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**Award-Winning Service Department with over 116 years combined Acura-Honda experience
**Acura Council of Sales Excellence award winners
**Friendly Parts & Accessories Department with over 50 years of combined experience
**Acura Luxury and Technology


Established in 2001.

At Acura of Las Vegas we specialize in providing our customers with the Acura Concierge Experience. We listening to their wants and needs to providing Superior Customer Service combined with World-Class products to achieve complete satisfaction for all of their car needs. That's why we're #1 in Nevada & #1 in Customer Service. Come see the difference today!

Acura of Las Vegas

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(702) 367-7000
Address:7000 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89117
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Acura of Las Vegas

Francis S. | 2015-03-26

SUPERB! Had a very good car buying experience here at Acura of Las Vegas thanks to Steve Weymouth. He was very helpful and answered all of our questions and addressed any concerns. We took home a brand new 2015 Acura TLX after trading in a 2007 Mazda CX-9. The process could not have been any smoother. Look forward to returning in the future.

Caroline M. | 2015-03-19

Sean was very helpful. He was recommended by our lender who has purchased two Acura's from him personally. While there he had two separate previous clients come in to see him and one wanted to buy an additional car from him. He has a rapport with many and cares about the return client as he has been doing this for almost 20 years. His honesty, accuracy, and speed was refreshing. We were not going to purchase today, because they were so timely, we were able to. I recommend asking for him if you're in the market.

Debbie N. | 2015-02-04

This review is for an oil change at the Acura Service Department.

First off, I have a Honda.
And since Honda is the more economical version of Acura, it made sense to keep it in the family.

The appointment process is easy, and available by either phone or online appointments. This time I made my appointment by phone, but next time I will use the online feature. The service adviser also told me I can drop-in for oil changes, but did not recommend Saturdays as it could take up to two hours.

I waited for my car in their waiting room, which is open to the new car show floor. In the waiting area, there were a couple of TVs to stare at, and complimentary coffee, tea and soft drinks readily available at the refrigerators.

The service adviser told me it would take 30-40 minutes and low and behold, after 40 minutes, my car was ready and WASHED! I did not expect that, and it was a nice touch.

I used a Groupon for some oil change package, but if the package was not available in the future, I would come here for regular price. The staff here are happy and friendly, and I liked the vibe. It also may have helped to go in late on a Monday.

Karen K. | 2015-01-18

Leased my car here back in May from Thomas. Wish I had another salesperson to help but everyone else was busy. I was anxious to get a new car and proceeded to do it through him. I regret this decision til this day. I have had horrible experiences at this dealership with their management.

I'm sure there are other salespeople at this dealership that are more pleasant to work with but based off mine, I would recommend everyone to check out another acura dealership.

Gerry W. | 2015-01-06

I purchased a new vehicle from George, a sales consultant and was well satisfied with the entire transaction which included the trade in process. I choose Acura of Las Vegas over another dealer based on the excellent response received on my internet request for quote.  I highly recommend  Acura of Las Vegas and George.
Recently I visited the Service Department for the first time. I made an appointment on the internet and received immediate confirmation. Also I received a phone message as a reminder. My service advisor was Mitchell. I found him to be professional and he handled my check in promptly. The service was provided in the time and estimated cost that was quoted.
The waiting room is comfortable and has reading material and refreshments.

Rommel I. | 2014-12-29

Called the dealership  and schedule for  an oil change automatically Jonathan scheduled me. Arrived at the dealership, lots of waiting customers its a good thing I was scheduled for  an appointment.

Debby C. | 2014-12-15

After several attempts to discover why the blue tooth on my Acura was not working, buying a new phone, and taking it to another Acura dealership, I stopped in at Acura of Las Vegas.  Their service tech, knew immediatley what the problem was, repaired it quickly and even washed my car!   All at no charge.  They have earned my business, and will be buying my next car from them.

Michael G. | 2014-12-12

Salesman by the name of Phillip is AWESOME!!! After being hit by someone and no longer having a car for almost a month and a half.... I was lucky enough to deal with Phil as my salesman here at Acura.

After being to multiple dealers for different options, who were smart asses and pushy as hell to make themselves a sale, I went to Acura to take a look at a used Acura I seen on auto trader. Phil was VERY HELPFUL in helping me weigh my options out between wants and needs and pros and cons.

In the end.... I test drove a used Scion they had on their lot and liked it. He was able to give me a GREAT DEAL on it . NOT much haggling back and forth. Still in really excellent condition and under factory warranty. He took his time to help me look over the car, and explain and go over the features with me. I AM VERY PLEASED with his service and friendliness.

Ray C. | 2014-12-10

Bought oil change online from and unfortunately chose this as my location. The below referenced Jonathan was my writer and I can confirm he is indeed loud and quite rude. The service manager is named Brad Garrett, no seriously his name is Brad Garrett and he was just as rude and petty. Quite an awful experience. If you're using eoilchange make sure to choose a different location and not Mazda because it's connected to this dealership.

LasVegas M. | 2014-11-17

Again I'm impressed with Acura of Las Vegas dealership. Honest advise and fair prices. Been coming here for years and have yet to experience anything but phenomenal service. Thank you Mitch. I'm a customer for life.

Sasha L. | 2014-10-18

I would go here over Honda dealership next door anytime! Service pricing is pretty much the same, better staff, better overall experience. Brad was knowledgable and helpful. They just earned a customer for as long as I will reside in Vegas area. Thank you for taking good care of me, I give you two thumbs up!

Michael C. | 2014-10-11

I have only taken my Acura to this location. The service department is fantastic! Brad was my first service tech, but since he has left, Mitchell has taken the helm and takes good care of my car whenever I arrive. I've done everything from oil changes to battery swaps and brake service here. They always do a great job as quickly as possible, and at a fair price. They usually have loaner cars available for longer service times if you have anything else to take care of. Either way, i have never been disappointed by these guys. I hope they keep up the good work on my car!

Jay M. | 2014-10-11

I'm a loyal Acura customer, used to deal with Chris, the sales manager and now I deal with Chip, both great guys! had one issue with my last lease, but it wasn't the sales teams fault, either way they made it better. I plan on being a Acura of Las Vegas customer for as long as I'm able to drive :) ha

Angel L. | 2014-07-15

The Service department lacks "friendliness" in the customer service aspect of the business. The service advisor was kind of rude on the phone (I called to reschedule an appt). When my car was brought out after the oil change, I noticed that it was only washed and not vacuumed.  I went inside to ask if vacuum was included and the service advisor said yes. I told him that the car wasn't vacuumed and his reply was "sometimes the vacuum can't get the dog hairs out". I DON'T have a dog. He takes the car to get it "re-vacuumed". The 2nd time was better. All I am suggesting is that ALV might want to make sure that they don't schedule more than one "person with a bad day" at work.

I would like to compliment Thomas (gentlemen with the pony tail) for his professionalism. He fully explained the cars in the showroom to me, even when he knew that I was here for an oil change.

Renee R. | 2014-07-05

Service is always great and professional! I owned a BMW prior to my Acura purchase and I will say that the service at Acura of Las Vegas surpasses the service of their neighbor, BMW of Las Vegas. Thanks Brad and Jeff!

Rory K. | 2014-05-15

I was in the market for an RDX and contacted AofLV for a rather detailed quote.  Cortnea, in Internet Sales, immediately responded, and unlike some other dealerships that gave me evasive numbers, she gave me the exact numbers in the format I requested.  She answered my follow up questions completely and directly, and I never waited more than an hour for a response.  I dealt with numerous other Acura dealerships in Nevada, SoCal, and Arizona, and Cortnea was by far the most responsive and helpful of the bunch.  She's definitely a 5-star employee, and AoLV should be thankful to have her.

Ultimately, the GM couldn't match another dealership's price, and so I didn't buy the vehicle from AoLV, which is the reason for four stars.  But as long as Cortnea is with their Internet department, you shouldn't hesitate to do business with them online.  And because she was so good, I'll strongly consider taking my new ride to AofLV for any service needs.

Warren P. | 2014-04-12

I'd write a lengthy azz update after having to go to Findlay Acura but found something that more appropriately summed up my sentiments of the staff and management of the service department.

Love you then they hate you/
Then they love you again/
Hate you then they love you/
Then they hate you again


Went to them 2 to 3 times for some noise emitting from the bottom of my car just to be safe. Both times my ride was diagnosed improperly. In the end they knew my warranty was nearing an end so they pretty much dragged their feet for something that they thought was major when in fact it was so minor (removal of a heat shield).

I do however give them credit for some of the past work they've done as I've mentioned in my previous reviews hence the extra (chocolate) star(fish by-product).

Ah well, never again tho'

Clark J. | 2014-04-11

Not sure why my yelp review got deleted, took my car in for ac inspection the service guy forgot his name was very rude to me. Never coming back. I think because I had an older acura car he treated me with no respect and no class. I believe if I walked in with a brand new acura TL or MDX he would of gave me some respect, but It was an integra. This is my first yelp so this was important to me.

Mandy A. | 2014-03-12

Sean B was fantastic. My husband and I went in to trade in our current acura and get a lower payment in a another vehicle. Even though the dealership wasn't able to get us any more than a $1 savings, Sean was personable, helpful, courteous and just all around real and didn't try to be a skeezy typical salesman.  If we ever go back to Acura, we would definitely hope to work with him. Thanks Sean!

Marah R. | 2014-03-03

Cutting corners on customer service! I purchased a certified preowned  Acura  MDX in Jan 2104. I told my salesman, George Zimmerer, that I was moving to TX in two weeks and that I won't be registering the vehicle in NV, and asked him if I needed special paperwork to take with me to register in TX. He told me it didn't matter. Rather than sending my purchase info to TX DMV, the Acura dealership decided to submit paperwork to NV DMV and use my old mailing address. Now the title is lost in the mail!!  Long story short, it has been a nightmare trying to get my vehicle registered in TX- in fact it's still not registered bc I am trying to hunt down the title. If the salesman would have taken that small step to listen to the customer, we wouldn't be having this problem today. So please BEWARE if you are intending on moving soon. These guys don't care about the customer

Terri R. | 2014-02-01

I drive a 2005 Acura with over 160,000 miles on it. With a work commute of 50 miles round trip and frequent trips to see family in Southern California over the past nine years, I've relied on Las Vegas Acura to keep my little car going. The customer service that I've received there in that time has been excellent, from Brad G., the  service department manager, to Jonathan F., my service agent. In the past few months, I've had one issue or another to deal with as the car has gotten temperamental with age, but Jonathan has been great about getting the car in and fixed as soon as possible even when I've shown up without an appointment. I appreciate getting shiny new loaner cars to drive around when my car is being serviced, too, especially the MDX models! I never feel like I'm being charged for something that I don't need, something that I worry about about as a single female who doesn't know too much about cars. The customer waiting area is always clean and has free Wi-Fi, water, soda, coffee, and pastries for you if you choose to wait as your car is serviced. Come here for excellent customer care and automobile attention.

Forest G. | 2014-01-05

Excellent repair service, especially if by appointment.  Nice waiting area with snacks and drinks.  Service has always been pretty quick and has fixed the actual problem without creating new ones.

Mike K. | 2013-12-25

This place is absolutely the best. I've had a few services done there when I lived in Vegas, including 90k mile major service and timing belt/water pump/tensioner. They always get the work done on time and are reasonably priced, even cheaper than some Honda dealers or independent mechanics.

Highly recommended if you drive an Acura. Call around for prices on scheduled maintenance, but this place does a great job!

Connie B. | 2013-12-16

Okay, I have to say it again . . .
"You guys are awesome!"
5 Stars!
Five stars for great customer service, great at negotiating a sale, and some real creative terms and rates by your 'Superman-financing-guy: Manny!'
My son's car purchase was his first experience and I appreciate how you handled the details in explaining to  him all about the sale, loan, and purchase.
I'm glad that I was recommended to come and check out a car for my son.  I am happy that you helped my son purchase his first auto loan.

Thank you Acura of Las Vegas for taking the time in making things happen for my son. Did I mention that you guys are awesome?

Jane K. | 2013-10-28

I give this place 2 stars because of the new car buying experience. I have always owned an Acura and never really encountered problems with buying a new car. I was referred to a salesman Chip, who by the way is amazing!!! He wasn't there at the time and  I wanted to purchase a brand new car, so I saw the next salesman named Steve W. He was just as amazing as Chip. He worked with us throughout our process and was incredibly patient with us.

At the end of our car buying, we had a bump in the road and had a huge misunderstanding about the price of the car. Steve W. remained professional and patient with us. When the sales manager, Chris B. came out, he wasn't happy with us. He was a tad bit short tempered with us and made us feel like crap. It ruined my experience with buying a car with Acura, which is probably the reason why I am looking in Henderson or California to buy (has a much more competitive price as well). Chris B. was nice when he thought we were going to buy the car, but the fangs came out when we decided not to. I think he could have handled it a little better without being so rude at the end, considering he is a sales manager and represents the company. He made us feel stupid the way he talked to us and belittled us.

All in all, I give FIVE stars to Steve W. and Chip for always making me feel welcomed. They are amazing salesmen that will never make you feel like crap and never pushy.

Josh L. | 2013-09-23

I have been a loyal Yoyota/Lexus customer since 1997. I LOVED my toyota/ Lexus cars and the service i was provided with by Toyota... That all changed when i went to Lexus.... Service went to crap. So at the direction of the wife, I looked into Acura and it has been the best decision i have made when it comes to cars. Not only do i love my new TL Tech, but the customer service i have received there has been worthy of 10 stars. My sales man Chip and the whole team took care of me from start to finish and beyond.
   I am very happy with my change and recommend anyone looking for a car , to go see Chip and his team at Acura. I can promise you wont be disappointed!

Chad S. | 2013-09-09

I have a 2012 ZDX. The car has run excellent and I love all the features. A few days ago, the car computer reported that it was time for an oil change. I called the service center and they made it very easy to set up my appointment. I was kept well informed throughout the process of my service. I would have given them 5-stars, but I had to fight to get the oil change for free. When I bought the car I had it negotiated to get 3-years of free oil changes. I felt that they should have documented in my file about the oil change instead of putting it on me to prove that they has made me that promise.

Francis D. | 2013-09-06

I love taking my car here. The waiting area is comfortable and open, and there's even complimentary snacks and drinks for their customers.

The employees are always so nice and knowledgeable about what's going on with your car, without being obnoxious to the auto-illiterate.

My service advisor is Jonathan, and he's always very nice and helpful whenever I bring my car in, and I don't see any reason why I would bring my vehicle anywhere else.

Michelle S. | 2013-07-23

My boyfriend serviced his '91 Integra LS over a month ago. We live in a gated community working on your vehicle is frowned upon. We needed to replace an exhaust manifold bolt that had snapped clean off.  He received an offer in the mail saying thank you for choosing Acura of Las Vegas. They offered 3 oil changes for $54.95! I thought to myself that's a great value. With the wash, and vacuum.

We both walked in with the mailer and spoke with Jeffrey Davies.  He was helpful, and polite.  Normally an oil change takes about 15 minutes but it was during lunch hour when we strolled in. We don't mind because the waiting room is comfy, free Wifi & plenty of light snacks and cool drinks.  The everyone there is really friendly. All in all even though it took slightly longer than normal. It was still worth stopping by and using the offer.

Tony T. | 2013-07-18

Been stopping here to get my Honda service the past year (they are one of the six service providers in Las Vegas).  They have always been very courteous and friendly with everyone that comes in through their doors.  The friendliest person is probably the older man that stocks the fridge with bottled waters and sodas, as he is always very cheerful and offers a cold drink to anyone that is waiting in their lounge.  He definitely brings a positive vibe to everyone waiting to just get this boring part of their day over with (+1), so they can move on to whatever exciting or mundane tasks they have left on their to-do list.

Their service area is very large and clean.  Their work on my car have always been very top notch, and if the mechanic discovers additional problems during the course of the vehicle maintenance, the service advisor will explain it to you and provide an estimate of potential repair costs.  Very up front, honest, and professional.  I never once felt that they were trying to pull a fast one on me.  Plus they always wash the exterior of the car!

Yep, I am a fan of Acura of Las Vegas's service department.

Chris A. | 2013-07-01

As much as I love eating, I love looking at pretty cars.  This is where I bring the wifey's 2007 MDX for some TLC.  When it comes to Acuras, these guys are pros!

We bought our used MDX from Desert Audi (of all places) back in May of 2012.  I cannot tell you how frustrating it can be with getting a used car.  Might be cheaper at first, but damn if you don't get it checked out properly a used car can be your worst nightmare.  Upon first buying it we had to get the steering column repaired since it started a slow leak.  Luckily, I bought into Audi selling me a two year extended warranty that covered almost all repairs.  And doubly luckily, this steering column repair ended up costing about $1600 in parts and labor.  We dodged an expensive bullet!

But I just wasn't happy with Audi's service on our Acura.  It really seemed to me that a lot of the work was done half-@$$ed because this of course isn't an Audi.  I asked them if my extended warranty would work with an Acura dealer and was told by Audi staff that no it wouldn't, all my work would have to be done at Audi or a qualified 'Desert Auto Group' facility.  This left a bitter taste and got me thinking.  One day, I scheduled an oil change and drove our MDX down to Acura of Las Vegas just to see how it would go.  It went awesomely.  

I was greeted by Defino, nice dude that was very friendly.  Offered me water, asked me how my day was going.  Nice change of pace from the robots at Audi.  Got help from Jeff and Brad (think Brad is no longer there) on what type of work we were doing on the MDX.  Told them she (our MDX's name is Jet) needed an oil change and an inspection because we bought the car used from Audi recently.  Real easy.  Got told about their 3 oil change special for $54 (very reasonable) and instantly signed up for that.  Was also told by Acura staff that since it was my first time bringing the car in they would do a full car inspection for no extra charge.

Oil change went swimmingly...but...oh yeah of course...there were some problems with our shiny used MDX.  Apparently something was still wrong with the steering!  And it was going to cost upwards of $1000 to fix.  I told them that I really didn't have money out of pocket to pay for this ridiculousness.  I explained to the guys at Acura that I bought an extended warranty through Desert Audi and that I was told I'd have to go back there to get any major repairs done.  From there I was looked at funny by service rep Jeff Davies.  I showed him my extended warranty contract and he made a print out.  Told me it sounds fishy because these extended warranties come from a third-party vendor and should be able to be used at most car repair centers, especially ones that specialize in your specific car make.  He told me he would call the warranty company and confirm this.  He also told me that whenever another dealership brand (ie, AUDI) can't fix an Acura on warranty, it is brought in to Acura of Las Vegas to be fixed.

Got a call the next day from Jeff that YES, our MDX is covered for warranty repairs at our local Acura dealer!  From that point on I was taken care of well.  I dropped the MDX off in the morning and had a nice brand new TL waiting for me as a loaner.  Two days later the MDX was out of the shop, washed, and with a clean bill of health.  No more steering problems!  Our used MDX felt almost brand new!  Even better is the extended warranty covered any additional costs at no extra charge!  It was the one time I was glad to buy into any kind of warranty.  Jeff took extra good care of us and told us to just bring our MDX to Acura of Las Vegas from now on whenever we need to.  Since then, I have always gone back.

Now if I can just convince the wifey to trade in this MDX for a brand new 2014 Acura NSX...

Cousin B. | 2013-06-24

We had our Acura broken into on the strip on a Friday at 11:00PM, our ECU was stolen making the vehicle inoperable. By 2:00PM on Saturday we were pulling out of the Service Lot, in a freshly washed car.  Every person we encountered was helpful and courteous, and a service coupon helped soften the blow. Don't waste your time going anywhere else.

Michelle E. | 2013-04-09

Best customer service at Acura of Las Vegas.  The sales people are quick to help you, but are also great at negotiating terms with you.  The service people who take care of oil changes and everything are super nice as well and try to accomodate with your schedule.

Julie T. | 2013-03-25

Ask for Jeff Davies

Eric S. | 2013-03-15

I dread car dealers for service.  I almost never think I am getting a good deal and I always think I am a second class citizen.

That is, until now.  Acura of Las Vegas is a class act.  Their service advisors are friendly and they always will give me the coupon price if they have a coupon covering the service.  They also informed me when we were a few hundred miles before our factory warranty ended so they could do certain services without cost to us.  Their waiting room provides snacks such as bagels, donuts, a variety of soda and hot beverages, televisions and magazines.   They always remember to wash the exterior of the car.

So far I have never had a bad experience at Acura of Las Vegas.  Other dealer service departments could benefit from copying this excellent team.

Felix C. | 2013-02-18

Stopped by a chilly night last month to test drive the Acura TSX. Bob A. approached me on the lot, and was a very friendly and knowledgable sales rep. Great knowledge about the Acura portfolio and was very thorough in showing me the features of the TSX. I walked away impressed at the level of Bob's professionalism, though the rest of the staff seemed to be a bit disinterested and bored.

Ask for Bob A. if you're in the market for an Acura - he deserves your business!

Claudette K. | 2013-02-12

HORRIFIC............Let me just start by saying they sold me a car without letting me know its engine was modified.Until i had already signed and wanted an extended guarantee and they explained to me why they could not sell me one.
Then they advise me not to tell my Insurance that the car had a super charger in it.I asked them "But is my insurance going to insure it  knowing the engine is modified?" To quote them exactly they said "We won't tell if you don't".And they did not let me unwind the deal with them.

8 months later i got crajacked (Dec 08) at gun point and when the cops found the car 3 days later with no tires ect.It went into Acura on Sahara (same place a bought it) to get fixed.....After 6,000 dollars and another 1,200 that i had to borrow (the car came out with my total invoice paid in full on 1/30/09) 4 days later the car did not work....The Acura mechanics gave me a song and dance about them fixing everything the car-jackers had done to it...But that now the super-charger needed to be changed and that my insurance would not cover it......That was NOT true.

I had NOT have probs with the car before the carjack.

I knew better mechanics than the Acura ones in Hawaii and the prob by the symptoms i describe was possibly the "fuel mixer" a mechanic who was an expert and graduated from the Porsche school of mechanics in Germany saw the car because he was on vacation in Vegas.He noticed that the gage of the RPMs had been set at 1,500 with the car stationary.He said who ever fixed the car may have done this to mask an error in how they fixed it.Maybe something to do with the vacuum hoses.....Acura mechanics just do NOT know how to fix a performance modified engine......After arguing with these thieves and unscrupulous charcaters from Acura Sahara for 4 months with the car in my garage not drivable...I had to call the finance company and told to come tow their car.....
Due to that i lost my credit and have not been able to buy another car since.Before that i had always paid ALL my bought cars in full and had excellent car credit.
I could have gone to the DMV and report them or take them to regular claims court myself (pro se)....But the stress they put me through took its toll and i wanted nothing to do with these THIEVES.
I have kept ALL the records including the police record (of the carjack) of what i'm saying is true.The stats of limitations has pass for me to take them to court so i just got screwed.
If you have a case against them my records and horrific experience may help your case.Its too late for me.Do NOT believe anything that comes out of their mouth.

And one more piece of advice.The car i had bought had SSR rims in mint condition.My insurnce asked me if i had pics of the car to prove that it did.I did not.So my insurance did NOT pay for nice rims.They just made me choose from a lineup of cheap rims.

I did not know the recession was so bad that people point shotguns at you for Acura stock rims.....When you buy a used car.Take a mechanic you trust with you and take pics of the car right after you buy it.You never know....But between the carjackers, Acura and my Insurance i got robbed twice.One with a  shotgun pointed at me and again with a smile and a hand shake......Honestly at least the carjackers did it fast.Dealing with this company was longer, more frustrating and more painful......Consumer BEWARE.

Anyway who's writing all the good reviews? their employees?? who else?!

Jose V. | 2013-02-05

i've been a customer here for at least 7 or 8 years now.  i'm on my third acura and a lot of it is because of the friendly staff.  there is a guy that greets you, his name is delfino.   i wish more employees (as well as myself) had the work ethics of this guy.  go see jeff for service.  he knows how to treat his customers with respect and honesty.  as long as they continue to treat me the way they have for all of these years,my loyalty will remain.  thank you, acura of las vegas!

Alina L. | 2013-01-25

I've been coming here to do maintenance on my mdx since moving to the area last spring. Always a pleasure to be greeted by Delphino and my service rep, Jonathan, is a very personable and provides great customer service. I never feel that I am pushed to do unnecessary services like many other dealers try to force upon you. Their prices are reasonable too. They are very accommodating in scheduling appointments.

Quart K. | 2012-11-06


Thank you for calling the other day. I was driving into a cell free zone which cut our conversation short. Yes, Delfino is amazing and I really appreciate his care and concern for people. My service guy was good to (not as exceptional as Del though).

As for the service director's call with his friend, well, yes, he may have been talking to a friend but it was the chitter chatter after wards that added to the awkwardness of the situation. On top of that, it set a precedence for his staff that they could also talk and  laugh about customers when they leave.

I would like to think that this was just a weird onetime incident. Unfortunately, it is not very likely that I will be back to Vegas for a car show but thank you for the offer. It is not exactly my interest.

Thank your for your time! It is appreciated and noted!

Jennifer L. | 2012-09-21

Been coming here for maintenance for a couple years now. My favorite person here is probably the guy that greets you right when you come in. He is always cheerful and helpful and has a smile on his face. He runs to the fridge and offers water for everyone. This guys attitude is how everyone else's should be!!! Definitely makes my day a little bit better. All 4 stars are for him! Minus a star for the other service people who are ehhh, alright. I bought my Acura used from here and 60,000 miles later its still going strong with absolutely no problem. In my opinion, its a very reliable brand.

Jill C. | 2012-03-19

I purchased my MDX here over a year ago and can't say that I've ever had a nicer car-buying experience. Everyone from the salesman to the finance guy to the cashier at the service desk was so friendly. I go back to get my oil changed there and it is seriously the most pleasurable oil change you'll ever get.

R M. | 2011-08-20

This review is for the Parts Department.

The RDX is being cranky (pun intended) and is having a hard time starting in this hot weather. Living in Vegas means you have to replace your vehicle battery more often than other places. I called the local usual chain auto parts store to get pricing and then called Acura of Las Vegas. The OEM pricing of the battery is very competitive and fitment is spot-on versus a non-OEM battery. With my discount, it costs much less than a similar Sears or Interstate battery.

A K. | 2011-08-17

My mom is a second language learner and came to acura of las vegas with two other companion to help her buy a car.  She experessed they wanted a car for a certain dollar amount, out the door.  The salesman presented Mom a piece of paper with what seemed like the amount Mom wanted to pay plus tax. She initialed it, agreeing to pay that amount and thinking she got what she asked for.  The next day, I looked over the deal she signed and realized they charged her OVER four thousand dollars above the amount she initialed on the paper.  Moreover, Acura salesman wouldn't allow Mom's companions into the room while she signed the papers for the car.

We returned the car the next bus day.  Acura managers and salesman responded with with "you signed it. you signed it."  They are accurately represent a company that misrepresents the truth.  GM called me, as I speak for Mom, and asked what we could do to settlle the problem.  I asked that he allow Mom to keep the rims, as they added value to the car and would make the deal fair.  He refused that request.  Acura of Las Vegas even went so far as to say "they did not accept the return of the vehicle" in writing to Mom's bank when she tried to dispute the deposit amount on her credit card.  They have sold the car and are now charging mom the difference of an addtl amost 5,000.00 FOR A CAR SHE DOESN"T HAVE.  Shop at your own discretion.

Rob P. | 2011-04-21

Bought my 2008 TSX here, and loved the experience compared to other vehicles I've purchased.  I'm actually here now getting an oil change, which is a steal compared to other shops around town: 3 oil changes for $50!  Would much rather wait for my car to be serviced here... fridge full of free sodas and water, and usually they have snacks like bagels and donuts.  Very happy that they finally figured out that giving away wifi to their customers was a no-brainer.

Danny E. | 2010-05-19

If you want an Acura this is the place to be for one reason.  Louie Doblado.  He is the best sales guy ever.  Our family has bought 7 cars from him now and will continue to buy from him until he retires.  We were looking at a used car once on the lot that was a killer deal.  We went home to do some research and found out it was a lemon.  We came back the next day to test Louie, and he passed!  Without us even mentioning the lemon report he advised us not to buy it  because it had been in the shop too many times.

mvc j. | 2010-04-14

This place used to be Falconi's Acura of Las Vegas (and may still show up that way on some invoices or bills of sale) but is called Acura of Las Vegas, at the NW corner of Rainbow and Sahara.

Pretty average to perhaps below average sales experience - some high pressure tactics when I purchased my new Acura, and took a long time to negotiate a fair price.  Boiler room tactics used - 4 square numbers game - 'let me go and check with the manager' over and over with a story about meeting me part way, made me sit for a while during all of this attempting to wait me out, all of the 'old standards' in car sales gamesmanship.  

F&I experience was generally below average as well - lots of sales add on attempts for high price wheel and tire insurance and all of those low value high price add-ons.

Service experience was very poor.  Every time they serviced my car, it came back with grease on the interior or some damage.  Even after detailing it, had grease on the interior - very poor.

Their service writers, in particular, provided poor service, never checked car/did quality control when it was ready to be picked up to see if it was in proper condition, resulting in consistent poor interior condition when picked up.  Seemed to be disinterested in service.  Service writers also very disrespectful to customers in my opinion.  Some specific ones were very poor - but will not name names (but they know who they are).  Service managers also seemed disinterested in service in my opinion.

For warranty work, they never had enough loaners, would send you out to a Buick dealership down the road on Sahara and rent you a Chevy Cobalt - and you would waste 1 hour round trip for the privelege, for shuttles and waiting.  I once even got stuck with the Chevy Cobalt rental bill on my credit card when I was having warranty work done (even though this was a loaner for warranty work - the car was provided through Enterprise, so all rental procedures were followed), and it took three months, many phone calls (few returned and staff turnover led to retracing ground many times) - and a very angry personal visit to get this resolved - not exactly Acura quality service.

Will never use this dealership again.