All Team Auto Repair and Collision in Las Vegas, NV

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Business Description:  Here at All Team Auto Repair and Collision, our number one mission is customer satisfaction. Honesty and affordable QUALITY Work is what keeps us in business!  

Services Offered:  All Team Auto Repair and Collision is a one stop shop. Our Certified Auto Technicians will diagnose and repair any mechanical issue you might be having with your vehicle. Our Body and paint department is equipped to rebuild, repair, paint or streighten the frame on all vehicles with collision damage. Our estimates are free of charge. We offer free towing and rental vehicles on all major repairs.  

Services Not Offered:  If we are unable to help you for any reason, we will help direct you to someone that can. Join The Team!!


Established in 2008.

And..We offer 120 years of COMBINED experience between our staff!

BBB Accredited Business
Member Of Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

All Team Auto Repair and Collision

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 227-1990
Address:6960 W Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV, 89113
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on All Team Auto Repair and Collision

Chris T. | 2015-03-14

Was the victim of a hit n run, these people quoted me about $450. I'm usually skeptical of these places so I stopped by two other repair shops afterward, and they quoted me $960 and $1000 lol... So I stuck with All Team. They did a great job, looks like new. Front desk girl (forgot her name) was super polite and professional.

Angelica V. | 2015-01-24

I'm glad I went on yelp to look for a body shop with great reviews because I wasn't as lucky the first two try's of trying to find one that has great customer service. I would like to thank Eva for being so kind and helpful and sure enough my car was fixed without any trouble. I would definitely come back for any car repairs and I highly recommend this place. Thanks All Team Auto!

Dustin C. | 2014-12-05

Great service! My XB looks like new! Alex was also able to save my decal bumper sticker (which would've cost an extra $140 to replace). Highly recommended!

Jessica M. | 2014-11-25

I've been super lucky this year in finding GOOD, HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY help. My sister got in a wreck and my mom's car needed to be looked at, I was steered her by a friend a few years back when a random part (vacuum booster hose - wtf is that even?) broke on my car.

I remember being quoted for the part to be fixed back then at the dealership and I just broke down crying as to how I was going to pay for the repair. After taking it to several shops, I landed here.

My car was inspected, a part was ordered (homie founded the cheapest on available) and once it was ordered, wham! Car was returned to me spick and span and running like a champ.

When the family was plagued with car woos, I guided them back to this friendly, family owned garage. My sister was met with ease, a fair offer, and decent compensation as her car was going to be a boat load to fix, my mom's breaks were fixed the same day.

I don't recall the lady that works up front, but she's phenomenal. Before any work was done or bumps along the way, we were called, informed, and then could make a decision. No hassles or upselling. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Danielle W. | 2014-11-24

All I can say is perfection from beginning to end. I was in a time sensitive situation when I came across All Team Collision, contacting them in a bit of a panic on a Thursday afternoon none the less. I spoke with Eva who was so calm and understanding, after hearing the situation I had been faced with she not only saved me over $100 on parts for the repairs, she was able to save me over $200 on the repairs, paint & installation as well.
The following day, Friday, the parts were not delivered until after 2pm & with paint needing 24 hours to cure, the work on the vehicle would not be able to be completed until Monday, well what was I going to do? Some things just take time.
I was sitting at my desk Saturday morning at about 1130am when I received a call from Eva that one of the paint guys Alex stayed late the night before to get the shoot on the bumper I needed done so it would have time to cure & the vehicle I needed would be ready no later than 3pm Saturday!
The work is flawless, my customers were thrilled to be back in their vehicle & I will NEVER go anywhere than All Team Collision
Eva & Alex I can NOT thank you enough, you're life savers & are so appreciated!!

Monique J. | 2014-11-21

I was rear-ended in a parking lot and the person who hit me asked if she could pay cash and avoid insurance companies. I agreed. She asked that I go get an estimate and let her know the price. I had no idea of where to go so I referred to Yelp for reviews. I saw found ALL Team Auto Repair and went in for an estimate. After getting my estimate I went straight to another auto body shop and got an estimate. I wanted to make sure the price I was quoted was as fair as I believed it to be. Not only was the price fair, they were $700 LESS than the other place. The total was $1,200 so $700 more was quite a difference. My car was repaired as promised in the 3 days and the work was perfection. Couldn't tell I was ever hit. The staff was helpful and friendly. ZERO complaints. HIGHLY recommend.

Pedro F. | 2014-09-19

Yesterday picked up my car from the shop and it look like it never had an accident. I look for body shops at yelp, and honestly there was so many that I look for the best feed backs that the stars itself. My experience with Eva was excellent.  She really took the time to battle the insurance since we had a lot of issues with the adjuster.

Maybe it took a little longer than normal to get a small fix done but it wasn't the fault of the shop. They did a great job.

Thanks for the great job and service.

Lori P. | 2014-08-21

Great repair shop.  Eva the manager was great... she did not try to sell me things that I did not need.  They did minor touch up to my car and I'm very happy with the work.  I hope to never need a body repair shop again, but if I do, I know that I have a nice, reasonably priced, quality work shop that I can take my car to.  Keep up the good work!

Mrs M. | 2014-08-07

Since I discovered All Team Auto, my car has had only one destination for repairs. On my first visit there, my ancient American luxury pile needed a symptom checked. It turned out that "he" needed a water-pump, and though that was an even worse diagnosis than I had feared, the bill was very reasonable, and the job was finished within an afternoon--I was amazed that the part was readily available. It's nice to know that the old feller's plumbing is working great.

The owner at All Team Auto gave me the company's business card and that of his recommended towing service, both of which are now stationed permanently in my wallet. I'm looking forward to the day when I can afford some non-essential body-work on the well-preserved relic, something which All Team Auto does, as well. This is a terrific one-stop shop for what ails your car, domestic or foreign, and they are honest and very nice, besides!

Mike O. | 2014-08-03

Friendly service and honest work. If you're looking for quality work go to these guys.  I had my brakes done here and Sus took really good care of me.

Monti M. | 2014-07-14

Catching up on my reviews; this review is for service received last March (03/10/2014).  My SUV had started making vibrating noises on sharp left turns, caused by the front left bumper brushing against the tire as the result of having been pushed in somehow.  (Apparently a parking lot hit, sigh).

Stopped by All Team Auto body shop as had driven by it often and asked to have it looked at; was pleased to hear that rather than having to replace the entire bumper, they could pull it back away from the tire using their equipment. Total cost was 220, less than I expected to pay since I thought the entire bumper might need to be replaced.  Service was excellent and they test drove the car to make sure the vibrations were gone etc.  Appreciated their honesty in not trying to talk me into replacing the entire bumper.  Based on this service, decided to try their adjacent auto repair service (All Team Auto supplies both auto body AND auto repair service).  Will submit separate review for the auto repair services.

Armando L. | 2014-07-07

I have been coming here for years. The owner is really great--I found him with a friend when we came to his shop from another one next door where they tried to tell us that his car would be about $2500 to fix.  The owner fixed it for about $40.  I never feel like I'm being pressured...there really isn't any upsell, unless something truly needs to be fixed.  Highly recommend!

Greg D. | 2014-04-14

My friend had a car accident and they worked with her to keep everything in her budget.  I was so impressed with the service that I brought my '01 Saturn in to get the fan fixed.  They did everything in a quick time and even stayed open late on saturday to get me my car when I was running late.  I would go there again.

Katie L. | 2014-03-05

I had a dent in my lift gate and came to All Team to get it fixed.  They did an awesome job, the car looks good as new, the price was incredibly reasonable, and they got it done super quickly.  They were also super nice, I mainly dealt with Alex and he was great.  I was very happy with their service, would highly recommend them, and will definitely use them again in the future!

Wallace N. | 2014-02-26

After spending more than $1600 at All Team Auto Repair and Collision, here is why I will never do business with them again:

1. I paid upfront to ensure replacement parts would arrive when car scheduled to be repaired.
2. The parts didn't arrive in time.
3. When parts finally arrived, they weren't inventoried. Turns out that still not all parts arrived.
4. Finally, repair reportedly "completed".
5. When I arrived, car not fully repaired as I expected. Informed only when I came to pick up car that they could not fix a part, but would require more money to order new part to fully repair it ($800+). They should have told me this information on the phone so I wouldn't arrive expecting a complete repair.
6. Also repair on car was shoddy. Bumper not aligned properly. Chalky substance in cracks and crevices around car. White powder on carpet in trunk. White fingerprints on bumper. Outside of car not cleaned, but rinsed, leaving large water spots on glass and body.
7. I was also informed by one of the mechanics that parts were "after factory" and that's why bumper didn't align properly. I paid for new parts. Manager reprimanded mechanic and assured me that all installed parts are new.
8. I'm still not happy with the way bumper is aligned.
9. Still wonder what white substance was if parts installed are new. I will find out though using another body shop and then respond accordingly.
10. I do need to mention that the paint job looks pretty good. There were still some slight scratch marks on the part replaced, but I'm not really picky about that as long as paint lasts.

Good luck to you if you choose to use All Team Auto Repair and Collision. You will never see me there again though.

Grant V. | 2014-02-22

Awesome customer service and made dealing with my bumper accident a lot less painful than I imagined. Gave me an extremely reasonable price and updated me on the repairs progression. Eva was very friendly and helpful at the front desk.

Choung H. | 2013-11-22

3.5 stars if possible.

I've come here before for repair work done and the first time they did a great job. The gentleman behind the desk is very polite and gives explanations for everything.

The past time I've visited my check engine light was on showing the P0401 code, for insufficient EGR flow. They inspected my vehicle and then quoted me for two possible solutions for a clog in my intake manifold. The first solution was a $270 fix and it was to add a chemical to dissolve the clog and as time goes by the problem would be fixed. The second solution was a staggering $1200 fix to replace the WHOLE manifold.

So, I took the cheaper route and got the chemical solution which ended up feeling like a huge mistake. I was told that the check engine light would keep coming on as long as the chemical was working. However my registration was coming up and after three seperate visits of approximately 200 miles, the issue was not resolved.

The next day I visited another mechanic on the opposite side of town and was quoted $160 for him to take apart the whole manifold and deep clean it. After much mental debating I decided to get it done. Needlessto say the chemical All Team Auto provided me with did not get the job done, however it slightly softened the clog, however it was nowhere near strong enough to penetrate the clog.

I'm pretty glad I got a second opinion, however even though All Team Auto's chemical did not work for my vehicle, it has improved the performance a bit. I would say that it's a $270 liquid tune-up!

The team is great, however second opinions are always smart and I will probably return for basic maitenence since the location is convenient.

Molly Q. | 2013-10-26

Super friendly and quick great service. Definitely recommend.

Summer S. | 2013-10-25

We needed some bumper/headlamp repair on husbands car. Nothing to major but other places quoted us crazy prices. All Team collision took care of us for a more then fair price!! Kept us updated daily either via text or phone call, which was great because there's nothing worse then sitting at home wondering impatiently,when and what's going on with your car!!! Thank You All Team Collision!!

Maribel V. | 2013-10-14

Ron and his team are great! They have affordable prices and excellent service. They even offered to pick me up from home when my car was finished :) This place is now my #1 auto shop and I will refer anyone I know with car problems. Thanks Ron!

Judit C. | 2013-09-04

Everyone is always sceptical about auto repair shops. I'm not different either. Well sometimes we just have to have faith in people. TRUST is a must!
Today I came here to get brake service. They did a good job. They did everything what they promised. Also they finished the job on time. It was very affordable compared to my car type! I am very happy! The owner, the management, the workers are all very nice and friendly. I used their service before, twice, and I am happy to come back again. Thank you Ron! Thank you All Team!

Khate N. | 2013-08-21

Can't explain how happy I am with their service. They only took 45 mins to restore my foggy headlights. I highly recommend this shop!!!!

AllYson S. | 2013-08-19

Horrible service!!! Came here by accident and they were so rude I couldnt believe it! All sitting around and said it was a 45min wait!! Went right next door to major auto service and peter helped me! He was so polite and nice!

Bonito S. | 2013-08-03

These guys really care!

With great service and getting the work they've had to get done on my SUV quickly, what more could I have asked for?
Also, I honestly didn't (and still don't!) know a thing about cars and was nervous about going into there at first because of some of the unfortunate experiences I've had with the service department at the dealership from where I bought my SUV itself - making me almost give up on it! So the experts at ATA took the time to walk me through the entire process, showed me the problems it was having and gave me their honest assessment. Still untrusting, I compared the pricing of their parts on google and (sure enough!) their price was honest and competitive!

Sharen S. | 2013-06-30

All Team Auto is the only place I let work on my car.  They are honest, hard working and friendly.  I trust them completely.  Their body shop currently has my car as a result of a car accident where I was hit.  They are handling everything with the insurance company which is a huge plus for me.
I know the repair work will be outstanding.

Michelle S. | 2012-10-10

Really amazing service, very helpful, & certainly affordable.  The owner really cares, and makes sure everything is to your liking. It's hard to find a body shop that doesn't doesn't cut corners out here.