AutoNation Honda East Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

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AutoNation Honda East Las Vegas, a Las Vegas Honda dealer, has a vast inventory of new & used Honda cars, trucks, hybrids and SUVs. We offer vehicle financing, Honda OEM factory service & auto parts.

AutoNation Honda East Las Vegas

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 369-3099
Address:1700 East Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, 89104
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on AutoNation Honda East Las Vegas

Crystal B. | 2015-04-17

It was a great experience as a first time buyer definitely will be coming back! Ask for Kevin Rodriguez he was such a great help in getting me the best price and making the whole process quick and easy to understand!

Nia L. | 2015-04-14

I'm going to make this short and sweet.  My husband and I just purchased a new Honda Fit today, and we are SO happy with our experience and purchase!  The whole process was wonderful and quick.  They were competitive and very fair on the price(and yes, we did our homework and research :)!  Everyone, in particular AMANDA CHRISMAN(internet manager) & ALEX CONCEPCION(customer financial services manager), was very friendly, helpful, informative, yet not pushy at all!  These guys are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, and I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them when you're in the market for a new car/Honda ;)!

Chris G. | 2015-04-01

On vacation from California, we happened to pass by this dealership and decided to check out some Odysseys. We were promptly greeted by a sales associate by the name of Chelsea Huang.  She was pleasant and very knowledgeable and didn't hesitate to give us a test drive. Who would have known we'd end up buying a car on our vegas vacation. She helped us get a great deal on an Odyssey we couldn't pass up! We are so happy with our purchase and highly recommend you see Chelsea when you visit!!  Hopefully you also get to work with Louise Evans, the sales manager and Carlos Burger, the financial manager to finalize your purchase because this combination of experts made our experience super smoooooth!! Keep up the great work guys =)

Super M. | 2015-03-29

very polite, very organized, very structured business. However Had a transmission problem on my Honda paid $ bill, ran back to the cashier that evening and told cashier I forgot to present her my 15-20% service deal coupon. she said Sorry " your
tickets been closed , and we are closing...what abig disappointment. Guess you cant cry over spilled milk. I was floored that would have saved me hundreds of $$ ...Oh well they did do good work.....Don't ever forget your coupons though.....

Q C. | 2015-03-29

Had a really great experience going through Autonation Honda East. I had gone to Honda West days earlier and had a very uncomfortable experience with an aggressive salesman who kept pressuring me and wouldn't let me leave even though I said I wasn't ready to buy yet.

On Friday, I set out to buy my new 2015 Fit with the exact color and model in mind. When I arrived at the dealership, I was greeted by George. Right away, George was warm, funny, and comforting. We had a delightful test drive. George was honest when it came to answering our concerns about the car which made me feel even better about buying through them.

When it was time to start the purchasing process, Amanda C started helping us. She helped me score a great deal on the car and made the rest of the experience very personable and easy. I was also happy with the trade in amount and interest rate they offered me.

I'm so glad I decided to buy my car here! I am in LOVE with my car and feel so great about my purchase!! No regrets at all!

Jayduh L. | 2015-03-24

Had the BEST service from Ceasar & Amanda C! Made everything relaxing, & fast an easy! Also got a great deal, & added bonuses! I highly recommend seeing them if you're on the market!!

Tom B. | 2015-03-18

I bought an Accord here a few weeks ago. My salesperson, Amanda, couldn't have been any better. She had my test ride ready to go right on time. She was thorough and explained all the features of the car. When it came to negotiating, she worked with me and got me a deal that I was able to feel really good about when I drove off the lot  I may not need another car for a few years, but when I do, I would definitely look at going back to see her. I highly recommend this dealership and Amanda.

Lili R. | 2015-03-07

Woooooow WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER for one the guy we spoke with had NO IDEA what he was talking about, we told him we wanted to lease a car & he came to me and straight told my friend she wasn't allowed to lease with them I suggest NO ONE to go to this place this absolutely cared about what we had to say and what we needed

Nancy M. | 2015-03-02

I was just out looking at cars and immediately found exactly what I wanted.  Chelsea my salesperson was wonderful.  Great price, great service and fast in and out.

Fernando L. | 2015-02-25

Francisco made this the easiest, smoothest transaction I've ever experienced. He worked with my schedule and had everything ready by the time I got there. I walked out of there in under 90 minutes with a 2015 CRV.

Daniel B. | 2015-02-23

Inquired about a CPO Si on their website to see if I would have any problems with registering w/ California.
Francisco called me (i couldn't pick up) left my a voice-mail and advised that there will not be any problems.

On Wednesday I made plans about checking the car out on Saturday 2/21/15, but then my cousin brought up an interesting point. Would the car still be there?
So I email Francisco to ask, he then calls me and advised me that its possible it would not be there, but they can hold it for me for a fee of $500 fully refundable deposit.

A guy from a Ford dealership calls me to see if i was still interested in their Titanium Fusion, I had to decline and say i found something better at Auto Nation. He said you know you have to pay tax twice, which got me worried so i called Francisco and he assured me that i would only pay the tax on the State that i live in.
I went ahead and  made the final preparations to drive to Vegas.

I got in on Saturday morning, asked for Francisco he came out and was very professional advised me the car is at the wash and getting cleaned for me.
Test drove the car, checked for a specific lettering a girl at the California DMV hotline told me to look for, saw it and shook Francisco's hand and said "SOLD"

Final paperwork took about 20minutes as I had already made arrangement with American Airlines FCU, Carlos Burger the Finance Manager was printing out papers and took the time to speak to my credit union about how they would get paid.


Gabby M. | 2015-02-19

I'm new to Vegas, only been here 5 months. I needed an oil change and went to Auto Nation Honda. I was greeted by Vincent and he was very friendly and helpful. Even offered to have my car washed before I could even ask if they did that, which was a nice bonus. He Was very honest with me and not pushy. I will definitely be going back and seeing Vincent.

Samira F. | 2015-02-10

After having a horrible experience at Findlay Honda went to auto nation and was completely happy with how easy and less "pushy" they were ! They gave me a good value on my trade in and Michael Gannon was professional and cordial without that "car salesmen" feel. Would recommend to my family and friends cause I would definitely buy another car from them ! Without the haggling that usually goes on at dealerships buying my new car actually felt like it should feel, Good!

Alicia F. | 2015-02-06

I came in looking for a CR-V because of the leasing specials at the time. But due to the diligence of the sales agent and manager knowing what I really had in mind, I walked away much happier with my Honda Pilot! I had a few glitches with the paperwork due to my indecisiveness, but overall a wonderful place to buy a car. Will be going back!

Tessa K. | 2015-02-04

Been coming here for years. Leonard is ours in service guy.  Takes care of all the details and provides excellent service.

Amy D. | 2015-01-20

In December, I returned a lease for a friend who is working out of the country.

I needed another car and Joe Mendoza, the lease and internet specialist, was phenomenal!  They beat Findlay's price by more than $2000 and all with a smile!

Mitch W. | 2015-01-01

During our stay in Vegas over Christmas, my friend's 2011 Honda Pilot died around 4:45pm on a Friday evening (12/26/2014).  We thought it was the battery since there was virtually no sound when you tried to start it although it started just fine the previous day and earlier that day.

AAA came for a jump start, but found out that the positive side battery cable was completely corroded (see picture).  The guy tried to get the car started by manually holding the positive terminal to the battery, but no go.

We went back to the hotel room and started looking up places to fix the positive battery terminal.  We called two Honda dealers and the one who was most helpful was Jared at this dealership.  At first, he was going to help us install a new battery, but after we found out that the problem was not the battery, I called him back to say we wouldn't be able to make it to the dealership before closing since the Pilot needed to be towed there.  I let him know the problem was the positive side battery cable and he estimated it would cost between $250 to $275 to fix.  (The battery would have been $160 to replace).  I left two messages for Jared and each time he called me back, so good service on his part.  He told me he needed to check his parts department to see if they had the positive battery terminal in stock, but they were closed already, so we had to call after his Saturday morning rush around 9am.  He said if the part was available, then he could fix the car on Saturday.  That was a relief since we don't live in Vegas and if he couldn't fix it on Saturday, then we'd have to wait till Monday to get it fixed.

The next morning, I called two other dealers at 8am and one said he could order the part and it would be there Monday and another dealer said he did have the part in stock and could finish the car that Saturday (but this dealer was 17 miles away).

At 8:40am, I called Jared and he said he was on the phone with the parts department, so he called me back after he got off the phone with them.  He said the part is in stock, but they would have to go pick it up and they could fix the car today after verifying that the positive side battery cable was the problem.

We called AAA again and had the car towed to Autonation Honda (3.3 miles away instead of 17 miles).

Jared greeted us at the service department, got the paperwork done, then the mechanic inspected the car and agreed it was the positive side terminal.  The only bummer was that there is no shuttle service on Saturdays.

We called a taxi, then went back to our hotel, then went to the Fashion Show Mall, got lunch and did a little shopping.

Around 2:30pm, Jared called and said the car was finished and it would be $303 plus tax.

We got another taxi to the dealership, paid the cashier, then briefly talked to Jared and thanked him for his good service and we were off.

Not fun to have car problems away from home.

Xie Xie!

Coraline M. | 2014-11-26

I had been idly car shopping since July. I've learned you really have to be proactive with used civics, they go fast. As soon as this one was listed I was in to look at it and the numbers and was told the next day it would be done with servicing and ready for a test drive.
Well an hour before my appointment the next day I'm told the parts are not yet in, and it will be ready to drive the next day. So why did I receive a call from another salesman an hour later asking where I was? After explaining that I was just told the car was ready the salesman seemed upset.

But I eventually drove the car, and purchased it. And six days later it broke in my driveway. Completely stuck. It was either the brakes or transmission. So after playing phone tag with my salesman (With his manager Val Naz in the background saying I parked my car on an incline incorrectly so it is MY fault the brakes are locked up)
service (enter Leonard who many others have mentioned here), and Honda care (my warranty covers tow but of course they couldn't find my info) my car shows up at service.
No loaner car because at 5pm it was too late to arrange.
The next day Leonard leaves a voicemail saying it was "just some loose bolts." I call him back at 2:30p, leave a voicemail and receive no call back.
I arrive at the dealership an NO ASSOCIATES can even walk me through what happened to the car? I want some answers, an explanation. This car was inspected one week prior!!
After walking through the whole dealership trying to find ANY form of management, one finally brought me to John Norton, a service manager.
He was extreme helpful, calmed me down, explained exactly what work was done and took ownership for what happened. He was incredibly nice and so was Alex Lobos who met with me.
Unfortunately, I don't know how I feel about bringing my car back to this shop, especially after reading similar situations!!

Jhanique W. | 2014-11-25

I bought my first Honda, a CR-V, from them in 2012. My experience then was great and the customer service I received from that point on was impeccable.  I loved my Honda so much and had such an awesome experience two years ago that I came back. Kenny Weaver and Dan Burgess are two of the greatest men you will ever have the opportunity of working with when it comes to getting you in the right car. My CR-V saved my mom's life and Auto Nation Honda East always takes care of me so I believe there is no other place I would have gone, but here.

Lisa C. | 2014-11-21

Had an awesome experience buying my 2014 Honda Crosstour. Dan Smith was a true professional and very nice guy. They got me in and out with a trade in and it was the best car shopping experience I ever had. Will definitely recommend and go back. Proud to be a Honda owner!

Melissa G. | 2014-11-04

I spent months research cars and going to different dealers. I then spent days emailing different dealers and trying to settle on a price. It seemed like Terry Singer was willing to work with me, so we took the long drive to this location to buy the car. We were ready to buy. When we got there, he was nice at first. Then he seemed uninterested in helping me and not willing to budge AT ALL. Over the phone and email prior he seemed much more eager to make a sale.

I told him if he can't help me, then I am leaving and not returning ever. I was not joking. He seemed like he did not care at all. So, goodbye. We walked out, got in the car and here comes Micheal Gannon. He rolled the windows down and he said "What can we do to make you stay?" I said well make me a deal and stop playing games. Make it appear you want to make a sale. He said he would take care of us and he did. We bought the car from him and enjoyed his customer service.

Overall a pretty good experience. The only issue was the power went out in the middle of the purchase and we left for dinner hoping it would come back on. It never did. We had to drive home and come back the next day, but they compensated us with some gas. It was an inconvenience but not their fault.

I hate the car buying experience and although it started on that awful car buying experience, it became pretty quick and easy once we got going. I liked that they did not try to get me to buy 100 things once I was in the finance office. I appreciated he did not try to sell me a bunch of other things that we don't need.

William I. | 2014-10-31

Went to fix a check engine light for car registration. Had more work done than I thought I needed. Vincent was amazing, got me a rental car and had me out and about in less than an hour. Got my truck back the next day, runs better than ever!! Thanks Vince, rock on!!

Patrick S. | 2014-10-18

I purchased my 2007 Honda Accord from Desert Honda before it became Auto Nation Honda and have always had my vehicle serviced here. So today I went to get my oil changed and asked to have a new key cut as well. $189.95 for a new key is a little pricey but I understand. I bring my vehicle to be serviced by professionals and I'm willing to pay a little more for that. I get the key and I'm on on way. Drive all the way back to Summerlin and get out of the car & try to lock the door and the key doesn't work. Better yet my old key doesn't work either now. So I have to drive all the way back to the dealership and wait again to have the keys programmed. Leonard the service advisor was great but I'm PO and the tech wasting my time & gas. My tip of the day if you have a key cut here for your car double check the tech's work before you leave

Natasha Y. | 2014-10-08

Very happy with my new Honda Fit 2015 lease, my first Japanese car, it's so high tech, fell In love with it! It was a great experience, friendly staff, fast service, felt like a part of Honda family. Thank you, guys, for being awesome!

Chris J. | 2014-10-07

Just bought a FIT from Autonation. Used Edmonds and got a price promise from 3 locations. Autonation had the best selection, price and best rep of the 3 dealers. I was very happy with service, how we were treated, no high pressure and very knowledgable staff. Had to negotiate the value of my trade in, but they ultimately came around. It really was a good experience.

Mona G. | 2014-10-06

LESS THEN 1 *      Sin City is the correct name for this Honda dealer... My window cable broke on my 2002 CRV. Jarred only wanted $620.  I told him I could buy a whole new door for less.  He said"what if the color doesn't match?".  I could paint it...
A nice Valet kid at my hotel told me to go to Walgreens and buy duct tape $6.49.  The duct  tape held up the window the entire 300 miles home.  Today my friend replaced the window cables for $55.  

Jarred did a complimentary  safety inspection SERIOUSLY the total to get me  home safely was $2700, yes that is Twenty seven hundred dollars.............
They said I needed break pads and rotters, 4 tire.  Sorry I only need 2 tires the back ones are in great shape!

The sweet cashier was embarrassed.  I told her she should be ashamed to work with such crooks.    I paid $89.99 to get NOTHING repaired.

Can it get worse, YES.  The coffee was shit and they only had powder cream,  nasty shit!

I certinaly am not over with the review.....

Nancy R. | 2014-10-03

Bought my first 2014 Accord Lx and it was a great experience. My sales person Marlo Armea exceeded all my expectations & did a fantastic job producing different rates for me to choose from and got me into the Accord I wanted. I'm very satisfied with the customer service I received from him . I would definitely recommend all my family and friends to buy from Honda , thank you so much Marlo !

Alianay I. | 2014-09-25

This place has excellent customer service. My advisor always takes care of my car and makes sure it has great health! I have been coming here for over 1 year and I just bought my second car here too! The new manager Cesar takes very good care of his clients. No matter how many questions i bother my advisor with about my car, he never complains. He is always willing to thoroughly explain how my car functions. The two advisors I've gone to are Vincent & Alex (my personal favorites)

Sumer F. | 2014-09-19

I don't even want to give a star! The worst customer service ever! They sold my fiance a lemon which I am still trying to get him to return before our 30 days is up.
Brakes are locking up on the freeway, sometimes it doesn't start, it needs an alignment,  and the tail light is out!! Their "safety first" concerned team still hasn't fixed it. Took it to get repaired and no loaner car. The First time they were supposed to fix the car we got a loaner car, only because it was still in sales!! It hasn't gotten fixed and it hasn't been a month! When expressing my concernes I was shooed away from the desk while management did absolutely nothing!!!
I am appalled at their lack of professionalism. I don't want this car and I dont ever want to do business with them. And being born and raised in this town I will be sure to tell everyone I know NOT to go there ever.

Steven H. | 2014-09-19

I bought an Accord here on Labor Day from Terry Singer. We negotiated everything online a couple of days before I came in. He gave me a price that I thought was great, and none of the other local dealers were willing to beat the price in writing.  The process went very smoothly,  and the numbers that we agreed to were the ones that appeared on the paperwork. Piece of cake. Highly recommend.

Abigail J. | 2014-09-17

Jarred, one of the service advisors, took great care of what needed to be done with my car and was very detailed about everything.  Great customer service over there!

Gary A. | 2014-09-02

Bought a 2014 Accord Sedan (sport) manual Trans, they were so fair with pricing I couldn't argue too much, thank you Marlo for helping me out, my 1st BRAND NEW CAR... Feels good knowing I bought a car that's always top 3 in most reviews if any #1 in a lot of categories. I'm so happy with my new Accord. Thank you Autonation Honda Eastb

Margarita R. | 2014-08-26

Bought my Civic last week from AutoNation Honda Eash Las Vegas and was very pleased with the whole process. My husband was the one who was e-mailing different dealers to get the best price and AutoNation really won us over with the attention to details that they offered in their e-mails.

I had never purchased a care from an AutoNation dealer before, but I believe that I will keep purchasing my cars through them.

Jacqulyn M. | 2014-07-21

This was the best experience I've had buying a car BY FAR! 90 percent of the buying process i did from the comfort of my house which is beyond ideal when you have 3 little ones. the car buying experience can get a little...alot... hectic, this was far from hectic the most pleasant experience I've ever experienced. i can't brag enough about Louise Evans and Dan Burgess; together they make an amazing team!!! Louise is top notch at getting your monthly payment very low, she's VERY good at what she does! its safe to say i will not be going anywhere else to purchase a vehicle when my little ones grow to age! #onehappymomma #hondaforlife!

Ed M. | 2014-07-05

Our experience at AutoNation Honda was simply the best car buying experience we've ever had.  We wanted to avoid the typical car buying experience (come in, wade through the sales people, argue over the trade-in, argue over the rate, sit there for 5 hours before, finally purchase car and drive away) so took steps to speed the process along.  

First, we procured a loan via Capital One Auto.  If your credit is sketchy or you are coming out of bankruptcy, go through Captial One.  We qualified for a 60 month loan at 2.43%, a rate which the dealer would have never been able to touch.  Having the loan already decided is the single most important part in expediting your car purchasing experience.  Next, I went through the Consumer Reports Car Purchasing Program.  I chose the car in which I was interested (2014 Honda Civic Si) with the options and color I wanted, CR supplied a certificate with a price a partner dealer would honor (and it was a really good price).  That took care of the haggling part, and that's also when things got weird.  Well, weird to someone who is used to purchasing a car via normal channels.

Within an hour of obtaining the Consumer Reports price certificate, Lestainia, a representative from AutoNation Direct contacted me via a phone call.  We discussed the car in which I was interested, discussed my trade-in, and discussed extended warranties and other add-ons (I told her I wasn't interested in those as I was buying a Honda for  reason).  Lestainia stated that she would call me back in approximately 4 hours with some numbers.  True to her word, she called me back with a trade-in number that was actually higher than I anticipated, and a final price that was fantastic.  An appointment was made for the following day to go to AutoNation Honda East Sahara and meet with Marlo the Sales Manager to finalize the purchase of my new Civic.

Now, my wife and I subscribe to the tried and true adage of "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is", and were still skeptical, as the entire process seemed way too easy.  We arrived at the dealership, shields up and ready for the deal to fall through at any moment.  Gladly, we had nothing to worry about.  We met Marlo, I test drove the car and loved it.  The paperwork had been filled out in advance by the AutoNation Direct team and the dealership.  There was no attempt to sell us a warranty or add-on.  It was "Sign here, initial here, done" transaction.  In fact, had I not test driven the car, we would have been in and out of the dealership in 40 minutes.  Marlo was kind, conscientious, and a consummate professional throughout the entire process.

Overall, we could not be happier with the entire purchasing process, and we highly recommend the AutoNation Direct program, which removes the haggling and expedites the paperwork portion of the car buying process.  While we accessed the program via Consumer Reports, it is available directly via AutoNation.  The staff at AutoNation Honda East Sahara were great throughout the entire process.  

When buying a car, regardless of the dealership, do yourself a favor and procure a loan before you go to a dealership.  That one piece will give you the best leverage in the process.

Jade L. | 2014-07-03

I've been wanting the new 2013/2014 Honda Accord Sedan for about a year and... I finally got one! THROUGH HONDA WEST! First of all, I highly recommend going to Honda West instead of having to deal with AutoNation's shitty customer service.

A few days ago, I've been emailing with Michael Gannon at AutoNation Honda East LV, and he was very nice and helpful. He prepared a number of quotes for me and offered different options for me to review. Made an appt with him but when I got there, he was with other clients and asked his partner to assist me, which I was perfectly fine with. If you absolutely have to go to this dealership, at least ask for Michael and deal with nobody else.

His partner (don't even remember his name) was the epitome of the pushy car salesman that everyone dislikes. Of course when you're purchasing a car you always look at different options so I was thinking about a used 2013 Accord as well. The partner kept pushing me to buy it while I was looking at it. After looking at the used 2013, I decided that I wanted a brand new 2014 instead. He continued to push the 2013 and going on about the positives of this vehicle. DUDE! I already told you I didn't want this car. What he was saying went through one ear and out the other.

Finally, we move on and start discussing the 2014. While pulling my financials, my credit score was not as good as I thought (they pull the middle score from Experian) so mine came back a couple points lower than average. They gave me over 10% APR. I got a 13.9% APR through Carmax when I had NO credit history whatsoever, and with $0 down. They were not very willing to work with me either, and I was ready to put $5000 down because my previous vehicle had negative equity. Their high interest rates were making my payments around $550+ a month. INSANE! I can go lease a new Mercedes for $550-600/month!

Then the partner brought out a female manager who was a complete B I T C H. She took one look at my credit report and didn't even think to offer different options. She said, in these exact words, "well what rate do you expect with your credit?" in a rude tone. Really?! I'm not in the car business so I don't know. How about you work with me and come up with an option that makes both of us comfortable? She was basically saying "this is the best deal you're going to get, take it or leave it". WRONG! And no thanks, I'll leave it!

The next day, I went to Honda West and bought my new 2014 Honda Accord. I've been visiting Honda West periodically to look at this vehicle because I've been wanting it for that long. Every time I went, all their staff was extremely helpful and always laid out different options for me to think about. And they've never been pushy with me; letting me take my time to explore my new potential vehicle, showing me all the features EVEN when I told them I wasn't ready to buy the vehicle yet. This time when I was ready to buy, my salesman, Jonathan Warner, kept helping me negotiate with the financial department and got me a deal I was comfortable with, and couldn't refuse.

AutoNation Honda needs to understand they are a HONDA dealership, not a Mercedes or other high end make. And they may get many customers who have good credit and are an easy sell, but will get customers that have no or shitty credit as well. Regardless, a customer is a customer and a sale is a sale. Especially at this time, many people are recovering from foreclosures and bankruptcy which has ruined their score. However, they come to you ready to purchase a vehicle and are treated like dirt. Me being in the sales + customer service industry as well, their attitudes were completely unacceptable. Not only did you lose me as a customer, I will always advise all my friends AGAINST going to this dealership to purchase a vehicle. In addition... I am a Yelper! And now have written about my horrible experience with AutoNation & staff for the world to see.

Strehl E. | 2014-07-03

I've used the shop here numerous times.  Although the work isn't cheap, I've never felt ripped off and I'm always confident that the work was done properly.  The service is great and I like that, if the problem is small such a headlight being out, I can just pull up and they'll swap it out within minutes.  My 2002 CRV runs beautifully and I hope, with their help, it'll continue to do so for many years to come.

Clark J. | 2014-06-28

bought a car here yesterday from john parsons. very nice guy. wasn't impatient or in a rush like some salesman. was teaching me almost everything about the car inside and out. took his time with me. very good experience for me will probably buy cars here in the future i love my honda civic.

Mark R. | 2014-06-18

I am an out of state resident who maintains a second home in Vegas.  After 8 years, my wife and I decided to top renting cars and purchase a Honda CRV.  I used multiple car buying services and one put me in contact with AutoNation Honda.  I worked over the phone with a person named Marisol in FL.  She was absolutely fantastic - she listened to my requirements and actually beat by a significant amount the quote from the car buying service that referred me to AutoNation Honda.  Over the phone I put down a Credit Card payment to hold the car.

When I arrived in Las Vegas, I was greeted warmly by Marlo Armea who was assigned to get me in and out as quickly as possible.  Marlo demo'd the features on, already had the paperwork prepared and once he was done with me, took me in to finance where they collected my payment, had me sign a couple more forms and then shook my hand and wished me well.

I have to say, I really liked how the AutoNation "internet sales worked" with me after coming in through a car buying service.  What impressed me most about AutoNation is they listened and didn't BS me.  The other local dealers all wanted me in to talk to me, I didn't want to be talked to, I knew what I wanted and simply wanted to do a quick transaction.

Verena H. | 2014-06-17

Loving my new Honda Accord 2014 Touring!!!  Marlo Armea was the best of all sales associates yet!  It was great working with AutoNation and working out the details were perfect!

Karen J W. | 2014-06-05

I've been buying cars since 1987, and this is the best car buying experience I've ever had....we found the vehicle we wanted on their website communicated our interest. The entire process took about an hour...Joe, Kenny and Alex all did an amazing job, they didn't waste our time, we agreed on a price from early in the process and there were no haggling!  Thanks Guys!!

Kristine T. | 2014-06-04

Im a first time buyer, first i went to united nissan and i bought a car for $18000 without tax and everything. After a week they called me and said i have to turn the car back in because they couldnt find me a financer. So turn he car back in. They told us to come back after 48 hours and my check will be ready. me and my dad eent back and they told us they dont have my check so  im stuck with no car for few day they debited my money and i have to wait 4-7 days to get my money back. I went to auto nation east sahara. And i am so happy that i turn in my car back. TERRY SINGER the sales person who save me alot of money. Honda civic sedan for the very low price. And its way better than what i had from nissan. He helped me finding a car that i want answered all my questions and even i pulled out the car from their office anytime if i have a question about my car i can always call Mr.Singer. and he gave me a lunch too because im so hungry (supposed to be thats hes lunch) thanks terry for providing us a great service and we are pleased. I love my new car and thanks to you!!

Sandra R. | 2014-05-24

I bought my newest car here as well as get my services done too.

My experience with buying a new car was rough at first. When I first arrived I felt that I wasn't giving the right amount of respect due to how young I looked. I came in and asked about a car & I was handed down to the bottom salesman, thinkin I'm probably gonna waste their time. I heard "oh you can have her" & "yah you take her". Uhh I could hear you. Little did these sales sharks know I came in to buy not to look.

Services-- when I bought my car I got a handful of free oil changes. Which is a plus. Now all the other services-- 10,000 mile service, breaks, tires -- expensive! Now I may have a lack of knowledge on what the prices should be on these services, but boy do they hurt my pockets.

Vince is pretty helpful though. He always tries to work with me on prices. Gives me a discount where he can. So I'm thankful. But next time I might have to get a second opinion when a service comes along. Just to see if I'm not getting suckered.

D. B. | 2014-05-15

Joe Mendoza made buying my mom's new Honda Civic the easiest, most pleasant car buying experience I've ever had. Joe knows how to make his customers feel like VIPs. He went over and above the responsibility of a car salesperson.

Monica M. | 2014-05-12

I am a "ghost" meaning I have no real established credit. I am a first time buyer. These are the numbers in comparison with AutoNation Honda East and Carmax.

The numbers:
AutoNation Honda East.
Car: Honda Accord
Year: 2007
Mileage: 80K
Down payment: $3,000
APR: 28%
Monthly payment: $438

Car: Volkswagen Jetta
Year: 2013
Mileage: 30k
Down payment: $3,500
APR: 12%
Monthly payment: $358

Now looking at the numbers you may think that the reason the APR is lower for Carmax is the extra $500 down payment, but the best Honda later offered us 15% APR with $4,500 down.

The story is we took the 2007 Honda Accord with the 28% APR. We were going to pay the additional $1,500 within 28 days to get a lower APR. The day we took the Honda it was told to us that it was in need of a new starter. They installed a new starter before we left the lot. The very next day the car would not start. We were stranded and called Honda. They sent a tow truck. It took two hours for them to get there when we only 14 minutes from Honda (according to google maps). Not only did they take long, they did not send a car for us. We had to find a ride back to the dealership.

We asked for a refund. They came up with new numbers. Still the best they could do was 15% APR with a co-signer. I had already made up my mind I wanted a refund. At first they asked if we had our debit cards used in the down payment for the refund. Then we were told that they would cut is a check but it would take 2 days to go through corporate. We said okay and went to Carmax. After falling in love with the 2013 Jetta, we could not get it because we did not have our refund. Carmax held the car for is for 3 days. We went to Honda on the 2nd day and expected our check. Instead they swiped our debit cards. Unfortunately this meant it would take the banks anywhere from 3-7 business days to show back up in our bank account. We were stuck without a car until the money went through. We called and asked Honda to please cut us a check so we can get our car but they said they couldn't.
Thank god a family member loaned us the money so we could get the Jetta. I would recommend the Carmax experience over Honda/AutoNation to anyone.

John R. | 2014-05-08

Four Stars for the Dealership and "FIVE" stars for my salesman, Doug Saxton.

I'm pretty anal when it comes to getting a good deal (I looked for a month at other dealerships) and I thought I had run out of options until I wrote Doug Saxton at Autonation Honda East. I sent Doug an e-mail with what price the other dealers were quoting me and what price I wanted to pay and he wrote me back and accepted my offer, just like that!

Hence, I have never had such a great, cut-to-the-chase, no-haggle, best price possible,  salesman as Doug Saxton and I would highly recommend him to others looking to buy a new Honda. He truly made my car buying experience relaxing and worth while without the typical stress associated with buying a car.

Respectfully, I deducted one-star for the dealership because I expected their finance department to be as candid as Doug which was not the case. However, in fairness to them...not that their finance department was bad, it's just that they were typical and when you're following an act like Doug's, who sets the bar so high for candor and integrity, I was probably expecting more than they could deliver.  

If I'm ever in the market for another Honda, Autonation Honda will be my go-to place and Doug Saxton my go-to salesman!

Angela T. | 2014-04-04

Jared and Vincent are so nice and professional and accommodating. It makes the trip from the southwest part of the Valley worth it. Great service. Great people.

Ric S. | 2014-03-15

Got a ridiculous deal on my car and it was a smooth process. Dan Smith was the one that helped me, he was up front and didn't pressure or push the sale. He was straight forward from the get go and not once did I feel uncomfortable. I highly recommend this place.

Lisa D. | 2014-03-12

We leased a 2014 Honda Odysey and we absolutely love it.  What gets better than our new Honda is the ease of our transaction with Doug Saxton.  My husband did all of his car shopping over the internet and Doug Saxton was the ONLY dealer that actually honored my husbands request not to be contacted by phone.   Everything was pretty much set in stone before we even set foot into the dealership.   We met with Doug, signed our paperwork and off we went.  

A MAJOR plus in our experience is the fact that when we drove onto the lot of the dealership, there were not five sales people waiting to pounce on us.  The most dreaded part of going to any dealership is to have these sales people all over you.  I can guarantee you that this will not happen at AutoNation East Las Vegas.  They are all very respectful and professional.  GREAT EXPERIENCE if you are looking for a Honda, my recommendation would be to contact Doug Saxton @ AutoNation

Ibsan P. | 2014-02-14

I have not purchased a car here buuut their service department is awesome helped me quick and easy

Cynthia C. | 2014-01-07

After deciding on what new car I wanted to buy, my credit union recommended I use a concierge through Autonation.  I was connected with Autonation Honda East.

My concierge, Doug Saxton, was extremely helpful.  He answered all of my questions honestly and had my best interest at heart.  I appreciated the fact that he wasn't trying to pressure me into buying just ANY car.  He wanted me to love the car I chose, and  I do!

My 2014 Honda CR-V is awesome!   If you are looking for a new or used Honda, consider giving Autonation Honda East a try.  Doug will assist you and make your car buying process simple and easy.

K T. | 2014-01-07

After weeks of looking for a car and me being very picky as to what I liked I found a car here. No fancy smoking guns, no sugar coat this and that, just simple good old fashion car sale. We spotted the car we liked and the salesman had the keys ready to go quickly. And work with anyone coming in to get you the best payment and APR rate. I recommend to the fullest although there isn't a huge selection it's easy to find what you want

Ayush G. | 2013-12-24

I purchased a used Honda Civic from here. The sales person was very friendly and showed me a bunch of different cars. She helped me with my questions and was able to give me my options and I went with the Civic, which has been a good car so far. I would highly recommend people go to AutoNation Honda!

Dennis C. | 2013-12-17

Me and my wife purchased a new CRV in this facility. Our experience had been great.
We did our research for few weeks prior to the purchase and ended up deciding to go with a CRV. The sales rep, Danny B, has been professional all through out. We already knew what we wanted so we were done in less than 2 hours. The only minor problem we had was there was only one model with the specific color we wanted that was available during that time but it was not really a big problem.
So far, the car 's running very good and MPG is better than we expected.

JR D. | 2013-08-27

This review is for sales. We did our car research online and then worked with Robert Grossman from the Internet Sales Department to purchase our car. Working with Robert was easy and pleasant. Prior to our purchase, he called us various times to check whether we had made a decision. However, he was never pushy. When we finally visited the dealership for a test drive, he provided the information we needed and allowed us to walk away so we could shop around and make a decision. When we were ready to make a deal, Robert gave us a price we thought was fair. We recommend Robert Grossman to anyone looking for a straightforward and easy-going salesperson.

Cheryl V. | 2013-08-20

On a 10-hr drive between LA and Las Vegas this weekend (tour bus accident), my Honda CR-Vs AC stopped blowing cold air.  I started to immediately freak out because after doing some googling, I was instantly convinced that whatever the problem was, it was going to cost thousands to fix.  Not exactly something you want to think going into a Las Vegas birthday weekend.

My husband and our friend knew what to do... first thing on Monday (they were closed on Saturday by the time we got to town, and they were closed Sunday), they called in and were able to get an appointment right away.  Not only did the job not cost thousands of dollars to fix, they were also able to get it done in only a few hours' time, and we were headed back to LA in an air-conditioned car.

Leonard was the person who helped us, and was by all accounts friendly, understanding, and did all he could to get us on our way.

I just wished they were open on Sundays, too, to help with out-of-towners looking to get home on Sundays (but that's a lot to ask, I know!!!!!)

Marcus L. | 2013-08-02

Pretext: I was shopping for a new(er) car. I spent many, MANY hours over the span of a couple weeks researching to aid my car buying. After narrowing it down to either a Prius C or Honda Civic I had made inquiries to all 7 main Toyota/Honda dealers either through various purchasing programs(Costco,CapOne,Employee) or directly via dealer websites. It's always good to do the legwork and be knowledgeable when spending your hard earned money on a large purchase such as a car right? I realize they have to turn a profit. but at the same time I don't plan on getting ripped off. It was quite the adventure since alot of them were trying to call me but I was usually working or otherwise not able to answer at the time LOL. Email was definitely the most convenient, at least in my situation. And I find the Internet dept of a dealership is alot easier to do business with than floor salespeople.
Fast forward: On Wedesday evening, after a few previous email correspondences, JOE MENDOZA of AutoNation Honda's Internet dept., emailed me back asking what would make me happy to do a deal tonight since he wanted to end his month strong. Honesty, always nice to hear from a car dealer. I reciprocated by telling him where I currently stood in my car buying and what I was aiming for(car price,financing,trade-in), that I considered a decent deal based on my research. One hour later he emailed me with a counter that was actually better than my target deal. So of course, I gave him a call to verify and said I'd be right down. It should be noted AutoNation Honda was a direct inquiry through their website.
I arrived right around closing time and was surprised to see it was still pretty busy. I met Joe and we got down to business. After inspecting it, I took a quick test drive of the blue Civic EX I had shown interest in. Then we went back inside to finalize all the details. There was one small discrepancy from the quoted deal but Joe immediately apologized and had it fixed. There was the usual service/add-on upsells at the financing portion. In all, I spent just over 2hrs there before I drove away in my brand new car. For something that most people dread, my car buying experience was made very pleasant by Joe.
I have to give Joe an "A" for effort in wanting to make a sale while not being high pressure. Joe was upfront, giving me all the info I requested and needed to make an informed decision. He was not vague and saying things like, why don't you come in and I'll see what I can do. Especially when it does take time to correspond and not everyone who inquires will necessarily buy from you, or at all.
I'd definitely recommend Joe Mendoza for anyone's car buying needs!
My purchase did come with 4 services(oil change,tire rotation,fluids) to be done within 2yrs/24k mi. Updated reviews on service in regards to this dealership will follow later.

Aom W. | 2013-07-19

Long story I bought a car from this dealership and I put 3,000$ down payment because I'm a first time buyer.So When I went to sign paper works.They have 2 options for me with warranty and without warranty.I signed on both.just incase I didn't get approved from either onw of them..From 300$ change to 360$.and I changed my mind later.I don't want warranty anymore.So I asked a carsaleman right away that I don't want it.anymore.So He told me I can change it just tell the finace manager.So I thought I can change it anytime.(misunderstanding)He called me in the next 3 days.and I told him I don't want warranty anymore because I'm planning to buy a new car in a year.He told me he can't do nothinfg about it and I texted to carsaleman asked him to help me cause He the one that told me I can change it.I went to a car dealership and I thought I'm going to her a good news but The general manager came up and talk to me.You can't cancel your warranty anytime but You have to pay 360$ without warranty.He saud it out loud infront of everybody.It made me look stupid in front of everybody.So I just walked away and I swear to god I won't go there again.That's how they treat customer and This us my first time buying a car from dealership.Bad experience!no more Autonation Honda!!! Sorry language english .second language.

Michelle P. | 2013-05-03

So for the best service i have gotten from Honda... Alex Lobos always takes care of me and has me in and out pretty fast!

Manish S. | 2013-04-30

Service center here was professional. I had a coupon for a 30 buck oil change and tire rotation. They said it'd take about an hour. (I had an appointment) they took an hour and 10 mins. Told me I need my brakes and tires replaced. But they explained what was going on with my car and related the numbers back to why the services needed were to be done.  I am currently shopping around, but they had a great friendly staff.

Carol V. | 2013-04-10

Just got my new Accord and they had the best deal in town. I did a lot of research on the car and shopped other dealers . Dan Smith was very helpful and helped me get the exact car I wanted.  Everyone at Desert was really nice and the process was much quicker than expected. I definitely recommend Desert Honda.

Keith G. | 2013-04-06

Our Family was on Day 1 of a planned week long "RoadTrip" almost came to a sudden stop.  We were just past Banning headed toward Las Vegas when we were getting multiple "error codes" and erratic engine performance from our 2008 Honda Accord.
It was the day before Easter, Friday at 2:30pm and we were still an hour from Vegas;  Do we continue to Vegas or call AAA?  I Yelped Honda Dealerships in Vegas and decided to forge ahead and hope for the best.  Well, we lucked out - We called Desert Honda once we were within 30 minutes of Vegas and talked to Vincent Vital, he assured us that he would do whatever he could to diagnose the issue before the service department closed for the weekend.
Sixty minutes later, we were back on the road again after Vincent correctly diagnosed and had his mechanics replace a spark plug.  Sure we paid for a new spark plug and an hour of labor but it afforded us an opportunity to finish our six day trek across six states (1854 Miles), and (I think) if it wasn't for Vincent's efforts we may have been forced to stay in Las Vegas through the Weekend.    
Vincent - Thank you for caring and treating us like we were your only Customer!

Cynthia R. | 2013-03-25

The best!!! Headed out for a Vegas weekend and ended up having some car issues! We called late Saturday and spoke to Jared who set us up first thing Monday! Luckily we were in Vegas through Monday anyways! Jared had great customer service skills and all the staff was friendly. Best part was they shuttled us to the strip while we waited for our car! Very impressed! Jared should get a raise or reward for his outstanding customer skills! Thumbs up :)

Pamela M. | 2013-03-12

I purchased a 2013 Honda Fit from Desert Honda a little over a week ago. I had gone to a couple of other dealerships and dealt with the typical pushy salesmen. I worked with Mark at Desert Honda, and he was much more honest and straightforward. The process was pretty quick, and he's been great with the follow-up to make sure that all of my questions are answered.
I do feel like I probably could have gotten a slightly better price, but it was worth a little extra just for the better customer service and honesty. I felt much more comfortable dealing with them than anywhere else that I visited, and I'm really happy with my choice!

Shawn H. | 2013-03-01

I used to work here a long time ago...this review would be for service, since I wasn't purchasing a car.

Just dropped in for an oil change and tire rotation, no appointment, but they seemed to get the job done fairly quickly.  About 45min or so, including a quick wash.

I really like the remodeling they did in the front, since it was really showing its age a few years ago.  Now it is more modern and airy..

Check it out if you need some service!  I always go through Alex Lobos...he will take care of you :)

Kevin B. | 2013-02-08

Almost a year ago I went to Desert Honda to buy a new or used car. Once the salesman decided my credit score was only good enough for a used Sentra which was advertised on their website, he treated me like garbage. He wouldn't even let me see the car. He said it was being serviced. This, a car already on their website for a while now, was being serviced at the time I came in. Right. Then he reluctantly took my application to the finance dept. and told me they were closed for the night and I'd hear back the next day. Two days later I discovered the finance dept. hours were open at the time he said he brought my application to them. I never ever heard back from their finance dept. or the salesman after leaving two messages a piece. Crappy people.

Kate K. | 2012-11-24

I used the AutoNation Direct car buying service (the ONLY way to go) to shop around for cars; they directed me to Desert Honda for my two most recent car purchases (2010, and now).

I have to say this is probably the quickest car buying experience I've ever had.  I've bought two cars from Desert Honda and both times I was in and out in record time (from the time I decided to purchase to driving away was probably under an hour and a half).  This time, I went in looking for a hybrid.  David Adolph. was a great sport, I was being really picky.  He was not pushy at all (my #1 turn off for car dealerships) and pretty much catered to whatever we wanted to look at and test drive.  We ended up buying a non-hybrid mostly because the other cars we drove were fun to drive.  But KUDOS to David for being patient while we made up our minds!

Everyone I came in contact with was friendly and personable.  I have never had a more pleasant car buying experience!

Amy K. | 2012-08-07

I am not from Las Vegas and as a woman it is always frustrating to do anything with cars. It seems like people are always trying to tell you its very important to fix something on your car because they think they can sucker you into giving them money.  I went to Desert Honda expecting the same but was pleasantly surprised! I went in just to get an overall checkup because my hybrid wasn't getting great gas mileage. The original cost was going to be $110. I was prepared for that and it seemed fair. After waiting, they come back in to tell me they did a full check up and it wasn't going to cost anything. They also said they cleaned the car for me. There was no mention that "since you are going to be driving so far back home you should get this and this and this fixed." They just told me my car was great, it was the heat causing the low gas mileage and to enjoy my time in Las Vegas. What a pleasant surprise!

Tyson N. | 2012-07-10

So I read all of the reviews on Desert Honda and I was a bit discouraged from going there, however I have been looking for a specific Honda for a long time, a 2011 Black Accord Coupe w/ Navigation, and black interior. I found the car, I liked it, I am a savvy consumer so I asked to take it home if I kept the mileage under 100 miles. They agreed, and I took it home. I loved the vehicle as soon as a drove off the lot! I did want to however compare the 4 cylinder, so I took that one home. I chose the V6 w/ the Navigation.

The sales manager Barry, I think his name was very helpful and understanding that I wanted to look around a bit more. He wrote down the price that the car was able to be sold for and honored it a week later. I took my car in a couple of months later for its first service to find out that they not only gave me a stellar deal on the car but also covered my maintenance for a year and free car washes through Terrible Herbst. When looking for another Honda, I will definitely go back there and hopefully things are still the same.

**Update, so after I wrote this I went in for another oil change, and asked around about the reviews and how people were being treated. Apparently they were under new management as of August of 2011, about when I bought my car. I was happy to know they were still employed there and keeping people happy. I have also since buying my car have referred my friends there and they have received the same buyers experience I did.

Scott W. | 2012-05-20

Flew down from Utah to find the color I wanted and get a great price.  So glad I did, Fred treated me great, even picked me up at the airport.   No hassled, price and everything were just as we had worked out.  I would definitely shop with Fred and Desert Honda again!

Manny H. | 2012-02-28

Finally found a great internet sales manager that can make(structure) his own deals!  Was in the market for a new car, emailed about 8 Honda dealerships and visited 4 of them here locally.  After I emailed desert I quickly received an email from "the man" Greg Smith.  Upfront pricing and financing no B.S with Greg he is a straight shooter, he will give you his best deal without going back and forth with a sales manager like most places.  Today we purchased two new vehicles for my wife (pilot) and mother in law (crv), another great experience at Desert Honda again.  Will recommend Greg Smith at Desert

Thanks again Greg

Gaurav S. | 2012-02-25

the worst customer service experience ever. I gave in my civic for a diagnostic test which cost me 110. They kept my car overnight and called gave it back the next day with a wrong assessment. One of the supervisors- LEONARD who I got a chance to explain my problem, was the most unreasonable and non caring customer service personnel I have come across in this town. He didn't care if I was satisfied and whether his unprofessional behavior would taint the Honda image.
All I can say is that I'm never going back there again, nor anyone of my friends.

Lorin C. | 2012-02-10

Had been shopping for awhile and had even settled on a dealer and a car but was told to try Desert Honda. Very pleased with the sales staff who even gave us a tip on our trade that added $2K. Ask for Greg S.  Love the car, 2012 Civic.  34+ MPG.  (BTW, nobody gets a 5-star for anything except my wife or my mom)

James S. | 2012-01-27

Leased with Desert Honda last fall and have enough of a feel now to give a review. Overall, things went well, and have continued to go fine. The deal we hammered out was pretty damn good, and frankly, it pays to do your homework and to shop around. Timing and all sorts of other intangibles might be at play, too, but for me, things worked out to something I was, and am very comfortable with.

Things were a bit more complicated as Nevada and California have some different regulations so be aware, but that's nothing against the Dealer. I suppose it would have been simpler to just to make this deal back in California, but given my commuting situation, it was just as convenient to do it in Vegas.

Sales team was fine, and the paperwork worked out pretty well. And when I did have a clerical snafu, we were able to smooth it out with a minimum of hassle.

OK, so this is not a sexy review. But hey, it's positive, sensible and fairly attractive, like a new Honda should be. Do your homework, and you'll do fine.

Tiger W. | 2011-03-03

Went here to perform an upgrade to the software my 2008 Civic Hybrid's battery uses, after receiving a notice from Honda.

For the next few weeks after leaving, I noticed I had gone from getting 40-50 mpg, down to 28-32 mpg.

I called them several times to complain about this, and asked them to change it back to how it was. When I went in, they said they'd look at it, and during that process my husband and I went to look at newer models of cars. The sales staff were nothing short of pushy, rude, and unprofessional. After telling us they could not do anything for our car, they tried to steamroll us into buying a USED 2010 Accord (Sorry, but 700+ miles on it and the car smelling like someone's been using it, does not mean it's a new car...) for $38,000!!!!

When we told the salesman we were not interested, he kept trying to pressure as to what a great deal this car was, and how they couldn't put us back in a normal Civic, even though they were the ones who had done the "upgrade". We asked for our keys back, and he instead went and got the manager to try to high pressure us again. We told him no, and left.

A week later, I got a call from the manager, once again trying to pressure us into buying this used Accord. I told them that they had somehow fucked up my car, and refused to fix it, and would not be doing business with them again.

Last month, I ended up taking the car to Findlay Honda, since that's where I bought my hybrid from years ago. After inspecting, it turns out that Desert Honda cracked my gas tank, which was causing me to lose gas, and therefore mileage. So much for "Can't do anything", I guess...

Findlay happily put me in a new Civic (the same car that I was told Desert Honda couldn't put me in), after telling me about the new Honda HFX, which I will be going in to buy in another year or so.

TL;DR version - Desert Honda cracks my car's gas tank, attempts to force me to buy a used car at HUGE markup from new price, refuses to fix problem. Stay away from this awful shitty place.

Jen F. | 2010-06-30

I bought my current car here and also go here for service.

I found the (slightly used) car I wanted on their website, so I knew exactly what I wanted ahead of time.  I went in one night after work, met with the representative I had contacted, and was immediately foisted off onto some rookie salesperson.  I was not impressed with the sales team at all.... I mean, I was pretty much a guaranteed sale, and they were still giving me the hard sell and not terribly friendly or accommodating. BOO.  But I'm sure that's most car dealerships, so whatevs. 2.5 stars

Yes, I take my car to the dealership for service! Why? B/c it's actually reasonably priced here! At least for my oil changes and such... less than I used to pay at Jiffy Lube for my old car.  My service rep is really nice and friendly, and I don't feel like I'm getting ripped off.  My car magically sends out a signal or something, then I get a friendly reminder e-mail and letter when it's time to have a service done.  They also wash my car every time I bring it in, bonus. 3.5 stars!  

So, maybe if you're a high roller who isn't just there to buy a used Civic and GTFO they will show you more love in the showroom... but it's a good place to get service done if you've got a Honda and need an oil change!