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Audi Las Vegas, a Las Vegas Audi dealer, has a vast inventory of new & used Audi cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). We offer vehicle financing, Audi OEM factory service & auto parts.

Audi Las Vegas

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 822-7000
Address:6335 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, 89146
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Audi Las Vegas

Sumeet S. | 2015-04-22

I purchased the car (Audi Q5) from the dealer and when it was delivered the inside was not done. i told the sales Representative who was taking care of the car to wash it and clean it couple of times over phone and email. he said it will be done - but when i picked up it was 6.00 PM and i didnt have time to wait any longer. The inside was not clean as it was given to me as it was from the lot. This is not expected from Audi (auto nation) - after purchasing $43,000 car.

Jose C. | 2015-04-19

Bought a used 2008 audi A6 Avant. Brought my car here for an oil change and to check the status of my car. Once I arrived I was treated like a bought a brand new car from this dealership. Donald treated me like a was his only customer from beginning to end. Even helped me how to work the coffee machine! Will recommend this place to anyone who has an Audi. They were honest with anything that needed to get done, and anything that could wait. Thanks!

Christina A. | 2015-04-08

Best dealership experience in a long time. Susan Browne was amazing, she helped us right away and made sure we were completely happy! Mirrors weren't the correct ones on the S car but instead of ordering them and having us wait they switched them with another car the next business day. Can't express enough the great customer service they have. My husband loves his car and I'm sure I will be apart of the audi driving club soon!

Jesse G. | 2015-04-07

Great buying experience from a knowledgable and friendly staff with no high pressure sales tactics. Highly recommend dealing with Gareth and / or Kim

Marcella W. | 2015-04-06

Beginning to end fantastic experience.  Amber Mills!!!!

One of my colleagues purchased two vehicles from Audi Las Vegas on Monday. He was enthused about the vehicle and relieved by the pleasant experience he had with an Audi Las Vegas Salesperson, Amber Mills.

He shared her contact information with me.  We connected and I informed her of my time constraints if purchasing a vehicle. In a sense she channeled her inner "Personal Concierge" and made the transaction swift and seamless. Not only did Amber collect all of the information prior to arrival to cut time, she provided invaluable details about the vehicle and comparative products.  

These elements were quite desirable and essential to completing the transaction in a timely fashion.  Upon my arrival at 1:15 pm she provided additional information and status. After a decision was made we were signing documents by 2:15 pm. This was exceptional and exceeded any expectations.

The day after the purchase, I put on one of my favorite suits and walked out of the front door.  I felt lovely and sassy. The beautiful 2015 A3 was sitting there reminded me of the phrase, "Clothes make the man". I would argue today, that a woman in a nice suit driving an Audi is even more profound.  I love this car and myself in it.  

Not sure I would have thought this vehicle was for me a week ago, but today, I own it.  Amber, please let me extend an impassioned Thank You!  Your professionalism, enthusiasm, knowledge and sincerity permeated every moment of the transaction. Please know I am sincerely and unequivocally grateful for your efforts.

By the way, Richard Duclos was professional,  straight forward and responsive. I like that!

I have to give an honorable mention for cleanliness.....the bathrooms are immaculate.

Hector A. | 2015-03-31

Great service. Very professional and promp. I called to check if i had warranty for my vehicle's Cam follower and to my surprise i did. They scheduled an appointment immediately to have the work done. It was painless to say the least i was put in a rental until my B7 was ready. Overall it was a great experience.

Anonymous R. | 2015-03-24

I couldn't be happier with the new car buying experience that I received from (Kim)Audi Las Vegas. Great cars, great people, a new experience buying on-line thru Kim. I'd like to thank the Audi Las Vegas TEAM that helped me make this purchase easy being from Arizona. The finance staff made signing the paperwork as quick and easy as possible. My wife loves her Q5!!!!!

Jennifer F. | 2015-03-11

i purchased my audi q5 from audi las vegas & i have sent everyone interested in audis there. i love my car & most importantly their dealership is the best as well as their service dept. they are amazing in customer service & very knowledge. boyd brown is one of the best service consultants that i have ever dealt with. they are great with accommodating & arranging whenever i need a loaner as well. very prompt service & all around great experience with audi of las vegas!!

Michael T. | 2015-03-09

Great service from start to finish!  Made appt. online with Erik and requested loaner car.  Reply came quickly.  Dropped off car at appointed time and was advised car would be ready early afternoon.  Called be Erik early afternoon and picked up car which, in addition to requested service, was washed and cleaned!  Good customer focus and professional handling~

Aj G. | 2015-02-24

Jamie in sales was friendly. Answered every question I've asked & offered to call back when there's any pre owned A7's visit the dealership.

R N. | 2015-02-14

Terrrible service  and overall experience. I purchased a used car at this dealership. They told me it had gone through a vigorous Autonation multipoint inspection and had been serviced. This was completely inaccurate. I have Owned the car for over 3 months and spent over $7000 and I am still trying to get the last of a long list of problems resolved.  From the beginning the sales staff are very convincing with talk of the autonation gauruntee and level of expertise. However once they recieved thier money it seemed like the promises faded away. Only after I left did this dealerships true intentions come out. Nothing promised was delivered and when it came to trying to help they offered very little in comparison to what I went through. There is no sense of responsibility with this dealership and unfortunately they live up to all the negative associations you hear with a used car dealership. I will never shop here again and strongly suggest you stay away from this Audi dealership and maybe all Autonation dealerships in general.

Abigail T. | 2015-02-08

This was my first time here, and I had the best service! Mary Pro listened to my needs and got me exactly what I wanted! She even worked to meet my time constraints! All around, an excellent experience.

Ilana S. | 2015-02-07

My husband wanted to give Audi a second chance. Upon arrival we were greeted promptly by Greg Mahoney. I explained to him my prior experience and he more than made up for it. He genuinely felt bad for my earlier visit. He introduced us to sales manager Patrick Scheidecker who also apologized for our earlier visit. Greg was very knowledgeable about the Q5. We spent a lot of time going over every nuance of the vehicle. I ended up purchasing a Q5 from Greg. The car is amazing! I am not one to give second chances, but on this occasion I am very glad that I did!  If you are looking for an Audi, go see Greg, you will not be disappointed.

Jill S. | 2015-02-03

Gareth Nelson in sales is a pleasure to work with. I was not completely satisfied with my cpo purchase but Gareth and the service manager did whatever was needed to make it right. Ultimately I am very happy with my purchase and the service I received.

Peter M. | 2015-01-28

Happy with our experience with Audi of Las Vegas. Patrick and Kim B were patient and made the buying process relatively easy. I felt no pressure nor did I feel like we were playing a game. I love my new A3!

Johanna O. | 2015-01-20

I bought a brand new SQ5 and I love it. During the entire process of exploring my options, customization, order and delivery and financing, Audi Las Vegas exceeded my expectations. Their sales staff delivers a good service without being pushy for a sale. Once the sale is made, they are very responsive to any questions that you have and they make sure you are comfortable with the car features. This is the second Audi that we buy from Audi Las Vegas and I highly recommend this dealership.

Jessica L. | 2015-01-20

WORST DEALERSHIP in Las Vegas!!! Trust me, this visit has been the most unpleasant experience!!  The sales lady did not know anything! Every time I asked her a question she would get up and leave and ask another person and get back to me with a vague answer, EVERY question I had!! It was the weirdest thing! Seemed like that was her first day and never sold a car in her life.  I'm trying to buy out my lease and already decided I am def going to get my car.  After finally getting some numbers on paper another man comes out and talks to me, trying to sell additional warranty and packages, this guy was even worse. He treated me like I was an inconvenience to him because I was inquiring about a lower interest rate (I have excellent credit so why wouldn't I deserve the best rate possible) he was not selling with integrity and only wanted to get a higher commission, didn't even mention me certifying the car which was another option, he made it seem like the only option was what he suggests.  Then all of a sudden they all leave the desk with out a word, and leave us sitting there for a while wondering what was going on. I can see him at the next cubicle and actual hear him talking to another associate about us!! Don't they want a sale? Worst customer service I have ever seen. There was much more but this was the gist of it. In the end we left and went to HENDERSON Audi, I mean wow! What a difference! They are so warm and friendly there and HONEST unlike Audi of Las Vegas. I bought my car there the same day no hassle and las Vegas Audi  lost yet another costumer because of their lack of costumer service.  If u are reading this, trust me, it's worth a lil drive to Henderson location, it's so much more better in every single way.

Susan W. | 2015-01-12

From the first moment we walked in, to the present, we have been treated to number one service at Audi Las Vegas.
Everyone has made sure we understand everything about our new Q5 Audi.  They followed up with email, and a personal call, and even delivered our permanent license plates to our home.
When I called with a question, Alex responded in minutes, and walked me through the answer quickly.
I would highly recommend the car and the dealership.

Mark R S. | 2015-01-09

Shady billing for service. Charge you $140/hr for service. That's a lot but then they add 12% for misc fees. When I questioned it I was told it was for rags and oils and stuff. $514 and change for diagnostics. After that got a minimum estimate of $4600++. Do you really need to charge me for rags and supplies??? Shady

Hans B. | 2014-10-28

I recently got my second Audi A7 from Audi Las Vegas.. I decided to get a second car from them based on the fact that I Love the A7 and have always been impressed with their service and sales department!!!!
They consistently take great care of me from oil changes to tire changes; both Boyd and Eric are always super helpful, reliable and efficient!!!!!! Arman Egoian is super cool, very professional,relaxed and knowledgeable about the product. The entire sales process went very smooth! I also feel the same about GM Tom Walsh and finance service manager Dan Palladino BOTH  of whom went out their way to make my transaction very easy and comfortable... Audi  cars are a great product and Audi Las Vegas represents them perfectly in every way!!! Get an Audi you will love it!!!! Drive safe!!!
Hans Berndes MD

Chloe B. | 2014-10-21

Honestly appalled by the lack of honesty and respect at this location! I have bought one Audi before this one, and I was so excited to get back to the cars I loved. Well, this location has completely changed my opinion of shopping with this dealership.

I purchased my car flat out on July 14th, 2014. After deciding it was the car I wanted, I sat in the lobby for over an hour signing paperwork and then another two hours while they cleaned my car. After the cleaning, I noticed orange finger print stains on the ceiling of my car. I asked them to clean it again to get the stains out. (I'm sorry, if I am paying 40k for a car, it better be in top shape!) They never got the stains out after making me wait ANOTHER two hours! The interior looked exactly the same as it did before the second cleaning. Like they just put the car behind the building for two hours.

After about a week, I couldn't figure out how to sync my phone and brought it into the service department. After all, I was promised that the car had bluetooth compatibility and voice command. This is a flat out LIE. After bringing it in, I was told my car was the basic model and there was no reason for me to complain, as I knew what I was getting into! This is ALL AFTER I WAS LIED TO! I could not believe that a business would conduct itself like this!

That is NOT where the trouble stopped. After waiting over a month for my paperwork to register my car, I had still not gotten the call, so I called. I was told my paperwork was waiting for me whenever I wanted to pick it up. No call, no voicemail, nothing! If I had not called, I would not have known. After POLITELY telling the salesman that he should have called me to let me know that my green slip was ready, he literally shrugged and said "Sorry, man." I could have sworn smoke was coming out of my ears! To avoid making a scene, I turned around and left without another word.

So we are now well into August and I registered my car, but noticed a smell coming from the air conditioner every time I turn it on. It's not just a stagnant smell, but it smells awful. Makes my entire car smell awful. Aside from this, every time my friends get in my car, they say it smells like smoke. I am not a smoker, and this car has never been smoked in.

Then, on October 4th, I called the DMV to get an update on my title. They had NO records of my title ANYWHERE. The dealership had not even sent in my paperwork almost TWO MONTHS after I registered it. After that phone call, I made another call to Audi where the title woman told me she was "working on your title right now." By the end of the phone call, I made her PROMISE to send out the paperwork the following day, which was a Tuesday.

And then today, on the 21st, I called the DMV again to get another update, and again, they had NO RECORD OF IT! Needless to say, I am fuming! I called the dealership again and was HUNG UP ON! Not only am I writing this review, I have told everyone I know NOT TO BUY A CAR FROM HERE! This is unacceptable and I cannot believe any company would treat it's customers like this.

Pam B. | 2014-09-20

Customer service at its finest!  Granted, it may be what you pay for, but it still makes a difference that they successfully come through with great service.  I highly recommend Michael Pyon, as he was extremely patient, helpful, and honest with my family, making my first car buying experience an absolute win.

I purchased a new Audi A3 through their college grad finance plan, which really helped me get a car I still can't believe I have.  It's pretty sweet, to say the least.  Thank you so much Michael, and Audi.  I've fallen in love with the car, and the brand!  After this experience, I think they've made me an Audi driver for life.

Rock S. | 2014-09-10

surprised to see all the negative reviews for this dealership.  they were a lot more responsive and willing to help vs. bmw down the road.  michael p. was awesome. professional, patient and attentive.  we did not feel the push, rush or pressure that come typical with car dealerships.  i have bought 3 new cars within the past 2 months and i rank audi and michael at the top!  we told them what we want, need and would like and he was upfront and honest from the beginning.  he did everything he can to hit our request and in the end, we were completely satisfied.  i definitely recommend this dealership and michael.  we had a great experience. thanks michael and audi team - we look forward to doing additional business in the future!

Richard S. | 2014-09-08

I just recently bought my wife a used 2010 Q7.  Quite frankly, there aren't too many used Q7s within a 100 mile radius of Las Vegas.  I scheduled a test drive with the online salesman and made my way to the Audi dealership.  The vehicle drove great, however, while I was in the car I noticed it hadn't been cleaned.  As I drove the car a little longer we began identifying more and more problems wrong with the sunroof, radio, and air conditioner vents.  The salesman told me that the model we were in did not have a navigation system in it.  Since the vehicle was not certified, I figured I'd negotiate the deficiencies into the contract.  Since I was trading my wife's 2007 VW Jetta in for a newer Q7 as a surprise, I asked the salesman to have his service department do a thorough cleaning.  After waiting nearly 3 hours for a cleaning and someone to gas the truck, I got into a less dirty, but still dirty truck.  I was tired and hungry at this point in time and just wanted to get home and surprise my wife.  I got home and my wife was ecstatic to see her AUDI.  She wanted to know how to work certain buttons on the radio so she opened the glove box for the operations manual.  None existed.  We looked in the back and found a flat spare tire.  Next, the radio went completely dead.  During the initial sale, the salesman apologized and told me how embarrassed he was about the SUV's presentation.  He blamed it on the BMW dealership that transferred the car to them.  I appreciated his honesty and trusted he'd fix everything in a timely manner.  This was not the case.  The radio and sunroof are still broken.  We still do not have a manual or spare key.  And by the way the truck does have a navigation system that just needed updated software.  The service department is doing everything they can to fix the Q7 and make my wife happy.  We are not looking for any extra bells and whistles, just for everything to work.  I'd like for my wife to have the ability to connect her phone to bluetooth, or open the sunroof just because.  I'd like to have a spare key and a manual to learn how to program the garage door without watching ten YouTube videos.  I don't think that's so much to ask.  By the way, we ended up detailing the truck ourselves since Audi uses the same dirty rags and only spot cleans the inside.  We found melted chocolate, cheetoh's, pencils, receipts, and spare change throughout the car.  My wife has made about 6 trips to Audi to get things resolved but we are now going on a month.  I received an email asking for referrals...REALLY!!!!  The new cars are great and clean ofcourse.  I'd caution buying a used car from this dealership though.  Hope your experience is better.  In conclusion, we love the truck, hate the dealership.

f m. | 2014-09-05

Price shop for parts!!!!
There is a huge difference in price for parts between the Audi dealership in Las Vegas and the one in Henderson. I was shocked when i found this out by accident. Here are the differences i found in the items i needed:
item 1: LV-$137.50 compared to H: $97.50
item 2: LV: $185.24 compared to H: $144.20
item 3: LV: $30.07 compared to H: $18.62
total difference of almost $100!!  
I dont know about you but thats a significant difference in what an average consumer would expect to be pretty standardized! ex: variation in price of a big mac within the same city.
Unfortunately, i had purchased some of these items before stumbling upon this info. The guy at that works at the parts department at the las vegas location is not the friendliest either so approaching them with this info was uncomfortable and in vain. Hope this helps some fellow yelpers!!

Matt T. | 2014-09-03

I recently purchased an Audi A3 from this dealership and could not be more pleased with not only the vehicle, but the service provided to me throughout the process.  My primary points of contact were Doug and Michael, and both of them embodied the true meaning behind "customer service."

Doug was my initial point of contact.  I have to admit, I was initially hesitant as I was not 100% keen on purchasing a new vehicle and was more just a "curious shopper".  However, through both his friendliness and attentiveness to my criteria, he convinced me to come down to the dealership to discuss what we might be able to do.  

Once I arrived, I met with a teammate of Doug's named Michael.  Michael was extremely helpful, and his no-pressure, informative approach really made me start feeling good about a purchase.  When we got into the pricing and negotiation phase, I really felt like he was on my side and put forth great efforts to meet my needs while still looking out for the best interest of his company.

Between the team of Doug and Michael, I can say it was not only one of the best car buying experiences I have had, but one of the best sales experiences I have had in general.  It resulted in the purchase of my vehicle and more than likely earned a life-long Audi customer.

Diana E. | 2014-09-03

Great experience with Harvey, we just bought a Q5 and we couldn't be any happier with our car! Not only did we get a great service but he was very knowledgable about the car which made our decision easier. Thank you Audi Las Vegas

Dan M. | 2014-08-19

Very Good service, but you pay for it.  I have used them for 2 years and several repairs to my 2009 A8. This was going to be a complicated repair, so brought to them rather than German Motors who I use for simple repairs (hoping Audi would be more familiar with the unusual problem) OUCH! Minimum $2500 repair. So they delivered a loaner to my work, and picked it up when I was done, with paperwork and everything. Sometimes I had to call for progress, but mostly they kept me informed.

Michele A. | 2014-07-28

I have had 3 Audi's - but we have recently moved back from the East coast and went to Audi on Sahara and have the worst experience from start to finish and WILL NEVER recommend that dealership to anyone.  First the salesman pulled a "bait and switch" on me and delivered the WRONG CAR after we ordered a new Q7 - and then expected me to just take it.  We had to get the manager involved to get a car close to what we originally ordered - then that car didn't even start the first day we had it and it had to be sent back to dealership.  We have had AWFUL service - including them either leaving bolts off the engine cover - or not tighenting them enough causing it to fall off while driving - to falsifying service records - saying i refused certain service and was informed of certain items - ALL OF WHICH UNTRUE

GO TO HENDERSON - they too my car after I complained about how bad the service was on SAHARA and helped me above and beyond - but I can't say ANYTHING good about Sahara  - except they are either complete idiots - or crooks...

Nicci F. | 2014-07-14

I never in my life thought I would be bait and switched at an Audi dealership. Especially not considering that this is the 3rd car I bought from them. I would have thought as a repeat customer they might have a bit more sense when it came to retention but I would be wrong.
Now let me preface this by saying I know Audi's. This is my 8th and there isn't much I don't know about the car. I can't rebuild the engine, but I'm not checking out the cup holders and I don't need my daddy with me to buy a car.  Although this time I needed my mommy.  She was co-signing, as I had gone back to freelancing after being with a studio for a while, and didn't have a long enough current work history. I could have gotten it by myself, but the interest would have been higher.
I had originally looked to replace my lease in LA, but my mom couldn't make it down so I went back to Desert Audi.
I explained a number of times to the guy that the reason I was buying the Audi again was the space I had with the seats down for transporting my photo gear while still having a car large and nice enough to transport clients. He even tried to sell me a Q5 based on that statement. We haggled back and forth over the color. I didn't want a white car, but that's all they had at this particular location.  I was about to walk away and all of a sudden they were able to locate a car in silver at another location, but the car wouldn't be able to get to the Sahara location until later that evening.  
By the time the car arrived and I was able to make it back to the dealership it was dark, I looked the car over for any signs of damage and took delivery of the vehicle.  The next morning in the way back to Los Angeles I got my first surprise.  The visor was broken on the driver side.  I was too far away to drive back to have it repaired but I did call to inform the dealership of the damage.  I was told to find a dealer in LA and they would replace it at no charge.  Inconvenient but not that big of a deal I suppose.  Although I would expect more from a brand new car.  
Then I get a call from the dealership informing me that they had contracted me for the wrong car and we would need to fill out a new contract for the car I had.  As I was working and unable to come back to Vegas at the time, my mother went filled out the paperwork.  Had I known that a huge bait and switch was happening and I was about to get screwed in ways I had not even thought possible I might have quit the job and driven straight back to Vegas.  
My next surprise came when I went to pick up some additional photo equipment for a shoot I had.  The tripods were longer than what would fit in the backseat so like always I go to put the seat down so I can put them through, but for some reason can't figure out how they go down.  Call the dealership and the lady at the service department looks up my car and informs me that he seats don't go down in that particular model.  Excuse me? The seats on the white one I was shown and initially contracted for had seats that went down.  This was supposed to be the same car just another color.  Who even knew they made cars without seat that didn't go down.  Again this is my 8th Audi.  
At this point having just completed a series of commercials for Audi I threaten to call the Audi corporate in Germany.  The General Manager calls me back after 9 calls, and says he'll look into it.  18 calls later and a threat to drive the thing through the showroom window someone calls me back to inform me that that particular GM is no longer there.  
Cut to 6 months later and I bring the car up to have another insignificant thing that has broken fixed on the car, and since I'm stuck there I decide to chat with the new GM.  He at least seems concerned about what has occurred and makes an effort to correct the problem.  Now though it's a matter if breaking the lease and not getting charged a fine and starting a new lease all over again.  Fine. No problem.  But he's going to talk to corporate and try to get me out if the lease with no penalties so he has to wait till Monday to call them.  Fine.  Monday comes and I'm informed all of corporate is in meetings until Wednesday.  Okay whatever.  But he promises to call by Friday.
That was in September.  I'm still waiting for that call.  
At this point I've given up and will suffer through this lease for the next 2 years, but they have lost a 10 year customer, and I'm considering for the first time in 22 years moving to a different brand.  Because of the issue with the seats I now have to rent a car every time I work and paying $500 a month for a car payment and then another $300 for a car rental is cutting into my income.  If I could spend $800 a month on a car I'd be driving a Tesla and not paying for gas.
Tomorrow the car is going in for service... Again.  Let's see what gets broken this time.

Chynna S. | 2014-07-07

Let me start of with sharing this horror story I've been dealing with this dealership. I bought an Audi A4 2.0 T from them with decent mileage back in April of this year. Take the car back 2 days after purchasing and complained of steering wheel noise to service dept. The women at the service desk stated it was "normal" for Audi's to make the rubbing noise I had been hearing. I let it go thinking maybe I was being over cautious. Fast forward to 5 days ago....I take my car in for it's scheduled oil change.... Wait 3 hours, yes 3 hours for a dang oil change with an appointment!! I even had to ask them what was taking so long for the oil change to complete after sitting in the lobby for 2 1/2 hrs! Like what?! Get told some bs excuse as to the long wait time. I let it go even though I sat and wasted practically my day off there. Next day I drive to work my car starts making a rattling noise on the freeway about 1 time. I get off work start driving and my car completely idles!!! I try reviving the engine and to no avail the car does not accelerate. I had to pullover in a nearby parking lot or shall I say drift into a nearby parking lot. I ended up having to call my insurance company to come and tow the car. I take the car to the dealership and have them look at it. The man in the service department had the mechanic look at my car and ends up coming back to me saying I have a transmission issue. Gives me an estimate stating the car needs a whole new tranny for $8000.00! I was livid! I literally owned the car for 3 months and now it needs a new transmission! He then goes and asks me where did i buy the car! Like do your records not show that I bought the damn car from YOUR DEALERSHIP?! How did you not know there was an issue with it when you sold me the car 3 months ago ?? I literally came in for an oil change then suddenly the next day the car is f'd up!!! I felt like I was scammed. You should stand by your sales and be honest with any issues a car may have when selling it. I'm so skeptical that something occurred during this 3 hour oil change due to the next day the car is literally not drivable or for them to even sell a car with a transmission issue! There's no way in hell that the transmission from the time of their "inspecting" the car prior to selling to me and owning it for 3 months goes out! I'm no car expert but I know that for my transmission to be so severe to the point of needing to be replaced was most likely known sometime ago! I am so upset. This is the worst service and experience i have ever encountered. Now i'm basically stuck in a hard rock without any transportation!!! Really makes me regret even buying this car!

Traci C. | 2014-06-20

Brought my Q5 to the service center last week because one if the black audi center caps had come off my rim.  Eric came out and looked at it and said he would order it and that it would be about $120 dollars and he would call me next week when it came.

Fast forward to yesterday and he called to say the part came in and I could come by anytime and have it installed.  I came in today and upon arrival he goes and gets the part from the shop and goes out to my car..... turns out he did not order the correct center cap (he ordered the silver/gray ones). his response "well I didnt know yours were black" --- um ok you looked at them last week, then he goes on to say "audi dosnt make black caps so we will have to paint this one so what do you want to do.... "

Super annoying!  How does a service advisor not pay attention to what caps are currently on the car knowing I specifically came in to get a replacement .  This was a complete wasted trip down to West Sahara.  I will not be back because if you cant get the cap correct I sure am not going to let you touch my car if anything else needs to be fixed- goes to reinforce my opinion on why we bought my audi from henderson this place is a joke.

Sharon Y. | 2014-05-30

Finally, Customer Service!  

I haven't bought a new car in 10 years and really don't like the process of purchasing a new car.  

I purchased a 2015 Audi A3 from Audi Las Vegas a little over a month ago. Hermann Brumm, Marketing Coordinator sold me my car. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and non aggressive like some of the dealerships I visited. Boyd Brown, the Service Consultant I work with has been extremely accommodating from arranging my loaner when my windows were tinted to organizing my car wash.  

I am really happy with my purchase and the car is amazing.

These guys have customer service down to a science!  Kudos to Audi Las Vegas!

John V. | 2014-05-27

I bought my A3 three weeks ago and I have no regrets about the car, or the process to buy the car (I named it on black A3...great car and very fun to drive by the way...5 stars for the car as well).

The team was courteous and responsive. Their website was up to date. The entire process took less than an hour. I got what I wanted for a fair price and a seamless closing process. Can't ask  for more than that. Highly recommend buying from these guys. My sales rep was Gareth.

Discriminating D. | 2014-05-26

After reading the reviews, I was a little hesitant to have my newly purchased used Audi serviced here.  With my crap detectors on high alert, I scheduled an appt, showed up the next day, and was nicely treated by Eric in the service department.  I found the dealership friendly, honest, and EXTREMELY accommodating to my needs.  No upselling, just the service I requested performed, with an honest assessment of my car's future service options outlined.  I wouldn't hesitate to return.

Erwin P. | 2014-04-30

I always have the best service from Audi Las Vegas.  Erik always takes care of any issues I have with my A4.  Even though going to the dealer is more expensive, I still choose to go to Audi Las Vegas to make sure the job is done right and I get excellent service with that as well.  I would recommend anyone to go to Audi Las Vegas.

Rose G. | 2014-04-25

Got great service soon as a walked in from Marvin Dodd. He helped me out with my trade in and got me into my dream car. I had an amazing experience.

Hillary M. | 2014-04-18

Audi Las Vegas is phenomenal! I thought perhaps it was an anomaly after my first purchase because dealerships are never like this, but I realized that it most certainly was not. After multiple vehicle purchases and routine maintenance, I will never go anywhere else.
Gareth is the most incredible person! He truly went above and beyond in every way possible. This is now the second car I have purchased from him because his professionalism is second to none, and this keeps me coming back. He isn't some stuck up car salesman. He is real, honest and truly cares about the experience every customer has that he interacts with but without any bs. He is phenomenal! I also want to recognize Arman (I'm sorry if I spelled your name wrong!). He is the reason I fell in love with my new A3. Being on the job for only a week and a half he was exceptional. An extremely genuine person who was so wonderful to interact with. Thank you, both of you, for continuing to make every experience I have at Audi Las Vegas, exceptional!
The finance team is so wonderful! I started the paperwork with Mark and he was awesome! Patrick then took over the paperwork. This is the second car Patrick has helped me with and there are no words to describe how amazing he is. He takes time to explain so much more than just the paperwork. I felt like I was a part of his family and I believe that he truly cares about me and my future. He is an incredible person and I cannot thank him enough for the time and energy he has put in to making sure that I am happy and everything is worked out without any confusion. I appreciate him more than he knows! Thank you Patrick!
Next to going to Germany and actually picking up the car, the experience couldn't have been any better! Giving me the opportunity to actually unwrap my car and see it come off the truck! It was the most incredible experience! Thank you!!!!!
If this review wasn't long enough already, I have to add something about the service department. All three cars I have purchased, including a car that is not an Audi, I have taken to Audi Las Vegas for routine maintenance and anything else I need. They are spectacular! I am always nervous about taking cars to dealerships but Stephanie and Boyd are the best! Stephanie makes sure everything is always perfect, gives me advice and suggestions that are best for my needs and every time my car is ready she calls to explain everything. When I go to pick it up, she personally gets the car for me and walks me through everything that has been done, even if it's just an oil change. She is spectacular! Boyd is so personable and every time I need something, he is there to make sure I am taken care of. Thank you Boyd and Stephanie! You two give Audi Las Vegas a good name! You are amazing!
I truly believe that if you go to a dealership with unrealistic expectations and a chip on your shoulder or the "what are you going to do for me" attitude, reality will slap you in the face and I think that is why there are so many reviews that are not great about this dealership. They will work with you if you work with them, they will go above and beyond if you are not a delusional thinker with an attitude. Be honest, be sincere, and be a human being. I realize that dealerships can bring out the worst in people but if you open your eyes, realize they are a business and you don't act like a total tool, you will be pleasantly surprised! AUDI LAS VEGAS IS INCREDIBLE!

Alvin P. | 2014-04-16

I can't thank Mary Pro enough for providing great people service. She was sincere on the phone and throughout the whole transaction. My wife and I decided to trade in our Japanese gas saver for a German tank, because we thought it would be safer for our newborn. I also explained to her that my wife is still recovering in the hospital and it would be really hard for her to come to the dealership. She offered to deliver the paperwork and vehicle to our home, because she said she knows how it is to be a new mom. She had it detailed and sent it through their used certification process before personally showing up at our home, which was probably after her shift. We really felt appreciated as a customer, even if we couldn't afford a brand new Audi.

Shout out to Jaime, the manager, for making me feel welcomed at the dealership and giving his sincere congratulations. I think managers only come out of their office to help close a deal, but he came out just to shake my hand for being a new father.

Overall, this had to be easiest car buying experience and I am positive that we will be returning to dealership first for our future needs.

Cathy B. | 2014-04-11

Wanted To Let Everyone Know About Aron Smith from Audi. Met him at the tent sale at the Orleans. From the time I met him  untill now he has taken care of me. .Audi is lucky to have him working for them...never have met anyone sooo willing to go that extra mile.I feel like God sent him my way to help me  ..God truly will bless you Aron ...good luck in all you do

Frank S. | 2014-03-18

For years I've always wanted an Audi, and as of a few weeks ago, Gareth Nelson at Audi Las Vegas helped make the dream come true. Incredibly knowledgable about each and every model and is as equally well versed in music. Great dude, great dealership.

Kelly R. | 2014-03-11

I worked with with Kim, Mary and Mark to purchase my preowned car, and it was a wonderful experience.   They were professional, and always there to help, and the car was fairly priced and super clean.  Overall a great experience.

Ryanne D. | 2014-02-19

Just purchased an A7. Loved the no hassle environment at this dealership. Or maybe it's just our salesman Gareth Nelson. Thanks Gareth for all your help!  Your the best! Thank you for the great experience here!

Michael R. | 2014-02-15

Shady, unethical business practices abound at Desert Audi. They tried to convince us to lease a car for my wife, who is a stay at home mom, and lie about being employed to get her qualified.

Don't walk, run away!

Heather S. | 2014-02-07

This Audi has particularly questionable business ethics. I've purchased two Audis from this dealership. The only redeeming factor is Garreth Nelson. He was my dealer for the second Audi I purchased, and he has been nothing short of wonderful. He's always friendly, thoughtful and responsive to emails/texts/calls. He is the only person at Desert Audi I will deal with.

Jonathan A. | 2014-01-02

great experience during buying and gave me the best rate

Danielle D. | 2013-12-30

I decided to give them another try - big mistake. Service dept. is the worst.
My proximity unlock/lock feature wasn't working, so I asked them to figure out what the problem was. They told me they replaced both batteries in my keys, and that fixed the problem. Because of my experience last time, I made sure I checked the problem again before I left - lo and behold, it still didn't work. Obviously no one checked it before they gave the car back to me. I asked the service guy to follow me out to the parking lot and showed him that it was still broken - he said, "oh, I didn't check the lock, just the unlock." Then they told me it was a problem with the door handle, and they had to order a new one. I made an appt a week later to get it installed -  they called later that day and said the door handle came in without the new sensor (the broken part). More waiting, more inconvenience, they had to keep my car over Thanksgiving. Thank god I had a loaner. Avoid, avoid avoid!

Ben B. | 2013-11-24

I'm actually surprised this dealership has 2 stars. I have been to Audi LV three times, each experience worse than the last.

I was quoted obnoxious prices for routine parts and service. For example, I was quoted $186 to replace and screw in a few dowel pins. OEM dowel pins can be purchased for $2.50 and screwed in within a matter of minutes.

The service person also told me that i NEEDED to replace my suspension bushings at a cost of $1,200.00. When I informed them that I had a warranty and the parts and labor should be covered they responded that "since they discovered the problem they could not fix it under warranty" - I would have to take my car and bring it back. Once I  complained of the problem  they would replace the bushings. hmmm okay. So when I returned for an unrelated service I asked them to replace the suspension bushings. They told me they could not repair the bushings because they were cracked, but not cracked all the way through. Essentially, when Audi LV was unaware that I had a warranty, the suspension bushings NEEDED to be replaced, for $1,200.00. When Audi LV found out I had a warranty, the suspension bushings could NOT be replaced....until they were completely cracked. interesting.

I also tried to trade in my car for an A5 and was lied to by the sales person. Despite being advertised on the website, I was told that the $1000 Audi loyalty credit did not apply to the A5, it applied to every other model.....except the A5. I contacted the sales manager and he confirmed that this was a lie and the Audi loyalty credit DOES apply to the A5.

This is the tip of the iceberg. I cannot say enough bad things about this dealership. I have purchased numerous cars over the years at Commonwealth VW and Audi Santa Monica. I have dealt with other Audi dealerships in LA and had excellent experiences. This dealership is a joke. Do yourself a favor and go to Henderson Audi or ANY other Audi dealership in ANY other city. This  dealership does not respect their customers . Of course every  dealership is in business to make a profit, but Audi LV has sacrificed their integrity to do so.

Julie K. | 2013-11-24

This is a service review for Stephanie Radke, who was awesome!  I took my 2013 Q5 in for its 5k service.  It took less than 10 minutes for me to check in and to drive away in my loaner car.  Returning to pick up my vehicle was even easier.  Stephanie was highly professional and easy to work with.  Perhaps the dealership should consider promoting Stephanie in some way, as I anticipate she would directly address the many less-than-stellar reviews that Desert Audi has received.

Renae H. | 2013-11-19

Great car buyibg experience!  They really webt above and beyond to take care of me. I will definitely be buying my next vehicles here!

Pavan P. | 2013-10-30

These guys were complete professionals.  I was able to drive off the lot with my Audi S5 and I truly attribute it to the efficiency of the team there and my guy Aaron Smith.  My girl friend is moving out here in December and I'm looking forward to a return trip to sort her out with a new car!

Chand A. | 2013-10-24

Great help and service. Aaron and Jaime were great. when i deal with Jaime he gave the best options for my Q7...Cafeteria is sucks. its left with old coffee machine with long brewed coffee in it. may be they dont want to treat customers who were spending more than 50k on them.... just like the place clean and simple.

Kevin A. | 2013-08-27

Back in 2008, I brought my Audi A4 in after I couldn't get my check engine light to clear (Cat failure).  Right off the bat, they charge $200 for a diagnostic check, which only yields codes, that can then allow the dealership to make a repair recommendations.

-I was quoted an estimate of ~$4,800, to include labor to order 2 new catalytic converters.  The same catalytic converters are offered through an online distribution parts warehouse at ~$680 for both. I understand the concept of charging for labor; however, I fail to understand this price gap.

*Do yourself a favor if you have a luxury car, buy yourself an Actron OBD-II scan tool; save yourself $200 every time you need to check a "code".

This business and it's employees are clearly guided by unethical sales principles and subscribes to a less-than honest service philosophy.  Las Vegas has a clear history of crooked car dealerships.

Ryan M. | 2013-08-11

Stephany in the service department is stellar and went out of her way to make my visit an extremely pleasant one. My Audi A3 had lost some coolant driving through the Mojave to visit Las Vegas and the low coolant light had come on. I stopped in and she advised that the car would have to cool down before they could add more coolant. In the meantime she recommended a good breakfast spot across Sahara that was walkable. I was traveling with my dog and she even BABYSAT MY DOG while my partner and I went to get breakfast. When I came back, the issue was fixed, AND the car had been washed and vacuumed. Amazing customer service here.

Dan E. | 2013-06-10

Don't EVER service your car at Desert Audi in Las Vegas.

I took my 2007 Q7 to Desert Audi last Friday to have them look at what I thought was a small oil leak on my car. After they had the car for the day, they called and told me that they would need to replace 2 lower control arms because they were leaking hydraulic fluid. The cost for this would be $2983.

After telling them I would think on it, I called an independent repair shop called Wolf Auto who handles VW and Audi. His German accent was a little hard to understand, but he said that replacing the control arms didn't make much sense since the control arms on my Audi don't have any hydraulic fluid in them. He thought the issue was the undercoating melting because it's almost like candle wax (which you can't do anything about). He told me to bring the car in today (Monday) and he would check it out.

After paying $75 to Audi I got my car the F out of there.  They included the recommended repairs on my invoice which even included Screws (4 for $94) and Nuts (8 for $63).

I brought my car in this morning to Wolf Auto and they immediately took it back and put it up on a lift. He confirmed that it was the undercoating and even brought me back in the garage and showed me the underside of the car and how there is not hydraulic fluid in the control arms. He did all this and didn't even charge me a cent.

I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint against Desert Audi for advising fraudulent repairs. My biggest takeaway from this is that I'll be going to Wolf Auto for anything I need in the future, and if you have a German car, I'd recommend you see him for any repairs you need. That guy is awesome!

Terrence C. | 2013-04-29

There are a number of occupations that have bad reputations. For example, people love to take shots at lawyers and many people have pretty bad names for them. But most of the lawyers I know are actually solid, honest people who really want to help regular folks navigate difficult legal issues.

The profession that is most maligned is probably that of used car salesman. The three words are nearly synonymous with "slimy" in the heads of most people. But I never really wanted to believe that any profession is inherently bad.

Well I'll be damned if my most recent used car buying experience doesn't validate the public wisdom!

I needed a car in Vegas. I know what kind of car I like: small, sporty convertibles that are reasonably comfortable but not too expensive. I sent the same form letter to about a dozen used car dealerships in Vegas. I told them all to send me their best offers because I'm not going to be popping into all of the dealerships and this is their best chance to get me in the door.

The tactic worked out quite well; I was able to weed out all the salesmen who wouldn't give me a decent offer by e-mail and wanted me in the door. I ended up getting a competitive offer on a BMW 128i from Desert Audi's internet sales manager which was about $2000 below what they had it listed for. I took it for a test drive, and they pushed me to make a decision that day, but I decided I should mull it over. There were some scratches and dents on the car and I e-mailed them back to say that if they cleaned up the interior and exterior, and removed the $400 "documentation fee" that we had a deal. They set up an appointment for me to come in on Wednesday where I was supposed to simply point out what I wanted fixed on the car.

When I came in on Wednesday morning, they told me the car had been sold last night. Okay, no big deal, it happens. The internet sales manager apologized and said she'd e-mail me some more vehicles. No problem.

She came up with another 128i. It seemed to be the same car as the previous (without the dents) but for about $1000 more. I went back on Sunday, test drove the car, and it looked great. I said if they could make it the same price as last week's car, they had a deal. They came back with an offer for $500 less and I hemmed and hawwed, negotiated some window tint, and took it. The manager and I both signed a piece of paper agreeing on the price. I shook hands with a bunch of people who congratulated me on my new purchase and got my checkbook out.

Then came some waiting, waiting, waiting. The salesman told me it was "to prepare the paperwork" and at the time I actually believed that but I'm convinced that they intentionally make the whole process take longer to increase your commitment.

Finally the finance guy took me into his office. I know this is the part where they try to get me on a bunch of features, extras, extended warranties, and other high-margin crap I don't want. So when he got into his whole extended warranty speech, I cut him off by saying, "well, this is a certified pre-owned and covered until 100k miles right? So I don't think I need that."

"Oh, is it? Let me double-check." The guy gets on his phone with the manager.

He hangs up and says, "sir, the BMW is not a Certified Pre-Owned."

I'm flabbergasted. I'd been double and triple sure to check this online. I still have a screenshot.

I asked about this and he said (are you ready for this?) "yes, but it was CPO at the original price. We're giving it to you for this reduced price."

Oh. You dirty motherf***ers. They were trying to pull out the rug and quietly remove the CPO (45000 miles of warranty) just without saying a word. Then they tried to calm me down by selling me their "Platinum Service" which is "much better than the Certified Pre-Owned." Like, how do you do that? How do you just change the terms of the deal without telling someone? Why not just take out the steering wheel, the engine, and the seats while you're at it, and charge me for those? "Sorry sir, the engine was included with the original price, but since we're giving it to you for this reduced price, that's going to be extra."

You slimy, underhanded ****ers. The world is right about you people after all.

Caveat emptor, folks.

(Postscript: I ended up having a very good experience at Gaudin Jaguar and ended up buying a car from there.)

Jennifer G. | 2013-04-02

My car buying experience with Hermann was really superior. I felt like he really had my best interest at heart. As a first time buyer, we shopped at other Audi Dealers and Hermann was the only one who helped us explore other options knowing there was probably a chance I could be denied, "Not your typical Salesman". Thank you so much Hermann for EVERYTHING!

Rachel I. | 2013-03-15

DO NOT GO HERE FOR SERVICE!! Seriously, make the trip to Henderson Audi!!!!!!

If they can't get an alignment done right, don't expect them to do any real laborious work done properly either!

You've had fair warning, plus look at the rating for this dealership. Abysmal! I took my car here for 5k service, got it back and it now pulls to the right at highway speeds. Also, noticed a small dent and paint chipping, not near where regular door dings happen (front left fender above wheel well). Oh well, too late to complain, I already had drove my car off the lot by the time I noticed. I called them to get alignment done, dropped my car off in the morning and by 3pm I call back and there's no progress, I'm told they'll call me when my car is off the rack. An hour later, I get a call that my car is done, washed and on the way back to me. Strange, alignments are done in an hour?? It takes half an hour just to get a car up! I also don't get the standard paper showing the adjustments.
I get my car back and it still pulls to the right, and even worse than before. I can only conclude that no alignment was done at all. I call again, schedule another appointment and I drop my car off. This time the service manager comes out and drives my car.... At 35mph... Once he started nearing 40-45 he would slow down as the car pulled to the right. I'm appalled by his behavior. He makes every excuse possible not to put my car on the rack, everything from, "Audis naturally pull to the right", to Vegas roads being concave, even saying my car doesn't go to the right at all (as I see it drifting to the right side, and him constantly fixing the wheel). It is so bad that I end up on the next lane in under 100 yards driving at normal speeds, and he's trying to tell me it doesn't do that. He also says they are too busy that day to do it anyway. Ok, whatever... i don't want them woking n my car at all, I don't trust them. I'll take my car to Henderson instead!!

I ended up going to Henderson and the service was amazing! Lee was extremely helpful and EVERYONE at the service department was nice and genuinely seemed like they love working there and helping customers. Desert Audi, everyone there  looks like they hate their jobs!

Gina L. | 2013-03-03

**THE WORST COSTUMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED** My car's fog lights were draining my car's battery and the service department was unable to identify the issue, despite the fact that I had left my car there for over a week! They returned me my car completely unfixed and when I returned it to get fixed again it took another week.  They then returned my car me to again with a broken radio!!  Is it not common sense to make sure everything is impeccable when returning the car to the owner ESPECIALLY after not doing so previously?  COMPLETE JOKE OF A SERVICE DEPARTMENT IF YOU ASK ME.

Julia V. | 2012-11-26

Regarding Desert Audi service    Rude & unhelpful via telephone.
Rang service dept.   phone was picked up by someone who identified himself as Eric
Told him that I live both here in Las Vegas & in Los Angeles & that I am planning on driving my Audi A5 convertible to LA on Wednesday. But wanted it checked out as there was suddenly a "knocking sound " upon acceleration & also that pick up was sluggish upon acceleration     He said that he could not  POSSIBLY get my car in & out in one day ( this without knowing how minor.  Or majour the problem is !!) !) and that first availability would be Thursday or Friday (since I leave Wednesday.  Not possible).  
Either Desert Audi is short staffed or Audis have many problems  which certainly leads me to think that this is my first & LAST Audi !!!!

Never would I attempt to buy or lease a car at Desert Audi since the service dept is a crucial element of any dealership.   NEVER have my husband or I received such inattentive attention to an issue with a car !
As owners of a Porsche & a Mercedes Benz  in addition to the Audi &  looking to replace 2 out of the 3 of these cars in the next months.  Desert Audi will NOT be on our list of dealers to visit !!!!!!

P.S.  both Beverly Hills Audi & and Santa Monica Audi service has been efficient.  Expeditious and wonderful !!!!

Blendi S. | 2012-09-26

I spoke to someone on the phone and they told me that the imobilizator of an Audi could be reset and it could be done by the next day.. so I go there and speak to this lady named Stephany and she says they normally don't do this but if they do it it's going to be by the end of next week.. I needed to change something in the car and she wouldn't allow it within the property so I had to take te car outside, change it and push it back in the dealership.. To  change that damn part it literally took me 37 seconds. She wanted to charge me $154!!!!! Her attitude on a scale to of 1 to 10 I'll rate it negative -5. If u have a choice pick another mechanic or dealer or even another person within the service department.. Ignore her at all cost!!

Lily L. | 2012-09-25

Unlike the other reviews, I had a great buying experience from Patrick Scheidecker.  He patiently showed me several models of a Q7.  My family took time, researched other cars as well as other dealers, and received no pressure from Patrick.  We did end up buying a Q7 diesel and even drove Patrick to my house to set the garage door opening and my gated community.  
If you are looking for an Audi, Go see Patrick!  I don't think you will get bullied into buying something you don't want and you will get great service.

Cat C. | 2012-09-06

This review is in regards to the service center.

So my 2010 A3 broke down on me while I was visiting LV from CA. Right as I pulled into the Venetian my car turned off. It was a very scary and stressful situation especially the fact that I was out of town and felt like I had no resources to get me out of this pickle. Thank goodness my car is still in warranty. I called Audi roadside services and they hauled me to the closest service center which was Desert Audi. I made it just in time before they closed on a Saturday and the man that helped me was so nice and compassionate about my situation. Unfortunately, all the techs were done for the day so they had to hold my car till Monday. They set me up with a loaner car and ensured me that my car my would get seen early Monday morning due to us being travelers. Well low and behold we were out of LV by 11:00a on Monday. They replace the gas pump, washed the car and sent us on our way!!! The man(Karl?) that helped me stayed later on Saturday to set us up and really went out of his way to get the loaner car(instead of a rental car that I would have to wait to be reimbursed on) for us and I couldn't have been more appreciative!! Thank you Desert Audi!

Steve C. | 2012-08-07

Ask for Patrick Scheidecker.

I recently purchased a CPO Audi Q5 from Desert Audi via long distance negotiation, after locating the vehicle on Audi's CPO web site.  

My initial contact with the dealership was with Patrick Scheidecker, the E-Commerce manager.  This contact was limited to e-mails and phone conversations, and that interaction gave me the confidence in Patrick to continue with a long-distance negotiation without having the benefit of meeting face-to-face, or  having the opportunity to inspect the vehicle in question.  

The negotiation of the deal was straight forward, without any of the back and forth and games that are often associated with such transactions.  

Even after the deal was made, Patrick went the extra mile to thoroughly inspect the vehicle on my behalf and to assure that the car met Audi CPO standards and my expectations.

Upon my arrival in Las Vegas from Southern California, I was delighted to find the car to be in PERFECT, like-new condition and ready for delivery, with a full tank of gas and directions to my hotel!      

Patrick and Desert Audi delivered what they promised and I am a happy customer.

I recommend that anyone considering the purchase of an Audi get in touch with Patrick Scheidecker.

Stan J. | 2012-07-06

As a tourist driving through town with an in-warranty car that threw a check engine light, I stopped by at 8am to have the fault code read. "Do you have an appointment?" "no." "then we won't be able to help you today".

I have seen a lot of bullshit as an Audi owner before, but this takes the cake. I didn't ask them to rebuild my engine on the spot; just to read an error code. My local dealership at home confirmed that they do this daily without any fuss for out of town travelers who need help.

P B. | 2012-03-22


I had a recent incident where I put a deposit down on a car and was ready to pick it up.

I questioned the Sales Manager Greg Clifford over a fee.  Next thing I know, I receive an email threatening to cancel my order.....I REPLY to his email....then the liar responds ABOVE my last email saying he hasn't heard from me all day and CANCELLED my CONTRACTED order.

...***BREACH OF CONTRACT!!***....

The guy has so low ethics that he tore up a written contract because I questioned him on the Doc Fee.  Unbelieveable!  Surreal!

I called his assistant, Internet Sales Manager, Kim Beck who avoided my calls for follow-up explanation.  I also called Greg Clifford who cowardly avoided my calls for explanation.  All my calls were sent to voicemail as they saw my phone number pop-up on their phone screen. I then called the GM Gregg Randolph, who also avoided my calls.  All my emails were unreplied.  No explanation.  Nothing.....Surreal indeed.

The fact that I live in another state prevented me from visiting these loose casino free-wheeling scam guys in Vegas, otherwise I would have addressed this PERSONALLY, if you get my drift!

I've filed official complaints with Audi of America, BBB, State Attorney's Office and anywhere I can to let people know what a horrible, UNETHICAL dealership this is.

If you Google this dealership at different websites/forums, you will SEE that they are one of the **LOWEST RATED** Audi dealers in the entire West Coast Region  The main complaints they get is the service dept. doing fraudulent repairs at extremely high prices and sales people pulling scam maneuvers which are even worse than my experience and complaint.

I have a friend who nearly sued them for a fraudulent sale on a used car.  Only at the last minute did they make things honorable after they sensed that a lawsuit was going to hit them.  Unbelievable!  I thought his experience was an anomaly. It isn't.

These complaints aren't just anomalies.  There's just TOO MANY COMPLAINTS with this dealership.

I hope Audi of America takes their franchise license away as these scheisters are giving Audi a really bad name.

Give your business to another dealership.

...If you ignore me....Good luck!  You've been warned!.....

***   P.S.  I don't work in the auto industry and have no vested interest in these guys other than how they treated me and my friend and to lend voice to the CONSISTENT CHORUS of COMPLAINTS that this dealership is continuously receiving.

Joey M. | 2011-12-23

Ask for Alex Sobalvarro.

Here's my experience with Desert Audi. I was in Vegas to visit for a few days. I wanted to kill some time so my girlfriend and I went to check out some cars at the VW dealership. Immediately I was turned off by the attitude from this salesperson at Volkswagen. I got the feeling that he was thinking, "Are you here to buy or not?" Keep in mind that I currently lease a VW and my lease is going to be up soon, so yes, I am in the market.

I walked over to the Audi dealership. I was greeted by Alex Sobalvarro. I told him I wasn't going to buy anything because I was just visiting from California. He said that was fine. We talked about the cars and it was obvious that he was really into cars, as am I. He let us take one of the A4 Quattro's out for a test drive even though he knew I wasn't going to buy that day. After the test drive, I told him that I still liked the BMW 335i better. He was totally cool about it. No pressure. No badmouthing the competition. It was obvious that he was not there to sell people cars but instead help them make the purchase that they want.

Even though I didn't buy that day,  but I did tell some others about my experience with Audi (I'm doing it now by writing this review.) I know someone who's lease is up on their BMW and was set on the 5 series. I told them they should  seriously consider the Audi A6 first. I wouldn't have done that before I had this good experience with this Audi rep Alex. Audi, if you're listening, hire more

Angela A. | 2011-08-10

On one of our trips to Vegas the AC went out on our Audi and although it was a long weekend and the service department was closing they took great care of us and hooked us up with a rental car.  Everyone was really great and we even checked out the new models everyone was very generous with their time and attention.

We have been Audi owners forever and will be forever and it's this dedication to their customers that make us their biggest fans.

John W. | 2011-07-17

Wish there was a way to give -1 stars. Complete scumbag incompetent idiots handling my car in the service dept. Too enraged to even finish the review right now, just never go to this business for any god damn reason.

Amber M. | 2011-04-20

I can hardly believe the other posts regarding Desert Audi!  I guess the other 98% of the statisfied customers just haven't posted there opinions! As for me I have purchased 5 Audi's and sent 3 friends & family members there as well.  Which I might add have all had great experiences..  Jamie Bermudez is my sales man and is very knowledgable and has always been very straight forward no BS!  I am a loyal repeat customer due to the service I have received here!!  Not only with the purchase of my vehicles but the service department as well!!  I would not ever take my car to anyone in town other than Desert Audi, see service advisor Lee Fierro he is the ONLY one I would recommend my friends and family too.. Very professional and honest!
Hope this helps!

K w. | 2011-04-17

This is the most unprofessional and dishonest luxury car dealership I've ever been to. Desert Audi is like being at a used car dealership with their sleazy, unethical sales practices and no customer concern from the GM, George Athan. His answer to consumer complaints is, "We can't help you any further".  When in fact, he did nothing to resolve the issue in the first place when they totally scammed me by charging me ADDITIONALLY (on top of the advertised sale price) for the CPO Warranty that the advertised Certified Pre-Owned car was supposed to come with.  I called Audi Henderson to verify if they charge customers for the CPO Warranty when the car is advertised as a CPO and I was told no they don't.  I also called Audi Customer Care and had it verified that it was never the policy of Audi USA to charge additionally (on top of the advertised sales price) for the CPO Warranty because part of purchasing a certified pre-owned Audi is having the WARRANTY and piece of mind that the vehicle is in excellent condition which is stated on their website and in their brochures.  


I will NEVER buy an Audi again because of the terrible service I've experienced with this dealership. It makes me think incredibly low of the Audi name now.