave being a happy customer.  Thanks Omar!!

Scott K. | 2014-10-31

The entire staff from the receptionist to Adam Beaker, my service advisor, to the polite and professional service pickup driver to the sales manager who got me a bottled water--heck, even the other customers are nice!  Nothing but classy, professional, courteous, honest service.  Hell, I meet even buy a car here based on how well I was treated!  Win for BMW!

Queenie L. | 2014-10-30

I wish there were more BMW dealerships to choose from here in Vegas, coz i believe competition will engender better customer service all around.  

We test drove the new M3 recently and we loved it enough to decide ordering a new one because the ones on the lots didn't have the exact options we wanted.

However, things quickly went south after we decided to order.  Our client adviser, Francisco A., told us the car, if we were to order, wouldn't be ready for delivery until sometime next spring; this sounds like an old sales technique to bait us into picking up a car on the lot instead of willingly letting us order the one we really want.  Then he told us the price on the car was not negotiable because it's a new model on the market, but my hubby has bought 4 bimmers in the past and they were always negotiable.  He then told us, rather than asking us, to fork over a $3000 deposit and, to add insult to injury, asked us to sign a non-refundable deposit form. What arrogance this is!!

We ended up asking to speak to a sales manager who unfortunately gave us another load of sh%t, telling us it's the corporate policy for customers to sign the non-refundable deposit form in order to custom order a hot new BMW model on the market. We have never been subjected to this kind of treatment before and won't put up for it.

I would think twice about buying from this stealership unless you have someone you absolutely trust on the inside and good luck with that.

Amber D. | 2014-10-28

Worst customer service. In the store for 40 minutes, not one hello or how can I help you. We were going to purchase a F700 GS ,  now the KTM sounds better, since they acknowledged us

Krystal S. | 2014-10-25

I just purchased a new x3 from Taylor S. earlier this week. It was a great experience, and by far the easiest process I have ever been through while buying a car. I told him what I wanted and he found the perfect car. I didn't feel pressured or rushed while I was making my decision. Once all the paperwork was completed, he went through all the features of the car and answered all my questions. Even after he's followed up making sure I'm completely satisfied with my purchase. BMW Las Vegas really went above and beyond my expectations. I would DEFINITELY recommend Taylor for anyone who is looking for a vehicle.

A N. | 2014-10-24

Chad in Service is great! Great customer service, efficient, & personable.

Everyone here is always great. From the time I purchased my vehicle here years ago, to now.

I extremely recommend BMW of Las Vegas on Sahara. Best buying & Service experience ever in my life.

Plus I love my car (BMW).

Anna D. | 2014-10-16

Being a first time car buyer can be really scary, but the people here are always willing to help, especially Stefan, who sold me my first car. He made sure I got everything I needed. It's been two weeks since I bought my car and he still keeps in touch with me and my car. I definitely recommend this place if you want to make your car buying experience a great one!

Maryrose M. | 2014-10-09

After going to several dealerships, I must say, visiting BMW of Las Vegas was like a breathe of fresh air.  My shopping habits are very simple:  quick, smart and to the point.  I don't need to have long discussions with anybody.

Mr. Steve Glusco was who assisted us and he was wonderful from the beginning of e-mails, texting back and forth, showing my husband the car, to me seeing the car later the same evening.  

With all that being said, we did NOT end up coming home with a car but we came home with TWO cars!

Thank you BMW of Las Vegas, especially Mr Steven Boyd and Mr. Steve Glusco for not bullshitting like the other dealerships we went to.

Laura X. | 2014-10-02

Got a car from BMW of LV a couple weeks ago. So far everything has gone very smoothly. We have mainly dealt with the sales guy TK. He's been really friendly and helpful!

Kimberly S. | 2014-09-24

In June I had purchased a brand new 2014 Mini Cooper Hardtop S from Mini of Las Vegas down the street. I loved the Mini, however I was longing for owning a real BMW. I contacted the Internet Sales Manager Erik Simonis over at BMW of Las Vegas, I told him the exact situation I was in and that I wanted to trade in my Mini that I had for only a few months for a Certified pre-owned 2011 328i. I also explained that I wanted to put no money down, as I had already put a large amount down on the Mini purchase. Erik worked hard to find the perfect option that would work for me. I was actually able to get into a 2013 328i with only 12k miles on it. Turns out they had a nice service loaner that they were looking to sell, so I snagged it up. The process was very smooth, I did almost everything over the internet, the only time I came into the dealership was when I was ready to pick up my new baby. I was in an out in less than 2 hours, and I am now a proud owner of my very first BMW. If you are looking for a no hassle experience, Erik is your go to man. He is also very attentive at responding to all of my emails, even after the deal was done. The wonderful service doesn't stop once you purchase your vehicle.

Jk K. | 2014-09-23

Ask for Butch in the service department.  Best service advisor I've ever met!  Even gave me a ride when courtesy car driver went home!  Would give 6 stars if I could.

Vicky L. | 2014-09-22

I was recommended to look into a BMW for my next vehicle purchase. I was a little on the fence because as we know they run as a much higher priced item. I wanted something reliable with cool features yes but its not all about the "brand" for me. I went into the BMW dealership on Sahara and Rainbow just to check it out. I've done my research by this time, knew how much max I would spend, was set on the only model I was interested in and was already set up to be financed through my bank with whatever make of vehicle I was to purchase. When I got there I was surprised not to have been bombarded by a sells rep. but refreshing. I introduced myself at the front, we were set up with a manager who went over some info with us then handed off to a very friendly sales rep. TK. Long story short it went so smoothly, I felt that I was in good hands (regardless of going in with my guards up) I absolutely did not feel pressured and all my requests were met, I purchased the vehicle that day in fact, financed through them for a low interest and was in and out in less time then dinner with the parents takes every Sunday.

If your looking for a BMW go to this dealership and talk to TK he's great!!!!!!!

Glida W. | 2014-09-19

I bought a 2013 328i two weeks ago from a sales person named Diane who went MIA a week after our purchase (promises unfulfilled). Jason called me today and asked if my husband and I could come in and sign some paperwork that they made a mistake on. When we arrived to the finance department Jason informed us that because of THEIR error our interest rate went from 1.9% to 10.99% and they raised our monthly payments by $70 per month!!!! They did offer an extended warranty but this did not make up for the drastic price change. When we asked them to put their mistake in writing they refused (hmmmmm?). They are holding our paperwork needed to register the car until we agree to the new terms OR return the car. DO NOT get scammed by them. They are unethical and screw you over with the fine print. Our friends warned us to not buy a car from this dealership because of the horrible customer service and we didn't listen because we fell in love with a car. They were RIGHT. It's not worth it, bye bye car!!!

Abe G. | 2014-09-15

Bmw of Las Vegas was by far the best car shopping experience. If you go in ask for David, he was a great guy and will definitely take care of you. There was no pushy salesman that made you uncomfortable. We talked about what I wanted and after coming to an agreement, I left with my brand new 428i. It was very easy and I've been loving my car ever since.

Julie S. | 2014-09-15

I had a GREAT experience with my salesmen, David Politzer. He was extremely knowledgeable about the 2014 BMW X5 I wanted. He was no pressure at all and I ended up getting a great deal! He has continued to follow up with me to see how the car is, if I had any questions etc.. I highly recommend BMW of Las Vegas and working with David

Nour E. | 2014-09-14

Looooove my new 2 series!!! My experience was very pleasant and kwayse (sorry for butchering the name) was great!!!

Daniel P. | 2014-09-11

I've been through the motions of car buying a few times before. let's just say.. It's not what I would call typically a very pleasurable experience. My experience with David at BMW however, was stress and pressure free. He accommodated even after I drove off the lot in my beautiful new Mercedes-Benz. He followed up through email and phone calls to ensure my satisfaction with my purchase. I highly recommend this dealership if your looking for an easy and stress free car buying experience.

Rock S. | 2014-09-10

sad to say...they didnt care for my business at all.  this is the 2nd time i tried to reach out to them and they blew me off.  this most recent experience, they gave me the impression that i did not matter.  i always work with the internet managers first prior to going in, just so they can have an idea of what im looking for.  bmw was the least helpful.  i wanted to purchase my car on sat. i reached out to them on friday early morning, and they did not give me the details until monday.  needless to say, i bought somewhere else.  FYI - audi and m. benz were very responsive and willing to help.  the first time i tried to do business with them was 2 years ago, but same service, actually, same poor service.  i was hoping things would change after 2 years, but, sadly nothing changed...still the same poor service.

Rich S. | 2014-09-05

Had a brief but very unpleasant encounter in the service department last year. I had an electrical problem with my 740 il. Although I'm aware I should've called first, the electrical problem was dire and I didn't want to turn the car off until I was in a place that could repair it. I figured this was the best place to go being unfamiliar with Vegas area. The service writer told me to sit down. I started to explain the problem and before I could finish, he cut me off and told me he had just remembered he already had a previous appointment. He didn't recommend me to go to another service writer just... Nothing. No explanation or anything. I took this as a sign that they didn't even want to be bothered but like I knew, my car battery was dead and needed a jump. Luckily another customer was leaving and helped me.

K M. | 2014-09-04

AVOID AVOID AVOID! This has got to be the sleaziest dealer I have ever come across. I arrived in town to pick up my new purchase. Had the unfortunate experience of getting paired up with salesperson, "Moe." As a woman I was highly offended, as he treated me as though I was beneath him; he is also a "one-upper" sharing how many elaborate things he owns and doing NOTHING but talking about HIMSELF. He also made me wait over an hour before he let me see the vehicle that I was purchasing. Then when I did get to see the vehicle it was NOT in the condition that was promised (major door ding with chip). Then, as I was literally about to fall in to tears... management attempted to save the day. Steve tried to diffuse the situation which he only did because he wanted to close the deal. But before we get too carried away here... don't be fooled, because I had an issue with the car a couple months later and when I called Steve about it he was no help at all. Do yourself a favor and purchase elsewhere!

Nick G. | 2014-08-26

I was very pleased with the customer service that I received at BMW today. I was offered to test drive the model that I really liked. I was in a rush and didn't have time to do anything else, but I definitely will be returning!

Justine K. | 2014-08-26

I can not rave enough about the service I received at BMW of Las Vegas!!! Thank you Shane, Dan & Steve for taking the time to meet with me and answers all the leasing questions I had.  I spent the most time with Steve Glusco who made my leasing a BMW painless and fun.  He took the time to show me ever feature of my new vehicle before, during and after the test drive. Once the paperwork and financials were complete, I left the lot with a beautiful sporty 2014 320i and would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone interested in the Ultimate Driving Machine. Thanks again BMW of LV! You guys rock!!

Dasha C. | 2014-08-25

BUYER BEWARE: Hands down the sleaziest, laziest BMW dealership I've ever had the displeasure of experiencing.

The night before Thanksgiving 2013, my husband and I bought a CERTIFIED preowned BMW X5 with an *extended warranty and maintenance package*. The woman who sold us the warranties said it covers absolutely everything besides little things like interior buttons or rotors. Maintenance for these cars is expensive, so we happily paid A LOT MORE just to have this package.

At the BMW dealership: It's winter, it's dark out, the parking lot isn't super bright, so it was difficult to see how absolutely dirty the interior of this car was. The sales guy assured us they would clean it up immediately -- an hour wait, and the only thing that was cleaned was the sticker price on the windshield. On the drive home we find several Taco Bell wrappers (!!!), Skittles and chewing gum throughout the crevices of the car  -- GROSS. As if that's not bad enough, THE VERY NEXT DAY the car gives us warning messages of low break fluid, TMP malfunction, alignment and other issues. WHO INSPECTED THIS "CERTIFIED" CAR?

A few months go by and as the Vegas desert starts heating up, we come to realize the A/C does not work and barely blows out cold air. We take it into the dealership, they say this is not covered by the extended maintenance or the extended warranty. Ok, what on earth did we pay an extra $6,000+ for?!
So, $300+ down the drain to fix an air conditioner. At least, we thought, they properly inspected the car this time and made sure everything was working well.

Oh we were so wrong....

Literally less than a week and 300 miles later, the LOW BRAKE FLUID light comes on AGAIN. What is going on here, people?

We recently moved to Portland, Oregon and I took the X5 to the dealership there, assuming they would be able to do the routine maintenance and get to the bottom of the low brake fluid issue. They pulled up the car in their system and guess what -- that extended warranty & maintenance package is not in their system. If you've ever brought in a BMW for service before, you know they have everything flawlessly integrated so it's easier than going through a fast food drive thru. We (wrongfully) assumed that in this modern age everything would be digitally integrated. Oh how wrong we are. I call up the BMW of Las Vegas dealership and explain to them the situation, a series of extremely rude people (in reception, finance and sales) explain to me how it's a third-party warranty that they sell that they have nothing to do with so they couldn't even track down my information. One of the men on the phone told me in a very rude manner how it's the customers responsibility to keep track of the pieces of paper that were given to us at the time of the vehicle purchase. Ummm? Another person gave me the number of their third-party warranty people, I call them, and guess what?! They have no record of our warranty yet we've been paying for it all this time!

The car has been nothing but a problem since we took it off the lot. The car was not properly taken care of by this dealership, definitely was not even cleaned and these people truly don't give a crap about you as soon as you buy the car.

This is my 3rd BMW purchase in the last 6 years. I have dealt with a lot of dealerships in California (for maintenance, repairs and purchase), and I can say these guys are HANDS DOWN THE RUDEST, SLEAZIEST salespeople and mechanics ever.

Next step, filing a report with the Better Business Bureau.

Carlee W. | 2014-08-16

I am happy to share with you my experience in working with BMW in Las Vegas.  After having a poor experience at some dealerships in our area I began to look out of state and came across the Las Vegas dealership.  I inquired about the vehicle I was interested in and then heard back right away from our salesperson, Erik Simonis.  I have nothing but high reviews for Erik.  I found him to be very helpful from start to finish and he made the whole process very easy.  He was responsive to questions and made sure we got exactly what we wanted.

We then went to Vegas to purchase the vehicle and left feeling very pleased with our overall experience.  We were greeted by friendly staff and Erik took time to show us the vehicle and answer all our questions.  We also had an enjoyable experience with Joe S. in finance.  He was friendly and funny and made it all very easy.  From start to finish I have nothing but glowing remarks for your dealership and the staff, especially Erik and Joe.   I will happily purchase another BMW from your dealership in the future and will recommend your services to others.

Adan P. | 2014-08-14

I think I got a good deal on my 2006 Mercedes C-350 in BMW of Las Vegas, but what I am sure is that I received good and respectful treatment from everybody there from the girls up on front, to the Finance Manager,  and sales consultants Steve Broka and TK...The rest.. is still to be seen..They understood what we wanted, what we were looking for,  what we needed, and more importantly they made it happened. They even had a runner brought my green slip to my office..I though that was nice!...... Good job guys!!

Jonathan F. | 2014-07-31

Absolute best car buying experience! Kwasi was my sales person and was absolutely great to deal with. He had a great understanding of the product, was easy to get along with, and extremely patient. I was shopping around looking at several other vehicles and dealerships, trust me I was very diligent, but I found myself coming back to Kwasi. Kwasi was persistent, professional, and a get the deal done kind of guy. Overall it was a great experience and I am fully satisfied with the puchase!

If you are thinking about purchasing a BMW, they really are the ultimate driving machine, you need to go see Kwasi!

Cherie M. | 2014-07-25

Very happy with the excellent service and professionalism of all the staff I encountered during my recent car purchase. David Bagheri, my salesman, has made himself readily available to me before, during and after the sale -- and made my buying experience just wonderful! I don't care for pushy or high pressure tactics, and David was a great match for me. I'm very pleased with my negotiated deal and the car is perfect for me. One happy redhead!

Gero S. | 2014-07-16

This is an update to my rating for the service department which I visited again today addressing an issue that I had with a repair done in this shop on Feb 12, 2012. They had replaced the Power Window Motor Regulator in 2012 for a total of $563.59 and soon after the repair I experienced a water leak in the rear passenger foot wells when it was raining. I figured out that the water was entering the cabin through the the rear door window so I wrote a yelp review about it as the service representative in the BMW dealership in Mountain View was denying any 2-yrs warranty on services for this type of repairs. However, I got a response on my initial review from Christina M. telling me that BMW of Las Vegas would love to resolve this issue because they take pride in their work. So I called them and talked to one of the service representatives (it was still within the 2-years time frame at this time). We came up with a solution that I could stop by anytime this year when I was around even beyond the 2-yrs limit as I mentioned that I would probably not  be in the area before summer.
However, I just was there today (also for another issue) and I am still quite disappointed in the way they responded to a warranty claim for a repair done by them. Addressing the water issue with regard to the Power Window Motor Regulator replacement I was simply told that it is beyond the 2-yrs warranty on services and there is nothing they can do about it. Furthermore Joe from the service department also told me that a Power Window Motor Regulator replacement is in now way related to any issues with water entering the cabin through the inner door panel and the rear door window. I am not an expert but in my opinion this simply doesn't seem to be the case. Everybody with more experience than me on this sort of repairs may judge on their own but  - referring to several websites (like… ) - it appears to me that for such a repair it seems quite obvious that the inner door vapor/water barrier is affected and extra care has to be taken to properly replace the vapor/water barrier (which needs to be removed when replacing the motor and driving dog) in order to prevent water from entering the cabin. Even when showing a picture with water flowing from the inner door panel into the cabin (… ) he still claimed that this repair has nothing to do with any sort of vapor/water barrier or related water leak problems. So finally they took no efforts to help me resolve this issue.

Jeffery S. | 2014-07-14


This guy is the man.... helped me pull off the 50th birthday of the century. Had to secretly trade in my wife's 3 series, put together the perfect 4 series, get it at a fair price, tint the windows for me, wrap it in a red bow bring it to the restaurant we were celebrating at annnnnd (insert drum roll here) do it on my credit alone after buying a new house..... all without her knowing and on a saturday at the end of the month.....By the way..... we live in California and he still pulled it out of his hat!

What can I say Al.... you pulled it off, made me a poor but happy man, lol and my wife an estatic new 4 series owner. We love Al and all his hard work, and his follow up is impeccable.

The out of state registration piece..... flawless.

THANKS Alan Karp & BMW Las Vegas!!

Realty Executives S. | 2014-07-11

I have to say I hate car shopping. ..that and the dentist are neck and neck for bad experiences but Eric at las vegas bmw really helped me alot. I was looking at 435 and they are sold out but he had a customer who hadn't picked up there new car yet and he was willing to show it to me. SUPER great guy and went the extra mile. Eric is my guy now and should be yours if your looking for a bmw

Carlos M. | 2014-07-08

My sales guy, Joe, was great. He was very efficient and answered all of my questions. Everything was going well until I spoke to Jason, the finance manager, who tried to persuade me to purchase the extended warranty. The original price for the extended warranty he was offering (100,000 miles bumper to bumper) was $3750 but after I declined all offers he lowered the price to $1233. The sad part is that most people are not aware that this price is negotiable. In addition, Geico offers mechanical break down insurance which is included with the car insurance. This is why I declined the offer. After several attempts to get me to purchase the extended warranty he got very, very rude and upset to the point that he threw the papers at me to sign. He even refused to take a down payment on the deal claiming the contract had already been printed but I had NOT signed the contract yet. If you are in the customer service industry you have to remember who pays your salary and that the customer is always right. I called Shaun, the general manger, to let him know what happened but I never got a call back. Overall, I will never buy a car from this dealer and I want to make sure that everyone I know is aware of the poor customer service I was provided.

Jason B. | 2014-07-01

Was passing thru Las Vegas when my 2007 X5 4.8i had a belt tensioner failure. Limped  to this dealer the next morning from my hotel and was kindly greeted by Larry. To make a long story short, this repair was difficult being a 4.8 model. I could never have trusted another shop to do this repair. The repair was quite technical due to the year and make. Larry kept me informed throughout the repair. This dealer is part of the Auto Nation group, which I learned about, This is a national network, their repairs are warranted for 24 months with genuine BMW service!

Michael T. | 2014-06-29

After emailing their GM Shane O'Hanrahan on Tuesday evening, Mr. O'Hanrahan has reached out to me on Wednesday 6/25 and Thursday 6/26 via email to apologize for me and my husband's negative experience at their service center and the way his staff handled this incident. He said he understood what we ultimately wanted - that regardless if they're not liable for the damage because of what most likely to be a pre-existing rock chip, we only wanted to see his staff to show they at least "cared and tried" to help.

Aside from his apology, Mr. O'Hanrahan also assured us that he and director Shaun have evaluated our incident and looked at ways they could've done differently to prevent this from happening again, which "includes a visual observation before entering the shop (inspect for blemishes or chips) and slightly cracking the windows when we park them so as to allow air flow and release the pressure in the cabin due to heat."

They also acknowledge that it's part of their job to ensure that their customers know as much about their car while in their possession.

Finally, they've learned that being compassionate rather than being defensive could've help everyone keep cooler heads when dealing with an unfortunate incident.

To show that they're sorry and appreciate our business, Mr. O'Hanrahan gave us a gift of $100 credit at their boutique, which we're free to use on retail items and accessories. He also invited us to come back, and they would take care of our engine light (that they kept on because we declined the scheduled maintenance) free of charge. My husband and I are planning to go there next week and meet with Mr. O'Hanrahan.

Despite the negative experience we had at their service center and how his staff dealt with us and our incident, it's refreshing and somehow relieving to know that someone over there still gets "it," and most importantly, that someone is their leader. Because of that, we're willing to give them another try.

BeastMode Z. | 2014-06-26

Went to get a replacement key for my car. I called prior to going and I got an estimate. I was greeted professionally and promptly. When Ana, the cashier collected the payment she quoted me another amount. I mentioned to her the quote I received and she then sarcastically replied "I'm sorry", then started laughing at the situation with another coworker while I was still standing there waiting to be charged.
Needless to say, it was a negative customer experience. I would probably recommend you go to another dealership for service.

Matt R. | 2014-06-24

After receiving a call from the general manager of BMW of Las Vegas I was going to give them 1 star because he did nothing to help me. As I was writing this review Danielle in service called me let me know she was doing everything she could to help and even tried to convince me her general manager was a good guy and that he try's to help everyone he can. Without her I don't think I would be able to say anything nice about this place. Danielle is a rock star and gets stuff done.

Kathleen G. | 2014-06-19

We had a great experience with BMW of Las Vegas.  We went by 3 or 4 times driving different cars and reviewing all the options.  The salesmen were terrific, no pressure, very informative, relaxed and low key while we were test driving different vehicles.  Albert was our favorite sales person; he spent a lot of time with us looking at all the different vehicles in the lot that may suit our needs then helped us custom order the right car for us.  Pick up was a breeze; we had wonderful people in financing as well as helping us learn the details of the car.  I'll be looking forward to doing business with them in the future.

Matt M. | 2014-06-16

I wouldn't count on getting the BEST deal on a BMW here (or Henderson), but they'll be decent with making a fair deal. My sales person was Diane, who I liked. She's not too pushy and has been great with following up whenever I have additional questions about my vehicle. Much, much better than my previous purchase of a certified pre-owned vehicle at this same location (that was the worst vehicle purchase I've ever made, and I still can't believe I bought that used car).  But with Diane's help, I'm in a brand new x3, and I love it!

I took my vehicle in today for an early oil change and check up before I leave on a summer road trip. Diane suggested I work with Caesar in service who I'd met a few years earlier as well. He was nice, helpful, and accommodating.  

I love BMW, and it's awesome that they continue to achieve excellence overall as a company. I'm hooked on the quality and comfort for sure. I'm already saving my dollars for an i8!

Albert A. | 2014-06-12

I recently purchased a previously owned 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo S from BMW of Las Vegas. My salesperson Albert was professional and considerate. The finance manager Joe helped me get the car financed for a reasonable rate. The overall experience was top notch. I highly recommend their service. They are truly a 5 Star outfit.
Albert A.
Orange County, CA.

Janene S. | 2014-06-04

I have been going here for over a year. Butch is the greatest. His customer service is outstanding. He is funny and extremely personable. Whenever I take my car in, he and his team are very thorough with the whole process, and do not leave anything unchecked.

I highly recommend Butch C if you are looking for excellent customer service!

C K. | 2014-05-30

Okay. It's a car dealership so there's going to be a slight icky feeling while you're haggling. But by and large I had a great experience purchasing my pre-owned 2011 328i. I waited a month to post my review just to make sure I would love my car just as much as I did the day I drove it off the lot--and I totally do!

David was my salesman. Good guy, not overly pushy, and bent over backwards to get me what I wanted at the price I wanted. It was after hours before all the paperwork was done and he still took his time showing me all the bells and whistles like I was the first customer he'd seen all day.  The guy still texts me to make sure I'm happy with the car for crying out loud.

Haven't taken my car to be serviced there so I can't speak to that but, the car buying experience has been great.

Scott J. | 2014-05-21

Chad's the man! Great communicator and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for taking care of our 328d.

Johnnie D. | 2014-05-13

Great store...spotless and clean, great inventory, great sales team, great service team.  Have been coming here for years.

maria c. | 2014-04-24

My car showed like engine malfunction so we brought today our car to this place.The service mgr didn't even care to check us out and was told to look for another bmw service If we cannot leave the car today...first time that we experienced this with bmw.

Cris R. | 2014-04-21

Caesar in the service department is the bomb! Excellent customer service, exceeded my expectations, courteous, friendly and professional service, he was super knowledgable and took his time to explain what needed to be done in my car, every guy that I deal with in this dealership are really good but Caesar has been outstanding every time, I highly recommend him, I hope his supervisor has an opportunity to read this and recognize him. Keep the good work Caesar, you are the man!!!

Alex S. | 2014-04-21

Worst service department ever, I had to wait approximately 1hr. before my car was able to check in. After it was checked in  I went home and received a phone call a few hours later that my car was ready, that was Great! but I get there and I had to wait another 45mins to an 1hr. b/c my cars not ready. Then it finally comes out and it was not even washed! I have finger and hands prints of grease all over my front of the hood. This is ridiculous not what I expected out of a BMW service department.

Jace R. | 2014-04-15

I bought a used 2013 Mazda 3 from the Auto Nation Sales event at The Orleans a few weekends ago and had the pleasure of having David Politzer from BMW of Las Vegas as our salesman.When we first arrived Mr. Politzer asked us for a few guidelines then walked away while we browsed the lot. I liked how he gave us our space but stayed close enough for us to ask questions when we needed then gave suggestions when we asked for them. The experience felt like I was shopping for a car not being sold one.  Even during the closing process we ran into a few problems (Also thanks to Joe for working with us there too) and David gave us a lift around town to our bank then to our house to find the right paper work. During which I had fun just talking with him. I highly recommend asking for David when you go to BMW of Las Vegas. I will definitely go back there for my next car and look forward to working with him again.

Khris M. | 2014-04-07

Our buying experience during the AutoNation pre-owned event was fantastic.  The BMW team of Robert, Krystel, Diane, Joe, and my initial sales reps Mike and Steve were just awesome and made buying our 2007 X3 smooth and stress-free.  They even beat the value of our trade-in that CarMax provided.  This is our first BMW and will not be our last and we will definitely be going with BMW of Las Vegas.

Isela U. | 2014-04-03

2nd review-
Shaun the service director called me this morning to help with my concern. I really appreciate the time he spent with me and I will continue to be a BMW owner.

Thank you Shaun!

First review-
The WORST service EVER! Don't trust them. I will be going to consumer affairs and the better business bureau for this.

I was told my car had an AC valve issue on the driver side and it was going to cost $450 to do it. I get a phone call the next day saying it's going to cost $3000 to fix the issue. I told them that I didn't want it because the car is only 5years old and I shouldn't have AC issues in the first place, I would take it somewhere else. They still charged me $450 to diagnose the car. They told me that was the minimum. I was going to sell my car to buy another BMW but I will take my business somewhere else. I have to thank Danielle and the managers at the service department for doing such a great job in chasing their customers out to other car retailers!!!  

Also, when I had to pick up the car, I asked them for the shuttle service so they can pick me up, they told me they don't provide that service anymore. Funny that they took me home when I dropped the car at the service. But when it came for me to pick it up they don't provide that service anymore. If Toyota can manage that!

Food P. | 2014-04-02

Jeff Resnick helped me get my dream car, a BMW Z4 White Exterior with Coral Red. This is the most sincere and professional associate I have dealt with. Top notch!

Peter B. | 2014-03-25

Great team.  Great service.  Great Car.  Stefan N was the best to work with.  He really wants to help the customer out.......

Highly recommend....ask for Stefan

Howie C. | 2014-03-25

Do you get anxiety from going to the dealership as I do? If so go to BMW of Las Vegas. I was amazed how easy and comforting it was to buy from BMW of Las Vegas.
Got the right car for myself and I wasn't forced on a car I did not want. David Politzer is the go to guy! He answer every single one of my questions from my many emails and also in person. He was easy to talk to and actually had an amazing personality. He made me feel at ease and I felt like I wasn't being conned. The finance team was amazing. They got me a better deal then the bank! Also I didn't feel pressured into getting more warranty then I needed. Will definitely recommend this place to family and friends. I will be going to BMW of Las Vegas first for a new car before I go anywhere else.

Tyson N. | 2014-03-12

I always have the best service here, things are usually finished fairly quickly. I've only had a oil change but I made a weekly routine to stop in get a wash grab coffee and hang out for a bit. Not a big deal, 20 minutes max?
I'll definitely keep coming back, I'll let you know how they are to me when my warranty runs out

Mark W. | 2014-03-05

Great overall experience !!!! Trent made the process of buying my first BMW very pleasing!! Then there is Krystel, BMW genius!!! She helped out my wife incredibly great, explaining every detail of our X5!!!! Thanks so much for all your help!!!

Angie M. | 2014-03-04

I purchased a car from Trent Jenkins and he was really great. He listened to everything I said , addressed my concerns and continually followed up with me to ensure my happiness.
If you are looking for an easy sale without a pushy sales person who listens.. Trent is the guy for you .

Juls R. | 2014-02-15

One of the best experience I've had in purchasing a vehicle from here... "Moe" was busy at the time I arrived at the dealership (due to my schedule being erratic and he was trying to make time for me as the day went on) he handed me to Jason and he was able to assist me in the vehicle I was looking at. Jason took me on a very informative drive... Explained everything on what this car does and can do... Great test drive... After said and done... It was a stress free closing with the finance guy and off I drove into the night, with a grin from ear to ear...

David M. | 2014-02-12

Our new car is awesome. Ask for Albert, best guy in town. No pressure and is very knowledgeable!

John H. | 2014-01-22

This was our 2nd trip to buy a car here, both times have been smooth. Thanks to Robert and Lonte for making it easy!

Taz G. | 2014-01-19

I bought my car about a year ago from this dealership and I came for my annual oil change. I worked with Joe in the service department. He was very pleasant and he had my car ready when he said it was going to be ready. He also set me up with a loaner car for the day.  

My car was washed and new brakes were also replaced. It is now like driving a brand new car again.

Yumi S. | 2014-01-09

I went in for my first-year service and the process was smooth and the staff were all cheerful, so I would give it five stars. BUT I gave it one less star because I didn't find the amenities I am used to finding in the waiting lounge at the BMW dealership we came from.  I would have expected the service rep to offer me a drink or make sure I am comfortable while I waited (about an hour).  Just the level of customer service I expect from BMW.

Ryan C. | 2014-01-04

This was by far the easiest buying process I have ever had.  Danny Eastman the Sales Manager and Steven Broka went beyond expectation.  I got a great car at a fantastic price; in fact, I flew in to pick it up from Phoenix.  The car was there waiting for me in excellent condition. The paperwork was done when I arrived. Steven even picked me up from the airport. I couldn't have expected or imagined a car buying experience like this. Kudos and plenty of gratitude to Danny, Steve, and Desert Bmw.

Jorge L. | 2014-01-03

I bought my first car here back in 2007 (335i) was when they still were at Sahara and Decatur shop, the experience at that time was ok. I came back this time again basically because of BMW service is amazing. But this time the customer experience was completely different (exceptional)... I bought my new 435i from Gonzalo Ortega and since the very first day the attention has been really friendly and professional. If the BMW service continues to be as good as with my previous car, I see myself repeating the experience in 5-6 year again. Thanks guys for everything, especially Gonzalo.

Jeff R. | 2013-12-29

Traded in my 545 for a 335 and have to say if I was dealing with anyone else I may have not bought from BMW of LV.  Sal Cucco was a lot of help and was up front and helped with issues of mis-marked cars.  Go see Sal, he will help you get a BMW.

Jimm F. | 2013-12-27

I just want to thank everyone at BMW of Las Vegas for the most fun I have ever had getting a car. Sal and Krystel were amazing and I was not the easiest of customers. Not only did I get the best car on the road (2014 328i) but I worked with the best people. Everyone at the dealership makes you feel important. This is the way car buying should be.

Clyde D. | 2013-12-25

Recently bought a vehicle from BMW of Las Vegas and the service provided by Maurice "Moe" Rosga and his fellow team members was top-notch.  Everyone was very friendly and professional.  Awesome service and hassle free.  I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone who is in the market for a vehicle.  Thanks again Moe.

Fawnia D. | 2013-12-20

Here I am two years later trading in my 2008 550i for a 2011 550i and the process was as smooth as butter.  My husband picked out the car he thought I would approve of and so when I arrived on the lot, I just checked it out, gave it a test drive and signed on the dotted line.  I was back at work 90 minutes later.  

I love buying from BMW and will continue to do so. Ask for their sales specialist, "The Count" (real name Stefan Neamtu)

B T. | 2013-12-20

This was my second BMW purchase. I drove my first X6 for 3 years and swapped it for my second one, I just changed colors. I loved it so much.My experience was awesome. Shane O'Hanarhan is a total gentlemen who makes sure I have been taken care of. Gonzalo Ortega sold me both of my BMW's and I will continue to purchase BMW through Gonzalo for many years to come. I trust him and I know he does his very best of making sure I am 100% satisfied.
Thank you for another wonderful experience! I love my BMW and you have a customer for many years to come.

Andrew S. | 2013-12-09

Second time ever buying a car off of a dealer lot, and I must say, my favorite so far.  

I did have a Certified Pre-Owned car in mind before I went into the dealership.  I was pleasantly greeted by Trent Jenkins and immediately taken to the 2 cars I wanted to test drive.  After driving the 335d I had my eyes on, we sat down, Trent was very informative about what my options were, how I could pay, etc.  

Of course all of the above was great customer service by Mr. Jenkins, but even the people behind the scenes did an amazing job.

Simply put, this was the easiest and most enjoyable purchase of my life so far.

Thank you BMW of Las Vegas.

Bryan L. | 2013-12-03

Rarely do you find a luxury car dealership where the entire staff exercises humility and genuinely strives to provide great service beyond the initial "survey" necessary for them to achieve their sales bonuses etc.  Frankly, this comes straight from the top and trickles down.  Never in my years have I seen a GM like Shane who routinely appears on the showroom floor / lot mingling with random potential buyers and past clients simply to see "how you're doing".  His attitude transcends "salesmanship" into the realm of genuine "personal character".  After poor experiences with BMW a decade ago, Shane (GM) greeted me 4 years ago and gave me his personal number and said that he had "changed the culture" here and would love the opportunity to change my perception and prove that the "snooty" persona had been eradicated from their philosophy.  When the time came, I reached out to Shane directly.  Not only did he live up to his promise, but made personal introductions to their management staff ie:  Larry West & Dan Eastman.  After 4 years, & 3 BMW's later, the thought of migrating to another dealer is quickly mitigated by the realization that I will simply not receive service like what I have experienced at BMW.  As most people loathe maintenance / repair visits, the personal consideration afforded by their staff has transcended these visits from being simply "time burdens" to friendly exchanges and enjoyable showroom perusing.  From the porters, to service, to management, their entire staff illustrates what customer service should be defined as.  In a city with little to no competitive nature within dealerships, it's comforting to know that BMW of Las Vegas maintains a philosophy of customer satisfaction that is simply unrivaled!

Steve S. | 2013-11-22

Poor customer service from the service department today. Called to ask if I could bring the car and have the 'service required' reminder reset (they performed the routine maintenance a month ago and failed to reset the reminder).  Was told to come in and the reset would take about ten minutes. Was greeted at the service entrance by the greeter; she informed a service advisor I was waiting and suggested I wait in the customer lounge. After waiting 40 minutes without seeing the service advisor I asked the greeter to pull my car out so I could leave. I asked to speak to the service manager but he was also out of his office and after waiting another five minutes I expressed my disappointment with the 'deputy' service manager.

BMWs need a lot of service and repair so you'll be here a lot if you own/buy one. Be prepared to spend a lot of time waiting and dealing with people who treat you as if they are grudgingly doing you a favor while charging you $200 per hour.

Bruce M. | 2013-11-19

I bought a brand new BMW 528i from Sal Cucco at Desert BMW.  He is the BEST.  I have been a BMW customer for 15 years.  I give Sal Cucco my 5 STAR rating.  He is the consummate professional.  I recommend him to ANYONE who is a serious BMW potential customer.  I am jumping backflips thanks to Sal Cucco's expertise.  I endorse him wholeheartedly.

Farrah H. | 2013-11-04

I just had the most PLEASANT car buying experience at BMW of Las Vegas. I worked directly with Anthony Mendoza and Sales Manager Rob. I can't believe the car I was able to finance with my unique situation. They have set the bar on ALL future purchases for me. One more thing... BMW financing offered me the lowest interest rate I have ever been offered. Thanks again guys!  

Loving my BMW 528i  

Farrah Hines

Zain E. | 2013-10-16

Just moved to Vegas. My wife and I both drive the "Ultimate Driving Machines"
We used to go to BMW Mountain View in California for years. When service was due we chose the sister store in LV . Transition for both of us was easy and fluid. Our consultant in service is I believe Brandon McKowen, he is very  knowledgeable.
So on a job well done to the "Ultimate Service Department"

Michael H. | 2013-09-28

I'll make this simple. THE WORST DEALERSHIP EVER!!!!!

The service department, sales people, managers, and everybody else that works there are complete idiots and absolutely DO NOT care about the customer.

I dealt with this dealership twice on two different car purchases. What a mistake giving them a second chance. I feel like a fool for not only going to them once, but twice! Lesson learned the hard way and will never make that mistake again.

I now own a 2014 CLS 550 from Fletcher Jones Mercedes and love the car and they treat me great!! I used to be a big BMW fan until this dealership ruined it for me so now I'm a very proud Mercedes owner:)

April Y. | 2013-09-24

Thank you to Joe Kang and Jason Brewis for helping me pick out a great BMW. I usually purchase all my cars and but change cars every 2-3 years, so this time I went with a lease. They were both very helpful, very knowledgeable, so very patient (as I am very indecisive), and very professional. Best sales guys I have ever worked with! I am very happy with my BMW! Thank you guys!

Steve V. | 2013-09-17

Six years with Desert BMW and still counting.  I always receive five start star service with Danielle Kerley.

Rob T. | 2013-09-13

I want to say thanks to Danielle at BMW service, she has been my service advisor and friend for over 5 years and a few different cars. Her listening and understanding of any issues with my BMW's she treats as her own. That's how it should be and she works by that credo. Great job Danielle and thanks again for your commitment to me and my cars - Rob T. The guy who posted that "cat" pick......

Bruce G. | 2013-09-11

One of the best experiences we (Wife and I) have had buying a car.  Typically its a brutal process, however working with Trent was easy.  We must have test driven 6 cars until we found the right one. Trent had no problem with this and just smiled the whole way through.   After finalizing the deal, Trent passed us along to Joey (Finance Manager), who also was incredible.  We all know that its the Finance Managers job to sell you on the extras.  Without a hard sell and common sense Joey explained the options.  Yes we purchased a few as most folks do.   It was quick and easy as compared to some other dealers we have worked with.   The experience at Desert BMW was fantastic and we would like to thank everyone, Shane, Larry, Trent, Curtis and Joey for making this purchase easy.

Nelson C. | 2013-09-09

We recently leased a 320i.  Roger Campbell and Trent Jenkins are fantastic!!  We got jerked around from other dealerships, that had advertised low "teaser" rates in the newspaper, but when we went to negotiate, the lease price had more than doubled.  This happened on 3 occasions.  We didn't think we could afford the BMW, but saw an advertised rate and Trent and Roger worked to get us a great deal.  They also arranged to have the car specially delivered with a bow as a surprise to our daughter.  They have also been extremely helpful after the sale, setting up blue-tooth and explaining how everything works.  We are definitely impressed with Desert BMW.

Chava Lynn H. | 2013-08-22

Sales and Buying Review
I had a really great buying experience with Steve Glusco at BMW. I came in with a pre-approval, and needed a vehicle within a certain amount and mileage etc... Steve searched and found a vehicle, I came in to test drive and walked out with a new used BMW. It was the easiest car buying experience and all the staff treated me so wonderfully.

Cristina D. | 2013-08-19

I get my car serviced regularly at BMW of Las Vegas, make an appt ahead of time cuz they are busy! My car guy Cal always takes care of me and my car (she gets a bath everytime!). They also have a Starbucks  machine and snacks too.

Angela B. | 2013-08-15

Sal Cucco is the best  salesman to buy a car from! He is patient and trustworthy! He will go out of his way to make you happy and make sure you get the right car for the right price!  If you are going to buy a car please do yourself a favor and go to him.
Not only is he spectacular, the whole dealership is pretty awesome! Everyone I dealt with was very accommodating and not in a sleezy way either.  They were extremely helpful and all wanted to make sure I got the car I wanted with a price I can afford.

Renee S. | 2013-08-10

I love my 328i coupe! Go see my boy Kwasi. He'll take care of you.

William J. | 2013-08-02

After speaking GM, Shane, he cleared everything up.
I was indeed overcharged for the oil change.
They admit that. Will be getting a refund check for differences.

Window regulator was replaced
The window motor was NOT replaced.
The bill will confusing..even Shane admitted that.
Never the less...we went through line by line.
I did my final calculation....and it was correct.
It appears they had to manually subtract the discount that I was entitle to... by hand/calculator/what not. The discount was subtracted from the the labor....instead of labor and parts. Therefore it appears incorrect on paper.....but the final number (the important number) is correct.

Shane did a fantastic job explaining to me... in a polite and professional manner.

I will be taking my car back to BMW of Las Vegas...


Bunny G. | 2013-06-30

Military discount thru USAA!  

Car shopping when it's a million degrees outside is no fun.  However, we did find a great salesman who was polished, professional, courteous, friendly and very helpful.

We have been in here a few times to test drive a new car and once we make up our minds I'm sure we will be in good hands.

The showroom needs a MAJOR facelift.  Having owned a BMW in the past the luxury showrooms back home were like a 5-star I hope they cough up some money and hire Candice Olsen to give them a nip and tuck.

I'm sure I'll be back to pick out a car...with so many of the vehicles that I want on the lot the savings go up if you go thru USAA.

Ask for Albert!

Joseph C. | 2013-06-04

As my first review, I really like this dealer. Sales person was nice, and so far everything was good until....

Okay, here is story, I bought extended maintenance, and extended warranty. First I really didn't  wanted to buy, but some how I fell in to big lie and scam from Nicole - Financial Manager of desert BMW
The extended maintenance is offered by BMW of US, which offered by BMW of USA, and I purchased extended warranty offered by Auto-Nation. I paid 3700 for one from BMW USA, and 2800 for one from Auto-Nation.

I never bought extended warranty or maintenance in my life, to me it's just another way of making money for dealers, but it was M3, and Nicole scammed me by giving me discount on 4000 extended warranty for 2700, yeah it was my fault for signing. But she clearly told me I can cancel "BOTH" of extended warranty and maintenance for full amount as long as I in my original warranty. (4 years, 50000 miles). So I purchased it. Also, saying this is "only" could be purchased in Las Vegas, not offered in California. (Later on, I found I can get it anywhere for less)

Okay, it was my mistaking for buying it, but since Nicole did say, I can cancel it I decided to cancel both of extended program 3 month ago, October 2012, which my car was still in under 3 years, and little over 20000 miles. I found out that I cannot cancel one from BMW and also, they charged me extra 500 on the official BMW extended maintenance program.
And I was only able to cancel on from Auto-Nation for pro-rated from the date, I purchased my car.

Where is the trust? They couldn't you tell me "clearly" on first time????

Now its been over 11 weeks, my canceled fee for Auto-Nation is still now here, So I called in and asked what happen? Then they say they LOST my cancellation paper!!!! An official document, and told me to come in and re-sign, and wait again.

At this point, yes I am still getting calls, but no solution, all they say is i am sorry, its our mistake, just like any other, recorded answering machine will do.

Several weeks later, after their GM jumped in to the situation, problem
did got solved.

But did really had to go this far???

Erika S. | 2013-04-10

For best service and closing a great deal, Trent Jenkins is the guy! My best friend and I went in  for the purchase of her first BMW and the experience was great. He got her a good deal, was honest and upfront about everything.

Dave H. | 2013-04-09

It was time for an upgrade! And although the BMW looks don't appeal to me as much as some of the other cars on the market of the same class, that 4 year maintenance plan is hard to pass up. I figured, why not, I'll stop in for a test drive. When I arrived, I was greeted by the receptionist, who directed me to Steve, the salesman. Steve was great and very helpful in explaining car functions and everything. If I just dealt with him, it would've been a solid 4 star experience. The reason I deduct a star is because I was at the dealership for like 5-6 hours...wayy too long for me!

Anyway, its been a couple months since purchasing the car and now dealing with the service department. Apparently the first service is just checking fluid levels, car wash and answering any questions about technology in the car (so, not really needed imho). The service department is disappointingly slow and inefficient. When they brought the car out back to me, they didn't even wash it like they said they would! I had to go ask the guy to go wash my car. After they run the car through their carwash they dont bother to wipe anything down and i get it returned with huge droplets  all over the car.

IMO if BMW is going to offer a car wash, at least be decent about it. I am not expecting a $200+ detail job...but at least a wipe down after its been through the automated car wash so that it doesnt get water spots.

Rand A. | 2013-02-21

Better than the last one.   My second car purchase here.  Sal Cucco , the main reason for the return.  We are both from LA.   Their new Loan Manager is from CA.  We are all used to what we want when we want it.  Vegas is becoming LA's back yard.  If you are looking for LA experience in buying a car, dont go back to Beverly Hills BMW, come here.  The coffee is better.

D T. | 2013-01-25

Great service from the parts dept. Highlight of my day -5 stars

Aimee K. | 2013-01-20

When I used to live in Phoenix, it was an easy drive to come up and see my Mom to avoid the packed full 40 minute canyon jumper.  I was ferrying around relatives when someone rolled down the passenger side rear window... and it wouldn't roll shut again.  I don't know if this is a frequent occurrence, but both my 2000 and 2006 both had bad luck with the power window regulators (and oxygen sensors - but that's another story).  

Anyway, I called this place up and the lady who answered for the service department said, "Oh that's a minor fix.  Just bring it in.  You don't need an appointment for that."  Okay.  That afternoon I pulled in and the greeter asked what I was there for.  I told him.  He asked if I had an appointment and I told him I didn't.  At this point, he seemed to get pretty perturbed that I didn't have one.  I told him what the person who answered the phone told me.  He took the car in and it did get fixed, but it left me with a sour taste in my mouth.  A disrupt in communication between the front desk and the service center really shouldn't fall back on the customer in my book.  Don't practice it at work and don't tolerate it on the home front.  

It's too bad because this center is just down the street from where my family lives but life's too short to argue about who said what.  To make things worse, they also suffer by comparison with closely neighboring Phoenix which has 2 Chapman centers and 1 Penske center which all rocked.

Mark M. | 2013-01-19

Brought in my 335 with cpo to this only BMW dealership in town not long ago.  Reasons were: there's a coolant leak and the AC wasn't functional.  Got help from a friendly service advisor Danielle, who was very prompt and called me throughout the day for updates.  Since the vehicle was under cpo, it was all fixed free of charge.  Awesome!  I know most dealerships nickel and dime you even if you have warranty.  I'm pretty pleased with the service.  Only gripe is the "valet" guy who dropped my car was on his cell and unprofessional.  Other than that I recommend this dealership.

Suzie K. | 2013-01-13

As with most of the negative reviews... The Desert BMW service department is terrible.

1. I provided a list of everything I want addressed (6 items) and talked things over in detail with my SM. After  4 separate visits and 13 days total in the shop over a 6 week period, my car is finally fixed, except for one item but I gave up since they never returned my call and I figured out how to fix it myself on-line.  

2. They never call to tell you the car is finished nor do they return your calls.  I have to drive all the way there and hope my car is ready.  

3.  My car always has less gas and  more miles as compared to when I dropped it off... Although one time I did fine a new CD in my player and I actually liked the music.   I am not sure where they go to put on the miles since my issues do not require a test drive.

4. I never get free stuff as others have stated.. but  I do go home stressed out and feeling screwed, if that counts.

I bought a luxury vehicle with certain expectations and one was to receive excellent customer service... This place has no clue what this means. I will never buy from them again and once my warranty is expired.. I will never return for service. Yes.. They are that bad!  I just wish there was a non - Autonation BMW in Las Vegas because I think they are a big part of the problem.

Kawa S. | 2013-01-08

Got my 2003 325xi services here. This is by far the best BMW service center I have been to. Joe made sure I had a great experience and the service technician, Andy was extremely knowledgable and able to troubleshoot a complex problem. There were miss firings caused by a crack in the MAF boot and a bad right axel. They were able to get everything done in the same day and at a very reasonable price. If I lived in Las Vegas, I would take my car there all the time. Not only did they provide excellent service, but the facility was very clean and spacious. We also forgot a bag in their shuttle and they shipped it to us overnight since we were in a different state already.

Josh G. | 2012-12-17

Had nothing but a pleasant experience here. We worked with Albert, he was very respectful and knowledgable. He was never too pushy and always made my family and I feel comfortable. I would absolutely come back here again.

David B. | 2012-12-13

It sucks to have to write this but its time.

I have had multiple negative experiences with Desert BMW's service department over the last year. I estimate my car has been there about 6 - 7 weeks in total this year. Each time they forget to do something I asked, I have been really nice about it and said it was not a big deal but last night it caught up to me.

I asked for a smog check when my car was there for 3 weeks this last time. Didn't get done , told me I had to drive it more before it could be smogged. Called back three days later and the girl at the desk told me to wait another  few days. There are a million places to get a smog check in town, Why do I go out of my way to give it to Desert BMW? Anyway I got stopped for expired tags on my way home. That's what I get for being nice and trying to have a good relationship with the dealership.

Needless to say I am done working with my current SA and while I will still go to desert for service I am going to be very clear about what I expect them to do.

I give Desert's Service Department an "F" for FORD, because I feel like I am at the FORD dealer, not BMW.

Chad R. | 2012-12-12

Found out that one extended warranty was refundable. It has been over five weeks and no refund has arrived. I shouldn't have to call to see if people are doing their job.

Kenny C. | 2012-12-01

I NEVER do reviews, so I'll keep it short...

If you need a car, look for Robert H.

If you need service, look for Josh M.

With those 2 names, you can't go wrong!!   Employees like them are a company's "secret weapon"!  Customer Service/ Satisfaction is ON POINT!

Jeff T. | 2012-10-22

Review of Service Department only.

Try and call service here, on hold, keep holding, blah blah. So I am passing and I drop in to ask the question that I had been unable to do so on the phone. The question: The car is one year old but has only 8k miles, do I need a service?

I see my adviser , Sean , he says even though miles are very low it should be serviced every year.

"OK, when?"

How about now?


So short story, I hang out in the lounge, donuts, coffee and tv and 80 minutes later the car is ready. Washed, vacuumed , serviced and no-charge because of the BMW 4 year free maintenance deal.

What more could I ask for? Nothing.

Robert B. | 2012-10-10

After a recent road trip to Vegas my low tire sensor went off one morning. I called Desert BMW and they were professional and polite. I took my X-5 there and the crew took care of the problem and checked the car over for the return trip back to San Diego.

Mike A. | 2012-10-09

These guys are the best.  Super simple to deal with and a real class act all the way along.  The sales manager, Dan Eastman and our salesman Alan Karp couldn't have been nicer.  We were in and out of there in no time once we found the car we liked.  We had been in the day before and test drove a car.  Alan was really patient explaining all of the features and options available and unlike most dealerships there was no pressure or sleazy tactics.  I cant say enough good about them.  If you're in the market for a car go see Alan and Dan.

Jeff B. | 2012-10-01

I usually do NOT do reviews. This time though I HAVE to make an exception! I have been a fan of BMW vehicles since 2002. I grew up in a dealership so I've been around car sales. My stepfather "was" a dealer. That being said, I am somewhat knowledgeable about the dealer workings. I have been going to Desert BMW since moving to Las Vegas in 2006.

Let's start with the service department.
They have been servicing our 2004 325Ci since 2006, and Josh Martinez has been our service advisor all this time. Josh is by and far a large, the BEST service advisor I have dealt with over the last 40 (yes 40) years. He is ALWAYS available when I call him. When my car is in the shop and he says he'll call with an update by 3pm, He ALWAYS does, and he has never missed a deadline! This is VERY unusual.

Now let's talk about everyone's favorite, SALES!
I just completed another transaction and leased a new 528i sedan. My sales rep was Stephan Neamtu, the sales manager was Dan Eastman, and the finance manager was Anthony Aversa (Tony). Stephan did the heavy lifting. He was the one who suggested the right vehicle (after testing a few models and styles), found it on the lot, did my test drive, put the temporary plates on the new car, removed my personalized plates from my trade-in (They gave me a VERY fair and decent price), did the FULL (and I mean FULLY 100% NO HOLDS barred) training and setup of the car for me! Stephan also setup the Sirius Satellite Radio and the BMW Assist (the emergency connection) for me. Dan Eastman was also not only the sales manager, but a huge player and really put a few tons of effort into the deal with pricing, selections, choosing which vehicle would have higher rebates, better lease rates, and of course credit approval. I had a couple of blemishes on my credit. Dan went to bat for me over and over again until he got the right deal for me. Note.....I have known many sales managers over the years! Dan Eastman is NOT one of the norm. He CARES about and for his clients. He wants to establish and nurture a relationship with them, instead of a big hit! This means giving clients a fair deal. He definitely is not typical for the auto industry!!!!!!

By this time......believe it or not, I'm ONLY at the dealership about an hour or so.

It's time to go to Finance to sign documents and buy extended warranties (another sales opportunity for the dealership)........I sat down with Anthony Aversa (Tony). He presented me with a couple of important LOW priced warranties. I took 2 of them. I even asked him if this was all they offered. He replied, "No, but I don't want you to spend a lot of money on unnecessary products." When was the last time you heard that from a sales person?????.....I left 15 minutes later to accept delivery of my NEW BMW!

Another Excellent experience at Desert BMW!!!

Alexxander P. | 2012-09-19

I've bought 3 cars from this dealership and it's just a phenomenal phenomenal dealership and very respectful business.

They do everything they can to make sure you get exactly the car you want. And that your satisfied with your purchase. From a 1 series to a 7 series they will work with you.

Kellie A. | 2012-09-12

Had a great experience with Roger Campbell.
We were referred to him by a friend since we were in the market for a used car.
He made the whole experience painless and even jumped a few hoops for us trying to get us the car we had in mind.
We came with a paper of what models/color were in stock at the time and he made sure to go get them and we even drove to another lot to look at different year and colors of that model.
We left that day with a 2012 used toyota corolla!
He actually changed my opinion on car dealers and dealerships.

Josh R. | 2012-09-01

I am the proud owner of a 2009 135i. On Wednesday August 29, my air conditioner went out and I called Desert BMW Las Vegas to get the soonest appointment I could (friday morning August 31). As I live in Las Vegas and it is very hot, it was important to me to have the AC fixed immediately. I go in on 8/31 and my adviser is Joshua Hernandez. He tells me that my condenser is bad and they have to take the dash apart, replace the condenser, and do a few other things. He tells me this will take at least 2 days. I ask him how I am going to get around during these 2 days, can I have a car? He tells me, matter of factly, that if I wanted a loaner car that I had to schedule this appointment at least one week in advance because everyone thinks they can have a loaner car . So Basically, I start off by being told that I should have to wait 1 week with no A/C in a climate where its over 100 degrees every day or else I am not subject to any sort of customer service. Joshua tells me that he will call me at 2PM on 8/31 to let me know the status of my car and how long they will have to have it. At 330PM, having heard nothing, I call Joshua. He tells me that my workorder had been transferred to Evan Levy. So after speaking with Evan, he confirms that he will need my car until at least mid afternoon on 9/1 and that there are no loaner cars for me to borrow. So I have to take a $50 cab ride home from work, and I spend all day saturday doing nothing. 2PM rolls around on 9/1 and I have not heard from Evan about my car. So I call. no answer. I call again, and again , and again. There is a skeleton crew on saturday so they dont have time to take customer phone calls. Finally, I reach a salesman and he nicely goes on my behalf to get Evan. Evan tells me that my car will be ready at 6PM. I ask him, OK when can your shuttle driver come get me? His reply, oh thats going to be a problem. Our shuttle doesn t run late on saturday so I need to have my guy come pick you up now and you can wait here until 6 . I be-grudgingly accept and wait for the shuttle to arrive. 2 hours 15 minutes later, there is no shuttle.So I call again... and again... and again... and again.... until finally a girl in sales picks up. I tell her my situation and she talks with Evan on my behalf. He says the shuttle driver is coming at 530PM now, even though on the original call at 2PM he said the shuttle driver was on the way. So finally, the shuttle driver shows up at 550PM. When i get to the dealership, Evan shows me a picture of my car with the dash off. He says this is why I didnt want to rush your car . I reply, I dont want you to rush my car either. I just want to know what is going on, I dont want to have to beg you to talk to me. When I get outside, I tell Evan, I dont see any reason that I will ever come back here . To which he does the following: hands me my key, hands me my invoice, says nothing, turns around and goes back inside. The whole experience with this dealership has been beyond horrible. To begin with the horribly unprofessional staff, mixed in with the incredible lack of convenience that should NOT be acceptable as the owner of a BMW under factory warranty, and then end the whole experience with even more extreme unprofessional conduct. Just a completely unacceptable experience. But I am not done. When I get home with the car I notice the following things: 1) The car is absolutely filthy on the inside. I maintain my car to a meticulous standard and it was disgusting inside. 2) There is a large and noticeable scratch on my windshield tinting. It is right in my line of sight and as the driver its distracting. 3) There is a small piece of leather on the driver seat that is torn. 4) The Tire Pressure Monitor inactive warning came on about 10 minutes into my drive home. This light has never been on before and according to my owner s manual I have to go back to this god awful dealership to have them look at it again.

Jennifer P. | 2012-08-22

I have to give a big kudos to Steve and Larry at Desert BMW. It's been a long road to take delivery of my new car order and I've faced some struggles securing transportation whilst waiting for my car. Larry and Steve stepped up to the plate and provided me with a car to get around in until my car arrives- hopefully this week. I thought that there wasn't any possible way to get better treatment from a dealership when I placed my order in July, but this just takes the cake. They really are doing the right thing. Thanks!

Dan C. | 2012-06-24

My experience at Desert BMW set a new bar for what I will expect from future car-buying endeavors.  An absolute 5-star experience, due largely to a great experience with Albert Weisser.

Moving back to the west coast following 2 years on the east coast, I wanted to make arrangements on a new car before arriving in Vegas to avoid the hassle and time of an involved search.  Speaking to a handful of dealers in Vegas and LA, Albert stood out and convinced me to buy from Desert.  He was a very fair and transparent person, but also added a human touch to the remote negotiation.  By the time he picked me up from the airport a week later to get my car, I felt like I already knew him.

Further, the service level at Desert has continued after the sale.  A couple of days after picking up my car, I found out a cap was missing from the front of the vehicle.  Contacting Albert, a replacement part was ordered the next day and personally installed when I stopped by the dealer.

Definitely recommend the dealership to anyone looking for a BMW, and would especially recommend dealing with Albert.

Jay S. | 2012-06-11

Been trying to reach the service dept for a week, also scheduled an appointment requesting for a quote on things I needed replaced. Couldn't get through service dept after waiting 10+ minutes, and never received a call back.

Update: So have had to try a couple mechanics around here, ultimately found one that I liked that specializes in German vehicles. See my review here:…

Jamie B. | 2012-06-05

I bought my car from Jason Brewis and what an amazingly genuine, professional, honest and hard working guy.

I am glad to have purchased my 3 series from him and will gladly refer all of my family and friends!!!


Lisa S. | 2012-05-25

Note, I usually stick to food reviews but on occasion I will deviate to comment on other types of businesses for exceptional service.

Lonte, Dan & Vinny were super helpful. I am in LOVE with my new BMW convertible and they made the car buying experience so easy!

An unexpected nicety occurred while they were wrapping up my purchase and Eli, from Autonation Corporate came to the dealership on his visitation rounds (from out of state). He took a personal interest in my deal and even bought me a few items from the BMW giftshop as a thank you for buying from the company (shirt, hat, keychain etc.) It was a very nice gesture and I appreciated it.

I would definitely recommend my sales rep Lonte as he wasn't pushy and was very accomodating with everything. Thanks guys!

Jamie C. | 2012-05-07

awesome  awesome awesome these guys are great i have never had such a great experience thanks Trent!!!!

Jr M. | 2012-04-17

I am writing in behalf of myself and my parents. We appreciate all the work David Bagheri and Tony did to get us our car. We had bought a car July of 2011, but had to return it due to my parents bankruptcy not being discharged. We were not happy that we had to return the car however David kept in touch with us diligently and assured us that he will help us get our first BMW. After getting a phone call by David we stopped by to look at the inventory. We had a brief dealing with another salesman at your dealership named Al who was not much of a help. The vehicle i was looking at had a cracked bumper and said we would have to pay extra if we wanted it fixed, but when we came back the next day David helped us with the same car we were looking at and told us the bumper was not a problem and he would order a new bumper and new carpets for us with no extra charge. We were very happy with how David fulfulled his promise and got us the car we wanted with lower than expected interest rate. You can count us as loyal customers and my dad is now interested in buying an x5.

Stephan S. | 2012-02-18

Saying that my recent experience at Desert BMW was "TRULY EXCELLENT" is still an understatement. I give it Five Stars and two thumbs up for sure! If you're looking to purchase or lease a new car or you are looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle...please do yourself a favor and bypass the other dealerships and go directly to Desert BMW to work with Larry West and his team...and specifically Michael Pyon if he is available. Put behind you the days of being concerned or hesitant about stepping foot on a car lot because of the stereotypical old-school "car salesman" pushiness, haggling, back & forth stressful scenario. When you work with Desert BMW, you're about to step into a whole different realm of car buying. It's an experience which is classy, easy and with one thing in mind...helping you get the ideal vehicle that YOU want, if it makes sense for you and you truly want it. This is compared to the usual scenario when you step foot on a car dealership parking lot and instantly you can tell you are being "sold"...and often times maybe even pushed into something you don't even want. This recent BMW I purchased from Michael Pyon is the 10th BMW which I have owned in my lifetime and I can seriously say that working with Michael & Larry at Desert BMW has been the most professional, easy and classy experience of all of the car dealerships I have worked with over the years. Thank you Larry and Michael for always helping my wife and my (car) dreams come true. A+++ Rating!!! Highly Recommend!!!

A B. | 2011-08-26

We have a 2006 550 BMW that we bought certified in 2008.  The park assist went out.  Over a phone call the girl said it was covered in our extended warranty.  Once we got there the service mgr Curtis said even though they hadn't look, they assumed it was overspray from the bumper that 'chaffed" a wire when the bumper was repainted before we purchased it.  SO Curtis had planted the BS seed of the park assist is covered in the warranty but not the wire that they had never even looked at.  So if it was certified by BMW in 2008 and the bumper was repainted back in 2006 but we are just now having problems with the park assist, what kind of SCHEISTER is CURTIS and DESERT BMW?

I'll also take my car back to LA for service.  This BMW is a disgrace to the name.

***UPDATE***  9/24/11
I did as I said I would do, took my car back to LA, and as stated above the problem was under our extended warranty and fixed with NO problems.  It had NOTHING to do with chaffing of a wire that CURTIS said it was,  It was a malfunction.  BOTTOM LINE-STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHADY DEALERSHIP IT'S A DISGRACE TO THE BMW NAME

joe r. | 2011-08-26

I have been looking for a used 750. I have searched and searched. My name must be at every dealer in Vegas. A few of them have reached out to be with a car they found but It had so many miles. I am searching but im not desperate, I still want and good running car, in good condition. One of the last dealers I stoped by was Desert BMW. Within one week Desert had reached back out to me and had a car on their lot. I went down the same day and they pulled off what looked like the impossible. Good job guys and keep up the great work.

Debby W. | 2011-08-11

Love our BMW - It is kind of amazing that none of the sales staff here has ever responded to us. It is weird, Have requested they call and let us know when they get in a used car that matches our description.  I stop in anyway as I only buy a used one and seeing it in person is important to me. They might by chance have what I like sitting in their lot.  Is it the blonde hair???

We bought a new used car at BMW in Long Beach. Wanted to buy it in our neighborhood but couldn't seem to get anyone interested in helping:(

Rhonda W. | 2011-08-07

Brought my car from Donny ... Very friendly and helpful ... Needed some service was helped by Bryan C and he was wonderful!! Walked me through everything and was friendly and personable ... I've interacted with several other service people at BMW and this is one place where I can say either everyone LOVES their job or BMW has one hell of a benefits package !! :-)

Scott H. | 2011-07-30

My interaction with the folks at Desert BMW was entirely "virtual" in that it was entirely over e-mail, but it still might have been the most positive experience I've ever had with a dealer.

You see, I was recently vacationing in one of my favorite places, Las Vegas, and spotted a car with a Desert BMW / Las Vegas license frame and immediately thought how nice a set of those would look on my 3-series back in Chicago. I looked up a map to the dealership and sadly it was a little too far from the Strip to justify the cab ride.

Once I returned home, I decided 'What the heck?' and e-mailed the dealership asking if perhaps I could purchase a pair of license plate frames. The next day I received a personal note from Shane O'Hanrahan, the General Manager who said he'd be happy to send me a couple if I paid shipping. He put me in touch with one of his staff (David Anderson) who then told me "Don't worry, they're light. We'll just send them to you." I was delighted by the goodwill they extended to a guy who will never realistically purchase a vehicle from them or even visit them for service. So I've decided to send some goodwill back in their direction for anyone who may be looking for a BMW dealer in the Las Vegas area.

You never know...I might even consider purchasing my next BMW in Las Vegas and drive it back to Chicago!

Jamey B. | 2011-07-18

This is really a 0 Star Rating. On the way to Vegas our DSC light came on so once we got here we looked up the local dealership and Desert came up. We check out the ratings and they looked good so we decided to take it in. It's really a long sad story of getting our car looked at this place. First, off they wouldn't let my wife talk to a service advisor, the girl said to bring it in before 11 am and the Asst. Manager(Josh) would fit us in. We get there and we are waiting outside his door and we pretty much get ignored and we assume we need too go in, so we did and the girl finally got him and he tells us take a seat and I will be with you. 15-20 minutes later we finally get to speak to him about the car and we get that taken care of. Next thing was we needed a ride back to the hotel so we wouldn't be waiting around for who knows how many hours. What a joke an hour later we finally were able to get a ride to our hotel. We had to wait till around 3:40 to get picked up, ok, kool our car is done and we can do our thing. Now after speaking with Josh,  the car was ok so that wasn't a problem. The problem/s now really start, first is a $16.72 Charge on our bill that couldn't really be expained why it was there, he said that's company policy. We pay the bill and want to get the fxxxx out of there. Now we go and open the trunk and we see everything that was in there was thrown all over the place, our first thought is now way they didn't go joy riding in our car. So I start the car and when I do the fan immediately comes on and I smell the smell of brakes and my wife and I are getting even more pissed by the second, the oil temp is over 210 which it never gets that high. We then proceed to check the mileage in and out and they drove our car, not just a 3 series but an M3 16 miles. Now we are really enraged. We have had many M3's and even an M5 and had them all serviced and the dealership never drove our cars that many miles. Of course when Josh is drilled about this all he can do is say "I'm sorry, they need to do that to check the car for what it was in there for". We know that's bs because the diagnosis pretty much tells you whats wrong with the car. They can't fix anything on a car unless theres a code that says something is wrong. Anyway it was like talking to the wall the same I'm sorry I will pass the word along. I could keep going but I am to frustrated so I'm cutting it off here. We were also thinking of buying a car from them but hell no! That's the only $157.40 we will ever give them. These guys(mechanics/valets) from this place who drove our car like this have no business beating on peoples cars, they do it because they can't afford one themselves. Very Very bad business, any M3, M5 or M6 owners in the Vegas area you need to check the mileage on your car when you bring it in! Oh Yeah, no good review when they call us and ask us about our experience. They should pay us for the abuse and the gas they used while out beating on our car.
All we can say to them is a BIG F U.

Alana P. | 2011-05-09

ALBERT ALBERT ALBERT!!!! I looked up reviews on here and saw his name mentioned 2 times so I figured why not just ask for Albert... I called first and was transferred to his cell phone it was his day off and he came in to meet us...Extra star for that! He wasn't your typical sales person...don't get me wrong HE IS A SALES MAN but not obnoxious and pushy he made us very comfortable and I told him I used to work for Auto-Nation and we clicked right then and there... It was a nice dealership. GREAT CAR!! My BF is SUPER SUPER happy with his decision on a BMW! When its time for me to trade my sweet VW in I will be making a call to Albert and driving home in a BMW!

Jayson B. | 2011-04-10

Took my car in for routine servicing and when I picked it up later that day I noticed that my front splash guards were missing after the service team took my car through the car wash. I informed the service manager and he assured me that my car came in without splash guards until, I pointed out that that they had thrown them in the front seat and they were still dripping wet from the car wash. He reluctantly admitted his team had torn them off in the car wash and put them in the front seat. Overall just a extremely shady operation.

Kevin M. | 2011-02-21

I wish I could give this place NO stars! I bought a 2008 X3 from here and the purchase process was a NIGHTMARE!!  Where to begin?...  How about from the beginning. I knew I wanted an X3.  I searched the dealerships around Las Vegas and behold... there are only 2 BMW dealerships in the valley...  They are both owned by the same company Auto-Nation!  Wouldn't you know it?  Monopoly?...  Hmm.

My salesman was Albert, who has treated me quite nice every time I have dealt with him.  He is the ONLY person I have no problem with at this location.

As I know Albert doesn't set the price, I called Larry, the sales manager, who told me Auto-Nation sets the price and he cannot negotiate...  In other words, the dealership WON'T negotiate (because there are stupid people in Las Vegas that will pay list price for vehicles)!  Anyway, I then spoke to Shane, the General Manager, who informed me of the same thing... see stupid people in Vegas above!

So, I went to the dealership at my prearranged time to sign the contract with the finance manager and take possession of my vehicle.  She wasn't there! I asked for the General Manager.  I was informed he was on a "Trade Walk"... what ever that is.  Danielle called him and I was informed he "didn't answer his cell".  I waited 10 to 15 minutes and asked where Shane was again.  Again I was informed he didn't answer his cell phone.  I then became irate as I just cannot tolerate incompetence.  "You mean to tell me you don't know where your General Manager is?!"  Danielle, "I said he wasn't answering the phone. I know where he is."  This is when I lost it!  "OK, somebody better go and find him and bring his a** here RIGHT F'n NOW!!"  Within 5 minutes Shane was there!

Then I inquired about extending the service plan two years and was quoted $2095 for this vehicle by the service department, the Finance Manager and the General Manager.  I looked at BMW of America web site and found out this price was for the 2011 X3 ONLY!  The price for a 2004-2010 X3 was $1895!  I asked Shane about this and he said he would give it to me at the advertised price on the web.  How nice!

I am in the process of writing a letter to BMW of North America as well as the president of Auto-Nation about my extreme dissatisfaction with this dealership!  Albert, my salesman, was extremely helpful however.

Donian F. | 2010-08-26

Only been here a couple times to get my car serviced and every time was a great experience.  Customer service was by far the best of any dealership I have ever been at (Porsche, MB, Infinity, Audi, Lambo).  The staff is very friendly and helpful, even if you accidentally wonder into areas your not supposed to be at.  LOL.  Next car will be X6M or M6.  =)

Michael R. | 2010-06-21

I've bought 2 BMWs from Desert and couldn't have been happier with my choices! They make the absolute best 4 door touring car in terms of performance, comfort and style. The new dealership is much nicer than the old one and typically has a good selection from what I've seen. We really recommend Albert as he took great care of us!