AutoNation Volkswagen Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

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AutoNation Volkswagen Las Vegas, a Las Vegas Volkswagen dealer, has a vast inventory of new & used Volkswagen cars & sports utility vehicles (SUVs). We offer vehicle financing, Volkswagen OEM factory service & auto parts.

AutoNation Volkswagen Las Vegas

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 942-4000
Address:6375 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, 89146
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on AutoNation Volkswagen Las Vegas

Andrew J. | 2015-04-24

I brought my 2015 GTI to Lisa at AutoNation VW Service and she was a fantastic help! You get a complimentary oil change at 10k, but I changed mine at 3200 and 7000 miles as I just road-tripped from MA to get here. The car was in and out in about 40 minutes! I'll be back here for service and also to purchase a Golf R if my budget allows me in the next year or two!

Andrew S. | 2015-04-16

Yoshwa did an excellent job! I am very pleased with the passat he helped me to pick out. His service was, friendly, descriptive, and surprisingly quick. Please hire more sales representatives like Mr. Yoshwa! This is my second car with volkwagen and he helped persuade me to not go elsewhere. Thank you for all your help Yoshwa it was greatly appreciated, you made my experience more practical and enjoyable!

Ferell W. | 2015-04-14

I had an excellent experience here. The staff was very friendly.

Stephen took great care of me, answered all of my questions and concerns, and worked with us. I appreciate the test drive, patience, and even Stephen hanging on to my garage door opener that I left behind in my old car I traded in.

I definitely recommend AutoNation Volkswagen and will suggest them to my friends too. I absolutely love my GTI!

Sara C. | 2015-03-30

Took my 2013 Jetta GLI in for my complimentary 30,000 mile tune up and was helped by Lisa. She was extremely helpful and informative. We had a few concerns with our car and she made sure to address each and every one of them. About a week later, we realized we had ran over a nail and needed to purchase a new tire: this time we requested Lisa and once again she went above and beyond what we expected. Got us right in and right out. Definitely made a bad situation bearable and definitely made my boyfriend and I loyal customers!!

J M. | 2015-03-16

First depending on what day you are going sometimes sales associate will help you out right away sometimes they will not. Chris their manager is in the wrong profession being VW leader in customer service. Negotiating with him forget about it the guy will not even take initiative to lower price on his part not even $100. Customer service from that guy is ZERO.

Katharine A. | 2015-03-03

Fast car buying experience (under 3 hours) plus they have free donuts! Definitely will recommend to anyone looking for a VW.

Tammy P. | 2015-02-25

This is our first VW.  So far we are loving it.  We ended up with a Jetta and its so nice!  If you need help looking for one see Charles Moser at AutoNation VW on Sahara.  He is awesome and so very nice!!  The Service Dept is also very helpful.

Emily P. | 2015-02-23

Recently purchased a GTI from AutoNation, and very happy with how I was treated and the entire purchase process.  I visited once prior to test drive and did not feel pressured to buy AT ALL.  Chris, my contact at the dealership, was available to answer any questions and was completely respectful of my time and where I was at in the car searching process.  After test driving a dozen other cars, I kept coming back to the GTI, so decided to go back in and see what kind of deal I could get.  Chris, Jen and team were very honest and helpful and worked with me on price when I finally decided to buy.  It was actually past 8pm on a Monday when I went in, and they stayed way past closing to work through the deal, even making sure they walked through all the features of the car and that I was completely comfortable and happy when I left.  Chris was great, I am totally happy with my new car and looking forward to many years in it!  If you are in the market for a new car or just want to come test drive something, I would highly recommend - out of all the dealerships I went to these guys were the most respectful, honest and easy to work with!

Christy T. | 2015-02-18

So, I am staying true to the brand by looking for another Volkswagen. I went back to the same auto dealer that was my sore thumb. I have several new experiences to exchange for the initial impression. Auto Nation VW on W. Sahara has redeemed themselves.
Jeffrey, at the service counter,  has made sure I got a loaner vehicle anytime it was necessary to leave my car longer than 4 hours. No more hitching a ride. Thanks Jeffrey

J. Stamps! I appreciate the test drives, staying late, manipulating numbers, tracking cars, emails, details and satisfying a 5 yr old. I will be back! Thanks

Janice K. | 2015-02-17

I bought a car from them before when it used to be Desert,  such a good experience.  I honestly couldn't say enough good things about them. So of course when it came time to buy another car I went there. This time around it has been horrible.  

First off I have had to drive down there multiple times since getting my car to resign paperwork, the dealership isn't right by my house so it had been a pain to do so. They also say they will pay your first months payment, which is just a hoax to get you to buy a car from them. I bought my car December 27th so my first payment should be January 27th. They instead made my first payment on December 27th. Why I would pay for the month of December when I had the car for exactly 4 days in December baffles me. I would definitely not buy a car from them again and I would strongly discourage anyone else from doing so.

Kristy P. | 2015-02-16

I didn't think I was in the market for a new car yet, however, my old car had other ideas.  I had gone through the Costco Membership Program to find a new car and dealership.  Within 5 minutes of clicking "locate a dealer", my phone was ringing with Charles on the other end from AutoNation Volkswagen.  He explained the program to me, and let me tell him what I was looking for.  We made an appointment for the following day so I could look at the car.  Everyone was very friendly in the dealership, and it made me feel at ease while debating purchasing the car.  Everything was explained to me step by step during the process of the purchase, both by Charles and Farris.  They made sure that they worked within my budget in order to get me my new car.  I would definitely recommend this dealership to people interested in buying a new Volkswagen!

Rory M. | 2015-02-15

My wife and I bought a used Jetta TDI Wagon a few months ago.  Our sales rep was Stephen.  It was far and away the best car buying experience I have ever had.  I did not immediately leave a review because I wanted to see how their service was in the months following - it has been top notch.  

Stephen truly listened for what we wanted, and matched us with the perfect car.  It was missing the cover for the back, and he said he would keep his eye out for an extra and get it to us when one came in (no charge) - and to my surprise he delivered!  Their service since has been great, including changing bulbs etc. and never upselling when we bring it in for service.  I would absolutely buy from them again, and I will ask for Stephen if he is still there at our next purchase.

Thank you!

Jennifer Z. | 2015-02-06

I dread coming here. The two times I have been here have been the absolute worst!!! Why is everyone so unhappy and rude here?  The first time I came was because my key broke off inside the ignition so I drove my car while it was stuck in there and went to service and the service manager was so rude and called me stupid and I was crying because he was being so rude he said he didn't even want to help me because my issue was not a big deal, and didn't care that I had to sit there all day. The second time I came was because my remote battery was dying and my car rearlight wouldn't turn off and killed my whole car battery so I called to see the price of the part and the guy on the phone was so rude saying I needed to go get my car checked out by mechanic but I told him before even speaking I just came back from the mechanic and all I needed was a battery. when I showed up a pushy and annoying salesman tried to sell me a new bug and pretended he had a clue about my problem I had with my car. I hate you guys I'm going to Findlay now.

Monica M. | 2015-02-06

Never going here again. I got quoted 49.99 for an oil change by Kayla Jenkins when I called to make the appointment, then they told me $80 when I was being walked to the cashier, Gardy Harding is the only nice person there, he got the price reduced to 60. Then I had to deal with a rude older hispanic lady at the cashier who refused to apply a $25 gift card this place had sent me in the mail, she said I had to talk to the manager to get a gift card applied!?! That's so ridiculous! Its the only reason I took it to this place. I ended up paying $65.00 just so I could get the hell out of there.  What shit service.

Anya S. | 2015-02-01

Fair price on my new 2012 GTI. No hassle, no haggle deal. Price was comparable to national averages and with the fair purchase price listed at various sites online (kbb). I contacted the sale guy AJ through email, he made me an appointment, I told him what I wanted, he searched in his computer and showed me the list of what they had on the lot. He got the car, I drive it, he gave me the price. I had been approved for financing and they were having a 0% financing special, which I qualified for due to my good credit. I literally had nothing to haggle about. They did try to sell me an extended warranty and gap insurance, which I declined. Free maintenance for three years, a gorgeous car, friendly staff, no hassle sale and financing. I have no complaints. If you want a VW, they are the place to go.

Norton R. | 2015-01-12

This GTI is like the perfect girlfriend. Serious when she needs to be but ready to go out to have fun when you can. The experience at AutoNation in LV was exceptional except for one glitch that was quickly corrected. I could not be happier with the vehicle or the dealer. I liked the no nonsense transparent transaction. I don't mind paying a little more just to avoid the silliness of negotiating what amounts to less than 1% of the purchase price. I think being treated intelligently and with respect goes a long way. Everyone helped me get what I wanted and I don't begrudge them a profit.

Kent T. | 2015-01-09

5 months ago, I purchased a used Volkswagon from this location, and had a great experience. My salesman went above and beyond the call of duty!

Yesterday, I took my car in for a 40K mile check up, as recommended by the dealership. Everyone at the front service desk was friendly, attentive and helpful.

So wait...I know you are asking- "seems like a good experience, why 2 stars?"

Service - 4 Stars
Cost of repairs - ZERO STARS!
2 is my average.

My 40K check up was $1000.- Yes, that is right a THOUSAND BUCKS for them to basically make sure my car was fine, which it was. I was shocked! I have had a car since I was 17yro...a LONG time ago, and have never had a check up cost remotely close to  $1000!

I called the mechanic that we use for another car we have to ask him how much a 40K check up would have been on this car. His response-
"depending on what is wrong with the car, but probably around $300"
I just took $700 and dumped it down the toilet by going here!

The one thing I actually asked them to fix, squealing brakes, are not even fixed.THEY STILL SQUEAL! But I don't dare go back. It will probably be another crazy amount to fix what they said they already fixed.

I will NEVER, EVER, EVER have service done at this location, unless it is something under warranty! The cost of service here is disgusting and completely offensive.

jason w. | 2014-12-19

They weren't bad but they weren't good. This place had a very car salesman feel to it all throughout our buying process.

Manuel L. | 2014-12-13

Bad service!!!!!!  Take your Volkswagen to Findlay Volkswagen!

I have taken my car a few times to desert Volkswagen and each time I walk out with the same issue! I have a 2013 CC R Line so it's not like the service department will not be paid from Volkswagen for service.They have lazy service advisors who don't even great you, nor do they seem pleased to help.

Paula E. | 2014-11-10

I don't know about the dealership itself, but as for the service department, one person in particular earned a 5 star review for this Volkswagen service shop. His name is Tyler and he is constantly taking care of me. I won't go to anyone else! Other people there may not care about you and your car, but Tyler does and he never fails to deliver exceptional service. I tried contacting his supervisor to tell him all this, but he's always busy. Tyler is absolutely amazing. So if you're taking your car in, don't deal with all the monotone pricks there. Deal with Tyler!

Tyler G. | 2014-10-29

I bought a used 2012 Jetta 2.5 SE here in January. I saw the car online, called to see if they had it still and about 30 minutes later I showed up to meet Jared who I spoke on the phone with. (Some manager called me while driving to "introduce himself" or whatever) Jared was very nice, straightforward, helpful, and not pushy. Test drive was smooth. I got a good deal and couldn't do much negotiating. ***NOTE:If they come back with a better price, make sure that's the price on the final paperwork.*** I'm pretty sure mine was off by $300 more but I can't prove it now. Anyways, I took my time deciding and weighing my options, Jared was very patient and I appreciated that. I had a very good experience overall with Jared as well as the finance manager. I did also get the 5 year/100k miles warranty.  the follow up from VW and Jared was great customer service! I still love my car and it's been running great so far. I might just be a VW owner for life!

Karin J. | 2014-10-28

My husband and I bought a pre owned vehicle from this place a week or so ago.  The buying part went fabulous.  Both salesman and the GM were very nice.  However, they sold me a car that is now in the shop needing $1800 worth of work!!!!  UNBELIEVABLE!!  Certified Pre- Owned??? Yeah right.  
I know...I know....I bought the car "AS IS" ..and should have NOT trusted the dealership to sell me a decent working car....I should have taken it to my mechanic and had him look at it first before buying this piece of crap.  I will NOT be doing business here and I will  tell all my family and friends to do the same.    

Maranda S. | 2014-10-09

Okay so, about 6 months ago my family was looking for 2 cars. A new car for my mother and a first car for me. My aunt decided on a vw so they went and looked around and chose 2 brand new jettas!! Cutest cars ever in my opinion. I wasn't there the day they purchased the cars but I was told the salesman that was working with them was very nice, professional and funny. We were so happy for 2 new cars and excited on how good of a deal they got. About 2 months later we went in for the cars to have their first service check up or whatever. One of the cars has a handle on the side of it to adjust the seat, it snapped off in weeks of having the car. The other had a rattling noise when you would drive it. We took the one that had the rattling noise in first. We got there early around 1 pm and walked in to the service counter, the employees sitting at the counter were rude.. Had the meanest look on their faces and the shittiest attitudes. Let me just start of by saying that I work in customer service and if I were to ever treat a customer like that I would NOT have a job. We talked to a salesman about the issue and he kind of had a "well what do you want me to do" look on his face. We told him, gave him the key and sat down to wait. I kept looking over and seeing the mechanics, salesmen doing nothing but conversating. We didn't get a new car or pay this much for service for you to sit there and not do a thing. He kept walking around looking for something to do as we are sitting here waiting for apparently no reason. After waiting about a hour & 45 minutes. He finally comes over and tells us the problem and that he will order the parts to fix it and he will let us know when the parts come in. We thanked him and left. We got out to the car and they didn't clean it or anything? So it took them 2 hours to figure out a missing piece in the air conditioner vent. We were irritated but carried on with our day. We haven't had the time to go in to get the part replaced yet. I can give them props for the free donuts! Good dealership with rude employees. Well at least the ones working in service. They need to hire people that actually enjoy their job.

Wil C. | 2014-10-04

Service department is very bad. Had an appointment for an oil change and 10,000 mile check. Made an appointment. Drove in exactly on time.

Now, there are three to four service people sitting up front just as you walk in. They are all looking down working on their computers. I said good morning to the first person, she looked up and just gave me the "what do you want?" look. I gave her my name, and she said you need to go see Ron (if I remember the name correctly), then she stuck her head back into her computer. I walked down the line until I was at Ron's area. He said "I've got a lot of people in front of you; have a seat", without looking up.

So I left. Won't be back. There's other places.

Roger T. | 2014-10-04

Today I had scheduled to have a "Recall" item taken care of, on my 2012 Tiguan I made an appointment for as soon as the service department opens at 8am, told it should take about an hour, about an hour later I'm approached by the service person and told that my car that I drove there in perfect working order, suddenly has a bad battery? Cmon really? And odd that I see another review from this morning also with the same mysterious dead battery....Also the emergency brake it stuck in the locked position, and some computer program has to be re-started?......every time I take one of my Volkswagens there it's always something odd, or suspicious? Subsequently after 2 and 1/2 plus hours the car is finally done after much back and forth......let me be clear, I will never buy another VW period, there are several other makes that offer far superior service....I am a small business owner, and if I treated my customers like this, I would soon be out of business......

Betzy G. | 2014-09-30

Jeffery was amazing, making everything quick and efficiency.

Kelvin G. | 2014-09-28

Best experience I have had at a car dealership to date! Called in the morning about a 2012 Volkswagen GTI  I saw online and they said to come in at anytime to view it,  when i went in Robin Valentine just made the whole process easy from the test drive to the numbers to walking out of the door in 2 hours with the vehicle I wanted. Will definitely recommend friends and family who are in search of buying a vehicle to pay Robin a visit at AutoNation Volkswagen!

Mustafa D. | 2014-09-26

This place is unbelievable when it comes to treat people, the blond lady at the service counter is really rude and racist, one time i was standing in line and then i went to talk to her and ask for help, the first word came out of her mouth is what, and the second time   I was  the only one in line and she did'nt even acknowledged me and another person came a white person off course and she surprisingly talked and said how can I help u, and totally ignored me while i was standing in line, beside all that the service is really depressing, the only reason i go there coz they sold me a car that the driver seat does not work and the lock is broken and now and after a big argument with the manager there he agreed to fix it, but every time i take my car there they they tell me drop you car, we do not know when its gonna be fixed, we can not provide you with a time, im a very low maintenance guy and this is the first time in my live writing a review, coz they really sucks

Melody L. | 2014-09-12

My boyfriend and I were recently in the market for a new, fuel efficient car that was also fun to drive. We decided on the certified pre-owned 2013 TDI Jetta with the Premium Package. AutoNation had the perfect car for us, and although they would not negotiate on the price listed on the internet, it was below market value and the least expensive I had seen for that particular car at any other dealer online.

The entire buying experience from test drive to leaving with the new car took about three hours. Overall, it wasn't painful. AutoNation did give us a surprisingly good deal on our trade in (compared to Carmax), and they were very accommodating by letting us bring the title in the following afternoon. The dealership did try to charge me more than originally quoted for the Jetta. I had to show the original out-the-door price quoted via email, and they changed it. I saved about $500 by double checking numbers. Once in to sign the paperwork, it went pretty fast. They really try to push the extended warranties, just like every other car dealership. The only real inconvenience, was when I had to return the following day to resign my finance contract due to a paperwork error. It really wasn't a huge deal, mistakes happen.

As far as the Jetta TDI, it is super clean and really fun to drive! And it is a regular occurrence to get around 45 mpg. It's my first VW, and I would recommend AutoNation Volkswagen. I think their pricing was fair, the car is in good condition, and the staff I worked with were all friendly and got the job done.

Jamie V. | 2014-08-27

Service Department Review Here-

We valeted our car at Pairs Las Vegas while on vacation.  Valet pulls up with our car and says the drivers window won't go up!  Are you kidding me?  It's 102 outside and we have to drive back to LA in a few days!

Hopped on Yelp in this desperate moment and found AutoNation VW.  The guys in the service department were on the job.  They fixed the window the next day.  

They sent a shuttle to pick us up at Wynn's hotel since we had lunch across the street at the Capital Grill.  Thanks for the ride Alvin!

In addition to fixing the power window, they washed our car.

Was it expensive?  Yes, yes it was.

AutoNation VW came through for us and we really appreciate that.  Thanks for everything guys.

E R. | 2014-08-27

This rating is based on their service department only - A service now light came on on my dashboard so drove my car over to the dealership. They took it right away. It was just the 10,000 mile checkup which they did right then and there. Didn't take long at all. Great service.
However as I was waiting for my car, there was a sales guy standing in front of me talking to other sales people and he was absolutely offensive. He used offensive language and made a racial joke to one of his coworkers.  Not cool.

J C. | 2014-08-27

This place keeps my gti's running perfect. Jeffrey Lopez is one of the best service advisors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Got me in and out yesterday in 40 min..without an appointment. . The service here is the best service in Las Vegas and i went in for a free under warranty oil service. I live in centennial hills with Findlay vw only 3 miles away and I choose to drive across town to autonation for all of my service needs on my 08 and 13 gti's. For anyone who has not been here for service I highly recommend,  ask for jeffrey he will take care of you. I went to Findlay north once they took 5 hrs to do an oil change , lost my paperwork and didn't even wash it, do yourself a favor and go to autonation . for autonation,  you need to reward team members like jeffrey lopez, they are the reason your customers come back..

Defaf A. | 2014-08-21

I had the worse experience with these people they waste my time and really upset me
I went there last week to buy a pre owned certified car . And I liked one of the cars they had. I went for a test drive and I got a written offer for the price  and while that the salesman that was helping me start an argue with  another  salesman then I found out that the car that I was buying , was just sold for another customer came  and saw the car after me, the fight continued between the two  salesmen the manger (( Steve )) did nothing except ignoring what was happening and the thing that really irritated me the most that he was still trying to convince me that the car still gonna be sold to me even though the other customer left with the car for test drive that he already bought .... Differently not going again

Thais P. | 2014-08-21

My experience at this dealership was Amazing!! For the last month or so I been trying to get a new car for my husband and I. Finally was able to get my husband a new car elsewhere but now that it was my turn I knew what I wanted. I ended up at autonation with Charles and it was by far best experience, he was funny and made the experience painless. Especially with having a 2 year old with me that day I was expecting to be there hours on end. I was out of there within 2 hours. I am by far glad I came to Charles and definitely will be coming back to him in the future.

Ashley G. | 2014-07-31

Love this dealership! Love Volkswagen!  Super easy to work with and very accommodating. I've purchased a couple cars from here and I couldn't be more satisfied. Thanks Farris and Dave!!! (Review is for sales only not service)

Tara S. | 2014-07-28

Excellent customer service.  Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Always a great experience!

Lauren G. | 2014-07-17

Had the worst experience here. I've owned a VW for 7 years & loved it. Went in to this dealership today to purchase a new VW & NO ONE wanted to help me. They ignored me, didn't answer my questions, didn't bring me a booklet, didn't bring me into an office, had me walking between a salesperson (who knew nothing), & a manager. It was honestly the worst experience trying to purchase a car. And I've owned 5 cars in my 15 years of driving. Do NOT go here!!

Vaniah S. | 2014-07-09

First time buying a car from a dealership. I'm young, and wanted to get a used car that would last me a few years before I could move on to something nicer. First, I walked around, after hours, to about eight dealerships near Sahara & Jones, and made note of the cars that looked reasonable (fair mileage, low price, clean look). I had talked to a couple other dealerships to see what they could do for me, but none had much to offer. I finally decided to come to AutoNation Volkswagen and test drive a 2000 Infiniti I30 with 112,500 miles on it. The ride was smooth, the car and engine were clean, and the car had many features that don't even come standard on some 2014 models. The only problems with it? A starter that makes a bit of extra noise, which may need to be replaced soon (they disclosed this information up front, before purchasing) and a set of tires that was a bit older than preferable.

All of this, and the car was listed for just over $6,000. Well, with my income at the time and my short credit history, I couldn't even go that high. Luckily, my salesman Ihor and the rest of the guys at AutoNation Volkswagen were able to work out a deal with me. I paid about $315 down and took out a loan with my credit union for just another $5,200. On top of that, they able to issue a referral check my mom, who bought her last car from another AutoNation dealership about five years ago. They even added in four complimentary oil changes and filled up my gas tank twice!  The whole process was very simple, and I was out the door within a couple short hours. Very little hassle.

It has been six months, and my car is running just as well as when I bought it. I replaced the tires shortly after I bought it, and replaced the windshield wipers just this week. Currently, I'm waiting for my second complimentary oil change to finish. I've put more than 6500 miles on it, including two 1000+ mile road trips to California. All in all, this car was a great buy, and I'm glad Ihor was able to help me close the deal on it so quickly and easily. Make sure you ask for Ihor when you come here, and tell him Vaniah recommended him to you =D

Tracy K. | 2014-06-14

Salesperson Tom O'M was very nice and he didn't make me feel peer pressured. When my lease is up and I decide to buy my car I'm for sure coming to him.

Stephen S. | 2014-06-11

I took my 2008 R32 (which I bought from here new) in to this dealership last month for my 120,000 mile service. This includes a transmission flush on the DSG and usually is one of the pricier services on my car. I paid them $1000 for that service. Shortly thereafter I started having issues with the DSG. It was throwing my car in to neutral, usually on long drives through the desert. I brought it back in. I paid them $159 to figure out what was wrong with it. I was quoted $2900 to replace the mechatronics unit.

Then I contacted a couple of other shops about repair. Just to see if maybe I could get it fixed cheaper, even if I was going to sell it shortly thereafter.

Found a great shop. They found the problem.

When they did the DSG service (which I was charged $1000 for) their service department put 11 quarts of DSG fluid in my car. The car is only supposed to have 5 quarts in it.

So on hot days and long drives the fluid expands, overheats, causes the temp sensor on the DSG to flip out and throw a false neutral.

The new shop fixed my car for $300. No new parts. Runs perfect now.

Either their shop is negligent or they are purposely trying to sabotage vehicles.

To review (TL:DR):

I paid $1000 for them to mess up my car. They offered to fix up that mistake for $2900.

I paid another shop $300 to fix their shop's mistake.

Don't go here.

J S. | 2014-05-31

I bought my car from them about a year ago and have had to have 2 major repairs. I did not buy a warrantee of any kind, but I do think they've been very fair on prices for both repairs. They also gave me a free loaner while the repairs were done!

Jeanette S. | 2014-05-15

I've been in a couple of times since I moved to Las Vegas and both times everyone has been so nice and helpful. They answer all of my questions and genuinely seem happy to be there and help.

Jewels J. | 2014-05-09

I brought my car in for service and Daniel Lawson helped me, he was really nice and thorough.  I liked that no one from sales bothered me trying sell me a car, or that no one tried tried up sell anything from the service department/accessories. Suggestive/informative but no pressure. I dropped my car off and they even provided a shuttle for me to take me to work. Actually everyone in the service department was nice! Dan has a great sense of humor and I will make sure I always take my car here and more specifically to Dan. Thanks again!

Stephanie C. | 2014-05-09

I bought a car from them last month. The salesperson "El" was very nice and very helpful. He helped me find exactly what I needed and was polite. However, once I got to the finance department, it was a whole different story. I let them know from the beginning that I was going to go thru my credit union. He kept trying to convince me to get financed through them even though they weren't anywhere near the interest rate my credit union was giving me and seemed annoyed that I insisted I wanted to go through my credit union. And that's not all. When it got really bad is when he tried to force me to buy the warranty through them and not my credit union. They offered to cover 75k miles for 2thousand something. My credit union covers 125k miles for 1thousand something. So I obviously chose to go with my credit unions warranty. And he seemed VERY irritated by that. He kept laughing and saying he "felt sorry for me" because they weren't going to cover me when I needed them and that I was going to regret it.
So a month later, I'm still getting letters in the mail from a bunch of banks and credit unions, even though I went through my own credit union, they have all these other banks running my credit and that hurts my credit score. I called and let them know I didn't want other banks running my credit all the time especially when it's completely unnecessary. The finance guy again, sounded really irritated with me and was rude. Never again will I buy from them again or recommend to anyone.

Charles D. | 2014-05-07

The team at AutoNation Volkwagen is phenomenal. I worked specifically with three individuals, who I would like to give kudos to. First, Charles Moser who works with the online accounts. He was super helpful in getting everything set up for me to come in on my schedule. When I got to the dealership I worked with Tom O'Malley who is phenomenal at customer service and super friendly. I felt nothing but welcome and ended up with exactly what I came to the dealership looking for, both of these guys are to notch. I also want to give a shout out to Stratton Pang in finance, he was very friendly and understanding of our not too quiet children. I love my new VW and plan to return to this dealership in the future. I HIGHLY recommend this dealership if you are looking for a VW.

Lori P. | 2014-05-06

I recently purchase my first Volkswagen from AutoNation. The salesman Charles Moser was friendly, knowledgable and helpful.  It was a relatively pain free experience to make a fair deal on the vehicle. Delilah in finance was very friendly and helpful as well.  They both have promptly answered my questions over a week after I purchased the car.  It is nice to see that the customer service continues even after the sale had been made.

Shane O. | 2014-04-29

If you're looking to buy a car make sure you talk to Christopher Hamilton. He really knows his stuff. He treats you like a valued customer. Would recommend him to anyone!

LeRae D. | 2014-04-22

I love this place!! Just leased my 2nd vehicle from here. Robin and Steve (sales managers) could not have made my experience more simple, fast, pleasurable and professional to make a deal. I use to sell cars and know first hand how miserable it can be (worse than going to the dentist). I have experienced they're service department as well for my maintenance schedules and cannot say enough about the professionalism here from every employee. It's obvious this place is awesome or I would not have been a repeat customer. I am one of your worst automobile customers if you try to pull the wool over my eyes and have walked out on many deals in the worries with this place! Three thumbs up :)

Gentry S. | 2014-04-16

As long as you are under warranty it's not a bad stop. Most of the services has allowed me to get in and out in about an hour.

The Tire warranty is the best, I have had to replace at least 4, with no questions asked from the service rep.
Only downside, the customer doughnuts are always the freshest

Beth L. | 2014-02-24

My experience was really good with Farris and his team.  My buying experience was with Ihor - so fun!   They didn't have the exact car I wanted, so went to a partnering lot and had it sent over.  My finance experience was amazingly fast.  If my sister & I didn't have to 1) go to the airport and 2) go to lunch, we would have been in and out within 1 hour.  (I had already done test driving and looking on my own).

Ihor was not who I would have hand-picked, but I'm glad he was assigned to me.  He was fun and thoughtful.  At the end, he stepped me through all the fun things & helped me set up the car-net.  He told that lady, that I was in a hurry, so we can get through it quickly.

David R. | 2014-02-18

My wife and I drove her Jetta to Vegas for a wedding.  The preset radio stations got erased.  The car hesitated before it started, so I told my wife we need to get a new battery before we take off for Havesu and CA.  It was due for a new battery anyway.  We called the dealership and were told their service department was open until 6pm, it was 5:20pm, so we headed over.  We needed to get a battery this night, so we did not get stranded.  We arrived at 5:44pm, told the guy behind the service desk our situation and he told us that all the techs had gone home.  I asked why they did not tell us that on the phone?  We ended up going to an autoparts store down the street, where a manager actually installed the new battery for us.

When you are a Desert dealership, and people come from 100's of miles away, you should assist motorists so they do not get stuck out in the middle of nowhere on their way home.  The service manager should have a meeting with his employees, and should be embarrassed.

Michael T. | 2013-11-05

When you get items from the parts department be sure you know exactly what you need and what it looks like. I went for a PCV valve for my Passat only to find out later that I got one for a Jetta. Bring the part or get the numbers off it to save yourself a headache.

Larry G. | 2013-10-25

First off...I am very excited to be a part of VW family! It was an easy, painless, extraordinary experience! Jennifer Matthews (Internet Sales Manager) was on top of her game! During the first phase of meeting Jennifer, she made me feel like I was already a part of the AutoNation VW! She did not pressure me at all and she even made sure that I understood everything about my new VW purchase! Steve was very courtesy during the trade-in discussion. Stratton Pang (Finance Manager) was fabulous! He discussed all of the options very precisely.  Jennifer then explained all functionalities of my new vehicle! Truly, you've made me a very happy customer and I am very happy to start my new VW experience! Thank You kindly my new AutoNation Volkswagen family!!!!

Cartier B. | 2013-10-07

I've been meaning to write this review for MONTHS! I absolutely love this place and all the staff! Thanks so much to Dave Durrill the GM, Farris, Robin, Delilah, Devon, EVERYONE! They really helped me out when I needed it the most. I really needed to get a new car and was very discouraged after a terrible experience over at Findlay North Volkswagen. I was in tears walking into Autonation. I spoke with them over the phone and before I even got there the service was just great. They were ready and willing to help me. They made sure I got exactly everything I was looking for and needed & helped me all the way through. They always kept in contact with me to let me know what was going on and in the end we were able to get the deal done and it was everything I asked For and more!!! Even when I went in for my window tinting, the service department was great!! I just love everything about this place. They said they were gunna help me it and they really did take care of me. I had already been to several different dealerships and none of them could even compare to the service I received here. I would definitely recommend going here if you're looking to get a car new or used.  I absolutely love my car too!!! I don't think I could every thank them enough.

Tom B. | 2013-10-01

They love you until the deal is done, then you become a chump they don't care about.  Zero follow up on any issues.

Debbie N. | 2013-08-27

I recently bought a car at auto nation while I was on vacation in Oakland with my daughter.  We did the entire transaction online and a few phone calls.  I took a cab from the airport to the dealership and signed the paperwork and was able to drive the vehicle home to Arizona.  Jennifer was a real pleasure to work with and answered all of our questions.  She also made me feel very welcome and worked hard for my business.  Great transaction!

Amy H. | 2013-08-10

I brought my 08 GTI here when it started having issues on my road trip to Las Vegas. I called and spoke to Heather, who set up an appointment for me last minute. When I came in, Chad looked at my car right away and constantly updated me while I was waiting. It turned out that the parts that needed replacing were recall items, so it didn't cost me a thing. Thanks Chad for fixing my baby and saving my sanity!

Stacey P. | 2013-08-08

I guess I will give VW of Sahara one star since they won't let me give none. Let me just say that the service department is absolutely horrible. They are rude and unsympathetic especially the 5th time I brought my car in for the same issues. My car only has 20,000 miles on it and I really didn't expect major problems. I bought it certified preowned and it only had 3,000 miles on it.  The car has been nothing but a headache and the service department had only made it worse.
On the third time I brought it in the kid at the service counter actually told me he didn't know what to tell me. How rude.  Well the last time I went in I was extremely upset an wishing I never bought the car. I ended up being told I was being rude but it didn't matter that I had been inconvenienced five times for a problem that shouldn't be happening. I even had to beg for a loaner car. By this time you would think they would be so apologetic for my inconvience. No they couldn't off cared less.
So the out come.  I grabbed my stuff and left. I was not going to let them take a look at my car again. I called Findlay North VW   . They were awesome. They got my car right in and diagnosed that it needed a new compressor in an hr and half, VW of Sahara had it for four days once and could  hardly find anything wrong. If they even looked.
So if u need a VW dealer go to Findlay North. I would rather drive further then to put up with Sahara EVER again!

Je-Ann G. | 2013-07-28

This is an interesting review! The experience was like a roller-coaster..But at the end of the day, what matters is how VW recovered from almost a nightmare experience to an amazing one!!!

The process started out as great, then went downhill to being a nightmare. I first bought the Jetta about 3 weeks before I bought this Tiguan. For the Jetta - -- i had to come in 3 times due to the changing terms on the loan -- the 4th time they got it. Everyone stepped up their game and worked with me in order to secure the "final deal" for the Jetta, as I was ready to return it. Delilah, Farris and the life saver -- Mr. Jack Rehmel. Once the Jetta deal was done, I told Jack that I am in the market for a tiguan as well. He handled this transaction personally and did not let me sign on anything until he got the final approval from the bank! He is very timely in responding to my 20 million text, calls and emails! Jack went above and beyond to make this process as painless as possible. And he didnt give up and kept trying to find an alternative! Though, I still did not get the rate that I hoped for and I could have just easily walk away -- but i couldnt think of any other dealership who would go out of their way to make their customer happy and satisfied! And this is what sold me to VW Autonation -- you have great team of capable people, who does not solely think about selling a car..but at the same time, caring about their customer satisfaction!!! It is unheard of and i never experienced that from any of the other dealership I've been before going to VW!!! Jack personally test drove the car with me and checked the Tiguan himself to make sure all is in good shape!!

Delilah is a star as well! Though there were hiccups  -- same with Jack, she went above and beyond to make things happen for me. Thank you again Delilah..

Farris who immediately took action the second I expressed my dissatisfaction!

Jennifer for always so prompt in responding..

Anyway, I hope you would share this to your corporate office. I finally found the car that i love and most importantly, a dealership that i can trust!!!

Kudos to your team, most especially to the superman who turned things around and made it happen -- Jack Rehmel!

John C. | 2013-07-09

people in the parts department are idiots they have no clue about the parts they sell they just read stuff off the computer screen and hope there right, VW parts in general are a bunch of bs cannot be found at autozone, paid 89.00 for a rubber hose about as big as my shoe, they people sit there and talk shit about you in spanish thinking that you dont understand what there saying.. they are all idiots hope they get food poising

Randoll C. | 2013-07-08

Last week (week of the 4th), I ended up in Las Vegas for an intimate family gathering to celebrate my dad's life, as it was last year this time when he finally lost his battle with cancer.

So, with that emotional cloud over my head, the last thing I needed was my fuel pump to conk out, especially with temperatures in the one hundred and teens. Well, not to worry, because it was Lisa Abbot, Service Consultant at Desert Volkswagen aka AutoNation Volkswagen to the rescue.

Being closed on July 4th, their service department was scheduled with dozens upon dozens of appointments, however, Lisa made sure I was taken care of. Within 90 minutes, I received a phone call to let me know what the diagnosis was. Several hours later, I received the call that my vehicle was ready to go.

Customer service was vastly improved compared to my last experience here. Not only did Lisa walk me to the cashier's window, but she also explained what was done and even grabbed me a mechanic to install the windshield wiper blades I had bought, but not put on yet.

My car is also running like a champ and it was just one less thing to worry about on my trip to Las Vegas for a not so joyous occasion.

Thanks Lisa!

Iuri C. | 2013-07-03

I am 1st time buyer and I have been all over las vegas and henderson dealerships and looked for a right car and right apr % and believe me I was looking for the best price and right now I can't even tell you how excited I am that I went to Desert Vw.This place has such a big choice of cars and stuff is sooooo skilled.They make you feel very special and always work with you until you are done and I am personally very very picky and I am sooo satisfied with them that I cant even tell you.Do not waste your time by going other places.You will be amazed with a list of cars and skilled professional stuff.
P.S.Steven and Taylor Thank You guys sooo much for a quick and very professional work you have done.I am very happy I went to Desert Vw on Sahara.

Kevin C. | 2013-06-13

These guys are very polite and had us in and out ...sales manager gave a great deal...

Mar C. | 2013-05-08

My friend's Jetta had its brake pad lights on ever since he did a trip out to the desert. Having taken it to both a mechanic (who wanted to replace the brake) and a brake service center (couldn't find anything wrong), the folks at Volkswagen found that it was just the brake pad sensor that came loose.

As for customer service, Chad at the service desk explained everything very thoroughly and he was adamant that if anything was found that needed to be fixed, he would call right away and ask for the go ahead before they do anything. Which he in fact did!

Ginger F. | 2013-03-09

Well, I have to say our salesperson Yoshwa was absolutely wonderful! This is our third VW, and we happy to say the transaction was seamless. We were in at 9am this morning and out the door by 1150am. Not bad at all!

Jordon C. | 2013-01-09

I've been coming here for 3 years and I've yet to have a issue here getting my car serviced. The staff is friendly and helpful the one and only gripe I do have is the amount of time it takes my car to get serviced but it's better to have it done right the first time!

Angelica F. | 2012-11-17

I've dreaded writing this review for months... but I feel that everyone should know what they're getting into when they visit this dealership so, alas, here we go...

In July I decided to buy a "new" used car since it was time to put my big girl pants on and make my first adult, post college purchase.  I had been driving the same car since senior year of high school and decided to start my car shopping at each of the auto dealerships on W. Sahara.  The second stop I made was at VW and I was not very hopeful because I wanted a small SUV and VW instantly brings the bug or a Jetta to mind.  But, then I saw her...a beautiful white 2009 Tiguan sitting in the corner of the lot.  I knew right then that I had to have her!  Our salesman, who I will not name in this review, was incredibly friendly.  But, that's his job, right?  We took the Tiguan for a spin, asked the important questions (such as- "Since this car has a turbo engine will it require premium fuel?"  A: No.), and then my fiance and I decided that although we both loved the car, we needed to look around and think a little bit more about it.  After searching in vain for a comparable vehicle, we returned that night to seal the deal.
Papers were signed, I said goodbye to my old car that would be traded in.  Our salesman went to have the car washed and re-fueled... he came back to the dealership and handed us the keys and said, "Oh by the way- I noticed that the car has a green gas cap.  It DOES require premium fuel."  And that's when things started going downhill...

We didn't think anything of it.  A few extra bucks for gas- no big deal.  I was thrilled with my new car.  Until, two weeks later I received a voicemail from the VW finance department telling me that if I did not return their call that night, my car would be towed away the next morning.  I was baffled, so I immediately called them back.  The finance manager informed me that the salesman who had sold me the car had called and left me multiple messages over the past week to inform me that there was an issue with my loan.  I told him that I received no such calls or messages (I would never lie about something like this, I am a responsible adult).  Needless to say, he proceeded to be rude and imply that I was lying.

Fast forward through all of the boring loan stuff (I am a first time buyer and buying a used  as opposed to new vehicle was not wise of me due to my lack of credit history).  I went back to the dealership on a Monday with my fiance to sign the new loan papers... I was upset after being treated like a criminal instead of a customer who was giving them thousands of dollars.  Our salesman greeted us and acted like he did not know why we were there.  I explained to him that something went wrong with the loan... didn't anyone tell him?  After all, the finance manager told me multiple times that he had called and left many messages.  Our salesman continued to act clueless, but it was clear that he was not being truthful.  And the charade went on and on in an awkward situation where nobody would admit that phone calls had not been made, etc.  I completely understand that sometimes there are problems with loans, but the lack of communication and respect is unfathomable.

The only redeeming factor was the last gentleman we dealt with in the finance department, Stratton Pang.  He was very professional, up front and the ONLY person who apologized to us about the situation.

I do have the 5 year warranty with VW, so I am hoping that their service department will be much better than the sales.  I can only hope!

Rachele J. | 2012-09-05

Leased New 2012 Passat - Best experience from the salesman Erik to the financing department.  I will never go anywhere else to get a VW than Desert Volkswagen on Sahara.  Experienced the fastest test drive to drive off the lot ever.

Jonathan V. | 2012-06-19

BEWARE! Read previous reviews, this is a really bad place to do business, upon walking in I noticed I was the 4th customer in line, they were all caucasian and all received a big smile and "How are you doing today" me "being Hispanic received a " is there something I can help you with, with a dirty look". I was in a real pickle because programming a key is something only a dealership can do and to top it off I was was traveling and in Vegas. I have had to program keys before for my Volkswagon, 1 and a half hour tops is the longest I have ever had to wait.!! I was there six hours and still did not fully get my key programmed, (did not get the key to unlock the doors" but I was charged to bring it in the following day and pay again. I was not once updated or informed about what was going on with my car when all the other white customers where recieving constant updates??This place is a TOTAL RIP-OFF and the manager backs up whatever his employees say. When I spoke to manager he is a real jerk with a real "as-a-matter-of-fact" personality when addressing me and other customers, the mechanics, talk spanish " which I understand" and were calling customers FAGGOTS, NIGGERS & FAT BITCHES upon other unsavory language on my second visit same thing only one customer in front of me and was offered shuttle service, coffee or water, when I walked up to the counter I received a "YES"?... If your not white they assume you don't have money here I hated every minute being there waiting for my car and was so uncomfortable and to top it off near the restroom they have emails from "customers"about the great customer service, I think the employees types these themselves.. THEY DON'T LOOK REAL, some don't have a "TO or FROM" on top on the page! If your white this place is right, for u.


Ram Christian B. | 2012-05-16

Horrible Horrible Service!! My family and I went to VW to check out the 2012 GTI. When we arrived we checked out the lot to see if they had any 4 door GTI's which they didn't so we went into the dealership and when we walked in nobody greeted or even acknowledged us. We were just sitting at the tables and just waiting for someone to ask us if we needed help. (Which didn't happen & many employees just walked by us) So after a couple minutes we ended up asking help from one of the employee that walks by. The employee asked what I want and I strictly told him a 4 door white GTI and base model. He kept trying to sell me the more expensive models when I already told him I wanted the base. We then asked if he could check the inventory to see if he had any base model 4 doors in stock and he was even more lazy to do that. Then he has the nerve to ask if that car was even in my budget. Like really?! Never ever going back to this VW. Just horrible.

London S. | 2012-04-14

A big thanks to Kelly in the parts department for a hassle free, fast and efficient service. Thank you!

Eric G. | 2012-04-12


Desert Volkswagen made me believe I would be in the best hands in all of Las Vegas, sadly this is a disappointing lie. I was told i would have free oil changes, THIS WAS A LIE. also I was told I could come in and get a car wash free of charge at any point! This was also a lie, I have tried to stop in twice, (note I've had my car for 14 months) and i was told both times i could not get a car wash. ALSO i paid an additional 4 dollars a month for a warranty that would cover interior (leather seats, NEW FLOOR MATS,) as well as ANY SCRATCHES OR DENTS ON THE EXTERIOR of the car, i thought "Great" since I'm prone to scratches. THIS WAS A LIE. THE WARRANTY COVERS "SMALL" Dents in the exterior of the car. NO INTERIOR AND NO SCRATCH COVERAGE.


Brendon B. | 2012-03-31

After getting taken on a brand new Nissan that broke down twice the first week we owned it, I had to trade it in. The entire team at Desert VW helped us find the perfect Jetta, for $8,500 less than we paid for the Sentra, and it's a far better car. They all worked with us for weeks to fing the perfect package, the right discounts, and good financing. I recommend them to my family

Tee J. | 2012-03-24

There's only 3 VW dealership and this one of the worst one .  Buyers Beware.  The lady that tried to get me the best for my trade in was very nice from the start. When they couldn't agree my target trade in price of my car, she stopped calling me, being rude, and just ditched me.  At least they are not as bad as VW Findlay...these people are professional scam artist. They will play around with your numbers and screw you you.  The only VW that got the trade in price I wanted and professional were VW of North las vegas.

Booger D. | 2011-12-29

Got a good deal from this dealership, they destroyed Findlay VW's price, No BS, straight to the dealing. Make sure you always negotiate the FINAL OUT THE DOOR price. This way they cant tack on odd fees at the end. If they do, be ready to walk out the door....really, you have to get up and leave if you dont get your reasonable price. The service dept never answers the phone and doesnt get back to customers in a timely manner.

Tawfiq M. | 2011-11-19

It's called Yo Yo financing, and if you want to experience it first hand, go to desert VW and purchase a vehicle using their financing.

Here is how you will be scammed (this happened to us):
You will sign a deal after you've been approved, with a good credit score and above average income level at 5.64% for 72 months. This will take about 4.5 hours. You will drive your new car home thinking that you got a decent deal and that you are done. Not So!

You will receive a call approximately 1 week later from the dealership stating that they have been ""surprised" that none of their banks will take the deal you signed with them and that you'll need to come in to sign a new deal at a much higher rate. In our case our options were one at almost double the initial rate and one at almost TRIPLE the initial rate.

As business owners who manufacture and sell high dollar items, We asked them to give us some sort if documentation stating that we were not eligible for the initial deal and that the contract was null and void. We thought this was resonable, but they did not, and refused to do so

We returned the vehicle that same day, as we prefer not to deal with businesses that operate in this manner.

It is to be noted that not once was there any apology or concern about this inconvenience, we were only met with indifference.

I hope this post helps people save time, energy, and frustration. Always make sure your financing is finalized before you leave this lot or any lot for that matter. Or better yet, have your own financing.

Laurie H. | 2011-11-06

Not only is the Volkswagon Eos the BEST car ever, but the service during the sale and since is excellent.
It's under warranty, so maybe that helps, but when I take it in I don't wait, it's done quickly, and when they say it will be, and if they aren't too slammed they wash it before I get it back!
Everyone is polite, and concientious, and they have coffee while I wait. :)

Vicky B. | 2011-07-14

So I didn't stick to my vow of driving out of my way to Henderson because Desert VW is so close to my house and this was a warranty fix.  But memories fade with time so I took my car the first week of June because of a radio issue.  They fixed it but as soon as I got in my car I noticed scratches that were not there before.  I pointed this out to the service adviser and they acknowledged it and said they would take care of it.  They sent a repair person to my house but they were not able to fix it.

VW said they would order the part and let me know when it got in.  Here's where the problem begins.  Never received notification.  So I called VW Care 800 number.  All of a sudden my part is in the next day and now my car is fixed.  So while I am happy they rectified they situation why would you scratch a customer's car in the first place, and I'm assuming hope they don't notice.  Better service would have been to fess up and advise me of the error without me ever having to bring it to their attention.  So adding a star to my one star review because more then a month later my radio dash looks like it did when I brought it in.

Savannah R. | 2011-06-28

This review is for the service department at Desert VW. We purchased our car at this dealer and returned two times with our diesel Passat to their service department. Both times they told me I needed service on numerous items. All of these items (besides one) were all RECOMMENDED services, not that my car actually needed the items, but per VW repair manual it was time... Oddily enough some of the items they were recommending that be replaced, for more than $1300, I had already replaced less than 10,000 miles previously. One of the items were wiper blades, I know this is a small item but this goes to show you how their department works. I replaced the wiper blades myself (yes I am handy) and not 500 miles later I was in Desert VW for one of our two services, in which they recommended new wiper blades at $100!!! Ridiculous! They also managed to charge me a diagnostic fee of $150 for recommended repair items, recommended services is not diagnosed services. What a joke. I will never have work done at VW again.

Sales department was much better, I would buy from the sales department again. Our sales man, Tom, was polite and paitent. We feel we got a good deal on the car, just not the service.

Lucy E. | 2011-06-22

We bought a 2005 Touareg from Desert VW last February and we luckily added the 2 year manufacturer's warranty because our car has been acting up since we drove it off the lot, although most were minor until recently. We actually got an outstanding deal on our car; even with the dropping of car prices, we're still thousands over the KBB listing.

I brought my car in for service on Friday because the air conditioning was breaking down and there were issues with our transmission. They made me sign something which said that if the repairs aren't covered under my warranty, I have to pay $150 for the inspection, which can later be put toward the services. I wasn't very happy about that because I used to have a Nissan and the inspection was free at the dealership. Luckily, I got a call yesterday saying they have to order a new valve for my transmission and my freon was low on my AC but all repairs are covered under my warranty.

Overall, I liked the sales side. I got an incredibly low interest rate, great car for an even better price, the process was quick, and the salesman was really nice and helpful. I'm a bit iffy about the service side because it doesn't seem like they're treating their customers right by charging $150 to fix a certified used vehicle with a bunch of problems bought barely over a year ago.

Robin F. | 2011-04-17

i felt so over charged every time I left my car there that i finally sold it for a Honda. I will never ever buy another VW.

Katie S. | 2011-04-01

My husband and I rolled in with two Mercedes that needed about $6K in work, total, and rolled out with two new VW's with 3 year warranties and free maintenance! What's not to love! Our sales person was very friendly and helpful. He answered all our questions and gave us plenty of time on the lot to fool around with knobs, levers, features and gadgets in the cars.

We are very happy with our purchase, and the sales process was no different than what we had experienced at Mercedes, except we didn't have to rob a bank to get new cars!

We have not had any major issues with our cars (Tiguan and CC) since we purchased them in June of 2009 and we are very satisfied with the quality of product (coming from a Mercedes ML500 and E500, that says a lot) that VW has put out.

Irish A. | 2010-12-03

Avoid!!!  I have lived all over the country with my 2002 TDI Beetle and had service done by various VW dealerships. I know that their prices are usually higher than an outside mechanic, but I pay for convenience. HOWEVER, this dealership is a rip-off. 4 glowplugs for $560?! Timing belt, water pump and coolant temperature sensor for $2100?!  I grew up around mechanics, and I know how much labor these repairs take - they are taking advantage of the consumer. Plus, I had them change the oil, drove from the dealership to a different mechanic/friend, only to find out it wasn't done. When I called Desert VW to inform them, they said, "It says in the computer that we did it, so there isn't anything we can do." The staff is nice, but the dealership is unethical. I will be filing a complaint with corporate VW and the BBB. Now, I'm off to pay someone to do the oil and repairs properly at a fraction of the cost. Save your money and find another mechanic.

Michael R. | 2010-10-09

I agree completely with Aaron's statement "The sales staff here are super friendly, though not all that knowledgeable about what they're selling.  It was quickly apparent to me that I knew more about the car I was buying than they did."

While our salesman was polite and friendly he could not answer simple questions about the vehicle that someone in his position shouldn't have an issue with. As an example I asked him if the test vehicle had an upgraded stereo system and his answer was "I don't know... I think so... umm, yeah." which doesn't inspire much confidence when I should be dealing with an expert in his field. After a little bit of research I found out the Sportwagen doesn't even have an option for an upgraded stereo.

A prime example is the work up sheet that his Mgr. emailed to me later in the day with the wrong transmission on the car and not all the options that I specified. Attention to detail is critical when considering making a large purchase and obviously he doesn't feel the same way I do when making this assessment.

Due to our experience we chose not to purchase our new car from this dealership and in fact bought ours from CA.

Ted R. | 2010-02-24

The service advisor Ana Gordillo is an outright thief!  Always tries to push unneeded services at the highest rates on my wife's 2008 Jetta. She completely lied about brake pad replacement and turning rotors needing to be done immediately at $289.  I declined so I could get a second opinion.  She then said if they are not done immediately, more damage would be done to the rotors (typical service "advisor" tactic).  I took the car to JustBrakes on Charleston near Jones and 2 techs said the brake pads had 40% left and the rotors were fine - wouldn't need to have them done for another 10 or 15K.  Also, their rate for the same service would be $89 plus tax.  

How do the service "advisors" at Desert VW, like Ana Gordillo, sleep at night knowing that their job is to completely rape mostly unknowing customers for as much money as possible?

Klay T. | 2009-08-06

Took my car in for service couple times never bother to called me back when my car is ready.  Last time I was in the mechanics scratched my bumper I guess they feel they don't have to inform me on issues like this, luckily I notice right away!! when I drop the car off to repaint my bumper, no loaner car or rental offer!!  I guess customer service is not their #1 concern.

brian f. | 2008-08-11

I went to Desert VW to purchase a 2009 GTI. When I got there, I told them I wanted one in black. Despite driving a black GTI at the competing VW dealer in Las Vegas that same day (and seeing several others on the lot), I was told that the only black GTI in Nevada was located in Reno (strike one for these shysters).

I drove a gray one which was nice...more upgraded than the one I was looking at, but I did consider it...until I was told that the car was $4,000 above MSRP due to an "adjusted market value."

What??? The competition VW dealer in town had zero "adjusted market value" but these guys do? This was strike two...and I didn't even wait for strike three that I knew would come shortly.

Needless to say, I walked away laughing at the nerve of these rip-offs.

Brandon S. | 2007-08-24

Our very first trip to Vegas and my Volkswagen, which I had only purchased two weeks before, blew out it's water pump, it's timing belt and messed up a couple other things.  Disaster!  Stuck out in the desert we decided to have it towed to the closest Volkswagen dealership and repair shop in Vegas, 100 miles away.  Thank god for AAA.  

And thank god for Desert Volkswagen.  They were the friendliest, most helpful and genuinely concerned group of repair people at a dealership I have ever dealt with.  Whereas other Volkswagen dealers I have been to stick rigidly to their appointment schedule and cannot deliver emergency services, the folks at Desert understood our predicament and got my car back to me in record time.  

And they took the time to show me every single part that was damaged, why it was damaged, why it shouldn't have been damaged, returned all the parts and made copious notes that I could take to my dealership back in Ventura to make a warranty claim.  

My warranty claim didn't work out, I have learned the value of the extended coverage on a used car now, but that's my fault and not fault of Desert Volkswagen.  If you guys are reading this, can you move your whole operation to Ventura?  Please!  

P.S...This happened about a year ago and I usually only Yelp things that have happened recently because things can change so quickly, but I've always wanted to thank them and tell the world about their service, so there you go.